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Gaming Games You've Played for 100 Hours


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[FONT="Arial"][COLOR="Indigo"]I've hit the 100 hour mark with [B]Dragon Quest VIII[/B]. Not to beat it, but on account of all the after game bonus stuff you can do. It's always fun when game has bonus dungeons and other stuff to play with once you've beaten it. [/COLOR][/FONT]
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[size=1][color=navy][b]Ninja Gaiden 2[/b]

It's very easy to clock in 100+ hours on the Path of the Mentor difficulty (if you can actually manage to stay with it) because you die so many times. (And you will die. There's no escaping that) Some stages are excruciating when it comes to cheapness, but a lot of the times they feel rewarding when you finally get past them. I was happy just to get past the first fight on the 1st stage.

But I finally decided to call it quits when I got to the 11th chapter. I didn't like where things were going in terms of fighting. I had a hard time dealing with Ratsetsu on the 1st and 2nd chapters, and to find out you have to fight [spoiler]3 upgraded versions of him along with zombie ninja's that explode, and if I'm not mistaken, ninja dogs[/spoiler]. It's just not worth the tantrums. My controller would've definately went through the tv if I had continued playing.

[b]Metal Gear Solid 3[/b]

Because I'm scared of trying to be sneaky, I get extremely cautious and tend to play very slow, making sure that I'm never spotted. (I make sure I put everyone to sleep before leaving an area) But a lot of my hours went to finding them Kerotan (sp?) frogs since I refuse to play the game on the hardest difficulty lol.

I suppose I could also say [i]Zelda: Ocarina of Time[/i] as well. And while I'm not a completionist, back then I did try to collect all the heart pieces as well as the gold spiders. But I opted to cop out on that as well since some of the things I just never felt up to doing.

Oh yeah. [b]NBA 2K6[/b]. We'll just say trying to play a whole season with the play time at 12 minutes is too much lol. I still never made it through a whole season. I sold/traded it in before I even got to the halfway point lol.[/size][/color]
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[B][U]Disgaea DS[/U][/B]
I've play that game for over 100 hours already due to item worlds most of the time. The item world just sucks me into it because of my demands for powerful weapons and armor and junk. My total time is 149 hours period.

This is the game I'm still playing for PC. I think I've hit over the 200 hours mark on the count of playing this game almost every freaking day trying to level up my character and getting money and strong equipments so that I can solo a stage by myself. If anyone else plays this game PM me and we can party together and stuff.
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List of games I've played over 100 hours.

Final Fantasy 3,7,10
Gears of War 2
Grand Theft Auto 4
Metal Gear Solid 3
World Of Warcraft (Does this game really count?)
Street Fighter 4
Halo 3
God of War
Smackdown VS Raw 09

And many others, but these are the ones that come to mind right now.

PS: Xenogears = One of the best RPGs of all time.
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I've been playing Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days for the PSP for over 133 hour. The reason why I gotten to that hour mark is because I wanted to reach the Land of Carnage and I have finally gotten there. When I enter the land of carnage, I was duped:animecry: because I wanted to get the strongest weapon and armor but instead I get the same old weapon and armor and I was tricked. That place was nothing but lies, empty dreams, and broken hopes:animecry:
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Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria. ._. I was about to hit the 100 hour mark (haven't even beat it yet--very close, though) and then I saved another game over that data. . .
One hundred hours down the drain. ;~; Since I know it's such a long game, I don't even try to play it again. But it's still one of my favorite games. I think that's the only game where I could've hit the 100 hours mark.
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[quote name='Cloud Strife' date='12 December 2009 - 04:50 AM' timestamp='1260611421' post='687800']
PS: Xenogears = One of the best RPGs of all time.

[font="Tahoma"]Well spoken and impeccable taste.

Far too many games to name, half of the list being PS1 and PS2 RPGs. I will say that most recently [b]Fallout: New Vegas[/b] and [b]Call of Duty: Black Ops[/b] have been added to that list. A bit addicted to One in the Chamber at the moment. I have far too many COD points and nothing I care to spend them on.[/font]
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