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Sign Up The Organization [M-LV]


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[CENTER][IMG]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v628/Reizou/TheOrganizationBanner.jpg[/IMG] [/CENTER]

[CENTER][SIZE=1][I]Darkness? Everywhere. Silence. Nothingness? All around. Silence. Escape??Silence. Escape? Not the same. How? Half. What?

Light sliced through the darkness, and the darkness fought back, and they struggled, and they tore, and they struck with such might that a planet was born. And then they ceased to do battle. They coexisted. And they released their captive. The light blinded him, and the darkness clouded his sight. But then they merged, and he awoke, and he could see. But he was not the same. Not who he had been. Who was he? Helios? No. Too distant. Not him? Not fully. Someone else? The other. ?Xeliohs? If you wish. He opened his mouth, and the word rolled off of his tongue, and split the silence.


Xeliohs? glowing crimson eyes flickered open. He laughed sourly at his dream, at his past. He had been attacked. A Heartless. His heart was lost, became something else. But?he remained. And he was saved. Brought here. He looked down at his hands and raised them towards the unnatural radiance of darkness that shone from the sky. He could feel the darkness, he was a part of it. He had been since then. He flicked his jet black hair from his eyes and spun on his heels, getting dressed swiftly. He put his jacket on slowly, however. The mark of the organization was their black robes, that covered most of their body, enshrouded them in mystery. Xeliohs, however, was the Superior, number one of the Organization, and the shortened, jacket-like form of the traditional robe was proof.

Xeliohs felt for the others. They were in Lost Identity, their meeting chamber. He reached out for the darkness to take him to them, and a portal appeared in his wall. Darkness emanated from it almost ominously?Ominous for those did not rely on it. He strode into it confidently, and entered into the Dark Corridor, the darkness?s passageway to every corner of the universe. Creatures dwelt in this realm, the Heartless. Just the sight of them sickened Xeliohs. He sprung on them quickly, calling forth his weapons. The closest Heartless was split in two, and the others stopped to look. Their thoughts were loud enough to have been spoken.

[B]?Keyblade!?[/B] Xeliohs looked down at his hands. The two weapons he held were indeed Keyblades. Used to either bring peace to the worlds, or to wrought chaos and calamity upon them. Xeliohs was unsure of his destiny as it?s chosen one, but he intended to bring peace to the worlds, to the Nobodies, and to free the Heartless from their sorrow. He also intended, to start right in their ?world?. He spun his black Keyblade, the Chasm, in his right hand and his white Keyblade, the Recreation, he spun with his left. He struck them together and lunged at the Heartless. They came at him from each side, but he cared naught. His only interest was destroying them, each and everyone, in an attempt to take back the hearts stolen by the wretched creatures and returned them to those like himself.

[B]?Die! Filthy creatures! You made me this way!?[/B] His rage poured into his Keyblades, and the hearts stolen were released in a mad frenzy, surrounding the area. Finally, a voice cut through the darkness and stopped Xeliohs. The Heartless took this chance to escape, and Xeliohs growled. He destroyed one more before it could leave, and turned his attention to the free yet still captive hearts. Left to long in the world of darkness and they would merely turn back into Heartless. Xeliohs cast back into the darkness The Chasm, grasped the Recreation with both hands, and aimed at the hearts. They glowed fiercely, and so did the Keyblade. A dazzling light spun around Xeliohs, and then centered at the tip of his Keyblade.

[B]?Be freed.?[/B] A beam shot forth from the Keyblade, and the hearts became so bright it was unbearable, and then the hearts disappeared, allowed to return to the bodies whence they once dwelt. The voice cried out to him again, more urgent, now. Xeliohs nodded and exited the Dark Corridor, and was brought directly in front of his brothers. One of the Nobodies eyes, Xedath?s, flickered up and connected with his. He had been the one who called Xeliohs. The two were close, and despite the lack of hearts, they shared as special bond. Xedath was the second to join the Organization, so the two knew each other from their ?rebirths?. Xedath could feel Xeliohs? hatred from inside the Dark Corridor, and knew unless someone intervened, he would be lost to his rage.

Xeliohs looked at him forcefully and nodded, a gesture of his thanks for his friends intervention. Xeliohs took his spot at he head of the table, and glanced around at his allies. The Thirteen, including himself, composed the Organization, and despite their sinister appearance, they meant the worlds no harm. They merely wished to become whole. Every heart in existence was connected, connected by the Birthplace of all Hearts. Kingdom Hearts. Once enough worlds were locked away from the darkness, locked away from the Heartless, Kingdom Hearts would appear, yearning to be locked away from the Heartless as well. And when this happened, balance would be restored, the Heartless would cease to exist for a time, and all the hearts stolen by them would return to their rightful place. That, was the Organization?s purpose.

They all strove for that purpose. Most members could remember what it felt like to have a heart? What it felt like to truly feel, and long for that entirety. In their current state, they could imitate emotion, they could ?feel? but not in the way whole humans could. Other?s of the Organization, once discovering the horrid truth, would have fallen to grand sorrow, but were unable to truly, and this ravaged their souls, putting them into a state of emptiness. They are truly hollowed, and merely fight for Kingdom Hearts because their brothers do. Xeliohs could still remember his heart and it?s feelings all to well, and though Xedath would often deny it, he could too.

The Organization had taken many years to lock away the worlds, and finally, only 9 more existed in their vicinity. Their ultimate goal was so close in hand, but would take time none-the-less. Xeliohs, being the Keyblade?s chosen, was the only one who could lock away the heart of a world, and he could only be in one place at once. If the others could wield his weapon he would gladly let them, but the Keyblade only answered to the call of a certain type of person. The Keyblade was told to be a weapon wielded solely by the strong-hearted?So how was it that Xeliohs could wield it? A laugh escaped from Xeliohs? lips. He had fallen into thought again, something he did often. They had gathered together for a reason, and he could not keep him waiting. That would be rude.

[B]?Brethren?Our time is soon. The final worlds need to be locked away. Though only I can, I will need you all to travel to the worlds ahead of me and secure the heart of the world from the Heartless. And the challenges have risen. The Heartless can sense the near arrival of Kingdom Hearts, and their numbers have increased exponentially. Not only that, but they are being rallied under truly powerful opponents. Maleficent has taken the Heartless into her breast, using them to create her Grande Kingdom. And??[/B] Xeliohs took a breath, thinking of the second enemy. They were more of a threat, as their purpose was to kill all Nobodies.

[B]?And a new group has formed. The Crusaders. They have deemed themselves as the ?Balance?s Protectors?. The Crusaders have made it their purpose to destroy the Nobodies, especially the Organization. ?Nobodies were never meant to exist, so they must be reverted into Non-existence?, I believe their leader, Lord Sandavir stated. The use the Heartless to attack Nobodies, but they lose no hatred for the minions. They go so far as to command the Heartless to destroy our Nobodies, and then destroy their Heartless themselves. They are to be handled with the most care, for they will use any means to destroy us.?[/B] Xeliohs stopped and allowed them a moment to think.

He had left out one detail, however. The Crusaders? leader, Lord Sandavir, knew the human Xeliohs once was. ?San? and Helios had been best friends. Helios had been turned into a heartless trying to protect San. Xeliohs remembered all to well, but he knew that that meant nothing to Sandavir. He had seen Helios die, so Xeliohs was merely an illusion, some sort of trick to him. A ghost his former friend, one that he would rather destroy than deal with. The Crusaders were largely a threat to Xeliohs alone. Xeliohs broke the silence again with his final words.

[B]?We set out today to finish our task. We will split into groups, securing the Keyholes, so that I may lock them. A few must stay behind and guard our keep, from the Heartless and their Masters. This journey may take days, weeks, months, but never give in. If they believe we should not exist?Then let us allow ourselves a chance to prove them wrong.?


This RPG, quite obviously, tells the tale of the former Organization XIII and it?s members quests to become whole. You?ll play as one of the Organization, and though there are 13 members, I will not need 13 spots. [B][COLOR=Red]THIS WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS TO THE KINGDOM HEARTS GAMES.[/COLOR][/B]This is also not your typical Kingdom Hearts. This can be as gory, grotesque and foul-mouthed as you desire. But still within limit. And NO sexual occurrences. This Organization is a ?good? faction, and acts mostly under righteousness.

This RP will have a chapter system, and will follow a similair flow as to the Kingdom Hearts game. Certain Chapters will feature certain characters, but there will be a chapter in which all members take part. Each chapter will have certain parameters, and I would like it if the participants of this RP give it their all during their "turns" and try to enjoy yourselves as much as possible.

And now, on to the sign up. You can: A. follow this guideline if you please, or B. you might write a decent sized post incorporating all of the below [obviously the Character Snippet will be covered if you choose method B].

[B][U]Sign Up:[/U][/B]
[B]Name:[/B] Any type is fine, but it must include the symbol of the Organization?s brotherhood; the X located in all of their names.
[B]Title:[/B] E.g. Xeliohs, the Righteous Blade.
[B]Number in Organization:[/B] Your number merely represents when you joined. E.g. Xeliohs is I or The Superior, Xedath is II, etc..
[B]Gender:[/B] Simple enough, I would hope.
[B]Personality:[/B] Though you?ve lost your heart, you can still ?feel? in a sense. Vary your characters, please. Originality earns bonus points.
[B]Appearance:[/B] Picture or written description, both would be great. All members where the traditional robe, but underneath can be whatever garment you please.
[B]Weapon:[/B] Anything works. Broadsword, shuriken, handguns, shotgun, whatever you can imagine, but keep it relatively simple.
[B]Nobody:[/B] Each member is assigned their own Nobody, a creature that only answers to their beckoning unless they?re killed. What does yours look like, what are it?s special abilities, any type of creatures are fine. Written description or picture.
[B]Character Snippet:[/B] Your character in action. Fighting heartless, the way they became a Nobody, whatever you please.

[B]Side note:[/B] Though a Bio is not required, you should have a good idea of your characters past. It?ll play a part later on. Well, have at it, and begin the search for your heart. [B]ALSO, A SPOT IS BEING RESERVED FOR LAN.[/B] ^_^
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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][FONT=Century Gothic][B]Name:[/B] Helix

[B]Title:[/B] Helix the Broken Puppet

[B]Number in Organization:[/B] XIII

[B]Gender:[/B] Female

[B]Personality:[/B] Helix has trouble seeing sometimes because her vision is slowly fading. Because of this she has learned not to rely on her eyes as much as anyone with regular sight would. She tries to refraim from speaking so much because she believes that words are only an excuse for not having the strength to fight. She often has a very distant look in her eyes, but never when she knows others are around. She's silent and strong, at least...that's the way she tires to appear to be.

[B]Appearance:[/B] Picture below. I couldn't find the picture of her in the black robe, so if you can just use your imagnation for a second. When she wears the robe you can only see her black boots and (if the hood is down) her head.

As you can see Helix has purple hair that she chooses to wear in a more...unique style than most. She has this light blueish-purple top that is secured at her waist by a length of dark violet ribbon. On the darker parts of her top are small mirriors even though they look like beads. She wears white pants that stop about midway past her knee. She wears black boots that have buckles starting at the ankle and ending about an inch from the very top of the boots, they reach up a bit above where her pants end. Helix also wears these ear rings that have a rose tinted mirrior on each one. There is also a lavender star on her forhead. She's roughly about 5"5' and weighs about 132lbs, she's a bit on the pale side and her eyes are pale blue with what looks like a sunburst of red in them.

[B]Weapon:[/B] Two handguns, both are white. The guns don't seem to use bullets but to use something more of a blast of energy.

[B]Nobody:[/B] See picture.

Helix's nobody is a black phoenix that goes by the name Gail. He stands about six feet and his wingspan is double (closing in on triple) the length of his body. He is able to use his talons and beak to deliever damage to his enimies but has been known to use something resembling a dark flame in tough situations. He has a tendency to attack without command from Helix but is punished if he goes to far. He's very loyal and willing to scrafice anything to help save the life (or whatever is left of it) of his companion.

[B]Character Snippet:[/B] Syra came flying down the steps and out towards the town square. The Festival of Hearts was beginning and she didn't want to miss a single thing. Every thirteen years this festival was held to celebrate a successful marraige of the high families. It was really special because the new bride was her older sister Hisoka.

She stopped as she was nearing the middle of town, the festival was in full swing and it showed no signs of stopping till the sun began it's journey across the sky.

The Festival went like it always had, the feast was much more grand than last year because the farming families had a very good harvest. Each and every costume was unique and extrodinary. Then the time came to crown the new first lady of Mehta, as her sister was approaching the throne and the sun was just beginning to light the sky, all the torches started going out and the sun was darkened.

People started screaming and rushing back towards thier houses while Syra was trying to reach the stage and make sure her sister was okay. She finally got though in time to see the body of the Prince lying motionless and some foul dark creature closing in on her terrified sister. Thinking quickly Syra grabbed an extinguished torch and started swinging at the creature. It was of no use...

Her eyes filled with tears as she watched the only family she had fall to the ground beside the semingly dead body of the Prince. She fell to her knees and looked straight into the creatures face as it came towards her. Syra didn't bother fighting back, it just wasn't worth it.

Everything in her world went black. For what seemed like a few hours to her she had finally started to rise. The whole place was dark and it seemed like her vision was slightly blurred around the edges. A voice sounded above her,

"You are finally awake. Helix the Broken Puppet."[/FONT][/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkSlateGray][FONT=Courier New][B]*looks back* Tell me if something is wrong with it....if not then it's all good.

[SIZE=1]I suddenly feel like the only chic here....[/SIZE][/B][/FONT][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] Xedath.

[B]Title:[/B] Xedath, the Chains of Darkness

[B]Number in Organization:[/B] II

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Personality:[/B] Xedath is very, cold. It is a usual nobody thing but he is more so then the rest. The other members of the Organization say the have a sense of feeling, but Xedath denies that he feels at all. He is very straight forward and likes to remain mysterious to anyone he meets; he is also very headstrong and never backs down, even when he should. And he always concerns himself with the mission then anything else.

[B]Appearance: [/B]Xedath stands at a height of 6?0" and has a lean build with his muscles evenly sized all across his body; he has long black spiked hair that comes to mid-back with red tips on the end of his hair. He usually has it tied back and tucked away under his hood. His face looks slightly older then it should and has that look of something hidden. His eyes are a dark green, but hardly anyone sees his face or his eyes.

He also wears a black, long sleeve shirt with the design of a triangle with three arrows pointing down from the bottom of the triangle with a circle around it. Along with slightly baggy, black pants. And the usual cloak of the Organization.
Weapon:[/B] He uses chains; they wrap around his forearm and have razor-sharp edges that can cut through heartless like melted butter. The chains extend to the desired length he wants and needs to execute his favorite attack. He also likes to combine his agility and reflexes with each move. Making them as fluid like as possible.

[B]Nobody:[/B] [url=http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b18/Sagethefiend/Demons-BGDarkness.jpg] Xedath?s Nobody. [/URL] Xedath?s nobody has the power of fear, not just because of its look or evil, but it can summon up a mortal creature fears and render them immobile from the shock. Xedath?s nobody may only be a shell of what it was, but it holds extreme loyalties to Xedath, and is rather protective of him. Even amongst the other members of the Organization. Xeliohs is one of the few that the Nobody won?t snap at. Xedath has named this Nobody, even though that is a bit unorthodox, he named it Carthage.
Character Snippet:[/B] Xedath lightly twirled a small piece of chain in between his fingers, the razor-edge never cutting a single inch of his flesh. His hood drawn in his usual manor, keeping his mysterious look. He breathed slowly and deeply as he walked about the Organizations headquarters. His mind showing images of worlds that they were going to have to visit in order to achieve their goal.
?It?s so quiet. I wonder where the others have gotten to.?[/B] He looked at his leisure for any sign of the other members, finding nothing he gave up on it quest and walked slowly through the corridors. The chain still fiddling in between his fingers. He let out a light sigh as he stopped in the middle of a random corridor.
?I wonder if any heartless are roaming around. Lets find out.?[/B] Suddenly a pool of darkness appeared right under his feet and he slowly began to sink into the darkness. He sank into it and then appeared in the Dark Corridor, his head protruding from a random spot in the ground. The darkness pushing him out of the pool until he was free of the darkness. He scanned the area in front of him and saw instantly heartless walking aimlessly.

He started to walk to the small group in front of him; he let some of his chain dangle down and makes a light rattling noise. Enough of a noise to get the creatures attention, the group turned swiftly to see Xedath standing by himself. They quickly changed their patrol route and came at him, a couple of them running off another direction to call back up. Xedath let a large amount of chain to drop from his sleeves; he then swiftly charged the heartless.

Swinging his chains with ease and agility that humans did not have, the chains cutting through the heartless easily. Screeches came from each downed monster as it vanished into pure darkness, one of Xedath?s chains wrapped around heartlessness? neck and tightened around it. Creating a sort of leash on the dark being. Xedath swung the heartless around and smashed it in another one, both vanishing in their shimmer or darkness.

He flipped through the air, twirling as he swung the chains. Cutting down more heartless, he landed softly and spun in a full circle. Killing off the heartless that though they could surround him and finish him. Xedath was now getting to caught up in the satisfaction of slaying the heartless that he ceased seeing their numbers grow steadily. He continued to cut up the heartless, still not seeing that their ranks were growing so that they could snuff out this attacker.

Xedath cut down a few more heartless before he noticed the swelling ranks; he dropped to his knee and placed his hands on the ground. A swirling pool of darkness formed and his chains shot right into it, the heartless that came to close got cut in half by the chains that shot up from the ground and went back in. This was his favorite move, Xedath smiled through his hood and watched as the heartless stood in a circle around him.
?Come on! Come and claim me!? [/B]The heartless looked as if they might try a full frontal assault, but instead they took a step back. Xedath launched off from his crouched position and pulled his chains out with him. Swinging them at the cluster of heartless in front of him. Splitting them in half and in all sorts of directions, he was getting drawn into the battle.

His whole body was swiftly flying through the creatures, his hood fell off. Revealing his face to all the creatures, and a crazed look in his eyes that showed he was enjoying this fight, even though the odds were not in his favor. The heartless grew bolder and came at him in large groups, he cut them down as they came, but the groups steadily grew larger.

Xedath was slowly coming back to his sanity; he started to realize that he would lose this fight if he didn?t leave quickly. Or slay all these heartless, but since he lacked the ability of the keyblade, they would just turn back into heartless. He would need to make a hole big enough to create his portal of darkness, as he was ready to make his move he suddenly felt something grab him and pool him down. He found he was being pulled in a pull of darkness.

Before he could fight back he was back in the Organizations Headquarters, Carthage crouched next to him. His blank eyes staring at him, scanning his body. Seeing if he was injured in any way. Xedath stood up and rolled his neck, a popping noise followed. He signaled Carthage to stand up. The Nobody complied and stood ready for anything. Xedath always treated Carthage differently; because he was headstrong he would sometimes seem upset that he was pulled from a fight.

But this time, Xedath did a full bow to his Nobody. His right arm tucked under his stomach and left at his side. Carthage was thrown of guard for a second, but never showed it.
?Thank you Carthage. Your last second grab saved my life. I am glad that you are the Nobody that protects me.?[/B] Carthage bowed his head, Xedath stood straight up again. He then heard a sound of foot steps behind him and turned. He spotted Xeliohs walking toward him.
?Hello Xeliohs, what has brought you here??[/B] Xeliohs stopped about a foot away from Xedath; Xedath drew his hood as he waited for the answer.
?Oh, no reason. Just some high level activity from the heartless has just occurred and I was just wondering if you might have had something to do with it.?[/B] Xedath shook his head, a smirk on his face that his hood hid from his friend.
?Of course not, just been walking around with Carthage. It?s been a rather slow day.? [/B]Xeliohs looked at Carthage behind Xedath. Carthage just stared at him with his blank eyes. Xeliohs looked back to Xedath; Xeliohs smiled and patted him on the shoulder.
?Well good. We don?t need angry heartless after you now do we.?

?Of course not, that would be a terrible thing.? [/B]Xeliohs knew Xedath had cased the commotion; this was just one of their games they played with each other. They stood there for a few more seconds then Xedath cleared his throat and spoke.
?I must be going; I have other business to attend to. Let?s go Carthage.?[/B] Xedath walked away from his friend, Carthage right behind him. [/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[B]Name:[/B] Xarnock

[B]Title:[/B] Xarnock, the shatterd soul

[B]Number In Organization:[/B] X

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Personality:[/B] Distant and withdrawn. He often takes to the way side of a discussion. He keeps his thoughts and ideals to himself. Despite this cold and quiet demeanor, he's surprisingly stubborn and hard headed at times. He stands fast to his beliefs and fights with a vicous and unforgiving style.

[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL=http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c384/GeneOutlaw/Argentosoma010071.jpg]Xarnock.[/URL] Standing at 5'9 and weighting in at 165 lbs. He is scared horribly from head to two. His left eye is tainted white, but isn't completely useless. He doesn't speak of where all his scars come from, he only says that the past is past and leaves it stand at that.

[B]Weapon:[/B] [URL=http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c384/GeneOutlaw/MyGauntlets.jpg]Heathen gauntlets.[/URL] The horrible, twisted, metal gloves he wears. The knuckles are coverd in horns and barbs. The finger tips filed down to claw tips. They pulsate and ominous energy from the deep red cracks that spread like a spiders web across them.

[B]Nobody:[/B] [URL=http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c384/GeneOutlaw/BeneaththeIce.jpg]Xarnock's nobody.[/URL] This denisen of the deep in Xarnock's nobody. It shows no particular levels of abnormal loyalty. It follows commands to a within a fault, but also seems resistent to act, unless it's commanded to. He manipulates water and ice and can even induce the weather. He has come to call him Arlac.

[B]Character Snippet:[/B] Xarnock stood quietly in the deep hollows of what seemed to be an endless cavern. He had lost himself once again and allowed himself to wander into the depths of darkness once again. This was a palce he was all to use to being in. It was the same darkness that had swallowed up his world so many years ago.

He knew better then to dwell on the long gone and forgotten past, the present was far more important. He looked about himself, seeing the twisted rock forms and the ever shifting shadows. He was surrounded, but they had made no move on him. Perhaps they thought to follow him to his breathren first and ambush all of them. But that would have been foolish. They could never win against all thirteen of them, so what were they waiting for.

Xarnocks long hooded cloak flapped a bit. In the endless depths of the cave, the sound seemed to echo on forever into the abyss. No matter which direction he looked he saw nothing but the void and the ever shifting shadows. He was no longer in a tunnel, but rather in a deep open chamber. The air was moist, thick with a light mist. It was cool and calming to him in a way.

He heard a shifting of the rocks, and in an instant they all seemed to be converging on him. With fluid motion he moved for the gauntlets at his waist. With the first swipe of his right hand he shred three of the black little beasts to ribbons. The others stopped, as if in mid air, and feel back to the shadows the instant he moved. They stared on, watching his every move.

The cave seemed to be growing darker as the time passed, til only the pale white eye under Xarnock's hood could be seen. Suddenly a thunderous stomp came from the abyss that lie before Xarnock. The beats began to draw ever closer, the ground began to rattle beneath his feet as the beast approached. Finally, Xarnock could make out the silhouette of a large, round, figure waddling it's way over toward him. With a single motion of his right hand he spoke a single word [B]"Arlac."[/B]

The green serpentile beast seemed to almost slither alongside him. It then rose to it's feet and seemed to stand a head taller the Xarnock. One last word echoed from the cold, parched lips of Xarnock [B]"Shred."[/B]

Suddenly the mist in the air seemed to swirl all about him. Then all at once, the air became dry. Then a horrible bellow of a cry rung out in the vast cavern as the silhouette in the distance toppled over. Smaller, much more shril, screeches rang out, and then silence. The beasts had retreated at the falling of there monarch. With one more wave of his right hand Arlac faded back behind him. Xarnock then continued on his way through the abyssmal darkness.
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[size=1][b]Name[/b]: Janux
[b]Title[/b]: Janux, the Blade of Hope
[b]Number in Organization[/b]: IV
[b]Gender[/b]: Male
[b]Personality[/b]: The most sarcastic of the Organization, Janux loves having a good laugh even when it is at the expense of others. He doesn't have a problem expressing his opinion right away. He can be very stubborn when it comes to giving up, so he often times gets into situations that seem impossible to get out of. He loves a challenge. Surprisingly enough, he has a pretty good sense of justice and stands by his principles even when it seems that the multitudes are against him.
[url=http://i38.photobucket.com/albums/e150/LanHikari/001.png][u]Click[/u][/url]--With cloak.
[url=http://i38.photobucket.com/albums/e150/LanHikari/000.png][u]Click[/u][/url]--Other image with cloak.
[url=http://i38.photobucket.com/albums/e150/LanHikari/Sperosm.png][u]Click[/u][/url]--Without cloak and in normal gear.
[b]Weapon[/b]: Visible on my last link where his gear is visible and where he has no cloak on.
[b]Nobody[/b]: [url=http://i38.photobucket.com/albums/e150/LanHikari/Dragoon.png][u]Ares[/u][/url]--Ares the Dragoon, has high strength and lower than average defense attributes. What he lacks in defense, however, he more than makes up for it when it comes to agility and speed. He's very protective of Janux and tried to be as helpful as he can throughout his journey. He seems to react in unison with Janux's emotions, especially when it's that of anger, calm, and courage. He sometimes acts as Janux's scout, but oftentime whenever you see Janux it's likely that he's following close behind--whether he's visible to others or not.
[b]Character Snippet[/b]: His cloak hug him tight as he walked through the city. The rain fell down in small sprinkles. The Dark City's bright, flashing neon signs trying to attract both the locals and tourists alike. He looked up and saw his destination not too far away. He could already see his companion resting, almost as if meditating, not too far away. He was leaning against a building, waiting patiently for Janux to approach him. As Janux did, he opened his eyes.

"[b]About time, I was ready to go on in myself.[/b]"

"[b]Haha, I'm sure you would have. I don't see why you didn't, would've saved me loads of trouble in the end.[/b]" Janux gave a roguish grin and winked. "[b]Bloody hell, Ares, how long [i]have[/i] you been waiting?[/b]"

Ares chuckled to himself, something that didn't happen very often. Janux gave a surprised look, "[b]I hate when you do that,[/b]" Janux said with a grin, "[b]well, I'm ready and I suppose you've been for the past two hours or so, eh?[/b]"

Ares gave a nod. Janux started towards the double doors near the entrance of the building. "[b]Right then, let's go. I suppose you can't be a gentleman and open the door for me, can you?[/b]" Ares grinned, lifted his muscular leg, and knocked down the door. The two stared inside into the nothingness. It was black, but it wasn't still. And they could see hundreds of two little yellow dot's writhing around. They stopped as soon as the doors settled on the ground, staring at the newcomers.

"[b]Ready?[/b]" Ares asked, withdrawing his lance with a flick of his arm so skillfully it looked as if he had it in his hands all along. "[b]Ha, always.[/b]" Janux replied, doing the same flicking movement as a brilliant silver blade appeared in his right hand.

They both turned away from eachother and stared into the darkness as the black started to writhe and undulate towards them. They then rushed inside, eager for a battle.

I hope this is OK. If not, just let me know and I'll edit anything you need. I really enjoyed your intro, Crucifix. Fascinating stuff. I also enjoyed doing the sign-up. Once again, if you'd like anything changed just go ahead and let me know.
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[u][b]Sign Up:[/b][/u]

[b]Name:[/b] Uxainst

[b]Title:[/b] Uxainst, the Holy Judgment

[b]Number in Organization:[/b] VIII

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Personality:[/b] Unlike most Nobodies, Uxainst usually shows a foreign form of kindness. Mostly calm and silent, he is has a wisdom that exels even his years. Usually unable to truly show it, he reveals it by his acts. He disagrees with certain actions of the Organization, but will stay loyal to the end. Uxainst is intelligent and takes full advantage of his situations, such as his current one.

[b]Appearance:[/b] [url=http://ayokano.250free.com/uxainst.jpg][u]Uxainst[/u][/url]- An older Organization member, Uxainst carries a scruffy appearance. Tall and muscular, he?s a threat to most. He doesn?t care much for appearance, so his hair is usually messy and his face goes unshaven. Uxainst also has deep blue eyes. Under his robes, Uxainst usually wears a black turtleneck and worn out blue jeans, with black leather boots.

[b] Weapon: [/b] Uxainst weapon is the club-sword maquahuitl. It is a flat steel club, almost taller than most men. The weapon has small mithril blades hammered into both of its sides. Its handle has no covering, but has grooves circling it. The pommel has a white stone placed in the center, and the weapon has no guard.

[b]Nobody:[/b] Monk is a large cloaked Nobody in white Organization-like robes. It is calm, and will not attack unless ordered or provoked. Like its name suggest, Monk excels in hand-to-hand combat, and executes its attacks well and precisely. Even though it almost always wears its white robes, Monk is known to show its true forms to opponents they deem worthy.

When Monk shows what lies beneath its cloak, it is even more menacing. Monk has an enormous and muscular upper body, but diminutive lower body. Even with its small legs and large size, Monk is still able to move at abnormal speeds. Monk does not have toes, and its feet end in points, while its knuckles are covered in a steel-like material. The top of its heads is flat, while Monk has a smooth, featureless face, with the Organization?s symbol branded on it. Its lower arms and legs are covered in tightly bound black belts, with silver buckles.

[b]Character Snippet:[/b] It was raining that day, the day he remembered clearly. Well, of course not that clearly. Uxainst hasn?t remembered anything since that day. The day he was a real man.

It was gray and cloudy while it poured, and he remembered being with two people. All he knew them by were their faces, which were both radiant, even in the dull rain. He knew an older woman had shoulder length hair, black as night, and light brown eyes. Her skin was light with a cream complexion. A young girl was holding onto her arm, and she paid attention to her. The girl was almost a mirror image of the older women, but with the deep blue eyes of?


Uxainst drew a blank. He couldn?t remember who?s eyes that girl reminded him of. But then, he remembered seeing other eyes. The yellowing, glowing eyes of Shadows were what he saw. Their bodies were concealed in the darkness of the day, but the rain formed a gray silhouette of them. The older woman said something, and drew Uxainst attention to her, turning his back.

Then he felt their coldness. The pain was strange. It physically felt like a bitter wind, but in Uxainst?s heart, he felt his heart sinking. As the other two cried, he fought back while shielding them. But the swarm was covering his body, and his blows weakened him while they went through the Shadows.

Uxainst looked over his shoulder, avoiding eye contact with the two. He didn?t want them to see the pain. [b]?Run! Run way!?[/b] He hollered. Uxainst saw the women take the child in her arms, the pair turn slowly, and then paused. They ran away from him, with the girl looking over the women?s shoulder.

[b]?Run!?[/b] Uxainst yelled again. This time, it was in a cold sweat. He didn?t know if he was still dreaming, or awake. Though, he was assured when the large Nobody, Monk, looked down at him silently. Monk did not question, nor answer, but it assured Uxainst that he was awake.

But he wished he were still dreaming.


My character?s weapon might be fantasy-like, but the [u][url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maquahuitl]weapon[/url][/u] does exist. I just made my character?s more fantasized and oversized, to match his appearance (he?s going to be largely built). If you want me to change it in anyway, or to something else, I will.
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[center][size=1]Intriguing. I was actually trying to come up with an RP along the same sort of lines as this a while ago, but you've done a much better job than I ever could.[/size]

[size=1][b][u]Name: [/u]

[/b]Lex, the Destroyer[/size]

[size=1][u][b]Number in Organization:


[/b]Lex is undoubtedly the coolest of the Organization. He hardly ever loses his temper, and fights with an icy cool persona, never letting rage guide his way. He is clever and quick-witted as well, and can match wits with almost any opponent. Although he doesn't talk much, whenever he does, it always adds to the conversation, and he never uses five words when three will do.[/size]

[size=1][b][u]Appearance: [/u]
[/b]Standing at 5'11", Lex is not one of the tallest people you will ever meet, nor is he the most well-built. But his outward physical appearance hides a great strength within him. For his fighting style does not depend on strength, but on agility as well. His body is like that of a gymnast or acrobat, lean but muscular.[/size]

[size=1]The top of his head is covered by icy-blue hair, usually flopping lazily over his forehead, and into his eyes, which are the same icy blue colour as his hair. He often wears a pair of slim black shades over his eyes, but even he draws the line at wearing them indoors.[/size]

[size=1]His clothing of choice is made up of a black sleeveless shirt, with a high collar, and a large metal shoulder-plate on his left shoulder. His trousers are black as well, and not too tight, but not loose either, and they fall down past a pair of lightweight black boots, with soft soles. Usually, though, he covers all of this with his black hooded Organization robe.[/size]

[/b]A large sword, much like the one in the attached picture, which he does not have to carry around constantly, it appears when he needs it, much like the Keyblade, and it holds enormous destructive power within it's mortal blade.[/size]

[/b]As seen in second attachment. Named Kirik, Lex's Nobody is as agile and flexible as him. He can match Lex move for move, jump for jump, and can use his arms as bladed weapons. He is also relatively small, so he can ride around on Lex's shoulder for the most part.[/size]

[center][u][size=1][b]Character Snippet:[/b][/size][/u]
[size=1]He was here somewhere. That person that Lex had been tracking for what seemed like days on end. He was close...

Lex tracked, but he was not sneaky about it. He knew he could be quiet without hunching over, or anything else so undignified. His soft-soled boots padded gently on the floor, releasing next to no sound upon contact. He had left Kirik guarding the only entrance to the hall, so that if the prey tried to escape, he would be confronted with a very dangerous Nobody.

Suddenly, a scuttling sound, and Lex whirled around, his massive broadsword appearing in his grasp. He smiled, seeing the figure trying to stay still so as not to be seen. But he was failing, and Lex walked calmly towards him, the blade of his sword glinting ever so slightly in the moonlight that penetrated the windows of the hall.

One quick move, and the blade of the sword was piercing the wall, and it had pinned the figure's cloak to the wall, rendering him motionless. Lex walked up to him, and saw that he was wearing similar robes to him, but they were definitely not Organization robes. He ripped the hood off, and was confronted with two glowing blue eyes, the same blue as his own. He ripped the figure from the wall and thrust him into the moonlight, and saw his face.

It was Lex's own face, as clear as if he was looking in a mirror. His lip curled into a smile.

[b]"Who are you?" [/b]he asked, still perfectly calm, [b]"Why are you showing me my own face?"

"Perhaps this is my own face as well. Perhaps I am just a reflection of you, a reflection of what you once were," [/b]replied the figure, his voice perfectly identical to Lex's.

[b]"You cannot worry me with thoughts of my past. I have confronted every demon that once plagued me, and I have won. I have nothing in my past that I am ashamed or frightened of. So you have failed in your attempt, Ghost."

"I am no ghost..." [/b]the figure said, and he faded away. In fact, Lex's entire surroundings seemed to be fading away, shattering as though they were made of glass.

He awoke, not suddenly, but slowly, gently, and he got up. He had been having the same dream for the last four weeks, but it was slowly getting clearer and clearer...
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[COLOR=Navy][B]Name:[/B] Xaria

[B]Title:[/B] Xaria, the Deadly Mark

[B]Number in Organization:[/B] VII

[B]Gender:[/B] Female

[B]Personality:[/B] Xaria is one of the more complex members of the Organization as her personality can change suddenly. Most of the time Xaria is a cool, calm and collected person who thinks rationally, but at times if she's angered she will be the complete opposite, and it will just seem like one anger tantrum. It's almost as if she has a split personality because it can switch in the blink of an eye. The positive side about her angry half is that her physical strength is slightly greater but then she's a little uncontrollable at the same time.

[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL=http://img217.imageshack.us/img217/4247/girls997lv.jpg]Xaria[/URL] wears the traditional thick black robe over her clothes, but beneath she wears a navy blue dress like the one in the picture, with the skirt part ending at the middle of her thighs with frills around the hem. She's an average size at 5'6" and weighs a lithe 100 lbs with a pale complexion. Her body is evenly proportioned so that nothing looks out of place, she's lean, with the body of a gymnast/acrobat.

[B]Weapon:[/B] Xaria has a endless supply of [URL=http://img52.imageshack.us/img52/3089/mcfc209sl6bq.jpg]Shurikens[/URL], as she can make as many materialise as she wants.

[B]Nobody:[/B] [URL=http://img159.imageshack.us/img159/7892/leviathan1lg.jpg]Hyourin[/URL] is a large serpent dragon about the same height as her that can fly through the air, but he never travels on the ground. He's her most loyal friend and follows her constantly unless she tells him to disappear, he sometimes enjoys coiling around her limbs. He's very agile and attacks both physically and magically. His physical attacks are just made by using his body and the various spikes on it; his magical attacks however are mostly water and ice based. He's incredibly protective of her and will come out without being called if he thinks she's in serious danger. He trusts the other Organization members enough that they can talk to her without him watching them constantly, but for other people he's unsure. They can feel what the other's feeling since he's a part of her and they are able to communicate telepathically.

[B]Character Snippet:[/B] Xaria walked along the silent halls of the Organization headquarters. There was no one walking around at present so it was just her and the sound of her feet scuffling against the floor. She looked around as she walked, peering from beneath the cover of her hood.

She exited the building and was strolling down the path when she noticed a round shadow slip under her feet. Her eyes narrowed and shurikens materialised in her hands, ready and waiting for the Heartless that she knew would appear.

The puddle of darkness grew from the ground and took shape into a timid creature that constantly moved with antennae and large golden eyes. Xaria noticed some other puddles and they began to take form as well. She slowly started to rotate her body, her eyes constantly shifting, watching in case they made a move. Suddenly they all sprung at once, she splayed her arms from the centre outwards, releasing a spray of shurikens, creating more immediately. The knives pierced straight through the Heartless, turning them into nothing but harmless black smoke.

There was no activity for a few seconds, until more shadows started to crawl over the pavement. There some blooms of purple light as Large Bodies appeared, along with another multitude of regular Heartless.

[B]"Hyourin!"[/B] Xaria called, flinging another barrage of shuriken.

Her serpentine dragon companion exited her body as a spirit, changing into a solid form as he emitted a loud screech. He dove down and swung his massive tail, sweeping away half of the Heartless. Xaria did a neat side flip over a Large Body and sent a shuriken into it's back where it's sensitive. With Hyourin helping her, she cleared the large group of Heartless in no time.

He landed over her shoulders and wrapped loosely around her arms as she ran her hand along his scales.

[B]"Thanks for the help."[/B] she smiled.

[B]"Not a problem, but you could have handled that by yourself."[/B] he commented.

[B]"Hehe, I was just lazy to get rid of them all."[/B] Xaria grinned.

Hyourin grinned, though to those that didn't know him, that expression would look scary. She just patted him and walked back up the path, back into the Organization building to take a rest.[/COLOR]

[B]OOC:[/B] This RP seems interesting. I hope everything's ok, but if not let me know and I'll change it.
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Name: Bazagazeal
Title: night devil of Sataria
Number in Organizaion: 0
Gender: female
Personality: she is very stubborn and is known not to be taken lightly. she looks like a normal teenage girl who looks good to date but is not girly at all and will chop anyone who interfers with her plan.
Appearance: she wears skimpy clothes and high top boots. she always has the expression of killing anyone.
Weapon: she has a pet named Revolution and it can transform into six different forms using: fire, water, leaf, lightening, moon, and sun stones to transform and it always goes back to its original form. she also uses her sword which could strick any foe down.
Nobody: a boy named Kai that is really cute and likes her firey personality. he fights along side of Bazagazeal and a good fighter he is. i wouldn't say that he would be a nobody but he sometimes acts like one.
Character snippet: he sometimes is a Klutz and charges into battle without thinking and almost gets himself killed until she has to run in and save him.
Side Note: her past is a blurr and she hardly remembers anything. she joined the organization to find more about her past and to become a fierst warrior. she has the heart of a warrior and can defeat any foe. she is number 0 because she can't be beat.
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[SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] Xander

[B]Title: [/B] Xander, The Lance of Destiny

[B]Number in Organization:[/B] V

[B]Gender:[/B] male

[B]Personality: [/B]
Xander let?s his Lance do more of the talking. He doesn?t speak his mind much, only when to talk about fate and how everyone has a purpose. He hates when people nag about their problems. Nobody would like to get on Xander's bad side. The bad news of that is you never know if your on it or not. His expressions never do change on his face, except when he?s pissed off. He doesn?t show mercy and you better be grateful if he ever does (bad odds).
What people hate the most about Xander, is his obsession over fate and destiny. He would say sentences about "This is your road not, mine." or "Fate as chosen us
to fight side by side."

[B]Appearance: [/B]
[B] [URL=http://img116.imageshack.us/img116/2446/itachi2056mx.jpg]Xander[/URL] [/B] (editing)

[B]Weapon: [/B] [B][URL=http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/e/e5/EvaLance.JPG]Lance[/URL] [/B] sparkles with gold with ancient descriptions written all over it. Xander throws this weapon often at his enemies and always comes back to his hand when he wields it with his mind. This weapon also can pierce the toughest shields.

[B]Nobody: [/B]
[B][URL=http://www.finalfantasyxionline.com/content/images/gallery/albums/concept-art-monsters/Ifrit.thumb.jpg]Aonghus[/URL] [/B] is a large beast with great strength and has the ability to jump high and far. His attacks can crush enemies to pieces and his fire base magic can turn them into ashes. Xander and Aonghus have created a quiet bond with each other, even though Xander only gives small commands to his Nobody.

[B]Character Snippet: [/B]
Xander walked slowly on the sidewalk of the dark city. Rain was pouring down form the dark sky as the pain gently sled down his black clock. He didn't know why he was continuing down the path of the city, yet it seemed it was his purpose at the time. A shadow passed through the small shade of the street lights. He stopped in his tracks as he knew something was following him. The shadows circled around Xander as they seemed to know he found out already. They formed into the puny Heartless forms as they wiggled around Xander.

"The True purpose of a Heartless....Is nothing but pain." He stuck out his hand as his golden lance appeared in his hand. The light seem too much for the tiny heartless. Xander pulled his Lance close to him, as a snake coiled up to attack. He struck forward, thrusting his two points into the heartless. He stepped backward as he swirled around him, like a cyclone, striking every heartless around him. More and more heartless appeared as Xander scanned his enemies.

"Your story ends here!" He roared as he sliced and cut through every heartless that came at him. Yet, for every one he killed, another two took its place. Soon the street was flooded with heartless. Xander grew bored of striking each one as they danced around him.

"Aonghus, come forth." His beats came forth as he gave a giant roar that shook the ground as if their was an earthquake. The heartless back away from the beast as the roar seemed to scare some off.

"My friend, end this." He whispered to Aonghus as the beast charged after the group of Heartless. With one strike from his giant claws, he destroyed the rest of the heartless. Xander nodded to his friend as he disappeared into the night. He gave one last look at the street, then continued his path, into the dark.
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[COLOR=DarkSlateGray][SIZE=1][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Ha, this must be a sign. I just finished the game the other day, and I also just found this thread. How intresting.
[B]Name:[/B] Ixazavius (Ix-uh-zay-vee-uss)

[B]Title:[/B] Ixazavius, the beauteous bereavement

[B]Number in Organization:[/B] XI

[B]Gender:[/B] male

[B]Personality:[/B] Ixazavius can be very cocky at most if not all the time. He has the " I am so much better than you" attitude towards most people. He doesn't do it to those in the organization that much but still tends to. He also tends to be a strategist, always contemplating, planning, watching an opponents? fighting style, and adjusting his own to meet its needs. He always thinks twice before his next move, sometimes thinking ahead twenty moves to try and plan victory, just like as if a whole fight can be a game. Yet he can be considered a genius, except those that know him would think otherwise.

[B]Appearance:[/B] This is [URL=http://img228.imageshack.us/img228/1475/xiiiorder11marluxia3lb.png]Ixazavius[/URL] He has a number of earrings on his right ear. He stands at around 6'2" and has eyes the color of his hair which is very odd. However when he isn?t in the robe of the Organization, he often wears [URL=http://img59.imageshack.us/img59/1372/7feare28pf.jpg]this[/URL]

[B]Weapon:[/B] Ixazavius' main weapon is a scythe, (the one in the picture) and can pretty much cut through just about anything. If for some reason he needs to he can also use it as a staff and use the other end for non-lethal attacks.

[B]Nobody:[/B] Ixazavius' Nobody [URL=http://img54.imageshack.us/img54/9594/shishous7dk.jpg]Zebonet[/URL] (Zeh-bow-nay; silent "T") is mostly human like in his appearance, besides the long slicing fingers he has and the scissor like "tail" he has extending from his neck. When he is summoned he has a rather calm and cool manner although this is only until Ixazavius sends him into battle which is when he gets thrown into mad fits of rage and destruction. Wanting to slice, rip, tear, split, and shave anything that Ixazavius sees as an obstacle. Yet when Ixazavius really needs his Nobody to really cause a lot of destruction in an amount of time. He can send it into a berserker like state. Yet he has only done this once and when it did happen there was absolutely nothing left of his opponents.

[B]Character Snippet:[/B]?So then let?s see...? Ixazavius muttered to himself as he walked on what would seem to be some kind of a city. ?We must be whole again. We need more hearts, yet those greedy heartless are always trying to steal away all of the hearts. ?He began to ramble on about how evil the heartless really were in a way before something began to tug on his the lower portions of his robe.

?Beat it; I am in no mood for it?

The tugging continued and only intensified.
?I though I said leave me al-.. ? He turned around to see a shadow, not his shadow obviously but a heartless. One of the lower classes but yet it could still be a threat when there were numbers of them. However this time there was only one of them here and it would be an easy kill for him. He brought down his scythe upon the creatures head, splitting it into two pieces until it withered away.

?Great, now I am about to be attacked as well? This day sure has seemed to go buy just easily.? More of the shadows began to materialize from the ground and Ixazavius threw back his hood and clutched his Scythe letting a graceful smirk appear on his face.? I guess I will get a little target practice today, come at me with your numbers! They will mean very little to me!? He shouted as he ran head long into the group of darkness, the little yellow eyes constantly swirling around looking, he slashed into the group only to have half of them escape it by turning into a shadow on the ground and crawling away from him only to re-appear behind him.

?Heh, such an amateur move! You are just nothing after all...? Ixazavius said aloud once more, bring his scythe up from its position, embedded in the rocky concrete like surface of the city ground and made a ninety degree turn and slice the wave of dark shadows trying to once again rip him apart. That was the weird thing though. If they were heartless seeking a heart, then why were they going after a nobody who had no heart in the first place. All thoughts aside this greatly puzzled Ixazavius but he had to get over it for the moment. Yet then something happened, the shadows came together into one gigantic being. Just was it? It towered over him and had a relentless look on its face, or what could be said to have even been a face. ?Ah... a darkside... I haven?t seen one of those heartless before, it should provide for an interesting challenge yet just to make sure I have no chance in failing...? Besides Ixazavius came a silver and black glow. Any member of the organization would instantly know this is what happens when a nobody appears. Yet this wasn?t some common nobody it was his nobody, Zebonet ? He, lets make this a little bit fun, I have no need to dirty my hands with such a being... Go and have some fun.?

He didn?t have to say anything else, Zebonet instantly jumped like a mad dog on a piece of meet and just?well to describe what happened afterwards would be to horrifying but lets just say. Zebonet made full use of his needle like tendrils. The beast fell to the ground writhing in pain as Ixazavius came down and merely decapitated the monster,? Well at least we know now that. This place has some kind of purpose if there are heartless here. Now then let?s go and find out what it is.? And after saying that Ixazavius walked out into the black night.

Well its done, I know the snippet may be bad but I am braindead at the moment, yet now I feel so special, now that people know that I am good at this. Heh , if anything needs to be changed just Pm me and I will do so.
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Name: Zuxus

Title: Sword of Hate

Number in Organization: VI


Personality: Happy, out-going,and stern at times Zuxus can be in any mood. Like any other, he's focused when in combat.

Appearance : He wears the usual garment as the rest of the XIII and underneath a black hoody and jeans. His hair looks like Leon's in KH1 but silver. He stands at about 5"3 and weighs around 120lb.

Weapon: A straight ,long,thin Masamune, Fit only for him to wield,he handles it easily,. Swining effortlessly with the giant weapon.

His Nobody stands at 10" 4' and is ridable by Zuxus. This dragon is an expert at aerial combat and can do almost anything when it comes the the sky.

Character Snippet: Zuxus walked slowly done the stone corridor. His footsteps could be heard as they collided with the stone. His robe swishing with every movement. He could tell he was being followed, but by who?

He quickened his pace. So did the being that followed him. He reached a room, the walls were decored with crystals and a stone tablet sat in the middle of a pit. Four statues stood on each side gazing down at the tablet. He reached his gloved hand about to touch the tablet when a quick flash of Darkness swarmed in front.

There blade to blade, him and a dark form of him were locked. The two Masamunes confronted each other effortlessly and they met every time someone swung their blade. If Zuxus spun and cut, the Dark Zuxus would spin and block.Zuxus made note of something, the creature was doing every move he was, a shadow, a mimickery.

Zuxus spun the Masamune around and imapled himself right in the stomach. The shadow did the samething. Zuxus, not being total darkness casted a heal spell on his wound. The Darkness couldn't follow this move for it'd bring him to the light. As it died Zuxus walked outside the corridor and lowered his hood taking a deep breathe and looking at the sky.

EDIT:OOC: I think I fixed them all, but tell me if there's more
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[SIZE=1][B]OOC:[/B] You're too kind Blayze. I'm sure you could've done a better job with something like this than me. ^_^

[CENTER][B]Name:[/B] Xeliohs

[B]Title:[/B] Xeliohs, the Righteous Blade.

[B]Number in Organization:[/B] I, The Superior

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Personality:[/B] Xeliohs is the leader archetype. His interest is always the group as a whole, and he never leaves any member behind. His ?emotions? go from both ends of the spectrum daily, depending on the instance. Usually he cheery, determined, and optimistic, but in battle, especially against the Heartless, he becomes merciless and slaughters on sight. Only his brethren and those he mentally ?marks? before battle are left alive.

[i]Physical Appearance:[/i] [URL=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v628/Reizou/Xeliohs.png][B]Xeliohs[/B][/URL]
[i]Outfit:[/i] [URL=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v628/Reizou/OutfitXeliohs.jpg][B]Xeliohs Outfit.[/B][/URL] What would be the traditional robe is more jacket-like, as shown in the picture. His chain and insignia on the jacket are Nobody symbols instead. A pair of thin, square-rimmed shades usually hide his eyes.
[i]Height:[/i] 6?0??
[i]Weight:[/i] 154 lbs.
[i]Eye color:[/i] Glowing crimson/ auburn
[i]Hair color:[/i] Black with blue-gray streaks, that falls over his eyes.

[B]Weapon:[/B] Keyblade- Weapon with the power to lock away hearts or release the potential in them. The Keyblade can take various shapes, each with its own abilities. The origin of the Keyblade is unknown, but for some reason it has chosen Xeliohs to be it?s wielder, and he intends on fulfilling the destiny of the Keyblade bearer. The two keyblades he usually wields are [URL=http://kh2.co.uk/image.php?view=kh/artwork/180.jpg][B]The Chasm[/B][/URL] and [URL=http://kh2.co.uk/image.php?view=kh/artwork/179.jpg][B]The Recreation[/B][/URL]. However, under special circumstances, he'll wield one, his true keyblade. It's all silver, with a hilt like the Recreation and a keychain like the Chasm, but the key part is a nobody symbol elongated to one side.

[B]Nobody:[/B] [URL=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v628/Reizou/Samurai.jpg][B]Muchitsujo[/B][/URL]- A samurai nobody with dual-wielding skills rivaling Xeliohs. It?s agility is amazing, and it can easily cut down any Heartless with ease. Xeliohs calls Muchitsujo often to assist him in destroying Heartless. Muchitsujo often mingles with the other Nobodies of the organization, and he trusts them and the Organization unquestionably. He?s closely tied to Xeliohs and is always in his head, so he knows who to trust and who not to.

[B]Character Snippet:[/B] See Introduction[/CENTER]


[B]OOC:[/B] Wow! I am truly amazed with the interest this has generated. I hope I don't let you all down. The sign-ups look great so far. However, Rurouni922 and Master of Death, your posts both need to be modified, or you will not be accepted. Rurouni922, you merely need to fix your grammatical errors. Master of Death, your name is not correct, your number is not correct, and your post is full of grammatical errors. Please fix this, or I will have to refuse you. Oh, and Ikillion, please finish your sign-up. I'm not too worried about it though, I know you're good.

Otherwise, I'll try and get this up soon. Talon will be signing up, but we must discuss some issues first. Don't worry though. Shouldn't take too long.[/SIZE]
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[color=crimson][b]Name:[/b] Sol Hei

[b]Title:[/b] Renegade Righteous Heartless Sol Hei

[b]Heartless Following:[/b] 5,000 of various types, mainly Iron Knights. Number grows constantly.

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Personality:[/b] Questing, fierce, and angry. His body was forcibly torn from him, and this has left him in a much less than pleasant mood. He is, however, focused and calm, his rage directing the many Heartless under his command effectively. He lives on the run, his companions and partners utterly loyal to his command of the Darkness.

[b]Appearance:[/b] [img]http://img80.imageshack.us/img80/8786/drizzt1ab.jpg[/img]

[b]Weapon:[/b] Dual Keyblades, the Ascalon and the Deepercut. The Ascalon is a Light-based keyblade second only to the legendary Ultima Weapon, and the Deepercut is the darker equal of the lost Keyblade, the Oblivion.

[b]Heartless:[/b] Sol Hei is the Heartless of Xeliohs. He is followed loyally by thousands of Heartless, all of whom still retain their sense of self, and all of whom resist the pull of the Darkness. His right-hand is a woman from a world far away: The Kingdom of Serdio. Her name is Rose.

[b]Character Snippet:[/b]

[i]"No, King Mickey, you must NOT venture out!"

"Well, gosh, Sol, but I just gotta! I gotta find people out there and warn them of the threat your kind poses!"

Sol grimaced, his hands cinching around the handle of his one constant keyblade for the moment, the Ascalon. This damn fool was going to topple all of creation in his thoughtless actions! Why couldn't he realize that?!

Sol took a deep, calming breath as his right-hand Heartless laid its slender, feminine palm on his shoulder. "Master, he cannot understand it. Let him go, it matters little what should happen."

Sol nodded, taking her hand and kissing it lightly. "Very well, then, King Mickey. But heed these words: that Cornerstone is to be guarded, and well. Never forget that the source of the light, however, may also be a source of great darkness. That is, after all, why the wall between worlds was created. Now go, and go in the dead of night. Leave a note if you must. We have matters to attend to, King Mickey. Good luck in your search."

With that, the Heartless turned with a flair of his emerald cloak and faded into the shadows of nothingness his kind were famous for. He did not relish the idea of passing through the End of the World again, but Kingdom Hearts had to be safeguarded! He looked to the stars, specifically at his former home. It had yet to wink out. For now, it was safe.

He withdrew the Keyblade King Mickey had given to him. 'Hm....a boy with a pure heart, eh? I think I'll hang on to this...Kingdom Key for a while. I must find my other, and I must find my brother. Xehanort, where could you BE?...."[/i][/color]
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Name: Xeas

Title: Xeas, the great oak

Number in Organization: XII (I think thats not takin')

Gender: Male

Personality:Xeas is a bit of a hot head and an outcast he is all for the restoration of his heart but dpsent care either way if he gets it done or not he's a pesimist and most of the other members dont like him and want him fed to the heartless


Weapon: Giant oak wheel- a giant metal wheel dark green with sharp brown spires surronding it it can tear apart a 1000 year old tree like it was a sprout it can sheread apart the earth and tear it can also control plants he usens it to make root sheilds and spires

Nobody: Demiko- a blue haired somewhat srange nobody who althogh she has no heart she is very fond of her master Zweas she loves to fight using her Fake sword gram

Character Snippet: Xeas sighed "dude this is bullcrap cant we just go home" Xeas said
"quiet you twit or I'll throw you in the dark corridor and leave you to the heartless!" one of the ther memers said
"ah shut it you know I can take on the same number of heartless as any of you" Zweas said the member sighed
"then just shut it before I gut you!" the meber snapped he shut up he sighed making a hammock of roots
"just hurry up" he said drifing off to sleep as the organization member did their work as he slept
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[SIZE=1][SIZE=3]Sign-Ups are closed[/SIZE]. Now, I give you, your Organization.

[I][B]I.[/B][/I] The Superior. Xeliohs, The Righteous Blade
[I][B]II.[/B][/I] Xedath, The Chains of Darkness
[I][B]III.[/B][/I] Lex, The Destroyer
[I][B]IV.[/B][/I] Janux, The Blade of Hope
[I][B]V.[/B][/I] Xander, The Lance of Destiny
[I][B]VI.[/B][/I] Zuxus, The Sword of Hate
[I][B]VII.[/B][/I] Xaria, The Deadly Mark
[I][B]VIII.[/B][/I] Uxainst, the Holy Judgment
[I][B]IX.[/B][/I] Unknown
[I][B]X.[/B][/I] Xarnock, the Shatterd Soul
[I][B]XI.[/B][/I] Ixazavius, the Beauteous Bereavement
[I][B]XII.[/B][/I] Unknown
[I][B]XIII.[/B][/I] Helix, The Broken Puppet

Renegade Righteous Heartless Sol Hei

The RPG should be up tommorow, or Thursday. I'm glad you all decided to join, I promise to try my best to keep you all satisfied.[/SIZE]
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