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Sign Up E/A (M-details inside)


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Rated M for Mature: For uncomfortable situations, some violence, funny but wrong things, taboo relationships...the list can go on...

[CENTER][COLOR=Blue]"And now, a sepcial broadcasting from the world-reknowned E. Association." A news anchor sat patiently as the broadcasting camera was re-directed to somewhere unknown to the TV station and the world.

"This is E. Association, commonly reffered as E/A for short." A woman with bubblegum pink hair and fair skin came onto the screen soon after the pause. A second woman, equally attractive, auburn-haired woman enter stage left (in other words the pink haired woman's right side).

"We all hope this isn't too inconvinient, but we have made a proposal-to open E/A up to the world for what it truly is." The woman had tanned skin that looked dark compared to the light skinned beauty.

"The catch," the pink-haired woman spoke, her small lips parting with each word as if she were breathing them. "The catch is, the letter 'E' shall never be exploited for what it actually is." Both women smiled, eyes still obscured by the long bangs hanging in front of their eyes.[/COLOR][/CENTER]

[COLOR=Red][CENTER]"That was odd...I must really not pay attention to fashion anymore." The middle-aged woman turned the power off her TV set and went to bed. What the woman didn't realize was that the news cast that she had just seen would change the world into a frenzy to find out what the 'E' stood for in E/A and that the news cast wasn't for fashion.[/CENTER][/COLOR]

That's the intro, obviously. It may seem to be 'girl-centric' but actually, the only way this RPG can work is if we have some guys. Yes, we need GUY CHARACTERS in this thing too. Each person may play up to 3 characters (NPCs not included)

::Character Sheet::

Age: (15-26-though there are NPCs that are older)

Sex: M, F

Organization (the people who hired your character to find out what the 'E' stands for; if you're a student you attend Everlasting High-no college, sorry; if you are an E/A staff member you are applying for the job* and you are either from some other business** trying to expose E/A or are truly there becasue you know more than what you let on***)

Appearance (detailed description-not some pansy 'green hair, blue eyes' nonsense, something that you'd be proud to tell your English teacher about-or a picture is acceptable):

Bio (now this is optional, I'm only putting it here because some people don't like to 'wing it' in the RPG):

*: In my first couple of posts, it will be my character interviewing yours and my character tells you that you got the job.
**: These business' will stop at nothing to figure out what that 'E' stands for. Along the way the business people have picked up information that could become quite questionable for E/A (ex: modeling agencies-nudist sort of thing, if you've read the manga 'Snow Drop' it's what Hae-Gi does, artistry with morbid or dry sense of humor graphics, etc.)
***: These are the few people that know what the 'E' stands for and they know how sacrid the word is to the people of E/A because if the 'E' word is found out by the business' then everyone inside may be jailed.

----(BTW, sorry for the long post!)

My Character:

Name: Apherion LysKay (pronunciation: A (as in the letter 'A')-fear-ree-on lis-kay) (yes, I realize this is my u/n, but this is a RPG of this little thing I came up with for people in tuned with the ways of E/A)

Age: 23

Sex: F

Organization: One of the Presidents of E/A (the other President is also the real co-founder of E/A, the woman with auburn hair)

Bright emerald eyes gleam from beneath a curtain of lustrous pink hair. With peach-white, cream colored skin with a touch of freckles on the cheeks, chest, arms, and legs, she has a complextion that's worth taking care of. Her lips are humble and thin, a slight scarlet tint.
Standing at an impressive five foot seven, she flows like willowy water from her head to her toes. Curves hitting it right in just the right places, she can have a man gawking in seconds (which is kind of the point for her and her partner's expertise as presidents' at E/A). So not to get too descriptive, she's filled out in [B]all[/B] the right places.


Happy RPGing!
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[B]Name:[/B] Terry Dorsomon

[B]Age: [/B] 17

[B]Gender: [/B] Male

[B]Organization: [/B] Student at Everlasting High

[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL=http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c384/GeneOutlaw/Tanner.jpg][U]Terry[/U].[/URL] He is 5'9 and 165 lbs. He has an atheletic build and is very light on his feet.

[B]Bio:[/B] He is the typical high school student for the most part. About the only thing that sets him apart is his general tendecy to dissociation. He doesn't have much of a personality and keeps to himself a great deal of the time. Much to the frustration of the other guys at his school, the girls seem to just love that. Not that he's ever taken notice, or would care it he had.

He lives alone since he parents work abroad. He has a brother and a sister, but both of them are older and neither care for him much. It probably has to do with the fact that he is only there half brother. After there fathers affair they got saddled with him and his step mother made no end of mention of it. She called him an outsider so that's how they treated him. That's not to say he cares. As long as they send money and let him alone, he doesn't give a **** about any of them.
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::Character Sheet::
Name: ViVian Dl`Emorna

Age: 20

Sex: F

Organization: One of E/A's presidents

Appearance: 5'8" 126lbs. Curvy figure, mostly legs, Larger Bust. Dark auburn hair that falls to her butt with redish highlights (it looks natural). Hazel eyes with a indigo rimming. ViVian is usually seen in a skirt and stillettos with a button up shirt. In fact- she is always in stillettos.

Bio: She is A Teacher's aide at Everlasting High. Has several jobs on the side that she... doesn't... discuss with her students. She is best friends with Apherion, and lives in their loft.
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[b][center]::Character Sheet::[/center][/b]

Name: Samantha johnson

Age: 18

Sex: Female

Organization Student at Everlasting High

Appearance: [url]http://i4.tinypic.com/10ok9ip.jpg[/url]

Bio: ((Winging it as you put it.))

Sorry it's so short.
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[CENTER][B]::Character Sheet::[/B][/CENTER]

Name: Sora Hamagary

Age: 17

Sex: Male

Organization:E/A staff member

Appearance:Is about 5 feet 9 inches when standing upright. [IMG]http://www.absoluteanime.com/fullmetal_alchemist/mustang2.jpg[/IMG]

Bio: Sorry but I'm gonna have to Wing It
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OK, good sign-ups everyone.
This thing will be ready to go with a few more sign-ups. I will be posting the NPCs and my second character right now.

::Character Sheet::
Name: Kaleb Twight

Age: 26

Sex: M

Organization: Undercover Business Official, applying for a rank in E/A

Appearance: The 5'10" Kaleb originally had short, blonde hair, with tanned skin. He used to wear black suits with some sort of bright colored shirt underneath. Now, after being placed to go and discover the secret of 'E', he has to keep his personals on the D/L.
In other words, he had his hair grown out a little and dyed it black. His eyes are the same dark brown color, whilst his skin was deprived of sun-giving him a light complexion that still looks a bit tanned, just not so much. He wears some eyeliner and he spikes the little longer hair.

Bio: All the mega-businesses came together one day. Kaleb, being the CEO's right hand, accopanied in the meeting. It was about who the businesses should choose to go undercover for them. They couldn't send everyone in their factories, it'd be too suspicious. One from Tommy H. suggested that two from each group go in and figure it out. Someone from Hilton Interprises proposed that only one from each group.
But no, let it be someone from a book company-the second largest one in fact-say that all the CEOs should come up with one canidate from each business and using three impartial judges to vote on one person to work for all of the businesses, despite that he or she was once working for someone within the business ring. It was beyond Kaleb that he was going to be looking like some imitation goth figure to apply for the E/A position.


Levy 'Recon' Grant - CEO of E/A; Male; 47 years old
Toko Kreen - Principal of Everlasting High; Female; 36 years old
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Name: Teaurikizo "Tea" Kaze

Age: 20

Sex: F

Organization: Applying for a positon at e/a

She is very pretty some people rival her beauty to Apherions but she denies it she as long flowing [COLOR=MediumTurquoise]Medium Turquoise[/COLOR] hair and [COLOR=LemonChiffon]Lemon Chiffon [/COLOR] skin her chest is large and vuluptous and she is very skiny with nice curves and hips she is about 5'9 and she makes guys heads spin like Apherions but she is very shy and always says she's nothing compared to Apherion
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I'm looking for a couple more people to sign-up, if none do, I think we'll start this off sometime next week ('cause even the most deviant people here have to live with their mothers still-not eighteen :animecry: )
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[font=Book Antiqua][size=2][color=RoyalBlue][b]Name: Valerie Winchcombe

Age: 15

Sex: Female

Organization: Student at Everlasting High

Appearance: [url="http://i17.photobucket.com/albums/b62/threesummers/valerie3.jpg"]Valerie in her pool (Censored nudity)[/url]

Bio: Valerie grew up a bit differently from the other teenagers at Everlasting High. Some people think her lifestyle is cool, but others tease her about it. She heard about E/A from some friends and decided to look into it since she needed a job anyways.[/b]
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Name: Maira

Age: 17

Sex: Female

Organization: E/A staff member

Appearance: brown colored hair with blonde highlights, blue eyes. 5'6'' and mostly wears boots in different colors.

Bio: She used to work full time at the E/A but then her school started so she works there now part time and sometimes goes to work late at night to do some work so she can get paid. Sometimes she goes to school and never goes to work but when she does she is normally there alone with a few people there or no people there.
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[SIZE=1][B]Name[/B]: Evey White

[B]Age[/B]: 17

[B]Sex[/B]: F

[B]Organization[/B]: Student at Everlasting High

[B]Appearance[/B]: [URL=http://i34.photobucket.com/albums/d101/Stark-San/RP%20Characters/cutechick.jpg] [COLOR=Indigo]Evey[/COLOR].[/URL] Slim and curvy, with a kind smile and warm eyes that can brighten anyone's day. She stands at around 5'4", and weighs a slight 114 lbs. She appears like a little bird most of the time, but is vivacious enough to startle anyone.

[B]Bio[/B]: Due to conflicts with her family, Evey has been living in an apartment away from her parents for the past year. Financially she's all right, as her parents still take care of all the necessary expenses. But, because she wants 'extras', like cable TV and internet access, she has to keep a part time job.

Even though she's a student, she's also a talented artist. With her talent she's created her own webcomic, and is often seen making character sketches in the middle of a school lecture.

A slight oddity on Evey's part is a tendency to take on the role of her the protagonist of her webcomic--possibly an Author Surrogate, as the protagonist is also her character in 'Legends of Shamballa', a free MMORPG that she adores. Perhaps she is too much of a geek...[/SIZE]
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