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Sign Up Neverland [M-VLS]


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[size=1]Never grow old. Never grow up...[/size][/i]


[size=1]Neverland. A place of fantasy, where dreams come true and you will never grow old. A beautiful, magical land, where children are free to run and play as they please. Everything your heart could ever desire is in Neverland.[/size]

[size=1]Come to Neverland.[/size]


[left] [QUOTE]Originally Posted by[b] The Guardian Newspaper, December 17th, 1998:[/b]

[i][size=1]"The runaway success of the early days of Captain James Hook's next-generation amusement park, tentatively named "Neverland," was soon overshadowed by a number of mysterious disappearances. The first 100 children to receive a ticket to Neverland were taken to the island paradise, and they were never seen again. Parents and guardians are still distraught, even to this date, twenty years after the grand opening of Hook's miraculous new theme park.[/size]

[size=1]Captain James Hook has long since vanished into the seams of society, and, having been an elusive man to receive an interview with even before the opening of Neverland, he is now even more elusive to the governments who are trying to apprehend him.[/size]

[size=1]However, even stranger than the disappearance of Hook was the disappearance of the island of Neverland itself. It seemed that mere weeks after the grand opening and the disappearance of the first 100 children, the island itself vanished from the face of the Earth. Information given to us by the promoters of Neverland told us that the island was located somewhere in the North Pacific, but when a search was carried out, nothing was found in the co-ordinates given.[/size]

[size=1]This led to Captain Hook becoming an international fugitive, wanted by almost every government across the globe, and Neverland becoming a rogue nation, a sovereign of its own. Even to this day, Neverland has Never been found."[/size][/i] [/QUOTE][/left]


[size=1]28 years ago, in the summer of 1978, a new theme park opened. It was the biggest thing to happen since sliced bread, and the biggest unveiling since the television. A former Navy Captain, James Hook, opened a brand new theme park, made especially for children. In fact, it was so specialised that adults were not permitted to set foot inside the gates of this new park. Hook explained this by saying that he had always had a deep love for children, and that adult supervision takes all the imagination out of being a child again.[/size]

[size=1]But then, the parents waiting outside the park gates for their children to re-emerge from the park, were waiting for days. And when their children were not released from this theme park, they took a complaint straight to the government.[/size]

[size=1]But, by the time an inquiry could be opened, Captain James Hook and his theme park had vanished, taking with it the first one hundred children to step through its gates.[/size]

[size=1]The government gradually came to forget about the tragedy of the Neverland incident, moving on to bigger and more imminent threats, wiping the name of the infamous child-snatcher James Hook from public records.[/size]

[size=1]But there is always that tiny, niggling doubt whenever a child goes missing...[/size]


[b][u][size=3]Welcome to Neverland.[/size][/u][/b]

[size=1]This RP is a new twist on the classic fairy tale of Peter Pan, taking the story and modernising it, and adding a dark twist to it, just as the 2004 movie of the same name did. There will be a huge number of bizarre twists in this little tale, but let me lay out the background for you:[/size]

[size=1]You will be playing as characters who existed in the original Peter Pan stories, but with backgrounds matching the dark genre of this new story. I'm talking the Lost Punks, drugged-up rock chick Tinkerbell, drag-queen Tiger Lily and anything else you can possibly imagine.[/size]

[size=1]James Hook, a former Navy Captain, owns Neverland, once an amusement park where children never grew up, now a mystical island that cannot be found by any adult.

[size=1]I will be playing Peter Pan, the leader of the Lost Punks, myself. The other characters I am looking for are as follows, in order of importance:[/size]

[size=1]Wendy Darling[/size]
[size=1]John Darling[/size]
[size=1]Michael Darling[/size]
[size=1]Tiger Lily[/size]
[size=1]Original Lost Punk character (I will only allow one of these to be created)[/size]

[size=1]I will be PMing each player selected with what their main roles in the story will be. For instance, Tiger Lily's main job could be to seduce Peter away from Wendy. Wendy's main job could be to fall desperately in love with Peter, and try anything to impress him. Whatever it is, I will be expecting you to work this into your posts, either subtly or blatently.[/size]

[size=1]Captain Hook and his cronies will be NPCs, played by me, but I will allow some players to take control of any of these characters (ie Smee etc.) at various points in the story. During these times I will ask said player to post a profile for each individual extra character that will be played. Anyone using that character after that time will need to adhere to the original player's profile.[/size]



[size=1]1. This is very much a team effort. As we are all playing characters on the same side as each other, you will all need to work together, and READ EACH OTHER'S POSTS. I cannot stress enough the importance of reading each post carefully and adhering to what the previous player has written.[/size]

[size=1]2. Quality is very important in all of my RPs. I expect each post to be of a decent quality, and, despite what many people think, I will also be looking for quantity. But don't take this too seriously, I only want posts longer than about three paragraphs each.[/size]

[size=1]3. Although I have said, on many different occasions, that this RP will be fairly sick and twisted, you need to have some boundaries. Remember, these are kids. I'm not expecting sexual violence in any form (apart from in your biographies...twisted backgrounds = twisted kids) and I don't particularly want graphic descriptions of violence and gore, unless it is crucial to the story.[/size]

[size=1]4. Foul-mouthedness is almost encouraged, as these kids are all essentially juvenile delinquents. The odd swear word is bound to pop out, but I don't want endless streams of filth coming from these kids' mouths. No-one likes to read that kind of thing, it just puts people off. If there is a special reason for a particularly long stream of filth emerging, such as a character in immense pain or some such situation, I will allow swearing, but please put it in spoiler tags, just to give people the option of avoiding reading it, as many people are offended by it.[/size]

[size=1]5. I'm really looking to have as few out of character discussions as humanly possible. All questions, queries and afterthoughts should be posted in the Underground thread, which will be up soon.[/size]

[size=1]6. Not so much a rule, more of a request. If anyone wants to make some graphics up, or get someone else to do it, and then send them to me, this would be fantastic and you would get shed-loads of brownie points. On another note, HTML is acceptable in your posts, just don't expect me to use any[/size]

[size=1]7. The most important rule of all: HAVE FUN![/size]


[size=1]If there are any questions I have not answered, then please either PM me or post a question in the Underground thread, which I will be creating shortly.[/size]

[size=1]Enjoy creating your twisted characters.[/size]

[size=1]Here's the deal with sign-ups. I am used to getting a fair amount of them, and I don't want to trawl through millions of them, so usually I read the ones that stand out to me. If you make your sign-up pretty, there is more chance of me reading it. However, that doesn't mean that I will automatically accept you if your sign-up is nice-looking. I am looking for quality of writing.[/size]

[size=1]Originality is also a big plus. If I read the same kind of thing over and over again, then I am not as likely to accept those sign-ups. If I read something different, then it will stand out to me, and I am much more likely to pick you. However, again it is not a given that you will be accepted.[/size]

[size=1]Finally, please don't use things just for shock value. Don't make a character who was molested as a child without it having some kind of emotional impact on them. These are real humans we are playing, with real emotions. Give your characters some depth to them.[/size]

[size=1]Here is what I will need from each of you:[/size]


[/size][/b][size=1][b]Gender:[/b] this can be anything...literally...male, female, transgendered, cross-dresser, anything you like, the weirder the better

[/size][size=1][b]Age:[/b] remember these are all kids, but when I say kids, they can be in their early teens as well

[/size][size=1][b]Sexuality:[/b] Yes, they really are screwed-up kids

[/size][size=1][b]Appearance:[/b] picture, detailed description, or both will get you extra brownie points

[/size][size=1][b]Personality: [/b]as screwed-up as you like

[/size][size=1][b]Biography:[/b] same goes - this is your character's life before they reached Neverland, and after, in the case of any of the Lost Punks or Tiger Lily

[/size][size=1][b]Vices:[/b] what is your character's weakness? This can be anything, as twisted as you like

[/size][size=1][b]Useful Items:[/b] Anything useful your character might carry with them. In the case of the Lost Punks, this would be any kind of primitive weapon, slingshots, knives, clubs etc. For someone like, say, Wendy, this could be a handbag with a can of Mace in it or something of the sort. Use your imaginations.

[/size][size=1][b]Notes:[/b] anything else you might care to mention[/size]

[size=1]There can be more than one person signing up for each role, and I will be choosing the best sign-ups for each of them. When you are making your characters, think of this as doing for Peter Pan what James' "Wonka Inc" did for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It may not be too nice, but its damn fine entertainment.[/size]

[size=1]I will most likely create an Underground thread for this, but if you have any questions before that, just PM them to me and I will try to answer them.[/size]
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[COLOR=DarkRed][B]NAME:[/B][/COLOR] Tiger Lily

[COLOR=DarkRed][B]GENDER:[/B][/COLOR] Male

[COLOR=DarkRed][B]AGE:[/B][/COLOR] Fourteen

[COLOR=DarkRed][B]SEXUALITY:[/B] [/COLOR] Bisexual

[COLOR=DarkRed][B]BIOGRAPHY:[/B] [/COLOR] Tiger Lily was born to a young housewife and an experienced medical doctor in central Manhattan. His mother left his father when he was of the age two, and she went to live with a practicing attorney down the block. Tiger Lily?s father quickly picked up drinking and drug abuse when his wife left him, and his anger he took out on his only son.
At nighttime, when Tiger Lily was lying in his crib sleeping peacefully, his father would wake him up, saying, ?Kid! Kid, who the **** are ? are you!? Tiger Lily would cry at this point and scream with the fear of a child who has an innate idea of what is coming. The father then proceeded to yell at the child whilst shaking him, ?Shut the **** up, you little cocksucker!? He would punch the son in the face repeatedly, only causing the child to scream louder. The father then would drop the baby back into the crib and leave the house to have a few more drinks at the bar down the street. These nights continued in a similar manner for a few more years, some nights being worse than others.
At the age of six, Tiger Lily became a bit more aware of his unique situation, as he saw the difference in him from all of his classmates at school. When he would return from school, his father (who was still single) would proceed to perform dirty actions of an incestuous pederastic relationship by fondling his son and forcefully kissing him. Afterwards he would slap Tiger Lily around and give him chores to do, such as cleaning out the bathroom with an ammonia solution.
Tiger Lily?s life never got much better for a few years. By the age of ten he was constantly being teased because he dressed like a girl. He wore make up, skirts, and tight shirts constantly. Gradually, he started to hang out on the streets with other homosexuals. His father disowned him when he turned eleven years old, and he was constantly on the streets at this time. Sometimes he would stay with his friends, and other nights would sleep in parked vans. He began to do heroine on a regular basis when he turned twelve.
Finally Tiger Lily?s mother came back to her old apartment to retrieve her firstborn, but the father told her: ?I disowned that cocksucker, you damned whore!? She ignored his continued yelling and went to find her son on the streets. It didn?t take her too long to find him hanging out outside of a gay bar one night.
?Tigera, come with me. You have a home now,? she said to him. He did not know whom she was talking to, or whom she was. When she explained it to him, he believed and followed the angelic lady to a decent apartment. There he lived for a year, though his lifestyle did not improve by much.
When Tiger Lily turned fourteen, he got a special birthday gift. His mother decided to take him to a new theme park on a distant island. It was called Neverland, and Tiger Lily was extremely excited to get away from the city. And so he went to Neverland, and he saw many great things, though his mother he never saw again.

[COLOR=DarkRed][B]PERSONALITY:[/B][/COLOR] He is suprisingly kind, yet he is sometimes petty. A softspoken youth is he, and he prefers to listen rather than converse. He's not the type to approach someone he does not know, though he does like to meet new people if they approach him. He is a lover of fashion, and is very critical of the appearance of himself and his peers. The first thing you will notice about the way he carries himself is the feminine attitude about him. Some would consider him a female in a "male's" body. He sometimes has nervous breakdowns and can get very emotional. When angered he will yell foul phrases at anyone. Most people would be careful not to get on his bad side.

[COLOR=DarkRed][B]VICES: [/B][/COLOR] Tiger Lily's one major weakness is a gorgeous guy. Gorgeous ladies he may be attracted to, but they do not have the effect that an angelic male does. He seems to go weak at the knees when he meets a beautiful guy, and he can think of naught to say. He also is afraid of liquor bottles, for reasons unbeknownst to him.

[COLOR=DarkRed][B]USEFUL ITEMS:[/B] [/COLOR] His useful item is a chain, preferrably with a collar attached to it. He would use this to wear around his neck, and of course to beat/choke his enemy. He loves the silvery shine of new chains.

[COLOR=DarkRed][B]APPEARANCE:[/B] [/COLOR] A young, feminine male with a flawless face. He shaves most of his body-hair (if a razor is present), and hates to be dirty. His hair is naturally black. He hates the sunlight and prefers his natural pale skintone.

[CENTER][IMG]http://www.uploadfile.info/uploads/82d09f438a.jpg[/IMG] [/CENTER]
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[B]Biography:[/B]"Tinkerbell! Tinkerbell!" She felt the person move her around as she slept. Her body not wanting to respond until the person slapped the hell out of her. "Wake the **** up girl!"

Tinkerbells eyes opened big and she sat up. Before she could think she slapped the person next to her. Obviously the one that slapped her awake. The girl, Haru, Tink's cousin pounced her and the two began to roll on the floor in Haru's room. One would think that this is the last thing Haru would do seeing the kind of room she held. The walls around them nice and light only a few posters of rock bands around the room without chaos. Only the blur of those two rolling on the floor until Tinkerbell ended out on top of Haru, and Haru no longer stuggling under Tinkerbell's thin form.

Tinkerbell kissed Haru hard, her hands run along Haru's form. But a knock at the door stops them.

"Haru, Tinkerbell! Don't be late for school."

The two girls immediately stopped their play and got dressed, Tinkebell glancing at Haru. Her body wanting to be back on top of Haru and taking advantage of her.

Tinkerbell envied Haru, a popular older teen girl who she was now staying with, but was also Tinkerbell's cousin. Tinkerbell's mother died over two years ago sending Tinkerbell to her aunt who stayed in Tokyo. There things slowly changed with Tinkerbell's personality. On the outside she was respectful of her aunts wishes but she began to stay out late and was heavily active in another life when she left her aunt's house.

She no longer attended school and began to seduce older men. Not without help from her boyfriend, Taku, who was 20 and in a gang. Only with him was she able to suceed and if she ever stepped out of line he'd make her not only realize it verbally but sexually. Often tying her up and letting the men or ladies around him take advantage.

The abuse he showed soon becoming things she loved and her outward appearance changed to show it. Her aunt thinking it only a stage allowed Tinkerbell to do these things, not knowing the change Tinkerbell was having on her child. Haru became withdrawn but also a lesbian, which her mother did not know until later.

Knowing all that Tinkerbell had went through in the last two years, when the new park opened up she decided to take Tinkerbell and Haru to it. Her aunt wished to celebrate Tinkerbell's 15th birthday and thought of no better place to do it. It was called Neverland, and although Tinkerbell thought it stupid at first, she's rather be tied up and sexed by Taku, she soon gave in and went with her aunt and Haru. Inside the park Tinkerbell seperated from Haru who went immediately back to the front gate.

Tinkerbell never saw her aunt of cousin after that but became entralled in the life of Neverland, her manipulation of the teen guys too apparent. She moved in on her targets quickly and left quicker, until a small band of boys outsmarted her. These boys of various ages and backgrounds took Tinkerbell in one day after seeing her wandering around the area. But instead of falling for her games they tricked her and took whatever she was worth, which at this time was nothing. But Tinkerbell when let go decided to stay around seeing that being around these guys would in fact be fun, for they reminded her of her life in Tokyo with Taku, and the main man, Peter, was in fact handsome but never took on to Tinkerbell's seduction which made her back off and go off to conquer other small fries, helping to support the other punks, in her group.

[B]Personality:[/B]Manipulative and cunning to those that she doesn't know. Spoiled and jealous at times. Once you gain her trust she treats you differently but that does not make you exempt from her hijinx. After getting into Neverlnd and getting together with the lost punks her traps got better and she oter managed to ensnare members of her own team with new traps some of them deviations of previously made snares.

[B]Usual Items:[/B] Ropes or vines. And other small items that can help her set up traps. Usually carries a sharpened knife with her to also help with it.

[B]Vices:[/B] Intelligent people. Someone who is able to not only support her but outsmart her. Sexual people, those that may share fantasies or show any sign of sexual prowess towards Tinkerbell.

Stands at 5'6". Has a small yet atlethic frame. Very gothic looking and not afraid of getting dirty. Tomboyish at times due to being around the lost punks. [/COLOR]
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[size=1][color=slategray][b]Name:[/b] Wendy Darling

[b]Gender:[/b] Transgender

[b]Age:[/b] Sixteen

[b]Sexuality:[/b] Pansexual

[b]Appearance:[/b] [URL=http://jessicka.com/green/scarling/babak/Jessicka.jpg]Wendy.[/URL]
Clothes- Short skirts and fishnet tops keep Wendy in business. She has a love for striped stockings and knee-high platform boots, complete with metal toe and heels. Black leather fingerless gloves along with a large assortment of metal braclets decorate her forearms. A bold tattoo of an X rests on her right shoulder. Now that she's got it, she flaunts it.
The general colors of her clothes are black, red, purple, and white. Very basic.

[b]Personality:[/b] Wendy is used to being the center of attention in her line of work. When occompanied by others, she'll do anything to keep an exciting conversation going, and that includes free lap dances. Impulsive and wild, to her, life is one big party, and she's always ready to crash it.
Wendy has a lot of personal issues, so she always keeps it noisy to drown out the dark thoughts and memories. She's loud, she's rude, and she lets everyone know it. She's a tough chick, and she's won enough battles to show for it.
Even though she has a very "**** you" attitude, she's willing to warm up to someone and be a sweetie, as long as no one else is around.

[b]Biography:[/b] Growing up around the Darling household had never been comforting. It was a dog-eat-dog world behind those walls. Mommy and Daddy dearest would always get stoned, fight, and have make-up sex right on the living room floor. And since the apartment was only three rooms, it was [I]very[/I] hard to ignore it. Not a suitable environment for three sons.

Wendy hadn't always been her sexy, feminine self. Well, she had been, just not in the same exact body. At the age of five, Wendy, as a young boy, had found himself attracted to women's clothes and make-up. It even got to the point where he hated being male so much, that he attempted to cut off his penis with a kitchen knife. However, his mother had walked in on the event and slapped the knife out of his hand. "But I wanna be a girl!" He'd protested. Without giving it much thought, his mother started him in hormone replacement therapy. "I had always wanted a little girl." Had been his mother's reasoning. Oddly enough, his mother kept close watch over the procedure and helped him through each step as he got older. This was perhaps the only thing she ever did to help him.

Apparently, Wendy's father hadn't been informed of what was going on. (He was just too drugged up to notice anything remotely dodgy, anyway.) By this time, Wendy was nine years old. So the day when Wendy and his mother came home from the finalized sexual reassignment surgery, he went ballistic. Wendy's mother was thrown out, but she made no protest. She emptied out the marijuana stash and walked out of their lives. Every day after that incident, Wendy's dad beat her in a drunken state. The only thing Wendy had going for her was her two younger brothers, John and Michael. They were close and did mostly everything together. Her brothers didn't judge her on her new growing female body. In fact, Wendy had always been a prettyboy, so it didn't seem unnatural at all.

By the next year, at age ten, Wendy was dragged into prositution. A baby prostitute, that's what they called her. Older business men were eager to get their money's worth out of Wendy. And they did. She was a quick learner and did service to everyone. This is how she came to classifying herself as pansexual. She enjoyed any sexual activity, and could lust after everyone.

She grew more distant from John and Michael as she became older, her permanent living quarters were with her pimp. It was just another way to escape her violent father. She had been told that John and Michael had been put in foster care after so long, apparently their father hadn't stopped even after she'd left. She soon dropped out of school and became engaged with drugs and drinking. She loved going to clubs of all kind, and frequently found herself on stage at some strip bar. She was good at what she did, and she was loving it. On top of the world.

And then her mother found her again. Her mother, whom stumbled across Wendy at a local club. Her tear streaked cheeks and her mind numbing smile. "Oh, how beautiful my little girl is." Couldn't she see what a wreck Wendy's life had become? Blind hag. But she spoke with kindness and explained a little get-together with Wendy, John, Michael, and her. To go to some theme park. How immature. But Wendy's gratitude for her mother won her over in the end. She agreed to go to this "Neverland."

[b]Vices:[/b] Being alone, she can't stand it. Anyone that she is mentally close to, she'd do anything for those certain few, even if it meant throwing herself off a cliff. A stage... she can't ignore them, especially one with a pole. She just has to perform.

[b]Useful Items:[/b] Pepper Spray, for those certain "uncontrollable clients" or just some weirdo on the street. An assortment of safety pins and needles, just in case her wardrobe needed some fixing up before going to see the next trick. A broken Butterfly Knife, gone unrepaired from a late night street brawl.

[b]Notes:[/b] No one besides Wendy and her family know her real name before the hormone treatments and operation. Since then, it hasn't been an issue.

Twisted enough? I've been waiting for a nifty RPG such as this. Can't wait.[/color][/size]
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[center][i][size=1]Excellent. We will do well here.[/size]

[size=1]Here be my sign-up, and I will soon post the profiles of Hook and Smee in the Underground thread.[/size][/i]
[/size][/u][/b][/size][center][size=1][b][u][size=3]Peter Pan[/size][/u][/b]


[/b][/u] Peter Pan (usually goes by Pete, sometimes as Pan to his enemies)


[/u][/b] Male


16 years


[/u][/b] Undecided as of yet - this is something he thinks about a lot, and is still unsure whether his preference is to girls or boys. For now, he settles with a little of both, hoping that when the time comes, he can make his decision.


[/u][/b]Pete is a sullen, pale individual, who no longer spends much time on his physical appearance. He's not entirely bothered any more, he barely emerges from his tree-house. His pale skin is in stark contrast to his jet-black hair, which falls ever so slightly over his face. The only break in colour is the deep crimson streak in his fringe.

His general attire when inside his tree-house is very little. He wears a pair of tight black jeans with black leather boots, and nothing else, aside from a slightly over-bulky metal necklace around his neck, which has become tarnished with age and perspiration. He has cuts and scars all over his upper body, and he says he has "one for every sin he has committed," which is a few.

As for his actual build, spending weeks at a time in his tree-house with negligible supplies and very little exercise, he has become somewhat scrawnier than he was before, his muscles almost wasting away. But he seems healthy enough to others who see him (which occurs very rarely).


[/u][/b] Peter Pan is often thought of as a sprightly, happy-go-lucky creature, always looking to have fun with his friends. The reality is very different. Pete is a young teenager, and, as such, being stuck in Neverland, he is constantly in puberty, never allowed to grow fully into a man. This is the reason why he cannot decide on his own sexuality, and also the reason he is constantly brooding, always stuck up in his tree-house, just thinking.

If he is honest with himself, he can't remember much about his life before he was taken to Neverland, and he isn't entirely sure if he wants to. He knows there was something in his life that made him come to Neverland, but what this was, he wasn't sure.

When he arrived in Neverland, he was the bright young thing he is often described as, but over the years he has almost become reclusive, often staying within the confines of his tree-house for weeks, trying to fill his life with some meaning. He has become extremely disillusioned with life and the meaning thereof, and has often resorted to self-harm in the past.


[/u][/b] Pete remembers little to nothing about his life before he reached the Neverland theme park. He vaguely remembers his mother's face, but nothing of his father. He knows he spent fourteen years of his life on Earth, but of those years, he remembers nothing. He has been in Neverland ever since 1978, when it opened. For he was the first to be taken by Captain Hook, taken into the safe, secluded world of Neverland.

He remembers when he first set foot inside the theme park. The smiling faces of those workers, happy to see him, to give him free candy, free drinks, rides, anything he wanted. But those memories have become warped to him now. He watched as more and more children were let inside Neverland, and as more and more parents waved goodbye to their offspring, he gradually came to realise that he would never see his mother again. He knew something was going on, that Hook was trapping these children inside his theme park, but he never said anything.

He was too afraid.

Finally, after weeks of taking on more and more children, Neverland disappeared from the mortal realm, and Captain Hook took the children with him. He attempted to make them into slaves, the same kind of slaves he made the poor people who worked at Neverland, but he wasn't successful. The children's minds were not developed enough to accept the brainwashing, and Pete and the others made their escape, fleeing into the forests.

For a time, Pete led the Lost Punks, as they came to be known, in a long fight against Captain Hook and his Pirates. But it soon became clear that the Punks had neither the manpower nor the experience to take on the Pirates, so they gave up, deciding to live in relatively peaceful co-existence with the Pirates.

But every so often, a Punk goes missing...

Pete himself, once the life and soul of the party, withdrew into his tree-house, only emerging every couple of weeks to collect food and other supplies. He is still liked by the Punks, or those who still remember him, that is...


[/u][/b] Pete has countless vices. He is prone to self-harm, casual violence, and drinking whenever he can get his hands on any liquor (the Punks often steal copious amounts from the Pirates just to feed Pete's habit). However, his primary vice is one of the biggest taboos. He is, like many other fourteen-year-old boys, obsessed with sex. He is also attracted to various of the Lost Punks, including Tiger Lily.

[b][u]Useful Items:

[/u][/b] Pete has a switchblade in his belt, which he uses for cutting various things, including wood, food and himself. He also owns a small satchel, into which he puts anything he thinks might come in handy one day. This means he has various items on his person at most times.


[/u][/b] The Lost Punks are currently thinking of holding an election to decide on a new leader, as they feel that Pete is not pulling his weight sufficiently.
[i][size=1]Keep on bringing me those sign-ups. The closing date for them is Monday 26th June, that is next Monday. So hurry up if you want in.

[/size][/i][size=1][i]Revelation, as well as finishing your sign-ups, could you also fix the links to your appearances? I can't seem to access them, it says that access is denied.[/i]
[/size] [/center]
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[COLOR=Navy][B]Name:[/B] Wendy Darling

[B]Gender:[/B] Female

[B]Age: [/B] 17

[B]Sexuality:[/B] straight[/COLOR]
[COLOR=Blue][B]Appearance: [/B]
Wendy has long, black hair with green highlights, which is usually just down around her shoulders. Her eyes are a jade green, and usually clouded and distant. Her skin is pale and the only makeup she wears is thin black eyeliner. She has decent, C cup breasts and a small waist. The day she entered Neverland, she wore a blood red corset which ties in front, a plain black hoodie over it, and a knee-length black skirt with Mary Jane shoes that her mother bought her as somewhat of a bribe to go to neverland with her. She has a tattoo of demon wings on her back, but no one really sees it.
Pics: [URL=http://i53.photobucket.com/albums/g62/Chii_Flowright/amy_lee.jpg]Her face and corset;[/URL] [URL=http://i53.photobucket.com/albums/g62/Chii_Flowright/blackrufflegothskirt.jpg]Her skirt[/URL] ;[URL=http://i53.photobucket.com/albums/g62/Chii_Flowright/shoe2.jpg]and her shoes.[/URL] [/COLOR]
[COLOR=Indigo][B]Personality: [/B]
Wendy is very quiet and keeps to herself. She learned from her parents that whenever she gives out her own opinion she gets beaten, therefore she usually keeps her mouth shut. When you get to know her, and prove to her that you wont hurt her, she is the sweetest girl you could ever know, but no one has had the patience to get that far with her. She will do anything to help out her brothers, no mater what kind of trouble they are in. Their parents didn?t care, so she takes care of them.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=RoyalBlue][B]Biography: [/B]
The first two years of Wendy?s life were just as a normal kids lives would be. She was the first child of newlyweds George and Mary Darling, the pregnancy was planned and they couldn?t be happier. The spoiled their first born, buying her a sheep dog puppy , named Nana and pretty much everything else she wanted. That is, until her mother got pregnant again.
Before the second pregnancy, Mary quit her job to take care of Wendy full-time. Now, they didn?t have enough money to pay for their next child. They sold most of their nice possessions and moved into a much smaller house in a sort of? ?ghetto? if you will. Then came John. Although Wendy was a quiet baby, John wouldn?t stop crying. George started to pop about four pain killers each time John cried, but after he got used to the medication he took alcohol with it. The mix of Vodka and asprin turned him violent against his unwanted child. Wendy tried to protect them, but then both of them would get a beating. She learned to keep to her self in this abusive household, and winced whenever she heard her brothers shrieks of terror, knowing she could do nothing about it.
Life carried on like this, even after her youngest brothers birth. Michael, they named him. Yet, they ignored this baby, often just shoving him in Wendy?s hands and making her care for him, as they continued to beat John. Wendy was only six at the time, but she was all that baby Michael had, and she did the best she could.
After a while, George turned on the whole family, not just John. Mary, through this whole ideal, just watched, crying from the sidelines, unable to stop her husband. Now, he beat her too, along with Wendy and Michael, no matter what they did.
All of them found that it was best to stay out of the house until their father was sleeping, or even not come home for days at a time. They started this when Wendy was 10, John was 8, and Michael was 4, because before then, they wouldn?t have been able to take care of themselves. They would spend all day, and most of the night in the local park. Wendy would look after her brothers, and they would play together, like brothers do. John seemed so relieved to be out of the house and out of his fathers hands, which made Wendy smile for the first time in a long time.
This went on for about four years, although they still got beat every once and a while. After John was old enough to look after Michael, Wendy would walk around the neighborhood singing to herself. At those times, she met many boys her age who told her how pretty she was and that they loved her. Each time she believed them, not really having known love in the wicked household she grew up in. Of, course all of the local boys found out how gullible she was, and took their turns with her. Sex is what Wendy considered love, and she was damn good at loving people. She?d get so many compliments on her skills that she got suggested once to get paid for such skills. She did such, and used all of the money either on condoms, or toys for her brothers to keep them happy.
One day, She was looking after Michael, when she saw Her mother and father fighting again. Tears weld up in her eyes, and she shook her head, and walked out of the house to John who was playing across the street. Suddenly, there was a big boom that cam e from the house behind him, and the walls started to waver. A look of terror flashed in her eyes as she put Michael down and tried to get John out before he got hurt. Right as she saw the wall fall on her little brother, bits and pieces of brick fell on her head, and she was knocked out until the ambulance arrived.
When they were undressing and treating John in the ambulance, she was shouting at them, asking of he was going to be okay, begging them to save his life. Wendy and Michael stayed by his bed the whole three days that he was unconscious, breaking only for meals. When he finally woke up, they weren?t there to see him, but the social services woman was, and was probably telling him the same that she told them. ?You are not going to live with your parents anymore, but everything will be okay??
They bounced from house to house, because no one really wants children as ****** up as they were. Either John or Michael were making trouble. Once, Wendy ****** her foster brother and another time her new father? Presently, they are living with one of thise innocent, wide-eyed couples, who know for sure that ?Once you find Jesus, everything will stop hurting?? Jesus didn?t help them then. Jesus cant heal their scars, and erase their memories?[/COLOR]
[COLOR=DarkOrchid][B]Vices: [/B]
Her main weakness is men. Again, to her, sex is love and she has a real desire for love. Another pet peeve is bad grammar.

[B]Useful Items:[/B]
A switch blade she stole from one of her customers, and a pair of handcuffs that she wears attached to her skirt.
Notes: [/B]
She is just a bit bi-polar and can get dangerously jealous. This wasn't put into the personality section, because she hadn't needed to be jealous yet in her life, and doesnt really know what it feels like. Also, she is definitly a masochist[/COLOR]
If you would like anything else, you can just PM. OH, and this one isn't as ****** up as it could be, just because I tought we needed someone who hasn't been through SUCH a hell, lol.
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[B]Name-[/B] Slightly [A.K.A. Thomas Yoshino Koromaki-Andrews before Neverland]
[B]Gender-[/B] Male
[B]Age-[/B] 16 years
[B]Sexuality-[/B] Not Applicable- sexuality has no meaning to him whatsoever considering he spends his time gallanting around Neverland with whoever he may find.

[B]Appearance-[/B] [URL=http://img374.imageshack.us/img374/2914/reita2yf.jpg][color=white][U]Slightly[/U][/color][/URL]:
Neverland was a place of magic and mystery, but it was also a place of change; in essence, it changed the children. Slightly- once known as Thomas- was one of the many children who changed; his once vivid red hair became an unruly, dirty brown, flawless pale ivory skin tanned to a scarred golden brown, and glinting green eyes turned a calloused jade; his semi-clean clothes became tattered and old, thus making him look grungier than before.

Like most of the Punks, Slightly ventured away from the tree-house, but unlike the rest of them, he also kept near it. Being one of the older Punks, if not the oldest, he took to the outdoors quickly and busied himself with watching the younger Punks and working, not wanting to become bombarded with thoughts; but, it was because of this that he kept a fair build and intimidated those younger or weaker-looking than him- excluding Pete.

Slightly was never attached to proper grooming or clothing for that matter, but since nudity was not an option for him, he wears his ripped jeans, dirty white sneakers, and black skin-tight shirt, occasionally does he wear the black short-sleeved dress shirt. He also had his finger gloves that had metal plates atop the knuckles that he wore often, as well as the silver gothic cross given to him by someone whose name he couldn?t remember. Although, the strangest article he?s worn, as of yet, was the fox skin he had, it?s unbeknownst to anyone why he wears it.

[B]Personality-[/B] Just as his name would suggest, Slightly is [i]slightly[/i] in everything and anything that one could imagine. He?s slightly daring, slightly loud, slightly quiet, just ever-so-slightly, which makes him that much more lovable- if that?s what floats anyone?s boat. At first sight, Slightly seems like the typical emo-kid with a bad attitude, but at second glance, he can be upfront, in-your-face, arrogant, and rebellious; a ticking time bomb waiting to explode with a smile that?s so deviant, one could never turn away from it. In essence, Slightly?s the type of boy that everyone loves to hate; except? that is only half of who he is.

The other half of Slightly is soft-spoken, gentle, and warm with a sense of vulnerability and innocence exuding from him. This is the half that stays inside his room, when he?s alone or with those he truly trusts- which is only a small handful- and this half has a way with words that grabs people in and lets them listen to the sadness in his voice. It?s this half that pours out the pain and guilt, the extremities from the past he escaped. It only appears once every blue moon but when it does, those that are with him, empathize his enwrapping emotions.

[B]Biography-[/B] [i]FIXING Bio[/i]

[B]Vices-[/B] Externally, Slightly shows no signs of weaknesses, he acts as if he is resistant to all vices; however, like all humans, Slightly has vices. He has a love for sadism, masochism, alcohol, violence, and above all- sex, albeit these vices are one of the smaller. The main vice that only a few of the trusted know about is one that rarely shows. Slightly?s main kryptonite is the voice of an angel- those who sing with such illustrious voices, his knees get weak. He forgets his troubles, his problems, and everything else whenever he hears the voice that rings out across the breeze and reaches his ears.

[B]Useful Items-[/B] With a love for blades, Slightly keeps with him a dagger and with a love for fighting, he wears his finger gloves. He also has a metal baseball bat for protection, even though it?s highly unlikely he would need it.

[B]Notes-[/B] As one of the older Punks, Slightly acts as an older brother, especially to Pete. He feels it is his responsibility to see that they are safe and free from Hook?s hands and he feels it is his duty that he protect them no matter the costs.[/center]

[size=1][color=#FF7F24]Oh pooh, I don't like my Biography. I'll probably be changing that soon enough. Oh and I changed my picture... as well as almost everything else in my sign-up. XP[/size][/color]
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[FONT=Century Gothic][COLOR=DarkRed][B]Name:[/B] Michael Darling[/COLOR]

[B][COLOR=DarkOrchid]Gender:[/B] Male, often crossdresses.[/COLOR]

[B][COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]Age:[/B] 12, the same age as Giton and Narcisse.[/COLOR]

[B][COLOR=DarkOrange]Sexuality:[/B] He does not feel any preferences, because in truth, anyone who wanted Michael could have him. No one has given him much in terms of hands-on experience, but he sees it as another subject he desperately desires to learn about.[/COLOR]

[B][COLOR=Blue]Appearance:[/B] As Michael is not even thirteen, he has not yet developed many of the traits associated with adult males. His voice is high and clear, showing no signs of cracking yet. Thick, mousy brown hair sticks out in odd places around his face, although he has very little hair anywhere else on his body. His height is somewhat of an issue with him, as he is short even for his age. Ruddy skin, bright azure eyes, and remaining baby fat add to the innocent look of his cherubic face. Michael is neither skinny nor fat, still walking the middle line of childhood where it is difficult to guess what his eventual body-type will be. Although very childish looking, his appearance leans towards masculine enough that he has never been mistaken for a girl.

Unusual markings on him are the mole on the right side of the back of his neck, two brown flecks in his left eye, and scars criss-crossed on his stomach.

For clothing, Michael has unusual tastes. Or, what most society would consider unusual for a boy. Although he enjoys comfortable jeans and plain t-shirts by way of masculine clothing, he has recently developed a taste for more feminine attire. The outfit he now most often wears would be long black and red striped stockings; flat-heeled, lace-up black boots cut off just below his knees; a black, mid-thigh length jean skirt and several studded belts; a white baby tee with a red rose design; and a simple black leather choker. Make-up other than red fingernail polish holds no appeal for Michael, and he wears boxers whether he is crossdressing or not.[/COLOR]

[B][COLOR=DarkSlateGray]Personality:[/B] Despite his age, he has a wide range of knowledge over many subjects and is very intelligent. Learning is one of his passions, even about subjects some would deem too mature for people of his age, or any age, for that matter. Cheerful and easily excited, Michael is often seen as childish. His easy-going nature and insensitivity to what some would deem adult topics make him extremely adaptable. He wants only to serve and be noticed, making him submissive, loyal, and attention-hungry. Basically a lapdog who will do literally anything. It may seem strange, then, that he often ends up by himself.[/COLOR]

[B][COLOR=Green]Biography:[/B] Michael is the baby of the family, which in some cases means the one given the most attention. However, he ended up being the most ignored. His parents always shed more attention on first-born Wendy and oldest son John. In the case of their family, this should have been lucky. Key word for Michael is [I]should[/I].

Sin and squalor was the key phrase for their dysfunctional little home, if it warranted being called a home at all. Drugs, alcohol, and sex were part of everyday life for them. Michael was ignored completely, while his older siblings were subject to abuse of all kinds by their father. His mother, as far as he can recall, was not abusive, but she gave no attention to Michael. He does not recall exactly how his brother and sister were abused, merely that his parents passed him up in favor of John and Wendy. Michael hated not his siblings, but his parents for ignoring him. He wanted any of their attention, even craved for them to abuse him like they did his siblings. Anything to show his mother and father thought of him. But he never received it. In a few cases, being ignored is as damaging as abuse.

Michael did whatever it took to garner attention from his siblings. Wendy and John were a great comfort to him, but they had their own problems and could not always look after him. Even that small bit of happiness would be ripped away from him early in life. The three siblings eventually became wards of the state, and they were split up. Michael would be ignored by the heads of his next home as well, only instead of caring siblings he had hateful cousins. Wendy visited him a few ties, but she eventually just stopped coming.

The worlds of books became his greatest source of comfort, which is how he learned about cutting, the uses of iodine, and crossdressing. Women's clothing held a certain appeal, and it made him feel some semblance of connection with Wendy. At age ten he began wearing what most considered girls' clothing, although Michael saw no logical reason why boys could not wear skirts if girls could wear pants. For once Michael was the tiniest bit happy that no one cared about him, because no one cared about what he wore, either.

In fact, his cousins seemed to encourage the way he dressed, and Michael's habits became a source of cruel entertainment for them. School might have been a haven for him, given his accelerated intellect and thirst for knowledge, but children can be even crueler than adults, meaning Michael was subject to beatings at the hands of oldre students. And unfortunately, adults in these situations have a tendency to make things worse. Many a guidance counselor tried to stop Michael from crossdressing once he started, but he realized that by acting out people would notice and pay attention to him. So not only does he enjoy wearing clothing meant for females, he knows someone will pay attention to him if he does.

By chance he found a book of Marquis de Sade's in a used bookstore at the tender age of eleven. Marquis de Sade would be, of course, the man for whom sadism is named. The book was [I]120 Days of Sodom[/I], and was one of the factors spurring his interest in sex. Luckily or unluckily, for in Michael's mind it is difficult to decipher, none of his relatives had any interest in abusing him sexually.

Eventually, he met his mother again, and she seemed oddly pleased that he had taken up crossdressing. Her interest fed Michael's love-starved heart, and he immediately accepted her offer to go to Neverland. Spending time with people who wanted to talk to him? And at an amusement park? Michael's dreams seemed to coming true.[/COLOR]

[B][COLOR=Red]Vices:[/B] A deep love of feeling physical pain, call it masochism if you must. His favorite thing to do is give himself light wounds that won't be noticed and add copious amounts of iodine. Sex, obviously, as he is both eager to learn new things and sees it as a good way to garner attention. Although it has never been tested, incest would be one of his vices, proving how badly he wants his family to give him attention.[/COLOR]

[B][COLOR=Sienna]Useful Items:[/B] A black-handled switchblade he uses for (what else?) cutting, iodine, which not only adds a good amount of pain to his wounds, it is a disinfectant and water purifier, and a red backpack holding the aforementioned items as well as his favorite books.[/COLOR]

[B][COLOR=RoyalBlue]Notes:[/B] It should be made clear that although Michael has an attraction to some types of women's clothing, he is fully male and has no wish to be female. It should also be noted that reading [I]120 Days of Sodom[/I] could cause serious damage to the mind of any child, or for that matter, freak some adults out. I do not particularly encourage anyone to seek it out, just know that it is graphic enough to warp an impressionable child's psyche. I hold no responsibilty if you take it upon yourself to do research, but it was worthy to note how badly it could hurt an eleven year old smart enough to understand it (or even not understand it).[/COLOR][/FONT]
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John Darling


[B]Age: [/B]

John is pretty certain that he?s straight, though his preferences tend to?confuse him. He hasn?t completely discounted the option of boys yet, however.

John has tried very hard to keep his appearance as it was before he came to Neverland. Unlike most of the other kids, he has a very straight-laced look to him. His mousy brown hair is a little long, but always swept back off of his forehead to give the effect of a quiff. If his hair if down, his fringe reaches his nose, but he absolutely cannot stand having hair in his face and if it weren?t for the insistence of his sister, John would have hacked his fringe away long ago.

He has light brown eyes framed by oddly long eyelashes for a boy. They give him a slightly feminine look, but despite this, he has a certain masculinity about him despite his young age. Because he matured so quickly, his eyes have a distinct gleam to them, one of [I]knowing[/i] and his face is already beginning to take on the handsome features of a young man.

His skin is tanned from being outside and playing sports, and his build is one of a healthy boy. He will usually wear jeans and a button up shirt, or a plain T-Shirt. He isn?t one for attracting attention to himself so dresses with earthy colours rather than anything bright. He also has a khaki rucksack in which he carries books, pens and his Swiss Army Knife.

John comes across as a very mild mannered, cool-tempered lad. It?s a part of him that sometimes scares others; due to the fact that violent rage could be bubbling under the surface and all John will do is smile and laugh, before filling your face in with a plank of wood. He doesn?t have a tendency to snap and rather takes his anger out on himself. He sees this as the easiest way to ?keep the peace?, especially amongst his siblings, and they have on more than one occasion found him nearly choked to death. Once brought round again he will offer a weak smile and a hoarse ?Oops?.

On the whole, he tries to be kind, sick to death of how some people take pleasure in hurting others. He doesn?t like upsetting people or making things difficult and tries as hard as possible to suppress his own desires and needs so that he can keep everyone else happy and go along with what they want.

John was always very close to his brother and his sister. He loved them dearly and would do absolutely anything in his power to protect them from the evils of the world. That was, of course, until he hit puberty. Then things started to get confusing.

His parents loved him, he knew that, and he loved them back. But when the boys in school started talking about ?sex? and ?girls?, he couldn?t help but remember things his mother always used to do and say to him.

[B]?It?s okay, John. Mummy just wants to cuddle for a while. She misses daddy.?

?But mummy, the boys at school?they sai??[/B]

His mother?s face would contort into an expression of fury whenever he mentioned this. She?d bring the back of her hand, the one with the ring, across his head and scream at him words he couldn?t quite understand through her raw anger. [B]?Dirty boy! That school is disgusting!?[/B] He?d cry, and bleed, and hold his head as she brought her hand down on him, clawing and beating until her mind managed to gain control again.

His father never asked about the bruises, and John never dared to tell.

It?s because of this, one can assume, that John can?t stand to disagree with someone. The very thought of making them angry frightens him deeply and he can barely stand to form his own opinions on things unless they agree with someone else?s.

John is still very confused about sex and sexuality on a whole. He finds it hard to trust someone and thus finds it extremely hard to be attracted to another person. The only woman he feels close to is Wendy, and he doesn?t see anything wrong with being attracted to her. She?s his sister, so who better to love and to trust? He came to this conclusion at the age of thirteen and found comfort in it. He found comfort in dreaming of her before sleeping and watching her secretly as she dressed in the morning. He thought she?d be embarrassed if she knew, so chose not to tell her. But the thoughts remained, and John sleeps at night because of it.

And if anyone tried to take his sister away from him, he?d lose his mind.

John has many, many weaknesses but two main points would be his sister and his need to please. The fact that he isn?t averse to self-mutilation has put him near death a few times before, even if it was by accident.

[B]Useful Items: [/B]
John carries a Swiss Army Knife with him at all times. It was his father?s and a present to him on his thirteenth birthday. He also carries a small pet rock, which he?s had since he was a young boy. It?s a sort of good luck charm. He had books and some pens in his rucksack when he went to Neverland, though whether or not they are actually useful is debateable.

[B]Notes: [/B]
John has an intense dislike for anyone who gets close to his sister, including his brother. This has only really developed in the last couple of months, but it?s getting stronger over time.[/CENTER]

I have to say, that is probably the most [I]fun[/I] I?ve had while writing a sign up in a very long time. Damn, Phil, this really is fantastic.[/SIZE]
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[FONT=Verdana][LEFT][COLOR=WHITE][SIZE=1][b][Edit][/b] Finished Phil, hope this is all OK, I decided to go a completely different angle to the way everyone else has submitted characters.

[B]Name:[/B] Sergei Boroskov, better known in Neverland as simply "Brother"

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Age:[/B] 15

[B]Sexuality:[/B] Strictly heterosexual, abhors any other behaviour in his presence.

[b]Appearance:[/b] A monster in human form, by his very appearance Sergei seems as though he has not been part of civilisation for a long, long time. Standing over 6'7" tall he towers over all in his path, broad and stalwart, his rugged frame has been enough to drive some of the more aggressive predators of Neverland directly from his path. His long black hair is matted and oily, drawn into a single rough ponytail with a piece of dirty cloth, his eyes are a deep dark blue, an expression perhaps of the utter ruthlessness that fills his heart, or even the madness that fills his mind.

His clothing is considerably better than the rest of his physical appearance, in keeping with his belief that he is God's servant in Neverland Brother dons what appears at a glance to be some kind of cassock. Of course the construction is coarse, mainly pieces of black clothing sewn roughly together to fit his massive form, but the effect of increasing his already imposing self is accomplished, leading to Brother's infamy among the other Lost Punks. The collar fitted around his neck is kept spotlessly clean, woe be tide the poor soul who should get even a speck of dirt on it, for it would surely mean his brutal death.

Underneath Brother's clothing, his flesh is a gruesome sight, having exited puberty, his bodily hair is growing but not yet thick, leaving the ritualistic scars from his corporal mortification apparent. His back is covered in these thick scars, some are noticeably newer than others, leaving trails of tried blood down his back that he has been unable to wash off. His chest is a similar mix of these wounds, although these have been made with a blade or other sharp object as opposed to the whip marks his back is covered with. Overall his naked form is as intriguing a sight as it is grisly, for him to wound himself to this degree obviously shows the level of pain he is capable of tolerating.

[b]Personality:[/b] A child raised on conflicting emotions, Sergei was never going to be normal, his abnormal appearance, the loss of his parents and the betrayal of Fr Gregory have all simply steeled his resolve to survive with the aid of only God. To this end Brother has abandoned all tenets of civilisation, he lives on his own supported only by his fervour to see the Will of God done in Neverland. Inside however Brother is quite different, underneath his madness is simply a young man crying out for someone to help him make sense of what life is, why everyone who has ever been nice to him has disappeared and why he simply can?t hold on to them. If someone were to be able to show a truly kind act to Brother, something that would break through all his self imposed barriers, to Sergei, to his heart then they may find something quite different to what they expect. In the now however, Brother is someone to be feared and respected, as one would fear a wild beast that could kill you as easily as look at you.

[b]Biography:[/b] Sergei Boroskov was born in less than usual circumstances, his father Dimitri Boroskov was "The Man of Steel" pride of the Imperial Circus of Moscow, a giant of a man who stood over eight feet tall and has the strength to tear boards of wood to shreds with his bare hands. His mother Nadia was also a member of the circus, one of the trapeze artists who would so often risk their lives for the entertainment and bemusement of the Russian children who would come to see them.

Thus Sergei's youth was the dream of so many children, to grow up in the circus, to live among the elephants and lions, the clowns and acrobats, all were his friends, for it was his home. His father cared for the young boy with all his large heart, his mother did not. Nadia Boroskov felt cheated for having fallen pregnant, in the months she was unable to perform she had become disfavoured by the circus master, a younger woman was brought in to take her place and she found herself thrust from the spotlight in a heartbeat. When the infant Sergei cried his mother would ignore his tears, leaving him for hours without being fed, until his father would return him and note the boy was hungry and ask his wife to feed him. Nadia expertly hid her mistreatment of her son from Dimitri, and of course the Imperial Circus? Man of Steel was simply too kind and naive to believe that his beloved would endanger their own flesh and blood.

It is perhaps tragic then that Dimitri would not be long for the world to see his son grow, with his enormous size, he was not going to live a long life, but barely a decade after his son?s birth, the Man of Steel collapsed on stage and died of a heart attack. Some would say that perhaps ?Brother? was born at this moment, when his father, the only family who has shown kindness to him vanished from his life, his mother, freed of the only thing that had kept her in the circus? employ fled in the middle of the night, leaving the Sergei an orphan in one day. To add salt to an already grievous wound, the circus master had little compunction of throwing the ten year old out onto the streets of Moscow, his reasoned that since the boy?s father had been all that kept him part of the circus, he no longer belonged there.

Sergei was left with nothing, less than nothing, for what little human compassion he had accumulated over his brief childhood was lost to him, he began to believe that kindness was something to be feared, because those who showed it to him so quickly disappeared from his life. By chance he wandered into a church in Moscow and was taken in, the priests their found Sergei to be a most complex child, while quiet and generally untroublesome, he would recoil at the slightest affection or kindness done to him, he had been a large child, over five and a half foot from when he had been found lying on the chapel?s steps and he merely continued to grow over the five years he had been there.

Eventually one of the priests, Father Gregory managed to pry the truth from Sergei as to his origins, the revelation was greeted with sadness and understanding as to why the boy would be so slow to accept compassion. It was resolved that to truly reach the boy, to give him some hope for the future outside the teachings of God, he would need to act as a child again, to this end he was given a ticket to visit Captain Hook?s Neverland Theme Park with Father Gregory, the first person who had been able to earn Sergei?s trust. Unfortunately this would prove to be the final linchpin in Sergei?s mental coffin, after entering the park and finding himself unable to leave, Sergei believed that he had been once again abandoned and began to totally shun human contact, even those other children who had been trapped there with him.

Eventually Sergei simply accepted that he would not be able to leave, around this time he began to actively identify himself as Brother. His home, such as it can be called is a roughly built cabin made from the trunks of trees, it is not the most comfortable of dwellings, but suffices and Brother spends most of his time in or around this area.

[b]Vices:[/b] Even someone like Brother is not above the temptations of the flesh, offer him up a nice young virgin girl around fourteen and he?ll show her the meaning of ?Earthly desires?. Of course afterwards, in repentance for his sins, Brother subjects himself and his conquest to corporal punishment to ask forgiveness for their trespasses. It has been known for him to ?repent? himself and the poor soul with him to such a degree that she dies from blood loss or injury. In these cases, though there has been only one, Brother digs her a shallow grave with his bare hands, but in his own mind she was too weak or too sinful to be forgiven.

[b]Useful Items:[/b] Brother carries with him only three things at all times, the first is a somewhat worn black leather-bound bible which has been his primary possession since coming to Neverland, he will routinely preach from this bible to the other children in Neverland. The second is a hand crafted wooden crucifix tied to a string which is kept around Sergei?s neck, it is one of the few objects to which he has shown any personal concern, the bible in his eyes belongs to everyone and he is merely the best to interpret it. Those who interrupt him or do not show the proper respect for the Holy Scripture may become intimately familiar with his third possession, a crudely built but quite deadly scratch awl which is covered in dried blood, both Brother?s from his corporal mortifications, and others who have earned the contempt of God.

[b]Notes:[/b] Despite being faced daily with those who have complete disregard for the laws of God, Brother has been rarely shown physical violence to any member of Peter's group. Whether this is some small part of Sergei present in Brother's madness, or Brother himself hasn't received "instructions" from God to deal with them yet is unknown. Perhaps, just perhaps these people, for all their sins are the closest thing to family he has left and is unwilling to harm them.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/LEFT][/FONT]
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[B]Name:[/B] Michael Darling

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Age:[/B] 14

[B]Sexuality:[/B] Homosexual

Michael stands at 5?8?, with a slim body and exquisite features. Usually he wears fashionable, chic clothing that fits his skinny frame well.

[B]Personality:[/B] Michael is the perfect example of poetic. He can be quiet and introverted at times, but can switch at any second to being a complete extrovert who screams and shouts for attention. Poetic? Probably bipolar.

Generally he?s bitingly sarcastic with a vicious tongue who would just as soon insult you rather than talk, but he?s also rather nice, charming, and easily trusting.

At times he can be a total closet queer, checking out boys from far away. At other times he can, and will, flaunt his beauty for any guy who spares a passing glance his way.

Some days he can be violent, but luckily most of the time Michael is more of a pacifist who prefers to stand in the back and encourage the fighters.

Michael is clever and witty, maybe not a book-smart genius, but he can get around on what he has.

Often times Michael is very affectionate towards anyone who loves him, pretends to love him, or has said maybe just a few words to him. Other times he is cold and bitter, placing himself at a distance from those who care about him. But not too far away.

No one really knows how to deal with Michael Darling, and chances are he doesn?t know how to deal with himself.

[B]Biography:[/B] Michael Henry Darling, born last of three children, did not have an easy upbringing. Although all three Darling children, including his sister Wendy and brother John, suffered through some sort of abuse from their parents, it is known that Michael was subject to copious amounts of verbal abuse from Father, especially after Mary Darling walked out on the rest of the family.

Michael had always been the pretty boy. He was born with soft, feminine features and a lithe, slim body. His father?s constant reference to him as either ?Queer? or ?The Queen? at such a young age would cause most boys to take up sports and act as butch as possible. But not Michael Darling. Michael took it and ran with it, possibly as a way to get back at his father. By the age of ten Michael was being sent home for kissing other boys in the bathrooms and sometimes out in the open almost constantly. By then Michael was also developing a terrifying tendency for frightful mood swings. One moment he could be smiling and laughing with his friends in class, the next crying and curled in his chair, screaming for his mother or, better yet, Wendy or John.

At thirteen years old Michael was openly having sex with the other outed/curious boys in school, and he happily discussed it with his father around the dinner table. Father never hit Michael as far as he can remember, as most of the physical abuse was left for Wendy and John.

Michael had always been close to his brother and sister, as they were the ones who generally took care of him as a younger child. Wendy especially found it her responsibility to care for unnaturally needy child, reading to him, feeding him, etc, even when their mother was still around.
Michael would alternately follow John around school like a leech or ostracize him, leaving his brother alone and sometimes embarrassing him in front of his peers viciously. John, however, never said anything or got his revenge on his brother ? Perhaps he knew something Michael didn?t? Maybe he felt he needed to be extra lenient with his younger brother.

He was with his brother the day Mary Darling dropped in at school to collect them early, with promises of a theme park.

[B]?Oh, my baby, my beautiful Michael?"[/B]

[B]Vices:[/B] Michael has crippling monophobia, the fear of being left alone. He is known to have severe panic attacks, no matter what mood he?s in, if he feels as if he?s alone.

Michael is, like all teenagers, a sex fiend. Luckily, he?s a beautiful sex fiend who could possibly attract straight males if he played his cards right.

[B]Useful Items:[/B] [WILL FINISH (in a few hours, I promise.)]

[B]Notes:[/B] Definitely bipolar. Michael has never been treated for his disease, probably because his parents never bothered to notice his increasingly disturbing symptoms.

[i] Almost done! Expect it within a few hours. I hope that's okay! I've got cleaning to do...-grumbles-[/i][/SIZE][/center]
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[size=1]Alrighty, people, it is time:

[/size][center][b][size=3]Sign-Ups Closed

[/size][/b][left][size=1]This means that I will not be accepting any more people signing up. However, I will not be making my decision as to who is in or out for a few days yet, just to give those people who have not quite finished their sign-ups time to complete them.

So I am giving those people until Saturday July 1st to finish off their sign-ups, and then I will be making my decision.

Thank you all for your continued interest, if there is anything you would like to discuss about this RP, please feel free to do so in the Underground thread.

It's decision-making time!
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