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My pic and a poll

Guest Master Gnome

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Hmm... That picture seems familiar, have you ever been here before... Wait a second...

[QUOTE]Originally posted by Master Gnome:
Hmmm, take the poll for all you girls (and TN)[/QUOTE]

You already know that Trastic's gay! So you must have been here before. Seeing as you only have one post count.
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[color=deeppink]I would say you're hot, but you're a bit too young for moi...so I can say you're cute :)

And besides, you've posted that picture before because I remember it...I hope you're not someone who isn't supposed to be here :shifty:

Hehehe, just kidding :p

...or am I?

Beh :naughty:[/color]
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[COLOR=purple]Eh.. um... er... how to put this... uh... I am forced to agree wtih SSJ babe... see... well... um yur cute and all... but well TN is still cuter and Voodookanaka takes the cake of hottieness :blush:... hottiness... heh heh Im SO using that word again!!! your cute eh.. I guess.. but... wel... your nose is um... original... uh... I'm gonna shut up now....[/COLOR]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Lady Macaiodh [/i]
[B]shame on you people! there's no such thing as an ugly person, looks wise. [/B][/QUOTE]
im a firm believer in that also. i forgot who originally said this, but, "There is no such thing as an ugly...[person]...just lazy ones." =)

Oh, and why do you want to know what people think of your looks? You look young but I think that [i]might[/i] be some kind of senior pic and the braces just give you a look of youth, almost childish?
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