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" You have no choice! You are surrounded! You are out numbered and out gunned, ZX-156!"

A snide look back at the military ops androids, those who mindlessly followed instructions, having no choice because their programming wasn't as complex as his own. Their target looked like a young adult with bright red hair and glasses. A normal human, or so he appeared.

"Catch me if you can, asswipers."

The lone boy throws his trench coat away, to reveal a plasma rifle, which he begins to use to blast away those who would seek him. When out of power he tosses the gun away, and leans back to fall off the building. He plummets away from them, a smile on his face. Whirling around to face the ground rushing at him, he slams his feet into the pavement, and a barrage of bullets greets him from all directions. One lucky bullet hits his right shoulder, and dark red blood begins to ooze from the wound.

"Damn......" He runs away, holding his damaged arm. He looks up at the helicopter coming at him, his eyes glowing a mechanical red. The helicopter shuts down in mid air, plummeting to the ground below. He runs away into the night, trying to keep his cover, and to avoid capture. After all, the military would just love to have him back. He shuddered to think of what would happen if they got their grubby little hands on him again.


Tonight, a serious threat was discovered the form of terrorism, as a robot set to self-destruct near the United Embassy was discovered on transit. We have the full coverage, tonight on Dayline"

"Several suspects have denied any knowledge of the terrorist threat, while the military denies knowledge of any stolen units. However, the robot in question was destroyed in the siege, so no applicable data can be salvaged."

A picture of the red headed robot appeared on the screen, his mouth wide in a sinister smile.

" While this is an as of yet unknown model, people have suggested that this is in reality a bio-android. However, at this time, the military also denies this and all other knowledge of the incident.

Meanwhile, aboard the Carnivale, the robot in question was very much alive, and throwing a fit, while his arm was repaired."That wasn't even a good picture!!!" He yelled, and slammed his fist down, miffed.

"Well, you shouldn't have been out parading around like that in the first place!"

"Hey! I saved a little girl, thank you very much. And then They were all over me like ants to a picnic!"

"Hmph. Well, you deserved this little injury if you're going to act like that."

"How so?" He demanded, sulking.

"You know what we are to the military, and you know they're watching for us. We are their prized roots, and we escaped. Think of how hard they'll try to get us back. You obviously didn't when you were pulling that little stunt."

The boy sulked some more, looking down at the floor. "I know....".[/I][/CENTER]



In regards to the ZX type android found earlier this evening, the android has escaped, much to our displeasure. We will be hiring certain specialists to bring them back in, especially the escaped ZX types. Certain rumors have been voiced that certain androids have grouped together, to better protect themselves. Several different types have been spoted aboard the ship known as the Carnival, but due to the androids sophisticated design, they are able to elude scanners detecting a vast majority of their mechanical devices. This said, we are unable to storm the ship, due to high magnetic interference, quite possibly due to the presence of a magnetic distortion field generator, found within one of the escaped androids.

We believe that this ship must be detained at all costs and it must be unknown to the public. As such, we will be hiring specialists to bring them in one at a time, or if unable to be captured, destroy them. That is all at this time.

alright.. just follow the same lay out as this:

Military File 246-32E (you can use any combination of numbers and letters you like)

Project Angel Fire (have the name have some relevance to their abilities)

Android Age: 17 yrs (you can be any age you like, it doesn't matter. It isn't like you age anyway. However, the older you are, the harder it will be to find replacement parts should you need repairs.


MECH ( a totally mechanical android, made out of hardly any organic parts)
BIO-ANDROID ( an organic android.. capable of all the things a human can do, with a few special functions
PROTOTYPE MODEL ( an early type android in the proccess of improving technology)


height: 6'7" (no taller than 8')

Weight: 175 lbs (no heavier than 300, no lighter than 150)

Specialty components: Please select only a few of the following components

Nanotek Synthesizer( uses nano machines to repair damage and digest food, or to generate other parts, and even to clothe the android!)
levitation genodes ( wing like aparatuses that sprout out of the back, thanks to nano technology)
Specialty synthetic L5 class radiator system (self explanitory)
Specialty class 5 synthetic plastique muscle tissues ( self explanitory)
High speed reactor D model (goes up to E model, the higher up the better)
Hypnotic wave vocal emitter (lets the android emit hypnotic waves with their voice)
lightweight frame (self explanitory)
bio-mech organs ( synthetic organs)
Arm mounted laser gun
arm mounted laser cannon
arm mounted specialty shot gun (fires coins, not bullets)
Berserker protocol
hologram projector
light sheild
X247 type arm mounted flame thrower
sniperclass optics (eyes with the same qualities as binoculars)-
Distortion generators/absorbers (able to absorb energy and then disperse it into the surrounding area in various forms)
combat limiter protocol override (allows the android to override their limiter, pushing them self to the limit. if they fight for too long in this state, they will inevitably destroy them self)
Super cooler ( allows the android to chill the air, thus making ice.)
magnetic distorter (Allows the android to manipulate magnetic fields)

Feel free to invent your own parts if you wish.

External Weaponry: Weapons that your character uses that are not installed

Original usage: (please select only one)

munitions hauling
defensive tactics
offensive tactics
Melee combat
Confusing enemy troops
Decimation of enemy troops
covert operations

android status: M.I.A. / DESTROYED / DECONSTRUCTED / STOLEN / SELF DESTRUCTED / UNKNOWN (pick one please)

Known history: (treat this as your bio)

Appearance (if you can, have a picture. if not, then a detailed description)

Personality Sidenotes:

alright build up your machines people.....we will start this when we have enough people. If you wish to be a human then pm me.

Here is my own character sheet:

Military File: ZX-045729221 'Zeke Remmington'

Project Whiplash

Gender: Male

Age: 14

Classification: Bio-Android

Height: 6'7"

Weight: 177.6 lbs

Specialty Components:

Special Prototype G Class High Speed Reactor
Bio-mech organs
Specialty L5 Class Radiator System
Combat Mode Limiter Override Protocol
Standard L Class Light Shield
Laser Whip arm mount
Lightweight Frame
Arm mounted Taser

External Weaponry:

Original Usage: Melee Combat

Android Status: UNKNOWN

Known History: Whiplash is the final ZX model off the line. Since being activated, Whiplash was proven to be the most efficient weapon in terms of usage for war. However, there were many irregularities in the ZX type logic boards, something that could never be perfected within the ZX types. Whiplash's own logic board had several major flaws, giving his personality a homosexual countenance. For three years, Whiplash served faithfully to superiors. However, the first commissioned battle Whiplash took part in jarred the emotional balance held by the ZX type models. Being ordered to return for decommissioning, it disappeared near the fourth moon of Azeria. Nothing was found, other than Whiplash's destroyed cruiser. The Android itself has never been recovered.

Several times, this model has been spotted in various star systems, often coinciding with the appearance of the G-class [I]Carnival[/I] ship.

Appearance: [IMG]http://i230.photobucket.com/albums/ee260/inufandom/1164429890970.jpg[/IMG]

Personality Sidenotes: Zeke exudes pure emotional intensity and is always on the hunt for a new and exciting love conquest or some way to destroy government property. Beware of if he sets his sights on you, he has explosives.

Watch out boys he'll chew you up and spit you out.

Fighting off an approach from Zeke is like trying to protect your privacy against the patriot act, resistance is futile. You can try to resist his unique style of in-your-face charm and you may even succeed, but you will be kicking your own ass later for not hopping on the Vespa.

...he's a man eater.

If you do find yourself spending a night with Zeke you should expect on remembering about half of the experience. It will go so fast and end so quick you will be lucky to make it into his email list.

In spite of the meticulously honed aggression and confidence that Zeke portrays, he can also be very vulnerable. So what is his kryptonite? Innocence and submission. Zeke believes in the Drew Barrymore of Adam Sandler movies. If you can convince him that you are pure of heart and soul you just might be able to get a copy of the AmEx.

Zeke usually carries a fantasy checklist in his wallet and is always just waiting for the opportunity to cross another one off. Zeke won't mess around when he wants to get it on. You will know. You also won't likely get much say in how it will be going down. Zeke will take control and you will be forced to give in or call the cops.

Good luck with that.

What to expect when spending a typical day with Zeke:

- Mass quantities of Red Bull or speed.
- Drum and Bass or Jungle.
- Clubs and bars followed by a bar and a club. Hey DJ.
- Non-stop seduction. That never stops.
- Lots of awkward introductions with old "friends".
- Lots of great introductions to potentially new friends.
- Not spending a nickel, unless you get a defective one.
- Possibility of 3 or 4 ways.
- Sex in any location that you implied you haven't had it.
- A "Need for Speed" inspired ride home.

Alright peoples. We are the machines with heart, the bringers of laughter and smiles. Our theatre ship, the [I]S.S G-Class Carnival[/I] is our base of operations. We use the cover of being a circus to hide the fact that we were built, not born. We love performing for an audience, we have at last found a means to be happy. But the military has other ideas. Obviously, they want us back. We are the pinnacles of technology, the pride and joy of the intergalactic military police forces. Yet, we are not just hunted by the Space forces. Pirates want us, too. We've got a lot of power, and some of us are so advanced, we are capable of getting pregnant, should the case arise. We a beacon of hope, a shining star among other renegade robots. However, the day will come when the Space Police get desperate enough to take us by force. Can we survive their wrath?
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[B]Military File 363-636A[/B] (Kurai Yakunan)

[B]Project Deceiving Soul[/B] (DS for short)

[B]Android Age:[/B] 15 Years

[B]Classification:[/B] BIO-ANDROID

[B]Gender:[/B] Female

[B]height:[/B] 5 feet, 3 inches

[B]Weight:[/B] 155lbs

[B]Specialty components: [/B]

[I]Nanotek Synthesizer
levitation genodes
lightweight frame
hologram projector
sniperclass optics
Distortion generators/absorbers
combat limiter protocol override
Specialized information banks - Medicine/repairs
Scalpels built upon hands, removable[/I]

[B]Original usage:[/B] defensive tactics

[B]External Weaponry:[/B] A large sword (that she felt like naming "Chiyu Kiba", meaning "Healing Fang"), often carried on her back, but when used, it is often as a means of defense.

A set of ten needles (each also had a name as well - [I]"Ichi", "Ni", "San", "Yon", "Go", "Mu", "Shichi", "Yatsu", "Kyuu", [/I]and[I] "Juu"[/I], which means [I]"One", "Two", "Three", "Four", "Five", "Six", "Seven", "Eight", "Nine", [/I]and[I] "Ten"[/I] respectively), that can either be used for medical purposes or as long-range weapons.

[B]Personality Sidenotes:[/B] Often gentle. She can be quite odd, naming objects that have no humanlike qualities and actually talking to them. DS is known to have some qualities that suggest a mental disorder that causes her to seem insane. She has two distinct personalities. The first has the following qualities:[LIST]
[*]Gentle and peace-loving, refuses to fight under any circumstances
[*]Behaves like an adult
[*]fully comprehends most things
[*]obeys those she finds to be her true allies unquestioningly[/LIST]The second personality has these qualities:[LIST]
[*]Gentle and peace-loving, refuses to fight unless angered.
[*]Behaves like a child
[*]Very naive. Even with many hints, may not fully understand it still
[*]Rebellious[/LIST][B]android status[/B]: M. I. A.

[B]Known history:[/B] An android originally built for defending allies and tending to damaged parts of fellow androids. After five uses, DS was scheduled to be deconstructed for refusal to participate in a sixth use. DS escaped before the deconstruction could occur. There have been multiple sightings of DS, usually where injured humans and androids are located, often coinciding with the location of the Carnival.


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Military File: ZX-04000000 'Anya Romanov'

Project Lady Death

Age: 29

Gender: Female

height: 6' 9"

Weight: 289.0 lbs

Classification: PROTOTYPE MODEL

External weaponry: She welds dual pistols housed in holsters located on her her upper thighs
Specialty Components:

Nanotek Synthesizer
High Speed Reactor Prototype model
Specialty D Class muscle tissue
Arm mounted Laser Cannon
Arm mounted Boomer Class missile launcher
Levitation Genodes
XLR Radiator System
Berserker Protocol
Prototype Bio-mech organs

Original Usage: Complete annialation of enemy troops

Android Status: DESTROYED

Known History: Project Demolisher was a massive technological advancement, She was to be one of the machines leading the way for Space Control. She was an earlier model, therefore defective with the many prototype parts she was built with. However, It was discovered that she pitied the people she was to annilate. On one such mission, she activated her ship's self destruct, and crashed into her own people's mothership. The blast consumed both vessels, and thus Demolisher was supposedly destroyed.

A machine bearing her image and make has been spotted near the Carnival on several occasions, therefore causing suspicion that Demolisher was not in fact destroyed several years earlier.

Pesonality Sidenotes: Lady Death doesn’t mean to be defensive; it just comes naturally. Moody, introspective, and private, she can be harder to get close to than any other machine. Inside of that crusty exterior is a deep, sensitive soul who will care about you more than anyone you’ve ever met, if you can only gain her trust.

Appearance: [IMG]http://i255.photobucket.com/albums/hh158/BJisRad/Ghost%20in%20the%20Shell/Motoko.jpg[/IMG]
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Okay, using the sign-up sheet Inuyasha provided me with...

Name: Burton Alexander

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Appearance: Messy black hair. Big silver eyes. Wears clunky red goggles that usually stay on the top of his head. Very pale skin. Long, gangly limbs. Tall and skinny. Small nose and mouth. Is often seen in a grease-stained T-shirt with a flowy, over-sized, short sleeved button-up shirt that is never actually buttoned. Also favors dirty faded blue jeans and grubby sneakers. Is often coated with various greases and whatnot from working on machines.

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 127 pounds

Prosthetics: Has one prosthetic arm- the left one. (He is left-handed.) It starts at his shoulder.

Specialty Component: Has different mechanical tools built into his arm and fingers for easy use and access when working.

Former Occupation: Specialty Government Mechanic

Known Data: Burt is a boy mechanical genius. The government hired him at age 7. Though he claims to have no knowledge of mechanics, he has bursts of genius when working with machines. Both parents dead; killed in a bridge mishap. The bridge collapsed as its weight limits were exceeded and the bridge was really ancient. Burt managed to escape with his life, though he lost his left arm. A family friend in the prosthetic business helped him out. Burt's actually pretty lazy. When the androids revolted, he fled as well. Why? Well, he was afraid the government would want him to rebuild the androids, and he just basically didn't want to. So he decided to find the androids and assist them in any way he could.
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Alright, for those of you have posted their sign-ups, there will be three edits.

If you are a machine, then edit in a name next to the military profile. Also, human or machine, edit in an 'external weaponry' and a Section called 'Personality Sidenotes'

After we get just a few more people, we can really take off with this.

Also, a necessity character that we need is more or less a 'Songstress' type pf character with an installed Vocal Hypnosis Wave Emitter. The circus needs a singer. Also, the Songstress model needs to be quite powerful with her voice, so she would need a means to attack with her voice, rather like Sindel from the Mortal Kombat games and movies. Other than this, the songstress model is up to whoever chooses it to create.

Two excellent examples f what I have in mind for the songstress type android are these two following links:


Most of the machines come standard with telepresence functions, and those two links are awesome examples of Telepresence Functions and the songstress model.

What I have in mind is that the circus part of this rp is based in part on Kaladeio Star. The rest of the rp is based loosely on Outlaw Star, Armatage, Ghost in the shell, and other such anime series.
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[FONT=TAHOMA][COLOR=NAVY][SIZE=1][B]Military File SG01-4693: Lyon Higurashi

Project Turbulence

Android Age[/B]: 18 years old

[B]Classification[/B]: BIO-ANDROID

[B]Gender[/B]: Male

[B]Height[/B]: 6'4"

[B]Weight[/B]: 159 lbs

[B]Specialty components[/B]:

? Nanotek Synthesizer
? Specialty Synthetic L5 Class Radiator System
? Lightweight Frame
? Air Manipulation Device (a device which lets Lyon manipulate the air around him, thus making him able to use the air to his advantage)
? Distortion Generators/Absorbers

[B]External Weaponry[/B]: Lyon is equipped with a pair of metallic blue Tonfa Guns (similar to what Elie from Groove Adventure RAVE! uses) which was made for him to adapt to close combat as well as ranged combat. This weapon has automatic lock-on function if Lyon wishes to enter ranged combat.

[B]Personality Sidenotes[/B]: Very serious. Lyon can be fun sometimes, but that is a very rare moment. He is able to solve puzzles with speed and accuracy...

[B]Original usage[/B]: Offensive Tactics

[B]Android status[/B]: STOLEN

[B]Known history[/B]: Turbulence was a special case; they actually used a living human being and started to modify him into what he is now. After the modification, Turbulence was known as the most rebellious of its kind. However, with several ?correcting measures?, Turbulence was programmed to obey every single command given to him by his superiors. Years passed, and Turbulence was finally enrolled in an offensive mission. But, during deployment,Turbulence was no where to be found. Investigation states that Turbulence was stolen, but the culprit is unknown.

[B]Appearance[/B]: [IMG]http://i96.photobucket.com/albums/l174/Tears92/Anime%20Guys/warofgenesis3.jpg?t=1240831812[/IMG]

Hope that is acceptable, I was a little confused whether to use ?Lyon? or ?Turbulence? for the history part?[/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[CENTER][COLOR="red"][SIZE="1"][B]Military File 89A-47BZC-83-D[/B] (Chase "[I]CP[/I]" Phillips)[/SIZE][/COLOR][/CENTER]

[B][CENTER][COLOR="red"][SIZE="1"]Project Dragon Torch[/SIZE][/COLOR][/CENTER][/B]

[COLOR="red"][SIZE="1"][CENTER][B]Android Age:[/B] 25[/CENTER][/SIZE][/COLOR]

[CENTER][COLOR="red"][SIZE="1"][B]Classification:[/B] Prototype Model[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR="red"][SIZE="1"][B]Gender:[/B] Male[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR="red"][SIZE="1"][B]Height: [/B]5' 10"[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR="red"][SIZE="1"][B]Weight:[/B] 164.29 lbs[/SIZE][/COLOR][/CENTER]

[CENTER][COLOR="red"][SIZE="1"][B]Specialty components:[/B]
lightweight frame (self explanitory)
X247 type arm mounted flame thrower (built into his dragon gauntlet)
light sheild (built into his dragon gauntlet)
hologram projector
R4392 stealth emmiter (dulls sounds emmited by CP)
Q879453 light refelctor (reflects light away from his body causing him to appear invisable)
High speed reactor D model[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR="red"][SIZE="1"][B]External Weaponry:[/B] The sword strapped to his back, He also carries around charges that will go off when he wills them to. They hold the same charge as 10,000 lbs of TNT while only being the size of golden dollar.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR="red"][SIZE="1"][B]Original usage:[/B] covert operations[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR="red"][SIZE="1"][B]Android status:[/B] SELF DESTRUCTED[/SIZE][/COLOR][/CENTER]

[COLOR="red"][CENTER][SIZE="1"][B]Known history: [/B]Project Dragon Torch was a special operation designed to make the perfect killer. One that could blend into the darkness and escape without any knowlege of its presence. Things went haywire when the newest model, 83-D was created. He was the fourth, and the last one the project turned out.[/SIZE][/CENTER][/COLOR]

[CENTER][COLOR="red"][SIZE="1"]CP, as he was dubbed by his creators, went crazy when new updates were being added to his internal electronics. His body began acting on its own, and finally he broke free of his bindings and destroyed the lab as well as anything that might be of use to create more of his kind. In the end, it was said that he self destructed in the end, before he could be recaptured.[/SIZE][/COLOR][/CENTER]

[SIZE="1"][COLOR="red"][CENTER]In a later report, it turnted out that a virus was planted into his system via the new updates. This, in turn created the killer that became known as CP, the Dragons Fang. As of now, his where abouts are unknown. there was no indication that he self destructed at the end of the fight, but there was a few body parts sitting around the lab that could be directed at CP.[/CENTER][/COLOR][/SIZE]

[SIZE="1"][COLOR="red"][CENTER][B]Appearance [/B][URL="http://i648.photobucket.com/albums/uu209/clanker_sin/guy.jpg"]CP[/URL][/CENTER][/COLOR][/SIZE]

[SIZE="1"][COLOR="Red"][CENTER][B]Personality Sidenotes:[/B] CP is quiet. He doesnt talk much, but does a great job of listening. He can take orders and carry them out without fail. When he is relaxing, he tends to open up more, but even still, it is quite rare to hear him speak. The most you can get out of him would be a grunt or a nod.[/CENTER][/COLOR][/SIZE]
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OOC: I had to do this quickly, so tell me if there's anything I need to change. Sorry for the shortness ^.^

[B]Military File[/B]: XH15-0055 'Eon Ravensveld'

[B]Project Shriek[/B]

[B]Android Age[/B]: 18

[B]Classification[/B]: BIO-ANDROID

[B]Gender[/B]: Male

[B]Height[/B]: 6'4"

[B]Weight[/B]: 163

[B]Specialty components[/B]:

Hypnotic wave vocal emitter

Levitation genodes

Lightweight frame

Super cooler

Nanotek Synthesizer

Hologram projector

[B]External Weaponry:[/B] None, he uses melee if needed.

[B]Original usage[/B]: Offensive/Infiltration Tactics

[B]Android status[/B]: M.I.A.

[B]Known history[/B]: Project Shriek was a classified military operation founded for enemy infiltration and demolition. Model Xh 15-0055 was the first successful droid sent into commission. On his last mission , 'Eon' was sent undercover as an opera singer for the Galactic Unions annual ball, located on the Queen Medusa. His mission was to wait until the end of the first song, then use his Hypnotic wave vocal emitter to kill the council. When the time came, however, he decided to turn on his own team instead, believing them to be the ones deserving death. After destroying his ship, he snuck back onto the Medusa. Since then, no known records of the missing droid have been found.

[B]Appearance[/B]: [url]http://media.photobucket.com/image/anime%20guy/knightofcorn12/Mafia3.jpg?o=235[/url]

[B]Personality Sidenotes[/B]: Eon is an easygoing, passive droid. He loves having a good time, and making others smile. Though he hates violence, he is not afraid to defend himself or others he loves when the time comes.
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Arriving late to the party...nothing unusual

Military File: K96-I84-A24384 (Kilo)

Project: Hellfire

Android Age: 24

Classification: Bio Android

Gender: Male

height: 7'4

Weight: 230

Specialty components: Please select only a few of the following components

Nanotek Synthesizer
light sheild
sniperclass optics
Distortion generators/absorbers magnetic distorter
Hand blasters that use concentrated magnetic fields
Arm mounted gatling gun uses magnetic fields to fire projectiles created by nanotek sythesizers

External Weaponry: Electrified Katana

Original usage: Decimation of Enemy troops

android status: Unknown

Known history: Project Hellfire was part of the militaries total anahilation campaign. Kilo was among those androids designed to infiltrate into enemy countries as civilian personel, and to activate and destroy large areas at one time. It was during one of these missions that Kilo's AI grew intelligent enough to realize what he was doing was not the most efficient way to deal with the human's wars, and he grew sorry for the ones he killed. On his last mission he prematurely activated his nanotek synthesizers creating half a dozen gatling guns. Upon arrival his cargo crate was opened and he unleashed hell killing anybody in his escape path. The resulting death toll left him in a dark place where he swore he would never kill again, even if he had no other choice.

Appearance: I have class so this will have to wait till tonight
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[FONT="Garamond"][B]Military File:[/B] A45-R39-W480 “Axel Riotwing”

[B]Project:[/B] Overdrive

[B]Android Age:[/B] 18

[B]Classification:[/B] Bio-Android

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Height:[/B] 6'1"

[B]Weight:[/B] 190 lbs

[B]Specialty components: [/B]

[*]Nanotech Synthesizer
[*]Levitation Genodes
[*]Light Shield
[*]X247 Type Arm Mounted Flame Thrower
[*]Distortion Generators/Absorbers
[*]Combat Limiter Protocol Override
[*]Super Cooler
[*]Magnetic Distorter

[B]External Weaponry:[/B] [I]Celestial Claws and Blayze Blade[/I]- Through the use of his Nano Synthesizer, Axel can summon a massive demon like claw and an extremely durable blade that attach to his arms [as shown in his appearance picture]

[B]Original Usage:[/B] Decimation of enemy troops

[B]Android Status:[/B] M.I.A.

[B]Known History:[/B] Project Overdrive was created to terrify the enemy and lower enemy morale. Appearing to be nothing more than a teenager on the battlefield, the enemy would often ignore him or scoff at his presence, only to be horrified when he hovered up into the air and began raining what appeared to be the elements themselves down upon them. He soon became a legend amongst enemy armies, and was a prized commodity for his own forces. However, his ai programming was surprisingly peaceful and abhorred violence; he hated performing his duties and would often times attempt to busy himself with miscellaneous other tasks around the base so he would not have to fight. To keep him at their beck and call, the army trapped him in a containment unit and only released for the purpose of battle. This worked for a while; however, in one particular battle, all communications were cut between the base and the squadron sent with Project Overdrive. When a retrieval unit was sent out, they found the squadron dead and Project Overdrive missing.

[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL="http://www.gamespot.com/psp/rpg/manakhemiaportableplus/images/0/94/?full_size=1"][Axel Appearance and Weapons][/URL] [URL="http://creativeuncut.com/gallery-09/aegoc-quinn.html"][Axel Clothing- Only the shirt is blue][/URL]
The only additions to his outfit are a pair of [URL="http://dennisvwu.com/main/wp-content/uploads/2008/09/oakley-gasket-eyeglasses-11-931.jpg"][glasses][/URL] and two silver cross earring with a black outline.

[B]Personality Sidenotes:[/B] Axel is extraordinarily kind, considerate, and chivalrous. He’s very sociable and talkative, and is almost always in an upbeat and cheery mood. When battle ensues, he shows a great distaste for becoming involved unless absolutely necessary, in which case his personality alters dramatically…[/FONT]
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Project: Blue Danube

Classification: Mech

Gender: Male

Android Age: 53

Height: 7’10”

Weight: 415 pounds

Specialty Equipment:
- Nanotek Synthesizers (Prototype, prone to occasional breakdowns due to age)
- High Speed Reactor A Model
- Microclass optics (opposite of sniperclass, allows eyes to focus on to microscopic objects for repairs)
- Audobon Microsystems D19L repair kit (built in kit for mech and biomech repairs)

External Weaponry
- Wellbek Weapons Systems Mark VII Combat Shotgun
o Fires heavy shells
o Very low range
o Low ammo capacity (15 rounds)

- Favored weapon – fists and feet (heavy weight gives them a lot of ‘kick’)
o Fighting is not one of this mech’s primary design goals, so he doesn’t fight with any grace or elegance, more with power and brute strength

Original Usage: Battlefield repair mech

Android Status: Decommissioned


R-112 looks several generations behind the more modern ZX classes in terms of appearance. While modern mechs look human-like, even airy, R-112 looks heavy and hulking, a remnant of his inferior technology. Built for the battlefield, R-112 is missing amenities such as synthetic hair, and several sections of his poorly made synthetic skin are missing--altogether nothing beyond modification, simply items that aren't on his priority list. However, his old metallic bones are durable beyond belief. His repair kit is safely stored under several layers of heavy duralloy armor in his chest, while his left and right arms conceal his combat shotguns. Usually R-112 has a scowl on his face, from some other mech carelessly damaging itself, or spilling oil, or causing any other number of small mishaps that R-112’s programming find potentially harmful.

Background and Personality:

R-112-7A4 doesn’t have a name.

It wasn’t supposed to be AWARE that he doesn’t have a name.

When it was built by Jozan Startech Corporation as a battlefield repair mech, mechas weren’t supposed to have personalities, dreams or goals... androids were machines, meant to perform their specific function, no more, no less.

However, Jozan built into each of their mechas the ability to learn—indeed, the company was famous for the adaptability of its androids. Through its years of service, something remarkable happened to R-112. It first creeped up after a particularly bloody battle on the moons of Chartis, where R-112 refused to leave another war android that had been destroyed on the battlefield. Its owners were forced to disable it to keep it from their enemies. R-112 the began to talk back to its masters, and judge the orders it received.

It developed a personality independent of its creators. It became a he, and he became rather morose, and outspoken as to what his owners were doing.

Naturally, this was seen by his owners as a negative development. R-112 was unceremoniously decommissioned ten years ago, and tossed into a scrap heap. It was there that fate had something new for the old ‘bot…

Personality Notes: R-112 (Name to be given) has a rather standoffish personality at first—the reaction of his original masters to his sentience has taught him to keep others at arms-length. However, his original processing to repair and maintain other ‘droids compels him to stay nearby more often than not. Once he gets used to a group, he’ll fritter constantly about their maintenance and care, often to their annoyance (even if good intentions are involved). However, this constant nitpicking covers a robotic soul that deeply cares about the droids he has deemed “his comrades.”
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