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Sign Up Pokemon: Age of Darkness PG-13 (L V)


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[B]Pokemon: Age of Darkness[/B]

Riku was strapped down to a metal table,and he yelled out in pain as another wave of elecricity was surged through his body. Once it was over, a team snag 'em member called 'Cheif' walked up to him.
"So," he said,"Ready to tell us what you did with the Snag machine?"
Riku looked up and stared at Cheif. "Burn in Hell!" shouted Riku spitting into the Ceif's eye.
The Cheif, doubled over holding his eye, swore violently. Then he straitened up and pointed at the man behind the controls. "You," he yelled,"Increase the maximum run time. Raise the level to 12!"
"Um..Sir." the man stuttered.
"Well you see sir...I can't do that."
"And why not!?"
"Well I can't do that because... there are only 10 levels."
"Well then increase to level 10."
"But sir, it's already on level10."
"Well just run the damned machine."
"Sir...the battery ran out."
"GOD DAMMIT!!! Just...just take him to a cell."
With that, two men came over, unlocked Riku, dragged him across the room, through the door, across a yard, into a long building, and threw him into a cell.

"Well well. So those low-lifes caught a kid. This is an all-time low even for them."
Riku got to his feet, taken by surprise by the voice.
"You Okay kid?"
The voice seemed to be coming from the other side of his cell wall.
"Ya. I'm alright." Riku replied
"That's good to here. Why did they capture you if you don't mind me asking."
"They got me for stealing the Sag 'em machine. What are you here for and what's you're name?"
"For attemting to destroy this base. And the name's James. Or maybe Chris. I've been here to long to remember. What's you're name kid?"
"My name's Riku. And I think I have a way to get out of this dump."


Okay, so this is what is needed of the sign-up sheet;

I need some people in Riku's party: (the following does not include Riku) min. 4 max. 8 (Riku will be played by me)

I need some people to be with team Snag 'em: min. 3 max. 7

If anyone has any suggestions please post them on my thread 'Pokemon RPG Idea' in 'arena underground.'

If you have questions PM me.

I will permet several months to sign-up, and if the minamals are met then we'll start the RPG. If not I'll permet several more months. However I might make some exceptions if people are to late.

Here's what you post to sing-up;

side (Riku's or team snag 'ems team)
starting Pokemon (has to be in first form.And[B] [U]NO[/U][/B] legendarys. And try not to have the same Pokemon as somone else)

Pokemon's name

Type those three things for each form of the Pokemon, and yes it is okay to have Pokemon nicknames, self-created Pokemon and attacks.

If you want to have two characters that is perfectly fine but you'll have to make two sign-up sheets.

I'll do my post once other people have signed-up.
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Side:Riku's Team

Appearence:I'm a 5'6" teen wearing a black belly shirt and a small jacket and a mini skirt to go along with it all.I have long black hair and a small bag to carry my Poke' balls and other stuff in.

Personality:I'm a very nice girl who can be agressive at times even with those damn Team Snag'em around. When I battle, I'm so into it that some people wouldn't even know it was me.

Starting Pokemon:I have an Evee and a Bagon.

Pokemon's names:Evee-Sprint amd Bagon-Sky Dragon

Attacks: Evee-Hypnosis,Smashdown,Confusion,and Wudai
Bagon-Sky Attack,Arial Beam,Celestial,and Sounga

History:Well Aya is a carefree girl who loves the world.She has two great Pokemon for tag team battles and is mostly the winner of all her matches.Aya came a long way before she met Riku.She used to a normal school girl that had work to be done and all that sort of stuff.Well one day Aya left her house and went ona journey to one day be the greatest Pokemon trainer ever.On her way of traveling she met Riku and they became a team with everyone else too, to fight Team Snag'em.
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Name: Daidalos
Age: 15
Side: Riku's side
Appearance: she has black hair and redish highlights, has red eyes, and wears mostly dark colors with boots and a jacket.
Personality: she is very stubborn and always has a smile on her face. she is very fiesty and loves a good challenge.
Starting Pokemon: her starting pokemon are vulpix and dratini.

Pokemon's Name: vulpix- Dranzer, dratini- Galaxey
Attacks- vulpix- fire wrath, fire ring, hurrling fire balls, will-o-whisp
dratini- aquamarine, flood flash, false eye, wind scar
Discription- vulpix evolves when you give it a fire stone.
History- she grew up in Pallet town and received her first pokemon at age 10. now she is trying to become a pokemon master and it's getting hard. with new places to explore and new pokemon to see. there is just too much for one girl to do at a time. her next place to visit is orre and man was it interesting when she first saw it. she was sure surprised at how different it was from everything she had seen before. and thus her story begins when she meets riku.
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Name: Riz

Age: 14

Side: Riku's


Starting Pokemon: A Pikachu

Pokemon Name: Shock

Attacks: Thunder, Thunder Wave, Paralyze

Description: A normal Pikachu but one day stumbled into some dye and accidentaly dyed his red spots blue.
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Name: Riku

age: 14

Side: Riku's

Appearence: [URL=http://www2.sd43.bc.ca/portmoodysecondary/student_gallery/student_websites/kingdom_hearts/gallery/dd_riku.jpg]Picture[/URL]. And when he battles he pulls up his hood and puts on a mask.

Personallity: Riku likes to eat and cook. He's laid back and always care-free (unless team snag 'em is around or you really annoy him. And it's pretty hard to annoy him to were he gets mad)

History: "Okay, so once it's time to eat, we cause a disturbance in the cafateria and then the gaurds will be so busy that we'll be able to sneak out. Only problem is this place is in the middle of no where."
"And we'll have to deal with the gaurds at the main gates."
"Yeah, that's true."
Riku and James (that's what Riku decided to call him since James could'nt seam to be able to make up his mind) were sitting in the prison grounds discussing Riku's plan.
"But the base being in the middle of no where isn't really that much of a problem because right next to the gates there's a building that has a whole lot of vehicles."
James was saying."We could get one of those and drive to the nearest city."
Then a voice came out on the speakers [I]All prisoners go back to thier cells. I reapeat 'all prisiners back to their cells'. [/I]
"Looks like we better get going Riku"

It was the next dy and everyone was in the cafeteria. Riku picked up his apple and through it as hard as he could at the back of someones head, and quikly ducked out of sight.
"What the hell man!?" Riku heard a man say and looked out just in time to see someone get punched in the jaw. While everyone was distracted, James picked up an apple, hearlded it at a bald mans head, and ducked under a table.
The bald man turned around and punched somoene in the nose sending him stumbling into someone else causing a big riot. At that moment, at least twenty-seven gards ran into the cafeteria. Riku and James ran out of the cafeteria. But a gaurd grabbed hold of Riku's arm. "Gottcha ya' son of a biiii-" the gaurd fell to the ground. James had just hit the gaurd on the back of his neck. James bent down and picked up the guards wooden samuria blade. Riku looked to his right and saw another thirty or so gaurds rushing at them, all of which carrying wooden samuria swords. Riku looked to his left and saw the gate and vehicle building; both of which un guarded.

"Riku, you go on ahead." James suddenly said
"What about you?"
"Don't worry 'bout me. You just get out of here."
Riku looked up at James. James merely stared at the gaurds charging towards them. Riku nodded then went to the vehicle building and hopped on a motor- cycle. Riku started up the motor-cycle and drove off.
James sat there and watched Riku drive away, "Don't die Riku. Don't die."

Riku was riding as fast as the motor-cycle would take him. He hit a rock and went flying off the motor-cycle. Riku sat up and looked around to his Motor-cycle. He spotted it and even from that distance he could see it would be no use.
Then he heard a rattle. He looked down and saw a Ekans with it's head poised for attack. But just as it was about to attack, it was ripped into half by a beam of darkness. Riku looked up and saw an Absol, almost daring him to move.


Starting Pokemon: Absol

Pokemon nickname: Raksha (In a forein langue meaning 'The demon')

Pokemon attacks: Night shade, take down, shadow beam, which is pretty much like aura beam except it has a slight chance of confusing the enemy, and split. which is like this. Say this # is Absol. Right now there is only one # so that has 100% of it's power. Now if there were two #s then the power would be divided evenly between them. If there are Eight #s then the power would be divided evenly among the eight #s. Then if it returns to just one # then that # would have 100% of the power again.

Discription: he looks like a normal Absol except instead of having one horn-thing on the side of his head, he has two. One on each side. And he's large enough for a normal sized teenager to ride on
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Guest blooming
Name:sparkle lin
side (Riku's or team snag 'ems team):riku
appearence:she always has a black cloak that reaches down to herfeet and underneath that a black halter top and a black mini skirt with black knee high boots and has long straight black hair that goes down to her feet plus she has a black bag to carry her pokeballs in
persoality:cold matyre and mysterious though she is a team player she just doesnt act like one and she has a sister
history:she grew up in pallet town and receiver her first pokemon at the age of 8.She likes to battle and she also is struggling to keep her fame down to a minimum.She hates it when her rikarriku was stollen by team snag'em when she was 12.Now shes out to defeat them once and for all.Sparkle was famous for beating the elite four with only one pokemon out in battle and that was her lugi which she left at home with professor oak.
starting Pokemon (has to be in first form.And NO legendarys. And try not to have the same Pokemon as somone else):exillon and recariku

Pokemon's name:rikariku-sparkles exillion-shocker
attacks:rikariku-fire spit(spits a whole bunch of fire balls),fire tornado(a tornado of fire,burns everything in its path),fire spin(exillion turns a 190mph and fire starts to form around her causeing her to burn anything that touches her while shes a spinning fire ball),aerial ace
exillon-invisble spin(turns invible starts tto spin and hits the target almost everytime),fire tornado,fire lick(tongue burning with fire and licks you),fire ring(a ring of fire surrounddss the opponent causeing them to lose focuse)
discrisption:exillon looks like an evee and a vulpix combined and shes pink.rikariku looks like an evee with wings and a fire tail
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side:riku's team
apperance:Blue spiky hair, white eyes, blue and black long shorts, black shirt, blue and black shoes, white headband, clear glasses,all black fingerlessgloves,black hooded jacket,pokeballs behind jacket
personality:silent at times, calm , helps his team when the time comes

Poke'mon: torchic:ember,peck,scratch,flamewheel
Dratini:wrap,thunderbolt,twister,dragon rage

history:akira was born in cerullan city wth his three sisters and one day he saw on the news the things team snag em did so he decided to become a pokemon trainerand help anybody that goes against team snagem
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Thanks for signing up every one, but we really need some people in Team snag 'em. Once again, if any one has any ideas, please post on my thread 'Pokemon RPG idea' on the 'Play It' forum, if any one has any questions, please PM me.
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Ooh cool, I can make up Pokemon! Yay!

[u]Name:[/u] Ari Monokai
[u]Age:[/u] 16
[u]Side:[/u] Snag' em
[u]Appearance:[/u] Ari is exactly 5 feet tall, her skin a pale yellowish tan. She's neither muscular, fat, nor bony--petite would best describe it. Her hair goes just below her shoulders and is straight and black, though its seems to be dark blue at certain times... Her eyes are dark--the color is not certain though. She wears a medium-sleeved dark blue jacket that looks like a cross between a trenchcoat and a knee-length dress, plus dark gray pants and black boots with fairly high heels. Matching all this is a deep blue hat (and sometimes black gloves), and she also wears glasses.
[u]Personality:[/u] All her life Ari has been a computer freak. Though she's not as eccentric as that stereotype is, she is as intelligent. As far as other things go, she is basically a loner and is not compatible with pretty much any type of relationship--even with her Pokemon. She prefers to do things her own creative way and also do them herself. Though she is slightly pessimistic and hard to please, she is also quite intuitive, and she never shows any extreme emotions, except on rare occasions.
[u]History:[/u] Ari's older brother, Gon, was a successful Pokemon trainer at one point--he specialized in bug Pokemon. However, he wasn't into competing that much, so he usually stayed at home watching TV with his Pokemon by his side. Ari was interested in Pokemon as well, and much of her online time was spent on Pokemon-related sites. She hardly ever went off the computer, except for an occasional walk with Gon when she was little, and also school. Speaking of school, Ari was always one of the best in her class just because she was one of the smartest, not because she studied hard or did homework. But one day, something came into Ari's computer--a combination of an email and a virus. This strange force came from Team Snag'em and gave Ari her first Pokemon and a really good job. Given her intelligence and computer skills, as well as her affiliation with Pokemon, she rose up pretty quickly in the team. She never lost her good side, but she always had a tendency towards the evil.
[u]Starting Pokemon[/u]

[u]Name:[/u] Shinai
[u]Species:[/u] Misdreavus
[u]Attacks:[/u] Psywave, Shadow Ray (a beam of dark energy that lowers Special Defense), Pain Split, Plasmaspiral (a spiraling wave that is a ghost attack yet counts as a special attack)
[u]Description:[/u] Shinai's neck orbs are a deep red, almost like blood--perhaps this is what inspired her name. Shinai is very creative--she likes to do things out of the ordinary, to ignore limits and rules. At the same time, she has a tendency to be sadistic--perhaps it was this that inspired her orb colour. This trait is mild, but it emerges more when she evolves... Yes, she does evolve--into [url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v460/qingrila/pokems/harmonique.gif]Harmonique[/url], a witch Pokemon with the ability to morph her attacks to have different shape and/or effect. Perfect--an enhancement on her creativity!

[u]Name:[/u] Kawaine
[u]Species:[/u] [url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v460/qingrila/pokems/puffly.gif]Puffly[/url]
[u]Attacks:[/u] Charm, Attract, Assist, Tantrum (causes the foe to flinch but does not do damage)
[u]Description:[/u] Kawaine, like all Puffly, evolves into Skitty eventually. But who knows whether that will happen... (And, here Delcatty will evolve as well if she gets that far...) Anyways, Kawaine has all the innocence and cuteness of a toddler. Her favorite thing in the world is cake, and she just can't help but be cute. However, she does get scared easily... Thus she and Shinai don't get along very well.

[u]Name:[/u] Tsukimi
[u]Species:[/u] [url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v460/qingrila/pokems/retron.gif]Retron[/url]
[u]Attacks:[/u] Confusion, Vibrate (raises Special Attack and Speed), Iron Defense, Shootingstar (looks similar to Swift except it hits multiple times like Fury Attack)
[u]Description:[/u] A Retron is of the Psychic-type and evolves into [url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v460/qingrila/pokems/alphos.gif]Alphos[/url], then [url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v460/qingrila/pokems/neuric.gif]Neuric[/url] Tsukimi is very curious, but no matter what she discovers, she still doesn't seem to know very much--she tends to be pretty naive. But she's one of the battlers of the group--battling is pretty much the only thing she's good at. In battle she tends to overestimate herself though.

[u]Name:[/u] Henshu
[u]Species:[/u] Yanma
[u]Attacks:[/u] Vibrate (see Tsukimi's attacks), Tornado Wave (stronger version of Gust that may blow the foe away), Signal Beam, Staticbolt (Electric attack with a high chance of paralyzing the foe)
[u]Description:[/u] Henshu is a Pokemon of service. She often serves as a lookout or delivery Pokemon. She doesn't like battles but does like contests--she was pleased when Ari thought of being a coordinator. She's very obedient but also clever--she can come up with her own methods to get the job done. Anyways, if she does come close to the life of a contest Pokemon, she might evolve into the oh-so-stylish [url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v460/qingrila/pokems/saiyanma.gif]Saiyanma[/url]...

[u]Name:[/u] Shokuchi
[u]Species:[/u] [url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v460/qingrila/pokems/jawpy.gif]Jawpy[/url]
[u]Attacks:[/u] Bite, Growl, Ember, Tantrum (see Kawaine's attacks)
[u]Description:[/u] Shokuchi is in many ways on the same level as Kawaine as far as maturity goes. At first her temper is as hot as her element, but she calms down through evolution. Speaking of evolution, she evolves into Growlithe. Shokuchi isn't a battle-style Pokemon, but she is there to carry out missions for Snag'em, and she makes a good sturdy guard dog.

[u]Name:[/u] Kairuna
[u]Species:[/u] [url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v460/qingrila/pokems/morphicate.gif]Morphicate[/url]
[u]Attacks:[/u] Role Play, Psych Up, Mimic, Projection (creates a copy of the foe much like Ditto's Transform does, but it's a separate Pokemon)
*The other attacks can only be used in double battles or when Projection fails.
[u]Description:[/u] I don't know why I'm wasting my time describing the attacks--Kairuna is more of an aide than anything else. It never battles but rather helps Ari plan things for Snag'em, and it carries out "sneaky" duties as well. Much like Mewtwo, it's pretty much cynical and thinks highly of its abilities, but on the other hand, it doesn't like to use force. (Kairuna is called an "it" because Morphicate is a genderless Pokemon.)

I hope that was OK with six Pokemon, so long as less than half of them really battle at all... Oh, and if you click on the name of any new Pokemon, you will see a picture.
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Name: Stevie Jay

Age: 22

Side: Team Snag 'em

Appearence: [URL=http://www.suikosource.com/images/chars/k/killey01.gif]Stevie in all his Bad-*** glory[/URL]
Because of Good Service, Stevie doesn't have to wear the required uniform.

Personality: Stevie is, in his own opinion, the ultimate Bad-***. This is the perfect example of his arrogance and how cocky he is in and out of fights. He believes himself to be the ultimate theif and orders everyone to call him the king of Snag.
He is also very bitter with how he reacts to people who disagree with his lifestyle.

History: A young man from Newbark town, He was the symbol for everyone to be like; Young, Strong, Charismatic, Bright and skilled as a trainer. But something odd happened one day when he was travelling in the Dragon Cave which he has not spoken of. It is even rumoured that, after falling asleep, he saw a massive Dragonite stolen from a trainer by a man dressed in a dark outfit in his dream.
He had gotten a glimpse of the mans face and was shocked to see that it was actually him.

Stevie came back from the caves a changed man and, after days of contemplation, broke into the local Pokemon Center and stole a handful of Pokeballs from there. After weeks of avoiding the roads and stealing to survive he was found by members of Team Snag' em. They were impressed by his talent for theft and his personality and offered him a position within the organisation.

And that's where he is today

Starting Pokemon: Zangoose

Pokemon nickname: Ripper

Pokemon attacks: Slash, Fury Swipes, Enrage (Self made move (Causes all active pokemon to lose control and just keep attacking whatever moves until attack wears off)), Roar

Discription: Your average Zangoose except it has a long scar running along it's nose.
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I hope that was OK with six Pokemon, so long as less than half of them really battle at all... Oh, and if you click on the name of any new Pokemon, you will see a picture.[/QUOTE]

It's Okay to have six Pokemon and you can use them all in battle so long as their all in their first form until later on in the story.
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Name Tokyo
Age 15
side team snag 'ems team
appearence 5'11 with a tan. he has black spiky hair with red at the tips. He wears all black and has red eyes.
persoality Doesn't really care about anything but himself.

history He was born in vermilloin city. He is Lt. Surge's nephew. He hates anyone who says that pokemon are not instruments of war. he acts as if he doesn't care about anything but he cares deeply for his pokemon.

starting Pokemon Ledyba, Nidoran(male), slowpoke

Pokemon's name Ledyba(Airblitz)
attacksLedyba-ice punch, thunder punch, dynamic punch,focus punch
Nidoran(male)- Horn drill,double kick,earthquake,dig
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Name: Rio
Age: 17
side Riku
appearance below
Occupation: Pokemon Ranger
personality She is serious about her job and she is and she acts very Tomboyish but she has a girlish side that is very shy and timid she?ll crack down on any Pokemon thief she finds
history: She grew up in a small town near a Pokemon reservation both her dad and mother were Pokemon rangers and she loved going on jobs with them one day she had found a Heracross being attacked by a swarm a beedrill she saved it and she is friends with it when she was 16 she applied for a job as a ranger and passed with flying colors she started with a Spearow.
Starting Pokemon Spearow

Pokemon Fury (spearow)
attacks: Peck, Gust, Sand Attack, and Cut

Pokemon Triopix
Type: Fire
Attacks: Ember
Evolution chain: Triopix =friendship=>Vulpix=Fire Stone=> Ninetails
Description: the baby form of Vulpix she is very small and she is like pink and red and three tails, right now she is in a pink and orange striped egg
Name: Gejin
Age: 17
side Snag?em
Appearance Below
Occupation: Pokemon hunter
personality he is a ruthless hunter of Pokemon he thinks of it as a game he loves gambling and big game hunting he is a top class sniper and tracker but is a low class snag?em officer because he could care less about snag?em he just wants to hunt and if he finds a group where he can get better hunt he will abandon them in a second to hunt them
history: He grew up in a prairie town and his family was dirt poor they had hunt to eat he grew up as a hunter and he never quit he was recruited to snag?em because he was a good hunter and ruthless
starting Pokemon Domingo

Pokemon Domingo (2x)
attacks: Tackle, Quick attack, Track
Evolution chain: Domingo=Lv.21=>Coytochi=Lv.50=>Lunwolf
Description: a medium purple dog resembling a small German Shepard it has a small black nose and has purple and black fur and short triangular ears
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Name- Hiro Masa


Side- Snag'um(Mercenary)

Apperance- Has a black long sleeves Shirt under a Army green vest and has red pants and Strapped Boots. He has Dark Red hair and Navy blue eyes. Black sunglasses.

Personality- All business he may not have anything against Riku and the rest but he will take them out without hesitation.

History-e has worked for Snag'um for 3 years. Not for Rare Pokemon but for the money. Before he "joined" Snag'um he was a Merc for Rocket. When things went down hill there he started wondering the Continent looking for work. That was when he was recruited by Snag'um. He is only used for Special Jobs.

First Pokemon- [URL=http://www.ktf-split.hr/~eni/goran/pokemon/slike/246.gif]Lavaitar[/URL]

Name- Knight

Descrition- He is a normal looking Larvaitar. However, his shell has a unique shine to it.

Attacks- Roll Out. Take Down. Rapid Spin and rock throw

#2 Pokemon- Cyintiquil

Name- Cinder

Description- He looks normal.

Attacks- Tackle, Flame Wheel,ember.
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side; Riku's team
appearence A brown haired girl with green
persoality: Shy and looking for a boy friend
history: her parents were murdered when young
starting Pokemon:

name:Mina (houndor)
discrisption: always willing to protect her mater
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[SIZE="1"]Hi Kari,
Again, please look at the dates these threads were created before you post in them. This one was back in 2006 and hasn't been touched since. It's very likely that it's no longer running and the creator has not intention of starting it up again.

As I said before, stick to the first page of the auditions forum if you want to find a recent, up-to-date RPG to join. And if you don't find any that catch your interest, you're always welcome to create one of your own (as long as you follow the guidelines)[/SIZE]
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