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Sign Up The Petal Throne [M-VLS]


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The Petal Throne

In a land where war is life, and not knowing how to fight means death, it is no wonder that factions have arisen for control. The land has been torn apart by war for as long as even the oldest elder of any faction can remember, and before that. Welcome to the land of Kurkiyo, home to the Petal Throne.
Kurkiyo is a land at war, and rather well at it. Fifty years ago, factions arose throughout the small land, each one being led by a strong warrior. These factions all claim they are the rightful heirs to the ancient Petal Throne, seat of the High King of Kurkiyo.

As the factions grew in power, so did the battles between them. It tore the land asunder, much more so then it already was. It left many homeless, with hatreds, grudges, or nothing at all.

Just shells. The battles served the factions well however, for when two factions fought, the area they fought in usually left survivors with hatreds and wants of vengeance. They had created a never ending cycle of fighters with nothing to lose.
The 7 Factions, know as Petals of the Orchid, each have their own name, their own rulers, their own laws. But the truth of the matter is...not one of them has the right to the throne, for none of them are of the bloodline. This has been revealed to them countless time by the Sages, but because of their ignorance, the Sages were killed and hunted down.
[color=slategray][b]White Mist:[/b] The White Mist is the first faction to have ever risen to power, and as such, they take great pride in making it public knowledge. The White Mist are knowledgable in magics, mostly of the combat variety. Their members are usually confident bordering conceited, with well-trained magical skills.[/color]

[color=lime][b]Jade Dragon:[/b] The Jade Dragon are the most honorable of the 7 Factions in the war torn land of Kurkiyo. They follow the ways of Tatsu almost to a point of extremism, believing to be derived from his ancient line. (Note: Tatsu is their version of Bushido. Think Samurai times radical protester with fighting skills.) They believe their honor should be held up above all, even if it means their death.[/color]

[color=sandybrown][b]Canis Lupis:[/b] The Canis Lupis are the strangest, if not most dangerous cornered enemy of the Factions. They, as their name implies, are all beings whom have been cursed in one way or another, mostly dealing with a lycanthropy of sorts. The only downfall is that each and every one of their members, if not born into Canis Lupis, is turned into one. They do, however, have only one form, which is something that looks like a Liger and a man spliced together, though the same size of a man. Their builds range from a normal, average human, to an intense body builder musculature.[/color]

[color=darkslategray][b]Shadow Riders:[/b] As their name implies, the Shadow Riders are masters of assassination and subterfuge. Preferring to attack their enemies villages with small forces, taking out important people, buildings, and crops. They believe the will win in the long run due to their strategy. However, when they are attacked directly, and in force, they aren't strong. But if a member is alone, s/he can easily take out anywhere from 5-10 people if their training is at such a level. (Note: Training has to be extremely high for such a thing to occur.)[/color]

[color=darkorchid][b]Tiger Lily:[/b] The Tiger Lily are a faction comprised of almost all females. But do not let that fool you, for they are ruthless, and will stop at nothing to finish to their goals. Harsh judgement upon others, cruelty in battle, and no mercy are just some of the things that the Tiger Lily hold dear.[/color]

[color=royalblue][b]Kitoku:[/b] The Kitoku are the most radical of all the Factions, and do anything to win, even if it means suicide. They believe they are on the verge of death at all times, no matter where they may be. Suicide tactics are always in a part of the Kitoku Battle Plan.[/color]

[color=white][b]???:[/b] The 7th Faction does not go by a name..at least if they do, no one knows what it is. They have always been mysterious, and no one knows who started them. They only know that they rose quickly, and with such power that they had to be recognized as a Faction. Nothing else is known about them.[/color]
Okay, this is the basic idea of the RP. It's not a well developed storyline yet, but I'm working on it still..sorta. The main idea is each character will be a part of one faction(the same faction for some will be allowed if we get enough people.)

Here's the sign up sheet.

[b]Name:[/b] (anything can go here)
[b]Gender:[/b] (...)
[b]Age:[/b] (try to keep it relatively in check for the race you pick.)
[b]Faction:[/b] (what Faction your chara belongs too.)
[b]Race:[/b] (Nothing uber. Demons are allowed, as well as any other race you can think of, even a made up one. But please have supporting details if its not a well known race.)
[b]Personality:[/b] (How your chara acts, socializes, etc.)
[b]Bio:[/b] (Two paragraph if you choose to do this, or a character snippet)
[b]Snippet:[/b] (Chara snippet if you choose to do this instead of a Bio)
Alright, seems things are starting to move along rather well now.

Here's who we have so far.

Sin as Carthage Caznim in Shadow Riders
kenshinsbabe as Evanthe Mordecai in Tiger Lily
Starwind as Demian Rowe in Jade Dragon
silver_blade as Kiris Oth as a possible 7th Faction..questions via pm pending this decision
Kura as Touka Ichimaru
Sazabi as Grathos Karana
bleached as Denzede "The Arc"
Kitty as Aoi Ro
Takuya as Saeneles

mushrumluver, please be a bit more in depth with the bio, the race description, and some of the personality of your character.
So far so good though people. I figure I'll start this by Friday, or somewhere along those lines if the sign ups keep going well. We still need White Mist, Canis Lupis, and Kitoku, so hopefully three more people will come and do those Factions.

I'm still deciding on if I'm going to make a character in a Faction, or just sort of be like a DM and throw tidbits out to you guys albeit with long post of descriptive things like the area you're all generally in, though that might reveal something I'm pondering...plot twists galore..dun dun dun. ^_^
I just finished writing a little scroll from the Last Sage. Neat little tidbit. The information is slightly bias however, since the Last Sage was a Warrior of the Jade Dragon before his..Sageship..or whatever word fits there.

If anyone would like to help in writing history, just contact me via pm and let me know, or even toss me some ideas for some history. I am after all..a weird guy who shares his creations as to make them better..cuz frankly, I'm too harsh on myself and press Delete way too much ^_^;;
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] Carthage Caznim

[B]Gender:[/B] Male
Age:[/B] 112
Faction:[/B] Shadow Raiders

[B]Appearance:[/B] [url=http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b18/Sagethefiend/guys200.jpg] Carthage. [/URL]

[B]Race:[/B] Demon, Ashrak: Ashrak demons are known for their humanoid look, but they only look human from a distant. If you get close enough, you?ll see the similarities stop there. Ashraks skin tends to be charcoal black and they have burning red eyes, they have long fangs that sometimes hang over the sides of their lips and they are better known for their speed and reflexes and there effective killing techniques of combing swift blows to soft or vital areas and their impressive speed.
Personality:[/B] Due to the nature of his race, Carthage remains unfeeling and distant. He keeps his focus on what his mission is and lets nothing distract him. He also hardly reflects any emotion in his face, remaining stoned face at all times and keeping cool and calm so he can think rationally and quickly in dire situations.

[B]Snippet:[/B] The wind blew hard against the destroyed land, the broken banners flapped nosily in the wind. The ground charred and burnt horribly from the constant fighting, corpses lay about the ground, some already just bones in armor or in simple cloth. All the bones had either been bleached from the sun or black from a recent attack of magic fire. Carthage enjoyed every second of traveling through this wasteland, the moon covered by clouds in the night.

His natural skin color giving him the perfect camouflage, his clothes did the same, except for the blood red color that was threaded into it as well. His eyes searching through the darkness quickly, looking for his target, the enemy camp that he was sent to find and to eliminate a commander. These were the missions he thrived on; the camp would most likely be heavily guarded and nearly impossible for any normal person to get into it.

But, then again, he wasn?t a normal person. He was and Ashrak demon and his speed alone would almost guarantee his entrance and exit. But the mission of assassinating the commander would demand his skills alone he smiled at how this might prove to be a challenge. He smiled in a wicked way when he spotted the camp from a far, the fires burning brightly and the soldiers all were visible. It was lightly garrisoned, looked more like a raiding crew then a sign that more were on the way.

He moved quickly and silently to a nearby tree, he climbed up as quietly and moved along the branches in a crouched position. He moved to the edge of a thick branch and hid carefully behind the leaves. He peaked out from behind the thick cover and looked around, he saw two guards right of the bat, he then looked harder and could see the tent the commander was in, eating a large meal by himself while the guards stood idle outside his tent.

Carthage smirked and waited for a few moments, he watched the guards patrol patterns and saw that two guards passed right under the tree he was concealed in. This gave him a good opportunity, he waited for the guards to pass again and drew a nine inch dagger from his belt and waited a second longer for the guards to be positioned right. When he saw they were spaced properly he dropped from his position and stabbed his dagger through the guards back into his left lung.

He leaped off the guards back and landed on the other guard, also stabbing him through his back into his right lung this time. He back flipped and turned quickly and stabbed the previous guard in the throat, he fell over dead. Carthage whipped around again and lunged at the injured guard and stabbed him through his heart, slicing through his coronary artery, killing him instantly. Carthage sheathed his dagger quickly and dragged the bodies up into the tree, propping them up so they wouldn?t fall over and would remain invisible to other guards.

He dropped from the tree once more and drew the same dagger. He got low and traveled in the shadows, inching his way closer to the commander?s tent and getting ever closer to completing his mission. And in no time, he was right on the side of the tent, the commanders back facing this side. The guards at the front at back of the tent never knew he was there; he inserted his dagger through the material of the tent and slowly dragged it down the side of the tent, cutting open a nice hole for him.

He quietly stepped in through the hole; he made his way to the commander and prepared to end his life. Carthage took his knife and stabbed it through the back of his neck, cutting his spinal cord in half and sent the blade all the way through to the other side. The man stopped dead and dropped greatly, Carthage pulled his blade out and went out the way he came, he then made his way to the weapons storage tent and went inside. Noticing that there were no guards at this tent.

He then took several different weapons, all of them small enough to carry but looked valuable enough to make the camp think someone looted them and killed the commander. He exited the tent then left the immediate area of the camp; he went out several yards then placed each weapon on a corpse. Doing what he could to make it looked damaged from the battle. When he finished he went back to the camp, finishing the set up of a hit and run scenario.

None of the guards survived that night, he killed the last one just as easily as the first. He wiped the blood on the guards cloak and sheathed it. He let out a deep breathe and started his trip home, he spoke to himself as he headed home.
?That was fun. Hopefully the army that will arrive in a few days will assume it was a hit and run. But if they don?t, they?ll assume some other faction killed the camp and took what weapons they thought were good to use.?[/B] Carthage smiled and chuckled as he shifted through the shadows.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[SIZE=2][FONT=Georgia]Hey, you can't close this down just yet. I had to wait until today to post even though I found it yesterday because of outside interferance.

[B]Name:[/B] Evanthe Mordecai

[B]Gender:[/B] Female

[B]Age:[/B] 24

[B]Faction:[/B] Tiger Lily

[B]Race:[/B] Faerie. Faeries are a bit different from ordinary fairies. The faeries put the "ae" in their name to signify power. Also, they're bigger than normal faries (normal faries are about the size of an acorn),the women usually only being about five feet tall.

[B]Personality:[/B] Though she's young, Evanthe is ruthless on the battlefield. She's devoted to her faction and would give up anything for them. She has a detatched air around her. Most people that try to talk to her get whipped by her sharp tongue.

[B]Bio:[/B] Evanthe was born into the Tiger Lily Faction as the war was well underway. She was taught how to fight from the time she could walk. Soon after she started training, her parents were killed in a skirmish with the Shadow Faction. Since then, the only person who's ever been close to Evanthe is her mentor and trainer, Jairden Bertille, one of the only males in the Tiger Lily faction. He taught her how to fight with knives, swords, and her main weapon, the bo staff. She seeks revenge against the Shadow Faction for her parents' deaths. She's only been fighting for about five years, but she's still quite a force to be dealt with on the battlefield.[/FONT][/SIZE]
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[B]Name:[/B] Demian Rowe

[B]Gender: [/B] Male

[B]Age:[/B] 26

[B]Faction:[/B] Jade Dragon

[B]Race:[/B] Lexian. A race of beings that are referred to as the angels of the orchards. Beings born with wings, but are incapible of actual flight. The wings do werve to increase speed and agility, as well has jumping height and distance.

[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL=http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c384/GeneOutlaw/Cloud.jpg]Demian.[/URL]

[B]Personality:[/B] He is loyal and strong willed. He carries on, not in the name of his faction, but in the name of his family and friends. He aims to become the strongest and the greatest, and one day dreams to rise to the petal throne. His eyes reflect mercy into the souls of those he seeks to protect, and hardens with fear those who would stand in his way.

[B]Bio:[/B] Born in an upper class family, he was blessed at an early age with great fighting potential. His family was a long line of warriors and are among the four royal familes of the Jade Dragons. He was instilled with pride of his clan and of his kind at an early age as well. He was brought up so he might someday become the head of the family and take the Petal Throne.

His father was among those who served directly under the head of the faction. Despite his high postion, his fathers only loyalty was to his family. He brought up Demian, teaching him to protect and conquer in the name of his family. And even shared with him a conspiracy to someday usurp the chiefton and take his place at the top.

Demian was sent to train in the moutains of the mist to the north where he became versed in the ways of tatsu. Like those of his clan he took these values to heart and held them with the highest regard. They often conflicted with his up bringing, but he still held fast to the values his family instilled with him.
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[COLOR=LIME][I]They say that to remember the past is to bring defeat to your Faction...I say to remember is to learn, and teach our young. I have always remembered...And I believe I will keep on with my memories until I am dead and buried. Who knows what happens after death. Perhaps I shall be cursed with remembrance even then.

I was only a small child of 4 Harvests when my village was ravaged in a battle between the Jade Dragon and the Canis Lupis. The damned animal-men knew they were losing the fight, so they began killing innocents and burning our homes in hopes the Jade Dragons honor would make them see to us.

They were wrong. Their antics only angered the Jade Dragon and drove them on into a new frenzy. Every single Canis Lupis in that battle was killed outright. No prisoners were taken. It is as it should be in every battle.

But that is neither here nor there child. What matters is the fact that I remember. I remember the tales from my grandfather...Of his days as a Warrior in the Jade Dragon. Of my father after him. And of mine own. Atch! Hush and listen. This is no time for questions. You must pay attention.

The war was started centuries ago...exactly how many has long been forgotten. I am sure there are some beings out there from when the war began, though I have no wish to meet such creatures. Exactly why the war was started has many different answers, but this one is the one believed by the Jade Dragon.

At one time, the land was under peaceful rule of a King. It was not a familia ruling as most would think, but a ruling by the strongest, wisest warrior of the generation. It is said that back then, peace and prosperity were well known. Hunger was unheard of. Poverty simply did not exist.

The King, his name is unknown to us, had a twin brother who wished the throne. I know. It sounds cliche, like the bedtime stories your mothers tell you, but it is what is written in our archives, so shut up and listen. The Kings twin happened to be an almost identical match to the King, even in temperment. So it was with great confusion and disarray when he raised his own army of followers and laid siege to the capital.

Some say it was demonic possession. Others say it was divine intervention. Others still say the brother simply went mad. Speculations all, but all very possible. The truth is unknown. What is known is this: The brother laid waste to the Kings City. Not only did he lay waste, but he killed all the old, including women. He also killed all children under the age of 6. Why he did this is a great mystery that the Sages of old tried to figure out.

Those left alive in the Kings City were changed. It is from here that the many races that now inhabit our world are said to come from. The many demons, elfs, dwarves, men, and the like. I don't honestly care of my races creation. It bothers me not, but some are into such things. Ah..yes..back to the story.

Now, after the King was killed, the land was thrown into chaos. This is when the blank in history comes up. A span of two thousand years is completely unknown, for no recorded history has been found of these times. However, it is believed that this is when all those races began to assert themselves and grow. This is when the Factions began to rise.

Seven of the best warriors in Kurkiyo rose to claim the legendary Petal Throne. The throne that was said to be that of the legendary King of old. No one knew why, nor how they knew of these things, for they themselves only knew them as legend and myth. But because of their claims, they fought. They gathered followers to them, then lands, then peasants such as I use to be.

That was the birth of the Seven Factions. White Mist; the first Faction, founded by Akya Detrak. Jade Dragon; the Second Faction, founded by Itsugoya Mitomisu. Canis Lupis; the Third Faction, founded by Jetrin Yukth. Shadow Riders; the Fourth Faction, founded by Gregoire Demeisk. Tiger Lily; the Fifth Faction, founded by Aryana Trefleton. Kitoku; the Sixth Faction, founded by Orion Ghengali. These were the original six, and the only ones around for a few hundred years. But then a Seventh Faction arose out of no where. This Seventh Faction..its name is unknown to us. It has no symbol, no leader that we know of. We have almost no information on it. Yet that did now stop its creation.

Since those days, the bitter rivalry between the Factions has continued. The ancient lines of the founders is said to have been hidden within their ranks. Some say it no longer exists. I say let the Factions sort it out. That, however, does not seem to matter anymore. All the Factions do now is fight for territory, richs, and people. It seems their once somewhat honorable cause has been forgotten to them. But I remember...I remember...

You must keep this information safe child. You must copy this scroll, and hand it to whomever you meet. It doesn't matter whether they believe it or not. What matters is that the seed of knowledge was planted....Now leave..I have much to prepare for with my death so close at hand.[/I]

Fretoran Sitchi,
[I]Last Sage; Former Warrior of the Jade Dragon.[/I][/COLOR]
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[B]Name:[/B] Kiris Oth

[B]Gender:[/B] Female

[B]Age:[/B] 19

[B]Faction:[/B] 7th (Name Unknown)

[B]Race:[/B] Sylph. Sylph are a graceful, winged, and often beautiful race. They are creatures of the air who have the winds at their call. Sylph vary in appearance depending on what kind of wings they have. While some are like miniature humans, Kiris is one of the raven-winged sylph. Sylph with raven wings are as tall as an average human male and sinewy, although they still retain slender frames. The only downfall to their wind magic is that it requires extreme amounts of energy for the more powerful attacks.

[B]Personality:[/B] Kiris prefers to have only one or two close friends with no more contact than neccessary. She is fairly sweet around the few people she likes, but will kill without a second thought in battle. She changes personality depending on who she is with. She excels at telling people what they want to hear. Espionage is one of her specialties.

[B]Snippet:[/B] The scent of blood infiltrated Kiris's senses, but it was not recently spilled. The most recent fight was between the Shadow Raiders and the White Mist. Kiris often invaded the groups right after a battle when bodies were weakest.

Kiris abused her youthful, sweet appearance. Her fine clothes concealed the scars she had gained in previous altercations. Her wispy black hair was swept into a loose bun on her head, and just the barest touch of red colored her cheeks. Nothing could hide her wings, but not every sylph was part of the seventh faction.

The White Mist soldiers were often over-confident, making inexperienced members vulnerable. The Shadow Raiders all specialized in assassination, which meant it was wiser to target the White Mist. She tracked them to the nearest and immediately scouted out the youngest soldiers. Kiris found two rowdy young men in a bar bragging about the slaughter a few days ago. The occupants of the tavern kept their faces low. The Factions always left death behind them.

Kiris sat next to the soldiers and gave a shy, innocent smile. She listened attentively to every word they said and supplied them with ample liquor. Foolishly, one soldier let it slip that the next destination was the seventh faction's territory. Kiris broke into an even larger smile. She asked in a deceptively innocent voice if they would like to accompany her to her home. They accepted.

She led them to the town's outskirts. She drew close to one soldier, pressing against him. Kiris whispered coldly, "I usually find it much harder to kill White Mist this way. You are a disappointment to your faction."

With practiced movement she pulled twin short swords that had been hidden under her wings. She slit the closer soldier's throat. Wind captured the other. She called upon her element and slammed him headfirst into a stone. A sickening crack was heard. Wind struck at the ground, creating a good-sized hole. She irreverantly pushed their bodies into the excavation; the wind replaced the dirt. All evidence of their deaths was sufficiently hidden.

Kiris turned away. The wind now blew without her calling upon it; a lucky omen. She spread her ebony wings wide. Her faction would be pleased with advanced information. She preferred open battle to this cheap trickery.

Kiris raised herself high into the sky. She told herself the seventh faction had true right to the throne. She felt their superiority was shown in how quickly they rose to power. The young sylph would kill anyone to uphold her beliefs.
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[size=1][b]Name:[/b] Touka Ichimaru

[b]Gender:[/b] Female

[b]Age:[/b] 31 (Tiegrians live to about the age of 130)

[b]Faction:[/b] Tiger Lily

[b]Race:[/b] Tiegrian - a race made almost of purely females that are dedicated to the Tiger Lily faction. Their most distinguishable marks are the ears and tail of a cat on a naturally-looking human female body. However, the women from this race are incredibly strong and agile, as well as fierce fighters. And, they have another small gift, but I'm not going to give that away.

[b]Personality:[/b] Being a Tiegran, Touka is a strong, resilient kind of person. She fights fiercely against her enemies - like a lioness protecting her cubs. Her tough exterior hides the fact that she cares about her kind and the other girls in the Tiger Lily faction, and as cliche as it might sound, would fight viciously to protect any of her warriors that were in danger.

[b]Bio:[/b] Touka is a well-respected fighter in the Tiger Lily faction. She has fought in many battles, and is renouned for her fierceness and skill with the Kiju (a staff with a magical orb at the top that is said to explode on impact - the orb can also swing out of the staff, attached by a chain). Her reputation on the battlefield has earned her the nickname 'Man-eater', given to her by her enemies.

But her history holds the reason of why Touka is the way she is. When she was a kitten (a young child), her sisters and mother were sent to war against the other factions, leaving Touka with her elderly grandmother. Her sisters and mother were gone for lengthy periods of time, leaving Touka to care for her grandmother as she grew up. Everyday since she was big enough to hunt, Touka had to do the chores of the house - cleaning, hunting, gathering wood and water and taking care of her grandmother, who grew sicker in her old age.

When the old lady passed away, Touka was left alone. Her mother and sisters weren't returning home anymore, since they had been sent to far away places to fight. She now lived alone. She still did her chores but seemed to have more free time on her hands. Bored, Touka began to train herself, just in case someone, or something attacked her.

But I think that's enough history for now. ;)[/size]

OOC: There are some pictures attached of what Touka looks like. Add dark grey ears and a dark grey tail.
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Name: Sasuryu Reishi

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Faction: Jade Dragon

Race: Demi-Demon, A cross bread between human and demon in which with high negative energies (Negative Energies are emotions like Hate, Anger, and Lust)he can transform into a demon and returns to normal when drained of energy


Personality: He's Calm and kind when not fighting while has a killer look when fighting. He prefers being secretive of his true self and even with his closest friends he's still secretive.

Bio: He was found in the middle of a desert by a group of warriors from the Jade Dragon while he is still an infant. He was raised by them and lived by the code of Tatsu. He was living as a normal person until one day he discovered his true self and never spoke about it upon returning to normal.
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Lets see what I can do now

Name: Grathos Karana

Gender: Male

Age: 127

Faction: Kitoku

Race: Lokett. Karana. A demon race that revolves almost entirely around honor. They have a strong resemblence to lizards. They ranged in sizes and builds depending on which level of the strict caste system the belong. The bigger more stronger members of the tribe become the Karana, or the as you would know as the warrior half of a race. Karana are tall with pericing silver eyes and a variety of skin colors. They do see sucide as a means of the highest honor.

Appearance: Bsesides the peircing silver eyes, Grathos' skin is a crimson red color with a white underbody and two black stripes going down his back. He has a pair of large dragon wings on his back that fold up when he does not use them. As with custom he has a very decorated set of armor. The chest and back plate are a bright silver with three black scratch mark symbols on them. The shoulder pauldrons are silver as well with three spikes coming out. His entire left arm is clad in metal with black spikes going down the side to his clawed glove, while his right arm is bare except for a black forearm bracer and a black bicep bracer, both with are studded in diamonds. He wears silver greaves and silver shin guards and silver boots. There is no metal on the bottom of the boots since he has more traction with the pads on his feet. He wears a black cloak connected to his pauldrons that conceals his entire body from view, dia katanna and all. His helmet helps bring out the dragon in him, with the horns on top ond the fangs on the side.

Personality: Never goes back on his word at any time. Like every Kitoku he will know it is his time to die by a weird calling, something he has been waiting to hear but has never heard it in every battle he has gone to. He is cold and to the point, not wasting any time with small talk or anything of the sort.

He belives that the only true conversations are by the swing of a blade and the clashing of metal.

Snippet: Grathos stared out amongst the desert where many of his comrades had fallen and the appraoching army was closing fast. He waited to feel the calling but it never came. "It seems I am not to die today" He turned to his closest compainon and saw the look on his face. "Ahh seems you will get all the honor and glory this time." He cloak flew in the breeze as he was able to make out the banner of the opposing faction. "Jade Dragons." He raised his hand over his hand as the Kitoku appeared out of traps int he ground and other hiding spots, rushing the enemy with no regard for their life what so ever.

He watched as the Jade Dragons cut them down as they neared but soon their line was borken. Suddenly a huge explosiong appeared as memebrs of the opposing faction flew into the air. Several more followed. "May you rest with the higest honor my comrades" He hopped down among the midst of the fighting and cut down enemy after enemy. Another explosion sent bodies and weapons flying through the air. Grathos ducked as a cart went over his head, hitting several soldiers behind him. "My friend, now is your chance" He turned to the edge of the canyon were his companion stood and put his hands together and chanted the Honor Call.

Another explosion ripped through the wall as the canyon wall came down upon the Jade Dragons taking out a nice portion of their army. Another soldier repeated the Honor Call and blocked them in. Grathos smiled as th rest were cut down where they stood. "Today was another glorious battle" Another explosion was heard, one that was not supposed to happen. He turned to the nearest soldier. "What was that?" The soldier made a small bow. "Several Shadow Raiders tried to attack but were unsuccessful due to the Honor Call"

Grathos nodded as he turned his head to the sky staring out into space.
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Guest bleached
Name: Denzede "The Arc"

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Faction: White Mist

Race: He has been dubbed the Arc. Somehow, he has shown powers that only the angels are supposed to know, or thought to know. This has caused them to give him a name of a fallen angel, and Arc.

Personality: An outcast for the white mist, he is the quiet one that noone would think be one of the strongest. He does as he is told, and seldomely gives out orders of his own. When he does do his job, he is quick and clean. Besides that, normally, when in normal conversation outside of the white mist, he is a normal person. Happy go lucky Denzede, always trying to protect the ones that have been wronged.

Bio: He was not born, he was dropped. He has lived on the planet for around six years now, and has gotten used to the ways that things are. He was sent to help the White Mist, but he is unsure how. All he knows is that when a fight comes around, he must be there, or know everything about it.

White he was raised inside of the White Mist, he did not act like everyone else. He hates pride, and tries to show as little of it as possible. But he knows that unless he is cold and harsh, he will never get anywhere. So, he started just acting like a soldier, nothing more. It has helped. He watches, learns, and then acts on what he knows.

When outside of his group, living his normal life, he is happy. He always helps anyone who needs it, and tries to tell them to hang on, that the wars that are going on around them are going to end soon. He tries to act like a comforting agent more than anything else.

Recently, one problem has arose. He has gotten a slight erdge to act. He has begun to do things he has never done before. He has started to act out, trying to change the White Mist into more of a supporting group then a cocky one. He wants to win the support of the people over with trust, not fear. He only hopes that his plans take effect before its too late.

Well, there she blows. Tell me anything that needs to be changed.
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[COLOR=#1e7628][SIZE=1][b]Name:[/b] Aoi Ro
[B]Gender:[/B] Female
[B]Age:[/B] 116
[b]Faction:[/b] 7th Faction

[B]Race:[/B] Half-Dragon. Daughter of a dragon shapeshifter and a human, Aoi was born a half-dragon, a rare breed of humanoid creatures with dragon characteristics (long life span, scales, a horn, wings, tail, exaggerated teeth and claws). Being of blue dragon decent, she has the ability to create lightning. As a half-dragon, she has trained as a summoner, and is now able to call upon spirits and occasionally other dragons as well.

[B]Personality:[/B] Aoi holds a high rank in the 7th Faction, and is one of the most fearsome looking, as well. One's first thought of her after seeing her would be she was a violent, greedy, selfish and cold-hearted creature. However, this couldn't be further from the truth. Passive, submissive, caring and self-sacrificing, Aoi hates the idea of anyone being in pain, but she is expected to fight because of her strength and usefulness. During battle, she is very conservative of her powers, using as little force as she possibly can until her own, or a fellow faction member's, life is threatened.

[b]Snippet:[/b] Soaring high above the battle-scarred fields, Aoi cheerfully twirled about in the air, her blue wings creating strange patterns in the clouds. She was smiling and laughing for the first time in a long time, and with good reason. Her training had been grueling while her master was demanding and unforgiving, leaving her with no reason to be cheerful. But now, she was free.

[b]"It's finally done!"[/b] she giggled quietly to herself before spiraling downwards towards the ground. Pulling up from her nosedive just as her nose felt the tickle of wheat, she glided for a few more moments before falling into the embrace of the crop. Sprawled out as much as she could, Aoi stared up at the sky. As she rested, thinking quietly to herself, she decided she might as well give it a try.

She took a moment to stand back up, the many tall strands of wheat clinging to her stalling her. Then, to concentrate, she took a deep breath and clapped and rubbed her hands together, the sound of thunder suddenly shaking the calm of the field.

[b]"Alright... Lets give this a shot."[/b]

She pulled her hands apart and held them out while staring intently at the empty space between them. Three seconds passed before a white circle appeared which she pulled a thick, leather-bound book out of. Flipping through the pages, she found a familiar creature: a phoenix.

[b]"This will be easy!"[/b] she mumbled to herself. Holding out her right hand as she held the book in her left, she made a few signs before closing her eyes. After a second or two, the sky turned from light blue to dark red as a fiery circle appeared before her. Slowly, the circle began to take the shape of a bird. Finally, with a flash of light, a phoenix floated patiently before her, waiting for instructions.

[b]"I did it!"[/b] Aoi cried happily. [b]"Now all I have to do is figure out how Master does it without a book..."[/b] As she fell into thought, she began wandering through the field towards the hut, her summoned creature floating behind her.


[b]OOC:[/b] Well, hope I'm in. This looks like a lot of fun. :3 If there's anything I need to change, let me know. Oh, but I won't be able to post until Sunday night, or maybe Monday because I'll be out of town this weekend. Hopefully you'll overlook that. ^_^;[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Okay, I think I'm going to sign up.

[color=slategray][b]Name:[/b] Saeneles[/color]
[color=slategray] [/color]
[color=slategray][b]Gender:[/b] Female[/color]
[color=slategray] [/color]
[color=slategray][b]Age:[/b] 132[/color]
[color=slategray] [/color]
[color=slategray][b]Faction:[/b] White Mist[/color]
[color=slategray] [/color]
[color=slategray][b]Race:[/b] At first glance, Saeneles appears to be of the faerie, but upon closer inspection it becomes obvious that she is different. Because of the magical nature of the faerie, they are much more prone to change than races such as humans. From time to time, faeries are born who are fundamentally different from the rest of their kind. Saeneles is one of these.[/color]
[color=slategray] [/color]
[color=slategray]Saeneles is a bit taller than other faeries, around the average human height rather than the average faerie height. She does have wings, and is able to fly, although her wings don't appear to play as much of a role in this as one would expect. They're certainly necessary, but there's something more than them at work. Even Saeneles herself isn't entirely sure what it is. She never has to think about flying; it comes naturally to her.[/color]
[color=slategray] [/color]
[color=slategray]Saeneles has magical powers greater than normal faerie. She is more in tune with the energies of magic, and therefore has greater command over them. However, use of her powers didn't come naturally like her flight. She had to learn to use her powers, to develop and hone them to perfection. But those powers, as a result of her stronger connection to the magic energies, are greater than the powers of other faerie.[/color]
[color=slategray] [/color]
[color=slategray][b]Personality:[/b] Saeneles is a very solitary individual. She keeps to herself, and it's rare for her to socialize. She can function just fine as part of a group, and has no problems with discussions of strategy and the like. And she's a fine team player. She just isn't very social. She doesn't make small talk or engage in pointless activites with others or anything like that. She prefers to keep to herself[/color]
[color=slategray] [/color]
[color=slategray]Saeneles is very confident of her abilities, but not overconfident or cocky. She knows her abilities very well, and is well aware of her limits. She will not knowingly rush into situations she can't handle. However, she's not one to give up easily. If she can't do something one way, she'll look for another way, and only after considering every possibility will she give up on anything.[/color]
[color=slategray] [/color]
[color=slategray][b]Bio:[/b] Saeneles has been alone for most of her life. SHe was always different, always unique. The other faerie children tended to distance themselves from her, as did the adults. At the time, she didn't understand why, bat as she grew older she realized that it was because she was different. In some way or another, they were afraid of her. Those who were different were always feared, and she was no exception. This became very obvious when, as soon as she was capable of fending for herself, she was forced to leave the village where she had lived her entire life.[/color]
[color=slategray] [/color]
[color=slategray]Saeneles had been exiled as a result of her differences. Her own kind had shunned her because of something beyond her control. Though she'd been alone for her entire life, it was this that solidified her preference for solitude, and her behavior of distancing herself from others. She lost her trust in others when her own kind exiled her for something beyond her control, something that had been set at the moment of her birth.[/color]
[color=slategray] [/color]
[color=slategray]Saeneles lived by herself in the forest. What time wasn't taken up by survival-related activities such as hunting for food, she used in the development and refinement of her powers. Eventually, she gained a level of control over her abilities that, as far as she knows, no one else has ever achieved. She simply spent more time on perfecting her abilities, put more effort into it. After all, she didn't have anything better to do.[/color]
[color=slategray] [/color]
[color=slategray]Saeneles was exiled by the faerie, and she felt no loyalty towards them. However, the same was not true of the faction White Mist. She'd been raised as a member of the White Mist faction, and though the faerie had shunned her, the White Mist faction as a whole was not. She was still loyal to the White Mist faction, and so she eventually began to fight for the White Mist. Her weapon of choice was a staff, with which she was quite skilled. She quickly prooved to be an invaluable asset for the faction. And although sometimes she was on the losing side in battles, she never did anything less than her very best, and when she was givne specific tasks to perform, she carried them out. She quickly made a name for herself as one of the most able warriors of the White Mist faction.[/color]

Okay, there we go. Please tell me if I need to change anything
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Name: Faith
Gender: female
Age: 16
Fraction: 7th( name unknown)
Race: half-angel half-demon
Personality: stubborn and a loner
Bio: Not much is known about her except that she is a fierce fighter with the thrist to kill in her. Her past is all but a blur to her and lives most of her life on the road or alone somewhere. She was mostly tortured by others because of her race. No one really liked her but she had a way with dealing with them.

She tortured the ones who made fun of her and sometimes when they knew that she was pissed, they kept on doing it until she finally cracked. She now is a warrior who hopes that she will lead her fraction to victory in this bloody war.
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[SIZE=1][Color=DarkOrange]My apologies for not having been around to do updates, or let you all know what has been going on with The Petal Throne. I've been slightly busy making arrangements for my move, but I'm back and things are going to start up shortly.

In the very first post in the thread that contains the sign up, and information on the Factions, you'll see a list of who has made it so far. For those not on the list that have signed up, it is not because I do not like you. If you simply rewrite your sheet to have better quality and description, I shall have no problem letting you participate. As of right now however, those accepted are listed.

Information, questions, and even comments can posted in the Underground thread, which is [URL=http://otakuboards.com/showthread.php?p=730038#post730038]here[/URL]. Remember to stick to OBs standards.
Here is my Character. The RPG itself shall be started tomorrow.

[b]Name:[/b] Arakinis Destunda
[b]Age:[/b] 93
[b]Gender:[/b] Male
[b]Race:[/b] Felis Lycanthrope (Werefeline, of the Siberian Tiger variety for the simple fact that I like how they look)((If you have questions regarding Felis Lycanthrope please feel free to pm me))
[b]Personality:[/b] Arakinis is a gruff, blunt, yet respectable being. He does not see the need to disrespect others lest it is deserving, nor will he degrade someone. Loyalty is something he is known for, as well as his eagerness of being in battle, yet if you ask him, he hates fighting. He is not a pacifist, yet he has still not found a reason for the war, which irks him in many ways.
[b]Bio:[/b] Arakinis grew up as any peasant child would, which means on a farm working with his parents and siblings, doing what they could to survive during the war. He had three brothers and 2 sisters, all but one brother older then himself.

On the eve of his 19th birthday when he was going to be given a small portion of his family field to tend to himself, disaster struck. The war had come to his village, and in full force. He remembers the night to this day for it is something he shall never forget. It was the night when he was turned, the night when his home was destroyed. The night when all he held dear was destroyed.

The Faction known as Canis Lupis had been attacked by the Kitoku in a surprise maneuver, which resulted in a chase that ran directly through his village. In their arrogance and greed, the Kitoku began slaughtering the villagers, destroying homes, farms, and mills. Only for the sole reason that it was Canis Lupis land.

In the aftermath of the carnage, a young Lycanthrope saw Arakinis bleeding to death, slowly but surely, and still attacking the Kitoku in memory of his freshly fallen family and friends. The Canis Lupis warrior must have taken pity on Arak, or felt that he would make a strong addition, for the warrior gifted Arak with Lycanthropy.

The next Arakinis knew, he woke up in a cave somewhere in the mountains to the north and was told the whole story, albeit rather vaguely. From that day, he has been in the Canis Lupis, and has served them with his blood, sweat, and tears.
And there we have it folks. I might revise his bio somewhat, but I like it as it is right now.

In regards to the Underground thread, I know it has nothing in there at the moment, but that shall change later on tonight.

Thanks for your patience.[/size][/color]
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[SIZE=1] Name: Tayin Eclipse

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Faction: Shadow Riders

Race: Murgokin, The murgokins are the descendants of the great seed, brought up from the ground, their basic appearance is relatively humanoid except for their abilities, being children of the Earth they developed extreme reflexes, speed, and camouflage capabilities.

Appearance: Tayin stands about 5'11 high with long straight jet black hair that falls into his sparkling blue eyes, his skin is a dark tanned, earthy color, he wears a tight assassin's outfit made of black cloth and around his neck he has a loose kerchief sewed on so he can lift it up so it covers his nose and mouth, he also wears a black head ban, he dirks strapped to his legs, and a belt of throwing knives on his chest.

Personality: Tayin is a calm and collected person which aids him in being an assassin, he can retain his composure even in the worst possible situation, Tayin always goes for the quick kill in battle and never stops once he is in battle. He is very self confident but far from cocky, he likes to relieve tension and works well in very small groups or all alone, he doesn't like having to depend on people during battle because he doesn't trust a lot of people, even ones in his faction.

Bio: Tayin was born into a small family, his mother died giving birth which left him with only his father, a very hard and stern man, who was also high in the ranks of the Shadow Rider faction. Once Tayin had matured a bit his father started teaching him stealth, Tayin easily picked it up and by the age of 10 could go anywhere even in broad daylight without being seen. On Tayin's 11th birthday he received his first set of long daggers, dirks, from his father and began his training with them, he had been given a basic combat training but these were his first weapons. He quickly became very skilled with them and went on to learn different skills. By the time Tayin was 18 he was a hardened and fierce assassin.

On this day he joined the Shadow Riders as an 18 year old he was given his first mission, a small Tiger Lily encampment, this not only tested his skills but his commitment, would he kill a women. Tayin left at first dark and returned the next morning with glazed over eyes, after dispatching the commander of the camp he had just killed every single warrior in the camp without any mercy. Ever since that day he has had no problem with killing and has even come to enjoy it a bit.

When Tayin was 22 he and his Father went on a mission together, there was a rather large Jade Dragon camp where a committee of some of the faction's head leaders were meeting, Little did Tayin and his father know the White Mist were also attacking that night, after dispatching the committee the White Mist soldiers hit, it was a disaster zone, on the way back Tayin and his father ran into a group of about 25 men, they were enormously outnumbered, Tayin's father lost his life, and Tayin himself escaped severely injured, but not one White Mist soldier made it out alive. Since then Tayin has developed a burning hatred for the White Mist and fights them at every chance he gets.

(Hope I'm not too late)[/SIZE]
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