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Writing We're Anchormen! [M-L, mild V]


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[size=1]Hey everyone, I got this idea while writing up the first chapter to [i]The Bikini Bandits[/i], and had to make it into its own little series. I'm not sure how long this'll run on its own, but rest assured if you like it, you'll see it in [i]The Bikini Bandits[/i] once it starts up again. So, until then, satisfy yourself with [i]We're Anchormen![/i], featuring Alan (DeadSeraphim) and Alex (Brasil).

[center][b][u]We're Anchormen![/center][/b][/u]

[b]?Good evening, and welcome to OtakuBoards. I am Anchorman Alan, and to my left is my ever so persistent, and cynical partner, Co-Anchorman Alex.? [/b]-Alan puts down his papers and looks to Alex for his introduction. Only he finds Alex picking at his arm hairs. Growling lightly, Alan slaps Alex with a clipboard.

[b]?Oh, yes. Hello everyone, I am Co-Anch-? [/b]-Alex is interrupted by Alan?s disgruntled throat clearing.

[b]?I already said your name,?[/b] -Alan shifts in his seat.

[b]?Oh, since when did you become my voice? We talked about this, Alan,?[/b]-Alex leans over, speaking in a low tone.

[b]?I apologize, but you weren?t paying attention.?

?I was waiting for my cue,?[/b]- Alex snaps his blue velvet suit?s collar and wipes his mustache.

Alan stares, his face clearly twisting with laughter that he dares not let out. Alex, brushing brown, curly locks of hair back turns back to the camera and flashes a smile. Alan rolls his eyes and adjusts his tie.

[b]?Now, before my partner decided to embarrass me,?[/b]-Alex bobs his head-[b]?I am Co-Anchorman Alex. Welcome to the show.?[/b]

A pause, followed by soft laughter from camera men and Alan, himself. Alex?s composure melts, due to his face reddening with either anger or embarrassment, but stays intact.

[b]?Tonight, we bring you news from the Community Events,?[/b] -Alan breaks the ice-[b] ?The last time we took a look, we saw, and some have participated in, The Legionnaires. From what sources have spoken, it seems to be an epic RPG of epic proportions.?

?Whoa, whoa?who wrote your script??[/b]-Alex breaks in, laughing.

[b]?I-I have no idea, why??[/b] -Alan shakes his head.

[b]?Didn?t that last line sound funny to you? They had you say ?epic? two times, in two different ways. That just sounds like someone slacked off in their job, in my opinion,?[/b] -Alex sits back in his chair, tapping his pen on the desk.

[b]?Listen, it?s our job to just read what they write. If you are so concerned about what?s being written, go for that man?s job,?[/b] -Alan points to his right, at a small man with bald hair and glasses, [b]"Give him a break, Alex; it's only White's first day working with us."

?I?ll see you soon, pal. Oh yeah, I?ll see you real soon,? [/b]-Alex leans over the desk, snarling.

[b]?Just, can we get on with the story?? [/b]-Alan sighs, rubbing his face.

[b]?Fine, fine,? [/b]-sitting back again, Alex goes back to playing with his mustache.

[b]?Now, we all know about how well The Legionnaires is doing; but what we don?t know, or most of us haven?t realized yet, is that at this time, the OtakuBoards Nifty Fifty 2006 is in full swing. We have our very own, live reporter, Mimmi at the scene. Mimmi, what is going on out there??[/b]

[i]-switch over to the Community Events forum where Mimmi is standing right outside The Nifty Fifty 2006 thread-[/i]

[b]?Hello Anchorman Alan, I am live here in the Community Events where dozens of OB members have already placed their nominations. And let me tell you, it is getting pretty exciting in here.?[/b] -Mimminx smiles, holding onto her earpiece microphone.

[i]-from the news room- [/i]

[b]?Tell us, how does this thing work? It?s still rather new to the OB,?[/b] -Alex chimes in, leaving his mustache to wiggle freely.

Alan stares at Alex?s face with utter disbelief.

[i]-back to Mimmi- [/i]

[b]?Well, Co-Anchorman Alex, to my understanding the Nifty Fifty is a way to recognize anything on the OB, rather than set areas. This is really ?nifty?,?[/b] -Mimmi giggles, [b]?because it allows members to see what sort of got overlooked, or brushed aside. Bringing people who aren?t the most popular or well known into spotlight.?[/b]

[i]-back in the news room-[/i]

[b]?That sounds pretty neat.? [/b]-Alan nods.

[b]?It?s ?nifty?. For fuck's sake, the word is ?nifty?. What, now you have a problem with reading??[/b] -Alex groans.

[b]?Look, the word ?nifty? is being thrown about for a cheap pun, but it?s becoming annoying. Is it killing you that I?d like to break from the norm??[/b] -Alan slaps his hand on the desk.

[b]?Not at all, I just like seeing you flustered,?[/b] -Alex bats his eyes playfully.

[b]?Tell us, Mimmi, how does the voting work? Do you know who does the voting on the final fifty??[/b] -Alan plays with his pen.

[i]-Mimmi nods at the voice feed she receives-[/i]

[b]?Well, Anchorman Alan, that is where it becomes secretive. I spoke with Shy earlier and he told me that I needn?t worry about things like that. Apparently, ?it?s all been taken care of?, as he put it. Truly a man a mystery that Shy is,? [/b]-Mimmi shrugs, [b] ?But I do know that nominations will be closed on the thirty-first of this month. So, if you need to get your nominations in, you?d better get a move on!?[/b]

[i]-Mimmi dodges a member frantically entering the thread-[/i]

[b]?All right, thank you, Mimmi,? [/b]-Alan flips through his papers and looks to Alex, [b]?Do you have anything on this??

?No, I don?t believe so. What?s next??[/b] -Alex looks at his clipboard.

[b]?I don?t know, I only had the Nifty Fifty announcement. What does yours say?? [/b]-Alan leans over to take a look, Alex hovers over his clipboard.

[b]?Stop being nosey! I will let you know,?[/b]-Alex blows a raspberry and studies his paper,[b] ?It appears I have nothing on my list but a big doodle of a---? [/b]

Alex stops and throws a flesh-piercing glare at Alan.

[b]?You drew on my clipboard, you fucking prostitute!? [/b]-Alex holds up his clipboard to show a picture of a doodled penis.

Much, MUCH laughter from Alan. In fact, Alan falls off of his stool.

[b]?Thus, this concludes our time. I?m Anchorman Alan,"[/b] -Alan climbs back onto his stool.

[b]?And I?m Co-Anchor-not-homosexual-Alex,"[/b] -Alex winks at the camera.

[b]?Goodnight, and see you around.?[/b]

The both shuffle their papers.[/size]
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[SIZE=1]I think utterly random is a good way to describe this, Annie. That, and very, very amusing.

[QUOTE]?You drew on my clipboard, you fucking prostitute!?[/QUOTE]
I have to admit, that is by far my favourite line.

I really look forward to seeing the rest of these little things, and I have to say, the way you've written it in script form is very nice. Means we don't have to wade through lots of story when the only focuss of the writing is the silliness and humour.

Very lovely, my dear.

(Am I the only one who's noticed how popular Alan is in these sorts of things? Obviously people love to control him =P)[/SIZE]
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[QUOTE=Ezekiel][SIZE=1]I think utterly random is a good way to describe this, Annie. That, and very, very amusing.

I have to admit, that is by far my favourite line.

I really look forward to seeing the rest of these little things, and I have to say, the way you've written it in script form is very nice. Means we don't have to wade through lots of story when the only focuss of the writing is the silliness and humour.

Very lovely, my dear.

(Am I the only one who's noticed how popular Alan is in these sorts of things? Obviously people love to control him =P)[/SIZE][/QUOTE]
[color=indigo][size=1][font=arial]Unfortunately for all my [i]loving and adoring supporters[/i] who insist on making me OB celebrity of the week in their OB fanfics, I'm not just taken, but I'm [b]engaged[/b]. So you can stop writing about me now, honest. I won't hold it against you. I'm sure there's dozens of people more interesting and intensely attractive than me. [i]Positive[/i], even.


No, that'd be a damn lie. I'm obviously the right choice for these things. What with my handsome good looks and charming personality and all. [i]Feel free to keep using me like an amazingly desirable ragdoll, I don't mind, honest[/i].

That said that was funny Annie, and you should write more. [b]More[/b].[/font][/size][/color]
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[size=1]I was about to kick your ass, Alan, lol. I wrote you in because I consider you a close enough friend to stick in such a role.

With that said, thanks for the postive feedback. I don't know when the next one is to come out, but more comments would boost it ^_^[/size]
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[quote name='Goddess][size=1']I don't know when the next one is to come out, but more comments would boost it ^_^[size=2][/quote] I would give a hundred thousand comments about it if it meant I could have another installment [i]right now[/i]. It's just so... true to life, lol. If Alan and Alex were newscasters, Alan [i]would[/i] draw a penis on Alex's papers. XD
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Just wait for the morning newscast. Alan's coffee won't be Folger's (or coffee at all). Sure, it may [i]look[/i] like coffee, and it may [i]taste[/i] like coffee...but Alan's bowels sure as hell won't like it.

Of course, that may not happen...provided he stops drawing cock doodles on my copy.
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[FONT=Tahoma]Annie, I am at a loss for words to describe what an utter joy it was to read this! Not only was it funny, hilarious and informative; it was written in a clear, cohesive and magnificant way *nod nod*

Is there any end to how far you can go with your writing? Doesn't look like it, so please feed your adoring masses with that brilliant mind of yours .... only with stories, not the actual brain matter O.o;

And thank you so much for making me a live reporter :catgirl:

(PS: While I look like a walruss in a bikini, I'd love to be part of that saucy gang you're the Boss of. Bandana Bandit, maybe?) :3[/SIZE][/FONT]
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[SIZE=1]Interesting, most interesting.

Sweet-pea, that had to be the funniest damn thing I've read in a long, long time. The depiction of Alex is so life-like that I had to actually hold my breath for a few seconds to stop laughing, I mean you read it and it just sounds so right and so hilarious. The clipboard/penis-doodle was definitely the most amusing line in the whole thing, I can just imagine Alex scheming away a plot of utter vengeance which will probably turn out to be something along the lines of him gluing a pair of comically oversized breasts to Alan while he's asleep/unconscious.

I eagerly await the next instalment.[/SIZE]
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[size=1]Hehe, thank you all. [b]Mimmi[/b], my dearest, I have it in my mind that you would blow the rest of the Bandits out of the water with sheer physical and persona beauty! You are the most beautiful person I know, doll.

This is definitely as much fun to write as it is to read, I assure you. Jamie, I had to honor your story. It's just awesome. That's the only reason why I put myself in [i]We're Anchormen![/i] this time. So, without further adieu, the second installment of

[center][b][u]We're Anchormen![/b][/u][/center]

[b]?Rolling on 3..2..and..?[/b] -JJ, the new producer, waves his hand and speaks into his headset, coordinating the camera crew.

[I]-a small musical note plays, light shines on the two anchormen-[/I]

[b]?Good evening, I?m Anchorman Alan,?[/b] -Alan flashes a sparkly grin and turns in his stool to face Co-Anchorman Alex.

[b]?And I?m Grant Goodeve, and welcome to ?If These Walls Could Talk?,?[/b] -Alex nods firmly, clasping his hands together and wiggling his eyebrows.

[I]-a long silence, JJ clamps his hand over his forehead and sighs heavily; Alan groans[/I]-

[b]?Oh, sorry. Wrong show,?[/b] -Alex coughs, fluffs his hair, and throws a sultry wink at the camera, [b]?I am Co-Anchorman Alex. Thank you for tuning in.?[/b]

[I]-a girl rushes to the news desk and sets a mug of coffee down in front of Co-Anchorman Alex[/I]-

[b]?Thank you, n00b, it?ll be nice and cold,?[/b] -Alex mutters, sipping his coffee anyway.

[b]?What do you expect? That, that the entire world stops just to give you a cup of hot coffee??[/b] -Alan points at the now sobbing girl.

[b]?No, I expect a cup of coffee, not a cup of chilled pudding,?[/b] -Alex sets down the mug, staring at it in disbelief and a bit of fright.

[b]?Are you..serious? It?s actually pudding??[/b] -Alan leans over.

[b]?Chocolate, actually,?[/b] -Alex wipes off his mustache and rubs his hand on Alan?s shoulder.

[b]?God damnit, Alex. I just had this suit dry cleaned!?[/b] -Alan cranks his neck to try and see his back.

[I]- Alex swoons over Alan?s annoyance, and waves to JJ[/I]-

[b]?Can I get a spoon for this pudding, at least? I mean, I can?t have it stuck in my mustache. I just got it manicured.?[/b]

[I]-Alan shakes his head and looks at his clipboard[/I]-

[b]?Getting back on track, we take you tonight to the Anthology where a dark and disconsolate story is shinning the dim light on the more melancholy side of Sears--[/b]? -Alan?s face twitches with a flicker of confusion and anger, [b]?What the..??

?Fuck??[/b] -Alex finishes, and hyperactively searches for White, the script writer.

[I]-White hides behind the main camera man, Retribution--who shoves him out onto the floor-[/I]

[b]?I haven?t forgotten about you, pal!?[/b] -Alex jumps on the desk.

[b]?Sit down, you twat!?[/b] -Alan jerks on Alex?s leg, [b]?[I]Continuing[/I], that should have been OtakuBoards. We?ll find the jerk who jerked around with the script later. The story is called [I]Crimes of Hate[/I] by Ezekiel. This story is unlike any other OB parody ever seen. It?s grim, gruesome, graphic, and just absolutely stunning.?

?Indeed it is, Anchorman Alan, indeed it is,?[/b] -Alex spoons at his pudding.

[b]?Ezekiel brings the serious and dark side of--?

?Haha, the ?dark side?. Is there ?force? as well??[/b] -Alex slaps his knee.

[b]?I?ll show you ?force? if you interrupt me again,?[/b] -Alan clinches his grip on his clipboard and glares at Alex.

[b]?Yes, Master,?[/b] -Alex looks down at his mug.

[b]?[I]Crimes of Hate[/I] really puts a chill to the bone, drawing you into the unseen behind what it?s like to be the ?new member? in a twisted way. It is something none of us want to see, but it could happen; or could?ve happened. We take you to our Anthology reporter, Mitch. Mitch, can you tell us anything about this story??[/b]

[I]-switches over to the Anthology[/I]-

[b]?Good evening Anchorman Alan, and Co-Anchorman Alex,?[/b] -Mitch nods, [b]?Well, I personally haven?t had the chance to pick through, but I have talked to a few members here who?ve read this story. From my understanding, Ezekiel has created an environment that actually puts a scare into the readers. And that?s just something you don?t see very often here on the OB. Most parodies are light and humorous, or sometimes dark but still have an edge of humor. Nothing like this; this is real, this is pain, this is unique. I talked to Goddess earlier on her input on it.?[/b]

[I]-back in the news room[/I]-

[b]?Do we have a clipping of that??[/b] -Alex looks to JJ, who nods and speaks again into his headset.

[I]-switches to a clip of Mitch and Goddess[/I]-

[b]?So, what did you think, Annie??[/b] -Mitch adjusts his glasses.

[b]?It?s fascinating. The way Ezekiel wrote the characters makes you feel what they feel; you become attached to the character, and witness what they do. That?s a quality that is really hard to achieve. And that?s the quality that is so important in this genre of writing, ?[/b] -Goddess brushes back a lock of hair.

[I]-tape switches to the news room[/I]-

[b]?There you have it,?[/b] -Alan nods firmly.

[b]?Have what, exactly??[/b] -Alex digs his finger into the mug, attempting to get the last of his pudding.

[b]?You know, ?it?. ?It? is just what you get after information,?[/b] -Alan shrugs.

[b]?I see. Well, if that?s ?it?, does that mean we?re done for tonight??[/b] -Alex licks his finger.

[b]?I hope you washed your hands,?[/b] -Alan stares.

[b]?Of course, I wash my hands,?[/b] -Alex looks innocently at Alan, [b]?Why the concern all of a sudden??

?Oh, no reason. Just that the coating on my suit isn?t very digestible,?[/b] -Alan scratches the back of his head.

[b]? ?Coating?? What are you talking about??[/b] -Alex stops licking his finger.

[b]?Well, I have my suits dry cleaned, and they use this special coating that locks out oils and stuff to prevent stains. And they told me I shouldn?t wipe my eyes with my sleeve or my mouth because the spray is made up of materials that could cause upsetting bowel problems,?[/b] -Alan shrugs as if everyone knew that.

[b]?..Really? How ?upsetting???

?I don?t know, they told me that one customer ended up shriveling up dry because he was vomiting for three days,?[/b] -Alan occupies his gaze on his notes, [b]?Oh, and apparently, it could cause hair loss. Specifically, the facial hair area.?[/b]

[I]-camera shows Alex sweating and stroking his mustache[/I]-

[b]?Alan, I know we have our differences, but please tell me you?re joking,?[/b] -Alex chuckles nervously.

[b]?Do you want me to be friendly, or honest??

?I?m not kidding, Alan. Are you jerkin? my gerkin???

?Well, I?m not jacking you off, no. But I am tired, can we please call this sucker a night??[/b] -Alan looks up at JJ.

[I]-JJ nods and signals the music; Alex looks pale and continues to plead Alan with his eyes; Alan smiles at the camera[/I]-

[b]?We?ll see you again. I?m Anchorman Alan,?[/b] -Alan looks to a watery-eyed Alex clutching his mustache.

[b]?Co-Anchorman Alex, signing-off. Good night, and good luck--to me,?[/b] -Alex whimpers.

[I]-a red sign reading ?Off Air? flashes in the news room; Alan gets up-[/I]

[b]?Seriously, Alan! Cut it the shit, am I going to lose my mustache?!?[/b] -Alex hops off of his stool.

[b]?Not unless you shave!?[/b] -Alan bursts into a fit of laughter and stumbles out of the studio.

[I]-Alex faints, and sobs[/I]-

[b]?This is war, Alan,?[/b] -Alex rocks himself on the cold floor, [b]"No one threatens my mustache's life. NO ONE!"[/b][/size]
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[quote name='Goddess][size=1][b]Mimmi[/b'], my dearest, I have it in my mind that you would blow the rest of the Bandits out of the water with sheer physical and persona beauty! You are the most beautiful person I know, doll.[/size][/quote] [FONT=Tahoma]:blush: Consider yourself served with eternal servitude of chocolate-covered cherries ~_^

With a litte help of Annie's writing talent, Alan and Alex blows all co-hosting couples out of the water! You three should get together for real, making this into a live-action series :animesmil [/FONT]
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[quote name='Goddess][size=1][b]?This is war, Alan,?[/b] -Alex rocks himself on the cold floor, [b]"No one threatens my mustache's life. NO ONE!"[/b'][/size][/quote]

[SIZE=1]That sounds so nearly exactly like a statement I made to my brother recently it's scary, well except his name is David and it was a threat against my hair, but really it is a little too close to the mark. [[i]Watches window suspiciously[/i]][/SIZE]
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[size=1]Well, here's the third installment. I was toying around with taking out a character and replacing him; didn't work like I had thought up in my head--but, here it goes. And no, it's not because of the person I used; it's just that the two aren't compatible like the original couple.

[center][b][u]We're Anchormen![/b][/u][/center]

[I]-JJ waves furiously at Co-Anchorman Alex, who is sitting by himself-[/I]

[b]?You know you do have a voice, right??[/b] -Alex holds his hand out to catch crumbs from the muffin he?s eating.

[b]?Yes, I am aware of that. I just walked into the studio when you looked up to see me flailing my arms about,?[/b] -JJ walks up and places his hands on the news desk.

[b]?You?re early, what?s up??[/b] -Alex finishes his muffin, brushing the crumbs to the floor.

[b]?Alan called in sick tonight. I was, uh, forced to call back-up,?[/b] -JJ plays with the hem of his pants.

[I]-Alex drops his pen and gulps-[/I]

[b]?No, not-?[/b] -Alex began, standing up slowly.

[b]?Yes, Dragon Warrior. He was the only available back-up!?[/b] -JJ stands back, throwing his hands up in defense.

[b]?I-I can?t work with him! He?ll maim me with random humor! I can?t, JJ!?[/b] -Alex screeched, much like a little girl who didn?t get her way.

[b]?Tough titties, Alex. You?ll host with DW, or you?re fired,?[/b] -JJ puts on his headset and walks towards the control room, then stops to call over his shoulder, [b]?Oh, and I?ll have your mustache.?[/b]

[I]-Alex?s eyes grow to the size of saucer plates and he sits down-[/I]

[b]?He didn?t mean it, Mr. Stache,?[/b] -Alex coos and rubs his mustache.

[I]-Minutes later, DW shows up in a blue cloak and tan hat; he looks so mysterious; Alex sits rigid on his stool, eyeing the DW from the corner of his eyes[/I]-

[b]?We?re on in 3...2...and..?[/b] -JJ holds up a fist with his index finger raised.

[I]-Music note plays and the light shines on the odd figure that is DW-[/I]

[b]?Moo,?[/b] -says DW, his yellow eyes peering out at the camera.

[b]?U-uh, good evening everyone. Anchorman Dragon Warrior is joining us this evening, as Anchorman Alan is absent,?[/b] -Alex cuts in, clearing his throat, [b]?As always, I?m Co-Anchorman Alex.?

?That?s right, Co-Anchorman Alex. I, Dragon Warrior, the OB?s sexiest black mage will keep you hot, young ladies company,?[/b] -DW swaggers, tipping his hat.

[I]-Alex rolls his eyes[/I]-

[b]?Right, so, what are we to talk about tonight, DW??[/b] -Alex tries to sound enthused.

[b]?That?s ?Dragon Warrior? to you,?[/b] -DW scowls, [b]?Only the womenesses can call me ?DW?. And kitties. Because kitties are soft and fuzzy and make me happy.?[/b]

[I]-Alex and DW stare at each other; Alex?s eye twitches, DW purrs[/I]-

[b]?JJ??[/b] -Alex looks to the control room.

[I]-JJ points at his upper lip, indicating where a mustache would be[/I]-

[b]?Okay, okay. I?ll take lead,?[/b] -Alex nods, looking to his cue cards.

[b]?And I?ll take a cappuccino, tall and extra light on the foam,?[/b] -DW stretches.

[b]?Dragon Warrior, we?re not ordering drinks. Besides, extra light foam on a cappuccino would just be espresso,?[/b] -Alex points.

[b]?What are you pointing at??

?I wasn?t physically pointing; it was a statement.?

?Can I go play now??[/b] -DW whimpers.

[b]?You can play with my foot!?[/b] -Alex growls.

[I]-JJ threatens with a pair of scissors-[/I]

[b]?Right, tonight we take you to the Anthology, again. Only this time, it is a lighter, happier, and sexier reason,?[/b] -Alex nods and turns to DW.


?No, ?sexier?. As in, Goddess?s story, [I] The Bikini Bandits Strike Back![/I]?[/b] -Alex chuckles.

[b]?Balls! She?s back with all the babes in bikinis!?[/b] -DW gets overly excited and falls over, his blue cloak spreads around him.

[b]?Gasp! Cover that up, Dragon Warrior!?[/b] -Alex shields his eyes.

[b]?Sorry ?bout that,?[/b] -DW gets up and dusts himself off.

[b]?Right, now, Annie?s back; but not with the original cast. She?s recruited only five girls this time. And I?ve been told that the story isn?t going to be as cooky or random as the last time,?[/b] -Alex nods.

[b]?Still, babes in bikinis. Thank god it?s all girls; I don?t know if I could handle seeing another speedo,?[/b] -DW eats a straw.

[b]?Me either, Dragon Warrior,?[/b] -Alex smiles at the camera.

[b]?Yes??[/b] -DW looks up, the straw sticking out from under his hat.

[b]?N-nothing, I was agreeing with you,?[/b] -Alex blinks.

[b]?To what??

?To not wanting to see a speedo.?

?I said that??[/b] -DW?s straw falls onto the desk.

[I]-Alex stares, flabbergasted-[/I]

[b]?Anyhow, sources have told us that Annie promises a plot twist like no other,?[/b] -Alex plays with his mustache.

[b]?Twister? I love that game! It?s fun to play with hot chicks and in the nude,?[/b] -DW giggles.

[b]?Oh, and KY jelly is fun to!?

?Ew, you pervert,?[/b] -DW sits back, but forgets there are no backs to stools and falls off once more.

[b]?I can?t win with you,?[/b] -Alex tosses his clipboard over his shoulder, [b]?Anyway, the point of tonight?s show is to inform everyone to keep your eyes on [I]The Bikini Bandits Strike Back![/I], as I?m sure it?s going to be good. Thank you, and good night. I?m your Co-Anchorman Alex.?[/b]

[I]-DW?s voice from behind the desk-[/I]

[b]?And I?m Humpty Dumpty. Now, Alex, come down here and put me together.?[/b]

[i]-Alex motions to JJ-[/i]

[b]"Uh, JJ. Could I get a hammer?"[/b]

[b]"Which will it be?"[/b] -JJ calls.

[i]-Alex looks at DW who is dancing on his back-[/i]

[b]"Better make it the sledge."[/b][/size]

*edited, compliments for Mr. Alex
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This is officially th e best episode because it features the almighty Dragon_Warrior.

[I]?Me either, Dragon Warrior,? -Alex smiles at the camera.

?Yes?? -DW looks up, the straw sticking out from under his hat.

?N-nothing, I was agreeing with you,? -Alex blinks.

?To what??

?To not wanting to see a speedo.?

?I said that?? -DW?s straw falls onto the desk.

-Alex stares, flabbergasted-[/I]

That made me laugh, not just because it was funny but because you used the word flabbergasted. XD... flabbergasted...
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lol. As with the other two, quite entertaining, and a very clever plug of your own stuff in there. >:P But I gotta say...

[quote name='Goddess][size=1][b]?And I?m Humpty Dumpty. Now, Alex, come down here and put me together.?[/b'][/size][/quote] [i]Shame[/i] for that joke. Just, shame. XP
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[color=#333333]Oh my goodness, Annie. You really have done it this time.

You made me wake up my brother because I was laughing so loudly. Shame on you for writing such brilliant work.

Putting DW in was a great idea, by the way. Having his humour being different (as in, more random) from the normal humour is just so true it hurts. That's why it was [i]really[/i] funny.

I really look forward to the next chapter, as I do with all your writing.[/color]
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[COLOR=DarkSlateGray][SIZE=1][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Well I have to say that out of all three of your....News brodacasts this one does tend to seem like the most random one of the bunch. Which is good because I like random. Just because of that you made me spill my drink on the floor from laughing.

Still anyways I like it ^_^

As a random side note. Is it me or are OB Paridoies taking over the Anthology?[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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