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Resident Evil: Raccoon's Requiem

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Kristopher crouched in a corner of the room, he could hear shuffling sounds coming from the other side of the door. His breathing heightened, he shushed himself, and raised his school bag, ready to swing several textbooks at a moments' notice. The sounds slowly receded, and Kristopher shook himself.

"Damn it!" He said aloud, and fell to his knees, exausted. He'd been running for a year now, but this time his past had really caught up to him. He wore his work uniform, a clean dress shirt and slacks, and on that was his apron. He could only wonder what had happened to his place of employment. He knew that there might be almost no one left alive in the city. From the open window he could hear nothing. The city was eerily silent. On occasion, he could hear random moans, a sign that those monsters were everywhere. He held up his text books, and sighed. He'd have to start moving sooner or later. On looking out the third story window, he saw the nightmarish landscape. Zombified people wandered aimlessly, cars were parked or wrecked, fires had broken out, some of them had burning bodies inside them. And a select few had burning bodies moving inside them. A police K-9 Unit had crashed just across the street, though the dogs inside were no where to be seen, save one, which was ripping apart a dead body down the street.

This was the second week after the weird things started happening. He had dismissed the first few newspaper articles and broadcasts as the work of wild animals, but now he knew otherwise. The virus had spread like wildfire, soon enough infecting the entire city. He wondered why he hadn't tried to leave the city sooner, but then he remembered that Umbrella had been keeping a close eye on all of the roads leaving the city. They knew he hadn't left yet, but they didn't know where he was, either.

He stood up, and creeped to the classroom door. All around him, there were signs that the undead had already been in here. Bloody hand prints were everywhere, desks were in disarray, and the chalkboard still had the homework of a few days ago on it, the board having been spattered with blood. Papers and text books were strewn everywhere, the floor was a serious tripping hazard.

"God damn it..." He swore, and opened the door just a crack. He listened, and he could hear shuffling sounds. An unearthly groan echoed through the dark and bloody corridors. Again, random papers were strewn everywhere. Just across the hall was an open backpack, the contents littering the ground. Blood had pooled around it, the corpse missing.

Kristopher sighed, and poked his head out of the doorway. Down the hall, there were two people, neither of them alive. The toddered and slowly moved around, both of them were facing away from him at the moment. Kristopher backed down the hall, careful not to make a sound. He knew they would eventually, but he moved away from them, they were slow, he could easily out manuver them. But, they weren't his concern. There were things far more dangerous in the school. He knew that the scent of living meat had to have drawn a few of the dogs into the school, if not all of them. He had no idea how many there were, nor where. He turned the corner to see one of the said beasts.

"Ho' shit..." he said, backing up against the wall. It was eating one of the students.

He looked around, and could see a class room door just a few feet away. He slowly stepped over, but it was too late. The dog had caught whiff of him, and turned its decomposing head to him. The dog barked, and what was left of it's snout lifted in a vain attempt to bare fangs. there was no flesh on it's snout to do so, but those teeth could be seen plain as day, even in the dim light. The dog started running, coming fast. Kristopher wasted no time, and ran tothe door.

It wasn't locked, and he opened it into the head of the dog. The dog slammed into it full force, and there was a sickening crack. The dog slumped down, and stopped moving. Kristopher breathed out a sigh of relief, and moved back down the hall. He knew his textbook laden bag would get him past the people, but not the dogs. He ran full force down a flight of stairs, whacking a person out of his way. He ran to the office, hoping there was something he could use there to defend himself. He got to the door, and the hall was empty. The door wasn't locked, none of the doors were. No one had had time to lock up when the school had been attacked. He sighed, and entered the office. The office at least was in order partially. There were some paers on the floor, but no blood in sight. He searched around, ruffling through desks, opening drawers, and finding nothing.

He walked back to the door, and sighed. "Just how am I supposed to get back to the Zoo? I got no car, no weapon...Man I'm screwed." He sighed, and moved back into the hall, hoping the cafeteria had something to settle his grumbling stomach.
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Draco took out his pistol and equiped the silencer so not to alert any infected to where he is. The police station is a mess. Papers scattered everywhere, bloody foot prints, hand prints, and pools of old blood where everywhere. He didnt have enough weapons nor ammo to give to people and knew that the police station carried an armory somewhere. He started walking down a hall way from the main enterance when he heard some shuffling. With his pistol up, he looked around a corner into an office.

Two infected where huddled in a cornor eating an officer. They didnt noticed him and he was thinking about letting them be but they could be a problem latter and so He shot the one closest to him and the other one right after that. Head shots are the quickest and most effective way to kill theses things. Funny, when he was a kid he used to play games that where zombie infected towns. Now he is in one but he loses, he cant start over. Since this a police station, they should have a holding cell and if he is lucky some body will be their.

So he walked down the hall carefully, making sure that nothing else will come out of no-where and bit him. He also had to be carefull about the K-9 units in the station as well. A shotgun would be best at taking out the dogs but it will also alert the others to him. But he knew sooner or later, he would have to use them. Maybe their hearing is very weak and they wont hear the shots. He will have to wait and see about that. But for now, he continues his search for the holding cells hoping for someone to be alive.
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“Look kid there’s not much I can do for you right now.” The officer said impationly looking over his shoulder.

“Yes there is, you could let me out…. Don’t leave me here please” Payton begged.

“I will as soon as I get back I promise, everyone here has been called to dispatchment all over the city if I let you out they’ll have my head.” The officer could not look Payton in the eye because something deep inside him told him he wouldn’t come back for the boy.

Payton turned from the bars and went to sit on his bed, defeated.

“Here kid” the officer tossed him a hand gun.

“It isn’t loaded but if by some chance you’re able to get out the armory is not far from here.” He whistled and a red colored German Shepherd came bouncing out of nowhere.

“This here is foxy, she’ll keep you company.”

“You’re leaving some dog to guard me?” Payton was on the verge of laughing and the ridiculous notion.

“Hey, she’s not some dog… Foxy is extremely intelligent”

“Oh yeah?” Payton said walking over to the bars. “If she was so smart she would have brought food for her prisoner.”

Foxy barked and scampered off.

Payton and the cop stared in direction of her retreat.

“Yeah…that’s exactly what I thought.” Payton said as he was turning around he heard Foxy come running back in.

“Good girl, foxy.” The officer took a bag of chips from her and threw it at Payton, who only stared in shock.

“She understands completely, just try and be polite with her okay? Dogs have feelings too.”

“Understood…” Payton got on his knees to pet the dog, and he smiled when she licked him.

“Well I best be going, kid. Be safe okay?”

“Thank you officer.”

“And don’t worry about those dead freaks… we’ll lock up the station so no one can enter but us.”

“ HOW COULD YOU NOT TELL HE WAS INFECTED WHEN YOU CUFFED HIM!? HIS SKIN IS FALLING OFF” came a distant but loud, angry and slightly scared voice.

“I’m sorry sir I didn’t kn- Ow! Son of a bitch, bit me”

“I better go see what’s going on” The officer left and moments later there were gun shots and screaming which lasted quite awhile. Then there was silence… lastly there was shuffling.

A groan woke Payton out of his stupor.. He kept replaying memories in his head.

“Wake up girl,” Payton whispered urgently. Foxy’s tail waged and then she rose up.

“I think something’s coming, hide quickly” Foxy ran to the end of the hallway and hid behind some crates. Payton got under his bed. Why hide when he was in cell? Well he would not be able to escape with a horde of zombies in front of his cell.

Payton hoped it was a dead police officer then he could easily get the keys from him and escape… but that’s only if his luck would change so far all the wandered down here were random corpses and the front desk receptionist.

OOC: it was only long because i waned a dog lol
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Kristopher wandered the halls, his foot steps hushed, he had no desire to cause attention to be brought to himself. He peeked into the cafeteria, if only to see an empty space. He crept along, and hopped the salad bar into the back. He looked around the pantry, before grabbing some bags of chips. He munched on them, and then looked around, most of the appliances were gas.

"Hmmm...." He lit up a cigarette, and took a deep drag. He could blow up the school, and fry anything inside. He smiled, thinking that blowing up a school was every kids' dream.

He put out his cigarette, and flicked on all of the stoves. They let out a hissing sound, Kristopher wasn't surprised. He could already smell the gas pouring out from the unlit burner. He grasped his backpack and darted for the exit. He skidded to a stop, a zombie lurched around the corner. He screamed, and swung his backpack on instinct. There was a dull [I]WHAM![/I]and The zombie fell over, but it wasn't out. It sat back up, and started clawing it's way across the floor at him. He backed away, scared. He looked around, looking for anything to fight it with. A fire extinguisher glinted on the wall. He ripped it from the bindings, and swung it with all of his might. There was a sickening CRACK as it made contact, and he slammed it over and over on the poor woman. When she no longer moved, he stumbled back, and fell over on to his ass. He reconized her as one of the cafeteria workers. His eyes welled up, and he started to cry.

"I'm so sorry..." He knew she had already been dead, A victim of the virus. But still, he had seen her everyday since he had started school, it was almost too for him to handle.

He took a deep shuddering breath, and looked around. There were no other monsters, so he got up and kicked the fire extinguisher over the dead woman and through a window. He started walking, the gas was filling the cafeteria. There was already enough to blow the cafeteria section of the school sky high.He walked over to the exit into the hall, and looked around. Nothing. The hall was desolate. He could see the main office down the hall, and the doors leading to the gym were just a little further. He guesstimated he might be able to make it to the outside, those doors into an even more dangerous nightmare were just in front of him, no more than fifty feet away. He turned, and lit a cigarette. He took a deep drag, and then flung it into the gas, turning around and high tailing it down the hall. He took a running leap at the doors leading to the outside, smashing them open, just as the gas ignited. A roaring fireball blasted torwards him, and he scrambled to get away from the fire hurtling torwards him. The heavy metal doors on the entrance to the school were blown off their hinges, and a plume of fire and smoke rose into the air, along with bits of tile and metal. Kristopher crouched, his hands over his head, he had escaped.

One of the doors fell onto the ground beside him, bent, the glass in it shattered.

"On that note... I think it's time to go..." Kristopher got up and looked behind him. The front of the school was lighting up like the fourth of July.

"Yeah... that should do the trick. At least what's inside the school won't be getting out."

Kristopher looked around, and ran off down the street. He saw a few of the infected, they turned to him, and started after him. There were far too many, he couldn't dodge them all, they were everywhere now, attracted by the commotion. He looked around, searching for an escape. Then, he saw it. An entrance to the subway. He darted torwards it, swinging his backpack like it was his last desperate hope. He slid into the stair well of the subway, falling onto a dead body. He screamed when it grabbed him by the ankle, and he launched his foot into the face of his attacker. It let go, momentarily stunned. He screamed and ran off down the stairwell. Ahead of him was a shutter, and he grabbed it and slammed it down, the latch was broken. He knew it would hold off any of those creatures, they weren't smart enough to raise it up.

He walked down the passage way, finding himself at the turntables. He jumped one, and looked around.

Dim lighting, grungy tiles, and blood stains. He wasn't surprised, everywhere was like this. If there wasn't a corpse, then there was blood. To his right were public restrooms, to his left were stairwells going down to the actual subway itself. He could hear nothing, so he walked over to the bathroom. He opened the door, only to see a dead subway worker.Half of the ciling had collapsed, something big had come through it. The body had been there awhile, but it wasn't moving. He collapsed against a wall to catch his breath. He looked over at the body, but saw no blood, save for a small stab wound. But, it wasn't a slit or a bite mark, it was a gaping hole. Nothing that had once been human could have made that kind of wound.

Kristopher knew very well that the virus had the power to infect animals, but down here there were only insects, fleas and other such night crawlers. He shuddered, thinking about what kind of mutated creature could have killed the man. He sure as hell didn't want to meet it.

Looking over the body, he spotted something glinting on the man's belt loop. A set of keys. He thanked his lucky stars, he could use something like that down here. He crawled over, praying the man didn't attack. He reached over, and removed the keys. The body made no motions, he thanked his lucky stars.

He got up, the keys jingling in his hand. He didn't want to stick around in case what killed the subway worker came back. He left the bathroom, and made his way down the stair well.
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"Man, this is some real bull****!" Said Jamel as he searched the lockers of the high school. He had no luck in finding anything of great use. Moans and screams could heard through out the halls of the school coupled with the the sound of Jamels foot steps.

The only form of protection he had at the moment was his 9 mil he kept with him at all times. It only had 6 bullets in it, so it was to be used only in important situations. "Man, whats a n***a 'spose ta do with this ****? Aw well, 'come in handy some time." Jamel had said this wile turning the corner and coming in to view of one of the infected monsters. "Aw ****!" *Gun shot*
Jamel had shot the infected monsters. "That was way close. Those are some ugly *** muthaf****s."

Now Jamel had entered the faculty lounge, inside he found a toster, which he put into his small sack that he usese as a back pack. "Can pawn all this stuff when this is all over." Then one of the infected people started banging on the door, Jamel ran over and locked it, then pushed the refrigerator in front of it. He then ran over to the one story window and jumped out of it. "Well, were to go next?"

As Jamel walked away from the high school, a huge explotion occured. He ducked down quickly, avoiding bits of rubble and glas falling from the once prestigious high school. "Man, what the hell is goin' on?~
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Tahlia breathed in deep breaths, she was terrified. No escape. She started crying, there would be no rescue. It wqas only a matter of time before those monsters found her and devoured her alive. Tahlia knew it was only a matter of time. She'd been hiding here for almost two days now.

She was hiding in a hospital room in the east wing, on the fourth floor. It was too high for her to jump out on to the ground below, and outside the room were those things everywhere. She was crouched down in corner, sobbing. She didn't want to die, or even worse, end up like one of those poor people. She was in a private room, the television on, the screen showing nothing but the rainbow of colors when the station goes off-air. She looked at it, wishing there was something to see, anything like the life she had just mere days ago. She kept wishing this was all a dream. She closed her eyes, tears slashing onto her uniform.

"Dear God in heaven, please help me." She got up, and went to the window. Night was falling, the streetlights were blinking on. She opened the window, and looked around. She could see the construction equipment, glinting in the haze of the setting sun. She wondered if this would be the last sunset she would ever see.

Tahlia turned around, and looked up at the ceiling. She knew she could easily climb up and through the tiles, she was light enough to be supported by them, if she clung to the rafters and support beams. She started moving the bed, hoping to be able to get up to the ceiling with it. But, it made a lot of noise. The sounds coming from the hall could be heard audibly, and they were coming closer. Soon enough there were clawing sounds on the door, followed by bashing noises. Tahlia screamed, and cranked up the bed, than latched the wheels into place. She raised the bed, to the highest it would go. The door began to give way, and she screamed again. "God help me!" She moved a tile as the door finally burst open, slamming into the wall. A monstrous groan escaped the lips of the monster coming in, right for her. She lifted herself up, and into the ceiling. The bed groaned as it was moved by the thing trying to get to her. She sobbed, and slowly made her way through the ceiling. Dust billowed in her wake, making her eyes water and her breathing became difficult.

Ever so slowly, Tahlia made her way. Soon enough, she came to where she thought she needed to be. She sat back, and braced herself against a girder to remove a tile, and peeked around below. Seening nothing other than an empty hallway, she scooted around to put her feet down, dropping the short distance to the cold tiles of the floor. To her left was a gourney, and she grabbed it to use as any kind of a weapon. She rammed the doors open with it, and rolled it in front of her, looking for anything that might eat her.

The plastic covering the new wing billowed in the wind, flapping like crazy. Some of it had fallen away, and she could see the cityscape beyond. She sighed, and rolled the gourney over to the edge. She could only see one monster down below, and she sighed in relief. She prepared herself, and then ran the gourney off the edge. It hurtled down, slamming down on top of the zombified construction worker with a loud and audible crunch. Her insides turned at the sound, she couldn't bring herself to look.

Tahlia walked around, seeing nothing that she could use as a weapon. She saw that the construction crane was parked, the long arm within easy reach. All she would have to do was climb down.

She grasped the cable, climbing slowly up to the crane's arm. Looking down, she shuddered; it was a long way down. She noticed the clatter from the gourney had brought several zombies into the site. She knew they were slow, but it was their numbers that worried her. An entire city against one nurse. Not exactly good odds. Tahlia clamored onto the crane, inching her way down. On reaching the crane control room, she spotted the keys into the ignition. A smile spread across her face as she observed the controls. She couldn't figure out how to make it move, and so just turned it on. She moved a lever, and the arm of the crane began to move, as did the zombies. They started converging on her, and she moved the crane to where it was dangling above the parking lot. She crawled out, and kicked a zombie out of her way, then moved up onto the arm, and cat walked across, before she slid down the cable into the parking lot. Empty cars greeted her, along with more zombies here and there amongst the cars. She walked around, trying to find her own. She spotted it, across the parkinglot in the staff area parking. No zombies to be seen, so she cautious walked over and got in. Her purse had been left inside the hospital, and there was no way in hell Tahlia was going back in to get it.

The hospital loomed behind her, the glittering lights almost comforting. In some of the windows were moving shadows. More monsters. Sighing, she knew she had to get some food, she hadn't eaten in two days. Her car wasn't going anywhere without the keys, but she at least had her life. Tahlia had no idea how to hotwire a car. There was a gas station down the street, Tahlia would be able to eat something there. Getting out of her car, she grasped her handy dandy crowbar, hopping it would come in handy.

She smiled, things were looking up. As she made her way to the street, she saw there wasn't anything moving. She walked down the desolate street. It was unsettling how quiet the city was. She knew too well that most of the city was either dead or undead. Tahlia made her way to the gas station, holding the crowbar like a baseball bat. She smiled and opened the door. There were shelves upon shelves of food there, and some possible supplies. She ripped open some beef snacks, the junk food had never tasted so good in her life. She ate her fill and then packed some food stuffs into a bag. she walked around behind the counter, and spotted what she'd really need. A small pistol under the register.

She cocked it, laughing at the ridiculous sight she must be. "The gun toting zombie killing nurse....Jesus Christ, I'm a geek's fantasy!"
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A dull thud came from out side and shook the windows up a bit. Some shuffling could be heard from everywhere and their was a noise coming from the holding area. Sounded like somone was alive and appearently lokced up. Breaking the lock would be easy buy it would make too much noise for his taste but if He could get someone to watch his back while searching for survivors, it could help their chances of survival.

HE slowly makes it down the hall checking and clearing the rooms one by room to make sure nothing attacks him. He got to the door leading towards the holding area, he slowly opened the door and pulls out his shotgun. Moving down the hall way some shuffling came from behind. He turns around and shoots the officer that was just 5 minutes ago being feasted on by two infected he killed. He shot the gun and the infected officer flew back and hit the door. Making more sound than he wanted to. He didnt have much time.

The cell next to him he heard a gun being pointed at his head.

"Hey, get me out of hear and I wont kill you" Said a guy in a cell.

"IF your threatning me with an empty gun you arent getting out." I said while grabbing the gun.

"Come on dude, You cant leave me here............." The guy whined.

He noticed my Umbrella Patch and back to the wall of his cell. I loaded the pistol with a full clip and tossed it to him then tossed him about 3 extra clips of ammo. He looked suprised.

"Cover me while I break the lock. The shotgun made alot more noise than I wanted and is sure to draw more infected here. After that, your with me." I said whilst starting to pick the lock.

"Ok, go for it. Why do you need me?" Said the guy.

"Looked I dont have time to explain. I need to save as many survivors as possible and make it to city hall. Watch that hall way!" I said with more demanding tone.

Moans and shuffling can be heard come towards this location. One infected came through the door and the guy shot it in the arm. It staggered back and started to move again.

"What the...it didnt go down." The guy said with dissapointment.

"Aim for the head, it takes them down faster and you will save ammo. Quick, before it can move again." I said pointing at the infected.

Another shot rang out and the infected dropped dead (or just stopped moving either way) and a sigh of relief came from the guy. Clank the door lock opened up and the guy walks out of the cell.

"Man, I thought I was going to be in here till I starved!" The guy said with happyness in his voice.

"Dont get to full of your self. These infected are just the begining. Lets get to the armory and grab more weapons, ammo, First Aid kits, and and food we can get." I said picking up the shotgun and standing back up.

"Ok, but when we reach the armory, tell me how you know all this. Oh, wait my dog. Here girl." The guy said. When he did a dog came from a hiding spot in the back and sat right next to his side.

I pull the shotgun out and aim at the dog.

"Is it infected yet?" I said, taking extra percaution.

"Stop that, she isnt infected." He said standing infront of the dog and my shotgun.

"Fine, just make sure that she doesnt get bit. Other wise I will kill the dog without hessitation. Got it?" I said with a firm voice making sure I wasnt joking.

"Yes I get you. Lets go, the officer who gave me the dog said the armory isnt that far from here." HE said.

"I know, thats where I was going. Lets go and whats your name? Mines Draco Alimo Tarik, former Spec Ops of Umbrella." I said while looking around a corner.

"Mines Payton. This is Foxxy. Former Umbrella Spec Ops huh? What they dont provide health care?" Payton said mockingly.

"No, its what they plan to do in a short time if they dont hear from the team they sent in earlier. We may have several weeks maybe a month or so. I plan to save at least 5 civilians and get to City Hall. Their I can prove we arent infected and we can all escape here before they activate the last resort option." I said while opening the armory door.

Their where in here too. More infected cops. I hold my hand up and grab Paytons gun and shook my head. I put the shotgun back and pull the silenced pistol out and start picking them off one by one. Starting with the closest ones then making my way towards the back. Soon the room was clear and I move inside. Payton and Foxxy moved inside as well. I close the door and lock it. It should hold them if they are discovered for a long time. Armory doors are made to take tons of damage. They have to just incase of a break out or an assult on the police station.

The armory also carried confiscated weapons and other things. Their was a big table covered in old blood. I took a rag and cleaned it off the best I could and start taking weapons off and putting them on the table.

"We should also take advantage of the armor gear they have here too. Make sure you get something that is really resistance to scratching and is waterproof. Also, you any first aid kit and tighten up any cuts or open wounds before we move out. If One drop of infected blood gets on a cut or opened wound. You will be infected and only have about 1-2 hours before turning into them." I said pointing out the window towards some infected people down the street.

"How do you know all of this?" Payton said will gathering weapons from the racks.

"We had an outbreak once before about 2 years ago. It was isolated incident involving sabatoge and someone with enough clearence to get the virus. It took us 3months to get the city back. A block at a time. You probally heard it has some type of nationalist faction took over a city. I lost alot of men in those 3 months. I've seen what this can do. Their was a cure to the virus if administered quickly but the scientist who had the only known case of it vanished about a year ago. Thats why they sent a team in to retrive him. So far, we havnt heard from them. I expect they where all kill and now are walking the streets." I said to him while grabbing a cloth covering something huge.

"Holy shit dude. Is that what I think it is?" Payton said with a very suprised look on his face.

"Yes, it is. An old 8 barrel 7mm chaingun. Also know as the Gatling Gun. Shoots 8,000 rounds a minute and is electric run. Good for mowing down infected people in any area. And no you cant have it. Its too heavy for you." I said laughing.

"I can pick that up. See?" Payton said.

He got it off the table but couldnt move.

"Dam, this is heavy." Payton said with some struglling in his voice.

"Its not even loaded yet. Here let me take it." I grab it and make it soo easy.

"What are you, superman?" Payton said laughing.

"Well, they did inject me with some syrums over the years. Might have been experimental enhancements for the army. They use their soldiers like lab rats. Anyways. We are not moving yet. Come on gather all the ammo and put them into piles of what type their are and their usefullness. Grab some duffle bags as well. We can store extra weapons and ammo in them. 4 if possible." I said while rumiging threw some lockers and the vending machines. "Hey Payton, catch"

I tosed him a cold Pepsi and a bag of pretzils. And Foxxy a bag of Doritos.
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"Drop it!" Lance shouted as he stepped out from behind Jamel. He'd been tailing him until he finally saw him steal something.

Turning Jamel didn't raise up his gun, or lift his hands in protest. "Are you F****n serious man? I didn't do nothin!"

"I just saw you loot from the high school, and followed you here to the junior high. You took the toaster and put it in your...where's your bag?"

"Man I told you I didn't do nothin" Jamel held both his hands up to show he wasn't holding anything, well anything besides his gun."

"Well I'm taking you in anyways so put the gun down or I'll" Lance suddenly cut loose a bullet that whizzed past Jamel's ear and into the forehead of a bloody student. Her school uniform slightly ripped, where the monster that turned her clawed her.

Jamel hadn't seen that part, just the flash and the bullet whizzing by his head. "Fine man you win!" He dropped to the ground and slid his weapon over to Lance. "Do what you want, god you didn't have to f***in shoot. Damn, F***in cops"

Lance smiled as he thought how easy it would be, just cuff Jamel and walk...He looked back up to where he'd just killed the school girl. Apparently the shot had alerted the others to a possible meal.

"Jamel...get up." Lance bent down and picked up the 9mm Jamel had, it felt light. Probably only a few shots to go.

"Make up your damn mind, do you want me up or...oh shit!"
The way his eyes grew, told Lance there was somemore of them creeping behind him.

Lance tossed Jamel his weapon "Turn around and shoot!" As soon as Jamel caught his gun he spun around.

"We need to make a hole." Shots started ringing out. It was easy to score head shots in this close quarter. So six shots each and they were out into the next room.

Lance held out a clip to Jamel, "Here, take this. You're going to help me get out of here, and then we're taking you in got it!?"

Jamel took the clip, and loaded it.

Lance looked at him, he didn't grow up in Racoon city, and therefore hadn't gone to school here. "So uhh...which way do we go?"
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"Man...Where the hell am I?" He looked around for a sign, and he saw one. "East Bluff Street' it read. Kristopher sat down on the side of the platform. He didn't know quite what to do. Raccoon City was finished, there was no doubt about that. But, Kristopher also knew that Umbrella had quite a few tricks, Umbrella would be moving to sterilize the city.

With what, he didn't know. But, it was a common sense move on their part. They wouldn't allow the infection to spread beyond the city.

So, it would have to be wiped out. A nuclear war head would do the trick, but he didn't know if that would be the method they used.

"Damn it." Kristopher knew he had to get the subway moving, and he gazed at the keys in his palm. They probably weren't going to start the train, although there was one just to the right of him. He needed to get to the Zoo, but the subway would only take him so far. He'd have to get off the train by the Cityview Apartments and walk about six miles. He was much further away from it now, the train would definitely get him closer. He didn't know what exactly was near the station depot, where he needed to get off. He knew very well that he might never see the light of dawn again. He thought for a moment, pondering what he might be able to do. He got up and inspected the train, finding nothing significant. From the condustor's booth, he could hear sounds that didn't sound like anything a human would make.

He groaned, and decided to leave that be, at least for now. He flicked through the keys, and tried them on a locked door. Eventualy, one did work, and he opened it, flinging it open and dodging to the side. Nothing.

He breathed a sigh of relief, and walked down the passage. He saw the electrical room, and ventured inside. No monsters, but the circuit board for the tracks had been flipped. He flipped them, but knew his work wasn't done. The tracks may have juice now, but he wasn't sure that was all that needed to be done. He ventured out back into the hallway, to hear a shuffling noise, and a very loud squelch.

"Shit...." He breathed. He backed against the door, ready to open it. From around the corner it came, a gigantic insect. Most likely one of the fleas. Kristopher's expression twisted into terror. It jumped at him, and he screamed, flinging the door open, just in time for the sucker to get lodged in the door, having narrowly missed him on the other side. He screamed again, and shut the door, trapping it on the other side. He took deep breaths, the other thing was coming. He looked around, and took his backpack off. The flea had managed to free itself, but it wasn't attacking him again, it was still trapped on the other side of the door. The zombie came around the corner, and he swung his bag, knocking it in the head, causing it to fall backwards. He swung his bag down again, hitting it over and over. But all the bag did was buff it, and he ran back out into the subway at large.

He ran out onto the platform. He sighed, and slumped down onto the concrete. Not knowing what the hell to do, he looked around the dimly lit area. The dark tunnel ahead didn't look inviting, but he knew he would be too vulnerable there in the dark. He walked back over to the train, and looked over to the conductor's booth. the zombie was still clawing around, but it was now rattling the handle. His eyes opened wide as he realized what was about to happen. He ran out of the train, crying. "God damn it!" He ran to the platform stairs, if only to come face to face with another zombie. He screamed again, and turned to run back down the stairs. He downed then in a leap, and scrambled to the end of the platform. He looked around for anything he could use as a weapon. He looked around, and saw a plastic 'wet floor' sign. He picked it up, ready to whap anything that attacked. He took a few breaths, and waited for the zombie to emerge from the train. He waited until it had cleared it, and then ran full force with the sign. He swung it up, and clipped it upside the head, sending it onto the tracks.

There were several ZAP! noises as it was fried on the charged tracks. He sighed, and turned to the zombie coming down the stairs. IT tripped, and rolled down them, but it wasn't down. It crawled torwards him, the bloody rags it was wearing trailing on the floor. He waited until it was close, and then he jumped down. He looked over now,and saw that the second tunnel was blocked down the way, It had collapsed, probably from the school exploding. In the other direction, he could hear scuffling, like a giant insect was scurrying around.

He watched, and avoided the train tracks as the zombie fell from the platform. Kristopher thought it might not make it to the tracks, but it stood up slowly, and stepped torward him. He waited until he had enough time to get away before charging it. He pushed it beside the other zombie, and there were more zaps and frying sounds, until it stopped moving, and smoked just like the other. He sighed, and got back up from the tracks onto the opposite side of the platform. He looked around, and sw another 'employees only' door, and decided he might as well go down fighting if he was going to die. There was nothing he could do, and if he wanted to survive, he was gong to have to take some risks. He opened the door with the keys, and slowly made his way down the hall. He came across the break room, and ventured inside. He sighed, and kicked the vending machine until the glass broke out. He sat his bag on the table, and started eating. He was well aware of the little amount of time he had.

Standing up, he walked back to grab his backpack, but hesitated, looking at the lockers around him. There had to be something he could use in here. He lisened for a moment, and then lifted various latches on lockers. He found another key, this one labeled 'janitorial closet'. He pondered where it would be, but decided to go and find it. He knew there had to be some weapons or something to help him, at least a pipe wrench. He grasped his bag, and walked back out into the hall, and looked down the hall. He came to the janitor's closet, and used the key to unlock it. He tossed it away, and looked inside. Finding his desired pipe wrench, he smiled. This was a lot better than the backpack he was wielding. He looked for anything else he could use, but found nothing. He sighed, and walked back out into the hall. Then it hit him to check the switchboard room. Possibly there was an auto start to the train system. that would get him out, and possibly kill whatever was in the tunnel.

He smiled, and like he thought, he activated the trains he needed to move. The train system was easy to follow, and he could soon hear something coming down the tracks.

He walked back out on to the platform, the distant sound of a train coming comforting to him, as it was an almost normal sound in this nightmare that never seemed to end. He could also hear the the sounds of whatever was in the tunnel scurrying around. It wasn't coming out, that was a good sound. In the dim light,which grew brighter as the lights flickered on, he could see several slime coated masses. Whatever was making the noises was hidden from sight by all of the slime, but he knew it was big. He could hear the train coming ever closer, and soon there was a wet noise as it ripped through the slime and hurtled down the tracks. It slammed into the collapsed area of the tunnel, grinding to a halt. Kristopher could hear sparks, the electricity on the tracks was sparking. He ran back across the platform, and into the conductor's booth.. He saw the reason the train wasn't moving, it wasn't switched into the 'forward position' and the tunnel behind the lead car was collapsed.

"I so need to get the hell out of here." He took a breath, and looked over the coupling on the outside of the train. He pressed various buttons, until there was a latching sound, and the cars behind the lead car came undone. He bolted to the front car, and halted, an unearthly screeching sound coming from his ears.

"The... queen..." He breathed, realization hitting him like a tone of bricks. Now he knew what had been in the tunnel. Turning to look out the front window, he saw only too well the queen flea coming at him. She let out another unearthly screech, and stepped into the full light. Kristopher's heart stopped. She was far larger than the thing that had attacked him earlier. Kristopher shook himself, she seemed hesitant to come into the light.

Behind him, he heard a fire, the oil ised to lubricate the subway cars had sparked. Fire was spreading behind him. He was in a prediciment. He shook himself, he needed to do this.

"What's the matter, scared of the light? Don't want to come get me?" He taunted. He switched the train into the forward position, and it started picking up speed quick. "If you're not coming for me, then I'm coming for you!"

Kristopher ducked down behind the booth, and heard the scream of the queen. There was a violent thud, and the front window shattered. Bug guts splattered into the car. He peered around, and saw the queen had indeed met her end. However, she wasn't dead yet. Her body all but useless, she flailed her legs, trying to get at Kristopher. He swung his leg up,kicking the queen in her log tube, the tube used to drain her prey. He didn't want to think how many people had met their fate by that. She lost her feeble grip, and began scrambling to recover it. Kristopher swung his backpack at her, hitting her in what was left of her head, sending her under the rolling train. He sat down on the seat, exhaling. He lit up a cigarette, and took a deep drag. He'd barely survived another encounter with a monster. Just for how much longer would his luck hold? He smoked his cigarette, hoping he would find something to better defend himself.
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?Alright lets go? Draco said roughly.

?Hold on?? A pair of fighting gloves with metal knuckle guards caught his eye, along with some black combat boots. ?These look nice?? Payton said putting on the gloves.

Draco chuckled ?You?re just like a kid in a candy store.. hurry it up though we gotta move? Payton was done lacing up the boots? they looked so heavy but they were light and wouldn?t way him down. But something felt strange? Payton clicked his heels together and sharp blades protruded out out the boots.

Draco looked a little wary, ?You sure you can handle those??

Payton looked up from his boot with a big grin.

?Honestly, I don?t know?. But it?ll be fun to try out? He clicked his heels again and the blade retreated.

?Okay lets go, stay alert goldilocks? He teased.

Payton made a face, he hated that nickname even though his appearance called for it. He was 5?7 long, curly, blonde hair stopping just below his shoulder blades and green eyes. If he wasn?t dressed so scraggly he would actually be considered a ?pretty boy?.

?After you big chief ? Payton bowed slightly and made a hand gesture Draco smirked and walk out with Payton and foxy in tow.

They were heading to the front door when something caught Payton?s eyes. Just to the side of him was the mauled body of the cop who said he would come back for him. Foxxy whimpered. Draco saw what Payton was looking at, he observed Payton face and pretty much assumed the ovious. He walked over.

?There?s nothing you can do for him now, lets move? Draco said clasping Payton?s shoulder comfortingly. He then bent down and took the tie off the officer?s neck.

?You should tie your hair back, it?ll become a hassle when trying to aim correctly.?

Payton did as he was told. And they left the police station.

?Okay, we need to get to city hall.? Draco said stroking his chin in thought.

?What about finding survivors??

?City hall is pretty far from here it?s past some zoo I believe, but there are tons of places be fore that.?

?Meaning we have a lot of ground to cover? Said Payton finishing his thought.
?And more chances of finding survivors.?

?Well lets go then the sooner we start the quicker we?ll get this nightmare over with.? Payton said nervously looking around, undead randomly rooming the street. Then something occurred to him.

?Doesn?t it seem they they?re heading towards the subway?? Payton pointed out.

?That?s? odd, I would think that?d be on te surface. No one alive could be down there?

?Maybe that?s it? Someone or something is alive down there? Payton said.

?Whatever it is, must be making quite a ruckus? Draco said starting for the subway entrance.

Payton had to jog alittle to catch up.

?Did you really just say ?Ruckus?? asked he was side by side with Draco.

? And if I did?? Draco asked, not even looking in his direction.

?Er?nothing? I guess old people are entitled to their slang? Payton retorted.
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His footsteps thudded dully against the linoleum, the echoes of the moaning... things seemingly following him wherever he went. James had a nigh death grip on his two cameras, there was no way that he would miss out on something like this. He had been there when these things began walking out of the underground morgue and had seen a woman torn apart and eaten.

"What the hell have I gotten myself into?" He thought to himself as he ran up to the third floor and locked the door behind him. Of course, there was the one line of thought running through his head. He needed to get himself the hell out of there, find some kind of weapon and just get away. His line of thought was shattered when he saw a gurney falling outside, taking down a construction worker with it.
"Holy hell" He muttered to himself as the loud crash echoed in his ears. He was trying to think of a conceivable escape route when he realized that something had caught his eye when he had arrived.

"The Fire Escape!" James yelled triumphantly as he was rummaging through the desk in the office. He had learnt from a friend that anything even remotely interesting was worth bringing along. Unfortunately all he found were a couple of books, a few folders and a box of bullets for some bizarre reason. *Just a slight take of mine on the games*
He found himself running again; Oh boy was he going to grow sick of this soon. Luckily for James, the zombies on the ground floor had been unable to make much headway up the stairs and so he had received minimal resistance on his way to the fire escape. He could still hear screaming and crying all around him, could hear the doomed patients making peace with their gods as the moaning grew closer.

"I have to be crazy... there is no sane explanation behind this happening" James whispered to himself.
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The subway train rocketed down the tracks, picking up more and more speed. Kristopher guessed that the end of the line was fast approaching. One by one the streets flached by, and he was starting to see limping figures wandering down into the subway, attracted by the sounds of the train. He smiled nervously, trying to make himself feel better about the situation. "I'm going off the rails on a crazy train!" He warbled, singing a classic hit of Ozzy.

Soon enough, he saw the light at the end of the tunnel, and prayed he wouldn't be seeing it for real in a minute. He pulled he decelerator lever, and down on the emergency brake. The train screeched, and he ducked down behind the condustor booth, momentarily blinded. The train still screeched, but had only slowed down a littlewhen the end of the line came up. The train car rocketed into the air, and slammed back down, barrel rolling down the rest of the line. Kristopher screamed, hoding on for dear life to the remains of the car as it was ripped apart from the tracks and various obstacles. Finally, the ruined car smashed into another train, and thus did he look around.

The car was demolished, half of the roof was peeled away, some of the seats were torn from their bearings. The entire front of the car was a mangled mass of metal, and all of the windows in the car were shattered. He stood up, shaken. His face was bleeding, and he pulled a piece of glass from his hairline. He coughed from all of the dust that had arose from the wreck. He staggered to the back door, only to find it had swung open, ripped entirely from its hinges. He stepped of the train, reminding himself that he was never taking it again.

He looked around, several zombies were already converging on him.

"Oh god damn it!"
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Payton and Draco were about to walk down the stairs when Draco put his hand in front of him.

?RUN! NOW? he roared there was a look of panic on his face as he pulled Payton and ran the opposite way. Then Payton felt it. The earth vibrated and then there was a loud crashing noise and the sound of a train breaking through the entrance to the subway. Payton and Draco jump behind a corner of some building.

Payton got up and looked to draco who was already up and peering around the corner.

?What the hell??? Draco mumbled.

Pay crept under him to see, one of the cars from the train manage to rocket into a store a little ways ahead of the entrance.

?Come on, there?s a good chance whoever?s in there might still be alive.?

?And what chance is that? It must be in the negatives? Payton said following Draco?s stride which broke out into a run as he saw a group of undead going towards the train car.

?Oh god damn it? Payton heard come from the car as he saw a figure stubble out.

?Oh my god? he survived?? Payton dropped the bag he was carrying and started running faster. ?Stay girl? he told Foxxy who whimpered but obeyed.

Payton shot 3 rounds dropping 2 of the targets he was aiming for, then he jumped into a flying side kick which slamed the third zombie into the wall of the car, Payton gain footing and and swung hard with his right fist punching the zombie in the head.

?Fuckitty Ow!!? He scream shaking his fist as the zombie fell but started to get back up..

Payton recovered and shot the man in his head. He shuddered even though they were dead already, Payton couldn?t help but feel wrong putting an end to the corpse?s existence. ?How could the umbrella co. allow this to happen?. What kind of experiments were they doing?? Payton shook his head and made a mental note to ask Draco these questions later.

?W..who are you?? Said the frighten looking man. He looked like he had been fighting a war, but he was still alive which meant he was winning.

?Ooo just someone who just saved you? Payton grinned and stuck out his hand to help the boy up.

?My name is Payton Rogers, expert thief and modern day Robin Hood and rencently appointed zombie killer? Payton explain grinning madly, he was happy to see another face, maybe there were other fighting to stay alive? and he would help find them.

?Im Kristopher, Kristopher Fuller.? He said grasping his hand.

?HEY YOU TWO? Draco shouted. Payton and Kristopher turned to see Draco aiming the gatling gun at the horde of undead that appeared suddenly surrounding the car.

?Take cover?

?Oh shi-? Payton grabbed Kristopher and darted into the cart. The gatling gun mowed down most of the infected once human creatures.

?Hey there?s a opening to that store? Said Kristopher.?

?Okay on the count of 3 we make a run for it? Payton said he reached for Kristopher?s hand who took it after looking puzzled.

?One, two, THREE!? The bolted for the store. Pulled open the doors and ran in.

?What about your friend?? Kristopher asked.

?Hmm? Oh the chief can handle himself.? Payton said? he opened the door and whisled. ?Come on Foxxy? he called. The German Shepard ran in the store with the bag Payton was carrying.

?Good girl? Payton petted her.

Moments later Draco came running towards the store Payton covered him shooting some mangy Zombie dogs that were chasing him.

?What the hell was that Goldie!?? Breathed Draco.

?Looked like zombie dogs... I dunno what breed though.. It?s sort of hard to tell with all the flesh rotting off??

?Not the dogs you ditz, I mean what the hell were you thinking rushing in like that you could have been killed.?

?I?m sorry there was no time to think, I had to do something?? Said Payton backing away slightly. Foxxy barked.

?You had no plan, you let yourself get surrounded and you endangered you life as well as his? He said pointing to Kristopher. ?Look I know you had good intentions but if we are to stay alive we have to be smart about it okay??

Payton avoided eye contact, looking like a child being scolded. ?Okay?sorry chief? He said scratching his the back of his head.

?But you got to admit I kicked ass out there right???

Draco groaned and rubbed his temples?

?Riiight Chief?? Payton repeated.
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And Zombie slayer Nurse Tahlia makes her way into the fray once more!

Tahlia ran off down the street, she had heard the grinding halt of the subway blast by in the underground tunnel. The Depot was only just down the street, so she ran by zombies, dodging, holding her gun low. She was almost afraid of what she'd find. A subway car full of zombies, maybe? But then how was it moving?

A plume of smoke and dust rose into the air, coupled with the sounds of crunching metal. She ran the city blocks, coming onto the Depot, to find two men and a boy scrambling to get away from several zombified people. She knew that there was a font entrance, so she ran around the buildings. Turned out, they were in the Depot Diner.

She simed her gun, and shot the lock on the door, allowing it to swing open. She ducked into the diner, and leveled her gun at a zombie waitress. She popped off a round into it's head, and then turned to see three very shocked faces.

"I'm so glad to see other people alive in this god forsaken nightmare!" she cried, her eyes welling up with tears. She sunk down to her knees. "Oh thank god... I thought I was alone."

The youngest of the three hopped the counter, and came over to her, and helped her into a booth. She clutched at him, holding him to her, sobbing.

"hush..... It's okay, yes we're alive." He comforted her, and consoled her until she had calmed down.

"My name is Tahlia Reins. I worked at East Ridge Hospital..."

"I'm Kristopher Fuller. A pleasure to meet you. I was attending the public high school."

"Draco. Umbrella Special Forces."

"Payton. I'm not exactly sure what to call myself..."

Tahlia took a deep breath, and sat her gun on the table. She clutched here head, not sure what to do.

"My god, what's happening here...."

Kristopher looked out the window. "I know."
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Kristopher looked out the window, and sighed. "I'm far from a normal kid. I worked from Umbrella for almost two years." His face gimanced, and he turned and hopped over the counter. "By the way, Payton, thanks for saving my ass back there."

Payton shrugged. "We're all trying to survive here. No biggie."

Kristopher started fiddling around, tinkering with various items. "I'm quite valuable to Umbrella. They want me back. I know all too well the methods they use to get what they want." Kristopher sat back, and soon enough, the smell of coffee filled the room.

"I'm not going to bother with my real name. I'm sure Umbrella boy over there already knows. However, it's not important at the moment."

He started pouring coffee into mugs, and he sighed. Bringing it over, he sat down at the table. His server experience came by habit, he poured sugar and cream into the coffees, and then he looked around. "We each need our energy if we're going to survive. Drink up."

He lit up a cigarette, and took a drag.

"Umbrella is responsible for what happened to Raccoon City. They developed a virus, unbeknownst to even the government. They developed it right here in Raccoon City, although the labs are an unknown number of feet down. I've forgotten that detail."

He took another drag, and continued. "Umbrella manufactured the virus. They created vaccine, but-"

"You escaped with the supply." Draco started.

"Idiot. Do you really believe everything you're told? I did not take all of it. I merely took a single vial. Can I continue with my story?"

Draco grunted, and Kristopher was beginning to dislike him intently. "Well, low and behold, the virus got out, obviously starting in the Hive, the laboratory underneath the city. As I was saying, they had developed an anti-virus, but it never got the chance to be used. If I'm not mistaken, the hive would have shut down all functions and killed all of the employees, knowing they were infected. But I assure you, there wasn't just people down there. There were other creatures, and they are far more dangerous."

"But, how did the virus get above ground?" Tahlia asked, intent on knowing.

"Simple. Rats escaped the labs. They spread the disease, along with whatever parasites they had on and in them. Then, to make matters even worse, they opened the Hive. And then, chaos. Fast forward, and we have have today's Raccoon City."

Draco leaned forward. "I was sent in to extract you."

Kristopher looked at Draco. "If you're here to extract me, think again. I'm not going back to Umbrella, after what they did to me, and this city. You know it as well as I do."

Draco looked at his watch."We have two days to get out of the city. In two days, the city gets sanitized."

Kristopher snorted. "I figured as much. Wiping everything out is their only option. Tell me, is it a nuclear war head? I know a five mega tone nuclear missile is enough to do the job. Will they over do it?"

"I wasn't informed on the particulars."

"Well, before I leave the city, I have to get to the Zoo. The anti-virus is in my car. I had to abandon it in a hurry, when Chevy's was attacked. A friend of mine borrowed it."

"How do you know it's still there?" Payton asked. "He could have high tailed it with your car."

"He was one of the zombies that attacked Chevy's, along with thirty other monsters."

Tahlia shuddered. "So... It's off to the Zoo, is it? I don't want to even think about what's going on there..."

Kristopher stood up. "Neither do I, but I have no choice. I need to get that vial."
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Payton downed the rest of his coffee, and made a face. HE normally didn’t drink the stuff but he knew he would need it.

“A zombie killing nurse, two umbrella agents and a boy and his dog…” Payton said absentmindedly stroking Foxxy. “What a band of misfits, do you think we can pulled this off?”

“We have to” Said Tahlia. “We must”

“I believe we can pull it off” Said Draco looking out the window at the roaming undead.

“What about you Kris?”


“Do you think… we’ll survive” Payton asked.

“You aren’t scared are you” Said Kris smiling.

“I guess I am, I mean up until a few days ago my biggest objective was finding my next meal… I don’t know if I can handle all this.” Said Payton looking down.

“Of course you can, or do you not remember the stunt you pulled out there? Just because you aren’t a train special ops doesn’t mean you don’t process the skill to survive you have proven you do out there.” Said Draco. Payton looked up.

“That goes for you to miss” Draco called to Tahlia. “Everyone in this group has their own strong points and when utilized as a team we will survive, there’s no doubt about it.”

Payton smiled and Foxxy barked and licked him as if she were agreeing.

“Yeah… maybe we’ll be fine” Payton said tossing Foxxy a donut.

“Hear that girl? Me and you are going to make it out of here just fine.”
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Tahlia couldn't believe what she was hearing. Umbrella, behind everything? All of these monsters... all of these fuckers trying to eat her?"

"Were you responsible for the virus?" She asked Kristopher, choosing her words carefully.

"No. Only the anti-virus. I worked on making a cure for it."

"So, could you make more?"

"If the need arose. But, I would have to get back down to the Umbrella Corporation and down the files onto a disk, and then maybe go back to East Ridge. Umbrella doesn't just privately fund the hospital. They research viral vaccines there. It wouldn't be too much of a stretch for the virus vaccine to be located in a minute quantity there. I know they treated some people with the virus there, far beyond before it got out of hand. Of course, they were employees for Umbrella.

"So. Where do you need to go first?" Payton asked. He petted his dog, and cooed at her.

Kristopher picked up Tahlia's gun, and aimed it out the window. "The Zoo. I need to get that anti-virus." He fired off a round through the window, clipping a zombie in the head.

"Boom! Head shot!" He cried. "Take that you fucking brain eating barf bag!" He handed the gun back to Tahlia. "Nice gun. Is it yours?

"No... I found it at a gas station."

"Pretty handy. So tell me, when you going to get a shorter skirt and some fish net pantyhose?

Tahlia looked at Kristopher like he was crazy, before breaking out into laughter.

Draco smirked, and handed Kristopher a gun of his own.

"Yes, this will do nicely." He cocked the weapon and loaded it with an ammo clip. rased it up, and smiled. "Zombie slayer extrordinare, Kristopher Fuller. Well. Let's get going. We have alot of ground to cover."
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"But first we should get back to the police station. Its safe their and we have to grab supplies. Besides, its getting dark and its not safe to be outside at night unless we have flashlights." I said pointing at the sun.

"Whats so scary when the sun goes down Cheif?" Payton said.

"Trust me, you don't want to know. Any ways, you three look like you could some rest. When we get back, I'll watch you three till daylight. Then we start moving to the Zoo and then to City Hall." I said looking out the window.

"Ok, well lets go." Kristopher said holding his gun up.

I slowly move outside pointing the gun around the corner first. I nodded that the coast was clear and started moving back to the station. Umbrella, what where they thinking when the reopened the hive. We could of stopped a small out break and claim it to be people who over used a certain drug or something.

Instead they reopen the hive and let more monsters out. 8 whole teams where killed in seconds. Innocent people who now are these weapons of killing machines. We are out in the streets now. The street lights flickering on and illuminating the area where they were going.

They didnt have much time. Soon the nocternal specimens in the Hive will come out to feed on anything outside. Including infected people. Living or undead. When they finally made it to the station, the front door was wide open. I remembered I locked it after Payton and myself left to find some more survivors.

"Hold it, Wait in the light. What ever you do, dont go into the dark unless you want to be food for something in the night." I said pointing to the most strongest light near the station.

"Why?" Tahlia asks.

"Look, the kid right their. He isnt just the leading head on the vaccine but he also hepled create night specimens out of owls and other nocternal species. He really didnt have anyidea he was but the vaccine was his main goal. Sorry Krist, but sooner or later they'll find out. Just stay in the light." I said runing into the building.

I could hear Foxxy whippering but she was just worried. No sign of forced entry but the lock was unlocked with a key. Which means either the infected got smart or someone was alive and was working for the police. Lights where on in certain places and some doors where opened. Leading towards the cells.

I come outside and whistle to the others to come in side. They all looked scared by what I guess Krist told them about the creatures. That didnt matter. I know for certain that they created them with a fail safe proticall. If they touch any type of light, they would be hurt. So the strongest light is a UV light and will kill them in a matter of seconds.

"Ok, Payton. Was their any new faces in the police station before you got locked up?" I said looking at Payton.

"How would I know?" Payton said suprised.

"Well a K-9 officer wouldnt just give up is dog to anyone. And wouldnt give anyone a gun. So, you've been in their alot but probally for some stupid reason. You have't killed any human before. That was most appearnt to me. But these infected people are way to far beyond curing. Am I right Krist?" I said while walking down the hall.

"Yes, Draco, your right. If the vaccine isnt injected withing an hour. After that, might as well shoot yourself in the head." Krist said.

I hold my hand out and stop the group from moving foward. I pointed to two figures by the cells. On was in a cell right next to where I found Payton and the other was on the out side of the cell.

I put the gatling down on the ground and pull out the shotty and slowly make my way behind the person or thing. When I cocked the gun the person turned around with a gun pointed to my head.

"Put the gun down and get on the floor." Said the guy. Appearently unaware of what is happening.

"If you havent noticed, their are infected people outside drawn by the street lights that want to kill us. I would advise putting your gun down and releasing that person." I said nodding my head to the other person.

"Why should I beleive you?" The guy said.

"So, new to Raccon City Police. Transfered at the wrong time buddy. Im sure they gave you specific instructions to not harrase Umbrella members right?" I said still pointing the shotty at him.

"How did you know that?" He put his gun back into his holster.

"Because thats how I used to get around the city with out cops stopping me for my weapons. Draco Alima Tarik, Umbrella Spec Ops. Man your not even a Raccon citizen yet. Come on, relsease that guy and come to the armory." I said putting away the shotty and putting my hand out for a hand shake.

"Names Lance." Lance said shaking my hand.

"Im Jamel, bitch" Jamel said.

"Hey watch the mouth, theirs a lady here!" Payton said.

Jamel gave Payton a dirty look and started moving towards the armory. Since I already cleared the building, their wasnt any need to search again especially at night. I just hope we came make it out of here alive.
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Kristopher sat down at the computer terminal in the lobby. His eyes gazed at the garish images flashing by on the monitors. Somone had flicked it on to the surveillance cameras.

"Hmmm..." He switched over the monitor, looking at the various camera videos. He gave up, seeing nothing that could have been put to use.


Tahlia cam up to him, and she looked at the cameras. "Nothing interesting to see, huh?"

"No. Not really. I'm trying to guess just what to do. I could go and find the crime files, it might help me find anything to take to the government. Umbrella had the police unit here on a tight leash, they over looked a lot for them."

"Should we go look?"

"Sure. Why not." Kristopher looked over to the cop. "Hey. Officer. I need to get into the crime files. Any incidents regarding Umbrella will come in handy. I swear, when I get out of here, I'm taking them to the U.S. congress."

"The anti-virus, too?" Tahlia asked.

"Of course."

Lance looked them over, and shrugged. "Fine. Let's go."

The three took off down the hall, and they came to another, smaller waiting room off of the lobby. Kristopher turned the corner, to see something move across the glass. He reeled back, and his eyes were wide with fear.

"What is it?" Lance asked, hesitant to even want to know.

"I.... I don't know. It wasn't a zombie, that's for sure." Kristopher's heart was racing. What if there were several of those things?

"It's... a monster. I.... haven't seen anything like it." He touched the door, and opened it, if only to come face to face with a zombie itself. Kris raised his gun, and blasted it in the head, splattering its brains everywhere. Off in the distance, he heard a window shatter.

Whatever had been outside, it was inside now. Kristopher took a hesitant step forward, but knew he had to get those files.

He led the way, his gun held low. He walked around a corner, to see a puddle of red liquid on the floor. He walked slowly torwards it, focused solely on the floor. He came to it, and bent down. He realized it was blood.

Something dripped onto his shoulder, and he saw it was clear. He looked up, and saw with frightened eyes the thing that had been on the window.

He screamed, and it dropped down on him, he quickly rolled out of the way, and raised his gun at it. He saw it had no eyes, it looked like it had no skin either. It looked like raw muscle, and it opened it's mouth, showing many, many teeth. IT lett out a hiss, and Kristopher's blood ran cold. The gun he was holding wouldn't be enough to stop it. The thing's open mouth let out another hiss, and a tongue slid out like a whip.

Kristopher screamed. "Someone help me!" He began shooting, running away. The thing lept from wall to wall, leaving huge claw marks.

"HELP ME!" He ran into a janitor's closet, and shut the door behind him. The think slammed into it, piercing the door with long claws. The door buldged, and he put all of his weight against it. The thing pierced the door once more, and Kristopher screamed again, crying. He thought it was the end. He cried out as it clawed the door again, this time the claws even closer. "Help me!" he sobbed.
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"Kris!" Lance shouted and started running, gun raised ready to shoot. Jamel beat him too it though, firing two shots in succession, one shot hitting its mark in the beasts thigh, the other missing it's head slightly.

Lance wheeled around holding up his hand. "You're going to kill him. Hang on a second..."

Lance grabbed a fire extinguisher from a wall and slid it into the beasts side, firing just as it reached the beat.

A resounding boom echoed throughout the hall, as the compressed gas erupted from its container. Once Lance got close he put two bullets straight into the things brain...

The thing hissed and lept up into the heating vent, scurrying away until everything was quiet again.

Reaching the door Lance ripped it open only to see a cowering Kris inside. "What the hell was that thing?"

Kris turned slowly and made his way out, peeking around corners until he realized the thing was gone for now. "I...I'm not sure. The virus shouldn't have caused mutations like that, but that's for sure what that was."

That was when Kris noticed the rest of the group for the first time. A ragtag group by all accounts, but they made up the survivors of Racoon city, probably all that was left. He immediateally keyed on the S.T.A.R.S. member...Draco something or other, he'd seen him around before. But the special forces guys were their own breed, and didn't associate with the "regular" guys.

[I]"We're the only two that have enough heat to protect these guys." [/I]Lance thought to himself, looks like it was time to see how "special" those S.T.A.R.S. guys were.
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Tahlia came up to Kris, and tokk him to lean on her. He trembled like a frightened child, his eyes unfocused, like he was reliving the terrible moment.

"Kris?" She said, trying to snap him out of it. She tapped his face lightly, her hand bringing him to look at her. "It's okay. That thing didn't get you. We have to keep going."

Kristopher sighed, and shook himself. His tears dried up, and he smiled. Tahlia knew it was fake, but also knew he was trying.

"I'm okay, let's go get those files." Lance led the way, to the file room. They knew that... that thing might attack them again at any moment. Tahlia knew that worse was coming. Her brow furrowed, and she stopped, listening to a door. There were noises like something was being eaten on the other side. She didn't want to know what.

She hurried to catch up to the others, merely a few feet away. She heard it then. Whatever the thing was that had attacked Kris, it was back. In the ventilation shaft. IT could be heard thundering around, hissing and scratching.

It didn't drop down, but made its way up in the building. Tahlia sighed in relief. For now, at least, it was gone. Tahlia took up the rear, watching their backs. Soon enough, they came to the file room, and began bringing out the folders upon folders of files, only some of them having any bearing at all on what they wanted to find. Tahlia sighed, and watched a few of the folders disappear into Kris's backpack. She sighed, and wondered just how they were going to survive the night with that thing running loose in the building.

She readied herself when they got up to leave. The room was now covered in papers, it wasn't like any one was going to be playing maid or coming back into this room ever again.

They moved back into the lobby of the building, and Tahlia sat in a chair. She was tired. They all were, but they wouldn't be able to sleep just yet. Tahlia looked down at her gun. It was her life line. If she ever ran out of ammo, she might be done for, ripped apart by things potentially worse than that monster that had attacked Kris.

She tried to forget it, the look, the smell, but those two thing lingered in the air, they weren't going away any time soon. Dawn was still hours away, and she didn't like being cooped up here.
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"Well Payton lets go with them. Seperated we are fucked. Bring a duffle bag of ammo and lets go." I said grabbing a Jack Hammer X245. (Its an automatic shotgun)

Payton grabbed the duffle ammo bag and whistle to his dog.

"Im not leaving her alone." Payton said.

"Don't, last thing we need is a Cerberous running around.........." I said as I heard Krist screaming for help followed by two gunshots and a fire extinguisher exploding.

"Shit lets go!" I said grabbing the backpack full of first aids.

Payton, Foxxy, and I ran down the hall towards the file room. We past the janitorial closet where I believed Krist baracaded himself in. The door was pierced several times. Their was dark red blood stains on the wall. I slow down and motioned to Payton to get to the file room.

"Hey Cheif, whats wrong?" Payton said.

"Get to the file room and tell the others to hurry up. Now!" I said.

I got by the door leading towards the file room. Which only has one way in, one way out. Watching the ventalation shaft and the hall way. About 10 minutes later they all come out . Krist was not hurt but he was surely scared.

"What did it look like? Mucle type body, no skin, no eyes?" I said grabing Krist.

"Y...yes. I dont know what it is." Krist said.

"I believe you. That thing was once a human. it had an altered T-Virus cell injected into him and turned into that thing after he killed the gaurds guarding it. Thats what happened two years ago at the other village. The only way to kill it is to use either shotguns or a flame thrower. The only room in this building with out a ventulation duct is the armory room. With those thick heavy steel doors, we'll be fine so lets go! Run!" I said just starting to run.

I sent the messege to them. All of them where running back t the armory with me.
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Kristopher's head was reeling, what had Umbrella been working on? He had only worked on one project, it wasn't entirely surprising that there had been others.

Kristopher slumped against a wall in the armory, after they had finally reached it. Kristopher sat there, breathing, listening. He wasn't like Umbrella boy, he had never been enhanced. He was still human.

Tahlia sat next to him, and she put her arm around him. "You doing okay?"

"Yeah... just still shaken up." Kristopher looked up at the ceiling. He could hear something moving around on the floor above, probably another zombie, or worse, the thing that had attacked him. Kristopher knew it wasn't dead, merely injured. And even still, that wouldn't stop it. It could smell them, and it wasn't going to let them go. Kristopher took out his smokes, and he couldn't stop shaking to light it. Tahlia had to do it for him.

She took a drag herself, and held it to him. "No wonder you smoke these things... they calm your nerves."

"Yeah... Working for Umbrella, I picked up the habit." Kristopher inhaled deeply, and he sighed, calming down. He could hear things moving around them.

"Hey. Umbrella boy." Kristopher said, drawing Draco's attention. "What? My name is Draco."

"Like I give a damn. If we stay in here, everything and its undead grandma is going to come for us. How are we going to fight past an armada of them? I say we move."

Draco considered his words. "However, if we stay here, we're safe."

"Only until those things break in here. You think they can't smell us? That thing is close. Those claws? Yeah, I know it can tear through that metal door like it was paper." Kristopher stared at Draco, indomitable.

Kristopher stopped, hearing the sounds of something against the door. "Oh god.." He said, dragging Tahlia across the room. "It's back..." Kristopher leveled his gun at the door, as did everyone else. The thing hit the door, and despite it being sollid sheet metal, it buldged. Dents appeared as it hit the door, until claws punctuated it, tearing down it. It started ripping the door, and Kristopher started shooting. Every one followed suit, and the thing screeched. This time, it wasn't giving up. Draco yelled out.

"Kill it before anything else starts attacking!" Kristopher leveled a shot into its head, blasting a hole. The others pelted it with bullets, and soon enough it stopped moving. Draco was the first to move. "Let's get the hell out of here. That would have attracted some attention we don't want."

Tahlia nodded in agreement. They set off out of the armory, Kristopher having shoved more ammo and guns in his backpack. Upstairs they went, until they were back in the lobby. The front doors were wide open, several zombies were meandering about. Sensing them, they turned. The little rag tag group fired away, killing them. Kristopher moved to the large oaken front doors. He sighed, and looked out the door. There wasn't anything moving out there, yet. Looking around, he ventured out onto the street. His group followed, and Kristopher breathed in relief. "Nothing out here, yet." He could see down the street, there wasn't anything moving. Just down the way, he could see a restaurant, the lights stil on. The shopping district was just on the other side of the restaurant, and if they ventured through that, then they could wind up at Chevy's.

"We have to move." Kristopher said, before setting off down the street. Tahlia followed close behind, watching the dark corners and the wrecked cars. Nothing was coming for them..... But that was only a matter of time before that changed.

OOC: Okay everyone... great postings so far. We need to get through the shopping district before we can get to the Zoo. Let's take our time in the district, okay?
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James made his way carefully thorough the shopping district as he sought any necessary supplies. He hadn't had a chance to stop moving for the past hour and it was having a seriously bad impact on his fatigue levels, having barely been able to fight off the last attacker. Worst of all was that he'd lost his keys somewhere in the hospital and lacked a way to escape from this damn city.

"I swear, I had to come out here for that story" James muttered to himself as he nudged open the door of a shop and peeked inside. It seemed empty but the contents of the shop were what interested him. It was a store that specialised in camping and gardening equipment but there was an interesting pile of equipment that would be useful.
"This is what I'm talking about... the big guns" He spoke triumphantly as he pulled a large shovel off of the rack. His arms might have been aching from the swinging of the lead pipe he had been using as a weapon but he would have at least a chance. HE could hear a couple of zombies moaning in the area, he guessed he could at least use this chance to rest and recenter himself. James needed all he could in order to survive.
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Kristopher stepped into the restaurant, looking around. He heard nothing out of the ordinary, no hissing, no clacking, no shuffling. He looked across the dining room, and saw nothing, save for a dead body. He sighed in relief, at this dead person wasn't moving.

Kristopher moved to the back of the restaurant, hesitant. Payton held Foxy close to him, keeping her safe.

Kristopher opened the doors to the kitchen, and smiled. Nothing moving. "Our lucky break." he said. Payton came up to him. "Looks like it." Payton motioned to the others to follow. Once into the kitchen, they heard it. The front doors crashed open. Loud, heavy footsteps echoed into the kitchen. Lance, being the last one, looked through the kitchen two way doors. His face went white, his hand clenched the gun tight in his hand. "MOVE IT!" he yelled, and they started moving as quickly as they could. Kristopher heard a voice, rasping and heart stopping.

"S.T.A.R.S." Whatever it was, started moving closer. Lance got them moving, then aimed his gun into the kitchen. He held his gun steady as they piled out into the alley. Lance fired when the thing came close.A bullet ricocheted off of something, and thre was the unmistakable hiss of leaking gas.

"Move!" Draco cried, and he leveled his gun into the door. He let loose, the bullet hitting something, and sparking.

That spark was all that was needed. A fireball erupted out of the building, throwing Lance into Draco. Whatever was in the building stopped, not moving. Then it came again, and Kristopher saw half a face, horribly marred and with... what looked like purple vines throbbing in and out of its body.

"Jesus Christ..." Tahlia said. Draco responded. "MOVE!" They started running, down the alley, firing random shots. They passed a kerosine barrel on the way, Kristopher sparked an idea. He peered behind them, and saw it bearing down on them.

"S.T.A.R.S." it said.

"Get that gate open!" Tahlia screamed, leveling her gun at the monster. She started firing, the bullets hitting their mark, but it came forward still, albeit slower. Draco kicked the gate, until it started to budge.

Kristopher aimed his gun, firing. The barrel exploded, sending the creature back. It flopped back, but didn't stand up.

They got through the gate, slamming it shut behind them. It swung open, unable to be locked. They took off, running into the middle of the street, huddled with their backs to one another, looking in all directions. Random zombies wove among the wrecked cars and fallen street lights. several stores lined the streets, quaint little cafe shops, clothing stores, jewelery stores, and a church down the way. A small playground could be seen from where they stood, lit up with light posts resembling fixtures of old. Indeed, the whole street did. Kristopher lowered his gun, they all did, that thing wasn't coming after them.

Kristopher looked down the street, and moved to the park. He could see several bodies lying on the ground, a bloody teddy bear lied at his feet. Peering through the darkness, he could see somethings moving. Realizing just what they were, his heart panged.

Children. Infected children. His eyes welled up, and he whispered into the darkness. One of the children looked no older than five. IT limped around, and vomited the asid that had built up in its stomach.

"I'm so sorry." An act of mercy, he started firing into the playground, his eyes seeing the blood splattered equipment, the undead children coming for them. Payton saw it to, and raised his gun. He too started firing, picking off the kids. they both had teary eyes, and soon their job was finished.

They turned, and Tahlia came up to the two boys. "Poor children... You two did the right thing."

Kristopher wasn't comforted at all, he still felt like garbage. He had worked for the company responsible for this disaster. He gritted his teeth and walked away. He stopped outside of a tavern, and he lifted his leg and swung his leg into the window. The glass shattered, and he stepped inside through the window. Inside, a waiter staggered torward him, and he shot it without hesitation. Tahlia came over to the window, to find Kristopher already burying himself in a bottle.

"Kristopher..." Payton started, and Kristopher guzzled a bottle. He felt no comfort, and he turned around. Tahlia stepped to him, and drew back when Kristopher cocked the gun and put it to his head.

"Don't!" Payton yelled, and Kristopher shrugged, his eyes pouring out the tears. "Payton, I'm partially responsible for this. It's my fault all of these people are dead. I have no right to live. Those kids are proof of that."

Tahlia stepped up to him, and slapped him across the face. "No. It's not. Did you know that this would happen? You tried to stop this, and have the means to make sure it never happens again anywhere else."

Kristopher stared at the bottle he had been holding, the booze pouring out onto the ground. "You're right." Kristopher shook himself, and smiled. Another fake smile, and he put the gun away. He looked at his uniform, and sighed. "You know, my apartment is near here."

"Why, you want to go home?" Tahlia hugged him to her, and he sobbed into her shoulder. He had to live, he had a reason to live. He had to protect these people. They were counting on him.

Life was everything right now. He had to make it out....
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