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The Survivors' Stories


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[b]Journal of Michael Kalis[/b]
August 5th, 2007

The countdown to school has officially begun. Really not looking forward to it, but then again, it’s my senior year, so at least I’ll have all sorts of adventures to look forward to. Mary and I are still going strong, and her problems with ‘indifference’ and ‘cold emotions’ have been getting better ever since we talked about it. Still hasn’t dropped that L-bomb, damn it. Oh well, I can feel it’s coming soon, I’ve already caught a few ‘subconscious’ slips. I feel it in my bones.

I totally found some DJ Q-Bert and Mix Master Mike jam sessions on YouTube today and I still can’t stop listening to them. Guys are amazing. Starting to regret that I ever bought a guitar instead of getting some turntables. Shit…. Anyways, on the news front, those riots are getting worse and worse across the country, apparently. All over the news and radio, talking about how it’s apparently a strange form of ‘food poisoning rather than actual riots that are driving people to become delusional, like on a bad acid trip. I hope it’s not like the fucking bagged spinach again, that was a pain in the ass without having worked in the food service industry, hah.

Maybe if it gets ‘scary enough’, as the mass of humanity usually is in the wake of a nasty food fuck up, school’ll get put off a little while so they can make sure they ain’t serving us lunch with a side of dope. Extended summer and all that. Speaking of the food industry, I gotta talk to Nitza and George about setting me up on dinner shifts when school starts. I need the dough, especially in the coming senior year.

Finally started Muay Thai and BJJ today. Once again, as I knew it would, I had my ass handed to me by the work out. I swear to God it’s the hardest shit I’ve ever lived through. Hopefully I’ll build up some tolerance and get me some muscle. I’m sure once I’m even more badass it will have paid off. Maybe I won’t have to kick Anthony’s ass when school starts back up, maybe he’ll be afraid of me. I doubt that. Good, haha. I havn’t had a good fight since I left Manning.

God I miss my homies back in Manning… I miss them more than I thought I would.

‘til tomorrow.


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[size=1][b][size=2]September 3, 2007[/size]
[i]8:11 AM EST[/i][/b]

Hey diary, it's Alex again, sorry for neglecting you. I’m typing this while in a lecture (frontiers of science is an absolute bitch that needs to die) – I moved into Columbia in late August. I’ve got so much to tell you about, wow. Let’s start from the beginning of orientation.

So orientation week was basically a bunch of partying and meeting cute girls. For instance, last Thursday I hung out with Henna and a group of her friends. Long story short, I ended up at her place (no room mate, haha) and hooked up while drunk. Can’t remember a lot after that point, except that I stumbled out in the morning before she woke up. Don’t judge me, diary, I’m a teenager abusing his newfound freedom – and it just so happens that there’s a lot of hot females here who happen to think I’m somewhat attractive as well. Fun times, diary. Fun times indeed.

I was chatting with Hedryn post-classes today about the situation in Manhattan. Get this – Mayor Bloomberg declared a state of emergency and locked down Manhattan. It’s more or less a police state at this point. Due to the rioting nationwide, he’s trying to stop shit from getting out of hand. No one is allowed in or out of Manhattan. Traffic, bridges, subways, nothing leaves or comes in. There’s a 10 o’clock PM curfew. At least there’s no rioting, none of that weird poisoning shit or anything.

Wish me luck on the girls. I’m going to try to get Hedryn to join in on the fun, maybe set him up with a cute gal. He’s a really nice guy, I don’t want to set him up with some bimbo.

Or do I?

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[RIGHT][COLOR="Black"][FONT="Garamond"]September 5th, 2007
9:15 p.m. P.S.T.[/FONT][/COLOR][/RIGHT]

[COLOR="DarkOrchid"][FONT="Times New Roman"]That landlady I had, Anne, she's been found. Although it would've been better if she'd stayed lost. She lost her baby, she lost her mind, she's lost her humanity. I took one look at her, and subsequently flipped out. I've just pulled over at a rest stop on the 5 North. Don't ask me why I've decided to go camping up beyond the Tejon pass, but I don't think I want to know anything more about what I've left behind. Actually, a few days with just me, my car, and this beef jerky I've got here may very well be the break I need to help me get a handle on things. I think that'll help really. Just me, the sand, the sun, and at night? Coyotes and bats. Lots of those. Right now I'm listening to that old Christian death metal that people called 'devil music' back in the day. Don't judge, it's good driving music, and when it's just me and the 5, I can listen to whatever the hell I want.

I've loaded up my trunk with what I need, and I'll manage as best I can. I've been keeping my ear to the ground on the rest, keeping in contact with a friend who would know about how the riots are spreading, and he's getting more than worried too. I offered to take him with me, but the pussy won't leave. His loss. I'm going to the high desert, probably Nevada. Nobody there to riot. If I can make it to Wyoming I'll park my ass there for awhile. I can put my set back, lock the doors, and crash for a few hours once I find an obscure road in another few hours. Maybe I'll even make myself a camp fire, and roast something. Assuming I can catch it.

I'm afraid, and I'm not sure why. I haven't felt fear this irrational since I went diving in Hawaii and nearly got taken out by that moray eel. Maybe I'm just overreacting, which is most likely the case. But my first impulse is flight, and so far it's served me well. Let's just hope that she's the only one showing up acting like an animal. I don't think I could hack it if I lost anyone else.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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August 5th, 2007

So today I finally got an iPhone. It was great, see a bunch of guys were rioting at the summit out on Highway 280. So I was like, shooooooot, I want some of that. First I went to Starbucks and bought a double shot espresso and took it with a multi-vitamin and an excedrin. Why did I get hopped up on stimulants you ask? Cause I couldn't do this in my right mind. So I ran into the Apple Store, jumped the genius bar, and went straight for the store room. The nerds behind the bar couldn't stop me because I was too eccentric and also because the police were dealing with the other rioters in Old Navy and Publix. So I grabbed the boxed product and went running. 3 hours later I was listening to Weezy on my new iPhone and watching youtube.

I still haven't talked to Susan in a minute, and honestly I'm getting the itch to go ahead and tell her my best friend's cheating. Honestly, it won't benefit me because I kept my mouth shut for so long, but I've been loosing sleep over this lately and shit, I'm tired.

So to go along with my new iPhone, I decided to hit up Marty's and buy some new shoes and a few polos, of course when I got there, the glass was knocked out of the window and people were running out with stuff. So I tucked my new iPhone under my car seat and ran into Marty's. I'm mad cause half the shit I picked up doesn't fit me, but I know some people who I could sell it to.

I think I'm gonna chill at the crib tonight. If J calls, I'm going to let him know that I'm about to fuck up his wet dream, if Susan calls, I'm gonna break her heart. Oh well, la vita y bella.

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[SIZE="1"]Journal of Hedryn Darrell
August 26th, 2007

[I]Christmas break of '98 just flipped me upside down, one coast now to the other, followin' the sound. Headed west to get the best of what we all knew then...[/I]

Yellowcard - Rock Star Land. Though Key was on his way to California to start Yellowcard's career when he wrote this song, it completely understand the emotion of this song as I sit on the train, looking out at the blinding landscape, on my way to New York City to start my college career. At least Xander's with me, I'd hate to be thrown into NYC without anyone I could count on. It's overcast outside. Heh, I do love it, must be some weird personality quirk.

Everything's so strange. These riots aren't stopping, and unlike what seems like 95 percent of the population, I'm not oblivious enough to let it go. Maybe it's the combination of what seems like weeks of dark weather and this strange news, but I have the very bad feeling that something is going down. Something that just can't be good. I hope it's just my usual paranoia, but this seems weird. The whole world seems on edge, if that makes sense at all. It's like the whole world has gone Linkin Park (Meteora style, of course) on me. Don't get me wrong, I love Linkin Park. But it's getting a little Linkin Park + MCR, which isn't so good, you know?

I think Columbia will be great. I already met a ton of people there, and I'm glad there are plenty of other straightedges kids. Can't wait, orientation week'll be great. Plus NYC is rock-concert central, heck yes! I'll have to keep my eye on Xander, don't want him to kill himself. Teenagers these days, hah. Well, I'm still worried about what's happening to good old Earth, but at least I'll have another thousand supersmart Columbians to back me up if Manhattan gets locked-down or something psycho like that.

Exuent Escalus.[/SIZE]
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[b]Journal of Michael Kalis[/b]
September 11th, 2007

Changes, oh, changes. I can tell from my first days at school that senior year is either a.) gonna kick a lot of ass or b.) gonna kick a lot of my ass. A lot of anxiety is hitting me all of a sudden, the stress of getting my shit together before I graduate. I need to get into a decent college. Unlike my fair off internet friend, Alex, who just got into fucking Columbia College in Manhattan. Lucky bastard? well I guess luck had nothing to do with it. From what I hear he worked his ass off in school to get there. Good for him, heh. I fucking hate him for it though, made me feel a hell a lot of inadequacy. Due to my lack of interest, people at the ol? college board aren?t even gonna notice my ass. Despite the fact that I write, read, draw, and all other sorts of ?academic? shit in my past time, my God awful grades will make them just look over me. They?re soooo gonna think I?m a pot head or something.

Martial arts is still kicking my ass, but I love it so much. Maybe in a year or so I?ll get my first amateur fight, heh. Dreams carry me on, I suppose. Me and Mary are having fun, lots of fun. Still getting plenty of attention for the whole ?interracial? aspect of our relationship. That unfortunate fellow Anthony still hates me, but he still lacks the testicular fortitude to say anything to my face. Until he does, I have no respect for him. When he does, then maybe I?ll at least not think him a conniving ho anymore. I can only hope he?ll try to hit me, oh, that would be a gift from heaven. A reason to kick his ass, please God, just give me one.

Enough of worldly matters, in news today it has been revealed that nasty food poison isn?t food at all, but a strange form of mind-altering ?rabies? that effects the human mind while dehydrating the body. What. The. Hell. Bush and his cronies better pull this shit together. The last thing he needs is another mark against him on the presidential fuck-ups in history. Almost feel sorry for the bastard. Almost. Quarantines are spreading like wild fire everywhere, even in good old Columbia, SC. It looks like me and my family are gonna go up to Ft. Jackson tomorrow and get some tests taken to make sure we aren?t infected, and then get the papers so we can come and go freely.

They said that until this shit is over, we?re gonna have to get check ups on our state every two weeks. What. The. Fuck. Oh, well. At least we?ll all be a little safer. After the check up, good news, I got work tomorrow. (note for sarcasm). But money is what I need, and money is what I?m getting. Maybe I?ll pick up those Marvel Civil War trades that I?ve been eyeing for so long. Heh, that?ll be something good to take my mind off of all this shit.

?til tomorrow. [/color]

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[SIZE="2"][b][i]September 18th, 2007[/i][/b]

[b]I haven't slept in two days. A couple of nights ago I woke up and there was a man clawing at my sliding door. I called the cops and they got here quickly and took him away, but now it's like I don't feel safe in my own house anymore.

There's been more of these crazy outbreaks around the South Island, and I for one am starting to freak out. Reports of this mass epidemic are all over the internet and there are hundreds of videoed sightings of these crazed, infected people flooding YouTube. The government says New Zealand is at "low risk" of any kind of pandemic scenario; and that the incident is "being contained", but I've seen what's happening in the US. It's spreading, and it seems like they're having trouble keeping it under control. What scares me is our government hasn't grounded any flights or closed ports--Who knows how many carriers could have unknowingly brought the disease with them?

Gah. I'm probably just being paranoid, but it's a pretty fucking scary situation!

Anyway, work's been hell. We've been pulling massive overtime to deal with overdue payments--tax evasion has risen 500% in the last month alone (low risk my ass). I've got work from 7am 'til 7pm tomorrow--[i]again[/i]. Man, I feel like a fucking zombie. Thank god for coffee and energy drinks, right?

On a positive note, I am looking forward to playing Halo 3 soon. That shit comes out in a weeks time! Come hell or high water, there's no way I'm missing out on that game. Can't wait to vegetate in front of my widescreen for days on end, haha.

Still, it's hard to distract myself from what's happening right now. It's unnerving, and I now keep shitslugger (my baseball bat) within an arms reach at all times. Oh well, gotta hope for the best, right?

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September 18th, 2007

My birthday sucked. For starters, Nashville sucks, and most people would rather tell me happy birthday on Facebook than actually walking up and saying it to my face. I ran into Nikki, and of course, she damn near ran into a wall to avoid me... the dumb bitch. Oh yeah, I saw a crackhead walking down Jefferson today on my way to see my homegirl Cam, who is one of the few people who want to help me celebrate my bday. It was strange, cause the crackhead looked like she just got beat and raped, hell she probably did.

So me and Cam went to IHOP and I got my usual steak and eggs, and attempted to get her to try A1 on her eggs, but she was being her usual picky self. She's still my chunky monkey though. After leaving there and taking Cam back to Fisk, I saw the same crackhead, this time in the middle of the street just standing there. As I passed her I let down my window and yelled, "COCAINE IS A HELL OF A DRUG!". For the brief second she turned around and looked at me, I could notice that her teeth had almost rot out of her skull and her eyes were blood shot. She also needed a perm.

When I got back on campus, I went and locked myself up in my dorm, cause I won't lie, she freaked the fuck out of me. I closed the window blinds and made sure the door was locked cause I had a nightmare about that chick. What a great way to spend my birthday. At least I gots my iPhone. I'm thinking that I'm gonna invite Brittany over for drinks tomorrow, if I'm lucky we'll get drunk and fuck.

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[size=1][b][size=2]September 19, 2007[/size]
[i]11:10 PM EST[/i][/b]

Remember what I said about setting Hedryn up with a girl? I managed to talk this girl into meeting him yesterday night. They went back to her spot and I didn’t hear from him until about 3:30 AM. I could’ve sworn dude had gotten laid, but get this – they were talking about videogames or some lame shit like that. I should’ve known he wasn’t the type for random hook ups. Shame, really.

Things have been scaring the life out of me recently. Most of the world is experiencing small-scale riots, rabid people, and inexplicable homicides. It’s hitting the major population centers hardest. I called up my fam the other day, the situation in DC is airtight, more or less. I’m going to assume it’s because the US doesn’t want the government decapitated, so they’re going through great lengths to be sure nothing goes in or out. And it sounds like Nazi Germany or some shit – they lost freedom of speech and right to assembly last week. Ironically enough, they’re giving guns and ammo away so long as you have a clean record.

Manhattan is under similar measures, and I’ll assume it’s only going to get worse. We’ve got the benefit of being on an island, which makes quarantine much easier, and the total halt to transit in and out of here has kept that crazy rioting shit out.

Life here continues more or less the same, except with the addition of armed troops at major intersections, regular patrols, and bi-weekly check ups required to be sure we’re all clean from rabies or whatever’s going around.

College is finally starting to heat up. I’ve got a four-page paper due by Monday. But more interesting is the social life. Granted, I haven’t had a great deal of time to have one, but after studying and doing my work, I’ve had decent luck with the women here. Sure, they may be desperate (female:male ratio is crazy out of balance), but honestly who cares. At the risk of sounding pompous, I only mess with the cute ones. Thus far, that strategy’s been working.

Alright, I’m out. Gotta finish this essay tonight so I can party this weekend.[/size]
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[SIZE="1"][COLOR="DarkSlateBlue"][B]Journal of Darren File[/B]
August 13th, 2007

So I could be in L.A. right now, checking out the campus, basking in the sunlight, checking out the tourist attractions *wink* and even some of the tourists. Unfortunately, Mom canceled our vacation. I don't really blame her; with all the stuff we're seeing on the news, it makes the thought of going out of our way (22 hours to be precise) to drive to a place that is in pretty bad condition. We probably wouldn't get to do anything. She said that after senior year I could go and check out the campus and see if that's what I really want to do. I suspect the rioting will be gone by then, or at least they'll be a lot smaller.

So instead of going to to L.A. for four days, we're just waiting until Wednesday to travel out to San Diego for Michael's graduation. He sent us a letter again. Mostly he just talked about how excited he was to graduated, but then he sent me personal letter that talked about the recruiting team just after him. He said that right after he left Pendleton, the guys right behind him experienced a little action for themselves and it didn't turn out too good. They had a run-in with the rioters. My question is what in the hell were they doing way out there to beging with and what in the hell were they rioting? Apparently I'm not the only one asking that, but Michael said that a bunch of scared recruits with rifles is not a good combo without the proper training, and hell, most of them were just starting on their marksmenship training! He said that there were a lot of casualties; mostly rioters, but there were a few soldiers that died. He begged me not to tell Mom or Dad because they would worry and wouldn't want to see him graduate. I'm tempted to tell htem anyway because I'm worried myself.

I do know that as soon as we get to San Diego, we'll attend the graduation, and then leave ASAP with Michael coming back for 10 days. It really sucks that he has to go back into this mess.

Anyway, school is only a few weeks away. I've talked to Ryan and Jesse and all of my co-workers and they are equally confused and freaked about everything, but most of them don't see anything major happening; I'm still unsure. A few of the crazy bible-thumpers are thinking it's the end of the world, but hell, they could be right for once. I guess I'll just have to sit it out. Oklahoma seems to be untouched at this point. It mostly seems to be on the east and west coasts, so I hope it stays that way. If whatever the hell this thing is (food poisoning, rabies) comes closer to Central U.S., I'll only be able to run north or south.

On the subject of school: I'm really really not looking forward to it even though I'll be a senior. It's never really appealed to me, except for the part where I leave this town behind. I've had enough drama to last me a lifetime, and I don't want to hear any more about Ashley and Quinton's supposed screw-session. How many times do I have to tell everybody that I don't care and that it's nobody's business except theirs. That's one of the reasons why I like summer. I don't have to deal with people and all of their bullshit.

Besides, I know that everyone's going to be asking me one question: "How's your brother doing?"

"Oh, my summer was great, thanks for asking. Asshole." That's right, Michael's little brother; nothing more or less. And it's even worse that Roland is so freaking small! If it were a big school like Ft. Smith, I could deal with it, but jeez, am I that big of a loser? Nevermind. I know the answer to that.

I haven't worked with Victoria in ages. I'm starting to wonder if she requested not to be put on the schedule with me anymore. I guess I'm too scared to ask since I'm afraid of what the answer might be. Instead I have to work with... IT
I swear, one day, I'm just going to stick her head in the toaster, toast the hell out of her brain. (If she even has one) The girl does not shut up for five seconds, she never knows what she's doing but alwasy tries to act like the boss, (if I have the key, it means I'm the shift manager and I'm in charge!) and she's alwasy craving attention from everyone. Even the customers... She'll flash her fancy (probably 50 cents worth and she's too dumb to notice) promise ring at them and start on some stupid story about how her and her boyfriend met.

The whole time, I'm thinking "You idiot! They don't care if he couldn't decide between the the white or yellow gold! Just shut UP!"

Ah, I got to go blow some steam; I'm gonna go driving around for a bit. Plus this entry is kind of long. So long.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[SIZE="4"][B]September 12, 2007 [/B][/SIZE]
[B][I]Casey James Journal Entry[/I][/B]

We had an emergency meeting at my unit today. Those damn riots have got the whole system on alert, with everyone talking about deployment. The MP unit had already gone, but it was starting to look like they weren't going be enough, so they were going to start sending the medics out to help keep the crowds down.

It's got me worried I've got to say, but fortuanatly for me I'm tucked away here in Alabama and under a Non-deployable status. Thank god for Military schools. The down side is I hardly ever get to see Kimmi or my family any more, but I can make do. There isn't much to in the neighboring town, but if you can make it out to Birmingham there's plenty of things to keep yourself entertained with.

My roomate is kind of an interesting guy, though he seems to be a bit off at times. Sometimes I question whether or not some of these guys really have it in them to be officers int he army, but at the same time they have better grades then me so who am I to talk. At least my PT is going well. I got a 292 on my last PT test. Hells Yeah. I keep this up I'll be getting some serious promtion points. I'll be leaving this place First Lieutenant even if it kills me.

Plus, with things going so well I getting attention from West Point. I'm gonna go out there and make a general out of myself, just you wait. They've got some good sports programs out here. I've gotten real into the boxing program. I'm gonna try for the team next semester. The instructor thinks my odds are good. I'm gonna make something out of myself at this place I know it.

I got a call from my mother the other day. She says that some of those riots just broke out in Fort Lauterdale. That's pretty scary close to home. She's looking her doors at night now and I'm calling them on a regular basis to keep my eyes on them. The news certainly isn't helping my worries. And not just mine. Everyone in the dorms is upset. We're all from different parts of the country so we all have different places to be worried about. I just don't get how it's spreading so sparatically.

Well, my personal time is coming to a close and soon it'll be lights out. Til next time I write, hope for the best.
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[size="1"][B]Journal of Hedryn Darrell
September 22, 2007
Has it really been this long since I've written? I honestly can't believe it, almost a month. Christ (sorry God!), I never thought it possible. I've got good excuses. For one thing, school is amazing. Columbia, on eof the most reknowned schools in possibly the world. My classmates are literally from all corners of the Earth, and the professors are the best in their fields. It's amazing. And the crowd is great too. I've already got an amazing group of friends who I know I'll be sticking with for the whole four years. I'm taking karate and I'm actually naturally talented - and that doesn't usually happen to me. I'm making major progress, and luckily, I'm able to balance it and my studies. My knowledge of engineering has spiked too - doing robotics team and my studies. I feel like I can do everything; I'm sucking up everything this school and this City has to offer. Because I feel like I don't have much time left.

Paranoia? Yeah, that's me. But somethings in the air and I won't ignore it. Why does it always seem dark? There hasn't been a sunny day in weeks. It doesn't make sense. These riots aren't stopping, and everyone is starting to get scared. It's pulled CU together as a community. While we used to rampage across the City on the weekends, we prefer to stay in our square block campus and learn, train, and become stronger. It's like there's an unspoken aura in the air. We need to become stronger, because something is coming. We'll need to be ready. I don't know how I know this, but I swear I do, and I'm not crazy. Things aren't getting back to normal. They're getting worse. And whatever the hell is going on, it's going to blow it's top, and we don't have much time left. Don't get me wrong, we still laugh, talk, eat, whatever. But we also know something is out there. We're going to be ready for it.

I've been talking with other people across the country. Facebook is good for that. People in South Carolina, Florida, Oklahoma, Washington, Cali, you name it. At least I know I'm not the only crazy one, the only person worried that what we know is about to change. I'll end now, I know I'm creeping you out. I'll laugh if this is all just me, and the sun comes out, the riots stop, and life goes on. But I don't think so.[/size]
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[COLOR="Black"][FONT="Garamond"][RIGHT]September 23rd, 2007
5:12 p.m. PST[/RIGHT][/FONT][/COLOR]

[COLOR="DarkOrchid"][FONT="Times New Roman"]So here I am, drunk, howling at the moon, well not that drunk...I can kind write straight, and I can kinda think in a coherent train of...stuff. ...and I'm leaning against the wheel of my tire, with my one girl tent set up next to me. So don't worry. I'm not going anywhere. I'm in the high desert of Nevada, in a small copse of boxwoods, far away from civilization. At least 45 miles from the nearest state highway, and 35 from the nearest store.

I bought wine coolers, I've gone through a couple now. I ate some packaged noodles, after of course cooking them... ...I think? It's hard to think right now. My friend stopped sending me updates every other day. It's been four days since he last contacted me, and I can only say that judging from his last transmission, I'm happier out here with car battery, propane cook stove, and nothing else. I haven't seen a single soul, and just a few rodents here and there. Car's locked up, I think. Keys in my pocket, knife in the other. I'm wearing these boots I swore I wouldn't need.

It's also cold as fuck, so I'm hunched over in this jacket, and I've got my scarf around my head. Shit I look Arab. Whatever. Don't...give...a fuck... .......damn. I'm more of a mess than I thought I was. I'm thinking about how others will see me. Like the coyotes care. Anyway. It's the solitude and the sound of the wind that are getting to me. I hear the wind, I hear the sound of rolling thunder, sometimes planes that fly overhead. But nothing much. As the crow flies, I'm 150 miles from the nearest city where there could be rioting.

I just hope I don't run into anyone else. I have enough problems on my own. I can't shake the sight of my landlady, stark raving mad. Howling and screeching and biting like a monster. She got her boyfriend on the arm pretty good. I remember that. I remember the look on her mother's face. And the wails of her baby boy screaming in fear.

.......maybe I should go back. ....Fuck no. I'm not that drunk. Am I?[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[color=darkred][b]The Journal of Michael Kalis[/b]
September 30, 2007

Some fool shit has been happening all over the world this week. I heard that some huge riot in South Africa nearly leveled a city earlier this week. Shortly after, the government started putting out this new drug, shit’s called “Phalanx”, and it’s supposed to protect you from the “African rabies” as they’re calling it now. Real original name, heh. At least it’s easy to remember. Dad got a few bottles for free at work, and told me and my brothers to take one a day. Fuck that, I never used to take pills before, like I’m gonna take it now. It’s probably Bush trying to cover his ass again, I bet the shit don’t even work. All this rabies bullshit is starting to interfere with my life, man.

My aunt Vicky, we all remember, the religious self-proclaimed zealot. Get this, she sent my mom an e-mail earlier today telling us to start ‘getting ready for Jesus to come back’ and that ‘the end times are here, pray for your sings!’ God, if you exist, please get this woman some help. First signs of any trouble, be it a disease or a natural disaster, the religious crowd are gonna shit their pants and say “Sweet Jesus, it’s the end of the world! Save me God, save me!”. Yeah, from what I hear, human kind has been getting ready for the end of the world for the past thousand years. I hate to break it to ya people, but you weren’t the only ones to see some hard times. Deal with it.

I’m sure she’s already brainwashed my cousins into thinking their death is eminent. God, I feel sorry for them, weren’t even given a chance before falling under that crazy woman’s influence. School’s been cool, but we keep on getting these PSA’s on the announcements that keep reminding us that the virus is something to be taken seriously. Like every other small pox-influenza-West Nile bacteria was something serious. The keep on telling us to watch out for people who are showing the “signs of infection”. What are these signs? “Glazed over eyes, pale, flushed skin, disoriented movement, and lack of intelligence.” Right, so… you want me to turn in every doped up druggie I see walking around school? Yeah, you’d be surprised how much of your student body is ‘infected’ guys. They’re probably try to get us to narc on the addicts in school, just some elaborate scheme. I got enough shit to worry about with school, people. Leave me out of it...

Yeah… that’s what I keep telling myself. But the thing is, I have been taking my pills. I’m scared that the world is ending. I’ve been looking for these people that look infected. God, I really am starting to get scared. Life just doesn’t feel right. I’ve had bad feelings before when things weren’t going great. But jeez… never anything like this. It’s like there’s a cloud coming over the world and the storm is cooking up something nasty. It could just be the media hype scaring me, but I tell you, when the media images start coming to life, that’s when I think it’s time to be a little more serious…

I was driving through Lexington earlier today to go to the Wal-Mart and there was this huge fucking scene outside of the Medical Center. The MPs were screening every ambulance that went through. They were armed too. Had some dogs with them and shit. I didn’t know what to think…. I think I’m getting paranoid. I’m scared for my life, I think, but more than that, I’m scared for my family, and friends. Mary said that she hasn’t heard from her Dad is two days and that she’s starting to get worried about him. Man, I hope he’s alright, for her sake.

Well, if the world doesn’t explode….

‘til tomorrow.


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[SIZE="1"][COLOR="SlateGray"][B]September, 30. 2007[/B]

Yeaaaaap. Not much new today. Work, pleasure, play. Level 70 on WoW, so thats cool.
Played some Halo 3, also. Such a fun game. It's only been out for 5 days and I'm gonna say it's the best game ever made.

In other news, real news..More cannibals and crap? Virus this and that? Protect yourself? Really, this the new bird flu or something? Honestly. The Government really sucks at covering shit up. I honestly think it's something else.
It's not Cthulhu like I had originally thought, of course not of course, and it's not zombies.. It's like..People are getting sick off some crazy ass new virus and dying. Like uber-ebola. Neat, huh?

Whatever. Viruses don't concern me, really. The bird flu never hit Kansas too much so I'm not too worried about this string or whatever. The cannibalism are kinda freaky, though. Those are close. In a lil' area called LeCompton. East of Topeka a bit, the whole area is quarantined off. Hope the cops ice 'em, though, cause I wanna see some blood shed on prime time TV!

Enough about zombie-like things and dumb new viruses. So my girlfriend and I are planning on going to Colorado sometime this winter for Christmas. Ya know, visit each others family. My whole dad's side is there and her cousin and her uncle live there so it'll be an experience. Never taken a girlfriend out of state.

Alright, thats it.

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[size=1]Out of character: This event is authorized by The Boss.

[b][size=2]November 14, 2007[/size]
[i]2:01 AM EST[/i][/b]

Words cannot describe how fucking afraid I am at this moment. Diary, let me explain how much the world has gone to hell.

This drug Phalanx, supposedly to keep us free of the virus making people rabid, well, it turns out it was a placebo drug. It does nothing. The government distributed it to everyone and their mother, and it is all for naught. But the consequences of this are pretty catastrophic.

The media broke a story that the Manhattan quarantine has been broken because of this ? the medical community thought those on Phalanx were clean, so they allowed them to donate their organs when they died. So they took these tainted organs from donors, and shipped them to Manhattan where they were in demand. The receivers of the bad organs are concentrated in Washington Heights (the very tip of Manhattan). The New York Senate has decided to cut its losses and quarantine everyone north 174th? which is sick if you think about it. Imagine being north of 174th, doomed to eventually die. Which brings me to another absolutely shocking point.

They?re zombies. Fucking zombies, like out of a horror flick. The infected are zombies, not ?African rabies? carriers or anything equally racist. It seems as if the world is going to end, as if none of my friends are to be trusted. Every time someone knocks at my dorm door, I wonder if it?s some possessed friend of mine, trying to kill me in the cruelest way possible. I avoid being alone (the girls now walk arm-in-arm with guys, no matter who that guy is, ha!). The hysteria is almost unbearable. I feel like a slave to the world.

I call my family multiple times every day to see how they?re faring, as well as the status of DC. The quarantine there is more or less holding, isolated incidents are slowly creeping through the lower income areas where the police response is sluggish. I was never for gun ownership, but the mass-distributed guns seem to be keeping the invasion at bay, which is miraculous. Not a day goes by I?m not worrying for their safety.

Hedryn and I, as well as our new Columbia friends are getting seriously close. Nothing bonds humans like conflict and utter fear. If? and I hope never, but if there is a mass-outbreak in Manhattan, it will be a floating coffin and I hope we can stay safe. But for now, this is the safest place to be.

One last thing before I go. I?m now switching my diary to paper, and I?m going to be carrying an analog audio recorder with me at all times. The power has been spotty (Manhattan gets a huge amount of power from Northern NJ, which is under heavy stress at the moment), so I never know when my laptop will be charged. I will document my experience of the outbreak in excruciating detail.

Humanity must prevail.[/size]
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November 22nd, 2007

Brittany stayed in our room again tonight, no fucking though. As it turns out that crackhead I saw was on something a little more deadly than crack. They say zombies...yeah freaking zombies are multiplying up north and out west and it's only a matter of time before they appear en masse in the south. The second amendment is being exploited like hell cause the gun stores are practically throwing weapons around. Me and my boy J decided to prepare for the worst, so we went to the guns 'n liquor store and stocked up on yak and weapons. He kept wanting to get a glock, but I swear he doesn't know how to hold the thing, so I convinced him to get a shotgun. I bought a rifle and nowadays I post up on my window on the 4th floor and watch everybody who walk by.

All travel in and out of Nashville has been blocked off except for military vehicles. Our school, being an open campus is also getting wild. Everyone's out having sex, doing drugs, basically living it up cause from the looks of things the end is near. Once again I've convinced myself that I'm an unlucky fucker because by all respects, Brittany is fine as hell, and I'm not fucking. Food's getting scarce too. The cafeteria's went from serving actual food to cereal and rations. The fast food restaurants have shut down and Grocery stores are running bare. I want to go home.

I call home almost every day now, it's the same in Birmingham. My life is in Alabama, and I want to go back. I've been walking Nashville lately looking for a way out, but the interstates are guarded day and night. I'm getting out of Nashville somehow.


November 23rd, 2007

Brittany finally gave in and took this dick. She was in my room again tonight. She's been here maybe a month straight, she'd go back to the zoo to wash up and shit, but she always comes back here and lays up under my covers, in my arms. I noticed that J, my room mate, is getting jealous. His girls are back in Bham, and to make shit worst, Susan called me. She tells me her mom hasn't been home in three days and she's scared to go outside. I tell J and he's more mad at the fact that she called me than he is concerned about her. I tell him that this shit's bigger than us, and we have to get out of Nashville and go to Birmingham. Brittany wants to go home to Memphis, but that detour's too far out of the way.

I promise her Memphis after we get Birmingham squared away. I phone home... no answer. This pisses me off. On the day I finally get laid, shit hits the fan. J is still acting funny around me, but he just gonna have to get over it. I phone home three more times and on the last time it says the phone is disconnected. We're leaving this bitch tomorrow even if it kills me.

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[URL="http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y181/Cybernator/DeadDiaries1.jpg"]Page 1.[/URL]
[URL="http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y181/Cybernator/DeadDiaries2.jpg"]Page 2.[/URL]
[URL="http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y181/Cybernator/DeadDiaries3.jpg"]Page 3.[/URL]


[b]Journal of Michael Kalis[/b]
November 24, 2007

Life. I’ll never take it for granted ever again. Everything, it’s gone to hell. School has officially closed for me and the bosses at work have headed back to Nova Scotia. So now all I have to do is sit around the house and wait. Wait for all this shit to blow over. God I hope it blows over. Things aren’t safe anymore. Columbia imploded on itself, all those monsters…. Fucking monsters…

How could something like this happen? How? It must’ve been the government’s neglect. They didn’t pay any fucking attention! Get this, Israel? The whole fucking country went under voluntary quarantine a MONTH AGO! Built walls and shit, and everything. Secured the whole country in a matter of months. What did our people do? Gave us a fucking drug that doesn’t even work…..

What kinda shit are we talking about now? How are we going to know? I can’t go out, to much a chance that the ZOMBIE HORDES from Columbia migrating to some fresh food. Yeah, did I mention that African rabies shit? Not even real… No, get this shit. Fucking ZOMBIES! Living undead shit, some unidentified virus. Nice work, DHEC…

On the news everyday, it shows how the government troops are barely capable of containing the fuckers. Shoot ‘em, blow ‘em up, anything, they won’t even stop! Nobody knows how to fully kill these things, save disintegrating them… They’re slow, that’s for sure. And stupid. But they just won’t stop.

It’s night time now. Everyone is asleep in the house. Dad, he’s still at Ft. Jackson, putting in overtime to help the infantry who’re holding Columbia, getting the survivors out and keeping the…. Things in.

Luckily communication lines are still open. I stay online all day when I’m not watching for Zeds outside or on the news. I stay in contact with Mary. She’s losing it to. Her Dad… she thinks he’s…. scratch that. No, I can’t think negative like that. I’ll tell her everything will be alright. I love her… I don’t know what I’d do…. Last night, she finally told me she loved me… Finally.

Me, Alex, and Joe are keeping regular contact. Joe says that things are actually pretty quite up where he is. Though things a town over are boiling over. Alex says that Manhattan is a hell-hole, but that his college is gated and everything. They already have it fortified like Israel. Leave it to the Ivey League to figure how to run shit. Maybe I got somewhere to run to if shit goes down.

Wouldn’t that be some shit. The first time I meet Alex being under these circumstances, hah. Like my Ma would even let me outta her site. I haven’t left the house in days. I’m rotting here, going fucking NUTS!

I’m holding on though. My friends keep me sane. Mary keeps me sane. My family keeps me sane. Hope, I got some left…. Just enough.

I think I’m gonna get Dad’s saber outta the closet and keep it under my bed along with my hunting knife. Let them come. Let them fuck with my family! See what befalls them… shit, I need some sleep…

‘til tomorrow...[/color]

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[COLOR="black"][FONT="Garamond"]November 30th, 2007
11:45 p.m.[/FONT][/COLOR]

[COLOR="DarkOrchid"][FONT="Times New Roman"]Oh. Dear. God. It's been the most psychotic day I can remember and I've had quite a few. This takes the cake. It beats all. I'm rambling because I'm scared, not because I'm a total nitwit. Remember my landlady? Yeah, well she was small potatoes. This is insanity. This is madness. And if this were Sparta, life would be easier for me to deal with because the government would have less ability to lie. I got on the wire, when it actually worked and contacted old friends. They've gone to ground like I have. And I can't blame them. And you remember the outpost I was picking my supplies up from? Let me elaborate on the situation.

I was making the drive to fuel my car, fill the cans I stashed in the back of my trunk away from everything else, when I realized that the old man who runs the store hadn't come out to greet me. I stepped inside, listening to the bells on the door chime above me, when I smelled a whiff of what had to be death. I almost lost my nerve, but something happened. Instead of the proprietor of the store coming to talk to me, I saw a hideous monster of a man, with twisted flesh around his body, huge misshapen teeth. Well, the would've been, but I then determined that he'd chewed his own lips off. My hand automatically dropped for the oversized military knife I'd borrowed from a friend months ago. I drew it, and slashed hard, opening a huge gaping wound across the front of his clothes. No blood.

Coming close to a true panic, I began to step back, but every time I did, he advanced, making slow, moaning noises as he did. I didn't know what was making that awful noise, this shrieking, but then I realized that it was just me. Howling aloud, I dodged a clumsy swipe and swung from left to right, and then again on the back-swing. His head, all but severed lolled back, and the thing dropped to its knees. I nearly dropped my knife, but for some reason, I felt the compulsive need to keep it and to keep looking for anyone else that had it in for me. I made a sweep of the place, but it was empty. Whoever had turned him, had already wandered off, or been disposed of. I immediately raided the place of its water, non perishable food that I actually liked, and went for the candy aisle.

My car, and I, fully refueled, both by gasoline and a heightened sense of danger, took off. Right now I'm parked off of yet another obscure road, but I think I passed a sign an hour ago that said Utah. Either way I'm going to keep shunning the cities and keep to the back roads. I can make 600 miles with what I have right now. If anyone wants to know, I stored this paper, this pencil, and my will, under the seat I'm in now. ...I don't know if I'm ready to face another... ...zombie.

I don't want to. I can't do it. It made me so sick. ...I feel so awful. I don't feel bad that I killed someone, but bad that I was a coward even as I did it. I could've run, but I needed to get into the store. So I killed him. And now I'm pulled over and not shaking, just heartsick. ....should I feel bad?

I'm going to die alone.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[b]Dairy of Reveille J. Roberts[/b]

Holy shit. I [i]haaaaaaaaaate[/i] Driver's Ed. I'm killing that guy in the slowest, most painful way possible the second I pass this fucking class. And those idiots in my car, too. They're obnoxious, too.

Speaking of killing, holy [i]crap[/i] I'm weirded out. You know those riots downtown? Yeah, well, they're getting worse. There have been videos in the news recently that show (after a half-minute long warning screen for disturbing images) people [i]ripping each other apart[/i]. What the hell are they rioting about [i]anyway[/i]? Is it so bad they have to pull each other's limbs apart?

Oh, and the Brat (aka little brother) seems to have found out where I've been stashing this diary, so you're going to temporarily be moving around until I can find a place he can't reach. If he showed this to anyone (oh god, if Dad saw some of the stuff I've written in here over the summer!) I think I might die of embarrassment. Nobody needs to know what I daydream about 'cept me and you! Geez, I can hear him coming up the stairs now.

[right]♥ RJR[/right]

Happy birthday Mom.

[right]♥ RJR[/right]

Passed Driver's Ed., got my certificate, and sent it into the DMV within two days, and got my unrestricted license! Yay! Can drive by myself now at [i]any[/i] time of day, with [i]anyone[/i] I want in the car to [i]any[/i] place I can think of. As much as I hated my instructor, I'm glad I put up with him for so damn long, 'cause the new license is amazing. (Not the picture, tho'. I looked stoned for some reason.) Unfortunately, I didn't get much use out of it before [i]everyone[/i] received a curfew. Because we live in LA county, the riots (which weren't actually riots but people who've eaten some drugged up food or something) nearby are worse than they are anywhere else in the country at the moment, and the police seem really worried about the violence downtown. Dad hasn't been able to reach anybody from the office in a couple of days, and can't go back to his office building, either, because of the road blocks they put up weeks ago.

Just this morning we had a big argument because he wouldn't stop complaining about not being able to get any work done, while I was trying to make him realize that the Brat (aka little brother) and I are just happy he didn't get stuck in the mess that has become of LA, but he wouldn't listen to me. I ended up storming out and driving downtown and didn't come back until a cop pulled me over and told me if I wasn't heading home I would be arrested. So, he followed me to make sure I went home, and I had to eat dinner with him apologizing to me. I'm not so mad anymore, but he really annoys me when he gets all obsessed with his work. He's still receiving paychecks because they hadn't planned on this downtime, but he says that's bound to stop any day now. Which also bugs me a bit, but I think I'll keep my mouth shut about that.

[right]♥ RJR[/right]

So, today was Dad's birthday, and I think I did a pretty damn good job making it the best 50th birthday he could've asked for! Of course, the Brat did help a little bit (mainly doing just menial tasks for me, like cleaning, tho'!), but I'd have to take most of the credit.

First off, we let him sleep in until like noon, which was no where [i]near[/i] my record of sleeping from midnight to six pm one afternoon (but you've already heard that story), but was still pretty impressive for him. Then I made him this [i]excellent[/i] breakfast. It was a gigantic omelet (bacon, onions and peppers, just like he always makes for himself), a bunch of extra bacon strips, four waffles made from scratch, and his favorite yogurt, along with a glass of orange juice. He managed to scarf it all down, too, though I helped with the bacon and the Brat ate a waffle or two. Then I drove us all down to the local golf course and we played a full round. I shot a 108, which is not bad for someone who rarely, if ever, plays the whole 18 holes in one afternoon. Then I grilled a couple steaks for dinner for us all, but made Brat do most of the dishes. Dad was the happiest when we let him choose what to watch while we ate, I think, heh.

And surprise, surprise, we watched the news. [i]Countdown[/i] isn't so bad, but almost every five minutes he brought up the riots. Though I really should stop calling them that. But their explanation/definition changes practically everyday now, so I don't know why I should even bother trying to remember what today's name for them is. But anyway, apparently they aren't just here in LA anymore. A couple 'riots' have broken out in Manhattan where Auntie Vi lives, so Grandma Louise is calling her everyday now. I feel bad because she already had to lose her daughter without being able to do anything, and now the same might be true for her sister. We're hoping she can get on a plane out of there soon and stay with Grandma Louise for a while, but travel out of Manhattan is nearly impossible lately. But yeah, at least she doesn't watch the news channels that show all the gory images. She'd fall to pieces if she saw that, no doubt about it.

Anyway, the next twenty-five days are going to possibly be the longest I've ever had to live through. I can't believe I'm turning [i]seven-fucking-teen[/i] in less than a month. I wonder how different I'll feel... Or if I'll feel any different at all?

[right]♥ RJR[/right]

[size=1][b]ooc:[/b] first string of entries. the second bunch will be much longer and more zombie-news-centric, I swear! >_<;[/size]
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[SIZE="2"][i]November 30th, 2007[/i]

A lot has changed in six weeks.

It was only mid-september when I wrote my last entry, but my god, it feels like another life time ago. About a month ago, at the very end of September, the government starting handing out these pills, "Phalanx" they called 'em, to counter the "African Rabies". Of course, there was no such thing as African Rabies, and the pills were placebos--that's right, fucking [i]placebos[/i]--distributed to quell mass hysteria.

Thing is, people didn't stop getting infected. About a week and a half later the public found out about these sugar pills, and they went batshit fucking insane. So about three weeks ago, my fair city's society crumbled. Lootings, murder, rape.. Christ, without infrastructure we're as bad as the fucking zombies.

I killed my first a few days after that... It wasn't easy. I recognised the guy, he used to work at the same mall as I did. I drank alot that night. Somehow, though, it gets easier every time.. Which is more sickening than the killing itself..

We've been looting too, especially over the past few days. It's a lot less crowded now. Our numbers are thinning out fast and it shows; there's more of those zombies on the streets than living people now. My family has left the city, they've headed down south to stay with our relatives down there. They have a place in the mountains, it's sheltered and safe for now. I stayed in the city with my friend Jay, who's been invaluable to our survival. He's a mechanic, and knows a hell of a lot more than I do about automotive engineering and fabrication than I ever will.

Three days ago, we broke into a gun store in the city, managed to grab a car load of weapons and ammo. We made one other trip into the city center, to raid the local military surplus store. Managed to score some bullet proof vests and army survival gear. Next step is to try and break into Police HQ downtown and get some riot gear. 'Cept I don't think we'll be going into the central city again anytime soon... It's too gruesome. So many bodies. So much blood.

I have to go now, but I'll try and keep this log updated. It may just be my last will and testament, hah.

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[LEFT][FONT=Verdana][COLOR=Black][SIZE=1][B]August 20th 2007[/B]
Ugh, dinner just isn't sitting well tonight, should have known by the look of those chips, looked like they'd been cooked about a week ago. Maybe it's just nerves, back into high school and my final year in a couple of days, it's on my mind the whole time, oh well not much that can be done so it makes no never mind in the end.

[b]September 12th 2007[/b]
Second week over, and things seem to be running pretty smoothly, I've even asked Jenny to go to the Debs with me, I swear my heart was in my mouth and I probably sounded like a complete retard. She gave me one of those smiles of hers and said yes, maybe the fact she's already eighteen makes it less weird to her. Now all I gotta do is pick up and new job and get some cash together, get the van painted and take her there in style.

English is a bastard, four page assignment due in three days on Shakespeare's Othello, God damn I hate that play, thought we were done with it already. Oh well, put in the work now and in thirty years I can retire with a big fat pension on some tropical paradise fucking girls half my age every night, if I've still got the energy. Hah, can't wait.

Gran's birthday went smooth as silk, loved the present, imagine now that she's the eldest she thinks a lot about time, so getting her something from when she was a kid seems to have put some of that sparkle back in her eyes.

[b]September 14th[/b]
Happy Birthday little sis, try to stay out of trouble and for God's sake stop watching that 16th birthday shit on MTV, because we are not the kids of millionaires and if you want a car, even if you badmouth mine, you'll have to work for it.

[b]September 21st[/b]
Seems what was going on in Shannon a few weeks back has been turning fairly serious, that soldier who got sick had something called "African Rabies", and they've quarantined the entire area around Shannon Airport over this disease. Seems Mary Hearney is finally getting that tubby ass of hers into gear as Health Minister, if Dick Roche was running the show, chances are we'd have all died already. I still can't believe that fucking idiot kept his job after Galway, just shows you that the whole "you scratch my back, I scratch yours" mentality is still alive and well.

Word is the army is going to be running the quarantine, I just hope it doesn't get to the stage where they need the army reserves too... Jesus if something happened to Dave I don't know what I'd do, heh elder brother mentality kicking in there...

Think I'll log on to OB for a while and swap stories with the guys, maybe they know some more about this African Rabies thing.

[b]November 17th[/b]
I want to lie down and die... just bury myself under a ton of earth and let time pass me by for the rest of eternity... I didn't even realise I packed the diary... suppose it's my subconscious giving me a way of dealing with this, getting it out of my head and onto paper... get my feelings out.

The quarantine was broken about three weeks ago, after the reserves were called in, every single one of them from every barracks around the country, including my little brother. Dad nearly had a fucking heart attack, we all did. The disease had spread right into Limerick City and people were fleeing by the thousands, right into army barricades. People got shot dead but they still kept coming, so the army had to fall back to other positions... that's when Dave got his call...

I don't remember when we heard he was transferred into the hospital, apparently one of those psycho rioters had taken a chunk out of his hand when he went to check the body... he hadn't said anything... then just slipped into the coma. Some army brass told my father and mother that he was very sorry for what had happened and that he would receive the best of care... It sounded off from the start, since when did they give a shit about reservists ?

It didn't matter, he'd already been infected and was starting to turn. If I'd known then I would have taken my gun and put him out of his misery right then and there. It's not fair... none of it is... If God is up there he must be too stoned out of omnipotent fucking head to get involved... or maybe the atheists have been right all along and he just doesn't exist. Doc called in mom and dad a few hours later and pronounced David dead... I?d never seen a reaction like it... I never want to see it again...

Mom was hugging him and crying so hard she didn?t even realise she?d cut herself on his fingernails... Nurse patched her and then went straight to the brass... he just looked at her... now I get what that look meant... seek and destroy. He came back and offered to have David transferred to our local undertaker, ?the least he could do for such a fine trooper?.

24 hours later mom was dead too... Dad just went crazy... that was the last I saw of him... just got into his car and drove away with my sis, he gave me money and told me to take care of myself... that I was a full-grown man and needed to take care of myself... I like to think he got somewhere far enough away from the virus not to be affected, truth be told, he?s probably dead, sis too.

I tried to go on, get up and go to school... but people gave me those looks, as if there was something wrong with me too... In the end I just packed a few bags, a couple of duvets and my gun and hit the road like dad had. It was probably the best thing I could do, far as I heard the town is crawling with flesh-eaters... mom and Dave among them...

Seems like something out of a horror novel, one that just won?t end... The gun is constantly loaded and on the seat next to me... I've not slept in what seems like an eternity...

[b]November 24[/b]
I'm going to keep writing in this, people need to know what's happened first hand... If I can get to a computer and a scanner I'll upload everything onto the net...

Swept for survivors yesterday, armed to the fucking teeth as usual... Society as we knew it no longer exists... it's split between those who hide in their homes and wait for a zombie patrol to come and kill them, or those like me can't win this war, but still fight a few battles where possible.... Made contact with zombies three times already, nobody I knew or recognised... that's how we do it... you don't sweep your own local area... you couldn't focus properly if you did...

I'm running with a full load now, three guys from school who survived like I did... couldn't ask for a better crew in reality... we shoot first, ask questions later... if it doesn't walk right, it gets a cartridge. Raided O'Hallorans a few days back for ammunition, place is a graveyard. Mattie kept a veritable fucking fortress though, took us an hour to get the door open, only to find a bunch of corpses inside... they?d been dead a few days, looked like asphyxiation... we burned them and took as much as we could carry of supplies...

[b]November 27th[/b]
Telephone lines are working again, one of the sweep teams got a pair of telecom engineers, we?d been working with mobiles for communications for too long. Made contact as soon as we could with emergency services... apparently the army has taken up in the Collin?s Barracks in the Commeras and are advising anyone with civilian survivors to bring them there for protection...

[b]November 28th[/b]
I remember watching films the Terminator and thinking stuff like this could never happen, that the human race was invincible, that we?d go out into space one day and everything would be Star Trek and Utopia... I don?t expect that any more, I don?t expect food or water... I expect death... either from a zombie, or from a comrade if I get bitten...

That same brass fucker who told mom and dad he was so sorry about David is running the show, he remembered me and had me marched straight to the infirmary... as if living a full fucking month after meeting him wouldn?t convince him I don?t have the virus... Tests came back clean and he said nothing, just nodded. I was tossed a set of fatigues and told I?d been drafted... Apparently the government is hiding out on one of the costal islands and still giving orders... Cowardly fuckers, I?m not going to fight their fucking battles for them, I wonder how many of their kids got infected, how many of them lost their entire family...

[b]November 30th[/b]
This is fucking insane... we sit here on some God-forsaken mountain and raid the towns for food and water to keep the civvies going. Any man or woman over the age of eighteen has been drafted, I?ve been put in with the medical corps to make sweeps for more survivors... from what I hear it?s the same all over the country... and the world... Taoiseach?s asked London for the aid of their airforce to bomb out zombie dens... I wonder how Bill and Jamie are doing...

Sergeant?s banging on my door, seems it?s time to head out... [/LEFT][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
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[size=1][b][size=2]November 26, 2007[/size]
[i]5:00 PM EST[/i][/b]

Happy birthday to me. I wonder how much longer I’ll live.

[b][size=2]November 27, 2007[/size]
[i]4:13 PM EST[/i][/b]

Manhattan is holding. Barely. The quarantine falls back about three blocks every day. Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens still clean. Will write more later, at this time cannot talk.

I don’t want to die here.[/size]
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[B]November 30, 2007[/B]

The world has officially gone to hell. There even starting to take the Cadets and put them out on roving guard through every hour of the night. We've all been orderd to go into MOPP 4 while outside. There turning it into a full on Bio Hazard situation. I heard the other day from one of the commanders that they already lost St. Petersburg and they were trying to keep the contained as best as possible. After I heard that I knew what it meant. I know that they're all dead. Or one of those things.

This isn't as simple as it's been played off. This is some sick time shit. We had one of those things show up at the perimeter guard the other day. Took 9 rounds to finally put the damn beast down. The only thing that stopped it was hot lead through it's fucking head. Shortly after it was killed, the special ops guys showed up and took off witht he body and the 2 cadets who shot the thing. Said it was for quarintine purposes. Medina and I are starting to get on edge. His whole family lives in Puerto Rico, and we've yet to here any news from there. I'm doing my best to assure him that there probably safe. That the island probably quaritined itself as soon as the outbreak hit Florida. Of course, this still did little help. Not that I can blame him.

There starting to graduate classes earlier and sending under trained officers out to lead off MP and infantry units to deal with this crisis. They say that some nations have started experiencing similar riots. Some nations have gone into full quarintine as a prevenitive measures. Building was and all kinds of fucked up shit.

I haven't had a good nights sleep since the day they told me that my home was lost. It was now beyond the quarintine. That was a week ago. I know that there all dead now. They haven't sent word to me and I can't get a hold of them. I heard that there were people in Pensacola who were showing symptoms of this strange virus that seemed to raise the dead. It was only a matter ot time til It was my turn to go. Though the idea does worry me, at the same time, I feel like I should go. It seems kinda stupid to think of it as revenge for my loved ones, but I won't deny the fact that I hate them.

Not just the monsters, but all those who have let them run rampant. The ones who gave these damn things life and the ones who sealed my family in with them.

They're all guilty. Every last one of them.
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November 24th, 2007

We've been riding for about five hours now. We've avoided the interstate and large cities and kept to the backroads all the way. It was shear luck to get out of Nashville. In order to get past the MP guarding the main roads, J and I dressed in our ROTC uniforms and flashed our military ID's. Brittany played the role of my newly pregnant girlfriend, lucky for us, EO's don't ever question those they think are officers. Brittany's been a trooper from the start. Not only did she have to pile in the back with all of our stuff, but she stayed supportive. I tried calling home again, still no answer. God I hope my momma's alright. Anyways, my turn to drive is coming back up, I'll write again tomorrow. I'm surprised I'm still keeping this.


November 25th, 2007

I killed my mother today. No, I put her out of her misery. No, I killed that thing that was my mother. I don't know anymore. Birmingham was nearly empty, and the freeway was backed up with people trying to get out of the city, but the traffic jam wasn't doing anything but giving the zombies easy targets. When I arrived home, I almost cried from what I saw.

My mother was waiting on me outside, well the thing that was once my mother. It was a group of them, maybe four or five, all standing outside my house and she was among them. In a rage, I popped my trunk and removed my rifle. I shot one dead in the heart, but he didn't stop, I took better aim and this time shot him in the head and he fell quick. The others went quickly also, leaving only my mother. I hesitated to kill her, I couldn't help myself. It had always been me and her, when my dad left, when we went bankrupt. I told her I was sorry, and that I may see her in heaven soon...I can't report much else today. Tonight I'm going to Vestavia to find Susan. Jerome, my mother's boyfriend, left his SUV over our house, I couldn't find him anywhere. My mother had keys to it, so I transferred all of our stuff from the car to the SUV and headed out that way.

God help me, I'm finally scared.

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