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[center][FONT=Lucida Sans Unicode][B][U][SIZE=3][IMG]http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b16/Blayze54/LeftBelow.jpg[/IMG]

The Hub - Left Below Underground[/SIZE][/U][/B]

Here is the place to post any questions, queries or ideas you may have concerning this RP. Please feel free to put any ideas you might have forward, I am always glad to hear them, and I want this to be everyone's RP, not just my own.

I will also be using this thread to log any important events that may have occurred during the course of the RP, as well as important information about upcoming plot twists, character background and other similar information.

- A young woman is slaughtered in the desert by the Morlocks, an unfamiliar object clutched in her hand

More will be added to this original post, so keep an eye out for it.[/FONT]
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[FONT=Arial]So, umm, what's the current economic norm at the moment? Still kinda like-now-ish, or (more likely) approaching interesting levels of poverty? I mean, I'm not thinking as bad as the Smokers from Waterworld, but if there are Scavengers then it stand to reason that people are in a scavenge-y situation.

Since Russia has its own oil wells and refineries, I think it's safe to assume that vehicular transport is still an option. I'm thinking rationing, though, with priority deference to, well, whoever has 'priority'.

Also, what's the current weapon situation? I definitely want to steer away from gratuitousness with my character, but I'm not sure how far that extends inwards. (This kind of ties in with the whole money angle, so I'm thinking that if you give me a picture there, I'll be able to work out something.)

I like the idea. I hope it goes.[/FONT]
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[FONT=Lucida Sans Unicode]Money is not really all that important any more. All the food and drink that The Hub have on supply is shared out evenly amongst all the inhabitants. Really the humans have realised that in this time of crisis they need to join together against apparently insurmountable odds, just to survive, so there is no need for them to squabble over money and the like. The Scavengers travel out into the desert to find things like motor parts to keep the limited heating, gas and electric systems of The Hub operational, and if they ever need food or drink from outside sources, they will trade in these objects. But there will be more about Traders within the story later.

Yes, Russia does have its own oil wells and refineries, but oil itself has become a rarity in the world as a whole. However, some does still exist, some stockpiles from years ago, most of which The Hub has taken in for its own use. So vehicles and such can still happen, but their use is rationed heavily, until the Scientists at The Hub can work out any way of fuelling them without the use of oil.

As for the weapons situation, weapons are not the problem. There were hundreds of different types of arms stored within The Hub, so there is no shortage of the weapons themselves. The problem is the ammunition. Ammo is in short supply, and mostly belongs to the Traders (again, I will mention these again soon enough), so unless you want to deal with them unnecessarily, then you might want to make use of close-quarters weapons. Blades, knives, axes, spears, staffs, any kind of weapon you fancy, someone in The Hub is bound to have one. It's just a case of separating them from it.

Hope this answers your questions.
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[quote name='Blayze][FONT=Lucida Sans Unicode']Hope this answers your questions.[/FONT][/quote]
[FONT=Arial]Well enough. Thank you.

I've got an image in my head to start me off. Given my schedule, I should be finished tweaking by the end of the week ? meaning only about two to three hours of actual writing. :animeangr (I hate graveyard shift.)[/FONT]
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Yeah post-apocalyptic worlds! So, what kind of power plant is The Hub, and is it still running? I just assumed nuclear for some reason, but I went back and read and it doesn't actually say, so I thought I'd check first. I was also wondering if a hierarchy exists - would people with criminals and general lowlifes in their family tree be higher or lower on the food chain than, say, those with scientists? Or might this be something that's still sorting itself out within the story?

Anyway, cool idea. ;]
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im thinking i should have read this first?
sorry "new''

i thought bringing in a new power sorce was a bit much now... and i think i over steped my place but i really didnt know about this whole topic of for-thought

but i think i was kinda implying that it really hasnt been used since it's just been found.

WHat do you think?
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