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RPG Dungeons and Dragons: Repentance


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A solitary woman walked the streets, covered by a black cloak. Her skin was pale, and flawless. She seemed frightened, hesitant, and obviously trying not to attract the city watch. She was human, and beneath her cloak, her dress showed. She was of noble decent, judging just from her attire alone. She seemed to carry no weapons, though one could assume it was easy to hide one under her cloak. Her face wahiiden partially by her hood, so it was immpossible to see her eyes.

The woman ducked into a door way when a city watchman rode by, she definitely didn't want to be questioned. Down the way, the sounds of music and merriment could be heard, and it seemed quite lively at the nearby inn. The woman peered around the corner at the street, and saw no one. Hurridly, she rushed into the inn and tavern. Many the eyes of men turned to look at her, as she was quite voluptuous. The elegant, yet simple dress that she wore revealed much, as it was rather tight fitting. Her cleaveage was heaftily exposed, though not purpously so.

Walking up to the bartender, she placed several gold coins on the table. "I'd like a room for the night, please." Looking from under her hood, the bartender could see beautiful, saphirre blue eyes, wide and innocent, though if a bit saddened, and the face of an angel ringed by pale blonde wavy hair.

She was to meet her father there at the inn, in secret. Her father's crusade did not permit him to return to their castle that night, and so she was to meet him there at the inn as a means for her to tell him about matters at the Castle Dalmasca.

The bartender smiled, and placed his hand on the gold peices, though picked two out, and tried to return them to the girl. "Here you are, miss. You're payin' a might bit much."

The girl smiled. "It's a tip. Keep it."

"Ay, thank you kindly, little lady." The man turned and filled up a mug of fresh milk, and handed it to her. "And here's me thanks. You don't seems like much of a drinker... On the house."

"Thank you, kind sir."

She took a drink, and the man handed her a key. "Third room on the left upstairs."

"I shall take my leave then. Thank you for the milk." She turned, and made her way to the room. Her father would be arriving shortly, and didn't want to anger him.

On entering the room, she peered around, but saw nothing out of the ordinary. Outside, she could hear a horse galloping down the street, and instantly she knew who it was. She could sense his presence, and always could. She didn't understand, but she never questioned it. She had often displayed magical prowess, though she didn't understand that either. Her father was just a general, right? Her mother had been a countess, though a good woman who looked after her people. She had died only a few years ago.

There came muffled gasps and people scuttling out of the way, and heavy footsteps. Her father's voice rang out, and then the footsteps came up the stairs. Her father didn't even knock, he just entered. A towering man, and rippled with muscle, even for his age. His eyes were shaped sharply, the eye lashes thick, and as Hope had known for years, his teeth a little more pointed than other men. His armor was deep red, and staned with blood. He was intimidating to behold. Hope however, was not affect by her fatheers presence nearly as much as others.

"Daughter, how good of you to come."

"I was only doing as you asked, Father." Hope bowed her head, as her father drew near.

"Hope, tell me. How is the castle being handled? Are they obeying my creeds in my absence?"

"To the letter, Father. When will you be returning home?"

"Tomorrow. How is your Michelo? He is still studying at Upsula, correct?"

"Yes. He will be returning to the villiage soon for summer. The Plague has not yet reached the school. so he is yet able to return, without endangering us."

"That's good. I will see you at home then." Lord Mathias Dalmasca signaled one of his men who had accompanied him. "See my daughter is returned to the castle safely."

Without saying good-bye, he turned and walked out of the room to return to his army and crusade. Hope sighed sadly, though obliged the servant of her father when he ushered her to the horse waiting for her. To the east they would go, about seven miles to the Castle Dalmasca. Hope would hear nothing but the clanking of armor the entire trip, as well as the horse's breath beneathe her.

Looking off into the direction her Father rode, Hope shed a single tear, knowing he would come again probably more like in a few days. Was her Father truely consumed by his crusade? Souls to draw into his army?

Tomorrow, Michelo would come.
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Alia had been traveling the woods for longer than she'd care to admit, her last town trip had been a mite bit more eventful than she would like for them to be and had remained hidden ever since. But as she looked into her pack and saw her rations were getting extremely low she decided that now would be as good a time as ever to restock. She had been able to pilfer rabbits and small game from nearby traps, and she knew she could hunt if she wished but staying under the radar seemed a better idea than running around killing larger game. Lifting her chin she put her nose to the wind and took a long breath til she caught the scent of humans and their produce stands. She was close to a town which was helpful, but frightening at the same moment. Heaving a large breath she pulled the hood of her cloak over her head and made her way into the town, making the gates she inclined her head slightly and was greeted by the gate watch who let her proceed.
"Welcome to Rensing."
She didn't answer, prefering not to talk to humans where she could avoid it she headed for the stalls of the market and began to restock her pack. The selection they had was fairly good, the cuts of meat were some of the best she had seen, nearly marbled to perfection and the fruits and vegetables were also very good quality, small distictly of what they were and filling her senses with the lucsious aromas of fine foods. After she had done her shopping she looked into her money pouch and saw enough to buy a room for the night, it had been a long time since she had slept in a bed or had a hot bath instead of an ice cold one from a stream. Pulling her cloak tighter around her she made her way to the Inn and put her money on the counter.
"One room, just for the night if you please, and I would like a hot bath drawn for me right away."
The man looked at her money and than to her trying to see her face but as he was unable to he shrugged and gave her the key.
"Your bath will be waiting for you."
"You have my thanks."
Turning from the man behind the desk she climbed the stairs gracefully and found her room, upon entering she found the bath waiting as promised and locked the door behind her as she stripped and slid into the hot water. She hadn't felt this good in years.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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OOC: I'll show you guys how to play as DND characters... XD

"Sister, did you see that? She looked so sad..." Lucas remarked, looking in the direction of where the woman had been taken.

"Lord Dalmasca, I've heard, is quite the warmonger. He leads a crusade, though rarely do any of the men he takes for his army ever return to their families. And those who do... well... They're scarred." Ayeika responded. She sighed, and continured. "In any case, there's nothing we can do about it for now."

The twins looked down the street one last time, before making their way to the inn. They were dressed quite cordially, Lucas in his black suit, and Ayeika in her rather revealing get up. Ayeika wore a simple hakama, the front wide open to reveal wrappings around her torso. Her legs were clad in skin tight leather pants with matching boots. Ayeika was her usual wild and untamable self, while Lucas was slightly more reserved.

The key word in that phrase being 'slightly'.

Lucas walked next to his sister as they made their way to the local inn, though they passed an Angry looking preist, Ayeika peered at him for but a moment as they walked, and then looked back in front of her. She'd studied enough of his body language to know he wasn't someone she'd get along with.

"Brother, does it seem.... like that preist is just looking for someone to condemn to you?"

"I didn't notice." Lucas snorted. "Though I don't doubt it. Do you know of him?"

"All I know is that in this villiage, there is only one preist, Father Remquist of the church of Pelos. From what little I can tell, he's not the sort who beleives in much other than in black and white terms. Better we don't reveal ourselves."

Lucas shrugged, throwing his hands into the air. "I don't see a point in why we came here. There isn't much for us to do." Lucas' teal eyes looked to his sister out of the corner of his eye. "And there is no strong magic here, though I did sense something from Lord Dalmasca and his daughter.

Ayeika nodded. "I felt it, too. And I didn't like it. Perhaps there's more to him than people know. But, we can have some fun for now, right? We can use the opportunity of 'bad weather' to learn more about our dear Lord." Ayeika's mouth drew into a smile, and Lucas found his expression to match hers. "Of course, sister. Shall I make it rain?"

Ayeika nodded. "Make it a little worse than just rain." They were drawing close to the inn, and Lucas snapped his fingers. Overhead, clouds began to over take the bright, shining moon. A distant rumble of thunder made the ground shake as they entered the inn. As soon as they stepped inside, lightning flashed across the sky, followed by an emourmous rumble.

"Evening, sir." Ayeika approached the inn keeper, and smiled brilliantly. "My brother and I would like a room for the night. This storm came out of no where!"

"That'll be twenty gold peices for the both of you." Ayeika smiled again, and drew the desired gold from a pouch on her hip. "Here you are." Ayeika glanced to her brother, who nodded slightly. Another rumble of thunder roared overhead, rattling the inn. The inn keeper shook his head. "There'll be a bad storm tonight... I think you'll find our beds to be some of the most comfortable around."

"I'll take your worrd for it." The inn keeper handed her a key, and the brother and sister sat in the tavern drinking and talking with other patrons. They laughed and made merry, knowing they weren't suspected in the slightest for the storm raging outside. Indeed, it was the siblings own private joke as they conversed and learned as much as they could about Lord Dalmasca and his daughter. Ayeika was a natural, being flirtacious and vibrant, while Lucas simple got patrons plastered to get what he desired to know.

Lucas, however, was keeping a distant mind on his storm, they wanted to know what they could, in case they should decide to interveine. However, they found out much more than they thought they would.

It seemed that Lord Dalmasca had always been like he was, seemingly growing older at a much slower rate than any normal human. He had suppsedly been in his thirties when he had married a local countess, and she had moved into Lord Dalmasca's castle. Now, almost twenty-five years later, with a twenty-two year old daughter, the Lord Dalmasca had only a patch of grey running through his beard. His daughter, Hope, apparently strikingly resembled the now deceased Lady Dalmasca, who had died over five years ago, from a disease of unknown origin.

As for Lord Dalmasca's crusade, no one really seemed to be sure what it was about, other than needless slaughter. The town preist had already seen his fair share of young men brought back in white cloths, they stained with the blood of the slain wrapped inside. More often than not, not even bodies were returned from the battles that took place, and almost never were living survivors. Only Lord Dalmasca himself seemed to survive, over and over.

Lucas and Ayeika definitely knew something wasn't right. But, from all they could tell, it seemed Hope was often left alone, and it seemed that all Lord Dalmasca cared for was his crusade.

In the wee hours of the morning, with the storm raging still outside, the twins retreated back to their room, to discuss all they had learned in hushed voices. All in all, it did not bode well for anyone with the Lord unchecked. Lucas, before retreating to his bed, cast his alarm spell on the door and the windows. Should anyone try to come through them, a loud, whirring buzzing noise would sound, surely waking everyone up in the inn. Lucas would disarm the spell in the morning before they left to go about the town. They would convieniently have to stay another day, as the roads would be too wet to trek on from the torrential rain that would persist for another two days entirely, thanks to Lucas' ability.

But, while Ayeika drifted off to sleep, she couldn't help but feel a forboding sense of danger, lingering over the whole town.
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[color=darkorchid]That afternoon in a small village called Batherton, there in the small farmhouse nestled beneath the barren apple trees, a young elf hastily checked her rucksack, making sure she had everything. Wait a minute, did I just say elf? Upon closer look, the neighbours tilling their gardens would have seen that she was too small to be an elf. Rather, she was a halfling. This became evident when a sheepdog tall as her shoulders walked up to sniff her face. He was as shaggy as shaggy could be, and was mostly white though with dark grey blotches on parts of his fur. Kinenda's mother had loved this dog ever since she raised him as a puppy a few years ago--she named him Rolf because that's what his bark sounded like.

"I can't possibly have you come with me, Rolf," Kinenda said to the sheepdog, rubbing the back of his neck as she spoke. She had donned her usual outfit that day, the simple mauve dress with the little shawl over it. Since the day was rather chilly, she had her traveling cloak on as well--it was made of a soft and snuggly material and a deep green in colour. But she didn't decide to put the hood up yet, so one could easily see the rosy headband she wore in her light brown hair, and the brilliant deep purple colour of her eyes became even more apparent. As usual when she was in a hurry, her face was a bit pinker than usual, deviating from the the normally light tan hue of her skin.

Kinenda's mother stepped outside the front door just as she was slipping her gloves on. This was Nuthatch the Bard, named so because of her peppy nature and peculiar ability to serenade the birds when out in the forest. As usual, she wore her patchwork-quilt dress of many summery colours, and she had a sunny smile on her face despite the cloudy weather.

"Well, my little songbird, are you just about ready?" Nuthatch asked her.

"[i]You're[/i] the songbird," Kinenda replied with a snicker. "I think I got everything all set. Now all I have to do is convince Rolf to stay behind."

"Aww, Rolf..."

Nuthatch glided over to Rolf, petting him on the head. Unlike Kinenda, she was tall enough to see over the top of his head. As she did so, Rolf whimpered, rubbing his face against the top of Kinenda's head.

"Aww, it seems he wants to come with you," Nuthatch continued. "I know I'm gonna miss him, but you know Rolf. Always daring to go on an adventure. 'Tis a shame I have to stay here for now to prepare for the festival, but perhaps our paths will cross one of these days. Perhaps we can send correspondence through one of my feathery friends. I'm sure Mortimer would love to visit you especially."

Out of all the birds Nuthatch was friends with, the one Kinenda liked the most was an owl named Mortimer. He was usually grouchy and impatient and liked to hive hoots of complaint about various owl matters, and for some reason he vented to Kinenda the most, probably because she was more his size. Plus Kinenda enjoyed watching him scare off other small birds. He played the part perfectly, given his large and gruff appearance, the horned gray feathers atop his head, his dark brown plumage, and his piercing golden eyes.

"That would be rather nice," Kinenda commented as she stuffed the last medicine bottle into her bag and hoisted it over her shoulder. When she did so, she uttered a cry of surprise and fell to the ground.

"Rolf!" Rolf barked.

"Gee, this bag's a bit heavier than it usually is," Kinenda moaned as she checked the bag to see if nothing was broken. In her final haste she moved some of her less valuable items to the larger sack she was taking. When that was done, using her telekinetic powers, she lifted the bag onto Rolf's back. Then she stood up and proceeded to tie it around him like a saddle.
"If you really want to come with me," she said to him, "you'll be responsible for this. Now, do you remember where Rensing is?"


Of course Rolf knew. Rensing was the place Nuthatch always performed at for the seasonal festivals held there, and Rolf always tagged along. She often performed at a few taverns there as well, knowing she would get a good audience. Kinenda, however, have only been there once or twice a few years ago. Hopefully she too would still recognise the place. So with a sharp whistle by Kinenda, Rolf ran off, darting down the path away from home and toward the village of Rensing.

Soon after, Nuthatch gave Kinenda a hug--no matter how old she was, she was still her precious daughter. As Nuthatch re-entered the house, Kinenda grabbed the last item she needed: her staff. Giving it a playful toss, she stepped off the patio and walked a little ways down the path that led towards the edge of town. Trees lined up all along the winding path, which skirted a hillside and sloped upward much of the way. Though the path was short, Kinenda was already out of breath when she reached the top of the hill.

At that present moment she stood facing a modestly sized mountain with smooth, rocky slopes. This was part of a mountain range that isolated places like Batherton from the main part of the Empire. Presently Rolf was running along a narrow trail that wound between two of these mountains, ending in the plains on the other side, but that was not the trail Kinenda was about to take. Instead, Kinenda tapped her staff once on the ground, then flung it to the side, holding it parallel to the ground. At the same time, she hopped onto it, landing with her toes resting on its woody shaft. The staff, however, didn't fall--it hovered in the exact same spot. But not for long--with the blue crystal sparkling in the sunset, it rose up higher. Kinenda balanced on this staff while in a squatting position, as she flew up and over the mountain. Though she could not see Rolf on the trail below, she trusted that he would know the way.

By the time Kinenda reached Rensing, the sky had become clear, and the sun had just barely set. She landed somewhere outside the main entrance to the village, hopping gracefully off her staff and shivering a bit because of the wind. Reaching into her bag, she took out a small bottle of perfume and sprayed a bit of it on herself--this would make it easier for Rolf to find her by scent when he came.

"Welcome to Rensing, child," a man standing at the entrance to the village greeted. "Running an errand, I suppose?"

"I'm not a child," Kinenda replied flatly. "And I am simply visiting."

As Kinenda expected, most of the folk wandering around Rensing were human, so it made sense that she was passed off as a child. Frequently she had to leap to the side to avoid people accidentally kicking her as they walked, especially when she wandered through the marketplace. Wandering through this marketplace was one of Kinenda's favourite pastimes, because she never had to buy anything, especially if she went at night. Since her size made it harder for the sellers to see her amidst the customers, Kinenda had an easy time stealing stuff. Though in this case, she didn't steal that much--a few nuts and berries, a small piece of cheese... Using her powers, she managed to pull a chunk off a loaf of bread, and a few coins out of shop tills. Hiding all the food in her bag, she exited the marketplace, heading for the inn.

At the inn counter, Kinenda had to stand on top of her staff in order for the man behind it to see her. She was already holding some money in her hand as she held out the other for balance.

"Ah, hello there," the man greeted. "I imagine you'd want a place to spend the night?"

"Yes, please," Kinenda replied, proceeding to hand him the money. "My luggage should be arriving as soon as..."


Kinenda turned around and saw Rolf's face outside the window near the door. Upon seeing him, she opened the door for him, though to everyone else it looked like Rolf had somehow opened it from the outside. Immediately he came trotting up to meet Kinenda. The man behind the counter sighed.

"You halflings and what peculiar animals you use to replace horses. I'm sorry, but the dog will have to stay outside."

"I knew you'd say that," Kinenda commented as she let her rucksack untie itself and rise up to her hand. With a snap of her fingers and a gesture backwards, Rolf ran out the door.

And so the man showed her to her room, raising an eyebrow when he saw Kinenda carrying the large sack all by herself (in reality, she was holding it up with her powers). Though it was a small room, to Kinenda it seemed spacious, and the bed nice and roomy. Kinenda sat on this bed for a while, munching on a bit of the food she had stolen. Then she heard a bark outside--Rolf was standind on his hind legs, his nose pressed against the window. Looking outside, Kinenda saw that it was raining all of a sudden. Fortunately, Rolf had a bit of roof to sit under, but he still felt kind of lonely outside. Kinenda gave him a piece of cheese, hoping that would make him feel a bit better.

A while later, Kinenda was in the lobby of the inn, enjoying a glass of wine before bed, listening to the thunder outside. While doing so, she caught snippets of a conversation going on in the next table over. Something about Dalmasca and his crusade, and the mystery as to why he was so obsessed with it. Kinenda had heard about how formidable and selfish Dalmasca was, but she never heard of him going on a crusade. What for? Why so soon? Something seemed ominous about all this--the lady in the next table made it sound as if something dangerous was about to happen.

[i]Hmm, I wonder if someone is threatening to attack the village or something,[/i] Kinenda thought. [i]If that's what it is, I suppose I should be on my guard. Therefore I probably shouldn't stay up too late tonight.[/i]

Indeed she didn't. It wasn't long before Kinenda was back in her room, huddled under the covers after a nice warm bath. As she drifted off to sleep, the main thing on her mind was Rolf. Why did that pesky dog have to come anyway? Oh well, Kinenda thought, if anything he was a bit of company--she just hoped he wouldn't get himself killed if this village really was in danger.[/color]
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Lucas and Ayeika awoke early the next morning, to the sounds of someone sobbing in the tavern of the inn. On venturing down the strairs, they noticed an old woman crying softly, with many of her fellow villagers gathered around her.

"He's a beast!" the woman sobbed. "Why? He was just a boy! And he took my husband, too, after he tried to get that horrible man to leave us our son!"

Lucas and Ayeika had sat down at one of the tables, and ordered a nice breakfast for the two of them. They listened intently, and knew that it had been Lord Dalmasca who had taken the boy and the father to be in his army.

"These people will soon rise up against Dalmasca." Lucas stated, and Ayeika nodded. "It's a shame. Dalmasca's daughter... I don't think she has had any part of his affairs, and she will suffer the concequences as well."

"Should we help her?" Lucas asked, as the inn keeper brought them the breakfast they had desired. A halfling the two of them had seen the previous night came down the stairs then, looking at the two of them once more. Lucas stuffed his mouth full of delicious eggs, and gulped down his breakfast rather quickly. Ayeika took her time, still retaining her regal habits. Lucas' head turned skyward, and he said, "I hope the storm calms down soon."

"I do too, Brother." Ayeika smiled, as suddenly the storm outside began to calm itself, Lucas smiling as well. It was still raining, but much less in amount. "It seems it has, Sister."

"Indeed, Brother." Ayeika finished her brekfast, and stood. "I think we should go for a walk. Maybe some fresha air will do us a world of good."

Outside, a commotion was rising, as people heeded the words of the priest as he called down the heavens, casting down the actions of Lord Dalmasca. Ayeika and Lucas leaned against a wall to hear him out, though they were soon bored. They saw the priest soon leave, headed somewhere unknown.

"Let's follow him." Ayeika said, and Lucas nodded. "It could be fun..."

The sibling duo smiled, and Lucas cast one of his spells, making the two of them invisible, and then with the ability for them to fly. As such, they were unable to be detected through sight or sound.

The siblings floated after the priest, watching him walk along the dirt path. Lucas allowed the rain to let up, though did not allow the clouds to clear. The priest stopped in his path, and turned to the sounds of horses galloping. Three men approached the small stone and thatchwork hut to the twins' left, and one of them easily reconized as Lord Dalmasca. A young boy ran into the house, and the two men riding aside the Lord were motioned inside, and their intention was obvious, they were there to take the boy.

Lucas and Ayeika watched, though they were paralized with fear, unable to help. Lord Dalmasca only came down when the men were dragging the boy from the house.

"Mother! Father!" The boy yelled, struggling against his captors.

"Please, let the boy stay!" The man's father asked, and ran to the Lord. Holding up a bag of coins, he pleaded for his son. "Please, take this money, and leave the boy!"

Lord Dalmasca only responded by kicking the man away. "I have no use for your money! It's souls I'm after!" Lord dalmasca was indeed an intimidating figure, and even though the siblings remained unseen, they too were afraid of the sheer aura of the Lord, of the power he eminated.

The older woman fell to her knees, and in a frightened state of anger, she screamed at the Lord. "You beast! He's just a boy!"

The priest however, remained unfazed. "Only the Gods can take charge of men's souls, Mathias. Or have you forgotten your place in their grand plans?"

"The god's plan? Oh no, I haven't forgotten." The Lord laughed. "There is work to be done, and I have a war to wage. Take the boy!"

Thunder eminated across the sky, and Lucas twitched. He hadn't mentally commanded the storm to begin doing so.

"I bellow, and the gods answer. Satisfied, Priest?" the Lord bellowed his laughter. The priest only stared angrily. "Perhaps you worship the wrong gods."

The Lord only snorted. "The gods work in mysterious ways." He ushered his horse, and galloped away with his men with the boy. Lucas and Ayeika sighed, now free of the mysterious aura. The priest held the sobbing woman, and looked to the sky, which had now begun to let loose with a light rain.

"O' lord, why have you forsaken us?"

Lucas and Ayeika dispersed with their magic, and walked up to the priest and the woman. Lucas waved his hand through the air, and the woman's eyes grew hazy and clouded, before falling into a deep sleep. "That will help her for now." Lucas stated. And moved to help the priest move the poor woman to a bed. Ayeika stood nearby, watching in case the Lord decided to cause more trouble.

On leaving the cottage, the Priest looked to Lucas and Ayeika, before nodding his head. "She will sleep for awhile. I must return to the villliagers, and so gather them to march upon the Lord's castle. Thank you for your aide."

The priest walked back to the villiage, and Lucas and Ayeika looked to each other. "Think we should travel to the Dalmasca estate?"

"Yes. I want to watch this... and help if nessessary."

OOC: Alright, come evening, the priest is going to call upon the villiagers to march and end the Lord Dalmasca. Excel wants to get one more post in before that. Feel free to post going aroundd the villiage, or even joining up with us.
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[SIZE=1]His sword always felt much heavier after a battle. Attakiru finished cleaning the Ōdachi Katana, and finished by giving it a few quick scrapes on his dragon skin blade sharpener. He tossed the sword into the air and as it descended he raised the sheath so that it slipped in gently, but quickly, even with the blades great curve. Attakiru was ready to head out so he started to run to the nearby village; hopefully he could find an inn there so he could lay low for a while. Killing soldiers never attracts the right kind of attention, he thought about the battle as he set off.[/SIZE]


[SIZE=1][B]“Why have you asked me to meet you again commander?”[/B] Attakiru felt uncomfortable, there were armed guards outside, and he could tell they were ready to fight, what were they expecting in this peaceful city? No orders had been issued today at all, except for his mandatory meeting with the commander. This could only mean one thing: He had been compromised.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=1][B]“An interesting conversation took place between a commander of Akonyu and I. He tells me of a specific cult, one that was known for a fighting style similar to your own. I am sure you’re well aware of the problems this brings up. All the questions you asked me about the empire… Who are you working for Sky…. Or should I say, Depson Attakiru."[/B][/SIZE]

[SIZE=1]Attakiru’s gaze turned into a penetrating beam, [B]“I have found out what I need to know already, it is time I take my leave."[/B][/SIZE]

[SIZE=1][B]“You’re not understanding the situation you are in soldier. You’re not going anywhere save for the front lines in the kings crusade! Seize him men!”[/B][/SIZE]

[SIZE=1][B]“No, it is you that is mistaken, I have killed people for saying my name, and you might have a grasp on my true intention,”[/B] he unsheathed his hidden Tanto knife from his robe,[B]”and as I said before, I know all I need from you… you are as good as dead already.”[/B][/SIZE]

[SIZE=1]The two men outside had rushed inside, also four other men had been in the room adjacent to the commander’s quarters. Seven people fully geared for battle versus one man with a knife. ‘too easy,’ he thought to himself. The two men behind him rushed forward to attack. Attakiru jumped so high that he reached the low ceiling, he flipped to position himself so that he could launch off of it. With lighting fast speed he swooped down on the two attackers stabbing one in the back of the neck with his knife and one he simply pushed to the ground with his open hand. The force of impact jarred him enough that he couldn’t get up right away, however Attakiru used his momentum to roll into alignment with the wall behind the two men. He then launched himself off of that surface and formed a thrust with his tanto. He was picking up speed now and his target, the leftmost of the four guards that stepped in between him and the commander, was stabbed through the helmet. Attakiru pulled on the firmly implanted knife, which would not come loose. He used the resistance to bring his legs in and pushed off of the falling body into a fluent flank attack on the closest guard. He was just starting to turn around to face him, so it was far too late for him. Attakiru used the momentum of the recent propulsion to snap the soldier’s neck by grasping it with his freehand and swinging around the span of his body. This rotation slowed him down too much to keep moving at his desired pace so he just let go of the man’s head, now facing the wrong way, and placed his feet on the soldier’s back. He then glided to the ground on his foes back. Attakiru stepped off the man and faced the three remaining soldiers. The two guards shouted for the commander to run and charged. Attakiru sprinted forward as well. Using all his strength he blocked the soldier on the rights attempt to skewer him by hitting the tip with his tanto. He hit it with a right-handed swing so that it was deflected left and up. The parried blade flew right into his allies head. That soldiers charge was all the force needed to drive the blade deep into his skull. Attakiru then focused his strength in his unused hand. Punching the last fighting soldier's exposed face. The result of the collision was catastrophic. The man’s entire face was sunken in from the impact. The punch swept the soldier off his feet and sent him falling backwards. Attakiru then put away his knife noticing his last foe had disappeared from the area. He snapped the neck of the soldier he dazed at the start of the battle, and then he headed outside.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=1]Attakiru hoped that the commander would have stayed in the room, but apparently he had darted when the two guards had distracted him. He beat the two in less than thirty seconds but the commander was already quite a distance away. Attakiru rummaged through a bush near the commanders quarters. He had placed his sword and a backpack with a few important possessions and quite a bit of money that he had saved. Attakiru equipped himself and then headed after the commander. He could easily see the trail. His footprints were quite visible since he was running in armor; however the direction he was going was straight to the military barracks. [/SIZE]


[SIZE=1]Attakiru arrived at the inn early in the morning. He had been running for three hours and was still tired from the battle so he checked into a small room. Only a few people paid any extra attention to him as he passed by. The town had seen many odd folk and a weapon like his was strange, but most have seen oddities far more outlandish. Once in his room, Attakiru locked his door and fell to his bed. Exausted he descended into dreams minutes later. [/SIZE]
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Hope smiled wide, her Michelo had come to speak with her.

He wasn't returning to school at Upsula. He was finished, desiring to learn a difference kind of science.

"Where will you go to learn?"

Michelo jumped down from the tree, an apple in his hand. Michelo smiled, placing it into Hope's own. "Where I can learn. The world is not yet ready for the kinds of science I wish to learn."

Hope looked down at her knees, as she was stitting on the green grass of a meadow neibouring her father's castle. "And you wish me to leave with you?"

"Yes, I do. Come with me. It will be an entirely new oportunity for us."

Hope's face crumbled, as she reflected on her father. "I could never leave Father. I'm all he has left, ever since Mother died."

Michelo looked off into the distance, across the nearby river. "You father cares nothing for you or your safety. All he cares about is his personal crusade which has consumed him." He sighed, and Hope spoke. "You are good and kind, Michelo. Like she was. Please, Michelo, don't ever leave me! Promise me!"

"We are destined to be together, hope. Both in this world, and the next."

The distant clouds began to darken and flash with lightning. A horse carrying Lord Dalmasca came charging down the hillside, And Hope and Michelo barelay had a chance to escape the thundering hooves before they would have been crushed underneathe them.

"You disrespect my wishes, daughter. You know you are forbidden to leave the castle without my permission."

"Forgive me Father, I meant you no disrespect." Hope bowed on her knees to her father, her head hung low.

"Please, sir, if you must place blame, then know I am the one at fault." Michelo bowed as well, though more formally.

"I see." Lord Dalmasca surveyed the young man. Michelo wore a red cap over his curly hair, and it contrasted nicely with his dashing good looks.

"You are Michelo, are you not? You study medicine at Upsula."

"I am Michelo, but no longer a student. This is what I came to tell Hope today."

"Excellent! My army is in need of a good surgeon."

"No! Father! Please, I beg you!" Hope rushed over to the horse carrying her father.

"Silence! The gods can ill afford to lose any more poor souls to the devils." He guestured to his men who had accompanied him. "Take him! There are many fresh wounds to sow." Guestured to two other soldiers, and they moved to seize Hope. "Make sure my daughter is returned to my castle safely. You may reflect upon your insubordination until I return, where you will receive your punishment."

"Do not worry, Hope! We will be together!" Michelo called, and then was silenced by the men carying him.

Hope sobbed as she was placed on the horse, and watched her father take the man she loved away.


The trip back to the castle was one of quiet recollection and contemplation. Finally, just before nightfall, she fell asleep in her bed, only to be plagued by terrible dreams, and of Michelo's demise. Waking suddenly from her nightmares, she gasped in the cool air of the night. Outside, the storm persisted, though she could hear her father approach the castle. It wasn't hard. Seizing a candlabra, Hope ventured forth to see her Father.

However, she was not to expect what she would see that night.
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[color=darkorchid]That morning, Kinenda had ordered breakfast in her room, and for a while there was a brief conversation going on between the two that centred around the innkeeper apologising for bringing Kinenda a human-sized meal, and Kinenda telling him there was nothing to worry about. In the end she ended up slamming the door telekinetically in his face. At that point she took a few bites of the toast, while she called Rolf inside. Like a hero returning from a triumphant battle, the jolly sheepdog jumped right through the window, cleared the room in what seemed like a single bound, and wolfed down the ham and eggs.

"That bloke has no idea of the meaning of 'extra honey'," Kinenda commented after a disdainful sip of her tea. "But no matter, Rolf. Why don't you go back outside--I shall be out shortly."


The dog with the sack on his back headed out through the window once more. As he left, Kinenda proceeded to gather the remainder of her belongings in her purse. She didn't know why she felt so flustered that morning--it was as if the innkeeper had put some sort of spell on the pillow she slept on that caused such a change in emotion. Yet still, she mantained her usual cheery self as she trotted down the stairs, saying brief farewells to the innkeeper and the siblings from whom she had heard about Dalmasca and his crusade.

Speaking of Dalmasca, there was some sort of gathering being held just outside the inn. A large group of people listened to the words of a priest standing on a soapbox near a battered old shack. He held no holy book of any sort, preferring to speak straight from the divine sky above (even though it was still drizzling). Kinenda remained under the eaves of the inn, preferring not to get wet.

"...We are now in the hands of a Lord of Death," the priest preached. "The Lord which we are all falling heed to is gathering souls then sending along a direct route to Death, one which promises a lackluster Heaven beyond it. Slavery has long since been a form of disgrace against a people, who in this case are the thousands of young boys and men in all over the Empire! With such a despicable act such as this, the Lord fails to realise the karmic consequences of his actions!"

Here the priest looked around some to see that Dalmasca was nowhere within earshot. Silent applause broke out in the gathering.

"Who will be next?" the priest continued. "How many more innocent souls will we lose to a war which doesn't even threaten our safety? Unnecessary action is detrimental to the self, and so there will come a time when the Lord shall suffer from the consequences of his own unnecessary actions. Let this be a warning to all of you as well. Let the Lord's actions be our way of seeing what can go amiss when we partake in any form of sin. Let the heavens show us the way to righteousness and success, to the good that shall always prevail!"

There was a pause. After the awkward silence, a gnome ran out in front of the priest, holding up a sign that read "APPLAUSE". Slowly and awkwardly, applause and cheers broke out in the crowd. But the priest took no bow--by the time the gnome disappeared, the priest was already out of the street, heading to the edge of town by the looks of things.

After that little episode, Kinenda looked around, only to discover the same siblings from before, having a brief chat with each other. They seemed to agree on something, and then they both vanished into thin air.

[i]My word, they know Invisibility Magic,[/i] Kinenda thought. [i]That's a rare kind of magic indeed, and not one humans are usually good at. The art of making an inconspicuous escape is innate in halfling culture, and even among the elves as well, but there is a difference between that and true invisibility. Even the Cloak is not true invisibility, since it breaks upon focusing one's gaze upon someone. Ah, speaking of the Cloak, I know precisely what I feel like doing today.[/i]

Just at that moment, Rolf appeared next to Kinenda. Kinenda nodded to her canine companion and then looked to a hill topped by a small wooded area, not too far away from the edge of town.

"We head there for today's destination," she declared while pointing her staff at the hill.

Immediately Rolf darted in Kinenda's indicated direction, as if trying to race her there. Kinenda, meanwhile, decided to practice using the Cloak now that she was thinking about it. Standing up straight and holding her arms out to her sides, she closed her eyes and focused for a moment on the presence of her own aura. Opening her eyes and detecting faint lavender blotches around her, she swung her staff around her, fluidly, as if casting a protective circle around herself. But it was not a circle--more like an amorphous field of energy enveloping her like a cloak (hence the enchantment's name). When she was done with this, she tapped the staff once on the floor and jumped, swinging her staff around and landing on it.

After maneuvering the staff so that she flew on it right past the eaves of the inn, Kinenda let her feet slide off the staff so that she was more sitting on it, her hand placed near the bright cerulean crystal so as to guide the flying staff along. As Kinenda flew towards the woody area on the hill, she pondered for a moment whether it was the forces of her own mind holding the staff up, or a power emanating from the staff itself. Her wizard father used to tell her that a magic staff had plenty of powers of its own, and that it was often up to a young wizard to discover them. Even though Kinenda wasn't a wizard, she felt as if she had been doing just that ever since she first crafted the staff--bonding with it, learning of its powers and distinguishing them from her own.

When Kinenda reached the hill, she noticed that it had stopped raining completely, and that there was a tiny patch of blue sky in the clouds above. Seeing this patch, Kinenda smiled and raised her staff once more after landing on a patch of grass. She felt the usual surge of energy flow through her, from the ground and her own heart up through her arm, through the top of her staff, and up like a rocket towards the sky. As the near-invisible beam of energy rose higher, she made a small circular motion with the staff, expanding the beam outwards. As she did so, the clouds around the blue patch parted, until there was a near-perfect circle of blue in the sky, bathing the hill in sunshine (while leaving Rensing in the shadow of the clouds).

Satisfied with this outcome and taking a moment to relish in the sun's powerful warmth, Kinenda looked around for other things to do. Summoning a nearby stick, about the size of her staff, to her side, she held it straight for a while without touching it. Moving her hand over the top of this stick while spinning it around, she concentrated on the aura surrounding the stick, left over from the tree it had fallen from, and compressing it near the top. Slowly the top of the stick hardened, and started to look like the tip of a pencil. A different kind of small gesture caused small chips of wood to fly off the end as if it was being chiseled, sharpening its edge to the point where it could be used as a spear.

It was in this manner that Kinenda continued to tinker with her abilities, as she so often had a habit of doing. And she did precisely that for most of the day, though there came a time in the afternoon when she had to rest for a while, settling down for a nap in a vacant hole inside a tree. She curled up right next to Rolf, who had a habit of waking up and barking loudly whenever danger approached. Fortunately, no danger approached that afternoon.

By the time Kinenda woke up again, it was late afternoon--the sun would set in an hour or so. It was at that time that Kinenda started to head back to Rensing, continuing her previous routine of stealing food from the marketplace once she got there. Meanwhile, she looked around for signs of the priest from before--or Dalmasca, even worse--but neither of the two showed up by the time the day advanced into twilight.[/color]
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On returning to the town of Renseng, Lucas twirled his hand around in the air, and the rain began pouring down again, and he smiled. "Rather fitting, don't you think? Rain for a cold and unfriendly night of dark happenings..."

"Yes, quite." Ayeika replied. "Though, I doubt it will put a damper on any plans to rise against the Lord." Ayeika pointed to the large mob gathering around the priest. "I think that proof."

The crowd was shouting, and raising torches and various farm equipment, screaming for the fall of Lord Dalmasca. Night had long since fallen.

"Mathias claims to do the God's work! Blasphemy, I say! It is time to do away with his insane crusade!"

The crowd roared, and began to march. Ayeika closed her eyes, and sighed. "Brother, do you think we should go with them?"

Lucas shook his head. "I think we might be better suited to stay within the town, Sister. I doubt this is any of our immediate concern. Perhaps when they come back, we can go and help the lady Hope through this."

"You're right, as usual."

Lucas shook his head, smiling. "I am simply doing what I am obligated to do."

Ayeika looked sidelong at her brother. "Those duties ended a long time ago, Lucas. We are no longer bound by our roles we played..." Ayeika looked down to her feet. "Those roles drew to a close so very long ago."

"My duties as a brother will never end. I am supposed to protect you, and keep you safe. More than likely, it will get very ugly at the castle, and I don't want to see you hurt."

Ayeika giggled, ever so innocently, as she did so very long ago and only within her present company. "I see. Truely, I do not deserve a brother like you."

Lucas took her hand ever so gently, and smiled wide. "Don't worry about such things. My reward is your smile alone." The two siblings retreated back into the town as the storm began another downpour, the villagers now long gone, their torch lights having faded from sight. The two noticed the halfling watching from within the inn's large bay window in the tavern. Having nothing better to do for the moment, the siblings paid for another room, and ordered dinner. Approaching the halfling, they smiled, and introduced themselves.

"Greetings, hafling. Do you mind if we join you?"

The halfling smiled as well. "Yes, it indeed was pleasant chatting with the two of you, though I can't quite recall your names."

Lucas gave a polite bow, and guestured to his sister. "This is Ayeika, and I am Lucas. Might we know your name as well? We've seen you around here for some time, are you stuck in town too because of the weather?"

"Yes, traveling in such weather is quite difficult. I am Kinenda. Might I ask why you two are here?"

Ayeika spoke, her voice as sweet as honey. "We are simply wanders without a home. My brother is quite talented with latent magics concerning sorcery, and I am a traveling bard. We make our living wandering from town to town." While Ayeika spoke only the truth, she wasn't revealing the twin's sordid past. "We hail from the northern lands."

"Ah, that would explain the delicate skin tone the two of you have. I am from here within the Empire." As Kinenda spoke with the twins, she couldn't help but notice their eyes, of how peculiar the hue was. Kinenda had never seen such a beautiful teal color, let alone as the color of someone's eyes. Something about them seemed to tingle in the back of her mind, though she couldn't think of what. However, it didn't seem as if she couldn't trust these two, they seemed quite genuine. As the topic of conversation turned, they spoke of the Lord Dalmasca and his daughter. It was a shame the daughter would lose her father, though perhaps she would be spared the wrath of the crowd. From what Lucas and Ayeika had learned earlier from various townspeople, her father was quite strict, though she could never harm even a fly. She was kind and gentle, the complete opposite of the Lord Dalmasca, as well as quite the beauty.

The topic then changed again, to the educations of the three, though Lucas was by far of the more immpressive educational background, as he began to speak in fluent Halfling. He quoted many different scriptures of Elven liturature, Dwarven, Auran, Aquan, and the language of nobles, High Court. Ayeika only knew Common, Halfling, and Auran. However, she didn't speak of her learning, or where, and Lucas didn't speak of where he had learned either, simply saying they doubted Kinenda had ever heard of it. Kinenda allowed them to hide where they were from, knowing everyone had their secrets.

Soon enough, however, a far smaller crowd of villagers returned, with a female figure dressed in rags and bound at her ankles and wrists, she was being dragged along, though she wasn't resisting, seemingly already broken. It was a beautiful woman, her figure slight and yet voluptuous.

"Hope." Ayeika stated, watching the viliagers drag her along. The priest pointed his staff at the girl, and screamed. "Take the demon spawn to the solitary confinement house! She will be burned at the stake for all her father's sins and her own sin's against the Gods!"

Ayeika gasped, as did the halfling. Lucas looked as if he would be ill. Several minutes later the vilagers began to come into the pub, and it wasn't hard to over hear what had happened.

The Lord Dalmasca had in fact been a demon, and using his demon powers had killed a vast majority of the group before returning to some other plane, most likely the Abyss, the home plane of demons. Hope had been brought back to await execution.

The three of them sat in silence, listening to the jeers and cheers of the villagers. Lucas stood, and spoke. "Kinenda, would you excuse us? I think this might be a tad much right now for us. You are more than welcome to join us, if you like."

"I would be more than happy to. This tavern is a bit crowded for my taste as well."
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Hope could hear her father, somewhere in the castle, reciting... a psalm?

Intent and curious, Hope ventured down the stairs, and made her way into the study, following the sound of her father's voice.

[CENTER][I]"Destroyers of light,
Illuminators of darkness,
I ask thy gate be opened,
Open to me."[/I][/CENTER]

Walking, Hope saw an open chamber, one she had never known about. Hearing her father pray, she ventured closer until she at least found the source of the chanting. Hope ventured to a corner on a seemingly never ending stair-case, and peeked from around the corner. She could see her father spread his arms, and his chest begin to ripple, until a hole formed, from which the sprits of those who had fallen in his crusade emerged, and into a swirling green vortex. Hope spotted her Michelo, and ran to try to stop his spirit from being sucked into it.

"Michelo!" Hope reched for him, but her father grasped her arm, stopping her. "Bad timing, daughter."

Hope tried to escape his grasp, but failed. "Who are you?" she cried, frightened.

"The better question would be, [I]who are you?"[/I]

Outside, the angry villiagers had managed to break inside the castle, and were swarming in. They came to the secret passage, and barged in, spotting Hope and Mathias.

The priest was leading the way, blood dripping from his staff topped with the holy symbol of Pelos.

"I see you do the devil's work as well." Lord Dalmasca smiled, and the priest pointed at the lord. "I am a man of God!"

"And yet, the blood on your staff would suggest otherwise." Roaring, the lord fell away, revealing a cloven hoofed demon with massive horns. "I had plans for more, but they can wait until tomorrow. It would seem you will receive your punishment later, Hope."

Roaring again, The demon unleashed a tremendous amount of power, incinerating and destroying many of the villiagers who had come. All that was left now were Hope and the Priest, and he pointed his staff at her. "Unholy spawn of evil! You will be condemned to death for the sins of your father, and your own sins against god!"
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[SIZE=1]Attakiru felt no comfort in taking the life of his enemy?s daughter. ?Demon spawn or not, she will not be missed by her father, so her death dose not change anything,? he thought as the angry mob of villagers led by the priest took her to a solitary confinement house. That priest was out for blood; he could tell by brutal way the priest fought the kings minions. Attakiru could only imagine what kind of atrocity was committed on this man of god in order to brew that kind of vengeance. Attakiru reminisced on the earlier battle as he walked to his room in the local inn, though a burn from the demon was making even this simple task more difficult then it should be.

The sun had just reached the sky when a knock rattled his doors hinges. Attakiru sprang out of bed and quickly unsheathed the tanto he kept on him at all times.

[B]?Austin! What is keeping you![/B]? the knocks continue, ?[B]we are attacking the castle in fifteen minutes! The kings not going to burn himself at the stake you know! Get up you lazy good for nuthin[/B]??

Attakiru opened the door and placed the blade inches from the villagers face. "[B]What did you say[/B]??
?AAH![/B]? the villager backed up to get away from the blade, but the narrow walkway between hotel rooms drove him to a wall and Attakiru just advanced a few steps and grabbed the villagers shirt and pressed him to the wall to stop him from fleeing (and Attakiru liked to look people in the eyes, and he didn?t have to hunch over this way) ?[B]please! don?t hurt me? I didn?t know a soldier was here! I mean?. I was just playing a game with my friend Austin! We weren't really going to betray the king? that would be crazy[/B]!?

Attakiru dropped the man, ?[B]your lying, which is good because I have my own grudge against the great Dalmasca. You say an attack is being made[/B]??

?[B]your? on our side?? the villager jumped to his feet,? yes! We attack in about ten minutes, and we could use all the help we can get sir[/B].?

?[B] Go on and find your friend, and try to get the right room as well[/B].?

The villager awkwardly laughed then bolted down the hall.

Attakiru had geared up and merged with the group (as much as he could; he stood two feet taller than the second tallest man) and listened to the priests speech loosely. It was a lot of talk about the evils of the king and how his wickedness was otherworldly. None of it mattered to Attakiru. Today he was going to get revenge on the king that ordered his families execution those many years back.

The march begun shortly after, and it was not long till the castle was within view. The priest had been humming an incantation the entire way, and as they drew closer he seemed to glow.

?[B]The evil king shall curse his own name! we shall storm the castle and slay the monster within. Do not take pity on the men here, fight without mercy, because today you are fighting with god[/B]!?

The castle gates opened wide, pouring soldiers into the field.
A few of them had armor, but for the most part the kings guard was composed of a ragtag militia. Attakiru unsheathed his sword by launching it in the air with a quick flick of his thumb. The sword was only a few feet in the air so Attakiru guided it down by making an ?L? shape with his hands and guiding it down until he was close enough to catch the handle. The battle had already begun.

The villagers were without well-made weapons but what they could scrape up worked just fine for killing, and the priest was doing most of the work. The staff he carried was smashing heads left and right. Attakiru was playing the role of backup, he wanted a crowd of people so that the king could not distinguish him from the villagers until it was too late. Attakiru used his speed to fight enemies across the battlefield. The size of his sword was put to good use as well. Most of his swings killed three people at once. Half of the castle guard had been cut down without a casualty, things were going well.

Attakiru could now see the end of the guards. One of these men stood out. He was clad in black plate armor and he had a giant lance that appeared to be a horn from an animal, though Attakiru did not think a horn that large was possible. There was only ten lines of soldiers separating them, so Attakiru decided he would cut off a future problem. Attakiru sprinted as fast as he could until he was close to the first soldier in the line. He jammed his sword into the packed dirt. He poll vaulted strait over eight of the ten lines of soldiers and angled giant sword into a downward thrust on the ninth man. The sword pierced him and Attakiru faced the tenth warrior in the way. Attakiru let his sword remain in its most recent victims corpse and blocked an incoming slash by crushing the wrist of the soldier in front of him. He then claimed his sword and dropped low, avoiding the quicker enemies that had surrounded him. In this lower position he swept his blade in almost a circle by laying down. This attack severed their lower limbs. Attakiru sprang to his feet and now faced his opponent. The knight was surprised but not worried. He drew his lance and began humming a spiritual hymn.

?it had to be magic? Attakru thought as he dodged another fireball. Attakiru had been unable to cast spells all his life, and though many people thought his physical prowess was no less than magical, he always wished he could see what a wizard sees. This black knight was equipped with an enchanted weapon of the king, so he must have been the real force sent to stop the intruders. Placed at the back so that the troops without armor were all slain. The kings thirst for death was unquenchable. it was as if he wanted to see his men die as well as the villagers. Attakiru planned on changing that possible outcome by beating this knight. Attakiru was unable to proceed closer to the man without getting in range of a magical blast. Attakiru sprinted strait ahead. He knew that magic is only as strong as the caster and he was sure that he was stronger. The black knight shot a ball of flames at Attakiru. he slashed the ball splitting it into smoke, and emerged from the black mist. Attakiru had broken through using his will power alone. Attakiru emerged in front of the knight. A succession of three swipes had the knight dismantled.

?[B]you fight well, take my lance and use it on the back wall of the castle. A single brick is panted black? strike there[/B].? Attakiru nodded to the dying man then finished him with a stab through the heart. He then turned to see the blood soaked priest right behind him. A few soldiers were still fighting but for the most part the enemy was cleared out. The priest had heard the black knights last words and took the horned lance. Attakiru as well as the villagers who were not still fighting followed him.

The group traveled to the back of the castle and found the spot with a black brick. The priest struck the spot as the knight instructed. The lance seemed to be pulled into thee brick as if it were quicksand. Once the entirety of the weapon was absorbed the wall glowed red in the shape of a doorway. An explosion shook the castle as the red outline became an actual path. The villagers piled through, led by the priest. Attakiru watched the others rush through first then entered himself following closely behind. The pathway led strait down to a dark dungeon. There was a lot of commotion. Attakiru could feel it in his bones, Dalmasca was close by. The room the villagers were filling into had a ghostly green glow. Attakiru was the last to enter the room but what he saw was not the king Dalmasca he was used to. The true face of his enemy was that of a demon. He only had a glance before the demon unleashed a burst of fire that swept the room. Attakiru focused all his strength and will in to one swing of his sword, the action blocked most of the power directed at him, but he was still burned on the shoulder and sent flying into the walkway. He would lay there motionless until the rest of the villagers joined the priest in capturing the girl. Attakiru stood up and followed the group back to the village.
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A lavish life without any worries whatsoever in the heart of the grand Empire... That is the lifestyle of a young man by the name of Louise Tyolt. The son of a living legend who is now Teyrn and a respected priestess all would say he is quite the fortunate one, but fate has something more instore for this young man.

"Our... our lord is dead?" whispered a rather beautiful woman with long sandy brown hair. She was Louise's mother, Miyana Tyolt. A graceful and deeply compassionate woman and a priestess of the Church of Pelos.

"Killed by the very people and lead by a priest...." replied a dashing man with short black hair. This was Louise's father, Serra Tyolt. A noble yet snide man with an uncanny tongue. He is Teyrn of the small town of Gerlty of the Empire as well as the leader of a spy network known as the 'White Eyes'.

"I will not say he deserved his fate, but... it was to come to him." Miyana said rather lowly. She in truth felt that this was divine judgment for Lord Dalmasca's sins.

"My men also tell me that our lord was associated with 'otherwordly forces'. Our lord Dalmasca was more a demon than a man." Serra replied with a lowered brow. Like his wife he thought what happened to his lord was karmic retribution.

"Father... what of our lord's daughter, Hope? Is she well?" Louise chimed concerned.

"The poor girl... she might share the same fate as her father." Serra remarked with his hand over his forehead. Louise was shocked to hear this. He met the lord's daughter on more than a few formal occasions and always held her in high regard because of how nice she was. He couldn't stand the thought of her being killed because of her father's actions.

"Such a pretty young woman too. It is truly a shame we will not see what type of ruler she becomes." Miyana added with a heavy face. Louise was still a bit stunned over everything, but decided on something.

"I'm... I'm going to rescue her. I won't let Hope be harmed!" Louise said dashing off to the upper floor of the estate. He quickly gathered some supplies and grabbed his daggers and flute and stuffed them away in a sack. His mind was set and he would not be moved.
As he came running down the stairs towards the main hall to leave the grounds his mother and father were there waiting for him.

"Ahh, Louise my boy you grew up to be quite the man. I am beyond proud to be your father and to have you as my son." Serra said walking Louise's horse towards him.

"Be true to yourself Louise. Never stray from your true self lest you be lost." Miyana said embracing him once more. Louise respectfully bowed one last time to his parents before he road off towards the town of Renseng. His mind racing and his heart beating.

"I will save Hope no matter what. I will be her knight. Her sword and shield if I must. I will see to it that she is not harmed!" Lousie said to himself as he galloped towards Renseng.

Back at his family's estate his parents were heavy with thought.

"Our boy certainly has grown up." Serra said with a chuckle. He then called for a few servants to fetch extra supplies for Louise.

"He must be in love with her for him to suddenly become so rash. Kind of reminds me of you, love." Miyana chuckled.

"Indeed. I'll have my men keep tabs on him just to make sure he's safe, but for now... for now let's see what our boy can do". Serra said with a smile.
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Droplets of water sprinkled on the figure from the trees above. The nearly black leather armor rubbed in awkward places, making him feel the coming on of rashes. However, the strips of linen saved him from the worst of it. Two quivers, made of the same leather, bounced lightly against his thighs as he walked, oh so carefully. His steps left no track on the floor, nor no sound. His dark ebony bow, as ever, was at the ready.


A familiar tingling ran though his arms. The twin cloth armbands, stained a deep green, shimmered with a nearly invisible aura. [i]Magic, magic, magic,[/i] he thought to himself. [i]Such an odd thing, but very useful.[/i]


He knew he was drawing closer to his prey. The small deer was just there, on the other side of the bushes. He crept to the edge of the bushes, slowly, slowly. Pulling back the arrow, feeling the magic coursing through his arms, the sudden rush of adrenaline - [i]This is what Shnorkel was meant to do.[/i]

Finally, the edge. [i]There![/i] As he aimed, a white blur flew across his vision. This distracted him enough to send the arrow flying harmlessly into the ground a few feet away fromt he deer. He cursed aloud, watching the deer lumber away into the green maze.

"SOREN! Why do you do that for?!?" he yelled into the bushes. A chattering was all that answered. "Laughing at Shnorkel? Stupid animal...fine! Shnorkel and Soren won't eat tonight!" With that, he stomped off into the forrest.

He walked aimlessly, letting his feet choose the path themselves. [i]Stupid, stupid, stupid. Doesn't Soren get it? Stupid, stupid, stupid.[/i] As he went, he heard the scampering of his white, furry friend following him. He heard the branches bend, the leaves fall onto the wet ground. [i]After that storm last night, it harder to find things that aren't all hiding. Hard, hard, hard. Soren so careless, stupid animal.[/i]

As the sounds from above grew louder, he picked up the pace. grabbing a fallen acorn, he turned to throw it at the sound. Up in the branches, hanging from a long tail, swung Soren, the albino spider monkey. Throwing it with perfect aim, he knew it would knock the stupid animal down. Soren, however, simply caught it in one of his hands, and therw it back. It bounced off Shnorkel's spikey white hair.

"Good shot, Soren!" he exclaimed happily. "Didn't think Soren'd be able to respond that fast! Fast, fast, fast." The familiar game always made him feel better after Soren had pissed him off, especially when it hit the damn thing. "Alright, my friend Soren, time to go, go, go!"

The monkey dropped from the tree, grabbed two apples, and lunged onto Shnorkel's right shoulder. He passed one to Shnorkel, and both promptly began to eat.

[CENTER]- - - - -[/CENTER]

Shnokel had walked for days. His travels had brought him to the forrest, and then across a mountain. He was ambushed by a couple outlaws on the mountain passage. After killing the would-be robbers, he looted them. There was a purse of coins on each, simple weapons and armor, almost empty packs, and a package of rations. He took the food for nurishment, took the coins because they where sparkly, and left the rest. And, down the hill he went.

He continued down the road, and saw a town. There was a crowd of villagers streaming into a large building. He tried to hear what they where saying, but it was all lost in the wind. As he approached the entrance, he put away his bow, and donned the hooded cloak kept safely in his pack. Lowering the hood, he passed the guard with no response to his warm greeting. [i]Rensing, huh?[/i] Soren sneeked past, then jumped on Shnorkel's shoulder just before he entered the Inn.

The crowd almost overpowered him. [i]Too many, too many, too many! Shnorkel not like this one bit. No, no, no.[/i] He saw two human twins and a child go up the stairs. He glanced around, and sat at an empty table, hidden in a darker corner. His enterance had apparently gone unnoticed, which pleased him. Soren left his shoulder, and perched himself on a beam overhead.

Sitting back, he listened to what the Villiagers where ranting and raving about...[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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Hope stared vacantly on the ground, but the skittering of a rat came from above her. Looking up, she could see it scurrying down the chain that confined her left arm above her.

"I wasn't expecting visitors, though I am grateful for the company." The rat sat in her hand, and cleaned itself, and Hope smiled.

The rat scurried away, and the chamber door rattled on the hinges before swinging open, to reveal the priest. Hope didn't glare at him, or even let him see a sob. He would get nothing from her other than truth. The rags she bore now on her body were scanty, revealing far more of her soft flesh than she cared to ever have shown.

"Speak now, hellspawn, and tell me... has the devil ever come to you in any form other than his earthly guise?

Hope lifted her chin, though did not plead for her life. "I had no part of my Father's affairs."

"Then tell me, how you were spared from your so called father's wrath?"

Hope closed her eyes, and spoke the truth once more. "I have no explanation."

The priest looked at his nails, and leaned over to Hope. "How long have you been the devil's... consort?" he let loose with a snide smile.

Hope snarled at him, pulling against her chains, furious. "How dare you! He was my father!"

The preist slammed his staff into the side of her face, cutting deep into her cheek. "Speak now! Reveal your witches' secrets to me!" He brought it across her forehead, screaming once again. "Confess!"

Glaring furiously, Hope spoke eloquently. "We have nothing further to say."

"You will burn for all eternity!" The priest replied, angrily walking away. "I suggest you make peace with what ever gods you serve." Continuing on, the priest's voice echoed from the long hallway. "Confessing is good for the soul, even one as damned as yours."

Hope bowed her head, and looked at the ground again, though she soon felt the presence of great evil in the room. "So... you didn't leave, after all."

Red eyes appeared in the gloom of the solitary confinment house. "Actually, I just got here." A hideously deformed caricature of a jester appeared before her, and laughed, the bells on his hat jingling.

"I am Erys, court jester to the Lord Dalmasca. And you are.... No, no, don't tell me, Hope! The hopelessly naive daughter of Metedies, the Lord of Decipt. And thank the Gods, you don't look a thing like him." He laughed again at his own, sick joke.

"Depravity runs rampant with my father's followers, I see." Hope snorted at the jester. "Now Get out."

"Hope, I need you." Hope's focused to the sound of her lover. But the jester snapped his fingers, and returned to his degenerate self. "Not one of my better impressions." He grinned, and Hope began to cry, the hot tears rushing down her face. Looking up heavenward, tears rushed down her face. "Please, the deities in heaven, if I have done anything to offend you, I beg of your forgivness."

"Please, do you really think that will save you from burning at the stake tomorrow? He laughed insanely. Hope now stared at him, and asked "Why do you torture me? Isn't my death enough?"

Erys crossed his arms, in a mockery of thinking. "Hmn... Now that you mention it, no."

"What then?" Hope was angry again, and it shone.

"Your father can offer you life eternal alongside your lover, Michelo. In exchange, you take your place along side him and honor him as your father. Honoring your father is a holy proclamation, it is rather hard to keep track these days."

"Honor Metedis, a devil? Never!"

"Suit yourself, though I have grown rather fond of your michelo these past few days." He leaned over to Hope, his long forked toungue flicking around.

Hope began to scream. "GET AWAY FROM ME! YOU'RE DISGUSTING!" GET OUT! GET OUT!" Hope lurched against her chains in attempt to hit him, to do anything to get him to leave.

The devil backed away, bowing, cordial. "As you wish, my lady. Though, keep in mind your father's prayer, when yours fail to bring you salvation." His red glowing coal like eyes faded away, though his maniacal laughter still rung in hope's ears for some time to come as she sobbed silently, awaiting her death.


The morning came. Hope was thrown onto a cart, and her face covered with a burlap bag. Her hair had been mercilessly cut, and she awaited her demise silently, knowing she was innocent, and heaven awaited her.

As she was tied to the stake, she could hear the chanting of the villiagers.


The extremely dry season had made plenty of dry tinder, especially when stored away from the weather. It had been oddly rainy lately, though this timber was saved just for such occasions. How Hope knew so much was oddly funny to her at that moment. The rain seemed to argue with itself, it would be heavy and light at the same time. Strange.

But, then the bag was whipped from her head. She could see no one who showed pity to her. The priest stood up, and all was silenced. "You are condemned to death by fire, and to burn for all time!" He nodded, and the executioner threw the burning torch into the timber.

Hope took a deep, shuddering breath as the fires leaped up, eager to consume her. She began to scream, and writh in the fire. Her flesh festered, and blisters popped.

"No! God help me!" Before her, suddenly appeared the face of Michelo. "I need you, Hope."

For that moment, Hope screamed even louder. "No! No!" She sobbed. "You're not here!"

"Join me, Hope. We can be together forever! Speak the Prayer!"

Hope sobbed her cries of 'no', though the illusions of Michelo was becoming far to strong to resist. Her mind began to search for the dark prayer. "Speak the prayer NOW!"

Hope cried out even more, before collapsing her head down. "Dear Gods, forgive me."

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Lucas's brow was heavy with sweat, as he struggled to combat the forces of nature.

"LUCAS! SHE'S BURNING!" Ayeika panicked, grasping onto Lucas.

"You're not helping sister..." Lucas grunted. Something was trying to take control of he weather from him, and it was with terrifying clarity he heard both his sister and the screams of the girl. He could see nothing within the flames other than her, though she was screaming as if something was in there with her.

"Do something! At this rate she'll die!"

Lucas struggled with all his might, and then abandoned his quest. Summoning all his reserves of strength, he waved his arms, and spoke."Rain!" Ayeika twirled in place, and sent her illusion. A ripple of force appeared, and shot to the flames. Syncing their spells, they managed to put out the flames, and spring an illusion of the fire still going. The priest was none the wiser, and the twins immediately stepped into action. Ayeika withdrew two potions from her pouch she wore at her side, and drank them right after. The twins nodded to one another, and ran into the crowd.

OOC: If anyone wants to step in, then go ahead and help. We need to get together though, and band and journey as one team. Also, when in such situations, short, sweet posts are good, as in actual games fighting takes FOREVER! but, then we have more of a chance to inter act in battle.
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[SIZE=1]Attakiru was happy to see rain , however the flames did not seem to be effected. He hadn?t come to watch this girl die. He had seen the explosive departure of the king first hand, and a magical exit like that could not be tracked with the skills he had. Attakiru was able to see a small group of people rushing for the girl as well. They were having problems navigating through the large crowd. Attakiru bulldozed through the crowd once in range he motioned with his hands a simple follow me and knocked a even more people out of the way.

The priest was now the last man in the path to Hope, ?[B]what are you doing? You saw the demon yourself! Why would you save the creation of evil?[/B]? he readied his staff..

Attakiru knocked the staff away with a powerful swing then grabbed the priests neck with one large hand, [B]?I am sorry for ruining your day, however this girl is my only lead on that demon, and I wont let fire consume my chance at revenge a second time[/B].? Attakiru then tightened his grasp around a pressure point between his neck and shoulders incapacitating him. The people who had followed the path he made rushed to hope?s aid.[/SIZE]
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Louise was finally in Renseng. His horse, Kumi was surprisingly still ready to go as if sensing something greater.

"Ah, you are Teyrn Serra Tyolt's son, Louise Tyolt yes? My lord, I welcome you to Renseng." a gate watchman said with a kind tongue. Louise dismounted his horse and bowed respectfully to the man.

"Kind sir, I am indeed and if I may ask of you sir, where is our Lord Dalmasca's daughter, Hope?" Louise replied with haste to his words. He had a rather weird feeling in the back of his mind.

"You mean that witch. She is being put to the fire as we speak my lord! You may watch this spectacle just up ahead near the middle of the town." the watchman answered. Louise's eyes for just a moment were filled with anger and the watchman was quick to pick up on it.

"She is up ahead then? I-I thank you kindly sir for I... I must take my leave." Louise said a bit flustered. As he mounted Kumi the watchman raised a brow as they passed and to Louise's horror he saw a large crowd of townspeople surrounding a large fire.

"Burn for your sins you WITCH!" yelled a priest. Louise charged without a second thought as he heard this. Bolting threw the crowd towards the fire.

"What are you doing? You saw the demon yourself! Why would you save the creation of evil?" the priest yelled again as a rather mighty looking warrior attacked him. Louise saw this as a chance to charge through the flames.

"I-I can do this, I can do this!" Louise chanted to himself as he clutched his daggers, but to his utter surprise, there was no fire only Hope tied so by using his horse's strength he shattered the bottom of the stake and somehow managed to catch the woman. Seeing this the priest eye's glared with fury, but the warrior seemed intent on thwarting his actions. Louise felt the gods had helped him.

"Hope, I am here to rescue you and I refuse to let even a hair upon your head to come to harm." Louise whispered to her. He would continue to gallop on the back of his trusty stead through the town's streets until they both were at least hidden and safe. He felt like--at that moment--a knight of the old tales of yore...
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Lucas and Ayeika moved through the crowd, just in time to spot Kinenda. If the twins were sure to arouse suspicion, she would become guilty by association. Lucas moved torwards her, as did his sister. They spotted the young man, and saw him flee with the young noblewoman. Now, they just had to get this warrior out of harms way, as well as Kinenda. Lucas motioned for Ayeika to handle Kinenda, and Lucas would help the warrior.

Lucas brought his hand to the sky, and a large lightning bolt slammed down into the ground, releasing both a deafening roar and a blinding light. The smoking timbers of the fire scattered on impact, and Lucas ran up to the warrior, who was looking dazed, though in much better shape than the other villiagers. Grasping his arm, Lucas spoke. "Come! We have the girl safe! Come with me, hurry!"

Lucas's blonde ponytail bobbed in a sudden wind that stirred, whipping around the debris of the fire, and causing general mayhem and havoc in the crowd. "Quickly!" Lucas pulled the man away from it all, headed upwards through the means of his fly spell still in effect. Concentrating both on not letting the man go, as well as heading to his sister, Lucas managed to cast one more spelll, allowing the man to fly along with him.

Ayeika had already picked up Kinenda, and she was flying with her, and so the boys had to catch up to them rather quickly. As such, they all flew torwards a lone boy almost half a mile outside of town, coupled with the girl, who was now unconcious.

When they landed, the boy drew his sword. "I will not hand her over!"

Ayeika stepped forward, her voice as loud and intimidating as any general. "Lay down your weapon, boy! We do not come here to take her back." Ayeika walked foreward, unafraid. She spoke the truth, and Lucas held back, his spell casting exhausted for the day. "Please, we mean you no harm." Ayeika continued, her hands in the air, revealing nothing within them.

"Who are you? Answer me!" The boy was obviously protecting the girl, though foolishly.

Lucas stepped foreward, and bowed. "I am Lucas, humbly at your service. I beleive I have just enough magic left within me to at least heal the burns on the Lady Hope's body. If you might allow me, I would like to do so." Lucas walked forward, and th boy pointed at the closest other person. "And you?"

"Ayeika. As you can see, we are twins. We wish to help the poor girl. Obviously, there has been some kind of misunderstanding. If you like, we can tell what we had heard from the villiagers. We have no reason to lie. I beleive you went through our illusion, and it was the man over there who aided you in getting the Lady out." She jerked her thumb over to the man behind them, and the boy lowered his weapon, though was still ready to attack with it at a moment's notice. "Please, heal her. She doesn't deserve treatment like this..."

"No, she doesn't. She's innocent of all of this..." Ayeika's eyes grew misty, thinking of her own life so very long ago. "Lucas... help her."

"Of course." Stepping to Hope, he removed a potion from his own pocket, and began to pour it onto her burnt flesh. Instantly, it began to rejeuvanate, forming again into beautiful, flawless skin. The liquid did its job, and soon Hope's burns were but a nasty memory. However, all that had been done was cure her burns, she was still mentally and physically exhausted. Kinenda sighed. "We should find some cover, away from the roads."

"My storm should delay them somewhat, if you haven't noticed, it's pouring." Lucas smiled. Kinenda blinked. "Your storm? You caused it?"

Lucas nodded. "Think of the weather as my plaything. My powers and magic came about differently than my sister's, though she is quite talented in the ways of her own brand of magic." Ayeika nodded, continuing on for her brother. "I happen to be a spellcaster juristicted only by my passions and music." She smiled. "and I'm pretty good at words and influencing people." They looked to the others, waiting for them to introduce themselves.
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Louise let out quite the long sigh upon hearing what the twins spoke.

"I-I am Louise Tyolt of Gerlty of the Empire. I am the son..." Louise stopped in the middle of his sentence. He wanted to trust these people, but he was still a tad bit hesitant.

"Umm, forgive my drawing of my weapons upon you. I just... I won't let Hope be harmed even if my life is forfeit..." he continued with a stern face. Lucas stepped forward towards Louise with a kind look in his eyes.

"You remind me of... me. Right, Ayeika?" he said looking over his shoulder for her. Nodding in response she approached Hope with a rather troubled look in her eyes and again Louise tensed for but a second.

"Please, forgive me for saying so, but... please keep your distance from her..." Louise said with a little heat to his words. Ayeika was insulted, but hid it well. She walked back towards Lucas slightly shaking her head as if saying, "I give up.".

"Louise. We mean you absolutely no harm nor her. Please can you trust my words?" Lucas said sincerely. Something about Lucas reminded Louise of his father. How each word seemed especially for you. Louise decided to trust Lucas, but the rest he was still questioning.

"Lucas, you seem like an honorable man and I will trust what you say, so let me express my sincerest apologies again to you who healed her..." Louise said kneeling to him. Lucas gave a tiny smile to him.

"Please if you will. Tell me of yourselves. I, as I've said am Louise Tyolt of Gerlty. My profession is with my flute, song and dance as well as my daggers." he said while bowing.
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[SIZE=1]The lightning bolts daze seem to have faded and Attakiru was able to think clearly again. The party responsible for hope's rescuers seemed honorable enough, so he volunteered to introduce himself next.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=1]?[B]Attakiru is my name[/B],? the others shifted their gaze on the giant, ?[B]however, to many I am simply known as Sky. I was recently removed from my duties as a soldier for Dalmaska, and I have been on the run since. My reasons for becoming a soldier are personal, but believe me, it was not to help that demon Dalmasca.[/B][/SIZE][SIZE=1][B] My skills are in physical combat. There is no man or elf that can do as I do. Concluding my introduction i will be stating my reason for saving Hope. I need her help if I am ever going to kill Dalmasca though i do not know if she is ready to aid in her fathers killing yet, she will. Don?t worry though, I am patient and will stay until she decides to help me[/B].?[/SIZE]
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[SIZE="1"][COLOR=darkred]Shnorkel had left the inn when the crowd has started to disperse. After sleeping a fair distance away from Rensing, he and Soren awoke at dawn. He was curious about what was to happen to this Hope, of whom he had heard so much of the night before. Therefore, after a quick meal from the rations, he started the walk back.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=darkred]After a bit of time, he saw a huge lighning bolt flash. [I]From the Rensing! Curious, curious, curious.[/I] After a few moments, his attention was drawn to the stormy sky. There, growing bigger by the second, where two black dots. He stopped, and Soren started to chatter nervously. As it grew, he realized it was something IN the sky, and it was comming towards him![/COLOR]

[COLOR=darkred]He rushed over to a cluster of rocks, hoping it would provide enough cover. From this new vantage point, he watched and waited. Closer, closer, closer...he saw that the forms where humanoid, but he couldn't tell what, exactly. He did notice, however, that there where four of them. [I]Too many. Must stay hidden. Yes, yes, yes.[/I][/COLOR]

[COLOR=darkred]Presently, they seemed to stop right above him. Yet, they still grew larger. He got his bow out, and fealt the familiar tingling in his arms. Soren crouched beside him on another rock, squeeking with apparent anxiety.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=darkred]"Shnorkel feel it, too. Magic, magic, magic, eh Soren?"[/COLOR]

[COLOR=darkred]The forms where beginning to be discernable, and Shnorkel was surprised at what he saw. [I]Twins and child from the Rensing? Curious, curious, curious.[/I] There were one other human, but he didn't recognize him.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=darkred]They weren't quite above him, he now saw. They where still a while off, towards the city. He gathered himself, readied an arrow, and walked towards them.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=darkred]After a few minutes, he saw where they had landed. [I]Another human? No, no, no, it look too big.[/I] He got closer, [I]Ah, it horse with TWO human on it! Silly, silly, silly Shnorkel.[/I] Words drifted across to him, coming from the really, really big one with the long gray hair.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=darkred]"...help if I am ever going to kill Dalmasca. Don’t worry though, I am patient and will stay until she decides to help me.”[/COLOR]

[COLOR=darkred]At that, Soren jumped from Shnorkel's shoulder and bolted to the horse. Poor thing was facing the other way, and became quite frightened when Soren clung to it's tail, swinging like a pendulum. Shnorkel started to laugh out loud at the sight, and all of those gathered turned as one. The horse, which had started to kick at the damn monkey, succeeded at scaring him off. Scampering back over to Shnorkel, he chittered his little monkey laugh.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=darkred]Soren aimed his bow at the big one, still giggling to himself. The one on the horse was red in the face, and yelled, "What did you do to Kumi? Stay back!" Shnorkel aimed at him, and rolled his crimson red eyes.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=darkred]"Shnorkel not do anything! Soren did, silly, silly, silly horse boy. Soren like cause trouble."[/COLOR]

[COLOR=darkred]One of the twins from before, the female one, smiled at him and walked over. He re-aimed at her this time. "Your name is Shnorkel? I'm Ayeika, and this is my brother, Lu-"[/COLOR]

[COLOR=darkred]The silly boy on the horse charged away from them. "This was a trap! You don't mean to save Hope! Liars!"[/COLOR]

[COLOR=darkred]"Quiet, silly horse boy!" Shnorkel yelled. "Shnorkel have no trap. Nope, nope, nope. Shnorkel hear of Hope, too. Shnorkel an Soren can help?"[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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Hope groaned, and stirred from her sleep. Opening her eyes, she could see many people. They were all looking to her now, though Hope didn't notice the weapons in their hands. Her skin... it was whole! Her burns were gone, and she felt no pain at all. The charred rags of clothing still clung to her body, but she was alive!

Looking around, she ran her hands along her body, feeling herself to make sure it wasn't some kind of dream.

A young man with blonde hair and a stunningly well made suit kneeled beside her. "Are you alright, milady?"

In a flash, all of her memories came rushing back to her, and she began to tremble. He placed his tailored coat upon her shoulders, hiding her naked flesh from the eyes of those who would behold it.

Tremblling, she spoke. "My father.... is a devil...." She began to sob uncontrolably. "Michelo...Michelo!" She clenched fisy, growing angry as she delved into her sorrow. "He took him! My father!"

Another young man came over to her, he obviously concerned. "Who took who?

Hope sobbed again, and spoke. "My love.... my father took him..." She stood, her anger rising within her. Suddenly, she collapsed downward, her shoulders sloping down as she stood again, her demeanor changed as she was consumed by her vengeance. Her voice was changed, ringing out and filled with hatred. Indeed, her voice sounded as if her father would hear it even on another plane entirely.

[I][B]"Hear me, Metedies, Hope is dead. I have taken her place! And I will not rest until I have destroyed you!"[/B][/I] Hope's eyes, a beautiful blue, faded to a solid white, and let off her own brand of power. As she spoke, she splayed her fingers, as if to conjure forth her demonic powers. Her hand pulsed with a pale blue almost white energy, it looking to be almost flame-like. She turned to her new allies, and pointed to Attakiru. "You wished to collect vengeance upon my father? You'll have to take a place behind me." She clenched her fist, and her power blinked out. Her eyes however, didn't return to normal. Instead, they remained milk white as she surveyed her new allies. "Walk with me, or be against me. It matters not. I will slay my Father and free the soul of my beloved Michelo. The choice is yours."
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[SIZE=1]The way hope transformed was one of the many things he had to keep an eye on. Attakiru could not track a demon, so the prospect of joining a group was most appealing.

[B]“I do not care who ends that fiend, however I will make sure that he meets it,”[/B] as Attakiru spoke he became all too aware of the uncommon fog., “[B]I will fight with Hope, what says the rest of you?[/B]” Attakiru drew his Odachi in his usual flying fashion.

Louise was the first to respond, he drew two daggers and raised one, ”[B]I will see the vile demon slain and I personally will see the lady Hope is kept from harm!”[/B]

Lucas had already started to focus his energy, electricity surging through his hands, “[B]not the time for being dramatic Louise, just ready yourself for battle.”[/B]

Ayeika left her rapier at her side but she looked just as prepared to fight as the others, [B]“does anyone know what is approaching us? I can feel a large presence, but I cannot see it.”[/B]

“[B]most peculiar hum [/B][/SIZE][B][SIZE=1]Shnorkel[/SIZE][/B][SIZE=1][B] feels... Dirt, dirt, dirt! Shnorkel feels it with his feet. They come from the dirt they do![/B]” He drew an arrow and placed it in a ready to use position. He moved around, trying not to stand in any one place in case the emergence point was directly below him.

Hope was the last to ready herself. She drew no weapon, but like Ayeika, her aura seemed to change to a more malevolent nature, [B]“so this is how it begins? So be it, I will slay all my fathers minions if it brings my Michelo is free. I welcome all your aid but do not get in my way either, this is important to me and I will it through.” [/B]

The earth cracked, and from the craters came a fowl stench that could mean only one thing.

[B]“Undead…[/B]” muttered Louise,[B] “why are we being attacked by these fowl creations?” [/B]

[B]“The king we knew ruled over more than just people” [/B]Hope stated.

[B]“King pick bad people to consort with, Shnorkel doesn’t even like them this close… they smell…”[/B] he shot an arrow, it flew straight through one zombies head and shattered the sternum of another located behind him.

[B]“Yes, lets rid ourselves of this filth”[/B] Attakiru lunged into a crater filled with zombies. He let his sword drag behind him, then at the last second swung at a group of undead. The first zombie struck by the sword exploded from the force of impact, the second third and fourth zombie in his blades path were cut from the arms through the ribcage and then through the other arm respectively. Attakiru then continued on to the next group.

Louise leaped off his horse and darted after Hope who was already casting energy waves at the zombies. While Louise was running to Hope he sees a dark crystal located in each zombies forehead, shoulders and the nape of the neck. With expert precision he made short work of the zombies around hope by stabbing the gems, like he hypothesized they were thee source of the dark magic that animates the corpses. He turned to Hope, she gave him a smile before going back to blowing the zombies apart with concussive blasts.

Lucas and Ayeika had taken a position between two craters, they were at each others backs, [B]“use only moderate level spells sister, we do not know how much we can reveal to these people yet” [/B]lucid said as he cast chain lightning from his hands. It looked as if a lightning bolt was arcing from one zombie to the other, but it was a very short period between each jump so anyone without keen eyes would have only seen the undead fall one at a time, but in quick succession.

“Using any more than my basic spells would be a waist of energy.”[/B] with a deap breath she let loose a bellow of horrific magnitude, shattering the bones of the walking dead, and rendering them helpless.

It was not long until the foe was crushed. “[B]We need to make our way,”[/B] Lucas said as he approached the others, Ayeika was beside him to his left, Hope was listening attentively in front of him. Louise was at her side, looking a bit tired, but still paying attention, Shnorkel and his pet were sitting on the ground on the other side of Louise, determining which arrows out of the ones he salvaged could be used again, and Attakiru was on his right hand side cleaning his giant sword with a scaled leather strap, as he ran through the length of the blade the grime from its recent victims seemed to vanish entirely, revealing a symbol. It was a “K” overlaid upon a snowflake. Lucas’ eyes widened with shock. He quickly composed himself, but when he looked back at Attakiru, he could see that he was now under close surveillance.

“[B]Shnorkel knows many paths, he does! Were does lady Hope fancy going?”[/B] Shnorkel seemed to be rather pleased with the arrows he had selected and was ready to be off. They all were ready.[/SIZE]
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Lucas did indeed note he was being watched. However, when he turned away, he could still feel the close and watchful eyes of Attakiru. Lucas had been unable to completely hide his surprise on seeing that same blade from long ago... he himself having warded off the general wielding that very weapon to stave off the seizure of his beloved sister. However, even his magical powers had limits, and soon enough they were able to march upon the Castle Iycewinde, past his weather, and through his storm around the castle.

"Tell me," Lucas said, turning around, and smiling. "Where in Severis did you get such a sword? And learn to fight like that?? Ayeika looked up as Lucas spoke, turning her head to see what he was talking about. The intricately carved blade was beautiful, and she listened in on the conversation at hand.

"It's been handed down through my clan, as well as the fighting style.? Attakiru responded. ?Only the most talented warriors are permitted to wield it.?

"Yes... I would think so. It's been some time since it's surfaced, the last wielder that I know of was Kokinshu of Akonyu. I never thought I would ever see it. Of course, my knowledge of history is spotty at best.? Lucas lied convincingly, mingling truth and fiction, though Attakiru wasn't completely buying Lucas' story. And for good reason.

The man now peered at Lucas intently. "How do you know of it and Kokinshu? No one even knows of the existence of this blade outside of my clan.?

Lucas turned back around, to face the gaze of his sister, hiding his surprise from the man. He struggled for a means of which to reply without revealing more than he should. "Supposedly, that sword you wield was used long ago, when the Iycewinde Kingdom fell. A general, Kokinshu, the man who wielded that sword, was hired by one of the rival nations to lead one of their armies. Needless to say, the Kingdom did indeed fall, but only after a long and difficult war. The Princess was then cornered within her own castle and later executed by means of the guillotine. Nowadays, the only memories of the kingdom are in bardic songs or stories handed down through the generations in clans presumably like yours... I believe you might be the fist person we've ever met who knew anything at all about the nation of Lossouls other than us two.? Lucas was evasive, not answering the exact question, but more or less giving a round about answer involving true facts about their own history, yet not revealing much more than facts Attakiru would have known himself about his ancestor and events in that particular time period. The twins were not yet ready to reveal who they were, and they did not wish any ill gains upon this man, descendant of a man who had once tried to bring down a great evil.

An evil which happened to be Ayeika and Lucas. They knew too well they had paid the price for their crimes, and were not done paying it just yet. Redemption is a powerful motivator, and they could not easily rest until they had found the means to bring back their people and restore their nation to its rightful glory.

Shnorkel was jittering about, antsy about leaving. He was talking excitedly with the Lady Hope while the twins and Attakiru spoke. He kept looking over to them, peering at them curiously.

"And how have you learned of the Daughter of Evil and her nation??

?Ah, so you are familiar with the songs as well.? Ayeika stood, smiling. However, her smile seemed sad, and the twins grasped each other's hands."We hail from the northern lands nearby the eternal frozen wastes..." Ayeika replied. "And we are quite familiar with the history of those events. It's really not hard to learn about them, though that does depend on where you go." She shrugged, and the two of them let go of each other. Attakiru stared them down, failed, and remarked, "I believe you're telling me the truth, though you two aren't telling me everything.? Attakiru looked on at them intensely, it was obvious they shared a far deeper connection to the bardic songs than they let on or admitted. ?Of course, everyone has their secrets. However, do not think you have gotten off so easily. I will be inquiring about it more later." He stopped, as Hope by now had come over to them, her gaze fiercely set into an expression of anger.

"Shnorkel has been kind enough to offer to guide us to the nearby City of Barceiles, where we might yet hope to find out more of my father. Come, we might yet know of a means to be able to destroy him. There is much of my father I do not yet know." Hope paused, deep in thought. "There is also a quite famous art gallery within the city. I have heard they have paintings dating back hundreds of years.

Hope peered at Attakiru. "I will need to procure a sword, and lessons for such. Will you be able to help me?"

Attakiru bowed. "Of course." He shot another glance to the twins, who were now looking to one another. They seemed to be communicating, though through a means of which Attakiru did not understand or know of. It was obvious they shared a much deeper connection than just being identical, at least physically. All of them had noted the twin's abilities were quite different. But, something about the mention of the paintings bothered them.

Kinenda spoke now. "Hope, do you know what your powers are? If you like, I can try to help you with them, and learn the ways of magic."

Hope raised her hand. "I thank you, though my powers.... I do not yet understand how or why they came into being. Mere hours ago, I believed I was but a human woman. I had never used such abilities, or even possibly thought I had any. I believe I would like to try to discover them for myself. My apologies, Kinenda."

?No worries. But, should you change your mind, I'll be more than happy to assist you.?

Hope nodded, and Shnorkel began to lead the way....
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Hope had given Lucas his suit coat, and wore nothing other than the charred rags. Ayeika approached her, removing a rather plain dress from the bag at her side. The bag seemed to radiate magic, though Hope could guess that the small bag was a bag of holding.

"Hope, perhaps you might like to wear this rather than those things..." Hope took the dress, smiling and thanking her, then taking the boots Ayeika offered. It was, after all, better than what she was wearing.

Continueing on, Hope found herself deep in thought. Just who were the twins? And the man from Akonyu? It was evident they seemed to share some kind of connection, though Hope wasn't sure how to go about asking about it. The twins seemed to be in their own little world, chatting excitedly now. Shnorkel was prancing about, excited. The little gnome moved around quickly, observing anything and everything, along with his monkey. Hope found herself hardened, however. She did not smile, though once she would have. Her expression was soft however, as she observed the gnome.

Sighing, Hope looked forward, her eyes scanning the horizon. What was this power she had? Was it her demonic side? Hope could only assume so. But, contemplating such things wasn't exactly something she was used to.

So many question she held, she felt so lost, though she didn't show it. Just who and what was she? Truely?

Looking at her new allies, they all seemed to be happiness and smiles, despite their new predicament.

[I]Such brave young people.... [/I]Hope thought, her hair billowing in the sudden breeze. [I]But they can leave anytime they wish... There is no escape for me.[/I] She looked away, now thinking on the twins. Just who were they? Their accents were faint, but audible. They had said they hailed from the northern lands... near the frozen wastes. Glancing to them, she could see their demeanor, it wasn't like any commoners she had ever seen. The female, Ayeika, commanded a regal presence, and her brother, Lucas, seemed to heed her every whim, though also commanded some air of respect and power as well. Yet, when they had spoken earlier to Attakiru, they had seemed sad, to the point of repentant. They seemed so young, and jovial, though their demeanor and personalities revealed to Hope they were far from innocent. Taking another look at the twins, she could see they were laughing and smiling, and playing with Shnorkel as they walked.

Smiling to herself, she continued to walk. They walked the majority of the day, seeing nothing out of the ordinary. Come dusk, it was time to camp. They each began their own routines, Lucas sitting by himself, thinking, while Ayeika began to entertain them all with songs and dance. Her outfit shifted into another, this one an entertainer's outfit, complete with bells and jingly things. Attakiru went about collecting firewood, and Hope simply enjoyed the company.Shnorlel went hunting, and soon ehough had fetched their dinner for the evening. As the night progressed, they each began to fall asleep, exhausted from the day. Attakiru held watch, and then Shnorkel. The night passed with out incident, though morning came far too soon for them.

Heading out, they each prepared for the day, knowing they had a lot of work to do when they reached Barceiles, which was yet another day's journey.
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