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Sign Up Rave Master: Overload [M-VLS]


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[CENTER][IMG]http://www.gamechronicles.com/reviews/gba/ravemaster/title.gif[/IMG] [/CENTER]

(I totally delete the 1st part of the stroy and your looking at the 2nd half. I'm working on it and put up the first half as soon as possible. The 1st half just shows Adol running away from his burning village and from the weak demonoids. He excapes and oversees a war between the Edge Kingdom and Demon Card. Hiru Glory, the old man. Finds ihm and takes him in his cottage near the forest. Adol lives with Hiru for about half a year. He learns how to sword fight from Hiru and how to heal wounds. ONe day, after the winter season, a mysterious man shows up, wearing the Demon Card gang sign. And that's where it begans the second half. Again, I am sorry and post the 1st half very soon.)

?Run inside, lock the door.? Adol looked forward and saw nothing. He was confused as Hiru?s voice sounded worried.
?What? What?s wrong??
?Now!!? Adol dropped the herbs and ran inside. He locked the door and turned to the window as Hiru was backing away from the trail. A tall man with a scar running down his left cheek, arrived from the trail. He had a face of someone that had done evil things in his life.
?Hiru Glory. It is so great to see you. I always wanted to met you.? Hiru walked away to the old shed and walked out with a large object covered with a dirty blanket. He revealed it as a giant Greatsword. The dark man pulled out a thin sword that look like a toothpick to the greatsword. They attacked at the same time, both at high speeds. They locked blades. Hiru backed off as his sword transformed into a thin orange sword. It was glowing brightly.
?Explosion!? He attacked as a explosion was made at impact. The man was surprised and fell back. He laughed as he got back up. He pulled out a small dark gem as it began to glow. Hiru was shocked by it?s appearance.
?A dark bring?!?
?Yes, the Earth dark bring!? A fist rose from the solid ground as it smacked the hermit to the ground. The blade turned back to its normal stage as Hiru tried to stop the bleeding from his head. The evil man walked slowly towards him, a grin showing what he was thinking. Adol didn?t care what he said, he jumped out of the cottage and comforted the man.
?Stop it! You have no?.? Adol felt pain sink in his gut as a fist knocked him back behind Hiru. His breath was knocked out as he took short breathes.
?Leave out of this! Hiru is my mission! If you want, I can kill you after him.? He sent a barrel of earth fists that made Hiru a punching bag. Adol crawled towards the greatsword as he could Hear Hiru suffer. He grabbed the sword and turned back to the man, who was laughing at Hiru.
?Take this!!? He jumped up and threw the sword like a dart at the man?s heart. The blade got him good as blood sprayed all over. The punches stopped as silence took over. Adol crawled over to Hiru and helped him up. Hiru, who was covered in blood stood over the man and grabbed the sword from the man?s heart.
?Demon Card.? He whispered as he pointed at a mark on the shoulder. ?Come on, I need to tell you something.?

The war was between The Edge kingdom and the evil army of the Demon card. When Hiru was 17, he and his friends destroyed the demon card, yet somehow it was resurrected by someone. This someone had to be very powerful to bring members to form this hellish army once again. They probably sent a warrior to kill Hiru, so that he wouldn?t break their dreams again. They?re trying to control the whole continent and by doing that, they needed to take over Edge Kingdom. That?s why there in a middle of a war. This was going to be close, The Edge army had warriors called Dragoons, while the Demon card had DB?s or ?Dark Brings?. These DB?s had mystic powers, but the Dragoons where warriors that control dragons and use magic. Hiru knew that Demon Card would win for they had something under their sleeves.
?I can?t go out there and fight once again. I?m way too old.? He looked at Adol.
?Yet, you where able to use the Ten Powers Blade. That means....You the Rave Master. You will save this land!?
?I?m no hero. I can?t fight!?
?You beat me and you killed that soldier. You have the ability. It is the matter of using it.? He jumped up and began to pack stuff.
?Hiru, I don?t know. I can?t.? But his stuff was already packed. Hiru grabbed his shoulder and smiled through his bandages.
?If you don?t defeat this evil...no one will.? Adol looked to the side and remembered the demonoids killing everyone in sight. Even his parents.
?Am I strong enough??
?When The war ages ago ended, I hid the other three stones in the sacred spots in the continent. These stones will give you wisdom, power, and your destiny. You need to decide, are you the one?? Adol thought of his village again. He hated to see people die.
?Yes....? Hiru smiled as he gave him a map. Inside, there marked the spots of the places.
?Find the stones and comfort the Demon card. End this before the world might get involved.? Adol looked up to see Hiru give him the Ten Powers Sword. He strapped it behind him as Adol was ready.
?Take this trail and it will led you to Million City. There, take an airship to Edge kingdom.? Adol nodded as Hiru gave a sad smile.
?You felt like someone meant for great things, Adol. Take care. When your in a situation, look to the blade. It will transform when you believe.? Adol gave a short nod and began the trail. He turned to see a goodbye wave from Hiru for the last time.

Extra Info[/B]

[B]-Demon Card[/B]: Sort of a terrorist group. A giant group that searches for power. They once were destroyed, but is now revived by a unknown leader. Only the most powerful members get DB?s (Dark Brings).

[B]-Dark Brings (DB): [/B] weapons formed from darkness and mainly controlled by the Demon Card. These stones can make a person for example, can control fire, or shot dark balls of darkness. Can change your body into iron or use lightning for a power up for your weapon. Stuff like that. Only ranked members can use strong DB?s and use more then one.

[B]-Gangs[/B]: Huge gangs that try to be like the Demon Card. They might use DB?s and usually ride in airships. Only the Demon Card is a gang that can be called a ?army?.

[B]-Dragoon[/B]: Only knights for Edge Kingdom. If you don?t know what a Dragoon is, don?t be it. It?s a knight that wears armor of any color. Say red, mean the fire dragon. He knows magic attacks and can fly. They have a dragon, but it hard to summon the beast.

Anymore info about Rave Master, click [B][URL=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rave_Master]Here[/URL] [/B] ....

[B]Sign ups:[/B]

[B]name:[/B] easy
[B]age: [/B] easy
[B]gender[/B]: easy
[B]Race:[/B] Check Underground for info
[B]Side:[/B] your either on the good side, Edge kingdom or bad side, Demon Card.
[B]Gang[/B]: only if you?re a demon card or someone that controls a very small gang. If your Demon Card, just put Demon Card.
[B]Rank[/B]: Only for Demon Card. Either a captain or one of the Oracion six. PM me for a spot on the Oracion Six.
[B]Apperance:[/B] Easier for a pic, but a very good description is fine.
[B]Weapons/abilities/magic[/B]: Go wild on weapons. Abilities, go wild. You can be like a man, who can control silver or etc. Magic, only if you?re a mage, you put stuff here.
[B]Dark bring[/B]: Go wild. Impress me. If you want to be a ranked Demon Card, PM me and I?ll give ya permission to use more then one.
[B]character Snippet:[/B]

Good luck! PM me for questions. I will also put more info in the underground[/SIZE]
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] Abaddon

[B]Age:[/B] 30

[B]Gender:[/B] male

[B]Race:[/B] Demon

[B]Side:[/B] Evil

[B]Rank:[/B] Leader of The Oracion Six

[B]Gang:[/B] Demon Card

[B]Appearance:[/B] [url=http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b18/Sagethefiend/405266329_l.jpg] Abaddon. [/URL]
Weapons/abilities/magic:[/B] The weapon in the pic is what he uses most commonly, he named it Apollyon. His abilities consist of far above average strength; his impressive speed for a creature of his size and evolved senses. They are more honed to pick up things others would not.

[B]Dark Bring:[/B] He controls the darkness as if were a play thing; molding it to his advantage in any situation Apollyon cannot solve. Using only his two main fingers on his left hand to conjure up what is necessary; if he must he will use his entire hand for maximum strength. Abaddon isthe leader of The Oracion Six, so his powers are not limited to one ability; he also holds the power of fear.

Able to instill fear into almost any human or demon, forcing them to live their worst fear. If he can smell it; he can use it. Some, however, show that they are not susceptible to his power and can over come it and these are very few. Glory and those who followed in his footsteps were able to resist such emotion. Abaddon can even do it on the other Oracion, but it severly drains him and leaves him greatly weak and vulnerable to any attack for several hours at a time.

[B]Personality:[/B] Abaddon is cold, calculating, sadistic and malicious; even those in the Demon Card know that he is not someone to offend in any manner. For he would rip them apart in the most brutal way possible to get his point across to everyone else. But few traits of his overcome his horrid amount of cruelty, and that would be his obsession for power.

He may be one of the strongest, but the only one more powerful then he is the leader of the Demon Card organization. He takes orders but hardly obeys them; he thinks things should be done his way or not at all. His lack of restraint on his power makes him and even more frightening enemy.

[B]Bio:[/B] Abaddon was born and raised as a cold, blood thirsty demon. His life consisted of learning how to hunt and kill his prey. But instead of just learning to kill first and never think things through his teachers taught him to calculate every move to an exact science.

Learning that planning and combining all that give him an advantage in battle was sometimes the better means of defeating opponents when other means were impossible to execute.

When he had grown up in size and in mind; his teachers gave him books. Not ordinary books filled with imaginary worlds, or romance or what not. They were filled to the brim with ancient knowledge of the dark arts. Knowledge that he picked up rather quickly, Learning the methods, chants, incantations, and rituals required to do what he is able to do.

And he is not a stranger to melee combat; in fact, he has shown to be a very seasoned warrior. Able to swing his axe and annihilate all that cross him. Glory and his party were the only ones Abaddon failed to slay.

To this day he waits for the next Rave master and his crew to arise, so he may do what he could not to Glory and his band of rave stone hunters.
Character Snippet:[/B] Abaddon walked through the halls of the Demon Card home. His weight caused him to sink into the floor, making huge holes where ever he stepped. His face dark and looking as if he was the devil himself. He had no expression upon his face; his eyes were a dead yellow.

No pupils, no iris. Nothing. Just bland, blank, yellow eyes. He could ear the whispers from those he passed, those who could see the pure essence of evil in his face and eyes.

He held his axe at his side; letting his arms sway back and forth with ease. He heard everyone whispering about his axe, and how the blood of a thousand men and demons once stained the edges of his blade. Abaddon watched all that he passed form the corners of his eyes. Making sure none of them got wise and tried to do or say anything that would result in their immediate death.

The faces he saw were all of new blood to the Demon Cards. New demon recruits that had earned the right to be part of the army. They were the ones that were head strong. He pushed through a pair of big wooden doors and entered the mess hall. The massive room was filled with several different kinds of demons, all of them seated and eating, talking amongst themselves.

Some of them planning against another group of demons, or talking of where the future was going to lie in this Gang. Some of them talked of how they were going to over throw The Oracion Six and take their powers, he grinned to himself in a wicked way and walked through the rows of tables.

He heard someone stomp their foot from behind him; he stopped dead in his tracks and turned his head only. He saw demon, far younger then him, holding a sword in one hand and an axe in the other. Abaddon turned full body to look at him.
?What is it you want, young blood??[/B] The demon huffed and tightened his grip on his weapons, the young demons eyes glowed with fury and excitement.
?I am going to kill you and take your powers and become one of The Oracion Six.?[/B] Abaddon shook his head: smiling wickedly with a deep laugh coming from his throat. He spoke in his demonic voice. Deep, harsh and earth shaking.
?You think you can kill me little one? Come and try!?[/B] Abaddon jammed his axe points into the stone ground, cracking the stone.
?If you can kill me, you can have Apollyon.?[/B] The smiled, thinking he had this in the bag.
?Without your weapon you are defenseless. This will be easier then I thought!?[/B] The young demon charged him, roaring as he held his blades in front of him. Ready to cut Abaddon in half. Abaddon just let out his deep throated chuckled and waited for him to be close enough. As the young demon was about to strike, Abaddon held his two main fingers straight out where the demons face would be, and the young demon froze.

The demons in the room felt a chill go down their spines. Abaddon moved slightly forward and the young demon started to fall to the ground. An expression of pure terror and horror scotched his face, his mouth open wide. Letting lose the sounds of horrible screams. Abaddon pushed harder, smiling wickedly; showing two long canines.
?You see my power young one. I can manipulate your fear; you wonder why we are so powerful and why we have our rank. Because we can do thing that you simple soldiers cannot. I contribute to the great evil in this organization; you do nothing but serve as a shield for me. To take the blows that we are not going to take. We are more valuable then you ever will be. Now, everyone here will watch as you die from your worse fear.?[/B] Abaddon pushed harder and the young demon curled into a ball. Screaming and crying with terrible ferocity; the demon then started to convulse uncontrollable.

Foam protruding from his mouth and his eyes rolled into the back of his head. He soon stopped moving all together and blood began to leak from his eyes, ears, nose and mouth. He pulled his hand away and stood up straight. He then pointed to one of the demons he was talking to.
?You will take his body and hang it on the wall of this mess hall. I want all to know what will be brought down upon you if you dare challenge an Oracion.?[/B] The demon nodded with his face pointing to the floor, he grabbed the body and dragged it off. Abaddon yanked his axe out of the stone floor and proceeded to his main destination. The boss of the Demon Card.

ooc: Hope everything is inorder Lionheart. Anything needs to be fixed just Pm me.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1]Name: Ianthe Damia (Iaa for short, pronounced Eye-aah)
age: 25
gender: Female
Race: Human (Earth mage)
Side: Good (Rave Crew)
Gang: (none)
Rank: (none)
Appearance: [url]http://www.jaestudio.com/AcademySorceror.jpg[/url]
Like above link but with Green eyes and a green+dark green robe with her staff and sword. A hood on the cape also.
Weapons/abilities/magic: Weapons/ She wields a large metal and crystal staff from which she draws her magic, and a secondary small sword for attacking in the other hand (When in battle. The secondary sword may not be used, depending on the situation) The metal staff is slightly taller than her at a height of 5ft 9, it is made of a dark gray metal the handle is made of a rare green crystal, the same green crystal sits on the top of the staff and in the snakes eyes that entangle it. A intricate design of a horned snake with two heads and feathered wings weaves its way up the staff, the snake heads meet at the top and support the roughly cut purple crystal between them, the wings sit folded but fold out when different attacks are used. The small sword is relatively plain with a simple Celtic pattern on the blade and the same green crystal used in the staff for the hilt. Magic/ She is a powerful mage with the magical ability to control nature, twisting the earth, vines, rocks, tress and plants to her will to help her in battles. One of her more powerful attacks is ?Earthquake? meaning literally what it entails. She can also use her staff to throw rocks at the enemy and summon rock beasts.
Dark bring: (none)

Personality: She is kind and caring, talkative and willing to help out anyone who needs it. She wants the world to stay safe. She can get incredibly angry when someone or something abuses nature.

She prefers to live alone in the large forests of the land talking to the tress. She can be found often conversing with seemingly ?inane? creatures such as rocks or flowers. However she does enjoy other people?s company a lot and never shys away from a good convocation. When the going gets tough she gets even tougher never giving up in a fight or on her friends no matter how dire the
situation may appear to be.

Bio: She is one of the more powerful Earth mage?s learning to bend the will of nature to her from a very young age. After her power was discovered she was put into mage training straight away, learning quickly, more so than the other mage?s of her craft.

She has no family as her mother died in birth and her father died, horribly, at the hands of the Demon Card like so many others. She hates the Demon card for this and wants revenge (as any human would) but has learnt not to let it get the better of her. She has no other relatives and considers her friends family more than anything. She fought and killed her teacher once she found out he was a spy for the Demon Card and was responsible for her father?s death. She is a formidable opponent in battle. Able to strike powerfully at large amounts of enemies or one on one, her style of fighting has almost mesmerizing dance-like qualities.

Character Snippet:
Iaa watched in horror through the stained glass window at her friend, her only family, her teacher. Issanki was talking to a?a daemon and not just any daemon, one from the Demon Card. The thought was too terrible to imagine, he was her only family she had, her best friend and he had taught her since she was at the young age of three to better her skills in the Mage art of earth magic.

And now he was talking with the enemy as if he was their best friend. She couldn?t hear the Demon Card side of the convocation but she didn?t need to, she could hear all that was necessary from Issan. Iaa was in shock she couldn?t take her eyes off the daemon that glowed from the small statue basin of water in the middle of the room. He was fierce like nothing she had ever seen in the wood and there were some evil, evil creatures in the wood. Evil emanated from his very being. [I]?If this was just a projection he must be one hell of a nasty thing in real life?? [/I]she thought.

Issan was pacing backwards and forwards as the creature talked to him.

[COLOR=Teal]?Yes?yes my lord I know ?I will dispose of all those who are not necessary,? the girl? The girl is of no use to you. As her parents were of no use. You were lucky that her mother died in birth and I was so fortunate to catch her father off guard they could have been quite a hindrance?yes my lord I know?she will be disposed of in time she is of use to me still, her power grows and I can use her to subdue monsters in the forests?yes my lord it will be done?[/COLOR] she watched Issan bow and the creature fade from above the glowing pool of water. Anger inside Iaa began to grow.

[I]?HOW DARE HE!? [/I]her mind screamed. She could take it no longer. Not thinking of the situation she snatched up her staff and flung the door open to Issan?s study quarters.

[COLOR=Teal]?YOU!?[/COLOR] she pointed at him and shouted as loud as her voice would allow. [COLOR=Teal]?TRATOR! You killed my father! you lied to me! How dare you!?[/COLOR] She flung her staff forwards and vines shot up from the earth entangling Issan in a strangling web. He struggled un-sheathing his sword and blowing away the vines. With a swipe from his sword pointed at Iaa she was blasted out side in a spray of rocks and rubble.

Wavering to her feet she stared at Issan with a cold betrayed look, he smirked at her un-interested in her apparent betrayal.

[COLOR=Teal]?You had it coming child, I would have disposed of you in time?as I did your family?you are of no further use to me, now show me what you are made of before I kill you!? [/COLOR]

It was a heated battle, the two human earth mage?s traded one vicious blow after another until?The anger was so extreme in Iaa?s heart she yelled a primal yell and spoke in a low fatalistic tone to Issan.
?You will die by my hand for your treachery! You will be punished for all the evil you have done! You were never my friend! Aaaaahhhh!!!?[/COLOR] Iaa thrust her staff deep into the earth. There came a deep drumming from within the very earth they stood on. There came a terrible ear shattering [COLOR=Teal]?CRACK? [/COLOR]as the earth split in two and a creature rose from the depths.

[COLOR=Teal]?A r-rock? soul? Impossible!? [/COLOR]The rock monster thrust its large fists down upon Issan crushing him instantly in one pulverizing second.

Iaa lay there as the earth creature molded back into the depths from whence it came she stared in a deep sadness at the red traitorous blood stain that was once her friend?

( Hope this works lionheart PM me if there?s anything wrong. Thanks)[/SIZE]
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[SIZE=1][B]name:[/B] Adol Knight
[B]age:[/B] 16
[B]gender:[/B] male
[B]Race: [/B] Human
[B]Side:[/B] Good side, Rave Crew
[B]Gang:[/B] (none)
[B]Rank:[/B] (none)
[B]Apperance:[/B] [B][URL=http://www.rpgfan.com/pics/ys6/art-006.jpg]Here[/URL] [/B] is a pic.
The Ten Powers Blade has ten forms. Adol in the beginning can only use the first and second forms. When the time is right, he can start using the others.

[B] Eisenmeteor [/B] - An ordinary iron sword and the normal form it is usually found in. It has the ability to diffuse magic and is useful in fights due to its weight and size. Why is there a normal sword among the ten forms? Well, even a rave master would get tired of using it if all the forms were special!

[B]Explosion[/B] - A sword with no proper cutting edge but creates a powerful explosion on contact with the enemy. Adol's first sword gained from Rave and his most commonly used.

[B]Silfarion, the sonic sword[/B] - This sword causes the Rave Master to become extremely light, granting great speed and the ability to create blades of air for long ranged attacks. The Sifarion can also be used with the Explosion to create a special attack named "Bombing Dive" ("Twelve Wings of The Explosive Dragon") which fires explosive blades at the enemy. To make up for its advantages, the Sifarion is relatively weak as a mêlée weapon and is no more than a normal sword for attacking.

[B]Runesave, the sealing sword [/B] - This sword cannot cut anything physical but can cut and seal things without a tangible form like lightning, fire and smoke.

[B]Blue Crimson, the twin dragon sword [/B] - the Ten Powers Blade splits into two blades with one having the properties of fire and the other having the properties of ice.

[B]Melforce, the vacuum sword[/B] - The sword of air, this form allows the user to fire powerful bursts of air at the enemy to blow them away and paralyzes them.

[B]Gravity Core [/B] - Incredibly destructive sword that can cut very hard things. However, the tradeoff is that it's extremely heavy and requires great strength to use. Although more powerful than Explosion, it's a very difficult blade to use.

[B]Million Suns, the solar blade[/B] - Meaning "the force of a million suns." It would be scary if it were that powerful... Anyway, this Light affinity sword has more than enough power to smash Dark affinity enemies.

[B]Sacrifar [/B] - The most powerful of all the forms so far, the Sacrifar provides the user with great power but in exchange the user will be consumed by the sword and eventually lose himself.

[B]Ravelet[/B]- The most powerful form of the Ten Powers sword. Ravelet has the power to dispel evil, and becomes the default sword, it can also use all the powers of the other forms in one sword.

[B]Dark bring:[/B] (none)
[B]Personality[/B]:A teenage boy who believes in justice and peace, yet doesn't have much interest in adventuring. He likes ot play around with his friends back in the village, but he knows when work needs to be done. He never wanted to be the Rave Master, but When he realises the true threat Demon Card are to the world, he sets off to find Rave stones, and restore peace to the world.

[B]bio:[/B] (edit)
[B]character Snippet:[/B] (edit)[/SIZE]
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Name: Suzu (last name unknown)

Age: 18

gender: male

race: human

Side: good, rave crew

Appearance: [URL=http://www.adverserealms.com/friends/dave/dnangel.jpg]pic here[/URL]


Eternal Anihalator a sword so destructive eminates black lightning when swung. the blade is red and has a serrated edgeand has a horn sticking out of it.

Personality: Very friendly but when it comes to buisness hes serious. He doesn't act to well around strangers either.

Bio: grew up as a yound boy on an island. On his 18th birthday Demon Card found out about his island and stormed it. His brother Ethan was slain in the battle but before he passed away he gave his sword to Suzu. Suzu then swore vengence on Demon Card and obtained his brother's sword. After this day he looked for demon card workers. When ever he found one he'd engage it in a fight.

After this he became a traveler. Venturing to the Song continent he met up with the Rave Crew and decided to tag along with them. Now he fights with them against Demon Card. Which gets him closer to his goal every day.

Character snippet: Suzu walked impatiently down the dusty road of his island, an uncharted island. He heard yelling, yelling of pain. But what could be so painful on his 18th birthday. He rushed to the action.

People were being slaughtered. But by who? He looked to a mans shirt and found a symbol. Demon Card. Suzu was furious he sprinted to his home and picked his sword up. As he returned all the villagers were slain. Blood stained the dirt streets and all that could be seen was Ethan against a demon card soldier. No, not an ordinary soldier, the leader. As the minute grew closer he noticed his brother loosing. He charged blaring a battle cry. Immediatly King switched his target and sliced into Suzu's leg leaving him on the ground.

The final blow was hit and Ethan's head was severed. The limp body of his brother lie on the stained streets.

"YOU BASTARD!!!!" Suzu yelled. He charged picking up his brothers sword.His hands grasped around the woven hilt . He charged bringing thered blade down onto the leader's. Forgeting the pain his leg pulsed. He was knocked down by a hard punch to the gut leaving him wordless. He watched helpless as the last of the sodiers were boarded onto the ship and disappeared into air.
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name: Jack "Hellspawn" Jones
age: 29
gender: Male
Race: Demon
Side: Demon Card.
Gang: Demon Card.
Rank: Second in command of the Oracion Six
Apperance: Below
Weapons/abilities/magic: His black skin is like a shapeshifther. It is always changing shape. At his own will, he can create any weapon out of his skim.
Dark bring: The power over his mystic skin helps him in nearly any situation. It lets him have control ober nearly anything he can set his mind on.

Also, his skin gives him control over anything with metal in it. He can create magnetic feilds that can disable anything with a charge.

Personality: He is very trustworthy. He respects his leader, Abaddon, and truely only wishes to serve him more. He is happy where he is, but he has never let anything cloud his judgement.
bio: He grew up knowing nothing but hate. He livedto hurt and kill people, yet learned to know when to hold back and when to go all out.

Fron what he can remember, he died once. He is not sure on how he did die, but he knows that the form he has now, is not his orriginal. The one he has now, seems fake, but he likes everything about it.

He just remembers waking up one day with his new skin, and then making his way to the demon card and fighting his way to the position he has now. Thats all he remembers, and thats all he cares about. Now that he has his new life, he just plans on useing it to help Abaddon, which is his commander. Jack has made a vow, he shall never leave the side of Abaddon, and will do anything possible to see all his dreams come true.

Character Snippet:

"Wake up." A sweet voice called to me while I was in a deep sleep. The voice was so gentle, yet it was filled with so much sorrow.

"Jack, wake up. Hurry, you must wake up Hellspawn." The voice yelled at me, causing me to open my eyes in a hurry. Slowly, I rubbed my eyes and looked around. Everything was dead, the trees, grass, buildings were crushed. It looked like home, and it even had the same feeling.

"Go, Jack. Go and make a new life for yourself. Remember everything you went through." The voice sounded like it was crying as it fadded away. I yelled back at it, hopeing it would answer me.

"Wait. Who are you? What are you talking about? Where am I?" I waited for a few minuets and finally began on my way, the voice had never answered. I had no idea on to where I was heading, what was in store, or who I was looking for. All I knew what that I could not stay in that place if I wanted to live.

Walking past a brush, I heard something move inside of it. Slowly, I walked over to it and pulled my hand back. Right when I was about to swing my hand, it shot forward, stabbing the small creature in front of me. My own skin had moved on its own, it scared me, yet made me curious.

As I reached another small town a few days later, a group of six men stopped me. One of them was actually smart enough to walk up to my face and start talking **** to me. The biggest one stayed in the back and just watched. But the one that was in my face, he was beginning to piss me off, and he knew it.

"What are you going to do little demon. Try it, see how long you last." The guy started to smile, then he spat in my face. This threw me off. I raised my hand and grabbed the demon by the neck. He began to squirm, then all of a sudden, my chest turned into a three spinning saws. I smiled and pulled him closer, letting the saws have their way with him. I turned back to the bigger demon, and he smiled. The last thing I remember his saying before another one knocked me out was, "Welcome to The Oracion Six, my little Hellspawn."

As soon as I woke up, I realized that he had called me the same thing that the voice had. I decided to stay for a little while, learn what these people wanted with me. It turned out to be the best place for me. I started getting a rep as The Helspawn of The Oracion Six. It did not take me long, but soon after, I became the second in command, right after Abaddon. Fron that day forth, it is where I have stayed.

(Ok, that does it for me. PM me with any advice.)
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[SIZE=1]good sign-ups so far everyone. The Rave Crew is almost set. I don't need anymore good sides, unless you want a important role. If you want one of these roles, pm and i'll give you a list. Anyway, I need 5 more members of the Oracion Six. One will not do. If your not good with a bad guy or want to be on the 'good' side. PM me and i'll assign a list of important roles to fill.
Also, check the Undergrund for Races and important info.


(PM for any questions.)[/SIZE]
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[B]Name:[/B] Lyra
[B]age:[/B] Almost 20
[B]gender:[/B] Female
[B]Race:[/B] Human
[B]Side: [/B] Rave Crew
[B]Appearance: [/B] [URL=http://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b137/ShadowessTheNight/1126016242_icturesold.jpg][COLOR=Olive][I][U]Lyra[/U][/I][/COLOR][/URL]
[B]Weapons/abilities/magic:[/B] Two chain whips decorated with very tiny (unnoticeable), super sharp, blades. When not in use (which is much of the time) they are merely stylish, unthreatening, bracelets. Lyra can surprise people fairly easily with these unless of course the said person happens to know her style. Then she's in trouble.

[B]Personality:[/B] Clumsy would be an understatement. She's a complete klutz, yet still manages somehow to go completely unnoticed and startle people very easily when making her presence known (i.e. speaking up out of nowhere). Always ends up killing any dramatic effect unfortunately. She feels as if living in a glass bottle behind some invisible curtain, and keeps very little contact with people mostly because she doesn't trust them. Lyra likes to hide her emotions whenever possible, almost seeming to ignore the going-ons around her and mostly keeps all opinions and comments under breath.

[B]Bio:[/B] She doesn't remember her parents or any other 'family', and for a good part of her life has traveled about from one place to another flitting from group to group. Just before the Demon Card organization was pulled back together rising again, Lyra was last seen chatting around with a few members of lesser gangs before disappearing all together for a while. Then she had a sort of run-in with the new Rave Master?and decided to join him in his search.

[B]Character Snippet:[/B] [COLOR=Olive]"Hey! Hey, I'm talking to y-"[/COLOR] [I]Thud. Clank. Crash.[/I] Lyra groaned, shifting her position so that she could face the way she had come. What was there possibly to trip over? It was a clear road. She hadn?t even stepped near the trees although the first to admit that was the destination. Getting back to her feet and brushing away dust Lyra looked about quickly in all directions for her quarry. The darn demon had gotten away, yet again! Was it so much to ask [I]why[/I] it was following her then? Of course, after receiving the answer she was doing to probably kill it for attempting to take her head off 90 seconds ago.

Oh well, it was thoroughly injured. That was good. The bad news was, Lyra was completely and utterly lost. She turned to the left once more. Trees. The right? More trees. Pulling a crumpled piece of paper from a small side pocket, the girl tried deciphering the writing once more. [I]'Who in the world wrote this? It's not even writing! More like a bunch of inept lines in random directions. What's this little thing in the corner?looks like?a flower???' [/I]

Flipping the paper over a few times, she realized she was holding it upside down. That however, did not help the reading in the least. She mentally sighed, remaining unemotional to any people passing by. Not that there were any. Trying to look like she knew what she was doing, Lyra picked a random direction. She figured that if she kept walking straight sooner or later she would come to a place that was recognizable?or something. Checking casually to make sure her 'bracelets' were indeed looking like mere bracelets, she started walking. Only to stumble once and almost fall flat on her face. Again.
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Name: Dorrian Grey

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Side: Demon Card

Gang: Demon Card

Rank: Member of the Oracion Six


Weapons/ abilities/ Magic: He uses the sword in the pic. His skill as a swords man and as martial artist are reverd amongst the six. He's quick and agile, never wavering with highly calculated moves.

Dark Bring: He uses his to will the wind around him. He uses it to advance his skill by granting himself greater speed and agility. He also uses it as a weapon, by focusing the wind to a point on his sword he turns the wind to a blade, like a long range weapon.

He has had his DB imbedded in the gauntlet he wears (Also seen in the pic). Only the foolish think of this as a mere wind weapon. He also is able to creat vacum pockets, draining the air from a small area, causing his opponents to sufficate.

Personality: The most obscure member of the six. He shows loyalty to his superiors, but always seems to working on his own personal agenda. When he speaks he keeps it simple and to the point, not being one to beat around the bush. A loner by nature and trys to keep himself seperate from the others as much as he can.

Other then the basics, little is known about this man. His origins, the source of his skill, all are like a ghost in the wind. He speaks little period and has never spoken of himself with the others. His accountablity is often brought into question, being that he's gone so much he seems like an unuseable source, but he is, at the same time, notorious for his efficency on mission. He is trusted almost souly for this reason.

Character Snippet:

The wind howled through the mountains as Dorrian sat on the cliff over looking the dark world below him. The land had been scorched by fire in the night and now only ash remained. He stared out on to this scene with a blank stare that seemed to looking right past the chared feild, like he was actually looking at something from high up here. That was impossible of course, but still, his eyes gave and odd glow.

The rumble of an engine closing in from behind could be heard, and Dorrian rose to his feet. A small truck was closing in on him, a low member of the Demon card was behind the wheel. The truchk came to a quick hault as it approached Dorrian, the young man quickly jumped out and ran over to Dorrian with a hand out "I have a message for you, sir."

Dorrian took the note the young man had in his hand and waved him off. Not wanting to anger him, the young man made a hasty retreat to his truck and pulled away. Dorrian opend the letter and read it over. It read 'You are commanded by the leader of the six, to search out and destroy the Rave Master'.

It was quick and simple, much like himself. It also contained information on this man, Adol Knight. It had no picture of him, but it did contain an image of the sword he was suppose to be carring. Even Dorrian could recognize the fabled ten powers sword. The last weilder had brought an end to the Demon Card. Dorrian finished the note then quickly shred it.

He returned to the cliff and stared out to the devastated forest and dropped from the cliffs edge. He dropped rapidly and slowed down with a sudden burst to touch the ground only lightly. He set off on foot through the forest of ash, he was enroute to find this new rave master, Adol Knight. He might prove to be interesting to watch.
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Give me a little while to finish this

Name: Castor Mizan

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Race: Demon

Side: Demon Card

Gang: Demon Card

Rank: Member of the Oracion Six

Appearance: [url=http://photobucket.com/albums/d41/whitewolf_fang/?action=view¤t=faerhoral.jpg]here[/url]

Weapon: A huge double sided axe and the weapons in the pic

Dark Bring: Allows him to use fire whenever he wants. No barrier can stand in his way. It alos gives him the power of anger, making his enemies cloud theri judgemnet with anger and making them leave themselves open and make unwise decisions.

Personality: Follows every command to the max and usually doesn't speak unless needed to.

Bio: Like every demon, Castor was trained to kill. He proved himself worhty in battle and made his way through teh ranks. Not found of leading but taking orders and following them out t=tot he end, unless told otherwise

Character Snippet:
Castor looked out over the battlefield. hundreds of slain bodies were around him, many had fallen by his own hand. "The end has come for this battle" He turned and began making his way back across the field as several people jumped out.

"Get him"

Castor frowned as a wave of heat came off of him, making the drop to the ground unable to move. "You are not in my objective, therefore i will give you one chance to live." He stopped the wave as they got back up and charged him again. "So be it" He made a wide arc with his axe splitting them open. He put his axe back and continued down the road back towards his leaders, waiting for his next order.
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