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Self-proclaimed titles

dark king

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so i was wondering after seeing a bleach episode with shiba ganju introducing himself with self proclaimed titles.
so i came up with a few myself and added some mystery into it so they sound a lot better then just something you say oh i`m good at that.

so here are my self proclaimed titles

self proclaimed master of the 12 apostles of death
self proclaimed holder of the sacred dragons
self proclaimed creator of the forbidden illusions
self proclaimed wielder of animae
self proclaimed keeper of the fallen stars
self proclaimed lord of the towers of sun and moon
self proclaimed kin spirit of gaia
self proclaimed artist of power
self proclaimed incarnate of death
self proclaimed descendant of the devil
self proclaimed taicho no reikon
and known as self proclaimed manager of code

these sounded nice for my jutsu making wich i do for fun.
well i hope you have dozens of self proclaimed titles of your own.
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I have only one self-proclaimed title, and it's my philosophy for life, so don't laugh. It is really deep and meaningful...

[B]I am the self proclaimed master of lost lightbulbs.[/B]

Ever wondered where all those lightbulbs you lose go and who took them? yeah....
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I am the self-proclaimed master of lost pens! Ever read [i]Hitch hiker's Guide to the Galaxy[/i]? You remember that theory that explains where lost pens go? Well, it's wrong-they go to [i]me[/i]:devil:

It's amazing how many pens you can find if you just look...
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[COLOR=DarkRed]Mine are for obvious reasons. It all depends on my current mood and whether or not I like you or piss me off

Self Proclaimed Counsellor
Self Proclaimed hyper goofball
Self Proclaimed thinker
Self Proclaimed Biatch (ahem)[/COLOR]
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[color=dodgerblue]eh, this is sorta weird but in one forum a few years ago I got given the title "Queen of Darkness", and it sort of stuck.. also "Beautiful Nightmare" so..

Self-proclaimed Queen of Darkness
Self-proclaimed Beautiful Nightmare
Self-proclaimed Sasuke Stealer
Self-proclaimed Naruto Obsessor

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*to be read in haughty, snobbish voice*
(future)Self-Proclaimed Supreme Empress Overlord of Earth
Self-Proclaimed Supreme Ruler of Minions

Running joke, but my friends at school decided to truly be my minions after I take over. Kayla wants Kenya for the giraffes, Chelso and Sam fight over England and Daniel Radcliffe, and Latharix_sama has dibs on Canadia.

La-chan, if you read this I still have your minion contract signing you over to Chelso. ;)
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well these self proclaimed titles are fun and i have seen a few that are a bit remarkable and one that comes close to my nickname.
but i also have another one for you.

self-proclaimed the REAL lord of the rings
(since i hold not one but many on my fingers)
self-proclaimed atlas of the ways of torture.
(since i actually devised a lot of torure methods and devices, they will be built some day for nasty tax collectors and such annoying people heck might even get me a discount)
and the last for now my favorite: [COLOR=Sienna][B]self-proclaimed tormentor of society [/B] [/COLOR]
(simply because i do nothing to participate in society but to an individual)

so i like the titles that are already there i hope you like mine, and i defenitly hope we will see more of them.

well that`s it for now abayo
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[COLOR=Indigo]Here are mine. some of them are inside jokes with my friends lol

self proclaimed penguin pusher
self proclaimed hiei obsessor
self proclaimed moron
(everyone agrees with this self proclamation)
self proclaimed evil person :animesmil
self proclaimed drama queen
(not because i dramamtize everything, but because of all the drama in my life :twitch: )
self proclaimed freak
self proclaimed girl with multiple personalities

i'll probably think of more later [/COLOR]
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[FONT=Verdana][SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkOrchid]Here are my self proclamation titles.

Self Proclaimed Master of Game (they call me sprinkler, cause I spit game like a sprinkler...right).
Self Proclaimed Dumb*** (although others may proclaim that of me too).
Self Proclaimed Clumsy Girl (seriously, bruises [I]everywhere[/I]).
Self Proclaimed Sex Machine
Self Proclaimed Sex Kitten
Self Proclaimed Sexy Mama
Self Proclaimed Cocky, Vain, Silghtly Self Absorbed Psycho

Should I stop now, there's just so much more I love about me...
(I am a bit cocky... no, confident). I honestly can't tell you which of these is false or fact - cause then I'd have to kill you.

Just ignore me sometimes. I'm really tired, and at school, and going to work right after, so I believe I've become delirious.

Now I am the Self Proclaimed Master of Ramblings too.
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[color=purple]i am the [b][color=crimson]self-proclaimed pervert![/color][/b] well, out of my friends that is...then the [b][color=crimson]self-proclaimed shroom![/b][/color] and the [b][color=crimson]self-proclaimed psycho of the fuloffal![/color][/b]...at least I know i am...[/color] :catgirl:
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Guest Metal Dragon
[COLOR=Red]Nice ones, mine are:
self proclaimed master of randomness
self proclaimed master of time
self proclaimed smart#$@
self proclaimed ruler of the underworld
self proclaimed keeper of forbidden memories
self proclaimed master of quick comebacks
self proclaimed ruler of the world
and self proclaimed kepper of those who must be kept
(for those who don't know what that means, just read [U]The Vampire Lestat[/U])[/COLOR]
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[font=Trebuchet MS]I'm starting to feel like this thread is worthless without some kind of explanation or reasoning. I'm leaving it open, but in future replies I'd like to see some expansion; don't just write a list of titles you've given yourself, tell us why you think said titles are appropriate to you.

I know Ganju from Bleach just proclaims himself things with no basis, because that's comedy, but it's no basis for a thread on a [b]discussion forum[/b]. You can't just proclaim yourself Master of All Things Pink and Fluffy unless you own some pink fluffy things, heh.
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[color=#9933ff]OMFG!!! I AM [b]TEH [i]MASTER[/i] OF SELF-PROCLAIMED TITLES[/b]. Who started the Mistress trend? I DID! W00T!

^__^ Self-proclaimed titles are SOOO much fun! They are the BESTEST EVERRR. A long time ago I actually made an entire speechy thing to say off all my self-proclaimed titles. I can't remember it to the letter (probably more punctuation back then), but this was my speechy rant thingy that I used to say ALL the time:

[quote]I am Roxanne Faye Shen. My name means Fairy of the Dawn, but I am the Angel of Silence, the Tsarina of Hearts, and the Mistress of Darkness![/quote]
BUWAHAHAA!!!! SQUEEE! Oh, and I still have bottles of purple nailpolish, and a squeaky m4llet0rz that I carry with me. *giggles*

Wow, I feel like such a n00b right now. I'm so excited about this. Man, those titles? Good times, good times. ^___^[/color]
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Self-proclaimed psychic, everyone else says psycho :animeangr
Self-proclaimed albino black sheep, inside joke :animesmil
Self-proclaimed lesbo-god, cause I get more girls all my friends who are guys put together and I'm a girl ;)
Self-proclaimed toture soul, :animedepr , long story. . .
Self-proclaimed loser, this on I know is true! :animeswea
And Self-proclaimed School Kitty! :catgirl:
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[SIZE=1]Yo! The Legendary Outlaw! [I]Thank[/I] you for the IRL reference. We'll have none of that, now will we? :smirk: That's what I thought...

By the way, its not a self proclamation. I [I]Am[/I] The Original Weapon of Mass Annoyance. Capiche? I know, I'm just a sadistic little freak here.

Well, now he's forced me to think of a new one. Shame on him.

I am the Self-Proclaimed Squirrel-Stalker!


What? I actually did that at various parks while walking with my dog, and while I was bored and waiting for my ride at the local community college. It's actually pretty fun, and the squirrels are so cute! Of course, they're not that cute when they gnaw through the screen around one's porch in the middle of a hurricane. They start running around and tearing everything apart like the little monsters they are.

Squirrels are evil. They deserve to be stalked. Also, the little Lizard Assassins that hang out on my bedroom windows deserve to die a slow and painful death.

[/n00bish babble][/SIZE]
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[color=#9933ff]*shakes head* Raiyuu and I must have posted at the eaxt same time because I did [i]not[/i] see what he said. But I follow the rules - I'll explain my titles.

First was "Mistress of Darkness." I think it's ironic, because I'm an incredibly happy/cheerful person. But I wanted to be a bit of a rebel, all gothy-like and whatnot, so I said "Darkness! Why not? Yay!" And, I wanted to be the ruler of darkness, like the expert, the master of a skill or trade, but only, the female word is mistress, so... *shrugs* I'm sure people over the years have misconstrued the title, but that's not my problem. I'm an expert, a ruler over darkness. ^^ keke.

"Doma the Angel of Silence" is a Yu-Gi-Oh Card. A really crappy one at that. But I just thought the "Angel of Silence" part was really cool, so I took it. My anime mascot for the Angel of Silence is Subaru from .hack//SIGN, and I think she is well chosen because her gentle and caring personality reminds me of myself. ^^'

Tsarina of Hearts was harder to think up. I actually thought of that one last. I knew I wanted the title of Tsarina, because I think it sounds lovely, and my sister's Russian fanatacism had finally caught up to me. *_* (the 'tatiana' in 'roxieortatiana' refers to the second oldest sister in the last imperial family of Russia. Major points if you know [i]exactly[/i] what I'm talking about! *snickers, staring pointedly at older members*). Darkness and Silence are two descriptions that don't really match me at all, so I finally wanted something that did. If asked to describe me in one word, everyone says I'm kind. Eh. I, myself, care a lot about people and how they feel, so being the 'Queen' of [u]Hearts[/u] seemed to fit.

*grins wickedly* SELF-PROCLAIMED TITLES ARE FUN!!!!!! YAY!!!!!! *bounces up and down like an annoying n00b*[/color]
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