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Alright, this is an EXTENSIVE role-play, and it does help to be familiar with the dice version. However, that's not necessary. So, let's get on with it. I'll be descriptive enough.

Welcome to Severis, my own little homebrew world. There are six key parts of my world.

The Empire: This grouping of countries is more like medieval Europe. There is great turmoil and the Prince of Ereillion has hatched a plot to rule the world, and then destroy it. Rumor has it that far more supernatural means also aide his conquest. This is the biggest power in the world.

Akonyu: This nation is the second biggest power in the world. This nation is rather like feudal Japan. However, other nations are seen as lesser, and so they keep to themselves. Truth be told, if the armies of this nation marched, it would be like squashing a bug with a tree. Can you say 'overkill?' They revere the Emperor as a living god, and abide by it. Customs here would make anyone's head spin if they weren't a native.

Lossouls: This nation lies perpetually frozen, and the four countries within it remain frozen for eternity. There is no life here, all remains buried within the ever shifting snow and ice. This nation experienced a war like no other, but the details have been lost to time. After the war, the princess of one of the nations was beheaded, as she had caused all of the suffering. But, as the nation was weakened, a mage took to the throne room, and cast an epic spell, freezing the entire nation for all time. it's been five hundred years, and to this day, the only memory of this nation is held with bardic songs, and they are dismissed as fantasy. The rare adventurer who visits this place brings back tales of a land frozen seemingly in the middle of spring...

Ameistris: this small nation is on a large island, filled with ruins of some lost civilization. Much of the world's shipping industry makes a stop here, as it is in the middle of the ocean that separates Akonyu and The Empire.

Aquarius: This is the mystical sunken city, located near Ameistris. It is home to many mer folk, who protect their treasures tooth and nail. The waters here contain air, as they have many air breathing visitors. A few miles out, the water becomes normal again.

Freillia: This is a nation in which it perpetually rains, The sun never shining. However, the tropical vegetation never seems to die, and floods often have little effect. Here, it was said a Queen died, and it is her sorrow that had been raining down ever since.

Alright, there we have the common nations and places, the things all of our characters would know, unless we specialized in something more.

Now, for the races:

Humans: Humans are one of the most predominate races in Severis, though many of the other races are confused by human culture, as it is always ever changing at a whirlwind pace. Versatility is the human race's most notable strength. Humans worship a variety of gods and goddesses, and run the gamut from good to evil, light to dark skinned, and of course vary wildly in height and weight and physical features.

Elves: These long lived beings are peaceful, preferring nature to cities. They usually live in rather forested areas, and unlike humans, worship usually only one god, Erynu, goddess of nature. Armor produced by the elves seems to have a forested motif, rather than the common sheer metal of other races. Elves have no about mingling in human lands, always welcome but never at home. They often remain aloof and unfazed by petty happenstance, due to their long lives. Elves usually are half a foot shorter than the normal average height of humans. Elves are fairer and are of lighter weights. Usually, Elves have rather pointed and defined facial features, and always have eyes of a green hue. Elves are also more dexterous than any of the other races, being naturally more flexible. They also have a natural resistance to most magical assaults, though are not as physically strong as humans or dwarves.

Half-Elves: Humans and Elves sometimes wed, the elf attracted to the human's energy, the human to the elf's grace.These weddings are short lived, as is the human lifespan. However, there is a lingering legacy, half-elf children, whose lives are often more difficult than members of either heritage that they may come from. Most will find places in human lands, though still feel as if an outsider. So too is the case for those who make their home with other elves. Half elves are usually taller than humans, but shorter than elves. They are often fair skinned like the elven parent, though actual skin tone varies just as much as a humans. Also, their features are crossed between the parents, though almost always have green eyes. they are not quite as limber at their elven parents, but considerably more than humans, and stronger typically than elves, though not like humans.

Dwarves: Shorter and more stout than humans, though broader and weighing about as much, usually being about three feet shorter than humans. They are slow to laugh or jest with strangers, Dwarves are known for their skills in warfare, and the ability to withstand physical and magical punishment. Dwarves usually carve out entire kingdoms within mountains, and the treasures they forge are some of the most valuable in the world. Dwarves are long lived, much like elves, and dwarven men wear their beard long, taking impeccable care of them.

Gnomes: Gnomes are welcome everywhere as technicians, alchemists and inventors. Despite this, however, they prefer to remain among their own kind, in comfortable boroughs with animals abound. They adore animals, gems, and jokes of all kinds, and Gnomes are known for their sense of humor. They usually have an average height of being a bit less than a foot shorter than dwarves, and are slight of frame, though are as tough as any dwarf, though not as strong.

Half-orcs: In the wild frontiers, Orc and Human tribes live, trading in times of peace, and fighting in times of war. Of this, comes Half-orcs. They tend to be short tempered and sullen, and there is no hiding their lineage. Finer things such as poetry and philosophy are lost on them. They tend to have sloping foreheads, prominent teeth, grayish skin pigmentation, jutting jaws, and coarse body hair. They usually stand on average about a foot and a half taller than average humans.

Halflings: Halflings and are clever, capable nomadic opportunists, and are reacted to with suspicion or curiosity. All too often, halflings prefer trouble to boredom, though the might just as easily hard working and reliable as a troublesome thief waiting for the big score and then disappear in the dead of night. They often demonstrate a daring that larger people can not match. Halflings, like Gnomes, have rather elvish looking features, though are about an average of half a foot shorter than Gnomes, and are less stocky.

Alrighty, now that that is taken care of, it's time for the Classes.

The Barbarian: From the frozen wastes of the north, and the hellish jungles of the south come brave, even reckless, warriors. Civilized society often calls them 'berserker's' or barbarians and suspect them of mayhem simplicities, and atrocities. These 'barbarians' however have proven their mettle and their value to those who would be their allies. To enemies who underestimated them, they have proved their cunning, resourcefulness, persistence, and mercilessness. Barbarians distrust established religions and prefer a natural, intuitive relationship with the cosmos. They could also never have a lawful nature, as they are always wild at heart. At best, a barbarian can be free and expressive, and at worst, thoughtlessly destructive. Always, Barbarians are illiterate, though not necessarily unintelligent.

The Bard: It is said that a bard has a special kind of magic, and the bard proves that saying true. Wandering across the land, gathering lore, telling stories, working magic with his music, and living on the gratitude of his audience- such is the life of a bard. When chance or opportunity draws them into a conflict, bards serve as diplomats, negotiators, messengers, scouts, and spies. A bard's magic comes from the heart. If his heart is good, a bard brings hope and courage to the downtrodden and uses his tricks, music and magic to thwart the schemes of evildoers. If the nobles of the land are corrupt, the good bard is an enemy of the state, cunningly evading capture and raising the spirits of the depressed. But, magic can spring from an evil heart as well. Evil bards fore go blatant violence in favor of manipulation, holding sway over the hearts and minds of others and taking what enraptured audiences 'willingly' give.

The Cleric: The handiwork of the gods is everywhere-in places of natural wonder, in mighty crusades, in soaring temples, and in the hearts of worshipers. Like people, gods run the gamut from benevolent to malicious, reserved to intrusive, simple to inscrutable. The gods, however, work mostly through intermediaries-their clerics. Good clerics heal, protect, and avenge. Evil clerics pillage, destroy, and sabotage. A cleric uses the power of his god to make the god's will manifest. And if a cleric uses his god's power to improve his own lot, that's to be expected too. While some clerics devote them self to a god, some devote themselves to a philosophy instead. They wield powers a cleric devoted to a god would, but they are not associated with any church, and often are spared from the constant politicking within a given church.

The Druid: The fury of the storm, the gentle strength of the morning sun, the cunning of the fox, the power of the bear- all these and more are are the druid's command. The druid, however, claims no mastery over nature. That claim, they say, is the empty boast of a city dweller. The druid gains her power not by ruling nature, but by being at one with it To trespassers in a druid's sacred grove, and to those who feel their wrath, the distinction is overly fine, and often enough realized far too late. Druids cast their spells in the divine fashion much the same way as a cleric, though through nature usually, not a Deity, though often they at least respect or revere nature deities. Often, they journey with an animal companion, which the protect more fiercely than they would any other companion.

The Fighter: The questing knight, the conquering overlord, the king's champion, the elite foot soldier, the hardened mercenary, and the bandit king- all are fighters. Fighters can be stalwart defenders of those in need, cruel marauders, or gutsy adventurers. Some are among the land's best souls, willing to face death for the greater good. Others are among the worst, with no qualms about killing for private gain, or even for sport. Whatever their motivations, most live for the thrill of combat and adventure. Of all classes, the fighter had the best all around fighting capabilities. Fighters come about their profession in a variety of ways, whether formal training or self taught.

The Monk: Dotted across the landscapes are monasteries- small, walled cloisters inhabited by Monks who pursue personal perfection through action as well ass contemplation. They train themselves to be versatile warriors skilled at fighting withough weapons or armor. The inhabitants of monasteries headed by good masters serve as protectors of the people. Ready for battle even when barefoot and dressed in peasant clothes, monks can travel unnoticed among the populace, catching bandits, warlords, and corrupt nobles unawares. In contrast, the residents of monasteries headed by evil masters rule the surrounding lands through fear, as an evil warlord and his entourage might. Evil monks make ideal spies, infiltrators, and assassins.In either case, an individual monk's goal is to achieve a state beyond the mortal realm.

The Ranger: The forests and hills are home to fierce and cunning creatures. But more fierce and cunning and powerful is the ranger, a skilled hunter stalker. He knows the woods as if they were his home (as indeed they are) and he knows his prey in every detail. A ranger often accepts the role of protector, aiding those who live in or travel through the woods. He may also adventure for all the reasons a fighter does. A ranger is skilled with a variety of weapons, and some develop such a tie to nature that they begin to call upon natural power in much the same way as a druid does.

The Rogue: Rogues have little in common with one another. Some are stealthy thieves. Others are silver-tongued tricksters. Still others are scouts, spies, diplomats, or thugs. What they do share is versatility, adaptability, and resourcefulness. In general, rogues are skilled at getting what others don't want theme to get: entrance into a locked treasure vault, safe passage past a deadly trap, secret battle plans, a guard's trust, or some random person's pocket money. Some rogues seek fame, others infamy. Figuring out how to thwart a trap or avoid an alarm is great fun for many rogues. Rogue's aren't as capable of prolonged mêlée combat, so they rely on opportunistic sneak attacks or ranged attacks. A rogue's stealth makes him the best scout.

The Sorcerer: Sorcerers create magic the way poets create poems, with inborn talent honed by practice. They have no books, no mentors, no theories- just raw power that they direct at will. Some sorcerers claim the blood of dragons courses through their veins. That claim may be true in certain cases- it is common knowledge that certain powerful dragons can take humanoid form and even have humanoid lovers, and it's difficult to prove that a given sorcerer does not have a dragon ancestor. It's true that sorcerers have often have striking good looks, with a touch of the exotic that hints at an unusual heritage. Others hold that the claim is either an unsubstantiated boast on the part of certain sorcerers or envious gossip on the part of those who lack the sorcerer's gift. Developing their power is a quest in and of itself, some good sorcerers are driven by thee need to prove themselves, seeking to win places in society and prove themselves to others. Evil sorcerers also feel themselves set apart from others- apart and above. They often adventure to gain power over those they look down upon. Sorcerers tend to have not as much physical power as other classes, relying on keen magical prowess.

The Wizard: A few unintelligible words and and fleeting gestures carry more power than a battle Axe, especially when they are the words and gestures of a wizard. These simple acts make magic seem easy, but they are only a hint at the time a wizard must spend poring over her spell book preparing each spell for casting, and the years that must be spent in apprenticeship to learn the arts of magic. Wizards depend extensively on study to create their magic. They must examine musty old tomes, debate magical theory with their peers, and practice minor magics whenever they can. For a wizard, magic is not a talent but a difficult, rewarding art. Adventuring wizards are cautious, and when prepared, can use their spells to devastating effect.

Paladins will not be available as playable character classes. Sorry, but with how most table top versions are play, the general party suffers from the alignment of being 'chaotic stupid', my own included lol

Weaponry in this RP is not advanced, though primitive pistols do exist. However, be prepared for random explosions when they misfire. I will allow two starting weapons, a ranged and a mêlée, if you so wish.

Also. NO ABUNDANCE OF ONE CLASS OR RACE. I will allow multiples, yes, but a game is no fun if everyone is a Halfling Barbarian Shuriken specialist. Yes. I have had those in my games. They are fucktarded, but nonetheless acceptable characters.

Continuing on......

There are special monster type races. I will be very picky about who I trust to play one. And if I deem you FAIL AT LIFE with the character, expect a rather strange death for it, most likely involving, tar, chicken feathers, and a depraved Legolas fan-girl. Or a walrus. Not sure yet. I'll probably flip a coin.

Also, if you play a bard and I get one INKLING of 'Disney Princess' your character will be raped. By really, really big tentacles.

You have been warned.

The monster playables are as follows, and with these strict rules and definitions.

Lycanthropes: Lycanthropes are humanoids or giants who can transform themselves into animals, In it's natural form, a lycanthrope looks like any other members of it's kind, although natural lycanthropes and those afflicted for a long time tend to have or acquire features reminiscent of their animal forms, such as eye color, shaggy hair, or pointed teeth, though these features range in difference from individual to individual. In animal form, a lycanthrope resembles a powerful version of the normal animal, though on close inspection it's eyes (which often glow red in the dark) show a faint spark of unnatural intelligence. Evil lycanthropes often hide among normal folk, emerging at night (especially under the full moon to fuel myths) to spread terror and bloodshed. Good lycanthropes tend to be reclusive individuals, uncomfortable around large numbers of people. The myth of the full moon is unrealistic, as were-creatures (if they are aware of an affliction) can transform at any time.

Lycanthropy can be spread like a disease. Sometimes a humanoid contracts lycanthropy begins life as a normal humanoid or giant and subsequently contracts lycanthropy after being wounded by a lycanthrope. Such a creature is called an afflicted Lycanthrope. Other lycanthropes are born as lycanthropes, and are known as natural lycanthropes.

A lycanthrope can assume one of three forms, though natural lycanthropes have full control in any they choose. They have a humanoid form, a bipedal hybrid form, and a bestial form. In any of the three, a lycanthrope has the strength of it's animal counterpart, and any abilities the animal might have. While in hybrid or best form, they have natural bite and claw attacks, and can spread lycanthropy as such. While in human or hybrid form, they can still wield weapons. However, any clothing or armor being worn when an afflicted lycanthrope transforms is ruined, and weapons are dropped and must be found later. A natural lycanthrope transforms, and such things merge into the flesh, becoming one with the beast. Any lycanthrope had a natural resistance to damage, unless by a silver weapon.

Natural Lycanthropes are blessed with the knowledge of who they are from birth. Afflicted are not so lucky. If an afflicted lycanthrope becomes aware of the affliction, then can the afflicted assume the hybrid form. Often, even if the afflicted is in control, they often lose themselves in the heat of battle. Lycanthropes have a keen sixth sense and detect other lycanthropes in their presence, thought not necessarily who the lycanthrope is right off the bat. However, they can their keen sense of smell to quite literally sniff them out.

Were-bear: These creatures while in hybrid form are massive, with shaggy brown fur and long claws with a bear like face.

Were-boar: In humanoid form, they are stocky and with deadly tusks and short fur.

Were-rat: Quick and fast, this humanoid is covered in matted brown fur and has a long hairless tail, and the face is distinctly rat like.

Were-Tiger: Sleek and powerful, this humanoid is covered in tawny, striped fur and possesses deadly claws and teeth, usually standing in more than 8 feet tall.

Were-wolves: These lean, feral humanoids are covered in coarse Grey fur. They have sharp claws and a wolf like muzzle.

All lycanthropes in any form have an ability to sense danger, giving them a chance to prepare for any kind of battle.

Lycanthropes are hunted, and exterminated without question. There is no mercy or compassion for them, as the evil lycanthropes have made more than a fair reputation for the rest of them. If a lycanthrope slips, and someone sees them, then by all means everyone will be hunting for them.


There. Your vampire. Bite me.

No vampires. Sorry.

Okay..... that's that... now..... hmmmmm..... sign up sheets? yeah, i think that's a good idea. As with a typical D&D game, you would know nothing about what's going on until you started adventuring. And your reasons for adventuring would differ from person to person. So......... let thee games begin!
Specialties: (what is your character good at?)
Magical Items:

alright..... let us begin.
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[B]Name:[/B] Qui Honakorukaganemaru

[B]Age:[/B] 53

[B]Race:[/B] Human

[B]Appearence:[/B] [URL="http://fc00.deviantart.com/fs30/f/2008/110/9/a/Anima_____18_by_Wen_M.jpg"]Qui[/URL]

[B]Class:[/B] Monk

[B]Specialties:[/B] Unarmed combat.

[B]Weapons:[/B] His own hands and feet.

[B]Magical Items:[/B] Qui's finely made cloth tunic provides more protection then it would appear to.

[B]Biography:[/B] Growing up in Akonyu, Qui was born into a monastery surrounded by superb martial artists. Since he was able to stand Qui had been training his martial arts, through his body mind and soul he became an unmatched fighter. His rigorous daily training earned him superior hand to hand skills and increased control over his bodies inner energies. Legends precede his very arrival, legends of catching arrows fired at him out of the air, deflecting oncoming swords with his bare hands, and many tails of his imperceptible speed when trying to instead, avoid the blade.

He had nearly completed his life long journey to inner perfection, one of the last trials set down by his fellow monks, was to go on a walk about and change the world. For only he who changes the world can see the world as it truly is.

PS: I am quite the fan of DnD I play 4th edition now so I may be a bit off, as I think this is based on 3.5. Anywho I made Qui to be a high level monk hope you don't mind. pm me if you need any changes
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Name: Depson Attakiru

[B]Age:[/B] 27

[B]Race:[/B] Half-Elf

[B]Appearance:[/B] wears loosely flowing Samurai like robes that resemble a cloudy sky, he is quite muscular, but because of the Elf genes his height seems to balance him out. green eyes, tan skin, and long Grayish-black hair slicked back and put in a ponytail.

[B]Class:[/B] Fighter

[B]Specialties:[/B] Speed and strength mix. Sword wielding.

[B]Weapons: [/B][FONT=Times New Roman]Ō[/FONT]dachi(a huge katana)[SIZE=2], Tanto knife.
[B]Magical Items:[/B] Dragon leather blade sharpener, any blade sharpened with this can be made sharper and more durable then when it was first made.

[B]Biography: [/B]When young Attakiru was cast away from his home in the forest after his parents tragic death. living as an outsider, shunned by many, Attakiru was welcomed into a cult. The humans worshiped a god called [B]Kokinsh[FONT=Times New Roman]ū[/FONT].[/B] the followers trained under a certain fighting stile broadly named Bushido and used single edge swords.
Attakiru grew strong and fast, besting all others in this fighting style likely to do with his superior racial feats. By elf standards he was very fast and by human standards he was very strong. Although his difficulty with magic hampered his skill, he quickly gained attention for his physical capabilities.
This attention led to disastrous consequences, The cult that had welcomed him in was destroyed by imperial rouges. He only survived because the cult founder disguised himself as Attakiru and was murdered.
Since then it has been his goal to find his family's murderers as well as find a new place to belong to.
P.S. I know this is the same style character as Otaku 2025, but I had a few things I liked a lot about him and wanted to write it somewhere, also, though I have played DnD a few times, I am still by no means familiar with all of its workings.
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I. HAVE. WANTED. TO. JOIN. AN. RPG. LIKE. THIS. FOR. A. LONG. TIME. Hmm, two months and only two people so far? I think I need to fix that--I hope my efforts will not be in vain.

I'm kind of new to D&D, having only gotten as far as a character sheet twice... but I'm still eager for the experience.

I'm notorious for creating "weird" characters who don't quite fit the RPG, it seems... If this character doesn't work, and/or if you prefer an elfin rogue (which the other character I had in mind is), please let me know.

[b]Name:[/b] Faye "Kinenda" Greystone

[b]Age:[/b] 33

[b]Race:[/b] Halfling

[b]Appearance:[/b] Kinenda is small even for a halfling, being just under two feet tall and having a light figure reminiscent of an elf. In fact, she probably would look like an abnormally short elf, were it not for the slightly tanned hue of her skin, and deep amber eyes. Despite her age, she still has a youthful air about her--a characteristic of halflings and sorcerers alike. A light amount of wavy brown hair falls to just below her shoulders. She usually dons a dress that is simple in design but a brilliant mauve in colour--and a dainty little shawl to match, fastened at the chest by a charm featuring an amethyst star. For traveling, she wears a pair of dark violet gloves with boots to match, and keeps a traveling cloak in her shoulder bag just in case.

[b]Class:[/b] Sorcerer

[b]Specialties:[/b] Aura manipulation--magic derived from the energy fields surrounding things rather than elemental sources. This encompasses many healing and non-divinatory psychic abilities, though Kinenda is more skilled with the latter.

[b]Weapons:[/b] Unless her staff counts as a weapon, she has none.

[b]Magical Items:[/b] Kinenda's most powerful "magical items" are her mind and her own aura, but she does carry a staff as well to aid in spellwork and such. The staff is exactly as tall as Kinenda is, and is made of a very light and purplish wood cherished among elves and halflings alike. Near the top it curves around like a hook and holds in place a mysterious blue crystal cherished among... well who knows?

[b]Biography:[/b] Once upon a time there lived a halfling bard who would travel all around the Empire, gifting all of good heart that she met with folk songs and faery tales and succinct yet sound words of wisdom. Dressed in merry colours and never without her fiddle and feathered beret, she sought to bring hope and happiness in a world under the prince's pressure. When no people were around, she would serenade the flowers and the birds and all the forest folk, or seek wisdom from the most ancient trees. And she had a husband of sorts--a wizard who did not fancy travel or simple pleasures much. Some months after he surprised her by raping her with a giant tentacle he had summoned, a small baby halfling named Faye was born.
(OOC: I'm sorry... I just had to. XD)

Okay, now for the serious stuff. Most of the time, Faye lived in a small settlement in the foothills, though she almost always went with her mother when she did her travels, learning of her songs and stories and acquiring a love of travel. However, Faye could never play a fiddle--whenever she tried, no matter how lightly she pressed the bow to the strings, a string or two would snap in two just as she started to play. What she did notice, though, was that she often saw a sort of transparent white light around people and trees and some objects. Also she saw the same light surrounding herself, and that she could tweak its shape at will. For a few years she thought this was how everyone saw the world, until her mother pointed out that it wasn't, of course.

When Faye stayed with the other halflings, she quickly labeled herself as a runt and a weakling compared to her peers, and others often labeled her so as well. Not to mention she couldn't run as fast as most halflings could. Thus she spent most of the time there with her father--and this was also because she was fascinated by the magic he used. Her father pointed out that that "light" she kept seeing around things was the aura, but he kept pointing out that magic must be learned and studied rather than acquired by talent. To Faye, he was oddly grumpy, and always seemed as if he was trying to hide something from her. Not to mention he spent lots of time showing her some of his books, and although they talked about interesting magical topics, they were frustratingly complicated to understand and master.

After frequent visits back and forth between her mother and father, Faye thought of something, something her mother had said to her: "But history can always be tweaked, and even re-written." Now what if her father's old spellbooks could be "tweaked and re-written"? This sparked Faye's interest in creating her own ways of using magic. And from then on she did just that, utilising the energy known as the aura to do all sorts of fascinating things, like fire simple energy pulses, repel smoke and thunder, and even shape fire. And then one day she made a worm fly into her face. But that last feat, moving things around through aura manipulation (sometimes called psychokinesis), was what Faye became known for in the years afterward. In fact, she wasn't even called Faye in the years afterward--she gave herself a new "magical name": Kinenda.

"Ah, but an esteemed magic user must have a staff," her father said there afterward. "Every wizard aspires to have one." Even though Kinenda was clearly a sorceress, her father still adamantly called her a "wizard", figuring she must have been studying magic with her mother (a false assumption of course). Still, Kinenda ended up with a staff, built with items found in the forest or pilfered from craft and toy shops. Though her father said that a staff must be "like part of one's body", Kinenda saw it mainly as an aid and a decoration, especially while she traveled around with her mother and by herself. She did quite a bit of that in the latter part of her life, as halflings are so inclined to do.[/color]
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I have to agree with Imp completely: I've wanted to join an RP like this for a while. Although it's been a couple years since I've actually been in one, I can't think of a better RP to make my comback with! I'm all game! Also, I've been playing D&D v3.5 lately (has anyone else heard of Pathfinders?), so this shall be interesting...on to the sign-ups!

[COLOR="DarkRed"]Name: Shnorkel Dandoo

Age: 56

Race: Gnome

Class: Ranger

Appearance: Is basically dressed as seen [URL="http://www.wizards.com/dnd/images/ex_whisper_gnome.jpg"][u]here[/u][/URL], but is completely albino. He usually is bandaged from head to toe (think mummies) underneath his armor. Also, has a huge dark cloak.

Specialties: Very in touch with nature (although not so much with "regular" society); Master of the Longbow

Weapons: Composite Longbow & Naval Dirk

Magical Items: A matching set of apparently normal wristbands, magically enchanted to aid in archery.

Biography: Shnorkel Dandoo calls the Empire his home, originating from a small village of Gnomes. While he was young, his entire village was killed by a large pack of Were-Rats. All that survived was he himself, as well as his pet spider monkey named Soren. After watching the brutality, he became very socially awkward, refusing to have any relations with humanoids (because he deemed them untrustworthy and evil). He chose to live in the ruins of his village, defending it from all, living off the land, and learning the intricacies of nature. More recently, he has come under the plague of the Bleaching. This is a curse on the Gnomes where, once there is no excitement left in their life, all color leaves their bodies and they slowly die.
He gathers his courage, and steps out into the great unknown to save his very life...

PS - This is the same character I'm currently using in an actual game, tweaked to fit into your epic RPG.... :D
PPS - If it's ok, I'd like to include an animal companion for him - the albino spider monkey! It's part of the Bio...lemme know whatcha think. The main idea I have for him is to gather up any arrows after battles, and to provide some comic relief as my character is rather dull at the beginning.

EDIT - Forgot to put up his Appearance.... >.<
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Name: Alia
Age: 33
Race: Were-Wolf/Human
Class: Fighter
Apperance: [URL="http://i170.photobucket.com/albums/u247/Daddysdotdot/girls/anime_girl80.jpg"]Alia[/URL] She has slightly pointed ears and small canines that she hides by rarely smiling.
Specialties: Being a were wolf she has the senses of a wolf, hearing, smell ect. She uses it for tracking and does so very very well.
Weapons: She uses small blades that strap to her wrists and curve over her arm while in her human form, she is also somewhat skilled at hand to hand.
Magical Items: She carried a bracelet that gives her a small defense boots agaist silver, but only for a short amount of time. If she is attacked by silver she has only five minutes before it hits her and after that all the effects begin to settle in.
Biography: growing up in Freillia she hid her liniage all her life, being born a were wolf she would have been hunted if she had let it known to the world what she is. After many years of succsesful hiding she was found out by a local hunter and was sought out by the others, falling back on her fight or flight relexes she fought killing many of the humans before she finally fled into the woods. Living there for about 5 years now she's deteched socially and has a very huge distaste of humans but shows them no respite. Knowing what she is she understands that she is seen as a threat thanks to the evil of her kind. She ventures into town from time to time to get supplies but stays out of sight and out of mind for the most part and seems to like it that way.[/FONT][/COLOR]

I haven't played DnD but I hope this is okay. I really like the idea and I if I need to do anything to fix this or make it better please lemme know and I'll do what ever I need to.
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I'm actually going to play as two characters. Twins in fact.

[B][I]Ayeika Iycewind: The Daughter of Evil[/I][/B]

Age: 18

Race: Human

Class: Bard

Specialties: Ayeika is highly skilled at dicerning truth from lies and bluffing and obtaining information. She is also adept at both singing and dancing.

Weapons: Ayeika weilds weapons, relying on her spells instead. However, she does weild a rapier when her magical reserves are drained. Her rapier has been magiced, it has a tendency to do worse damage than a normal rapier.

Magical Items: Ayeika's clothing is highly magical, able to take on the appearence of anything she wishes.

Ayeika ruled a kingdom from the age of eight to when she was fifteen. Corrupted by the pain she continually felt, she deliberately drove the kingdom right into the ground, as a means of vengeance to those who had hurt her. Continually. she prtrayed the image of an evil ruler. Claiming all she saw as hers, she perpetually indulged in greed, exploiting her people and the heiarchy that supported her power as ruler. Even when she was reunited with the person whom she had been separated from, the separation of which had caused her seemingly mad reign of terror, it was far too late. She couldn't change her ways. Known as the Daughter of Evil or the Evil Flower of Dainty Doom, there was an ursurping of power, in which she was captured and sentenced to death by the guilotine. The princess Ayeika died that day, or so it has been said. The truth, far surpasses the many songs that have been sung in memory of this kingdom of inhumanity.

The truth? The whole story? Only Ayeika, the former princess of this nation knows. At the present date, her kingdom has been forgotten, dismissed as only a fairytale, spawned from the imaginations of bards who sing of the frozen wastelands to the distant north, spurned evermore still from the tales of barbarians hailing from the frigid northern lands of buildings and people and animals eternally frozen within the ice, caused supposedly by a spell to eternally end the Kingdom Of Treacherous Inhumanity. No one dares venture into these frigid climes, for fear of ending up as fodder for this tale.

However, far too many years ago, all of this within the now whimsical bardic tales took place. But there's far more to the story. Care to listen?

These bardic songs tell of The Daughter Of Evil, a Princess of only age sixteen. the songs alude to a northern area, far beyond the reach of time, and the songs are as varied in perspective as there were supposedly 'power players' in this tale. However, there is one predominate song, told from the perspective of the princess, or so it's claimed. The song itself is worded exactly as thus following:

There was once upon a time in another place,
An evil kingdom whom no person dared to face.
And the ruler was a girl so mean,
A tiny little princess of only age sixteen.

So many furnitures littered her abode,
Her loyal servant who's likeness surely showed,
And a horse with the name of Josephine.
All the riches of the world is what she had claimed.

(in a voice visualized as the princess)
"If your short on money that's no fearful thing,
Just take it from those you dangle on a string.
To those who who feel they want to bring me down,
They'll just tidy up my gown.

Now, bow unto me."

Evil flower,
Steadily blooms
With an array of colorful doom.
But the weeds who feel they want to stay,
They'll just die and feed her the same anyway.

The princess held a love for a man
Who wasn't very much her fan.
But instead He chose the neiboring girl
A green Whose eyes shone like a pearl.

The Princess knew this and was filled with rage,
And so she called upon her minister locked within her cage.
And so she then said in a voice to not to be heard,

"Lay waste to the country of Green."

Houses of the people went up in flames,
So many voices whom would never make a sound.
Death comes to the Princess of Green.
The people who had suffered so much pain
Didn't get any pity from the one who'd slain.

"Oh, it's time for tea."

Evil flowers,
Steadily bloom,
With an array of bloodied doom.
Even though the flower is so very refined,
The thorns had driven its garden to decline.

To defeat the princess was no easy task,
But the people could no longer wear their mask.
Like a flock of birds they were led by
A Red lady mercenary into the night.

All the anger that had built up over the years
Now consumed them without any fears
But the army was battered from the Green war
Their attacks were not much of a chore.

They fell the countrymen and surrounded the court
The servants ran away as time was short
The little woman princess would not pose a fight
She was finally captured in the night!

"How disrespectful."

Evil flower
Steadily blooms
With an array of funnest doom
Now the paradise the princess had made for herself
Came crashing down around her.

There was once upon a time in another place
An evil kingdom whom no one dared to face
And the ruler was a girl so mean
A tiny little princess of only age sixteen.

She was to be killed at three o'clock
When the church bells resounded a tock
The girl who was once royalty
Was now locked up with no loyalty.

At the time the chosen death came
The church bells to her sounded rather lame
Without looking to the faces of the crowd
Said she with eyes in a shroud,

"Oh, it's tea time."

(there is the sound of a guilotine at this point in the song)

Evil flower,
Whom did steadily bloom
With an array of such fun and colorful doom.
Now the people speak of her without a second thought
The Daughter of Evil had received what she sought.

But, as so thus there is this song, there are many others, each revealing one more part of the story, or rather at least another perspective. In conjunction with the song 'The Daughter Of Evil' these too are sung, there are many plays and performances with these songs linked together. They are often common, many people know of songs themselves, though the real story behind it all has been all but forgotten, the songs being all that's left, dismissed as a fairytale.

The true story? The princess had a twin brother. As young children, they would laugh and play together within their garden of their mother, a short distance from the castle. The princess gave to her brother a single locket, made of gold, and then thus the princess was violently taken away, doomed to rule the kingdom. This was a deep and emotionally scarring event, causing her to possibly go quite mad. She thus made a desicion, she would become evil, and thus destroy her own kingdom, for the abuse and torment she had to endure. Years later, her brother would resurface, having snuck into the kingdom, and into the palace, proving himself to be her brother with the locket she had given to him those so many long years ago. As such, she made him her personal servant, and thus did she begin to smile once more, at least when only he was around. But she was so steeped now in her evil ways that she could not change. Her brother became her only means of salvation, at least while they were alone. There would be several more tyranical and inhumane years with the Princess ruling the country. But, then the princess waged war with the neiboring country within her nation, and her own brother killed the princess of that country. It was shortly afterward that the princess dicovered that she had made her brother kill the person he had fallen in love with. Indeed, the Princess of Yellow had ordered the Princess of Green killed because the Green and the Prince of blue had fallen in love. But, the princess only continued her reign, despite feeling guilty for what she had done, at least to her own brother. After the death of the Princess of the neiboring country, the war escallated, and eventually the fight was brought to the castle where the evil Princess reigned. As thus, the kingdom was seiged, and the castle overtook. The princess had wanted this all along, and thus awaited them to come. She hadn't wanted things to go this far, but in the end it didn't matter. She began to cry, and she turned to her brother, the only servant who had stayed. Her brother snatched her up, and smiled. He made her put on his clothing, and forced her out of her dress, and put it on himself, as time was short, saying that as they were twins, no one would know the difference. The brother removed from the pocket of his pants the single locket she had given him so long ago. He placed it into her hand, and then pushed her through a door as the army seiging the castle was barging up the stairwell to seize the princess in the throne room. The princess herself watched silently as her brother was taken away, shedding her tears, knowing her brother would take her place at the guilotine. Her brother was now to pay for her life with his. The Servant became the princess, and the princess became a fugitive.

The girl, stripped of her crown, wandered the streets, unsure of what to do. Then the time came for the 'princess' to be executed. She watched, helpless to do anything. Her brother looked at her from his place upon the guilotine, watching only her. The princess knew that this wasn't right, it should have been her up there. The church tower began to ring, and her brother only smiled as he looked at her. "Oh, It's tea time." The princess didn't even have time to cry out to her brother.

With a sudden swish, it was over. The princess stared in horror, and her guilt swelled up ever more. Even then, moments away from death, he had still tried to console her. Before, tea time had always been at three. As people walked away, the princess sobbed there on the ground, unable to even cry out in sorrow, clutching the locket in her hand. The lead woman who had led the assult upon the castle came over to her, and smiled, holding out her music box, a present given to her by her brother on her last birthday. The "Lady of Red" indeed knew that it had been the servant upon the guilotine, but she made no attempt to warn anyone, only she handed to the former princess her music box. The princess would disappear that day, never to be heard from again.

Ayeika was that princess, and she now regrets all of her desicions, having that they had cost her the one person who loved her most. She became a wanderer within her nation,taking to the ways of the bard, and continuously hearing then of the ensuing power struggle going on to claim what remained of her Kingdom.A mere few months later, with the entire nation war-torn and disabled, a powerful mage took over it all, eternally freezing the nation and all of it's people, animals, plants, and buildings. The nation is a frigid waste, and seldom do people dare to venture there. And thus he did so to silence the nation once and for all, dooming it to obscurity and to be forgotten. Rumor has it that he chose the fate of this kingdom as a cruel joke, being that the executed princess' last name was 'Iycewind'.

At the grief of losing all of the nation as well, the princess took a drought of a living death spell, hoping to forever sleep, as she felt she should, after everything she had done. And now, as she had been responsible for the deaths of thousands in her war, she was ironically the only survivor of the entire nation. So, she felt that death was her only means of repentance, even though for someone like her there was no such thing as atoning for her sins, and she knew it. So, feeling she didn't truely deserve the sweet release of death, but now no longer did she possibly deserve to continue living, she would drink the potion.

Since then, she has slept, never aging, never waking. She was entombed, with a plaque over the entrance, labeling her indeed the 'Daughter of Evil' as bardic songs were beginning to call her, and indeed her tomb opening was inscribed with the song depicing her.

Two hundred years have passed while the princess slept. Her nation has remained untouched, with the only people telling of it now are the bards and the occasional adventurer who stumbled upon something frozen within the wastes, perhaps a villiager or a small town, or even better yet still the Castle of the Princess or her neiboring countries. The more chilling finds are the villiages filled with frozen people, amisdt what appears to be a land frozen in the middle of spring. There is no life within the boundaries of the nation. All of it's treasures lie buried with the ice, forgotten by time. Occasionally, ruined buildings poke up from the mounds of snow and ice, the ruins of buildings destroyed in the great war. Yet, there are entire cities still standing, untouched by war and forever buried within the snow of this eternal and twisted winter wonderland.

It has only within the past few months that Ayeika has awoken from her slumber, awoken by a powerful force that disipated the magic keeping her asleep. As such, she is trying to dicern why fate had her reawoken, and for purpose she must serve. He has discoveredd of the tyranny of the Prince of Ereillion, and she feels it sounds a little too familar, and far more sinister. Learning this, she has made her own conclusions as to why the fates had roused her from her sleep.

Ayeika dares not return to her nation, the guilt of all that happened still rests heavily on her shoulders, She cannot face the frozen faces of those who had survived the war, and even now, so many years later, they still haunt her restless dreams. Only by ending the Prince, will she ever hope to be able to face her deepest fears and perhaps find salvation from her past. As she has travelled, she has discovered that nothing has changed in her nation. Spring has never come, nor does it seem that it ever will. Such seems to be the fate of Lossouls, to remain ever frozen, forgotten by time. She's heard various tales that adventures tell of a castle in the northern lands, where there seems to be a continual flowing of magic. When she's asked what the castle looked like, she has discovered it is her own. So, it is something within her own castle that keeps the nation eternally frozen.

In the mean time, she uses her own unique abilities to further the causes of good. Manipulation and domination have always been her specialties, so she uses them to thwart those who would do evil. In esscence, she is the the dark side of good. But, she hides her true identity as the fallen princess of long ago, being that she doesn't need trouble here and now. Her eyes are the color teal, like the waters of the ocean when calm. Genetically, people from her country had more eye colors, such as the teal of Ayeika's own, or purple, red, or even grey. Ayeika has no fears about her identity being discovered, as most of the world has forgotten the nation of Lossouls even existed, let alone the eye colors typical of the Royal family. Rarely, there have been paintings of Ayeika that have surfaced, usually owned by kings and art galleries across the world. However, as one would expect, no one knows who the woman portrayed even is, other than the subject herself. Sometimes, Ayeika sees a painting of her and her brother, and it brings back all of the painful memories that while are still fresh to her, they happened so long ago for everyone else. If people point out her similar appearence to the "Woman in the painting" she merely passes it off as a stunning resemblence, as she has already done so several times since she has awoken.

However, because of her past, she despises nobility. So, because of her detesting them, she constantly tests them to see if they are truely deserving to lead their people. Usually, she often feels that nobles might very well be like her when she had been a princess, so she seeks to see if they indeed are. more than one corrupt noble has met their end because of her. She's not above using someone to get what she wants, unless they indeed are a good person or somene she deems as an ally. But in the end, she doesn't care if she lives or dies, as long as she is able to better the lives of the common people, at least in some form or another.

[B][I]Lucas Iycewinde: The Servant of Evil[/I][/B]

Age: 18

Race: Human

Class: Sorcerer (Presteige class: Stormcaster)

Specialties: Lucas is a magical powerhouse, with his supernatural abilities to control the weather at his whim. Also, he with the knowledge of magic from the time of Lossouls, is able to change the energies unleashed by his spells into something else entirely. He is also quite knowledge able when it comes to the arcane and nature.

Weapons: Lucas weilds a sythe as his weapon, and like his sister, it too is magiced, though with the power of the storm.

Once upon a time, the Iycewinde Royal Family was supreme in the nation of Lossouls, and they displayed a powerful magic within them, though this magic would manifest itself in differently in each of Royal Family. However, the family itself was said to be closely tied to the power of chaos itself, hence why their magic was so unpredictable in how it would manifest itself. Many of the Royal Family would display amazing magical powers, though along with this the Iycewinde Family was also extraordinarily insane, though usually this means was put to good use. However, if wronged, members of this Royalty would restlessly destroy whatever had wronged them, hence the rule of Princess Ayeika Duvall Iycewinde, the Princess who destroyed her own nation.

Lossouls was a prosperous country, though definitly ruled by the chaotic reigns of their leaders. Even though the Rulers of Lossouls were usually quite mad, their reigns produced much prosperity for the people, until the Rule of Princess Ayeika Iycewinde, whose reign over Lossouls indeed eventually caused its complete demise and fall into obscurity. But, before that, Lossouls enjoyed rich and vibrant trade with many other countries and nations. Lossouls itself exported many magical items, which at the time, could be made no where else in the world. In exchange for these items, other nations would import many spices, gems, fruits, and other such things that could not grow in Lossouls. Lossouls also had quite a few of the world's only known mines for adamantine and mithral at that period in time. As such, other countries would pay hefty sums for them, hence a major aspect of Lossouls income. But, the real treasure in Lossouls was the magic. Lossouls had much in the means of magic, and was known for possessing some of the most powerful magic and magical items in the world, and how many spells the people could cast were not normal, and how they seemingly could turn one kind of energy from a spell into a whole different kind, like a fire spell into an electricity spell. However, the most powerful spellcaster in all of Lossouls was, at least according to the stories that have survived the centuries, linked to the Princess Ayeika in some way, though it is not known exactly how.

It was never publicly known Ayeika had a twin brother, named Lucas. From the time they were born, they were extremely close to one another, and were inseperable until one day when they were six years old.

Ayeika and Lucas were playing in the gardens, making wreaths of flowers for each other, and Ayeika showing off her new locket, given to her on their birthday a few days prior. But, the adults came and took Ayeika away violently, ignoring the children's sobs and screams for one another. In one last effort, Ayeika threw her locket to Lucas, and it became all he had to remind him of her for years to come. Lucas would hear of his sister through information and gossip, and of what a little terror she became. Lucas also heard how her abilities were beginning to surface, and how remarkably powerful she was quickly becoming, her ability to cause mayhem and destruction unpresidented. Lucas, however, began to realize his own powers, and at first, his powers were just the ability to use magic spontaneously, though soon enough he was able to weild the power of even the most ferocious storms, Lucas himself becoming a force of nature, and quite literally, and it was his own link through the blood of the Iycewinde royal family that caused him to be so powerful. As such, he would have been a formidable opponent to anyone who came up against him, if indeed he sought to be so cruel or benevolent. Instead, he only sought to return to his sister's side.

And so he snuck into the Castle Iycewinde, to meet his sister. On seeing him, she stared in shock at his appearence, and to prove who he was, he removed the locket she had thrown to him so long ago. The look of cold and merry spite Ayeika wore constantly disappeared, and for the first time since their separation, she smiled warmly. Immediately, Lucas became Ayeika's personal servant, and thus did he show her what his own magic could do. From then on Lucas would rarely display his powers, serving Ayeika faithfully even though she was so set in her hateful and vindictive ways, and unable to change. She still sought to ruin the nation of Lossouls, out of spite of those who had taken her away from her brother. Lucas understood this, and still served her, protecting her and her castle. On many occasions, the two would make short trips to the nearby ocean, relishing the peace and tranquility away from their troubled lives at Castle Iycewinde. It was on these excursions that Ayeika could be at peace and genuinely happy, and in the least, temporarily free of all of her anguish and hatred. Lucas was happiest when Ayeika was, and the opposite was true as well. But their lives in the eye of the public were quite different, especially while at the castle.

Lucas' duties around the castle were great and varied, he being everything from Ayeika's personal servant and protector, to Lucas being a diplomat and ambassador to foreign countries. On some occassions, Lucas would also act as an assassin, answering only to Ayeika herself. Lucas, when not away from Castle Iycewinde, would direct many of the castle's activities, though always from Ayeika's side, asking her opinion on such matters. From time to time, there would be rumors of would-be assassinations of Princess Ayeika, and Lucas would handle them personally, blasting would-be assassins into so many peices they were buried in match boxes. To those who would bring harm to the Princess, Lucas was without mercy or compassion, and he didn't stop with simply killing the assassin, he'd hunt down their employers as well. Weilding the furious power of the storm, he would annihilate them and anyone who protected them.

Lucas' trips to other nations as an ambassador were usually short, though he met with many rulers of other nations mostly just to establish his homeland as a Sovreign nation, and to offer buisness in trade. He would form many friendships with kings and queens of other nations, and each of them would ask why he would serve a woman such as Ayeika. In response, he would only smile, and depending on how close he was with the person asking, he would answer truthfully that she was his sister. Granted, these were often personal encounters when he would admit it, neither of them playing rank on the other. Of thse kings and queens of whom he was personally aquainted with, the Empress Siabre was his closest freind, and she alone knew of his ability to control the power of the storms he could conjure. Once, the Empress had even offered him a place in her court, though he had turned it down, stating he wished to serve no nation other than his beloved Lossouls. The Empress had only sighed in response, knowing Lucas was devouted to his dear sister, no matter how cruel the stories of the Princess Ayeika. However, these trips were quite different than when called upon to use his awesome powers to aide other nations in battle against armies of evil creatures or similar matters. He became known as the Stormcaller, though his first appearences as this identity were in his own nation and in other nations whom he knew needed help. But, because of the more frequent appearences of the Stormcaller in Lossouls, people assumed the Princess had connections to the Stormcaller, and so it was well known that through the Stormcaller, Ayeika controlled the very forces of nature that people feared most. But no one actually knew it was Lucas she would send when his aide was requested, nor would the nobility of that nation, as he would always fly far too high for his face to be seen through the haze of the storms he called upon. The magics he weilded were strange and foreign, no one knew quite what was happening when he would cast a spell. This was largely due to the fact that much of his magical ability was to be able to change the energy of many of his spells into something else, or add on another kind of energy to something he cast. With this, and his arrival to the battlefield heralded by the fury of a brewing storm, and over time, the 'Stormcaller' gained quite the reputation, and thus people would often scatter when a storm began to form over a battlefeild, fearing Lucas was there and ready wipe them all out. Lucas himself was glad when they ran away, it was fewer people he would kill, and fewer people whose blood would be on his hands. At the same time, there was something... pleasant about the sheer power of the storm Lucas relished, and he couldn't deny the fun of destroying things. This little aspect was attributed directly to yhe intimacy between the Iycewinde family and the forces of chaos and magic. To Lucas, the extent of his mercy was allowing people the chance to run away. Any who would stay to fight him.... they were fair game to destroy. It was also because of only Lucas appearing over a battlefield that no one usually feared the weather, and because of his reputation for only using his abilities to help benevolent rulers that no one ever feared Ayeika using him to attempt to take over other countries or nations. It was after all quite well known Ayeika herself never displayed an interest in causing havoc outside her own nation, it just wasn't her style. So, of course, no one ever marched on Ayeika until her own nation rose up against her.

No one while Lucas was alive ever discovered who the true identity of the Stormcaller was, though some whispered it to be Ayeika herself, as she was never all that shy about displaying her more destructive and vindictive side, and this Stormcaller seemingly only appeared at her beck and call, at least in all appearences, when nations sent her letters requesting Lucas' aide. The only known fact about this stormcaller's appearence was that he was blonde and always appeared dressed in finely made clothing, and all accounts of him are revealed to be he wore a tailored suit. Some thought it was just Ayeika's way of having a tantrum.

Lucas was unique in his way through life, being that the only person who controled him was his own sister, and he was solely devoted to her and only her, making all of her wishes come true, and in turn making himself happy. Other than his sister, Lucas had one other creature he doted on, and had kept as a pet since he was quite young. A single, snow white tiger, large and powerful, and it his protector, though Lucas thought he usually protected it. To Lucas, it was little more than a two ton tabby; an overgrown housecat. Though of course he doted on it, and around the castle Moki could be seen playing with toys Lucas would buy for him.

Fate is a cruel mistress, and Lucas and Ayeika knew that better than anyone else, they too would be blinded by their emotions. Lucas and Ayeika were traveling through their nation, simply to get out of the castle. They wound up in the Green Country, where Lucas met a beautiful woman named Mia. Mia was a *simple village girl, or so he thought when he met her. Lucas fell in love at first sight with Mia. They spent aa lot of time together over the next week, while Ayeika fawned over the public gardens in the Green Country's capital. After discovering Ayeika's crush, the Prince Cameron of the Blue Country, also happened to be visiting, Ayeika was thrilled. But, on traveling around, following him, they both discovered the Prince had come here to visit his own love, which happened to be Mia. Ayeika was beside herself with anguish, and retreated to their hotel. Lucas walked the streets, until he came across Mia once again. They talked, and Lucas discovered she had no real feelings for the Prince, but it was simply expected of her to return his feelings. Mia had fallen in love with him as well.

But, Lucas was not to keep his love. On returning to the hotel, Ayeika wished to return to Castle Iycewinde immediately. Ayeika on arriving back retreated to her rooms, Lucas not knowing what to do about her depression. Eventually, Lucas went to her, hoping to cheer her up. But, instead, he saw her staring out of one of the large windows that over looked the grounds. She did not turn to look at him as she spoke.

"I want her dead."

At those words, Lucas's eyes widened, and he bowed before Ayeika. "It is done, my Princess." Abruptly turning around, Lucas walked from the room as the War minister walked in. Lucas didn't need to ask any questions, and he didn't need to know why. Ayeika's word was law to him, and anything she desired was hers. Already, Lucas knew exactly what was going to occur, and he somehow just knew this was going to be Yellow Country's fall. Even still, he didn't know just how bad it was going to get. But, his thoughts were on Mia... and what he was about to do to her. Lucas made his journey, though this time the journey to the country of Green was slow, yet Lucas continued on to fufill his task.

On arriving, Lucas was met by Mia, and she seemed withdrawn and troubled. She asked him to meet her at midnight in the gardens, and he obliged. It was then he discovered she knew she was to be killed, and so be the spark for war. She knew exactly who he and Ayeika had been. The King of Green was meant to find her body and then wage war along with the other three countries against the country of Yellow. Mia begged for Lucas to kill her, and end her life of lies. She began to smile, knowing he had been sent to kill her by Ayeika, and told him not to worry about her. Mia placed her hands on Lucas' and drew his knife, placing it in his hands and at her chest. She thanked him for his kindness and then thrust the knife into her heart, dying in Lucas' arms. Lucas cried over her body, blood seeping into his clothing. He left her there, knowing what the future would hold, and how fate merely used them all as pawns in some terrible game.

Lucas returned to Castle Iycewinde, covered in her blood. Ayeika spotted him, and so came down to greet him, though drew back when she saw the blood. Lucas smiled, and apologized for startling her, and assured her he was fine. Ayeika nodded, and Lucas returned to his own rooms, where he began to sob again, not knowing Ayeika had followed him and was listening.

War began shortly after that, and Lucas found himself never leaving Ayeika's side, which led people to wonder what had happened to the Storm Caller. The war began with only the green country, and that in itself lasted almost a year. But, the war dragged on and on, with the other countries joining in. The war with the nation of Green has exhausted the Yellow nation's resources. The other countries attacks weren't much of a chore. The Yellow army dwindled slowly, but Ayeika never ordering Lucas to the battlefeild, only to remain at her side. Even with all of this happening, Lucas never turned an unkind gaze to his sister, and never spoke an angry word. He didn't blame her for the person she had become, and she couldn't help it because of the curse of the Iycewinde Royal Family. And those who rose against her in great numbers now... he couldn't blame them either. This whole thing had began from when they had been so separated so very long ago. But, Ayeika seemed to finally realize just what she had done. Lucas began to suspect this wasn't even a fight for her, she was letting the approaching armies grow closer and closer to overthrow her as punishment for all she had done to her people in her insanity and vengeance against her predecesors. Her people had been innocent, but she had been blinded by her own hate.

Soon Lucas felt it was time to attempt to frighten the armies away, or at least delay them, and so he walked through the castle, telling the servants to escape while they could though the many secret passages, for the weather would be far to severe for them to survive without shelter on the ground. Not questioning him, they fled as Lucas made his way to the rooftop gardens, he already weilding his power over the weather. Over the castle, a powerful storm began to brew, thunder rolling across the countryside as lightning flashed, striking at random, at least for the moment. Lucas floated up, hovering high above, and glaring at the oncoming enemy. The wind began to pick up, gusting all around, the trees and grass bowing before it. Indeed, Castle Iycewinde appeared to be the very source of nightmares now, especially with the sight of the infamous Stormcaller floating above it. Lucas had already told Moki to flee as well, in order to protect his beloved pet from becoming someone's fur coat or rug. Lucas had dismissed him, telling Moki that they would be reunited eventually in the afterlife.

What Lucas didn't know was that Moki was not so readily dismissed, but that Moki was ready to die, knowing that Lucas would give his life, and the bond between the two would kill him as well should his master die. Moki didn't want to go on without Lucas...

So, now, Lucas was alone in battle. The wind chilled, and brought with it a stinging torrential rain, and Lucas began dispersing electricity into the storm, frying members of the approaching enemy. The wind howled, and the thunder raged but his enemy marched on. Lucas began to realize things as he fought, even though his enemies were all but helpless against him. His enemy would never stop until Ayeika had been captured. They would continue to march, and Lucas wouldn't be able to stop them all.

Eventually, exhausted of all his spells, Lucas fled back into the castle, while the storm continued to rage. By this time tornadoes were wreaking havoc across the landscape and heading for his enemies. Lucas' power was beginning to wane, he had used too much power already. Returning to Ayeika, she looked as if she was going to cry, thinking these were her final moments with her brother. "They won't stop until they have me... will they?" she asked, her eyes filled with tears. "Please, run away while you still can.

But, Lucas would not give up, not like that.

"Here. Take my clothes, and give me your dress. I will give you the chance to escape, I won't let you be captured."

Ayeika shook her head, and sobbed. "No! We can leave together! Please!"

Lucas smiled, and started undressing. "This will never be over until they think they have you, my dear sister. You know that. Please, take my clothes."

Sobbing, Ayeika agreed, and changed into Lucas' clothing. In one last effort when they were finally dressed, Ayeika fell to her knees, begging Lucas to run away with her or to let her face her crimes instead of him. Lucas finished placing his sister's hairband on his head, and turned around, the very image of the evil princess the encroaching army was coming for. "I can't do that... If this country and castle is to fall, then I will save the most precious thing to me." Lucas smiled, and hugged Ayeika, she sobbing into the dress. Downstairs, they could hear as the castle doors crashed open, and then distant voices coming closer.

Lucas tried one more time to assure her. "Even if we might deserve this for the things we have done, I will fight them away, and give you the chance to run. Please don't worry at all, I know it will be okay. I want you to escape. We are twins, after all, and no one would know the difference anyway."

The sounds of heavy footsteps coming up the stairs made Ayeika grasp Lucas, though he only looked to her eyes, and forced her out of the room and into the hall. Ayeika ran headlong away and into the passageway leading to the rooftop gardens, where she would be able to make her escape from there. The prince and a woman burst onto the floor, noting the 'servant' running away, and the 'princess' through an open door. Deciding the princess was more important to seize, they went for the more inviting target, the reason they had stormed the castle.

Lucas reconized the woman as she charged and then pointed her sword at his throat. It had been a girl who had once begged to spare the life of her lover, though he himself had executed the man for speaking out against Ayeika. Her eyes widened, and she became silent, taking her sword away. Turning away, she walked to the Prince, and spoke. "It's not her. It's her servant... Her brother." The prince closed his eyes, looking like he was choking back tears, but by then the army was beginning to crowd into the massive room, and it was too late to go after the real princess. They did, in all regards, look like they had the real thing. The Prince and the woman mercenary both closed their eyes, knowing that with the capture of this false princess, the war would be over. As so to goad the army, Lucas made a showy expression, pointing to the prince, and saying, "You're such a disrespectful man."

And so thus, Lucas was barred in jail, with no loyalty. He was to be executed by means of the guilotine. He made no attempt to speak to anyone save one time, when he was visited by the woman mercenary, she sitting in the room with him, watching his movements and motions, though there were none to be seen as he stared out of the barred window. She spoke, her voice sad and in admiration of Lucas' sacrifice.

"So... you willingly take the blame..."

Lucas spoke only once. "If the world is her enemy, and declares her as evil, then I am too, for I have the same blood running through my veins."

The woman sighed. "Even so... she is your sister, and now you pay the price."

Lucas turned his teal colored eyes to her, and smiled. "I do so willingly, she's the one thing I will protect in this world." Lucas turned his eyes back to the window. "It doesn't really matter, now does it?" Lucas pulled the locket he had placed around his neck to appear to be the princess. "May I ask you for one favor?"

She looked down at him, filled with pity. "A last request?"

"Yes, if you wish to think of it as such." Lucas held the locket to the woman, and she took it. "Please, return that to my sister. I know she will come to my execution... she could never stay away."

Taking the locket, the woman fought back tears of her own. "To have a brother so devoted... your sister couldn't have been all bad, could she?" Sighing, she tucked the locket into her red hued armor. "Fine then. I will do as you ask. One willing to make such a noble sacrifice deserves that at least. We will not try to make your sister pay, her punishment is severe enough." The woman turned, and walked away to leave Lucas to await his execution, still in admiration of his sacrifice for his sister. The chosen time came, and he looked across the faces of the crowd, searching for his sister. He didn't have to look long before spotting her, making her way to the front of the crowd. Her eyes were puffy, as if she had done nothing but sob since her forced departure from the castle.

Eyeing the prince and the woman who had seized the castle, their eyes then followed his, and to Ayeika. They made no motion to attack her, their expressions only of pity. They realized all too well that Ayeika was paying a price far greater than her own death.

She was losing the only person who had ever truely cared for her, and now she would be all alone in the world.

The execution was to take place in front of Castle Iycewinde, for the castle bell tower had the loudest bell in all the land. As the time gre near, Lucas' head was placed on the chopping block, and the wooden slat lowered onto his neck. The bell began to ring, and Lucas smiled, looking into only his sister's eyes, now wide and tears streaming down her face. Lucas then spoke his final words, and to only her. "It's tea time..."

Lucas died happy and smiling.

[I][B]A New Beginning[/B][/I]

Having desired nothing but to know that she might attempt to atone for all her crimes, Ayeika discovered a Priest with a very powerful magical item, known as a ring of wishing. However, she used the power of the ring to bring back the one person who deserved renewed life, her own brother. She didn't think, otherwise she would have restored life to her entire nation. So, she and her brother now journey to possibly discover another ring of such power, and possibly both attone for their sins. However, they have each other, and that's good enough for them, being that at least they aren't alone.

Ayeika Duvall Iycewind, and Lucas Merrik Iycewind. Here is one of the surviving paintings of the two of them:


However, there are many such paintings in museums of all over the world, and so seldom do they attempt to view them, as they don't need the attention.
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Wow, Inu. Wow. Alrighty... I will try to get this up and running as soon as possible. There will always be room for more people to join, and might I add, we're all going to be kind of powerful, and kind of not. Depends on whatever randomly. I do ask that you all with hold judgement on me.

Alright, Somehow, all of us have to end up together. Right? Well, everyone's first post has to somehow be getting to a small villiage called Rensing, located in the Empire. Magic users might know a few exotic languages, though I WILL BE EXTREMELY PICKY ABOUT WHO KNOWS WHAT LANGUAGES!

So. Yeah. Lollipops.

Now, this will be up and running sometime in the next week.
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Guess I'll try my hand at a li'l Dnd.

[B]Name:[/B] Louise Tyolt

[B]Age:[/B] 21

[B]Race:[/B] Human

[B]Class:[/B] Barb

[B]Appearance:[/B] [url]http://i436.photobucket.com/albums/qq84/hyelf/rpcs/o_09.jpg[/url]

[B]Specialty:[/B] Clairvoyant Eyes. Louise's eyes enable him to observe many things that the normal everyday being could only hope to see which makes him a natural at obtaining information. He further uses this specialty to more efficiently carry out his jobs as well as deal with foes. Besides this, he as a bard is quite the gentle singer and fluid dancer.

[B]Weapons:[/B] Louise has duel 4 1/2 inch daggers that have been enchanted with magic to sharpen them to an extreme degree. The harder Louise concentrates on the daggers, the sharper they seemingly become being able to pierce the strongest of armors at their maximum potential.

[B]Magical Items:[/B] Hidden away in his flask is a small but precious jewel that Louise's father gave him. This jewel seems to add an enchanting quality to Louise's singing as well as his flute's music which further captivates his audiences. When others hold his jewel it seems to uplift their spirits.

[B]Bio:[/B] Born into a wealthy aristocratic family who made the Empire their home Louise Tyolt was raised to be polite and respectful to others no matter what their physical appearance or background. His father was once know through out the lands as "The Walking Wish" due to his incredible persuasion skill even once stopping an all out war by his lonesome just with his rapier tongue and wit. His mother isn't quite the famous figure as his dad but is greatly respected for her compassion towards the poor and needy. Louise hopes to one day live in a world without strife and above all war and to obtain this goal he will live by his parent's principles and venture the world healing the emotionally drained and physically battered with his talents.
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We need a dwarf.... and a half orc.....We're almost all human, with like... two exceptions....

But, this will do. Feel free to post anytime.

And Ol' Fighter, Please make the ocular powers like... magical sunglasses or something. That's all I ask. If I could figure out how the hell to do so, I'd add an attachment to this post so everyone can have a few copies of the different books we use.
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