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Sign Up War of the Vizards

Darth Vectis

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[SIZE="1"][B]“I still can’t imagine why you would want to become …”[/B] The man took a second to properly formulate his next words as not to offend his comrade. The other man simply laughed and smiled widely, completing the sentence himself.
“A monster?”[/B] He pursed his lips and shook his head disapprovingly. The word monster had occurred to him, but it wasn’t the exact word he was looking for. It was true that many of the other Taichos and Fukutaichos did think of people like him—Shinigami who had done what was once a taboo and had obtained Hollow powers—as “monsters”, but he saw them as something different. They were Shinigami who willingly took on the title “monster” so that they could better defend their home. But how did one sum that up into a particular title? He sighed with exasperation and hung his head, his blonde hair tussling slightly. His comrade laughed again and patted him on the shoulder.
“You worry yourself too much with pleasantries, Urahara-taicho. Regardless of how you would refer to me and my division of Vizard, you know full well why we chose this path.”[/B] Urahara sighed once more, this time in acknowledgment, and leaned against his desk.
“Still, Tetsuya… Don’t you ever regret it?”[/B] He looked directly into the Shinigami’s eyes questioningly. He had been the one to oversee Tetsuya’s hollowification. Though Tetsuya was willing and completely informed when he volunteered, Urahara still felt responsible for his predicament. [i]Do you, friend?[/i] Tetsuya opened his mouth to respond when suddenly the doors burst open and one of Urahara’s men, badly injured, fell into the room screaming.
“The Hogyuko’s been stolen!” [/B]Urahara ran over and grabbed the man, who had passed out the moment he had uttered his message. He lifted the man up and bolted off down the hallway, heading straight for the medical ward without so much as a word or look at Tetsuya. But words were unnecessary; the faint pop behind him indicated that Tetsuya had already gone on his way to gather his division together and search for the perpetrator. The Vizard squad was a more than capable bunch—but who or what was skilled enough to steal something from here? Urahara’s eyes flickered back in Tetsuya’s direction at the thought.
“Be safe, Tetsuya…”[/B]

The outskirts of Soul Society…
Testuya was swift in collecting his team and beginning pursuit on the thief. Whoever it was had left a faint trail of reiryoku that was easily traceable for his men. The feel of the energy indicated that the perpetrator was definitely not a Shinigami, but it didn’t entirely feel like a Hollow either. Tetsuya’s face contorted into a small sneer at the implication.
“Arrancar.”[/B] Arrancar’s were the Hollow equivalent to a Vizard; a condemned soul who had gained the abilities of a Soul Reaper. Most of the Soul Society was unaware of the existence of such beings, but he had had the misfortune of encountering one recently. When his hollowification occurred, one was attracted to his burst of raw, uncontrollable reiryoku and came running to them. The Hollow was easily overwhelmed by the number of Shinigami there, but it was apparent that one Shinigami, possibly up to and including a fukutaicho level, would be hard-pressed to defeat one.
“Be wary Vizard.”[/B] His voice was calm and strong and suggested no form of worry. Truth be told, he was excited more than anything else. If the Arrancar had left a trail of spiritual energy either he was too inexperienced to contain it, or he was purposely bating them. He shifted his scythe along his shoulder anxiously—perhaps he would find an opponent worthy of battling his constant release Zanpakuto? His thoughts consumed him until he could no longer sense the trail of energy. He stopped abruptly and examined the area to reorient himself, and grimaced at what lie in front of him.
“What happened here?”[/B] Strewn across the ground in front of him where a number of shinigami, robes tattered and torn, blood splattered across the ground. His squad quickly rushed to the side of his fallen comrades and a painful chill ran through their bodies as they examined the bodies closely. Further examination showed that the nearest body was clutching the Hogyuko tightly, though it was coated in a thick white liquid. Tetsuya could feel his stomach churn at this sight of it, the white liquid-- the remnants of a recently formed hollow mask.
“These poor souls…”[/B] One of his men muttered from behind. Tetsuya understood the sentiment entirely. His squad had chosen the life of a Vizard. The poor souls were just condemned to it, he thought forlornly. He knelt down and picked up the body easily, his face emotionless once again. He didn’t have time to sympathize with these men right now. He needed to hurry back and return the Hogyuko to Urahara, and hopefully he’d be able to change these Shinigami’s fate.

Alright kiddies, I hope you enjoyed the read. 90%of this thread was written up by The 10th. Me and him will be the big wigs on this one, but not the small wigs.............. Anyways, this, as you can see from the opening story, is our altered version of bleach. We enjoyed Vizards and Arrancars so much that we thought we would change up how they came into existence and how their purpose changed. In our world, Vizard's are far more accepted into the soul society, of course their is prejudice against them because they are now part of the creatures the shinigami hunt and release. But, they are still family to many and friends to even more, so they were given their own squad, the 14th division. This division is easily the most powerful force the soul society has. But since they are a new class of shinigami, their power is widely unknown to regular soul reapers and they became the last line of defense.

However, Arrancar do exist in this as well. They were created the same way as our Vizards here and they are as hated and exiled as they come. This is a main part of the Vizard job, is to deter and destroy Arrancar. But, the Arrancar have gotten far craftier in their exile and several of them have learned how to look like Vizards themselves, even when they do their release form. Their left over shards of mask are all well hidden from the world, where it be under clothes or to look like ordinary accessory. Since this is the case with the Arrancar and Vizards, everyone who post will post as a Vizard. But, those of you who wish to be Arrancar, send a pm to either myself or The 10th simply stating you wish to be an Arrancar in disguise and where and what your leftover mask piece is. We will make sure to keep track of who is a legit Vizard and who is and Arrancar.

The finaly piece of information you will need is this, Aizen and his lackeys were discovered immediately and they were all executed. His plan didn't get to extend any farther then creating the arrancar. But, this caused enough problems that Aizen is a fading memory for the soul society and is focusing on bigger issues at this time. Otherwise, everything has already been explained or is explained in the sign-up right below this. Make sure our Shikai and Bankai are related to one another in someway. Trust me, that is the hardest part of trying to think of new and original Shikai and Banki moves and we look forward to seeing what kind of Shikai and Bankai you kids come up with.

Prepare for your Hollowfication.

Rank:[/B] Because the members of the 14th squad have immense reiryoku, or spiritual power, the squad is smaller than the others, only containing 10 members. Taicho (captain) and fukutaicho (lieutenant) are already taken, so seats three to ten are available.
[B]Appearance:[/B] A picture or a description is acceptable; both would be awesome
[B]Personality[/B]: How does your character act around his or her subordinates? Does your character still struggle with his or her inner hollow?

Appearance:[/B] What does your Zapakuto look like in its sealed form?
[B]Shikai Call Out:[/B] What command do you give your Zanpakuto to unleash its Shikai?
[B]Shikai Appearance:
Shikai Power:[/B] What’s your Shikai’s unique skill? (e.g. elemental control, necromancy, possession, etc…)
[B]Bankai:[/B] Your Zanpakuto’s second release. It’s not entirely necessary to have one, but as it is necessary to have a high level of reiryoku to survive hollowification, it’s plausible that you have achieved or will achieve one soon. List its title and appearance here.
[B]Bankai Power: [/B]

[B]Mask Appearance:[/B] What does your mask look like?
[B]Level of Control:[/B] How long can you keep your mask activated for?
[B]Specialty:[/B] Aside from general power upgrade, is your character known for having a particularly powerful augment? (i.e. exceptionally fast, monstrous strength, enhanced kido, etc…)

Extra Information
[B]Short Biography:[/B] Include what motivated you to become a Vizard.
[B]Character Snippet:[/B][/SIZE]
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[SIZE=1][B]Name: Lin Summers[/B][/SIZE]
[SIZE=1][B]Gender: [/B]Female[/SIZE]
[B][SIZE=1]Rank:[/SIZE][/B][SIZE=1] 3[/SIZE]
[SIZE=1][B]Appearance:[/B] She is 5'3'' so she is easily dwarfed by many men and women, however she always draws attention from her good looks. She has a mixture of red and orange hair as well as deep blue eyes.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=1]she has a light skin complexion. She wears normal reaper robes and a white bandanna tied like a headband.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=1][B]Personality[/B]: outside of the battlefield she seems a little distant. she will both follow orders without so much as a word of complaint and give orders to others without waiting for their responses, however in a fight she comes alive. Lin battles through passion which inspires others to do the same. Surprisingly, the hollow inside her has not effected her actions, though while battling some have said that right before she kills her opponent they have seen a grin that can only be described as sadistic.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=1][I][U]Zanpakuto[/U][/I] [/SIZE]
[SIZE=1][B]Name: [/B]Kanji[/SIZE]
[SIZE=1][B]Appearance:[/B] the sword looks like a katana that has been curved the wrong way, the blade is on the inside of the curve and when in use she holds one hand on the back of the blade.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=1][B]Shikai Call Out:[/B] Dream Kanji![/SIZE]
[SIZE=1][B]Shikai Appearance:[/B] the blade remains the same, but the hilt falls perpendicular to the curved part of the blade and a chain extends from the bottom of the hilt. overall.. the sword turns into a sickle. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=1][B]Shikai Power:[/B] teleportation. if the blade cuts you, the wielder can appear behind the opponent.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=1][B]Bankai:[/B] Akumu, the sickle chains straiten and the zanpakuto becomes a scythe, Lin's clothes transform to a white cloak[/SIZE]
[SIZE=1][B]Bankai Power: [/B]a white mist envelopes a mile radius, exerting spiritual pressure as well as allowing Lin to teleport anywhere within that mist. also, when struck by the blade, spiritual energy blocks one of the victims senses, this can be done multiple times leaving her foe without sight hearing touch smell and taste. however these are not permanent damages and outside of the mist they cease to exist.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=1][B]Mask Appearance:[/B] the mask has an e[/SIZE][SIZE=1]mphasis on the eyes, the eyes while in use are the common yellow, and black lines in the pattern of tears decorate it.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=1][B]Level of Control:[/B] the longest time in this mode was 13 hours, [/SIZE]
[SIZE=1][B]Specialty: [/B]while using this form, hollow wings appear on her back, allowing flight and increased speed.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=1][B]Short Biography:[/B] Lin was discovered by Kenpachi Zaraki. The two had faced off in a battle, and though she lost quite quickly, she managed to land one cut. thinking that she had potential he brought her to the guard squad of the soul society. once inside her powers grew immensely and she was quickly noticed by the other captains. Most of what drives her is a chance to beat Kenpachi and she has become strong to do so.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=1][B]Character Snippet:[/B] To think that one man could cause a world full of problems, she never thought that a captain would do something as foolish as making hollows stronger, however the Arrancar now pose a threat to the soul society and she was one of the few people who could stop it. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=1]"[B]Lin-Lin... are you in there[/B]?" Yachiru Kusajishi knocked on her head as if it were a door, "[B]you know you have been standing in the same spot for three hours now."[/B][/SIZE]
[SIZE=1]"[B]Was I?" [/B]Lin sounded surprised, but then immediately retreated back into her mind.[/SIZE]
[B][SIZE=1]"well, at least you look cute when your day dreaming..."[/SIZE][/B]
[B][SIZE=1]"what was that lieutenant?"[/SIZE][/B]
[SIZE=1][B]"Nothing! I got to be going, Kenny has a meeting with the twelfth division captain at the Shinigami Research and Development Institute, and there is no way he can find it without me[/B]." she hurries off leaving Lin behind.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=1]"[B]Where did Yachiru go?" [/B]Lin figured she had better keep her thoughts on the future, people were counting on her.[/SIZE]
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[B]Name: [/B]Kenta Shiro
[B] Gender: [/B]Female
[B] Rank:[/B] 4
[B]Appearance:[/B] The fourth seat, [URL="http://i45.tinypic.com/25f65oi.jpg"]Kenta,[/URL] is a sharp contrast to the third seat. Standing at 6'3", she is very tall for her age and gender. It was almost as if her parents knew this would happen when they chose to give her a man's name. Thankfully for her, she still has her long, feminine hair, and she has been blessed greatly in another special area. Still, despite all of this, she has received the nicknames of 'big brother' or 'big sis'. It bothered her at first, especially the big brother one, but now she just takes it with a smile and has even earned the nicknames by being overly protective. However, if any stranger uses the same nickname, she still takes it as an insult. Aside from her feminine features, Kenta has a muscular build, which comes in handy when using her Baknkai. Besides the standard uniform itself, Kenta is usually seen wearing hand and foot wraps, and a [URL="http://i48.tinypic.com/11ty8ts.jpg"]jacket[/URL] she received a long time ago from a friend. The only two indications of her Hollow side is displayed by her very sharp teeth and pointed teeth. Also her right arm which has now changed from a normal human arm, to one with claws instead of a hand.
[B]Personality[/B]: Kenta is very defensive of those placed under her command. She'll do anything in her power to protect them, especially from herself. This is because, Kenta still is struggling to keep her Hollow under control. Given the nature of her Hollow, she sometimes goes into a frenzy for human flesh. When this happens, she does her best to hide herself away.

[B]Name: [/B]Waldeburg
[B] Appearance:[/B] [URL="http://i45.tinypic.com/jrzjv4.jpg"]Kenta's Zanpakuto.[/URL] When not in combat, she usually has some type of flowers wrapped around the sheath. And hanging off of the hilt is the hair of some unknown animal.
[B]Shikai Call Out:[/B] Offen!
[B]Shikai Appearance: [/B]In the Shikai form, Kenta's Zanpakuto takes on the appearance of a [URL="http://i49.tinypic.com/jpxvyr.jpg"]Naginata.[/URL] However, it still retains the fur on the other end of the shaft.
[B] Shikai Power:[/B] With a Noh dance, Kenta slices the ground with her naginata. This causes the dead to rise, still in their mortal bodies, and they protect her from damage both physical and spiritual. This is done in one of two ways. Either they form a wall around her, or they grab onto her and cover her body and lash out with their arms stretching out at anyone that tries to attack her. However, both of these powers are shortlived, as the dance can't be interrupted and the bodies only take so much punishment. Because of this, Kenta relies on her weapon mostly. The only way she can use her power offensively is to have the dead rise from the ground and grab onto her opponent. However, they don't have a very strong grip and it's impossible for them to catch someone who can move very fast.
[B]Bankai:[/B] Although Kenta has not reached her Bankai yet, she is coming close to it soon. When she does, her Zanpakuto [URL="http://i49.tinypic.com/bg3beh.jpg"]changes even more and grows even larger.[/URL] Because of this, she has larger reach but at the cost of reduced speed. However, her Hollow mask helps her swing her Zanpakuto a bit faster, to where it seems like she is using a normal katana. [URL="http://i48.tinypic.com/2i2241.jpg"]Her appearance also changes.[/URL] The sleeves of her jacket take on an unraveled appearance and the top below her jacket disappears. Also, her whole outfit gains a mottled appearance, as if someone flicked paint onto a canvas.
[B]Bankai Power: [/B]Kenta's Bankai power is a bit difficult to pull off as well, but when she does pull it off, it's worth it. She first summons the dead, since at this point her sword is too big to stab herself with. However, it is one of the strongest of the dead, a hulking monster of muscle. Under her control, it runs her and her opponent through and disappears. Then both her and her opponent disappear as well. They reappear, at different points, in a world of the dead. There is nothing but dead trees, giant gravestones, and chains everywhere. It is here that Kenta can control the dead a bit more efficiently. However, there is a way out, if her opponent is smart enough to find it. Besides killing Kenta, which isn't as easy, since she is in control in this place.

[B]Mask Appearance:[/B] Kenta's mask follows the similar pattern of most female Noh masks, however, it is different from the rest by the three horns on the forehead. The only other distinguishing mark is a painting of a thorny vine on the left side.
[B]Level of Control:[/B] Kenta has only been able to sustain her mask for ten hours.
[B]Specialty: [/B]When Kenta activates her mask, she gains monstrous strength. Becoming even stronger than normal.

Extra Information
[B]Short Biography:[/B] Kenta met Aya in the spirit world, quite some time ago. Except she always had the feeling that she knew Aya from somewhere else. Wanting to protect her new friend, Kenta passed the exam that allowed her to join the Gotei 14. However, while she was now able to protect Aya, she didn't spend much time with her anymore. So Aya joined as well.

After fighting together, side by side, Aya was wounded in battle. Kenta blamed herself and searched for a way to get even stronger so she could protect Aya properly. This was when she heard of a group that some feared and others treated like outcasts. The Vizards. Kenta volunteered to join, hoping to find the power she needed to keep Aya safe. What she found though, was a nightmare.

Kenta, like most others before her, went beserk after her Hollowfication. However, hers gave her a few abnormal traits after it was done. She now had a monstrous claw, instead of her normal left arm, and sharp, pointed teeth to match. Kenta hid herself away from Aya for days. She didn't want her to see the monster she had become. However, Kenta found out that Aya didn't think of her that way when she found out that Aya had undertaken the Hollowfication process herself two days later.
[B]Character Snippet:[/B][/COLOR][/SIZE] Edited by Lilt
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[CENTER][FONT="Book Antiqua"][U][SIZE="5"]Character[/SIZE][/U]

Byouki Reikon



Byouki is a relatively thin fellow, and is the third tallest member of the 14th Division, standing at 6’1’’. His dark brunette hair always falls wildly over his rectangular thick rimmed glasses, and these elements both enhance and reflect his laid back and casual demeanor. However, many of the shinigami stay away from him, due to the clear indications of hollowfication that he possesses: his brilliant golden yellow eyes, his extraordinarily sharp teeth, and his slightly sinister, hollow like aura. Otherwise he looks fairly akin to every other fukutaicho, wearing the standard shinigami robe unmodified.

Byouki is extremely jovial and upbeat, and has a very mellow, easy-going demeanor about him. He is much more approachable than his Taicho, and is often the one that the other Vizard’s look to for counseling and advice. It appears that he has forced his inner hollow into submission—which is why his hollow nature is always displayed in his appearance, rather than flaring up occasionally. However, having more or less merged the hollow’s personality with his own, he is constantly forced to face the unquenchable rage inherent to hollows. This inner turmoil leaves Byouki in a gloomy state every so often.

[U][SIZE="5"]Zanpakuto [/SIZE][/U]

[B]Name: [/B]

Owing primarily to the fact that the blade is mostly intangible in it's Shikai (and presumably it's Bankai) form, the blade's original appearance is heavily stylized as shown-- the only differences being that there is no tassel on the end and the stripe on the blade is electric red and glows brightly. Also, the entirety of the weapons emits crackling red lightning whenever it's unsheathed.

[B]Shikai Call Out:[/B]
[I]“Bakufuu”[/I]- Blast

[B]Shikai Appearance:[/B]
When Byouki calls out Raiden, he holds the Zanpakuto over his head and unsheathes the blade. As soon as the blade is visible, a ferocious red light streaks upwards and darkens the sky. The blade and tsuba disappear entirely, and Byouki is left only holding the hilt of his blade.

[B]Shikai Power:[/B]
With the hilt of his Zanpakuto, Byouki can do a multitude of activities, including: forming electric energy into a tangible chokuto blade for melee combat, launching electric bolts from the hilt that explode or electrocute upon contact, aiming his hilt towards a darkened sky to create thunder, and launching a single lightning bolt into the sky that causes a storm of lightning to rain down on his opponents. The last ability is extremely taxing, and he can only use it once a day.

It is unknown if Byouki has ever achieved Bankai, as he has never displayed one in battle.


[B]Mask Appearance:[/B]
His mask looks like the front of [[URL="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v628/Reizou/medspanhelm.jpg"]this[/URL]] only entirely white, and on the mask are two golden perpendicular lines— one that streaks horizontally over the eyes and another that goes vertically between the eyes—that form a cross.

[B]Level of Control:[/B]
Despite being the fukutaicho of the vizard, Byouki has only been seen to wield his mask for 5 minutes straight, though he’s quite proficient at recharging his hollow powers and can thus utilize his mask almost endlessly if he continuously removes his mask for a couple of seconds in battle.

Byouki’s speed is his claim to fame in his Vizard form, and he is easily the fastest of all of the 14th Squad.

[SIZE="5"][U]Extra Information[/U][/SIZE]

[B]Short Biography:[/B]
Byouki was one of the few shinigami who did not have a choice in becoming a Vizard, but despite this he’s still made the most of his predicament and happily joined the 14th Division to help Soul Society. [[URL="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v628/Reizou/YoungByouki.jpg"]Prior to being transformed into a Vizard[/URL]], he was well known at the Academy for having high levels of reiryuko, and it was widely believed that he would become a lieutenant at a young age.

[B]Character Snippet:[/B] [/FONT][/center]
[SIZE="1"][B]OOC[/B]: Great sign ups so far! I'm glad to see interest so soon. I just wanted to mention again that if you wanna rp as a disguised arrancar you just have to pm me and I'll give you a brief sheet with info I need to know about your arrancar form. Anywho, let's see some more sign-ups so we can get the ball rolling on this! :D[/SIZE]
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[SIZE="1"][B]Name:[/B] Tetsuya Shinsou

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Rank:[/B] Taicho (captain)

[B]Appearance[/B]: [URL="http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b18/Sagethefiend/VizardCharacter.jpg"]Tetsuya.[/URL] He is the second tallest in Squad 14 at the height of 6'2".He has a toned build but still has a moderate build. He wears the traditional soul reaper attire while on duty, but will change into a blue outfit to relax from the worlds harsh outlook on him and his squad. He keeps his Captain insignia on his person at all time, even though everyone is quite familiar with him already. Many see only that his eyes have taken on the Hollow aspect in becoming yellow with a black rim to the iris, otherwise, he looks like any other soul reaper.

[B]Personality:[/B] Tetsuya is a man of few words, but not by choice. Since he became a Vizard, people have avoided him when they felt they needed to. But when he became the captain of the 14th squad, people lost the courage to even be within his sight. Since people no longer dared speak to him, he simply kept to himself, only truly conversing with members of his squad. Due to the fact that he speaks so little, he never raises his voice but has managed to acquire a tone that can put even the most imposing into their place. And with being someone who is unanimously mistrusted and almost hated and feared, he keeps his emotions and reactions in check when amongst the public or out on missions. But will crack a smile to lighten the mood or show his admiration for another.

But, deeper within Tetsuya, lies the soul of a true warrior and a man who finds no greater pleasure then obtaining a real fight. He enjoys nothing more than being forced to push himself to his limits, than forced to push past his limits. He has only shown true respect to that foe that could make him earn his title as captain and his right to live amongst other soul reapers.

[I][U][B]Zanpakuto [/B][/U][/I]
[B]Name:[/B] Kunou no Reikon

[B]Appearance[/B]: No longer able to be in a sealed form

[B]Shikai Call Out[/B]:Not require due to being in constant release

[B]Shikai Appearance:[/B] Tetsuya’s zanpakuto is stuck in its release form due to his overwhelming spiritual energy. Its appearance is one of a scythe when he has it battle ready, the blade looks like a shredded bat wing. The bladed edge having bits missing from it and look worn, but still has a dull shine to it that hints at more power. The shaft of his weapon is about four inches in diameter and about six feet tall. It looks a bit gnarled at the ends looking kind of like a human bone, except much larger in size. When he isn’t using his weapon it looks like a simple staff with the scythe blade retracting into the shaft that he keeps either at hand or strapped to his back.

[B]Shikai Power:[/B] The ability his zanpakuto creates is a mixture of reiryoku and wind abilities. This combination alone allows it to perform many tasks that dampen his opponent’s abilities and strengthen Tetsuya and increases his Bankai strength as well. One such effect is the ability to release a slash from his scythe that slices right through an opponent’s spiritual pressure to instantly diminish the attack. Or if a power is released and Tetsuya sees it in time, he can rip it apart with a few slashes and absorb the energy that just dissipated.

[B]Bankai:[/B] Shinko Kunou no Reikon. When Tetsuya’s activates his Bankai his weapon splits into two separate weapons. One weapon is the length of a bastard sword, but with a clipped end and a slight curve. The sword has a rough exterior and appears to be made of bone that is gnarled and twisted. The other weapon is a short handled spear that’s has a sleek black look, with one edge of the spear slightly shorter than the other.

[B]Bankai Power:[/B] Tetsuya’s Bankai manifest itself into a massive hurricane storm that swirls around with Tetsuya in the dead center of it with the ability to control where the eye of the hurricane moves. The hurricane is made up of pure reiryoku that violently spins and tears apart anything in its winds that doesn’t have enough spiritual pressure to survive its winds. For those opponents that can with stand the wind, soon discover that their abilities are diminished in its radius of about a mile at first. The wind absorb expelled reiryoku and fuels itself and Tetsuya, causing the Hurricane to grow and its winds to get stronger and Tetsuya to fight for longer and longer periods of time.

Tetsuya has only used his Bankai once in his entire life, that was when he was tested to become a captain, and the entire soul society witnessed the magnitude of his Bankai.


[B]Mask Appearance:[/B] Tetsuya’s hollow mask is a reflection of his core personality trait and that is balance. The right side of the mask has ridges that are at the top corner of his mask, about 6 inches long. Then there are two more a couple inches shorter and the one ridge in between the top and bottom ones. The all look like hollow fingers reaching to take more of his face. The left side is sleek and completely contours to his face. In the center he has a vibrant splash of a blue X where his scar is on the mask.

[B]Level of Control:[/B] As far as other shinigami and members of his squad know, he can keep his mask on indefinably without showing signs of cracking or tiring from using it.

[B]Specialty:[/B] Tetsuya has incredible hierro, he is practically impossible to knock from his feet and not even his opponents most powerful attack can’t cause him to lose his balance.

Extra Information

[B]Short Biography:[/B] Tetsuya joined the ranks of the Goeti 13 through traditional means, by taking the entrance exam six times before being allowed to join the ranks. He originally was a member of squad 11, due to the fact that he was like Kenpachi and could not access his Zanpakuto and it was stuck in its original state. Once he advanced a bit in ability, he was able to stay up with some of the seated members without his Shikai form. He, however, was transferred to squad 12 by the Captain-Commander for reasons he didn’t understand, but still accepted. Kitsune Uruhara was still the captain of that squad at the time and Tetsuya quickly befriended him. He was the 9th seat in the squad 12 and most of his squad would think that he was content with being in his current state. But, Uruhara knew better, he could see it in Tetsuya’s eyes that he craved more, to be able to put up a better challenge and better himself in every way possible.

The chance rose when Tetsuya caught wind of an experiment that the soul society was allowing squad 12 to do. He heard that they were taking volunteers for the project, it was proposed as a means of creating a more effective fighting force and that it would easily triple their power if not more. Tetsuya jumped to the chance, he later realized how much pain it took to become the first Vizard. Unfortunately, he was the sixth person to be tested on, and the only one that survived the process initially. After the transformation, he heard his Zanpakuto whisper his name. Once its name was spoke to him, his power exploded in proportions.

He became too powerful to be allowed as a simple lieutenant. He was tucked away at first, left to do special mission only and provided support when hollow outnumbered soul reapers. But after the process became safer and more soul reapers made it through, they created a new squad and made Tetsuya the Captain after he showed he could do his Bankai only after only a few months. He has since become a recluse save for speaking to his squad and Uruhara when he could. He has spoken little to no words to other captains.

[B]Character Snippet[/B]:[/SIZE]
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[b]Name:[/b] Aya Suika

[b]Gender:[/b] Female

[b]Rank:[/b] Fifth Seat

[b]Appearance:[/b] [u][URL="http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c377/Rurouni922/Kingdom_Hearts_Xion_by_Rousteinire.png"]Aya[/URL][/u] has a rather young and innocent look to her. Her eyes are a pale sky blue which also adds to her seemingly lifelessness. Others have also mistaken her for being blind a number of times, though she isn't. Her jet black hair matches the unique cloak she decides to wear over her uniform on a regular basis. Aya stands at an average size of 5"4 and has a thin build. She isn't very strong, relying instead on speed and swiftness. Aya doesn't seem to show any physical sign of her hollowfication process, although it's possible her eyes became so pale because of it. The only way she is identified as a Vizard is her spirit aura.

[b]Personality:[/b] Aya's a very quiet and shy girl. This trait is especially drawn out since she is the newest addition to the 14th division. The only person she has been acquainted with is Kenta, whom she is friends with. Although quickly promoted to fifth seat upon entry into the Division, Aya's not cocky; in fact, she's not sure whether to look at it as a blessing or a curse. She's often bad at reading people's responses and because of that isn't sure what some of the older members think of a "newbie" coming to "steal" their spot. Because of this, she doesn't seem to trust her comrades fully. To hide this fault, Aya tries to keep an emotionless look upon her face, and it works, although to others who aren't close to her she may seem almost lifeless because of it.

[b]Name:[/b] Hana

[b]Appearance:[/b] Aya's Zanpakuto resembles a normal katana despite it being primarily white. The hilt wrap is a pure white color as is sheath. However the guard is a black, ionized metal in the shape of a flower's petals.

[b]Shikai Call Out:[/b] Hana ni Nare. (Become a Flower.)

[b]Shikai Appearance:[/b] As well as the normal form of her Zanpakuto, Aya's Shikai accompanies her with a pack of flower petals that surround her. The petals seem to be multiple colors, suggesting they come from multiple flowers if they're even "real" petals; although they hold a slight shine when placed in light of any kind.

[b]Shikai Power:[/b] The flower petals that branch around Aya can be used for many things. The reason they shine in light is because they act like a metal, so they are capable of being sent out to attack and cut opponents from afar. Each petal is connected to Aya by an invisible string of reiryoku. So, by default, the petals circle Aya which both keeps them from being uncontrollable, and acts as a defense mechanism if an attacker gets too close. Also, since they're connected by reiryoku, they can act as a sort of fall dampener, slowing Aya's decent if she ever jumps, or gets pushed off somewhere quite high up.

[b]Bankai:[/b] Aya has yet to show a Bankai, it is not known whether she has one or if it's something she's striving for.
[b]Bankai Power:[/b]

[b]Mask Appearance:[/b] Aya's mask forms a translucent white diamond shape over her face. It's wider than it is tall, making it look like the rhombus is on its side. Of course, like all of the other Vizards, Aya's eyes change, the pupils become yellow reflected on the black 'whites' of her eyes. Three purple lines, all slightly angled off extend from just below the bottom of her her eyes. The top of her eye holes are outlined in a deep purple streak as well which then angles straight up and till the end of her mask.

[b]Level of Control:[/b] One of the main reasons Aya was promoted to the fifth seat so quickly was her control over her mask. It has never been officially tested, but it's been confirmed Aya can keep her mask on longer than the other Vizard, the exceptions being the Captain and Lieutenant. Because of this, it's also assumed she has a rather high spiritual presence.

[b]Specialty:[/b] Aya's granted a relative speed boost as well as an increase in spiritual power standard to donning one's Hollow mask.

[u][b]Extra Information[/u][/b]
[b]Short Biography:[/b] Upon the girl's early entry into the Soul Society, Aya met another refugee named Kenta. Like Kenta, Aya had felt a familiar feeling when they first met, but the somewhat anti-social girl shrugged it off.

It wasn't long until Aya's friend had left her to join the Academy. It took Aya awhile to decide, but after their time together started to get less and less until she wasn't seeing Kenta at all, Aya enlisted in the Academy as well.

The girl passed through the Academy easily. It had been established that she had a rather high aura for one of her low calibur. She didn't realize it then, but that would certainly help her. However, it didn't help her enough when she was on a mission with her squad and was injured semi-seriously. The dark haired girl spent the next couple of days in the hospital ward of the Soul Society and was released as soon as she could.

It had been some time, but she heared that her friend, Kenta, had volunteered for an experimental project while she had been in the hospital. Aya immediately signed herself up for it, her high spiritual pressure basically guaranteeing her success in admission. And thus, she had become a Vizard.

[b]Character Snippet:[/b]

[b][color=darkred]Sorry but I'll finish this soon if you guys don't mind. I'm a little tight on time with some tests to study for and homework, but I'll get it done in a day or two, the weekend's coming up anyway.[/color][/b]
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[b]EDIT:[/b] While digging through a pile of old crap in my room, I found this ancient sketch of Kuro that I drew in the old days before I actually named my characters. You can find it => [url="http://s1006.photobucket.com/albums/af181/Azukuriu/?action=view&current=scan0001.jpg"]here[/url]. The coat is a bit of personalization that I'm not sure i'll have in the actual RP unless it is fine with the creators.

[B]Name: [SIZE=3]�� 忠義[/SIZE][/B] [FONT=Palatino Linotype]Tadayoshi [/FONT][FONT=Palatino Linotype]Kuroda (last name first, for those who need clarification) Kuro to his friends.[/FONT]
[B]Gender: [FONT=Palatino Linotype]Male[/FONT][/B]
[B]Rank: [FONT=Palatino Linotype]6[/FONT][/B]
[B]Appearance:[/B] Kuroda is exactly 5' 11 3/4", and he resents it, telling everyone he's exactly six feet in height. He's very trim, but not overly muscular. Kuro has a slim face and very good looks, a trait that most of his family shares. His eyes are a vivid silver color, something that set him apart from the rest of his brothers. The only family member who shares this strange eye color is his little sister, Kireya. Kuro has long, silky, unnaturally-white hair. Depending on his mood, he either lets it hang loose, falling to the middle of his back, or he'll tie it back in a long ponytail. Two streaks of black hair hang across his left eye. Kuro is fair-skinned. He as two small silver piercings in his left earlobe, as well as a black cuff around the cartilidge. A small, spider-like tattoo with the kanji for demon set in the center is on the back of his right hand (This symbol has personal meaning to me, so I use it in my writing all the time,{[URL="http://i1006.photobucket.com/albums/af181/Azukuriu/bert002-2.jpg"][COLOR=navy][B]Symbol[/B][/COLOR][/URL]})
[FONT=Palatino Linotype][/FONT]
[B]Personality: [/B][FONT=Palatino Linotype]Most of the time, Kuro is a very laid-back and good-natured guy. He gets along well with just about anybody, and would rather forego formallity for the sake of building relationships. Yet from time to time he will withdraw into himself. His speech becomes more formal, and he speaks with a calm detachment which usually put people off. But these moods are fleeting, the only consitency being when he is in the middle of combat, or under a great deal of stress[/FONT]

[B]Name:[/B] [FONT=Palatino Linotype]Nodoka Gekijou (quiet fury)[/FONT]
[B]Appearance:[/B] [FONT=Palatino Linotype]This zanpaktou comes in a pair. They represent the different sides of Kuro's personality. [/FONT]
[FONT=Palatino Linotype]Links here= [B]First:[/B][/FONT][B]([/B][URL="http://www.trueswords.com/images/prod/musashi_swords_handmade_carbon_katana2.jpg"][COLOR=navy][B]Dark[/B][/COLOR][/URL][B])[FONT=Palatino Linotype] /Second: [/FONT][FONT=Verdana]([URL="http://www.medropship.com/images/KA2013.jpg"][COLOR=navy]Light[/COLOR][/URL])[/FONT][/B]
[B]Shikai Call Out:[/B] [FONT=Palatino Linotype]"Flash and burn Nodoka Gekijou..."[/FONT]
[B]Shikai Appearance: [/B][FONT=Palatino Linotype]The blades become wider, and the design becomes rougher and more deadly looking. Kuro usually wields them with and inverted grip. [/FONT][FONT=Verdana][B]([URL="http://i1006.photobucket.com/albums/af181/Azukuriu/RP%20Stuff/NodokaGekijouquietfury.jpg"][COLOR=navy]linky[/COLOR][/URL])[/B][/FONT]
[B]Shikai Power:[/B] [FONT=Palatino Linotype]The two swords allow Kuro to focus and channel his reiryoku, allowing him to move faster and hit harder than he already does. Also, the white blade has the power to create and channel lighting, and the dark blade channels fire. Kuro tends to use these abilities in a number of ways, keeping his enemy at a distance and wearing them down before darting in and finishing them off. Of course, sometimes he doesn't use these powers at all.[/FONT]
[B]Bankai:[/B] [FONT=Palatino Linotype]The two blades become elbow-length gauntlets with long, wickedly sharp claws. The gauntlets themselves are covered with spiked ridges, with a black lighting bolt on the white one, and a white flame on the black gauntlet ([URL="http://i1006.photobucket.com/albums/af181/Azukuriu/RP%20Stuff/scan0001.jpg"][COLOR=navy]link[/COLOR][/URL]). Kuro's clothing changes as well, becoming more ragged and turning from black to white.[/FONT]
[B]Bankai Power: [/B][FONT=Palatino Linotype]The lighting and fire that Kuro normally uses becomes even more formidable, and he can combine the two powers for even greater effect. Also has several other abilities that he has yet to master.[/FONT]

[B]Mask Appearance:[/B] An evil-looking mask, with thin black stripes forming an intricate pattern around the eyes. the very edges of the mask, and certian areas of the mouth are lined with deep red highlights. Kuro's eyes become jet-black, and thin trails of smoke seep from the edges of the mouth. [[URL="http://i1006.photobucket.com/albums/af181/Azukuriu/RP%20Stuff/Mask0001.jpg"][COLOR=navy][B]Link[/B][/COLOR][/URL]])
[B]Level of Control:[/B] The longest Kuro has ever kept his mask active was for close to ten minutes, and he continuously pushes the limits of his control. As he is continuously at odds with his inner hollow, increasing his control won't be a simple task.
[B]Specialty:[/B] Kuro becomes stronger, wilder, and less disciplined, disregarding his elemental powers and taking the fight to his enemies. He becomes consumed with raw fury during combat, and his zanpaktou resonates with this rage, crackling with dark enegry.

Extra Information
[B]Short Biography:[/B] Before his Hollowfication, Kuroda was a prodigal member of the Soul Reaper Academy. While his kido wasn't nearly as powerful as others, his skill with a blade was unheard of. No matter what the situation, Kuro always found new and creative ways to defeat his opponents. Like everyone else, he had heard rumors of the 14th squad, but instead of reacting with the fearful suspicion that everyone else seemed to feel, Kuroda thought it would be a worthy goal to aspire to, as only the most powerful Soul Reapers could survive the procedure necessary to become a Vizard.
[B]Character Snippet: [/B]

[I][FONT=Palatino Linotype]Kireya peeked into Kuroda's room, grinning mischeviously when she realized that he had fallen asleep over his books again. Moving quietly, her small feet making only the slightest noise, she darted over to the desk. Kireya reached for one of the books, lifting the heavy thing high over her head. She hesitated for only a moment before dropping the book next to Kuroda's head.[/FONT][/I]

[I][FONT=Palatino Linotype]The effect was instantaneaous. Kuro pushed himself away from the desk, the chair tipping over and depositing him onto the hard wooden floor. The first thing his sleep-fogged brain registered was the musical laughter of his sister. with a groan, he raised himself up to a sitting position.[/FONT][/I]

[I][FONT=Palatino Linotype]"Jeez.." Kuro rubbed the back of his head, wincing as his fingers grazed the swiftly-forming lump caused by his impact with the floor. He leveled his metallic eyes on Kireya, who was still in the throes of hysterical laughter. Despite the situation, he couldn't help but grin himself.[/FONT][/I]

[I][FONT=Palatino Linotype]"Ha ha, I'm sure you're finding this immensly enteraining Kireya, but ya won't be able to sneak up on me so easily next time." [/FONT][/I]

[I][FONT=Palatino Linotype]Kireya slow regained her composure, wiping the moisture from here eyes. "Please brother. Yousleep so deeply that there's no way you could've heard me."[/FONT][/I]

[I][FONT=Palatino Linotype]Kuro's raised an eyebrow. "Really? Well it's your fault I sleep during the day. Your horrendous snoring keeps me up the the whole night."[/FONT][/I]

[I][FONT=Palatino Linotype]Kireya opened her mouth to respond, but was interrupted by the door sliding open. One of the estate's servants shuffled in a few steps, keeping his head bowed and his hands clapsed behind his back.[/FONT][/I]

[I][FONT=Palatino Linotype]Kuro stood up, brushing off his red robes and smiling politely. "What's up Sei? Do you need me for something."[/FONT][/I]

[I][FONT=Palatino Linotype]"Forgive my intrusion, Tadayoshi-tono." Sei spoke formally and with precision.[/FONT][/I]

[I][FONT=Palatino Linotype]Kuro winced at the use of that hated honorific. "It's fine, Sei. What do you need?"[/FONT][/I]

[I][FONT=Palatino Linotype]"A messenger just arrived. He said you are to report to the 14th Squad barracks immediately for your... initiation."[/FONT][/I]

[I][FONT=Palatino Linotype]Kuro sighed. That explained Sei's attitude. He shrugged turning to his desk and rearranging all the books in their proper order. "Very well Sei, you may go."[/FONT][/I]

[I][FONT=Palatino Linotype]Sei bowed once, then left the room, closing the paper door behind him. Kireya looked up at her older brother, gasping his hand and squeezing gently before exiting as well. Kuro put on his altered Soul Reaper uniform, the right sleeve having been removed. After belting on his zanpaktou, one white, the other black, he made for the door, expression composed, eyes expressionless, ready for whatever awaited him.[/FONT][/I] Edited by Azukuriu
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Name: Matsuo Hatsuharu

Gender: Male

Rank: 7

Appearance: Hatsuharu has about 6'' long, light brown hair which is usually messy, appearing like he has just rolled out of bed. He has brown eyes and very lightly tanned skin. He wears his shinigami uniform and he has a white jacket that he picked up in the human world on one of his trips that he became attatched too. The jacket is about four sizes to big so he wears it tied around his waist. He keeps his Zanpakuto sheathed on his left hip, tied to his belt. He also has a pair of large sunglasses that he picked up from the human world that he keeps in his hair, unless he is looking at something bright. The lenses are so big that when he coves his eyes with them it covers most of his face.

Personality: Hatsuharu speaks in a very unique fashion, using odd phrases, sounds, and body language to communicate his feelings. He enjoys getting the latest gossip from any source that he can. He often psycho analyzes people and their actions ( though he doesn't always get the correct conclusion) and uses his "information" to try to manipulate people into doing things for him. He is also a compulsive liar and does so even when the truth is obvious. It is hard to make him give up information that pertains to him or secrets that he is keeping to himself and will often deflect with questions or lies. In the quest to avoid all work he will go to almost any length, from hiding in a closet, to using his powers to hide for a few days.He is very opinionated and usually speaks his mind to who ever he feels like needs to here it. Despite all of his flaws, he is a very loyal member to the squad and is always there for the big important things. He always gives it his all in conflicts. He isn't one to let emotions interfere with the heat of battle, and is always ready to make hard decisions for the greater good.

He has no struggle with his inner hollow, even claiming to have regular conversions with him. It has even been said that he allows his hollow to control the body from time to time, though the two are so similar that its hard to tell whether this is true or not .

Name: Reijipurinsu

Appearance: His Zanpakuto is a long and slim nodachi. The hilt is dark gold and the gaurd is light brown.

Shikai Call Out: Play

Shikai Appearance: His Zanpakuto keeps the same shape and colors.

Shikai Power: Steal Momentum: Reijipurinsuâ??s initial ability allows it to slow the movement of anything within range and store the stolen â??speedâ? within its glowing blade, the more speed stored, the brighter the glow becomes. This ability is usually used to slow enemyâ??s attacks so they are dodgeable/parryable. It can also slow enemies hindering their escape or projectiles to lessen the amount of damage they cause. Reijipurinsuâ??s power does have limits and can only slow things down by a set amount, so if an attack has great force behind it, even after being slowed may still prove to be fatal if it lands. Hatsuharu needs to know exactly what action he wants to slow down in order to Steal Momentum, so enemies that move fast can act before he can slow them down (which also keeps him from storing any energy for his other abilities). On the other hand, enemies that donâ??t move fast enough donâ??t have much momentum to steal which makes his other abilities weak.

Zooming Corridor: Uses some of the stored speed to create a path of golden light that lasts for a few moments in front of Hatsuharu. While traveling on the path the wielder of Reijipurinsu is accelerated to much faster speed and attacks launched travel at greater speeds, thus have greater force behind them. The length, duration, and speed boost are all affected by how much stored speed was used.

Concussive Pulse: Unleashes stolen speed as a golden colored shockwave. The force and size of the attack are determined by the amount of speed that was used. Often used while on the Zooming Corridor to make the shockwave travel faster.

Bankai: While Hatsuharu gets along great with his hollow the same cannot be said about his Zanpakuto. He has started his bankai training many times and and given up each time, saying that his Zanpakuto's doesnâ??t care for him very much.

Bankai Power: N/A

Mask Appearance: Hatsuharu's mask is a cream color and smooth. Where it covers his ears are large droopy "ears" that hang down and rest on his shoulders. There is a small horn that extends from his forehead. The whites of his eyes turn black and his pupils turn yellow.

Level of Control: About 20 minutes of intense use. While in combat against someone of similar or greater strength it is necessary for him to remove it when its not necessary so he can have it available when he needs it. He generally only uses it to power up his sword attacks, endure an attack that he otherwise wouldn't be able to, or dodge a fast attack, then he removes it.

Specialty: Hatsuharu has master the art of Garganta. This ability allows him to rip open dimensions and travel between worlds. This ability is kept secret from people outside of the 14th squad and certain members of the 12th squad, due to Central 46's ban on all interdimensional transportation that they can not control.

[U][B]Extra Information[/B][/U]
Short Biography: Hatsuharu was born into a wealthy family of merchants in the Rukongai. He inherited the business, but was not as successful as his father and ran it into the ground. He decided that he wanted a new life, so he left what was left of the business to his mother and went to the Court of Pure Souls to become a Soul Reaper. He was bad at most of his classes and graduated somewhere near the bottom. Due to his bad performance in his education he was placed as a low member of the 4th squad. He learned healing kido while he was here, and turned out to be a very talented medic. He moved up to the 10th chair, based solely on his healing abilities.

He eventually achieved his Shikai release, and was moved up to 5th seat in the 4th squad. Though he wanted power, he was not willing to train for it. During the early experimentation with the creation of the Vizard squad, he was charged with leading the medical team that watched over the operations. While he was busy healing a patient that had failed to control his inner hollow, the failed vizard test subject woke up from the medically induced sleep and attacked the group of healers, all were killed except for the mortally wounded Hatsuharu. He needed immediate attention, and since all the 4th squad healers were dead he was saved by undergoing a Vizard transformation, where the 12 squad hopped that his wounds were not to sever for his hollow's high speed regeneration. The operation was successful. Now that he was a Vizard however, he had to join the 14th squad, where he managed to obtain 7th seat, without much effort.

Character Snippet:

Will finish tomorrow. Edited by Lawliet
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[SIZE="1"][FONT="Century Gothic"]Character
[B]Name:[/B] Akatsuki Sora
[B]Gender:[/B] female
[B]Rank:[/B] 9th
[B]Appearance:[/B] Akatsuki is 5'7". She has long straight black hair with a blue tint that goes down to her waist; her bangs part to the right and fall slightly over her right eye. She has heterochromia so Akatsuki has a left golden colored eye and right blood red eye. Akatsuki has porcelin white skin. She's not too pretty but not ugly. She considers herself normal looking. She wears the normal shinigami wear but she doesn't wear the bottoms. Her outfit kind of looks like the top half of the shinigami wear and a black school girl skirt. She wears a corset around her middle and the sleeves of the outfit extend way pass her hands. Akatsuki wears black thigh high socks and gladiator looking sandals. She wears a bell around her neck and two little hair ornaments in the shape of flowers with little bells hanging down on ribbons.
[B]Personality:[/B] Akatsuki has a very twisted personality. She is kind and serious when others are in need or trouble. She is very sarcastic as well to her teammates but treats them as good friends. She is very happy-go-lucky but she is very hard to read. She respects people that are above her. She loves to do things in an off-handed manor and hates to being put to wait. She also dislikes doing desk work and rather goof off. Akatsuki can also get very serious when the time calls for it and holds a firm ground on what needs to be done. She also has a sense of bloodlust and loves seeing the sight of the dead. During the battle she carries an expressionless face and kills her enemies quickly and cleanly. When Akatsuki battles, her inner hollow somewhat shows on her face because after a kill, the look of bloodlust is in her eyes and her smile is somewhat twisted and looks like a grin of a Cheshire cat.

[B]Name:[/B] Kami-no Kagami
[B]Appearance:[/B] Akatsuki has a shikomizue with a reversed blade. It is unsure why her blade is reversed but it is very useful to her. The blade is entirely black with a blood red tint. The hilt and the guard are silver. The blade is concealed inside a parasol that Akatsuki always carries around and had open.
[B]Shikai Call Out:[/B] Shatter to through Night
[B]Shikai Appearance:[/B] when Akatsuki's sword is released, the blade is back to its normal position, the color becomes white with a violet-blue tint and it reflects everything like a mirror. The guard is in the shape of extending wings that connect to the hilt. At the end of the hilt a link of chains is connected and a small purple bell is at the end.
[B]Shikai Power:[/B] Akatsuki's sword reflects the enemy into her sword and then creates a paper replica of the enemy. The paper enemy comes out of her sword and she is able to use it a decoy. The paper version has the same abilities as the original but only on a lower scale. Just good enough for a distraction..
[B]Bankai: [/B]Onikakushi no Kami-no Kagami. Akatsuki's sword becomes entirely like a mirror. It does nothing but reflect in a violet-blue tint. The guard changes its appearance to a paper lotus flower. The hilt remains the same but the chain changes into a ribbon and the bell at the end turns into a blank paper charm.
[B]Bankai Power:[/B] after Akatsuki's sword is in bankai, anything that gets reflected in her sword's scope, a paper replica appears. Akatsuki is also able to transform her sword into a thousand reflecting-paper charms. Using this ability allows Akatsuki to kill her enemy quickly. Though she hardly uses it since it takes a lot of spiritual energy. Also when in bankai, her outfit changes; her hair ornaments change from flowers into little mirrors with hanging paper charms and she has black cloak with the bloody crescent moon and the bird on the back with little bells at the tail that hangs on her shoulders.

[B]Mask Appearance: [/B]Akatsuki's mask looks like an Anbu-black ops mask from Naruto but with heavy decoration around the eyes. Near the slits for the eyes there is thick black lining. There are blood red swirls that run down from the eyes. Next to the eyes there are small black and red whirls that branch out. On the right side of the mask there is a strange looking symbol that roughly resembles a bloody crescent moon with a bird through it. There are also little pointed horns that sit on the top of the mask that make the mask look as though it's a kitsune.
[B]Level of Control:[/B] it is unknown as to how long she can hold her mask since she usually doesn't use her mask a lot. Even when she does use her mask, it's only for about 10 seconds.
[B]Specialty:[/B] when using her mask she gets bone like wings that extend from her back which increases her speed as well as her evasiveness and amps up her spiritual pressure.

Extra Info
[B]Short Bio:[/B] Akatsuki became a vizard because she thought it would relieve this bloodlust that she always had. She was actually a great friend of Urahara once she entered the Gotei 13 and was always fascinated with the work he did. When she heard about the hollowfication process, she jumped at it. In the Shinigami Academy, Akatsuki was known very well for her uses in the sword and kido. But sometimes she would almost kill her classmates because of her bloodlust and was deemed an outcast. Upon entering the Gotei 13 she was put into squad 11 where she did much good in the battlefield. Afterwards she was transferred to squad 8. After hearing from Urahara about hollowfication, Akatsuki went for it.
[B]Character Snippet:[/B] Lying in the squad 8 barracks, Akatsuki is suddenly woken up by Fukutaicho Ise Nanao,[B]"Akatsuki. Akatsuki. Wake up."[/B]
Akatsuki slowly opens her eyes and looks at Ise,[B]"Hmmmm. Oh, Fukutaicho Ise. What is it? Can't you see I'm sleeping? I was out drinking last night with Taicho Kyōraku. Let me sleep." [/B] She rolls onto her side.
[B]"Don't be such a lazy ass. I have some news from your Taicho. I believe you should go see him."[/B]
Akatsuki rolls back onto her back and looks up at Ise. [B]"Taicho Tetsuya?"[/B] Akatsuki stands up and stretches. [B]"Well, I guess I'll go see what he wants. Maybe it's a new mission. I've been itching for a new one."[/B]
[B]"Well, I don't care what you do. But I'm sure that you'll be just fine."[/B]
[B]"Thanks Fukutaicho Ise. I'll come by again to drink with Taicho Kyōraku. And tell him that I've gone too." [/B]
[B]"Why should I tell him?"[/B]
[B]"I know you will. See ya"[/B]
Akatsuki walks on out of the barracks and heads to her own. Wondering all the while what was coming.

OOC: I may get sketches for the description.[/FONT][/SIZE]
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Name: Elphaba
Gender: Female
Rank: 8th
Appearance: She is 5'6" with long black that is usually wavy and tied back. She has a dark complexion with bright green eyes. She stands out in a crowd because of her skin color and she wears clothes that look like [URL="[IMG]http://i56.photobucket.com/albums/g172/Just_Be_Yourself/48.jpg[/IMG]"]gypsy[/URL].
Personality: She is very much confident and stands up for herself whenever she is being put down upon by others because of her looks. She has a very attractive personality in which she makes jokes and loves to have fun. There is also a part of her that wants to be free and roam around the world of the living and the Soul Society.

Name: Zefie
Appearance: looks like a katana but the hilt is clear and the guard is white.
Shikai Call Out: Defy
Shikai Appearance: Size of a katana. A clear blade with a white hilt and guard. The hilt has a wind symbol along with a charm for good luck on the end of hilt.
Shikai Power: With a quick movement of her blade she can create tornadoes that cannot be seen. These tornadoes are powerful enough to destroy anything in its way. If she holds her blade high and then strike the ground she can create a vacuum that can suck the air out of a 2 meter radius and suffocate anyone trapped inside
Bankai: She is training to obtain Bankai
Bankai Power: n/a

Mask Appearance: [URL="[IMG]http://i56.photobucket.com/albums/g172/Just_Be_Yourself/masque-de-venise-fete-joker-1408.jpg[/IMG]"]Joker[/URL]
Level of Control: she can hold it for 2 hours
Specialty: she can create a defense shield around her made from wind that can deflect most attacks back

[U]Extra Info[/U]
Short Bio: Elphaba was hated by the man that took care of her in the North Rukon District. She had a sister and mother that both died during a horrible accident. Every since their death she has tried to get away but the man didn't approve of her leaving and beat her until he nearly killed her. Then before he could finish her off she began to go through her Hollowfication and killed the man on the spot. It was then that she fought with her inner Hollow and won the battle of control. When she woke up she found a mask and her blade next to each other. She was then picked up by the Soul Society to join the 14th squad which they told her had people who were just like her.
Character Snippet:

Will add Character Snippet later
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[b]Name:[/b] Asa Keitaro
[b]Gender:[/b] Male
[b]Rank:[/b] 10
[b]Appearance:[/b] He is 5'8" which is kinda short for a guy his age. He has green, spiky hair and has green eyes to match it. He wears a bandana on his right forearm. He wears a necklace that represents his hollowfication. He wears his soul reaper uniform similar to Shuhei Hisagi but has a green sash tied around his waste with carries his two zanpakuto. He also wears a black hoodie sometimes but only when he is around other soul reapers. He got it as a gift from a friend while he was a part of Squad 2.
[b]Personality:[/b] His personality is quite childish really. Because of this attitude, he is very approachable due to his friendly demeanor. He has many friends in many squads as he has bounced around from almost all of them. Some of his friends include the vice captains from squads 4,7,9,and 10 and some other seated officers. Because he knows alot of people he can be very impressionable. He's always looking for something cool that his friends are doing so he can imitate it. He always feels like a kid and sometimes that shows up when he is fighting as he gets too confident in his abilities. But he does know when to get serious and takes his training very seriously. Because he just recently learned his bankai, he is always anxious to show the other members of the 14th division what he can really do. He's pretty upbeat for an assassin. Also he is very impressed by his vice captain's speed. One of his goals is to beat Byouki is a race.

[b]Name: Sora Shikaku (Sky Assassin)[/b]
[b]Appearance:[/b] Asa's zanpakuto is split into 2 swords. Both are wakizashis. One has a green hilt with a golden guard and the other has a blue hilt with a red guard. (these are his favorite colors)
[b]Shikai Call Out: Sit upon the clouds[/b]
[b]Shikai Appearance:[/b] Both wakizashis turn into daggers with abnormally long blades that are curved. http://i53.photobucket.com/albums/g77/Setrin/Video%20Games/Warriors/Samurai%20Warriors/Weapons/Nene_sw2weapon3.jpg
[b]Shikai Power:[/b] The powers of my zanpakuto are that it increases my speed very dramatically and it has a super suppression of my spiritual pressure so that I may move like an assassin without being detected at all. Also he can create shuriken made from spiritual pressure but this attacks can drain his strength if he is not careful.
[b]Bankai: Sora Shikaku toko Shimekiri (The Sky Assassin hides the End)[/b]. My twin zanpakuto turn into very short length spears and the blades get slightly longer. http://i266.photobucket.com/albums/ii275/Darthwin1/characters/weapons/Keiji-sw2weapon4.jpg
[b]Bankai Power:[/b] I get another speed boost from my bankai release. Since I just recently learned my bankai, I have learned only one technique so far. It to make myself completely invisible. This technique wears off once I touch my opponent but its meant to allow me to strike a fatal blow without being seen or detected.

[b]Mask Appearance:[/b] Asa's mask resembles a ninja's hood. It covers his mouth and the top of his head only allowing his eyes to be seen. The mask has 2 very small horns and the word "sky" etched into the side of it in small letters.
[b]Level of Control:[/b] Asa can keep his mask on for about 20 minutes. He rarely uses it as he is very proud of his swordplay and speed.
[b]Specialty:[/b] Asa's mask has the power of creating a single clone that Asa's uses to attack his enemies from different directions. This clone represents his inner hollow who tends to act alot more grown up then Asa himself. But the two work together especially when using Asa's bankai technique.

[b]Extra Information[/b]

[b]Short Biography:[/b] Asa volunteered to become a vizard due to his unhappiness in any of the 13 divisions. He was transferred from every division at least once but found some stability in Division Two, where his speed could be put to use. He looked up to Captain Soi Fon but she always disregarded him. When he attempted to be the 3rd seat of Division Two, he was prohibited by Soi Fon. After this, Asa's despair grew larger until he found out about becoming a vizard. He has always been a friendly person but has not always been that way. When he was younger he had trouble with friends. He lived near Toshiro Hitsugaya when they were younger and always wanted to approach him but was afraid that the other kids would make fun of him as well. He then moved to another village where kids were very friendly and he learned to be that way as well. He always remembers the good times he had as a kid and due to that, he still acts that way. His new home(Division 14) is a place where he can be himself completely and no one will judge him for the choices he has made.

[b]Character Snippet:[/b]
Soi Fon: Who made this mess in my barracks?
Omaeda: (shocked) CAPTAIN!!!!!!!! It was horrible. That Asa kid made a huge mess when he tried to show off his zanpakuto.
Soi Fon: Where is Asa?

(away from the scene, hiding in a tree)
Asa: Captain Soi Fon will never find me in this tree. hee hee.
Soi Fon: You're right, I would never find you in this tree.
Asa: I know right....hahah......(turns around to see Soi Fon) AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! CAPTAIN!!!!!
(Asa falls from the tree and hits his head.)

Soi Fon: AS punishment for wrecking this place,you will spend all day cleaning it.....ALONE!!!!!
Asa: Yes ma'am (begins sweeping) Edited by Humaru
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