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What was the 1st game you ever played for each console?

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[quote]So I saw this in a Kotaku comment, thought it would make a fun thread: â??First game you ever played on each console you've ever played.. GO! (exclude games played on display consoles like at Wal-Mart, Target, Gamestop, etc..)â?[/quote]

You gotta go digging through your memory on this one.

For the most part I got most of my consoles fairly late. Never got anything on release or the year they came out.

Super Mario Bros 1
Till this day I still haven't beaten this game (any Mario game for that matter). Probably won't either since I have no interest in the series anymore.

Super Mario World
Like Mario 1, haven't beaten it.

Don't really need to say much about this do I? It was fun and that's that.

Sonic 2
This was at my cousin's house. I saw him do Super Sonic trick, but could never get it to work for me so I stopped playing it a long time ago lol.

[b]Sega CD[/b]
Sewer Shark
This was the only game I actually played on the thing and I hated it. Well, this harsh so I'll say I couldn't get into it. Around this time I was into the fighting games.

[b]Sega Saturn[/b]
Virtua Fighter 2 / Virtua Cop 2
Can't remember which one we got first but me and my brother (forget that "my brother and I" crap) had a blast with both games. We had some epic battles when it came to VF2 though. He would always pick either Kage or Wolf and my characters were Lion (I think that's his name... The youngest male) and Jacky

[b]Gameboy Color[/b]
Pokemon Red
Red, Yellow and Silver were the only games I actually had on GBC and even then I was pretty much done after Silver. I'm no Pokemon fan (can't stand it to be honest with you) by any means but even I have to admit that they were some addicting games.

[b]Playstation 1[/b]
Crash Bandicoot
It was more of a demo disc actually. That was the last actual platformer I played before I stopped playing games like that. I want to say the first game I actually bought was either Tekken 3 or Spider-man though.

Pfft. I don't care what anyone says. That's one of the greatest games ever.

[b]Nintendo 64[/b]
A game I think I can hang with anyone in.

Halo / Ninja Gaiden
Can't remember if my brother bought Halo or I rented Ninja Gaiden 1st. Regardless, both games are a blast. We never got into multiplayer but we did do coop though.

[b]Playstation 2[/b]
Metal Gear Solid 2
This was where I got started with my MGS addiction. Great game, but now I'm sorely disappointed in this title. I beat it on normal for the first time last year only to find out you don't get anything worth the effort outside of the stupid camera. Going through that torture dealing with Emma and swimming, ARGH!!!!!!!!

Dragonball Z Budokai / Tales of Symphonia
I think my brother rented DBZ first, can't remember. (I didn't play this console much)

[b]Xbox 360[/b]
Gears of War 2
At my brother-in-law house. We got right into the multiplayer and at that time it was a turn-off. Get me in front of that game now, I'll love every minute of it (Single-Player Campaign only)

[b]Nintendo DS[/b]
Phoenix Wright Justice For All
Fun game but once it's beaten that's pretty much it. And that's been my keep me from checking out the rest of the games.

[b]Playstation 3[/b]
Metal Gear Solid 4
Seeing how I basically got my PS3 along with this game (and the rest of my ps3 games) last month I haven't really played much of the game. I've been rotating between so many games now. Edited by Magus
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[b]NES[/b]-Not really sure ._. The one I remember playing most was some racing game when I was around four or five years old, so I'll go with that.

[b]SNES[/b]- That would be [b]Super Mario World[/b]. And to this day I've yet to beat it on my own.

[b]GBC[/b]- [b]Pokemon Yellow[/b], which I've beaten multiple times, subjected to many GameShark related shenanigans, and allowed to sit and gather dust several times. And yet it still works as well as it did when I got it ten years ago....I feel old now ._.

[b]PS1[/b]- Uh...[b]Bushido Blade?[/b] I think I played a demo for [b]Final Fantasy VII[/b] back when it first came out, but I wont count it since I'm not even sure it [i]was[/i] FFVII

[b]N64[/b]- [b]Megaman 64[/b]. Which then lead to me going out and buying Megaman Legends 2 for the PS1, which then lead to me wondering where the eff Megaman Legends 3 was.

[b]PS2[/b]- [b]Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy[/b]. This game ate my soul during my 4th grade year. Which sucked because I didn't get a memory card for another year ._.

[b]Gamecube[/b]- Hmm...not counting the in-store demos, I guess that would be [b]Super Smash Brothers: Melee[/b]. Which I've only played twice ._.

[b]Xbox[/b]- [b]Elder Scrolls: Morrowind[/b]. I got an Xbox around the time the PS3/360 came out, and my friend wouldn't shut up about Oblivion, so I grabbed this. I don't think I ever did any of the main story stuff >>

[b]GBA[/b]- [b]Pokemon LeafGreen[/b], which I never got to beat because it was either stolen or simply mixed up with my friend's games. I dunno.

[b]PS3[/b]- [b]Elder Scrolls: Oblivion[/b]. This game...dear lord, this GAME. Do I REALLY have to say anything?
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[color="#9932CC"][font="Microsoft Sans Serif"]Ooof...this should be fun...

[b]NES:[/b] Never actually owned this, but the first game I remember playing was Super Mario Bros 3. My dad claims it was the Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt combo, though.

[b]SNES:[/b] Super Mario World. Still have yet to beat it, too.

[b]N64:[/b] ...I...I'm...not...sure...? I think the original Smash Bros...?

[b]GCN:[/b] Pikmin or Super Smash Bros Melee. Got them the same day, so I'm not sure which came first.

[b]Wii:[/b] Twilight Princess [s]I'm not counting Wii Sports[/s]

[b]PS1:[/b] ...I think some demo disc. or an old Rugrats game.

[b]PS2:[/b] Kingdom Hearts, I think.

[b]Xbox 360:[/b] Sega Superstars Tennis.

And now for the handhelds...

[b]Game Boy:[/b] OH MAN. uhhhh. I... think some old Ren and Stimpy game?

[b]Game Boy Color:[/b] I want to say Donkey Kong Land 2. Wait no that was an old GB game. Uhh. I think it may have been one of those Powerpuff Girls games.

[b]Game Boy Advance:[/b] Super Mario Advance.

[b]DS:[/b] Super Mario 64 DS

[b]PSP:[/b] Ape Escape...I forgot the subtitle, I just remember it being a port of the first game.[/font][/color] Edited by Sangome
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NES: Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt combo. (Super Mario Bros. first though, I sucked with the light gun.)

Sega Master System: Alex Kidd.

Game Boy: Tetris. (Had no choice, it came with the system and my parents didn't buy another game at the time.)

Game Gear: Columns. (see above.)

Sega Genesis: Altered Beast. (Again, see above.)

TurboGrafx-16: Bonk's Adventure.

Sega CD: Mad Dog McCree. (I hated this game but couldn't stop playing it.)

Sega 32X: Virtua Racing.

Super Nintendo: Super R-Type. (Didn't have SNES myself, played this at a friends house.)

3DO: Crash n burn. (Still love this game to this day!)

Sega Saturn: Panzer Dragoon.

Playstation: Twisted metal.

Nintendo 64: Ocarina of Time.

Sega Dreamcast: Soul Calibur.

Playstation 2: Final Fantasy X.

Xbox: Dead or Alive 3.

Gamecube: Windwaker.

DS: Super Mario 64 DS.

PSP: Tiger Woods PGA Tour.

Xbox 360: Call of Duty 2.

Wii: Twilight Princess.

Playstation 3: Heavenly Sword.
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[b]NES[/b]: [b]Super Mario Bros. + Duck Hunt[/b]. Played at my cousin's house. It was unbelievably fun using the Zapper to blast Mario.
[b]SNES[/b]: [b]Super Mario World[/b]. Duh.
[b]Nintendo 64[/b]: [b]Super Mario 64[/b]. Extra duh.
[b]Game Boy Color[/b]: [b]Pokemon Red[/b]. My dumb ass paid a friend $5 to borrow this for a few days. In my defense, I was in middle school, and thus, a retard.
[b]GameCube[/b]: [b]Luigi's Mansion[/b], I think. Either that or [b]Rogue Squadron[/b]; don't remember which I played first.
[b]PlayStation[/b]: [b]Final Fantasy VII[/b], though it was my cousin's copy rather than my own. I didn't get the game myself until years later.
[b]Game Boy Advance[/b]: uhhhh wow, I really don't remember. Maybe [b]A Link to the Past/Four Swords[/b]?
[b]Xbox[/b]: [b]Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance[/b].
[b]Nintendo DS[/b]: [b]Advance Wars DS[/b], I think.
[b]Wii[/b]: [b]Twilight Princess[/b]. Super duper duh.

Just went for consoles I've actually owned in my life ...
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[b]NES: Super Mario Bros 3.[/b] I dusted off my dads old console after I ran out of SNES games. this was the only one I liked.

[b]Game Boy: Robocop 2.[/b] I dunno if it had a first one... but I found this game inside of my uncles brick of a hand-held device and played it till I ran out of batteries.

[b]Sega Genesis: Doctor Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine. [/b]I played this with my cousin and fell in love. The best versus puzzle game ever.
Sega 32X: Shadow Squadron[/b]. I doubt this counts as its own console... but anyways, in this game my dad and I played co-op and it is one of my prized memories of him.

[b]SNES: The Legend of Zelda A link to the Past[/b]. My first game/console. Still one of my favorites, and not because of nostalgia. This game is every bit as epic as OoT but in 2D.
Playstation: Quake[/b] I didn't like this game, and It is the reason I didn't get a Playstation.

[b]Nintendo 64: Mario 64[/b]. I was engulfed in a 3D environment. Solid controls(for a platformer), long hours of gameplay, and classic Mario flare... this launch title was breathtaking.
Sega Dreamcast: Sonic Adventure.[/b] I could go on and on about how perfect this game was. Another breathtaking launch title.
Playstation 2: Heroes of Might and Magic Quest for the Dragonbone Staff. [/b]I was never a big PS fan, but I got these for Christmas. This game really sucked too. I have since fallen in love with PS2.

[b]Xbox: Jet Set Radio Future.[/b] Was not fond of this game, and then I gave my Xbox to my cousin as a gift.
Gamecube: The Legend of Zelda: Collectors Edition[/b]. This game came with my GC when the price was lowered to $100. I finally got to play the NES classic and loved the challenge.
DS: Yu-Gi-Oh World Championship 2007. [/b]I loved dueling people and collecting those cards as a kid... but when I started working I realised I didn't wanna keep spending money... this game helped.
Xbox 360: Halo 2.[/b] I played this literaly all night at a friends house, I lost 90% of the games I played (in team skirmish too) yet I loved every second.
Wii: Super Smash Brothers, Brawl. [/b]It felt a little slow compared to Melee, but I love the story mode. Perfectly corny, yet awesome. This game appeals to every aspect of my Nintendo fanboyness,

[b]Playstation 3: Flower. [/b]Played this demo at a friends house. Bad controls, pretty graphics... VERY CONFUSING OBJECTIVES!
Gameboy Color: Pokemon Red[/b]. I got it in a cosco starter pack thing... it had Red version, a watermelon pink Game-boy and a case... I convinced my grandpa to get it for me as an early birthday and Christmas present.
Game Boy Advanced SP: Lord of The Rings Return of the King.[/b] Still my favorite Hand-held console. This game was a very well done single player Diablo style knock off... I played this game for literally hundreds of hours ( because it was one one of the few games I had, and the only good one.)
Sega Master System: (Insert if anyone can figure it out)[/b] I only had one game for it and I can't remember the name (I couldn't even remember the name of the system until I googeled retro Sega consoles. But it was this really lame compilation game where it had a bunch of horrible games put together. I always ran out of games and would come back to this and then stop after I played each of them again.
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[color=#4B0082][b]Atari 2600:[/b] Can't remember this one. I got the system used from a garage sale with a big stack of games.

[b]NES:[/b] Duck Hunt
The very first video game I played. I think I was three at the time.

[b]SNES:[/b] Super Mario Kart
My second game, and the one that really got me into video games.

[b]Nintendo 64:[/b] Mario Kart 64
The first game I bought myself, along with my N64.

[b]GameCube:[/b] Super Smash Bros. Melee
I have a feeling I clocked as much time on this as all my other GCN games combined.

[b]Wii:[/b] Zelda: Twilight Princess
I had this pre-ordered from, like, two years before it was released, and I had to switch the pre-order from the GCN to the Wii version.

[b]Game Boy:[/b] Tetris
My brothers had a couple old fatty GBs with this and the Mario Land games which they'd let me play.

[b]Game Boy Color:[/b] Zelda: Link's Awakening DX
The first game I got with my GBC since it was the only Zelda game I'd yet to play.

[b]Game Boy Advance:[/b] Super Mario Advance
The only system I've bought two games for at launch. The other was F-Zero: Maximum Velocity.

[b]Nintendo DS:[/b] Super Mario 64 DS
I played a friend's copy on the N64 to death but never owned it myself, so I was excited for this. But it ended up being a disappointment because it doesn't let you use the D-pad for movement if you want to use X/A for camera control, and vice versa. I now own a copy of the original on the Wii VC.

[b]PlayStation:[/b] Final Fantasy VII
My first RPG. After playing this, I went back and played FFIV and FFVI on the SNES, which I'd seen my brothers play a lot but never tried myself, and ended up liking them more.

[b]PlayStation 2:[/b] 007 Nightfire
In my defense, it came used with the system. The first game I bought for it separately was FFX.

[b]Xbox:[/b] Halo 2
Went to a gaming night with some friends and everyone and their dog had an Xbox with this game set up in a LAN. Didn't have much fun because I hate dual analog control for FPS's.[/color]
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[b]NES:[/b] Battle City. I can't remember much of my childhood except this game with blocks and tanks.
[b]SNES:[/b] Street Fighter 2
[b]Gameboy:[/b] Dr. Mario
[b]Gameboy Pocket:[/b] Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3. My cousin owns both the handheld and the game.
[b]Gameboy Color:[/b] Pokemon Crystal. All of my tears, sweat and blood were poured in it.
[b]Gameboy Advance:[/b] Digimon Battle Spirit. Borrowed both handheld and game during HS days.
[b]Gameboy Advance SP:[/b] Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow
[b]PS1:[/b] Raiden Project. Can't say how fun this game is.
[b]PS2:[/b] NamcoXCapcom. I got hyped for this game.
[b]GameCube:[/b] Super Smash Bros. Melee
[b]Dreamcast:[/b] Sonic Adventure
[b]Nintendo DS:[/b] Pokemon Ranger. Beaten it in 2 days.
[b]Nintendo 64:[/b] Star Fox 64. I'm a sucker for playing SNES Star Fox too much :P
[b]PS3:[/b] Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2. First game played after buying the console.
[b]PSP:[/b] Darkstalkers Chronicle: The Chaos Tower
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[color=darkred][size=1][b]NES[/b] Super Mario Bros., obviously.

[b]Genesis[/b] Street Fighter II'

[b]PlayStation[/b] Final Fantasy VIII (That should explain my inexplicable love for the game)

[b]Game Boy Advance[/b] Metroid Fusion

[b]PlayStation II[/b] Final Fantasy X

[b]Xbox[/b] Fable

[b]Gamecube[/b] Mario Kart Double Dash!!

[b]Xbox 360[/b] The Orange Box (TF2, most likely)

[b]Wii[/b] New Super Mario Bros Wii[/color][/size] Edited by JCBaggee
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NES- Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt, pretty much the standard

SNES- WWF Royal Rumble- this was the only game i was into when i got my first SNES

Gameboy- Tetris, another classic

Genesis- Sonic, It was really the only game i had for Sega

Gameboy Color- Pokemon Red, the whole reason I even got a Gameboy Color

Playstation 1- THPS, I was addicted to that Superman song on there

Dreamcast- Power Stone, this game was intense. There should really be a remake.

Nintendo 64- WWF Wrestlemania 2000

Xbox- I think it was Halo, hated that game ever since.

Playstation 2- NBA Streets Vol. 1

Gamecube- Super Smash Bros Melee

Xbox 360- Madden, Im not sure which one though.

Wii- Wii Sports

Nintendo DS- Pokemon Heartgold, the sole reason I got a DS in the first place

Playstation 3- Call of Duty
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NES: Well this was Super Mario Bros 1 and Duckhunt combo. Beat Super Mario and then went to the Gold edition of The Legend of Zelda lol.

SNES: The first game i Remember playing for SNES was Donkey Kong Country. I was so into the series and i started from the start. Collected everything that could be collected and waited for the second one to comme out lol.

SEGA Genesis: This was definitely Sonic the Hedgehog 2. That game was awwwesome for its time lol.

SEGA Saturn: Virtua Fighter I think it was called??

Gameboy: Pacman. lol First game for my GB which kept me busy until the Pokémon Red came out lol

Gameboy Color: Pokémon Gold??? think that was the first one on GBC unless Yellow came out for GBC....dont remember lol

Nintendo 64: Goldeneye 007. Best damn game in the world =) Ruined threee controllers playing that game so much lmao.... Then of course was Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Another game that paved the way for future RPGs. N64 made the best games that not alot of people had gotten a feel for before. Like before Goldeneye 007 for example. How many First person shooters did ya play and love before that beauty came out lol

Playstation 1: Spyro the Dragon lol. What an awesome game when i was a kid lol

PS2: MAFIA. Hated the game lol =P

Xbox: Halo of course. That game was amaaazing and paved the way for so many other shooters and halo sequels.

Xbox 360: Perfect Dark Zero.... lol totally wish that wasnt the first game i played. Gave me a bad first impressiong of xbox 360. But then Oblivion annd Halo 3 and COD came out and changed my opinion lol

PC: Ready for this?? The first PC game i ever played was called Hugo's House of Horrors on Floppy A:\ drive lol. Such a cool old game. Also played Commander Keen, Goblins, and Duke Nukem lol. good ol days...
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