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Strange nicknames given and received and how did you get them


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[color=#9933ff][font=lucida calligraphy]I'm really bored right now but instead of updating stories I've been writing I've decided to start a new thread because I haven't been on in so long and we need more pointless threads by me.

So I'm wondering what nicknames you've either given or received. Contrary to the thread title they don't have to be strange although that would make the thread more interesting. Also if you want to explain the reasonin behind the nicknames go right ahead because that will probably help everyone to understand the nickname better.

Name changes to protect the innocent who may also post on this board is allowed. That is all.

As for me:

[b][center]Strange nicknames given to my friends[/center][/b]

I gave a friend of mine the interestingly oxymoronic name of Slutty Virgin. Why you may ask? Because despite the fact that he is indeed a virgin he's also a bit perverted. I hope that wasn't too innapropriate

My best friend Becky was and at sometimes still is Kapicachu. Because of her last name. It;s actually not a very interesting story.

[b][center]Nicknames given to me[/center][/b]

Nutmeg- I haven't been called that since high school

Meg- Uh it's part of my full name

Chibi Horsewoman- As seen here on otakuboards

I have more but I have a few other things to get to.[/color][/font]
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[color=DarkOrange][b][size=1]Ohhh... the nicknames *dramatic swoon*

Anyway, here's some that's been given to me.

[i]Chook[/i] - given to me in grade 5 because of my name (Brooke)

[i]Ren[/i] - My middle named shortened.

I've given my cat the nickname of 'Mr Moo'. I have no idea why but it just suits him strangely enough.

Oh, and a nickname I've given to my bf is 'Boofy'. I got it from his sister.[/color][/b][/size]
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actually i do have several nicknames my self being: khi-chan, adri-san, adri-chan, khiyoni, kiki (go figure that one), kyo-chan and kamikaze.

nicknames i ahve given to my friends

adrew onii-chan (meaning big brother)
natalie: natty-sama or nii-san (menaing big sister)
andrea: andi
the other andrea : big andrea
maria: maruchan (like the ramen brand. this is because i know 2 marias)
ariel: ari-kun
jeanna: yoru-san or jeannie san

so as you can see i love giving people nicknames. hope you are amused:catgirl:
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[color=Red]well let's see what I can remember, I've been called:
- Tom: shortened version of my real name
- Tommy: another version of my name
- Thomas the Tank Engine: don't even start with that one
- T-Money: don't know how that one got started...

I haven't gave others nicknames... since it's not in my nature to call people out of their name... well usually.
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[FONT=Trebuchet MS][B]Papa Smurf[/B] - I once dyed my hair blue in the fifth or sixth grade, and it just sorta spawned out of no where, but did not stick for very long. Thank God.
[B]Stupid Stanly - [/B] A friend from Virginia always called me Stanly... Don't ask why. It shall forever remain a mystery.
[B]Disco Stu[/B] - I'm refereed to as "Disco Stu" by my friends ALL the time; I certainly don't mind, of course. That nickname somehow came up after my friends fell witness to my mad DDR skills :cool:
[B]Stuart Van'Gogh [/B] - This is my artist name, duh. I use it to sign all of my bizzare and ridiculusly silly creations. A friend of mine actually came up with the name, after he painted it on a painting of two stick figures. It's really quite the picture! The art teacher at school loves to call me by it.

I'm sure there are many more I just can't think of at the moment, so I'll edit in more at a later date. Stay tunned![/FONT]
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[FONT=Trebuchet MS][SIZE=1][COLOR=Sienna]Ah, this brings back memories, both happy and bothersome.

I can't remember if I ever gave someone a nickname, but here are some that have been given to me (from newest to oldest):

[B]Barthalamu[/B] - Started by someone in my classes; no comment.

[B]Bernard[/B] - Started by the same someone above; no comment.

[B]Shino[/B] - given to me by friends due to my interest in insects; derrived from the character in the anime [I]Naruto[/I].

[B]Dilbert[/B] - given to me by my chemistry teacher when she couldn't read my name properly on the attendance list.

[B]Vincent[/B] - I have no idea how this started, but people in my piano class have called me this since August.

[B]Kai[/B] - this was my German class nickname designated by my teacher.

[B]Manbeast[/B] - given to me by my friends when I helped tear down a fence they needed removed....I am so proud.

[B]Big-D[/B] - this was once again given to me by my soccer teammates.

[B]Scuba Steve[/B] - this was in my freshman soccer class; I received this name because of the soccer goggles I wore; name derrived from the movie [I]Big Daddy[/I].

[B]Steryl Derald[/B] - this was an insult name given to me by varsity soccer players when I first started; you can guess how much I hated this name.

[B]Peter[/B] - given by friends when derrived from their former name for me.

[B]Pete Tweeterman[/B] - I have no blasted idea how this started, but it was truly annoying (especially when pronounced with a British accent).

[B]Geraldo[/B] - once again, a name given by friends just to annoy me.

[B]D[/B] - given to me by my friends up in New York.

[B]Deralito[/B] - my first nickname given to me by my parents, and they use it everyday.

I have had many names, but not many people know my true name, which is, of course, [B]Derald[/B].[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
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[SIZE=1]EDIT: I made I added more nicknames that people gave me and 1 nickname I gave a person.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=1][U][B]Names I given people[/B][/U]:

[B]Deacku[/B]- I given her the name [B]Genkai[/B]! Since she loves Genkai from YYH and that was her name when I used to be in neopets a long time ago.

[B]Lionheart[/B]- I given him the name [B]Leon[/B]! Well because I like that name, it fits him, and it goes along with his username.

[B]Ming Na[/B] (one of my real life friends)- I given her the name [B]Ninja[/B] since she is asain. Lol, she actually loves it.

[B]Jamie[/B] (one of my real life friends)- I given her the name [B]Homeslice[/B] due to she one of the person I can most connect to since we have simalar issues. She like home away from home, lol.

[B]Linette[/B]: I gave her the nick name [B]Negi Dearest[/B]! This is due to her loving the manga Negima. Negi is short for Negima and the dearest part is because she calls me 'Mercy Me', haha.

[U][B]Names Given to me[/B][/U]:

[B]Ninja[/B]: This name was given to me through Neopets and real life. Is beacause when I am hyper I look like about to do acrobatic stunts, run up walls, and such.

[B]Sage[/B]: This was given to me from another furom. I have no exact clue why they gave me this name. Haha, I have the worst memory sometimes!

[B]Jade[/B]: One of my boyfriends/best friend gave me this name. He said I was just as precious and rare like jade the jewl. He had a obsession with jade thing saying they gave luck or something. He said I was his lucky charm! He so sweet...

[B]Mercy Me[/B]: This is giving by my friend Linette since my name is 'Mercy'. She likes saying Mercy Me alot, she says it fits well with me.

[B] Belovelent[/B]: This is giving me by Deacku. I have no real idea why she calls me this sometimes. I guess she just likes too, haha.

[B]Ninjie[/B]: This is like a alter to my nickname 'Ninja' about 2 people call me this

[B]No One[/B]: This is from another furom I used to go to a long time ago. No one calls me this anymore (Haha! No one, no one? Get it? Ugh, I guess not -.-)

[B]Bere[/B]: This is called by my parents and some of my closest friends. 'Bere' is short for my middle name which is Berenice.

[B]BT[/B]: This also comes from my middle name. I have no idea where they got the letter 'T' from! Some of my closest friends call me this for a alternative to Bere. They use this one more often beacause it sounds ten times better then Bere, haha.
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[SIZE=1][FONT=verdana]I always wondered how you came up with your username CHW, I never figured out how you would think of putting the words Chibi and Horse together. But I'm glad this thread came up because I have a lot of nicknames from people, probably because my name is short and so common so they feel they have to spice it up.

[u]My Nicknames[/u]
[b]Purplefire[/b] : I use to use this on other forums a long time ago. It's probably the name I use to be most known for. I'm known for liking the color purple and it was the spurr of the moment thing that I made this name up. Very few people that I talk to still call me this.

[*][b]Pumpkin[/b] : Obviously my old username on OB. I'll probably change it back once I get bored of the one I have now (yeah, I know you saw that one coming didn't you?). First name on the otakuboards and I can't seem to find anything thats any better. If you have any great ideas for names, PM me and I'll give you a cookie.

[*][b]Kitty[/b] : This nickname is usually called by my close friends. It's mainly a joke that spread to further usage, when my friend called my name which is "Katie" so many times that she accidently kept saying Kitty as if she were calling a cat. Hence, I'm stuck being called [i]Kitty, Kitty cat, Kat, and Katie Cat[/i] is one that recently has popped up.
[*][b]Yavela[/b] : The name I usually use when I play any MMO's, recently playing guild wars as "Yazela" just for a change. I've played SWG, WOW, && TSO with the same name so I'm pretty sure some people could recognize me. Of course, I don't have much free time to be playing video games anymore, being an adult can be a pain. Ahh, responsibilities.

[*][b]Kadee/Dee[/b] : My real name or should I say, a changed version of it. I like to spell my name "Kadee" just because I don't like the way my name is spelt. "Dee" is a nickame that I've been recently referred too, and I like it. It's close enough to my name but not as annoyingly as common. So I guess it suits me, I've become accustomed to being addressed as "Dee". It makes me feel "special".

So there you have it. Thats just a mini-list of the nicknames I have, but I thought I'd shorten it as to not bore everyone some more. As for CHW, I still want to know how you came up with such an unusual username lol.[/SIZE][/FONT]
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[*][b]Pumpkin[/b] : Obviously my old username on OB. I'll probably change it back once I get bored of the one I have now (yeah, I know you saw that one coming didn't you?). First name on the otakuboards and I can't seem to find anything thats any better. If you have any great ideas for names, PM me and I'll give you a cookie.
.[/SIZE][/FONT][/QUOTE][COLOR=DarkOliveGreen]There you are! I didn?t catch that you had changed your user name so I thought you were gone! *hug* :catgirl:

My first nickname was [I]Boo[/I]. Apparently when I was a baby my older brother heard my parents calling me a beautiful baby and his attempt to say the word beautiful came out as [I]Boo[/I].

Later in Junior High I was given the nickname[I] Bethany[/I] by my friends. My legal name is Elizabeth but I go by Beth and they changed it to [I]Bethany[/I]. Other than that I?ve don?t have much in the way of nicknames.

There are others that I?ve been called and I have in turn called them the same thing, but calling someone [I]sweetie[/I] or [I]honey[/I] is something I picked up from my parents and relatives, as it seems to be part of their southern accent. [/COLOR]
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well you are really going to laugh at this but i have two really hallarious ones that just stuck with me and my friends for a while. :animesmil
the first one is vibe 3000. that stands for vibrator 3000. this was given to me because i am a very hyper person so i was jumping around and haveing a good time and then my friend passed by me and he was like "what are you a vibrator. you know what im going to call you vibe 3000 :animesmil " so that is how i got that one and then the next one i got when i was at muvico with my friends and my friend had just had her b-day so she got this tiarra from another one of my friends and then i wsa like wait let me see it and i put it on and then my friend was like " i now pronounce you pricess ben" :animesmil :animesmil :animesmil

so if you were lazy and didnt feel like reading this my nicknames are princess ben and vibe 3000 :animesmil
funny huh?
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Guest Little_Rena
Off the internet, I have had the nicknames:

Hobnob - Not that I liked the name, but its what you get when it sounds simler to your surname :|

Big Man - Dunno, I was like, small when I got that name and it was on Work Experiance O.o

Thats about it, lol.

On the internet:

MR - Shorted of one of my forum usernames, as it was Monster Reborn.

Rena - Apparantly due to my obsession with the charector Rena, but I am not obsessed! >_> plus, I'm not a girl...

Killah - I dunno why, but people changed the er on the end of my username to ah :/
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[SIZE=1]There are some obvious nicknames for me...some that have a little story attached. Some are just down to my friend's insanity.

My name is Jamie, so the obvious "[B]Jay[/B]", "[B]James[/B]" and "[B]Jimmy[/B]" are used frequently. I don't have many odd nicknames, as some people have, but there are odd things my friends (always male) refer to me as.

[B]Mr Sulky:[/B] I sulk, yes, but the main reason for this is a little more...amusing. Whilst looking through the pictures on my phone, my friend Joe came to the conclusion that ULX looked like me in a certain picture. The picture was named 'Mr Sulky' and it kind of snowballed.

[B]Human Vending Machine:[/B] Another one of Joe's creations. I usually feed him in school, and it's got to the point where all he has to do is hold out his hand and I put food in it. He does actually call me this, which is a little frightening.

[B]Imi:[/B] A name I adopted a couple of year?s back, and what most people know me as online. Simple enough.

[B]Boozey:[/B] Trevor's affectionate nickname for me. Just because I happen to drink Bailey's on the odd occasion, he has it in his head that I'm an alcoholic. I honestly don't mind him calling me this, though, and find it infinitely more loving that 'muffin'.

I don't generally give my friends nicknames, except for Joe, who is [B]'The Hair'[/B]. No one else thinks it's funny, but I always amuse myself (Because I'm pathetic like that). Joe gels his hair all the time, and freaks out if anyone touches it. Thus, the hair has feelings and is a being by itself.[/SIZE]
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[size=1]Hmns. Well. I have a couple.

[b]Brigita[/b]... Well, my name is actually Brenda. But one of my friends, when I first met him, said I looked more like a Brigita. So, people started calling me that ever since this past summer. :animesmil

[b]Sporky[/b];; I was obsessed with Porky Pig and Sporks around fifth grade. Thusly why Sporky came up.

[b]Panda[/b]. Who knows.

[b]Da[/b], seeing as how it is the last syllable of my name.

[b]Bloopy[/b]. Who knows. :animeswea [/size]
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[size=1][font=georgia]My english teacher's last name is Vendramin, so I have nicknamed her (in order of when I came up with the names), [b]Vendi[/b], [b]Venn Diagram[/b], [b]Vending Machine[/b], and [b]Venfaba.[/b] It's funny how I get away with it, too.

My friend and I also call each other different names. I've given her [b]Capitain Ho[/b] (pronounced, Cap-ee-tawn Hoe), and I'm [b]Bimbo[/b], [b]Pablaniqua[/b], and [b]Lieutanant Scampi.[/b] I don't even remember how the names appeared.

Other names given to me are [b]Johnson[/b] (My last name, thanks to my english teacher for deciding to say my last instead of first), [b]Xela[/b] (My name spelled backwards), [b]Pablaniqua The Spanish Warrior Princess[/b] (Someone said 'Hey, Xela sounds like Xena!' hence Warrior Princess, but Pablaniqua was used instead of Xela for no particular reason, and Spanish from 'Pabla')...

And just simply, [b]Alex[/b] from my real name Alexandra.[/size][/font]
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I don't think I can keep track of all my nicknames - I get new ones almost daily.
Here are a few

Lewis - from that Fedex tv commercial, if any of you remember it - "You're a heck of man doing a heck of job Lewis" - My boss said that to me almost daily at work, especially if I had messed something up. :animeswea

Narnia - Mostly because people can never remember my actual name and this comes close.

Buffy - Back in the day when I was a welders helper and used a buffer and grinder to clean up the metal. :D I was good.

Ed - My little sister called me at work one day and the girl who answered the phone thought she asked for "Ed" so she came into the rec area asking for "Ed" and of course everyone was there so when she came back and said it was for me we all had a good laugh and the name kindof stuck.

So many nicknames. But those are a few :animesmil
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[COLOR=DarkRed]Senko and Little_Rena : Your off topic conversation about .Hack have been deleted from this thread. It would be best to do any off topic discussion via the PM system versus using this thread about nicknames. If you have questions about posting here in the OtakuBoards feel free to PM myself of any of the other moderators. Thanks![/COLOR]

On topic: As for nicknames, I have never given any to anyone. I have a bunch for my dog Brynner whom I call Bun Bun, Boo Buns, Bear Buns, Bo Bears, Boja Bos or just Bo. It's funny, it's like I only call him Brynner when he is in trouble. I sound like a parent.

As for nicknames given to me I have one and only one - Panda. This nickname was given to me by my husband way back when we first met. It started with a conversation about what animal we would be. He told me it's easy to pick what animal I would be since I am cute and cuddly like a panda. After that he started calling me his little panda bear...which then evolved into just calling me Panda. I pretty much use a form of Panda (since many times the name Panda is already taken) for all of my internet screen names.

It's too the point that when my husband calls me by my first name it sounds funny. I guess I am just use to hearing him call me Panda.
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[COLOR=Red][SIZE=2][B][FONT=Arial]Ok, here it goes:[/FONT][/B] [/SIZE][/COLOR]
[COLOR=DarkGreen][B]Kuya[/B][/COLOR] - [FONT=Palatino Linotype]I'm a filipino and that's the term for older brother.[/FONT]

[COLOR=Navy][B]ViNz[/B][/COLOR] - [FONT=Palatino Linotype]I don't know where my friends and classmates got this, but, hey it sounds cool.
[B][COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]XcaLibeR[/COLOR][/B] - [FONT=Palatino Linotype]My username in most online games(sounds cool does'nt it?)[/FONT]

and finally...

[B][COLOR=Red]xXxiTaChixXx[/COLOR][/B] - [FONT=Palatino Linotype]My name in OtakuBoards[/FONT]

Feel free to give me more nicks
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[FONT=Palatino Linotype]As for me....:cool:

[B]Fatty[/B] - guess what? I'm fat, my sister usually calls me with that nickname...:D, but I'm no fatman anymore, kinda made me sad....:animecry:

[B]Curly[/B] - my father calls me with that nickname, and yes you right....I had curly hairs.....:animesmil

[B]Ad[/B] - one of my friends calls me with this name since my name's Adi, in my country people usually calls someone named like my name with Di or something like that. But this friend of mine calls me Ad instead of Di....:D

i guess that's all, not my habit to nickname people....:([/FONT]
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[SIZE=2][FONT=Times New Roman]

Let me see, let me see...

Cruiz - This nickname was given to me by my best friend back in 1997 when we were hardcore into wrestling. He originally made it for himself as a ring name, but passed it on to me. We now call eachother Cruiz and Phrost Byte, which confuses people to no end.

Hades - People at school are afraid of me, and some even believed that I may truely be an evil entity, so they began to call me Hades. There are even a few among them that refer to me as "Lord Hades", which scares me to no end.

Melvin - I am a hardcore Office Space fan, and love Melvin... However, it was given to me by one of my friends for no apparent reason. I was Melvin, she was Rei.

Sue Ellen - Some girls at school were talking about wanting to know a boy named Sue, so I jumped on that and was named.

Sue Belvin - A mixture of Sue Ellen, Melvin, and my real name, Brent. I made it up for chuckles, and some people actually called me by that.

Wakka - Yes, yes... Wakka from FFX. Rei wished to be called Rikku, and began calling me Wakka, so I went for it. :P

Freak - Sister just calls me that for the heck of it.

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[COLOR=Navy][SIZE=3][FONT=Comic Sans MS]I never gave any of my friend nicknames, but they sure have given me some nicknames.
Alona-because I sometimes am aloner
Alannie-my best friend Maria gave me that name in 2nd grade because she once "accindentally" mispronouse my name.
Lana-My friends Annie and Patricia gave me that name just to shorten my name.
My real name is Alannah.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR] :animeblus
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I,sadly, have no nickname,but my friends have some good ones.
I call Latharix_Sama La-chan even when we are at school.
Courtney named herself Yoko after Yoko Kanno.(That's the [I]good[/I] Yoko in the music industry.
My other friend Courtney was formerly Shiloh and is currently Waffles.
Kayla is the River Rat.Steal the nickname and be punished SEVERELY.
Taylor is her magical sidekick Tay-Tay.
My awesome geometry teacher is Frank Dog, but we recently learned that his elf name is Minty Candy Cane Lips.
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alot of my nick names are from football.
1. shaggy freshman year I was the only one in my class to have a beard. :rolleyes:
2.Mini. Dow ummm... I got injured soph. year and I was out for the season so I kinda was a assistant couch and our head couch was couch Dow and we had the same color hair so everybody called me mini Dow.
3.the Scrapper: at this time I was one of the smallest kids and I would always fighting and working as hard as I could so they named me Scrapper.
4. My senior year I was and am a little small but I worked just as hard anyway. They called me ShaneTrain because I was a Fullback and I always tried to run people over, alot of the time it did not work though. :animeswea
and those are my nick names :animesmil
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I've been given the nickname "Pukie" by my parents. I used to throw up all exorcist style when I was a baby, so yeah.
My friend Emily calls me the Insta-Vicki because we made a little cartoon about me. Lashawn calls me Kat because my eyes are colored just like my cat's eyes. Jeremy calls me Vicki-ism because of all the little sayings I have and words that I use (like spiffyriffic), and those are my Vicki-isms. Some people at school used to call me Pisshead because my hair was piss yellow. Tim calls me Shut Up, because I never shut up. Mari calls me Vick-ums...and I don't know why, actually...it's just weird. Some people, like a guys I know named Laurent, they call me Vik. That's about it.
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[COLOR=DarkRed]Ok, nicknames...

[B]Japan[/B]- isn't it obvious? When I did change my username to Ryli, I was still called Japan. I guess the consequences of my days of being a Japan/anime fanatic shall always haunt me.

[B]Ninja[/B]- I got this nickname from a couple of friends who play Halo 2. They gave this one to me because I never use my guns in Halo 2. I just stalk and smack with my gun. 99% of all my kills are done in that way and I get the most assassin medals then anyone.

[B]Siena/Devi[/B]- My two characters from a text MUD I play called Achaea. When I am out of character and talk with my friends from there on MSN or AIM, they always call me by my character's name most of the time.[/COLOR]
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[color=#555555][FONT=Tahoma]Oh boy. My nicknames will forever haunt me.
[*][B]PK[/B] When I first moved to Aurora in Grade 4, my three best friends (Connor, Steve and David) decided that since there was already a Steve in the group, they should give me a name. Since my Dad is a Pastor, they thought that PK (Pastor's Kid) was a suitable nickname.
[*][B]Pikachu[/B] After a few days, we realized that I could no longer bear the name of PK since really, my older brother was PK and I was PK2. PK2 quickly caught on and when said fast came out as Pikachu. Pikachu lasted for about a week, which is when I became Ellerby.
[*][B]Ferret[/B] In Grade 6, I told my friends how obsessively I wanted a ferret. Not only did they constantly make fun of me for this, but they also dubbed me Ferret, King of Ferrets. This lasted for about 3 days.
[*][B]Ellerby[/B] My nickname that has been around for centuries (literally, my brother, dad and papa were all called Ellerby aswell). Ellerby is my last name (pronounced ELL-er-bee... or L-ER-B) and so is a very suitable nickname. It has a nice ring to it, and everyone I know (besides my family) calls me Ellerby. It later spawned Lrb (my previous OB Username), a quicker way of typing Ellerby.

So, now you know. And I swear, if any of you call me Pikachu I [i]will[/i] get you.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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