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RPG Sands of Time [M-LVS]


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[CENTER][B][U]Sands of Time[/U]

[SIZE=1][CENTER] [B][U]The Cast[/U][/B]
The Boss as [I]Musashi Miyamoto[/I]
Sin as [I]Carthage[/I]
Takamor`e as [I]Teticoon Arsrin[/I]
Monkatraz as [I]Joseph Hunter[/I]
Revelation as [I] Taern Leviath Khoro [Pending][/I]
Vicky as [I]Dogarta Artovesky Therta[/I]
Sakura as [I]Katharina "Kat" Blum[/I]
Stark as [I]Rizel Eva[/I]
Starwind as [I]Nathan "Nate" Rellis[/I]
Crucifix as [I]Experiment # 4539480- ?Axel Riotwing?[/I]
Gavin as [I]Tiberius Excellon Braska[/I]
Ecstasy ? [I]Lock[/I]
Ozymandius Jones ? [I]Cynthia Madeline Jameson[/I]
DeathKnight ? [I]Lucretia[/I]

Once upon a time,
We found ourselves standing on our beaches, staring up at the stars
Wondering what it was like, to be there among the Gods
We dreamt of such things and wished for such miracles
Dreamt of all these galaxies so fine
And we waited centuries until we were there, among the Gods
We sat with them, dined with them, but we weren?t one of them
Now I ask you, will you join me in my quest to join [I]them[/I]?
We will walk this beach as Gods
Forever leaving our footprints in the Sands of Time.[/CENTER]

[right]- [B]Hephaestus[/B][/right]

And now, it begins.

We welcome you to your new life, your new destiny. You have been chosen by the wisest and oldest beings in the Universe, our name which has long been forgotten, but or title which is known throughout galaxies as the one and only Lords of Time. Though there is nothing keeping you in this programme you should realise that your skills are greatly needed for the survival of not only humanity but possibly the entire Universe. Even such powerful beings as ourselves cannot defend the whole Universe. Our powers are limited to time itself, we have no effected over people?s lives. You, however, have the means to change someone, even destroy them if necessary. That is but one of your talents that is needed.

Shortly you will begin your journey; you will be escorted to your new home by one of our people. We cannot guarantee that you will be given a lot of time to adjust before your first mission, nor can it be promised that all your teammates will be there in time for the first mission. We will try our best, but be warned, some members might possibly be met on a mission. Be weary of your enemies and your friends.

It is not our place to inform you exactly what to do. You may kill if you feel it is necessary, though I doubt the majority of you will choose that option. Only kill those who do not belong to that time line, or shouldn?t be there. If you destroy any beings that should be living, we will terminate your duty to this mission? and your life.

[CENTER][B][U]Chapter I[/U]
[I]In the great age of dinosaurs mankind wasn?t really a problem. They weren?t evolved enough to do anything amazing. However, in this instance, mankind isn?t the one threatening time. Someone, believed to be a henchman of Hephaestus, has granted a strange species to conduct experiments on the dinosaur population. They have been setting up camps and labs across a small island and whatever they?re doing is definitely going to screw up time. It is feared that some dinosaurs may become extinct and therefore disturb the balance of time itself. The experiments also seem to be having strange effects on the reptiles, mutations, perhaps. Let?s hope one of these ?super dinosaurs? don?t get out, or the aftermath will be disastrous.[/I]


The sun was rising over Rarseri Prime sending rays of dark red light over the hills and mountains. Although most of Rarseri was full of high buildings and glass structures this place wasn?t, it was one of the only parts of Rarseri that was still thriving with nature. The small rivers and streams hidden behind the trees reflected what little sunlight managed to break through the treetops, the sky was a bright pink colour from the newly risen Rarseri sun and there wasn?t a sound in the world that could be heard in this part, except for the running streams and a gentle breeze.

There was a small house just before the trees and stream, a rather primitive house for Rarserian standards. It was in fact a holiday home owned by Marrek, a friend of Dogarta. Dogarta had received his invitation, and numerous other letters, from the High Council a few weeks ago and today would be the day he would leave. Dogarta had nothing much to lose, but a lot to gain.

[B]?Arovetsky, hey, wake up.?[/B] Marrek whispered quietly, shaking Dogarta. He had a habit of calling Dogarta by his second incarnation, since that was when they met. [B]?It?s almost time for you to leave.?[/B]

Dogarta awoke suddenly, shrugging Marrek off of him and sitting up only to be attacked by the bright sun through his window. He was dazed and confused for a moment, then he saw Marrek. Sighing, he swung his legs over the side of his bed and frowned, rubbing his head in thought.

[B]?What??[/B] he asked his middle-aged military companion. [B]?What is it? Oh? oh, never mind, I remember. Today?s the day I make history and save it, as well. I?m glad you woke me up. Are there are more letters for me??[/B]

Marrek didn?t speak and instead handed him two envelopes.

Dogarta opened the first one, noticing it was quite a long one. He didn?t read it, instead he went to the end of the letter, noticing it was from a man by the name of ?Jiheiro Ivart ?Switch? Salin.? Even that put Dogarta off. He wearily put that letter into his pocket and opened the other one, which was not signed, had no greeting like the rest, and was quite plain, even ancient.

[B]?And now, it begins??[/B] Dogarta read out loud. He began to read it, and as he did so Marrek decided to leave him to his thoughts.

Upon finishing his reading, and not being impressed at all, Dogarta made his way towards the living room, where Marrek was moving files around. Marrek was only in his first life; he was quite old but looked considerably young with a big build and a military greater-than-thou attitude that most Rarserian soldiers possessed. It seemed Marrek was ignoring Dogarta, for now.

[B]?Well then, Mr. Marrek, how do I look? Too fancy? Not fancy enough? A little too 32nd century perhaps??[/B] Dogarta asked in an attempt to make conversation, flying into the room and twirling himself around to make his presence known.

[B]?You look fine.?[/B] Marrek told him.

[B]?Right. So I look bad, don?t I??[/B] laughed Dogarta. There was no reply from Marrek, so Dogarta attempted to make conversation again, only this time he was more considerate to Marrek. [B]?Are you okay? Is this about me leaving, or the whole thing about me getting picked? I?m not calling you jealous? but it does seem a bit evil of me to put you behind for something else.?[/B]

Marrek sighed, leaving the files for now. [B]?No, no it?s not about you getting picked, it?s the leaving part. Are you even coming back? If you die, there won?t be a Rarserian there to help you! You?ll die for good; you won?t have anymore lives left! Besides, I?ll miss you I guess, although all I?m really concerned about is you. We?re meant to live for so long that death is accepted because we?re so wise and understand it. It?s not fair if you die before your time.?[/B]

Dogarta smiled, he almost laughed in fact. He had to leave Marrek, so he had to make it short, and short words were something Dogarta was good at. [B]?My friend and brother,?[/B] he whispered, placing a hand on Marrek?s shoulder. [B]?When I die I die, it doesn?t matter how many lives I live. Age doesn?t make you wise, it?s staring death in the face that gives you an insight to the greatest secrets in the Universe. The military didn?t provide that for me, but this will.?[/B] Dogarta smiled and felt suddenly cheesy about what he said. He backed away to the door, and did another twirl. [B]?Besides, who the hell is going to kill [I]me[/I]??[/b]

Laughing once more, the Rarserian took towards the front door, taking his leave without another word to his friend. He left and stepped out into the bright morning atmosphere, feeling refreshed and dazed by the sun and clear air. Breathing in, brushing back his dark brown and messing hair, he began to walk.

[B]?Arovetsky, take care of yourself. If you die, I?ll kill you!?[/B] Marrek shouted from the door. Dogarta turned around and saluted quickly, smirking as he did so. He would miss the company of his own kind, despite how he tended to argue with a lot of them.

He had no idea where he was going to meet his escort, which was one of the things he had noticed in the letter sent from that ?Switch? person. Dogarta figured that they would meet him; he certainly wouldn?t look around for them. He decided to walk to the stream and wait there for them, hoping that he wouldn?t be forgotten.

He reached the stream and knelt down at the waters, looking at his reflection with great interest and smiling. He ran his hand through the waters, they were cold yet felt strangely warm from the sun, a part of his planet he would miss. The smell of fresh grass and nature, the mysterious temperatures of the place, its people and its way of working? all these things Dogarta had known, granted not for long since he spent much of his time around Earth, but he had known them as a child and his childhood memories were his strongest.

Dogarta sighed and sat back, wondering what his parents would think of him now. Would they be proud that he was willing to take on such a dangerous mission, or disappointed that he didn?t follow in their footsteps? If not following them was the case, then they would have been disappointed in his current life. Being the most ?erotic hero in the galaxy? wasn?t a title either of his parents shared.

[B]?You have been selected by the High Council and the Lords of Time. You will follow me.?[/B] A dry, emotionless voice came from behind. Dogarta stood up quickly and came face to face with a considerably tall figure, dressed in white from his head down, his face hidden beneath a hood and numerous scratches and scars on his hands.

[B]?So you keep saying??[/B] Dogarta muttered. The cloaked man did not speak. He simply turned around and began to make his way up the hill, at a fast pace for a lanky tall guy, too. Still, without wondering further, Dogarta followed. He had to jog to keep up.

[B][I]?I wonder if all these time folks are as rude as this guy??[/I][/B] Dogarta thought to himself. He frowned at his escort, who really didn?t seem to care. If the guy was capable of feeling care for any living thing. The letter seemed incredibly dry, as well; it was hard to believe these people had power of time. Dogarta wondered if, whilst gaining such a great power, they lost something that made them living beings.

They stopped at a cave of some sort; it was so dark inside that Dogarta couldn?t see anything. He couldn?t recall the cave being there before, either.

[B]?This passage leads to your new destination. I will guide you through and I will escort you to the Command Section shortly after. You must wait for some time at the Portal.?[/B] The escort said. His voice was colder now than before, emotionless as well. He reached out and put his hand into the cave, but it didn?t reach into the darkness. It seemed to disappear, as if it had passed through a door that Dogarta was incapable of seeing through.

[B]?Is this the portal??[/B] asked Dogarta.

[B]?Yes. You will follow me.?[/B] Came the cold response. Without further ado, the escort walked through into the blackness, disappearing.

Dogarta took in a sharp breath. His first time travelling experience? it didn?t seem too hard? so, he stepped through, without so much as a thought.

?Maybe he should have put a little more thought into it?

He wasn?t sure what happened as he travelled through the tunnel, it was all darkness until he neared the end where numerous strange mixtures of colours had appeared. Then, the next thing he knew, the colours had turned into a bright white and his vision had cleared, the white disappeared and he was kneeling down on a metal platform. His head was spinning, he felt like throwing up and his whole body felt weak, like someone had just charged straight through him and disturbed all his normal functions. He stared down at the metal for a moment, blinking several times, and as the sickness passed he looked up to a whole new world.

Well? not so new.

The platform was at least ten steps up from the ground, and the ground itself seemed to be a very shiny silver colour. Not like standard dull ship colours, it seemed new and strong, much like the walls. The walls didn?t seem as bright, but they seemed as new and as plain as the floor. There was a long corridor a head of Dogarta, wide and stretching out for some distance and at the end was a doorway. Two large, wooden doors that didn?t seem to fit in with the silver area, which were followed by what Dogarta thought to be another set of doors, and possibly another set.

[B]?We will wait here until I decide to take you up to the Command Section.?[/B] Said his escort.

Dogarta rolled his eyes. [B]?So much for staring death in the face??[/B]

OOC: Alrighty, your turn. You should end your post at the portal, you can meet my character if you wish, say hi and everything if you want, or just leave it that you?re there. Your escort doesn?t have to be the one I?ve described, they can be different but you have to keep the emotionless and mystery about them, ie: keep the cloak. How they appear, where they appear, what they do is up to you. This is really an introduction post, include any made-up characters you want, make it as long as you want, just not too short. I?ll probably post a little later and take any characters that are already at the portal up to the Command Section, or Bridge, and the others can make their way up as soon as they arrive.

If you haven?t finished your sign-up and everyone?s already at the Bridge, no worries. Like the letter said, some team mates will in fact be late. Have fun guys; be as creative as you want. I don?t mind, as long as you don?t mess up anyone?s characters, heh.[/SIZE]
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Nate was just sitting there at the window of the hotel room. He was on the 40th floor of a rather prominent hotel, frequented by his normal clientel. He stared at the red sun rising on the horizon, just beyond the limits of the city. It was almost like he was in a trance. Like the world around his ceased to be and the only thing left was him and the red light of the early morning sun. He stood there for a few minutes with the a letter clasped loosely in his left hand and a glass of red wine in his right. Most would think it rather bad to be drinking this early in the morning, but it's not like anyone was going to stop him. He was all alone in his room.

He soon came out of his daze and went to the wall by the window and pulled the blinds shut on the window. He set the letter down on a near by table and rubbed his eyes. He looked about the hotel room. He looked to the thrashed king size bed he had slept in last night and in it was the girl he had brought back with him. She wasn't the first and she wouldn't be the last. He didn't feel like waking her and instead collected his clothes and went ot the bathroom for a shower.

He stood in the spray of hot water, still traped by the thought of this letter for a new "job" he had just recieved. Not only could he not tell where it came from, but it had no signature, nor contact information. It was less like a proposal and more like a demand. As unnerving as the letter itself was, he couldn't help but feel a sense of intrigue in the idea. It seemed to offer a stable client base and could help him move forward to new thresholds in his career.

He spent rougthly fifteen minutes in the shower before stepping out and drying himself off. He looked at himself in the mirror for a minute. The ran his hand through his orange hair and seemed to sone out for a moment as he did so. He snapped back to almost instantly. He shook his head and let his hair in it's normal mess. He picked his coat up off the ground threw it on over an old plain white-T. By the time he came back out of the shower, in much the same mess he was when he went in, the girl from last night had already woken up and was getting dressed herself.

The two looked at each other for a moment. She smiled to him as she finished buttoning her pants and causally walked out the door. Nate stood there for a moment as if he was uncertain of what to do. He then simply continued about his business as if nothing had changed.

Once all was gatherd and he was all set to leave this hotel once again, he again contemplated the letter. It said that if he was "prepared" to go to the roof. It seemed like a setup, but if someone was out for him, why not take him out when they left the letter on his bed. If they could get that close, they had no need to lure him out some where to take him out. Unless the angel was intimidation! There were to many pieces and no way to fit them all together. If he wanted to know, he would have to go to the roof and confront whatever wait there for him.

Nate stepped out of his room, his duffel bag flung over his shoulder and his sword in his hand. He looked to the far end of the hall to his right and saw the elevators. He started to walk toward them and knew this was the moment of choice. What he did here would decide what happend to him next. Like there was any other chance. He was far too curious to let it end here. And with no hesitation or concern, he walked into the elevator car and headed for the top floor, from which, he took the emergency stair case to the roof.

When he stepped out on the roof he saw no one standing immediatly in front of the door, or in plain sight from that vantage point. This made this whole thing feel even more like a set up. But still, he continued out onto the roof after only a moment of hesitation. Once out he looked around the back of the door leading to the roof and noticed someone in the far left hand corner of the roof, off set against the morning sunlight. Nate stood still for a moment and called out to the figure standing in the corner [B]"Are you the one who sent me this letter!? Well, come on. Say something!"[/B]

The figure didn't move, and he couldn't tell if they were facing him or the sun, but either way there lack of response both irratated and worried him. Finally after what seemed like an eternity of silent anguish and uncertainty the figure responded in a cold and emotionless over tone [B]"Yes. I have been sent to retrieve you."[/B]

Nate stood still for a moment. The tone of the person was almost robotic, but the voice was almost certainly that of a human. A womans to be more percise. The "woman" then moved forward, revealing a red cloak that coverd her face and the rest of her form. This was only making Nate even more irratable and concerned. The figure then half turned to it's right [B]"The gate will lead you to the ship, sir. Please step inside."[/B]

What gate was she talking about? The only thing there was the glaring sunlight, but still. He walked forward, as if he was truly going for this long hallway that was obviously not there. He stepped closer to the ledge of the roof and toward the sun. As he approached he felt the preassure on his feet seem to lift and the light seemed to be growing brighter as well.

The colors of the light seemed to purge from red to white and then he walked on to this silver platform and standing in front of him was another young man, with yet another cloaked escort
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Axel's alarm clock was braely loud enough to drown out the sound of the slums below him. The city was always active, whether it be with crime or commerce, not that there was much difference anymore. Cars, mortorcycles, and even the occasional Biker rode by, all ruled by their usuall flow of time. And then there was Axel, ready to abandon his to save others.


Axel looked down at his alarm clock angily from the side of bed. [I]Time? Time to get up. Time to go. Time for me to save time.[/I] He laughed sourly at that thought. [I]This is so ridiculous! Chosen to protect the timeline? Hmmm... Maybe it's not so crazy...Why else would you have this gut feeling?[/I] Axel's thoughts grew so loud he was forced to speak aloud.

[B]"Bullshit!"[/B] He got up out of bed and showered quickly. He stepped out of the shower, throwing on his robe and grabbing a towel to dry his hair. As he walked into his bedroom he looked at his nighttable, at all the leters he had recieved from the Lords of Time and some "Switch" guy. One every day since the first, almost counting down his time to departure. When he had lazily stolled to check his mail this morning he had half-expected the letter to say blast off.

He cleared all save the most recent into the trash and looked over the letter one last time. The format, the tone, the air this message has around it was all cold. These "Lords of Time" were not social people, creatures, whatever. Axel looked at his alarm clock, grimacing. He should get dressed, despite his skepticy. He had no idea where or when these Lords would be retrieving him. He stood up and began dressing.

He exited his house 10 minutes later, after having dressed, eaten, and grabbed his motorcycle keys. He strode down the street towards his garage, recieving strange looks from passerbyes. He had worn the outfit assigned to him for missions from the Organization. A black tangtop, covered by a black, shortsleeved jacket that barely ended above his knees clothed his upper body, and black loose fitting pants led into black boots with silver lining. His hands were cradled in black gloves, and his gunblades rested at his hips.

He walked up to his bike, sitting down and shoving the key into the ignition. Once on, Axel reached into his pocket and pulled out a pair of rectangular, thin-rimmed shades. He leaned in, backed up, and drove off at a suicidal pace, unsure of exactly where he would go. The sun was up, but the pollution in the city turned the sun's ray into ominous strands of the afterlife striking the roads and draining them of life. Axel sped down the forlorn, destroyed roads of the city, looking for some sort of sign.

[B]"If you want to come and get me, do it---"[/B] And explosion at the side of the road, interrupted Axel. The shockwave from the blast threw him off balance, and he struggled to spin the bike around and come to a halt. He took a moment to breathe and rode swftly to the source of the explosion. When he arrived he was amazed at what he found. The building the explosion had come from was completely intact, but the earth around it was annihalated. The building had not been the only thing to survive. A black with golden lining cloaked figure, about as tall as him, sat on the steps. Axel's first instinct to check on the figure was quickly whisked away by a stronger feeling of danger. He reahed for his weapon, but was thrown back a great distance by a sudden force.

[B]"Shit!"[/B] Axel his the ground, bounced, and hit it again, but this time did a backflip to regain balance. He looked around, ready for another strike, when a voice dame from behind him.

[B]"Stop. You have been selected by The Lords of Time. You will come with e to the ship now."[/B] The creature's face was heavily shielded, though it's arms, which appeared human-enough, were covered in scars. It's cloak seemingly hovered around it, and though it had legs and feet, it floated along, and at a quick pace too. It turned around and swept away back towards the building. Axel growled unhappily.

[B]"First he knocks me around, and then he doesn't even apolgozie. Rude much? Hope there's some pleasant company on the ship."[/B] Axel sprinted to catch up with the "Time Lord" and jogged to stay up with him once he had. They stopped in front of the skyscraper, and the creature turned to Axel.

[B]"Here you will enter the portal through time to the ship. Then, when I feel it is important, I'll lead you to the Command Section."[/B] Axel sneered under his breath as the creature walked up to the entrance.

[B]"A little too pretentious, you don't think?"[/B] The creature spun around to Axel and that remark, and though Axel couldn't see his eyes, he could feel him glaring. The creature turned back and, instead of entering the building, dissapeared. Axel raised his eyebrows, suprised slightly. He walked up the entrance and shoved his hand through. It dissapeared, and the rest of his arm grew cold. He pulled it out swiftly.

[B]"Well...here we go..."[/B] He stepped in, and was overcome with darkness. All he could do, though how he was doing it he did not know since he could feel his legs moving, was continue forwards. His head swam as he could feel animals, cultures, kings, queens, emperors, civilizations, Gods, even, rise and fall. Finally a brilliant light overtook him, and he was on his knees in a staring at a silver floor, probably the interior of the ship. He felt like his stomach and head were upsidedown. He thought he heard the Time Lord hum mockingly, and then a voice reached his ear.

[B]"Don't worry, buddy. I think that's how everyone feels their first time."[/B] Two arms came down and helped Axel up. He looked at the men and smiled when he saw that they weren't one of the Creatures. Axel nodded and stood up on his own. He extended a hand to the first of the two who helped him.

[B]"Nice to see other souls capable of some emotion. My name's Axel. Got it memorized?"[/B] One man laughed at that comment and grasped Axel's hand, shaking it.

[B]"Axel, eh? I won't go forgetting that name. Mine's Dogarta. A pleasure."[/B] Axel smiled at Dogarta and then extened his hand to the other, who answered him briefley.

[B]"A pleasure, Axel. I'm Nate."[/B]Axel smiled at him, then looked aorund at the ship. It was unfamiliar to him in most every way, but that didn't bother him in the least. What did bother his was the two Lords of Time standing in the corner. Axel looked to Dogarta and spoke questioningly.

[B]"What do you think's waiting for us here?"[/B] Dogarta looked at the Lords of Time, down the corridor in front of them, and then back to Axel.

[B]"Who knows? Guess we'll find out soon enough what we're in store for..."[/B]


[B]OOC:[/B] I hope that's alright. I just woke up [and can't actually recall when I went to sleep...No, I wasn't drinking. -__-], so I'm not quite sure how that post turned out. So I hope everything is what you expected, vicky.[/SIZE]
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Joseph Hunter in a bar in a suburb of New York, looking over a letter he received. He was somewhat amazed that the letter had found him, and was sure that if he hadn't reentered the United States only days earlier that it never would have. He lit a cigarette and read through the letter again... [I]Who is this Switch and what does he want with me?[/I]

He got up and left the bar (not paying for his drink, seeing as noone asked him) and entered the street to see a small bunch of kids pretending they hadn't been staring at the entrance, waiting to see if The Traveler was truly there. He ignored them and headed out into the city. As he walked he saw a whiter figure in his peripheral, he instantly tensed up and quickly turned to it. Standing in an alley was a tall, white-robed figure facing Hunter.

"You have been chosen by the Lords of Time. Follow me." It said.

"Are you Switch?" Joseph asked.

"I am not. Follow me."

"Hold on, what is it you want?" Asked Joseph, well aware that many people and agencies where after him.

"I am going to take you to the portal. Follow me." After a second of neither one of them moving it said, "I am unarmed."

Sensing no malice from it, he said "All right the, lead on."

The white-robed figure walked far until they reached the city,(attracting more stares than Hunter did) and from there into the subways. They walked through the (oddly empty) station until they got down near the tracks. The figure jumped onto the railroad tracks and Hunter hesistantly followed. They went further down (Hunter continuously expecting a train to come) until there was a small corridor that would be impossible to see unless you stood directly in front of it. Hunter and the figure proceeded down until it got so dark Hunter couldn't even see the ground in front of him and the figure disappeared.

He was shocked to realize that he couldn't even see the lit tip of his cigarette which he should have been able to see in any darkness. Suddenly he felt as if he were spinning and his sight was barraged with lights of different colors, he began to feel electricity coursing through his body and had to force his will to stop it: after so much time had passed adrenaline would cause it to flow instinctively, since he usually would use the electricity in situations which gave him adrenaline. Instantly it stopped and he felt himself on all fours on the floor and felt something foul tasting fly into his throat when he abruptly came to a stop. He heard a voice say "Haha, did you just swallow your cigarette?"
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1]Artifical light filtered through the webbing of the hive ship, spots dotted the humans face inside of the cages of organic bars. The ship was always busy, no matter what time of day or night. Someone was working on something or the screams of humans being fed on kept Carthage up, and only him. His eyes ever searching in the sleeping chamber. His mind listening to the other Wraith speaking to one another, saying where they were going next and how many would be needed for the next Culling.

Carthages ship had been found about 3 weeks ago by a passing Wraith ship, they thought they were catching another human, but they found only Carthage. And because he was Wraith from an outwards appearance, they accepted him into their ship, no questions asked. Carthage had kept to himself the entire time, trying to avoid feeding on humans that he saw in the holding cages. Carthage was now in the sleeping quarters, his arms held to his body, protecting his chest. It was Wraith instinct.
"Its time for me to leave. To save time. Ha, my race save time. How ironic."[/B] He sat up from his bed and swung his legs over the side and rubbed his forehead and sighed. He got up from his bed and head over to the cleansing unit, cleaning off the stench of the ship and of the night terrors that have haunted him ever since he got on this ship. The only thing he was happy to get on this ship were the letters from the Time Lords.

The latest letter he had recieved was from someone named "Switch", he thought it was odd to be called Switch. But, him having a name at all was abnormal. Since Wraith didn't have names, none of them needed them. Communication was solely through telepathy, and the channels were very open. As in, anyone could listen if they were in range of the signal. Carthage heard everything the talked about, even about who they were killing.

He finished using the cleansing unit and strapped on the armor he was found in, the armor he used during the great war against the humanoids two thousand years ago. The armor was a light black color that covered his torso only and pants that hugged his legs, it also came with two arms bands that started from his wrist and ended half way up his forearm.

He then found a coat with the hive ships insignia on it, it had a row of slots on the far right of the coat and a row of metal clips that lined up with slots. It also had long sleeves and came to about his ankles. He stood up straight and straightened out the coat, looking at an image that was being preject on the wall by the hip, holding his face up like most Wraith did. He placed his hands behind his back and clapsed them together.

He felt a cold touch as the long piece of metal across his right index finger touched the palm of his left hand. He turned to the doors of his quarters and walked out, walking down the corridors to the hanger. He had picked up earlier that they had reached a planet that was in need of Culling. He also knew that this was where he would leave these creatuers.

He passed by several Wraith on the way, a majority were soldier Wraiths. Big, bulky Wraiths that were made for either bodyguarding or for catching their prey. They were very stupid, and easy to kill. He passed by a few regular Wraith who were like him, not as strong, but as smart. And were harder to kill since they could read other creatuers minds like him. He kept to himself as he passed them, avoiding all contact.

He soon reached the hanger and looked for his ship that he had built. He liked his design better then the Darts of the Cruisers, it was more stable and would fair far better in a dogfight then Darts. He found it after a few minutes of searching through the large hanger, he hopped in and flipped on the switchs and did his routine check. He found his stunner next to his seat, pulled it out to make sure it was still working properly.

He placed it back and flipped another switch, causing the cockpit hood to close and seal shut. He continued to looked over his guages and systems to make sure everything was working properly. After he was done he hit the ignition switch and his ship hovered off the ground. It turned until it was facing the large hole in the side of the ship, he hit the throttle and the ship shot out of the hanger at high speed.
"Damn time I got off that filthy ship. Now to get to the planet and rendezvous with a Time Lord."[/B] His ship rocketed to the planet with several Wraith Darts and Cruisers close behind and ahead of him. It took him several mintues to manuver his ship through the clusters of Wraith and landed on the planets surface. He grabbed his stunner and got out of his ship, walking on the grassy earth and saw miles of force.

Not far behind him, several large squads of Wraiths combed the forest and grassland. One of the Wraiths in the group was an intellectual Wraith, and one that had a problem with Carthage entering their ship. But kept quiet about it. Carthage walked through the grasslands, stunning any thing that moved. The group with the intelligent Wraith had caught up to him as he was stunning another human.

They approched him, the intelligent one approching Carthage, the lower Wraith going for the human. The intelligent Wraith breathing on him with his mouth open and his teeth clenched, like all Wraith did, except Carthage. He walked around him until he was staring at him in the face.
"Caught another human, but you are not feeding on him? Why not?"[/B] Carthage kept his lips together and kept his gaze straight, focusing on the other in front of him.
"Because I am not hungry. I don't need to feed on him."[/B] The Wraith staring at Carthage looked to the hunters, then signaled with his head to bring the human to them. They dragged him to Carthage's feet and dropped him to his knees, he was still out cold. Carthage looked at the limp body. The intelligent Wraith spoke again.
"Well thats strange. Since you have been on our ship, no one has seen you feed. It's like you do not like to, that you do not enjoy the kill such as the rest of us."[/B] Carthage turned his gaze back to the other Wraith.
"Of course I feed. I take as much pleasuer as the next in sapping the life out of an innocent victim."[/B] Carthage lied boldly to his face, keeping his face stright and his gaze focused. His lips closed around his mouth, he couldn;t see how he was going to get out of this one. The other Wraith started to bob lightly, his course hair shifting lightly. Carthage's dreads hung over his shoulders.
"Well, then feed on this human. If you enjoy it as much as the rest of us do."[/B] He pushed Carthage towards the body, its chest lifting lightly up and down. Carthage bent down, his stunner in his left hand and his right reaching out towards the mans chest. Carthage knew he couldn't take out all of these Wraith with one stunner, so he did what he had to.

He jammed his plam into the mans chest, the hormone injecting into the mans body and his life slowly started to drain away. The man woke suddenly and screamed in pain, his face slowly starting to age and his hair turned white. His eyes glazed over and his voice grew horse, his face soon sagged and and his breathing grew labored. And in a matter of seconds, he was nothing but bones with flesh wrapped tightly around it.

Carthage stood up and looked toward the other Wraith, his face rock hard and his eyes clear of any kind of sorrow. He had to remian cool and calm, or else he would be fed on like that man was. The intelligent Wraith bobbed lightly a little bit then turned away and staretd to walk away, his squad following. Carthage waited until only one Wraith hunter was left. He shot him with the stunner and the hunter collapsed.

Carthage then jumped on him and jammed his hand into the hunters chest, he drained the life out of the hunter out of grief for the human. His lips were parted and his black teeth were exposed, a few seconds later the hunter was dead. Carthage grabbed the hutners stunner and proceeded to go deeper in the forest, his face was welling up with anger. His teeth still exposed.

After about a minute he came across a figuer in a black clock with gold trim, he hand the makings of a human but floated above the ground. Carthage approched slowly. The clocked figuer beckoned him to follow.
"It is time for you to do your duty."[/B] Carthage didn't say a word, he just followed as the came to a part of the forest were the only thing that stood there was a small building made of stone blocks. The figuer walked up to the building, but vanished before entering it. Carthage walked up to the building, not stopping even though he felt the cold of entering sudden darkness.

He soon came out of the cold and was on one knee with one stunner on the ground with his right hand over it, his other stunner was on his let knee. He was breathing harshly when he felt hands pick him up. He shook them off when he was standing straight up.
"Don't touch me please."[/B] He straightened his coat and looked at the people in front of him, they were all humanoid to his forst glance, he was the only abnormal looking one. A man with dark blue, silver-ish hair hled out his hand.
"Names Axel. Remember it."[/B] Carthage looked at his rough hands, then looked at Axels face.
"I'm Carthage. And I don't shake hands?"[/B] Axel looked at him with and eye brow raised.
"Well, thats a little rude. First you shake us off after we try to help you up, then you won't shake my hand? Whats wrong with you?"[/B] Carthage turned his body to face Axel, he stuck the stunner in his right hand into his belt then held up his hand, revealing a slit down the palm. The slit opened and revealed small bars lineing the inside of it.
"I don't shake hands because you would be dead in a matter of seconds. And I just go through something rough and have been treated poorly by humanoids like yourself all my life. So I don't like to be touch." [/B]Carthage turned his attention to the other three.
"And what are your names?"

"Dogarta."[/B] Carthage then looked to the other.
"And you are?"

"Nate"[/B] Carthageturned to the last one.
"Joseph Hunter."[/B] Carthage nodded and looked away
"Nice to meet you all, sorry to be rude to you Axel, Dogarat, Nate and Joseph. It's just how I am."[/B] They nodded and looked back to the Time Lords, who seemed to be waiting patiently for something.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1][I]OOC: After noticing that there may indeed be a hell of a lot of people in this RPG, I figured that we?ll have to split up an awful lot on missions. My advice is try and remember names now, and you?ll have to excuse me for spelling my own character?s middle name wrong in the first post, lol. Anyways, to avoid confusion and too many characters early on, I?ll take the first couple of characters up to the bridge. I?m eager to introduce Switch, because he?s a monkey. Everyone else, make your way up to the bridge whenever you like, on your own or waiting for others.

Btw, if anyone has a problem with the way I wrote your characters, don't hesitate to PM me and I'll change it right away.[/I]


Alright. Maybe it would be interesting. So far Dogarta had met four strange people, one definitely wasn?t human, the others? well, being a human look-alike himself, he just didn?t know. He then looked over to the Time Lords; they were stood in a group, huddled almost. They were talking about something, Dogarta didn?t like the way it looked, he didn?t like it at all.

[B]?These guys are so wrapped up in their own little world that they?re continuing with their rudeness. I don?t know what it is with all these higher races and being rude? I mean, my people are practically super human compared to most, but we?re not arrogant at all.?[/B] Dogarta said.

[B]?Oh??[/B] Nate questioned.

Dogarta shrugged and smiled smugly. [B]?Well? we try not to be??[/B]

He felt there would have been a few eyes being rolled and heads being shook at that comment, and Dogarta would have elaborated, but his attention was drawn to the Time Lords heading towards them, all but one. The ones approaching the group barged past everyone and entered the white, circular portal without a single word or comment. Dogarta could feel the ice off them even though they were gone, although he felt that if they had become so powerful they weren?t always like that.

[B]?You will follow me, we will go towards the Command Section and there you will wait for your comrades.?[/B] The remaining Lord said, a black and gold one.

A few glances were exchanged between the men on the silver platform, the man called Joseph made the first move and everyone followed. Dogarta, however, didn?t want to work for a race he didn?t fully understand. Sometimes in diplomacy he had to test the species he worked with, dangerous in some cases, but normally it gave him a better insight.

[B]?And what if I refuse to follow your orders? What if I want to wait??[/B] he asked, hands on his hips as if he were superior (when he clearly wasn?t).

The Lord halted, turned, and spoke coldly. [B]?You will be terminated from the programme. You may only take part or disband the programme at anytime, refusing to follow our orders will result in death.?[/B] He turned and continued walking.

[B]??Oh? oh, well, I was only joking, anyway.?[/B] Dogarta laughed. His ?comrades? seemed to be staring at him; they either thought him an idiot or a smart arse. Dogarta bet they thought of him as an idiot.

They walked through the corridor following the Lord quickly, Dogarta stopping once in a while and gazing up at the high ceiling, where symbols seemed to be printed onto the roof. He thought they seemed misplaced, didn?t belong with such technology? though he didn?t muse on it for long. They passed through the doors, each door being made of a different substance. One metal, one wood, and another stone. That didn?t fit, either.

They entered another corridor, a few doors on either side, a more brightly lit room with blue lights on the silver walls and on the ceiling. The doors seemed to have control panels on them, for a code, and it now seemed more familiar to Dogarta. More like the ships he had known, not exactly a like, just a little more familiar. At the end of a corridor was what seemed to be a circular lift, the Time Lord placed his hand on the door where a hand print was and it opened, revealing quite a large lift with dim lights; red, blue and green lights, to be more precise.

They entered and Dogarta didn?t even feel the lift move. He could tell it was moving because the small rows of dim lights above seemed to move, as well.

[B]?Well, this is interesting. I take it not all of you are human? I?m a Rarserian.?[/B] Dogarta said in an attempt to make conversation. If he was going to work with these people he wanted to know whom they were.

[B]?To be honest, I?m just an experiment.?[/B] Axel told Dogarta, possibly with a tiny hint of sarcasm.

[B]?I?m human? though, not really like most humans.?[/B] Joseph said, looking down at his hands. Dogarta didn?t comment on that.

[B]?Klausian,?[/B] Nate told him.

[B]?What about you??[/B] Dogarta prompted when Carthage didn?t say anything.

[B]?You [I]don?t[/I] know who we are??[/B] Carthage said, a little insulted perhaps.

[B]?I?m from the 52nd Century, you might be millions of years a head or behind me. I?m sure you?re very well known where you from, but when time is concerned no one lives forever.?[/B] Dogarta said. [B]?So, what race are you??[/B]

[B]?We are known as the Wraith,?[/B] said Carthage.

[B]?Ah! I know who you are now! How could I forget? Your species is actually quite well known, unfortunately I haven?t met one of you, nor do I know of your whereabouts in my century, but I know you at least. Your people made quite a mark, congratulations on that.?[/B] Dogarta said, politely nodding. It was obvious that the Wraith weren?t as friendly as most creatures, so Dogarta was being very careful not to insult Carthage.

Suddenly the doors to the lift swung open, the Time Lord stepped out and held out his hand, presenting the Bridge of the station with a scarred hand. Dogarta and the rest stepped out, and a few stood in amazement for a moment.

The Bridge seemed to have been cleaned beyond compare, there were numerous panels glowing a dim green, blue and red on the walls and at the sides, and it all seemed to be on a platform, with rails at the edges and stairs leading under the platform. Dogarta looked down through a metal grid below his feet, noticing wires and dim green lights beneath him. There were several bars above and near the walls, a few even going over the consoles.

The Time Lord led them to the very edge of the Bridge, to a rail, where a window was in front, revealing the stars outside.

[B]?This is pretty impressive,?[/B] muttered Dogarta, going over to one of the consoles. He tapped it and was shocked to see that it lit up brighter then before.

[B]?Hey, don?t touch that!?[/B] A voice yelled. Dogarta spun around, at first he thought it was Nate, but it didn?t sound like him. Suddenly, something small came speeding off one of the bars, running underneath Nate and nearly tripping him.

[B]?What the hell?!?[/B] Nate exclaimed.

Dogarta found himself backed onto the console, with an orange haired monkey staring him in the face. The monkey seemed rather big for its species, its fur was sticking out a lot more, it was wearing a red baseball hat (at least, Dogarta that it was) backwards with a few strands of spiky hair poking through and it had a cigarette in between its small, pointy teeth. What was stranger was that it was dressed like an engineer, overalls and everything!

[B]?That console controls the secondary shields, the shields are responsible for keeping us outside of time in this sector of space, if the primary shield goes down then you?ll have switched off the secondary shielding, and we could get hit by another ship passing through in whatever time line! You could damage the station!?[/B] the monkey blurted, hanging from the bar and pointing accusingly at Dogarta.

[B]?I?m sorry!?[/B] Dogarta shouted, holding his hands up in apology.

[B]?Is that a? monkey??[/B] asked Joseph.

[B]?No, I?m human,?[/B] the monkey protested, swinging from his bar onto the floor.

[B]?No, you?re a monkey.?[/B] Axel told him.

Sighing, the small creature continued an explanation. [B]?My rights in this Universe are human, therefore I am considered human. I don?t have any real race, I was born on Earth, raised on Earth and I will always be an Earthling. Singapore, to be exact. I?m Switch, the chief engineer on this vessel and the expert throughout the whole High Council. And in my expert opinion??[/B] he lept up on the bar again, [B]?I say you [I]don?t touch anything!?[/I][/b] he shouted at Dogarta.

Dogarta twitched.

[B]?Right, well, anyway, you lot will stay up with me while the Lord goes and collects a few others.?[/B] Switch swung up on a bar and stood on the rail, right next to Carthage. [B]?If you break anything then I?ll eat you for breakfast. Understand??[/B] he said to Carthage, before jumping down and disappearing underneath the platform.

Dogarta suddenly got the feeling that Switch?s comment to Carthage wouldn?t be ignored. It sure would be interesting?[/SIZE]
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Nate was a bit dazed and confused from the whole experience up to this point. Nothing had made sense to him up to this point. The light that broght him to the ship, meeting these other four, who were suppose to be his new comrades, and now this monkey engineer. It was all just a little much to have happend in one day. I mean he had only been awake for three hours and he was already knee deep in some serious crap.

Nate looked around the bridge to the others who were with him. Switch, there monkey mechanic, was below working, and he could still hear him just beneath the platform at work. The first he felt the need to examine was the most obvious of the others, the one named Carthage. He said he was a Wraith. Back home they were still only spoken of as a rumor, like sea monsters of space. They were suppose to be nightmarish creatures, or at least what he had heard of them.

Then there was the next hot topic on his mind. The one who called himself an experiment, Axel. What was this mans story? Why did he refer to himself as an experiment? What did that mean exactly? He was obviously another wonderful enigma. There seemed to be something unique to him, but time would revela exactly what that was.

Next was the human, Joseph. It was obvious from just looking at him that he had no outstanding outwardly differences then any normal human. Yet for some reason he wasn't intimdated by the idea of being surrounded by others who were obviously physically above any normal human. So what made him so confident in himself here? This to was a very interesting thought.

And last, but not least, was the one known as Dogarta. He siad he was a Raserian, though Nate had never heard of them. This could be possible since he wasn't exactly a scientist or anything, but that wasn't the only thing about him. He seemed to have something he was hiding. He seemed like he was thinking about more then he was speaking about. There was a strange kind of wisedom in the way he spoke, but he didn't seem the sort to have the wisdom of the elderly, esspecially since he barely seemed middle aged.

This was quite an interesting team already and others were suppose to be joining them shortly. He could only wonder with great anticipation of what the others might bring to the table. He was sort of hoping that some women would be amongst them, but at this rate it was starting to look like this was gonna be a total sausage fest. The suddenly the silence was broken by none other then Dogarta [B]"So...What did you guys do before they dragged you here?"[/B]

An obvious attempt to lift tension, but not a very good one. Maybe Nate was overestimating him. They stood in a far more akward silence for a moment or two til Nate finally spoke up again [B]"I'm a bodyguard. Freelance, working for the highest paying client."[/B]

This didn't seem to change the mood much, but it seemed to give some semblence of acceptance amongst the others. Like there was at least a small amount of trust among them. Dogarta went on [B]"Really now. What kind of clients do you work with?"[/B]

Nate turned his back to them and smirked [B]"The wealthy kind. Politicians, celebrities, preferably women if I can help it."[/B]
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[SIZE=1]Axel looked at Nate, half-listening, half trying to regain his composure after having met Switch finally. [I]A monkey? A monkey was the pilot of the ship? No matter what that monkey called himself, he was a monkey[/I]. Axel shrugged off his confusion and responded to what Nate and Dogarta were talking about.

[B]"Wealthy, eh? Guess that means your pretty well paid up. Impressive. I...really don't have a job. Guess you could call me a mercenary with a permanent contractor. I work for a group, the Organization, and they send me on various missions. Reconassiance, assassinations, whatever. They pay for everything, even when I'm not on a job, so I get by."[/B] Axel smiled whole-heartedly at his comrades. He liked these guys. Well, mostly. Carthage still creeped him out. He looked at the creature.

[B]"So, you an engineer or something? Is that why the monk---er...Chief Engineer spoke to you?"[/B] Carthage looked Axel over a couple of times, and Axel felt a chill go up his spine. Carthage then leaned against a wall and answered.

[B]"I suppose you could say that. I'm good with technology, especially that of my people."[/B] Axel grinned and nodded, then a thought popped up in his head. He had heard of Carthage before. He was a famed warrior in his day and age. He was actually supposed to engage with Carthage in a battle in his time. He had never questioned why. Now he did. Carthage, though slightly frightening, seemed alright. Carthage spoke again, disrupting his thoughts.

[B]"So, a monkey, eh? That's peculiar... Anyway, Dogarta, what was your occupation? You did intiate the conversation, after all."[/B] Dogarta smiled thoughtfully, then answered.

[B]"Well, that's difficult. My race is reborn up to 15 times, and I'm currently on my third, so I've had multiple occupations. My first was a diplomat, writer, and philosopher, in my second I was an Admiral, and currently, well..."[/B] Dogarta went silent, looking for a way to express it. Axel pressed.

[B]"Aw, come on! Out with it!"[/B] Dogarta chuckled and sighed.

[B]"Well, people know me as "The Most Erotic Hero in the Galaxy..."[/B] The others went silent, unsure of how to take, or respond, to that. Axel opened his mouth, closed it, opened his mouth again, and laughed.

[B]"That sounds pretty cool, actually. I have to give you credit for that, I didn't think anyone could take or hold a title like that!"[/B] Dogarta laughed along and shrugged. He then turned to Joseph.

[B]"And you? What was your job?"[/B] Axel interrupted before Joseph could answer.

[B]"Though I doubt it beats Dogarta's."[/B] Everyone laughed, even Carthage, who chuckled and smiled sligthly. Axel grinned and looked to Joseph. Joseph answered slowly, unsure, as well, how to say it.

[B]"I don't really have an occupation, kind of like you, Axel. I'm a...Hero of sorts. I travel the world fighting evil... Though I've had my share of the darkness as well."[/B] Axel smiled. [I]These guys are fascinating... This will defiinitely be fun.[/I] He leaned backwards onto a control panel by acident. A wrench flew swiftly out of an unknown corner at Axel, who caught it with his lightning fast reflexes. The monkey appeared from above and yelled at him.

[B]"What did I tell you? Don't touch!!! If something breaks we're screwed, and I'll have your head if it's your fault. Now give me my wrench back."[/B] Axel grinned meekly and tossed the wrench back to Switch, who dissapeared. Axel looked to the others amusedly.

[B]"What do you think of Switch, guys? He may be a little anal with "his" ship, but I like him. He's got character. I also wouldn't be suprised if he could hold his own in battle, as well. That wrench came at an ungodly speed."[/B][/SIZE]
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Joseph profiled the others surrounding him, doing his best to judge their characters. He was unfamiliar with extraterrestrials but figured the rule that often worked on humans would likely work here: the bigger they are the dumber they are. Of course there were exceptions that he had seen first hand so tried not to get too much of a preconceived idea of them. The best way to learn was to speak with them so he decided to join in on the conversation.

[B]"That's surprising, the monkey thing. I wonder if he was the result of an experiment. That's pretty common on Earth, experimenting on other species because they're so similar to humans. I guess in a way he's way more human than you'd think."[/B] Joseph said, reflectin upon past experiences.

Dogarta asked him, [B]"Experiments? What kind of experiments?"

"Oh, the kind to dangerous to perform on humans."

"That's barbaric."

"You think? Haha, you may be right. I've seen some pretty ugly experiments done on monkeys."

"Such as?"

"Such as this, I suppose."[/B] He pulled up his sleeve slightly and held out his hand, then for a brief moment electricity arced between his finger tips.

The one name Axel paused briefly and said, [B]"That doesn't seem like so bad of an experiment."

"No? You should have seen the test monkey."[/B] Joseph said with a hint of bitterness in his boice, [B]"Rather, what was left of the monkey."[/B]
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1]Carthage observed the others carfully, he had seen pieces of there personality at this time. But he was still unsure of them, especially after seeing abilities being demonstrated by everyone. Axels lighting fast speed, Josephs arcing lighting, and Dogartas wealth of knowledge.

The only one still a mystery to him was Nate, all Carthage could see on him was that he was a bit larger then the rest of the humanoids. And seem to float as he walked on this ship.

He needed to learn a bit more about them before he instill trust. Axel caught him while he was still deep in his current thought, he had missed the question, Carthage lifted his head to looked at him.
"Huh? what was that?"[/B] Axel repeated the question again, his voice still calm.
"So with Switch talking to you like that, must mean your job must have been engineering for your races ships."[/B] Carthage looked at him dully, like he was saying nothing.
"Well, that depends on what you call a job. Is a job something you get paid to do it or are forced into doing it."

"Paid."[/B] Axel and Nate said at the same time, they looked at each other then back at Carthage.
"Then I wasn't doing a job. I was forced into my profession, it has severed me well. But not as well as I have hoped, unfortunetly."[/B] Axel raised an eyebrow at the end of that sentence.
"Not as well as you hoped? That doesn't sounds good, what is that suppose to mean?"[/B] Carthage looked around a bit, checking faces and seeing what emotions were visible. He didn't want to give any details until he kenw these people better.
"Lets just say I have had to do some terrible things and I regret every single one of them. And unlike Dogarta, Axel and Joesph here, I am far from being a hero. Just another being in the universe trying to survive in his galaxy."[/B] He rolled his shoulders and thought of another question that need to be asked.
"Well, since I know that all of you cannot be from Earth. Or that you are all human, I guess the next best question to ask is, what is your race like and how long have you been around?"[/B] Carthage looked to Nate.
"After we hear about Nate, of course."[/B] Carthage waited to see what Nates story would be, and what they all would say.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Nate hesitated for a moment, but then went ahead. It's not like he had anything to hide [B]"We Klausians are a simple race. Were not to different from the humans of earth in culture and society. There are plenty of good people and bad ones. What sets us apart is the planet itself."[/B]

Carthage seemed to twitch his right brow ever so slightly. He was listening very carefully to what he was saying. He was examing each of them, just as Nate was. Carthage stepped up [B]"What about the planet?"[/B]

Nate smirked a bit and leaned himself off against the wall and looked to the ceiling [B]"The planet is more oblong shaped then round like most planets. As such, the spin on it's axis causes gravity to pool toward the two poles of the planet. The equitorial region is to hot to support large amounts of civilized life so are kind started moving north into the heavier gravity. By doing so, over hundreds of years, our kind has had to adapt to much heavier enviroments. For me being here is like floating in the sea for as heavy as my body feels. My endurance here would be greater as well since there is no more undue strain on my heart."[/B]

Carthage knit his brow again. That's what he was waiting for. He wanted to know what set Nate apart from the others who had already made themselves obvious. Perhaps he should have been more discreet. Oh well, it didn't matter. It's not like he still didn't have a trick or two up his sleeve. Joseph was the next to speak up [B]"So what's the job like back home?"[/B]

Nate was getting tired of talking [B]"Alright, I guess. It pays well, it lets me fight, and I get some tail out of is, so I'm happy with it."[/B]

Nate then turned his gaze to Joseph [B]"Now it's your turn. What's up with you? Where did that arc come from?"[/B]
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[B]"Well... that is a bit of a story in itself."[/b] Joseph said hesistantly, unsure of whether or not to tell them.

[B]"You mentioned an experiment?"[/B] Dogarta said.

[B]"Yeah. I'll try to make this short. When I was 16 I started to travel around the world, learning about other people and cultures. In the course of this I had quite a few... well you would call them 'adventures' I would call them 'setbacks'. It seemed every where I went I'd end up getting wrapped into the events of that place. Nothing so noble as looking for wrongs to right, just working my way out of situations I was unfortunate enough to get myself in to. But I became somewhat well known, too."[/B]

Joseph stalled a bit more but decided that he owed them the decency to at least outline the situations.

[B]"There was this weapons manufacturer (quite a prosperous business on Earth) that had a revolutionary new type of weapon. It was unique that in most ways it was not considered a weapon so it was ideal for assassinations and the like. It involved laying a bio-conductor into the subjects skin and skeletal structure, as well as plugging into the cerebral cortex. Their first subjects were... unsuccessful at best. They decided that normal subjects weren't fit to receive the operation anyways so they decided to use an above-average subject... Me. It gives the ability to produce and control electric currents within my body to the extent of being able to arc lightning over 30 yards. The downside is that it requires a considerable amount of mental focus to use, so even I cannot use it while doing anything more complicated than walking. They contacted me about the operation when I was 19 years old at first I was afraid to have the operation but..."

"What made you change your mind?"

"That is another story..."

"Why won't you tell us?"

"It involves my greatest sin, that is all I will tell you for now."[/B]
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[SIZE=1][I]OOC: To all who haven't posted, I want to repeat that all you need do is post an introduction ending with you at the time portal, or coming up to the Bridge where our characters are [Canteen, at the end of this post. Either bridge, time portal or food court is fine]. I just hope more people post. Apologies if anyone gets confused, just PM me or send me an IM otherwise. I can't keep the characters talking for much long, in fear it may get boring, so if this goes over a page then I'm afraid I'll have to start the mission.[/I]

Dogarta was intrigued by the stories he had heard, he was glad he was getting to know these people more. Whatever the future would hold for him he didn?t think it would be in danger, especially with the people he was around.

[B]?Well, we?ve shared our stories, I wonder what this Lord of Time has to tell us? Or the talking monkey??[/B] Dogarta smiled at his comments, but the Time Lord stood nearby, seemingly gazing at the window, didn?t reply. Dogarta walked behind him, and tapped him lightly on the shoulder.

[B]?Can I help you??[/B] snapped the Time Lord.

[B]?What?s hidden beneath that hood, eh? And what?s with those scars, the nameless race, the omnipotence that doesn?t stretch beyond your own world??[/B] asked the Rarserian. [B]?What?s your big secret??[/B]

The Time Lord, for the first time, seemed to almost chuckle; or rather it was a ?hmm?, nevertheless it seemed to be some sort of emotion. Not much, but a glimpse of it.

[B]?Correct me if I am mistaken, as a diplomat in your former life you must posses certain qualities, one of which being consideration to other species. Your questions were not only rude by very inconsiderate to my species. Our past is a mystery, you will never hear of it.?[/B] The Lord said, his voice turning cold again.

Dogarta smirked. [B]?Rude, am I? As a diplomat I also know that you shouldn?t be a push over. You don?t give a gift to an unknown species, they?ll think they can have anything off you, and it?s you who needs the advantage. Kindness is a gift that must be earned.?[/B]

The Lord was silent, he kept his head down and his arms crossed, and he seemed to have breathed heavily after that.

[B]?I must take my leave now, there seems to be a problem that needs my attendance.?[/B] The Lord said. He pushed past Dogarta and left, swiftly, silently, strangely.

[B]?I think you just might have hurt his feelings,?[/B] Axel chuckled.

[B]?They seem arrogant, even though they don?t seem to have any emotions.?[/B] Nate said, looking at the lift as it closed and took the Lord away.

[B]?Normally I wouldn?t be like that, the current conversation we were having was an excuse to get something out of them. I?m just curious, that?s all. If they?re so powerful, and they can travel through time, why don?t they kill this Hephaestus guy and then there wouldn?t be such a burden on us??[/B] Dogarta asked, scratching his chin in thought. Suddenly, there was the sound of metal banging shut and a rushing noise, and then Switch appeared on the rail above the window.

[B]?Don?t be too hard on those Time Lords,?[/B] he said, [B]?Hephaestus can?t be taken out of time like that. Time Lord history can?t be changed like ours, it?s their insight into time, we, being on the ship, will witness the time changes. However to a Lord of Time the changes they witness in their world would be anticipated, in fact they should be there. It?s their insight.?[/B]

He leapt off the rail and walked, very human like, towards a control panel behind Joseph. He tapped a few things and sat on the console.

[B]?Hard to explain. That?s why they?re observing and we?re working. Anything that shouldn?t be there is directed to the High Council, then to us. Hephaestus has to be there. We witness changes, the Lords don?t. Hephaestus is a vital part of our history, however if he goes back and let?s say? kills me, then the Lords send you to stop him, because that shouldn?t be in our history.?[/B] The monkey explained, taking a puff on his cigarette as he did so.

[B]?How is it you know so much about so many things??[/B] Carthage asked.

[B]?Joseph said I might have been an experiment, but I?m not only that, in fact I?m an evolution. And a hybrid, I guess. I?m a descendant of experiments, implanting human brains into animals. However the idiot who did these experiments used endangered animals, and when cloning was finally perfectly perfected the government shut down his experiments and extracted DNA from his human-animals. We descended from them, thousands of species of animals. Our brains aren?t bigger or better than humans, my species of animal simply takes in information a lot quicker. I have a photographic memory and I read a page at 2 seconds, recalling 98% of the information??[/B] Switch trailed off, blowing out smoke.

[B]?Hey, that?s pretty cool. Perhaps you?d be willing to use your big brain to entertain us? Or find something for us to do. We?ll run out of stories sooner or later to tell each other.?[/B] Dogarta laughed.

[B]?I bet you?re hungry. I can show you to the food court, I have to know what?s going on before I reveal any information about your mission to you. Come, follow me.?[/B] Switch said, leaping from the console and making his way to the lift.

They arrived on the second floor, where Switch explained was the most interesting. He took them down the corridors, pointed to different rooms and indicated which where which, and then they passed two corridors, one on the left and right. The left led to the observation point, while the right led to the living quarters.

[B]?And here?s my favourite part of the ship, the food court. This ship replicates anything you want, you either tell it what you want or type it in. I doubt we haven?t heard of it.?[/B] Switch said proudly. He leapt on one of the tables and sat down with his arms crossed, quite proud of himself.

The canteen? well, Dogarta was impressed, once again.

There was one floor with several tables, some were empty, others had various objects such as games on them. There were consoles and computers at the side of the dull silver walls, several machines for food and there was a second floor a few steps above, on a platform. There didn?t seem to be many tables up there, but the whole place seemed very interesting.

[B]?Nice??[/B] Axel said with a grin. The group sat down at the largest table, some unsure. Switch joined them, or rather climbed up on Joseph?s shoulder and peered at everyone.

[B]?Oh, sorry. I hope you guys get used to me doing this, I do like to jump and sit on people. I find it makes them listen to me more.?[/B] He said, apologising with what seemed like a rather primitive monkey hoot before letting himself down onto the table.

And once again, silence seemed to kick in. Like before, Dogarta decided to break it, with the most interesting subject he could think of.

[B]?So? [I]guys[/I]? how does you luck seem to be going with the women??[/B]

OOC: Well, your character doesn't have to answer that, maybe they could wonder off and get some food if you want to avoid the question. Just let me answer for Dogarta, hehe.[/SIZE]
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Nate smirked a bit at the question. It wasn't the kind of thing he was expecting someone like Dogarta to ask. This guy sure was an interesting one. Nate started of to one of these "simulators" as switch called them abd began to test it's abilities. He plugged in some lobster thermadore, and sure enough, the damn thing pumped out a lobster with all the dressings. It even had a small saucer of butter. Nate turned to one of the tables and then looked back to Dogarta and the others [B]"To answer your question, I'm a regular killer. Nothing to hide here. No wife, no girl friend, just whatever girl happens to wander in on the scene is good enough for me. Take it rough and tough. Gotta love the hard play."[/B]

Dogarta seemed a bit wide eyed for a moment. That was probably more then he thought he was gonna get out of that question. Nate smiled [B]"What? Did you think I was a loser or something?"[/B]

Dogarta took on a defensive stance "No, nothing like that. I just didin't think you'd feel the need to share that much."

Nate laughed it off [B]"My race tends to have a rather powerful sex drive. We tend to produce more testosterone so we can develop our mucsles just to survive, as a result were more aggressive and far more sexual then most other human species."[/B]

All the guys kinda stared at him for a bit as he started to crack the shell of his lobster with his bare hands. He's not a silverware type of guy.
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[B]"Hahaha, so thats how you got the title "Most Erotic Hero in the Galaxy", then?"[/B]

Joseph clearly found the conversation very funny and decided to get some food... and try out the machine.

[B]"Do I just talk into it? Umm, I want a st-"[/B]

Joseph stopped and decided to have some fun with it.

[B]"Hey Dogarta, what's a good dish from your homeland?"

"Answer my question, first."

"Well... I guess you could say I travel too much. Anyways, what do you suggest?"[/B]
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[SIZE=1]Sorry about being so late to post, I've been working on a bunch of other projects lately.

Templar Lord Tiber Excellon Braska had no particular feelings about the being standing next to him, that is to say that he didn't at this moment feel a particular need to remove his head from his shoulders for his insolence. For four hundred seventy two years, Lord Tiber Braska had fought injustice in the Universe, now it seemed he was barely entitled to a normal manners. The view of Terra from the Temple's Great Spire was magnificent, though in reality there really was no word to truly do the vista justice, at nearly three kilometres above the ground, the tallest non-natural point on the planet, one could see for hundreds of kilometres in any direction. Currently he found himself gazing steadily at the Atlantic Ocean, great waves far off to the horizon moved in tandem with the heart-beat of the planet itself.

"[b]We must leave now.[/b]" The cowled figure's lifeless tone made Tiber seem positively enthusiastic, a difficult feat indeed. His arms rested heavily on the banister, another decade of war seemed likely, a decade being an optimistic appraisal, and long ago Tiber had shed optimism for a grim but genuine look at the Universe. The other being simply continued to stand motionless, he couldn't tell if he was appreciating the view too, or just waiting for Braska to move, perhaps he was doing neither. "[B]Alright.[/B]" Terra was a world beyond all pecuniary value, it was the heart and conscience of the Universe itself, the bright soul in the otherwise dark heavens. Only once had conflict touched Terra?s surface in Tiber?s living memory, once over three hundred years ago when he?d been barely a man of one hundred fifty, and the ferocity of the counter-assault had told him exactly how much people valued Terra, and above all else how ready they were to die for it.

The pair moved through the expansive halls of the Temple, now well into the night there was complete silence, thousands of beings from hundreds of species enjoying some much needed rest, for while their dream were pleasant the universe could not be so completely further from it. Braska knew the halls of the Temple intimately, as intimately as his own body, it felt like an extension of himself, a greater shell he could wrap around himself. Their footfalls echoed lightly in the low illumination, for hours they seemed to walk, and it was entirely possible, the Temple was a massive structure, thousands upon thousand of rooms linked by tens of thousands of steps, and now the Templar Lord and this mysterious being were walking toward the very heart of the complex.

?[b]We are here.[/b]? They stopped outside a room he recognised as a sparring room for younger students, the doors were sealed this late into the night, not even those who were primarily of a nocturnal proclivity would have access to it. With barely a thought he unsealed the doors, what lay within was distinctly alien to the Temple and it?s occupants, a great swirling horizon of light. The aperture stood centimetres above the ground without any projective equipment near-by, now after nearly five centuries it seemed that Tiber Braska could be surprised. ?[b]I?m to go through ?[/b]? The hooded being nodded, there was very little he could discern about his compatriot, his abilities as a Promethean to him relatively little, his talents as a Templar even less, yet there was a haste about him, as well as power, great ancient power.

Steeling himself, Tiber stepped through the opening, he felt disoriented for a moment, as though he were being pulled in a hundred different directions, before he could perform any technique that would limit his discomfort he found himself kneeling on a platform in an unknown structure. The structure bore a semblance to Terran style but an older one, one nearly eighteen centuries old if he was correct. He rose steadily from the platform, the discomfort had subsided, now he wished to find out where here was.[/SIZE]
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1]Carthage observed the eating style of Nate, how he used his hands instead of the metal utensils that were given to him. He kpet his face straight and emotionless, keeping his lips together and his hands in his lap. He could tell that Joseph was rather adventuers and that Dogarta, even for being a diplomat in another life time, was rather uncomfortable with the silence.

And, Axels eating habits, would probably be something rather intereting. Judging by his attitude by the food court. Carthage looked to Dogarata and spoke up, answering his question.
"I really don't, what did you say, uh, 'Luck with women.' And that is beside the obvious look of me, it is also because we Wraith really don't have a sex drive really, like any of you." [/B]Nate looked up from his food, his eyes wide in surprise.
"Really? Thats got to suck!"[/B] He exclaimed, Carthage just strugged.
"Not really. Since I do not lust for flesh like any of you do sometimes, I can focus more on my research or my work on my ship."[/B] Axel raised an eyebrow, Carthage looked over at him. Then turned away, stone facing it again.
"Research? I thought you were just an engineer, what else do you know?"[/B] Carthage turned to him once more.
"I am a scientist as well as being an engineer."

"Wow, you must have nothing to do if you can have two professions."[/B] Carthage shook his head.
"Not at all. My races lives for a long time, so I always have more time on my hands. Learning science was just a little bit of my brain power put to use."

"What kind of science?"[/B] Dogarta said, sounding rather interested now. Carthage changed his gaze to him.
"Biology and Quantum Physics. Took me about a hundred years to learn it all, but it was worth it."

"Hmmm, thats interesting."[/B] He heard Dogarta say, Carthage looked away from him and stared off again. He then turned to the panel and started to search through, he knew what he was looking for would not be there. And he was glad it wasn't when he had finished his search, he turned his gaze away and stared off once more. Axel nugged him with his elbow, Carthage looked at him.
"You getting anything?"[/B] Carthage looked away again and spoke.
"I'm not hungry, I ate before I got here."

"What did ya eat?"

"Not something you would want to hear or see."[/B] Carthage then suddenly took a deep whif of the air, his nose lifting up into the air. Then setting back to his normal spot.
"Someone new has arrived."[/B] Joseph looked away from the screen at Carthage.
"How can you tell?"[/B] Carthage pointed to the slits on his face.
"Have good oldfactory sense. Have to be able to hunt my food in any light or enviornment."[/B] Carthage went back to his stare and Joseph went back to asking Dogarta about what to eat. Carthage waited patiently to see what new being was being introduced into this interesting experiment.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1]Axel gazed at Carthage, intrigued. [I]Impressive... he seems to be a most valuable ally. They all do.[/I] He looked over them and grinned. [I]This should be interesting... I just hope we won't have to hurt to many people...[/I] A pain shot through Axel's chest as he said that, Joseph's words emanating through his head. Axel's mouth moved painfully along with the pharse.

[B]"My greatest sin..."[/B] Cartahge looked up at Axel, surprised. He stopped what he was doing, and adressed him.

[B]"What...what did you say?"[/B] Axel looked at Carthage solemnly, his eyes shaking with fear. He stood up and fled from the table, and to the upper level of the court. He used one of the machines to get himself a Diet Coke. He sat atop one of the tables and trembled slightly. Images flooded into his mind, making his head spin. Soldiers, gunshots, blood...Lilina. Axel turned his face at the thought.

Lilina had been the only person Axel ever really trusted. A child of one of the scientists, she spent a lot of time with Axel, checking on him, and making sure he was always fine. She nursed him back to health when his body ciouldn't handle the stress of the various experiments they ran on him. When Axel could finally leave out into the real world, Lilina still took care of him. She volunteered to let him stay with her, and Axel accepted whole-heartedly. Why wuoldn't he? She was one of the few his treated him like a human, not a weapon.

They lived happily together for ages, and would often perform missions for the organizations together. Axel's numerous exploits made him a hot target for rival companies and even the government. After completing a mission, they were ambushed by Gov't operatives, who took Lilina hostage and unleashed an assualt on Axel. Axel fought furiously to take back Lilina, striking down every man before him, abondoning his qualms against battle.

Soldier after soldier fell to his blade. Midway into the battle, a soldier was pushed at him by another soldier. Axel despised that act so that he cut down the soldier who pushed the other, than stabbed the living soldier in the chest. As Axel's blade tore through the skin and bone, his could feel his heart tear. He stopped swiftly and pulled off the mask of the soldier. Tears streamed from his eyes as the cold, dying face of Lilina stared him in the eyes.

That had been three years ago. Axel continued to live alon in Lilina's apartment, but he often visited Lilina's mother, who, had time allowed it, would have been Axel's mother-in-law. His greatest sin had been killing the one person most dear, most precious to him. His sin was like a dead weight in his soul. He wanted to go back and change what happened. Axel stopped as he said that.

[B]"Time travel! The portal!"[/B] Axel sprung up, but then sat back down forcefully and hesitatingly. To mess with time would make him as bad as this threat the Lords of TIme are fighting against. He couldn't have that. And if he did anything, they would take his life in a flash. Have him terminated. [I]Terminate me[/I]. Axel sighed and raised the Diet Coke bottle to his lips, taking a long drink. He walked over to the side of the railing and watched as energy flowed into the room. The newcomer was powerful. Extrenelty powerful, especially if he h ad s uch radiant energy.

Axel sprang over the railing and landed gracefully and slowly, as if time had slowed down. Axel plopped himself down across from Carthage, whio looked at him and nodded. Axel nodded slightly and looked towards the door in anticipation. Another player in the game. Something told him all the pieces weren't in place yet... But what would happen when they were?[/SIZE]
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Nate dropped the now hollow lobster shell back onto his plate and looked up along with everyone else. This guy was sure taking his sweet time to come out and join them on deck. Nate started to wonder how this new person could contribute to the team. They seemed like a pretty complete unit. But still, the aspect of another person to examine was intriguing. And these lords of time seemed to pick some rather interesting fellows as it was.

The door finally opened and standing there in the door way, surrounded by the same blinding white light that had brought them all here in the first place, was a figure of almost sinister standing. He was cloaked and cast a dark aura about him. He had a powerful aura of battle around him. As if he had been plucked straight off the feild of war. He bore a cold and deep rooted expression. He had the look of one who had seen the feild of battle one too many times.

At his waist he wore and odd cylinder shaped tube of some kind. Nate was unsure of what to make of this thing. Was is some manner of weapon? Or perhaps a memento of some kind? A family heirloom perhaps? There was no way to certain. And he didn't think it wise to immediatly address the person before him until he had a chance to examine him.

Switch was the first to make a move toward there new ally. The monkey man made his way over to him [B]"So you must be the new operative. Welcome aboard."[/B]

Nate was unsure of how to act. At first he was concerned for Switch just running up to him like that, but he seemed to be rather calm and level headed. He bowed tio Switch lightly, still seeming a bit disoriented in his movements [B]"My name is Tiberius Excellon Braska."[/B]

He seemed terribly calm for someone who looked as confused as he was. There was more to this guy then Nate was aware of yet. He would just have to sit back and listen to him for a bit just as he had done with the others.
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[COLOR=Sienna][SIZE=1]She hadn't been thrilled to get the letter. Strange letters never meant anything good. Ever. Specifically not when they talked of such nonsense. Last time she'd recieved such a letter, it had been after her aquaintence Harold - the math teacher at the small bording school where she was currently employed - had discovered Jules Verne...

She hadn't been trilled to see the robed being, either. Thus far, her only encounter with robed beings had been when Harold (funny, most of her odd expiriences looped back to Harold) had decided to torment the English professor by sending the Ghost of Christmas Future to haunt him on All Hallow's Eve...while - normally - such childish pursuits were beyond her, it had seemed like an amusing diversion at the time...

This, however, was no Ghost of Christmas Future, although he claimed to be from a time that wasn't quite [i]now[/i]...she had to rule out that this was Harold on the account that he - She? It? - looked to be several feet taller than the human norm.

Perhaps this was all some odd dream, Maddie thought as she followed the robed being down the hall. She'd been tired the day before...robed beings and time travel...they were from speculative fiction, not something to be taken seriously...right?

She maintained that mental viewpoint until something seemed to change. She almost stopped as the air seemed to become heavier...she stopped, shaking her head to clear it...when she looked down, there was an almost-lattice under her feet, support there and yet not-threre, black, with deepest, darkest blue and what looked like stars shining through...that darkness went on [i]forever...[/i] The figure turned, shaking his head.

"You can't stop. Keep moving, I'll tell you when it's safe to stop..." Maddie couldn't take her eyes off the stars.


"You're between timelines now. Stopping...could wind up with you being split across several timelines."

Few things are half as motivational. Maddie sped back up, soon passing the robed figure - Time Lord? - as she did. Before too long, the weight was almost enough to make her feel moments from collapse...and then the weight was gone, faded away into mist as she stepped out into a room so clinically [i]clean[/i] that the reflections off the polished silver almost hurt.

"We're here." Maddie fixed the hooded thing with a Glare.

"I can tell..."

The Glare did nothing. The Time Lord steered her to the canteen, where she was left to fend for herself. She squared her shoulders, stepping through the doors. This would be an odd expirience...[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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That was the only way to describe what she had just gone through. That, or just plain wierd.

She had been serving some customers at her bar, her mind constantly on when her response to the mysterious letter would be returned. She was sure it was a prank, but something inside her told her different.

Suddenly, time had seemed to stop and, out of nowhere, stepped a figure. She couldn't tell much about it, but it introuduced itself as a Lord of Time. The billowing red cloak hid most of the figure's features, except it's hands. Cuts, scars, and the like plagued them, but it only enhanced the figure's mysterious appearance.

The figure's body was totally genderless, as was it's voice.

[i]So, it was real,[/i] she found herself thinking.

She had then been transported, if you could call it that, to what looked like a large hallway, with several doors lined along it. She only noticed the doorways after the initial vertigo had left. She saw that another female had walked into one of the doors, and decided to follow her, seeing as the mysterious figure that had brought her here had gone just as fast as it had appeared before her at her bar.

[i]Cloud...I wish you would have answered me before I left. I wanted to talk to you so bad...and now this new turn in my life, I'm truly afraid for the first time. Why? Why am I afraid? Because you're not here with me...that's going to be the hardest part. I'll miss you, but I'm sure we'll see each other again...but not soon enough.[/i]

Her thoughts were ended as she reached the door the other girl had entered. She gathered herself, and pushed open the door.

Upon entering the room, which appeared to be a cafateria of sorts, she was faced with a few people. Glancing around, she noticed that they were all...intriguing, to say the least. They had all stopped what they were doing, and had turned their heads towards the two girls.

She walked up beside the other female, flashed a quick, friendly smile, then turned towards the others. All eyes where still on the two. She decided to break the silence.

"Hey everyone," she said, smiling brightly and waving. "My name's Lock, and it's nice ta meet'cha."

[i]OOC: Alright, short, short post, but I'm out of brain-juice at the moment...please refer to my newly-finished sign-up for everything you need to know...and by the way, if you don't feel like reading, Lock's baised on Tifa Lockheart from FFVII.[/i][/size][/color]
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[SIZE=1][I]OOC: Apologies to all those who haven't posted yet, but I'm moving along to the mission now. Your character can just show up on the island we'll be at instead of the ship, or once again drop me a line for any help.[/I]

A smile grew on Dogarta?s face when Lock, as she claimed, had spoken up and drew everyone?s attention to the door. When there were only men around Dogarta found it was very easy to be childish, amusing and a show-off, if you want, he felt as if he didn?t have to test his polite diplomatic skills around the men of the group, they seemed so friendly. But, sometimes, men and women didn?t mix, even when they were (supposedly) meant for each other. Keeping this in mind, Dogarta advanced to both the newcomers and was eager to introduce himself first.

[B]?Good evening? or morning, I?m not quite sure. Let me be the first to invite you onto the ship, as I?m sure the Lord of Time who escorted you lovely ladies didn?t welcome you. I?m Dogarta, famous for my writing, my diplomacy, my art and not the least of all my art of hospitality.?[/B] He said to them both, presenting himself. Despite popular belief, Dogarta wasn?t trying to get another girlfriend; he was just being polite, as he knew he should be to any ladies. [B]?I?m sure you?d be very interested to meet everyone else,?[/B] he stepped aside and inclined his head for them to follow and made his way to the group.

Tiberius, the male newcomer, hadn?t been introduced to Dogarta, since the Rarserian was easily preoccupied by his manners.

[B]?Hey there, I?m Joseph,?[/B] Joseph said, extending a hand to one of the newcomers.

[B]?I?m Lock as I said before, nice to met you.?[/B] She replied with a smile.

[B]?Cynthia Madeline Jameson, though I do prefer Maddie.?[/B]

[B]?I?m Nate,?[/B] another voice introduced them self, Nate.

[B]?Axel, welcome to the party.?[/B] Laughed Axel, Dogarta laughed with him, because the group did remind him of some sort of fancy dress party.

[B]?And I am Carthage,?[/B] the Wraith said, nodding to the two women and also sending a glance over at Tiberius. He didn?t extend his hand like the rest.

[B]?Tiberius Excellon Braska.?[/B] The final member said, bowing slightly.

Dogarta was stood next to Axel, grinning. He was watching a few of the members speaking to each other, more introductions and elaborations on who they were, perhaps. Switch was nearby and seemingly hiding, or looking for something. He didn?t seem to be a coward. Lock had turned around and caught the sight of Axel and Dogarta, and in response Dogarta smiled warmly.

[B]?Another girl to your list, huh??[/B] asked Axel.

[B]?I don?t tend to rush into relationships.?[/B] Dogarta said, jokingly. [B]?But no, I?m just being polite. It?s unfortunately in my nature to be much kinder to girls than to you boys, I?m a afraid.?[/B]

Finally, Switch came into the middle of the group, clearing his throat so everyone stopped. He was holding several small items in his hands, and when all eyes were on him he stood on the nearest table, placing the silver items down.

[B]?I?ve been informed, through one of these little devices which is mine, that not all the members are here yet. However the mission is urgent and I would normally brief you on the Bridge, since there?s a screen there for me to show you where you?ll be going. This place will have to do. These devices are communicators, each number is to a different teammate, 0 is a communication link to the ship, also me. This is also a translator, capable of translating most alien languages. If you break this, consider yourself in trouble.?[/B] He started to hand them out, each team member examining the device closely.

[B]?Pardon me, but aren?t you a??[/B] Maddie had begun, but Switch seemed to have the ability to rise his voice very high and cut people off.

[B]?Yes, I?m a monkey, from Singapore, to be exact. We?ll not get into that, ironically there?s not much time. Now, listen,?[/B] he began, clearing his throat once more. [B]?Your first mission takes place in the Jurassic Era of Earth, you?ll be hanging around with the dinosaur. One of Hephaestus? men, we?re not sure who, has allowed several aliens to conduct experiments on the dinosaurs. Deadly experiments, dangerous ones. Your mission is to get them to leave before they do any damage; they?re on a remote island where I?ll be sending you. If [I]diplomacy[/I],?[/b] he eyed Carthage, [b]?doesn?t work, then you?ll be granted the use of force. Meaning, kick their head in until they get off our planet.?[/B]

Without any more explanation on the matter Switch had jumped from the table and was making his way onto the corridor. The group followed him, talking mostly, some keeping quiet. It seemed Switch was leading them back to the time portal.

Upon arriving Dogarta felt the same rush of brilliance as he had before, the brilliance that separated the bottom floor from the rest of the ship. Switch led them down to the portal, which seemed to still be glowing bright white. The monkey didn?t seem to be moved by his work, he didn?t seem to realise how brilliant and amazing he had made such a simple room. He stepped onto the platform, halted the group, and nodded in approval.

[B]?I apologise for rushing you all, though this has to be done now, as I?ve been instructed. You?re on your own when you?re through this portal; another one will only appear if you contact me. No Time Lords, no Switch to help you, no technology except those communicators and whatever?s in your pockets. You die there, you stay dead. I hope you?ve managed to learn enough about each other to trust yourselves, I doubt you three new guys have. But seriously now, don?t take care of your own life, take care of your friends, as well. It?s the number one rule of Time Travel.?[/B]

Dogarta gulped. [B]?Do we have to go through that on our own? One at a time??[/B] he asked, worried about the portal and the concept of having to look out for other people?s lives, not just his own. He wanted to, he was just afraid of screwing up.

[B]?Err? yes? Didn?t I just say that? And since you seem to be the bravest, valiant and wisest of us all, who clearly listened to my speech, you can go first. Don?t get lost in heaven,?[/B] the monkey said sarcastically, grinning to the point of laughter.

Taking a deep breath and preparing himself for the disorientation that was to come, he stepped forward, squinting and trying to see through the white light. He stepped back for a moment and leapt through with his arms crossed over his head in a futile attempt to relieve the upcoming pain.

As before, he didn?t know what was going on. He seemed to be going through some sort of time tunnel; his Rarserian eyes couldn?t adapt to the light and show a clear picture of things around him. He kept his eyes closed and soon enough the feeling of weightlessness began to disappear, and soon after the feeling of pain arose when Dogarta found himself flung onto grass, hard. He rolled over a few times with his arms still on his head, but he didn?t feel so sickly as the first time. His head was spinning a little, though not too much.

Staggering, he rose to his feet and blinked a few times, clearing up his vision to the point where he could see. And what he saw was indeed a brilliant sight

Trees that seemed untouched by mankind, mountains in the distance, a perfect sky and land that was new from the hand of its creator. Trees rose to magnificent heights but couldn?t rival the height of the reptiles before Dogarta. Several with unimaginable large necks were reaching into the trees and eating the leaves while others were sampling the water from the river. He gazed for a moment, startled by the new sight, and even more startled by a deep, echoing roar from the distance.[/SIZE]
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With a flash, Dogarta was gone. Switch then turned back and looked to the rest, as if to ask for the next volunteer. Nate simply stepped forward [B]"I'll go next."[/B]

Switch smiled [B]"Wonderful, an actual voluteer. There maybe hope for this team yet."[/B]

With that said, Nate stepped forward and a quick smack on the back from Switch he went on through the blinding light. His body was consumed by light and was overcome by the feeling of disorientation. It wasn't quite as awful as the first time, but it was still unsettleing feeling nonetheless. He felt as if he was passing through a narrow passage of pure white. Nate closed his eyes and crossed his arms and waited for this hellish roller coaster ride to end.

With a sudden thud and a sharp pain on his upper back, Nate's eyes popped open. He looked about the barron atmosphere. The land was a red clay, cracked by the scorching sun, with only dead, skelatal trees left in tis feild of fire. There were some trees in the distance and a few mountains seemed vivible, but they felt so far away as it was from his point.

Nate was just grateful that the gravity here was so light. It made his body feel light as a feather, and he had a great charge of energy flowing through his system. Suddenly the thought of treking this dessert to the forest in the distance didn't seem so horrible. But then Nate looked around and noticed that Dogarta was no where to be found. Had he already gone on ahead? No, there were no other tracks or disturbances in the clay and sand. Did they get dropped off in two different areas? If so, was it an accident?

It didn't make sense to volutarily drop them in different places, so that either meant that there drop technology was not accurate enough to drop them in the exact same spot, or something went wrong with his drop. Neither sounded good. In a burst of anger [B]"Son of a Bitch."[/B]

With that out of his system, Nate got back to thinking clearly again. His hand wanderd to his waist and found the communicator that Switch had given him. Nate drew it up and brought it to his ear. He pushed 0 and the connection came across [B]"Switch here, what do you want?"[/B]

Nate yelled back at the monkey who sounded mildly irratated himself [B]"Where the hell am I? There's no one else here. Are screwing with me, you simian side show?"[/B]

Switch was upset now [B]"What the hell are you talking about!?"[/B] There was some ticking in the background for a few seconds, followed by [B]"Oh crap!"[/B]

Nate jumped at it [B]"I knew it! What the hell did you do!?"[/B]

Switch came back on [B]"Sorry. Looks like you feel through a little early. My bad."[/B]

[B]"My bad!? That's all you've got is a 'My bad'. I'm gonna send you back to singapore in a tennis ball you little..."[/B]

[B]"Calm down. You've just got to find the others and you'll be fine."[/B]

[B]"Can't you just send one of them here?"[/B]

[B]"Yeah, believe it or not, that trip isn't as quick as it seems, there all already on location"[/B]

[B]"Yes and I got the economy treatment."[/B]

Switch took a deep breath [B]"Listen. Just find them. They've got there comms to. Just call them and tell them your looking for them, and I'm sure they'll find you."[/B]

Nate sighed over the comm [B]"Yeah, yeah, whatever. See ya later."[/B]

The comm clicked back off as Nate gazed out onto the barron dessert [B]"This sucks."[/B]
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[SIZE=1]Axel watched curiously as Dogarta then Nate walked into the portal. Switch turned and motioned towards the portal again, slightly impatiently.

[B]"Well?"[/B] Axel smiled and stepped forwards, he walked directly up to the portal, stopped, and turned around, adressing Lock and Maddie.

[B]"Ladies, I'd prefer it that you don't go through until Dogarta, Nate, or I communicate back safely. I wouldn't want you all to be forcefully thrown into an incorrect time."[/B] He bowed, and then walked backwards into the portal. Switch scolded him, and Axel spun around facing the endless chasm of time. Right before he faded into the weave of time, he heard Switch's voice.

[B]"Oh Crap!"[/B] Before Axel could say a thing, his head spun, lgith blinded his eyes, and he found himself running along the path before him blindly. About halfway through, the lights in the portal change, and Axel screamed with agony as the change created a shrill siren-like noise, tearing apart his ears.

[B]"Fuck! Switch! Make it stop!"[/B] Suddenly the ground came out beneath Axel's feet and he hit the ground forcefully, crumbling under his wieght. He layed on the ground in agony, not sick, but unable to move. The noise caused Dogarta to look over, and to see Axel immobile.

[B]"Axel!!"[/B] Dogarta ran over and helped Axel up. Axel struggled to stand up, and his body was racked with continous 'electric' spasms. After a few minutes he regained his compusre, and the pain was all but gone. He thanked Dogarta and then pulled out his communicator, dialing a 0. He waited 5 seconds, then Switch's voice came in loudly.

[B]"Whaddya want!?"[/B] Axel held the communicator away from his ear for a second, wincing. He shook his head and brought the phone back.

[B]"We're here alright. Send throug others. Oh, and Switch?"[/B] Switch answered impatiently, moreso than before.

[B]"WHAT!?!"[/B] Axel burst out laughing, which caused his head to swim. He blinked a couple times and swayed a little, but luckily Dogarta caught him. Axel spoke faintly into the communicator.

[B]"What...what happed to me in the portal?"[/B] Switch got quiet, and then spoke sullenly.

[B]"I accidentally sent Nate to the wrong place, so I had to fix the coordinates as you went. Sorry. Over and out."[/B] Axel grinned and shrugged. [I]Oh well...better me than one of them.[/I] Dogarta looked to Axel and spoke.

[B]"Should we go look for Nate?"[/B] Axel shook his head in dissaproval.

[B]"No... We need to be here when the others get here. Let's just call his attention to this direction."[/B] Axel dialed Nate's number, and Nate's voice emanated through.

[B]"Axel?"[/B] Axel grinned and held his hand up to the air.

[B]"We're here. Look up."[/B] Axel summoned the abundunt energies from the vibrant Earth around him, unspoiled yet by overpopulation, channeled it into his hand, and launched a massive beamup into the air, which shone a radiating blue light that could be seen for miles. Unfortunately, it didn't just catch Nate's attention. Deep breathing caught Dogarta and Axel's attention. Axel looked back and became wide-eyed.

[B]"Oh...shit..."[/B] A massively oversized dinosaur stood looking down right on Axel and Dogarta. They looked to each other and gulped. Axel nervously reached for his weapon. Dogarta looked at him hestitantly.

[B]"We shouldn't kill anything, remember?"[/B] Axel nodded.

[B]"We won't kill it. I'm just trying to keep us alive. You're a strategist. Guide me and my gunblades to vicory."[/B][/SIZE]
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1]Carthage listened to the call and waited a moment; he then walked up to Switch with his face held up in the air. He unbuttoned his coat, revealing his worn armor and tossed it on to Switch, he then walked over to the portal and turned to face Switch, he pointed at him with the index finger with the blue metal in it.
"Don't ruin that coat, if I find it with any tears of scratches. I'm taking it out of your hide, got it?" [/B]Switch raised and eyebrow at him, obviously not feeling threatened at all by Carthage. Carthage then pulled both stunners from his cracked his neck, he then quickly moved through the shimmering light. He kept his gaze forward, not letting the thousands of stars distract him.

He kept his focus on the exit, keeping his mind clear and his stunners gripped tightly in his hands. He could feel the weight of time pushing down on him and the force that pushed on his body. He knew his body could only take a few more minutes of this pressure.

But, lucky him, he came to the exit of the time rift and exited into the prehistoric world. He breathed harshly as he kept himself walking and his stunners gripped, one pointing forward and the other to the right. His training from the war kept him going and on his feet. He soon realized the large creature coming at Dogarta and Axel. He yelled at them as he held up one stunner.
"Move!"[/B] His weapon then released a bluish white energy blast that hit the creature dead on. It groaned but continued to move towards them, Carthage growled and held up both stunners. Releasing a few more shots, the creature groaned louder and toppled over. Axel and Dogarta stood there for a few seconds with their eyes wide, the Dogarta came over and hit him.
"What the hell are you doing? You just killed a dinosaur! You might have just permantly altered the time line!"[/B] Carthage growled at him.
"Relax, its not dead."

"Not dead? Look at it! Its laying lifeless on the ground, and you killed it!"[/B] Carthage held up his weapon.
"This is a Stunner. It does exactly what the name implys. We Wraith like to eat our prey while it is still alive, they last longer if they are needed to be put into storage. It only looks dead, in about six hours it will come back around, considering how many times I had to shoot it."[/B] Carthage then walked passed him and to Axel grabbing his shoulder.
"Now, you and I need to set up a perimeter so that this doesn't happen again. You take the west and I'll go east. And take this."[/B] Carthage handed him his other stunner.
"We don't need the timeline changed because we killed one of these behemoth creatures."[/B] Axel nodded and Carthage turned back to Dogarta, he pointed at him.
"You wait for the others, call them up and tell them to hurry up. We can't waste to much time in the open like this. More of these, dinosaurs, might spot us or even the person we are hunting might find us and send his lackeys after us. Lets move."[/B] Carthage took of in his direction, Axel going off the way he was told to. Carthage held his stunner tight and at the ready, if he saw it move he would shoot it. His eyes searched swiftly through the trees and shrubs. His nose sniffing the air constantly. [/SIZE][/COLOR]
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