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RPG Pokemon: Johto Master RPG (Sign Ups)


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[SIZE=1]Hey, I was noticing that we don't have a pokemon rpg here in GnS and I thought that was kind of odd. So here I am to start a brand new pokemon epic! Each player only gets one pokemon to start out with though, so be sure to pick good one (within reason of course.)

Just fill out the information below and please remember not to make your pokemon too powerful in the beginning!

Character Name:
Character Age:
Pysical Description:

Starter Pokemon:
Pokemons Personality:
Other stuff about you pokemon (nick names for example):

Please only use "real" pokemon, it is more fun when everyone knows what their friends pokemon looks like instead of trying to guess.

The RPG will start once we have a few people signed up, probably tomorrow or monday.


Character Name: Josh
Character Age: 16
Physical Description: Tall with dark hair and dark eyes, he isn't a supermodel or anything but he is attractive. Josh Wears dark colors and carries around a backpack full of suppies and pokemon books because he was never given a pokedex.
Personality: Friendly and Outgoing, Josh makes friends wherever he goes.

Starter Pokemon: Ekans
Type: Poison
Pokemons Personality: Sweet and innocent to friends but he is too protective of Josh.
Other Stuff: Ekans wears a collar around his neck and likes to spend most of his time underground. He will usually dig alongside Josh when they are on the road.[/SIZE]
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sounds ok....I'll try it.



physical decription: pro fit hat with the kanto leauge logo on it, black hoodie, t-shirt underneath, flame tattos going up his right forearm..blue eyes.

personality:has a bit of a short fuse, but is an okay guy most of the time



Personality:Very nioce, but when he or Akira is in trouble, he can be very very fierce

Other Stuff:likes sitting on Akira's head instead of walking
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Oh no, what about my pokemon RPG??? eh???

Shyguy: Face it Craig....... no one posts on that anymore

Craig:*cries* Your right.........
Name: Craig

Age: 15

Description: Craig has brown spiked hair, hazel eyes, long shorts that come down over his knees, a t-shirt with a Metallica logo on it, and he has his left ear pierced.

Personality: Layed back, always joking, but knows when to draw the line, and is very stubborn when argueing.

Starter: Eevee
Type: Normal

Personality: Very energetic, loves to play. Always goes off sniffing stuff whenever he can, but is obediant to Craig.

Other stuff: He never goes inside his pokeball, and stays by Craig's side always. He has a small spiked clooar, which everyone seems to think makes him look cute.
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[COLOR=green]hmm couldn't hurt to try
[I]Name: Li
Age: 15
Discription: black gi over white shirt and belt with black slippers
Personality: Loner hates teamwork but will team up if needs be

Starter: Nidoran (male)
Type: poison

Personality: very tough fighter won't give up till he wins much like Vegeta but always listens and obeys Li

Other Stuff: Stays in ball until called and never comes out unless called (I happen think the whole idea of staying but there side is stupid no offense to anyone else who thinks otherwise)[/I][/COLOR]
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Character Name: Jen Diamon
Character Age: 13
Physical Description: Short blond hair, green eyes, wears a black tank top and jeans.
Personality: Very loud and friendly. She is proud.

Starter Pokémon: Vulpix
Type: Fire
Pokémon's Personality: Sweet and fun, Jen takes good care of her so she looks very healthy.
Other: Vulpix like Pikachu, hates bieng cramped up in a Pokéball. :ball: :devil: :ball:
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Name: Shiro
Age: 14
Discription: Denim Cargo pants, a Silver sirt over a white tank-top.
Personality: He is very freindly and likes to play with his pokemon.

Starter: Espeon
Type: Psychic

Personality: Friendly, like his trainer doen't like to be inside a pokeball andalways likes to run around with others.

Other Stuff: The tip of Espeon's tail is Red. ??? Shiro is from a psychic farm family.
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ohh all right

discription: always wearing a blue vest with orange insides a t shirt with yellow sleeves but red every where else..a skateboarder logo on the front that says "rise above the rest"
personality: sad that her pokemon is so young because he cant realy fight yet not offence anyway only defence

starter digimon: pichu
personality: likes geeting into trouble sometimes
other: was given to me for my birthday by my fater who died two weeks later..
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Name: Nick
Age: 13
Description: Nick wears cargo jeans with a blue shirt and a bandanna around his head.
Personality: Nick sometimes has a bad attitude and has mood swings often but most of the time is nice and loving. Nick may not show it but he really deep down loves Bad Dog.
Starter Pokemon: Houndor
Type: Fire
Personality: His nickname is Bad Dog. Has attitude like Nick but he is verry loyal and will lay dpwn his life for Nick.
Other Stuff: Bad Dog hates pokeballs and was given to Nick when he was two by his father who died in a capsized boat two days later.
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[COLOR=royalblue]Right....let's start this party properly.....

Name: Tris Sevenstar

Age: 14

Description: Tris always wears the same blue tanktop and tight fitting bellbottoms, she wears a simple silver chain necklace with the image of a crystal carved into it. Black boots....

Personality: Calm, cool, and collected...she almost always keeps her cool in the heat of battle. She also loves her pokemon very much, and treats them as equals, not pets.

Starter Pokemon: Dragonair

Type: Dragon

Personality/Nickname: Dragonair's nickname is...er..."Daistar" and...um.....SHE is very trusting and loyal to Tris, and is always seen curled around Tris's shoulders......[/COLOR]
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Character Name: Ryan
Character Age: 16
Pysical Description: Jeans, Black Hat, Black shirt with a red P on it.
Personality: Mean and selfish at time and can't make many friends..

Starter Pokemon: Aerodactyl
Type: Flying/Rock
Pokemons Personality: Mean and carnivorous. Strong and rapid, and very powerful. Bad tempered.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Saiyan_Metroid [/i]
[B]Blanko. I think you forgotthat this is a pokemon Rpg. It's ok, We all do it sometimes.

I'm ready. [/B][/QUOTE][COLOR=royalblue]Pichu is a pokemon, she just mixed up the words "digimon" and "pokemon". No biggie.

I'm also ready.....Daistar and I are itching for the open sea...[/COLOR]
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Character Name: Rex
Character Age: 13
Pysical Description: Wears baggy black jeans, with a blue shirt, and a backpack. Drak brown hair.
Personality: Friendly, easygoing, and a happy-go-lucky kid.

Starter Pokemon: Shelder
Type: Water
Pokemons Personality: Aggresive, and friendly, but doesn't like other Pokemon beating him.
Other stuff about you pokemon (nick names for example): He doesn't have a nickname, since he seemsto attack everyone that calls him different from Shelder.

Now this is a good idea, ShyGuy! :)
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i'm not too late to join am i?

Name: William
Age: 14
phsical Description: wears a bucket hat , long baggy trousers , t-shirt and a backpack.
Personality: usually late at everything and forgetful , happy otherwise.

starter pokemon: eevee
Type: normal
pokemon's personality: happy and carefree
Other stuff about you pokemon (nick names for example): none really
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[SIZE=3]Character Name:Herman
Character Age:13
Pysical Description:Kina' fat with ear pierced. Hair Scewed up
Personality:Smart,funny,odd @ times.,cool

Starter Pokemon:Eevee
Pokemons Personality:Stupid only listens to Herman tackle attacks N-Man[/SIZE]
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Guest QuickSilver
physical description: looks like twin brother craig, except as black hair and he as a slipknot logo on t-shirt
personality: unlike brother he takes things seriously, also stubburn

starter pokemon: eevee
type: normal
pokemons personallity: happy
pokemons nickname: gruffy
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Isn't it weird how all 3 of you posted at [B]around[/B] the same time, and all go Eevees?


Character Name: Ummm...Guess :cross: (The usual)
Character Age: 11
Physical Description: Um...Pretty fit, but v. small
Personality: Short temper, but can take a joke

Starter Pokemon: Cyndaquil
Type: Fire
Pokemons Personality: Shy most of the time, but when in a battle it suddenly changes it's personality by a lot!
Other stuff about your pokemon: Um...It likes to flame ppl it doesn't like. :D
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Name: Andrew
Age: 16
Description: White vest, Blue jeans which slightly cover his shiny white trainers and a denim jacket. He has spikey blonde hair, brown eyes and is quite tall.
personality: Andrew is very cocky and funny. He acts a little stupid at times but when a pokemon battle is in front of him Andrew is very serious. When he is in an argument he will keep fighting until he won't stop, especially when it's with his life long neighbour, friend and rival, Craig.

Starting pokemon: Larvitar
Pokemon's nickname: Darkness
Type; CAn't remember. I think it's rock ground
Pokemon's personality: Much like Andrew. Larvitar walks along side Andrew but will go into a pokeball if necesary
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Ok here's me

Name: Rika (my name on crystal version)
Age: 14
Description: She always wears blue jeans and a long shirt. She has short brown hair. She wants to be a Pokémon Breeder , but she battles at the gyms to make sure her pokémon get enough exercise so they can get strong and stay healthy. She cares for all Pokémon.

Starter Pokémon: Totodile
Pokémon's nickname: Jeri
Pokémon type: Water
Pokémon's personality: Jeri is Rika's best friend. Jeri is a good friend and can make friends with the toughest Pokémon around. Jeri, Like Pikachu, hates being inside a Pokéball. So Rika lets Jeri walk alongside her.:ball:
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