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[center][b][u][i]Pokémon: Age of War[/b][/u][/i][/center]

[b][u][i]The Tale To Be Told?.[/b][/u][/i]


??. And so after God, in form of the Messiah Ashen, finished his trials amongst men, he returned to a great mountain on the far reaches of the world. It was here that he ascended the mountain, and upon reaching the top of this mountain, he called forth his Five Holy Beasts to retrieve him from this world. And so on the back of the Holy White Beast, he flew back to the heavens, whilst the Holy Beasts of Fire and Ice and Lightning, and Life guarded him on his journey?.?

Final Acts, Verse 4: 15
[i][b] Book of the Messiah [/b][/i]

?? And so the prophet Elias spoke, ?Upon yonder mountain, lie the emissaries of Lord God himself. Five beautiful beasts of indescribable glory. He who can conquer these great beasts will have the powers created by God Himself at their bidding?.

?.. ?However,? spoke Elias in omen, ?? the cost of Our Lord?s power is vast and heavy. Beware the day that man seeks this power, for it shall be a black day, indeed.???

The Gospels according to St. Elias, Verse 8: 19
[i][b] Book of the Messiah [/b][/i]

?Brothers! Sisters! Here me, well. For a holy ground of Our Lord has come under the hands of blasphemers! Heathens, I say, have soiled the Holy Mountain of God?s Mighty Beasts! We?ve allowed this, and we must repent immediately! We must repent! Our sacraments, my brothers and sisters, shall be the blood of blasphemers. God has spoken to me, brothers and sisters; he has demanded we take his land back from those who wish to corrupt it with their evil lies, and spread the Gospel of the Dark King. We must cleanse our Holy Land. We must cleanse it with the flames of our outrage? the flames of conquest and glory! We must take back Our Lord?s mountain?. The Mountain of the Holy Beasts.?

The Edict of Celadon Sanctuary
[i][b] Father Jonathan, Grand Bishop of the Vestian Church of Celadon [/b][/i]


??.. Whilst young Hari dreamed, he felt his body lift into the air by unearthly means. Opening his eyes, he found that he flew through the air at the gait of wind, finding beneath him a bed of warm red feathers, the back of the beautiful angel of Bhagat, known as Ho-Oh. Looking beneath him, he watched as the World traveled beneath him, whilst around him flew four other mighty angels?.

In the distance, the angels ascended down unto the top of a mighty mountain. To either side, one could see the beauties of the World of Bhagat. To the left, a beautiful river delta, to the left, an amazing forest full of life and foliage. However, this was all overshadowed, as Hari looked to the skies above to see the unfathomable beauty of Lord God Bhagat. Hari became weak in the great presence and fell to his knees in submission?.

And in an instant, with the site of the mighty Bhagat, all the worlds truth and knowledge burdened Hari at once, sending him into a deep sleep for many, many years. Whence he awoke, young Hari ascended the great mountain on his feet. Feeling thirsty, he journeyed to the beautiful river delta to drink. Suddenly he became shocked as he looked upon himself, for young Hari was young no more. He had aged many years in his sleep, now an adult, a long, silken beard grown from his face. He had become Bhagat?s holy prophet on Earth, his emissary, his messenger. He had become Govinda, the Preserver of the Truth.?

Tafsir 77
[i][b] The Arhzang, Holy Book of the Temple of Govinda [/b][/i]

?Children of Bhagat? I fear a dark day has come upon us. These invaders from the East, they intend to destroy our way of life, to take away from us the land where our great Messiah took the Love and Wisdom of Lord Bhagat Himself. We must go on a great Holy War against these non-believers! We must withstand to show our love to Bhagat and his messenger! We cannot falter! We cannot allow our lands to be taken from us! For what wraith would Lord Bhagat rain should we fail to protect his holy mountain? I never wish to know?. Let us fight! Let us protect our land! Our Temple!?

The Great Proclamation
[i][b] High Khan Rahji, Cleric of the Temple of Govinda of Blackthorn [/b][/i]


?It would be a war of unfathomable death. It went by many names, however one seems appropriate. The War of the Two Mountains. The Holy Mountain? and the Mountain of Lost Souls which accumulated during the war?. Many believed this place to be a great blessing from their God. However, if anything could be said of the war, God had nothing to do with it?.?
Maxim Coleclass
[b][i] Professor of Culture Studies and History, the University of Fuchsia City [/b][/i]

In a time long past in the world of Pokémon, a great war was waged between the lands Johto and Kanto. The two lands, locked in a struggle of religious grounds, have become mortal enemies. Much blood has been spilt and much more shall be. The greatest weapons of each nation are their native Pokémon, whom they each have grown to master the use of in war and battle. The Pokémon Regimens of each land are feared and respected world wide, and in this war, it was proven why. Charging on the Crusade, Kanto intended to both take back the holy mountain, and decimate the followers of the Temple of Govinda.

With this, Kanto would have also took hold of a large portion of the world as an empire and have all the wealth accumulated by Johto. Rulers of Kanto use the guise of religious war with the support of their theistic leaders. Meanwhile, The High Clerics of the Govinda Temple had no interest in allowing the sharing of their currently owned holy land, and refuse to let it be invaded by any foreign land. They refused to allow religious temples of other than those of Govinda to be built and exiled all worshipers of different religions.

And so the blood feud was sealed in history, it was only in the past few hundred years that the two lands have found peace with one another. But it is still said that the natives of each land hold an ingrained animosity over the horrors committed during this Great War?. The War of the Two Mountains?.

In the time of this war, Pokéballs and other Pokémon-related technology are not yet invented. And so the old Pokémon trainers had to focus on a limited amount of Pokémon to make their companions and to train. This resulted in not only strong, long lasting, and personal relationships, but also extremely powerful Pokémon. Tested in battles against occasionally over one-thousand enemies, both human and Pokémon, these creatures became exceptionally strong in power. Many believe that during modern days, such Pokémon no longer exist.

In the armies of most kingdoms, there was a small group of warriors known as the Monster Regimens. These specialized warriors would go into battle now only with weapons of their own, but their Pokémon by their side. The Pokémon that they trained personally. These warrior pairs were highly effective and highly feared in battle due to their prowess and skill.

This is the story of the many brave soldiers who gave their lives in a cause that, while corrupt, they believed in deeply. The Beast Warriors, the Monster Regimens. The tale of how these great warriors pioneered Pokémon training and battle in a time of terrible holy wars and blood shed.

[b]This is their tale.[/b][/size]



[b][u][i]The Rules?.[/b][/u][/i]

Now let?s explain what this all means.

A war is being raged long ago in the past between the countries of Johto and Kanto in the Pokémon universe. The style of this RPG should be matched with Crusades era Europe and Palestine, however the Palestinian can and will be much more similar to Europe. The conflict is the same as the first Crusades for Jerusalem, however now the place is a mountain holy two both religions of the areas.

Pokémon will be used, but to a much more realistic effect. A Charizard can burn a man alive. A Raichu can kill an man (or another Pokémon) with a lightning bolt. A Scyther will decapitate someone or thing. This is all taken seriously now. Humans can kill Pokémon just as Pokémon can kill humans. Pokémon are also allowed to be slightly larger than standard canon. Such as an eight-foot tall Charizard or a Elephant-sized Phanty. Simply, the Pokémon are taken as real creatures of fantasy.

The rules of this RPG are as follows. There will be four spots open not including myself and the other Pokémon Regimen captain, Jokopoko. You will either be on the side of Johto or Kanto. No rogue characters. You will be under the command of either myself from Kanto or Jokopoko from Johto. You will play a warrior from the Pokémon Regimen, who has a Pokémon they have trained for many years to fight with. You?ll only have ONE Pokémon, and that Pokémon will have to be from the native country you reign from. So if you live in Kanto, you can only use the original 150 Pokémon. No Mew, Mewtwo, Articuno, Zapdos, or Moltres. If you are from Johto you will be using the new Pokémon introduced in Gold/Silver versions of the video game. Again, no legendary or one of a kind Pokémon. Me and Joko will be using two Pokémon apiece, due to the fact that we are Captains. Everyone else, it will be just one.

This Pokémon you choose, however, can basically be as powerful as you wish before the point of God-modding. Be creative, have fun, and enjoy it. Your Pokémon should have it?s own name, not just it?s species name. It can, and should, have some distinct appearance, such as battle armor, or defining features. Like I said, I?d like this to be realistic.

There will be two sides to this war with three player characters on each. During the first round of posts, you will post introduction posts. After that, I will post an official ?Chapter?. During this chapter, it will be specified which side will post exclusively. So if it is a Kanto chapter, only Kanto players post. If it is a Johto chapter, then only Johto characters will post. After a Kanto post and a Johto post, a judge will be brought in to decide who won the round. Rounds will last three days, and after the three days are up, all posting for that side is done and then the next side goes. A round consists of two chapters, and this will decide who is winning the war.

The judge will be neutral and named at a later date. Scores will be kept public in the Underground. All thoughts, questions, and etc. should be handled there.

One more thing. This RPG takes place in old times, so language and speech should be taken as such, as should courtesy and ethics. Try to make it convincing. Remember, this is a holy war, so your character?s motivations should have that in mind. [/size]


[b][i][u]The Sign Ups?.[/b][/i][/u]


[b]Name:[/b] (Western names please)

[b]Age:[/b] (be reasonable)


[b]Kingdom:[/b] (Johto or Kanto)

[b]Pokémon ? Type:[/b] (remember the rules)

[b]Pokémon ? Name:[/b]

[b]Writing Preview:[/b] (Within this writing preview, you are to include your character?s physical appearance, personality, and some hint at their past. You should also include your Pokémon physical appearance and mood. Show how the two of you connect with one another and how you interact. This will be the key to mine and Joko?s judgment process to see who?s in. If your character is coming from Kanto, then make this their journey from their homes and to the mountain of question. If they are from Johto, make it them preparing for the on-coming enemies.)


[b]Name:[/b] Captain Bartholomew Lancaster

[b]Age:[/b] 34

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Kingdom:[/b] Kingdom of Kanto

[b]Pokémon ? Type:[/b] Charizard

[b]Pokémon ? Name:[/b] Fothio

[b]Pokémon ? Type: [/b] Electabuzz

[b]Pokémon ? Name:[/b] Ohmed

[b]Writing Preview:[/b]

The heat was great in the skies above the caravan trail. From the back of his great fire dragon, Captain Lancaster looked upon his fellow countrymen through aged green eyes.
They marched their way towards the great mountain for a battle of which they?ve never seen a land far away from their fiefdoms and farms. The narrow broad sword he carry clank lightly against the custom saddle on the back of his Charizard, Fothio. Both master and beast wore a fine, yet thin armor made from special steels from Mt. Moon, colored of gold and crimson, the marks of the Lancaster clan. Captain Lancaster was a rather tall man, above average, however so was Fothio.

Running his hand against the short stub on his defined jaw line, he ran his hand up and through his lengthy gray-brown hair before looking behind him upon his other faithful companion. Ohmed, an Electabuzz of great stature and power. He wore little armor, which was made of a light leather and bead combination, also of gold and crimson. Bartholomew and Ohmed had fought alongside one another for many years and had a deep partnership. He nodded to his silent friend and was answered with the same gesture. Looking back in front of himself, he lay a hand on the neck of his flying steed.

At the height he flew, he could see in the far distance a small spec on the horizon. A great mountain, their destination. A place that would surely be the sight of much strife. Bartholomew gave a deep sigh as he pat Fothio gently. Ohmed, sensing his masters displeasure, lay a firm hand on his shoulder. Bartholomew looked back at him once again, looking into the creatures strong eyes. It gave out a short, grizzly grunt to be responded to. Bartholomew simply nodded with a smile, and once again looked forward towards his destination.

He prayed to God that nothing tragic should befall his companions, his friends?

[b]OOC:[/b] Not a great example, but gimme a break? I?ve been writing a lot here? Heh. Joko should be next with his sign up shortly. Feel free to begin posting.[/color][/size]
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[size=1][color=teal][i]OOC:[/i] Just so you know, I?m going for a Greek theme with my character.

[b]Name:[/b] Vangelis Narciso.

[b]Age:[/b] 46.

[b]Gender:[/b] Male.

[b]Kingdom:[/b] Kingdom of Johto.

[b]Pokémon ? Type:[/b] Skarmory.

[b]Pokémon ? Name:[/b] Apostolos.

[b]Pokémon ? Type:[/b] Donphan.

[b]Pokémon ? Name:[/b] Phylasso.

[b]Writing Preview:[/b] Stepping out of his tent Vangelis shielded his eyes from the suns rays. In addition to the brightness Vangelis could already feel the intense heat of the day threatening to make him sweat through his lighter armour, he dreaded to think what it would be like once he donned full battle dress. As his eyes adjusted to the light of a breaking dawn he looked over the camp and was pleased to see that the camp was alive with movement and activity already. News of the advancing Kanto forces was only days old yet he soldiers under his command made it look as though they had been ready for war for many months now, all training themselves as well as their Pokèmon with an unrivalled vigour.

Pushing his long black hair out of his eyes Vangelis began a slow walk down to the clearing where he had left Phylasso to rest the previous night. Phylasso was a giant of a Donphan, standing near ten feet tall, easily four feet clear of Vangelis himself, and with tusks powerful enough to shatter any rock that stood in his way. Like many War Donphan Phylasso was equipped with leather armour to protect his head and sides along with a saddle across his back for Vangelis. There was also the choice of steel covers for the tips of his tusks.

As Vangelis approached the Pokèmon looked in his direction and happily extended his trunk as a way of greeting his Master, who allowed the trunk to coil around his left arm while stroking it with his right hand. [b]?I hope you are rested and ready old friend. I fear we will need your strength many times in the coming battles.?[/b] Vangelis said softly. Phylasso grunted as animals do and, withdrawing his trunk from his masters arm, began making his way to a near by tree for some much needed food. Smiling to himself as he watched the great Pokèmon walk off [i]?Ever since we?ve been together he?s never changed. Always thinking with his stomach.?[/i]

Lost in his thought the old soldier failed to here the familiar swooping sound of his other Pokèmon returning from his morning hunt. Apostolos was too large to perch on his Master shoulder as he had when he was younger, so he took his place by his Masters side coming up to his eye level. Vangelis automatically placed his hand on the Skarmory?s head, though was careful to avoid the rather prominent head blade. Looking down his left arm was enough reminder for him, a scar ran down the length of the arm courtesy of a misunderstanding between himself and Apostolos many years ago.

The metal bird Pokèmon had always been very proud but also loyal, though the loyalty was not there from the start and had to be worked on by both parties. Having been in the wilds for so long had turned Apostolos? steel skin somewhat burnished bronze, this was down to the heat and conditions he had had to endure in the past. In Apostolos? mouth was a young Sandshrew and would serve as his morning meal. Leaving his Pokèmon to their own devices Vangelis returned to his tent intending to equip himself for the days tasks. [i]?They will come,? he thought, ?But we will be ready for them.?[/i][/size][/color]
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[SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] Angelus Hyperion

[B]Age:[/B] 28

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Kingdom:[/B] Johto

[B]Pokémon – Type:[/B] Tyranitar (Male)

[B]Pokémon – Name:[/B] Proteus

[B]Writing Preview:[/B]

All it took was a little bustle in the camp to stir Angelus, his hazel eyes steadily opening to look upon the leaves of the tree he slept under. The floor had been relatively comfortable compared to the grounds of his family’s mountain ranch. Although he now found his bare and muscled back somewhat itchy from the small layer of grass below his blanket. He resisted the urge to scratch and sat up to face the rising Sun, his eyes adjusting to Its offensive rays.

The climate was a lot warmer than the thick clouds of Mount Silver to be sure. Angelus’ usually pale skin already becoming richly tanned after but a day or two, his light brown hair turning blond like in his younger days. Even sleeping naked near the small stream left him cloaked in a layer of sweat.

After a short swim in the stream to cool and clean himself off, Angelus dressed in his light fabric under-suit, opting to forgo the full armour for the time being for obvious reasons. Reaching into the trees where he’d slept, Angelus used his gymnast-like grace and agility to gather several berries. After a quick sniff and inspection he threw the over and under-ripe ones away, swallowed some and stuffed the rest into his pocket.

Just as Angelus sat to prepare his fire ready for breakfast he heard the soft crackling of the underbrush and a light stomping sound. He smirked to himself thinking [I]Impeccable timing my friend[/I]. For a Tyranitar of his size (Or for [I]any[/I] Tyranitar for that matter), Proteus was amazingly light on his feet, much like Angelus himself.

When Angelus turned to see Proteus waltz out of the bushes dragging a fresh Stantler carcass behind, his smirk widened. Angelus remembered his early years spent on the Hyperion Family ranch whose sole purpose was to tame the incredibly wild Larvitar and it’s higher stages. In most cases, Hyperion family members were set with Larvitar’s from birth, Angelus and Proteus being born only days apart themselves.

Angelus’ father had insisted that sparring with the creature himself was suicide and that no man-wielded weapon could ever get through the impenetrable, armour-like skin of a fully grown Tyranitar. As true as that may have been, the sparring was more for Angelus’ benefit than Proteus. The many scars that littered his body were proof of what he’d fought through.

As Angelus lost himself in his nostalgia he begin idly fingering the only man-made scar on his body. It was a tattoo shaped like a Tyranitar’s head on his right arm, Proteus’ head more specifically. Something his father said would bond them further after Proteus had finally come out of his Pupitar stage.

[B]“You know I like to hunt for my own breakfast Proteus”[/B] The large Tyranitar, standing even a foot taller than Captain Narciso’s Donphan, merely grunted and tossed the Stantler into the fire Angelus had already prepared.

A small Fire Blast later and both were about to dig into some prime Stantler meat when someone spoke from the camp clearing to Angelus’ right.

[B]“Hyperion, Sir.”[/B] A disciplined, calm voice.

Angelus eyed the younger soldier curiously.

[B]“Speak soldier.”[/B] He responded stoically.

[B]“Sir, Captain Narciso will be briefing us shortly.”[/B]

Angelus nodded dismissing the soldier before taking a large bite of the leg he was holding.

[B]“Better eat well my friend, it would appear that battle is not far from our horizon.”[/B][/SIZE]
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[COLOR=DarkOrange]OOC: I've always wanted to see something like this, and i'm glad you restricted it to what I consider to be the only good sets of Pokemon. I look forward to this one.

[B]Name[/B]: Joseph Corey

[B]Age[/B]: 31

[B]Gender[/B]: Male

[B]Kingdom[/B]: Kingdom of Kanto

[B]Pokemon - Type[/B]: Kabutops

[B]Pokemon - Name[/B]: Aria

[B]Writing Preview:[/B]

Joseph?s light-brown, shoulder-length hair wisped wildly about his head in the breeze of the dark summer night. The caravan had come to a stop for the night, and the troops were readily setting up their tents. Joseph was sitting with his back against the tent enjoying the scenery of the surrounding forested areas. It was not the best place to set up camp - rather than a well-fortified parameter in a field or open wood, they were forced to set up in a line along the path. There had been no choice - the next clearing was far too ahead, and the surrounding woods were so thick with trees that none of their carts could possibly have moved through. There were plenty of scouts running about the line of tents, checking on everything and searching the surrounding woods - it seemed to be safe enough.

To be safe, there would be guards patrolling throughout the night, and Joseph had been chosen on the first shift. He shifted his legs and sighed. The fabric of his pants that wasn?t hidden under sheets of light armor was blowing about in the wind. The occasional clinking of his chest plate against his armguards was annoying. He stood up, brushing the dirt from his clothes. Standing several feet in front of him, at a height of nearly 4 meters, was Aria.

The massive Kabutops stood highly alert and concentrated. Her ears and eyes were trained on her surroundings carefully, searching for the slightest sound of movement. She had come to recognize the language of the enemy. At the first sound of their speech, she was ready to strike. Her eyes scanned back and forth through the dark woods. She felt Joseph?s hand being placed on her long, hunched back. He ran his hand down the plate.

?Worry not, Aria. They are not so foolish as to attack us here.? the Kabutops nodded gently but kept alert as it had been. Joseph sighed, knowing Aria not to be the type to drop her guard even for a second. Even though her body was made of tough, nearly unbreakable plates, she was always ready to counter an attack. The only armor on her massive body was a large golden chest plate over the single vulnerable part of her body. The armor shone like new, having never been scratched in any battle.

From his perch upon the spines of his companion, Joseph had seen her massive bladed arms slam into the frames of human bodies, crushing them instantly. A blow to a man?s collar bone could tear down into his chest; a swing of the arm could take a man?s head. From his position, Joseph defended her back with his Halberd, pushing it into the necks and chests and faces of his enemies. Kabutops swung her tail into a man?s body to knock him into his companions and sent them sprawling while Joseph brought the axe down across a men?s throat.

Joseph continued to stroke his friend?s back and stood beside her, gazing out into the darkness, awaiting the next time that they would embark into battle. [/COLOR]
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[size=1]Well, well seems I'm going to be facing both my oldest friends in this. Should be interesting. I'll finished the sign up later this evening as I've got a fair bit of work to do at the moment.

[b]Name:[/b] Deacon Alexander Adamar

[b]Age:[/b] 22

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Kingdom:[/b] Kingdom of Kanto

[b]Pokémon ? Type:[/b] Rapidash

[b]Pokémon ? Name:[/b] Tempest

[b]Writing Preview:[/b][/size]
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[COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=2][FONT=Georgia][i]OOC: Roman sounded cool at the time...lol[/i]

~The Sign Up~

Name: Aula Terentia Gemella

Age: 32

Gender: Female

Kingdom: Kingdom of Kanto

Pokémon ? Type: Vaporeon

Pokémon ? Name: Nayad

Writing Preview: Aula trudged along the sandy trail, her feet reluctantly planted with each step. Her light gray eyes constantly scanned the horizon, ever changing her view. Brushing the jet black hair out of her sunburnt face, she wondered at her reasoning for heading on this gods-forsaken journey in the first place.

[i]OOC: I'll finish this tomorrow...need sleep...~.^[/i][/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1][b]OOC:[/b] Hope this is ok, Mike, Will.
And in case anyone does know, I based the saddle for Apollo off the one Skybax riders use in Dinotopia.

[COLOR=Navy][b]Name:[/b] Amelia de Larc

[b]Age:[/b] 27

[b]Gender:[/b] Female

[b]Kingdom:[/b] Kingdom of Kanto

[b]Pokémon ? Type:[/b] Dragonite

[b]Pokémon ? Name:[/b] Apollo

[b]Writing Preview:[/b] Amelia sat with her long legs dangling over the edge of a cliff, inhaling the salty air deeply as she looked out over the sea. Her body was hunched over, her lithe frame was curved as her elbows rested on her knees. Her indigo gaze was drawn to the golden orb as it sunk beneath the horizon. The breeze ruffled her long, straight, dark brown hair, sending strands flying around her face. The created world was a beautiful thing, but what would be left after the war? After the battle, all the beauty she saw in nature would be tainted by bloodshed and hatred. Some ask that if she has this opinion, why did she enlist to fight? The answer is that if it is going to be tainted either way, she?d rather help the fight than sit back and wait for the inevitable. She closed her eyes and bowed her head, saying a prayer before getting to her feet, turning to look at her best friend.

[b]?Let?s go, Apollo.?[/b] she said softly, smiling. There was nothing left for her at home any more, as the sun disappeared.

The fully grown, male Dragonite nodded and knelt to allow Amelia to throw the saddle over his head and tightened the strap around his neck which rested above his wings. The seat part of the saddle hung down his back between the wings and ended above his hind legs, where she secured another strap around his belly. It wasn?t a typical saddle to sit on, but more the rider had to lie down, with their legs bent and feet braced against the holds at the bottom along the sides of the saddle and holding onto the thick sturdy strap at the top. It was a dangerous way to ride and if you lost your grip it could be the end. When she battled there was an extra strap that went across the middle of her back to hold her to the saddle for added protection.

Amelia and Apollo wore light, yet extremely durable armour made of Gyarados scales and some minerals mined from Mt Moon. They were both only wearing their chest plates because wearing their full suits was too heavy and inconvenient. Their battle armour was the works; helmet, chainmail, full chest and leg armour, all made of the hard, light, flexible material. Amelia shifted her long sword out of the way as she mounted her partner.

She tapped his shoulder lightly to signal that she was ready for him to take off. During battle this became less necessary since she was more securely strapped in. The Dragonite nodded and backed away from the edge of the cliff, before sprinting forward and leaping off, plummeting straight down, head first. Amelia grinned at the adrenaline that flowed through her veins as they continued to freefall together. The water got closer with every second, and Apollo pulled up just before they hit, speeding forward, sending water flying around them before he lifted away from the water and headed toward the Kanto mountain base.

Apollo was a free spirit and he loved the skies greatly, always spinning and doing tricks while in flight. Amelia was a kindred spirit to her childhood friend, and she never experienced fear when she was flying with him. They just had that special kind of bond that couldn?t possibly be explained in words. He opened his mouth and released a loud roar. She smiled and released a roar of her own, one that she had perfected since she was young. Originally it started as just a fun thing, trying to imitate Apollo, but then it became a form of bonding between the two.

[b]?Head to the mountain base quickly, Apollo.?[/b]

Apollo made a sound of agreement and added another burst of speed to get hurry them along to their destination.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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