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The Journey of a Lifetime
[font=arial][size=2][color=#202020][b]01 APR 2050[/b]

The city of [b]Washington Prime[/b] is tonight bracing itself for the first wave of space tourists, all bound for the [b]Marr Space Center[/b]. These lucky visitors will be the very first passengers on the [b]Von Braun[/b] and will be taking part in the ship's maiden voyage.

The ship's passenger list makes for interesting reading, with its smattering of celebrities and politicians. However, [b]NARA[/b], which is handling all admissions and bookings, insists that the Von Braun will be available to passengers of all kinds. Those who can not afford tickets have had the opportunity to board the ship through other means (for example, by working as crew members or by winning competitions for first and second class rooms).

During its maiden voyage, the Von Braun is scheduled to travel to the most distant parts of the galaxy and back. Passengers will be treated to stunning views of the [b][url="http://img513.imageshack.us/img513/9587/tranquilitycr9.jpg"]Tranquility Comets[/url][/b] and will even stop off at the [b][url="http://img104.imageshack.us/img104/4149/buerglehobbystaedtedieivs8.jpg"]NAR Deep Space Outpost[/url][/b] which, until now, has been largely off-limits to the media (and the public at large).

The public's return to space promises to be interesting and, thanks to the Von Braun, it will be a memory that over one-thousands passengers will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

[i]Washington Prime News Network (WPNN)[/i]

The Von Braun Odyssey: A James & Indi RPG
[font=arial][size=2][color=#202020]Welcome to [b]The Von Braun Odyssey[/b], a collaboration between Indi and myself. We have worked hard on many of the background elements for this, so we hope that you guys enjoy it.

Before you sign up, I should point you in the direction of [b][url="http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=58951"]the Backstage thread[/b][/url] for this RPG.

This thread already contains some background story info as well as some basic information about the ship itself. As time goes on, Indi and I will be updating the [b]Dossier[/b] with further files. Players will also be welcome to submit Dossier files of their own.

Below, you will find a [b]sign up form[/b], which Indi has already filled out with one of the NPCs we will be using in the story. This should give you a good example of how to fill it out.

In terms of your character, there are really no limits. You can be a passenger (either someone who has bought a ticket, won a ticket - or even a stowaway) or you can be a member of the ship's crew (anything from a cook, to a security guard at the casino, to a holodeck skiing instructor). Please feel free to experiment with your character and have fun!

We are going to use avatars/icons for characters and I have taken the liberty of putting together some examples already. If you want to use one of these pre-prepared avatars, please just include them in your post. If you see an avatar you want to use, you had better get in quick, because once someone has chosen an avatar it won't be available for another player to use.

If you want to make your own, you are more than welcome. Please just make sure to keep the sizes at 110x110 pixels and ideally, the image should be black and white (in keeping with our retro theme).

If you have any questions about your character or you want help with your avatar, please feel free to post in the Backstage thread.

Also, I do want to mention one other thing. Although this RPG will not at all be considered "adult" in nature, it will be necessary for players to handle mature subject matter appropriately. If you are very easily offended or have difficulty dealing with subject matter of a mature nature, please consider your sign up carefully. While this RPG will not contain explicit material, we will certainly touch upon subjects that will need to be handled responsibly.

Sign Up & Choose Avatar
[font=arial][size=2][color=#233145]Here are the required sign-up fields.

[b]Passenger/Crew Member Name:[/b]

Your character's full name, as it would appear on the passenger list (or crew register).


How old is your character? Please feel free to experiment with this; we would like to see as many different backgrounds as possible.


Place your character I.D./avatar in this field. If you want to make your own avatar, please ensure that it is 110x110 pixels in size (and if you need help with this, please ask us in the Backstage thread).

Here are a group of pre-set avatars that you may use if you like (but again, feel free to make your own if you wish):

[center][IMG]http://i64.photobucket.com/albums/h167/Desbreko_Fanclub/VBO/avatar2_crew.gif[/IMG] [IMG]http://i64.photobucket.com/albums/h167/Desbreko_Fanclub/VBO/avatar9_guest.gif[/IMG] [IMG]http://i64.photobucket.com/albums/h167/Desbreko_Fanclub/VBO/avatar8_guest.gif[/IMG]
[IMG]http://i64.photobucket.com/albums/h167/Desbreko_Fanclub/VBO/avatar7_guest.gif[/IMG] [IMG]http://i64.photobucket.com/albums/h167/Desbreko_Fanclub/VBO/avatar6_guest.gif[/IMG] [IMG]http://i64.photobucket.com/albums/h167/Desbreko_Fanclub/VBO/avatar20_crew.gif[/IMG]
[IMG]http://i64.photobucket.com/albums/h167/Desbreko_Fanclub/VBO/avatar19_crew.gif[/IMG] [IMG]http://i64.photobucket.com/albums/h167/Desbreko_Fanclub/VBO/avatar18_crew.gif[/IMG] [IMG]http://i64.photobucket.com/albums/h167/Desbreko_Fanclub/VBO/avatar17_crew.gif[/IMG]
[IMG]http://i64.photobucket.com/albums/h167/Desbreko_Fanclub/VBO/avatar16_guest.gif[/IMG] [IMG]http://i64.photobucket.com/albums/h167/Desbreko_Fanclub/VBO/avatar14_guest.gif[/IMG] [IMG]http://i64.photobucket.com/albums/h167/Desbreko_Fanclub/VBO/avatar13_guest.gif[/IMG]
[IMG]http://i64.photobucket.com/albums/h167/Desbreko_Fanclub/VBO/avatar12_guest.gif[/IMG] [IMG]http://i64.photobucket.com/albums/h167/Desbreko_Fanclub/VBO/avatar11_guest.gif[/IMG] [IMG]http://i64.photobucket.com/albums/h167/Desbreko_Fanclub/VBO/avatar10_guest.gif[/IMG] [/center]

[b]Occupation & Background:[/b]

Why are you on the ship? There are literally a million possibilities for this, but here are a few suggestions:

[b]Officer:[/b] These staff members are senior members of the crew, who oversee all operations on the ship. The Officers all report directly to the Captain, who will be played by an NPC.

[b]Hospitality:[/b] The crew responsible for seeing to the guests comforts. Possible positions could be in food, housekeeping and entertainment.

[b]Maintenance:[/b] The crew responsible for maintaining the ship. They deal with any technical issues. They also oversee the ships engines and make any necessary adjustments to keep things running smoothly.

[b]Security:[/b] The group responsible for the safety of the passengers and crew. You could choose to be a Security Officer (general ship security) and you could station yourself in a specific area. You can even sign up as Chief of Security, although the CoS would answer to the NPC we have included below (which will be controlled by Indi).

[b]Passenger:[/b] There are several kinds of passengers, from the wealthy to the middle class, to those who won a ticket to the first voyage back into space. There is even the possibility that someone is on board as a stowaway.

Please feel free to be creative with any of these areas - I'm sure there are roles that we haven't thought of, so we are more than happy for you to invent something of your own.

Also, if you wish, you may put a little more about your character's personality and background in this field.

Here is an example sign up, using one of the key NPCs in the story:

[b]Passenger/Crew Member Name:[/b]

Samantha A. Wells





[b]Occupation & Background:[/b]

Samantha is a member of NARSIA (North Atlantic Republic Security & Intelligence Agency) and the official representative for the organization on the Von Braun.

As the daughter of NARSIA’s Director of Security, Patricia Wells, Samantha is well acquainted with policy, procedure and politics surrounding the agency. Though she is rather firm and often strict (as she takes her responsibility very seriously), Samantha is also very open and friendly.

Though the Von Braun has a Chief of Security for the trip to oversee all of the vessel's security needs, Samantha ultimately outranks the CoS and can step in at any time.[/font][/size][/color]
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[SIZE=2][FONT=Microsoft Sans Serif][B]Passenger Name: [/B]Adam Kristopher Azure

[B]Age: [/B]29


Occupation & Background: [/B]Adam is a reporter with the [B]Washington Prime Herald[/B], and a good one at that. He rose quickly to become their best field reporter, covering stories across the country.

He was assigned to write a series of seven articles about the maiden voyage of the Von Braun, along with his photographer Jamie King, with whom he has been working for several years. As such, he is expected to move around the ship almost constantly, getting information and interviews with passengers and crew members alike. The Herald, one of the top newspapers in the city of Washington Prime, has secured him an all-important "Press Pass," not only allowing him access to areas of the ship which would otherwise be restricted, but also giving him a free trip on this most important voyage of all.

While Adam has made a name for himself for being persuasive almost to the point of being rude, he also has the innate charm and wit that any good journalist must have in order to form a rapport with those he is interviewing. He also tries to be as honest as possible when writing his articles, in an attempt to avoid the stereotype of a corrupt, lying media, although these attempts are often censored by his editor, much to Adam's chagrin.
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[B]Crew Member Name:[/B]

Jefferson T. Matheson





[B]Occupation & Background:[/B]

Jefferson (or Jeff as he is often called) is a member of NARSIA and has been assigned to the Von Braun as Samantha A. Wells personal security for the duration of the trip. Very little is known about Jeff, other than the very basic information of his qualifications in his field as he is often seen providing security for top executives in both NARA as well as NARSIA.

Calm, collected and seemingly utterly serious Jeff is very dedicated to seeing to the safety of whoever he is currently assigned to protect. It was for these qualities that he was chosen for the position, though like all citizens even he is not immune to the thrill of being one of the first to take the historic voyage into space.
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[COLOR="DarkOrchid"][FONT="Times New Roman"][b]Employee Name:[/b] Ilona Montenegro L' Marcelle

[b]Age:[/b] 26



[b]Occupation & Background:[/b] Singer in the Lounge

Miss L'Marcelle was hired by the Von Braun after one of her recordings was played at a launch party, since the lounge, while outfitted perfectly was still lacking a vocalist. Spending most of her time being hired for several weeks at a time by one bar, or restaurant or another on limited contracts, life seemed rather tenuous to her. But of course, an offer to sing in the Von Braun's rather swanky lounge next to the piano, or on the piano, was not one to be turned down lightly. After all, rich or poor, you were bound to want at least a little entertainment. Or so she hopped.

A long history of singing, and a Master's in the Performing Arts with a special emphasis on Jazz, L' Marcelle studied the classics. As a child, Ilona emulated Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Sade, trying to bend her vocal chords just the way they did. And in time, puberty shaped her voice and gave her a velvety, smooth alto, soothing and subtle. With her voice she's charmed many, and now she hopes to expand her horizons, not overly ambitions, but filled with anticipation. [/FONT][/COLOR]
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[size=1][b]Passenger Name:[/b] "Arthur Clarke"

[b]Real Name:[/b] Arthur Kendi

[b]Age:[/b] 28


[b]Occupation & Background:[/b] Born in Washington Prime, but raised abroad, Arthur Kendi is the son of Professor Edward Kendi, the reclusive historian and terrorist leader. Edward sacrificed his career by speaking out publicly about the NARA's space program, fearing it could result in another cataclysmic event. However, with no evidence to support his theory, Edward's views were dismissed by the NARA as 'rampant paranoia.' He was mocked in the press and shortly thereafter fired from his position as a university professor.

Following a difficult separation from his wife and newborn child. Edward went on to form [b]Terra Prime[/b], the world's leading and most notorious space protest group. In the years leading up to the Von Braun Odyssey Terra Prime has been responsible for sabotaging space test flights and destroying production factories across the globe. These actions have resulted in many deaths, which Edward simply dismisses as 'casualties' of his personal war.

Prior to the launch of the Von Braun Odyssey the NARA rededicated itself to stopping Terra Prime at all costs, resulting in the successful arrest of Edward Kendi. This has left Edward's only son, Arthur, to carry on Terra Prime's mission.

Arthur has been raised by his mother for most of his life, but retains an almost fanatical devotion to his father's beliefs. With much of Terra Prime's manpower and resources lost, Arthur was unsuccessful in preventing the Von Braun's launch. However, he has managed to sneak himself on board the maiden voyage by using a false identity.

Quiet and soft-spoken, Arthur is a man with many skills and many secrets. He has vowed to prevent another Great Disaster from ever happening, no matter what the cost.[/size]
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[COLOR="DarkSlateGray"][SIZE="1"][B]Passenger Name: [/B]Annabella Eleanor Nichole

[B]Age: [/B]23


[B]Occupation and Backround:[/B] Annabella, or Anna for short, is a singer for classical opera and for a local rock band. During her last concert, a fan gave her a ticket for the Von Braun. Her fan, named Jonathan, asked Anna to take him with her in exchange for the ticket. But unknown to Anna, Jonathan is her brother.

Anna goes to college with her friend Briana, who is also going to ride the Von Braun. However, due to an argument a few months before Anna's last concert, the friendship between them crumbled.

Anna grew up in an unstable household, her mother was often abused by her father, and one day her mother retaliated while Anna was asleep. She murdered Anna's father and admitted to the accusations in court. Anna had hatred for her father, so she tried the best she could to save her mother. But sadly, she didn't have the money they set for bail. So she decided to use her voice to get money for her mother.

For about seven years now, she has been trying her best to raise the money needed to bail her mother out of jail. Her voice is very elegant, and called angelic. Her voice for the rock band she's in, is just as powerful as her voice in Opera. Despite the hardships in her life, she always tries her best to smile. She can however, be childish at times that are deemed inappropriate for such attitude.

Now she is going on the Von Braun's maiden voyage with her long-lost brother. But she is really going to fulfill her mother's ambition of being in space that was cut short by the murder of Anna's father.


[B]Passanger Name:[/B] Jonathan Bentley

[B]Age: [/B]23 (Born along with Anna)


[B]Occupation and Backround:[/B] Jonathan works as a security guard for a local museum, where he actually has paintings of his own on display. He is a very polite person, but can be tongue-tied and can say rude things by accident. He treats everyone that he knows with respect, especially Anna.

Jonathan is Annabella's twin brother. His mother put him up for adoption because he was diagnosed with a mental illness. She didn't want Jonathan to suffer anything from her abusive husband. Later on after he was adopted by the Bentley's, his mother discovered he was misdiagnosed. She contacted his adoptive parents to tell them to tell Jonathan that he has a sister.

The Bentley's, knowing why his mother put him up for adoption, told Jonathan about his sister. Anna, however, was unaware that Jonathan even exists. Jonathan tried searching for his sister years later after learning that his mother was jailed for murder. He tried to cantact her to comfort her. With his attempts failing, he gave up. But one day a commercial for one of Anna's concerts appeared on the television.

Jonathan bought two tickets for the Von Braun with the money he obtained from his job and from his paintings, adn he also obntained extra mney from his adoptive parents to buy a ticket to Anna's concert. There he gave her one of the tickets in exchange for her bringing him along.

Jonathan doens't plan on telling Anna about him until later on in the trip. but as far as Anna is concerned, Jonathan is just a polite fan with a dream of meeting his favorite artist.
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[B]Passenger/Crew Member Name:[/B] Maj. Christina Sijan (retired)

[B]Age:[/B] 42


[B]Occupation & Background:[/B] Chief of Securities

Christie is the Chief of Securities and member of NARSIA working directly under Samantha Wells. She is well acquainted with Patricia Wells and many other high ranking officials in the Defense and Intelligence communities. Considered a maverick by many of her peers, it is rumored that her recent appointment on the Von Braun was a way of getting her off the planet and put somewhere where she can do the least amount of harm.

A retired NAR Air Force CRO (Combat Rescue Officer), Christie's discharge, though honorable, was somewhat of a scandal within her squadron as it was discovered over the years that she had been keeping lovers. Due to the sensitive nature of her work, and a long lasting (if not unnecessary) military policy, Christie accepted the discharge and moved on to work at NARSIA.

Her keen eye and superb attention to detail has given way to her meteoric rise through the ranks of NARSIA and she views her appointment on the Von Braun as a chance to relax and finally enjoy her retirement. All this despite the rumors surrrounding her assignment.
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[B]Passenger Name:[/B]

Viktor Ivanov





[B]Occupation & Background:[/B]

Viktor is the son of Mikhail Ivanov: founder of Ivan Enterprises, one of the leading global builders of electronics. Some of the components for building the Von Braun came from this corporation situated in the former Russian Federation. As a result of generous contributions in the form equipment and parts being donated to NARA for the Von Braun project, Mikhail Ivanov was invited to take part in the historic first official space voyage.

Since leaving the corporation for such a lengthy period of time is something Mikhail feels is unacceptable, Viktor will be taking his place instead. Unlike his father who is well known to the public, Viktor has spent most of his childhood receiving training to one day take his father?s place as the head of Ivan Enterprises. In addition to being his first trip into space, doing so as a representative of Ivan Enterprises will be Viktor?s first official appearance to the public.

[SIZE="1"][U]Key Notes:[/U] Just to be clear on his personality a bit, Viktor though well educated and intelligent, is reserved. To put it bluntly, he is a gentleman, in an old fashioned manner.[/SIZE]
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[SIZE=1][B]Crew Member Name:[/B] Doctor Kevin Camfield

[B]Age:[/B] 31



[B]Occupation & Background: [/B]Lead Medical Officer

[/SIZE][SIZE=1] Coming from a predominantly medical background it wasn't hard for Kevin to get into some of the most prestigious medical schools. But carrying the Camfield name meant a lot and came with high expectations which he strove to meet. Graduation third in his class Kevin moved on trying to further his career and make a name for himself like his father before him. Kevin applied to be the lead Medical officer on the Von Braun for a change in scenery from the usual hospital environment.[/SIZE]
Kevin was on the top of the list of Doctors to go along on the maiden voyage. Not the most skilled on the list, he was chosen because of his bedside manor. That was the main contributing factor they were looking for because on a luxury ship like the Von Braun, major injuries and sicknesses are not to be expected so the med bay was designed for comfort for those who have suffered minor injuries while aboard the ship. That being said the med bay does have the capability to treat anything from something as minor as a headache to something as severe as reattaching a limb.

Unlike most doctors Kevin's bedside manor isn't just a facade put on for the patient. He is an unusually happy and optimistic person. With strong morals, Kevin is polite in an old fashioned way, often holding door and pulling seats out for women and the other gestures that go along with that kind of thing. When a patient's life is in danger Kevin's personality changes entirely, becoming very solemn and will start barking out orders at the tip of the hat. characterized by many who know him on a personal level as a "goodie-goodie" who does no wrong.
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[b]Passenger/Crew Member Name:[/b]

Zahir Kahn ( sometimes nicknamed "Zee" by close friends)





[i]In this portrait, Zahir is wearing his Der Raum uniform.[/i]

[b]Occupation & Background:[/b]

Zahir was born in Kabul, where he enjoyed a relatively quiet upbringing. His father was a prominent business owner in the city, with several small liquor stores to his name.

Partly due to the conservative society's view of alcohol, the Kahn children often found it difficult to make friends in school (parents often encouraged their children to stay away from the Kahn family, fearing that they were "corrupted with western influence"). Rather than shy away from so-called western influences, Zahir instead embraced them. At the age of 19, he enrolled in the American University of Afghanistan where he studied photography and sculpture. He took on an accelerated course and graduated just after his 21st birthday.

There was very little work available in his home country when it came to the arts, however. To make matters worse, Zahir was unsure about his future career goals in general.

Finally, he decided to move to the Republic's capital, Washington Prime. Once there in the big city, he hoped he might find some of life's answers (Afghanistan is now part of a larger Middle Eastern State within the Republic).

After working in several small bars for a couple of months, Zahir applied to for a working holiday program on the Von Braun. Not expecting a positive response, he quickly forgot about his application and continued working the bars throughout the city (while struggling with high rent and a frequently-drunk roommate).

Only a week after submitting his application, however, he discovered that he had been accepted to the program. Most surprisingly of all, he was employed to work in the Von Braun's most exclusive cocktail bar: Der Raum, which is located on the first class deck.

When reading the fine print, however, Zahir realized that he would be sharing a tiny room with three other employees in the ship's general staff quarters. Nevertheless, the opportunity to work in quite possibly the world's most exclusive bar would surely make it all worthwhile.

Personality-wise, Zahir is still a relatively naive young man. He is also generally shy outside the bar environment.

Nevertheless, he is curious and a quick-learner. Zahir hopes that his experiences on the world's first space hotel might change his life forever.
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[B]Passenger Name:[/B]

Katelyn Brennan





[B]Occupation & Background:[/B]

Katelyn was born and raised in the suburbs of Washington Prime. Though originally raised by her parents, she became a ward of the system shortly after she turned sixteen. This happened because both of her parents were killed when the production plant they worked at, on the farthest outskirts of the area, was destroyed by the terrorist group known as Terra Prime.

Since then she has been studying to prepare for entry into the academy for NARSIA. Katelyn intends to help hunt down all of the individuals responsible for not only the death of her parents, but for all citizens who have been harmed by the fanatical group that hails under the name Terra Prime.

When she turned seventeen, a year before the Von Braun was projected to launch into space, a writing contest was held for students of any school who wished to take part in the first voyage in space. Since her parents before the tragic incident that claimed their lives had been saving in the hopes of being able to afford to purchase tickets, she entered the contest.

Katelyn was among those chosen out of the millions of entries and now, barely a week after her eighteenth birthday she is preparing to board the Von Braun.
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[FONT="Courier New"]~[B]Crew Member Name:[/B] Brunhilde "Hilda" Metzger

~[B]Age:[/B] 39


~[B]Occupation & Background:[/B] Hilda is the Senior Hostess on the hotel ship Von Braun. She is in charge of all the flight hostesses and tour guides on board, and she herself is summoned whenever the most important guests need guidance and care. She is one of the few persons who knows the locations of every restaurant, bar, attraction and service desk on the ship. Naturally, even she has no business to the restricted areas.

But Hilda has been raised not to ask questions. From a small child she had learned that certain subjects were not to be talked about, and she had grown up to become an obedient and flexible adult. That's also why she started working as a customer servant. Her distinct professionality and constant will to please were not left unnoticed, for she got a job offer from Von Braun she just couldn't refuse.

However, Hilda is bothered by the fact that most of them are half her age. With her fortieth birthday approaching, Hilda has a feeling that she won't be on the job for long. Although her customers see an ever-smiling woman who can always work things out the right way, Hilda doesn't approve any nonsense from those working for her. She expects total obedience and eagerness to help passengers from the girls, but she isn't asking anything more from them than what she is willing to do herself. That doesn't prevent the girls calling her the "Smiling Nazi" behind her back, though.[/FONT]
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[B][FONT=Verdana][SIZE=1]Passenger Name:
[/SIZE][/FONT][/B][FONT=Verdana][SIZE=1]Devin Jayne Letrad
[/SIZE][/FONT] [B][FONT=Verdana][SIZE=1]Age:
[/SIZE][/FONT] [B][FONT=Verdana][SIZE=1]Identification: [/SIZE][/FONT][/B]
[FONT=Verdana][SIZE=1][B]Occupation & Background:
[/B]Devin is a professional explorer, prone to dangerous excursions and exceedingly deadly voyages into the completely unexplored. Thankfully for Devin, he's both very skilled and very lucky. The son of an archaeologist and a history teacher, Devin was pretty much destined to either love history or despise it. He's taken to loving it, but needs a far more direct approach to it than his father, his need for action motivating him to traverse jungles and deserts and other harsh environments in search of hints of things no one else has ever seen.

The years have turned Devin into something of an adrenaline junkie. He explores now just as much for the thrill of something new and exciting as he does the prospect of finding something old and equally exciting. Thankfully, being willing to go places and do things no one else will pays well if you know where to look, and Devin has done well for himself. He purchased his ticket onto the Von Braun because he views it as one more big adventure, a chance to see things no one else has, to discover who knows what in the depths of space.
[SIZE=1][FONT=Verdana]Having been involved in multiple troubles through the years that ended up using weaponry, Devin has become quite formidable in armed combat (and he's not so bad at unarmed combat, thanks to his constant presence in bars, though he does not drink). He is not opposed to assisting the security team if it should ever prove necessary (though he doubts it), and is nearly guaranteed to somehow attract a bar fight at some point in time.[/FONT][/SIZE]
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[B]Passenger/Crew Member Name: [/B] Gael Nact

[B]Age:[/B] 25


[B]Occupation & Background: [/B] Gael is very well rounded in the arts. She does many jobs, most of them in entertaining. Some of her skills include belly dancing, playing the violin, ball room dancing, and she is also talented in swordplay of varying sorts. Her current occupation is entertainment in the belly dancing field, which is why she?s on the ship. She is part of one of the many shows and forms of entertainment on the ship. She looks the part of her ethnic show with glossy black wavy hair and golden tan skin. Her eyes are rimmed in exotic kohl eyeliner that shows off the almost unrealistic shade of violet her eyes are. She?s often wearing elegant and elaborate outfits with an enormous amount of jewelry that would look out of place on anyone else. Her styles are taken from many different cultures, most of them exotic in nature. She seems to always be dressed for the stage even when she?s not on it. Her shoes are typically all the same no matter what she?s wearing. They are strange shoes typically only worn by dancers. They are as close to bare feet as one can get while still wearing shoes. They are flesh toned and mostly soles intended on protecting the foot without the binding discomfort of actual shoes.
Gael spent most of her childhood training in the arts, which was her passion. During her elementary school years she took up the violin. During high school she took up varying sword play techniques and ball room dancing. Shortly after high school she got interested in belly dancing and seriously studied it for many years. She considers it an honor to be able to entertain on the ship and plans on enjoying her stay.
Due to her years of dance training, Gael walks with a graceful elegance and amazing posture. She always seems to be enjoying herself and is hardly ever caught frowning. A green jewel in her forehead symbolizes that she is married, as does the gold band on her finger. However, her husband does not seem to be present on the ship.
Examples of clothing styles:
And the shoes:
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=DimGray][B]Passenger/Crew Member Name[/B]: Jedidiah Aluitious Pennback

[B]Age[/B]: 65



[SIZE=1][COLOR=DimGray][B]Occupation & Background[/B]:

Maintenance - Chief Engineer.

Quick-tempered, crusty, and harder than nails, Jedidiah Pennback ("The Chief", "Chief Pennback", or simply "Pennback" for short) is as salty a dog as they come. Always reeking of homemade moonshine and sweat, he is perpetually in some state of intoxication. Nevertheless, he remains the best in his field, even when completely sloshed.

Rumored to have served in some branch of the military (Marines is the most common guess among the crew), Pennback always makes references to "The War," telling one story after another, each one's details contradicting the last's. Despite his extremely strict, drill instructor-like treatment of his crew, he is the grand poobah of slobbiness. He has a complete disregard for personal hygiene, and his quarters is in a state utter disarray.

An engineering MacGuyver, Pennback has the gift of being able to essentially build anything out of anything, so long as he has the right tools (which he does... he and his tool belt never part company; he even sleeps with it on). If it's broken, he can fix it. If it's not broken, he can make it better.

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[FONT="Tahoma"][COLOR="DimGray"][B]Passenger/Crew Member Name:[/B] Sir Cornelius A. Posthumous

[B]Age:[/B] 72
(Born in 1978, 6 years before the Great Disaster)


[B]Occupation & Background:[/B] In his early years, Cornelius was a just simple Dutch sailor who his friends famed for being able to battle the toughest sea storms and survive. What started as a hobby to save himself from having to buy food ended up being his life job as more and more people came to recognize his ability to cross seas un-noticed. He began getting requests to bring shipments of [u]legal[/u] cargo to other countries. His service was not only cheaper then your average delivery service, but also quicker and safer.

After a while Cornelius became more then just a sailor. He [i]lived[/i] on the sea. Giving rides to those who couldn't afford a plane ticket for their entire family to other countries and escorting very important people under the noses of enemies became his life.

Soon enough this became too much for just one man and his crew. Cornelius split his crew of 40 all apart, giving them each their own ship and a crew of their own and began running a delivery business. And thus at the age of 33, in 2011, Cornelius Posthumous Shipping (or CPS for short) was founded. The business bloomed and eventually Cornelius was recognized by the Queen of England herself for his exceptional delivery of very important goods (some say he even treated her Majesty to a night on the sea) and was dubbed [i]Sir[/i] Cornelius A. Posthumous.

Nowadays Cornelius' company does more then just delivery across seas. They make and sell the finest ships in Europe and are also looking into designing and creating ships for the Dutch and British military. But Cornelius has little to do with this now. He was able to retire at the ripe age of 54 and spend the rest of his life how he pleased.

Being the proud sailor he is, when Cornelius heard the Von Braun would be launching he [i]had[/i] to be on the first ship to leave the Earths atmosphere even if he was just a passenger. He'll be sitting comfortably in first class.[/COLOR][/FONT]
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EDIT: I've received permission from James to go ahead and post my sign-up late. So it looks like Jamie King will officially be an active player:

[SIZE=1][B]Passenger Name:[/B]
James Scott King



[B]Occupation and Background:[/B]
Jamie King is the Herald's best photographer. Or at least that's what his partner, Adam, tells him all the time. He worked with several different reporters throughout the years before finally being paired with Adam. Despite the fact that they are both very opposite, the match couldn't have been better and Jamie has been working with Adam ever since.

Jamie was assigned, just as Adam was, to work on a series of seven articles for the Washington Prime Herald. However, he is also working on his own personal portfolio and hopes to make a good living off of his art. Especially since he's one of the few press members aboard the first space excursion.

Jamie is very level-headed. He's patient, kind, and does his best to get along with everyone. However, Jamie is always stressed, and strangers can often tell by the constant redness of his eyes or the way he chain smokes. He likes to be alone whenever he can sneak away from Adam and the crowd, but he thrives in the social environments. He believes in honesty, which is why he's been with Adam for so long, and his investigative/observational skills are paramount for his photography. Quite often, Adam's stories would not be published if Jamie didn't have photographic proof to accompany it. Think of the duo as Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson.[/SIZE]
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[B]Passenger Name:[/B]

Natalia A Evangel





[B]Occupation & Background:[/B]

Natalia is the executive manager of the onboard Casino: Caesars Palace, one of the few major Casinos’s to have survived the financial devastation brought on by the great disaster. Unlike most of their locations Earth side, the establishment for the Von Braun is geared exclusively to the more wealthy players. In addition to gambling, entertainment in the form of music and dancing along with fine dining is one of the luxuries offered to the passengers.

Ironically, Natalia herself had no interest in going on the Von Braun, but was instead selected by upper management for the position. It is likely she was chosen for her no nonsense style of work and strict adherence to policy and procedure. Many of her co-workers were forced to settle for positions beneath their current jobs in order to be a part of the historic first voyage.

In spite of the obvious bitterness between her and some of the other members in upper management for the trip on the Von Braun, Natalia accepted the job since her alternative would have been to return to her home town and manage the Casino there. Since her choice of career left her estranged from her family, she opted to go on the Von Braun instead.

In her opinion, the only good thing about the trip was negotiating with her superiors to receive separate quarters in the nicer second class section of the ship. Natalia has no desire to spend the trip being forced to share quarters with those who resent her position.
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[font=franklin gothic medium]Okay, auditions for this RPG are now closed.

I am happy to announce the final cast for The Von Braun Odyssey. You can also view the table below in our [url="http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=58951"]Backstage thread[/url].

Congrats to all![/font]

The Cast (by order of audition)
[b][i]DeLarge[/b] as [b]Adam K. Azure[/b][/i]
(Journalist, Washington Prime Herald and Von Braun Passenger)

[i][b]Indi[/b] as [b]Jefferson T. Matheson[/b][/i]
(Personal Security Officer for Samantha A. Wells)

[i][b]Raiha[/b] as [b]Ilona M. L'Marcelle[/b][/i]
(Lounge Singer)

[i][b]Shy[/b] as [b]"Arthur Clarke"[/b] (AKA Arthur Kendi)[/i]
(Founder, Terra Prime and Von Braun Passenger)

[i][b]Aberinkula[/b] as [b]Annabella E. Nichole[/b][/i]
(Singer/Performer and Von Braun Passenger)

[i][b]Malkav[/b] as [b]Maj. Christina Sijan[/b] (retired)[/i]
(Chief Security Officer)

[i][b]Sabrina[/b] as [b]Viktor Ivanov[/b][/i]
(Official Representative, Ivanov Enterprises and Von Braun Passenger)

[i][b]inwardscream[/b] as [b]Dr. Kevin Camfield[/b][/i]
(Chief Medical Officer)

[i][b]James[/b] as [b]Zahir Kahn[/b][/i]
(Bartender, Der Raum)

[i][b]Aaryanna[/b] as [b]Katelyn Brennan[/b][/i]
(NARSIA Student and Von Braun Passenger)

[i][b]Sandy[/b] as [b]Brunhilde Metzger[/b][/i]
(Senior Hostess)

[i][b]Kenso[/b] as [b]Devin J. Letrad[/b][/i]
(Professional Explorer and Von Braun Passenger)

[i][b]Arichan16[/b] as [b]Gael Nact[/b][/i]
(Belly Dancer/Entertainer)

[i][b]Mr. Maul[/b] as [b]Jedidiah A. Pennback[/b][/i]
(Chief Engineer)

[i][b]8bit[/b] as [b]Sir Cornelius A. Posthumous[/b][/i]
(Founder, CPS and Von Braun Passenger)

[i][b]Aaryanna_Mom[/b] as [b]Natalia A. Evangel[/b][/i]
(Executive Manager, Caesar's Palace)[/font][/size][/color][/center]
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