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Sign Up Superhuman [M-LV]


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[i]I couldn't believe how fast I was running. I was easily taking the stairs eight steps at a time, and dodging the burning debris without thinking, my reflexes reacting before I could. The cry of a wailing infant hit my ears, and I knew I was almost there, almost about to save this child's life. I could see the door, it was still intact, I went to stop and...

The velocity of my running smashed the door down, and an extra surge of adrenaline shot through me, speeding me up even more. I found the baby in the huge loft apartment before the door had hit the ground, and was four floors down by the time it finally did. Finally, in what was only seconds, I burst out of the apartment building, my mind screaming at my muscles to stop moving. Eventually, half a block past the flaming apartment building, they did, and I was thankful. Moving at 60 miles an hour I could just react in time, but if I'd continued at the 130 I'd hit once my lungs met the open air, both me and the baby I'd dived into a twenty story building would be, well...



Welcome to the future. Humanity has progressed to previously unreachable goals; war is all but nonexistent, stem cell research promises that all diseases and maladies are healed instantly, and the perfect utopia Walt Disney envisioned with EPCOT is a reality. And yet, the world has becoming boring. With only the minutae of everyday life to excite the senses, humanity as a whole has reached a state of total and complete ennui. Thus, mother nature has started to compensate.

The first superhuman to emerge was a vicious Russian killer named Lexus, who went on a four week killing spree across America using only his powers of super strength and the threat of complete nuclear fallout in whichever city he attacked - a little side effect of the nuke installed in his chest. By the time he was taken down, he'd decimated Chicago, San Francisco and Salt Lake City. The world was shook to its core, and cries of hate towards other emerging superhumans started to echo out of the cities, slowly growing until it was a cacophonous roar, and yet... humanity was excited. And so, mother nature kept throwing more superhumans into the mix.

You are one of those superhumans, and in a world where you're almost universally hated, it's up to you to stop a growing conglomerate catching and enslaving superhumans to use as weapons in an upcoming war unlikely to leave any human survivors. Can you do it?


[i]Name:[/i] I don't care what your name is, it can be a code name, it can be some crazy foreign ****, I am not concerned.
[i]Power:[/i] Fireballs are a no. I'm talking more like super strength, insane accelerated speed, flight, etc etc... basically things with a precedant in nature. Also, it's worth noting proficiency in this power isn't a sure thing - most powers start off small and unmanageable and become more powerful as the user's body literally transforms to compensate.
[i]Personality and Description:[/i] Self-explanatory.

[b]My Sign-Up[/b]
[i]Name:[/i] Lance
[i]Power:[/i] Accelerated speed. Can initially hit 60 miles per hour before his reflexes become too slow.
[i]Personality and Description:[/i] A selfless guy with a genuinely caring personality, if a bit naive. Has been known to explode over violence towards women, but rarely act on it. Standing at 6 foot tall with wavy blonde hair you'd expect him to be egotistical, but he's anything but, taking the slings and arrows society throws at him and saving those he feels are in need regardless.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkOrchid][font=times]Name: Khali Serhan

Power: Persuasion due to the enhanced pheromones found in her sweat.

Personality and Description: Sweet and kind when confronted with children and polite people. Unfortunately, when crossed, she is as vicious as a striking viper. Her powers of persuasion are unrivaled. She can make a perfectly happy person turn a gun on themselves and blow their brains out . When she's truly provoked, she can make a club full of people kill themselves.

Being an exotic dancer helps with that particular ambition of course. The sweat she produces from vigorous physical activity contains high concentrations of the chemical that attracts both males and females. However her ability has given her the power to alter the chemical signatures. She can repel, attract, and allure with simple conscious changes to her biochemistry. If Kahli manages to touch her skin to another person's, particularly an area heavy in sweat glands, like her palms for example, she can usually make that person do whatever she desires. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

A mop of well conditioned, suitably messy black hair, alluring hazel eyes, soft tanned skin, skimpy attire, what more could you want?[/font][/COLOR]
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[B]Name:[/B] Tommy Gavin

[B]Power:[/B] His bodies nerves generate heightend electrical current.

[B]Personality and description:[/B] Tommy is a generally carefree guy. And when I say carefree I don't mean he just takes things in stride, and is simply content and happy. I mean he quite literally doesn't care about anyone or anything. He's a street wise loner, who knows the ins and outs of the under belly of society.

He thinks if society hates people like him fine, ******* them too. If they'll hate him, then he'll just hate them back. Thanks to his powers, he's had an easy time making it as a loner in world that demands alot from him. While there not that strong, he can still deliver a 10000 volt charge at 30 miliamps of current. Enough to drop any punk human who thinks he's worth his salt.

Standing at 5'9 and weighting in at a 135 lbs. He's a pretty scraggly looking kid. He wears sleeveless t-shirts and blue jeans for the most part. He has red hair, to which he dyes black stripes. This is where his nickname of the east side tiger came from. He doesn't have a gang, and very few, what you would call, friends. He works for himself.
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[B]Name: [/B] Sam Tucker

[B]Power:[/B] He can change the dencity of his body, with practice the density of other objects and people aswell. Allowing him to become dencer and near indestructable or mildly spred apart his molecules to pass through solid matter. He can only do either for a short ammount of time as dencer structure stops him from breathing and lighter has a chance of making himself unable to reform after too long. When dencer he appears to have a much darker complection and skin tone, where as when less dence his appearence becomes blurred and hazy.

[B]Personality and description: [/B] He's a relitivly nice person, but often gets frustrated or angry at basic or common problems. He lost his family and close ties a long time ago and now uses his powers to aid his crimes, being able to pass through walls and take bullets without a scratch makes him one of the most notorious thieves in the known world.

Standing a rough 5'11" and wearing mostly black clothing his hair is usually what sets him out in a croud. He has semi long pitch black hair with bangs that cover his eyes near completely, those eyes of which are a bright green, standing out when visible. He has only been caught twice, back when he began his criminal carreer, the first time he discovered his powers when he phased through the back of a cruiser.
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Name: Sinister

Power: Intuitive Aptitude (The ability to analyze complex systems and intuitively understand how they work without special education or training.)

Personality: Sinister is insane, he believes that he should be the only person with power. The only "Real" special person in all of the world. Synister has been hunting down others like himself to try and find a way to integrate their powers into himself.. So far he is yet to succeed.. A true villain bent on one thing.. Ultimate Power.

Description: Height 6'1, Weight 168lbs. Synister has spiked black hair and slate gray eyes that would send a shiver down anyones spine. Synister wears a long black trench coat and fingerless gloves, along with studded wrist bands and belt.

Hope you don't mind but I'm basing my character off of Sylar from the NBC show Heroes. If not I understand completely.
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[color=crimson][b]Name[/b]: Continually purports to be Calypso, the naiad daughter of Atlas. Simply called 'Cal' at the institution.


"You want out?" The wall said to Cal.

"I know I do. I could really use one." Cal responded and gave a pleading look to the wall. "Please, pretty please."

"This is the third time in a month." The wall narrowed it's eyes at Cal. A lump formed at the back of her throat- it looked really angry this time. "I'm not sure if I should."

"Pleaseeeeeeeeee!" Cal said and folded her hands together, begging. "Please, please, please!"

"Alright." The wall relented and Cal clapped her hands together.

"Yay! Thank you so much, I promise I won't be caught this time."

"I'm sure." The wall said and a door formed on it. Cal tilted her head to the side and smiled before calmly stepping out of the institution. She shut the door behind her quietly and it faded into the brickwork that made up the rest of the wall.

"Such a nice day!" Cal said with a grin. "I could use some new clothes though." She looked down at the plain white medical shirt and pants she was wearing. Something bright, maybe some pink and purple, would do nicely. She walked down the street and away from the institution.

"Wow." A teenager said to his friend. "She's beautiful beyond what the stems do.. wow."

"Yeah. You don't see too many people in such brightly colored dresses either."

"... What's with her hair?"


Cal is suffering from dementia and her reality differs broadly from others vision of it. This world she views seems to be layered over 'reality' and it interacts with her as if it was as real as anything else. She is aware of the differences between herself and others but is only beginning to grasp what her reality bending powers can do.

She's a pretty young thing, even by the standards of society, and dresses in very feminine dresses. Her hair is blonde and is of a long length. She keeps it wrapped in unusual hairstyles. Double buns and pigtails are the most common.

Constantly in a high, fun mood she can grate on the nerves of others with her eccentricities and silly nature. She has fallen in and out of love with random people more times than can be counted. In a fight she can be counted on if she trusts and likes you even if her way of fighting is unorthodox and strange.[/color]
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[FONT=Trebuchet MS][B]Name:[/B] Felix
[B]Power:[/B] Probability Manipulation - Ability to alter probability, causing unlikely things to happen or likely things to not happen.
[b]Personality and Description:[/b] Felix is 5'10" and has long light brown hair. He's 16 years old and is currently in high school. He's a bit of a rebel like most people his age, but that's just a youth thing.

He's quite the good kid other than the fact that he smokes pot and drinks quite a bit. Though, his friends love hanging out with them because for some reason, nobody ever gets busted with Felix.
[B]Additional Notes:[/B] When Felix was just a fetus, his parents were told that they would have to go through a miscarriage with him. The day before the miscarriage, Felix' father was mugged and shot on his way home from work. That same night, his mother was so depressed from the news that she drugged up on a lot of medicine killing herself.

However, because of all the extra work she put her body through, the white blood cells started multiplying to defend the body and managed to heal the cut that was killing baby Felix and he made it out alive. Felix is a common Ancient Roman cognomen for "lucky."

Felix is not depressed about never having parents. It's not hard to miss someone when you've never ever known them. He loves his adoptive parents very much and had a good youth.[/FONT]
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Name: Ivan St. James

Power: Dissolution. Human beings are made up of some twenty or more elements total, and Ivan's power allows him to reduce himself to these basic elements and then reform when necessary, assuming that those elements are still available to him. This power also allows him to "hide" the elements in other organic lifeforms, like plants, animals or even other people without them noticing.

Personality/Description: A true wallflower, Ivan has described himself as being already invisible and that the nature of his power is purely coincidental. His medium-length brown hair does wonders to cover his eyes and help him avoid eye contact, and his preternaturally low voice assures that few can hear him even in private conversations. He stands at about 5'8", a nice average height, too short to stand out in a crowd. He has his opinions and his beliefs, but no one bothers to ask him about them so he usually just keeps them to himself. He is also suspected of having a personality, but no one has ever observed him long enough to figure out what it is. To this end, he is somewhat selfish and doesn't yet understand the concept of self-sacrifice.
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[size=1][b]Name:[/b] Jacoba

[b]Power:[/b] Acute senses. She can hear, see, feel, and taste things that others cannot. She can hear a noise or see an object from almost five miles away. If she concentrates hard enough, she can almost swear she can see through walls.

[b]Personality and Description:[/b] Jacoba is a spindly freshman in college. Her hair is a startling shade of orange, and her pale skin is decorated with an immense amount of freckles. Most people call her "Ginger" because of these attributes, a name she hates to hear uttered. Her style is what you'd consider sporty; she likes to show off her legs in shorts, and always has on a shirt that references to a team.
Jacoba is infamous for her big mouth and nosy disposition. She lives for the latest gossip and is known to coax a secret out of someone, only to spread it around school faster than lightning. Many people find her very irritating, and she is not able to hold down a friend for long. She loves snooping around in other people's things, attempting to dig up dirt on them. And once she decides she wants to know something, she won't shut up about it until she makes someone spill their guts.
To Jacoba, her powers are her blessing. It makes it far easier for her to listen in on private conversations, or even spy on people from a safe distance.[/size]
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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][SIZE=1]Name: Andrea Petterson
Power: Andrea's powers can be best described as a torpedo. The torpedo? Herself. Using bursts of air to push herself forward was the beginning of her powers, however now she can use it to force other items forward like the torpedo's of a submarine. Andrea is just starting to realize that she can send out bursts of air from her own palms, however this is still being trained.
Personality and Description: A former, little angel [URL=http://i174.photobucket.com/albums/w101/RosedHeart_2007/Anime/AnimePinkandblack.jpg]Andrea[/URL] flipped her personality once she entered high school. Staying out late with boys, partying, and giving her parents grief are her current agenda. Becoming a college freshmen has made this rebellion eaiser for her, as she was able to dye her hair a pale purple from its standard angelic blonde. At 5'4 she never stood out in crowds but, she never let that stop her and was eager to please. This bright, cheerful girl with a big heart has yet to learn the defination of the word no. This is the side of her that her parents have lost access to by Andrea. [/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Let's see if I can get back in the groove. I miss RPs.

[b]Name:[/b] Al

[b]Power:[/b] Al was given the power of stealth. Abilities that make him difficult, if not impossible, to track or detect. These currently include camoflauge, making him and anything he touches nearly invisible if he stands still, and appears sort of like a wave of heat when he moves; silence, so that even the snap of a twig under his foot wouldn't sound off. His sight and hearing senses are also heightened.

[b]Personality and Description:[/b] Al is as low profile as they get. Those that know of him wouldn't describe him as superhuman really more than they would [i]inhuman[/i]; not angry or bitter by any means, but cold and emotionless. Though those that know him know what he is, and why he is that way.

Al appears 100% human, standing roughly six feet tall and weighing 150lbs give or take. Straight, but messed brown hair, no longer than to reach the top of his ears. Grey-blue eyes. Caucasian. Facial hair is never more than stubble. A smoker. Drinker. Decked out in what looks similar to S.W.A.T. sniper gear, usually covered by a coat. He has no problem walking among normal people.

What makes Al dangerous is just what was hinted before. He acts like a military-trained sniper. He's no stronger, nor faster than any human could become, but his superhuman abilities combined with his physical skill make him lethal.


[size=1]A middle-aged man in a labcoat, carrying a file folder, hurried through the corridors within the complex. He had panic written all over him, sweat coating his forehead. The walls were silent, however. No alarms. No flashing lights. The only sound was the drops of his footsteps, and the burst of doors as he rushed through. He finally came to a large wooden door, bronze handle. At this one, he stopped and knocked repeatedly. Calling for someone inside.

"Quiet down!" was shouted from the other side. Moments later an older man in a white suit, red tie opened the door looking a bit preturbed at the distrubance.

"What is it?" the suited man questioned, his eyes drilling the assistant.

"Sir, AI Project - 23:13 is missing!"

The suit's eyes widened. "What do you mean, missing?!" he said as he turned back into his office, the assistant following and letting the door close behind him. The door, though, stalled shortly before closing completely.

The assistant handed the file to his superior who opened it and glanced over its details. "The patrol was found unconscious, key and gun missing."

":13 wasn't supposed to be released for another two days..." mumbled the suit to anyone who was listening.

"That was the one we were having personality problems with wasn't it?" asked the assistant.

"Not so much personality as it was its ability to think independantly of our input ..." The suit eased back into the chair at his desk, closing the file in front of him. The assistant still was a bit edgy.

"Sir, with all due respect, this seems a bit urgent, and yet you seem to have calmed yourself."

The suit smiled. "It's only a temporary problem which can be resolved at a later time. 23:13 has its mission. Despite its mental capability, it won't be able to ignore the more pressing matter of which it was programmed to resolve. When that problem is done, we will know where 23:13 is, and send our people to bring it back so that we can correct its malfunction." He stood and walked with his assistant out of the office, continuing the conversation. On his desk, the file opened briefly, but was shut just as quickly.

"And you can put this back with the rest of their files," said the suit, handing the file back to the assistant. "Get a medical team to the 23: block's guard. After that, continue on as you normally would."

The assistant nodded in agreement, but was still shaken about the situation.

"Sir," the assistant said in closing, "I apologize for my nerves, but it just creeps me out knowing that it could be watching us at this moment ..."[/size]
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[COLOR=DarkRed][B]Name: [/B] Thomas Brady
[B]Power:[/B] Can move object or others with his thoughts.
[B]Personality:[/B] Thomas hates interaction with others. He is a great guy once you get to know him. He is very quiet and strange in someone else?s point of view. He doesn?t think much of others. Due to being evasive, he doesn?t let his real personality go out. Once someone knows him well, he acts happy and energetic.

His past isn?t shrouded in mystery nor is it bad. He?s actually treated well at home and by his brother Mike who has a similar power. But Mike can only read someone else?s thoughts. Nut he doesn?t like to interact with members of his family.

Thomas has good grades; he can learn pretty quickly. But it?s hard for him to understand someone?s feelings.

[B]Notes:[/B] When Thomas was 5 he was diagnosed with a separation disorder. He gets further away those who want to talk to him. He tries to separate himself from the crowd and the ones who love him.[/COLOR]
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[size=1]Name: Ulyana (Anna) Plisetskaya

Power: By altering the physical structure of her hair, Ana can make it longer, shorter, more dense etc. and on a side note, spending the first 16 years of her life locked away in a Russian dance school, Ana has the body of a dancer and also very flexible, agile, and graceful.

Personality: Tomboyish and outgoing. Anna carries herself with apparent dignity and strength. She comes off as mean sometimes, and really is mean but she doesn't like for everyone to know off the top so she tries to be nice. She especially tries to act nice at the nightclub she works at (same club as Khali.).
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[COLOR=DarkOrange][B]Name[/B]: Hei Kamina

[B]Powers[/B]: Can manipulate a coming or leaving second. For instance, he can make a second seem longer without disrupting the flow of time. Hei?s power goes to the extent that he could have an entire battle in the course of one second before time starts flowing again. He does not freeze or slow down the world - everyone continues to move at the same speed, only the second in which they performed actions has been lengthened. Most would chalk it down to their watch not working correctly, as they wouldn?t even notice the shift in time. That is what happens when he manipulates a second to come. When he lengthens a second that has already passed, it only works on himself.

For instance, lets say an enemy were 20 feet away from him. Hei jumps at him full speed and the enemy is ready to counter - if Hei speeds up the second that just passed, he will suddenly appear a second ahead of where he was -- it would give the illusion that he had teleported in midair and appeared just in front of whoever he was attacking.

[B]Personality and Description[/B]: Hei didn?t lead any sort of life that stood out during high-school. No one did, and Hei was just following along with everyone else, riding the bandwagon of life straight until the time when the casual existence of a high-school student was broken. Hei was already living alone. He already had a job working in retail. His parents wanted him to go to college. Hei didn?t care about any of that. Detachment was sinking into him as he stared at his mediocre life in disdain. Unhappiness was all that he knew. He felt incomplete and unimportant.

But he knew that he wasn?t Hei always had a certain power. He was able to make time move to his will - but he had never been able to will the technique into existence for him. He had only witnessed it in his most emotional moments. He decided to hone this ability. To become [I]something[/I], even though the world had turned against his kind.

Hei trained his power to the point where he could control an entire second at his own will. He had found ways to use it in combat and he quickly decided that he was going to make something of it. Hei ran away from his apartment and didn?t look back. He became a creature of the streets and a creature of the night.

Hei has a very cold, calculating personality and doesn?t hesitate to attack when in danger. He is very mysterious and a miniature legend in the underground world. Hei doesn?t yet consider anyone his friend or companion, and walks the streets alone.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Indigo][SIZE=1][FONT=Arial]OKAY. Work's been tough, so I've only just now got around to choosing which of you will be allowed into [i]Le RPG[/i]. I'll set up an Underground thread later, and you can assume Raiha knows what she's talking about in it if I don't respond for a few days. So, without further ado...

[CENTER][b]DeadSeraphim[/b] as... [i]Lance[/i]
[b]Neuvoxraiha[/b] as... [i]Khali[/i]
[b]Deathknight[/b] as... [i]Calypso[/i]
[b]Piromunkie[/b] as... [i]Al[/i]
[b]White[/b] as... [i]Felix[/i]
[b]Freier Geist[/b] as... [i]Anna[/i][/CENTER][/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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