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Sign Up Vampires Destruction {PG-SLV}


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[COLOR=DarkRed]Adrian stood, silloueted by an enormous glowing full moon. His long cloak moved gently with the wind as he stood, towering over bloody corpses he looked enormous, engulfed within blood splattered armour. His eyes could not be seen quivering as he watched the man take his last few, blood gurgling breaths. Clinging to his arm, the gently swaying cloak was becoming bigger, fuller, and the sword within his hands, seemed to be disappearing like the light taking over the darkness. Soon his hand was empty, and his body seemingly incased in black shadow.


He heard behind him, the sound gave him the chills, it was a familiar sound, one that was once quite comforting, but now held great discomfort. It was the voice of many, the voice of all. He turned and looked up at darkness, the figure, on a crimson eyed horse, the face he could not see...but he could see the seal almost perfectly.

Adrian opened his eyes. Lifting his feet from the bed he sighed and looked up toward the window. The same dream had been plaguing him for centuries, and as the years passed, it's entensity and the feeling grew greater and greater. Standing he walked to the window and drew back the heavy velvet black curtains, the city was just awaking, and he was as well, just, in a different sort of way. Nine...perfect... he thought as he began to assemble his usual suit...his hair, pulled back into a ponytail. Rushing downstairs, his butler handed him his cane and hat.

"Your things sir"

"Perfect, don't expect me early tonight"

He said, stepping out of the two story townhouse and onto the cobble streets of Millam. Small, yet quite alive it was the perfect place for a man as himself, many of the rich arrosticrats lived there, so he could sleep the entire day away without question, and at night, spend his money and sin as most of the rich did at the time. Millam, a small city, surrounded 50 percent by water, was what most of the french would call "Ville de bella péché" otherwise known as "City of beautiful sin." It was surrounded, on the other side, by ancient country, green rolling hills and thick forests, it was the perfect place for the rich, and the perfect place as well, for the undead. [/COLOR]

Side Note: Adrian is just a named I picked to fill in the blanks. But he is a ready given character. He is pure blood and one of the Vampire Council.

Note: The setting is more in the age of 1950s along that costal area. This is of course in France. The point of this story is to stop the Council from inslaving the human race. There will be romance, action and adventure.

There are 3 Council one is Adrian (Or another name for the person who wants to play him). So there are only 3 ancients.

[U][B]Classes And Races[/B][/U]

There are 2 races, within these 2 are more options, not all races have the same number of class type options. .

[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Human :

Humans, a brief introduction...

Humans are at the end of the food chain. The vampires and the vikaro both hunt you, you are prey, and yet you may choose to fight. You may not choose to fight, and take your chances with being brought over to the other side. This however, is entirely up to you and your other players. To live, is not guaranteed. Human players are those who know of the vampires and are either detectives or supernatural lovers.

[B]Alchemist/Hunter:[/B] Working for someone to kill off the Vampires. The ability to create something different from an object?.or for better example...look to Fullmetal Alchemist.
[B]Innocent:[/B] Wrong place at the wrong time, no extraordinary skills, may be turned into a vampire, or may just get caught up in some sort of conflict.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Red]Vampire :
Vampires, a brief introduction...

Of course everyone knows how to use a vampire character, for those of you who don't, here we go. Before the beginning of time, the almighty created vampires, only to condemn them to hell, half blood of human and demon, twisted by hate and evolution, sprung forth from the blood of the dead. He, along with his army of hundreds stormed countries and ruled empires.
Not long after, lack of blood to feed them due to enormous amounts of killing, and no support from neither the heavens or hell, they were left, weakened and for dead, betrayed by both creators. Years passed, and their numbers dwindled, very few of the blood-born still survived. They are known as the Ancients.

Vampire Powers...

Vampires bite, they suck blood. They have the ability to be quite seductive, and usually look quite frail. With agile bodies, they are able to hide easily, and strike without warning, although they find it more entertaining to "play" with their prey. Weapons are acceptable, in moderation, remember, your fangs are your most deadly weapons, and one of the most important reasons you kill, is to feed. As a vampire you have great speed as well and other things.

[B]Pure Blood :[/B] Ancient vampires, alive for centuries, not "turned" they have been there since the beginning of time
[B]Human Turned Vampire :[/B] A "turned" vampire must climb the ranks to be respected, but will never hold the status of an ancient. Most are generals and strategists
[B]Childer (child bred/turned vampire):[/B] Children bred or born stay the age they are, this is from 6-12, they never grow old.


Age: (If your a vampire you don't have to give the vampiric age...the class tells it). But you could put what age you appear to look as human.
Weapons: (1-2 no more?and please no big guns?you need something that is easy to carry and not noticeable)
(If you?re an alchemist user, please name you key item which is the source of your power.)
Character Description:
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Name: Alldian "Al" Domonic

Age: 137, appearnce of 28

Race: Vampire

Class: Human turned Vampire

Weapon: Sword and gauntlet seen in pic.

He also wears a long white cloak that conceals his sword. He is often commented on for his odd choice of attire for one of the night.

Character snippet: The steam rose from the sewer holes into the dark night air. The steets were only dimly lit, while the alleys were elclipsed in total darkness. In this place was the world of shadows where monsters like Alldian came from. This was the home he had known for more then a hundred years now. He slid out of the shadowy realm that was the dark alleys of the city and looked to the adjacent street corner. As expected, one of the many women of the night stood on the street corner waiting for business.

Al saw his chance moved in slowly, his motion was like floating as he moved with such ease. He approached her without a sound and his only indication to her was to set his hand on her shoulder. She jumped at first and jumped to look at him and scream quickly, but was soon soothed by the look of his eyes. She had been caught in his unworldly alure. He set his hand beneath her chin and began to lead her away, to the dark alley from which he appeared.

Once in the cool sooth of his eyes turned to that which inspired terror in even the most frigid and couragous of men. She tried to scream again, but feel short to his fangs as they pierced through her neck. The breath was taken from her, as she huffed and moaned to the bite. She began to run cold as it he drew more from her, but her breath grew warmer.

He set her limp body to the ground and drew his sword. He set it above her heart and drove it deep "Sorry darling, but this is not where you want to be. Have fun in heaven. Or hell, where ever it is your going."

He pulled his sword from her chest and turned to leave, going further down the alley. He slowly glided back into the shadows, as he was swallowed up and devoured by the darkness. The story of his life, swallowed by the dark.
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] Sin

[B]Age:[/B] looks in his mid 20's.

[B]Race:[/B] Vampire

[B]Class:[/B] Ancient

[B]Weapons:[/B] [url=http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b18/Sagethefiend/daggers.jpg] Sin's weapon. [/url] Use's really only when he needs to paralyze his prey
Character Description:[/B] [url=http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b18/Sagethefiend/ChronoandMagdalene.png] Sin, figuer in black and torn cloak. [/url] He has blue eyes and his face has the appearnce of what his age looks to others.

[B]Background:[/B] Sin has been around for centuries, watching countries and cultuers rise and fall. Seeing empires rise to power with massive armies and almost total control over the currently known world of that time period. Then watched them fall apart from over exersion of their political and military power. He took joy in watching them rise and took even more pleasuer in watching the empires crumble into history.

Sin has become one of the most cold and calculating of the vampire council, he has proven his strength and speed time and time again. Usually against those who would try to steal power and attempt to kill anyone on the council. He is not one of the most important leaders but he does serve a purpose and shows to be strong and willing to undertake anything presented to him.

Recently he has become werrier of the council and their debat on whether or not they should take control of the humans like they did so long ago. He holds strong opinons agaisnt such and action because of how the end result wold repeat history. They seem to refuse to hear him, save for two others on the council who have the same agrument with them. Sin hopes that they will not have to take drastic mesuers against the council, but everyday he spends in the council chamber he loses hope in achieveing a peaceful way of deciding agaisnt the issue.

The issue of enslavemnt of the human race. [/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Name: Adriene Villefort (known to vampires as the Angel of death)
Age: 33
Race: Human
Class: Hunter

Weapons: A silver long sword and wooden stakes tipped with silver

Character Description: long black curly hair with piercing blue eyes. Fairly pale skin. When in combat she wears a lightweight ensemble of a hooded black cloak with black pants a short sleeve black top with a belt for stealth and speed. She doesn?t come out much during the day because her night is spent hunting the vampires but when she does she wears a dress to fit in with society and remain un-noticed.

Background: She comes from an ancient line of vampire hunters the craft is handed down from generation to generation no matter what the gender of the child. What she does by night is no ones business but her own. She lives in a mansion at an unknown location to the vampires. During the day she mills about the house occasionally popping into town for odd ends no one takes a second glance at her. But come the night she goes out and hunts vampires, a deadly contract killer for the highest bidder. If the price is right there need be no reason.

Adriene hates all vampires, she was taught to study them ever since she could read. Her father and mother died at the hands of vampires and her brother was turned at an early age. She trains and studies hard everyday in her secluded mansion by the waters edge with her sword, throwing wooden stakes and using them as weapons. She is deadly in her craft and has slain many a vampire and many more to come.
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[COLOR=Red]Starwin:[/COLOR] I like the fact that you had given me a character snippet than a background. It did make it easier for me to depict to good from the bad. I love the creativity in the snippet...and with that your in ^.^.

[COLOR=DarkRed]Sin-[/COLOR] Sin your sign up to me is flawless and I do love your character's background a lot.

[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Vampire_fox[/COLOR]-Your profile is good and I find no problems with it, so your in as well.

I'm glad that I actually got three sign ups so quickly. I do hope a few more join.
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Name: Kizan 'Red Wolf' Banner

Age: 21

Race: Human

Class: Alchemist

Weapon: Right hand is a lead glove (like Mustang's) with the fire tramsutation. Left hand has a glove with an electric current and an eltric transmutation circle on it. Key item is the black stone implanted halfway in the back of his neck. Uses the sword in a pic.

Charatcter description: [url=http://photobucket.com/albums/d41/whitewolf_fang/?action=view¤t=Chaos-Legion_2.jpg]here[/url] Has a large tramsutation tatoo on his back

Background: Youngest of two from a wealthy family. Him ANd his older brother Lain and him did almost everything together and they both grew alchemists. Everything was fine until ten years ago when the family was on vacation.

Their parents went out to get dinner since Kizan and Lain had eaten everything. Kizan watched them go sad he couldn't go with them when three thugs jumped out form the shadows and attacked them. They brutally killed their parents as Kizan watched in horrer unable to call his brother as he was listening to the radio. He noticed that they each bit into the necks of their parents then left them in the middle of the road.

They ran to theri parents body then vowed to became as strong as they could so they could kill the vampires that did this. They each got as much info as they copuld on alchemy and earned theri living hunting down vampires.
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Name: Aimee Bodine

Age: Appears 10, but is really thirty

Sex: Female

Race: Vampire

Class: Childer (Turned Vampire)

Weapons: Besides her fangs, she has dragon-claws/gauntlets.

Character Description: Since Aimee's body is still ten, she is relativley short and light weighted. Her attire is completely modest, comprised of black shorts, black shoes, white gloves, and a blood red blaiser. Her hair is silver and french-braided into two pieces, falling by the middle of her back. Her eyes are glowing red. Her personality is very cold. She hardly ever talks, even when she was human, but when she does, it's meaningful, and often rudely sarcastic, and she has a dry humor. Aimee is a vicious, ironic, and lethal killer: a worthy addition to the Vampires.

Background: Aimee was an only child, living in the city of Millam. Her parents were very well-to-do, and she had the perfect life. All this changed one fateful day twenty years ago. On her tenth birthday, her parents had decided to take her to her grandmother's house, which was a few miles away in the countryside. While on the way there, they were attacked by a Vampire. Her parents were killed, but, for some unknown reason, she was spared death, only to become one of the damned. The bite of the Vampire had sealed her soul, and she would now walk the earth forever as a Childer.

Since that day, she has been living in an abandoned shack outside of town, feasting on the locals whenever she needed. This random feeding has led way to many rumers, the biggest one being that she is the ghost of herself, come back to haunt the town. So, to this day, Aimee lives as the "ghost" child of the late Bodine's.
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Name: Lain (The White Wolf) Banner

Age: 22

Race: Human

Class: Alchemist

Weapons: He uses the sword in the pic, and his source of power if the moon tatoo on his forhead. He can use the power over wind and ice.

Character Description: Below.

Background: He grew up in a rich home, loving family, and little brother, Kizan. They always spent time together, which helped him grow up to be a big brother figure to Kizan. While on vacation, ten years ago, in another country, they were attacked by what seemd to be normal thugs.

In truth, it turned out the be that the thugs were not what they seemd. They were more than normal people, yet they could not be called people in Lain's eyes.

His parents had left Kizan and him to themselves in a hotel room while they went out to eat. While listening to the radio, he heard Kizan yell across the room. As Lain went to see what the problem was, he saw the dead bodies of their parents.

This both terrified, and angered him. This pushed him to the edge to where he wanted to be an alchemist even more than before. He ran outside, Kizan right behind him. As they came to the dead bodies to their dead parents, Lain saw the marks of fangs on his parents neck, from then on out, both Kizan and he trained hard for the day they could kill the vampires that did this to them.
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0.o...I am so happy ^.^...Anyhow I am happy to see the sign up information going well. For Red...I simply love the fact that you signed up as a little girl (Appears). All your sign ups as stated before are good. I'll allow possibly 2-3 more sign ups and that all.
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I hope you don't mind a bit of abnormality here, it their is a problem I'll change.

Name: John-Phillipe Aristol (silent 'e')

Age: 763 (appears 46)

Race: Vampire

Class: Human Turned Vampire

Weapons: 'Cane-blade' or 'Cane-sword' (thin blade that, when sheathed, doubles as a cane and is compleatly undetectable.) this one in particular is silver. *the sheath is made to be used either as a defencive weapon or a blunt offensive weapon*

Character Description: attached

Background: John-Phillipe Aristol became a vampire long ago, in a time when more anchients still lived. Unlike most though, he never fully accepted that breed of "Creatures damned to worse fate than Satan himself." Of course Phillipe was forced to make the best of the situation. Instead of secluding himself to some distant land to spend his days alone forever, (A thought that tempted him more than a few times) Phillipe has spent all of his 763 years as a vampire struggeling to prove that the curse is reversable, that you can indeed return to a normal human. After all this time he has nearly locked the urge for human blood away for good, the urges being feed by what has now become a rather large herd of cattle to feed on. Phillipe has nearly perfected being a human again, but the curse is still heavy on him and every day is a struggle, though he believes he is nearing a cure. He knows only a few humans well enough to have released his secret to them, and is never close enough to any one else for them to wonder about him. To the rest of the world he is just another rich man wanting. This is true, but what he is wanting is so much more than any of them could possibly know.
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[B]Name[/B] - Kyros Merril
[B]Age[/B] - Appears to be 16, is actually 28.
[B]Race[/B] - Vampire
[B]Class[/B] - Human turned Vampire
[B]Weapons[/B] - A short sword strapped on the lower part of his back, sharpened claws on his left hand.
[B]Character Description[/B] - Refer to picture for appearance.
[B]Background[/B] - Bit at a very young age, mainly due to a "wrong place, wrong time" situation, Kyros, though trying to embrace and find out more about his vampiric powers, was haunted by visions and dreams for months after he was bit. The moment these things started happening, his behavior became quite erratic, due to confusion and fear. Taking that their son was acting in such ways, his parents feared he'd become violent, and began pushing him away, emotionally at least. As his behavior worsened, his parents believed his condition was incurable, and simply too much for them to bear. They sent him away from their home, telling him not to return until he "worked out his issues". Kyros, realizing that survival in such a cruel world is not the easiest thing, armed himself with his wits, his intelligence, and a small sword, you know, just in case. As time went on, he learned to control his outbursts and began harnassing the powers he inherited from his transformation. In the 12 years he's lived since he was bit, he learned a lot about the world of vampires, and the world of humans as well! Besides these things, his demeanor is usually calm and quiet. Sometimes he's sarcastic and sly, other times he's caring and intelligent. Alltogether, he's a wonderful ally and a dangerous enemy. [/CENTER]

I hope that works, if you need me to alter anything, I'll be glad to! ^_^;
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Name: Emma Chantal

Age: 20

Race: Human/Innocent

Weapon: A small dagger that was a gift from her older brother.

Apearance: Due to an unusual genetic condition, Emma is as much a creature of the night as the vampires that roam the land. When seen under the light of the full moon she appears as pale as any vampire, and her blond hair takes on a faint silvery hue. She doesn't go out into the sunlight too often, considering that even minimal exposure puts her at risk for any fatal skin disease, but when she does she is always wearing long sleeves, a coat of sorts, long pants, and a wide brimmed hat even in the middle of summer.

She prefers the night, as she doesn't have to go through all of the fuss. Normally she is seen wearing loose, delicate looking dresses that make her appear as an illusion. Or, she'll take a hard turn to the left and dress as a boy when she enters into town so that no one recognizes her.

Bio: When she was young her parents learned the hard way that Emma would never lead a life that was quite the same as other little girls. Upon discovering that she burned to the most minor exposure to the sun, and that the burn lasted longer that it should have, they moved to the outskirts of Millam so they could raise her and her older brother in peace without the prying eyes and scorn of the neighbors.

She led a good, well adjusted life, however. She was happy with her parents and brother, with no worries of the whispers that went about town. On the rare times she did return to Millam, she could feel the people staring and hear them whispering oddities such as her being a demon or a vampire. It was painful to hear that, so she chose to go to town as little as possible.

However, the life she lead would not last for long. Her brother left Millam for Paris, with grand dreams of becoming an actor. Before leaving he gave his sister a small dagger, both for her to remember him and for protection should she need it. Then, not long after, a couple of hungry vampires killed her parents when she was out amusing herself on the countryside. With no where left to go, she disguised herself in her brother's clothing and returned to Millam, intent on surviving as best as she could in the bright lights that could prove fatal, and on finding the offending creatures and giving them a taste of her grief.

Emma has better night vision because of her condition, and is better able to sneak through the shadows than any other human. These skills she uses to her advantage in her self given mission. She is wary of strangers, and is quick to prove their misconceptions wrong. However, once she is comfortable, she is more than willing to do what she can to help her friends.
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Hope I got here in time. I'd really like to be a part of this and if anything isn't to your liking, tell me and I'll correct it immediately.

[B]Name:[/B] Serj “Midnight” Knight

[B]Age:[/B] Serj’s age has been lost in his long and vast memory. He appears to be in his early twenties.

[B]Race:[/B] Vampire

[B]Class:[/B] Human Turned Vampire

[B]Weapons:[/B] Serj carries various weapons depending on his mood. Normally his strongest weapons are his wits and his fangs but when he feels ‘playful’ he likes to bring all sorts of toys on his ‘Midnight’ hunts. Among his weapons are various daggers and small stabbing objects of various descriptions.

[B]Character Description:[/B] Standing at around 5’10” and weighing about 140 lbs, Serj is a little bigger than your average Vampire. Spending many years refining and perfecting his abilities and techniques have made his body strong and muscular. Unlike many other Vampires, Serj has somewhat tanned skin and looks nothing like one would expect a demon of the underworld to expect. He does however have the dark piercing eyes associated with his kind; in his case their hazel. He has long light brown hair, which comes to just below his shoulder with a centre parting and is deadly straight. Normally preferring the feel of a fine suit, Serj is considered a ‘fancy rich-guy’ but does dress down sometimes...yeah, sometimes.

Those who know Serj are certain that he is totally eccentric; Although this may not be far from the truth. After living for many, many years and having lost many, many women Serj may have a few screws loose up top, but nothing to worry about. Generally when acting for the masses, Serj is always happy, smiling politely, normally the centre of attention and constantly making people laugh with his odd sense of humour. Sometimes he’s deathly serious to the point of being funny to others and other times he acts like a clown to the point of being funny. He is also sometimes known to alter his mood in the drop of a hat, from life of the party to dangerously violent. Born in June (or at least according to his memory) Serj is a Gemini and conveniently blames his massive mood swings and personality changes on his Star sign.

In his life Serj has travelled the world over many, many times (much like most of the immortals) and is wise in the ways of the world, yet very rarely shares his wisdom with anyone. He does however, have quite a collection of antiques and artefacts from many places around the world hanging up all over his house. Some might say that Serj is an exhibitionist...and they’d probably be right again, but he is very rarely seen during the day.

Aside from these obvious things, Serj hasn’t opened up to many. Only those who he once shared his heart and soul with...those few special women who are now either distant memories or terrorising the world in there own little way. To Serj Life is to be enjoyed and enjoy it he shall!

[B]Background:[/B] Long ago, when the Vampires first realised that their ‘food’ was dying out and their numbers were plummeting, they began to ‘turn’ some of the remaining humans in a desperate attempt to keep their line. While many of the confused and newly made Vampires set out to kill and mindlessly follow their new hunting instinct, Serj hid himself away and began to learn things about his new abilities. Months passed and he was already very acquainted with his new powers and an expert hunter. While many of his fellow brethren were killed quickly by the remaining human resistance Serj excelled and became well known, even among the ancients, as an excellent ‘human turned’.

The years passed, and the natural evolution of things continued. Vampires hid themselves in shadows and the humans once again flourished to the point were none could remember a time when they were almost extinct forever. It was then that the Vampires started again, rebuilding their empires under lock and key. Serj himself became a leader of some of the newer vampires, but they still were no match for the secret organisation of hunters that appeared. He survived again on his wits and knowledge of his power and continued to ‘recruit’ new followers. Then THEY came.

Alchemists...all of them had powers on par with a fledgling vampire at the very least. Then there were the masters. They began to slaughter the steadily re-growing vampires like they were nothing. Serj barely escaped with his life (or un-life) and lost another batch of students as he did. Although they lacked the immense healing factor of the vampire and their immortal life, these Alchemists could stand toe-to-toe with Ancients in some cases. And so the Vampires dwindled yet again. This time they were truly forced underground, and so Serj followed his former masters under.

They survived for many years, taking what food they could here and there until many of the general populace forget their very existence. Most believed that the Alchemists had succeeded and destroyed every last one of the abominations. It was this ignorance to their existence that the vampires used to their advantage to slowly resurface and build power. They began attacking and planting evidence that connected to other humans, turning them against themselves. Many of the Ancients were the first to snatch power were they could, stealing wealth and building huge manors while many of the underlings remained hidden.

Slowly, the Vampires re-entered humanity and the humans thought the random killings as nothing but selfish murder. Life for the Vampires was beginning to return to normal...yet still, many Alchemists remain and new are being trained everyday. Despite this, Serj has followed in the steps of the Ancients and claimed a mansion and minions for himself and has loved, ‘turned’ and then subsequently lost many a woman in his quest for his perfect match.

Now living pretty much care free (except for that one special someone) after many thousands of years, Serj goes about his night to night business unhindered and is an expert at covering his tracks. Although many suspect him, not one of them has a speck of evidence against the great Lord. His nickname of 'Midnight' obviously stems from his name and the fact that he's only ever seen at night.
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0.0...I'm more happier (Lol...to herself). I like all you sign ups..since I have little time today...I'll just say this..you are all in and I owill only be accepting 2 more sign ups as Hunters/Alchemist...then I'll put mine up and we'll start up by Monday or sooner.
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[SIZE=1]Name: Lucifer Payne
Gender: male
Age: 19
Race: Human
Class: Hunter
Weapon of Choice: Lucifer?s only carries one gun and quiet frankly, that?s all
he needs. [URL=http://snowman.ascuk.net/rb_00008.jpg]Here[/URL] is a pic of the gun that Lucifer carries in his jacket. This gun has been passed down from generation to generation. In good condition, it packs a heavy punch on it?s victims. To Lucifer, The ?Raging Bull? is like a part of him. No one touches the gun, unless they want to be staring at the end of it?s barrel.
Specialty: Lucifer has a gift of great hearing. Either hearing a small conversation between two people or hearing footsteps that are quiet as a cat approaching behind him. His hearing saved his life a lot of times when someone comes for a sneak attack. To find information he wants, he could be twenty feet away from two people talking and still hear them. He is grateful to his gift for it also helps him to seek out his enemies. One footstep is one bullet in your chest.
Appearance:[URL=http://pantransit.reptiles.org/images/2001-10-28/wolf.jpg]Here[/URL] is a pic
Personality: Lucifer let?s his gun do more of the talking. He doesn?t speak his mind much and doesn?t interact with others. He doesn?t like cry-babies and would love to send a bullet to their heads. Nobody would like to get on Lucifer?s bad side. The bad news of that is you never know if your on it or not. His expressions never do change on his face, except when he?s pissed off. He doesn?t show mercy and you better be grateful if he ever does (bad odds). In a fight, if Lucifer has to reload once, your something surviving that long.
Lucifer loathes the sun and prefers the rain over anything. During a sunny day, you can find him under a tree or anywhere with cover. Nobody knows why he hates the light so much, because he never talks about that. He loves the sound of rain dripping on the ground. Maybe that?s the only thing he loves, besides his priceless revolver.
Bio: Lucifer Payne was born in a small city and was raised in that city until he was fourteen, when that night everything changed his life. His life was not going to well, his parents were in debt and they fought many times. Lucifer thought it was no big deal and hide in his room when they calmed down. Tonight though was different, the fighting was know going for hours and Lucifer was getting tired of it. He went out of his room to complain to his parents when he spotted his father was on top of his mother, choking her to death. He went over to pry him off, but was slapped aside as he continued the assault. Ever since he turned ten, he was allowed to fire the ?Raging Bull? revolver at cans in the backyard. Without thinking, he rushed in the kitchen and gripped the handle of the gun from the closet. He ran back in the living room as he saw his mother dead on the floor. His father, breathing heavily, raised his hands, begging his son to put the gun down. Full of rage, he popped the gun up and fired at his father, who blew back to the wall at impact. He felt as though something was crawling up his back as he wanted more. Wanted more blood. He quicky ran into the closet again and grabbed the carton of bullets and put them in his pocket. He ran out of his house and found a woman on her porch. The old hag that kept telling him to stop crossing her lawn from school. He took a few steps and aimed at her head without her ever knowing. Bang. Twenty murders that night as rain was cast over the small town. The police investigated and never found out where the Payne?s kid was.
If you never guessed, Lucifer ran away from that small city and traveled north. He wasn?t afraid on where he was going or if he might get caught by a policemen. He felt that the only person you can love is yourself, if you love anyone else. Your going to get hurt. That following week, he needed supplies while traveling. He went into a small market near another town. The old lady smiled and asked how he was. She was answered with a bullet between her eyes. He grabbed bunch of food and clothing and placed them in his bag. Why is her doing this? Killing people? Traveling? That?s something hard even for him to say.
But he forgot one key part. Vampires. They rules over the humans and to him. He was just a kid. Yet, time after time he managed and soon learned to use his gun. Soon, he was able to kill vampires and save his life thousands of times. He was soon known as a hunter as a rich human lord found him eating at a shelter. He gave him a real meal and told him his skills of killing vampires was getting impressive. He and Lucifer made a deal that he must kill vampires around the area so the humans can roam freely. Lucifer agreed as his hunting skills was being put to the test.[/SIZE]
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Name:kayner Ruzefeld (prenounced Kay-ner Ruze-e-feld.)
Weapon: A black and red Sword. He uses it fast and in a good manner. He also has 2 guns located in his hood, the guns are attached to his hood's hood. He can use his sword and ! gun or no sword and both guns.H keeps his blade clean and his guns shiny. He uses his guns also as the swords attachment, that way he can shoot as well as hack and slash.
Apperance:Tan skinned with a scar through his left eye. He's about 5'11" his hood is black and sleevles. His mouth is covered by his hood.He has bite marks from vampires. Besides that he is very handsom and good with the fact that womon have more choises now that they can vote. His pants are black and his shorts are too, his boots have spickes on them.
Backround:He grew up with vampires until one day he found out he wasn't one of them.He was almost kiled by one, since that day he has hated them and vowed to kill them. Every full moon he gets very cranky and rude. He was oned biten by a vampire and did not become one of them, so when he's angry his bite is better than his bark.literly.He hunts vampires for money rewards.He has alwaysed wanted to fight vampires because he enjoys it. Weirdly he has a vampire partner who wants to become a human and a hunter. he has killed 50 vampires only but is still increasing his kill rate. He has deadly accuracy, speed, and strength. geting in the way of his goals will have devastating results. Over alll he is polite and happy.
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[COLOR=DarkRed]Alright you all are in, so please follow the two links for information and posting.

[URL=http://otakuboards.com/showthread.php?p=704034#post704034]Information before starting[/URL]

[URL=http://otakuboards.com/showthread.php?p=704042#post704042]RPG Here[/URL]

[B]Name:[/B] Anastasia Monete

[B]Age:[/B] (looks) 21

[B]Race:[/B] Vampire

[B]Class:[/B] Ancient

[B]Weapons:[/B] Twin Blades (Since she transforms her earrings into a two identical swords due to the transmutation circle engraved in her earrings.)

[B]Character Description: [/B] [url]http://www.planetacomic.net/imagenes/comics/candidateforgodess03g.jpg[/url]
Her eyes will be silver with red specs.
Dress in black.

[B]Background:[/B] Ana was born of pure breed and is very proud of it. Her past is something she does not like to speak of...during her infancy and childhood years...Her father was an ancient and well known for power and wisdom, but he too had is imperfections. He had an affair with a turned vampire and chose to stay with her instead of Ana?s beloved mother. He wouldn't leave his daughter with the real mother, for secretive reasons. So since the turned vampire was to be her mother, Ana was introduced to her half sibling, Lin. Lin was younger than her and demonic in many ways. One night something happened and Lin disappeared. Anything further than that is locked away deep in her mind. She is one of the three strongest vampires in history, because of her royal blood line and the ability to inherit all her bloodlines powers (Same with the other 2). Adrian is above all the one behind the whole enslaving humans ideal as well as Ana herself. On weekends she is a dancer in a cultural Restraunt called, Cultural Paradise.

Alright you all are in, so please follow the two links for information and posting.[/COLOR]
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Name: Rinji Ryu
Age: 84
Race: Fairy
Class: Elemental/princess
Weapons: whatever is handy & use magic!!
Character Description: she has Dark brown hair, Hazle green eyes, 145pd, and she is 5'3" tall
Background: came from a hiden side of lagends were told of agent languag!!!!
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[COLOR=Teal]First off let me say welcome Kiyana to OB ad the Adventure Inn hun. The sign ups were closed for this rpg and when singing up you can either be a vampire, hunter or just an ordinary human(Please read the story). There is a sticky thread on the top of the Adventure Inn page, which gives you information about signing up for rpgs. You must look at the dates of the thread...because some can be long dead and if they closed the sign ups as well. Plus rpgs without rating aren't good to sign up for, because they'll end up being closed by one of the OB moderators of this Inn.

However, Since the rpg is quite dead, I will let you join only if you change yuor sign up and have atleast one paragraph of your characters past. Overall the sign up needs to be of qaulity okay hun. Please read the sign criterea. If you have any further questions, feel free to pm me.

And if you need any help with the Adventure Inn area, contact one of the forum moderators or me i would be glad to help.[/COLOR]
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sorry I will be a vampiar insted!!!
Name: Rinji Ryu
Age: 84
Race: Vampire
Class: Fighter/prestess
Weapons: whatever is handy
Character Description: she has Dark brown hair, Hazle green eyes, 145pd, and she is 5'3" tall
Background: came from a hiden side of lagends were told of old agent languagof the vampires!!!!
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