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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Mycella walked to the front of the lobby and took a deep breath, a small tattoo on her left fore arm showed a small bird, the bird of fire, a phoenix. She rubbed it hard till it glowed red and flinched as it burned slightly. It was the mark that all of them had, all the specials. she grimaced as she thought of that. She hated that title, even if it was true. She looked down at her school uniform and sighed, she had never even changed before heading here; she was taking classes here in the base and training here as well, where as the others had left and gone else where to train and get better at their trade. Fire, Ice, Water; she smiled then, her younger brother Marcus. They were not blood related but they were closer then any blood siblings could ever be. There was also Granite, and then the girl would could control music, she was impressive; controlling sound was never easy. She sighed and wondered how much they had all changed and grown up since they last saw each other. She also knew that if they showed up and she was still in uniform she would never hear the end of it. She smiled as the platform became apparent in the lobby floor, stepping onto it she let it take her under the base and into the area where they were all brought the first time. It was like and 'sector 7' area would be. Secretive and well, to put it simply, shiny. She walked to her dorm there and opened the closet pulling out her black out fit and weapons, a sword that was black but the blade glowed blue. Some say that it was odd her power was fire when her blade looked like water. She smiled as she donned her clothes and strapped her sword to her side and grabbed her pouch of viles that held her explosives that she carried with her on a good hunt. She took a deep breath and walked into the meeting room and sat down. Propping her feet on the table she reclined back and waited.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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It was kind of a nostalgic feeling coming back to this old place. It had been awhile since the last time Mike was here. He knew that this meant they had a job ahead of them. And probably not a good one either. But despite this, Mike was still excited and he was certainly showing it.

Mike simply strolled into the rather plain looking exterior of the building and took the long elevator ride to the bottom level. As he began to approach the bottom he knew he was gonna need to show his mark to get in. He Drew back the right side of the collar on his shirt to reveal a tattoo of what appeared to be a silver wolf standing on a strange looking crest. Mike placed his hand over it and then slowly removed it. The crest they began to lightly sparkle and then the elevator doors opened to the rather futuristic looking labirinth that was "Sector 7".

Mike was eager to know who all else was here already. Everyone was suppose to be arriving soon and then they would get debriefed on there first order of business. Mike just casually walked down the halls of this strange underground complex as if it were perfectly normal. This was perhaps the only thing he found strange was that he could feel so at home in such a weird place.

Mike headed toward the dorm that had been assigned to him and quickly changed from his street clothes into his uniform. The weather here seemed kinda hot after being up north for so long, but it was definitly more comfortable inside then it was out. He walked intot he meeting hall and found that little miss fire starter, Mycella was the already and waiting. Her feet propped on the table like she ran the place. Mike walked in and laughed a bit [B]"Already making yourself at home I see."[/B]

She just smiled back [B]"But of course. Did you expect me to ask your permission first?"[/B]

Mike laughed a bit and shook his head. He had missed the little phoenix girl, and most of the others from the old team. Most of them anyway. There were a few that made his worry about bringing the whole team together, but there was no helping it now. No doubt they were already on there way here and there was no stopping that. They'd just have to do the best they could and hope for the best of this one.

Not wanting to seem rude, Mike turned to Mycella again [B]"So how have you been after all these years?"[/B]
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[COLOR="DarkRed"]He darted between cars. In a hurry to get there. Alex parked his motorcycle ouyside the base. He walked into the base and smiled. [B]"Its been a long time."[/B] He went to his room and opened his closet. There he found his gear, a Katana, a SandW Revolver, and a large black case. He put on his uniform and exited his room.

He walked down the hall, sword on his waist, revovler on his right and carrying the case. His switchblade he always carry with him in his pocket. He entered the evlevator and went down. He lifted his right sleeve revealing a bear, enraged and standing on a crest. He put his hand on it and it glowed, the doors opened and he walked in.
"Well, if it isn't our piromaniac and Mr. Freeze himself." [/B]he gave them a quick smile. He sat down and put the case on the table infront of him. [B]"How's it been? Good to see you guys again."[/B] He opened the case and pulled out his AK-47 Assault Rifle. He started taking it apart and cleaning it inorder to make sure the parts work properly. [B]"Don't want a jam in the middle of a fight."[/B][/COLOR]
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[COLOR="Purple"]Lycoris walked into the lobby of an old building. She was wearing her normal street clothes and needed to change. She walked to the elevator and hit the button that would take her to the lowest level. She pulled out a black lycoris and pulled up her sleeve to show her tatto of the specials. It had a black rose laying verital with some sort of crest in the middle. She laid the black lycoris hroizontal to the black rose and it started to glow. The doors opened and she walked out of the elevator.
She walked the long and shiny hallways of 'Sector 7' until she reached the dormatories. She walked to her dorm and opened up the door. She walked in and went straight to her closet where she changed out her street clothes to a long-sleeved top that had frills at the end of the sleeves. It was a corsett in the back and had a bow with a lycoris and black rose on it. The bow attached a petticoat of some kind that had frillls in it. Last she had pants that flarred out with frills. The entire outfit was black but the frills were white.
Lycoris grabbed her katanas and put them on her waist along with a chain that held her razor fans. She walked out of her room and headed for the meeting room where she was to meet the others.
She walked into the room and said," Well, well. It looks like Miss Phoenix, Ice Boy, and Fire Starter are the ones that are in here."
"You know very well that that isn't our names," said Mycella.
"I know. I just like to get you guys all pissed off," said Lycoris as she gave a smirk." Do you know how many others are coming?"
"Beats me," said Alex. "But you can probably threaten to kill them along with Mitsuru."
He laughed.
"Very funny. I could just kill you right now," she said evilly.
"Oh, yeah? Go ahead and try," he boasted.
"Naw, too much energy to waste on you. So how have you all been these few years?" she said while changing her attitude.[/COLOR]
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Gabriel ducked around the corner as a barrage of bullets hit the bricks. [COLOR="DarkRed"]"Is that all you got!"[/COLOR] He yelled watching as a few bullets pushed themselves out of his chest. Gabriel then pulls out his desert eagle and twists around the corner. In a blink of an eye he takes two shots then holsters his gun, Gabriel looks down at the the man who now had two fresh bullet holes in each knee. [COLOR="DarkRed"]"Ouch that has to sting."[/COLOR] Gabriel said as he lit up a cigarette. He takes out his cell phone and calls the police. [COLOR="DarkRed"]"I just caught your number eleven on the most wanted list, you can pick him up on 108 station avenue.. My name... Xero."[/COLOR] He hung up the phone and walked down the street into an old building.

Gabriel walked into the lobby then heads over to the platform and rides it to the lowest floor. As Gabriel walked in he removed the glove from his right hand to reveal a tattoo. It was a black heart with a red X striking through it. [COLOR="DarkOrange"]"Access Granted, Welcome Back Xero."[/COLOR] A computerized voice said in a welcoming tone. Gabriel walked into his room and grabbed a set of fresh clothes. He threw on some black pants and a black beater along with a black bandanna wrapped around his left arm. Then he took his two katanas and placed them parallel on his back. As he leaves his room toward the meeting he lights up another cigarette.

Upon arriving he gets a cold stare from Mycella. Nothing scared him except that stare from her. [COLOR="DarkRed"]"What did I do now?"[/COLOR] Xero said. Mycella turns on the television to channel eight news. [COLOR="Blue"]"For the third time this month a suspect on the most wanted list has been subdued by a mysterious vigilante by the name of Xero.."[/COLOR] The reporter on television said before Mycella turns it off. [COLOR="DarkRed"]"What? the police in this town suck, im doing them a favor."[/COLOR] Xero says as he sits down.
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Mycella scoffed, she knew she was one of the leaders of the group she was one of the most dangerous.
"Your doiong the police a favor? Your risking us getting caught, you do shit like that and you risk getting us all exsposed and found out. You know the rules!"
"Rules? I don't follow rues very often, I thought you would have remembered that."
He placed his hand under her chin and pulled back curseing as her skin heated quickly.
"I remember all to well. I also remember the day we had to split up because of your crazy ass. Your going to get killed and take us all down with you."
Mycella had one quirk about her personality, she demanded respect and she was also demanding about being listened to. One of the reasons she was so dangerous. She took a step forward and smiled wickedly at him.
"You know Xero, I think your cig went out."
"Uh huh, here lemme help."
She opened her palm and let the fire burn his ciggerate to nothing but a knub in his lips, when the fire backed off his eyes were round and his face blank.
"Damn, you've gotten good Cella'."
She looked at Alex and smiled.
"I've been training really hard, I have it almost completely under control now."
she let her mind wander as she knew the others were doing at the moment, thinking back to when they were first recuted into the job. None of them really knew how to use their powers except for one, and that was because he had so much darkness and hate in his life it was second nature to him.
His name still gave her chills, no name...he had come here knowing full well what he could do and did it with out any problem at all. His darkness, his shadow. He controlled it, he was one of their greatest weapons against the Nightmare. But as she looked around at who was there she noticed that he was not there among them yet. She heaved a sigh and went back to her bickering with Xero. Something that was comforting almost, it was familiar to them both. She smiled as he took something Alex said offensively and gave a fake put off exspression. It was like they were picking up where they left off. Right from when they left this place. Only this time, they all felt the uncertianty of what was coming.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[FONT="Garamond"][SIZE="3"][COLOR="Navy"]The sound of heels reverberated off the walls of Sector 7 as Rhaine walked down the hallway. The place had not changed since she had last been here. The though that the place should have changed struck her as odd, why should it have changed. [i]They could of at least made it a bit less shiny and a little less echoing. They should kill their decorator.[/i] Her hips swayed with each step she took down the hallway towards what she knew in her gut will not be a good mission. The rhythm of her body made the tattoo across her body appear that the snake was moving.

As Rhaine came closer to the meeting area sounds started to bounce down from the hallway. With a twitch of her lip a smirk made it?s way across her face. She was sure she knew whom the voice belong to, it seemed some of her comrades had already arrived. Walking in her leisurely pace came up closer to the conference room and the voices of her comrades bickering. The voices she could easily tell where that of Mycella and Xero. It did not surprise her that it was the two of them that where fighting; they often had in the past.

As Rhaine entered the room her gaze swept over the group. It seemed she was correct in her assumption on which the voices belonged to. As she enters Xero had given a putting of expression to something alex had said. Mycella look to be in some thought, as Rhaine took in her position. Making a quick scan around the room showed that Lycoris and Mike where also present. Rhaine gave a small smile and a nod of her head to her comrades and headed over to a seat to wait for the others to arrive and the meeting to start. [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
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Mike smiled and leaned forward putting his arms on the table [B]"Welcome to our loving reunion Rhaine." [/B] Says Mike as he points at Cella and Xero, who have all but ignored them completely. Mike then leaned back in the chair [B]It's just like old times. Now all we need is for one of the instructors to run in and stop Cella from killing Xero and it'll be just like class.[/B]

Rhaine smiled as she took her seat and just kept watching our alpha and omega keep on fighting. For Mike this never stopped being fun to watch. That's probably why he never tried to stop them. But for as bad as it seemed now, he knew it could only get worse if he showed up. Mike was hoping he would never have to see that nut case again, but the more and more people that showed up, the more and more he realized what a possiblity it was.

Mike looked back to Rhaine [B]"So, have you heard Nanashi around yet."[/B]

The room stopped for moment, even Xero and Cella missed a beat. His name still had quite an effect on everyone. Rhaine cleared her throat [B]"No. Not yet."[/B]

They all felt a bit releaved, but they knew it was just a matter of time til he made himself present. Mike looked to Lycoris [B]"So what do think's happening out there that they'd need all of us."[/B]

She shook her head [B]"Nothing good."[/B]

The room was still for a moment as they all thought over what must be happening for them to need all the specials. Mike leaned back in his chair til he feel flat to the ground, which proceeded to manage to break the tension again. It made him feel better now that the room was as quiet as a tomb, but nothing could shake this feeling of foreboding. It was giving him chills. I mean more chills then the normal ones that got. Ice power could kinda be a pain sometimes.

Mike looked back to Rhaine [B]"So, do anything fun over the last few years. Destroy any ear drums, shatter crystal glass? I had to live in Greenland for a year and feel like I should sue someone for false advertizing, because it was not green."[/B]
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[COLOR="Magenta"]Mitsuru walked down the familiar halls she had once did when she was in training. She walked to an elevator and pulled back her hair to reveal a tattoo mark on the back of her neck. It was a sun setting or rising above the mountains. There was a crest along the mountains. Mitsuru placed her hand over the mark and it started to glow. The elevator opened to Sector 7. Mitsuru walked out and went to her dorm. She changed from her clothes to her uniform. She loaded her pistol and strapped her whip to her thigh and carried her sword.

As she walked down the halls to the room, it seemed quiet. There was sound before and then there was none. Mitsuru started to worry but then skipped down the hall to the room. As she opened the door, it was just as it seemed. Mycella and Xero were fighting while it seemed like the rest were watching and catching up on things. Mitsuru said, "Hi, everyone!" She smiled kindly and looked around. She could see Alex, Xero, Mycella, Mike, Rhaine, and then there was Lycoris.

Mitsuru walked over to where Alex and Lycoris sat and asked, "How have things been Lycoris? Alex?"
Mitsuru and Lycoris got along well and argued about a lot of things in the past. Alex was someone who seemed nice yet was very mysterious. Mitsuru smiled and relaxed. [I]This is nice. Better than I had imagined. I didn't think that we would have a reunion soon. But I know that this is not a time to get along so fondly. After all, we were probably summoned here for another mission.[/I] [/COLOR]
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*la da di... i think its time to blow this joint...*
"And a three, two, one, lets jam..."
As Marcus is walking down the hallway to the meeting area, he pulls out his headphones to his iPhone, letting upbeat jazz music fill the thudding silence of his combat boots. The music is still playing when he gets to his locker and straps his masamune to his side, his favorite composite bow that he made sure could punch an arrow halfway into an engine block to his back, and his trademark pair of Sai to his lower back. He looks back on his suit of armor that took most of his energy and power to manipulate the metal into.
* It's going to be a while before I'm going to be needing you again, my friend. I'm sorry.*
He's wearing a Chinese style trenchcoat, inlaid with dark green and dark blue waves, lilies pattern the backbone; its tight fitting, but without its constraints. He's also wearing black cargo jeans, standard military issue combat boots, and a faded navy muscle shirt.
*And people wonder why I call myself Kappa... HAH! hahha...*
As he leaves the locker room to get to the main door, he takes off his glasses to stare down at the door inside. His right eye has been marked with a crest and is constantly swirling with light blue to midnight blue waves.
'Welcome, Master Kappa.' A mechanical voice intones.
*Grr. it took me weeks to get management to program that saying, and what do they do? Replace the sexy female with the dull working class unisex! Grr. oh well...*
As Marcus walks into the room, the music stops abruptly, and he is getting stared down by close to seven different pairs of eyes.
"Aw, man! Don't tell me the battery died on me!"
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Zane walked down the halls, his pale skin almost luminecent under the lighting. He sighed, and pressed on a tile, opening a door. "Welcome, Poison Ivy." His hat was over his face, hiding his features. He moved his sleeve up on his arm, looking at his own tattoo, a toxic flowering ivy bloom, which looked almost identical to a small rose.Beneath it was the familiar biohazard sign.

"Here again...I never thought it would come to this."

He walked down the hall, his expression vacant, he wasn't happy to be here. But, there were those who weren't unpleasant,whom he would be working with, and that cheered him up some.

A general halted Zane, and smirked. "And what are you doing here kid? Hiding your face as well? You're up to no good." The general snatched away Zane's hat, and his smug expression changed to fear. Zane's long brown braid fell down across his shoulder.

"Zane....You're back....." He stammered, at a loss. Zane merely smiled, and held out his hand. "Poison Ivy, reporting, sir." As much as Zane wanted to be insulted and hurt, he never showed it. "Can I have my hat back?"

"Y-yes of course... I'll be seeing you.." The general Almost ran to get away from him, as it was with all of the 'norms'.

He continued down the hall, already hearing loud voices. He closed his hand, and from his closed fist several red jasmine flowers bloomed.

Zane sighed, and the flowers wilted and died. "At least I haven't lost my touch..."

He stood now in fromt of the door, and he closed his eyes. "Now this should be fun."

The door opened, and he stepped in. Already, most of his allies had arrived, and he smiled, making a relaxed salute. He whirled a chair and sat, spread legged. "So. Here again...." He looked around, seeing all the familiar faces. How often he had felt he was all alone, even with the people most like him. "Poison Ivy, reporting."

"So, I assume we're here for something far less.. how shall I say, pleasant, than a class reunion."

Cella quirked up, looking at him dangerously. "Well, of course, Captain Obvious."

Zane smiled, and held up his hands, charming as ever. "One can't blame me for being hopeful..."

Cella sighed and smiled. "Still the same, I see. Where've you been?"

"Japan was good for me.... I got to visit some family. Kyoto is pretty this time of year. " Cella's face fell slightly, they all knew his family had died in a horrible terrorist attack.

Xero quipped up, he was snide. "You don't have any family.... They died. You're an orphan."

Zane shrugged."Well now, I see it's your turn to be Captain Obvious." He looked to the ceiling, and continued. "I didn't say my family was alive, did I? I was visiting graves., if it must be spelled out for you." Xero's eyes became saddened for but a split second, before smiling. "Ah well, nice to see you're still alive."

Cella and Xero returned to their conversation, and Zane Looked around again. He removed a tin from his pocket, and placed an expensive cigar in his mouth. Again closing his fist, a bright orange bloom appeared, snaking itself up to the cigar, before with a slight [I]pow[/I] it exploded, lighting the end of his smoke. He inhaled, deeply, and flicked his ashes into an ashtray.

[I]Still alive, huh?[/I] he thought, taking another deep drag. Well, some of us aren't too happy about that.....But.... I guess life has its rewards."
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[FONT=Lucida Sans Unicode][SIZE=1]Yuki walked around for awhile with her hands in her jacket pockets, looking down at the ground. She was already in the building, but she didn't feel like going to the lobby just yet.[/SIZE][/FONT]
[FONT=Lucida Sans Unicode][/FONT]
[FONT=Lucida Sans Unicode][SIZE=1]After about 15 minutes of walking around the building, Yuki sighed. "I should go now, I've practically memorized this building front and back." Yuki made her way to the meeting room, still looking down at the ground, her hands in her pocket. She stopped in front of the door, then slowly walked in, quietly waiting to see if anyone would notice her.[/SIZE][/FONT]
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[COLOR="Magenta"]As Zane walked in, Mitsuru smiled. She was curious to see just what Zane had been doing and how he was. Then Lycoris said, "Things seem to be going well."
Mitsuru turned and replied, "I guess so. I never thought that we'd all be here again. It feels like a reunion."
"Things may just get harder as things progress you know. I'm not so sure that you might be able to handle it." Lycoris joked.
"I can handle anything that comes my way. You just better keep out of my way or you'll get hurt." She joked back.
"Hah. Don't make me laugh. Someone like you couldn't even handle simple capture missions."
"I can so. You're just jealous. You know that I can cause more suffering than you can ever imagine."
"I guess you got me there."

Soon, both Mitsuru and Lycoris started to laugh. [I]This is fun. I never knew how much I had exactly missed her. At least now, we're about on the same page.[/I]

After they were finished talking, Mitsuru walked up and sat next to Zane. "How were things in Japan? It seemed like when you were talking about it, that something had hurt." Mitsuru looked at Zane.
He was quiet. "You really don't have to tell me. But you know, you really are something, Zane. Looking out for others and such. You are kind hearted. And I guess I might be a little nosy and all." Mitsuru giggled. [/COLOR]
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[COLOR="Purple"]After Lycoris and Mitsuru were done talking and she walked up and went over to Zane, Lycoris sat there and pondered on thought. [I]'It's been years since all of us specials were together. It bit too long if I say. I wonder why Zane went and visited his dead family? Hmmm... seems like something that any normal person would do I guess. Hah... Normal... If only that were true. If only I was normal and didn't have to go around being unnoticed. But this life has it's ups and downs I guess,'[/I] thought Lycoris.

She got up and walked back over to Alex.

"What's up Alex?" she said as she sat down next to him.
"Nothing much you?" he replied.
"Nothing really. During these few years of having not seen each other, I've been visiting different countries."
"Is that so? What countries did you visit?"
"I went to the far east. I spent some time doing research on a few things."
"What you come up upon?"
"It seems that things will be moving quite roughly from here on in."
"How do you know that?"
"Isn't it obvious? Why would all of us specials be called back here for a mission? This is going to be a mission that would require a lot of people to take on."
"I see your point. I wonder when Nanashi is coming?"
"I wonder that too. Maybe he's talking with the higher-ups to get the down-low on this mission we're about to embark."
"Could be."

To Lycoris, Alex seemed to be a mystery to her but they were somewhat of good friends and talked about missions and what not.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR="DarkRed"][B]"He could be. I myself have traveled. I went home to New York to finish school. Not fun. After I served three years in the military." "The Military? Really?"[/B] Alex stood up and saluted, [B]"Corpral Alex Montroy, 1st Battalion, United States Marines."[/B] Lycoris laughed at him, he sat back down and finished working with his AK.

He set it back in its case and closed it. He locked it and looked at Mycella andGabriel, who were still arguing. [B]"Don't they evere shut up. You think the time apart would have allowed them to grow up a little." "You have to admit, it is kinda funny."[/B] Lycoris was right, none of them changed over the years. They were still the same. Atleast Alex was. His sense of humor never left. Then Alex saw Gabriel's cig go up in flames. [B]"Someone get the firedepartment on standby. This place might go up soon."[/B][/COLOR]
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[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][COLOR="Navy"]Cella turned on Alex and Lycoris.
"You wanna be next rock boy? I know why we're here, and Nanashi will enter when he wants, he's always been like that."
Marcus nodded.
"Yes, and you would know best big sister. You were the only one who seemed to get close to him to any degree."
The others nodded in agreement. She went quiet for a moment when Gabriel spoke up.
"So you know whats going on then?"
She nodded, her face now serious, she looked over the ones that were there, the only one who wasn't was Nanashi.
"Yes, I do...it appears that we have to face an old enemy. Someone we thought was dead a long time ago..."
The happiness was gone from the room now, she could fell the tension, it was enought to drive her mad.
"We're up against Nightmare again."
Some of them paled, others began to fiddle with things, and some looked ready to be sick.
"Apparently he headed back to London the other night and has started his army already. So not only are we dealing with him but the Chaos as well as the Dark Curse, cause you know where Nightmare goes, Curse goes."
They all nodded.
"This isn't a reunion is it?"
She looked at Mitsuru.
"No, this is more like a death sentence. We need Nanashi otherwise we have no chance."
"How do we know he won't turn on us, he has just as much Chaos and pain as those things."
"Gabriel, I trust him, so I'm asking you to trust me. He won't turn on us. Never."
Gabriel sighed and nodded.
"If you say so."
She sat down next to Marcus and took a deep breath.
"It's diffrent this time isn't it?"
"Yes. we're stronger so we'll whip his ass."
She looked at him and laughed at his comment, the heavy mood being lifted slightly as they waited.[/COLOR]

[COLOR="DarkRed"][B]Knuckles will be replying tonight or tomarrow, but in any case have your characters ready to go to London.[/B][/COLOR][/FONT]
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[SIZE="1"]Cain stood in the lobby of the mysterious Sector 7, his blue eye and red eye scanning everything. His eyes finding all the metal in the facility, and his mind went to work on how to use each piece of metal in any situation, then a darker part of his mind pushed its way into his thoughts and began to twist each piece of metal into a torture device that would certainly ravage the body of any person he deemed needed important information. His plain smile had twisted into something gruesome and sinister as he reached up and scratched where the two scars were on the left side of his face, that curved under his blue eye.

As he slowly turned in circle looking a the whole place around him, the dog tags around his neck jingled lightly and a small ray of light reflected off of them for a second then faded. His metal rods remained silent as the were stuck through his belt loop in the back of his pants and crossed each other like an X. In that position they were easy to grab and because of there smooth surfaces they were easy to pull from their place. As he finished his full circle he stood still once again and looked at it all again, he then stepped forward and down a hallway and walked into his certain fate of meeting with the others. His vest, that was torn up at the bottom, fluttered as we walked.

He walked with a killers grace, silent, steady, unfaltering and deadly. He soon figured out which room it was from the heavy bickering and the familiar voices. He stopped at the doors and cracked his neck. He then pushed the door open and looked at all the faces and the memories flooded back in. He saw as the bickering came to stand still as the bang from the door hitting the wall. He saw faces that instantly recognized his, some filled with hatred and disgust, other filled with fear and mistrust. And in the last few he could not define the feeling, he saw something different in there eyes. Defiance. He grinned in his twisted way before taking his seat amongst the other operatives.

[B]"So how are things with all of you? Any murder, mayhem and destruction in your lives?" [/B]He received no response, just glares and deadly looks. His grin grew and twisted more. He leaned forward and put his arms on the table as he looked to the leader of the group, well, as far as he remembered. He stared at Mycella for a few moments before speaking to her in his usual tone of power and unwaivering defiance.
"What is the reason we were called here. I'm sure the others here know but I still need to be told if it is worth my time and powers." [/B]She held her self up right, as if she was the most powerful in the room and she has the look all leaders should have. One of self-confidence and commanding presence. She spoke in a calm tone that only she could have pulled off when looking into the eyes of the King of Torture.
"Nightmare is back."[/B] Cain sat back in his chair, he had been caught off guard by that one. His mind started thinking about how it was possible for Nightmare to still be alive. He shook his mind and regained his composure. He sat up straight in his chair looked in Mycella in the eyes.
"Well, that is quite worth more time and powers. My services are yours, just don't get in my way."[/B] Mycella nodded, they all knew not to get in his way. Cain relaxed in his chair as he thought about the potential problems this could create, especially knowing that Nightmare was an evil far beyond even Cains standards. And Cain was sick and twisted beyond the human mentality. He remained in his thoughts as people whispered about the up coming problem for them all.[/SIZE]
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Mike was pulling at his right earlobe with his right hand and rubbing his left brow with his left hand. He kept figeting to try and keep his composure as best he could. It was like a bad dream. The chills wouldn't stop going down his spine. Then of course, of all people, Cain made his traditional boastful entry. He was still one to demand authority when he walked into a room. But Mike was a bit too distracted to think about him at the moment. The only thing that had let him sleep easy after all these years was the thought that Nightmare was dead and gone, so this was kind of a shock to the system.

Cain made his way to a chair and Mike watched him take his seat. Mike looked up to him [B]"Welcome back."[/B]

Cain just smirked back [B]"Well, if it isn't ice boy. Surprised to see you here. I thought you'd be dead by now."[/B]

Mike just returned his smirk [B]"Now why ever would you think that?"[/B]

Cain leaned forward [B]"You just always struck me as a coward. What with being as weak as you are."[/B]

Mike leaned forward to meet him [B]"Now is that anyway to greet your old friend."[/B]

Cain laughed [B]"Sorry, we're not friends."[/B]

Finally Mycella Jumped in to stop them before they started in on each other. They were never on the best of terms, but the years of seperation had not helped things. Mike was not as confrontational as Cain or Xero or Mycella or even Rhaine for that matter. Cain saw this almost timid nature as a sign of weakness, so this put Mike on a rather bad note with him. Once more, this wasn't even the worst of them yet. Nanashi still wasn't here. And even if Mycella trusted him, that didn't mean Mike or anyone else did. But when dealing with Nightmare and the chaos, there is no other way then to rely on his power to help guide them through.

Mike rose from his seat and made his way for the door [B]"I'll be preparing myself for the trip back overseas."[/B]

And with that he took his leave from the others who were still discussing amongst themselves.
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*f-ing great... Nightmare. And the penultimate toady, Dark Curse. Well... I havent been to London yet... HAH! yet.*
"Well, I dont want to cause anybody alarm, but, we may be stronger than before, but through the years, our teamwork hasn't really been 'top notch', ya know? Me and Mike, yeah, me and him can cause some damage, but what will happen if my sis here gets a bit to worked up for her own good, and causes more explosions than I can put out?"
Marcus laughs a bit as Mycella punches him in the arm.
"Hell, anyone in here can vouch for that being the truth! Anyways, I wanted to spent some time with everyone, and have a nice little get-together, but, as it is, people of our group are ready to resort to cannibalism just to get out. And in so saying, I am going to go to bed. After I look up some good pubs in London."
As Marcus stands to go, with an idiotic grin on his face, he stops, puts his hands on the table, and starts to shake, grin turning into a grimace.
"Marcus?! Whats wrong?!" - Mycella
He shakes a bit more, and then stands up.
"We need to get to London. [U]Quickly.[/U] The oceans are becoming troubled with the new moon. The problem is, the moon is going to be a blood red when we get to see Nightmare again."
As Marcus turns to go, the door slides open, and is greeted by the floor rising up to meet his face.
*This isnt good.*
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Gabriel shot Cain with a very cold stare, some deeds from the past filled him with such hatred for Cain. He couldn't shake the feeling that somehow Cain was going to get them all killed in one way or another. [COLOR="DarkRed"]"I didn't know they let animals in this sector."[/COLOR] Gabriel said abruptly. Cain cracked his knuckles as his twisted grin turned to an angry frown. [COLOR="Red"]"It would be wise of you to keep your mouth shut boy. You don't want a repeat of last time."[/COLOR] Cain said coldly. Gabriel rolled his eye's as he stood up to leave. [COLOR="DarkRed"]"You may have everyone else cowering in fear, but I refuse. All you are is rusting pile of scrap metal, weak and unreliable. Your not even worth a bullet!"[/COLOR] Gabriel shouted boiling with rage. He tossed his chair against the wall and walked out of the room.

Gabriel walked into his room to pack up for London. [COLOR="DarkRed"][I]"Who does he think he is.. Showing his face after what had happened."[/I][/COLOR] Gabriel thought to himself.

OoC: I just wanted to make it so my character holds the utmost feeling of hatred toward Cain. I will reveal what happened in the past sometime later in the RPG.[/B]
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[COLOR="Magenta"]Mitsuru noticed how mad Gabriel. She sighed and said, "Looks like even some of us have enemies amoungst the others." She giggled and stood up. She walked down the hall and saw Gabrie leaving his rooml. Mitsuru walked up to him said, "Seems like you're not afraid of Cain."
Still in rage, Gabriel shouted, "Well hell I'm not afraid of him!"
Mitsuru wasn't scared when Gabriel shouted at her but just smiled and said, "Cain is someone that has tough times. I know for a fact that even if I am afraid of him, that somewhere deep down Cain wants to be normal. I know that being afraid Cain can bring out the worst in me but I never give up hope."
Gabriel noticed that he had shouted at Mitsuru and said, "Sorry about shouting at you. I didn't mean to. I guess that I can't stand him. You know? There are times where he is just the worst."
"I know. He just wants to be normal. We all do. Sometimes I feel like I'm completely different from everyone else and it makes me scared. Then there are other times where I feel a connection with someone. Like you."
At this, Gabriel blushed a little but it disappeared quickly.

"Well, I have to go get packing. See ya' in London." Mitsuru waved goodbye and headed down the hall to her dorm. She opened her suitcase and started to pack all of the clothes that could fit. At the top, she placed her special picture. It was a picture of her parents. [I]Don't worry mom, dad, I will return safely this time. I know I will. I sometimes do. I hope that everything is all right up there. I'm sorry that I can't visit you this year. I have a mission that I must complete. So, I'm very sorry. I hope that I can still see you before the cherry blossoms fall. I'll make you a promise. I promise to come back.[/I] Mitsuru thought to herself and as she continued to pack.[/COLOR]
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Everyone started to feel a cold chill flow through their hearts as if someone had frozen their souls. At first they didn't notice but when they did, they didn't realize what it was. They started to look around the rooms they were in. The one's that were out of the meeting room rushed in.

Marcus looked around aimlessly. "What is it? I'm not the only one who feels this, right? Like... Like-"

"Like all the happiness left your heart and soul..." Cella spoke with an expression of anxiousness. "He's here..."

The back corner started to mist over as if the light was running away. The darkness seemed to fill the corner til it was no longer visible. The darkness seemed as if flowing through the air like water. As everyone stared at the swirling mass of darkness, a shadowy figure stepped forth. As everyone laid eyes on the figure their cold chills turned to ice. As the figure fully stepped out of the shadow they could see an evil tattoo glowing bright on his back. The tattoo was that of the Grim Reaper, the angel of death; for this figure was Nanashi de Morte...the one that everyone was dreading to see again. His name meant 'No name of death" for he was seen as death itself. The man was in a dark hooded cloak, nothing could be seen beneath its hood except for a single glowing dark red eye. He slowly removed the cloak revealing a weather beaten but fierce man; he looked around at everyone and slowly spoke with a deep chilling voice. "It was once said that within the shadow fear was born."

No one could speak, it was if their bodies were frozen in time. Mycella looked pale as he looked on her, she had grown since the last time he had seen her and she seemed to be in more control. "N-nanashi...welcome back. How was your time away from here?"

He spoke a single word, and said it with a cold smile. "Dark."
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Zane eyeballed Nanashi, it had been some time. As he looked arounf, they wera all distilled in fear. Zane, on the otherhand, was not. He knew too well the feelings in his heart were born of his own inner demons.

"Forgive my rude manners, but I need to prepare for the trip to London. Perhaps we may talk later, Nanashi?"

Nanashi says nothing in response.

"You haven't changed, I see." Zane shrugs, throwing up his hands. "I guess none of us have."

Nanashi only peered at Zane, saying nothing.

Just then another general steps in. "Poison Ivy, report to the training room. We need to have an accurate asessment of your skills. It has been..some time since you've been active at all."

Zane stands, and smiles. "Of course sir."

"Always smiling...even though you hate it." Nanashi smiles again.

Zane leaves without another word, and follows the man to the training room.

"Are you ready? The difficulty has been increased by seventy-five percent."

"I've dealt with weeds more difficult than this will ever be."


"Of course. I wouldn't be me otherwise."

Zane stepps into pitch darkness, before he hears whirring. The lights begin to turn on, and Zane sees he's in a barren wasteland. From behind him, he dodges, a metal whirling blade narrowly missing his head.

"Nice.... That was a little closer than normal.... Perhaps this will be fun."

He runs behind a rocky outcroppng, and he listens, before realizing the noise is gone. His eyes widen, and he ducks, raising a wall of vines from the ground with an upward sweep of his hands. Peices of this thorned vines fall around him, and Zane realizes this is much more than training, this is a life or death test.

"Standards are high as ever..." he mutters, before his eyes, usually so livly and bright, deaden, his expression a mix of anger and cold ruthlessness.

He jets out, just as the rock explodes, and he lands on his feet, and slams his hands on the ground, allowing monstrous blooms to form, their dark outer side looking grossly slimey, as they part, revealing monstrous teeth. A robot advances on Zane, and the plants uproot themselves before launching themselves at the attacking droids. There are loud craking and munching noises, before a very loud and audible [I]gulp[/I] ensues. Zane smiles, that part of the attack was over, the monsterous flowers wilted and died, allowing more fluing mettal blades to attack. Much larger versions of the exploding flower he had used to light his cigar emerge now, the bright orange and red blossoms parting their pettals, to reveal flames. The metal strikes them, and loud explosions ensue. Then, a robot latches onto Zane, and he whirls, trying to get it off. he flings it away, and he launches a full scale assault, he brins his arm in, and thrusts it forward at the robot attacks.

Wooded brankches peirce the robot, coming from within Zane himself.Shaking off the remains of the robot, everything darkens, and the vines retract into his sleeve.

"Well done. Agility, finesse, efficient use of abilities... high scores on all."

Zane fixed his sleeve, and smiled, back to normal. "Of course. I was trained by the best after all.
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[FONT="Garamond"][SIZE="3"][COLOR="Navy"]Rhaine had been seated quickly in her chair thinking mostly to herself. The group grew larger as time past as more of her comrades showed up. As she watched as the group interacts with each other she realized that this was not going to be a good trip to London. [i]We have a lot to prepare for and not much time. I knew this was not going to be good.[/i]

As people where starting to leave to pack for London she felt a cold feeling about her. Rhaine gulped and thought what Mycella had said, that Nanashi had arrived. A twisting and retched feeling hit her hard in her stomach. Nanashi exchanged words with Mycella and Zane. Afterwards Zane excused himself and left with the General for training.

[i]I should most likely leave as well; I should plan and get things I need ready. Not that I need much.[/i] Rhaine stood up from her chair ?It was very nice to see al of you again, but if you excuse me I must see that I am ready to go to London. I will see the rest of you later.? Rhaine turned and headed the door and to her room.

As she entered her room she looked at the plain interior. Out loud she spoke to herself ?This room could use a little dressing up.? With a blink of her eyes the room changed to a maroon colored walls with imperial trim around the ceiling. A large maple coloured wardrobe stood on the sidewall, with a matching desk and bed frame. She took her katanas and leaned them against the wall and took her side arm and placed it on a small nightstand next to the bed. Rhaine sat down in the middle of the bed cross-legged and closed her eyes. With a deep breath and than exhaled she began to mediate. [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
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[COLOR="DarkRed"]Alex was in his room, packing for his trip to London. He'd rather be doing this then hanging around near Nanashi de Morte.[B]"This will be great fun."[/B] He changed out of his uniform and put on his civilian clothes. He put his uniform in his bag. He looked at the bear tatoo on his arm. He remembered what the man said when he had it done. [I][B]"The bear, symbol of strength, your strength lies in the stone."[/B][/I] Each one of them had a different prayer.

He walked over to a shelf and pulled something off it. Alex opened his hand to reveal three Dog Tags. He put his on and put the three in the bag. They belonged to his friends who were killed in active service.

He put in a CD and picked up his guitar and played along with the song, Lake Bodom. Half way through the song he heard his guitar get out of tune. He checked it, it was fine. He knew what the problem was. He walked over to the wall and hit it. [B]"Cut it out, thats not funny Yuki." "Sorry"[/B] Her room was next to his. He went back to playing music til it was time to go when someone came in.

The informant looked at thier clipboard. [B]"Alex Montroy. Report to training." "I need training to?"[/B] Alex remembered how bad he was controling his poweres. [B]"I think that might be a good idea. Lead the way lieutenant."[/B] Someone else was already there, but Alex disregarded them. He had his own training to worry about.

The training started. Several large disks came shooting toward him. Alex lifted his hand and stone spikes impailed them before they hit him. Several smaller disks followed. He drew his revolver and unloaded on them. He missed one, it drew closer to his face. A giant hand swatted it out of the way. Behind Alex stood a Stone Golem. Sweat was visible on Alex's forehead. It takes a lot of concentration to hold the formation together. The Lieutenant stoped the training seeing Alex wasn't feeling good. Alex walked back to his room with a smile, [B]"Got out of there easy enough."[/B][/COLOR]
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