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Akieen Cloud

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[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][SIZE="3"][B][CENTER][COLOR="Red"]!!Mature Warning!!
violence, alcohol, drugs, maybe sexual content. You have been warned. [/COLOR][/CENTER][/B][/SIZE][/FONT]

[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"][COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]

April 21st, 3007
For as long as I can recall I have been special, and not retarded kind of special either, not the kind of special that you have to where a helmet for; no way. The kind of special I'm talking about is the kind where in the old days you'd be burned at the stake for, the kind that you see in the movies. Yeah, that kind. I can't remember much about my past but I do know that I killed my father, or adoptive father I should say. Grubby bastard tried to kill me when he found out what I could do...so I killed him instead; didn't blink about it either, in fact kind of felt good. But on to the point, I was found roaming the streets living off what food I could find here and there; they said I wasn't alone and that I could be useful, although at the time I doubted it I went with them anyway. Come to find I'm not the only one, there are plenty of us out there and we're called witches, kind of old timey right? No kidding. I went to school with others like me, learning math and English, all the things the normal kids learn, than there were the other things that they didn't get to learn, like weapon management and tactical training, things like that. I was placed in a group, all of us had our own unique talent and our own style of dealing with things, some of us smoked, some of us drank, others just ignored it but we all did what we were there to do and that's learn.
That was years ago and now we are the best team in the facility, we graduate tomorrow, I hear it's not pleasant from the other teams that have made it, out of the history of this place being here for centuries, there are only us and one other team and who ever is the best out of us graduating I hear is taking their work. I hope its my team, field work would be so much more fun than this class shit. We've been together so long and are synced with each other to the point of reading one another's minds that I don't see how we can't be the ones to be chosen

April 21st, 3017

It's been 10 years since than and things are pretty much the same as ever, some of us stayed here and some of us moved on to have normal lives, things have been good around here peaceful, Louis and Duke aren't as on edge as they used to be, for good reason but that's for later. We've all gotten closer and gotten older. I've opened up and actually ask for help now. Sin and Damo are the strongest in the group now followed closely but Duke, Louis, Reiver, and Myself. It has been calm these last few years with us fighting a few rouge beasties here and there, vampires, Werewolves, Banshees, you name we've probably done it. But here lately there have been reports of young witches being kidnapped, witches that can see auras and spirits, that kind of things, and they aren't being found. What's worse is when they were taken they had all been in the same area, it's in oricale territory and they are never nice...Red put us on this one hoping we'll be able to get behind it, we were also told that we should be getting new members soon and that they are on out level which is an even bigger surprise since we're the strongest group Red has ever had in the facility but I just hope it's nothing big like the last one was. We almost lost Sin and Damo that time...I dunno if I could go through that again...[/FONT][/COLOR]

Nayomi Talon
Age 33
Ability: Military Experiment(Shape shifting)
Appearance: See attachment, only her hair is black

Nayomi yawned as sun light filtered through the window waking her up. Rolling over she shook Duke lightly and smiled as he groaned.
"Babe, time to get up, we don't want to be late."
"Have I told you I hate the fact that your an early bird?"
"Every morning for the last 10 years."
"Okay, just making sure."
He pulled the blankets over his head and mumbled.
"Is breakfast in my future?"
"Isn't it always?"
He peeked out from the covers causing her to smile which was no longer a rarity with her.
"Are you getting up love?"
"Yeah yeah, gimme some time."
"Please don't spend an hour spiking your hair today, we'll be late if you do, besides, I like it when it's not a death trap once in a while."
He rolled his eyes and nodded, dipping down Nayomi gave him a quick kiss and began to get dressed, her left hand glinting every now and than in the sun light. She looked down and smiled more. He had been more nervous than than when he had asked her out. It was 6 months ago that he popped the question and with out hesitation she had said yes. She had gotten her old rings removed and the ring Duke had picked was now sparkling happily on her hand.
"Alright, I'm gonna go start breakfast, please get up and get ready, I don't want to be late for the rehearsal."
"Your walking how hard can it be babe?"
"I'm getting up Nayomi, gimme a break will ya."
She shook her head smiling and walked out of their room, down the hall and into the kitchen and began to cook for the family. Sin was sitting at the table reading a manga Nayomi had given him for Christmas and Damo was practicing his power by pouring creamer into his coffee with out using his hands. Louis was just emerging from the showers and Reiver was in the living room watching the morning news as he did every morning. She walked over putting a piece of toast in Sin's mouth and placed Damo's favorite breakfast in front of him and went back to work on the others.
"Sin, your suit ready? Damo, yours too?"
Damo looked up as being the best man, nodded and went back to his morning practice; Sin, the ring bearer was nodding as he wiped crumbs from the book and continued to read. The other two answered her before she got to them. Smiling she went to work on Duke's breakfast and than Sin's and lastly her's. Opening the fridge she took out a packet of blood and gave it Sin, him being part vampire needed it or he would get weak, and Red being the genius he was began to clone human blood for Sin to drink doubling his powers. They were a family now and Nayomi hoped that the new comers would feel welcome into it.[/FONT][/COLOR]

[COLOR="Red"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Okay those of you who know what to do sign up is the same as it was last time, those of you who are just signing up, name, age, ability and appearance, than I just need a post about your character meeting up with the original team members. Thanks to the ones who are coming back for more and to those of you just starting, welcome and have fun! [/FONT][/COLOR]
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Name: Zerif Kentric


Ability Electro-Kenesis

Appearance: see attachment.

Zerif Woke up as the alarm to the shrill drone of his alarm clock. switching it off he sat up as he rubbed his bald head. he tuned and reached to one of a several metal panels with a plastic backing attached to the wall. touching it he sent a minor jolt though the system stopping when he felt the switch trigger over in the kitchenette in his apartment. Getting he got dressed.

Eating his breakfast of mainly meat and bread products and tea, he looked over to his bulitten board and remembered the call he got last night. He was working some wedding he was a spare electrical hand for the wedding.
[I]Great this is gonna be a long day,[/I] he thought as he walked over to large harp. He wanted to get some practice in for the day ahead. He had sound proofed his apartment with egg cartons and other materials. he figured he'd get the dishes before he left.
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May 5, 3018

To Whom it May Concern,

Today marks the death of one of our greatest field agents. I regret to inform you all the Louis DeGallant has died, subject to arcane forces beyond his control. It is unclear whose side he was on when he passed, but he was a superb agent, and an even closer friend.

His funeral will be held on May 30th, in his hometown of New Los Angeles City. After the burial, there will be a wake at Louis' previous residence, where refreshments will be served.

I understand that relations had been strained between him and the rest of your group, especially as he began to lose control to the entity known as "logos". Please understand that you have no obligation to attend, but that we will require you to attend a meeting to re-evaluate your team structure in the light of your recent loss at your earliest convenience.

Best wishes to you in your time of mourning,

Adrian Veidt,
Director of Operations
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[U]Duke Manson[/U]

[B]Age:[/B] 34

[B]Ability:[/B] Advanced Hemokinesis, as well as [I]'blood-vision'[/I]

[B]Appearence:[/B] [URL="http://fc05.deviantart.com/fs13/f/2007/084/a/b/Deceitful_smile___So_pure______by_false_saint.jpg"]Duke[/URL]

As Duke checked his outfit, Damo walked over with a new looking digital camera. "Come on, we have to get a few shots of you before the big day. We haven't even had a bachelor party for crying out loud!"
Duke pasted on a very face smile until the pictures were taken then got his straight face solid again. "I'm not in a very good mood right now."
Damo laughed "Yah I wouldn't be either if I were about to tie the knot."
"It's not that. my brother, Gabriel. He's still out there somewhere. After that night with Kuma he left immediately. Every month or so I might catch a glimpse of him in the corner of my eye, or feel like he's watching over me." Duke stared into space.
"Well that's a good thing right, don't you like your brother?" Damo asked with a confused heir.
"You obviously don't know me well enough." Duke laughed to himself a little.
"Well whatever, isn't it at least good that we have someone as strong as your brother with our team?"
"You obviously don?t know him very well either. Gabriel isn't like anyone you've ever met before. He's...different." Duke's voice had an eerie seriousness to it.

Damo looked around the room seriously then burst out laughing. "Duke! We're al [I]different[/I]" he paused and flew his coffee to his hand mentally. "Is he like you? A blood controller?"
Duke shook his head "No, like I said, he's different."
"He is definitely a witch right?" Damo leaned in curiously.
"Most definitely, that's not the issue. The problem is that I've known him my entire life and I don't know the full extent of what he can do. If nothing else he's very good at keeping secrets..."

[U]Gabriel Manson[/U]

[B]Age:[/B] 36

[B]Ability:[/B] Gabriel's wings allow him to fly and manoeuvre extremely well at speeds well over Mock 1. This coupled with the need for little if any acceleration time makes Gabriel a very tricky opponent. He also seems to be very fast in general and appears to have experience with just about everything possible. The full limits of his powers are completely a mystery, even to his own younger brother Duke.

[B]Appearence:[/B] [URL="http://i65.photobucket.com/albums/h235/Egyptian_Angel/Vampires/demondudedrake.jpg"]Gabriel[/URL]

[I]"Looks like I've picked the perfect time to make myself noticed."[/I] Gabriel thought to himself with a devilish smirk.

As Damo walked down the hall toward his room, he heard the sound of breaking glass coming from it. readying his mind Damo opened the door telekinetically. Jumping through the doorway ready for whatever was there. What threw him off the most was not the mysterious threat standing just in front of his smashed window, rather it was the lack there of.

The window was broken but nothing was there. Nothing had been disturbed. Damo was extremely confused but shrugged it off and turned to leave his room. To his surprise, it was then that he was faced with a mysterious stranger. A moderately tall man standing in his doorway with very obvious wings. Damo slid back on his heals into a defensive position.
"My my, aren't we jumpy today. Don't worry Damo, I'm not hear to do any damage...yet." Gabriel said calmly.
"How do you know my name?" Damo demanded, simultaneously making several of his possessions float to his aid.
"I know all about you Damo, I know about Nayomi, Sin, and Duke as well. So sorry, I heard about Louis passing away. Such a shame." Gabriel taunted and urged Damo to make the first move without outwardly asking for it.
"OK so you know all about us. But who the hell are you?" Damo brought some objects into the path of his enemy's head hovering just behind the new stranger.

"My identity will become known in time. Just do me a favour. Tell the rest of your group I'm watching you all." Damo threw a char toward the back of Gabriel's neck. Gabriel's image glitched and shifted slightly as his wings unfolded quickly. Damo was then hit with a gust of wind and found Gabriel standing behind him. He stopped the chair before he accidentally hit himself and turned to face the winged man.
"Did you just teleport??" Damo questioned the winged man to see how dangerous he could be.
"No, I simply avoided your attack, very quickly." Gabriel answered. A moment later he extended his wings again, and again his image seemed to flicker ever so slightly. For a fraction of a second Damo caught a glimpse of the man's wings shooting forward, immediately after word Dam was thrown into the wall opposite his doorway by the resulting gust of wind. When he opened his eyes again the man was gone.

Duke, Nayomi, and Sin ran down the hall towards Damo. "Dude what happened?!" duke called out as he got to Damo, helping him back to his feet.
"Are you ok?" Sin chimed in.
"Who did this to you??" Nayomi concluded.
Damo too a few deem breaths before answering "Duke, I think I just met your brother. He says he's watching us..."

Sorry for huge-ness I got right into it. Oh and sorry if I controlled Damo wrong.
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Name: L'anseny Finche
Age: 28
Ability: Dark magic/Shadow Conjuring & Manipulation, Demonic powers (Half Vampire)

“Well that’s not creepy at all.” Said Sin, [I]‘Not unless he’s good loo-‘[/I]

“SIN!” Damo threw him an angry-annoyed look. “I was just attacked and all you can think about is whether or not he was ho- Hmmp!” Sin had thrown a pillow at Damo’s head.

“Stay out of my head damn it!” Sin said blushing but still looked mad. Sin could hardly keep his thoughts away from Damo now, whether it was due to Damo’s powers advancing or the fact that Sin had Sired him forming a never ending bond between them… whatever the reason for Damo’s intrusion Sin didn’t like it.

Sin began sweeping up the glass when Nayomi motioned him to move. “Reconcilio” she said wiggling her fingers at the shards as they illuminated then flew back to the window mended, and shining like new.

“Damn him coming in here like that” Duke said, “Great timing as always” He said groaning then walking out the room.

“Well, There’s nothing to fear from that guy, He did help us before and I like his ‘protection’ regardless how weird it is” Said Nayomi. “You two better wash up and get ready to eat” She walked out and headed back to the kitchen.

“Hey Sin do you think you could get that chair for me?”

“Bite me” Said Sin, Damo gave him a weird look and they both laugh.

“You’re a git you know that?” Sin said playfully then walked pass Damo bumping into him.

“Hey shorty I can take you” Damo called after him.

“Yeah yeah..Whatever you say” yelled back Sin halfway to the kitchen
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[FONT="Century Gothic"][B]Name: [/B]Symphony

[COLOR="Navy"][B]Age: [/B]29[/COLOR]

[B]Ability: [/B]Dreamseer and Harmonizer [allows her to control music and sound] are the only known ones

[B][COLOR="navy"]Appearance: [/B][URL="http://i100.photobucket.com/albums/m5/key_of_darkness/everyday%20anime/Gothic%20Lolita/candlelight.jpg"][COLOR="navy"]Symphony[/COLOR][/URL][/COLOR]

Symphony walked down an empty street carrying something in a trunk that she was holding onto to a place that looked familiar to her in her dreams. And it was the place that she was told to go for a wedding. She walked up to the gates of the place and stood outside in thought.
[I]'I wonder if I should go in? It seems like the right place but I'm afraid of the outcome. I don't know what will happen after I enter through that door. I only saw up to the part where someone broke through the window but other than that... nothing.'[/I] she thought as she looked up.
[B][COLOR="navy"]"Well, I guess that there's nothing to lose,"[/COLOR][/B] she said as she set down her trunk and pulled something out. It was violin and she started playing.
Symphony could hear the voices of the people inside start to stir. She then heard the noise of someone coming out of the door. She stopped her playing and turned to see who it was.
[B][COLOR="navy"]"Hello there! My name's Symphony. I've come here for reasons you should already know.[/COLOR][/B] she said as she stood there smiling.

The person motioned her to come in and she followed suit. She placed her violin back into its case and walked in. She looked around at the decor and was amazed. She had been to many weddings before but none like this one. [COLOR="Navy"][B]"You may set up if you like. The wedding will start in a few."[/B][/COLOR] The person walked out of the room and she was the only one left.

[COLOR="navy"][B]"Well, I might as well set up so I can get everything right."[/B][/COLOR] She set down her trunk and pulled out her violin and some music that she was to play for the wedding. She found a stand that was meant for her music and walked over to it and moved it to where she was to be. She placed the music atop the stand and positioned herself to start playing. She heard more noises and wondered what they were.

Hope this is good enough! If you need anything changed, don't bother to tell me.[/FONT]
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[B]Name:[/B] Ken Akasuma

[B]Age:[/B] 24

[B]Appearance:[/B][URL="http://lilianne.deviantart.com/art/Nagi-Springfield-76544814"]pic 1[/URL][URL="http://i245.photobucket.com/albums/gg59/gatx105_strike/nagi.jpg"]Pic 2[/URL]

[B]Ability:[/B] Transmutation/Telepathy

Ken walked up towards the gates of a place he had been told about and assigned to by a guy named Red, Ken had just finished his schooling through the academy and was sent here to help reinforce the team with "new talents and abilities" or some such stuff, Red that they where the best team but he would judge that for himself, though if Red said it it was probably true.

He walked up and knocked on the door, after waiting for a short while and noone answered he started getting impatient, he didn't want to barge in, but he was sent here so he figured they wouldn't mind if he let himself in, putting his hand on the handle he sent a shimmer of power inside the handle, he opened the door and entered after returning the lock to how it was.

He sat down for a while and amused himself by practicing his transmutation on his clothes, changing the trench coat that he was wearing when he came in into a cloak and the color from black to white and started fiddling with a small piece of steel he carried around, turning it into various shapes and items.

After a while someone came into the room she was in walked past him gabbed something and walked out before abruptly turning around and looking over the room again as if she was sure he saw something shrugging it off she left all the while Ken was sitting in a chair.

(his telepathic ability he is using there is to make him apear invisible to the mind so while the eyes/nose/ears might pick up sounds smell and light from him it makes it so that they don't notice you, if u'd like anything changed PM me)
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Name: Damo Jackson

Age: 30

Appearance: [url]http://s140.photobucket.com/albums/r26/SDO60NYDSGRBL9618O1/sexiluv/menmenmen/animeguywithtiger.jpg[/url]

Ability: Telekenisis/enchanced physical attributes due to his half-vampirism.

Damo smiled as Sin walked away. He hadn't anticipated Damo's powers would evolve into a tiny bit of telepathy. He could read minds....to an extent. It took almost too much concentration to do, but it made for great practical jokes.

It had been ten years since Sin "sired" Damo. At first it was difficult learning that the bloodlust could be quelled by drinking a concoction JB had made up. Redwine(for color), cyinide, and mango steem juice. Odd combination yes, but if Damo drank a glass a week he could go on living without taking blood.

"Duke....he's strong. I couldn't even keep up with him with my "minds eye"."

"I know...hey what time is it?"

"5 minutes after...oh my god after noon!"

Duke and Damo sprinted out of the room towards the main hall where the wedding was being held. They were supposed to be in their places 5 minutes ago. "Duke....if Nayomi kills you, don't worry I'll turn her in, I wouldn't let her get away with killing you."

"Damo....you do realize Nay will kill us both right?"

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[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][COLOR="Navy"]Wow, these are so great everyone, your all in. I'll most likely have this up tomarrow evening, anyone else interested is free to join, the more the merrier I say. For those of you returning thanks again and for those of you just joining welcome to the family. I'll start a backstage for this tonight and inform you all how we're starting this out and see how we go from there. Thanks again to all who signed up. Enjoy![/COLOR][/FONT]
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[B]Name:[/B] Marcus Fenix

[B]Age:[/B] 28

[B]Ability: [/B]Earth bender. The ablility to manipulate non-organic natural materials. e.g. rocks, natural metals, etc.

[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL="http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c384/GeneOutlaw/punk.jpg"][U]Marcus[/U].[/URL] He stands about 5'9 and weighs 175 lbs. He has three scars on his right forearm like arm bands that reach all the way around his his arm.

Marcus wanderd through the crowded streets of New Los Angelos. He had no where to go, but he didn't feel like going back to his empty apartment. So he kept right on going, wandering about the sidewalks and streets. Enjoying the feeling of all those bodies beside him.

He finally shuffled to a stop and looked down the far alley way to his right. At the far end he could see what looked like a mugging in progress and what sounded like some kid calling for help. Guess no one told him this is the city. Everyone can hear you, but no one cares enough to put themselves in the line of fire. Even so, Marcus can't feel right if he just watches this happen.

He begins to walk toward and down the alley, the voices and screams becoming louder and more clear. The kid couldn't have been more then 14 or 15 and the three guys beating on him looked to be about Marcus's age. Once he was close enough for them to notice they turned to him. The first one, a blonde man a few inches taller then Marcus spoke up first [B]"What do you want, hero?"[/B]

The second, a red haired man of about the same height as Marcus [B]"Just turned around guy!"[/B]

The third, a brown haired man, just stared at him, as if trying to say the same thing with his eyes. Marcus stood still, unmoved by the threats of the three thugs looked down to the beaten, bloody mess that was the young teen that was being beaten. The desperate look in his eyes told Marcus just how badly he needed him. Marcus turned his head back to the three thugs and he finally spoke for the first time [B]"I think you've done enough. Whatever you want, I'm sure this boy will give it to you now."[/B]

All four pairs of eyes on him looked confused. Like what he had just said wasn't registering. Finally the blonde man walked over to Marcus and cocked his head down to meet Marcus's eyes. He man pushed out his chest to seem as intimidating as possible. Still this did little to move Marcus. The blonde finally cocked back his fist and smashed it across Macus's face, knocking him to the ground. The other two quickly moved in and proceeded to pummel him in much the same way they had the young boy earlier. And as he was being beaten the boy quickly gatherd himself and ran away, leaving Marcus to take his place.

After several minutes the gang finally stopped and walked away, leaving a beated and bloodied Marcus on the ground. Marcus laid there for a moment, honestly hoping this would be the end for him. It was at this point that he heard a voice coming from the direction of the street. It was a voice he didn't recognize, but the person belonging to it seem to address him as if they were so how familiar. It said [B]"You know you could've ripped them to pieces. Hell, you could've brought down both these buildings on either side of us."[/B]

Marcus remained silent, trying to figure out who this person was and how they knew about him. He heard a light chuckle as the person drew closer. Marcus hadn't, nor intended to look up to meet this person. They spoke again [B]"I guess you don't like to talk about IT. You know, the thing that makes us different."[/B]

Marcus still didn't know who this person was, but they seemed to know him. He could hear footsteps fading off toward the streets again [B]"Take better care of yourself. Otherwise your gonna end up dead without having achieved anything. And that's really the saddest thing of all."[/B]

The footsteps continued to fade until he couldn't hear them anymore. Marcus pulled himself up to his feet and looked around. The person was gone and the street to where they had retreated was still crowded with people. The same cold people who would walk by while a young boy was being beated without looking twice. Marcus walked back out into the streets, beaten and bloodied and decided that it was finally time to go back to his empty apartment.

OOC: I hope this works. This sound like it'll be fun.
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Okay everyone I am working on getting this up at this very moment so in your first post for everyone just joining meet with the gang after the wedding. Thanks for everyone who signed up, signups are still open for the next couple of days so feel free. [/FONT][/COLOR]
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[SIZE="1"][COLOR="DarkRed"][CENTER]Name: Jerrod "JB" Brookstone

Age: 31

Ability: Muscle Memory (Can learn and memorize anything, instantly.) & Memory Mimic (Can recall and use almost any ability that he has seen being used. But only to a certain extent.)

[I]April 21, 3007

We did it! We passed our graduation exam with flying colors! Now we're qualified to go on missions....which brings me even closer to seeing more of what the world has to offer. We're all packing for our first mission right now which is in Rome! Italy's most ancient city...I really can't wait!

April 22, 3007

We've only been here in Rome for a day and we've already been attacked by the Innocents...luckily for us we're strong, otherwise a few of us could have died tonight. We also have a new addition to our team and his name is L'Ansey....he's a really cute kid who is really fascinated with my abilities, he's pretty cool so I'm sure he'll fit in just fine...speaking of abilities, after the leader of the Innocents was defeated, I've been feeling strange...

April 21, 3017

It's been 10 years now....10 years since I left my family and decided to travel the world to learn about as much as I could....and 10 years since my abilities made that drastic change....[/I]

Appearance: [U][URL="http://s31.photobucket.com/albums/c356/high_on_shugar/Anime%20Boys/?action=view¤t=cloud.jpg"]10 years ago[/URL][/U] [u][URL="http://photobucket.com/image/sexy%20anime%20guy/i-like-manga/manga/Sexy_Kakashi.jpg?o=49"]Current[/URL][/u]


Sorry I'm late!! But JB is surely back!! If anything needs to be changed let me kno![/CENTER][/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]8-6-08

Alright, I know this is slightly unheard f but I am opening these sign ups for who ever wants to join. We're not extremely deep into it just yet. I really don't want this to die just yet so these sign ups are open to anyone who would like to join, I will fill you in on what's going on[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[B]Name:[/B] Father Judas Darius

[B]Age:[/B] 32

[B]Ability:[/B] Along with wielding nigh infinite cross knives (see pic) Judas has the ability to "sanctify" an area, pinning up holy scripture around the designated zone. All within the area are unable to activate their powers. he also has various other holy scripture based power.

Judas waked down the bustling street with a light smile. He had been having a good day and was looking forward to events yet to come. He walked around the surrounding blocks several times. Checking his watch momentarily.

Shortly after his forth trip around the area Judas' cell phone began to ring. He eagerly answered it with a clear grin. "Bless thee for calling." He answered as he always had. "Oh yes I have been in the area for some time now...No I haven't spotted the heathens yet father...I prey for the same father, but for now we have to trust the good lord will lead us to them...I understand, moving in."

Judas closed the call with a press of a button and slid the phone safely back into his pocket. "The time has come for your divine judgement, heretics, may the good lord have mercy on your tainted souls." Judas made the sign of the cross then kissed the silver cross hanging round his neck before continuing on towards his target.

[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL="http://i95.photobucket.com/albums/l142/gooseberry_01/hellsing_maxwell05.jpg"]Judas[/URL]
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[color=darkred][font=lucida handwriting]Name: Omega is what he is know by but few people actually know is real name which is Avalyen Juruviel
Age: 41
Ability: Extremely good in healing and fire from when he first worked from Red but now seperate and gone rogue he has learned to incorporate the darkness into everything he knows
Appearance: [url=http://i173.photobucket.com/albums/w48/Sakuraixox/AnimeDemon.jpg]Normal[/url] his eyes are blood red and his hair is silver,[url=http://images.epilogue.net/users/jae/Demon_Knight.jpg]Demonic Armor[/url]

Bio: Omega leaned against the wall in the run doown wharehouse he was currently occupying for the night. His eyes peirced the darkness as he thought back to his early years of being a priest and ridding the world of evil. Those days ended when He and Red got into it and then exiled after being bitten by a wolf and dragged back to the medical bay at the base. It was there they found out he had been bitten by a vampire a week earlier and didn't say anything.

He let out a deep sigh as he lit a cigarette. He was thankful the two had canceled each other out and only caused slight modifications here and there but nothing really out of the ordinary besides strength smell, reflexes, and that whole package. But it was that time in exile and coming across a cult of monks that were devled in the dark arts did his appearance truly alter.

Those bastards had begun teaching him everything they knew and when he turned to cleanse the area they cursed him. Omega suddenly snapped out of his trance as he caught a scent of something foul.

He slowly placed two fingers in front of his lips as several creatures came around the corner. Their fur was matted with blood, and drool dripped from their canines that came over their bottom lips. "Banshees" His guess was answered as he was spotted and three blood curling screams that they were known for peirced the air at once.

He watched them as they charged and neared him then a flash of blackness went off and he stood standing in the cursed armor and the sword that came with it. How he hated it yet loved it at the same time. He had to bear it until he died but it seem to hae a knack at coming in handy in his solo quest of cleansing.

The three banshees leaded in the air. His cape ruffled slightly as the banshees fell to pieces around him. All of that training still comes in handy he thought to himself[/font][/color]
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