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RPG The Witches

Akieen Cloud

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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Nayomi opened her door the next morning and shifted in to her usual form of the large black wolf and sat down waiting for the others to emerge from their rooms. As they did she walked into the main living room she streched and as Duke opened the door she sprinted towards the training room, the others close behind her. She stopped infront of one of their commanding officers and waited to be addressed; during which she transformed back into her normal state.
"Good to see you all are up and looking read to go."
They all nodded.
"As I am sure you have heard, this is no easy task, only a few make it, your to be fighting the leading team as of right now."
They looked at each other, surprise and worry in their eyes. The leading team was the best and they were killers.
Nayomi sighed and looked down the line at her commerades.
"We can take them."
They looked at her and than back at the commander and nodded, he nodded back and led them into a large room that looked like it was reiforced with steel.
"Here is where you'll be doing your last test, those that come out alive are the ones that will offically graduate. Good luck."
As they stepped in he shut a latch behind them and they stood face to face with the leading team. They nodded to each other, Nayomi seemed to be the signal for the fight to start as she transformed into the bear sized wolf and charged at the group in front of her, fangs barred and growling.

We hit the ground running everyone! There are as many of them as there are of us, each one with strong powers like ours.
One has a fire demon
One has the ablility to make copies of his/her self
One has the ability to create bombs
One has the ability to take over an enemies power
and the last one has the power of forsight.

Who ever you take on is your choice. Have fun![/FONT][/COLOR]
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Jinx smirked, she could tell one of the girls had a fire demon.
She could sense it.
She revved back a fist that caught in a firey inferno.
"I'll take the fire girl on the far right." she said. She was immune to her own flames, so if the girl pulled out any of her own she would submerse herself in her own firey sheild. Anyone else would be torched on contact. Jinx ran forward pulling back her fist and instead of going right for her she slammed it into the ground sending intense heat through the floor. The other girl lept into the air throwing a slew of fire balls which Jinx easily blocked with shots of her own. The girl charged in for an attack, her brown hair flying behind her as her eyes slitted like a cats. she slahed forward with firey fingers. Jinx staggered back then swung poerful punches back. They spun in a deadly dance. The girl swiped so close Jinx could feel the hair on her neck singe. Adrenaline burned through her veins and suddenly everything was in focous, she grabbed the girls elbow and slammed her knee right into the girls solarplexis before she even realized what was going on. Air rushed out of the girls lungs as she stumbled back snapping into a breathless fighting stance. But Jinx had the upper hand now. She slammed into the girl with her shoulder before whipping around with a firey fist, the girl was blown backwards by the heat. She whirled through the air before slamming into the ground. Jinx was sure she had finished her off, but the girl popped back up looking pissed. Jinx thought of those stupid bozo clowns with the sand in the bottom, and no matter how hard you beat him down, he just kept coming back for more. Jinx scowled. No way this punk could withstand a punch like that, no way at all. But there she stood ready for another go. This fight was going to be tricker than Jinx had anticipated.
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Damo couldn't help but hesitate to hop into the frey after seeing Nayomi's brutal rage and Jinx's [I]heated[/I] battle with opponent with fire conjuring. [I]This shits real.....what did I get myself into?[/I]. Before he had a chance to think anymore an explosion rocked the arena. "Jinx!" Damo saw both Jinx and the fire demon opponent become enveloped in flames....

"DAMO!" A voice rang over the explosion "It's time for us to play". Damo looked around, everyone else seemed to be a million miles away fighting their own battles. "Who are you?" damo answered the voice, suddenly he realized where it came from. A small young man not much older than Damo but at least a foot shorter and fifty pounds lighter than Damo's 6'0 180lb frame....[I]Hmm this is going to be easier than I thought[/I]...Damo wondered for a moment how he had knew his name. But had just attributed it to good information gathering on the part of the leading team.

Summoning a nearby stone about the size of a bowling ball. Damo willed it behind his back, out of his opponents sight...Charging full force forward Damo waited until he was only 6 feet away from his opponent, dove right and rocketed the rock forward with all of his might. His opponent however rolled the same direction at the exact moment and came up swinging. A furry of punches came from the small man whose strength seemed almost amazing, but Damo knew it was more of the surprise than the strength of the blows. Regaining some balance Damo managed to block a punch and reared back and swung full force....missed again Damo was again rocked with a furry of tiny punches. This time ending in a roundhouse kick to his face Damo was sent airborne.....[I]Guess theirs no need to fight fair[/I] Damo thought to himself. He used his telekenisis to kick dirt up towards the small man....missed again.

As he arrose the man was staring at Damo. "Weak just as I saw....Allow me to introduce myself. My names..." "Dennis!" Damo squeaked. Knowing what this meant for him, Dennis' forsight ability was legendary in the school. He could see into the future minutes ahead, and if he concentrated enough he could see longer. "That's right loser, and I've seen all possible outcomes of this fight, and none of them end with you leaving this room" Knowing that if Dennis saw it, it was almost certain the small man now looked 100ft tall. [I]I'm going to have to get creative if I have a chance[/I]

Damo's thought was interupted by another explosion from the raging flame war that was happening close by. [I]What I wouldn't give to have a pissed of fire demon right now[/I]
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[SIZE="2"][COLOR="DarkRed"]With the explosions of heat coming from Jinx and the Fire Demon-ed opponent, JB squinted his eyes in an attempt to shield them from the brightness of the flames. "Wow that's intense..." he said while turning slightly to look at Damo fighting his opponent.

"I think I'll take you!" A voice ranged from behind JB.


"I said, I think I'll take you! You seem to be weak enough to beat!"

"Hey...that's quite offen--" JB started while getting a good look at his giant opponent. "Damn your a big girl....a VERY big girl...!" having said this seemed to anger her.

"You tryin to say that girls can't fight?! Well I guess I'll have to show you a thing or two!!" And with that being said, she charged at JB full forced, throwing the first few punches.

"Wait!" JB said as he dodged the oncoming slew of punches and kicks. "I think it's only fair that we fight on fair terms!"

"Quit under minding me and fight!!" she said as she once again started to punch, and kick at a wistfully dodging JB. Getting even angrier that he dodged her every attempt to hit him, she yelled "Why can't I hit you!!"

"That's what I've been trying to tell you...." With a serious look on his face he continued. "I know every fighting style known to man, so every punch, every kick, and every move that you're even thinking about doing can, and will be dodged or parried. Basically, what I'm saying is, you can't win."

"What's your name?" The towering girl said with a bowed head.


"Your name...what is it?"


"I just had to know who I'm dealing with, that's all....so you're the one who 'learns stuff' huh?"

"Yeah..." JB said while squinting once again at the brightness of the fire that Jinx was controlling.

"That's quite an ability you got there..." She said while raising her head with a sadistic smile on her face. "...too bad it won't be helping you in this fight!" And with that being said, a flaming silhouette appeared besides her. "You see, I prepared for this fight! Right before the fight, I touched my fiery comrade over there and voila! I temporarily gained her ability! Heh, who can't win now?!"

Now worried, JB recognized her ability and immediately knew who she was. "You temporarily take peoples abilities...so that means you're--"

"That's right, DANYA!!! Be sure to remember that name when you're ghost is at MY graduation ceremony!" After proclaiming JB's 'soon-to-be' demise, Danya began to integrate the Fire Demon into her and make his power her own.

[i]"This might be harder than I thought..."[/i]


OOC: Knuckles' Girl, is it cool if we have a Backstage thread for this?
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Jinx lept backwards trying to put some distance between her tired self and this indestructable fire girl.
"Oh you think your so tough!" the girl called throwing an orb of fire. Jinx flattened on the ground as it whizzed over her.
"You think your petty little sparks can stand up against a demon!?" Jinx realized she would be in some deep crap unless she did somthing.
"Well you know, I auctually do. Seeing as how you can barley control your flames. They just sort of run you don't they?"
in fire weilder language, that was a mjor diss. The gril bristled.
"That demon of yours is in charge right? Your no fighter, you'd be nothing without it!"
"WRONG!" the girl wailed charging with an ill planned attack to the floor. Jinx rolled away and popped up zooming forward she jabbed an elbow into the girls back. The girl snapped forward but caught herself and flipped upright. Crap, the girl was in control again.
"Amelia answers to no one!"
"Amelia is a mjor douche!"
She roared swinging a firey fist extension which Jinx caught with a fist of her own. Their flames raged as one tried to gain the upper hand.
Amelia was beginning to win.
Jinx felt the demon pouring on strength as her heels dug into the dirt. She grunted under the heat as she heard words flashing through her mind.
"Drop out."
She grunted as every single time she had screwed up flashed through her mind. She wasn't a loser, she wasn't a failure! She pushed harder and harder until Amelia was feeling the strain.
"EAT THIS!" Jinx let off a fiery exploson from all angles, far enough not to hurt anyone, but far enough to engulf Amelia. She howled in pain before retailating with her own fire sheild that killed Jinx's flames. Jinx expected her to sustain some damage, but no. She must have some wicked fast conjuring, becuase that kind of sheild that fast was nearly impossiable.
Jinx was the better fighter.
Amelia was the better fire user.
Jinx grabbed a heavy rock and flung it so it burst into flames, Amelia dodged when Jinx realized what she had to do. She grabbed two handfulls of sand tossing them then setting the grains ablzae in a hot rain. Amelia threw up a sheild, but the tiny grains were getting through the to quickly and shabbily made sheild.
She had found an opening.A flaw in her perfect quicky made sheilds.
Jinx realized she may have a chance. She looked over at the others and hoped they had better luck than her. She spotted another girl weilding flames and Jinx scowled. Hopefully she didn't know how to use them, for JB's sake.
"Don't get touched, you'll burn to cinders" she thought. Her head swivled to Damo who was with...
"Ah shit." muttered Jinx. The foresight kid.That was another tricky one. She turned back to her fire demon girl and realized that these guys were all tough.

Who knows what they have up their sleeves.
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]OCC: I'll start one today.

Nayomi went for the largest man in the bunch, her voice came in a deep growl.
"Cliff. Good to see you."
He turned and she saw his eyes turn wide.
"My how you've grown little one."
She barred her teeth, her bear like size matching his. She hunched down and leaped forward and growling as his form popped into smoke. She turned and saw 3 of him she growled louder and charged, she barked out as his large fist his her in the back. She twisted her body around and sank her teeth into his forearm. He growled out and made another copy of his self that grabbed her and threw her across the ring, she sailed across and landed on her feet, she shook and looked up as Dennis stood.
"Sorry about that."
She took off running and leaped at Cliff, her form changing back into her human form, her bare foot smacking Cliff in the face, he stumbled back blood squirting from his nose. She quickly spun around kicking him in the chest and than transformed back in the blink of an eye and closed her jaws around his throat. She landed and licked her lips; turning she began to walk towards the entrance when a large hand grabbed her by the back of his neck. and threw her into a wall. Stumbleing she stood and looked up as the Cliff she killed went up in smoke and left a clean burn on the floor.
"Nice try."
She growled and prepared her self for a second go.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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Duke stood grinning madly as his comrades darted into battle. Only he and another girl from the opposing team were not locked in combat. The girl had short blue hair and a pair of jean short-shorts, with a t-shirt missing it's sleeves, and to complete the outfit, a large backpack. "I am Terra." the girl stated matter of factly.

"Uhhh your point?" Duke taunted. "Look I'm going to win this ok? Doesn't matter who you are or what you do, I will win, that's just the way it is. Sorry babe." Duke got into what looked like a professional martial arts stance. Little did Terra know Duke had just made up this stance as he got into it. "So you just gunna give up, or will you waste our time and energy dragging this out?"

Terra had an [I]explosive[/I] temper and wasn't ready to back down any time soon. She quickly reached into her backpack and threw 5 golf ball sized silver orbs. The spheres flew past Duke, each missing him by maybe an inch or so. Still angry she began circling him in a quick sprint, still throwing the mysterious orbs and still missing Duke every time. Finally she stopped circling and took a couple short jumps backward, distancing herself from Duke.

Looking around at the scattered silver balls around him Duke gave the odd girl a disappointed look "Well damn, I knew I was gunna win, but I thought you'd put up some kind of a fight." He casually walked forward preparing to just pin the girl and be done with it. But e was rudely interrupted when the girl took a large remote out of her backpack and pressed a button, causing a few of the silver balls in front of Duke to explode suddenly.

"Ha Ha you [B]fool[/B]!!" Terra shouted. "You let yourself become completely encompassed by my bombs! You can't even touch me now." her remote looked like something for a remote control car..a very complicated remote control car. As Duke stood she pressed another few buttons on it and some of the bombs to his left exploded. A spray of blood lined his right as they went off. Terra knew there was a chance of shrapnel but just the explosion shouldn't have drawn so much blood. She figured she just got lucky with a spare piece of flying metal.

As Duke flew to the right, Terra triggered another couple of explosives just before he landed. Duke was suspended by the blast and even more blood spattered the area. His team mates glanced over to see the large smears of blood paint his battle sigh but knowing his powers, they weren't worried. After a solid 20 seconds of suspension. Terra finally let Duke to the floor.

He was beaten and bloody as was the entire battle sight around him and Terra. "Ready to give up yet? Or do I need to drain you dry?" She mocked, looking around the large amount of blood strewn throughout the area. Her suspension trick expended all of her silver sphere explosives and she began digging through her backpack for something to finish Duke off.

As she dug Duke struggled o his feet and answered her question. "I doubt you need to bleed me dry," glancing around the area "this should be more than enough." He limped a bit, walking toward his explosive opponent again. By now Terra found the took of Duke's destruction. It was in no way similar to the small silver orbs she used prior, which Duke quickly found out were just remote triggers, within balls of C4, coated in metal. Terra took out the new bomb, it was much larger, maybe 10 times as large as the other bombs, and looked much more like the traditional bomb, wires, beeping, even a large digital timer.

"This is perfect." Terra said setting the timer for 5 seconds and tossing it over to Duke. The bomb slid slightly as it came across the blood soaked floor. *beep...beep...beep* the timer ticked on. Terra's smirk was quickly lost when Duke made a swift action of his hands as if lifting something above his head. As if o cue the blood at his feet began to raise up. Carrying the bomb. "What the?!" Terra exclaimed as Duke made more motions and the blood flowed forward, in a strange flying river. The rd river carried the bomb *beep... beep, beep, beep!!!* the bomb detonated nearly a foot in front of Terra. She shielded herself with her arms but flew back in the terrible shockwave. Blood poured past her making a flat wall behind just before she crashed through it.

It felt like she fell into a pool flat on her back from over a mile high. Duke grinned yet again. "I told you there was no use fighting. " Duke said calmly. The blood floated in orbit around his chest. After writhing in pain for a few moments Terra finally climbed to her feet. She reached into her backpack and got out more of the silver bombs that worked before. As soon as she threw them however Duke created a bloody jet-stream it easily knocked back the silver-ish orbs and hammered against Terra's chest. After carrying her several feet backward Duke made a fluid thrust up, then down with his palm. Synchronized, the blood stream carried Terra higher then, after wide arc, drove her straight into the ground.

The blood covered girl let out a slight whelp of pain as she hit the ground. Between coughing up the blood Duke had forced into her lungs (a tactic in combat that earned Duke his nickname) Terra asked "How can you even be standing after losing al this blood?!"

Duke chuckled "I'm a Hemokinesist, I can control my blood, in every aspect. Including how quickly my blood cells duplicate. That means I can use my blood for offence while keeping my body at it's full. Though it does take allot of energy, that's why I'm not much f an acrobatic fighter. But as I'm sure you know," Duke paused to let Terra cough up some more blood "my lack of acrobatics doesn't really inhibit how well I fight." Duke encompassed the girl's backpack in a globe of blood and slowly picked it up. Terra was carried a foot or 2 into the air before her arms limply fell out of the straps and let her drop to the floor, moaning in pain upon impact. Duke threw the bag behind him, as far away from Terra as possible, as he also did with her remote.

Duke fell to his knees and the blood around him (that was his at least) began to yet again loop his chest as Saturn?s rings orbit it.
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Damo looked out at his friends who were all locked in deep combat, when suddenly he noticed something bright flash to his left. "Another flame demon?" Damo realized who it must be as he turned and saw JB's opponent. [I]Must be the ability borrowing girl[/I]. His attention was suddenly drawn away as Nayomi came flying and landed right in front of Dennis. "Sorry about that".

[I]Always calm and collective[/I] Damo thought about Nayomi...
Seeing her calm and collective even after the shot she must've took to get thrown all the way to Dennis gave Damo knew strength. Damo charged at Dennis again, already formulating a plan in his head. At the last moment before reaching Dennis, Damo grabbed himself with his powers and rocketed himself up and slammed his knee into Dennis' face full force.

Watching Dennis hit the ground rolling Damo couldn't help but smile. That was until Dennis rolled to his feet and launched a dagger at Damo. "YIKES" Damo yelped as he tried dodging to the right.

Not quite making it far enough the dagger made contact with the left side of Damo's cheek; Drawing a small line of blood. "Okay...Now I'm mad" Damo growled. Damo located the stone he threw earlier and summoned it to him. "Let's see how you like this" Damo broke the rock into 5 jagged sharp smaller stones.

As the stones began to swirl around Dennis Damo noticed only twice did they make contact, and even then it was just a couple knicks in Denni's legs. [I]How in the hell did he have time to draw two more knives and how is he deflecting all of them?[/I]

Knowing his mental energy would tire before Dennis' physical Damo began charging ahead ready to pulverize his opponent while he was occupied with his stone daggers. Once again just as Damo closed his opponent launched his knives. This time however Damo was ready and went into a baseball slide as the knives passed over him harmlessly...Well almost harmlessly. They attack broke his concentration and the stones fell to the ground allowing Dennis to leap onto Damo and begin pummling him with his fists. Shots to both the head and torso, everytime Damo went to block his attacker switched.

"ENOUGH!" Damo cried as he unleashed a wave of mental energy throwing his opponent off him. Damo and Dennis both rose to their feet staring at each other....Until an explosion behind Dennis raised both their attention. The bomb girl duke was engaged with got a taste of her own medicine and went sprawling....Seeing the orb of blood slowly change into the rings they now were damo knew how to end this fight once and for all.
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Nayomi shifted back into her human form and ran circles around Cliff, the big man's copes broke formation and dove for her, she leaped into the air and planted her feet on his back and shifted back into her wolf biting the back of the copies neck making the copy disappear with a loud pop and a puff of smoke she reverted back once again and went straight for Cliff, her keen sense of smell allowed her to know which one was the real one, she went into a football tackle and took him down, the ring around them shook with the force as they hit the floor. She began to punch him growling as he blocked, she yelped as his large fist connected with her face, sliding back she looked up and licked her lips as blood down to her chin.
"Good to see your willing to participate, let's finish this."
She smiled and began to growl as her nails grew longer and her bod became more muscular.
"What are you pulling little one?"
"It's something I taught my self, I call it half shift."
She looked up and smiled, her mouth full of fangs, her eyes yellow and her ears slightly pointed. She took off at a run, her speed increased ten fold, Cliff's eyes widened as she launched her self at him and tackled him to the ground, she looked at him and smiled wickedly, her fangs showing. Before he had a chance to move she rushed down and shifted the rest of the way as her teeth sank into his throat. The copies vanished as she liked her lips and sat down letting out a howl letting her team know she had won her battle, she half shifted back and looked around catching a rouge dagger from Damo's fight, she threw it back and smiled as it nicked Dennis in the leg, he looked over surprised.
"You beat Cliff?! How?!"
"I had a trump card no one knew about, not even you. Finish it Damo, I'm hungry."
He nodded, seeing the rare side of her that is serious. [/FONT][/COLOR]
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Jinx panted as she grabbed more sand as she ran around the girl throwing more and more in a heated rain. She watched the others go at it and couldn?t help but mentally cheer with every blow to the other team. She snapped back to attention throwing and igniting another fist of dirt. Amelia was throwing up shields fast, but the tiny flaws were being picked up on by the tiny grains. But Jinx knew she wasn?t doing enough damage, she had to change tactics. So she paused sliding to a stop. Amelia lowered her blazing shield with an oh so smug smirk.

?Tell me this, you have no demon, how do you conjure your pathetic sparks??
Jinx smirked herself as she subtly started to heat her heels.
?You see that is where your wrong, I do have a demon of sorts?if that is what you?d call her. She prefers something along the lines of?the fallen fire angel.? Amelia?s eyes widened as Jinx blasted forward with the burst of propelling heat revving back a powerful punch she slugged the girl hard. Her face contorted with pain as she spun backwards landing in a sliding crouch. Amelia rubbed her cheek as the burns seemingly healed; she must have thrown up another partial shield.
?Of course that kind of power comes at a price, my human body couldn?t withstand the pressure of such sheer energy, so these sparks your seeing? Psh, they are nothing compared to what I can do.?
She left out the effects of such a powerful being dwelling in her body, no need to tell her just how shitty it was to have that kind of a thing living in you.

?Really? Lets see your angel face my demon!? she shot forward with her slitted eyes, Jinx threw up a hand to catch her blow, but it didn?t do any good. Amelia nailed Jinx in the stomach so she blew backwards slamming into the far wall. Jinx winced in pain sliding down the wall. But she wasn?t about to give up. She stumbled to her feet wiping her mouth and spitting out blood. Her stomach would be burned severely, if she wasn?t a fire user, she would be cinders. Amelia charged forward again, her burning fist connecting with Jinx?s stomach. She coughed blood as Amelia kept pounding her into the wall. Jinx sank to the floor hacking up more and more blood. Then she stopped defending entirely letting herself be pounded. She felt more and more blood spill out around her.
She coughed into her hand closing her fingers around the blood with a satisfied smirk.
It was time she tried one of the techniques she had picked up.

Amelia revved back for the final blow, but Jinx reacted faster catching the girl?s fist. Amelia had a look of shock as Jinx tightened her fist around her own. Amelia screamed in pain as Jinx pushed harder and harder until?
Amelia screamed in agony as Jinx rose to her feet kicking her square in the chest. Amelia blew backwards as a dark chuckle erupted from Jinx. She reached for the collar of her shirt lowering it to reveal a spiraling symbol that was burning with white hot intensity. She held up her bloodied hand and put it over the symbol making it gleam brightly. She raised her eyes that had rage and blood lust in them.
?I will not die!? she spat. She charged forward faster than ever before using flames as a propulsion system. She slammed her fists into the girl who was blown backwards into the opposite wall. Jinx laughed again walking up to the girl?s broken pile, she could no longer conjure shields, not against those kinds of flames.
Not against flames powered by her own blood.
Jinx lifted the girl by her collar.
?No?that?s not possible! You can?t use your own blood! It can?t be done!? She cried. She was toast, and she knew it. With those flames, Jinx was unstoppable.
?Oh, it can. But if you want to learn, you have to pay a heft price.? Jinx pulled back one hand still holding the girl up. The fist caught in a crimson fire that licked up her arm hungrily.
?This is true fire wielding!? She cried slamming the fist right into the girls stomach. She blew backwards hitting the ground, her limp body sliding. Jinx strolled up to her lifting her again. Her face was bloody and cut much like her own.
?You don?t know how good you have it girl.? She held up a hand that ignited in a black flame with the very last drop of spilled blood.
?I hate to end it this way, but if I don?t stop you now, your demon will take over and kill me. And that thought terrifies you, doesn?t it? It scares you that you might get agitated enough and kill your friends?? Amelia?s red snake eyes seemed to dull a bit as Jinx had a sudden flash of compassion. So Jinx turned and bit her lip hard enough to taste blood. She spit it onto the flame then turned back to the girl. Her flame morphed to a teal blue. She reached forward touching her chest a blasting through her with the flame. Amelia winced then calmed. Her eyes slid out of the red state taking on a clean and clear blue with a bouncing circle pupil and her brownish black hair slipped to sunshine blonde. Jinx watched as her soul separated from the demon?s.
?Thank?you?? She said with a weak smile and a high melodic voice before her eyes closed and her body went limp. Jinx lowered her body to the ground carefully smoothing out her shirt. The girl had lost her being to the demon, it happened to many of the kind and caring people. They lose themselves sometimes?It was one of the prices to pay, one of the many many prices they paid. Amelia was born with the ability to be a perfect host, and that was what she had become. Jinx evened out her breathing standing on shaky legs before looking at the battles raging around her. She smiled before heaving hard coughing up thick black residue. She doubled over coughing up more and more tar like substance before she wiped her mouth weakly. Her fight with Amelia was over, but the battle against herself had only begun. She had lost and burned to much blood. She was getting weaker every second. She reached up to her collar wiping the blood off the seal so the light died down and she had a chance to kill the blood flames. She stood straighter as her strength started to slowly seep into her. She glanced to Amelia?s body with a kind smile. They were a lot alike.
They had both lost themselves to their circumstances.
She turned and waved to Nayomi with a smirk.
Her battle, was over.
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Damo saw Dennis winch at the pain the dagger caused in his leg as it wizzed by...[I]Nows my chance[/I] Damo was still in an enraged state from the beating he took moments befoe. Using his anger as an amplifier he ripped up a huge chunk of nearby sand and formed it into an orb.

Seeing what Damo was doing Dennis launched two more knives his way...[I]Perfect[/I]. Damo let both knives inbed themselves in him, one in the shoulder and one in the thigh. "ARRGH!" Damo screamed. As the sand fell to the ground Damo started to move it towards Dennis knowing his opponent thought the battle soon over.

Damo fell to his knees and grabed the knives. Glancing up he saw Dennis smile that sadistic smile of his. [B]"Its over Dennis[/B] Damo rose to his feet ripping both daggers out screaming in agony. At the same time he enclosed Dennis in an orb of sand using his mental energy to turn the orb into a solid mass.

Seeing how easy it would've been to use his mind and skewer Dennis with his own knives. Damo couldn't help but feel compassion for his enemy...Discarding the daggers he snaged a large piece of metal that had remained from the casing of dukes opponents bomb. The metal was about a foot long and just what he was looking for. "Let me out you piece of shit" Dennis was kicking at the ball, each blow weakening Damo's hold a bit.

"You want out well here you go!" Damo yelled as he used his mind to hurl the metal in the exact spot he knew Dennis' head was. The orb allowed the object to pass as though it were air and a loud crack came from it coming in contact with Dennis' head.

Damo dropped the orb and looked at his opponent crumpled on the floor still breathing just as he had hoped. "Lucky you were paired against me be bud, Nayomi wouldn't have had any mercy for you" He couldn't help grimmace a little seeing the mess Nayomi had made of Cliff. He glanced over at Jinx, badly burned and bruised but alive....Damo heard something from behind him, glancing back he saw Dennis jump to his feet knife in hand. Damo prepared to dodge but knew they were too close. [I]Oh god...I'm so stupid[/I] Damo could only watch as Dennis' hand rose to a throwing position.

Just as he began his throwing motion Damo saw him thrown to the ground by a burst of flame...Jinx...[I]Oh thank god[/I] and before he could rise to his feet Nayomi was upon him. In one bite she ripped his throat out. Silencing that cocky mouth forever.

Damo rushed to the girls.."Thank you so much"
"Shut up Damo..."Nayomi Barked

Damo knew what she was about to say....
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"Its what we're here for."
Jinx interjected before Damo could get chewed out to badly. She winced turning and coughing up that disgusting black stuff a little bit more. It was good for her though, it expelled all the toxins in her body from using the flame and breathing all the smoke. She straighted wiping her mouth, happy her burns were already healing. She would be good as new pretty soon. She put her hands on her hips looking over to the carnage that was once Dennis.
"Well looks like you had everything under control." She said scarcastically turning to him with a smirk.
"but whatever, just glad your in one piece." She punched his shoulder and caught sight of Amelia in her prefrial vision. She shook of the slight sadness locking her emotions away, they were still in battle. But the others seemed to know what they were doing, she decided to hang back until she was needed. Watching the scene with crossed arms.
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Nayomi sat down and crossed her legs.
"You should be more careful Damo, I understand your the one of the youngest here but your not stupid. You need to learn to finish them."
Damo blinked as well as Jinx, Nayomi was usually hard on them for mistakes like that.
"But as Jinx said, as long as your alright."
She wiped a drop of blood from her cheek and licked it off her finger, looking around as the others continued their fight she could see that her team had the upper hand and were winning. She nodded happily at this and looked back up at the other two.
"Remember you two, stay out of it unless they absolutely need it."
They nodded and watched with her as the others finished their battles, Nayomi looked at the two dead men that she had sank her teeth into and smiled. At least she got to have some fun.[/FONT][/COLOR]

sorry this one is so short, baby needs fed. ^^;
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Nayomi and the others watched their remaining comrades do battle. Terra had stood by this point, though barely, and was making her was over to Duke slowly. She picked up one of Dennis' daggers and planned to just kill Duke up close and personal.

Duke stayed on his knees, waiting patiently. As Terra closed the gap Duke raised an arm towards her. The blood soon obeyed, it flowed swiftly toward Duke's target. In this case, it was Terra's throat. The red river poured around her head, gushing into her mouth and down her throat. Soon Terra's lungs flooded with Duke's blood. She flailed violently, scrambling to get air. The group who was finished quickly turned toward Duke's opponent when they heard her gurgled screams for help. The rest of her team was dead or preoccupied with their own fight. Terra's flailing became more frenzied then gradually died down to a mere flinch every 3 or 4 seconds. Soon she was completely limp. Duke lessened the grip of his fist, and matching his motion the blood surrounding Terra's face fell away.

Duke forced himself to stand and slowly stumbled over to his team mates. "Yo," he greeted them as a group "We done already?" he asked slowly and fatigue could be heard on his breath.

"Almost" Nayomi answered, "JB is still going at it" The group became an audience as they casually observed their team member, confident he would not fail.

"You go dude!!" Duke yelled out horsely "Kick her ass man!!" Duke very blatantly continued cheering as his friend was locked in combat.
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Jinx smirked her signature smirk.
"Well, looks like another one didn't bite the dust. Good for you, I was afraid I'd have to creamate someone." Her eyes flashed as she turned back to JB's fight. She had the utmost confidence in him, she was pretty sure he could get out of there without being torched.
And if the situation proved otherwise she'd smother the girl with her own fire then burn the body to a smouldering crisp, becuase nothing irritated her more than a fire jockey wanna be. Or a girl who could play with fire and not have to hack up toxcins in exchange. Speaking of which, she doubled over in another episode finishing off the last of the junk. She gasped for air once it was over before she stood back up and pretended like she hadn't just nearly choked. The others were mostly used to it by now, it happened evrytime she used blood flames, or any other angel technique. In fact there was a point when she was trying new techniques so much she had such a violent coughing fit that she had to stay in her room and just cough and rest before she passed out becuase of lack of blood in her system. But the fits passed and now she would be fine, the burns were mostly all healed now, and the cuts would stop bleeding eventually. Looks like they would all make it out of here.
That was the first bit of good news all day.
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[COLOR="DarkRed"][SIZE="2"]As the Fire Demon merged with Danya, her physical appearance changed. Her short, red hair and eyebrows were now the color of hot embers, her menacing, brown eyes were now gray, and her once pale complexion darkened to a nice glowing hue. "Don't look so scared..." Danya began with a demented smile on her face, "I promise you'll be dead soon!" With an confused look, JB replied,

"Scared?! Yeah I admit that I am scared...OF YO FACE!!! It's just that, you were already UGLY as fuck, so why would you go and get even UGLIER!! But other than that, I'm not afraid of you at all!" Saying that made Danya pissed and her complexion got a shade darker.

"DIE!!" She screamed as she hurled, streams of fire at JB.

[i]"Damn that was close!"[/i] JB thought while cartwheeling out of the flame's reach. [i]"It seems like my plan is working....and as long as she stays mad, I can probably walk away from this without getting toasted in the process..."[/i] After doing an intricate number of jumps and flips, to dodge the flames, JB continued with his plan. "Is that all you got ASSFACE!? What happened to all that talk about how I'll be dead soon?! I guess that was just hot air coming from you like a BIG ASS BALLOON!!"

"Hot air!!? I'll show you hot air!!" And with that being said, the enraged girl raised her flame engulfed arms in the air and began to move them in a big circular motion, while her complexion got even darker. Pretty soon, there was a large ring of fire surrounding the two of them that got closer and closer by the second. "There's no way you can dodge me or my attacks now!!" She was right, and by the look of things, JB had better hurry up with his plan or else he'd be burned to a crisp.

[i]"She's making it really hard for me to win this fight...."[/i] JB thought while glancing at Nayomi finish her opponent. [i]"I may have to use one of my techniq--"[/i]

"BOOM!!" An explosion sounded off a few feet away from the fight that involved Duke, and a female. Being caught in the sonic boom,JB was heavily pushed backwards towards the wall of the flaming ring, but right before he hit it, the ring dissipated, sending JB crashing to the ground. Apparently so was Danya, therefore breaking her concentration.

"Thank you Duke...", JB mumbled as he stood up clenching his now singed right arm."You just helped me more than you'll ever know..." As his plan began to enter it's final stages, he saw Danya getting up off of the ground more furious than ever, and once again, her complexion grew a shade darker.[i]"Almost there..."[/i]

"After Im done with you, I'll be sure to smolder him next!!" An angry Danya belowed.

"Ha! He'll kick your ass too!!" JB shouted. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a bright flash, and knew that Jinx was done with her fight. "To be honest, you're lucky that you're even fighting me instead of one of my teammates, otherwise...you'd be dead by now....but that doesn't mean that you should under estimate me!" Having said that, JB took off running towards Danya, only to have her once again throwing streams of flames at him. While dodging the flames, another flash of light appeared from across the room, [i]"Damo's done with his fight too..."[/i]

"Take this!!!!" Danya screamed while shooting reckless flames and getting even madder. Seeing that her flames were now wild and reckless, JB decided that it was time for his plan, as well as this fight to end. Scooping up a handful of dirt while somersaulting under a jet of fire, JB threw it in her eyed and began by saying,

"Hey FIRE CROTCH!! Lets end this!" Even more furious than ever, her complexion darkened even more... by now she was the color of a dark colored beet. Hearing Duke shout ,

"You Go Dude!!", made JB realize that Duke was done with his fight. Good....just like he wanted it to be. Just as he suspected, Danya's body began to act differently.

"What th-- what the hell is wrong with me!?" She asked with a look of complete hatred on her face.

"It's simple really..." JB began, "since you're not originally a demon user, your body's not used to that kind of temperature. Also, if you are a demon user, it takes a certain amount of emotional energy to use...if you keep a cool head you'll control the demon with ease...but if you let your emotions get the best of you, then the demon will try to take full control of your body. Naturally you're gonna srtuggle and try to fight it...and that's when you both go BOOM!!!"

"No!!! This can't be happening!!" Danya said in a harsh scream

"I'm afraid that it is. I made you get mad enough to make your skin color change. I even made sure that my teammates were done with their fights first...but don't worry, soon you'll be joining all of your comrades in the great beyond. And with that, JB made his way towards the rest of his comrades, but not before hearing Danya's loud insults. Then finally, a loud boom and flash of orange light brightened the room signaling that she was indeed dead.


OOC: Sorry about the extra long post lol, but I had to catch up.
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Nayomi stood and congratulated her team on winning their matches as the commander walked over to them.
"Good work all of you, now,go pack your things, our plane leaves tonight at 9."
Nayomi turned and looked at him.
"You have a mission, in Rome. Your to leave tonight and be there by morning, be in the briefing room in 45 minutes, after that you pack. That is all, go get cleaned off."
Nayomi growled low in her throat.
"You mean to tell me that my team doesn't even get time to realx?"
"I am sorry Nayomi, but we need the best we have for this and that happens to be your team. You will have time to relax once this is over with. Dismissed, that is all."
Nayomi began to argue again when he looked at her with a hard stare.
"I said that is all and you are dismissed. Get out of here."
She clamped her mouth tight and let a growl flow from deep in her throat.
"Let's go get washed up everyone."
She led the way out and back to their dorms when they got there she sat down looking up at her team as they filed in covered in soot and dirt from the ring, she was the only one covered in the other's blood.
"You guys did excellent out there, I'm proud of all of you. You've all gotten good at what you do and I can't wait to see what else you all learn to do."
They looked at her waiting for her next words.
"But it looks like the celebration will have to wait till we get back from Rome."
Damo looked down at her on the couch.
"So we're taking the job?"
"We don't have a choice Damo, we weren't given the choice."
She scratched her neck and looked at them one by one.
"And from the nervous smell he was giving off, it's not going to be good, so pack light and bring only what you now our gonna need."
Damo smiled.
"Money, keys, wallet, hankie, rubber, and change."
They all chuckled and shook their heads.
"In all seriousness Damo, bring what weapons you need and or want, but as far as clothes and things go, bring only what you need. Make most of it supplies."
They nodded and filled off to their rooms to get cleaned up and start packing. Nayomi walked to her room and pulled a backpack off her wall and began to pack meger things, she looked at her desk and opened in pulling out the deadly claws she used in her human form she wrapped them neatly in a mesh cloth and placed them in the pack and than packed the rest of her supplies. Once she was done she walked out and down to the showers, she could hear the water running and smell the different shampoos and body washes. She pushed open the door as Duke stepped out.
"Jeez Nayomi, don't you knock?"
"We all share these dismal showers, place reminds me of a gym class."
He grabbed a towel and wrapped it around him self as she walked behind the curtain he just emerged from.
"You know there are dry ones right down there."
"The water is cold, use one that just gotten turned off the water starts out hot."
He shrugged and shook his head as she flug her clothes over the top of the curtain and heard the water start. She leaned on the tile wall and let the water wash away the caked blood on her skin and hair, the steam cleaning out her nose from the smoke and dirt. She picked up her own shampoo and washed her hair quickly, her signature strawberries and cream scent filtering through the showers, soon followed by a faint sandalwood that everyone knew as hers; she opened her eyes as she heard Jinx's voice filter through the sound of the water.
"What do you think is so bad that we have to leave tonight?"
"There is no telling, but as I said it can't be very good. All I know is once we get there you all had better watch your back. Damo, that goes double for you, you have to learn to be more alert to your surroundings, I want you to take a sim training before we leave so you don't wear your self out to much. Just to get you alert before we leave."
"Oh, alright."
"I'm not saying anything against you, promise, we just have to get your reflexes up a little."
She stepped out as did Jinx.
"Alright, finish up here and meet in the living room, after that we'll head to the breif room."
She grabbed a towel and walked to her room.

If you haven't read the backstage you need to so you know what is next.
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Jinx turned away from Nayomi as she walked out of the room. She was so serious all the time. Jinx grabbed her shampoo squirting it into her hands. Hers was nonscented, the scents drove her crazy. So did pastel colors, wishy washy people, rap music, and solving problems with words when fists require less effort. She finished up washing the blood away happy to find the burns were gone. She looked down at the intricate seal on her collar bone toward her left with a sigh. It brought back a wave of painful memories which she was quick to stomp down. She exited wrapping a towel around herself before heading into her room. She walked in closing the door behind her and snapping on all the candles that gave the room a happy comforting glow. They cast a warm light on all the posters she had plastered all over and her disorganized mess of a desk. She pulled on a black t'shirt with a ton of random doodle like designs all across the front. She grabbed one of her hats spinning it onto her head sideways and pulling a black and red tie on. She stuck a piece of cinnamon gum into her mouth popping a bubble. She had the typical 'the kid your parents warned you about' image. What had one of her shrinks said? she was "Hiding the pain behind a mask of rebellion?" she had a good laugh at that in the streets for a while. Pulling on jeans and fingerless gloves she started to pack. She had a whip that she loved to use so she packed that and a few daggers along with some clothes she figured she might need. Her eyes flitted over her space resting on her deck of cards. She snatched it, she was big on gambling before she discovered street racing and street fighting. Since then she barley touched a pack of cards, learning she could make more money beating the snot outta people with her fists and behind a wheel. Yep she was your typical drop out, but she learned a hell of a lot more out on the street than in a class room. Whatever, thinking about all that made her pissed off so she ignored it. slipping on her converse she shoulered her bag and stuck her wallet and another pack of gum in her pockets. Beating Amelia had given her a taste of what she could do with the seal techniques, it was good to know she could fall back on those, so she was fairly certain she could face whatever was coming her way with this 'high priority' mission. Plus they all had each others back, but Jinx would be damned if she asked for help from anybody. She was just that kind of person. She had learned to be independant from her lessons on life after school was no longer an option. She kicked open the door jamming her ipod in her pocket just before shutting the door behind her. She strolled into the living room plopping down on the couch and kicking her feet onto the table. Back in school she did that to her desks and it drove her teachers up the wall, espically when they asked her to stop and she would just pop a bubble in their face with a 'make me' smirk. That often got her in detention until she had to drop out becuase she landed a kid in the hospital becuase with third degree burns. But he wouldn't get outta her face and comprehend the 'not interested' signal so he had it coming.
She espically hated that. They looked at her and saw a pretty face, not the kick your ass girl. She was always underestimated, but not by her team, which made her all the more greatful and all the more certain they could take this challange head on and full force.
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Sim training...[I]I'm not saying anything against you Damo....[/I] He knew she wasn't, but he couldn't hide the feeling that he had let everyone down. If it weren't for Jinx and Nayomi he would be dead..[I]Dead and gone....[/I]. The thought made Damo shiver....[I]I have to be more sure of myself, I know I should've killed Dennis, but...it just didn't seem right[/I].

After returning to his room he thought of his comrades. [I]JB...Duke...Nayomi...Jinx...They're all so sure of themselves..so sure of their powers. Maybe I do need some sim training...[/I] He quickly packed the essentials. And grabbed the only weapons he had ever used. His two daggers that were designed for throwing but he had modified them ever so slightly to be used for close combat.

[I]Guess its time to do some training[/I] Glancing out his door he noticed only Jinx's lights were out, so she must've been the only one ready to go. [I]Damn that was fast...I'd hate to bother her so I'll go do set up the training myself[/I]

Arriving in the computer room Damo entered the relex sim training program level 6. As of right now the program had 15 difficulty levels...[I]Only level 6 this is ridiculous, the others have already made it to level 10+ but Nayomi did tell me not to wear myself out and I've only made it to level 8 myself[/I] Damo decided to stick with the program and in seconds after placing the VR helmet on he was plunged into the cyber world.

Opening his eyes Damo was in a long corridor with rooms on either side...[I]This is weird...Different from before[/I]. As he crept down the corridor a door to his right flung open. Inside he saw Jinx she was tied to a chair while a man in red stood in front of her. Damo triend to enter the room but an invisible barrier kept him from entering. [B]"Damo! See what will happen the next time you let your friends down"[/B] The voice seemed to have come from all around him. As the voices final echo rang the man in red brought forth a sinister looking dagger and plunged it into Jinx's heart. With a soundless cry of agony she fell limp. Damo half in tears proceeded to the next room. This time it was Duke tied to a chair, the same voice rang again; and again the result was the same. The same thing happened two more times, both JB and Nayomi...both dead.

The last room opened and this time it was Damo on the chiar...and instead of looking in the room he was looking out...[I]How the hell did I get here...let me go![/I] He cried, but no audible voice was heard it was all in his head. Damo noticed a strange symbol on the mans cloak but he did not know it....nor could he see the face of the stranger with the dagger. [B]"You will never be strong enough to help your friends..this is the only thing in your future weakling"[/B]. The voice boomed, but before Damo could reply the dagger was plunged into his heart...the pain...the stinging pain.

"GET OFF!!!" Damo sat straight up in bed. A dream..nothing more than a dream. Damo grabbed his overnight bag and headed into the hallway. Just like his dream Jinx's light was the only light off. Heading towards the conference room he froze. [I]If I skip out on my training Nayomi will know and will be mad[/I]. Deciding not to let his dream scare him he went to the training room and ran the program. Level 6 just like his dream. This time however he was sent to the same sim program he had always done. After completing it with ease he made his way to the conference room and plopped down beside Jinx who was listening to her Ipod. Not in the mood for music he left his in his bag and put his head down. Now knowing if he should share his dream or just forget it.

One thing was for sure, he wasn't going to let his team down...It wasn't going to happen.
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Jinx was bobbing to the beat when Damo plopped down next to her, and she could tell he was troubled.
But was he willing to talk about it? Jinx wasn't one to do the talking, she sucked at conveying emotions except anger and arrogance. But! She was good at listening. Yes, Jinx almighty tough as nails Jinx was a good listener, and she liked to listen. It was part of the reason back home everyone ran to her to talk or to hang out with, when you talked to Jinx you talked with her, not at her. And she was one of the only street girls that wore shorts that extended beyond the thigh and had an I.Q that was greater than her shoe size.
"Alright." Jinx said yanking the earpieces out of her ears with one swift tug on the dangling cord. She paused the song and crossed her legs sitting on the edge of the couch she pretended to push invisible glasses up her nose and flip open a note book.
She licked the tip of an imaginary pen and stared him down like she saw her numerous shirks do many a time before.
"Vat seems to be ze problem?" She said keeping a straight face.
"Because you look awful zhitty and un heppy." She stiffled a laugh keeping her pretend pen hovering in the air.
"did ze sim training kick your ass? Do you have a boo boo you vould like me to kiss?" she mocked with a sly smirk.
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Damo couldn't help but laugh out loud. With the doom and gloom he didn't even notice her take her earphones out. "It's nothing really...I just realized something today.." "Oh knock it off" She punched him playfully in the arm. "Its not just about today, though if you and Nayomi hadn't been there; I'd have lots of boo boos for you to kiss" Both sharing a bit of a chuckle he continued.

"You and the others are so confident in your abilities, so sure of yourselves, and all your powers have developed so much. While mine haven't, I know I'm still coming into myself but"

"You need to stop it, it wasn't a walk in the park for us today, and the way you took Dennis down that was good too."

"Yeah but look at Nayomi's half morph thingy, JB's a damn monkey boy with all the agility and strength anyone could ask for. Dukes cool as hell and a hardass to boot, you have more ways to use fire than the devil himself. My power seems weak by comparisson and I'm wondering if I'm slowing down the group."

"Toughen up chief, I have a feeling you'll do just fine. And this mission will be just the thing you need to find yourself"

Damo was embarassed for spilling so much to Jinx, he did really appreciate her for listening to him. Hell he had to admit he liked Jinx, which made him feel all the worse about the dream he had, having to see her in so much agony.

He thought for a moment about telling her about the dream, but feeling already to much like a little kid he decided he needed to lighten the mood. He used his powers to tap her on the oppisite shoulder from where he was sitting. As she turned to see no one there he couldn't contain his laughter.

"Think that's funny huh? You'll pay for that" Jinx growled.

Her face was all smile as she put her ear pieces back in. Damo knew she'd get him back, but it would take her awhile to think of something good. Damo withdrew his own ipod and started unraveling the earphones when suddenly he noticed his feet were starting to burn....
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Jinx smirked heated the floor below him, not enough to set it on fire,again, but hot enough where he'd notice, and maybe his shoes would stick to the floor. If he plays with fire, he'd get burned. That was the way it worked. Lucky for him she wasn't intending on burning him...too badly that is. So she started heating the couch flipping though her songs and looking nonchalant as the lyrics to some random band blasted in her ears. She waited for him to stand up heating the floor around where his shoes were, this would be funny. But revenge aside she was glad to help, she knew he appreciated her listening powress, most everyone did. But with listening came observancy, and she had observed that he was holding somthing back, but she wasn't into needling. Not after all her therapy sessions after which she felt like a carcass being picked apart by a hungry vulture trying to find a deeper meaning that wasn't there. Plus he was a guy, they didn't spill their guts like scared little girls. They had a macho thing to maintain.
Like animals. Lions had to prove dominance, wolves had to prove dominance, everything was about dominance. In this case it was Nayomi who had the domince as everyone fought for second place, and quite frankly Jinx was fine with that. Nayomi had a stern thing going that Jinx could never maintain. She was just too...non-serious for that. She would explode if she couldn't torment and mock all the members of the team. Specifically Damo, because he mocked and tormented back. It was a never ending battle, one time it was so bad she had to convince Nayomi to open doors for her for fear of getting doused with some horrifying goo like she had done to him as a very satisfying revenge plot. All and all she liked Damo, and if he didn't want to reveal somthing, well that was fine with her. She cranked up her music and the heat holding back her scheming smirk as she waited for her trap to spring on poor unsuspecting Damo.
Who was soooo going down.
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He tried for as long as he could to hide fact that he realized his feet were afire. "Okay that's enough" he jumped off the couch...well he stood off the couch.

"And my shoes are melted to the floor" He couldn't help laugh. "Guess I'll just go get another pair...my LAST pair" He ripped as hard as he could until he heard the shoes rip. Looking at the floor and seeing the soles still stuck there while the top half of the shoe came free they both bursted into laughter.

Hurrying back to his room he laid the burnt shoes in the closet next to the other 4 pair she burned. One good pair left he slipped them on and stared at the pile [I]I'll get these fixed with the money this job should bring in[/I] As he sat on the bed he did his best to picture where she was sitting....and sent a mental hand into the room and grabed her Ipod right off her head. Sneaking back into the doorway he laughed as he kept the ipod out of her reach and whirled it around the room.

Suddenly she turned and his shoe became hot again. "Okay okay here you go, just don't destroy my last pair of good shoes" He let he ipod drop into her waiting hands and hoped over the couch beside her.

He figured he'd better let her "cool" off before the others arrived.
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Nayomi snorted as she entered the room.
"So long as you two don't kill each other, and or involve me to much I'll be okay.
Before he could respond she blinked and began to sniff much like a dog in search of food till she went to the door and opened it, she smiled as a pizza delivery man walked by, she reached into her pocket and pulled out a 20 and grabbed the pizza handing him the money she slammed the door before he could protest. Sitting down she opened the box and smiled.
"Hamburger and jalepeno pepper, my favorite."
Grabbing a slice she took a bite and smiled at the other two as they waited patiently for the others.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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Jinx stared at the pizza with an overdone disgusted look. She poked it.
"I've seen some pretty hedious combinations in my life...just look at Damo, a combination of two human beings that turned out to be...well him, but this is even worse. Sorry Damo but your being knocked down a peg on the hedious combination charts." She flicked a piece of hamburger at him before kicking up her feet onto the table again. But she kept her iPod tucked away for fear Damo would make her chase it around the room as a revenge for her 'hedious combinations' crack' so instead she flicked tiny sparks into the air. She watched the sparkles like a fireworks display even making some bigger and changing the color by upping and lowering the heat. This would keep her occupied for a while, but once that was gone it'd be murder. Jinx always sucked at waiting, back when she was little she used to sneak into theme parks and those lines for the really big really gnarly rollercoasters were always killer. One time she got so antsy and excited she accidently burned the man infront of her's hair right off. Yep, clean off. She dissapered before the ambulences came, but felt bad so sent dasies to his hospital room. She almost laughed at the memory of his horrified expressions when he reached up to his scalding scalp and began running in terrified circles. Jinx turned back to her sparkley display, the tame part of Jinx's fire weilding. Fire weilding was pretty versatile, she could do some serious damage, or show up at your kids birthday party and do tricks for only twenty bucks an hour! But that would be mortifying and give Damo a reason to ridicule her for the rest of her life. So she was content with using it in a lethal way.
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