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RPG Pokemon: Johto Master RPG (PLAY!!)


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[SIZE=1]Thanks to an encouraging PM by Blanko I am now ready to begin the rpg! I may be busy with my duties in Final Quest for Glory but oh well. Heh.
Opening Setting

*In Jade City, a small town on the outskirts of Goldenrod the entire town gets ready for the days festivities. It is the annual trainer send-off as many teenagers prepare for a special ceremony to begin their new career as a pokemon trainer.

In Town Square everyone gathers for the ceremony which is set to begin in a few hours, many trainers meet and talk to one another trying to make friends because nobody wants to travel around Johto alone*


*Josh hugs his mom goodbye and walks towards a group of fellow trainers gathered near a tree*

Josh: Hi, I'm Josh. Isn't today exciting? Pretty soon we are all going to be real life pokemon trainers!

Kid 1: Oh brother, what a doofus.

*all the other kids start laughing at Josh*

Josh: Well it doesn't hurt to show a little enthusiasm you know. I guess I will just see you later, maybe we can battle sometime.

Kid 1: Ha! My Bulbasaur could easily beat whatever pokemon you have, I have been training with it for over a year now.

Josh: Wow, I only got my ekans a few days ago. You must be really good.

Kid 1: Ekans? I could beat an ekans with my eyes closed.

Josh: Well, we will just have to wait and see won't we?

*Josh storms off, Ekans comes out of his pokeball and follows him*[/SIZE]
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lee steps into the light holding her poke ball... then she slips it back into her pocket

lee walks over to a tree and sits on the bench next to it
she sits alone and just then a buldge of gound moves under the bench lee jumps up "whats that"

a boy comes over and explains" ohh sorry ekans come out of there he belongs with me he travles with me that way i just found this out i got him a while ago..

" i got my digimon from my father but two weeks later my dad died so its kind of sad my mom did not come she hates pokemon trainers now because of that fact that dad died in the middle of a pokemon battle..strangly he had a heart attack whil his charmeleon was attacking its sad i dont like talking about it much"lee replies

josh"ohh i am so sorry"


the pic is named jen but its lee/jen/frankie in all the rpgs
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[SIZE=1]Josh: I am sorry to hear about your father. My father has been gone for years, I don't know where he is.

Lee: Why don't you just ask your mom what happened to him?

Josh: My mom says that the last time he heard from him he was on a ship near the Orange Islands working as a fisherman. The next day she received a letter saying that his ship was attacked and destroyed by a swarm of Gyrados'. They never found my father...

Lee: Thats so sad, I hope you find out what happened to him.

Josh: Me too, that is why I am becoming a pokemon trainer. I hope to travel the world and maybe I will get to see him one day. *pauses* We shouldn't be so sad though, we are about to start a great adventure in our lives.

Lee: yeah, lets go meet some of the other trainers before the ceremony begins.[/SIZE]
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lee trips over a squrtle shell squirtles head pops out "squirtle" "wow pokemon are all over the place" lee says getting her balance

josh had ekans return

lee pulls out pichu
"pichu" "hay quiet down a bit " lee says patting pichu on the head a bit pichu almost starts purring

lee walks over to group of kids at a table... "hi how are you guys doing having a good day i hope" lee says waving at them

a kid with purple hair says"hay you have pichu its kind of cute but my opinion is cute pokemon are not to strong thats why i have a machop he is superstrong

lee sits on a chair next to the table and josh sits in another chair next to lee "so where are you headed after the cerimony" josh says....... a boy with a spinerak on his sholder says" probably oliven i like water pokemon and bug"

the kids start to talk a bit then an anouncer speakes " i welcome you all to the pokemon trainer ceramony please take your seats trainers to the front please and we will begin the ceramonie"


i cant speelll
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[SIZE=1]*On stage the announcer stands next to a man in a lab coat and two people wearing dark clothes*

Announcer: Wow, there sure are alot of people here. I feel sorry for any pokemon trainers who have to run into all of you. Now let me introduce a very special guest, he is a famous pokemon researcher and was instrumental in creating the pokedex. Let me introduce you to our guest speaker Professor Wormwood!

Wormwood: It is wonderful to see so many new trainers ready to begin their journey as a pokemon trainer.

*Professor Wormwood reaches into his jacket pocket, a suprised look appears on his face*

Wormwood: Oh my, it looks like I have misplaced my speech for today. I will go and get my speech, I'll be right back.

*Professor Wormwood runs offstage*

Announcer: It seems we are having slight technical difficulties here, we willl take a short break and start the ceremony in an hour. Now go and meet your fellow trainers.

*the two people wearing dark clothes follow professor wormwood offstage*

Person 1: He he he, we will get that wormwood and steal his prized pokemon.

Person 2: It is an absolutely perfect idea, we will sneak away with the pokemon and please the boss. Mua ha ha ha!

Note to all players: I am running the rpg, please do not start the ceremony for me. I will handle that myself... thanks ;)[/SIZE]
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William:I'M LATE!
Prof Big: please select one pokeball
William: ONE!!?? aren't u even gonna tell me what's in it?
Prof big: no that's the fun of it!
William: YOU STUPID ** Censored **
William: Yipes!!!

* William snatches a pokeball and runs out *

William: wonder what i got?

* opens pokeball *

William: an evee?
Evee: Evee!
william: ......... whatever! let's catch up with the others

* runs off with evee following him *
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Craig walks about the town, his Eevee at his side. He kicks some dust up from the floor, clearly expressing his boredom. Craig wants to get out there and battle. He yawns, until a very cocky 10 year old addresses him.

Kid: Hah, look at that stupid Eevee, I bet he's even to weak to take on a Magikarp!!!

Craig:*grips kid by the throat* You prepared to back those words up you cocky little ****?

Kid: Hey, let go of me!!!

Craig throws the kid to the floor, he stumbles back to his feet.

Kid: You bet I'm ready to prove it! GO RATATA!!!

Craig: You clown! Eevee, use Sand Attack!

Eevee digs his hind legs into the dust, and kicks some viciously up into the Ratata's eyes.

Craig: Now Eevee, use quick attack!!!

Kid: Ratata, tackle!!!

Ratata shakes the dust out of his eyes, but before he can even start ihs tackle, Eevee slams into the Ratata's side. The Ratata is hurled into a rock, and he faints.

Kid:*starts blubbering* How can this happen......... how did I lose!!!

Craig:*smirks* Lets go Eevee, good job!

Craig starts walking away, and the kid goes into a tantrum.

Kid: Hey........ you cheated, I wnt a rematch!!! MOMMY!!!!!!!!

Craig ignores the child's plea's, and continue's walking into the crowd of people.
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I knew i spelled eevee wrong!


William: eevve use tackle on that spearow!

* eevee runs in a flash of light and tackles searow *

William: it's gonna use peck, use sand-attack!

* eevee kicks up a cloud of dirt that hits spearow in the eyes *

William: now finish it off with a tackle attack!

* eevee rams into spearow again leaving it stunned *

William: nice work now i'll take over

* throws a poke ball at spearow and catches it *

William: eevee return!

* walks along and continues his journey *
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Jen jogged into the building with her Vulpix trailing her. "Am I late for the ceremony?" Jen asked a girl. "No, the ceremony is postponed, something went wrong. Jen caught her breath and turned to her Vulpix. "Are you okay Vulpix?" Jen asked. The Pokémon nodded. "Vul!" She squealed. The girl had an Ekans slithering around her neck. "Your Ekans looks really healthy. You must've trianed it well." Jen said imressed. "Your Vulpix looks good too." Jen's silver link belt held a shining Pokéball. "Have you got any other Pokémon?" Jen asked the girl. "No..I'm just starting my journey." Jen nodded. "So am I."
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( at a pokemon center )

William: can u heal my eevee and spearow please?
Nurse Joy: ok
William: thanks

* wanders around the pokemon center *

William: a poster....... 'challenge our city's gym leader today!' I'll do just that but i might need another pokemon to help me get the job done.

Nurse Joy: William your pokemon are back to full health!
William: thanx nurse joy cya in a bit!

* runs out into woods to look for another pokemon *

William: wow i'll catch this one!

* throws his pokeball with spearow in it *

William: spearow tackle!

* spearow flies up into the air and collides with the pokemon stunning it*

William: nice one spearow!

* throws his spare pokeball at the pokemon and catches it *

William: too bad i left my pokedex at the pokemon center i'd better get it ! , then get some more pokeballs and then look around for the others! spearow return

* spearow returns to it's pokeball and william runs back to the pokemon center to grab his pokedex only to leave after the pokemon he just caught is healed *
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[COLOR=royalblue]Tris: That's a pretty nice Eevee you've got going there Craig.

Craig: :eek: Oh....hey Tris.

[i]A tallish sort of girl leaps down from from the tree she was sitting in, and her Dragonair laughes in a high breathy voice.[/i]

Craig: Are you starting too?

Tris: You could say that. But I'm only looking for ice, water, and dragon pokemon. My mother says it's a family honor thing.

Craig: *shrug* Whatever.

Tris: I don't suppose you would want to battle Daistar?

Craig: Later maybe.

Tris: :therock: Then I'll see you around.

[i]She sauntered off, and the Dragonair around her shoulders turned to stare at Craig and Eevee...[/i]

Daistar: Draa...

Tris: *sigh* I know...I want to get out there and swim....and run....and see new water pokemon...but we've got to be patient....

Daistar: :whoops: Draa Draa!

Tris: :haha:

[i]A younger boy, maybe 9 years old, walks up to Tris.[/i]

NPC: Wanna battle?

Tris: *shrug* It's your loss, not mine.

NPC: Go! Growlithe!

Tris: :demon: Daistar.....come...[/COLOR]
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Craig approaches Tris, and sits down near the battle area.

Craig: Well...... atleast I know someone around here.

Craig looks on at the Growlither ready to battle, when suddenly another caught his eye.... another Growlithe. He got up, and peered through the bushes, and saw a Growlithe.

Craig: You could have your work cut out for you here Eevee. You ready?

Eevee's eyebrows lower, into a serious look, and he nods. Craig signals his hands, counting from three down to one, then Eevee and Craig leap out at Growlithe. Eevee hits Growlithe with a quick attack, and then a sand attack.

Craig: Go pokeball!

Craig threw the pokeball........ it enclosed Growlithe, wobbled for a few seconds, and then he was cought.

Craig: Hahaha......... nice one Eevee. Come on out Growlithe.

Craig holds out his hand with the pokeball inside, and Growlithe appears.

Craig: From now on, both of you will walk at my side always. Eevee, I will call you lightning, and Growlithe, you will be called Inferno.
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[COLOR=red]Hajime wakes up...[/COLOR]

Hajime: Uhhh........Whut time ik it...? 8:59? Meh............:eek: 8:59!?!?!?!?!?!?! I've only got 1 minute to get my Pokémon!!!! :eek:

[COLOR=red]Jumps out of bed, gets his clothes on, runs down stairs, speeds out the door and across the street to Prof. Elms lab [/COLOR]

Elm: Hello Hajime.

Hajime: Am I late am I late?

Elm: Let's see...2 minutes past 9. I guess you're late :whoops:


Elm: :therock: You know, there's still 1 Pokémon left.

Hajime: Huh? You mean everyone else came early?

Elm: Yup :whoops:

Hajime: Ok, I'll take it.

[COLOR=red]Elm hands him a :ball:[/COLOR]

Hajime: Bye Prof. Elm!

[COLOR=red]Hajime walks out with the :excited: look[/COLOR]

Omaru: Hey Hajime, I guess you got the shi*ty one huh?

Suzuku: Heh, I guess you shouldn't sleep so much!

Hajime: Shut up!! I could beat you any day!

Suzuku: Hah...We'll see...I wonder if you'll even make it to Pokémon League? Probably not!

Hajime: SHUT UP!!!!!!! I'LL KICK YOUR ***!!!!!!

Omaru: Yeah right! See ya, sissy!

[COLOR=red]Hajime walks back to his house with the :ball:[/COLOR]

Hajimes mum: Hi Hajime! So, what Pokémon did you get?

Hajime: I dunno...I'll have a look.


Cyndaquil: Meh? Wah? Guh? :nervous:

Hajime: Hi!

Cyndaquil: :eek:
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[SIZE=1]*Professor Wormwood runs into his hotel room, close behind him and people dressed in dark clothing*

Wormwood: Oh my, where is my speech!? I need to find my speech!

Dark Figure 1: Are you looking for this Professor Wormwood?

*The Dark figure holds up a pile of papers, it is wormwoods speech*

Wormwood: Oh thank you, you found my speech. Now I can go on with the ceremony.

Dark Figure 2: You aren't going anywhere professor.

*The Two dark figures move in front of the doorway*

Wormwood: What are you doing? Who are you guys!?

*Both figures take offf their dark cloak to reveal a lady with orange hair and a man with blue hair, both of them are wearing black jumpsuits with a large red "R" on them."

??? 1: To protect the world from devestation

??? 2: To unite all people within our nation

??? 1: The denounce the evils of truth and love

??? 2: To extend our reach to the stars above!

Butch: Butch

Cassidy: Cassidy

Butch: Team Rocket Blasts off at the speed of light.

Cassidy: Surrender now or prepare to fight!

*a raticate jumps in front of them, then starts quealing something*


Wormwood: Team Rocket, oh no! What am I gonna do?

Cassidy: You aren't going to do anything, hand over your pokemon to us or else!

Wormwood: Yes anything, please don't hurt me.

*Professor Wormwood puts his two pokeballs in Cassidy's Hand, Cassidy gives Butch a blank stare*

Cassidy: What?

Butch: He gave it to us, how simple was that?

Cassidy: I had no idea Professors were such wimps. We should steal from them more often.

Wormwood: Can I please go on and continue the ceremony? These children are waiting to begin their pokemon adventures.

Butch: Wait, don't the kids have pokemon of their own?

Cassidy: Yeah, all of them have fairly powerful pokemon.

Butch: I have an idea...

Cassidy: Oh I get it, pure genius.

*Both of them tie Wormwood up and gag him, then they throw him in the closet and slam the door behind him.*[/SIZE]
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William: i forgot to check out my 3rd pokemon! eevee return!

* eevee returns into it's pokeball *

* william lets the other one out and checks his pokedex *

William: it's a pikachu! how could i not know this one!!??

* continues to watch the fight *

William: there's a ceremony thing on I forgot! pikachu return!

* pikachu returns to it's pokeball and william runs off to the ceremony *

William: whew i just made it! :)
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Craig emerges back out of the buch, and walks upto Tris. He grins as he watches them battling.

Craig: Tris...... I'm going back into the trainer gathering place now.... I'll meet you there after your match.

Tris: Sure Craig, I'll see you there.

Craig walks back into the convention, with Growlithe and Eevee at his sides.
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[SIZE=1]*Josh walks up to William*

Josh: Hi, thats a nice Eevee you have there.

Eevee: Eevee!

William: Thanks, what pokemon did you get?

Josh: I got an ekans, he is in his pokeball now though.

William: It has been forever, what is keeping this guy?

Josh: *looks onstage* Wait isn't that him right now?

*On stage Butch wears a mustache and lab coat to disguise himself as the Professor, Cassidy stands next to the stage watching in her dark coat*

Wormwood (butch): Hello everyone, I am so glad you could make it here. Now it is time to announce special contest for you pokemon masters in training.

*The audience begins to talk amongst themselves, no contest was announced earlier*

Wormwood (butch):Before all of you all leave town we would like it very much for all of you compete in a special tournament we have devised for you. The winner of the prize gets a special and extremely rare pokemon which will help them on their journey! The tournament will begin in the park in 5 minutes!

*Everyone rushes to the park, Butch and Cassidy stay behind for a brief moment*

Cassidy: This plan is even better than our last one. These trainers will batle eachother, slowly tiring out their pokemon while we prepare the traps.

Butch: And the finalists pokemon will be too exhausted to stop us from stealing all of the pokemon. Now Cassidy, you take Raticate and head for the pokemon center, we need to make sure that the pokemon aren't going to be healed between matches.

Cassidy: Right, c'mon Raticate!

Raticate: 'Cate 'Cate Raticate!

Butch: Now I, er.. Professor Wormwood had better start the tournament.

*Butch and Cassidy seperate and walk off*

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[COLOR=royalblue]Tris: Daistar...Wrap Attack!

[i]Before the Growlithe's trainer could react, Dragonair had whipped her coils around him...and began to constrict him...[/i]

NPC: Growlithe! Bite attack!

Growlithe: ...Rarr?

[i]Tris glanced at the struggling Growlithe, then made a motion with her hand. Immediatly, her Dragonair let go of the puppy.[/i]

Tris: Finish him off.....with your Twister attack...

[i]The Dragonair whipped around in a circle, summoning a huge gust of wind to knock Growlithe off it's paws and into the air....


Growlithe: Arroo...

Daistar: DRAA!

Tris: YES! *punches the air*

NPC: :bawl: Not fair!

Daistar: Draa...*crawls back to Tris's shoulders*

Tris: Good battle kid. *holds out hand* [/COLOR]
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lee: i am not entering this turnament
josh: why
lee:because pichu is not ready for this type of matches
josh:oohhh ok

lee has pichu return and she sits on a park bench
josh sits nex to her

lee: well arent you going to enter
josh: dont know
lee: you should..it will give your ekans some practice for getting stronger

josh: ya i guess your right....*leave to enter*

lee gets up and walk in to the mart and uses the phone to call home....talks then hange up

lee: i wonder when i will get to go and catch more pokemon pichu is to weak to help

pokemon expert: well i just cant help over hearing your dilema and i would like to help here take this pokeball it has a stronger pokemon in it he will help you

lee: really
PE: ya here take it

lee takes the :ball: and
PE: dont open it yet leave it a suprise

lee stands ther with the new pokeball wondering and hoping its a strong healthy pokemon
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