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[COLOR=Navy][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Legend has it that ceturies ago the council of the pirate lords came together and decided that the goddess of the seas, Calypso was to be imprisioned in a human body for all eternity so they would be able to control the seas for them selves. As fate would have it the maps began to get smaller and the ways of the pirate were getting more and more rare, the 9 pirate lords all had extreme bountys on their heads, but as the times kept going they could no longer find the human form of the goddess and so continued through their heires.
Now eons later the ways of the pirates are coming ever so close to a close and the heires to the pirate lords of old have decided it is time to continue the search for Calypso and let her have rule over the seas once more, to decide if one ship should stay on open water or sink to the bottom and be crushed in davey Jones locker.
It is now when at the end of all pirates that the nine and their crews step up and hunt Calypso down to free her and regain an ear of the sea.

Callil sighed as she looked at the dock infront of her, it was old and shabby, her ship looked out of place next to it, the glossy Ebony finish of the wood standing out against the dull geen boards of the old dock. She took a step forward and spun around hearing a loud thud as her first mate jumped dock with her.
"Largo, I thought I told you to stay with the crew and make sure none try to run off with the ship or jump ship here."
"Trust me ma'am, the crew of the Reaper would not dare leave at a time like this."
She nodded and pulled the hood of her cloak around her face so it was hidden; walking to the north eastren part of town she walked into a bar and sat down in the back corner, requesting a rum she propped her feet on the table and drank it slowly watching the door and keeping her hand on her pistol, anyone who looked at her knew she was waiting on something, or someone. She tapped her sword lightly makng it hum and stood as another one dressed like her walked in letting the person know where she was. It was another of the nine. Like her this person was also with it's first mate. They shook hands but did not take the hoods off, they were waiting till everyone was there and then they would go to the back room and have their meeting for the bar here was a hide away for the likes of ones like them. A dieing breed of sailors. Pirates.
Callil let her blue eyes wander through the bar searching the windows for soilders and then the inside for the likes of them as well, nothing to that effect yet but it was just a matter of time with the nine ships that were to be docked outside the port on this night.
Her singal reasoning for doing what she was doing was she loved the life of a pirate, to go where you want, to be free and sail the seas with out ever having to report to a port, for others it was diffrent but they all had one thing in common...they wanted to seas to be in thier hands once again.

Sign Up/

Age: (No younger then 21 please)
Post: This is simple, post about docking at the port, include the look of your ship and the name. Going to the bar and meeting the others
Apperance: Post or pic

Name: Callil
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Post: Above
Personality: Quite and reserved she is not very trusting but after a while she loosens up a little and becomes talkitive and carefree.[/COLOR][/FONT]
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Name: Shiru
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Post: His ship was docked by mechanical malfunction. The ship is made of steel but looks like the old ships of the Bermuda Triangle. The name of his ship is the Dragon due to the flag the flies in all weather. The ship is solid black with only the deck being a dark oak color. He became the the captain of the Dragon at the age of 16 after his father died in battle. He was advised not to be too kind. He had the advisors killed the next day. He admired his dad for his kindness and his ruthless attacks on vessels that don't give him their cargoe (please tell me if I spelled it wrong). Its been three years and the crew of the Dragon and himself need relaxation time for the next three days or so. They passed the port in which mechanical problems occured. While searching the town for spare parts, Shaun walks into the bar. He is counting on his low reputation so he can ask for imformation on simple sea charts. He was also their in response to a letter he got from the last port he was in. When he walked in, he saw someone in a dark cloack sitting at the bar. He sits next to the stranger and asks "Are you the one who sent this letter?"
Appearence: Dresses like the army but with key differences. One- he does not wear the same color. 2- The armor is made of mysterious metals. and 3- he always holds rare swords on his side.
Personality:Hes the friendlies pirate you wil every see. He keeps secretes from his own crew making him wierd. If you are approched by him at see, he'll give you a chance to surender. If not,say hello to Davey Jones Locker.
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[color=scarlet]Name: Scarlet Magellen
Age: 26
Gender: Female

THe Pretty Princess docked quickly. THe men were desperate to leave the confines of the infamous ship with pink sails; specifically, they wanted to avoid the dreaded Scarlet Magellen.

The men of the Pretty Princess hate working under her. Not only because of the humiliation they recieved when telling the other pirates the name of their ship, but because she was so insufferablie spoiled. Being the daughter of the legendary ship captain Magellen, she had always gotten her way, even among the ruthless pirates she commanded. THis was due in no small part to her three hulking brothers, who would smash the face of any man who questioned her orders.

She stepped off the boat, resplendant and out of place in her frilly dress and flowing golden locks. She decided she was in need of a drink; perhaps the local tavern could quench her thirst...

Appearance: Well dressed, with long golden locks.

Perssonality: She always has an air of superiority around her, and will whine an complaign when things don't go her way. LOL.

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[FONT=Georgia][COLOR=Purple][SIZE=2][CENTER][i]Been away from here for too long, so I thought this was the best one to get back in the swing of things. RANDOM'S BACK![/i]

~Sign Up~

Captain (Richard) Alasio



Although he looks like a British Soldier, he is quite the opposite. He's always liked tooking "different" from the other Lords, and as such has quite a different take on his attire, although he is Pirate through and through. His eyes are ever changing. One minute, they are blue. Next thing you know, they're brown. Then green. His signature trinkit he always has in possesion, on a chain around his neck, is the locket from his mother: in the shape of a diamond, this locket is special. Upon opening it, one sees a golden sunset on one side. On the other, a stunning silver depiction of a half moon shining through clouds.

A quite type, Richard, known to all as Alasio, is always watching everything around him. Very observative and slow to anger, he makes quite the capitan. Cold, calculating, manitulative, and vengeful, he's a force to be reconed with on the seas, yet he has a soft heart, and is known to be merciful when others wouldn't dare. To others, he seemingly has two seperate personalities, which can get him into alot of trouble, seeing as noone really knows what side of him they can expect to see.


Captain Alasio, a man of very regal stature, looked on as his ship, the [i]Gemini Moon,[/i] neared the old decrepit dock in the backwater town. [i]To honor the code, and honor the call,[/i] he thought, a smirk on his face. [i]Who would have thought that it would come to this soo soon?[/i]

"Cap'n!" came a voice from behind. "We be nearin' the 'site.'"

"I see," Alasio murmered, now looking at his first mate. "Well, Teuel, what think ye o' this grand adventure we be findin' 'urselves in t'day?"

"The [i]Gemini Moon[/i] sails strong 'n true," Teuel replied. "However, I be havin' a mighty curious feelin' 'bout this 'un."

"I agree with ye," Alasio said, his every-changing eyes fixing on his ship.

Fifteen years ago, at the age of 18, Richard Alasio had taken possesion of the [i]Gemini Moon[/i] His aunt had been the previous Capitan, and was also one of the Nine. After she had been slain, lying on her deathbead, she passed the ship, and the title of Pirate Lord, to him. He had grown up with her, and, having no children of her own, he was the only choice for the job. He fit it perfectly.

[i]Gemini Moon[/i] was a beautiful ship. It had long carried the Alasio Lords, and it seemed to be ever looking as if it was built not but two years ago. The purple heart wood on starboard, the blue spruce on the port give the ship a unique appearance, and was the inspiration for the name. As such, the sails are a mixture of deep purple and light blue. When any sailor saw the Flag of the [i]Gemini Moon[/i], baised on the two theater masks with a full moon encompasing them on a pure white background, they knew they were safe...as long as they stayed away, but only if Capt. Alasio was in a good mood.

"Well, Cap'n, shall we be agoin' to see what this is about?" asked Teuel.

"Aye, we shall," Alasio replied. [i]We shall see. To live, or to die...such is the life of a Pirate Lord.[/i]
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[color=darkred][size=2][font=book antiqua][b]Name:[/b] Jack "Storm" Hail

[b]Age:[/b] 29

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Appearance:[/b] Stands at around 5'11" to 6' with dark green eyes, buzzed brown hair with a dark tan. He wears a skin tight purple shirt with some what tight black leather pants. Due to working o a farm before running away his body is in excellent shape and the fact he will work right along with the crew. black boots, black belt, and a black bandana wrapped around his head. He wears a black eye patch over hsi left eye from when his lost his eye in his first sword fight.

[b]Personality:[/b] Calm and quiet and likes to take in his surroundings and think through every detail. Not one with a big ego but will not hesistate to stand up to anyone and bleed for his crew. Though at times he is as angry as a hurricane leaving no one out of his wrath.

[b]Post:[/b] Jack stood on the bow of the Maelstrom as it rocked up and down in the waves. The stained wood gave the bout an eerie look. As it passed it would shift in between blue, purple, black and grey. His crew hurried about to tend to the ship as he stepped off and pulled his hood over his head. He hardly ever talked to hsi crew as they knew what needed to be done. He hardly ever said much unless someone pissed him off.

He entered the bar and sat down in a corner and ordered a glass of rum then leaned back. He was by far the most different of the nine lords as he didn't carry the sea accent that most had but one you would find on a farm and he didn't care much for the whole pirate dress but prefered to were clothes more to his liking. He glanced out the window to see the Jolly Roger flag and hsi personal flag, a deep purple almost black with a blue tidal wave on it

will finsih later
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[COLOR=Magenta][B]Name:[/B] Sky

[B]Age: [/B]24

[B]Gender:[/B] Female

[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL=http://i56.photobucket.com/albums/g172/Just_Be_Yourself/Fighters/cutegirl45.jpg]Sky[/URL]

[B]Personality: [/B]Different than most. She has the happiness feel around her. People don't take her very serious unless you make fun of her about her chipperness then she will snap. Her anger is very mild and yet enough to cause war and kick her crew off the boat.

Sky was sailing her ship around the great seas. Her dream was here and the air was nice. She had received notice about the meeting and sailed over there. Sky was accustomed to be late but wanted to get there a little early. They had docked at the port. Sky jumped down and shouted, "Men, I want you to stay here and man the ship. No one comes on. And no one leaves until I come back!"
She turned her head to see Rin, the cocaptain, and said, "You are in charge of the boat while I am gone."
Sky looked at her ship. The amazing [I]Alliance Crest[/I]. It was a dark green with a cross on the side. The triming was slightly bright orange and the sails a beautiful gold and red. She sighed as she had to leave her boat. Sky put the hood over her head and yelled, "When I come back, my ship better still be here otherwise you will all pay the consequences!"
The men scurried and started to clean the ship. They had witnessed what had happened the last time her boat was stolen by her men. They all had an unexpenced paid trip to Davy Jones' locker.

Sky walked through the town and saw the bar. She walked in and saw that there were others like her in cloaks. She walked up to them and waited for the others.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Purple][B]Name[/B]: Alice

[B]Age[/B]: 25

[B]Gender[/B]: female

[B]Appearance[/B]: [URL=http://i100.photobucket.com/albums/m5/key_of_darkness/everyday%20anime/Gothic%20Lolita/whitegothicandlolita.jpg]Alice[/URL]

[B]Personality[/B]: This girl's got a twisted personality. She can be serious when it comes to dealing with pirates that intend to raid her ship but she can be carefree if it has anything to do with snacks or drinking. She can be nice and sincere to everyone but if you manage to piss this one off, she give an all-unexpected-paid-trip to Davy Jones' locker or maybe to pits of hell itself.

Alice was standing at the tip of the ship as she watched the ship come into port. They had been out all night to find this place and were glad when they did. The crew docked the ship and Alice jumped off. Her white frilly dress and thigh-high socks with her umbrella. She put up her umbrella up since the sun was very bright and she hated the brightness. She turned around and looked up at her ship, the [I]Twilight's End[/I]. It had a black color with dark purple as a trim. The sails were a midnight purple which was very close to black. Her flag was the symbol of a cross with wings extending from each of the sides. One wing was white which looked like an angel's and the other was black and looked like a demon's wing.
"Alright you bunch of idiot! When I come back from the bar, I better find my ship here or else all of you will pay with your lives!" she yelled at the crew with a very pissed off tone. She walked up to her co-captin and said," I'll leave you incharge until I come back. If you leave with my ship I'll hunt you down and kill you myself. Alright Mad Hatter?"*smiles*
"Yes ma'am. I know what will happen if I do. I'll tell March Hare to keep on look-out incase someone comes and steals your ship," said Mad Hatter.
"Thatta boy! Don't let me down. Oh and tell Queen of Hearts to pay attention to the cards. If they get sloppy on my ship then they can beat it."
"Aye Aye Alice."
Alice walked away from Mad Hatter and headed towards the bar. She waited there with others until more arrived.[/COLOR]

As you all can tell, my ship and crew are all an Alice in Wonderland theme or should I say, Alice in Horrorland. Hahahaha
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=Navy]*Head hits desk* this is going to be very interesting when it gets going. lol. Okay few things for a few people. Dragon, you need to change your age and reason for being docked at the port, we're all here for a purpose. My character has called a meeting of the lords that should be your reason and should be stated in the post which you need to work your bio into. The bio was not called for so just add more to your post. MadHat, I pmed you about yours. Everyone else seems to be okay as far as I can see. I'll give this one a few more days to see if the last two pirate lords get taken, if not I'll have myself and another play an extra character. I have not decided who yet but if you are willing PM another sign up for another character and I'll pick the best out of them. Thanks for all who've signed up and for Random, welcome back. [/COLOR] [/FONT]
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[COLOR=DarkRed][B]Name:[/B] Lirrium Aella

[B]Age:[/B] 25

[B]Gender:[/B] male

[B]Apperance:[/B] [URL=http://i119.photobucket.com/albums/o159/pjmckrafty/untitled.jpg]Lirrium[/URL]

[B]Personality:[/B] Lirrium is a hard one to gain trust from, being betrayed by his entire family and homeland. He holds much anger towards his father and brother which he ustilizes in battle. Lirrium detests the use of guns and refuses to carry one, he rathes his swords to his fighting. Lirrium is a very critical person and will express any of his feelings toward any man, but thinks that women should be treated with respect so he holds his tounge.

He ran his hand down the side of his ship [I]The Pollux[/I] the condition of this old ship was what made Lirrium proud of his crew. He stoped right when he hit metal. The front od his ship was cast in steel, this ship had one main and odd attack, The Pollox was meant for ramming of the ememy ships, a brutal and cruel attack that made it very deadly, where as the ship was in amazing condition the sails were not. Red sails dawned this ship, all of which had all manner of paches in them.

His flag had two crossing swords and the sun in the corner. He ran his hand back down the ship.examining the cannon hatches. all of which were locked. He didnt like using the cannons but he knew that ifhis ship was to be effective and survive any fights he needed them.

His men were now leaving the ship, their work done for the night. Lirrium waited until they all left and boarded his ship again. He entered his quarters and dawned his attire. A lether vest with his insignia, his swords (in picture), lether wristguards and his red sash, he then grabbeds a cloak and left his ship for the meeting place. He turned and made a last glance at his ship. He smiled and partially unsheathed his swords and examined them. He then turned and left the docks.[/COLOR]
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[CENTER][COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=2][FONT=Georgia][i]Knuckles' Girl gave me permission to do a second profile for this RP to cover any non-taken character spots. So, here we go! Female this time...expect the unexpected. If this is too random (lol) Knuckles' Girl, lemme know and I'll come up with something else...[/i]

~ ~ Sign Up ~ ~

~ Name ~
Freija Crescent

~ Age ~

~ Gender ~

~ Post ~
Cpt. Freija Crescent of the great [i]Ragnarok[/i] was standing on an old dock, looking at eight other elegant ships already there.

[i]"Heh. Looks like I'm the nearly the last to show up,"[/i] she thought critically to herself. [i]"Never a good thing when in the prescence of newly aquired allies...or foes."[/i] Turning to look upon her ship, she was hit with a wave of nostalgia.

Burgundy hull, blood-red trimming and masts, flame-red sails, the [i]Ragnarok[/i] was a ship held in awe by all. A ship of modest stature, it was the smallest of the ships of the Nine. Although it also housed the smallest crew of the Nine as well, there was few on the sea that was as unrelentless or utterly destructive, and absolutely none that matched in skill or combat. However, Freija was often the last in any situation to act, and was very analytical. She weighed everything before jumping into action. But, if you got her temper up, you were in for a world of hurt!

Freija remembered aquired the [i]Ragnarok[/i] only a few short months from the previous Lord. Her memories swept her away...

Two years after the final confrontation to save Gaia with Zidane, Dagger and the others, Freija had decided to go on another journey. This one, however, was one of conquest rather than liberation.

She had become the leader of her tribe back in Burmecia, and was on a mission to expand her newly aquired empire. Taking no fewer than 48 of her best warriors, she went south. Upon nearing the mountains, a glowing hole in the sky opened up, and sucked all 49 warriors into itself.

When Freija awoke, her companions and herself were all scattered along a crescent beach. Looking out at the ocean, she saw a brilliant red ship in the bay, heading towards them.

Waking her miniature army, they all hid in the surrounding folliage beyond the shore. As the ship set anchor, she watched as numerous boats neard the place where the 49 were only minutes before asleep. Watching calculatingly, she waited until the boats had beached.

One among them was dressed in deep scarlet. He seemed to be the leader, the captain. She drew her spear, jumped into the air, and came flying down upon him. He, however, was faster than she had thought. Within seconds the two had become entwined in a deadly duel. The Dragon Warrior rat with her massive javelin. The Scarlet Pirate Lord with his twin swords. Both seemed to be winning and loosing at the same time, but one had slightly more skill. With one swipe, Freija was on the ground, panting after her final death-blow drained her of her energy.

"You, rat-thing," spat the dying Pirate, reaching for his ear. "You slayed me...*cough*...this is yours."

Freija crouched by the Lord, taking the glittering ruby earring. Examening it, she asked, "What is this?"

"It is one of the Eight Pieces of Nine," said the Pirate haltingly. "It signifies you as one of the Nine. The ship is yours, as is the crew."

"Why me?" asked Freija skeptically, alternatly eyeing up first the earring, the ship, and the Lord.

"Because you slayed me," he replied simply. "You're now a Pirate Lord. Serve the sea with kindness and respect, honor the code, and do me proud, my rat friend."

Freija watched awestruck as the Scarlet Pirate Lord exhailed his last breath. [i]"How the winds of fate blow this day,"[/i] she thought. From that point on, Freija started her life as a Pirate Lord. She leared all she needed to know from the Historian onboard the ship, and the Navigation expert. She killed the rest, having her 48 warriors form the crew.

Now, after the Historian had informed her of the gathering of the Nine, she was curious to meet the other Pirate Lords. That was the only reason she had even bothered to show up.

[i]Well, here goes nothing...[/i]

~ Apperance & Personality~
Freija, photo [URL=http://www.uweb.ucsb.edu/~joyv/freya.jpg]here[/URL], is a dragon knight from one of the three great nations Burmerica. But Freija left the country several years ago when her lover Sir Iron-Tail Fratley never came back as promised and was reported missing. But not believing other people of word of his death she venture out to look for him. Now, the leader of her people, she is wisked away into a world like nothing she has experience before.

Freija is a trustworthy and loyal character who hides a dark and tragic past. Freija is quite a humble and mature character and she is quite serious. Get her mad, and she can be rash and unpredictable.

And don't be fooled by her appearance. Although she is a mutated Rat from another planet, she is quite the warrior, and is skilled in the mystic art of healing.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR][/CENTER]
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=Navy]Alright, looks like we're ready to go. I will have this up tonight, my second charcter will be introduced in the story after a little bit but here he is. BTW random, I love the charcter, being a fan of FFIX I can do nothing but accept her. lol.

Name: Seto Black
Age: 45
Gender: Male
Post: Seto sat in the captians quarters of the Black Rose waiting for the news from his least favorite of the pirate lords to come in.
"Sir! She's collected all of them in the port at St. Bers."
"Is that so? So close to the Navy eh? I suppose she didn't have much of choice, it is the most convieiant place for the likes of us to hide. Send out Mordaci! He'll watch over her to make sure she doesn't try anything stupid."
A large and muscualr man walked through the door, or rather up to the door and then ducked through."
"Find her and keep an eye on her, if she does anything other then what I ordered her, kill her."
He bowed his head and left quietly.
"Sir? Can we trust the likes of that man?"
"He is not simply a man, he is a Laguaz, a beast trapped in a human body. I would trust no one but this an for this job. That is all, head for Home, we'll meet them there."
The younger man saluted smartly and rushed out.
"What on this green Earth are you planning girl?"

Apperance/personality: Seto is an older man of high stature, his hair and beard black but slowly turning grey. His eyes are a pierceing blue and his face is somewhat marred from his many battle but he is still hansome, in a rugged type of way. He wears the traditional pirate clothes and seems to think it fit to keep an eye on all of the lower lords of nine that are under him as pirate king. His clothes are blood red and are trimmed in gold. His hat is as well wth a large white feather sticking out from the right side. He is strict in his codes and thinks that all captians should be as well.

Look for it tonight everyone. [/COLOR] [/FONT]

[COLOR=DarkRed]MadHat, you have to edit your post or I will have to cut you from this RP...It has not been fixed yet, please do so![/COLOR]


MadHat, I am going to PM you one last time about your post, if you do not fix it I will have to exclude you from the Rp.
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