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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Anue was leaning on the wall dozeing off here and there and listening to the conversation when the door shut for the second time.
"Guess Taryn went oafter her. Good man."
She yawned as was about to go back to her room when Rayne spoke up.
"Is no one going to go to sleep in this blasted place?"
Anue let a tired giggle slip past her lips and sighed turning around and head for the kitchen, putting a pot of coffee on to brew she picked up Syria's abandoned ceral and almost had the spoon to her mouth when it was plucked from her hands by Rayne.
"If your making coffee the last you need on top of that is sugar."
Anue let a pout come into her features and walked over to Damia throwing an arm around her shoulders and smiling widely despite how tired she was.
"How was the trip."
"That's always fun."
She looked over at the pot of coffee and poured her self a mug without waiting for it to finsigh and crickled her nose as it hit the hot pan making a unpleasent smell but took a long gulp of the black liquid and than refilled her mug and sighing.
"God's teeth Anue, how can you drink that stuff like that?"
"What black?"
"Yes, black."
"After a while you build up a tolerance to it."
Looking at the clock she sighed and nudged Damia.
"You wanna run to the store with me?"
Rayne shook his head.
"We won't be here long enough for that, there's no point."
Anue stuck her tounge out at him and put her hands on her hips.
"I want a good breakfast damnit, I'm going to go get the stuff for it."
Grabbing her bike helmet and keys she stuffed her wallet into her back pocket and headed out the door.
"Anue, since your going out, and everyone is just about awake anyway, let Taryn and Syria know to get back here."
She gave a bright smile and nodded, running out the door she hopped on the back and threw her helmet over her head when she reailzed she was still in her pajamas. Sighing she ran back in and to her room changing into a pair of black hip hugger jeans and a blood red shirt that was cut off of one shoulder and had black buckles accenting it. Happy she brushed out her hair, put on some eye liner and headed out the door. Hopping back onto her bike she slipped the helmet over her head and revved the engine to a fine purr and then squealed from the lot after a few moments of riding she stopped infront of a park bench where Taryn sat with Syria talking. Turning off the engine she flipped the kickstand out and began walking up the hill and stopped blinking as Taryn stood up and looked defensive. Cocking her head to the side she took a step forward and blinked more as he stepped infront of Syria. She tried to think of something she had done to piss him off and than remembered the helmet. Taking it off she shook out her hair and smiled.
"Hey Rayne said that when you guys get a chance to head back. I've got coffee going."
They nodded and went back to what ever they were talking aobut.
"By the way, I'm heading to the store to get some stuff for breakfast, so I most likely won't be there when you go back."
They nodded and she sighed about to leave when Taryn spoke up.
"Wait, you said your making breakfast?"
She nodded and smiled when he strechted.
"We'll be there soon, mind if I ask what it is this morning?"
"Steak and eggs, hashbrowns, pancakes, and fruit salad."
He nodded and went back to Syria, hanging her head slightly she went back to the bike and sighed dejectedly as she starting it back up pulling the helmet back on she took off down the road towards the shop. Soon after she was headed back and made it to the apartment just as the last of their team was getting up, setting everything on the counter she began to get to work on breakfast.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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OOC: I was really bored so I decided to post, given the distance between our characters nothing he does will affect the current group. I can delete it later if it ruins any plans.

Oliver was watching an owl that was perched outside of his dorm room window. It was still early morning, and he had the uncomfortably small room all to himself, his roommate had decided to attend "the biggest party the campus has ever seen" and was probably pasted out from to much drink. Oliver had been asked by one of his classmate, Ashley, to attend but decided it would be better to blow her off. She was some what annoying and he really disliked the perfume she wore. He had spent most of the night in deep thought, sitting in the rolling chair he was in now, looking out the window.

His phone vibrated on the desk in front of him, he glanced at the screen and flipped it open to read the text message that had just been received from and undoubtedly drunk Ashley.

[b]hey where u @? i really wanted 2 chill wit u 2nite. i comin to find u!!! we dont have 2 party if u dont want. id rather get u alone anyway :P[/b]

He put the phone back on the desk, grabbed his key ring and left the room, locking it behind him. [I]I'm going to have to find some where else to be, it's only natural the first place she'll look is my room, and I can't be sure if Brad gave her his key or not. [/I] He turned the corner and moved into the elevator, pushed the ground floor button and waited for the doors to close behind him.

He had once let himself enjoy the normal college life, and the end result was almost a disaster. While under the influence of alcohol his judgment was horrible askew and at the time the only thing he wanted to do was satisfy his alcohol induced lust for one of the girls he had seen a few times in the library. He didn't know her name, and couldn't remember it from that night, so he called her Library Girl. He eventually got her to agree to let him have his way with her. The next morning, when his mind was mostly cleared, he remembered his action of the previous night and began to stress. What if this nameless girl is pregnant with my child and what would my child be. For weeks until she finally agreed to take a pregnancy test he stressed about what could possible be growing inside her. Eilif had reasoned that the child would be human, because that is what he is now, physically, but the thought of a half demon half human child caused him to panic. Luckily Library Girl was carrying no such monster within her, but Eilif vowed that he would no longer procreate with human, at least while he wasn't able to thinking clearly enough to us protection.

[I]Yes, avoiding her is the best option now. I'll take a long walk around campus and wait till sunrise to return to collect my books and things for class. [/I] He exited the dorm building, walking towards the baseball diamond on the other end of campus, a few laps around the field should kill enough time till he could return to his room. As he walked through the middle of the school grounds he saw a thick stone bench. [I]The graduate bench, anyone who sits on it before their graduation day, will never graduate from this school. Or so the rumor says.[/I] He also passed a large fountain, which during the day was swarmed with people sitting around its rim talking or just enjoying the sun.

When he reached the baseball diamond, he felt something he hadn't felt for three years. Oliver slowly turned the the dugout, his eyes connecting with another pair of bright green ones. The demon rose from the bench and moved out of the dugout, all the while holding his stare.

"Azel, it has been quite a long time" Oliver had instantly recognized the six armed giant in front of him. Azel was one of Yami's soldiers, and while Eilif had worked for Yami, one of the more adapt killers under Eilif's command. Azel had extraordinary extrasensory abilities and could sense and living thing for miles away. His large and powerful muscles looked like they were going to burst out of this flesh, and his seven foot figure cast a horrible shadow in the fading moonlight.

"So they've sent you to kill me?" Eilif shifted into his fighting stance.

"Ha, you don't think you can betray the great demon lord Yami and get away with it did you? I must say though, that is a pretty good hiding spot you found, you don't feel like a demon. Anyway, it took me three long years to search this rock looking for you, and I've been meaning to carve you up for a long time...Boss"

"Perhaps we can make a barging, I will spare your life, if you report to Yami that I died shortly after arriving"

"Surly you jest! You spare my life, your powers are nothing to my swordsmanship, maybe before you were stronger than me, but not now, not in that frail human body of yours" Azel placed one of his six hands on one of his six swords handle and pulled it from the sheath "I only need one sword to do you in TRAITOR!" Azel charged Oliver preparing to strike down his human prey.

[I]It seems he is not as slow as I remember,though his large frame does nothing for his speed. Also, I recall his joints being very unique and he is able to rotate his limbs around in any direction he choices, meaning he can attack from any angle.[/I] Oliver quickly dodged the attack by jumping backwards a few yards out of his former underlings range. [I]I must not get too focused on his movements with the one sword, he always has the option to draw more. I can't keep track of all his arms at once, getting close to him would be most unwise.[/I] Oliver dodged all of Azel's one sword attacks, and reacted to slashes from two of the swords just quick enough to dodge with only a scratch on his side.

"STOP DANCING AROUND TRAITOR, AND LET ME TAKE OFF YOUR HEAD." Azel had always been quick tempered.

"If you are not quiet the entire school will come, and your defeat will be witnessed by hundreds of humans." Eilif moved backwards, towards the fountain he passed on the way to the field. If all went well he would get to the fountain and use its water to overwhelm Azel. Commanding water was very taxing in this form and pulling enough moisture from the air to allow him to fight back would be a bad move, as he would have to use energy to pull the water and then direct it into attacks. If he makes it to the fountain, he only needs to attack. Azel was able to land another attack, drawing his third sword after Oliver had dodged the first two. Eilif's human arm was nearly cut off. The deep would sent Azel into a frenzy of slashes, each on getting closer to hitting their mark.

"Where are those famous stingers of yours Boss? Can you not use them now that your stuck in the body of a little child?" Azel's latest attack missed Oliver buy cut down a street lamp, causing it to crash on the ground. "Why do you keep running away, at least draw a weapon!"

[I]My stingers are an option, though I fear that they will only be cut off once they get close enough to him for me to do real damage. [/I] A new beat of his heart sent a fresh spray of blood from his arm. [I]I am not going to be able to dodge his multi-angle attack much more, and if I keep moving around, I will only lose more blood, I won't be able to reach the fountain![/I] Eilif's thoughts were cut short, another attack came only inches away from his face.

"DIE MAGGOT!" Azel had lost his patients "Let's double your fun" Azel unsheathed his other three blades, in each hand he now held a long heavy sword, with all six of his arms moving in every direction, this traitor had no hope of jumping out of the way this time, but that chance never came. Oliver had stopped moving only 50 feet away from him and clutched his arm. Perfect, the boy has lost to much blood to continue to move around. Azel's charge was stopped short only a few feet from his target. The ground underneath him erupted with a spray of muddy water. Dirt, rocks and mud went flying everywhere as if a geyser had just went off under his feet. Azel was blind and confused, rocks bite his flesh and mud splattered him in the eyes. Then he felt it, a searing pain shot up his leg and spread to his entire body. It felt as if he's insides were being cut to pieces by thousands of tiny knives. All of his muscles failed, his swords dropping to the ground and his throat felt as if it was swelling shut, he couldn't scream.

Oliver retracted his tentacle, it seemed to just shrink back into his skin. Once he had abandoned his plan to reach the fountain, he used all the rest of his strength to locate pocket of ground water close to the surface and rip it upward as Azel charged him, in the commotion, he stung him with his tentacle, killing him. Azel's body dissolved into nothingness, not to Eilif's surprise. It's called Recall, on of Yami's secrets, if a battle isn't going well he can recall all the participants, even the dead ones, that were fighting on his side so that the enemy could not gain any info or supplies from his troops.. Eilif had shielded himself from its effects while he fought Yami's forces before, and now that he and Oliver had fused souls, the powers of Recall could no longer affect him.

Oliver manipulated the water in his blood, and stopped the bleeding temporally, but halfway to his room he realized that he wasn't going to make it. He pulled himself up on to a bench and thought his last thoughts before slipping into unconsciousness. [I]Yami found me, my occupation of this boy is no longer a safe. I need to separate from him, before I put him and his family in anymore danger. [/I] As he looked around as his setting before he blacked out and smiled, he was sitting on the cursed bench from earlier today. He would not be graduating this college, because he was planning on leaving his human partner behind forever.

OOC: To much free time leads to entirely to long posts :animeshy:
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OOC: And long posts are good. I like it ^^

Tahlia stetched, and walked into the living room, her long black hair looking mussed and as if she had just gotten a world class endeavor in the sack. She wore no bra or panties, merely an oversize dress shirt that covered her lovely convctions.

"What's going on? Where is everyone?"

Rayne shrugged. "Anue went to the store, and I have no idea where Taryn and Syria went."

"Huh..." Tahllia walked over to the coffee pot, and poured herself some. Downing it in one gulp, she showed no signs of apprehension from her dreams. "Blech... this stuff is nasty..."

"Then why are you drinking it?" Rayne asked.

"Because I need my caffine." Tahlia quipped.

Rayne shrugged, and started talking to Damia again. Tahlia went about her buisness, and finally went back to her room to dress. Pulling her usual attire on, she laced her corset tight, and then pulled on her leather pants and high heels. On exiting her room, she sat down on the couch, drinking more coffee.

"Tahlia... you might want to get some different clothing..."


Rayne smiled. "How do you feel about high school?"
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"I... Damia and I... We use to be in a, uhm...relationship...," Syria was telling Taryn.

"Oh...," Taryn replied. "So, not to be pushy, but what happened? You seem to be really troubled..."

"We, uh... we knew each other way back when we were both "good" angels. But after I...did something really shitty and had to...leave her... I left without a word. I just abandoned her...," Syria sighed.

"...It sounds like you really didn't have a choice."

"That doesn't make it right!"

"Look, I'm sure Damia will forgive you!"

"But I'm not sure I can forgive myself."

"There's nothing I can do about that... Come on, let's go back."

"But-! Can I face her?!"

"Since when have you ever doubted yourself? Or have you gotten weak?"

"No, no, no! It's not that!"

"Then what?"

"I... I sort of like Tahlia..."

"Well, shit. You really need to work this out... Anyway, we need to get back there before they get worried."

"Okay. Hey, thanks for coming after me."

"We're a team, remember?"

When Syria and Taryn got back to the apartment, Syria was greeted by Damia. "Syria! It's been so long!" Damia gasped, hugging Syria. "I'm sorry I couldn't make contact with you, but you just completely disappeared!" Syria felt a pain in her heart.

"I... I just..."

"I missed you so much..."

"Yeah... I missed you, too..."

"Hey, not so handsy with my girlfriend there!" Tahlia laughed. Damia looked at Tahlia in surprise, not sure if it was a joke or not. Then she turned to Syria, who in turn looked away.
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[SIZE=3][COLOR=DarkGreen][FONT=Century Gothic]"Hey, not so handsy with my girlfriend there!"

Damia looked back to Syria, who just turned away. She knew Syria well enough to know what this reaction meant. Syria wouldn't face Damia, so she looked over at Tahlia. Damia smiled and walked over to Syria's new lover.

"Congratulations!" Damia meant to say it much louder, but it only came out as a whisper, that only Syria and Tahlia heard. She hugged Tahlia and started to cry, as she still smiled.

"I'll see you guys later. I need to lay down for a bit. I'm a bit tired from my journey." Damia said, still fighting back the tears and trying to act like everything was normal.

"Bye!" She yelled, waving and running out of the room.

So this was it. It was bad enough that Syria had disappeared from her, but now this. Deep down inside, Damia thought this might happen. However she didn't want to believe it, and kept pretending that Syria would be waiting for her. Damia stopped running and wiped some tears from her eyes. She had to be happy for Syria and Tahlia now.

She didn't realize it though, but she had ran into Syria's room by mistake. She lay down on the bed and closed her eyes, trying to shut out the world as she did.
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"Get Anue back in here and wake up Damia."

Anue yelled from the kitchen, "IT CAN WAIT! I'M COOKING!"

Sighing, Rayne walked over to a book shelf, removing an ancient peice of parchment from the top shelf. He placed it on the wooden coffee table in the living room and unfurled it, revealing nothing more than a blank canvas.

"What's that?" Syria asked.

"A map. One we're going to use." Rayne placed his finger on the paper, and his eyes blinked red as he ran his finger along the blank parchment. Suddenly, lines and names began to appear, showing it to be a map.

"Handy. How'd you come across that?" Taryn asked, walking back in with Damia.

"Old friend." Rayne replied. "Damia, where are the teenagers being kidnapped from and where are they being dumped?"

Damia looked over the map, her brows furrowed. "I know that the kids were kidnapped from various places around town, mainly from around the West Brooke Shopping Mall. and public high school. They were dumped near public places, though it seems that no one noticed how, it seems the kids just appeared out of nowhere.

Rayne snorted. "They probably did after being changed into monsters in disguise."

Tahlia spoke up. "Rayne, I can use the computer to find out more about these kidnappings..."

"Do it. I certainly can't... Find out all you can about these kids. Where they lived, where they went to school, anything that might link them together."

"Got it." Tahlia took a seat at the computer, and she turned it on. Rayne and the others discussed why these kids might have been so special, what set them apart as targets.

"Rayne, I got something... and it doesn't make any sense. The first of the kidnappings occured just a few years ago. Seven female teens, of mixed backgrounds, ethnicities, and families, all in the course of a few days. They were later found in the alley behind the police station. None of them were able to identify their assailants, nor did they appear to be sexually assulted an anyway. The kids didn't seem to be aby worse for the wear though, so the Police dropped the case and assumed it to be a weirdo who just did something strange. Since then, there have been random and sparadic kidnappings, seemingly to keep the town on its toes. Still, the police have never been able to get anything out of them.

Damia nodded. "That makes sense, the group in question we're going after has been known to stay in one place for a few years at a time."

"But, that's not what's weird. There's no record of anything about these kids before the crimes. No birth certificates, no social security numbers, addresses, anything. It seems like... these kids were posted missing and that's the first time anyone had heard about them. Since then, there have been things subbmitted for school and such, but there's no actual record of these kids other than forged documents and addresses. None of them really existed before the kidnappings."

Anue walked into the living room, with heaps of food, noticing them all planning their attack. "What's going on?"

"Syria, would you be so kind as to fill in our latecomer?"

Syria did so, reiterating all that had transpired since she had been out.

"Wait... these kids aren't real?"

"No.. hence the story they were being turned into monsters." Taryn replied. "So... if these kids weren't actually kids, theen what are they?"

"Monsters, of course. This group is obviously move and plan. Tahlia, how many other places around the country have had other occurences similar to this?"

After about a minute, Tahlia said, "Nine. All together, there were sixteen kidnappings in each occurence, and numerous other disappearences. Many of which were found in the woods.... all mauled to death by what the authorities belived to be wild animals."

"So there are sixteen of them?" Anue asked, and Tahllia responded. "Well, we can assume that number at least, though there might be more, especially if you consider the idea that the parents might be demons, too."

Rayne shook his head. "Unllikely. In San Bernardo, the first Kidnappings, where are the kids now?"

After yet another moment, Tahlia shook her head. "They are all enrolled as students at San Bernardo Public High School."

Turning around, Tahlia smiled. "Apparently, the girls all on the Cheerleading squad were kidnap victims as well as various other students."

Rayne smiled widely, his eyes sparkling with mischief. "Anyone up fpr a pep rallly?"
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"Monster Cheerleaders and Demonic biker chicks, we might want to leave Syria, Damia, and Tahila here. They might convert to the other team." Taryn chuckled as he turned and headed towards his room.

He grabbed his duffel he always kept packed at the ready. Checked his gun and his speed loaders to make sure he had an ample supply.

Walking out he plopped down at the table where Anue had set breakfast out for everybody to eat as they got ready. He smiled at the beautiful T-bone and scrambled eggs plate. He began steadily devouring every flavorfull bite, turning he shouted down the hallway.

"If somebody doesn't join me soon I'm going to start on somebody elses food."
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Anue sat down with Taryn and smiled as he took another bite.
He nodded making her smile more and a light blush to dust her cheeks. Looking down at her own she felt her stomach grumble as the smell of the ribeye steak, hashborwns, fruit and over easy eggs came up to meet her nose. Grabbing her fork she clased her eyes thanks whatever diety for the food and dug in sighing happily as the egg yolk covered her tounge Rayne came in a little while afrerwards follwed by the others and each grabbed a plate and piled on whatever they wanted. Anue hid a smile behind the bite of food she put in her mouth, something he noticed about the fallen angels and the risen demons that she kept company with is that each of them ate more than any normal human could and they never really seemed to get enough. All of them always seemed to be eatting something at some point in time, wether a small snack or a full blown meal. And Anue had also realized that somehow she had become the cook of the group, not that she minded, she loved to cook and the others didn't seem to mind her meals either and it wasn't unusual for one of them to ask her what was for dinner that night. She held back a snicker as she looked at all the food that was on everyone's plates and left on the plated on the counter and frying pans, she always made enough to feed a small army and there was always nothing left. She was pulled out of her thoughts as Taryn elbowed her arm.
"What's so funny?"
"Nothng, just thinking of random stuff.
Tahila let out a snort of mocking laughter.
"There's no surprise. When does anything you do really ever make sense?"
Anue frowned and stuck her tounge out childishly making Rayne smirk around his fork.
"Whatever, I'm the one with a bike so you can bite my ass."
"No thank you, that's what Syria is for."
Anue faked gaged as Tayrn and Damia shook their heads, Rayne looked up.
"You asked for that one Anue."
Anue shot Rayne a glare.
"Oi, I never asked you oh fearless leader."
The others shook their heads smirking or laughing lightly.
"Anyway, you said we're up against cheerleaders? Are you serious? That's awsome, I finally get to kick the shit out of the preppy bitches that gave me shit."
Taryn blinked and looked at her.
"I figured they would be dead and gone by now, your human life was years ago."
Anue shrugged.
"All of them are the same, all of them thinking their better than everyone cause they have money and a rich daddy to give them everything they ask for whenever they want it with a big house over their heads...makes me sick..."
Anue had lost her smile and was staring down at plate that was half eatten, sighing she pushed it away and stood up pushing her chair back in.
"I'm gonna go get ready."
As she left everyone at the table exchanged looks knowing that she never wasted food for some unknown reason, she was almost OCD over it. Anue closed her door behind her and leaned on and let out another heavy sigh as she pulled her wrapped scyth from under her bed and changed into her usual attire that she usually fought in.
"I dunno why I started in like that...should have never..."
She sat on her bed and looked at her hands in her lap letting out another sigh she reached back under her bed and pulled out the book bag and set it next to her scyth, falling back onto her bed and stared at the ceiling.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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Tahlia chomped onto her steak, savoring it. "We really should be getting ready to go..." Tahlia remarked to no one in particular.

Syria snorted. "Please. They're expecting us. No need to rush into something when they know we're coming." Tahlia scooted closer to Syria, leaning over close and licking her cheek clean of the dribble of egg yolk.


"Mm.. yummy..." Tahlia teased, a wide smile on her face. Syria wiped off her cheek, grimancing, and glancing over at Damia. "Just... tone it down a little... okay?"

Tahlia shrugged. "Sure thing, whatever you want." Tahlia didn't scoot away, though she ceased her antics. "So what's the plan when we get to the school? I mean, not all of us look like young enough humans to be students."

"Well... we're going to need false identification and forged documents, just like them. They know our faces, and it's not like we can shapeshift our human forms to appear as we like, though we can assume they can. We also don't know the extent of their abilities. More than likely, neither do they. But, I assume Taryn and Anue beat their assailants up pretty good before they got away. Naturally, with two of them down temporarilly, they won't attack us until they're at full strength again."

"No shit, Sherlock. Thank God the school doesn't have uniforms, or we'd have a problem." Tahlia jiggled her boobs, laughing. "The girls like the air."

"So does Syria. She's oogling them like a fat kid does cake." Rayne said, and Syria threw a throw pillow at him as he laughed and leaned out of the way.

"Anyway.. Let's get ready We head out in an hour to handle the forged identities..."

Tahlia cocked her head. "How are we managing that?"

Rayne smiled. "The same friend who gave me that map."
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Taryn glanced at Damia, he couldn't help worrying about this whole Syria and Tahila and how it would affect the three of them in the event things turned tough with this school invasion.

The others could possibly pass for high school seniors, unfortunetly Taryn carried an aged look that he doubted would be met with anything but doubt, instead he was going to go in as a teacher.

Standing up he walked past Damia bending down, "help me clear the table. We need to talk now." grabbing his and Anue's plates he went into the kitchen, started some water for dishes and scraped the plates into the garbage.

Damia entered slightly timidly confirming Taryn's theory the issue with Syria was affecting the girl deaply. Scraping the plates herself the girl dropped the dishes she gathered into the water and turned towards the kitchen door.

"Give it time." Taryn's words stopped the girl, but she didn't look at him.

"Syria is ashamed of what you do, and Tahila just likes to see people uncomfortable. She doesn't mean anything by it. I don't know your situation anymore then Syria told me, but she feels bad and needs time."

The girl turned towards him, she had tears welling up slightly in her eyes. "I...I thought we'd be together forever. I never thought she'd find somebody else."

Taryn had planned a big speech about keeping her head in the game, but he felt for her. He felt like an outsider when he first joined Rayne and the others, it took Anue to reach out to him before he felt he was part of the team.

"Listen Damia, few people are given the gift we are. The ability to live an extended life here on earth, and some of you are lucky enough to have been to heaven. There are plenty of people, if Syria doesn't return your feelings anymore you'll find somebody. If not, then just remember you have friends here, and no matter how strong your feelings are for somebody, keeping a close friend is sometimes better then losing them forever..."

Damia turned an exited, he prayed he made the right decision. He worried she'd put his friends in danger by being upset, but she had a reputation of being strong and hopefully the "love triangle" would work itself out.

"Taryn let's go!" Rayne's voice pierced his thoughts. Drying his hands he left the kitchen, ready to get this started.
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[I]San Bernardo Public High School[/I]. Eilif never thought that he would be returning to high school. He had spent a two and a half years, right after his merger, failing classes and making enemies. Education was built up from a foundation, and he had skipped that step. Some things like math and science made common sense and he was able to do well. History and English were harder for him because he didn't know basic historical events and while he could speak English, studying the language was very frustrating, some words were spelled the same but sounded different, some words were spelled different but sounded the same, sentences were but together in odd ways and needed a lot of extra "fluff" to communicate basic things.

[I]San Bernardo Public High School[/I]. It had been decided that it would be best for him to enter the school and help kill the "Dark Hunters" when they walked into the trap. He would be registered as a senior and it was decided that he would befriend and destroy as many members as he could. [I]It seems to be in my nature to double cross as many people I can... Though I will befriend them, I will not kill them. Nor will I even participate in the battle that will surely commence. I need these Dark Hunters and the information that they have at their disposal. I helped the enemy plan for the arrival of our friends, the people in charge of this feral band are dumb. They are easy to manipulate, even though I have never meet them. I thought for sure that I had sent those two to their death, but them were more resilient that I thought. I had hoped that they would study the corpses of the women and find the clues I had laced their suits with that would lead them here... to me. But the wretches couldn't even manage to get themselves killed [/I]. Oliver hoped that this group of "heroes" had put it all together and would be coming, after all how was he going to join their group if they never came.

His phone vibrated in his pocket. Oliver pulled it out and recognized the number as his new employer. He set the phone to silent without answering it and returned it back to his pocket. It had been easy to get them to go along with his plan. He told them that no matter what their plans were, this group of hunters would ruin them unless they where killed as soon as possible. While explaining himself to them, he told them that the longer they wait the stronger the group will become, whether they are strengthening their skills or adding new members. Oliver had aided them in locating the hunters, even visiting their current address a few days ago. If only locating his true objective was as easy.

His parents... or rather Oliver's parents were worried sick about him. After his battle with Azel, he fell unconscious in the middle of the campus and was found by students around 8 o'clock. He was taken to the hospital and his parents... Oliver's parents came in. He feigned amnesia, which stopped all the investigations and the questions from his friends and family... Oliver's friends and family. After his recovery he returned to school for a few weeks and then "found a good job" that required him to travel. They were upset that he had decided to drop out of college, but it was inevitable, if Eilif remained around his family... Oliver's family, then Yami could undoubted find him again and he would be putting the family in danger. He had to separate from his human part as soon as possible... and he knew exactly who could help him. He checked his phone for the time. [I]Time for my first day of school.[/I]
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Anue jumped as Rayne knocked on her door.
"Anue what's the hold up, we gotta go!"
Opening her mouth she closed it and swallowed the lump in her throat.
"Y-yeah, I'll be right out."
Standing she grabbed her bag and scyth and opened her door, Rayne looked at the weapon and shook his head.
"What? Why not?"
"It's to conpicuous."
She slid it back under her bed with her foot and than tapped the said foot on the floor.
"Whatever, I don't need it to kick some ass."
She walked out of her room past Rayne and sighed inwardly as she ran fast first into Taryn, litterally, she looked up, her face in his chest, a light blush on her cheeks.
"Sorry, kinda distracted."
"Anue are you-"
"I'm fine, just going back to hell on earth. Rich bitches and drug addicts, band geeks and muscle bound jocks. Yay."
Taryn noticed that she had said the first line with much more strain than the others but said nothing.
"Just...if I start acting kinda weird don't worry about me, I'll be fine."
"Anue, what's wrong?"
"Nothing, I'll be fine."
She walked past him and stopped as he put his hand on her shoulder.
"We're here for you Anue."
"Not this time, your not...I won't fit in anywhere, look, I've never told anyone anything about my past. I was an outcast all my life, I was most people call a uh...well I was a streetrat. I had nothing."
She sighed and pushed past him looking at her feet the whole time. Grabbing her bike helmet she felt the tinest bit of bile rise to her throat.
"L-lets get this over with. I just wanna kill these bastards and come home in time for dinner."[/FONT][/COLOR]
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Rayne knocked on the door of the desolate looking building, his eyes scanning the decaying bricks and broken windows. The woman inside had resided here for almost fifty years, though she had been here on this mortal coil for much longer than any of his team. Her abilities were unique, though Rayne couldn't even begin to comprehend them. For all Rayne knew about her, she was simply an old friend with a talent for making maps and false identification cards and documents.

But, that was all he needed to know.

The woman cracked the door, and peered out at him. "Rayne? To what do I owe the pleasure of this visit?" Her voice croaked, sounding heavy and older than time itself. Her withered hand showed immense signs of age, ancient burn scars riddling it.

"Masomein, I need your help... me and my friends. We're going after some bad people... And need a bit of a cover to get close to them."

"You speak delicately... and I already know why you have come." Masomein opened the door, and Rayne winced at the sight of the shriveled old woman, who appeared as a human though immpossibly old and horribly scarred by fire. The group members each trailed to Rayne's side, their reactions not much better than his. However, like him, they were at least smart enough not to say anything about it.

Masomein ushered them inside, and down a flight of stairs. They entered into a living area, though the furniture reminded Rayne of a kindly grandmother's home. Lacy doillies, overstuffed chairs, and lush carpet filled the room.

"I don't do this for free, you know." Masomein said, her eyes bright and silver. Rayne held up a roll of hundred dollar bills, a sum that the team had aquired from various hunts in the past and their own lifetimes. The team had plenty more cash, this was like throwing away mere pennies of their collective wealth. "Will this suffice?"

"That is more than adaquate... So kind you are... Always a pleasure to do buisness." Masomein chirped happily. Removing from a shelf were several brown manilla envelopes, each still eminating some kind of mystical energy. "You'll find everything is in order. I hope you enjoy your stay in California... And give my regards to Rasputin, would you?"

"Who's he?" Anue asked, looking confused.

"Oh, dear, he's an old friend. Hee owes me a romp in the hay."

Rayne smiled at the blank stares and supressed shivers the others gave Masomein, and it was all he could do to not burst into laughter. "Come one. It's time to go."

"Oh? You won't stay for some tea, dearies?"

"I'm sorry, but this is rather pressing. Next time, I'll definitely come just to enjoy a cup of tea. Besides, I don't think my friends are keeping their breakfast down very well after that little joke."

Indeed, Anue, Syria, Tahlia, and even Taryn looked like they were turning green. Masomein threw her head back, cackling like a crazy witch. "Remember, looks can be deceiving." She waved her aged hand around, it plumping up and rejeuvanating the years time had seemingly done. Her skin softened, the wrinkles and scars disappearing. Her thin grey hair thickened to a lushious auburn, and she flashed a million dollar smile. The others looked rather releived at this. But, just as quickly, she returned to her decrepid body, and this again made them uneasy.

"Don't worry... I won't betray you." Masomein spoke. "Rayne has been a dear friend for a long time. I won't do freebie jobs, but I won't betray him. Saddly, I must bid you farewell, especially if you're wishing to catch a flight to California. You'll find your living arangments have already been taken care of as well. Enjoy the view."

Looking confused, the others all looked at their envelopes. Rayne bowed, and bid the woman farewell.


A few hours later, the rag tag group was piling into an elevator, their bags making it more crowded. They were on their way up to a penthouse suite on the seventeenth floor of a rather posh apartment building, in Rayne's opinion ir reeked of high class foo foo biggotry. They had all read their files, and gone over the documents on the plane trip here.

Taryn was a newly appointed substitute teacher for gym class, and the rest of them students with remarkable credentials and 4.0 grades. Their envelopes had each contained a cellular phone, paid for until the end of the month. Masomein had been thurough, and even their I.D. cards were perfect, no one would be able to tell they were forged, even by magical means. Infact, they were all quite well off for the next month, aside from food. But, money was of no concern, indeed, they could each live for the next century easily off of the money they had amassed.

Rayne threw his bag on a couch, and eyeballed the room. "Looks like we've moved up in the world, boys and girls."
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"Moved up and ready to fight possessed preps," Syria said, stretching her arms upward to get a kink out of her shoulders. "I haven't lived in a place this big in quite some time..." Syria began unpacking. Her bag contained some clothes, but mostly a bunch of scented stuff.
"Got enough lilac lotion there, Syria?" Anue commented.
"Feh! I'm about to go into a place where everyone is judged in every way! I already [I]look[/I] perfect, so I'll be damned if I get shunned because I smell like cheap soap!"
"Glad to know you're so modest."
"Yes, well, it [I]does[/I] take [I]some[/I] personality to be able to fit in with these bitches, now doesn't it?"
"And no brains."
"Don't go there!"

"So..." Damia started, trying to make some conversation with Syria when everyone was almost unpacked. "Are you nervous?"
"Of course not!" Syria scoffed.
".....Do you think you and Tahlia will fit in well?"
"We'd better! If anyone in that school thinks they're too good for me, I'll have their heads knocked off!" Syria growled, putting her glasses away. Damia chuckled. "Hey, what's with the questions, anyway? Don't you think I can do this?"
"Oh! I have no doubt! It's just that you're always doing all these dangerous jobs and being the bait... It's only natural that I should get worried, right?"
"Yeah, well, don't! It's insulting to my abilities! I can get myself out of almost any danger! Ad the danger I [I]can't[/I] get myself out of, you guys will always help me, right?"
"Of course!"
"...Then stop worrying," Syria finished with a smile.
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Anue went to her room and threw her bag against the wall and watched as it flopped down onto the bed and sighed.
[I]'Yes, well, it does take some personality to be able to fit in with these bitches, now doesn't it?'[/I]
She let out a slightly unhuman growl as Syria's comment went through her mind, it wasn't like she knew about Anue's past, and she hid it well but being in this place made her uncomfortable. She shook her head and began to unpack, her clothes were simple, mostly black. Her make up was black as well. She sat down on the bed an sighed again. This was going to be harder than hell and even worse she wasn't really going to be to talk to many of the others, Syria, Tahlia, and Damia would all three be with the 'IN' crowd; there was no telling where Rayne would be and Taryn would be poseing as a substitute teacher she would barely be able to get near them without being patranized. Putting her face in her hands she sighed and changed into another outfit and went into the main room where the kitchen was connected and began cooking, she had at least 5 pans out and was making something different in each of them, she jumped when she felt arms encircle her waist.
"You seemed bothered."
"Oh...hey Damia...it's nothing really."
Damia shrugged realizeing that Anue really didn't want to talk and walked off to get her things unpacked as well. Anue sighed glad that she had been able to graze that bullet and continued cooking. It wasn't til Taryn leaned on the counter and plucked something from one of her pans that she really made any kind of reaction.
"Damnit Taryn, what have I told you about doing that?"
"Tell me what's bothering you and I'll stop doing it for good."
She swalloed the retort in her throat.
"I told you before we left."
"So why is that bothering you?"
"Why wouldn't it? Everyone else is gonna be just fine, me not so much. Girls like that can smell scum from a mile away."
"You think your scum?"
"What else can I be Taryn?"
She plated all the different foods and put them on the counter and walked out of the back glass door and onto the balcony and looked out at the city not looking forward to the mission, not one bit.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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Rayne had silently watched the entire scene unfold with Anue, and when Taryn moved to follow her, Rayne caught his arm. "Allow me. You'll let your feelings get in the way."

"And you won't?" Taryn shot back, and then looked down at his feet, ashamed because he knew better. Rayne was the one they could all talk to, the one who never judged them. Rayne did whatever was nessessary to take care of them, placing them first before the mission. Rayne could very well take any of them on, though he never claimed he could beat them in any kind of fight. "No, I won't. I know your intentions are pure, Taryn, but you might only agravate her more right now. Let me talk to her."

Taryn looked as if to say something, though he sighed dejectedly and went back to get something to eat.

Rayne turned and walked out onto the balcony, closing the sliding glass door behind him. Anue was so lost in her own thoughts she didn't notice him right away.

"What do you want?" Anue snapped when she finally realized Rayne was there.

"Scum, huh?" Rayne crossed his arms and leaned against the wall. He said nothing else, though Anue turned to gaze at him, her eyes misted over with anger and sorrow. "Yeah. That's all I was... dirt to wipe off of people's shoes. Maybe I still am."

Rayne snorted. "Really? If that were the case, I don't think Taryn would be so taken with you." Rayne advanced on Anue, his eyes glowing red. Anue became unerved, Rayne's eyes when in human form only glowed red when he was angry. Massive, black wings unfurled from Rayne's back, and his hair grew down to his ankles. "I hold a power in this form I never display." Rayne's face was unreadable, his expression one of stone. "I hold all the power that is Judgement, and I am it's true form."

Anue took in a deep rasping breath as Rayne reached out and touched her face, his carress cold and chilling her to the bone. He held no warmth, no love, no hate, no compassion, and no malice. He simply WAS. "I have never used this power on anyone, do you know why?"

Anue shook her head, her eyes a wide as saucers. "I-I-I-"

"Silence!" Rayne hissed. "If I felt you were scum you wouldn't EXIST anymore! I personally would have put you out of your misery!" Rayne placed his hand on her face, and she rasped in a single breath. She was scared now, truely scared. Rayne had never acted like this, not ever.

"Now, you listen to me, Anue. And you listen good. You are you, and you prove your merit over and over. You are one of the furthest things from scum. I have heard how you speak of humans, and your actions further more prove you are a good person. Your past is your past, andd no one can change it. You and I both know Tahlia's nightmares are memories of something she's better off not remembering. If I were to judge her for them, then the world would lose one more precious gem."

Anue trembled, and fell to her knees, Rayne falling with her as she sobbed into his chest. Putting his arms around her, she let out her frustrations, her sorrows, her agressions, everything. After a few minutes, Anue stood up, and Rayne smiled. "You okay now?"

Grasping Rayne's shirt, Anue hauled off and punched him in the chest with her other hand. "Asshole... That was a mean prank... Scaring the shit out of me like that... And yes, I'm feeling alot better now." Anue walked back into the apartment, sauntering her hips as she walked. From above, came Taryn's whistle. "Aside from that last part, I'd say you did pretty well. How'd you learn to act so well? That power schpeel was a good one."

"Simple. Always use the truth." Rayne remarked, walking back in after Anue, much to Taryn's shocked face.
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[FONT=Century Gothic][SIZE=3][COLOR=Green]Damia was now ready to be a part of the 'IN crowd'. This was only physically though. Mentally, she would probably never be ready. But she would do her best. She had, in her mortal life, friends who were considered popular. So she knew how to act. Thanks to Syria's suggestions, she was now wearing a perfect 'IN crowd' outfit. Damia had originally thrown a pair of glasses on, to be cute, but Syria got rid of them since she said they would seem too 'geeky'.

She was happy that Syria had calmed down enough to talk to her again. Her heart almost jumped at the idea of them getting back together, but she remembered the wise advice that Taryn had given her.

"If not, then just remember you have friends here, and no matter how strong your feelings are for somebody, keeping a close friend is sometimes better then losing them forever..."

she nodded to herself, and walked out to see what everyone else was up to. Damia spotted Anue and surprised her with a hug around her waist. Anue jumped and looked down.

"You seemed bothered."

Anue tried to smile.

"Oh...hey Damia...it's nothing really."

Damia wasn't convinced, but she gave Anue one more quick squeeze and walked off. She knew if she probed deeper, it would only bother Anue.

"Besides," Damia thought, "I can't think straight until I get used to this." Damia adjusted her clothes several different times. Everything was very tight fitting. Sure she dressed up sometimes, even though she had been a bit of a tomboy before she died, but not like this.

"I'll go see if anyone else is almost ready. I hope Anue feels better soon." Damia said to herself.
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Anue let out a final sigh and walked back to her room and changed into something slightly more comfortable for school and once done she looked at herself and was pleased with the result. She was in a pair of black tripp pants with out the chains and safty pins, a tight grey tank top that showed part of her middrift off. A black cloth chocker around her neck and a black leather band on each of her wrists. Her hair was brushed out and straight past her shoulders and her makeup was simple black eyeliner and dark grey eyeshadow. The black pants and dark grey shirt set off her alabaster skin well. It made her look almost glowing and she was pleased with the over all look she had pulled off, although it wasn't to far from her usual look. The small silver cross hung around her neck glittered in the dim light of her room. Grabbing her black and lime green mail bag she slug it over her shoulder, put her i-pod in her pocket and let the headphones rest over her shoulders. She opened the door and walked out, stopping by the kitchen she put her hand on hip and pushed the fake thin, black framed glasses high up on her nose and placed a hand on her hip looking down at Taryn as he ate.
"How many plates that now?"
He looked up, the fork he was useing paused infront of his mouth.
"Yeah I know, i look weird, don't rub it in."
"N-no, I think you fine-uh good-uh well you know what I'm trying to say."
Anue let out a giggle and grabbed a plate for her self and pile it with food.
"So, your going to be a teacher huh?"
She leaned in and ran a finger across his chin and let a sultry smile spread on her face.
"I'd do anything for an A..."
he choked the bite of food he was chewing making her laugh out loud.
"Wow, your to easy. You think you'll be able to handle those little girls?"
"uh...well I...you see the thing is...you caught me off gaurd damnit!"
Anue laughed outright and began eatting herself, her usual spark back in her eyes. She looked up at Rayne as he walked through and flicked a piece of waffle at him and mouthed a thank you before she went back to teaseing Taryn.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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Taryn's face was beat red, he was rarely at a loss for words and even more seldom was it that he lost his cool, but Anue always new how to disarm him.

Taking another bite she finally paused in her laughter for him to speak, "You know me Anue, I wouldn't go for a preped up hooker so I won't have any trouble." Looking back to Anue Taryn felt his face get red, not from embarassment but from the thoughts running through his head.

Standing up quickly he grabbed his unfinished plate and turned to walk out the room. This trip was finally catching up to him, like Tahila he'd had a past the group wasn't aware of. Unlike her, he could remember the pain from his human life, and something about that moment brought it back hard.

"Taryn, you okay?" Rayne's hand on his shoulder made him pause. He let himself remember how much his team needed him to be calm, and his role would be the most easily blown if he wasn't focused, Rayne wouldn't let him be unless he was convinced everything was fine.

Turning he leaned in to Rayne, "Yeah I just feel bad for Anue, being thrust into a past that terrifies her."

Giving the hand he had on Taryn's shoulder a squeeze, "All you can do is be there for her, just like she may have to be there for you one day." Turning away Taryn sighed a bit as he thought to himself.

[I]"Damn he doesn't miss anything...no sense dwelling over it. I have to get ready for school tomorrow."[/I]

Taryn went to his room, locking the door behind him and began unpacking his clothes, and deciding on which outfit he should wear.
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Kari was walking around very nervous. She wanted to know what happened to the cheerleaders. She was nervous knowing that there disappearances weren't natural.She hoped the police would find them. She didn't want them to die like her parents

She was walking around in the school hallway. She was in front of her locker. Suddenly she got a strange head ache. "[I]The boy with hazel eyes and pale skin has answers" [/I]a voice in her head said. "Huh?" Kari wondered what had just happened. She wrote that down and the words stayed in her memory.
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Anue lounged back into the couch as she flipped on the TV, seeing the 360 on the shelf she smile wide adn jumped up and onto Rayne's back as he passed.
"Play Army of TWO with me?"
"You know we have to get ready."
"We have ALL day to do that. Please?"
She pouted, sticking her bottom lip as far as it would go.
"C'mon... Just for a little bit?"
"Why not get Taryn to do it, you guys are usually joined at the hip."
"He's locked himself in his room. O please!"
"Alright alright, if it'll get you to stop whineing."
Hopping off his back she landed on the couch and picked up her controller and readied her self for the game.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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Tahlia had entered her room, though she hadn't thought it would be so glamourous.

"Well... This is nice..." Tahlia shrugged, and opened her suitcase. She looked through her things, and realized nothing was too appropriate for being a high school student. She picked up a white dress shirt, and tossed it on the bed. Undoing her corset, she tossed it up on the ceiling fan. Staring at it for a moment, she then smiled. "Nice decoration..." she commented to herself and picked a black lacy bra from the mass of clothing. After putting it on, she pulled the shirt around her and buttoned it up, sure to show off her 'endearments' and then she put on a pair of black slacks. Satisfied with the clothing, she grasped a pair of designer glasses, these of course looking sheek and anything but geeky. After all of this, Tahlia pulled her hair back into a ponytail with a scrunchy patterned with skulls. Then, it was time for the bright red pumps.

Tahlia then decided to show off her look. "So, think I could pass for a school girl?" She asked, walking into the main room where Rayne and Anue were playing some kind of video game. Pausing the game, they turned to look at her, their eyes widening before Anue burst into laughter. "Maybe a Sorority Slut..." She breathed between laughing fits. Rayne's eyebrows forrowed in confusion. "Are you serious?"

Syria at that moment walked by, and stopped to stare at Tahlia. "You.... you..."

Talia walked over, and placed her hand on Syria's chin, closing her mouth. "Close your mouth... It's a bit rude." Tahlia Said, and licked her lips. "Come on with me... We need to go shopping for some clothes while the stores are open."

"O-okay..." Syria responded, still in shock.
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Oliver sat on his bed giving a piercing glare to his suitcase. He had forgot to bring socks along for his "business trip" (on account of being ambushed every few seconds by a random family member asking about why he had to leave and other questions to which he pretended not to know the answer.) and didn't have room to pack any sandals. He didn't really need socks, but the fact that he would be spending all day walking to halls of a high school with no socks meant bad smelling feet and/or blisters on his heels. Both afflictions weren't life threatening, but he didn't like the idea of either of them. He had thought about wearing his slippers to school, but a quick skim through the student agenda he was given said that they were against dress code.

[I]I guess I will just have to go to the store and get some socks[/I]

He got up and gave himself a once over in the bathroom mirror. He needed to shave and he was only wearing sleep pants printed with martinis and a gray tank top. The pants were a gag present from one of his college roommates after watching Oliver chug a whole pitcher on a dare, back when pretending to be a college student was the most important thing for Eilif.

[I]There isn't any sense dirtying another outfit, the laundry mat is already expensive enough without extra pairs of pants and shirts.[/I] He slipped on his leather jacket and his slippers grabbed his car keys and walked out the door, locking his small one bed room apartment behind him. Off to the store to buy some socks, before they close.
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Anue rolled from suide to side on the couch and than fell off as she laughed.
"That's great! She always wears thsoe freakin corsets it would make sense that she would know jack shit about dressing like a teenager!"
Sitting up she wiped tears of mirth from her eyes and looked over at the screen and wailed as she saw that she had landed on the contorller and started the game, the words 'Game Over' Flashed on the screen in big red letters.
"Well fuck."
Shrugging she got up and rolled her arms looseing up her muscles.
"i'm gonna go check on Taryn, he's been in there for a while, make sure he's alright."
rayne nodded smiling slightly and knowingly. Anue made her way through the back of the room and down the hall til she reached Taryn's door, knocking on it lightly she Leaned on the door frame when he opened it and smiled as he scratched the back of his neck.
"Hey, came to make sure your alright, you've been in here for a while."
"Yeah, I'm okay. Just getting into character."
Rolling her eyes she scoffed.
"Taryn, if you got anymore into character I think you'd be just as stuffy as the rest of the teachers in the world, and than what would I do?"
"What do you mean?"
"I'd have to find someone else to pick on. And I don't wanna do that, your my favorite person in the whole world!"
She gave a large smile not realizeing how those words could have been taken wrong on accident.
"I mean really you and Rayne are the only ones that don't scold me every five minutes, and Damia but she's not here all the time so she doesn't count. And I think I just get on the other's nerves cause they always look at me like I'm a child, which don't get me wrong doesn't bother me, but still. But than again I suppose I am a child at heart aren't I?"
She giggled and put her hands behind her back rocking on the balls of her feet, her large grin still in place. Taryn blinked as he realized that she had spoken all of that in a singel breath.
"How much coffee have you had today?"
Anue giggled again and began counting on her fingers til she just closed her eyes and shrugged.
"Who was on your caffine watch today?"
"You were."
Taryn slapped his forehead realizeing he'd been in his room most of the time.
"Alright, your cut off."
Anue pouted but than looked up with an overly large smile making Taryn blink in surprise.
"They have a gym here, wanna spar!"
Rayn cut that short as he yelled from the living room.
"No sparring, your so hyped up you'd destroy the place and not realize it til we had to leave town. Just wrestle with each other in the room or something as long as you don't break anything."
Rayne smirked at his choice of words, Taryn blushed lightly as it seemed to go in one ear and out the other with Anue as she stood there smiling.
"That sounds like it could be fun!"
Taryn choked on his breath as Rayne busted out laughing from the living room making Anue blink, confused.
"What did I say this time?"
She was to chilish like this for her own good, she looked up at Taryn blinking, a small smile still in place but still clearly confused by Rayne's outburst and Taryn's discomfort, til she stopped and concentrated on the conversation, a blush flared in her cheeks and she whirled around yelling down the hall.
"Your a sick sick man Rayne! We can't do that now! You know how much trouble he'd get in for that, he'd be sleeping with a student! We'll have to wait till we get home!"
Hearing Rayne snickering in the living room she smiled herself proud that she had made him laugh and looked up at Taryn to see him blinking down at her, his cheeks slightly more red than they had been a moment before, she put a hand behind her head and giggled, her own cheeks getting a little more rosey.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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"Hey, Babe? Do you think this will look good on me?" Tahlia held up a studded colar, and oogled it imensely.

"Put it back... We're shopping for school clothes... not to be in some fetish magazine."

"Aw...." Putting the colar back on the shelf, Tahlia moved to the next rack, though Syria crossed her arms. "Do we have to go to this store? It's not... 'in' crowd friendly."

"Who the hell said I wanted to be in that mob of people?" Tahlia retorted. "OOOO!" Tahlia grabbed a pair of pink sneakers from a shelf, and Syria sighed. "At least it's not that collar..."

"Careful, sweetcakes, I might put you in handcuffs tonight." At this, Syria blushed like mad, and Tahlia smiled. "Come on, I'm only joking... But seriously, think these are kind of cool?"

Syria eyed the pink shoes, and shrugged. "Eh.. yeah. Just find some good accessories if you're serious about your look while in school."

Tahlia crossed her arms. "Well, we need to get into all aspects of the school, right? I think the goth crowd would be good for me. What about you?"

Syria shrugged. "Some one who's not in a clique? I guess being just a nobody and unoticeable is fine by me."

"A nobody, huh? Well, keep in mind you're a somebody to me." Tahla walked around the store, picking out various articles of clothing, eventually spending well over two hundred dollars.

"Come on, let's get some ice cream. I'm starving!"

"Ice cream? How about one of those prezels we passed?"

Tahlia smiled. "How about both?"

"Works for me!"
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