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Sign Up Creatures of the Night: Good vs. Evil


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[CENTER][COLOR="Red"]For those of you that don't understand the danger of this situation, you had better pay attention. I know that when you read this you will laugh and think that I am just pulling your leg, well thats fine, cause when you die I'll just laugh. Well no I won't cause unless I am there, or it makes the news I wont know that you died. So that plan just got shot out the window. Oh well.

Anyways back to my original plot line. You know all those creatures out there that you were told don't exist? Yeah well you were lied to. I know, I know right now your probably thinking, go get the straight jacket he's gone loopy. Well if I haven't yet I may soon. But that, my friends, is beside the point. You see, I'm the only one who knows the truth, I am the only that has been trusted with the secret. But ya know what? I am not superman, I am not batman or any other kind of superhero, so now I need help.

Now that I have got the heard part out of the way, I should tell you what I need help with. Well this is the big secret. You know, he one that I am not supposed to tell anybody? Yeah that one. Anyways the secret is... all those horror stories are true. Well I mean, all the Vampire, Witch, and Wereanimals ones. But there are also Demons, Faeries, Elves, Drawfs. All of them are real, and it is my job to take care of them all. But like I said, I can't do it by myself.

But there is one other little bitty problem. All the ones that are ?evil? have decided to truly become that. So that means that know I have to try and stop all of them. Oh and added to that, all the ?evil? ones have decided that they no longer want to listen to me. So that means that what ever I say they can't do, they do ten times worse than normal.

I'll tell you, I really hate having to exterminate all of them. Because good or bad, there are some amazing people in those groups. Bit going around and kill innocent people is not going to be able to work. Which is where you come in. For those of you that have decided to stick to this to the end, I need you. You have to chose a side. Good or Evil? It's your choice. [/CENTER]
[COLOR="Blue"]Quick overview:[/COLOR] [COLOR="DarkSlateGray"]Elliot(person who was talking) has been put in charge of keeping all the ?Dark? creatures a secret. But a large group of them decided that he was bad at his job and have started to go against him, and in so doing they are breaking all of their laws and he has to kill them all.

The only problem is He doesn't want to so he needs other peoples help on stopping them, so all of the races do not have to be killed off.

You can chose to try and stop the "Evils",or you can be an evil.[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Blue"]The races and sign up information:[/COLOR]


[U]Vampires[/U]: Everybody knows about these blood-suckers. But the only difference is Sunlight doesn't kill them. It leaves them scarred and dis-formed for life. The only way to kill a vampire is to is either a stake of any kind to the heart or removing their head and heart.

They can also suffer from lack of blood. A vampire must feed every few days. If they do not get enough blood they may start to act rather crazy. Such as tense up near really bloody wounds and other common animal reactions.

[U]Faeries[/U]: These creatures ranch in size. A fairy can be the size of a pin of as 7 feet tall. They also range in colors. Such as a fairy that masters fire magic may have red wings, lighting will have yellow and water will have blue etc. All fairies have the power to hide their wings and preform minor cover magic.

They are harder to kill. It is more often then not a lucky shot.


[U]Werewolves[/U]: There really isn't much to say about them. They can only be killed by silver, and they age slower than most humans do. Oh and I guess the big deal is that they change on the full moon and some are lucky enough to be able to change whenever but it is rare. Their life expectancy depends solely on each individual person.

Known Wereanimals types: Lion, Tiger, Wolf, and Bear. Could be others but known have been found.

[U]Casters[/U]: These are generally the offspring of a witch or warlock. The are very, simply because their magical parent is almost always jealous of them. Each Caster master three Main magics, and two minor ones. (Example Fire, Mind Control, and Wind with mionrs of Water, and Lighting).

There are very hard to kill, it is another lucky shot, although they can die of old age. They live to be about 500, give or take a few years.

[B]Human like Creatures[/B]-

[U]Warlocks/Witches[/U]: These ?creatures? are the only ones that use spells for their magic Overall they can be rather weak, but sometimes if the master the right techniques. Most they can do is preform simple spells and sometimes cast curses. But they have to be angry enough.

Although there have been cases where a witch or warlock has been amazingly strong and done a lot of damage.

Since they are humans with magic they can die from anything.

[B]And last but not least[/B]-

[U]Humans[/U]: I am not going to explain humans...


[COLOR="DarkSlateGray"]So those are just the creatures that I picked right off the top of my head. The list is not limited to just them. So if you chose a creature that isn't on the list be creative. And the whole point is to seperate the good creatures from the bad ones. [/COLOR]


[COLOR="Blue"]Okay sign-up:[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Silver"]Name: [/COLOR](Make it suet your creature or human)

[COLOR="Silver"]Age:[/COLOR] (Has to suet your character, preferbly 16+)


[COLOR="Silver"]Apperance:[/COLOR] (Either good description or a picture will work just fine)

[COLOR="Silver"]Side:[/COLOR] (Do you want to destroy the Human race, or are you nice and want to save it)

[COLOR="Silver"]Creature or Human:[/COLOR] (Put creature here)


[COLOR="Silver"]Bio:[/COLOR] (At least two paragraphs please. XD)

So I hope this goes well. Just message me if I did something wrong or if there are questions. I'll put up Elliot's thing in a bit, its not quite done yet.[/COLOR]
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Name: Canderous Williams

Age: 364 (16 appearance)

Gender: Male

Apperance: [url=http://i196.photobucket.com/albums/aa7/KujakuMai/Anime%20Vampires/089.jpg]Here![/url]

Side: Good

Creature or Human: Vampire

Pesonality: He is very mysterious but kind. He won't turn anyone unless neccessary and is what you would call a "Veggitarian" he only drinks animal blood.

Bio: When he was sixteen his family left him to fend for himself. His father was a preist and his mother a nurse. They both hated his ways, how he never listened and didn't attened the church. They were fed up and moved while he was in school.

After his parents left he was wandering a dark alley where a bunch of people jumped him. The bit him then left him in the alley. He knew what he had become but refused to bite and feed off humans.
Name: Sereniatai Kasabana

Age: 16 (New born)

Gender: Female

Apperance: [url=http://i196.photobucket.com/albums/aa7/KujakuMai/Anime%20Vampires/2rmtmit.jpg]Here![/url]

Side: Good

Creature or Human: Vampire

Personality: Shy and stubborn.

Bio: She was in the hospital, very sick. She was laying on her death bed, no hope. One of the docters found pity on her and changed her because she was pathetic.

She hated the thought of biting people or animals but settled for unruly animals that weren't cute. She couldn't kill dogs or cats so she killed bears and cows.

[size=1][COLOR="Green"]Welcome to the Adventure Arena! Please don't put too large images into your posts, since they distort the page width, either resize them to fit or just use links instead, okay? Hope you have a long and pleasant stay. ;D
- Sandy, Your Friendly Neighborhood Moderator[/COLOR][/size]
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Name: Ein Inoke
Age: 128 Years of Age (Appears 23)
Gender: Male
Side: Good
Creature or Human: Werewolf - Lion Breed

[url=http://i194.photobucket.com/albums/z154/ookami06/Hot.jpg]Click here![/url]
Lion/Original Form
[url=http://i194.photobucket.com/albums/z154/ookami06/shoelace.jpg]Click here![/url]
Human Form

Personality: Ein is very calm and peaceful, he likes to plan things out instead of "jumping the gun". He's been taught to take his time and look at each variable before deciding on a course of action, but sometimes that can change depending on the situation. Ein is very protective of his friends and the humans he protects, like a mother with a newborn baby, Ein would do anything to protect the humans....without hesitation.

Bio: The Lion Tribe has remain hidden from human knowledge ever since the presidency of George Washington, their main tribe resides in the cost of Africa where they live with nature and the humans that surround their tribe. During the 1800's, Ein was born into his clan strong and healthy. He grew up learning their ways and training his body to be strong and fast like his ancestors and fellow tribe members, Ein was a special breed though. He was able to change into a human, something only a lion werebreed could do every decade. Ein doesn't like to change into a human unless it was for an extreme emergncy.

During the changing times, the Lion Tribe decided to expand their teachings and send their Lion's across the globe. Ein was sent to North American near the mountains, he would be living with an elderly lion from his tribe in the mansion on the hilltop. It overlooked the city below but secluded them from the humans, Ein and his master would do numerous night patrols fighting and riding the city of evil creatures that would try to harm the innocent humans. Lately though, Ein has been feeling a stronger presence surrounding their area and their night partol's have been getting harder and more dangerous for the two. On their last partol; Ein's master was hurt badly, leaving Ein to scout and fight the creatures of the night. Every week the fight gets harder and now the creatures try to make themselves known during the day, Ein has pondered whether or not to transform into a human and battle during the day.

[size=1][COLOR="Green"]Please don't use images that distort the page width, put them as links instead if you must.
- Sandy, Your Friendly Neighborhood Moderator[/COLOR][/size]
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[COLOR="Magenta"]Name: Azmaria

Age: 353(but looks can be decieving)

Gender: Female

Side: Good

Creature: Vampire


Personality: Azmaria is sly and sneeky. She prefers to be alone at most times and likes to do things her way. Az doesn't care for human directions and will do as she pleases.

Bio: Azmaria was born into being a powerful vampire. Her lineage is one of a kind and rather rare these days. Purebloods. She has a commanding voice but would rahter not use it. When she was younger she lost both of her parents from the evils. She may be over 300 years old but her parents died when she was young. She then lived with an Aunt that was mean and bossy to her. Her Aunt wasn't a pureblood and should never order Az around. Az got very upset and taught her Aunt a lesson. Her grandfather is still up and living but has an atmosphere around him.
It wasn't until a few years ago when Az decided to help stop the evils. She would never kill those that are innocent. She never really cared for the taste of others blood but when it was neccassary she would. Working with the good so far has bee great to her. Azmaria loves to spy on the evils' plans and then go in for the kill. [/COLOR]
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[B][COLOR="DarkRed"]Name: Tolvindia

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Side: Evil

Creature: Werewolf (Wolf type)

Appearance: [url]http://s132.photobucket.com/albums/q1/AnimeEdge/Anime%20Guys/?action=view¤t=SexyinRed.jpg[/url]

Personality: Tolv is the type of person who belives that actions speaks louder then words and when he fights, he's the loudest there, atleast he tries to that is.

Bio: He was walking one night with a group of friends when it all went down. They were passing through the middle of a park by a fountain. The clouds moved, revealing the moon. The wind blew, Tolvindia put up the collar of his shirt. He heard a splash as if someone walking through water and a scream. A strange beast was there and it held one of Tolv's friends. It moved fast, striking the others and bit Tolv in the arm. He heard the water in the fountain trikle as the power shut off and in the distance he heard sirens.

He woke in a hospital, his eyes hurt and his vision was blurred. He adjusted to the light and noticed marks on his arm. He looked to his left and saw two beds, then his right and saw three more. The white sheets that were covering Tolv were pulled up over the head of the other beds. He went into a fit of rage, the doctors tried to restrain him. He lashed out at one, leaving a deep cut in his chest.

He gazed at his left hand as he saw it had turned into a large claw. Moonlight shone in through the window. He turned on the others in the room, he killed everyone of them. He got up and made for the door but a figure in a dark cloak stopped him. He said he was a vampire and that he wanted to help. Tolv wasn't interested. The man said he'd be able to kill more. For some reason this interested Tolv and he offered to go with the stranger. He followed him through a strange shadow and reappeared before more creatures like him. The man said welcome home, Tolv couldn't be happier as he let out a long howl as he completely transformed and walked amongst his bretherin.[/COLOR][/B]
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[COLOR="Red"]Wow. I was beggining to lose hope. But great sign ups guys. But since I am at school and don't know if I will get kicked off soon. So I am going to post my sign up in a few, when I know for sure the teachers aren't paying attention to me. [/COLOR]

[COLOR="Blue"]Name: Elliot Hans

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Appearance: [url]http://i167.photobucket.com/albums/u149/Thee_Flame_prince/anime131.jpg[/url]

Side: Good

Creature or Human: Human?

Personality: He is very carefree and very optimistic. There really isn’t much unhappiness about him. Although he is very over protective of anyone he sees.

Also he good mood always makes him a charmer to girls. AKA he is a HUGE flirt.

Bio: He lived with his father until he was twelve. He never met his mother, not that it ever bothered him. On day that he was at the movies with his friends, his father disappeared. But with his personality he didn’t let it get to him.

It wasn’t until a few weeks later did he find out what had happened. His father had been killed when the creatures found out that he had been training the new defender. They had been hoping to get Elliot instead. After that he completed his training with a monk, who told him about his position. At 16 he left the monk and started his job as defender.


Name: Reject (Real name Unknown)

Age: Unknown; appears to be very old… but looks really young.

Gender: Male

Appearance: [url]http://i196.photobucket.com/albums/aa71/anyelaaleyna/anime%20guy/original_boy.jpg[/url]

Side: Evil, Leader of the “Evils”

Creature or Human: Creature, Master Caster
He has almost unlimited power, simply cause he is the only Master Caster in existence.

Personality: He is made of pure evil. He shows no mercy to those that deify him, although he rewards those that do his deeds.

Bio: Reject is controllable by all. But he is the big, bad… wolf I guess. The bad guy, or what ever you want to call him.

He has several people below him that work for him. They are of any race. It is their job to recruit new people to help in their cause.
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Name: Nei

Age: 13

Gender: fenale

Appearance: Werewolf form- Fur is blonde, eyes are blue.
Human form- Brown hair blue eyes slight tan.

Side: good

Creature or Human: werewolf

Personality: Friendly and caring. hates flirters

Bio: Lived among humans all her life. She was born a werewolf. She is able to transform whenever she wants. Nei was abandoned at the age of 2. She was adopted by humans, and has lived with them since.
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Name: Aracne

Age: 556, looks 18

Gender: Female

Apperance: [URL="http://crisortega.com/english/image054-en.htm"]http://crisortega.com/english/image054-en.htm[/URL] Her size ranges from three inches too six foot. She can also transform into a spider if needed.

Side: Evil

Creature or Human: Spider Pixie

Pesonality: Aracne is a very concieted, dark, independent, rebel of her kind. She hates people who interfere with her business, and loves a good fight.

Bio: Aracne always had a hatred towards other creatures. Especailly humans. She believed them to be selfish, arrogent, stupid, incompatent fools, who were undeserving of life. Her hatred for them grew even more, when her mother was caught by a human and killed, because if his naivness towards pixies.

This caused her to join the the allience of the evil ones, so she could desroy the human world forever. She would love nothing beter, and when she was through with them, she would move on to the next race. Until every weak pathetic race was gone. Leaving only the strong behind. Her dream may seem far fetched, but with her power, and an army of followers, she could rule the fools in no time. So she thought...
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Terry Portman

324; 20 years old by appearance

[B]Gender: [/B]

Terry is 6'1 and weights 145lbs. As suggested he has a rather slender build. Despite this, he's not very athletic. He enjoys wearing typical human clothes and does his best to blend in with the humans. He has sandy blonde hair with silver streaks on either side of his head. That is perhaps his only real unique physical feature.

He has deep sky blue eyes and always has a light smirk on his face. On the top of his left shoulder he has a four inch scar in the shape of a cross.



In a word, pleasant. He spends alot of time just smiling and carrring on. He finds human beings to be facinating. They live so briefly and yet have such great asperations. He really has very little contact with others of his own kind since he cares little for them. He finds most other casters to be too conceited. Thinking that for some reason humans are some much lower simply because they're not as powerful.

He thinks humans are funny and terribly ambitious. And he has alot of respect for a creature like that. Even if they are ignorant of the existence of higher life forms.

Terry was born and grew up like almost all casters. He was the son of a mortal warlock and a mortal witch. His parents were proud of his magical prowess, and also jealous. Being born the way he was, he naturally excelled in the magical arts the way his parents could never hope to. By the time he was 12 he has already exceeded them both. Terry was very proud of his abilities, but his parents, his father imparticular, were growing quite frustrated with him.

Eventually, when Terry was 16, his father lashed out againt him, in a need to protect his ego. Terry, with his natural talent, was able to fend him off and escape relatively unharmed. He struck out on his own and continued his practice of the magical arts. He has taken up majors in Lightining, Water, and fire with minors in mind control and wind.

Despite the fact that he was not a human, nor did he know much about them. He was more then happy to start living among them. He found there trials and tribulations to be amazing. He watched many generations come and go and realized how brief there lives really were. It's perhaps this that facinates him the most.[/COLOR][/CENTER]
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Name: Princess Alexriacia Cambonarati of the darkness

Age:16*New born*

Gender: Female!

Apperance: I am emo! Eye colour changes, i am cute hot, certainly everything.
Side:Evil, sometimes nice.

Creature or Human: Vampire

Pesonality: Bitchy, or nice and flirty

Bio: I had betrayed my family, i Have yet to find out if true love still exsist:confused:

I am not in love, and normal im VERY bitchy!! So please be nice and i wont be bitchy.:animesmile:
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[SIZE="1"]Hi there, WhoamI134!

Welcome to the Otakuboards' Auditions Forum. Unfortunately, the thread you've posted in was created back in 2007 and is no longer taking sign-ups. Because it is a "dead" thread, this is what we refer to as gravedigging.

In the future, if you feel you would like to join an RPG, please limit your searches to auditions that are posted on the first page [I]only[/I].

In addition, I will send you a link to the audition rules page. Please look over it before posting again:

Thanks again!

[COLOR="Red"]Thread Closed[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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