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RPG Pokemon: Age of Darkness PG-13 (L V)


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Riku and his Absol named Raksha finally reached the town where Riku had booked an Inn. Before going to the Inn, Riku made a stop at the town bar. Riku took a seat on one of the stools and Raksha sat at Riku's feet.The bar's TV was on and turned to the local news Channel. "In other news: A new more portable Snag 'em
machine was created but, like the others, was stolen by an unknown person."
"Turn that damned thing off." Riku said to bartender Joel.
Joel picked up the remote and turned off the TV."Where ya been Riku?" Joel asked as he began to wash another mug. Riku glared at Joel for a while then said,"Persenal affairs. You need not be concered about it." By now Joel knew not to press something that Riku didn't want to talk about. "Hand me beer." Riku said.
"But you're underaged. I can't have a underaged person drinking in my-"
"Shut up and give me Goddamned beer!" Shouted Riku.
Joel gave Riku a beer and Riku took a long drink from it.
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"Hey!" a girl said she lassoed ther beer and pulled it away
"oh Rio hey" Joel said
"your underaged you cant have that" she said to Riku Smashing the glass on the wall she sat next to him "be glad im off duty or I'd Arrest you" she said

Genjin was sent out of snag em HQ to track the thief of the snag em machine
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"Yan." Henshu had just arrived carrying a small sack of mail.
"Mail delivery," Ari said casually, not bothering to turn away from the computer she sat at. Any Pokemon would have thought this reaction rude, but Henshu was used to this and just flew away without comment.

Ari was on a Pokemon forum site especially for trainers. She was typing up a post about her Pokemon team, and she had just begun to write about Henshu.
[i]Appropriate.[/i] Ari thought. [i]If only Henshu saw what I wrote about her... then again... can Pokemon even read?[/i] Ari contemplated this as she continued typing.
"She's a little more loyal than I want her to be, but if that's her nature I won't go against it," Ari typed. "She seems modest and dedicated to her duties, but I think she has a hidden desire to compete, like in the Pokemon League or Grand Festival. Perhaps I should let her battle occasionally... if my other three battlers get out of the way."
Ari then thought she could hear voices on the floor below. This meant service time for Snag'em.
[i]Luckily Henshu's my last Pokemon explanation...[/i]
Ari concluded her typing with a little afterthought: "Oh, and by the way, in case you were wondering, her name comes from the Japanese word [i]henshi[/i], meaning service. Appropriate huh?" And with that she quickly submitted her post, turned off her computer and walked towards the door which stood ajar because of Henshu's departure.

Ari's Jawpy was waiting for her at the top of the stairs, barking at her arrival. Seconds later, Henshu came darting up towars Ari, telling her about something going on downstairs.
"I am aware of that," Ari replied, heading down the stairs. "Don't you think I'm growing a bit clairvoyant?" This was obviously a rhetorical question. After a pause, Shokuchi (the Jawpy) and Henshu followed.

There was a large crowd of Snag'em members in the lobby at the bottom of the stairs. Ari and her Pokemon weaved through the crowd, wondering what the buzz was. But soon enough, that query was answered...
"Ari!" someone called. Turning her head so she could see, Ari saw the department administrator Kane waving at her. He was easy to distinguish from the rest of the crowd--he was noticeably tall and bulky.
"I have an assignment for you, Ari," Kane said to the new arrival. "I think you would be able to handle it best, given the very fortunate experiences you had with psychic-type Pokemon lately."
"What, do you want me to steal a spoon from a Kadabra?" Ari joked. "I could if you want me to."
Nobody normally dared joke around with Kane's orders, but there was some unknown force that prevented Kane from punching her into a wall.
"No, but you are close," Kane commented in a gruff voice. "What I want you to do is find me a Spoink that has a special golden pearl. There have been rumors not only about the pearl, but about the Spoink itself. Now you shouldn't underestimate it, as it is stronger than the normal Spoink, but nevertheless it's sort of like 'stealing a spoon from a Kadabra'. And I guess I shouldn't ask if you think you can do it, because I have to admit you always you knew you could and you did... just some clever aspects you have there..."
Ari felt flattered. "If my brains were muscles I bet I'd look just like you," Ari muttered as she walked off towards the outside world.
"Nice one," Kane called after her. Also, Kawaine dashed out between Kane's legs to meet Ari, and Tsukimi was waiting outside, having enjoyed a nice little bask in the sun. Kawaine had always loved jumping on top of Tsukimi's head, so she did so again, but she leapt off instantly--Tsukimi's helmet was very hot.
"Silly kitty," Ari commented, "metal conducts heat."
OOC: I don't know why I made up a Snag'em administrator, but... Oh by the way, I named him after a wrestler, which I always thought appropriate.
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"My beer," Riku shouted, "What the hell man?"
"I'm not letting an underaged drink beer."
Riku gave up and rested his head on the bar cursing under his breath as he did so.
"I can hear you ya know." Rio said calmly.
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Rio sighed sitting next to him
"and I would appericate it if you used the proper term women" she said sitting next to him shaking her dark blue hair out
"so Joel do you got a room" she said
"sure do I'll rent it to you" he said
"good I gotta head out tomorrow" she said
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Riz walked into the bar. His Pikachu, Shock was on his shoulder. His blue cheeks shone in the dim light of the bar. Even though he was underage he came to the bar for gossip and to chill.

"Hey" Riz said to Riku.

"Yo man, wasup? He said lifting his hand up to shake.

"Nothin really" Riz looked at Shoock. He looked confused.

He handed shock a berry and he chomped it down.
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Aya was wandering around and came to where Riku was at the bar. She sat down to rest a little and asked," Can I have some water?"

Joel gave her a glass of water and Aya payed for it. She sat there drinking her water and looking out into no where.
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"Nope. Never seen her before in my life. But she won't let me drink beer for some reason she won't let me drink beer."Rikku replied.
"Sounds like a girlfreind to me." the dude said.
"I give up. You're as thick headed as ever."Riku said.

Riku then turned his attention to the Aya.
"You alright?" he asked.
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Soon a mysterious girl walked in and sat down in front of the computer. Riku looked in her direction and saw that she too was a Pokemon trainer. He walked up to her and asked,"Hi, I'm Riku and your name is?"

"I'm Daidios," she replied.

"I can see that you are a Pokemon trainer. Where are you from?"

"I'm from Pallet town. So I'm pretty much far away in the Kanto region."
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Aya walked over to the two that were talking and said," Well I guess since you live in Pallete town that you must be an experienced trainer."

"I guess you could say that," replied Daidalos.

"Well I also came a longs way but not too far away."
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"Well that's nice to know. I haven't had a battle since I got here so do you want to battle me," says Daidalos turning towards Riku.

"Sure, why not. I love a good battle anyways," said Riku.

The two got up and went outside to duel.
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"Raksha. Come here." Riku shouted. Instantly Riku's Absol scrambled to his feet and walked over to Riku and Daidalos. "Riz," Riku shouted,"Throw me some beries." Riz threw his whole sack over to him. Riku took some out and started feeding Raksha. "Don't worry," Riku said,"I won't use these during battle. It's just that me and Raksha have been out in the dessert for a few weeks." He tossed the bag to Daidalos. Diadalos summoned her Vulpix and Dratini and started feeding them beries.
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They both went outside and were ready to battle. They called out their pokemon and were already on their way." Dranzer, attack Absol with Flame Eternity and Galaxy,attack Absol too with Water Pulse!" shouted Daidalos to her pokemon as they attacked.
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The Chief is sitting in his chair stareing at the door that was in front of him. The door opened a man in a vest walked in.???-"Knight Stay there" "About time you got here!" yelled the Chief. The man said calmly back " Litsen you don't pay me enough to get anywhere fast if i were you i would be glad i even consitered coming here." "He...just as snappy as ever Hiro." "So why have you called me here Cheif" Said Hiro Masa. "I need you to track down a kid that escaped the detetion area a few days ago." "A kid? ha. ha. ha.
You let a kid escape." "DO YOU WANT THE JOB OR NOT!!!" Hiro settled down. "That is what I thought this kid stole a Snag'um machine from us and we need you to track him down." "I thought you already had someone on the mission." "She got put on a differant assignment." "I understand. Now about payment." "You will be paid 20,000." "*cough* WHAT!" "You heard me." "Sir, I will take back the Machine at all costs." "You better... or you are out of a job." "Yes sir" "now leave" Hiro walks out the door. "Knight... Cinder... You heard all that right" They seemed to have under stood. " Good because if we lose this we will be wondering the continent again." They definantly understood that. "Good lets go"
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The attacks hit Raksha at the same time. "Raksha use split." Riku cammanded. Raksha split into four and surounded Dranzer and Galaxy. "Now use shadow beam!"
Riku shouted. Raksha used the attack and hit his targets directly however it was not as strong as it would have been because Raksha was split into four.
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Hiro walked in to town with Cinder and Knight right behind him. "Come on guys hussle." Cinder and Knight quickened their pace to match Hiro's. Hiro was walking pasted the bar when he saw Kira and Daidalos battleing. "Hey guys! Come here!"
Cinder and Knight tried to get a better look, Unfortunatly they are short. They look at Hiro with pleading eyes. "Alright." Hiro lifts both on his shoulders. "Can you see now?" They nodded. "Now keep watching you two may learn something."
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"Dranzer, Galaxy, use Hyper Beam followed by Sunny Day!" shouted Daidalos to her pokemon as they were ready to hit Rashaka.

The attacks hit Rashaka dead on and the little guy fell to the ground making Riku lose the match. "Rashaka! Are you alright? Here, take a rest in your pokeball," said Riku.

"Looks like I won. Sorry about your Absol didn't know how strong that attack was. Anyways, you fought a good match," said Daidalos as she reached out her hand for him.

"Thanks," said Riku as he grabbed her hand to help him up.
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