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Anime Favorite Anime Character

Dragon Warrior

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name: trunks/vegeta
from: dbz
why: because they have beauitiful souls. dont make me turn emo on you!

name: lum
from: urusei yatsura
why: she sees through ataru's facade and she rocks the green hair

name: shinji
from: evangelion
why: hes an emotional wreck and he reminds me of myself a bit. he looks so plain but hes so cute.

name: shinnosuke nohara
from: crayon shinchan
why: mr. elephant. hohoi.

name: ryoga
from: ranma 1/2
why: because hes the "eternal lost boy with fists of steel and a heart of glass"

name: navi
from: lain
why: konpyuuta ga suki desu...

name: ed
from: cowboy bebop
why: smart amusing kid...*reads upside down*

name: san
from: mononoke hime
why: lethal

when i used to live in japan i loved that ultraman show...kikaida?
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