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Sign Up Gods Among Us [M-LSV]


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[B]Gods live among the mere mortals of Earth every day, in the guise of normal mankind. The vast majority of mortals consider these gods to be simply a myth and no more. They constantly read about these mighty beings in classic literature and create new stories of them daily for the television or children's books. No strife there is though, and the condition of their coexistence is quite peaceful, as it has been for thousands of secretive years.
However, things are changing now. It is written in the stars that these times were fast approaching, and the diamonds of the heavens did not lie in their foretelling. War is coming now; Hades has a following of strong believers, and he is ready to have the Earth as his own to reign over. The gods will fight him, but it will be no piece of pie. [/B]

All right, sign ups for [I]Gods Among Us[/I] are finally opened. If you plan to join, you will first need to check out the Underground Thread located here: [URL=http://otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=53784]Underground[/URL]

Following is the sign up form. I will post mine later in the week. ( I will be Zeus )

[B]Name:[/B] [first and last name]

[B]Age: [/B] [if you're a god, it should be around 2500 to 3000; humans should be 19-40]

[B]Gender:[/B] [male, female, or both/neither]

[B]Race:[/B] [God or Human]

[B]Appearance:[/B] [picture and/or description]

[B]Personality:[/B] [simple]

[B]Bio: [/B] [your life story up to now]

[B]Alliance:[/B] [Olympia (good), Underworld (bad), Neutral]


I hope that covers everything. If there are any questions, post them in the Underground thread. Thank you.

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[/size][/b][size=1]Hades, God of the Underworld[/size]

[size=1] [b][u]Age:[/u]

[/size] [size=1] [b][u]Gender:[/u]
[/b]Male, or at least, that's how he appears...

[/size] [size=1] [b][u]Race: [/u]

[size=1] [b][u]Appearance:[/u]
[/b]Hades is a tall, imposing figure, as a God should be. He was once handsome, with chiselled good looks, chipped-ice blue eyes and flowing golden hair.[/size]

[size=1] That was, until he drew lots for a realm with his brothers, Poseidon and Zeus, and was forced to occupy the land of nothingness known as the Underworld. Spending an eternity down there has changed him, both physically and mentally. Now, whilst retaining his tall stature, his chiselled good looks are gone, the healthy tan of his skin replaced by a deathly pallor, his once-straight teeth are now pointed fangs. His eyes are no longer the chipped-ice blue they once were, having become a deep, bloody red. His hair is jet black, and where it once flowed far below his shoulders, it now stands straight, in sharp points. The nails on his hands are slightly elongated and incredibly sharp, acting almost as talons, to rip mortal souls from their prisons of flesh.[/size]

[size=1] Hades is almost always clad in armour, although as the souls of the dead cannot harm him, the reason for this remains unclear. Blood-red armour plates cover his chest and legs, and armoured gauntlets protect his forearms. Spiked shoulder pads lay above his arms, and his feet are covered by armoured boots. Over all this usually rests a thick black cloak, protecting him from the endless cold of the Underworld. A sheathed sword hangs at his hip, although he has not had to use it in a long time, and although he never wears it, the legendary Cyclopean weapon, the Helmet of Invisibility, lies hidden deep within his home realm.

[/size] [size=1] [b][u]Personality:[/u]
[/b]Hate. That is the only way to describe Hades' personality. He is a dark being, full to the brim with hatred, rage, fury, anger, wrath, every single facet of the dark side of emotion. Aeons of being forced to dwell in the dark place that is the Underworld has driven him beyond any good emotions. He is a dark, twisted being, the only remnant of his former self being a sense of humour, but this too has been twisted beyond all imagination, to become a harsh, very morbid type of humour.[/size]

[size=1] But morbid is what you get when you are forced to be the God of the Dead, of the Underworld. Morbidity is the only way you get through from day to day, and Hades has most definitely had a lot of days down there.[/size]

[size=1] He has tenuous relationships with Thantos, also known as Tartarus, the true God of Death, and Hermes, the messenger of the Gods, who guides living souls down to the Underworld, but these are mostly "business relationships."

[/size] [size=1] [b][u]Bio:[/u]
[/b]Back when the world was young, there was a powerful being named Cronus the Titan, whose wife Rhea gave birth to six children, three male, three female. The three females were Hestia, Demeter and Hera, the males were Poseidon, Zeus, and Hades. Together, these six accounted for half of the Olympian Gods.[/size]

[size=1] Upon reaching adulthood, the Gods gathered together, as well as many of their followers and allies, and declared a Titanomachy on their parents and uncles, the Titans. It was a divine war.[/size]

[size=1] But the Gods were gifted by the Cyclopes, a race of one-eyed giants, who gave Zeus, Poseidon and Hades a weapon each. Zeus received the thunderbolt, Poseidon the trident, and Hades the Helmet of Invisibility, which he used the night before battle commenced to sneak into the Titans' camp and destroy their weapons.[/size]

[size=1] Despite this deception, the war lasted for ten years, ending in victory for the Gods. The three male Gods drew lots for their own realms. Zeus received the heavens to rule over, the sky and the true home of the Gods, Mount Olympus. Poseidon gained rulership over the seas, evey ocean and part of water known to man or God. Hades, however, drew what he saw as the short straw. The Underworld. The Land of the Dead.[/size]

[size=1] He despised this realm, and wished to break free of the aeons-old agreement that had led him to become ruler of this Gods-forsaken place. He wanted somewhere new, somewhere fresh, where he could begin to live again.[/size]

[size=1] And that place presented itself perfectly. The Home of the Living would become Hades' new realm.[/size]

[size=1] He would wage war on Earth...[/size]

[size=1] Since deciding on his grand plan, Hades has been gathering followers, both of Earth and of the other realms, strengthening his forces before waging all-out war on Earth, and taking it for himself.[/size]

[size=1] [b][u]Alliance: [/u]
[/b]Ruler of the Underworld[/size]

[size=1] [i]OOC: Hope that's all good for you, cancer, I didn't have anyone else's sign-ups to compare it to. PM me if something's not quite right.[/i][/size]
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Poseidon, God of the Seas




He is a tall broding individual. He has flowing white hair and eyes as black as the greatest depths of his sea. He has a chistled figure with white skin. He has the wings of a manta ray on his back, and carries his trident by his side as his constant companion.

There was a time when he and his brothers were almost indistinguishable. He too had tanned skin and fair blonde hair. He was only slightly shoter then his brothers, which is what set him apart. His eyes were an emerald green. His skin was hard and rough.

His time in the seas have changed many of these things. His skin is now smooth and soft. His tan is gone now, but his body has gained the many colors of the sea. He has the gift of sea, to change his skins color to anyone that can be found in the sea.

Perhaps the moodiest of the gods. He is on edge for the most part, always ready for threats from both man and god alike. He has a war like temprament second only to Ares, his nephew. He is as unperdictable as the seas and is not considerd to be of favorable company. He often disassociates himself from his brothers, preferring to be on his own.

His wife Amphitrite and their son Triton make up most of his close company. Though his relationship with both is rocky due to his permiscuous nature. One of his greatest attributes is his creativity. It is said he used this imaginative mind of his to craft the first horse from a rock, and so is worshiped by herdsmen.

Like his brothers and sisters, he too waged war against there father Cronus and his titan breathren. Once Poseidon recieved the trident from the cyclopes, he used this mighty weapon to send crashing waves to sweep away the mighty warships of his father. Despite there strength, the war between god and Titan waged for many years.

Finally at the fall of the titans, Zeus cast the remaining titans into Tartarus, a place as far beneath the earth as heaven is above earth. Having won victory, they cast lots for the sovereignty, and to Zeus was allotted the dominion of the sky, to Poseidon the dominion of the sea, and to Hades the dominion of the Underworld. Then Poseidon constructed the brazen fence that runs round Tartarus and its gates of bronze, behind which the titans were confined.

In the years that followed, Poseidon would come to create all the creatures of the sea, as well as horses. For this he is worshiped by seafarers, fishermen, and herdsmen alike.

When Poseidon decided to marry the Oceanid Amphitrite, she, wishing to remain a virgin, escaped and fled to Atlas. Poseidon then send many to look for her, and among them a certain Delphin, who after long wanderings, found her and persuaded her to marry Poseidon, organizing himself the whole wedding. For this reason, they say, Poseidon put the dolphin among the Constellations.

Together they would have a son named Triton, a merman. From head to waist he would appear as one of the gods, but he had the tail of a creature of the sea. Triton assisted the ArgonauTts and on another occasion blew his shell-trumpet, which he had invented, against the Giants putting them to flight. When Athena was born she was brought up by Triton.

This is not to say that he does not have many other offspring. Including the winged horse, Pegasus which he fatherd with the gorgon Medusa. He is second only to his brother Zeus in affairs and illigitimate children.

The world above crumbles, but so long as his sea remains undisturbed, Poseidon bares little concern for what happens to the mortals. This has caused quite abit of family tention on both fronts. Being as tempremental as he is, both his brothers fear for which side he might take, since Neutrality can't last, not anymore. They fear that the side he takes may sway the balance of power in greatly with the favor of the side he takes.

Triton has been absent from his court as of late and his wife pleads for him to listen to Zeus, but he'll have nothing of it. His sons absence disturbs him greatly and he has sent all the denizens of the sea in search of him, but they have yeilded no results.

War is about to begin, so both sides are pulling for his allegiance. Hades seems to be schemeing, but it's hard to sya what he has planned for Poseidon and his seas. [/CENTER]
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Name: Urd, Goddess of Fate

Age: 2666

Gender: Female

Race: Goddess


Personality: She is kind of mean and stubborn.

Bio: not much is known about her past except that she predicted the future of many mortals and the out come. She would sometimes make a way for the mortals to find out the meaning of their lives by making some kind of omen that of good or bad luck.

Alliance: Olympia
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Name: Misha Hanazono

Age: 2444

Gender: Female

Race: Goddess


Personality: She is a sweet and sincere girl who is always nice to others and cares for them deeply.

Bio: She wanders around Olympia and does anything she can to make things better for the mortals and make lives easier too. She was normaly pushed around but she never really cared so everyone just kept teasing her and pushing her around. Misha never really minded. Misha grew up with loving parents who always took care of her and soon she became to be a nice and kind girl. No matter what she always looked towards her parents and her sister. But when Misha got older was when things started to get tough. Her parents left and her sister was all that she had left. But when the hard times came she would have a smile on her face and look as if everything was all right.

Alliance: Olympia
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[size=4][b]GODS AMONG US SIGNUP[/b][/size]

[indent][size=1][b]Name:[/b] Thanatos

[b]Age:[/b] 2800

[b]Gender[/b]: Male

[b]Race:[/b] God

[b]Appearance:[/b] Thanatos, being the God of Death, is mainly cloaked in black. His ragged clothes give him an almost creepy and unholy look. He glides when he feels no need to walk and will ride a black horse when even the ability of hovering is too much. After the loss of his kingdom, he mainly mopes with his head down. He carries his powerful sword, which he uses to release the living and bring them to the dead. He can take numerous forms from a handsome human male to a rather unattractive skeletal creature. The cloak covers him mostly so it really doesn't matter.

[b]Personality:[/b] Before becoming somewhat of a slave to Hades, Thanatos was a proud God and often did numerous things actively. He was smart, witty, and was almost merciful. If he didn't control the Land of the Dead, he'd be almost good, but instead he had no choice, but to plunge his sword into a beating heart. His appearance shadowed his true ways and no one could ever think he was not as horrid as he appeared.

Once Hades took over, he became silent, hopeless, and cowardly. Despite still being the one to deal death, he hardly matched up to the reputation. He was forever melancholy and forsaken, no more the ruler of the Underworld and no more someone with emotion. He became... empty.

[b]Bio:[/b] Once, long ago, before even Zeus claimed Olympus, the Underworld was present. The ruler, Thanatos, escorted spirits from the Land of the Living to his world, the Land of the Dead. Unlike the future ruler of the Underworld, Hades, Thanatos did not cause havoc and misery, but simply did his job to take souls to the afterlife. But it was not meant to be.

Thanatos was a weak God and was not fit to fill the job. He cowarded before the might of Hades, who, in search of a realm to call home, found the Underworld and claimed it as his own. A battle was fought for the control of the realm, but sadly Hades was ten times the God Thanatos was. Thanatos easily fell, but Hades had mercy on the miserable creature. Since Hades did not want the job of actually removing the souls from their home, he enslaved Thanatos to do it for all eternity for him. Then Hades would deal with them when they arrive in the Underworld.

Thanatos had no choice but to obey his new master. His shining armor of glistening black and commanding features withered away with time and soon he just wore ragged cloaks and a dull expression of misery and lack of hope. He wandered the Land of the Living, removing the appropriate spirits and sent them on their way to the Afterlife. Oh, how he longed for a new world to be, a new job to have, or even better yet, having the Underworld back under his control.

But he knew deep down that Hades could not be easily thrown and no other Gods were about to attempt to knock him off his ill-gotten throne. Sadly Thanatos disappeared from legend and was hardly even recognized by any Gods as a God himself. He simply was the grave keeper, the grim reaper, the spirit taker and a footnote in Mythology. Eventually even Hades dismissed him as anything of importance and paid him no mind that he did his job. Nevertheless, Thanatos continued to take spirits for all enternity. Was he to be damned to this life forever? Was there any future for the great God of the Underworld Thanatos?

[b]Alliance:[/b] Neutral[/size][/indent]
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[SIZE=1]Yo, Blayze, I don't want to screw your character up or anything but Persephone is the only Goddess in Greek myth in alliance with the Underworld. And I [I]heart[/I] the Underworld in this RPG so...[/SIZE]


Persephone, [I]Goddess of the Underworld[/I]








Daughter of Demeter and Zeus she possess the grace and beauty the immortals are so notorious for. Her form changed little when she was taken to the Underworld.

Flowing hair, flawless alabaster skin, and gleaming onyx orbs she remains forever youthful in appearance. Her clothing consists of the classic Doric chiton, a robe colored a deep crimson, held in place by gleaming silver pins.


Once she was lively and carefree, during her first experiances in the Underworld she was filled with sorrow and anguish. Eventually she came to accept her role, even going so far as to say she'd found her calling. She adjusted well from the frail and fearful Persephone to the Goddess of the Dead, she is now in charge of greeting the new arrivals and helping them adapt to the new life- or, rather, afterlife.

She has grown both elegant and wise, though she still longs for open skies and lush fields at times.


The day she became the Queen of the Dead was one Persephone could never hope to forget. In her adolescence she was loyal only to her mother, Demeter, and spent much of her time outdoors in the plains of flowers and the deep forests.

Her father, Zeus, promised her hand in marriage to the King of the Dead behind the back of his wife and daughter, never telling anyone until the day Persephone was dragged to the Underworld.

The day had begun like any other, Persephone frolicking cheerfully with her friends as her mother looked on. While she laughed happily and picked flowers for Demeter, one paticular flower caught the eye of Persephone- a narcissus, planted for a special reason by Zeus himself. When she plucked it, the earth shook and split, revealing the awe-inspiring God of the Dead himself. Hades captured his promised wife and together they returned to the Underworld, Persephone's cries going unheard by those above ground.

In the realm of the dead Persephone made the grave mistake of partaking in a pomegranate given to her by Hades, thus sealing her fate and tying her to both the Underworld and its god.

Zeus listened to the pleas of his wife to return their daughter and offered a solution. If Persephone was still as pure as the day she was kidnapped, then she could return to Mount Olympis and live as she did before.

It was too late, of course.


Underworld. [/CENTER] [/FONT] [/SIZE] [/COLOR]

[SIZE=1][Um, I'm going to hope that's okay with both cancer and Blayze, if not, I'll change to a human. The biography is condensed and not my best writing, so I'll upgrade if need be.][/SIZE]
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Selene (Also called Mene)



Titan Goddess of the Moon

Pale in palor, with knee-legnth pitch black hair, always tied in a braid. She has big, bright silver eyes, and two small horns on the top of her head, often mistaken for a cresent shaped crown. Usually wearing a short, black peplos and bright silver sandals. Rides sidesadle on a winged horse bringing the moon accross the sky.
(This is a good pic, minus the wings of course: [URL=http://i53.photobucket.com/albums/g62/Chii_Flowright/CG/jpeg1124592488.jpg]Selene[/URL]

Often quiet, she is seen as a dreamer, eyes usually half-lidded and thinking of something romantic. When she does talk though, it is usually either a witty or sarcastic remark, or something unmentionably wise. Also, she has a habit of enjoying the... pleasures of the night, leading to many children (as you will see in the Bio)

She was born of Thea and Hyperion with a sister and a brother. Helios the Sun,and Eos the (insignificant in Selene's opinion) Dawn. She was raised to run in circles after her brother, bathing in the sea before her departure.
In her many years, she birthed numerous children, including Pandeia the dew, The four seasons, the fifty Menai or lunar months, and fifty white oxen from the demigod, Pan.
Her true love Endymion, who sleeps eternally in Mt. Latmos and gave her her favorite children, the Menai, still lives fully in her mind. She has even cursed her eternal life because it kept her from her love.
After the modernization of the earth, the goddess Artimes quickly took her place as goddess of the moon in the humans minds. Selene wasn't even mentioned in modern myth, and this angered her to no end. How could she, the MOON be so overlooked. This anger has festered for some time, but because of the fact that Artimes could slay her with one quick arrow, she held back any action.


If you would like any more, just PM[/CENTER][/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[COLOR=DarkRed]Okay, I'd love to see more sign ups, especially a human or two. I'm going to close sign ups on July 4th, so that's about three days left. Hurry up. [/COLOR]

[B]name[/B] Zeus, God of Rain

[B]age[/B] 3000

[B]gender[/B] male

[B]race[/B] god

[B]alliance[/B] Olympia

[B]personality[/B] He is an oppressive being who demands respect of all of his underlings. However, many men and gods do play tricks on him from time to time and get away with it, for although he is more powerful than all the gods combined, his strength is not boundless. He is not much of a romantic, though he has had many affairs with different females. He has also had a few relationships with adolescent males.

He doesn't trust many people, though he is very intelligent and sharp. He is clever and persuades people often to do things to his advantage. The thing about his personality is that it changes periodically. Sometimes he will talk a lot and heed no one else's opinions, while at other times he is very quiet and pays attention to all said. It is very hard to read Zeus, and so therefore it is hard to get along with him.

[B]bio[/B] Zeus is the youngest son of Cronus and Rhea. Rhea hid Zeus in a cave in Crete, and he was then raised by Gaia (Mother Earth). When Zeus reached manhood he cut open the stomach of his father and released his siblings and also released the Titans. The Cyclopes being among these, they then made lightning bolts for Zeus. Zeus then battled against Cronus and other Titans, and he won. After imprisoning them, Zeus shared the world with Poseidon and Hades. Zeus now dwells among the mortals of the Earth as the owner of the American Electric Power company. He makes his home in Greece, and often travels back and forth to his temple in the heavens. He has heard from his messenger that war may be close at hand, and so now he is considering finding his fellow Olympians and preparing for what lies ahead.

[B]appearance[/B] [IMG]http://i43.photobucket.com/albums/e389/xliquidousx/zeus-1.jpg[/IMG]
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Name: Athena

Age: 2500

Gender: Female

Race: Goddess of war, wisdom, justice.

Appearance:Athena has two different looks, the first is her warrior look, and second is her suffisticated look.
[URL=http://i17.photobucket.com/albums/b94/blaze08_83/Anime/anime-blindfolded.jpg]Warrior Athena[/URL]
[URL=http://koti.mbnet.fi/nanime/Tree.jpg]Athena normal[/URL] except with hair down.

Personality: Athena is a very forward, opinionated, knowledgable, nice, kind of woman. Since justice is blind Athena is blind as well when she's in her warrior mode.

Athena can be very self-contained at times but she's usually puts her opinion in most conversatons, but most people learn to be carefull not to say the wrong thing 'cause when she gets angry heads are gonna role. If she isn't talking or arguing, then she is usually seen reading a book, playing with her owl, helping random travelers, or strolling through Demeters garden.

Bio: Athena was born out the top of her father's(Zues) cleaved head fully grown and fully armored ready for battle. Athena never had any enemies or children, acually she is still a virgin(according to the myth).

Over the years Athena has helped many travelers seeking wisdom, and warriors who need guidence. Among these travelers were heroes such as Oddysseus, Hercules, and Jason(Jason and the argonots).

Athena was strolling through Demeters garden reading a book when she heard about Hades plot from her owl Hoot(she can talk to him), she emediatly ran to Zues's throne room and consolted him on the vital issue at hand. After they talked Athena decided to go searching the heavens and earth to find who would aid them on the war that was about to unfold.

Alliance: Olympia
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