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Sign Up Project Starship [PG]


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[COLOR="goldenrod"][center][b]BKstyles and SunfallE present a...[/b]

[SIZE=1]Banner by [URL=http://www.otakuboards.com/member.php?u=24392][COLOR=goldenrod][U]Disenchanted[/U][/COLOR][/URL] [/SIZE]



?[B]I believe that this is really the only option gentlemen, so far we have chosen three to serve on the team but we need more.[/B]? An older gray haired man in what was clearly a military uniform of some type was saying. Before him was a large screen, the faces of the other three who represented the other strongest nations displayed separately and yet together. He leaned back a bit in the oversized chair behind an ornate desk before continuing to address those on the screen.

?[B]Unless we wish to change the nature of the treaty among our people, a team of specialists is really the best solution. We?ve kept to the policy that any and all military activity in other territories is expressly forbidden and I for one would like to keep it that way. We don?t want to start another incident like last time.[/B]?

?[B]And who?s fault was that gentlemen?[/B]? A graceful woman asked. ?[b]Besides I?m not completely happy with Colonel DeSouza being a member of the team let alone the Commanding Officer. He may know his stuff but he has been known to allow his emotions to get the better of him.[/b]

?[B]Please, lets not start that again.[/B]? One of the others said in a pained voice. ?[B]Regardless of what you think, it?s better to have someone who isn?t afraid to disregard orders when the situation arises. That?s part of the problem; we need people who can think for themselves. Which incidentally is why a team just for these types of situations is perfect.

Each one of us can suggest personnel that we feel are the most qualified. And at any time if one of us feels someone is not working out we can request a replacement.[/B]? They paused meaningfully. ?[b]So I say Colonel DeSouza is perfect since Ms. Henderson will balance that. She?s always been objective and not afraid to make unpopular decisions.[/b]

?[B]So it?s settled then?[/B]? The remaining one who had been silent finally said. ?[B]I?m of the opinion that both DeSouza and Henderson are a good choice. As well as the agreement that this really is the only solution. Equipping a small team with not only the proper equipment but also the authority to travel between territories at will is ideal. And by restricting them to a smaller vessel it would be clear that it is not military in nature, though it goes without saying that part of the crew will need to be from the military.[/B]?

He sighed just a tiny bit. ?[b]In the end, even though she?s does not hold a position of authority. Kendra Erickson will also balance things out between the other two. I thought that was why we picked them, each one has expertise that the other does not. Seriously, we?ve been over this time and time again. We need to simply pick the rest of the crew and get this started! Especially since no one can agree on anyone besides those three![/b]?

The one who had first spoken looked at each one in turn. ?[B]Unless anyone objects, it?s decided. Start looking through your files for those you think are best suited for the assignment. Once we have a list we can make our choices for the rest of the crew. Any other concerns? Good, send me your recommendations people, we still need a pilot, a scientist who is also a mechanic, a foreign-relations expert, one who is well versed in multiple languages and cultures, two military officers with combat training and one medic to patch them up should the need arise. Once you have your choices we?ll decide whom else to add to the team. Keep in touch.[/B]?


Currently through out the vast reaches of space, there are four prominent nations. The Ceruleans, the Sanarks, the Narisyans, and The Creids . In time each of them eventually formed a very loose alliance or federation in order to ensure peaceful coexistence. For the most part this peace is well maintained, people travel between nations and the space associated with each in order to trade, associate and explore. While developing current relations as well as exploring new ones since there are other smaller nations who though not a part of the federation still live alongside them as their sovereignty is respected by those who are more powerful.

However as this federation continues to extend their reach throughout the vast reaches of space. This exploration has given rise to more and more curious events that are now being seen as well as new wonders being discovered. But some are far from simple and in time it became apparent that a different approach was needed to deal with the strange and odd situations that arose. To do so the federation has decided to form a group of specialists who?s sole task will be to deal with such occurrences. So far three have already been chosen:

[b]An Expedition leader[/b]: Brianna Henderson - Played by indifference
[b]A Commanding Officer[/b]: Marcus T. DeSouza - Played by BKstyles
[b]A Co-pilot/engineer[/b]: Kendra A. Erickson - Played by SunfallE

But more is needed?


Welcome to [b]Project Starship[/b]. The CIF (Collective Intergalactic Federation) in response to strange and unexplained incidents that the military has been unable to solve is forming a team of experts to handle such situations. Normally any and all phenomena is handled by each nations own military, but at times there are things so strange so bizarre that all attempts to find an answer have lead to disaster. Most notably when those of the military of a sister nation have been called in to help. For most citizens feel strongly that such help is unacceptable.

As a result, in the past such attempts to help were misinterpreted and nearly lead to war. But even though war was avoided, strange and mysterious events still plague many of the nations. In an effort to avoid the mistakes of the past those who represent the four strongest nations have agreed to work together in forming a small team. One who?s sole purpose will be to handle what the military could not. To investigate those mysterious events and odd occurrences to determine the cause and to find a solution. To take on exploration projects into known and unknown space and planets that are considered too dangerous.

In just a short time they will be reviewing the list of possible candidates for this special team. Though small, each member will be crucial to the team?s success. It was decided in the end that there would be nine. An Expedition leader, a Commanding Officer, a pilot, a co-pilot/engineer, a scientist/mechanic, a foreign-relations expert one versed in multiple languages and cultures, two military officers with combat training and one medic. In addition to those who have already been chosen it has been opened for others to apply. To be a part of this elite team of specialists.

Time for the sign ups to be a part of this team of explorers. As you can see we still need:

[center]- a pilot
- a scientist/mechanic
- a foreign-relations expert who is versed in multiple languages and cultures (requirements are meant for in-game of course, we are not looking for someone who knows Chinese, german, italian, etc :p)
- two military officers with combat training
- one medic. [/center]

To be considered for this assignment we need to know the following:

[b]Name[/b]: Pretty much anything you want is fine
[b]Gender[/b]: Self Explanatory
[b]Age[/b]: Eighteen and up
[b]Photograph[/b]: Or a good description will do
[b]Position[/b]: Which one you are applying for.
[b]Credentials[/b]: Example:
-Jupiter Air Force 12 years
-Knowledge of fighter jet, cargo jumpers, and stealth bombers
-Multiple record commendations and three rank promotions.
-Etc, make it sound believable

[b]Reason for Applying[/b]: Example:
I want to travel the galaxy, go further then normal limitations and make history rather then sit by and let it pass me by. Blah Blah?something admirable here, something persuasive here, I take up little space, I?ll take the last peanut so nobody argues over it.

[b]Living Immediate Family[/b]:
-Full name / Relationship

[b]Other Expertise[/b] (if same as one of the open positions, you cannot be as well versed in it as those in the position are, i.e if you are an engineer, you will not be as knowledgeable as insert SunfallE?s character, etc.):

And there you have it. Once the applications are received they will be reviewed and a crew at that point will be chosen.[/COLOR]
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[B]Name:[/B] Darrin Visick

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Age:[/B] 24

[B]Photograph:[/B] [URL="http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c384/GeneOutlaw/AOfficer.jpg"]1LT Darrin Visick.[/URL] He is 5'10 and weights in at 150 lbs.

[B]Position:[/B] Military Officer


2 years commander of 1135th airbourne assualt unit in Mars Interplanetary Defense Force.
Tactical expert, with 2 years of active field experience.
Knowledge of Military air craft and vehicles
Trained combat specialist
EOD (Explosive Ordinace Disposal) experience

[B]Reason For Applying:[/B] I wish to help serve in maintaining the peace of the galaxy. I am proud of my service and wish to do whatever I am capable of to help assure the success of this mission.

[B]Living Immediate Family:[/B]

Kathrine Visick / Wife

[B]Other Expertise:[/B] He is skilled at bomb making from his civilian days. He was once before in a brigade that served under Col. Marcus T. DeSouza
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[b]Name[/b]: Michael J Travis - Goes by Mike
[b]Gender[/b]: Male
[b]Age[/b]: 31
[b]Photograph[/b]: [URL="http://img294.imageshack.us/img294/7604/michaeltravistv6.jpg"][U]Mike[/U][/URL] He's 6' 3 and weighs about 170.
[b]Position[/b]: Foreign-relations expert
-Doctorate in cultural relations and languages
-Well versed in the five main languages used by the CIF (if that's not how it works tell me and I'll change it. I'm assuming that each main territory has a different language in addition to a standard one that everyone uses)
-Has been working for the Cerulean government as a translator for the past six years. Michael is still currently employed at the capitol as a translator.
-Has a unique talent in picking up new languages rather quickly, even if only to understand them well enough to speak the basics. Learning to read them takes longer of course.

[b]Reason for Applying[/b]:
Michael is tired of sitting behind a desk. Though he enjoys his job he has always wanted to travel among the different territories. He has always wanted to get involved in exploring new worlds and cultures instead of relying on information being brought to him at his current job. Michael wants to be the first one to hear a new language for the first time, to be the one who discovers something new. In many ways he's an explorer at heart.

[b]Living Immediate Family[/b]:
Jessica Travis - Mother
William Travis - Father

Both parents are retired.

[b]Other Expertise[/b]:
Cryptography - Michael is also skilled at encryption and decryption and often spends a fair amount of his spare time figuring out the cipher or rather key to different encoded messages. Both ancient and those used for computer programs such as military transmissions. Nothing thrills him more than figuring out an encryption that has been declared unbreakable. It has however, gotten him into trouble a couple of times.
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[SIZE="1"][COLOR="darkcyan"][B]Name:[/B][/COLOR] Alexander-James Bishop
Goes by Alex, A.J or his former callsign ‘Holy’ that he has adopted as a nickname [dubbed so because of his last name]
[B][COLOR="darkcyan"]Gender:[/COLOR][/B] Male
[B][COLOR="darkcyan"]Age:[/COLOR][/B] Twenty Eight
[B][COLOR="darkcyan"]Photograph: [/COLOR][/B] [URL="http://i37.photobucket.com/albums/e70/Illusion87/boyd_editorial_playboygermany1206_e.jpg"][I][Alex 1][/I][/URL] [URL="http://i37.photobucket.com/albums/e70/Illusion87/boyd_editorial_peterashlee2.jpg"] [i][Alex 2][/i][/URL] (Found something better woo! )
6” and weighs about 160; well built muscles all round and very fit he likes to keep his body this way even when not enlisted.
[B][COLOR="darkcyan"]Position:[/COLOR][/B] Pilot

[B][COLOR="darkcyan"]Credentials: [/COLOR][/B]
-11 years as a pilot
-2 years in the 12th Squadron, 21st Orbital Platform [Saturn Air force]
-9 years in the 6th Squadron 101 first strike base [Jupiter Air force]
-Extensive knowledge of most forms of air craft including fighter jets, stealth bombers, civilian planes, cargo planes/jumpers, shuttles and helicopters
[Most of this knowledge extends from actually piloting the air craft, some knowledge extends from a hobby/general fascination with air craft]
-He claims to be able to pilot almost anything that can fly, in any situation
-One rank demotion, three rank promotions, one commendation, multiple charges and punishments for disobeying direct orders, charges for striking a superior officer
-No longer enlisted

[B][COLOR="darkcyan"]Reason for Applying: [/COLOR][/B]
A.J is to put it bluntly, bored. Bored out of his skull, nine years in the once place gets to a man after a while and he needs something different to do before he does something drastic. He wants the opportunity to see new things, learn new tactics, fly something different shake things up a bit and possibly restore his faith in the service. He cares little for the peace of the galaxy and whatnot.

[COLOR="darkcyan"][B]Living Immediate Family:[/B][/COLOR]
-Dr. Jason Bishop [Younger Brother] -Psychologist [A.J has disowned his brother and as far as he is concerned he had no other living family]

[B][COLOR="darkcyan"]Other Expertise:[/COLOR][/B]
-Survivalist, fighter pilots are trained to survive and survive well if it ever so happens that they find themselves behind enemy lines or otherwise. Alex has skills in evasion and survival tactics, such as how to keep quiet and avoid the enemy and correctly navigate different terrains, cross rivers and whatnot.
-He has been taught to detect traps but he’s not very experienced in disarming said traps.
-He also has extensive knowledge of enemy air craft and their flying maneuvers.
-[Very limited] On the ground combat training and experience. [/SIZE]
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[b]Name:[/b] Lt. Morrison Vayne

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Age:[/b] 26

[b]Photograph:[/b] [URL="http://www.crazy4cinema.com/Actor/imgs/viggo.jpg"]Morrison[/URL]
Stands at 6'0''. Weighs 178 lbs. Athletic build.

[b]Position:[/b] Military Officer

[b]Credentials: [/b]

-Served in the Creig Space Marine Corp. since 18.
-Graduate of Alba Patera Military Academy.
-Recruited into the Creig's Mars Red Berets, an elite security force for priority V.I.P.'s.
-Served and fought in the Olympus Mons Civil War.
-Tactical Projectile Arms Expert.
-Close Quarters Combat and Hand to Hand Expert.
-Black Belt in Jujutsu and experienced Kick Boxer.

[b]Reason for Applying:[/b]

Morrison wishes to test the limitations of his combat knowledge. He wishes to further explore his military career and put his capabilities to the test. A lover of the challenge, his driving force is to push his possiblities to their limits and become the best that he can be personally. He will put himself up to anything just to see if he can overcome the challenge. Knowing the several possiblities of the upcoming task force, his greatest wish is to earn a spot on the team and tackle the universe's hardest missions.

[b]Living Immediate Family:[/b]

- Col. Craig Vayne (retired)
- Private Reynolds Vayne (younger brother)
- Dr. Gina Vayne (older sister)

[b]Other Expertise: [/b]

- Functional in several old Earth languages, including Thai, Japanese, aswell as a working knowledge of the newer Mars vernacular.
- Capable navigator on land.
- Basic piloting skills.
- Field First Aid training.[/color][/size]
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[b]Name[/b]: Catherine Sanderson

[b]Gender[/b]: Female

[b]Age[/b]: 32

[b]Description[/b]: 5'5 at 130, medium build with brown shoulder length hair and brown eyes. Physically fit.

[b]Position[/b]: Medic

-Ph.D in cross species medicine.
-Specializes in treating the diseases that crop up from exposure among the different races.
-Two years working at a hospital before forming her own practice.
-Six years running her own practice on the Creids home world.
-Trained in emergency response for critical care for other races.

[b]Reason for Applying[/b]:
Catherine's only family was killed in an accident just over a year ago. She's looking for a something that will take her off world. The further the better. She's also curious about studying other races that are not a part of the CIF and she sees it as a good opportunity to not only get away but to see other things firsthand instead of reading about it in a medical log.

[b]Living Immediate Family[/b]:

[b]Other Expertise[/b]
Chemistry - Catherine likes to study different medicines and their effects on other races.
Pilot's license - Though she only knows how to fly smaller spaceships such as a shuttle.
Mechanic. - Only the very basics required to repair medical equipment.
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[FONT="Tahoma"][b]Note:[/b] Just a reminder to everyone, positions aren't first come first serve. So if you see a position signed up for, you may also sign up for it.

[center]* * * * *[/center]
[b]Name[/b]: Marcus T. DeSouza
[b]Gender[/b]: Male
[b]Age[/b]: 34
[b]Photograph[/b]: [url=http://i19.photobucket.com/albums/b191/Bklynstyles/0000039119_20070413120425-1.jpg]-Marcus[/url]
Marcus stands at 5'11, 186 llbs. Well built and constantly keeps the military tags of his younger brother Cameron on him at all times since being presumed dead after his mysterious dissapearence.
[b]Position[/b]: Military Commanding Officer

-10 years Narisyan Elite Military
-8 years SITF (Special Interplanetary Task Force)
-Served in the 3 major battles of the Disputing Nations era.
-Served in the Kaelius War as Platoon Commander for the Narisyan/Creid alliance.
-Served as co-captain of the Starship Aquila during the days of the alliance.
-Served as guest drill seargent for the Creid Conscription of 3019
-Promotion to Colonel decided on by the CIF upon selection for expedition based on past records.

[b]Living Immediete Family[/b]:

-Thomas F. DeSouza
Father ? Military General
-Terry K. DeSouza
Younger brother ? Military Seargent
-Chloe S. DeSouza
Younger sister ? Government Secretary

[b]Other Expertise[/b]:

-Renowned and awarded marksman with pistols and rifles.
-Versed in certain non-nucleur explosives, including the disarming of and the building of.
-Piloting for certain starship and cargo-craft models.
-Ametuer boxing background
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[b]Name:[/b] Nakeisha Rhodes
[b]Gender:[/b] Female
[b]Age:[/b] 27
[b]Picture:[/b] [[i][url=http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/7/79/GabrielleuniondaddysLG.PNG]Nakeisha[/i][/url]]
[b]Position:[/b] Tech-Science Officer (Scientist/Mechanic)
[b]Credentials:[/b] Nakeisha graduated from the illustrious Ganymede Institute (SS 8074*) at the top of her class. It was there she studied quantum mechanics, applied cybernetics, and theoretical programming. Following her graduation she worked in a private military research lab for three years, using her education for personal gain.

[b]Reason for Applying:[/b]

Nakeisha Rhodes wants to atone for the pain and suffering her inventions have caused throughout the galaxy. While her work was extremely lucrative, she grew to despise the person it transformed her into. It is hoped that by using her genius for the good of manind she can redeem herself, not only in her own eyes but in the eyes of her distant family.

[b]Living Immediate Family:[/b]

- Jeremiah Rhodes / Father (63. Teacher)
- Beautia Rhodes / Sister (21. Student)
- Ella Burroughs / Daughter (6)

[b]Other Expertise:[/b]

[i]Astrogation[/i] - Nakeisha's natural talents in science and mathematics make her an excellent navigator.

[i]World Lore[/i] - Nakeisha has always held an interested in galactic history and current events. She makes a point of staying informed of what is going on in the worlds around her, even though she's usually oblivious to what is going on in her own life.

[size=1][i]*Space Station 8074[/i][/size]
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[quote name='BKstyles'][FONT="Tahoma"][b]Note:[/b] Just a reminder to everyone, positions aren't first come first serve. So if you see a position signed up for, you may also sign up for it. [/FONT][/color][/QUOTE]

[COLOR="DarkOrange"]:animecry:Yeah, but the position I was gunna go for has been grabbed by [B]Shy[/B]. Shy! I can't compete with that XD oh well, it's prolly better for my health if I sit this one out... in too many RPGs anyway...

I just wanted to say haha! To the names I ecognize from the [B]Panopticon[/B]. Good times...[/COLOR]
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[quote name='2007DigitalBoy'][COLOR="DarkOrange"]:animecry:Yeah, but the position I was gunna go for has been grabbed by [B]Shy[/B]. Shy! I can't compete with that XD[/COLOR][/QUOTE]
[SIZE=1]While I admit that I'm pretty darn awesome, it shouldn't discourage you from trying to join. Consider yourself challenged!

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[indent][SIZE="1"][B]OOC:[/B] Done!

[COLOR="Navy"][B]Name:[/B] Major Cameron James

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Age:[/B] Twenty-Six

[B]Photograph:[/B] [URL="http://img256.imageshack.us/img256/9808/kyouyaiu9.png"]Cameron[/URL]
Cameron stands at 5'8" and weighs about 170 lbs, with a lean wirey frame. He normally keeps all that jewellery unless he's in a situation where he has to take them off, and he wears his military dog tags beside his necklace.

[B]Position:[/B] Military Officer

-Studied at a Military Academy his entire school life.
-Received awards and the highest grades in his classes.
-Joined the Mercury Galactic Defense Force as soon as he turned 18.
-Served in the infantry division for three years.
-Joined the air force division for three years.
-Has seen a lot during his life, and worked with forces from all different planets and colonies.

[B]Reason for Applying:[/B] Cameron wanted to join this new Project because it seemed like something new and interesting that he could get involved in which would test his limits and broaden his horizons. He had felt he was peaking in the position he was in, serving in the Mercury Force. He hadn't even known about it initially until his commanding officer brought it to his attention. Plus going down in the history books wouldn't be such a bad thing either.

[B]Living Immediate Family:[/B]
-Travis James / Father - Retired Army Officer (Colonel)
-Kyle James / Twin Brother (Younger by 2 minutes and 8 seconds) - Serves in the Saturn Defense Force (Lieutenant)

[B]Other Expertise:[/B]
-Renowned skills in armed and unarmed combat
-Well versed in things to do with guns, eg; cleaning, maintenance, weaknesses, strengths
-Great marksmanship with an assortment of pistols and rifles
-Excellent skills in piloting[/COLOR][/SIZE][/indent]
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[COLOR="Indigo"][b]Name[/b]: Brianna Henderson
[b]Gender[/b]: Female
[b]Age[/b]: 29
[b]Photograph[/b]: [URL="http://img502.imageshack.us/img502/8269/briannabx2.jpg"][U]Brianna[/U][/URL] She's a bit on the short side only reaching 5' high.
[b]Position[/b]: Expedition Leader
-Ph.D in ancient civilizations.
-Extensive knowledge in reading ancient languages that are no longer used. She is not into learning or understanding current languages at all.
-Head of exploration of ancient ruins for multiple projects in the past on Narisyan. Anytime something new is found she's usually the one the government calls in to check things out.
-Has 20 years of experience with being a part of an expedition for different reasons, from working with her father until about four years ago when she started leading them after he retired.

[b]Reason for Applying[/b]:
Brianna did not apply, she was approached by the CIF and offered the position of Expedition Leader for Project Starship. Something that after it was explained to her she accepted. Especially since she had just finished with her last project of mapping some old ruins that were found on the home world and had not decided on what to do next yet.

As much as she enjoys the current exploration projects shes been a part of all her life. Brianna has always wanted to go into other territories to explore ancient ruins there as well. So she was thrilled to accept the assignment. Even if the exploration would not be of ancient ruins she is fascinated by unexplained occurrences since she believes that all of them have roots in ancient history.

[b]Living Immediate Family[/b]:
-Patrick Henderson - Father - 65 - Archaeologist - Is well known for his work in the field. It's where Brianna got most of her experience from since once her mother died their father dragged her and her sister along on all of his expeditions.
-Jenny Henderson - Sister - 27 - College professor in Archaeology.

[b]Other Expertise[/b]
-Expert in ancient survival techniques.
-Basic pilot license for smaller space ships.
-Basic field medicine training[/COLOR]
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[COLOR="goldenrod"][quote name='BKstyles'][FONT="Tahoma"][b]Note:[/b] Just a reminder to everyone, positions aren't first come first serve. So if you see a position signed up for, you may also sign up for it. [/FONT][/QUOTE]I'll be holding you to that! Man! I only leave for a few days and come back to find a new Sci Fi RPG that's already got more than enough sign ups! :bawl: I love Sci Fi! Still... I intend to contend for one of those spots. Well other than my mom. Hehe, I'm not gonna contest the spot she's going for. Anyway...

[b]Name[/b]: Captain Teresa Schovick
[b]Gender[/b]: Female
[b]Age[/b]: 23
[b]Photograph[/b]: [URL="http://img142.imageshack.us/img142/6596/teresakp8.jpg"][U]Teresa[/U][/URL]
[b]Position[/b]: Military Officer
-Graduated with high honors from the military academy on Sanark.
-Well versed in multiple forms of hand to hand combat as well as most basic weapons. Though not a true marksman, she's handles most weapons with ease.
-Class one security clearance received for leading assault teams and recovery missions.
-Multiple record commendations and one rank promotion for excellent service.
-Received medal of honor for thwarting an assassination attempt on the current representative for CIF for Sanark.
-Currently part of the security force responsible for the safety of government officials on Sanark.

[b]Reason for Applying[/b]:
Wants to expand her horizons. Teresa has spent her whole life wanting to be in the security side of the military since she was five. Taking fighting classes and teaching herself about combat tactics at every opportunity. Teresa pushed to be admitted into the military academy at fourteen instead of the standard sixteen required. Making her augment persuasive enough that she was finally admitted shortly after she turned fourteen.

Teresa sees the expedition as the opportunity to truly test what she has learned over the years. As well as getting away from her parents who in spite of how well she has done, keep pressuring her to quit the service and behave like a lady.

[b]Living Immediate Family[/b]:
-Davis Schovick: Father 57 Works for a shipping company as a purchaser.
-Marta Schovick: Mother 55 Works for the same shipping company as her father.
-Rasha Schovick: Sister 25 Married with two children. Jeffery who 1 year old and Sara who is 2 years old.

[b]Other Expertise[/b]:
-Pilot's license. Can fly most spaceships. She has yet to be trained on how to handle a ship in combat situations.
-Basic field medicine.
-Explosives - disarming and arming.
-Understands all five languages as well as basic. But only enough for simple conversations. Well beyond the language of her home world and Basic. She's fluent in those two.

Teresa has one noticeable drawback. And that relates to her photo. When she is off duty she can and does dress like some silly empty headed young adult with frilly clothing and silly earings. Teresa actually owns that outfit she's wearing in the photo. It's a habit that often annoys other military personal who find such behavior out of place. Even though the moment a situation comes up or the moment she is in uniform she is one hundred percent dedicated to her duties.

So even though she is quite good at what she does. Her silly side has often lead to tension among other members of security who feel that it is not appropriate. To which she has always responded that they need to lighten up and quit being so uptight.

Though she has never been reprimanded officially for her flip side behavior, she has been responsible for starting several off duty fights among other security personal. And then ending said fights by essentially clobbering them to prove her point that how she behaves or dresses while off duty does not affect her ability to do her job.[/COLOR]

And there you have it! :catgirl:
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[COLOR="goldenrod"][B]Name:[/B] Kendra A. Erickson
[B]Gender:[/B] Female
[B]Age:[/B] Thirty
[B]Photograph:[/B] [URL="http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/6961161/"][U]Kendra[/U][/URL] Copyright herescapestock003 @ DeviantArt
[B]Position:[/B] Co-pilot/engineer

-5 years as a pilot. Creid planetary defenses, 5th division.
-5 years as an engineer. Creid engineering services.
-Extensive knowledge of most forms of space craft.
[Most of this knowledge comes from when she served in the military before switching her career to engineering, since Kendra quickly found that she enjoyed fixing space ships more than she enjoyed flying them]
-Kendra can fix just about anything related to space ships as well as air based ships as well.
-No longer enlisted.

[B]Reason for Applying:[/B]
Kendra did not apply. She was approached by the CIF and offered the position. She's not sure why she accepted since Kendra likes her current job as an engineer. But in the end she said yes. Though now she's looking forward to it.

[B]Living Immediate Family:[/B]
-Kessa J. Erickson Fraternal twin sister 30 - Works for a law firm.

[B]Other Expertise:[/B]
-Has extensive knowledge of many types of space crafts from an engineering standpoint since studying the different ships by all races is a hobby of hers.
-Basic weapons and combat knowledge from when she was in the military.[/COLOR]
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[FONT="Tahoma"]With only Allamorph needing to finish his sign up, I would like to take this opportunity to announce that sign ups are now [b]closed[/b] since we have an ample amount of them to make our decisions. Look for the underground thread soon which will include the acceptance list and other important information.[/FONT]
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