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RPG War in the Shadows: Episode 1 [M]


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[color=red][b][size=1]Warning! The following RPG contains mature elements. This includes violence, gore, blood, language, and sexual themes. Reader discretion is advised.[/b][/color]

[center][b][u]Underground Threads[/b][/u][/color]

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[size=3][b][u]Chapter 1:[/b][/u] [color=darkred]The Blood Oath[/size][/color]

[size=2] [b][u]The Cast:[/b][/size][/u][size=1]
David Sumerkalis [b](The Boss)[/b]
Father Jakob Whistler [b](Blayze)[/b]
Amelia Bernadette [b](Athena)[/b]

[size=2][b][u]Direction:[/b][/u][/size][size=1][color=darkred] The three original groups of the Brotherhood, the GSD, and the AVC have ordered a meeting of it?s leaders. With each leader, there is assigned a bodyguard. The Lowendove has sent Father Whistler as their body guard of Father Alistair Crowland. The GSD has sent David Sumerkalis to guard Admiral Rockwilder. The AVC has sent Amelia Bernadette to guard Arch Duke Richilieu. The three are groups hold a meeting. Write about the arrival into the secret location (a generic, seedy building) and their set up. Afterwards, we will have another round of posts in conversation from each side. [b]Blayze[/b] and [b]Athena[/b], you will be representing your groups through your posts. Then I?ll end the meeting.[/size][/color]



It was a bright, starlit night over London, England. The large, full moon shone brilliantly over the city, passing it?s soft glow through the buildings and reflecting off of glass and windows. A single, black Rolls Royce crept through a back ally street. It?s windows were black-reflective tinted. Within it rode two men. The one driving was a young looking man, dressed in a fine black suit and black tie. His jacket open save two buttons together at the bottom. His hair was a jet-black, combed back sharply. His skin was a slight brown, and his eyes were an intense, clear brown. In the back sat an upright looking military man, wearing a pressed green dress-uniform decorated with all sorts of medals and ribbons. He held a rank-cap in his lap. His face was slightly scarred, aged from battle. His hair was a silvery-grey, cut short and combed back similar to the driver, and he had a neatly shaven mustache over his lips, which held a lit cigar.

Giving the car a slow turn around a corner, the young man spoke. [b] ?I didn?t think I?d be playing chauffeur for you tonight, Admiral...?[/b] he said in a drab, unmotivated voice.

The old military man blew out a ring of smoke from the corner of his mouth and gave a hoarse laugh. [b] ?Well, old friend. The other parties didn?t want too many people in tow. A two person limit was set on us, and I haven?t driven in years...?[/b] his voice was ancient gravel in tone, however he spoke with a respectable authority. He took the cigar out of his mouth for a moment and exhaled the remaining smoke before placing it back between his teeth.

The younger looking man smirked arrogantly. [b] ?All I?m hearing are excuses, old man.?[/b] He looked into the rear view mirror and into the Admiral?s sharp blue eyes challengingly.

[b] ?Hah. Old man, eh??[/b] the Admiral took the cigar between his right index and middle finger, waving it as he pointed to the driver. [b] ?Last time I check, David, you?re only ten years younger than myself.?[/b] he raised his eyebrow and brought the cigar back to his lips.

David began laughing to himself and looked back up to the rear-view mirror. [b] ?Aye. But apparently one of us aged liked wine and the other like... milk. Hahaha.?[/b] he chuckled to the Admiral, who was slightly amused by the joke, cracking a short smile.

[b] ?Lucky you, Eh??[/b] he replied, bending over to see out of the window. [b] ?We should be stopping soon, David.?[/b] he explained, pointing towards an upcoming curb. The building beside it was old, dark, and decayed. It had been abandoned for years and was covered in graffiti and debris. David nodded and turned the wheel over to the side walk, parking neatly on the curb. The Admiral placed his cigar in his mouth, and picked up his cap whilst David put the car in park and turned off the ignition. The two stepped out of the fine vehicle at the same time. The Admiral reached into the back seat and withdrew a black cane with a silver top. He then made his way up onto the side walk while David made his way to the car?s trunk.

The Admiral watched as he unlocked the back and popped the top. [b] ?So you brought it along then??[/b] he asked with interest and a raised eyebrow. He placed his cap on the top of his head and held himself up with the cane amused.

David withdrew a long black brief case from the car trunk and the slammed it down. He placed the keys in his coat pocket and carried the brief case at his side, making a faint metallic rattling as he walked. [b] ?You can never be too safe, you know.?[/b] he replied smartly. [b] ?The bastards like to be sneaky...? [/b]

[b] ?While this is true, we are here on good will, my friend. We don?t want to upset our allies.?[/b] the Admiral attempted to reason.

David laughed and opened an old, rusty door slowly. It squeaked eerily as they entered the complex, florescent lights coming to life upon their entrance. [b] ?We?ll just see how things go...?[/b] he shot back as they made their way down a long hall way, towards a dark meeting room.


[b]OOC:[/b] Blayze and Athena, follow my lead and make your way into the meeting room from opposite directions. My next post will have us meeting and beginning the talking.[/color][/size]
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[size=1]Father Whistler looked up at the sky. It was completely clear, the stars shining brightly, no clouds to block their light. Jakob smiled.

[i]Shame, [/i]he thought, [i]Clandestine meeting of three supernatural powers, it should be raining. And we should all be wearing trenchcoats.

[/i][b]"Father Crowland," [/b]he said, beckoning to the Brotherhood's 18th Master, who rushed over to his side, [b]"The leader of the GSD is already here. We just await the Archduke Richilieu of the AVC. Shall we enter now or wait until Richilieu is here?"

"No, Jakob, we will enter now," [/b]replied Crowland, placing a hand on Jakob's shoulder, [b]"We do not want them to assume we are paranoid about the Alliance."

"But, sir, we are paranoid about vampires."

"That may be true, but we don't want to show the fact. We need all the help we can get, even if it is from the Alliance. Please, Jakob, don't let your personal vendetta against vampirekind lead you to do anything rash while we are inside." [/b]Everyone in the Brotherhood knew what had happened to Jakob's foster father, and everyone knew that was what made him such a great vampire hunter.

But then, everyone in the Brotherhood had something that drove them, some kind of motivation to fight against the vampires. Jakob's was one of the more personal types of motivation.

[b]"We should enter from the opposite side of the building to the Guild members. It can be seen as a sign of courtesy," [/b]said Jakob, and Crowland nodded.

[b]"We need to do everything we can to keep these people on our side," [/b]the Master replied. They pair of them walked around to the other side of the building, where Jakob found a maintenence entrance, something that would take them directly through to the main hall of the building.
Jakob watched as the tall, powerful man strode into the building. The suit he was currently wearing did no justice to the power that lay underneath it. Crowland may have been nearing his mid-fifties, but he was as fine a physical specimen as any member of the Brotherhood, enhanced members aside.

Whistler opened his jacket to check his weapons were still there, which, of course, they were. He would, however, probably be expected to drop his weapons onto the floor the moment the meeting started. Both the GSD and the AVC knew that the Brotherhood only had a problem with vampires, which was good for the Guild, but bad for the Alliance. So, weapons would be shown and removed as a sign of courtesy to every side.

He followed his master, one hand on a knife at all times. You could never be too careful with the Alliance. As they entered the room, there were already two people inside, standing in the darkness, waiting...
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[size=1][color=darkslategray][b]?The night is incredibly beautiful, Arch Duke,? [/b]Amelia spoke softly, opening the door to her black Mercedes-Benz.

The Arch Duke chuckled, pulling the passenger-side door open and sliding his briefcase on the seat. The Duke was a short, slender man who carried himself as though he stood at least six inches taller. His hair was a light gold, contrasting pleasantly to his cream skin. Even in the dark, the Duke?s green eyes glittered fiercely under any shred of light from the streetlights or passing cars? headlights.

[b]?Why, Ms. Bernadette, was that a hint of sentiment I heard in your sweet voice??[/b] the Duke chuckled more, breaking into a slight giggle when Amelia shot him a glare.

[b]?Not a chance, Sir. I am just considering walking; I don?t feel like driving, really,? [/b]she smirked and hesitantly slunk down into her seat.

[b]?Not all of us are as fit as you, Love,?[/b] the Arch Duke grunted softly as he crouched into his seat, shutting the door gently.

Amelia cringed and turned the ignition to ?start?.

[b]?For future reference, Sir, please do not call me that. I prefer ?Amelia? or ?Ms. Bernadette? just fine,? [/b]the engine roared to life.

The Arch Duke Richilieu didn?t say another word, but merely nodded in agreement. Amelia made sure the lights were on and pulled out from the parking spot. The car ride was silent the entire way to the rendezvous; spare the Arch Duke?s occasional comments on how the city has gone to hell as they passed destroyed houses. Amelia tried her best to drown him out of her mind. All that she concentrated on was ?Plan B? if something were to go terribly wrong. Where would she park? She wanted to park close enough for a quick escape.

[b]?Question, Amelia. Why don?t you like to be called ?love?? I don't mean anything by it.?

?I don?t talk to strangers, Sir. Forgive me, but my personal business is just that.?[/b]

She didn?t avert her eyes from the road in front of her for a split second; she didn?t even blink. Arch Duke Richilieu nodded again, obviously frustrated. He opened his mouth to persist, but Amelia cut him off sharply.

[b]?If the meeting turns sour, do not try to work things out, just get the hell out of there. The AVC cannot afford to lose you, and with all due respect, I will not tolerate disobedience. If things get heated, we leave; no questions asked. You go by my command, and you?ll live. If you disregard my words, I will remove you by force. Is this understood?? [/b]Amelia?s voice dropped like a brick through a sheet of ice.

[b]?Understood,?[/b] he replied with no hesitation or retort.

Amelia gave him a quick, reassuring look; nodding towards his window.

[b]?We?re here,?[/b] she said, parking the car.

The two climbed out, taking cautious and quick steps towards the back of the dilapidated house. Amelia approached the backdoor first, making sure it was unlocked. Her small hand gripped the rusted door knob and she gave it a gentle pull. The door groaned and cracked; chips of old paint rained down to the grass below. Once she cleared the entrance, Amelia motioned for the Arch Duke to enter. Taking a swift but confident scan of the backyard, Amelia closed the door behind her and followed Duke Richilieu into the dining room of the house.

[b]?Good evening, gentlemen,?[/b] Amelia bowed. [/size][/color]
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The three parties entered the dark dining hall almost simultaneously. The coordinated timing of it gave each person in the room a comfortable feeling of punctuality. The room was barely lit, a single hanging lamp illuminating a large round table set in the center of the room. Each leader walked up to the table and took a seat slowly, their bodyguards standing solemnly behind them. The Admiral sat upright as he addressed the shadowy figures on the other ends of the table with a nod. David stood like a sentinel behind him, holding the large brief case ominously at his side.

The Admiral cleared his throat and spoke out with authority. [b] ?Good evening, lady and gentlemen.?[/b] he gave a courteous nod to the vampiress accompanying the Arch Duke. She didn?t reply in anyway, simply standing at attention beside her leader. [b] ?I trust you all understand our reason for this meeting of our powers.?[/b]

The Admiral silenced for a moment as the Arch Duke and Lowendove Master gave bows and nods.

[b] ?Good...?[/b] he continued. [b] ?These roguish vampires of the Blood Brood. They have disrupted and attacked all three of us individually. They have done great amounts of damage to the Guild?s field agents, as well with operatives under the AVC. I understand that they have also attacked several church hideouts of your sect aswell, Father.?[/b]

Father Crowland nodded his head to The Admiral. [b] ?This is true. Which is why we agreed to this meeting. We all seem to have come to the realization that we must end the blood shed between us momentarily in order to deal with a greater threat amongst us.?[/b]

Arch Duke Richelieu nodded, and placed his hands interlocked onto the table. He hunched forward and spoke. [b] ?The same can be said for our order aswell, Mr. Crowland. However...?[/b]

The Admiral spoke up. [b] ?....however... how can our groups come to trust your?s? You have been our enemy for centuries, Father. Forgive us if we are untrusting off hand.?[/b]

Suddenly, the bodyguard with Crowland shouted out [b] ?You dare question our integrity!??[/b] he reached his hand into his jacket pocket quickly, causing David to drop his brief case with a loud thud onto the ground.

[b] ?I wouldn?t advise any sudden movements, Whistler...?[/b] David growled in warning. The priest and David shared a stare for a moment.

Father Crowland reached his hand up onto Whister?s shoulder. [b] ?Do not worry, Jakob. Calm yourself.?[/b] he attempted to calm his companion. Whistler gave a harsh look to David once again and back down behind Crowland. David knew Whistler and what he was capable of from his days back in the Brotherhood with him. He wouldn?t be taking any chances. Crowland spoke again, [b] ?Do not worry yourselves. Until this threat is taken care of, we have no ill will unto you. Our intentions are to settle this Blood Brood affair as soon as possible. This alliance between the three of us is required for that to be successful.?[/b]

The Admiral cleared his throat once more. [b] ?Very well then. That clears up all the concerns from the GSD... do either of you two have anything more to say about this?[/b] He awaited an answer from either party member...


[b]OOC:[/b] Blayze should be posting next. Then Athena again. Then I'll end the meeting a begin the next chapter.[/color][/size]
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[b][size=1]"Father," [/size][/b][size=1]whispered Jakob, [b]"I need to talk to you before you make this decision."

"Very well,"[/b] he whispered back, and then, to the rest of the group, [b]"Would you please excuse me for just a moment? I need to discuss something with my bodyguard."

"Do as you must, Crowland, but please make haste with your decision," [/b]replied The Admiral. Jakob took a few paces back, and Crowland followed him.

[b]"Do you really think it is wise to side ourselves with the GSD [i]and [/i]the AVC? Both factions are enemies of ours, how are we supposed to trust them?" [/b]asked Whistler quietly.

[b]"Jakob, you know I welcome your opinions," [/b]replied Crowland, [b]"But do not oppose me on this decision. The Blood Brood are incredibly powerful and dangerous. I don't think we can beat them alone."

"We have faced many threats in the past," [/b]snarled Jakob, [b]"And we have beaten back each and every one of them. How is this one any different?"

"The Blood Brood are no ordinary vampires, Jakob. They are something more...something better. We have no chance of defeating them if we face them alone. We must accept this alliance, however uneasy it may be. That is all I have to say on the matter, so please do not contest me any further," [/b]said Crowland finally. He turned back and walked back to the group. Jakob followed.

[b]"We can accept this offer," [/b]said Crowland, [b]"But on one condition. The Alliance of Vampiric Clansmen must promise that their forces will be directed against the Blood Brood and no other enemy. The same goes for the GSD. We cannot allow this deal to take place if both our allies are fighting amongst themselves."

"The AVC will only be fighting the Blood Brood. We wish this threat to be taken care of as soon as possible, which requires our attention to be focused entirely on the Blood Brood," [/b]said Arch Duke Richilieu with a nod.

[b]"And you already know the position of the GSD," [/b]said the Admiral, [b]"So do we have your co-operation in this matter?"

"Indeed you do," [/b]said Crowland, [b]"You have the Lowendove Brotherhood's full co-operation until the Blood Brood is wiped out. That much I can promise."

[/b]Jakob was smouldering at this decision, but he knew that what Crowland said was law among the Brotherhood. However much he didn't like it, he had to follow it.

Now it just remained to be seen whether the Alliance of Vampiric Clansmen accepted the offer...
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[size=1][color=darkslategray]The Arch Duke Richilieu let out a hefty breath and sat back in his seat. His bony fingers tapped on his briefcase, the pasty pads of his fingertips sticking to the leather. Amelia was relieved to hear Crowland agree to the partnership. Trust was a major issue, and judging by Jakob?s face, he had none for either organization. It was obvious he remained silent out of respect for his leader. The angered priest eyed Amelia, but she simply stared back with cold emptiness. Averting her eyes on the table in front of her, Amelia bent down to whisper to the Duke.

[b]?Sir, your response,?[/b] her two-toned eyes flicked upwards to look around at the group; whose eyes focused on the pair. The Duke smiled and rose from his seat. He left his sweating palms on the briefcase, as if there was a precious item inside.

[b]?As I said just a moment ago, I give you my word that my organization will hunt and kill the Blood Brood and the Blood Brood only. Let us dismiss the topic of the aftermath until after the Brood is destroyed,?[/b] Richilieu took a breath.

[b]?At this point in time, the only concern of ours is the Blood Brood. And despite our pride, we all neead each other,?[/b] Amelia spoke, catching a dagger glance from Jakob. Amelia smiled coolly, giving him her full attention, [b]?I promise, Father Whistler, I won?t bite.?

?Please excuse Ms. Bernadette?s cold disposition. She harbors hardly any trust for even myself, much less anyone else,?[/b] Duke Richilieu growled under his breath, sending Amelia a sharp glare that hinted she kept her mouth shut, [b]?You will have no worries from the AVC, Father.?[/b]
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[size=3][b][u]Chapter 2:[/b][/u] [color=darkred]Night Life[/size][/color]

[size=2] [b][u]The Cast:[/b][/size][/u][size=1]

Everyone is to post this round save the Blood Brood. Next chapter is yours.[/color][/size]

[size=2][b][u]Direction:[/b][/u][/size][size=1][color=darkred] After the meeting between the powers ends, the members all retire to their homes. In this chapter, we see the regular lives of the operatives within each organization. Feel free to post more than once. This posting will be open for a while. Two or three days depending on the amount of posting I see. Begin as soon as possible. Also, if you plan on including other people?s characters in your post, please okay it with them so that there are no confusions. Enjoy. [/size][/color]



[b] ?Very good, gentlemen.?[/b] The Admiral gave a polite nod as he stood up. [b] ?This meeting has indeed been productive. The GSD shall contact your organizations for further planning. Good evening to you both.?[/b] with that, the Arch Duke and Father Crowland stood in a similar fashion and nodded. The three parties made their ways out of the dark room in opposite directions.

David, briefcase in tow, and The Admiral walked down the lit hallway, the florescent lights shutting off as they passed them. David held the door open as The Admiral slowly stepped out. [b] ?That went well, I suppose.?[/b] David said to him.

The Admiral gave a hoarse laugh as he stepped onto the sidewalk with hin cane. [b] ?Much better than I had expected. Now, let this old man retire for the day.?[/b] He chuckled to himself as he made his way back to their car, opening his door and slowing sitting in. David looked both ways down the street before making his way to the car, unlocking the trunk with his remote. He allowed it to slowly lift and placed his large briefcase back into place with a loud metallic rattling. Closing the trunk, David laid his hands on the shining metal, looking up to the starlit sky for a moment before making his way around the Royce and opening up the driver?s door.

He seated himself slowly and started the engine. Looking back he spoke to The Admiral. [b] ?To HQ or your home??[/b] he asked him.

[b] ?Take me to Headquarters. I?m still not all that trusting of the Lowendove. There is a chance they could be tracking us still. Would be no good if they?d find my home.?[/b] The Admiral replied seriously.

[b] ?Righto.?[/b] David said shortly as they took off. The ride to Headquarters went without a hitch as they passed the security lock and pulled into the dark, below-ground parking lot of the large, but secretive building. Parking the vehicle, the two stepped out at the same time. David once again withdrawed his large briefcase from the trunk. Then, stepping over to The Admiral, David handed him the keys to the vehicle. [b] ?I?m gonna head home now, old friend. Take care of yourself...?[/b] David said with a smile to him.

Gripping the keys into his hand and placing them into his pocket, he gave David a playful knock to the leg with his cane. [b] ?Will do, old chap.?[/b] he laughed, turning around and making his way to one of the floor elevators. David laughed and began the walk home from the Headquarters. Passing the security guards, he ducked around the dark corner of the hidden skyscraper and made his way down the sidewalk. It was an unusually peaceful night on the streets. Clear skies, no vampires or druggies lurking in the corners. It was a rare calm that David experienced. The moon illuminated the streets well, almost canceling out the streetlights which lined the sidewalk. Parked cars and the sound of electricity were his company as he made his way home. He thought to himself absently of the future. The war and blood shed to come, and the odd partnerships newly made. He decided not to worry about it, but he wondered.

These scattered thoughts remained with him as he approached his apartment building. The tall, eight-story complex had residents from all walks of life, but David doubted that any of them were as strange as he. For all they knew, he was just a young business man who worked the night shift at the office. He could only wish. He reached into his pocket as he climbed up the stoop steps, withdrawing another set of keys. He used one to unlock the main door, then he made his way up the hallow stair case, his steps echoing through out the halls as he carried his long briefcase over his shoulder. He was uncharacteristically tired on this day. More mental strain that he?d had to put up with in a long time. Seeing Whistler once again didn?t help his mind rest.

Reaching the sixth flight of stairs, David was finally at his home. The old, brown door was welcoming to him as he used another key to open the entrance. He allowed the door to slowly open on it?s own. He went to reach for the lights, but stopped as he saw a beautiful young raven-hair woman standing in the hallway, leaning against the wall. Her body illuminated by the moonlight filling in from the windows, he smirked. [b] ?Evening, babe...?[/b] David?s words warranted a smile from the woman. Julia...[/color][/size]
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=Navy]Julia had been waiting in the hallway, expecting David to walk through the door at any moment. When he did, there was a look of relief on his face before it became a smirk.

[B]"Evening, babe..."[/B] he greeted smoothly.

[B]"Mm, evening..."[/B] she smiled, pushing off the wall and coming forward to meet him.

David shut the door behind him, stooping to drop his briefcase before embracing Julia tightly, the night had been long and tasking, the meeting had been tense between the guardians.

[B]"How was it?"[/B] she whispered, enjoying the warm embrace, it had been a number of hours since they'd last seen each other.

[B]"It went alright I think, but I don't want to talk about it."[/B]

Julia pulled away, looping her arms around his neck and kissing him gently as he returned it, finally relaxing. She rubbed his back and led him into the kitchen, pushing him into a chair at the table, he looked tired and worn out.

[B]"Have you eaten?"[/B] she questioned, glancing into the fridge.

[B]"Mm, no, didn't get a chance to."[/B] he sighed, putting a hand to his forehead.

[B]"What do you feel like?"[/B]

[B]"I don't mind, anything light before we go to bed."[/B]

Julia nodded and quickly made him a sandwich which should suffice until the morning, hours away. She set it on a plate and brought it over to him, setting it down. He looked up at her, smiling and giving his thanks before taking a bite, it was just the way he liked it, since they had been together for two decades, making them very close.

[B]"Have you drank yet?"[/B] he asked, chewing thoughtfully.

She glanced up at the clock, [B]"No, not yet."[/B]

[B]"Don't wait too long, or you'll be sick."[/B]

Julia nodded with a sigh, getting up she went to the fridge again, bending to retrieve one of the small bags full of crimson liquid from the bottom shelf. She returned to the table and looked at the bag with a sigh. Picking it up, she opened her mouth, revealing larger than normal canine teeth, she sank her canines into the plastic bag, breaking through easily and guzzled the blood slowly as it came from the bag slowly, as how it would flow from a human. Her vampire side required this feeding weekly, and if she missed one she fell sick and would become deathly pale.

Her eyes glanced up as she drank, David watched her with a soft look in his eyes, a hand stretching out to stroke her hair softly, knowing that she didn't really like the thought of [i]having[/i] to drink blood to keep herself alive, only doing it when they got in the heat of the moment. She finished the packet and put it down, leaning into him sleepily, feeding made her sleepy, but Julia realised Sora and Yama hadn't returned yet, because they were usually home before that time.

[B]"Go to bed, David."[/B] she said, getting up and heading to the door.

[B]"Where are you going?"[/B] he jumped up and followed her.

She was putting on her boots and grabbed her keys from the hall table, pulling her trenchcoat off the hook.

[B]"Sora and Yama aren't back, I'm a bit worried."[/B] she told him.

He frowned, he knew the birds were usually back from their night hunt earlier, he was going to offer to accompany her but she knew what he would say, just telling him to go to sleep because he needed it, both of them knew it. He reluctantly nodded and kissed her before she left, heading to the bedroom.

Julia left the apartment quietly, going down the stairs quickly and leaving the complex. She knew where the birds usually hunted and headed in that direction, keeping a look out for people that would be more than willing to try and attack her.

She reached the area, looking around she couldn't immediately see her fowl friends, so tried to call to them, putting fingers to her lips she let out a shrill whistle, listening carefully for an answering call. After a few moments of silence, there was a sharp piercing call that cut the night, Sora. Julia ran in the direction she heard it and Sora continued to cry out until it was abruptly stopped. She sped up and rounded a corner, vaulting a fence into a backyard where Sora was cornered by a cat that had scratches on it. Sora's left wing was damaged which was why she hadn't flown away, as was Yama's who was behind Sora. She got rid of the cat and picked up the birds carefully, there were just small scratches which would heal practically overnight, but the pain stopped them from flying for now.

Julia perched them gently on her shoulder where they fluffed their wings and preened. She chuckled at them and headed back to the apartment, entering as quietly as she left and putting the birds on their nesting perch before returning to the door and hanging up her coat and dumping her keys.

She covered a yawn, heading to the bedroom, pleased to see David resting peacefully. She changed into her night clothes and finally fell to the bed, snuggling against David before falling asleep.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[size=1]Jakob escorted Father Crowland back to his lodgings and then proceeded to his own. He unlocked the door with a small silver key he kept on him at all times, and pushed it open. The dwelling was reasonably small, but well-furnished, with a large bed and a few comfortable chairs placed around. Jakob didn't see the need for too many creature comforts, though, as he hardly ever spent any time in the apartment.

He slumped into a chair, and lit a self-rolled cigarette. It was one of the earthly pleasures he saw no point in denying to himself, and he needed something to enjoy every now and then. He breathed in the noxious tobacco fumes and breathed them out slowly through his nose, savouring every moment of it.

He had not enjoyed seeing David again. The only pleasure he really got out of it was seeing the other man's discomfort, matching his own. Sumerkalis had been a good member of the Brotherhood, back when he believed, a strong fighter, but he showed his weakness when he deserted them to join the Guild of Supernatural Defence.

And it pained him to force himself into an alliance with the AVC as well. The very creatures he was hunting, now fighting by his side? It made him sick to his stomach. But Father Crowland had insisted it was the best course of action, and Whistler was not one to argue with the Brotherhood's Master.

He stood up and took his jacket off, throwing it onto the back of the chair he had been sitting on. Keeping the cigarette in his mouth, he pulled his shoulder holster off and threw it down onto the bed. Clouds of smoke puffed around his head, and he flexed his neck, hearing the vertebrae crack in a couple of places. He grimaced, and pulled his shirt off, revealing his tattoos.

His body was covered with them, each one as intricate as the last, but he had never told anyone what they each meant. He had never truly gotten close enough to someone to tell them.

Jakob wandered into the bathroom, and, taking a long drag on his cigarette, flicked it through the open window. He opened the cabinet underneath the sink and pulled out a small syringe, full of green liquid. Tying a length of rubber tubing around his upper arm, he pierced the skin on the inside of his elbow with the tip of the needle, and unloaded the syringe into his bloodstream. His arm spasmed, muscles clenching and unclenching uncontrollably, and soon the spasming spread to his entire body. His arms lashed out, smashing the mirror, and he fell backwards into the bath, where the spasming calmed, and finally stopped. He gasped. The process never got easier.

The substance he had just injected into himself was something developed by the scientists who has enhanced him physically. They had been encountering a problem with some of the subject, namely a strange kind of muscle degeneration. The substance that Jakob had to inject himself with occasionally was to help suppress the muscle degeneration, if it even existed within his body.

He flexed his arm, and jumped out of the bath. He had never liked having injections very much, and this process really didn't help.

He threw himself down on the bed and tried to get some sleep.
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[color=darkslategray][size=1]The night was practically just starting when the meeting between the 3 organizations came to an end. The subtle beams of light shining down from the moon lit the ground making it a brighter than usual night. Virgil looked out the nearest window from his seated position inside his apartment complex. Very rarely did he get to enjoy the moon at it's current phase, more times then often he would be carrying out missions or handling other business between the AVC and GSD. Now was during different times, the AVC headquarters was under light security for the day only and most of their dedicated operatives and members were allowed free time to themselves. It was clear a great bloodshed could occur at anytime between the Blood Brood and the alliance of the other 3 organizations. Everyone had to be as ready as they could be, even if it was ready to die.

His apartment was messy, he rarely ever spent time there however. He had befriended another tenant of the complex who lived below him, his name was Jack Glauer. Jack wasn't aware of Virgil's true indentity, he kept nothing representative of his vampire life in that apartment. Virgil had met Jack after he saved him from an attack in a nearby allyway. They were two vampires, and Virgil knew what would have happened if he didn't step in. It was another human life saved, he lost count of how many over the course of his long life that made altogether.

Virgil lost himself as he gazed outside...he found himself wondering when all hell was going to break loose, but was quickly brought back to reality by the person sitting across from him.

[b]"Virgil! Hey man, it's your go."[/b]

Virgil turned and looked infront of him, seeing his friend with 5 cards in his hand. Virgil looked down at his own, seeing something that pleased him so he refused to draw.

[b]"Don't rush me...besides, i'm good."[/b] Virgil responded.

[b]"Alright man, you asked for it!"[/b] Virgil's friend responded, laying down a full house of 2 nines and 3 jacks. Virgil shot him a grin and threw out a straight flush.

[b]"What the...there's no way!"[/b]

[b]"I win again, Jack."[/b] Virgil said, as he glanced down at his watch impatiently. Virgil noticed how close to 11 it was getting, and he stood up in his place suddenly. Jack looked up at him in confusion wondering what was wrong.

[b]"Something wrong?"[/b] he asked, gathering up the cards and reshuffling them.

[b]"It's almost 11. Time for me to go buddy, do me a favor and lock up when you leave."[/b] Virgil said tossing Jack a copy of his door key. Virgil knew the Arch Duke and Amelia were due back anytime. He hopped into his [URL=http://img208.imageshack.us/img208/1992/tribute1tj6.png]Tribute[/URL] and started the ignition. It was his normal travelling car, he kept any others at the AVC HQ. Tonight he kept himself on alert to make sure that both Amelia and the Arch Duke arrived back safely. He had am ample amount of trust concerning the GSD, especially since he is familiar with many of their normal members from joint operations in the past. It was the lowendove brotherhood however whom he was suspicious of.

Since his joining of the AVC he has held Arch Duke Richilieu in very high esteem, and respects him greatly. He is reminded of his old master in many aspects...thinking of that in the middle of his drive, it reminded him that he must make his monthly visit to the cemetary in which his old sensei was burried in.

Amelia on the other hand, it wasn't so much about respect. Eversince the incident which tore Joseph away from her and the AVC, Virgil had been appointed as her new partner. The two rarely got along, but Virgil constantly tried his best to cheer her up. Regardless however, she was an important ally. It was an important night for the AVC as a whole, and Virgil wanted to personally make sure that everything went smoothly.

Virgil pulled onto the turn leading to the somewhat hidden roundabout where the AVC's HQ building was located. He didn't see Amelia's mercedes and he started to wonder if everything went smoothly or not. He parked and was greeted by one of the door guards to the mansion.

[b]"Mr. Kingston! Welcome back."[/b] the guard said, waving as he walked out from the door. Virgil nodded at the guard as he threw his trenchcoat on over his normal black clothing.

[b]"Have the Arch Duke and Ms. Bernadette returned yet?"[/b] Virgil asked the guard.

[b]"Not yet sir."[/b]

Virgil nodded in ackowledgement and waved for the guard to go about his business. He went to go inside the building, but was distracted by a pair of headlights pulling into the lot.
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[SIZE=1]Droplets of sweat poured down Sergei's nose, his lip was cut with a trail of fresh blood ending at his chin and at least one of his ribs were broken, but his opponent was fairing no better. Training was an everyday part of life for Brotherhood members, they had access to a hundred different martial arts forms and learned each ones in varying degrees of completeness. After eighty-eight years, Sergei had learned sixty-two completely, mostly based on full bodily usage rather than just his arms and legs. Those hunters already on the most advanced and refined version of the serum like his opponent would gradually grow more accustomed to their new strength and speed, but for someone like Fr. Geser who?d had forty years to experience the limits of his abilities, he knew exactly how fast and how strong he could be.

?[b]You?re doing well Ronan, anticipating my attacks and your blocking has improves significantly since our last spar.[/b]?

?[b]Thank you Father Geser.[/b]?

Exhaling deeply, Sergei brought himself back into his fighting stance, taken from Shotokan Karate, the first style of martial arts he?d ever mastered. He balled his fists and waited for his opponent to attack, in his two hundred confirmed vampire kills, Sergei had come to realise that vampires were by nature aggressive and sought to use their superior strength and speed to quickly overwhelm and opponent, thus if he waited for the attack, he could properly gauge his enemy and strike back with even greater force.

Ronan as expected lunged in with a flawless roundhouse kick aimed for Sergei?s head, but a lightning fast raising of his forearm intercepted the blow and swept his opponent off balance, taking advantage of his opponent?s lack of co-ordination, Sergei launched out his left leg into a snap-kick, sending his newest student reeling back twenty feet to the edge of the ring. This was becoming a concerning problem for the Brotherhood, while many of those who had taken the original, or in Geser?s case, the prototype serum had not become overconfident with their augmented attributes, many of the younger brothers and sisters had indeed become arrogant. The only cure for this was to be defeated, and defeated utterly by a more skilled opponent. The training was harsh, but it had to be, vampires were ruthless demons who fed on humans because they could survive no other way, they were a disease spawned by Satan himself, allergic to sun, silver and anything blessed.

?[b]You?re... you?re too strong Father. I cannot beat you.[/b]?

Ronan was gripping his chest where Sergei?s foot had connected, the blood on his teeth was enough for him to know that the fight was over, while the serum would heal him in a few hours, his current pain would be a good lesson in humility. Breathing out heavily, Sergei realised how tired his was, his body had sustained several direct blows from the younger apprentices, and their bodies were all younger and fitter than his. When he took the serum at nearly fifty, it had been to prevent one of their younger brothers being lost to a bad dose, he?d gone passed his prime by nearly a decade at that stage and unless the good R&D division managed to invent a serum that would also revitalise his body then students like Ronan, despite all of Sergei?s skill would be able to beat him.

?[B]My strength is not the reason you lost Brother Ronan. It is your lack of focus that allowed me to beat you. By attacking me so aggressively, you allowed me to block and counter attack. Instead you should press your opponents defences and look for any flaws which you might take advantage of. If you can do that, then no opponent can beat you.[/B]?

?[b]OK, I?ll try harder next time.[/b]?


Moving off the edge of the fighting mat, Sergei checked the pocket watch he kept on him nearly all the time. The brass chronometer was Polish by make, one of the few things he still had belonging to his parents. The meeting between the Brotherhood and their supposed allies should have finished by now, Jakob had been guarding Fr Crowland and had not returned to the Brotherhood?s sanctuary, which meant he was probably sleeping. Sergei had seen significant changes in Jakob since David had left, the three of them had been closer than any other members of the Brotherhood, Sergei treating the two boys as sons, and they relied on each other like brothers. Thinking back on David?s betrayal still brought a tang of anger as well as regret to Sergei?s heart, but he?d focussed on training Jakob to understand what vampires were, so the incident would not happen again.
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[size=1][color=darkslategray][b]?That went rather swimmingly, don?t you think??[/b] Duke Richilieu breathed, buckling his seatbelt.

[b]?Butterflies are still flittering about my intestines,?[/b] Amelia smiled at the Duke?s twisted face.

[b]?Charming, Amelia,?[/b] his voice rumbled in his throat, something he did when he was displeased, [b]?As you can imagine, I have a long night ahead of me. I would like to retire to Headquarters, if you please.?

?As you wish,?[/b] Amelia shifted the car into first and sped down the haunted and empty streets.

The two remained silent for the entire ride. Amelia sensed Richilieu was still very worried. Loosining up some, she leaned over to turn on the radio. Soothing jazz filled the car, breaking the tension. The Duke looked over and gave the vampress a grateful smile. She didn't mind music, particularly jazz. It reminded her of the good ol' days. It was something she missed so terribly, it hurt in her breast. Though, as much pain as it caused, it was her motivation; to fight with all her power to return things back to a stable environment. She knew full and well that things would [i]never[/i] be the same as they once were. Once, when [i]he[/i] was "alive".

Amelia's mind fuzzed, remembering his smile, his smell, his taste, the way he let her stand on his feet as they danced to Billie Holiday. Dancing was never her strongest ability. The two rarely shared such intimate encounters, so whenever Amelia thought back, her cheeks always turned a crimson red.

[b]"Amelia? Are you crying?"[/b] Duke Richilieu's concerned voice shattered her nostalgia, and she nearly swirved into the opposite lane.

[b]"Am I?"[/b] startled, Amelia reached up to wipe her right eye. Her single tear glittered on the tip of her fingers.

She blinked in confusion and tried to shrug it off, but the Duke's piercing gaze unnerved her. She wasn't accustomed to crying, especially in front of anyone. She cleared her throat and switched the radio to "off".

[b]"My apologies, that music bri-"[/b] she started.

[b]"It's quite alright, Amelia. You don't have to explain,"[/b] Duke Richilieu placed a hand on her shoulder, giving it a slight squeeze before releasing her, [b]"Just keep those exotic eyes of yours on the road."[/b]

Amelia nodded, shaking off the last bit of sadness; replacing it with bitterness from thinking of what the Brotherhood had done to him. Her teeth clinched together, forcing her sharp canines to pierce into her lower jaw's gums. The thought of teaming up with them churned her insides so intensely, she was certain her stomach would explode inside of her.

Surpressing her rage, Amelia drove down a secluded alley and turned off into an extremely narrow passage. The Duke shifted his weight in his seat, wincing at how close his side was to the brick wall of the buildings. Suddenly, the Benz passed through a tunnel and came face-to-face with the backside of the Headquarters building. Tall and ominous, modern and cold. Though it didn't look inviting, Amelia's body relaxed with relief that they were "home". She veered the car to the left, taking them to the front of the building, and parked in the VIP slot reserved just for her.

Letting out a breath, Duke Richilieu stepped out of the car and made his way towards the main entrance. Amelia, close behind him, scanned the area with her sharp gaze. She spotted the all-too-familiar guard. The poor man seemed to never get a vacation. Standing next to him, Amelia spotted another tall figure. He paced slowly, one hand in his pocket while the other kept adjusting the weight of his coat on his shoulder. His face was as calm as stone, but his brow suggested he was anxious.

[b]"Good evening, Virgil,"[/b] Amelia greeted.

[b]"How did the meeting go?"[/b] skipping all casualties, Virgil inquired with a small amount of excitement in his deep voice.

[b]"I'm sure Arch Duke Richilieu would rather rest for the night, then go over the meeting in the morning,"[/b] Amelia sighed, pulling the door open and allowing the Duke to enter first.

[b]"You children wear me out,"[/b] Richilieu chuckled, giving a nod in thanks to his lovely body guard, [b]"We'll talk in the morning, Mr. Kingston, I promise."

"Yes'sir,"[/b] Virgil smirked, bowing slightly.

The three entered the building, greeting fellow AVC members and employees. Amelia and Virgil escorted the Duke to his office, and headed towards the break room. The vampress looked over to see her male counterpart grinning.

[b]"And what brings that idiotic grin to your hideous face?"[/b] she questioned, pushing the swinging doors open.

[b]"Oh nothing, Miss. I can never get used to how incredibly short you are,"[/b] he laughed as she pushed the door as hard as she could at him.

[b]"And I can't help notice how incredibly annoying you are,"[/b] she murmured.

[b]"I heard that,"[/b] Virgil groaned, leaning against the marble-topped counter.

He eyed Amelia for a few seconds, noticing how rigid her movements were. She dropped her jacket on the table behind her and shot him a questioning glare.

[b]"Do you have a problem?"

"I do. You don't seem your normal self. You seem shaken up. Was the meeting that bad?"[/b] his voice filled with a more sincere concern. He pushed himself from the counter to stand next to Amelia. She sighed and began to rub the back of her neck.

[b]"The meeting went better than expected."

"Then why so gloomy? I mean, you're always gloomy. But tonight, you're too tensed,"[/b] Virgil moved in closer, offering his hands instead.

Amelia's ebony eyebrow cocked upward and Virgil retracted his hands.

[b]"I thought of Joseph again..."

"I see,"[/b] his gaze softened, [b]"Don't worry, 'melia, we'll finish this. It'll all be over soon. And, no matter what happens, I'll still be here for you to kick around."[/b]

That made her smile, but her face was merely a mask. Behind her porcelain face, Amelia's "smile" was always empty.[/size][/color]
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[B]?This is the third time this has happened?? [/B] Matthew fumbled about loudly in the darkness, the lights in this particular room had been rather faulty of late and he would have to tell someone about this?

Eventually finding the light switch he annoyingly flipped it, when that didn?t work he flipped the switch on and off in quick succession, no luck. Cursing, he made his way around plies of documents and shelves, eventually finding the back wall after tripping over twice. Matthew used his hands as his eyes, feeling along the wall until his fingertips hit what he was looking for, the circuit breaker.

His hand hovered over the switch as a chill ran strangely down his spine; flicking the breaker to ?on? he waited for the lights to get the message. The halogen lights flickered on lazily one after the other, starting at the door way. Eventually they made their way around to Matthew, turning around abruptly he let go of a loud and rather unmanly scream.

The moment he turned around a figure had swung down from large pipes lining the ceiling, essentially giving him the fright of his life. Caitlin laughed uncontrollably for a few minutes while Matthew stood visibly annoyed. He should have known it was her. She hung from a thick red pipe, god knew what it was for, her legs were hooked over it allowing her to swing upside down.

[B]?I want to suck your blood!? [/B] Caitlin raised her arms and wiggled her fingers; Matthew shook his head at her as a smile crept across his lips even though he was doing everything in his power to stop it.

[B]?I don?t know how you...? [/B] She released her legs from the pipe and landed with a gymnast?s poise, a broad smile covering her face, she cut him off mid sentence.

[B]?Just dropping in to say goodnight Matt.?[/B] She winked at him before turning to leave. Matthew was an old friend, all he basically did was filing work, but that didn't mean he was push over.

[B]?Goodnight Cat.?[/B] Matthew shook his head as he watched her leave, how he loved to watch her leave...

[CENTER]~? ??? ?~[/CENTER]

Caitlin threw open the door to her dark abode, everything was bathed in green, she really didn?t feel any need to flip a light switch. Hearing scratching out side she opened a window while removing her heavy coat. Her cat arched its back and leant backwards stretching as it hopped inside; she ran her hand over its head and scratched its left ear, it began to purr loudly.

Feeling something wet Caitlin was compelled to flip the light switch; her cat was covered in scratches, some bleeding slightly. Sighing she picked him up and cuddled him.

[B]?What in the lord have you been up too hmm??[/B] He meowed at her loudly before hastily leaping from her arms as if he didn?t want to answer her question, she shook her head and pined a stray strand of blonde hair behind her ear.

Quickly flipping the light back off, Caitlin began to remove her clothes ready for bed; each item was taken off with an unusual care and placed neatly on a chair. Flopping down onto the soft sheets Caitlin stared at the ceiling, her thoughts turned to the meeting that was supposed to have taken place earlier that night. [I]If something was wrong? [/I] Her eyes flicked to the digital alarm clock beside her bed. Everything bathed in green slowly faded into black. [B]"Sweet sleep..." [/B]
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[SIZE=1]The room was damp from lack of care, the wallpaper was dull, wet and smelt like something had died inside the walls. Maybe something had. The corners that connected the ceiling with the four walls were laced with cobwebs, old cobwebs that had collected dust and even the spiders wouldn?t live in anymore. There weren?t any light bulbs in the lamps, there was only a small candle, close to window so it flickered. Shadows danced on the damp, dark walls, both from the flickering candle and the moving creature at the window.

A black cat rubbed its face into the pale hand of Theodore. It twisted and turned trying to get more attention from the man, the cat didn?t even know who he was. Just a familiar face who had been sharing the same home for years. Not a master. Just a familiar face.

Theodore looked out of the window, staring at the gates to his home. The garden was so large, so overgrown, so uncared for? he didn?t have time to tend to things like a garden. He didn?t care. Besides, it wasn?t really [I]his[/I] home. During his time with Sybrus they bribed the home owner to let them stay in the basement. Or rather threatened him. For some odd reason, the owner died. Sybrus swore he had nothing to do with it. The house did in fact belong to the Land family, but since no one from that family came to claim to home? it was Theo?s.

Apparently there had been a meeting. Theodore didn?t know much about it. Maybe no one else did, either. It didn?t matter too much, Theo would probably go back to the HQ and see what was going on, there was bound to be a few people talking about it. He just wanted to know how things were going. Theo never really had many people from the AVC he could call friends, nor did he have any friends since joining the GSD, though he felt much more at home instead of being around vampires all the time. He never felt like a vampire. Even in his ?glory? days with Sybrus, he had been an unknown, pointless piece of existence. He didn?t even ?

The hand that kept the cat occupied stopped, as did Theo?s train of thought. He looked over his ?roommate? and peered out of the window. What he ears did not pick up, his sense of presence did. Something was creeping up just outside his gates. Then he heard it; the sound of tires crunching down on gravel, cracking the stones as a long car veered up towards the gates. Theo cocked an eyebrow.

[B]?Seems we have visitors.?[/B] Theo said the cat, who purred back and pushed its head at Theo?s chin. Theodore frowned down at the cat coldly for a moment before stepping out of his chair and leaning against the wall, so he could glare out and not be seen.

A man stepped out of the car. Not as tall as Theodore, most definitely not a vampire. The man also seemed unaware that the house was occupied as he entered the gate like it were a normal home. Theo winced at the sound of the gate creaking, swore under his breath, and continued to watch as the man struggled his way through the weeds and overgrown grass.

He walked in a slow pace towards the door of his room, the cat following him. Theo could feel the cat walking behind him, not too close, nor too far away. He opened the door which made another deafening creak (he really wanted that fixed) and stepped through onto a cold, damp, dusty landing. The stairs went down the hallway near the front door on the left and the right, so Theodore stood at the banister, directly ahead of whoever would walk through.

The front door was pushed open cautiously, slowly and only by a bit. The man?s silhouetted face peered through into the darkness, he looked around on the bottom floor for awhile before stepping in quietly. Not too quietly, though. Theodore could feel and hear his movements even with his eyes closed.

A torch was turned on. The man shone it across the walls, apparently looking for something. A robber? Maybe. There wasn?t really anything to steal. Theo watched the intruder for awhile, trying to figure out exactly what he was doing. He determined the intruder wasn?t a robber, as he seemed vaguely surprised that the paintings had been missing from the walls (Theo burnt them when the old man died all those years ago).

[B]?You?re on private property. Can I [I]help[/I] you??[/B] sneered Theodore. The man jumped and turned, pointing his flashlight at Theo, who winced. [B]?Turn that bloody thing off.?[/B]

The man didn?t. [B]?Who the fuck are you??[/B] he asked, shocked.

[B]?Well, if I were to begin to tell you who I was, would you even begin to understand??[/B] began Theo, walking down the stairs towards the man, his roommate still in tow. [B]?See, if I start from the beginning, which is far before your time, you wouldn ? ?[/B]

[B]?Shut up. You?re a vampire.?[/B]

Theo was taken a back by this. A lot. He stopped in his tracks with an eyebrow raised and a hand ready to point at the man accusingly. He thought for a moment. Cocky, and possibly smart. Nothing Theo couldn?t handle.

[B]?I know who you are. You?re that bastard Theodore who killed my great great grandfather. We know who you are. Where?s you little buddy??[/B] the man sneered. He seemed to know who Theodore was now after he came closer.

[B]?Who are you??[/B] Theodore asked.

[B]?I?m Brad Land, and you?re on my property.?[/B]

Theodore swore in his head. So long as nobody claimed it, it was his. But now someone was going to claim it, it wasn?t Theodore?s. Although, just because he didn?t [I]own[/I] the house didn?t mean Theodore had to leave.

[B]?Well, welcome back. Sybrus is dead, if you must know. This house is yours, then? Have it. But I?ll be staying. The backroom, just leave that empty for me throughout the day and I?ll be fine. Or I?ll settle for the basement. That?s final. If you don?t like the living arrangements, then I?ll just chase you out. How about that??[/B]

Brad looked down at the floor, he put his hands in his pockets and laughed. [B]?No, you don?t understand.?[/B] He suddenly dropped his torch and pulled out what seemed to be a small black hand gun, aiming it at Theo. [B]?You?re moving out.?[/B]

Theodore didn?t even have an expression on his face. He wasn?t surprised, shocked, or scared. He really wasn?t impressed, either. Theodore looked down at the floor as well, sighing. He bit his lip and looked up at the ceiling, hoping Bard?s eyes would follow. Brad looked up, as well, and Theodore took his chance. He removed one of his own gun?s from underneath his jacket and aimed it at Brad, or more precisely, his hand. He fired.

The gun came spiralling out of Brad?s hand in a loud crack straight after the shot. Brad swore, leapt back, clutching his hand and looking in pain. Theo just rolled his eyes.

[B]?I didn?t even hit your hand,?[/B] growled Theo.

[B]?Fine! Stay here! I don?t care, we?re going to knock this piece of shit down anyway!?[/B] Brad shouted.

Theo raised an eyebrow. [B]?Pardon me??[/B]

[B]?I only came in here to get the paintings. But they?re not here, so I might as well just leave. We?re going to knock this place down and build a new house, no sane person can live in a place like this ? ?[/B] Theo frowned, [B]? ? stay here if you really want to. You?ll be crushed under the bricks. I don?t think you want to ruin your nice little suit. Jesus, what the hell are those bullets made of??[/B] Brad swore again, clutching his hand and groaning.

Theodore was taken a back once again. Not by Brad?s moaning about the gun shot, rather the fact he would soon have nowhere to live. That was bad. It was also bad for the cat, as well.

[B]?I?ll see you when the bulldozer arrives to crush your head.?[/B] Brad said. He twirled himself around and made a clumsy daze for the door. He slipped through awkwardly and slapped the large door, leaving Theodore with his thoughts. It was good of him to tell Theodore that the house was getting knocked down, though.

[I]Now[/I] what was he going to do? Hide under the rubble? Search for a basement to hide in? He sighed and stared down at the cat who was twirling around Theo?s legs as he sat idly on the staircase. The cat purred, it pushed itself up into Theodore?s pale hand and rubbed against it. Theo just looked at the cat, happy in the dark shadow of the old house, who would have no home soon enough.

[I]?I guess I could go to the GSD HQ for awhile? and figure something out. I?ll come back for you in a bit.?[/I] He looked down at the cat momentarily, and smiled. He scratched its ear and got up, idly walking towards the door to see what wonders he could find in the HQ for the night.

[I]Eh, not exactly a regular day, but at least I gots something up?[/I][/SIZE]
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[SIZE=1]Quincy, red hair tangled from running her fingers through it once-to-often, staggered down the street to her small, pissy apartment. The meeting had been dull, everyone else was cranky or worried because the weather was fucking disgusting?she sighed and slumped against a wall, wincing only slightly as the pebble dashed surface bit into her skin. She should avoid whiskey, from now on. She never was anything but an angry drunk.

However, some intelligent person had once said that the world was so much clearer through the bottom of a bottle. This, the young woman found, was very true. She fumbled with her keys and eventually jabbed the correct one into the lock, twisting it awkwardly before nearly collapsing into her hallway.

Ah, home. At least the small area meant less work for her on the cleaning front. Not that there was much else to do, anyway.

She cursed inwardly at the clear peak her mind seemed to have reached. All those people she knew from the GSD and otherwise?most of them had someone to go home to, or at least someone to call. She didn?t have anyone. Friends from work weren?t any good, because the only thing they?d end up talking about would be work. Naturally. And their kind of work wasn?t really a pleasant subject for conversation.

The sound of her keys hitting the small table by the door was deafening in the silent apartment. Quincy leant her shoulder against the wall for support as she moved to her kitchen, hands spread across the wall in a weak attempt to find the light switch. She flicked it on and blinked against the sudden bright light, bringing a wavering hand up to shield her face.

Eventually, through a series of collisions and swearing, Quincy staggered into her kitchen and slumped into a chair. She pressed the heels of her hands into her eyes, pressing until it was almost painful. Bright patches of light exploded beneath her eyelids and she eventually relaxed, head swirling as the alcohol began to wear off and the world slipped back into its hazy shade of grey.

That wouldn?t do, she mused, and laughed to herself. A pitiful sound that made her realise just how lonely she was. Laughing at herself now. Ha. What next? She walked to a cupboard and wrenched it open, pulling a bottle of Vodka out by the neck. It was already half empty, which, she later realised, was probably a good thing.

20 minutes later and her head was spinning once again, this time with the hard effects of alcohol. Her blood boiled as memories swirled into focus again. She thumped a fist against the table and realised that the world had suddenly started to move at a funny side-ways angle. Huh. That wasn?t supposed to happen?then she hit the floor.

She groaned and rolled onto her back, barely registering the broken bits of bottle cutting into her side, the alcohol leaving a fiery burn in it?s wake. The lights seemed to dance before she shut her eyes against them, against the world?and slipped into a broken, painful sleep.

[B]OOC: Thanks Mike for the extension. Sorry to make Quince seem so self-loathing, she isn?t really. >_>[/B][/SIZE]
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[indent][size=1]Mercutio stumbled into the diner looking rather lost. It was a late hour and hardly any patrons were there, but he still came for his regular meal. He wobbled to a stool at the counter, looking intoxicated, though he was completely sober. Not a drop of alcohol had touched his lips in years. The owner, who was very familiar with Mercutio, came over and smiled. He was one of Mercutio's only friends.

"Mercutio! How can I help you?" he said in a thick Italian accent.

"I come here how often and you have to ask me that?" Mercutio replied monotonously.

The owner smiled as he got together the meal. "I was just hoping you'd surprise me tonight."

"You know I don't like surprises, Guiliano," Mercutio said, sipping his complimentary glass of water. He struck up a cigarette and puffed it a bit. His eyes wandered toward Guiliano, who was still busying himself. He obviously had the meal all ready to go since Mercutio never failed to come to this diner at the same time. Not to mention, he always ordered the same.

Guiliano looked over his shoulder and back to his work. "Yah, yah..." he replied a little late. Then he walked over to where Mercutio was seated and placed the plate down. "There you are. Eggs and toast with some hash-a browns." Mercutio eyed it questionably, but ate it anyways. He wasn't about to quiz Guiliano on his abilities in cooking. He did eat here often. "Quiet night, eh?" Guiliano made small talk.

Mercutio chewed the eggs and swallowed. He answered without looking to the Italian's face. "Nah. Just a lot of crime. People don't want to be out tonight and the police are elsewhere."

Guiliano nodded, washing a few dishes in the sink. "You should get home, Mercutio."

"And you should work on not burning the hash browns, Guiliano." Guiliano chuckled and arched his shoulders.

"Hey!" he said. "It's been a long night. What do ya expect?"

"I expect better food." Nevertheless, Mercutio had quickly devoured the plate and stood up. He placed more than enough money on the counter and nodded. "Night, Guiliano."

"See you again tomorrow, same time," Guiliano called to Mercutio as he walked out the door. For a moment, Mercutio stood in the street staring up at the sky. From where he was, it was clear and the stars could be seen. He smoked the cigarette a little more before chucking it to the ground. Breathing out, he let the smoke go in a stream before disappearing like a ghost in the wind.

"Tonight's not just quiet," he spoke to himself out loud. His hands moved to his collar and he ruffled his coat a bit to tighten it around him. "It's strangely colder." He then made his way home for the night.[/size][/indent]
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Chapter 2 is over. For those who were not able to post, you'll have your chance later.[/color][/size]


[size=3][b][u]Chapter 3:[/b][/u] [color=darkred]Dark Revolt[/size][/color]

[size=2] [b][u]The Cast:[/b][/size][/u][size=1]
Hyde [b](di.fm)[/b]
Nikolai Zashchit [b](Corey)[/b]
Nicoleta Devalos [b](Revelation)[/b]


[size=2][b][u]Direction:[/b][/u][/size][size=1][color=darkred] A meeting of the Blood Brood leaders. The three rally their minions and plan to cause a riot/slaughter in which they mean to attack and disrupt the three organizations. Post order doesn't matter, however the first person to post is the one that counts. Do as you wish, two posts a piece.[/size][/color]
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[size=1][color=#1874CD]The wind blew in a quick and harsh manner; it was relentless in the still night. Nicoleta laid recumbent on the velvet Victorian sofa that smelt of musk. The room which she was occupying was littered with dust and nearly everything that was within it was old and tattered, falling apart at whatever seams and lining. However, Nicoleta ignored it all and laid with an arm over her eyes, listening to only the footsteps, rustling, and other sounds that surrounded her.

As her eyes began to close underneath her arm, a voice so familiar yet so painful awoke her from her near-beautiful slumber. Pulling her arm up over her head, Nicoleta searched the room for the body from which the voice was coming from. With a sigh, she pulled herself up and found Nikolai, a vampire with a unique taste for blood.

[B]?Come to disturb my peace again, Little Niki??[/B] A sigh escaped after her sentence as Nicoleta stood up and stretched her arms. As she spoke to Nikolai, her patience began to wear thin. [B]?There?s a reason why you?re here. Tell me what it is so I can get on with my beauty sleep.?

?A few hours sleep won?t get you anywhere near what?s considered beautiful, you conceited wench.?[/B] Usually when someone depreciated her, Nicoleta wouldn?t give them a second to apologize; she?d rip their skin apart at that very moment. However, in Nikolai?s case, she found humor in what he said. The two chuckled a bit before Nikolai said, [B]?Hyde?s waiting.?[/B]

Sighing, Nicoleta followed after Nikolai who was now walking down the corridors towards the open entranceway which held the split staircase. The two vampires walked down its winding steps and into a room filled with tattered sofas and weathered furniture. Hyde, a man filled with hatred and rage consumed by his own insanity, sat in the blood red chair overlooking anyone who passed by. Nikolai took his seat to Hyde?s left and she took her seat to his right, crossing her legs as she did. A glint in her eyes spoke of bloodlust but her posture said otherwise.

[B]?What?s this wonderful occasion about, Mr. Hyde? It wouldn?t have to do with the wonderful reunion with the Brotherhood,?[/B] A smirk trailed across Nicoleta?s face as her eyes slowly looked from the infected vampire to the inhuman creature back to her black nails. [B]?now would it??

?What other reason is there, [i]Empress[/i]??[/B] Something in the frail vampire?s voice hinted at mockery. The two vampires? eyes met each other with ferocity. [B]?I don?t think we?d be here if it didn?t have to do with the Brotherhood.?[/B]

To match Nikolai?s impressionable tone, Nicoleta?s held a hint of malice, [B]?We could be having a wonderful conversation about the traitorous, back-stabbing, so-called vampires who are currently aligned with the Brotherhood and how we could get their heads on a silver platter. But that?s beside the point, isn?t it Mr. Hyde??[/B]

Hyde was lost in his own world, one that neither Nikolai nor Nicoleta could ever comprehend. He closed his eyes and leaned into his chair, replying, [B]?We need to lure them out, [i]all of them[/i]: The Guild of Supernatural Defenses, The Alliance of Vampiric Clansmen, and The Lowendove Brotherhood.?[/B][/size][/color]
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[size=1][b]"No... You're right. They won't join us, but we can still use them."[/b] Hyde shook his head in doubt, and shifted in his chair.

[b]"They have ties to AVC. I can't trust them."[/b] Nikolai stood slowly and stepped directly in front of Hyde's line of sight. Their eyes locked.

[b]"We don't have to trust them. All I have to do is infect them. Then they can be our eyes and ears, so to speak."[/b] Nikolai broke out in an unusually toothy smile, his blaze orange eyes sparking like flint. [b]"My abilities run deep, Hyde. I already have eyes in this city. I've already infected several dozen humans to test the limits of my new evolution."[/b] Hyde smirked.

[b]"Evolution..."[/b] he said, toying with the word. [b]"I like that."[/b] He glanced at the clock hanging on the wall. [b]"We've had our chat. Retrieve Nicoleta for me, Nikolai."[/b] Nikolai bowed deeply, his skeletal arms stretching out with an uncanny, and very unnatural, grace.

[b]"At once."[/b] He left the room silently, like a breeze. Their current residence was nothing more than an abandoned factory turned storage complex. He made his way easily through the boxes and crates littering this specific area. Small wisps of dust danced into the air with every footfall. The scent of mildew hung in the air like fog. This was a comfortable place. Aged. Empty. Decaying. Nikolai smiled to himself and pushed open the door leading to the narcissists chosen bedroom.

He stood where he was a moment, simply looking at her. She with her perfectly beautiful, yet inarguably evil face. Her shapely body. He considered a moment what he used to look like. Fairly toned. Handsome in that country boy sense. A little rough around the edges. But overall, a good looking man. The other men seemed to think so at least.

[b]"?Come to disturb my peace again, Little Niki??[/b] He smiled another of those toothy grins and stood. His form was what they would all look like. All of them. The humans. The traitorous vampires. All of them. He would be their harbinger of death. She sighed. [b]?There?s a reason why you?re here. Tell me what it is so I can get on with my beauty sleep.?[/b] Nikolai's smile widened. Let her have her form. It's the only truly beautiful thing she had. Her soul was as black as his own.

[b]?A few hours sleep won?t get you anywhere near what?s considered beautiful, you conceited wench.?[/b] He chuckled. So did she. [b]?Hyde?s waiting.?[/b] They walked back down the hallways, Nikolai swerving in and out of the obstructions like a leaf on the wind.[/size]
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