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RPG Meteo City 2 (*HV3*)


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[i]In a lab, situated on the outskirts of Meteo City, the fireworks being to shoot from the centeral park and people celebrate like crazy...but Chole...he's working the night hours there, watching TV and working on a piece of machinery...as the clock hits midnight, he falls asleep...[/i]


Chole: Zzzzzz


Chole: Zzzzzzz

[i]A woman, dressed in a small lab coat walks to Chole and taps him on the back of the head. He sits straight up on the lab table and looks at her.[/i]

Ten: Chole....:rolleyes: Are you tired...?

Chole: Sorta...*Puts down the equipment he was working on last night.*

Ten: Hey, don't sweat it...okay?

Chole: Sorry...*smacks head on table*

Ten: Nah, it's new years...C'mon...don't be so hard on yourself...go and have some fun outside....

Chole: *Gets up* Thanks...ummm...

Ten: The name's Ten...I just started working here...

Chole: That's cool...*shakes hands with her*

Ten: I'll clean up and everything, I usually don't celebrate the New Year...often. Get outta here...

Chole: Am I fired...?

Ten: No, no...nothing like that....you're off now...see ya tomorrow...

Chole: Oh, I see...I'll see you...

[i]Chole takes his backpack and pulls out 2 odd looking metallic shoes. He takes off his boots and sits down on the floor, unlatching the titanium and sealing it around his ankles. He stands up and kicks the floor to test them out...Those are his Blades, his custom made skates...he jumps up and the wheels materialize at the base. He spins around a couple of times...[/i]

Ten: Hehe...those are really nice...

Chole: Thanks....

Ten: Farewell...

[i]Chole puts on his backpack and skates out through the sliding door entrance...he picks up speed, faster and faster...he skates onto the highway, catching up with various cars honking their horns at him...

He looks up and sees all the fireworks and neon colored lights coming from the center of the city.[/i]

Chole: Stunning...simply...stunning...

[i]"For the first time ever, my New Years, alone...without my parents or family. It was exciting, and a bit painful. I had no one, except my Techie group back at the lab. As I Blade around Meteo City, I sensed something new, something exciting. As I would eventually find out...that premonition of mine, would eventually become a reality..."[/i]

*Chole exits off the main highway and heads towards Centeral Park...where the party begins to rest...as he nears the park, he notices all the lights are coming from the Colored Pool that radiates light from underneath. He looks around and sees all the trash the people left, some people still having a good time...and the statue of Raynor Dune...*

[i]"Meteo City's finest hero...as I walk up to him, looking at his description and his face, it reminded me of something, someone...yet, I couldn't remember...oh well. I guess I could take a breather here in the park for now...the night still has its youth."[/i][/COLOR]
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[color=indigo][i]Night stares at the fireworks. He thinks how spectacular they are, better and better every year. He wishes that the girl on his arm would just go away, he would rather be alone, watching the fireworks in silence while he was floating through the sky.

[/i]"(thinking: What is her name again...Jill no Jen, something like that)"

[i]Turning to the girl, he realizes how beautiful she is.[/i]

"(thinking: I wonder if she is a Hybrid, maybe she has some deer or gazelle in her...)

[i]He realizes that if he is going to slip away, he has to do it now or he'll be stuck with the girl all morning. Telling her (he still cannot recall her name) that he will be right back Night heads toward the restrooms in the crowded club. In the empty mens room Night heads toward the window. He opens the window and leaps out, gliding to the empty alley several floors below.

Heading home he passes the statue of Raynor Dune. Not paying attention to where he is going, Night doesn't notice the skater and walks right in to him. [/i]

Night-"excuse me..." [i] but the skater, who is already skateing away, doesn't hear him.[/i]

"(thinking: He must be lost in his own thoughts as well)"[/color]
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[COLOR=darkblue][i]Chole looks up[/i]

Chole: Hey...

Night: Yeah?

Chole: Happy new years...

Night: Thanks...I think...umm...yeah...who are you.

Chole: A stranger...name's Chole.

Night: Hi...Chole...name's Night...having a good time?

Chole: Sorta, how good was the show?

Night: You tell me...

Chole: I wasn't here...

Night: It was...*thinks about girl* beautiful...

Chole: heh, too bad I missed it...

[i]Night tries to see if Chole is a hybrid or not...[/i]

Night: Hmmm...

Chole: What is it?

Night: I know you're a hybrid...but you don't seem like one to my eyes.

Chole: Oh...I'm a Dragon...

Night: Really? That's rare blood you have in you...

Chole: You too...Eagle...

Night: You seem to know your hybrids...

Chole: I sure do...

Night: *Looks at watch* It's getting late...the police are gonna clean up the place we should leave...

Chole: I guess so...

[i]Chole picks up his pack and jumps up, he starts skating around the park with Night until they reach the edge...[/i]

Night: Well, this place is a big one...it's not likely that I'll see you again...

Chole: Perhaps...well, nice meeting you...Night...

[i]They part ways and Chole heads back to his apartment, not too far off from the Centeral Park...[/i]

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[COLOR=royalblue][i]Iris ran her fingers through her hair slowly......then turned to the little girl standing next to her.[/i]

Iris: Do you like the fireworks Rena?

Rena: Yeah! Theyr'e so pretty! Just like you.

Iris: :blush: Oh stop it. You're winding me up.

Rena: Hehe, I know. :D Why do you work with us?

Iris: It's my job *shrug* I work with you girls because it's fun. And it's so rewarding to hear you and the girls laugh. *tickeles her ear*

Rena: :laugh: Agh!

[i]Later, Rena fell asleep and Iris carried her inside and put her down on the beds, then looked at the other two girls in her care.[/i]

Iris: *sigh* Rena, Mirabel, and Toki. All hybrids.......all abandoned. Sometimes I wish I wasn't myself. *clicks lights off* Goodnight girls.

[i]She walked out, biding goodnight to the caretaker at the door. As she passed through the streets, she watched all of the people passing by, then sat down on a bench in the center of the park.[/i][/COLOR]
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[b][size=1][i]As Chole speed along, something with blue, yellow, and black markings hammered him over, and cruized steadily, not affected by the crash. It ran with infinate grace, straight as an arrow, but it had a long tail. It was about eight feet tall, maybe 12 feet long.[/i]

Chole: Woah.. What the Hell is that? Musta been goin' 70 miles per hour.... Weird.

[i]Chole stood, and jumped at the sudden movement beneath him. He screeched loudly, but sighed foolishly, as he saw that it was only his blood. He thought for a second, face blank. That same face twisted into pure confusion. Chole reached upwards, and touched his cheek. A solid, three-inch slice went down his left cheek. He looked at the blood on his fingers, and stared hard. His eyes narrowed into small, worried slits. Sweat began to collect on his wrinkled brow, as he sped forward again...[/i]


[i]Alpha hummed along, transformed. His raptor claws were a blur along the paved sidewalk, as he swiftly ducked into an allyway , body twisting fluidly. He stood perfectly still, staring hard at the people on the street, looking around, bewildered. He was hunting. He suddenly felt indifferent, and changed to his normal self. In a quick blur of his body, with no motion, he changed. A noraml kid. He walked that night, and didn't use his birthright, his abilities, his curse...[/i][/size][/b]
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[COLOR=royalblue]Iris: Hey! Are you okay?

Chole: Huh? Oh, yeah, I'm fine.

Iris: Let me see.

[i]She walked over to him and touched his bloddy face. Moving her long fingers over his wounds, she pressed down hard, and they stopped bleeding.[/i]

Chole: Thankx. Hey......are you a hybrid?

Iris: *transforms into a white tailed deer* Yes I am. *detransforms* My name is Iris.

Chole: I'm Chole. It's nice to meet you.

Iris: Ditto. Well, goodnight Chole, I hope we meet again.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=darkblue]Chole: *Looks around* wait...where am I going? The other way? I must've been knocked out a whole lot...

[i]A young girl spots Chole and stands up[/i]

"Excuse me..."

Chole: Huh?

"Are you okay?"

Chole: Yeah...I guess...

"Here, let me tend to that wound of yours..."

[i]She gets out a white cloth from her pocket and wipes away his bloody cheek.[/i]

Chole: Thanks...umm..what's your name?


Chole: Hi, Iris...

Iris: What happened?

Chole: I don't know...something hit me, hard...not far away...

Iris: *Looks around* Well, there's no cars around...and theres no one here except...you and me...

Chole: Wait...

[i] Chole points to a dark area of grass nearby. Iris looks closer and sees a child there walking around...[/i]

Iris: Oh...

Chole: Hey, wait for me...

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[I]Warlock walked through the park, in a complete police uniform. Messages relayed through his head-mike and speakers.[/I]

[I]Warlock:[/I] [I]Boy is this a busy night...[/I]

[I]Warlock noticed two teenagers, obviously drunk. They turned to two younger children, and immediatly started hitting them. Quickly withdrawing his gun, Warlock raced to the scene.[/I]

Warlock: "Stop it!"

[I]The dunks noticed Warlock, and withdrew guns of their own.[/I]

Warlock: "Put the guns down!"

Drunk1: "And what're you...going ta do abowt it?"

Warlock: "Put them down now!"

[I]Suddenly, the second drunk pointed his gun at the two younger children, and was starting to pull the trigger.[/I]

Warlock: "Noooo!"

[I]The gun sped out of the drunkard's hand, as if pulled to some magnitic force. It landed swiftly in Warlock's hands.[/I]

Drunk2: "What twe fu**?"

[I]The other gun spun out of it's owner's hand, and landed at Warlock's feet.[/I]

Warlock: "This is Warlock. Two drunkard's near the Dune statue. Arrest needed."

[I]Warlock watched as two officers appeared half a minute later, and dragged the drunkards off with them. After calming down the children, Warlock walked up to the Raynor Dune statue, and took in it's sheer size.[/I]

Warlock: "It looks so...familiar. And his last name is Dune...same as mine. And it does say he could do amazing things...just like I did just before...maybe we are related some way..."

[I]Warlock turned on the statue, and continued his patrol...[/I]
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Ten sat on a rooftop, smiling as she stared at the fireworks above. Her wings were folded against her back, giving her a sort of angellic appearance. "It's so pretty..." she said out loud, before glancing down at the sound of a scuffle. She blinked. "Police? Huh? What the?" The hybrid tilted her head, before shrugging a bit. "'Snone of my business. Oh well." n_n "Hee...everybody's so hyper tonight!"
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[color=indigo][i] As Chole and Night go there seperate ways, Night thinks about the fireworks and how complicated all the prepartion must be. He doesn't walk far when he sees something coming at him incredibly fast. He leaps up in the air and barely dodges the speedy object. The sheer speed knocks Night back to the ground.[/i]

(thinking-I hope Chole doesn't run into that thing....)[/color]
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[COLOR=darkblue][i]Iris walks over to the child...[/i]

Iris: Are you lost...

Liam: Of course not, why?

Iris: I voulunteer at an orphanage nearby the park...

Liam: I'm not an orphan...

[i]Chole comes running down...[/i]

Chole: If I knew that you couldn't blade well in the grass, I'd be here long ago...huh?

Iris: Hi Chole, so we meet again...

Chole: Not really, I was here the entire time...

Liam: You look, familiar...

Chole: I've never seen you before...

Liam: Nevermind...

Iris: Do you two have a place to go?

Chole/Liam: Of course I do!

Iris: Sorry...well, I have to tend to the kids...they really need me...

Liam: Okay...bye...

[i]Liam runs off.[/i]

Chole: *Stares at Liam...* Hey...

[i]Chole looks around to see Iris, gone...[/i]

Chole: Nevermind...

[i]He runs to the paved surface of the park and jumps up. He blades away...

"Hmm, I wonder if I'll see them again..."[/i][/COLOR]
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A young male walk down a deserted street. Seemingly in his 20's, he runs swiftly down, his feet making very little sound. His long silver hair waves in the wind, as he looks around keenly.

Ralvenar: They should be here by now!

Suddenly, an engine can be heard. Ralvenar runs into an alley, shadowed from view. The car halts, and two men walk from the car. Ralvenar rounds the corner again, with two daggers drawn, each curved like a small katana, with strange markings on it.

Thug1: Well, if it isn't the elf boy!

Thug2: Step aside boy, we got business to take care of!

Ralvenar: Then your not the only one!

Ralvenar dives forward, arms extended. He jumps straight through the middle of the two thugs, then puts his daggers away. The heads of the two thugs suddenly fall off as the bodies collapse to the floor. Ralvenar stores the bodies in the boot, then steals their car, and drives off.

Ralvenar: Now to get this car to the crusher, and give their heads to their boss!
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[COLOR=royalblue]Iris: *bangs open doors* Rena!

Rena: :sleep:

Iris: Damn...that girl could sleep through a full on invasion...

Rena: *wakes up* Is it morning yet?

Iris: Not...exactly....I need your help.

Rena: *stands up* Okay. What do I do?

Iris: Transform into your hybrid form and follow me.

Rena: Okay...

[i]In an instant, Rena's body melted and writhed, and immediatly, a small puma was standing in front of Iris. She growled happily, and followed Iris downstairs.[/i]

Rena: Where are we going?

Iris: We are going to look for somebody important.

Rena: Oo...who?

Iris: You'll see.[/COLOR]
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Ralvenar pulls up the car next to the crusher.

Tony: A stiff in the trunk I guess?

Ralvenar: Two actually....... maybe now they won't try bullying my family.

Tony: Well, best of luck to ya, and happy new year.

Ralvenar: Heppy new Year to you also.

With that, Ralvenar sped off into the night.
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[COLOR=royalblue]Iris: Are you tired Rena?

Rena: Yeha, but I'm fine. Did we find her yet?

Iris: No....I'm wondering if she's still in this city...

Rena: What's her name?

Iris: Siren. And if you're tired, detransform and ride.

Rena: Okay. *melts back into a human girl*

[i]Iris reached her hands towards the starlit sky, and her body lengthened and reformed into a huge white tailed deer with a ten pointed rack. She bent to the ground and let Rena climb onto her broad back, and cling to her thick tawny fur.[/i]

Rena: Okay...I'm ready.

Iris: Then we ride...[/COLOR]
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[i]Lynd was a hybrid. While hybrids, for the most part, were able to live peacefully alongside humankind, there were a select few which were constantly getting into trouble with the law. Lynd was one of these hybrids.

When he was only 10 years old, his mother had been killed by MCPD officers in cold blood. At the time, he was too young to understand why and now, at the age of 27, that memory seemed thousands of years old...

Lynd had never known his father and thus, had lived on the streets of Meteo City since his mother died. But tonight was a very different night, a night which would change his life forever...

Lynd flattened himself against the wall of the fruit shop. He looked nervously in both directions, his ears twitching. He was a strange hybrid, perhaps more animal than human. His long, reddish-brown ears twitched from side to side, preparing to alert him to the presence of danger...

He carefully peered around the side of the wall and saw two MCPD officers talking by the fruit stand. One of them was tall and wiry looking, while the other was short and round.[/i]

Short Cop: I'm amazed that we haven't had more trouble tonight...being New Year's and all.

[i]The tall cop patted his forehead with a handkerchief, he had spent the entire night confiscating liquor from underage drinkers and as a result, he smelled like he'd been drinking for weeks on end.[/i]

Tall Cop: Speak for youself! Those damn kids...no respect for authority. *sigh* Oh well, it seems like the place is clearing up. Most of the kids have gone home...

Short Cop: Yeah, you look pretty run down...how about a coffee?

Tall Cop: Sure thing! But let me take this jacket off, it smells disgusting...

[i]The two cops laughed and walked down the street and around the corner, out of view.

Now was his chance.

Lynd reached down and puts his hands on either side of his sneakers. These sneakers had been given to him by a friend, and they had been invaluable to Lynd. He placed his index fingers up against the sides of the sneakers, and sat them inside shallow grooves. The grooves proceeded to glow bright green for just a moment and then they emitted a quiet "beep".

Lynd stood up again and closed his eyes -- it was important to concentrate if the sneakers were to work properly. Within seconds, Lynd's body started to dissappear. He raised his right hand and saw only thin air -- the shoes had worked.

Very slowy, Lynd crept past the front window of the fruit store. He bent down and opened his jacket. He then started scooping fruit from the stand into his jacket pocket -- quietly, so as not to alert suspicion.

When he had finished stealing the fruit, Lynd slowly crept back to the dark alley to the side of the store.

He reached down and tapped his sneakers once more, which flashed red momentarily. He was now visible again.

But just as Lynd turned to walk down the alley from which he came, a dark figure stepped out infront of him.[/i]

Dark Man: Ahh, so there you are Lynd.

Lynd: What? Get out of my way!

[i]Lynd pushed at the dark figure, who didn't move at all. The dark figure reached into his pocket and pulled out a small tube of glowing purple liquid.[/i]

Lynd: W-what's that? What are you doing?!

Dark Man: Sshh, this might hurt a little...

[i]The dark figure popped the cap of the tube and squeezed it. The glowing purple liquid sprayed all over Lynd.[/i]

Lynd: Agghh!!!

[i]Lynd howled in pain and dropped the fruit from his coat. He sunk to his knees on the ground, feeling around with his hands; he couldn't see.

All Lynd could remember in the moments after the meeting with the stranger was the pain in his eyes and the cold, damp texture of the pavement in the alleyway...

Slowly, the blurriness faded and Lynd could see. He was strapped down to a bed, at the end of a small, white room. All the curtains had been drawn except for those on the window closest to his bed. Red light streamed in through the glass from the security light on the building opposite.

Lynd's head ached...he couldn't move or talk...

He lifted his head weakly and peered around the room, squinting to get a better view of his dark surroundings.

What he saw horrified him; diagrams of hybrids who's bodies had been taken apart for experimental surgery, photographs of young hybrid children wearing all sorts of harsh, metallic contraptions and perhaps most horrific of all, the head of a young hybrid boy sitting in a glass jar at the end of the room, preserved with a clear liquid.

If Meteo City had a dark underbelly, this was certainly it. What had he stumbled upon? Who was doing this to the hybrids and what could they possibly hope to achieve?

Lynd heard talking in the corridor next to his room. He pretended to be asleep as he heard the whole thing, in its gruesome entirety...[/i]

(Uh, I got a bit carried away there lol. I hope that's not too long...someone can pick up from this if they want.

Rico, if this doesn't fit in with the story at all...that's okay, I can edit it or something. Hopefully someone can continue this scene) :)
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siren: you're gonna have to be faster than that if you want to get me

aerin: *pant, pant* hey... that's not fair... no powers...

siren: :laugh: ok ok... you caught me... i thought you missed it! your sharp for a newbie... lets break... coffe?

aerin: ummm... i gotta help granda ma... sorry...see ya tomarrow...

siren: fine... i'll go myself...

she spread 6' wings and took off heading for the cafe...


raiha? meet me somewhere
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[i]As Chole blades towards his apartment, he stops on the sidewalk for a small breather...

"My head still hurt that night...as morning came, I realized that I hadn't had breakfast yet.."

Chole looks around to find a small fruit stand nearby.

"So I decided to buy some...little did I know what kinda stuff had happened here a few hours before..."

Chole takes out some pocket change and asks the storekeeper for some fruit...[/i]

Chole: Hey, can I get this?

Man: Sure thing...

[i]He grabs a pack of bananas and gives it to Chole in exchange for his §.50[/i]

Chole: Thanks!

[i]"As I walked out of that store, I opened the door, of course, I touched the handle and I paused for a short moment..."[/i]

Chole: *GASP! Chole lets out a breath of ice, freezing the door partway.*

Man: Hey! If you're gonna practice using that breath of yours, take it outside!

[i]"I left the store...but something came over my mind as I touched that door...I witnessed some kind of ambush, with someone getting sprayed, me...but in someone else's eyes. It was strange. But I thought nothing of it...and headed home..."[/i][/COLOR]
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Rico, Sere Tuscumbia was right. I'm the only Raptor, so yo and Raiha were talking to me. Oh, well. I'm going to change my name here at otaku, but I'm sure you'll reconnise me. Hmm.... WB. I'll post something as soon as I think of something.
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