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A large 4 tailed pure ghost white fur and icy blue pawed fox ran threw the forest such a menacing creature was being chased by mere humans

[B] ?W-What do you want from me? the poor creature said backed up against a cliff
?Creature! You killed one of our village elders you must die!? the leader said
?But?. I didn?t I swear? the creature said shivering in the corner
?NO EXCUSES!? the man shouted as he started chanting [/B]

There was a large rushing sound trees timber falling down as a large grey wolf with dark green eyes
?Kyo!? the fox said as the wolf snarled ?stay away from her!? the wolf shouted ?now we can kill both demon

[B] The wolves eyes dilated ?You will not kill anyone petty human!? he bellowed snapping the human up in his jaws [/B] him and the fox ran off into the mountains to a place they knew as ?Utopia? where demons from all different forms lived to avoid the human wrath. In this place time stood still. As they entered demons of all types were living together as they trotted around being greeted happily.

1020 years later- the year?. 2006

In this day and age few people know about demons and most who do are in one of two societies the DSS- otherwise known as the Demon Slayer society whose goal in life is to find the demons utopia and kill all the demons in it.

And then there is the DDS- or the Demon Diplomacy society whose goal in life is to find the demon?s utopia and befriend the demons and establish diplomatic relations between both worlds.

Both sides are filled with Warriors and are currently at war in the midst of searching for the hidden realm. Which side will win, which goal will be fulfilled, Diplomacy or Destruction, only YOU can tell.

So you are in one of three groups DDS, DSS, or Demons if you are a demon you are just living life in utopia or spying on the humans or stuff like that be creative ^_^.

Ok here?s the bio
Age (if you?re a human lets make it 16-50, if you?re a demon anything up to 1020)
Side: (DDS, DSS, Demon)
Race: (demon only)
Appearance: (picture or Description)

2 Chars per person
If you do have 2 chars they can?t be in on the same side
No god chars

If you want to be the boss of DDS or DSS then PM me please

Ill post my bio when someone joins
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Guest Ucalna
My Charaters Profile

Name: Ucana
Age: 345
Side: Demon
Race: Hironu
Appearence: She is about 5 feet tall and has long hair. Her bangs cover her eyes almost completely.

Gender: Female
Hair: Blue/Purple
Eyes: Silver
Wings: Black and Silver
Ears: Black
Tail: Silver

Personality: Serious, Quiet, Mysterious

History: Lived in a forrest all her life, when she was little her parents disappeared one day. She had 3 brothers, all older, and they disappeared along with her parents.
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Guest Ucalna
As she walked through the forrest, Ucana heard a noise coming from somewhere nearby. She walked towrd the source of the noise quietley. She came to the edge of a clearing and stopped behind a big tree.
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Name:Nyx Aether
Side: Demon Deplomacy Society
Appearance:Nyx has hazel eyes, light brown skin, and waist-length black hair tied back into a single braid. She has a tomboyish figure but is not overly muscular. She [I]would[/I] be called pretty, were it not for the long scar that slashed across her face and multiple scars marring the rest of her body recieved when she was attacked by a demon.
Personality:Nyx becomes hopelessly devoted to her beliefs which have an unfortunate habit of conflicting. Although she firmly believes in following your emotions, she cannot stand to show her own weaknesses. She usually acts cheerful, but the few people she is truly close to know that this is a facade.
History:Every member of her family belongs to the Demon Slayer Society. Her childhood was spent preparing to join the DSS as well. Her parents thought of her as a tool at best. She grew up studying academics and weapons use with with private tutors. Erebrus, her twin, was her one source of love and comfort. He always paid attention to her. There was no one she loved more.
When she was six, she was attacked by a demented snake demon. Before it could could strike a killing blow, a phoenix in the form of a graceful red-headed woman saved her.The phoenix used her powers to heal the wounds the snake inflicted. Nyx decided that not all demons were evil. She became friends with the phoenix who was the only person aside from her brother to ever show her love. Two months passed before her parents found out about the phoenix. Nyx witnessed her father kill the fire-bird before her eyes. From that day forward, she decided that the only demons in the world were those that killed the innocent. She still loved her her brother,even though he devoted himself to the DSS, but she could not walk the same path he did. At age 15 she ran away and soon joined the DDS.

Name:Erebrus Aether
Age:17(10 minutes older than his twin)
Side: Demon Slayer Society(currently)
Appearance:Erebrus has a lithe build, gray eyes, and light brown skin. His black hair falls just above his shoulders. A silver chain with a demon's red feather hangs around his neck.
Personality:Erebrus loves solitude and studying above all else. He was never much of a
conversationalist, but in the past two years he has spoken only when absolutely necessary. Erebrus devoted himself to the Demon Slayers because that was all he ever learned to do. The only family he ever cared for disappeared, and he now sees emotions as a complete waste of time.
History:His parents trained him to be the next heir of his family since he drew his first breath. He always obeyed his parents--his was taught to, after all--but he never loved thm. Their relationship was pure business. Nyx, however, loved him for just being her brother. He loved his devoted sister; she did not expect anything from him as everyone else in his life did. She only wanted to play together.
When Nyx was six, a demon attacked her. He never knew exactly what happened. One day she went out to explore their vast estate alone, and came back with scars covering her body. He knew from that moment on he personally wanted to kill all demons because of the one that hurt his sister.
Nyx never told him why she cried over a dead fire demon two months later. The firey bird was an evil beast, wasn't it? He ordered a necklace with one of the phoenix feathers that had been saved as demonic samples to be used as a charm. He gave to his sister who loved the present. He guessed she had merely thought the bird pretty.
Life continued in a predictable pattern until Nyx disappeared. The only trace left of her was the phonix-feather necklace on his pillow. He stopped feeling, stopped caring about whether he lived or died, and focused only on the art of slaying demons.
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Name: Kelvin

Age 993

Side: Demon

Race: Seadra (Sea Serpent)

Human: He has Sliver hair and black eyes white skin no freckles he has sliver tank top and a black cloak with a long tail with that has Red trim on the tail he wears black a sliver gloves he has black plants and with sliver on the bottoms and black shoes

Demon: He has a black and sliver scales black on the top and Sliver on the bottom his head is gold on the top and sliver on the bottom his tail is red with sliver trim

Gender: Male

Personality: He is aloof and does not talk much he is very serious and is very serious and secretive he loves to eat large fish, and other demons, and sometimes when he really is either intoxicated or just feeling violent he likes to hypnotize and eat young ladies he?s violent unforgiving and lonely

History: he grew up originally in the Human world in the Tropic of Cancer but he was hunted down by the Spanish army so he left for Utopia and lived their happily for 983 years but then a great Oroborus killed his mate and children so he fled to the human world and lived in Lake Champlain in New York and eaten Fish from the lake and the Hudson and the fish markets of NYC and once and awhile one of the hookers of the NYC streets but he doesn?t do that often he has a relationship with the DSS leader and is labeled on the DSS most wanted list he waits for the day when the Oroborus crosses over so he can rip him to pieces
Name: Alina

Age: 29

Side: Leader of DSS

Race: Half human half Butterfly Demon

Appearance: Below

Gender: Female

Personality: she is quiet and hates demons with a passion and if she hears of giant insect demons she will take them out personally she has a very sharp mind and a sharp arrow and a sharp body she has only a few friends but she is very kind to the human race although she is treated as an outcast because of her pointy ears and feathery antenna she kills anybody who makes fun of either

History: Her mother was a human and her father was a butterfly demon and they fell in love and had Alina but when Alina was very small her parents had a fight and her mother kidnapped her and thoghout her life her mother poisoned her mind with evil thoughts of demons although the weren?t all like that she meant Kelvin once before and almost fell in love with him but remembered her mother who she loved and went away and wanted to make sure she never fell in love with him so she put him on the DSS hit list so someone would kill him
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I hope it is okay if i include some extra information. Helps with my character.

Name: Lokin Tyran

Nickname: The Crimson Slayer

Age: 327

Gender: Male

Side: Demon

Race: Sarin

Appearance: 7' tall. He has the legs of dragon. His tail is that of a wolf with wolf arms as well. His chest is dragon with two large crimson dragon wings coming out of his back. His left wing is covered in crimson armor with sliver spikes along the outer edge He has a wolf head with curved two horns coming out in front of his ears. His fur is a sliver color with his scales a deep crimson. His blends in and out with his sclaes giving him an extremely evil appearance. His hrons are silver with his eyes an evil crimson color with silver around them. He has a crimson chest and back plate with three silver slash marks across it. He has crimson greaves and boots. He has crimson shoulder pauldrons. Three silver spikes come out of his shoulder pauldrons and shin guards. His right arm only has a sliver bicep bracer and a sliver forearm bracer and his left arm is covered completely in crimson armor with sliver spikes going down the sides to his guantlet.

Personality: Headstrong and hates all humans. Considers himself to be the guardian of demons and will stop at nothing to make sure every human is dead.

History: Refuses to talk about it since humans killed his parents when he was young. His parents was a wolf demon and dragon demon who were banned from their tribes for mating each other. He has been an outcast ever since then not being accepted in any demon tribe until the humans attacked.

Sorry it is so long. Just wanted to make sure i had everything covered
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Name: Robert "Rob" Lorbert

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Side: DSS

Race: Human

Appearance: [IMG]http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c384/GeneOutlaw/bleach061.jpg[/IMG]
He is 5'10 and weights in at 145 lbs.

Personality: A cold but just person. He stands for the weak and destroys the wicked. He has a strong will and is driven by his sense of justice and determination unparalleld. He has a pretty cold dispostion toward others, i.e. not a very social person.

History: He was born into the Demon Slayer Society. His parents raised him on the ideals of the society and held them in the highest regard. He was dedicated to this and never questioned it's motives and purpose. His world was cut and dry, black and white. Demons were evil so he has to kill them. He has never had reason to think otherwise. He has never met a demon who wasn't causing wrong, nor has he met you one who didn't try to defend it's actions and itself.

He has trained in the exorcists arts and weilds the black blade, Tensa Zangetsu. With this blade he has spent the last year as a full fledged agent of the society. Killing demons and saving the innocent.
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] Azuroth Carthage

[B]Age:[/B] 30

[B]Side:[/B] DSS

[B]Appearance:[/B] [url=http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b18/Sagethefiend/guys200.jpg]Azuroth. [/URL]

[B]Personality:[/B] Azuroth is a reserved being, he is a bit withdrawn from most people and never lets anyone, emotionally or physically, get close to his heart. He remains observant but assertive if required, his hatred towards demons makes him just a tad bit sadistic to enemies and flickers madness in his eyes when in a good fight or given the chance to do as he wishes. He is a very tough man to break, well, he is actually almost impossible to break, he has an iron will and stands firm with each decision he makes.

[B]History:[/B] Azuroth wasn?t born with the name Azuroth, his real name was Jack Carrion. He grew up like an ordinary child, laughing and playing with other children of one of the small towns of a major city. When he was about ten he experienced his first demon attack, it was a horrifying moment for a ten year old. But he survived and so did his family.

So, he lived for about three more years before another demon attack took the life of his mother and his father. Seeing the way they slaughtered innocent humans, how they hard torn apart his parents and how the had very little disregard for discreet murder. That day, he lost the childhood innocence and devoted his existence to killing any demons that crossed his path.

He was a rookie at first, slaying minor demons and doing a very sloppy job at that. He spent about two years, slaying like a newbie. But shortly after his fifteenth birthday, he found himself at the doorstep of a Ninjitsu Master; he had asked the Ninjitsu Master to train him in the art of the ninja, but he refused the first time. Jack came back every day after that first day of rejection; he would continually request the man to train him. And every time, he would refuse.

After about six months of Jack?s constant return the man finally gave in and started Jack?s training right away. Jack then spent a grueling fifteen more years of his life, training to be a Master of Ninjitsu and how to kill any creature with deadly silence and agility. After he had finished his training he changed his name, he wanted a name that all demons would come to fear and despise. He became Azuroth Carthage, and has since hunted down demons and slain them in the same manor as they did his parents.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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name: aaven
race: lycan
eyes: dark green
hair:short and black
history: at age 13 he was turned
at age 89 his kin were killed at age 92
he helped it begin.
personality: likes to stay away from other people fearing he with attack them
out of instinc has a heart but if threatend he will throw it aside and attack without thinking.
apperance: tall and pale
side: demons
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Name: Saskei


Side: Demon

Race: Raviel

Appearance:I have long silver hair,gold wings,a human form who wears a dark blue kimono for an outfit with a dragon on it and I also have a light blue tail.I'm 5'7".

Personality: I am very kind but I have a lot of strength that people often mistaken that I'm weak when I'm not.I'm very fast to avoid some fighting and I often fight most of my enemies and kill them.

History:I lived in a forest for a while but my whole family was killed and i had everything i needed but sometimes i would go into human territory and find some things that I need which the forest doesn't provide for me.I have come fond of the forest and I get along with the all the other creatures that live there too.I don't ahe very amny enemies but I do fight the ones that want to fight me so instead of ever seeing them again I kill them and them there to rot.
I'm not really lonely but I do have some friends that live in the forest with me.But the humans never really respect me for how I look or how I dress but then I normally have to ignore them and leave the place and then go back to the forest for I'm afraid of the DDS and all the other humans that I don't think are really nice.I'm so nice that everyone takes advantage and tries to play tricks on me to which I always know whne they are going to do them.
Since they do that I go back and take revenge on them and leave indebidable scars to which they suffer from the torture that I have caused them and they suffer and perish until they literatly kill themselves to stop the mental torture.But I don't like the humans so I try to kill them as muchas possible to where they didn't know what was coming and blame someone else for donig it.
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Name: Lloyd
Race: Demon
Side: Half - Demon
Age: 317

Appearence: Well, he has tall white hair, (sort of like Vegeta's from DBZ) green eyes, has shining black armor, and two giant raven wins.

Personality: A deep thinker who doesn't say any thing uless he has something to good to say (However there are some occasions where he will talk just to be a bit freindly) and when he does speak, he's often mild-mannered.

History: Comeing soon.
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Name: Terradragon

Age: 250

Side: DDS

Race: many-Eevee, Jolteon, Vaporeon, Flareon, Umbreon, Espeon, and Teleon

Appearance: i appear in seven different forms in the catagory of fire, water, nature, light, darkness, normal, and lightening.
Fire- has ears and a tail that look like a fire and wears a corrsett shirt and short shorts.
Water- has ears and a tail that are like an aquamarine and wears a short shirt, mini jacket, and a mini skirt.
Nature- has long cat ears and two tails and wears a strapless top with a bow in front and a skirt
Light- has cat-dog ears and a tail with a split at the end and wears a kimono.
Darkness- has dog like ears and a dog like tail and likes to wear a long coat, t-shirt, and skirt.
Normal-has long dog like ears and a fluffy tail and likes to wear a short dress that is really cool
Lightening- has long cat-dog like ears and a short tail and wears a button up shirt and long skirt.

Personality: has a fiesty attitude and very stubborn. she really hates to be tricked and almost kills people.

History: I lived in a forest that was full of amazing creatures called GateWay . I was usually bossed around when I was young and started to go into rages. My parents were killed in an accident that happened when I real young. the kids that lived in my village were always mean to me. i was tricked and was beaten. when i was 16 i was tricked into doing something that i didn't want to and my true power was released. it was very terrible for me to stay in the village so i only stayed until i was old enough to leave. when i left, i went on a journey to the human world. when i arrived i felt very different and thought that there was no place for me.
while i was at a park, i met this boy who didn't seem to know life. i went up to him and asked what was wrong. he told me that his grandfather wanted him to go and cheat at a compitition using a bitbeast that would steal anyone's soul. i told him that he should do what his heart told him and to not do what his grandfather told him. i told him that i had to go and before i left he asked me for my name. i told him that my name was Terradragon and he told me his name was Kai. he asked me for a ride to his place in case i needed a place to stay. i accepted and went with him. we talked a lot about our lives and how the same that we were. when we arrived at his house, i was amazed at how big it was.
he noticed that i was a bit dirty and asked if i would stay the night. i accepted the offer and took the pair of clothes that he gave me to change into. the clothes were a little big but i didn't care. i thought that i might tell him my secret when i felt this tingle that told me to go to the top of the house. i went up and soon the moon light transformed me to my true form and he saw it. i started to run but he grabbed my hand and said that i didn't need to run and that i was fine the way i looked. after that i lived in the human world for a while until he died. i left and went on another journey hoping to find something new.
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Guest Asagard
Name: Kyon
Age 16
Side: DDS
Appearance: Male with side parting hairstyle, Black eyes that look serious yet so mysterious. Wears a sleeveless shirt and a jacket to cover his oback and his arms. Has a well fit body. Carries a staff behind his back and a sword at the side of his belt. Most wearing a long pants
Personality:Friendly, Compassionate, Polite, Protective of precious possesions and often what most people would call charming
History: Born with the power to control and create fire. Kyon has always been alone since only a few dared to be his friends. Until one day. his best friend was killed and by the time he reached his house, everyone was killed. Saddened by this unholy act as the house was covered in black blood. demon blood. He was then taken in by a good samaritan and taken care off and taught the morals of God and the use of wepons. One day an angel told him to go on a journey, Kyon than set off with his foster parent's blessing until he heard of a place called the DDS which was friendly to all. He then made up his mind and has joined the DDS for 2 years
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It means the rp has already started but it never finished and people quit posting cause certain reasons, whether they lost interest, couldn't keep up, or didn't have the time, and the list and keep going for numerous reasons. That is what is meant by an rp has died. But it can be brought back to life....
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