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Art Graphic Worm 2009 - Discussion Thread


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[size=1]Oh darn yes, the end of the year is pretty much here. :| Erf! Dudes, we need 20 more to catch up to last year! Get to it! [b]edit:[/b] I fixed Citric's entry so people could continue, but I decided to do so myself. Ha.

Now, for next year. What do people want to see? Me and James were toying about with ideas once upon a long ago and maybe you have too, so cast them in here!

I was thinking of being able to claim more than just a spot, but also a certain amount of place. If we were working with a worm, of course the height should remain the same, but that someone could be like "whee, I'll take 2 spots at once!" or "I'll take half a spot. :3" or maybe an amount that has something to do with a date. On that note, we could also come back to an earlier topic brought up about actual news-ish subjects.

Secondly, I was pondering how difficult it would be to make a Graphic [b]Square[/b] with pieces of let's say 500×500 pixels, in which people would have to look how they match left, right, top, bottom and even in the corners! Whee! In that case it's probably best to have a set amount of squares available with numbers, making it sort of work like one of those "100 themes" things, except you claim a spot, not a theme. OR MAYBE YOU DO BOTH AT THE SAME TIME. Wow. Brainstorming works like a train.

So the idea box is officially been opened extra invitingly! (because of course it's always open) :whoops:

[size=3]And we need a new colour that doesn't look exactly like red or this greeny stuff.[/size][/size]
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The Graphic Square would allow more people to participate at one time after the first square. I don't really particularly like themes idea though mixed with the square idea. It just could get confusing after awhile.

As for the two spot at once idea would make the graphic worm longer faster. However I think a limit of 3 spots the most or similar should be in affect. I also think if you take more then one spot at a time you should have bit more time to complete them. Not sure though how much longer, maybe two days instead of one.
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[color=#4B0082]Variable length pieces would be no problem as far as the HTML is concerned, so you wouldn't even need to strictly specify whole pieces. You could use whatever random width you wanted.

A graphic square would also be easy enough to code. The only tricky part would be labeling them. For that, we could maybe make the images the table cell backgrounds and then overlay the artist's name on top of them with text. Or just have a little list below it with the names of who made what.[/color]
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[size=1]Think we'll have more entries this year than last year? lol

not to spam the actual graphic worm thread......

[quote name='"Desbreko"'] If you look back through the thread, you'll see that I've brought up mismatches a few times before.[/quote]

And of course, at least I am, very thankful for that. :D

I use safari and on my screen, A LOT of the colors are off. I'm not sure if its my monitor or just the browser. Anyone else have that problem??[/size]
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[color=#4B0082]Okay, so I've gone ahead and uploaded Citric's latest piece. You guys can continue off it as is if you like, and if Citric wants to adjust it later I can just swap the new version in.[/color]

[quote name='Sayrin']is it my screen or the pieces #067 and #068 dont match?[/QUOTE][color=#4B0082]Now that I check the RGB values, yeah, they are a bit off. #067 mainly uses solid black for its edge and #068 uses a very dark blue.

I should note that my monitor is an old CRT that doesn't do so great with black levels anymore, so I don't notice mismatches in dark areas nearly as easy as in bright ones. If anyone else catches stuff like that, feel free to mention it since the person who made the piece may want to fix it.

But I'm planning on getting a new, high quality LCD monitor soon, which should help for this sort of thing.[/color]

[quote name='jigglyness'][size=1]I use safari and on my screen, A LOT of the colors are off. I'm not sure if its my monitor or just the browser. Anyone else have that problem??[/size][/QUOTE][color=#4B0082]I've never heard of that problem before, but I've never used Safari much. Are the colors only off in Safari or is it the same in IE and Firefox? If it's the former, it's most likely a problem with Safari; if it's the latter, it's most likely a problem with your screen.

Something else you can try with Firefox 3.5 is typing [font=lucida console]about:config[/font] into the address bar, filtering to the [font=lucida console]gfx.color_management.mode[/font] option, and setting that to 0. I've heard of Firefox's color management screwing up colors on some monitors.[/color]
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When it comes to my graphics I use my laptop computer and firefox and it works fine. I have had very little problems with color. Depending on where you use the color picker the colors could come out different. I remember once I used a color close to the edge and it wasn't the right color at all. I now just use the very edge coloring. I also use GIMP still and it can get a bit awkward.
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