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Witches: Gods Rising

Akieen Cloud

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[font="Comic Sans MS"][color="#000080"]Ali jogged down the hall, Tank's heavy footsteps sounding behind her as she turned the corner and saw the others already gathered around her husband. She psuhed her way through and finally found him holding his hands up for silence.
"Alright! Guys shutup!"
Ali looked back as the team quieted down, now short a few members which made her heart twsit, only to be replaced with a warm sensation as his voice called back over them once again.
"We're leaving for a mission in four days. Get your stuff ready and make sure that your in top form. We're hunting the gods."
Gene sighed and looked down at the floor as he ran a hand through his hair.
"Really? I was kind of hoping that they would have just fallen from the face of the planet by now. I mean it's been 3 years."
Demetri shook his head and dismissed them asking for Ali to follow him, she walked with him til she caught up and linked her arm around his gaining a smile from her husband. She loved him, with all her heart, his touch sending shivers along her spine, and heat through her body. His smile making her go weak at the knees and her heart flutter happily, and when ever he spoke to her, she was lost in his deep baratione voice, the sound soothing her and making her relax. He pulled his arm from her grasp to put it around her shoulders and pull her to his side smiling as she wrapped her arm around his waist. They walked for a little ways til they reached his office, his secrataries inclining their heads to their Commander and Commandant, he pulled her into his corner office and shut the door locking it tightly and gaining a raised eye brow from her.
"Demetri Athens, don't tell me you plan to have me right here in your office?"
"Wouldn't be the first time, or do you not recall that night in the office while I was Commander?"
She blushed as memories of that night flooded back to her, the passion was intense and they had taken their time...at first. The aftermath proved otherwise. Papers had littered the floor, his pens had been toppled and scattered along the desk and floor as well, his office had been a competely and utter mess from their activities. She had grabbed his uniform jacket and wrapped it around herself to keep the chill of the room from her skin and helped him clean the mess. She came from the memory to see him leering at her, the lust hidden behind is eyes making her shiver pleasantly before he pulled her close and matched his lips to her's kissing her deeply making a light moan escape her throat, he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her tight against his muscular body. She pulled back slightly to laugh lightly before he attcked her with kisses again. After an hour he sat behind his desk, trying to straighten it once again, his bare, scarred chest exsposed to the open air, his uniform pants pulled up and zipped, the button still undone as he looked across the room towards his wife. Her hair back to it's original color of a dark brown, her slender legs showing as she was wearing his over large over shirt making him smile as he caught a glimpse of her own soft grin on her sleeping face. He sighed as a frown slowly made it's way on to his features as he looked down at his notes. Running a hand over his face at the information that worried him, and pleased him all at once. One of his closest friends was rumored to be on his way back...but it was the only other man his wife had gained feelings for in the past. He looked at the silver band on is left hand and felt hid heart sore as the memory of their wedding filled his mind, but the sound of her coming from her slumber made him look up at her, she yawned and stretched her arms above her head making him tilt his head to the side as the shirt rode high on her skin, seeing this she blushed and pulled it back down.
"You look like you've been thinking rather deeply love."
He nodded as she walked towards his desk, his hands shifting slightly as he tried to hide the notes with out her realizing it, he should have known better as she pulled a sheet of paper from under his hand and studied it, her eyes widening slightly as her face lost some of it's color.
"Are these true?"
He shrugged, before taking the paper back and putting it with his other notes.
"When did you get that?"
"A few days ago."
She frowned and crossed her arms over her chest as she frowned at him.
"Why didn't you tell me?"
"Why does it matter Alex?"
She glared at her husband for a few seconds before she sighed and turned on her heel pulling his shirt over her head and tossing it back to him as she dressed in her own uniform. She wore a men's uniform instead, having argued with the privious Commandant for hours until he finally gave her permission. She hated dresses or skirts of any kind, and as she dressed she could hear Demetri fixing his own uniform. Finishing putting on her own uniform she turned on him with a sad frown before shaking her head and walking out. Her heart was racing as she walked, her pace slow, her legs taking her where ever they wanted and it wasn't til she looked up at the door infront of her that she sighed, pulling out her wallet she took out her key card and swiped it, walking in she flipped on the lights, her heart twisting painfull as she saw the empty room. Dust clung to the walls as cobwebs grew in the corners, the mirror in the bath room still had small runes etched into the glass and she shook her head smiling slightly at the man's slight paranoia. She sat down on the bed sneezing as dust rose into the air and looked at the empty picture frame on his night stand, looking in her wallet she pulled out the folded photo and straightened it out seeing her from 3 years ago, her hair having been red, her chocolate eyes sparkling, her eyes shifted to the man in the picture with her, his own brown eyes a few shades darker than her own, they had a life to them that made her smile as his runed face was split into a broad smile, the troubles that had once darkened his face gone making him look younger and full of life. She smiled softly at the picture, tears welling up in her eyes as guilt and pain rushed through her. She threw herself into her relationship with Demetri these last 3 years, trying to make it up to him, trying to make her guilt lessen, but no matter what she did it never lessened. She shuddered at the thought of seeing the runed man again and as she looked around the room she sighed. Taking off her uniform jacket she pulled out her I-Pod tucking the earbuds into her ears and turning the music up she began to sing along to it as she pulled her hair into a pony tail and began to clean the room to get her mind off of things and to make his return more comfortable. She wasn't completely worried about getting ready just yet, they had 4 days, that was plenty of time for her to get ready for what ever lay ahead. [/color][/font]
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[size=2]"[b]How much longer before we leave sir?"[/b] He heard the question asked to him yet again, he had been procrastinating with doing small things. Noe he was just sitting, he had found a bench and decided he needed to take a moment before they went ahead with his transport. He was hunched over as he stared at his marked hands, the runes were still now, stuck to his skin like the tattoos they had been before. He recalled now, the night he had killed Sybille, the runes had moved with his power, taking on a new life as he destroyed his former student, his power had kept growing since. Now, he could make them move at will, change their design, their function, could make them whatever he wanted, but he never changed a single thing, always making them go back to the way they looked three years ago. He always kept them the same, he wanted to look just like he did for her three years ago, he had seen the subtle changes in her, and in his eyes it was making her more beautiful everyday. He looked up now, staring into the eyes of the only person who knew every location he had ever been to since his leave from the Northern base. He chuckled as he remembered the same face in the ruins, her body shaking as the fear registered on her face.

[b]"Whats so funny sir?"[/b] He kept his eyes on her face before turning away again.

[b]"You know how long it's been Warp?"[/b] She eyed him coldly as she thought about it.

[b]"Three years sir?"

"Yes, and three years ago I saw your fear stricken little face in those ruins."[/b] She just shrugged at him.

[b]"I'm a different person now. Everyone changes sir, I'm sure you did."[/b] He stayed silent then, Warp use to this as she had served with him this entire time. Marcus thought on her words for a few moments, he knew she was right, change happened often. For him, however, it only happened when he had meet her, when they had connected in so many ways. She had changed him forever, his heart still lied with her only, his immeasurably long life should have made him more adaptable to these kinds of things. But even to this day, he had refused any woman who had approached him flat out, never seeing in them what he saw in her. He was sure Warp here had made her advance at least once or twice, he just couldn't recall if it actually happen or if he had just seen the intent in her eyes. It didn't matter to him, she was her and Warp could never be that one he loved. His right hand drifted to the bandanna tied to his arm, reaching with in it, he pulled out a folded paper. Opening it up, it showed it was a picture, the smiles clear on their face as they were looking up into the camera, the bed in the background bringing back memories of the nights they had. The softness of her eyes and the sweet smile she reserved only for him, he saw how happy he was then, he looked younger and less worn down. He knew he had changed a bit in appearance, but he felt it now, the knowledge he knew weighed down on him sometimes, having no one to share it with anymore. He folded the picture back up and securely tucked it back in the bandanna before standing from the bench, he looked to Warp, she nodded to him as he walked forward.

He walked through the halls, making his way until he found the open area that had warning signs painted everywhere. This was the area this HDF base had kept as the area they returned troops from the field, today no one was authorized to use this area until his departure. They stood in the middle of it now, Marcus steeling his mind and his heart as he felt Warps touch.

[b]"You remember the first time we did this Krystal?" [/b]He said, her real name catching her off guard a bit since he never really used it, mainly calling her Warp. She let a smile creased her lips lightly.

[b]"I do, you almost vomited all over the place. You did better then me my first time."[/b] Marcus chuckled again, a smile never touching his face.

[b]"Lets go." [/b]With those simple words they were gone, twisting through the spaces in between space and time itself. Seconds later they stood on familiar ground, Marcus standing tall as he looked around. No one was around, he wasn't so surprised, Commander Phoenix had been told that his location could not be disclosed, no one would know where he was or where he was going. They only received messages about rumors of him showing up at particular bases, three or more bases received the same info before he moved. But now, he was home for good, or at least he hoped so. He took a deep breath, letting the memories wash over him as he simply stood there collecting his wits, he started walking Warp following him before he spoke as they kept walking.

[b]"Go to the Commandants office, inform him of our arrival. I need to be alone for now, come back after you have rested and eaten, you've earned it."[/b] She saluted him before heading off her own direction, he kept walking straight, his memory coming back clearly of the whole base. His mind wandered again as his feet took him where he was going, he drifted to thoughts of what if. He still clearly remembered the time him and Ali had shared in their shadow realm, he recalled all to clearly the memory from another version of him, how he was the one to marry Ali. He still desired that above all else, he still craved to have that dream become true, he had thought that after he had left the base he would think of her less often. He was wrong, he thought of her more when he left, he even found that his thoughts persisted heavily even to this day, after being gone for three years, looking in on her from time to time with that mirror he had obtained from that old perv. Marcus smiled for the first time that day as he thought about what it would have been like. He turned the corner and finally came to his old room, he punched in the key code as a thought crossed his mind.

[i]Honey, I'm home.[/i] He was about to step through the door when stopped dead in his tracks, his heart beating rapidly, all of the walls he had put up crumbled as he saw her standing there. Her back turned to him as she was going about her own thing, dusting and cleaning everything in sight. He didn't know what to do, all he could do was lean against the door frame as he watched her, his eyes taking in every detail. His mirror had showed him true, the curves of her body and the way she moved still made his heart jump into his throat. He noticed something as he looked over her body, seeing something black on her shoulder, the rest covered up, he felt a small glint of pride in the hope she got the tattoo because of his. He cleared his throat then, unable to think of what else to do, she didn't hear him, he realized then that she had headphones in, her body moving to the rhythm that would of made him blush, thankfully his skin was dark enough.

He tried again, this time putting his hands near his lips before sending out the noise with a wave of power behind it. She jumped suddenly, turning around instantly with a scowl before it dropped away here eyes wide as she just saw him standing there. She pulled out her ear buds and pocketed her iPod, they looked at each other now. Ali's eyes began to wander his body, seeing how he had changed if at all. She saw the robe he wore now, cinched at the waist with his old sash, the two swords on either side of him, she caught sight of the blue bandanna around his left arm, the only color on his being. She saw how his face hadn't changed, his kin still as dark as before, but not she could see the results of his rigorous training for the past three years. Able to see the lines and the definition of his muscles now. Marcus wanted nothing more then to feel her hands on his skin again, her gentle fingers gliding across his chest and tracing his markings. Neither spoke for a long moment before she whispered the words that almost made him fall to his knees.

[b]"Marcus, you're back." [/b]All he could do was nod, his throat tightening as he found he didn't trust himself to speak. He stepped into the room, the door sliding closed behind him, the room suddenly felt small, as if it was closing in on him trying to bring him closer to her. He no longer held back, holding out his arms he threw them around her, her arms followed as he hugged her tightly.

[b]"Its good to see you Ali."[/b] He whispered to her, he felt her nod. The embrace ended and she had a smile on her face, Marcus couldn't help but show her one back. His heart was beating faster every second, he was sure she could see it right before it would leap out of his chest. They stood in silence for a few more seconds before Marcus spoke.

[b]"I'm surprised to find you in here. I didn't think anyone knew I was coming."[/b] Her eyes turned away before she spoke.

[b]"Demetri received a message, it said you were rumored to be coming back this way."

"Yes, three of those are always sent out before I arrive at a base. No would know if I would come or not then, how did you know I would be here?"[/b] She was silent now, the answer not coming to her. It had only been a rumor, she hadn't been sure he would come back to their base, but she knew somehow.

[b]"I just did. I don't know how, but I did."[/b] He felt a warmth seep into his body then, understanding the significance of her words. His smile grew as he gesture for her to take a seat, they both sat down on the couch, having been freshly cleaned by Ali minutes ago.

[b]"Like I said, it's good to see you again Ali. I'm glad to be back."[/b] She smiled as well.

[b]"I'm glad you came back, no one knew when you would ever comeback."

"How's the old team doing? Still strong I hope."[/b] Ali nodded to him.

[b]"Jason is just as, frustrating as ever. Pocket has gotten better with her powers, Gene and the others have trained enough to earn the open positions."[/b] Marcus leaned forward a he let out a small laugh.

[b]"I hope a spot is still open for me."[/b] Ali reached out without thinking touching his hand.

[b]"There is always a place for you."[/b] Marcus felt the warmth of her touch, her soft skin on his, he never wanted it to end. She suddenly pulled back, her warm touching leaving him.

[b]"Thank you Ali. Hows the baby doing? He's a toddler now right?"[/b] Ali nodded as a motherly smile crossed her face, he could see the memories having their effect on her.

[b]"Yeah, he's been a challenge, we named him-"

"Neos."[/b] Ali was thrown off for a second, nodding as she got back on track.

[b]"Yes, how did you hear about that?"[/b] Marcus shrugged then.

[b]"Other bases talk, I also heard something else while I was around."[/b] Ali raised an eyebrow at him.

[b]"I heard someone named Demos was named Godfather, is this true?"[/b] Ali felt her heart race, nodding her head at him.

[b]"Yes, Demetri and I decided that while you were gone."

"You mean, just you."[/b] She didn't have a response to that. Marcus eyes drifted to her hands, her left hand catching his attention the most. A silver ring adorning her small hands, engravings on the band made it seem like wind. His heart still raced, he was so close to her now, only a foot away from her and all he wanted to do was embrace her and lie with her again. He changed the subject then, feeling her unease.

[b]"I saw something on your shoulder while you were cleaning. What is it?"[/b] He had expected her to tell him what it was, instead, she rose from the couch, turning her back to him and then pulling her tank top over her head, his breath caught in his throat. He saw seven shapes on her back, standing up he stepped closer to look at the shapes, his eyes widened as he saw the crows on her back. Touching his chest briefly before reaching out and touching her shoulder, his finger slowly tracing the crows on her back, he felt her shiver at his touch. He couldn't resist anymore, he came up flush behind her now, his arms wrapping around her body, she didn't fight him, making him hold on to her tighter. He didn't know what to do now, his mind racing, feeling that his life wasn't over yet, that there was still a light at the end of the tunnel, he kept her in his grasp, never wanting the moment to end.[/size] Edited by Nergil Pendelton
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[font="Comic Sans MS"][color="#000080"]Feeling his arms around her, the warmth making her go slightly weak at the knees it was all she could do not to turn around and kiss him; but she held that emotion away from him as she pulled from his grasp gently and turned to look at him as she pulled her shirt back over her body covering the tattoo once again. She gave him a smile which was matched with one from him that made her heart leap into her throat at the sight of it, the emotions surging to the surface again. Looking away from him for a moment she picked up the rag she had been using and began to wipe the dust from his small kitchen counter putting some distance between them, the movement making a cold seep into her entire being. She looked up at him and took a deep breath to calm her nerves.
"So, how was your trip?"
"If you could call it that. It was...informative."
"Still mysterious I see. Learn anything useful perhaps?"
"Wouldn't you like to know?"
She chuckled and threw an extra rag at him, her smile growing as he caught it with out effort and smiled back at her, she felt her heart beat speed up as they went back to the easy, play fighting that they had done before he left.
"S-So. Where did you go while you were gone?"
"Alot of places to be honest. I was at the Eastern Base mostly."
She nodded slowly and than smiled and shook her head.
"How were you able to stand Pheniox? Last time I met her she seemed like such an uptight woman."
Marcus let out a laugh, quiet to the point most people would have missed it, but she didn't and her heart skipped a beat at the sound.
"Yes, she is. But I think I charmed her well enough."
Ali snorted some trying to hold her own laughter back.
"I'm sure you did, the suave man that you are."
She met his eyes and shook her head smiling still as she went back to cleaning the counters free of dust, her heart racing as her hands ached to touch the man standing a few feet away from her. She squashed the feeling swiftly as she caught sight of the ring on her left hand.
"You missed alot while you were gone."
He nodded slowly, a slight look of pain crossing his face and making her want nothing more than to run to him and comfort him, making the pain go away.
"I can see that. What all has happened?"
"Like I said, alot. Neos has a power."
Marcus' eyes grew wide as he looked at her, taking her in, the supple curve of her hips having widened thanks to the child birth, her frame more full and feminine than it had been 3 years ago.
"Is that right? What kind?"
Ali shook her head and chuckled as she ran her hand through her bangs trying to describe it to him, she set the rag down and leaned forward on the counter, unaware of his travling eyes.
"It's diffucult to explain...it reminds me alot of your power."
His eyes shifted back to her face, shocked.
"What do you mean?"
"He can create things from thin air, and destroy them just as quickly, just the other night Demetri tried to feed him broccoli and he just tapped his finger to it and it exploded all over the kitchen. It was such a mess."
Marcus chuckled more at the thought before he paused.
"That sounds very powerful."
She could hear the hint of concern flood his voice and melted a little on the inside. She nodded slowly.
"Yeah, it is, HE is. I just hope he doesn't lose himself in it has he gets older."
Marcus nodded, still watching her as she moved the rag across the surface of the counter, almost absent mindedly.
"How are Tank and Lily? Have they been getting along alright?"
Ali rolled her eyes slightly before releasing a huff of breath.
"You could say that. Tank is 16 now and as every teenage boy he's hardheaded and tempramental and Lily...Demetri has spoiled her rotten."
Marcus shook his head, not surprised when a thought struck him.
"You make it sound as if they live with you."
"They do. Demetri and I adopted them. We live in the suit upstairs, the one that Shield and Touch used to live in."
"It must be very extravagant."
Ali nodded slowly.
"It's a bit much sometimes. I'm still not fully used to it. Demetri is so comfortable with all of it cause he grew up around all that but myself, well sometimes I just want a simple day. Nothing fancy. Just to sit on a couch and relax like we used to do when you would read-"
She stopped her self mid sentence, Marcus' heart skipped a beat as she openly admitted that she still thought about the two of them. Ali put her hand on her forehead and frowned. Putting the rag down she walked over to a chair and grabbed her uniform jacket and slipped it on slowly as she shook her head.
"I shouldn't be here. I shouldn't be thinking llike this."
Marcus caught her arm, the warmth from his hand making her skin break out in goosebumps that she was unable to hide from him.
"Thinking like what Ali?"
Instead of answering him, she let her thoughts pour from herself to him, the rune on her wrist glowing for the first time in 3 years, the burn almost welcome as he gasped and released her, he looked down at her, his breathing heavy.
"I shouldn't be here."
She buttoned up her uniform jacket, gathered her things and grabbed her wallet from his nightstand where she had placed it not seeing the folded up picture fall from the folded leather. Stopping she looked over at him, the look of hurt seeping back into his features, she could feel her head swimming as his scent had started to fill the small room, she could still feel the heat of his hand on her arm, like a burn mark that throbbed dully. Closing her eyes tightly she tried to will her self to leave, her body didn't listen as she turned and wrapped her arms around his shoulders matching her lips to his, he reacted instantly by wrapping his arms around her as well, the sound of his restrained moan hitting her like a blow to the stomach and she pulled away from him completely, the loss of his warmth making her want to whimper but she held the sound back.
"I'm sorry...I shouldn't have done that. I-"
She took a deep breath to calm her nerves as she backed towards the door, Marcus to stunned to move.
"It's good to have you back Marcus."
She turned and left the room, the door sliding shut behind her as she walked away towards her own office, with every intent on locking her self in it for the rest of the day as guilt seemed to consume her. [/color][/font]
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[size=2]Marcus simply stood there for a long time, the rune on her wrists had showed him far more then he had expected to see, and expected to feel. Her emotions were just as strong as his, the power behind them had jump started his heart. The pressure building in his body, all he could do was breath slowly to calm himself, he had to remember the ring on her hand and who she was married too.

[i]But it should have been me![/i] His thoughts screamed at him, he had to focus hard on making that thought pass, he couldn't let this escalate. He had just arrived only minutes ago and already his world was being tossed about without his say. He had to tread more carefully now, he wanted Ali more then anything now the need sure to overwhelm him if he allowed it. He touched his waist, trying to grip a handle of one of his blades only to find nothing there, he looked around to see them sitting up near the doorway, he didn't recall taking them off. He started to walk toward them when caught something on the floor, a folded piece of paper that he opened up and the moment he did, he was sure his heart had stopped. Staring into the smiling faces, the duplicate of the one he had tucked away, he saw the wear marks, the places it had been folded and the slight chafing of the image of where it had been constantly unfolded and refolded. His smile was a sad on as he touched her face, he folded the picture back up and tucked it away in his robe. He needed some time to think, a few moments before he did the unthinkable. He walked to the door and re-secured his swords to his waist, ready to leave the room again he stopped for just a second, his fingers touching his lips gently as he tried to hold on to the feeling. A thought struck him then, turning from the door he quickly started to go through drawers in his quarters, knowing he had to leave at least one behind. He soon found what he was looking for, and old pen resting in the drawer, pulling it out he then reached into his Bandanna, pulling out his picture, unfolding it he wrote something on the back, taking a few moments to write the right words before tossing the pen away and folding it back up.

He walked out of his room then, still needing to take sometime to relax and get a grip on his thoughts. He navigated the hallways, catching moments of surprised faces he disregarded them until he arrived at the mess hall. Going in, he grabbed and apple and a pear, speaking quickly with one of the women serving the food, she smiled at him and nodded. He returned the smile before moving away, finding a place to sit alone, he took a deep breath and finally let his nerves settle. He took a slow bite out of his apple, chewing on it as if chewing on the images and rouge emotions floating around. He came out of his thoughts as he saw the woman set down a tray before him, a slender pitcher, half the size of a normal one and a few small cups. He thanked her as she departed, pouring himself a glass and taking a sip, tasting the flavors of his tea, he let the warm liquid relax his body, the apple in his hand half eaten at this point. He could hear whispers, see eyes looking at him, others pointed discreetly, others more blatantly. Soon enough, someone he wasn't familiar with came and sat down across from him, Marcus initially didn't bother looking at him as he sipped his tea. The HDF member stared it him fro a long while, Marcus finally glancing at him before setting down his glass.

[b]"Is their something you need..."

"Terry."[/b] Marcus nodded to him.

[b]"Terry, what do you need?" [/b]He looked like a kid in a candy store, the excitement on his face as clear as day.

[b]"Are you, Marcus Demos? The Warded Man?"[/b] Marcus looked around as he noticed more faces staring at him expectantly. He simply nodded as Terry roared in excitement. Marcus held a confused look on his face as he could see the young man bouncing before him.

[b]"I can't believe its you! I told them you were him, they didn't believe me."[/b] Marcus remained silent as he simply stared at the young man. The stare only seemed to excite him more as he squealed.

[b]"Oh my god he's doing it guys!"[/b] He heard other voices speaking now, Marcus didn't like this much attention, he had tried to stay out of sight most of his life. Until she came into his life, bring more of him out then he thought. He stopped the feelings before they could cause any more damage.

[b]"Can you show us your powers Colonel Demos? Please show us?" [/b]He looked around and saw the eyes looking at him, he took a sip of his tea before standing from his seat. He then started to walk away, hearing them groan unhappily. He grinned for a second before waving a hand secretly, the liquid of the tea bursting out, moving in a long form like a snake, sliding on to the table as it coiled up the liquid creature suddenly striking out, Terry gasping before the shaped disintegrated and harmlessly splashed him with the warm tea. Marcus heard silence, before a roar echoed through the mess hall, him already walking away from the ruckus as he felt prepared for this confrontation now. On his walk, he suddenly saw three people he hadn't expected to see but felt a smile hold on his face as they spotted him. Tank was massive now, easily taller then Marcus, maybe even taller then Demetri now, Lily had grown taller, still stick thin as she ran up to Marcus, he was leaning down as she launched herself into his arms.

[b]"Uncle Marcus!" [/b]She laughed as he held on to her tight before swinging her around, a giggle escaping her as he set her back down. Tank was holding on to the hand of a smaller child, Marcus looked at the toddler and could see curiosity in his eyes that was common in children. But, his curiosity was more focused on Marcus, rather then his complexion. Marcus gave Tank a hug, moments before the giant of a boy lifting him up off the ground with a one armed hug, squeezing him enough that Marcus thought he would crack. Tank set him down as Marcus caught his breath again.

[b]"Great gods Tank, you have an amazing grip. You play football don't you."[/b] He nodded with a bashful look on his face. Marcus looked crouched down to get at eye level with the toddler.

[b]"You must be Neos. Do you know who I am?"[/b] He shook his head instantly. Marcus felt an unexpected pain at that.

[b]"Well that's unfortunate, I would of thought your mother would of said something about me."[/b] Neos suddenly had recognition in his eyes, as if something new came to his mind, Marcus held in his curiosity as Neos spoke.

[b]"You're the man mama thinks about sometimes. You kept and eye on her when I was in her tummy."[/b] Marcus was silent then, no words seemed possible to speak. If Ali hadn't said anything about him, Neos shouldn't have known any of this let alone be able to speak in such complete sentences. Neos then walked to Marcus and held his arms out to him, Marcus not sure what to do except to open his own arms. Neos charged in and wrapped his arms around his neck, snuggling his face into his chest with a content sigh. Marcus rose, Neos in his arms now as he looked to Tanks surprised face.

[b]"From looking at your face, I take it he doesn't do this often." [/b]Tank shook his head.

[b]"I've only ever seen him do that with Mom and Dad, Uncle Marcus. I don't know why he did it to you."[/b] Marcus looked down at the little boy ion his arms now, feeling a connection with him that he probably shouldn't have, but there it was none the less.

[b]"Hey Neos."[/b] The little boy looking up at him with his brown eyes.

[b]"I heard you have cool powers, can you show me?"[/b] Neos nodded as Marcus set him down, his hands reached down and touched the ground, a brilliant light before appeared a small ball. Marcus picked it up and bounced it a few times, feeling how real it was, making sure his powers weren't just illusions. He understood what Ali meant now, his powers were just like his, he handed the ball back to Neos and leaned down to speak to him again.

[b]"That's very impressive Neos. Want to see something cool?"[/b] He nodded his head vigorously, Marcus holding out one hand then placing his palm on the ground, sliding it across the ground he made the floor suddenly shift form, moving with his gestures, he raised his hand off the floor and the material followed, giving it a shape, it looked just like Neos. Making it moved side to side, lean forward and then poke the real Neos in his tummy, making a giggle out of the small boy. Marcus set his hand back down on the ground and the material reintegrated itself with the floor. Neos ball vanished in an instant, He ran back to Marcus and cuddled back up to him as he stood again. He looked to Lily and rubbed her head.

[b]"How has school been going for you both?"[/b] Tank beamed proudly as Lily seemed to shy away from the subject. Marcus smiled at them.

[b]"Tank, your grades must be good, or else you wouldn't be on the team."[/b] He nodded, Marcus gaze shifting to Lily.

[b]"Whats wrong Lily?" [/b]She didn't speak for a few moments, then finally let it out.

[b]"There is a boy at school."[/b] Marcus chuckled as he gave her a quick kiss on the top of her head and spoke to her.

[b]"We'll just keep that a secret form your mom alright?" [/b]Her eyes glittered at his words.

[b]"You promise?"[/b] He nodded, holding out his pinky finger as she locked hers with his, she giggled as he laughed. He attempted to pull Neos off when he squirmed and groaned and held on tighter.

[b]"Neos, we have to go."[/b] Tank said, Neos shook his head.

[b]"He's gonna go see mommy, I wanna see mommy too."[/b] Marcus held onto the boy, feeling slightly disturbed the boy knew what he was doing. He looked to Tank and lilly and nodded his head.

[b]"I am heading over to see your mom for a bit. I'll take care of him, alright?"[/b] They nodded before he gave them both as good a hug he could. They turned away as he walked through the hall, Neos nestled in his arms, Marcus still trying to understand the boy as he headed to Ali's direction, the rune confirming her place, the comfortable wave of energy reassuring him.[/size] Edited by Nergil Pendelton
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[font="Comic Sans MS"][color="#000080"]Ali stood behind her desk, having shed her uniform jacket a few minutes after entering her office and was sorting through a stack of papers cursing as the top half fell to the floor.
She bent down to pick them up and gasped as a large hand met her's there, she looked up into the hazel eyes of Demetri and felt her heart flutter pleasantly as he gave her a gently smile.
"Hey...I wanted to talk to you about earlier."
She frowned, remembering him trying to hide the notes of Marcus' return from her, now that she had seen him she knew why. She kept her emotions gaurded as she leaned back against her desk looking up at him as he ran his hand over his face.
"Ali, you have to understand why I did-"
"I do understand love. I just wish that you would have trusted me more."
"Can you blame me?"
"It was 3 years ago Demetri."
"And I still catch you looking at the picture of you and him."
She sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose.
"Look I'm sorry, it's just...somethings were...easier with him."
"Like what Alex? Please, tell me. I'll do anything you know that."
She nodded, the thought comforting to her and at the same time building on her already guilty consious. She sighed again and shook her head.
"Sometimes I just feel like we're the working couple. All work and no play."
"We joke around enough Ali, why can't you just be happy?"
She frowned and let her barrier down allowing her frustration and anger flood into him, causeing him to back up a step.
"I am happy Demetri, I wouldn't have married you if I wasn't! I chose you!"
Demetri sighed and walked over to her gathering her into his arms tightly, she relaxed almost instantly as his large arms held her tight to his chest, her hands resting on the shirt covered muscles and making his heart beat faster. She looked up at him, his eyes meeting his and making her shiver at the intensity behind his eyes.
"I just want you happy Alex. You know that."
She didn't answer him but pulled him down for a kiss, relaying how she felt about him through it with everything she had, in her own way trying to make it up to him what she had just done though he had no idea that she had already seen Marcus. He pulled back from her breathing heavily just as she was.
"How much paper work do you still have?"
"A good bit...enough that I'll kill Jason."
"Most of it about him again?"
She nodded with a frown and put her forehead against his chest, hearing his heart thundering in his chest, she placed her small hand over his heart feeling it thump harder at her touch. She always marveled how she could make him react with the slightest touches and smiled as she trailed her fingers down his chest, tracing the scars that she couldn't see but knew were there. His breath caught in his throat and he let out a quiet growl that sent shivers down her spine, ever since he had been controled by Sybille and reverted to such a primal state at one point he often let growls or other noises out that told her what she needed to know about what she was doing. She gasped as he suddenly pulled her tight against him and kissed her roughly causing her mind to go blank momentarily and her knees to go weak, he pulled away and pressed his forehead to her's smiling slightly.
"I love you Demetri. Please don't ever doubt that."
He nodded and kissed her once more before he straightened out his uniform and smiled down at her.
"I'll see you at home?"
She nodded and returned the smile.
"It's a date."
He bent down and caught her lips with his once more before leaving, shutting the door behind him, she waited til she was sure he was out of ear shot, looking through the blinds of her office window making sure he was gone before she sighed heavily and fell back into her seat, her heart was racing and she wasn't sure where her thoughts were at the moment. She looked up, her heart stopping as the door was thrown open and a bundle was racing through the door towards her, seeing the blur of red and tan she didn't need to even think twice before she opened her arms and allowed Neos to leap into her lap.
She chuckled and hugged him tight, his head tucking under her chin. She poked him in the side making him squeal and laugh.
"Neos, what are you doing here? I thought I told you not to bother Mommy while she's working?"
"But, your friend brought me. He was coming to see you too!"
Ali felt her stomach twist as the man stepped around the door frame, she swallowed the lump in her throat as she looked at Marcus, she could see him more clearly in the light of her office instead of the dim light of his room, she could see he had gotten slightly taller, and more muscular. His skin hadn't changed but his face looked more aged since she had seen him last, it pulled at her heart remembering how she had been able to take years off of the man with out even trying. She stood up, holding Neos in her arms as he patted her cheek getting her attention.
"He's your friend isn't he Mommy? He's the one who took care of us while Daddy was gone wasn't he?"
Ali blinked down at the boy in her arms and tried to answer but nothing came to her, she looked back at Marcus, he held up his hands silently letting her know that he hadn't said anything to the boy.
"Sweetheart, he's your Godfather, remember me telling you about him?"
The boy smiled largely and turned back to Marcus.
"Yeah! He's the one you said you'd love for the rest of your life no matter what happened! Just like me and Tank and Lily. He's the one who took a piece of you with him right?"
Ali froze, she had said those things to the boy when he was still very young, and was more than shocked that he remembered them.
"Neos, honey...why don't you go and play with your brother and sister for me alright? Mommy has a lot of work to do."
He gave her a hug and a kiss, waving good bye to her as he rushed out of the room, he stopped and ran back to Marcus reaching up and giving the man a large hug before planting a wet kiss on his cheek, he touched Marcus' cheek like he did Ali's to get his attention, once sure the mystic was looking at him he said, very seriously.
"Mommy still loves you. She dreams of you sometimes...her dreams hurt..."
With that the boy hopped from the man's arms and ran from the office, the sound of the door slamming shut not even registering on the two adults at first, one to shocked by what had just been revealed to him and the other to shocked on what her son actually knew.[/color][/font]
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[size=2]Marcus found that yet again, he could not move, he dared not move now. What Neos had said to him cause more pain and more happiness then he thought possible in one sentence, no one had ever been able to get under his skin so effectively. The main thing that threw him for a curve, was that the way he did things, the way he used his powers and the way he spoke of things he should never have known, it all brought back his own childhood. He had been just like him, he knew too much, sometimes it got him in trouble and sometimes he stunned people enough that they would just send him away. He had seen in the boys features both Demetri and Ali, that was plainly obvious to him, but he couldn't help but wonder at the child's origins. He looked to Ali, thinking she might have an answer for him, her face clearly showing that she as shocked as he was, showing Marcus that she knew nothing of this gift. She quickly came out of it, she was still visible shaken but now she had some control back.

[b]"Marcus, what are you doing here?" [/b]He didn't answer for a few moments, just watching her as he didn't know how long he would have.

[b]"I came to talk Ali."[/b] She shook her head at him.

[b]"There is nothing to talk about."[/b] Marcus undid his swords and laid them on near by chair.

[b]"There is plenty to talk about. Your son just revealed it all."[/b] He could see now she was fighting something inside, holding her hands close to her body as he saw her eyes water.

[b]"Don't cry Ali, you know what that does to me."[/b] He almost pleaded to her, he stepped toward her trying to keep the tears at bay when she held up a hand at him. Stopping him in her tracks as she turned away for a moment, pulling herself together before speaking again.

[b]"Please, I just need to be alone right now."[/b] Marcus didn't move, he knew what happened last time he had left, leaving her alone three years ago. He hated himself then, he hated that he had killed a dream, a possible future because of his need to maintain order. Three years, searching for information on the gods had taught him one thing, people cannot bring order to the world around them if their own worlds are lacking the same. His world hadn't been in order in years, and now, he was risking a lot coming back here and talking to her now. He risked a confrontation with Demetri, he risked the bases security, he risked her marriage. And while these things ate into his mind, pulling at him to just leave now and drop the entire subject and just be her friend, he couldn't do that anymore. The time away from her had shown him that he could never let her go, he had shown her more of himself then even Masan had seen, he had remained true to his vow to her, his love never died, and from what he heard from Neos, neither had Ali's love for him.

[b]"I'm not leaving again. Not ever again Ali."[/b] He could see her barrier break as she walked up and wrapped her arms around his waist, his settling on her as he felt the tears now, the feeling making him want to weep.

[b]"You left me all alone Marcus! You left me and Neos behind for what?"[/b] She almost screamed at him. Marcus couldn't tell her everything now, in time they could understand everything he knew. But it was just too much right now.

[b]"I left to protect my family."

"Protect what family? You could have done that here."[/b] Marcus brought his hands to her face and lifted it up so she could look at him.

[b]"I left to protect you and Neos. You're my family no matter what happens." [/b]She shook her head again.

[b]"We're Demetri's family Marcus, he's my husband."

"I know, but somewhere else out there this is different. I am your husband, I know its not here and now. But, I still feel what that Marcus felt, I still love you. As far as i'm concerned, that makes you my family."

"That's another time, another place Marcus."[/b] He wasn't going to accept that, never again.

[b]"Neos said it clear enough, you still love me as much as you love me. He can see your dreams, he says you hurt. What do you dream about?"[/b] She pressed the side of her face to his chest again as her breathing evened out.

[b]"I dream of when we were together. Those three months we had, that last week hits the hardest. When we lived together, I've never been that comfortable with someone." [/b]Marcus remembered clearly, her throwing the water bottle because he hid chocolate from her. That week had been one of the best times of his life, with so much death and so much pain happening around them, it had been the perfect escape for both of them. He gave her a gentle kiss on the top of her head.

[b]"I dream of those times too. I'm sorry I came back now."[/b] He said with sorrow in his heart, seeing how this might turn out he could see why he left the first time. He tried to pull away when he felt her grip tighten, he had forgotten how strong she really was.

[b]"I'm not."[/b] She whispered to him. He felt his heart leap then, he shook the doubt from his mind then. He wasn't sure what he was going to do, or what he was willing to do when it came to her marriage, but he knew he wasn't leaving again, wasn't going to give up. His mind shifted subjects then, remembering everything Neos said to him.

[b]"Ali, we need to talk about Neos."[/b] Her arms released as she looked at him, she guided him to the small couch as they seated themselves.

[b]"We're gonna talk about what just happen right?"[/b] Marcus nodded to her.

[b]"He said more things to me before I brought him over. You were right, his powers are like me. He even knows too much for his age."[/b] She nodded as she looked at the door, seeing Neos tell Marcus those words all over again.

[b]"I think I need he needs a teacher."

"What do you mean Marcus, he's only three."

"Exactly Ali, he can already speak better then most kids can at age seven. He can get into your dreams Ali, gods only know what he can really do. I want to start teaching him."[/b] Ali seemed unsure, he cupped her face in his hands as he looked into her light eyes.

[b]"I'll keep it simple, and I'll only tutor him with you or Demetri present."[/b] Ali was still unsure, but then nodded her agreement. Marcus smile, seeing her face and her being this close he leaned in and gave her a gentle kiss. Holding it for several seconds before gently pulling away. He could hear a light moan from her as he saw her bite her lower lip just a little bit, the reaction getting a smile out of him.

[b]"I still got it don't I?"[/b] She punched him in the chest then, rubbing the spot as he laughed, a smile crossing her face, even thought she felt the guilt start to creep in.

[b]"Don't get cocky marked man. I still need to run this by Demetri, and you should probably see him before anything else happens."[/b] He nodded to her, standing up as he went for his swords. Gripping them in one hand he was heading out to leave when he stopped, suddenly remembering part of the reason he came her. Reaching into his arm band, he pulled out a folded piece of paper with black markings on the back. He held it out to her.

[b]"You dropped this, thought you might want it back."[/b] She reached out for it, unfolding the picture she stared at it for a few moments.

[b]"This isn't my picture."[/b] Marcus shook his head with a smile on his face.

[b]"Its not, its my copy. I'm trading you photos." [/b]She looked on the back and saw almost a whole paragraph on the back of it.

[b]"Whats written on the back?"

"I watched the memory again, I watched the entire memory. Those are my vows." [/b]He turned away then, swords in his hand as he walked out the door, preparing himself for the meeting he was about to have with the Commandant, re-securing his swords he readied himself as best he could for the coming battle of wills.[/size] Edited by Nergil Pendelton
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[font="Comic Sans MS"][color="#000080"]Ali growled low in her throat, her arms up to her elbows in soapy, warm water. She could hear the snickers and hisses of laughter behind her making her want to fling the large bowl she had in her hands all the more. She pushed her anger out of her body, it flowed over the kitchen staff shutting them up effectivly and she cursed under her breath as the conversation that landed her here in the first place flooded back to haunt her.

[i]She stampeded through the room, heading for the office in tha back, the secrataries scattering before her as her rage boiled out and filled the room, she reached the office she wanted and threw open the door.
"Sheild! You wicked son of a snake! What are you playing at?"
"Commander Athens, good of you to drop by, how are the grandkids? Oh and please, my mother was a saint."
"You knew he was coming back!"
"Who are we talking about? Elvis? I hear the rumors that-"
"Marcus you infuriating old goat! You must have known he was coming back here, your a member of the high council, why weren't we informed!"
"Ah, Colonel Demos, I see. So he's shown himself than has he?"
Ali growled and andvanced on her father in law dangerously as he turned to look at her, his eyes held a mishchiveous glint to them as they sparkled with mirth.
"Why would you be informed my dear? What concern of it is to you if the Colonel as returned?"
"He's a member of the Apha Team and as the Team Lead I think that it is within my jusrisdiction to know when one of my team members returns after 3 damn years!"
He frowned slightly, although he never lost the slight gleam in his eyes.
"And this has nothing to do with personal feelings between you and Mr. Demos?"
Ali felt her face flush as her cheeks burned scarlet.
"You coniving old bastard! Why didn't you tell us?!"
"I would watch your tone Commander."
"To hell with my tone! You could have told us! At least Demetri and my self!"
He took his glasses off, cleaning them free of dust on his shirt before slipping them back onto his face and looking at her.
"Is that all Commander?"
"No, you haven't answered my question at all!"
"And which one was that?"
"Why didn't you tell us?!"
He tapped his chin and gave her a smirk.
"Call it a judgement in loyalty my dear."
A growl bubbled from her throat as she stared her father in law down.
"Why you tactless-"
"Commander Athens, as reptillian, old, and tactless as I may be, I believe I am still a member of the High Council. The tone of which you have taken with me today, I can not let that slip. Dish duty tonight Mrs. Athens."
And here she was, in an apron soaked through with dish water, disgruntled, and very sour. She glared over her shoulder as more giggling came from the younger kitchen staff and yet again she threw her anger out towards them silenceing them quickly. She looked up as a conversation from the front counter caught her attention.
"Commandant, I was curious as to when we would see you."
Demetri's voice followed with a hint of curiousity.
"Why is that Rosie?"
"Your here to collect your wife aren't you sir?"
"I was actually coming to see how you guys were holding up, ask if I need to order more stock for the kitchen. What is Alex doing here?"
"Apparently she mouthed off to a member of the High Council."
Demetri sighed and ran a hand over his face, not completely surprised with this news considering she mouthed off to his father more often than not.
"I see, where is she?"
"In the back."
He nodded to her and walked around the counter entering the back room, seeing Ali hunched over the large sink, her arms elbow deep in the water, her hair coming loose from it's braid to frame her face; her uniform jacket was tied around her waist and the soaking wet apron covered her equally soaked, egg shell white tank top that was now semi translucant thanks to the liquid. Even with a murderous glint in her eyes as she scrubbed the dishes furiously she still took his breath away, he let his eyes travel over her as he leaned on the corner of the door and watched her, taking in the changes of the last 3 years in once again, she was slightly taller now, her frame filled out beautifully. Her hips wider due to her pregnancy, her stomach having lost the baby fat and now slim once again tapered into her hips suductivly, the rest of the changes to her body filling her out and making her a constant thought in the man's brain, more so than usual. He felt him self blush as his thoughts ran away from him making his body come to life almost instantly with want for the woman, all just by watching her. He shook his head and strolled forward wrapping his arms around her waist and feeling the soaked apron around her waist, she relaxed instantly into her husband's arms, leaning back into his warmth. His voice rumbled from behind her.
"How many times are you gonna do this love?"
"Til he stops being such a crazy old bat."
Demetri chuckled and ducked his head down planting a firey trail of kisses down her neck, unable to stop him self completely and smiling as she shuddered pleasantly.
"You lucky he doesn't make you clean the heads with the names you call him."
"As if you don't think the same thing about him from time to time."
"I do. But I keep it to my self, that way, I don't end up where you are."
"Half soaked, and being held wonderfully by my husband?"
He laughed, loosening his grip on her so she could turn in his arms, bringing up her hand she put a large cluster of soap bubbles to his nose only to squeal and laugh as he nuzzeled his nose into her neck chuckling. After a few moments he bent down and kissed her, the kiss brief but passionate and she matched it by pouring her own want and need for her husband behind it making him groan quietly and tighten his grip on her.
"You make it very hard sometimes Alex."
She smiled and kissed him again, quickly.
"Make what hard love?"
He flipped her around in his arms again, pulling her flush against his chest and burieing his nose in her neck as she gasped and blushed, his mouth close to her ear as his warm breath washed across her neck with his whisper.
"Many things."
He pulled away slowly, with much effort, and cleared his throat.
"I'm heading to the training room to see how the new operatives are holding up with hand to hand combat training."
Ali nodded, her cheeks still flushed as her heart raced under her ribs.
"Alright, we still on for tonight?"
He gave her a quick kiss before sending her a mental image as an answer, the image causing her to turn red again and drop a pan she had begun to wash back into the water with a gasp; heat flooding her system and making her want for the end of the working hours sky rocket. [/color]

**Small sidenote- Head or heads is a military term used for bathrooms, in case it confused you. Don't ask me why they call them that...they just do.**[/font]
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One by one, new recruits fell to the hard mats of the practicing arena, all different sizes of body build, strengths and gender fell one by one as Commandant Athens continued his lessons on self defense and take downs to the aspiring soldiers. The last one to hit the ground hard was a young woman, with rire red hair extending to her shoulders, her hair dripped in sweat as it stuck to the mat and her body, the young girl panting for air as she groaned from the sores she felt fro combating such a large target. She was headstrong thought, and determined to land a single punch, struggling to get up, the young woman managed to get on her feet again, gaining cheers and support from her fellow recruits. The commandant smiled, taunting the woman with his grin as he crossed his arms, not one bead of sweat dared to leave his body from all the movements and technique he showed flawlessly.

"Come on now, you can get up over and over again, but you still lack the skill to ever take someone like me on. Concentrate on your subjects movements and style of thei attack. Whether it be quick and fast, or slow and steady, you can never underestimate someone just by their physical build." The commandant shook his index finger in the air as if to tell the young girl no, a motion Demitri has had to use on Lily and Neos during the years as his form of scolding. The young woman growled as she charged for the commandant with full force, yelling at the top of her lungs as she got closer and closer, Demitri closed his eyes and shook her head, turning his body to the side quickly as she came, the giant swatted the girls feet right from underneath her body. Her momentum and speed sent her rolling onto the mat floor until she collided with the wall, the other soldiers wincing as she made impact hard. Demitri finally opened his eyes and looked at the stunned young girl. "Kind of like that" He chuckled a bit. Some of the soldiers laughing as well, the girl struggled as she held herself up by her arms, tears formed in her eyes as she dared not to look up at anyone, the feeling of shame and defeat shook her very core. A large hand finally caught her attention as she looked to the side, seeing the commandants smile as she peered up, blushing, she took his hand as the giant assisted her onto her feet once again, patting the young girl on the back. She smiled as she limped towards the other new soldiers, all of them standing in a single file line as they stood at attention to the commandant. "I think that's enough pain for today, you're dismissed" The commandant smiled, the room filled with groans and complaints of their training for the day, making the man laugh as they filed out of the training room. Demitri grabbed his pistols and attacked them back onto his belt, wrapping his hair in a ponytail once again before he exited the room, walking down the halls, the giant smiled and chit chatted with some of his fellow operatives, becoming more of a social butterfly as he always had been. Even with his new position, the Commandant thought to outdo his father with appearing more to boost moral withing the base and even outside when they obtained leave time. Turning the corner quickly, Demitri could make out his oldest son Tank grabbing a drink of water, the muscular boy has grown up so much in the time they've spent as a family. Demitri sometimes forget he's even adopted, the boy has learned to open more about himself and become comfortable with Ali and the commandant, even more protective of his younger siblings. The commandant smiled at the thought as he came from behind the boy. "There's my footballer" Demitri patted Tank on the shoulder, the boy turned and smiled when he saw his father.

"Hey dad!" the boy hugged Demitri tight, making the man release some air during their embrace before letting go.

"Dante, where's Lily and Neos?"

"I put Neos down for his afternoon nap, and Lily is is the garden"

"Did Neos cooperate?" Demitri smiled, knowing the answer.

"He did after I promised to make his favorite soup for dinner tonight" Demitri was surprised, but to be truthful, he loved Tank's cooking. Potato Soup was his specialty along with beef stew. "How was training?"

"Boring, but they're learning quick, especially with me around haha." Both men laughed as they walked down the hall together.

"Uncle Marcus is here dad" Tank spoke, the thought almost slipped his mind during training, tha'ts the main reason why Demitri wanted to train for so long, he still considered Marcus to be a close friend, but with everything that happened years ago, he wasn't sure if he could forgive the Warded Man yet. It was selfish, but honest to his heart about his ally and his loved one's former fling they had. The giant rubbed his eyes for a moment, he was feeling a bit faint for some reason, placing a hand on the wall for support as he concentrated on his path, Tank placed his hand on Demitri's broad shoulder, shocked at the sudden onset of vertigo. "Dad?..."

"I'm fine...just a bit dizzy all of the sudden" The commandant lied, he wasn't feeling too well, but nothing a small nap couldn't fix, which was the plan the giant loved as he thought about it more and more. "Tell your mother I'll be seeing her later this afternoon...and Tank...." Demitri paused for a moment continuing. "Ask your uncle if he's like to join us for dinner, you are cooking your favorite" Demitri winked, Tank merely nodded as the commandant continued his walk, making his way to their living quarters. Looking at the clock on the wall, it read 2:30 in the afternoon, Demitri stretched and yawned as he made his way to his bedroom. Entering, the commandant kicked off his boots when he sat on his bed and flopped back onto the crisp, cool sheets, finally pushing his whole body onto the bed until he reached his pillows. Closing his eyes, the man felt like it had beeen eternity since he's slept, it was weird but the giant ignored his headache as he tried to slumber. Small steps could be heard on the wooden floor outside of his room, with the door cracked open slightly, Neos popped his head through the crack to see his father's bare feet. Walking in quietly, the toddler padded his way slowly to the side of the bed, holding onto a stuffed fox plushy by its tail as he approached the Japanese styled bed, hovering low to the ground, but high enough at Neos' waist to be considered by the boy as a large bed. Demitri rolled over to his side as his eyes fluttered for a moment as he made out his boy's image slowly. The giant groaned as he opened his eyes fully, his head swam as he lifted himself up on his side, seeing his son's eyes filling with tears. The image shocked the giant for a moment as he leaded closer to his son, practically hovering over without even standing. "Neos? Whats the matter my little man?

"Daddy, are you alright?" the tears flowed slowly down the boys cheeks as he huffed and sniffled, Demitri was confused, he was only feeling a little bit ail, but he hasn't informed anyone but Tank of it.

"Yes baby, I'm o.k, just a small headache a nap can fix. Are you ok?" Demitri extended his arms and picked up his crying son, cradling the boy as Neos dug his face into his fathers chest, grabbing onto his shirt for dear life.

"I had a bad dream and-and you were hurt and when I came you were just lying here" The boy cried now into his fathers chest, Demitri slowly patted the child on his back as he lifted the sheets and tucked Neos next to his body.

"There there my boy, I'm alright, that was just a nightmare. I thought you would be old enough to not have those" Demitri lightly smiled as his eyes dropped, feeling his little boy calm down slowly as he too began to rest.

"It was scary daddy..." Neos whispered as he slowly drifted to sleep, Demitri soon followed after planting a kiss on top of his sons light brown hair.

"It was only a dream Neos, dreams cant hurt you" Demitri whispered as he surrendered to his own selfish desires of slumber, with his little boy still holding onto his shirt and plush fox, smiling now.
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[font="Comic Sans MS"][color="#000080"]Ali sighed as she entered the room, her shoulders sore from all the dishes she had washed. Looking around the room she noticed it was quiet, to quiet for her liking, she moved through the suite towards her and Demetri's room and felt her heart swell as she spotted her husband and youngest curled up in the bed together, her bad day momentairly forgotten. She walked over and kenlt down by the bed shaking Neos gently making him mumble and sit up runnging his eyes.
"Yeah baby, it's me. What are you doing in here with Daddy?"
"I had a bad dream that Daddy was hurt and when I came in here he was just laying on the bed and it scared me."
"Oh Neos, I'm sure Daddy just had a rough day at work. Really busy."
The young boy nodded as he woke up more.
"Your brother and sister should be home soon, why don't you go and wash up for dinner alright?"
He smiled up at her and hopped down from the bed.
He jogged off, the fox trailing behind him as he rushed from the room towards the bathroom, Ali looked back at the man on her bed and smiled more. He was sleeping peacefull on his stomach, his arms folded under the pillow, his hair falling into his face. She brushed the strands from his face and smiled more as he cracked his eyes open to look at her.
"Hello love, it's going on 6. You alright?"
"Yeah, just tired. Training all those new operatives can really get to a person."
"Next time let me help. I don't mind."
"No, that's alright love. I seriously doubt you want to be stuck in a sweaty taining room with a bunch of kids."
She frowned but nodded none the less, her thoughts going back to what she had said to him, about some things being easier with Marcus, he always wanted to be with her no matter where they were. She metally shook her self and stood up sitting on the bed with him only to smile more as he pulled her against him and kissed her neck.
"Hello there Commandant Athens. What can I do for you tonight?"
He smiled against her skin and looked up as the door opened, Tank and Lily's voices filtering through the suite, along with another that made Ali freeze for a second.
"Demetri, Marcus is back, did you know that?"
"I did. I invited him to dinner tonight. Is that alright?"
She nodded and stood from the bed, walking to the bathroom she stripped from her uniform and washed her arms and face getting rid of the kitchen smell before looking at the clothes hanging on the door, the black dress slacks and form fitting purple blouse seeming to mock her. Sighing she dug through the laundry basket and dug out a pair of jeans and a tank top, dressing she opned the door and shut it again quickly seeing Demetri in tan pants and a button down shirt, she would feel very out of place if she went out dressed like this. Resolving her self she dressed her self in the dress pants and blouse, brushed out her hair and emerged. Demetri smiled at her as he took her in.
"You look beautiful."
"Thank you."
She linked her arm with his as they walked out, her heart faltering as she saw Marcus, he smiled at them and Ali could feel the tension build between them. Marcus extended his hand towards her husband who took it tightly.
"Demetri, congratulations. How was the wedding?"
"It was pleasant."
Ali felt her heart twist painfully at her words and didn't bother trying to hide it from the two men, Marcus and Demetri looking down at her as she took a step away from them.
"Pleasant? That's it? What happened to wonderful, amazing, beautiful, moving, and every other word you used that night BUT pleasant?"
Demetri blinked a few times as Marcus just looked at her, feeling her pain at Demetri's choice of words. She shook her head, lowering her voice so the children didn't hear them, she didn't want to scare them.
"Enjoy dinner boys. I'll be out."
She bit the words out, both men not even bothering to stop her as she walked away from them back into the bed room. Going to the bathroom she changed into a pair of shorts and a sports bra, grabbing her gloves and I-pod she walked by the men again and stopped looking back at Demetri with a scowl.
"And I don't mind being in a sweaty training room, so long as I'm with you. As a matter of fact, that's where I'm going now."
She spun on her heel and left, her braided hair whipping behind her, both men jumped as Neos pointed to the door after his mother.
"Mommy's going to cry."
He said it as if it were the most simple thing in the world. [/color][/font]
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[size=2]They both stood there momentarily unsure of what to do, he had seen how hurt she was at his words, still amazing him how easy it was to break someones heart with only a few words. Neos' statement had made the matter worse, Marcus had been hit in the heart with that one, he was sure Demetri had felt the same wave. He wasn't sure what Demetri was going to do, but he knew what was running through his mind, he was gonna do what he always did when this happened. He bowed his head to Demetri before turning away and heading to the door.

[b]"Where are you going Marcus?"[/b] He kept walking before stopping to the door.

[b]"Run after her of course. Its what I'm good at."[/b] He kept his face straight, his shoulders up right and his pace steady as he left the room. He had to keep himself under control, just long enough before he made his mad dash through the hall to catch up with her. The door slid open, the action seeming to take forever as the door finally opened enough for him to step out, he started walking, the people in the room still able to see him before the door slid closed. The moment he heard it shut he took off, throwing his sandals off his feet as he bolted through the halls.

[i]How do I keep forgetting how fast that damn girl is?[/i] He thought to himself as he turned a corner, maintaining his balance as he made the sharp turn. He suddenly crashed into a group of people, sending them sprawling to the floor as he was sent for forward, curling up at the last moment and rolling back on to his feet as he kept running. The swords at his belt swaying back and forth before he finally came to the door he needed too, his breathing uneven as he was about to enter. He heard grunting and savaging hits, he opened the door and found Ali there, her ear buds in as he saw her punching viciously into a punching bag. The bag swinging violently as he brought up a kick before resuming her barrage, he stared at her as he stepped into the room, the door closing behind him as he couldn't help but look at how her figure had changed. Thoughts rising into his mind that would of made recruits blush as he unstrapped his swords and set them aside before finally walking to her, standing to her side before speaking, adding his magic with the memory of last time still fresh.

[b]"You shouldn't extend yourself that far, you'll pull something."[/b] He suddenly saw a fist swing in his direction, narrowly dodging it as he leaned aside. He saw her breathing hard now, sweat dripping down her body, his eyes started to wander again but stopping himself as he shook his head. She pulled out her ear buds, setting them around her neck as she walked to the training room fridge, opening the door and pulling out a water bottle and taking a few short drinks.

[b]"Why are you here Marcus?"[/b] He did his best to ignore her tone, clearly feeling the hurt behind her words. He crossed his arms and stared at him, she returning the stare, knowing exactly how to win these battles he let out a small chuckled before looking away.

[b]"I always hated losing that game."[/b]

[b]"You didn't answer my question Marcus, don't change the subject."[/b] Marcus kept his smile on his face, doing his best to defuse the situation.

[b]"Just here to say that we all make mistakes."[/b] Her face contorted into a scowl as she rolled her shoulders.

[b]"Whats that suppose to mean? You saying I made a mistake."[/b]

[i]Now wouldn't I love to say that.[/i] He kept the thought to himself, hoping Ali hadn't heard that.

[b]"No, I'm just saying Demetri did. We didn't exactly leave things on the best terms three years ago."

"Oh I am very aware Marked Man."[/b] She retorted sourly. She knew how to press his buttons, knowing when she called him that in her current state always drove the point home for him. He felt his hurt rise to the surface.

[b]"Well, I see that I should of let you hit that bag some more. Maybe I should of stayed in that room and let Demetri chase after you."[/b] The words that slipped from his mouth felt like he had just delivered a blow to his own stomach, he had let his emotions get the better of him. He placed his face in his hand as he felt her reaction through the rune now, rubbing it as he tried to think about how to salvage the situation. The words should never have been uttered, he looked up to apologize when he saw her suddenly standing within arms reach. The shock registering on his face, how had she closed that much distance between them so quietly? Things certainly had changed a lot with her, and he felt it raise the pressure in his chest, his heart thumbing with her proximity. She reached out and put a small hand on his face, cupping his cheek, her eyes seemed watery now, the look making him melt again.

[b]"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to snap at you." [/b]He nodded as he felt the warmth of her hand on his face.

[b]"Aren't I suppose to be the one cupping your face?"[/b] She shook her head as she smiled at him.

[b]"Shut up."[/b] He let out a small laugh. Her hand fell away as they just stood there, a smile on both of their faces.

[b]"You know he didn't mean it that way right?"[/b] She nodded her head, breathing deeply before letting out a heavy sigh.

[b]"I know, it's just things are different with him then they were with you. I guess I never fully adjusted."[/b] He nodded his head slowly.

[b]"Well, if it makes you feel any better, I haven't slept in a bed since that last time we were together."[/b] He felt the sudden jolt from her as she looked up at him, feeling a tug on his own heart.

[b]"I'm sure you just went back to meditating."[/b] He shook his head.

[b]"Don't even do that anymore." [/b]Taping his temple as he kept his gaze on her shocked face.

[b]"I haven't felt the need."[/b] She put her hands on her hips as she gave him a unhappy look.

[b]"You know, tapping your temple like a jackass doesn't tell me anything."[/b] He smiled broadly then.

[b]"Got to keep the mystery, you always loved that part if I remember right."[/b] She shook her head as a smile showed on her face, he reached out again, placing his hand on her face as he started to drift closer. Feeling the sensation rush through his body as they drew closer, his lips craving hers. The door suddenly opened and they hastily pulled away as they look to the doorway. Demetri almost hunched over in the door way before entering the training room, Marcus stood tall as his face hardened, feeling slightly cheated of one more kiss.

[b]"Seems I got here first."[/b]

[b]"I didn't run like you did, found your sandals."[/b] Lifting them up into sight before dropping them on to the ground. Marcus didn't move and inch as Demetri approached, Marcus briefly looking out of the corner of his eyes to surprisingly see Ali still standing close. He turned his body to face Demetri fully, Demetri turning to Ali when he stood close enough.

[b]"Ali, I'm sorry. Our wedding was wonderful, and amazing and-"[/b] His eyes drifted back to Marcus.

[b]"Do you mind Colonel?" [/b]Marcus crossed his arms again. His feelings changing quickly to something more aggressive, spurring on his words now.

[b]"Not at all Commandant, please continue. When you mess up again, I'll chase her down again."[/b] Demetri stood in front of him now, Marcus having to look up at a slight angle.

[b]"I don't like your tone."[/b] Marcus shrugged at him.

[b]"Not surprised, its pretty straight forward. Want to hear it again?"[/b] Marcus wasn't sure where these words were coming from, until his eyes caught Ali again. Understanding all to well now why his aggression was up. He brought his eyes back to Demetri, seeing his hands balled into fists.

[b]"Care to spar Marked man?"[/b] He Demetri say in a surprisingly calm voice, Marcus kept his gaze steady.

[b]"Interesting proposition, lets see how this works."[/b] Marcus stepped back, Demetri did the same as they began to stretch out. Marcus untying his sash, dropping his robe to show he was still wearing loos fitting pants. Both of them starting to fall into their own worlds, completely missing the sound of the door opening and the voices of recruits and other HDF members as they entered to suddenly go silent, seeing the two officers readying themselves. Ali seeing the people before he gaze went back to the two combatants. Marcus spread out his stance as he Demetri did the same, Marcus keeping his torso straight as Demetri lowered himself just a little bit.

[b]"On her mark." [/b]Demetri said, Marcus nodded. Neither of them looking at Ali as she stepped forward, unsure if she should initiate this. Only after looking into their faces did she realize there was no turning back.

[b]"Go."[/b] She simply said, both men lurching into motion. Marcus going for a rib hit as Demetri reached out with flat palm for his face, both dodging the others hits, passing each other. Marcus spun around, bring up his heel to smash it into Demetri's shoulder only to have it batted away before a fist swung backward, spinning Demetri to face Marcus, he dodge the hit as he brought his own forward from down low. His fist smashing into Demetri chest, the giant absorbing the blow before grabbing his arm and suddenly throwing Marcus away like a log, Marcus rolling on his side before jumping back on to his feet. Demetri giving him no time to moved before he was on top of him, a massive foot swinging up to take send him into the ceiling. Marcus shifted his body, turning away from it before rolling away and rising again to smash both of his fists into Demetri's ribs. The hit showed it made an impact, but not enough as an elbow came across Marcus face, sending him spinning through the air before landing on his feet, feeling the slight trickle from his nose he rubbed it to see blood, a smile on his face briefly.

[b]"Still pack quite a hit huh?"[/b] Demetri snorted at him.

[b]"More then I can say for you."[/b] Marcus let his words flow freely now.

[b]"I saw Neos powers, I'm not so sure he's your son." [/b]Demetri's face hardened for a moment, a fire burning in his eyes.

[b]"No more holding back then?"[/b] Demetri said as a grim smile spread on his face.

[b]"Lets make it even then."[/b] Marcus let the energy flow now, the runes on his body suddenly wavering, looking like a heat wave across his entire body. Demetri lashing out instantly with wind slashes, showing his prowess with his power as the tattooed man twisted and turned as he redirected them. The runes changing shape on his hand as he released a pressure wave at the giant, the force pushing him back, having to throw up his arms to divert the majority of the blast. Marcus rushing forward then, raising his hands suddenly as a piece of the floor rose up, Marcus taking a step on it and leaping off toward Demetri, swinging at the giant as he enhanced the force, the fist making contact with Demetri's face, causing his head to snap to one side, his body twisting with his head before swiftly blasting Marcus square in the chest with a wind blase, sending the mystic tumbling through the air and smashing into the wall. Making an impression before Marcus stood on his feet, steady as ever, the crackle of lightning could be heard as Demetri charged it up and threw it at him. The runes changing again, Marcus holding out his palm as the bolt hit it, the runes redirecting it through his body, before bringing it to his other hand, holding to fingers out as the lighting lanced out toward Demetri.

Pushing it aside as he moved to avoid it, Marcus rushing forward, Demetri doing the same as the two met in the middle, fists swinging and being redirected. Kicks and heels making contact and being pushed away, the fight becoming a blur as their movements became difficult to see for the crowd gathering. Ali able to see every movement as she couldn't figure out what to do. The spar seemed to be going on forever for them, both on the verge of losing themselves in the heat of it. They pulled away from each other, both standing on the opposite sides of where they started. Both were breathing heavily, their bodies bruised, the skin broken in several places and blood leaked freely. Both readied to go at each other again, their legs suddenly giving out as they both knelled on the ground, Marcus trying to support himself on one hand as he took ragged breaths. Both of them then thudded to the mat, sweat drenching their bodies, making the open wounds sting as they found their bodies took broken to move.[/size] Edited by Nergil Pendelton
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Demitri cursed under his breath as he finally sat on his bottom breathing for what seemed for dear life, though he was the master of wind, that little exhibition of strength and skill took a more out of the giant than any training with the recruits ever could. The training room now filled with soldiers of both high and low ranks, talking amongst themselves in whispers as they watched the battle progress until the end. Marcus finally made it to his feet, staggering slightly as he tried to find a common ground to steady himself, the fight was indeed one to remember, magic versus the elements. Many of the new recruits and even commanders marveled at the raw power the Commandant held back for training, seeing his hand-to-hand skills and powers pushed to their limit was somewhat historic, even after all these years of tranquility with the new base. Marcus also received admiration for his magical skills and combat efficiency, no one saw his fighting abilities much at the northern base, but the base where he was stationed at, no one could surpass the mystic unless death was on their mind. But even then, the warden man kept his cool though times of battle, with friends and for. This battle, was proof of it. Demitri finally made it to his feet as well, placing his hands on his knees as the giant continued to sweat heavily, feeling the salty liquid pout from his body as droplets fell from his shinny, slick skin. Marcus stood tall and poised, his arms hung at his side, too worn out and heavy to even move as he continued his stare at his superior. Demitri still had the comment Marcus made ring in his mind, playing over and over as it echoed in his ears, the giants blood boiled at the sheer thought:

"...[color="#48D1CC"][i][b]I'm not so sure he's your son[/b][/i][/color]..." It enraged the giant to no end, the talk amongst the HDF members grew louder and louder, almost above normal room level conversation.

"The Commandant is looking good, there's no way this freak could ever trump him"

"Why is it that Commander Athens is always starting trouble within the base? She's so unprofessional, and isn't she suppose to be a powerful psychic or something like that?"

"Man, the Colonel is looking good. I think he might have a chance against our Commandant. Maybe he should be the head of operations here at the Northern base"

"Wasn't the Commandant the one who murdered the late Captain Blues a couple years back...?"

"I hears Commander Athens slept with Colonel Demon, while she was sleeping with the Commandant"

More whispers filled the room, both men listening to the comments as thoughts passed through their minds about their current situation. They weren't acting like model soldiers in front of the personnel, in fact, they were acting like civilian children to see who could get the last piece of cake at a birthday party. But, the cake they both sought was worth the fight, Demitri stood tall now as he looked around and rotated his shoulders to stretch some, this was not the way a Commandant should act in front of his subordinates. Marcus felt somewhat the same, he would have loved to continue the battle over their personal feelings and claim Ali and the children once and for all, but at the moment, the stakes were already too high for both combatants. To top it off...both men were done with fighting, even if they wanted to continue, it would put more stress onto their own bodies already. The commandant finally broke the silence between the two, and got everyone's attention immediately when he spoke up.

"This had been a lovely match Colonel, but I'm afraid we should call it a truce for now. Neither you or I can continue this battle, but I do thank you for the warm up" Demitri smirked, feeling the hatred run through Marcus' eyes from the comment, he knew the Commandant was bluffing about it being a simple warm up, but he was in no position to disagree or argue.

"You're right on that part" Marcus smiled as he gathered his things and began to dress himself with his robe, Ali laced her hands together at her chest, resting them as she looked on, hearing more talk between the soldiers as they whispered low to one another. "For now, we will postpone this friendly game" Marcus narrowed his eyes as he stared down the commandant, knowing he fully understood the hidden message his his words without fault. Friendly? I kind gesture to mock the man who could easily strip him of his rank and send him to the bridge, but he knew Demitri to be a good leader and not someone like Hank use to be. The commandant began to exit the training room, stopping at the doorway where all the recruits and soldiers stood out of his way as they saluted their leader, Demitri looked back at Ali and Marcus for a moment.

"Dinner is ready, and in our family, we don't waste food" With that, Demitri nodded at Ali who took the hint, gathering her things, she looked at Marcus, unsure of what emotion to give to him after being called by her husband. Simply, she followed shortly after, Marcus grunting as he too followed close behind, walking directly next to Ali as they made their way. Back at their suit, the food had already been made and served, Demitri was the first to enter as he was greeted by his children, then Ali and Marcus came at the same time. Demitri washed his hands in the kitchen before joining everyone at the table, Ali doing the same as she took a seat, but not next to Demitri or Marcus, she sat in the middle of Tank and Lily. Marcus sat opposite from Demitri, both men glared at one another still, their anger burned in their hearts as Neos simply stared back and forth between the two, curious at the feeling he was getting from his family members. Tank served everyone their meals like usual, Ali trying to make small chit chat between the children. Demitri started to feed Neos, his right side sore from the battle, grunting under his breath as the giant lifted a small spoon to fee his offspring. Marcus thought it would be an ample time to strike while he was wounded.

"Having issues with a spoon Commandant?" The marked man began to enjoy his supper, smiling as he inhailed the aroma from the soup and tasted it, marveling at Tank's new found cooking techniques. Demitri hissed hard as he held his elbow in the air, trying to feed Neos who was being a bit difficult, with his food.

"Neos! Behave yourself or you wont get to sleep with Sly tonight" Ali snapped as her son took the warning and began to eat the food his father was trying to serve, his "sly" was the stuffed fox he always kept with him every night and around the suit. Demitri couldn't help but notice Marcus and Ali exchanged glances more than a couple times during the meal, it drove the man over the edge, but he remained calm for the children's sake. Neos broke the silence in the nick of time.

"Daddy, can I have some bread please?" Demitri thought of a perfect way to get under Marcus' skin, and with the help of his own child too. Demitri gave a grim smile at his thoughts.

"Why yes son, you can. Tell me Neos...who's your father?" The comment shot through Marcus as he snapped his head towards the Commandant, seeing his smug smile as he spoke to the toddler.

"Daddy, you are" He smiled as the took another spoonful of soup in his mouth, enjoying the taste as Tank smiled slightly, trying to figure out what was going on at the table.

"That's right, for three years of your life, I've nursed you, tucked you in, made sure there were no werewolves...besides uncle Jason, underneath your bed. Bathe you, clothed you and even fed you. That's what a good father is suppose to do, not like a godfather could ever achieve what I've done" It broke the straw on the camel's back, Marcus stood from his chair, gripping onto the glass table hard, making the dish wear and cups shake violently as he gripped the glass. The mystic was about to show more power than he ever could in his life, Ali shot an angry look towards her husband, who payed no attention to her as the hand underneath the table charged a silent wind ball when no one was looking.

"Daddy, of course you did. But Uncle Marcus is just as capable as you are" Everyone froze in that instant, Demitri slowly looked over to his son Neos after his comment, jaw dropped and wide eyes, Marcus too, but he grew a wicked smile from the boys boost of confidence.

"You're right Neos, maybe even more" Marcus grinned, Ali finally rose from her seat and grabbed Marcus by his shoulder, slowly showing his to the door, Demitir simply lowered his head as he stared down at the table, he had lost the battle for that evening, but he was far from throwing in the towel all together. Neos spoke once again, his voice soft, almost at a whisper so his mother wouldn't hear.

"I love you daddy" Demitri smiled as he continued to feed their son, there was a small orange and white creature that hopped onto the kitchen table, Neos recognized it immediately. "It's Sly!!!" He shouted as the tiny fox moved freely as it took an actual animal form, curling up to Neos as the boy hugged it tight, feeling the warm licks from the tiny fox on his cheek. Demitri picked up his child and the fox as he made his way towards Neos' room to send him off to bed. Demitri stopped before closing the door to Neos' room.

"Are you staying here tonight Alex?" He questioned, but no answer as Ali already escorted Marcus outside of the suit, probably talking to him in private. Demitri sighed as he closed the door and placed Neos in the bathtub for his nightly wash. Tank noticed that his father didn't have a taste of his soup, something was wrong and the teenager knew it was between his parents and Uncle now.
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[b]OOC: I hope you don't mind, but I'm throwing Pocket in for the hand to hand combat training with the new recruits. She's taking the training, not leading it though since she needs the practice. She's had the basic self defense training but she wants to learn the more advanced techniques and work on special moves of her own.

Also I know code names are usually used instead of personal names if you don't know the person, but for Pocket it's the other way around. The new recruits call her Calypso but Alpha Team and her friends usually call her Pocket unless they call her by her real name too, like Marcus.

Also, when I heard you mention the woman's uniform with the skirt, look at the attachment for what I imagined, KG. Tell me if that's something like what you had in mind.


Pocket took a look at her uniform. She wouldn't be wearing it today, a skirt wouldn't exactly help her in her training. Instead, she put on a tank top along with some pants she felt comfortable moving in, doing a few practice kicks before leaving the room. She usually liked to wear her street clothes though, when she could get away with it. Just like three years ago. Three years ago. It seemed like thirty to her. Marcus had left so she couldn't do much with her powers except for what she managed to figure out on her own. Right now, she was able to travel into the dimension she used to dream about but without having to fall asleep to do it. She could control where she ended up too.

Time moved differently for her in that world, which is why it might have felt like thirty years to her. She was glad though that time wasn't the same. It gave her lots of time to think, to train and to explore. Recently, thanks to Marcus, she had an incredible idea. Her sister might actually still be alive. And if she was alive, she would be in Traumerei, which is what Pocket had decided to name the dream dimension. She had found out at one time what the real name of the dimension was, but it couldn't be spoken. So she instead decided to name it Traumerei, for a piece that both her and her sister had loved. Their mother had often hummed it to them when they were little and played it for them on the piano when they had grown older. Pocket fought the tears and headed for the hand to hand combat training.

Before getting very far, Pocket noticed some new recruits walking the halls and checked her watch. She swore quietly to herself. She had missed the training. It wasn't a big deal, since she knew the basics and wasn't required to attend. But it was something that she wanted to do so she could help out the team a bit more.

[i]"Oh well, I'll just have to try harder to get down there next time."[/i] She thought to herself, going back to her quarters.

Feeling tired, she decided to get some sleep. When she woke up, hours later, she undressed and chose the uniform she had passed up before and put it on. Something with the way that the recruits were whispering to each other told her that something was going on at the base, so it would be better to not be out of uniform. She left her quarters again and walked the halls, trying to see if she could find Ali and her children.

During the three years, when Pocket wasn't in Traumerei, she had become much closer with Ali and Demetri's new family. She had already been somewhat of an older sister to Lily at times, but now she knew Tank a little better too. And more than that, she had served as a midwife to Ali during her time with the pregnancy and Neos quick development, although she had no real experience to speak of. And although Ali had Demetri, having another woman to talk to seemed to comfort her, so that made Pocket happy. She was glad that she could help out.

Pocket just wished Marcus was still around, although that was a bit selfish of her, considering the conflict she felt between the three of them when they got back from fighting Sybille.

[i]"If he was here though...If he was here, he could help me find my sister..."[/i] Pocket thought to herself, this time letting a tear escape. She tried to shake it off, but she knew it would come sooner or later.

In the end, Pocket just had dinner at the mess and retired at her own quarters. Anything she had to do today could be done tomorrow. Finally, her defenses broke down and she let it all out and cried herself to sleep.

[b]OOC: Also, I hope you don't mind, but Pocket played the role of Midwife/Doula to Ali if that's okay with you, KG.[/b]

[attachment=15138:2dm8qw1.jpg] Edited by Lilt
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[font="Comic Sans MS"][color="#000080"]Ali shoved Marcus out of the suite and into the hall, her face turned down into a scowl as she looked up at him.
"You have got to stop this Marcus."
He looked down at her, his hand finding her shoulders and holding tight.
"I can't, and you know why."
She looked down, her eyes not meeting his, she knew why, and she knew why her husband and Marcus were acting like school children, she shook her head as she felt the pain radiating from the room behind her.
"Look, you just-You have to stop...and infront of the kids?"
"Ali what if Neos really isn't-"
"I still can't believe you said that to him Marcus...After how long you know he's wanted a family with me..."
"But his power. Ali you have to admit, it's unlike anything you've ever seen."
"I already did. I'm sorry Marucs, but tonight I have to take my husband's side. I was hoping that you would just put an end to it. Don't get me wrong, he's getting a piece of my mind as well. But you shouldn't have let it escalate infront of the kids that way."
"You didn't say anything either."
She frowned up at him, tears welling up in her eyes, making him falter.
"I was hoping that you or my husband would man up and admit you were both being stupid. You two can argue all you damn well want, in the end it's my choice isn't that right?"
"Well yeah but-"
"Alright than. Good night Marcus."
Before he could respond she retreated back into her home, he heard the beep of the door as she locked it. Leaning on the door she took a deep breath before walking to the bathroom and getting on her knees next to Demetri, he looked relieved that she was there til he felt the frustration rolling off of her, along with a small bit of pain, but not for the man that she had just sent away.
"Alex, I'm sorry."
"You shouldn't have done that in front of the kids. Let alone Neos."
"Ali, you heard what he said to me."
"I did, and I gave him a piece of my mind for it. Just like I will you but not right now, once their in bed."
She grabbed a towel and pulled Neos from the tub and dried the boy off before dressing him and tucking him into bed, she kissed his forehead with a smile, he looked up and tapped her cheek gaining her attention in the same way he always did.
"Mommy, do you love Uncle Marcus?"
She sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose.
"It's hard to explain honey. Your Mommy and Uncle Marcus became really close a long time ago, and he helped through alot. Mommy has a lot of good memories with Uncle Marcus. But, your Mommy loves Daddy. Very much, and no one can ever change that. Right?"
He nodded happily and settled down into his blankets to go to sleep. She stood and flipped off his light, which turned on his nightlight. Leaving his door cracked she walked down the hall and into her bed room to see her husband sitting on the bed, his face in his hands.
"I can't believe I pulled Neos into that..."
"I can't either. I have to say I'm pretty disappointed with that fact. What were you thinking love?"
"I don't know. What he said to me in the training room just made my blood boil."
"I know...but let me ask you something Demetri. Whose bed am I in every night?"
"Mine, but he's back. Whose to say you won't go back to his."
She blinked, the tears gathering in her eyes as she looked at her hands, remembering the whispers of the recurits in the training room.
"Is that how you really feel?"
He suddenly realized what he had said and cursed at himself.
"Don't, I know you heard what every one was saying, just as much as I did. I'm a disgrace to this organiztion and I know it."
He shook his head slowly and put his arm around her bringing her into his side.
"No more than I am Ali. Look, I'm sorry. I know your with me and-"
"Demetri, I don't know how many times I have to tell you. I chose you. I love you."
Before he could argue with her further she pushed him into the bed and covered his lips with her's silencing him effectivly.
"That's enough...now. I'm still sweaty from training...think you would want to joing me in the shower?"
She stood up and left him quickly, he heard shuffling from the bathroom before the water turned on and he saw her toss her shorts and sports bra from the bathroom, a smile spreading across his face as he followed her. Her whispers of love and devotion ringing in his ears throughout their love making that night and into the light grey rays of the dawn. [/color][/font]
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[size=2]He stood at that door for a long time, staring at the cold metal, his body unable to move as hi mind didn't know what to do. He wanted to smash down that door, finish the fight him and Demetri started. He couldn't do it, Ali had been right, it had been wrong of them to bring their issues and their problems in front of the children. He felt like dying when Neos spoke, his words still ringing in his head, still rang true to how he felt he would of done if he had stayed. He did the only thing he could do then, he turned and walked away, just as he should of when Demetri walked into the training room, he should of let it die then. He should of kept his composure, the fight should of never happened in all logical reasoning, but love was never logical, it was always emotional and it took its own course. He road its power, let it carry him farther then he ever would, and he almost drowned in it. He lied to himself then, he was still drowning in it, the feeling consuming him as the tears started to roll down his face. Rage and sadness surging through his body, the power growing as it took a life of its own, his hand lurched out at a wall, the power shredding the wall apart as he roared in anger. The debris scattered everywhere, he hurried through the halls now, his power spurring him on as they wavered and shifted. He finally made it to his room, the damage caused on his way there, making it through the door he stumbled into the room and collapsed on the floor.

The tears raging now as he felt like everything was lost now, he believed now it was a mistake to come back. There was nothing left for him to protect here, Demetri held it all in his hands now, Marcus was just another problem for that family. Maybe leaving was the best thing for them, maybe it had always been. He remained on his knees on the floor, his mind and soul screaming for his body to do something more, but his body refused to do anything but weep. He felt like screaming, tearing this room apart and then destroying anything else he could, but as the tears slowed, he shook himself mentally. He took a deep breath then, his body quaking with the effort, he remained on the floor for several hours, his soul still traveling the other worlds. He wanted to travel with it right now, pull away from it all, his body was sore and he need to find some sort of rest to recover, fractures and the split skin had healed, his spirit would take longer. He only realized that he had been there for hours when he saw the gray sky, the sun rising, he saw his moment then, moving as fast as his sore muscles would let him, he settled into the middle of his room, pulling of his robe and sitting down and crossing his legs he closed his eyes. Letting everything go he felt the pull, his eyes opened again and he stood there again, the shadow world he hadn't seen for sometime. He held out his arms as he stared up into the black sky, able to see clouds in the shadow world.

[b]"What do I do now? I had plans, desires, dreams even, I even dared hope for love. I lost it all, what do I have left in my life?"[/b] A form materialized out of the shadows, his silver headed cane showing in the darkness and his old grin still there.

[b]"Oh quit being so dramatic! I swear, you're worse then Cotillion sometimes!"[/b] Marcus growled as he faced the shadowed old man.

[b]"Shut up Ammanas, you know nothing about what I'm going through! I walked away from the only thing because I needed to do the right thing! Everything gone and there is no one to blame but me!"[/b] Shadowthrone giggled at him then.

[b]"My boy, you are quite delusional. You lost nothing, its just not as clear as it was. You are so dense sometimes, she spoke as true as she could."[/b] Marcus could feel the anger rising again, seeming like the lesson wasn't learned he was ready to unleash his power on the old man. Coming to his senses he quelled the anger, the sadness seeping back into his core. He was silent for awhile, Shadowthrone simply watching him as he giggled every so often, the conversation resumed, building into something greater. Elsewhere, a small boy rose from bed, eager to see his mother his eyes full of curiosity and knowing, his fox trailing behind him as he saw her laying in bed. His father gone for now, attending to something he didn't know about yet, rushing into the room he climbed up onto the bed and laid on his mother. The sudden weight shaking her from her light sleep, she smiled down at her baby boy, his face still bright and full of joy. Crawling up further, he tapped her on her cheek until she was paying full attention to him.

[b]"What's wrong baby?"[/b] She said gently, his young face suddenly looking very serious.

[b]"Mommy, your husband needs you."[/b] Her face suddenly changed to a confused look.

[b]"Sweetie, daddy left for his work. He'll be ok."[/b] Neos shook his head then.

[b]"No mommy, your husband shrouded in shadow. He needs you now."[/b] Before she could say anything, she blinked, suddenly finding herself standing in a world of darkness and moving shadow. Neos standing beside her with Sly nearby, a great big smile on his face as Ali stared in disbelief, she hadn't been here in three years. The only person to bring her here was, she saw him then, talking to someone shrouded in shadow, a silver handled cane shaped like a wolf speaking back. Neos stalked forward, both remaining out of his sight as they tried to get closer, Neos shushing his mother before giggling. They finally were within hearing distance when they heard the conversation.

[b]"Just be clear about what you're saying Ammanas. I don't have the patience for your riddles right now, I've lost too much today to think to hard on them."[/b] She felt a sharp twist in her heart, she knew what he was talking about without any further context. Shadowthrone giggled again, tapping Marcus with his cane.

[b]"Just think about, blood is always thickest, especially when powered is shared. You should really think about that heir of yours, a smart man would follow his instincts."[/b] Marcus was hit hard with that, thinking he was grasping the subject then, starting to come to a conclusion when he suddenly felt something touch him. Looking down, a small fox creature rubbing up against him, his eyes widened as he whipped around to see what was going.

[b]"Who's out there?"[/b]

[i]No one can be here. It's not possible.[/i] His thoughts raced, a foreign entity was now stalking his world. He hardened himself to it, the fox creature still against his leg, not registering with him who it belong to. Not until he saw her appear from the darkness, her and her small child. His heart shattered then, the coldness seeping back in as Shadowthrone peaked around him.

[b]"Looks like the cats out of the bag huh?"[/b] Marcus waved him away with a quick motion, the figure giggling before moving away. Marcus only felt shame when he looked at her now, her words still cut deep. He couldn't look at her as he felt his shoulders slump, finding he couldn't stand taller. She came closer, standing almost within reach.

[b]"How did you get here?"[/b] He said as his eyes remained on the ground, only seeing her slender feet and Neos face.

[b]"I don't know, I think it was..."[/b] She trailed off as she looked to Neos, his smile broad on his face before looking to Ali.

[b]"I'm gonna go play now. Uncle Marcus can bring you home, I love you mommy."[/b] Him and his fox vanished then, like sand on the wind, he looked around for him before turning back to Marcus. His eyes still lowered as he hung his head now.

[b]"He's quite powerful. As long as you get the right teacher he'll grow into his powers smoothly."

"I thought you wanted to train him?"[/b] Marcus nodded his head slightly.

[b]"I did, but, I realize that I'm not the right person to do it anymore."[/b] Ali reached up then, getting her hand on his face, she tried to raise it so he would look at her, but he fought her keeping his head down.

[b]"Why won't you look at him Marcus?"[/b] He spoke solemnly.

[b][b]"I'm too ashamed. I brought your children into a fight between your husband and I. There is no place for me anymore."[/b][/b] Ali's tears slowly rolled down her face, her touching warming to him, but not enough to break the chains of ice around his heart.

[b]"Don't say that Marcus."

"You've made it obvious Ali, you told it to me straight to my face before you left me in that hallway alone. You've already chosen, you don't need to tell me again."[/b] He was ready to leave this world, leave it all behind. He had been gone for too long, and she had moved on, the kisses and the passion meant nothing now. All of it in vain, he readied to depart, until he suddenly felt the swift slap across his face, his cheek stinging as his eyes finally met her face. His expression shocked and then saddened when he saw her face now, her tears rolling down her face.

[b]"Don't you dare leave me again! Don't you dare!"[/b] He didn't know what to do, his mind was telling to to leave, move on and do his job, his heart had broken some of those chains. Not all, his doubt still heavy in his mind, her face was a mixture of tears and anger, she somehow knew what he was doing. He felt the spark then, the hope in his chest dimly light. He needed to take this chance if he was to save himself, grabbing hold of her hands he pulled her into him, his lips matching her in his last desperate attempt, he left his doubt and his sadness flow into her along with everything else on his mind. He didn't hold back anything as he kept her tight in his arms, her arms loose at first, then suddenly tightening around him as well. Her feelings, her thoughts and everything in her mind flowed through him as well now, their connection reestablished as they stayed in their long kiss, Marcus scared to let her go for the same reasons she was, he didn't want her to leave, to change her mind. He would need her now, more then ever, to reassure him everything was alright. He only prayed as the kiss went on, prayed that everything would be alright.[/size] Edited by Nergil Pendelton
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[font="Comic Sans MS"][color="#000080"]The rune burned on her wrist and she moaned into the kiss, more so as his arms lossened allowing room for his hands to run across her skin.
"You've trained alot more while I've been gone."
She nodded, her thoughts confused and jumbled, but one thing rang clear, her body still wanted the man infront of her, she threw her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply again, he groaned as she ran her finger tips down his chest, feeling the muscles that were much more defined now. She smiled against his lips before she spun around hearing a giggle.
She backed up a step as an elderly man came from the shadows and smiled, a giggled bubbling forth from his throat.
"My my, what a show you two put on I must say."
Ali frowned and looked back at Marcus who was growling now, she could feel the frustration, but also loyalty coming off of him for the older man.
"Shadowthrone, I thought he was a part of your old team, the one that died."
Marcus nodded before speaking.
"Sometimes I don't think he died enough for my liking."
Shadowthrone clapped a hand to his heart and faked a shock, a smile still floating on his features.
"Your so crule my boy. Now I have something to tell the two of you. Your boy is something else. He is just a youngling yet he brought you here. Do you know what that means?"
Ali shook her head while Marcus frowned.
"Only my family, the men in my family should be able to enter this place in such a manner."
Ali pointed to the old man, he waved her off with a scoff.
"I don't count dear. I'm dead."
She looked back at Marcus as the mystic began to pace back and forth as he let his thought roam free.
"If he brought you here...and only the men in my blood line can come here that way...."
His face lit up as he came to a conclusion, but than fell as he realized that it was just going to make that much more trouble.
"Alex...I think Neos IS my son."
Ali forwned and shook her head, Shadowthrone giggling behind them ignored. She took Marcus' hand and looked up at him.
"Take us home, I need to go somewhere."
He nodded and just like that she woke up in bed, Neos already back in his own, slipping from the bed she dialed Patch on her work phone and smiled as he answerd.
"I need a favor. You still have the blood tests of me, Demetri and Marcus?"
"Uh, yeah why?"
She explained to him what she wanted, what she needed and told him to call her when it was done.
The day was half way over when her phone buzzed, she dug it from her jacket pocket and saw Patche's number.
"What did you find?"
"You might want to come down here Commander. Your gonna want to see this."
Grabbing her jacket she txt Demetri who met her in the medical ward, he looked down confused, and worried.
"What's wrong love?"
Ali told him the truth, she wanted him to trust her.
"Neos...he took me to the shadowrealm."
"I thought only Marcus could do that."
"So did I."
Demetri put two and two together and frowned.
"Are you telling me that he's really-"
"That's why we're here. I know he's not. I was pregnant before anything happened between Marcus and I."
Patch came from the back room holding a slip of paper, three slips as a matter of fact.
"Commander, Commandant; as you already know. Neos is in fact your son, but there's another DNA strand here that belongs to neither of you."
Ali frowned.
"What are you talking about?"
"Apparently, while in the womb, Neos copied a DNA strand and adapted it to his own DNA from you and the Commandant. So in truth, he has three blood parents."
Ali felt her stomach drop before her heart began to hammer in her chest.
"W-Who is the thrid?"
"The only other person your rumored to have been with Alex. Marcus Demos."
Demetri didn't speak, didn't move for several long moments but when he did he didn't look at Ali, he simply stood and walked out leaving her behind, she could understand, he needed time to soak that in. Her on the other hand needed to go and talk to Marcus. But before that she needed an explination.
"Well from what I can gather, when you and Marcus were together, Neos was still developing, his powers not completely set, so he took on the most dominante, which out of the three of you is the Colonel's, he copied the power there in copying the DNA as well."
"So he IS Marcus' son?"
"In a sense. He has the same blood line, just as he has Demetri's blood and yours."
"How is that possible?"
"I don't really know. It shouldn't be. Maybe Neos has more power than any of us really understand, maybe he always had."
"I'm still confused Patch..."
"Yeah, you and me both. I could tell that the little piece of information shook the Commandant, let him know that Neos is still very much his, yours and his DNA are the most dominante, but truth is, maybe during that last fight with Sybille something happened. There's no real way to tell. All I can tell you is your son has two fathers. As odd as that sounds."
She pinched the bridge of her nose and nodded, trying to take in the information and process it. Patche spoke, jogging her from her thoughts.
"You need to inform Marcus as well. Mostly due to the reason that Neos is going to need training soon, Touch wanted me to tell you that unless he gets a teacher soon, he'll have to be put under survallience."
"What? He's just a child!"
"A very powerful child Alex. Think about it, how many people out there would love to get their hands on a prodigy like him?"
She felt her blood freeze over as the thought of her loving, innocent son being used for anything hit her, hard. She nodded, understanding the fear from her mother in law.
"Yeah, I understand. But why are you suggesting Marcus?"
"If anyone knows that kind of power, it's Demos."
She nodded and took the papers with her as she left, she walked through the halls hearing whispers as she did, they never stopped, forever buzzing around her. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath trying to hold in her shame and anger as she heard more whispers about the fight between Marcus and Demetri, about her being with the both of them. She jumped as an arm drapped over her shoulder and a deep growl sounded silenceing the crowd around her.
"Jason, your back?"
"Oh yeah, just got back from Iceland. I don't get why they call it that either, Iceland is green, yet Greenland is cold as ****."
She shook her head smiling as the people began to leave, taking their whispers with them.
"People still giving you a hard time?"
"It doesn't bother me much anymore. I don't see why it should. The rumors are all true..."
He shook her roughly, growling slightly.
"Alex, you did what you had to, you did what made you happy, if that makes you wrong well than I'm screwed."
She chuckled lightly and sighed.
"You don't have to keep defending me ya know."
"Why not? Your my sister, I'd defend you against any thing or anyone. Even if you were wrong, which you weren't Ali."
"My own husband doesn't do much to stop them, why should you?"
He growled harshly and stopped her, his hands on her shoulders, his yellow eyes boring into her brown ones.
"What did you just say?"
"That Demetri doesn't bother with stopping the rumors, I don't think they bother him, so why should it bother you?"
"Cause your my family dammit! He should defend you more than me! He's your husband."
She shook her head and pulled from his grasp.
"I have something I need to take care of alright, stay out of trouble will you?"
He nodded and watched as she rounded the corner before heading to Demetri's office to give the bastard a piece of his mind.
Ali walked slowly down the hall, gripping the papers in her hand tightly, trying to figure out how to tell Marcus about Neos...how in fact, in a way, Marcus was his father...or second father? She shook her head and took a deep breath as she came upon the man's door. She didn't bother knocking but opted to just step in, almost instantly she wished that she had knocked. He pushed himself on the floor doing pushups, sweat gleaming on his skin and muscles, his legs flexing as well as his arms as he pumped himself close to the floor and than back up at arms length. She flet a blush cover her cheeks as she allowed her eyes to travle the man, his robe drapped over a chair as he wore loose shorts, she tried to clear her throat to get his attention but found that it had gone almost completely dry. The sight of his skin sending fire through her blood and she ached to reach out and touch him, to trace the marks that graced his dark skin, to see his handsome face as she ran her hands across his body but she shook it off, she was here for a reason.
She swallowed thickly.
He stopped, his body held off the floor and looked back at her, his dark, handsome face lighting up slightly as he caught sight of her.
"Ali, is something wrong?"
She shook her head, stopped, frowned, and than nodded before closing her eyes and sighing.
"It's complicated..."
He stood, and she blushed more as she caught her self watching every muscle in his body shift, like liquid under his skin, she shook her head closing her eyes and scolding herself.
"I'm sorry, I should have knocked."
He chuckled as she moved from the door way allowing it close behind her as she walked across the room with him, he going to the fridge and pulling out a bottle of water while she sat down at his small table, her fingers fumbling with the papers in her hand.
"It's nothing you haven't seen Alex."
She looked up and rolled her eyes smiling as he gave her a wink, he noticed her fiddling with her hands and sat down across from her.
"What's wrong? You seem nervous."
She took a deep breath and let it out before looking at him, straight at him, her chocolate brown eyes boring into his and making his breath catch for a moment.
"I need to talk to you about something."
He could hear how serious she was and gave her his undivided attention.
"I'm listening."
"It's about Neos he-"
"What's the matter? Is he alright? What happened?"
She held up her hand halting his questions, her heart swelling at his concern for the child.
"Calm down, he's fine. Nothing has happened...at least not to him."
"What do you mean not to-"
"Can I finish please?"
He clamped his mouth shut and she gave it a few moments before she continued.
"I want you to teach him. I don't care if Demetri approves or not. It's not about him and you, or even about the two of you and me. This is about Neos. He needs someone to show him the dangers of his power, to show him how to control it and I can't think of any one better than you for that task."
He looked at her shocked for a moment before frowning.
"What's this all about Alex, you were hesitant yesterday, what changed your mind?"
"It's a long stroy."
"I have time."
She looked down at the papers in her hand and laid them out of the table for Marcus to see, he frowned clearly confused.
"These are blood tests. One for you, Demetri and myself."
"For what purpose?"
"Something that old man said this morning made me think...so I had some blood tests run on the three of us...and Neos."
She could see his mind working almost, trying to put two and two together and suddenly it hit, his face registering the shock he felt as he reached for the papers only to have her pull them away.
"Yes, it is what your thinking. Neos is your son, in a sense."
"A sense? What the hell is that supposed to mean Alex? You mean to tell me that I've had a son this whole time that I left behind?"
"Yes...and no. It's hard to explain...Patch thinks that during the fight with Sybille, when your powers went haywire...that night...the night you left...you transfered some of your power into me...not having anywhere else to go it went to the nearest source which happened to be Neos since his powers hadn't fully developed. Along with your power, he took your DNA...he's as much your son as he is Demetri's..."
"Y-you mean?"
"Neos has three blood parents....Demetri, myself...and you."
And now that she looked back on it, she could see some of the mystic in the child, not just his power but his looks. He had Marcus' face, the shape and exspressions, not only that his skin was a shade darker than Demetri's looking closer to Marcus'.
"I know it's hard to take in, but it's the truth, these are the test results."
She held the papers out to him now, and he took them from her looking down at them for what felt like forever.
"Marcus, say something....please?"
She felt herself get nervous the longer he looked at the papers, she only wished he would say something...anything.[/color][/font] Edited by Knuckles' Girl
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[size=2][i]This can't be right, she was already pregnant when we were together. [/i] His mind raced for a different answer, looking for a solution that didn't lead back to what he looked at now. The result were clear, the third DNA sample matching his by several markers, the thoughts still seemed impossible to him, but it had to of happen, Neos power too similar to his to be just coincidental. He leaned against the counter now, lowering the papers in his hand and simply staring at the wall with a shocked expression.

[b]"He's my son...."[/b] He said the words, feeling them roll off his tongue. They tasted sweet, and bitter all at once, a child he never thought would ever be born was suddenly roaming the halls now. His blood coursing through Neos veins, he could see form the test that his wasn't dominate, but his powers were, in that end that is all that mattered to him. He needed a teacher, without one the energy would consume him, drive him insane when he reached his adolescent years with his imbalanced nature of teenagers. He had to slow down his thoughts, they rushed around him in such a storm that he was having problems seeing them clearly, one appearing and then vanishing as another replaced it. He turned and set the papers on the table, seeing Ali's face as she waited for something from him. He let out a chuckle as he slowly shook his head.

[b]"I don't know what to say. I'm at a loss for words about this."[/b] He said blatantly, he felt the guilt run rampant through his body, his heart taking the worst beating of them all from the barrage of angry voices yelling at him. Ali had made her way to him, standing at his side as she looked up at him, he hadn't seen her move, his mind was just focused on the situations at hand.

[b]"Just say whats on your mind Marcus."[/b] He nodded to her.

[b]"First off, you're right, I do need to train him. That is plain and simple, second of all, I have no idea how to feel about this."[/b] She gentle touched his hand, his arms still crossed as his eyes looked down at her slender hands.

[b]"What are you feeling right now?" [/b]He shook his head as if trying got shake them feelings lose.

[b]"Foremost I feel guilt. I left my son behind, regardless of whether he is fully mine or not, I left him behind for three years."

"You didn't know, none of us knew! How could we of until you came back? No one could have guessed at what he could do." [/b]Marcus just nodded as he remained silent, his tongue licking his lips to wet them for a brief relief.

[b]"What else is going on Marcus? Just tell me please."[/b] He looked to her now, his hand slipping out to gently hold hers. He found this a comforting gesture by itself, calming him down enough to think clearer.

[b]"I feel over joyed. I have a son, someone I share a connection with on a level that only you have seen. Neos and I can do things other fathers and son's can't."[/b] His face changed to a frown as he rubbed his face with his other hand now, groaning slightly at the thought.

[b]"I owe your husband an apology."[/b] Ali couldn't help but nod at him, not trusting her voice right then.

[b]"I hope you both can forgive me for that altercation."[/b] Ali smiled as she shook her head at him, giving him a gentle kiss on his marked hand.

[b]"I already did Marcus, in the shadow realm."[/b] Marcus nodded, a small smile on his face. The guilt of it all was still heavy in his mind now, he needed to train Neos as soon as possible. And he was sure he knew who could help him with that kind of training. But for now, he was content with standing there as he let the feelings seep in. He had a son now, his mother would be excited beyond belief, until she heard about the circumstance that the child was conceived . He let that slip out his lips as he continued to hold Alis hand.

[b]"I'm sure my mother will love and kill me all at once."[/b] Ali felt a jolt through her body from his words, his eyes looking away as he chuckled nervously. Not sure what he was going to do next until he started Neos' training.[/size] Edited by Nergil Pendelton
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Demitri slowly made his way to his office, sulking in the halls as his once happy exerier vanished with each step, thinking over and over about the DNA results made the man more depressed that he would have liked to show to his fellow operatives. He was more phased by the fact Ali wasn't upset or angry at the fact that Neos now had two fathers when it should only be one. Demitri. It angered the man to no end, but the giant knew he played a roll in the story, not being able to protect his loved one during the imprisonment with Sybille. He could understand why, but still to betray his trust and love...no, she was right to find something, or someone to make her happy during those times. Demitri truly has forgiven his lovely wife for the affair she had, his counseling taught him that a times lovers act upon need rather than rational thoughts. Seen the connection now between Neos' powers and Marcus own abilities, there was no more second guessing about the whole subject. The commandant reached his office, thriving with personnel keeping busy with their own paperwork and files, everyone looked at the giant and cheered him on, hearing about his showdown with the colonel and suspecting he had won after returning that evening for some late night work. Demitri simply gave a weak smile and waved here and there as the man made it to his office, closing the door behind himself before leading against the door itself. Marcus' words still rang in his head, and he was right to say those words, now that there was solid proof of the legitimacy that Marcus was partially his other father. Demitri walked towards his desk and looked down at the pile of paperwork, the work he dreaded, knowing it came with the promotion. A daily task of reports, sightings and personnel files seemed never ending, even after three years of being the commandant. Demitri shook his head slightly as he sat down, beginning to go through the papers one by one to keep his mind occupied. But nothing seemed to help, flashes of memories flooded his mind, Demitri could see his lovely boy Neos as a infant, sleeping in the giants arms while he rocked the boy on a summer's afternoon. Changing his first diaper, his first walk after being a year old, the powers that showed later that same year. Coming home after a long day to see his beloved softly singing to their baby, the memories brought a smile to the mans face as he signed his signature on a couple of papers before moving the the next pile for more. There was a slight knock on the door that caught the commandants attention, the doorknob turned slightly as the door opened, a feminine figure entered the room swiftly, as if she was gliding on air air itself before standing in front of the commandants desk, smiling down at the man. Demitri looked up at the woman and smiled back.

"Demitri, how is work today" Madam Touch smiled, holding a small brown back, full of food she had cooked for her son. Demitri stood at attention to her mother, but she waved he hand in the air and dismissed the respectful greeting. The giant moved from around his desk and embraced his mother with a loving hug, hearing her gigle slightly as she returned the affection.

"Better now that you're here momma. How have you been lately?" Demitri was handed the brown bag, placing it on the table as he leaned against his desk.

"Can't say I've been too busy, your father and I have been preparing for our vacation to Hawaii to celebrate our 40th anniversary.. So, just making sure the final days are spent organizing and packing the things we need" She smiled, looking at her sons uniform, nearly pressed and professional, just like her husband Pavlos had his while in command. "I did, however, heard some interesting news through the grapevine earlier this afternoon. Care to explain a certain fight between you and Colonel Demos my boy?" She smiled, raising an eyebrows while she crossed her slender arms at her chest, Demitri smiled as he scratched the back of his head, hoping the news wouldn't have spread so quickly, but of course, he was involved with it...like usual.

"Just a friendly sparring match momma, no one was hurt and I thought it to be a good lesson to the new soldiers. They could see the different fighting styles and tactics people use to do harm to their opponents. Also, how different powers work against one another" Demitri turned his back to go to his desk, finally making it to his chair to rest, the giant greedily rummaged through his brown bag and found some noodles in a tupperwear container. He had forgotten that during dinner, he didn't get to have a bite of Tank's cooking, trying to out whit Marcus in the process while feeding Neos. Then, it hit the giant again about Marcus being the second father to his child. The giant frowned as he opened his soup container, Madam touch caught the attitude change without even trying.

"Is there something wrong baby?" Touch planted herself down on a chair that sat in front of Demitri's desk, her son sighed for a moment and began to eat his late night dinner, telling his mother of the whole affair that took place when Colonel Demon returned, and the new DNA test results that Patch ran for Ali. Madam touch merely nodded during the whole conversation, she was not too happy to know the rumors were true about her daughter in law, but that was in the past, she was more unhappy at the choices she was making. She knew Ali was playing a dangerous game of affection, and if it involved Touch's son, it was even more dangerous. Demitri finished his dinner, along with his story, taking a drink of milk his mother had packed for him before setting the empty bottle on his desk, suddenly, there was some commotion that rang through the office outside of his, then the door busted open as Jason peered inside, sniffing the air looking for someone, Demitri knew already who he sought out. Madam Touch merely peered over her shoulder, looking slightly at the wolf man as he growled.

"Jason, you know you can come in here without making such a ruckus." Demitri stood from his desk and packed the empty tupper were containers together to return to his mother. Jason made his way forward to the desk, slamming his hands down as he cracked the wood upon impact. Demitri raised an eyebrow at his rage, but was in no mood for any kind of arguing at the moment. "What is it mutt? I have company and lots to do if I want to get home for a good nights sleep."

"Up your Commandant" There was a loud gasp as the soldiers outside Demitri's office could hear everything, but they dared not to correct or scold the wolf man, fearing his rage and connection with Commander Athens. Demitri stood tall and poised as he looked down at Jason, this disrespect had to be coming from somewhere. "What is this that you're not watching Ali's back with all these rumors, it's been years now and still people talk behind her back."

"My wife, your sister, is a strong woman. I've let things slide because I've made my own peace with everything thats happened, she hasn't come to me about her complaints. I thought she was past all of it as well"

"Well she's not! Shes just as hurt and upset about them now as she was then, how about grow some backbone and use your position to scare them from talking and actually protect your wife" Jason growled, finally seeing Madam Touch sitting on the chair, he gave her a slight bow, but Madam Touch's rage built more and more inside, even though her outside expressions showed calm and collective.

"You don't gain any respect from fear Jason, you should know that. It's why you've been shot down for the Captains promotion this year. If Ali has a concern, she'll let me know her own way, not like things lately have been any better with what she's told me" Demitri thought back to the med ward and talking with Patch, finding out about the DNA results. Jason growled and snapped, but he was silenced when a slender arm wrapped around his throat and the other grabbed Jason's right wrist, holding his arm behind his back in a strong, solid hold. Madam Touch simply stood there, slick and poised as she held the wolf man in his hold.

"That will be quite enough out of You Jason Talon" She said nothing more as she guided the wolf man outside of Demitri's office and out of the floor as well. Demitri was stunned at the show of power from his mother, but she was more than a healer, Demitri just keeps forgetting that part. It scared the giant to no end as he remembered when she would discipline her son when he was growing up. Demitri sat back down and thought about his next course of action, thinking about his son and his growing abilities, he knew he and Ali couldn't help the child master his abilities. Even keeping them under control was not their specialty, Demitri finally came to the realization, not wanting to admit it, but he was fearful for his son.

"He'll need a teacher...and unfortunately...I know who it is" Demitri was beat, he knew his answer. But, it was for the protection of his son and making sure he was able to control his powers. Demitri suddenly felt something on his lap, small and somewhat....fluffy. Looking down, the giant saw Sly, Neos' pet Fox he animated to life from a stuffed animal. It was sleeping on his lap without a care in the world. "How did you get in here...?" The giant wondered. Outside of the office compound, in the courtyard area stood a mighty weeping willow tree, planted years ago to symbolize the lost ones during the past couple of years with HDF. The branches hung and swayed lazily in the breeze when the wind blew, but tonight something else was blowing hot air. Jason roared and fought against the collar that was placed around his neck, the tight rope made of an unknown material held the wolf man tight in his wolf form as he struggled to chew, claw and rip it apart. Jason planted his feet on the strong tree, trying with all his strength to undo the knot that held onto it, finally falling onto his back, the wolfman looked at Madam Touch with murderous eyes, she returned the gaze ten told, making the wolf cringe a little bit.

"Whats this for???" Jason yelled as he tried to charge for Touch, stopped by his leash mere inches away.

"I don't know who you think you are, but you need to learn some respect for those who you work for. This isn't the wild and your back at HDF, and I can personally assure you what I saw in that office will not happen again in my presence" She did the final knot on his leash before leaving and walking away, Jason growled more as he tried to free himself.

"Hey!!! where are you going woman?!?!" The wolf man howled, Touch continued to walk as she answered him, knowing the mutt could hear her reply.

"I'm going to have a little talk with my daughter-in-law. A girl thing, you wouldn't understand, and to see my grand babies, I miss him so" Touch smiled as she reached the door to return inside the compound. She looked over her shoulder once more, her raven hair following the motion of her head as the lady peered back at Jason. "Dogs stay outside" With that, Madam touch entered the facility, hearing more howls and curses as she walked down the hall towards Demitri and Ali's living quarters.
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[font="Comic Sans MS"][color="#000080"]Ali pulled away from Marcus gently giving him a light smile.
"I have to go and find Demetri, you can guess how he took the news."
"Not well I expect?"
She nodded and kissed his cheek before letting her self out, she stopped in the door way and looked back at him with a smile.
"I have to say this much though, you look good after 3 years Marcus. Training has down you well."
She felt her cheeks blush slightly before leaving competely, she stood outside the door and took a deep breath before making her way through the halls towards Demetri's office, she could hear the buzz of whispers again and did her best to ignore them til she heard one that made her heart twist painfully at the words.
"-no really, she even had him move in with her. Commadant Athens is way to good of a guy for her. She's a whore."
Ali felt the tears spring to her eyes and turned as she heard the person yelp, looking over her shoulder she saw Demetri standing there, his face set into a scowl of dissapproval as he looked down at the person who had spoken.
"I suggest you take that back."
"Y-yes sir! Forgive me Commander, I was out of line."
She could only nodd as the girl dashed away, she looked up at Demetri and sighed.
"I'm sorry..."
He shook his head and stepped closer to her before stopping short and frowning.
"You went to see Marcus."
It wasn't a question, and she knew that.
"I did, I went to tell him about Neos. I've asked him to train him."
"I came to that conclusion myself. Though I'm not happy about it."
"Demetri, this isn't something to talk about, you've seen his powers, they're the same as Marcus', it has to be him to train Neos, he's the only one who understands that power."
"I know, but it doesn't mean I have to enjoy the infromation handed to me. Unlike you seem to be."
"And what is that supposed to mean?"
"You don't even seem to mind that he shares DNA with Marcus."
"Why would it Demetri? It doesn't change who our son is. I made a mistake and I regret it, I hate the fact that I hurt you, that I'm still hurting you to this day but nothing can me done about it now. He's still our son no matter whose blood he has running through is veins it doenst' change who he is and the face that he's ours."
Demetri nodded slowly, but she could tell he was still bothered.
"I don't llike it Alex."
"Please stop that."
"Your using my full name more and more these days. I know I screwed up in the past and I'm sorry but I'm yours. You know that."
"Are you really? I've seen how you look at him Ale-....Ali."
She felt her throat tighten up on her and looked away from him.
"The rumors are starting to get to you aren't they? That or you just don't fully trust me."
He flinched slighty at the mention of the rumors that still buzzed around the base and it was than, as Ali looked back up at him, he stared at her with a hard look.
"Demetri, what happened? You look like your ready to kill someone. Did you get news from someone?"
"Yeah, Jason."
She felt the growl bubble up before she could stop it and frowned as she took a step towards him and reached out to touch his cheeck only to blink up at him hurt as he took a small step back.
"I just...it's still sinking in Alex. I thought I was through with all this."
"You are...we are. I'm your wife Demetri...I married you."
His words left him before he could even think about them, regreting them almost instantly.
"Cause he left."
She gasped and pulled her hand back sharply against her chest, taking a step back as her eyes stung with tears.
"Is that how you really feel about our marriage? That I only married you cause he was gone?"
Demetri didn't answer her, refused to look at her as she looked at the floor, her tears slipping out now as he remained silent trying to get his own thoughts together with everything that had happened in just one short day, her words brining him back from his own thoughts just a second to late to take back what he had said.
"I never felt that way...not once. I married you cause it's what I wanted...I wanted to be with you. I still do. I married you cause I love you Demetri..."
He still stayed quiet feeling the truth in her words rendered him speechless, unable to answer her, taking it as he didn't want to talk to her she felt the hurt seep in as she nodded slowly.
She cleared her throat before trying again.
"I h-have paperwork to do...I'll be home late...Jason just got back from a mission so I have to look over it..."
He remained silent again, wondering where his voice had gone, looking at her, feeling the truth in her words, seeing the images in her mind of them growing old together made his throat tighten happily. Still getting nothing from him she couldn't take it anymore, she passed him and walked away down the hall, she didn't bother to look back, more than sure that he had already begun to walk away from where they had been standing. She passed the door that held Marcus behind it and grazed her fingers across it's surface as she passed unaware that the rune on her wrist called out to him as she did so. Going to the training room she could see that it had already been cleaned and repaired from the damage of the two power giants and sighed. Going to her locker she took out her gym clothes and changed quickly. Slipping on her gloves she put the ear buds into her ears and started her music, blocking out all sound as she walked to the punching bag and began her daily training. She punched and kicked the bad til she was sure the seams were about to burst, her mind mulling over what had just happened between her and Demetri. She closed her eyes tightly as his words echoed through her again.
[i]'Cause he left.'[/i]
The small statement sent a pain through her heart and she gasped, dropping to her knees as it twisted painfully, tears erupted from her eyes as he heart began to beat painfully in her chest, her breathing becomeing ragged as her vision swam. Her heart gave another painful thump before she collapsed to the mats gasping in pain as she clutched her sports bra, trying to lessen the pain as it happened over and over again. She tried to breath through it and cried more as she found she couldn't, the pain almost unbearable as she arched her back and grit her teeth as it continued. She could feel the scream bubbling up in her throat and finally released it as the door slid open, she felt the scream die in her throat as the emotions bombareded her, she could feel the ache of need and the pain of worry flow through her, thoughts filled her mind and she clenched her fists as the person got closer, she didn't have to open her eyes to know it was Marcus, he knelt down next to her and his warm arms slipped under her frame and lifted her from the mats, she gasped as the ache only grew stronger as his skin touched her's. He was breathing heavily and she could see the memory of him feeling her rune go off and dashing from his room to follow her. The pain intensified in her heart and she squirmed in is grasp trying to get away as his emotions only made it that much worse, unknowingly sending out a distess signal to her husband as she screamed again. The pain grew and grew until she felt she would explode from it, she twisted in his arms, arching her back and grasping his forearm as she tried to will the pain away, his concered voice falling on deaf ears as the pain consumed her. It was than that she felt the emotions of another, the worry and concern making her body twist painfully and making her want to vomit as Demetri stepped through the door.
"What the hell are you doing to her?!"
"I found her like this!"
"Than why did she call out to me?"
Marcus looked at the woman he loved, rittled with pain and twisting in agony in his arms and than back at Demetri.
"I don't know. But I'm not doing this!"
She felt Demetri get closer, his emotions filled with anger and envy as he gazed at Marcus holding her, she pushed Marcus away weakly trying to defuse the situation before it escalated able to see Demetri's motives. She could see her husband wanting to throw Marcus away from her and hit him with a solid wind blast, the thought echoing in Demetri's mind over and over as Marcus held onto her tighter. Demetri reached for her and growled as Marcus tightened his arms around her.
"Marcus, give her to me. I'll take her to my mother."
"I can carry her to Madam Touch just as well as you can Demetri."
She tried to push Marcus away again, her arms weak with the pain coursing through her as Demetri's murderous thoughts filled her mind again. This time her touches succeding in getting his attention.
"Ali? What's wrong love?"
She could feel, almost instantly, that he hadn't meant for the words to slip past his lips, she yelped as Marcus was thrown back by Demetri, Marcus' last words throwing him over the edge instantly. Ali rolled across the mats to land a few feet away grunting in pain. Sitting up she looked through pain hazed eyes as she saw Demetri throw a wind blast as Marcus who deflected it instantly, his runes glowing and coming to life.
Marcus charged at the giant, the runes on his hands glowing brightly as he put his magic into his fists and thew them at her husband, Demetri countering by grabbing the man by his wrist and throwing him over his shoulder and into the mat. Ali pushed herself onto her hands and knees, the pain still making her want nothing more than to pass out as she felt their anger and animosity flow through her like a river. Tears stung her eyes more as she watched the men begin to fight again, this time they weren't fighting to hurt the other, she could feel the killing intent in them, each wanting to wipe the other from the face of the planet to make room for their own selfish reasons. She shook her head and stood slowly, gasping as the pain of a strong wind blast echoed from Marcus to her, blood bloosoming on Marcus' skin and she looked down to see it seeping through her sports bra and run down her stomach as the same gash made it's self seen on her chest. She dropped to her knees again and silently called for Tank as another wound appeared on her upper left arm, a burn mark that Demetri had just recieved from Marcus' magic, she whimped as Marcus' busted lip bloomed on her bottome lips as well. Confused by what was going on she forced herself to stand and thanked every diety she could think of as Tank came through the door. He saw what was happening and instantly ran to restrain his father while Ali stumbled forward and put her arms out, a hand on both Demetri and Marcus' chest to hold them apart as Demetri struggled against Tank. She was breathing heavily as she had just run a mile, it mirrored both men's breathing and she mirrored the growl the came from Demetri, fianlly gaining the attention of the two men who looked down at her. Confusion, worry and regret flowed through her and she sighed as the blood haze cleared from their minds as they looked down at her.
"Y-you two have to...stop this...you'll kill each other and I won't forgive either of you..."
She took a deep breath, gasping as the gash on her chest shot pain through her body.
"I'm...so sick of this. You two could fight til the end of the earth...won't matter who wins in the end....it'll still be my choice..."
She could feel her body getting weaker, could feel the energy drain from her little by little as she held the two men apart. Her sentences broken up as she tried to stay consious.
"I-I'm not...not a toy for you two...to fight over."
Demetri stopped fighting Tank as he could feel his wife's weakness seep through him, Marcus doing much the same, both men reaching out and grabbing her arms as she toppled forward. She opened her eyes and hear the intake of breath from Demetri, Marcus and Tank as they looked down into her eyes, which were now reddish brown. She frowned and lifted her hands, cupping both Demetri and Marcus' faces.
"I love you both...so much...it kills me to see you fight."
They looked at each other and than back down at her, regret flowing from both men, Demetri looked her over and than looked him self and Marcus over seeing each and every wound they both had copied onto her body.
"Her powers progressed..."
Marcus put his hand on her shoulder and she gasped and squirmed away from him as she felt what just touching her skin did to him, the feelings so strong they felt as if they were about to consume her. His need, his want, his desire for her making her shiver and pull away as it overwhelmed her. It happened again as she felt the triumph flow from Demetri into her, the feeling of it making him want to smile and rub it into the Mystic's face, it poured into her and she nearly wept as both of their thoughts flooded her mind. Pushing away from them she stumbled into Tank who held onto her tightly, he was so reserved that the only thing she felt from his was the worry for his family.
"T-Take me to the med ward son, please?"
He picked her up effortlessly, sending a small glare back at the two men.
"Sure thing mom. You alright?"
"I will-will be once I get this under c-control."
The emotions and thoughts grew weaker and quieter as Tank carried her away from the two men, both watching her go and wanting nothing more than to follow her.

Tank lay Ali down on the small matteress and watched as Patch's hand hovered over her body healing her, she winced and covered her eyes with her hand as his thoughts filtered through her mind.
"I don't know what they were fighting about this time dammit. Just...keep your thoughts to youreself."
He paused and looked down at her confused.
"I was..."
She blinked up at him and shoved his hands away as the last of her wounds vanished, she got up off the bed with a frown and began to walk back to her room, the whispers echoing in her head now, the rumors passing back and forth as she passed people in the halls, pulling out her i-pod she shoved the small headphones into her hears, almost violently, to try and block out the noise but it still filled her head consuming her til she fell to her knees in the middle of the hall, the whispers growing in intensity and volume as she kneeled there gasping for breath. Taking a deep breath and holding it she forced her self back to her feet rushed down the hall til she reached her old room. Punching in her code she slipped inside and let out the breath as the door slid shut behind her. She leaned on the door and slid down til she sat on the floor, her knees to her chest and her hands over her ears as the voices echoed in her head getting louder by the second, tears rolling down her cheeks as she tried to make them go silent with no sucsess. She pressed her hands harder against her ears trying to see if getting them to ring loud enough would work, but still nothing. Screaming she stood and thew her old end table across the room causing it to shatter into wooden splinters. Looking at one of the sharper pieces she picked it up and studied it, with out second thinking she pressed it to her pale skin and drug it across her flesh hissing as pain shot up her arm, blood spilling to the floor as she made the gash long and deep. She sighed as the voices lessened only to start again. Frowning she took the stake in her other hand and repeated the motion to her unharmed arm smiling as once again the emotions and thoughts vanished, the pain taking over and throwing her into a world of blackness as she passed out, her blood running down her arms as they were propped up on her knees to flow down her pale legs and onto the floor.[/color][/font]
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[size=2]"[b]I wish I had listened to my father told me all those years ago." [/b]Marcus said as both him and Demetri sat on benches opposite of each other, Marcus staring at the wall across from him as Demetri was leaned over rubbing his hands together before looking up at the mystic. Marcus just stared at the wall, his eyes blinking slowly as he recalled his father, the sorrow creeping in as he remembered seeing him crumple before him. His power leaving his body with his soul, seeing it be absorbed into Marcus as he put up the barrier that day to keep the power at bay. He shook his head lightly as he shifted his sore muscles.

[b]"Don't we all. What did your father say to you?" [/b]Marcus looked to Demetri now, a sad smile on his face now.

[b]"He told me that one lesson I should of learned, 'Love is a fickle creature, if not wild. Hold on to the leash to loose and it runs free, disregarding everything in its path. Hold the leash too tight, and it dies quickly. Try to always hold the leash just right, and don't blame yourself if it slips every so often."[/b] Marcus shook his head again as the smile grew a bit, his eyes watering a little as he closed them

[b]"Always disregarded lessons of love, I wasn't interested then."[/b] Demetri let out a light chuckled then, leaning back now as he stretched his body as well.

[b]"I know what you mean, when we were younger it was all about us."

"Seems like it still is."[/b] Demetri couldn't help but nod with him, the tension still between them but lessened enough with Ali's sudden collapse. They had both seen the injuries on her body, seeing how her body had reacted to the damage they did to one another. Marcus' wounds already healing, the pain still remained but was much more subtle now then it had been when Demetri had delivered the blows. Demetri's notorious endurance to pain served him well as the burn marks still visible on his arm, his uniform still showing dabs of blood. Marcus rose from the bench then, standing up straight as he could with the strain of everything on his shoulders again. He looked to Demetri, the giant looking back at him, both of their stares were hard.

[b]"I'm sorry about the comment about Neos. I didn't know."[/b] Demetri just nodded his head, his eyes having widened just a small amount, not sure what to say. He didn't have time as Marcus headed down the hall, his direction set as he walked through the hallways now. He needed to talk to someone he hadn't talked to for almost three years that he was gone for, he knew he needed to see her again or things were going to get hard for him. He could hear people as he walked through, people whispering, rumors were spreading like wildfire now and he was confident he was part of the secret words being spoken. He caught a few as he walked.

[b]"..he's so pompus, look at how he struts around half naked, no wonder the Commandant fought him."

"Colonel Demos is the man! I heard from Jacobs that he broke the Commandants spine and he's in the med ward for the next six months!"

'... they both are just being strung along, Commander Athens i just pulling them along for the fun of it. Gods know how many men she's been with."

"She is a whore isn't she?"[/b] These last two comments cause and immediate reaction from Marcus, swiftly turning on the two cadets speaking. His hands like lightning as he struck and lifted both by their throat, both of them trying to pull at his hands as his eyes burn intensely, his runes having a glow to them now, his hands glowing the most. They squirmed in his grasp as he just held them for several seconds before speaking.

[b]"I know neither of your names. That means you haven't even become privates in our ranks. This mean neither of you have earned the respect to say ANYTHING about the Commander."[/b] The cadets still squirming as they tried to agree. His grip still steady, his arms unwavering as he held him high still.

[b]"If I hear so much as a whisper about the Commander again from anyone's lips, they will not see tomorrow!"[/b] One of them mustered up a few words in his grip.

[b]"You can't do that! You'll be killed yourself."[/b] Marcus showed a dark smile then.

[b]"Not if I'm executing you for Treason, do I make myself clear?"[/b] Their faces went pale as they nodded as best they could. He released them as they crumpled to the ground, trying to catch their breath he stood over them looking down on them with dark eyes.

[b]"Spread the news, and do it quickly." [/b]The two cadets stumbled as they tried to stand and run, Marcus watching them run off before resuming his trip. Several minutes later, he arrived at the path way, uniformed guards standing before it, Marcus halting as he spoke to the guards.

[b]"I'm here to meet with Lady Dream Catcher."[/b] The guard turning to punch in his code, the door opening as Marcus made his way in. Knowing the direction by heart he simply traveled through the hall absent minded. He finally reached the doorway, knocking before he heard someone tell him to come in. The door opened for him and he stepped in, a smile on his face as he looked at the woman sitting elegantly at her desk. Her hair gray but her face still looked to be full of life, a warm smile on her face as her eyes widened and watered. She pulled off a pair of glasses that were framing her face and rose from her seat, gliding over to Marcus she embraced him, joy in her voice as she spoke.

[b]"My boy! I can't believe you're here! I haven't seen you in so long!"[/b] Marcus hugged the woman back as he smiled, being taller then her he laid his head on top of hers.

[b]"I missed you too mother." [/b]She let out a small laugh as she pulled away from her son, gesturing for him to sit he unstrapped his swords and set them down next to the chair as he sat down. His mother eying the blades he had set away.

[b]"When did you start carrying those? Can you even use those properly?"[/b] Marcus shook his head at her, the smile only grew on his face.

[b]"About three years ago mom, they are from an old friend. And yes I can use them, I've trained with them since I've been gone."[/b] His mothers smile becoming sad as her eyes caught the bandanna wrapped around his arm. He could see as the memories pushed their ways to the surface. Marcus placed his tattooed hand on his mothers, trying to provide some comfort to her.

[b]"I miss him too mom."[/b] She nodded to him.

[b]"I'm glad you finally got him Marcus. You're father and grandfather would be proud."[/b] He nodded solemnly, knowing the sacrifice they had made so he could wield the power to destroy Sybille once and forever.

[b]"I hear your powers have changed son, that you can us them without runes. That must be tempting to use."[/b] Marcus nodded again, having that kind of strength was always tempting to over use. His father had taught him that just because he had the power, didn't mean he needed to use it all the time. His mother reached out and touched his smooth head, a motherly look in her eyes.

[b]"I miss your hair! You had such hair when you were a child."

"I know mom. It is a sacrifice I had to make. But, it seems to suit me now."[/b] His mother just laughed at the notion, she got his hidden meaning. He felt slightly embarrassed to tell his mother that. His mind coming back to the real reason he came here.

[b]"I need to talk to you about something mom. Something important." [/b]Her face turned serious instantly, motherly worry in her eyes.

[b]"You can tell me anything baby, take your time." [/b]He readied himself, ready to tell her about Neos and everything that had happened. The words suddenly escaped his mind as he felt a very special rune go off, the wave violent and desperate, as if it was screaming at him. Without a word he rose from his chair and bolted out the door, leaving his swords behind as he raced down the hall and through the High Council quarters. Leaving their section he sprinted toward the source, the signal getting weaker as the worry shot through his system. He tried to make a sharp turn only to crash into the wall before taking off again. His sandals long gone and his mind racing to find her, he came skidding to a halt when he finally reached the door, crashing through the door as he looked around, his breathing heavy and sweat dripping down his head. His heart froze as he saw her up against the wall, her arms cut open as her head was hung back. The blood polling around her legs, he reacted then, no longer controlling his body as he scooped her up, finding her body slick with blood and heading out the door. Sprinting again to the med ward, his lungs burning but his heart thumbing and tears down his face as he started to scream for anyone as he saw he was close to the med ward. Patch rushing out of the ward room to see her bleeding, Marcus running with her as he skidded into the room, putting her down on the table as Patch got to work.

Marcus collapsed into a nearby chair as he saw Patch healing, his face raked with grief as he saw the gashes on her flesh. Seeing the angle they were at he could see that they had been self inflicted, cutting her own arms he couldn't help but feel responsible. The fighting between Demetri and him were the first and only thing that came to mind, their own injuries had inflicted themselves on her body. He could only imagine what was going on into her mind, her collapse wasn't coincidental, they were the cause of her problem, their tension was killing her. Marcus rose and looked out the med ward door, seeing a random recruit he yelled them over, relaying to them that he needed Lady Dream Catcher to the med ward. The recruit saluting and taking off, sprinting to deliver the message, Marcus going back into the room as Patch had finished his heal, hooking her up to IV and putting blood back into her system.

[b]"Is she alright?"[/b] Marcus approached Patch aggressively, his worry getting the better of him. Patch keeping him calm as he held up his hands.

[b]"She is alright now, you got her here fast enough. She will be out for a while until her blood flow is regular again. I need you to just remain calm."[/b] Marcus nodded absently as Patch settled him down again, Marcus taking the seat as he nervously waited for his mother and for Ali to wake. His mother arrived several minutes later, seeing her boy he rose and hugged her again.

[b]"Mom, I need your help. I need you to help her."[/b] His mother nodded and moved to Ali, suddenly realizing who she was looking at she turned her head toward her son.

[b]"This is the Commandants wife."[/b] Marcus nodded.

[b]"Just look into her memories, you'll understand more. I need to know why she did this to herself."[/b] She turned back to Ali, her eyes closing as she let her mind slip away into Ali's, exploring her world inside of her head. Marcus had pulled a chair up closer to Ali's side, his hands held over his face as he waited impatiently. His mother's eyes fluttering open, she turned on him, noticing her looking at him she reached out and held her son close, hugging him tightly as she spoke to him.

[b]"I'm so happy for you Marcus! I thought you might never find love again."[/b] He smiled with those words, until his mother pulled away and suddenly smacked him upside his head. His head rocking slightly as he rubbed the spot, before looking up at her.

[b]"I also can't believe how you went about it. You're lucky you're my son, if I didn't already know what you went through I would tear you a new one right now." [/b]Marcus could only shrug at her as she went back to diving into her mind. Seeing her dreams and memories, after several moments she came out of it again, smacking him upside the head again.

[b]"By all the names of the Gods mom, you can stop hitting me already!"[/b] Her face was hard then, her arms crossed as she tapped a foot at him.

[b]"You two drover her to this, you and her husband. I raised you better then that Marcus."[/b] He nodded at her sadly.

[b]"I know, I know. I let my heart get the better of me. I just feel....cheated, that's what tears at me most." [/b]His mother shook her head as she hugged him gently again.

[b]"I know about your son now too, teach him well, and don't die early like your father did."[/b] He nodded, looking up at her.

[b]"I can use their power now, my life has been extended by 400 more years mother. I'll be around when this building crumbs to dust."

"I hope not son, for you sanity's sake."[/b] Marcus let those words sink in as she let go.

[b]"Her powers are growing, be gentle with her."[/b] Marcus nodded as his mother departed. It made sense now, her powers taking a leap with the stress and her own body reacting to the two most prominent feelings. He sat their for an hour, watching her carefully as he let his thoughts wander. When her eyes fluttered away he rose swiftly, yelling for Patch who came running in.

[b]"Ali, its me Patch. How are you doing?" [/b]She groaned as her eyes opened a little wider.

[b]"My head is killing me. What happened Patch?"

"We think your power has grown, you got overloaded and tried to take your own life."[/b] Her face was filled with shock at the statement, her eyes suddenly shifted to the tattooed face, almost looking confused now.

[b]"Who are you?"[/b] She asked blatantly, Marcus felt his heart get torn out then. Unable to speak, Patch spoke up.

[b]"This is Colonel Marcus Demos, he saved your life."[/b] She just stared at him for a few moments.

[b]"Thank you Colonel, I'm glad you saved me." [/b]He didn't know what was happening, her expression was so cold, so formal. Even her eyes showed nothing of what he had seen before, only hours ago. He shook himself mentally before speaking.

[b]"Ali, don't you remember me?"[/b] She shook her head. He kept talking anwyays.

[b]"Ali, it's me. Marcus, you hurt yourself because of what Demetri and I did. You have to reme-"

"Who's Demetri? I don't know who either of you are."[/b] Marcus didn't know what was happening, his mind blank for a moment before the marks on his face made him remember. He reached down and turned her wrist over, showing her the rune.

[b]"Maybe this will help you remember me." [/b]He let the power surge through then, sending his feelings through his runes to hers. Her's didn't respond, the glow never coming. He didn't understand, she didn't fight his touch, all she did was raise an eyebrow to him.

[b]"Was that suppose to do something?" [/b]Panic was on the border of his mind now, he took a deep breath as he tried to squash it. He removed his hand, only one thing passed through his mind now, his body acting on its own as he leaned in and matched his lips to her, kissing her as he tried to convey what she meant to him. She groaned for a second as she suddenly turned her head away lightly pushed him away.

[b]"What was that for Colonel? It was interesting but, I don't understand the significance." [/b]His eyes the only thing betraying his true feelings, he stood straight up as steadied his breathing. He turned away then, a small table before him as he gripped the sides, trying to get a hold of himself. His vision was swimming now as he regained control, something catching his eye below him. Her things form her pockets rest on this table, not much more then her wallet and a few small objects. An idea struck him then, he reached down and picked up her wallet, remembering the fold marks on his photo, he opened her wallet and found the folded piece of paper. The black ink still legible on the back. He turned back to her, taking a step forward as he held out the folded piece of paper for her. She took it, unsure of what else he was going to do, she unfolded it seeing their faces together, obvious in the intent of what was happening in the pictures. Their smiles showing the caring between them, she looked at the picture then to him, seeing how his face had aged since the picture.

[b]"Flip it over."[/b] She did as he asked, seeing the words written on the back. She began to read.

[b]"In the short time I came to know you, Alex Talon, I came to love you. In the darkest times, I knew you would be there for me. In our greatest moments, I knew I would love you forever. Everyday I saw you, I felt a little more of myself change, I felt the weight lift off my shoulders since the day you became mine. Every morning I wake, I feel like I can breath again, feel like nothing can stop us, nothing can hurt us as long as we are together. I've changed for the better, and I hope that I changed you as much as I have. With every touch, with every kiss exchanged, I knew we were meant for one another. We had our challenges, we had our problems, you dealt with my paranoia and remained calm with me, always showing me a smile even at your most frustrated. We over came everything in our way, and we did it together. I will always be yours Alex, I will always love you, and I can only hope that you can always love me."[/b] She read the words carefully, the silence seeping into Marcus mind as he waited, the tension clawing at his chest. He could only hope that would be what would show her.[/size] Edited by Nergil Pendelton
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[font="Comic Sans MS"][color="#000080"]She looked at the words, reading them over and over again but feeling noting but confusion...if that. She looked back up at the man who was watching her hopefully.
"I don't understand. What is this?"
Patch looked from Marcus to Ali and left, taking out his phone and send Demetri an SOS to come to med ward. Ali frowned as she folded the picture back up and handed it back to him, seeing his face fall almost instantly.
"I don't-"
She stopped, her heart thumping loudly in her ears, and than nothing. She stared straight ahead, blankly as Marcus moved from his spot.
"You don't what Ali?"
She didn't respond and when the door opened and Demetri rushed in she simply looked up at him as she would if she were staring at a wall of drying paint.
"Ali, love are you alright? I just word, what happened?"
He looked at Marcus to see his arms still covered in blood as well as his chest from where he had carried her, to worried to move from his spot as he watched over her.
"Marcus, what happened?"
"I think she over loaded. Her powers progressed, like you said but something went wrong. I had my mother look at her and she says we drove her to this..."
"Your mother?"
"Lady Dream Catcher. She looked into her memories and said that our fighting brought her to this."
"But why is she just sitting there Marcus?"
"I don't know..."
Marcus watched as Demetri took a step forward and put his large hand on her cheek, her eyes shifted up to look at him but her stare remained blank, something had changed from when she woke up. It was as if she wasn't all there, Demetri tried to talk to her than and Marcus listened intently to her response.
"Ali, love talk to me."
She looked up at him, the blank look never leaving her face and than she spoke, her voice breaking both Demetri and Marcus' hearts.
"Who are you?"
Her voice was monotone, no emotion in it what so ever and without even giving them a second glance she slipped from the table, wrenched the IV from her arm and walked out. Demetri and Marcus watching her go shocked, the IV coming from her arm should have hurt, it should have gotten some kind of response from her but there had been nothing. The giant looked down at Marcus and ran a hand over his face.
"What have we done?"
Marcus shook his head.
"I don't know."
Ali walked slowly through the halls, her arm still bleeding from where she had ripped the IV from her arm, she headed for her old room. Punching in her old code she simply stood there as it beeped at her that the code was wrong. She tried again and got the same reaction. Standing there, looking at her door she did nothing but looked at the key pad when she heard a voice that almost tugged at her heart.
"-but I want an icecream cone Gramma."
"Not today Neos. You'll have to talk to your mother and father about that."
Madam Touch rounded the corner with Neos who saw her and smiled, dashing to her he wrapped his arms around her legs and hugged her tight, Ali's hand drifting down to pat the boy on the head though her face remained as blank as it was a moment before. Touch seemed unnerved at the change in the younger woman. Putting a hand on her shoulder she pulled back sharply as images flooded her mind, Demetri's face, his smile showing up more than once as well as Marcus'. She looked down at Neos and asked him to go to his room which he did happily after seeing his mother. Ali looked at the older woman, her expression bording bored.
"Ali, do you know who I am?"
Ali shook her head slowly when her body pulsed and she dropped to the floor screaming, her rune flareing to life, Marcus jumped to his feet feeling the burn, he looked up at Demetri and decided that this wasn't the time for playing any kind of games, even if it was for the woman he loved.
"She's at her old quarters."
Demetri nodded and they both took off running through the building til they reached the spot where Marcus had felt her rune flare, Madam Touch lay on the ground breathing heavily but Ali was no where to be seen. Marcus searched around for her as Demetri helped his mother to her feet.
"Momma, what happened?"
"Ali, I saw her standing here so Neos and I came over to talk to her. She didn't react to anything we said to her so I tried to talk to her alone. As soon as I touched her everything she's felt the last few days just poured into me. Like a rive with no damn to block it..."
Demetri looked down at his mother making sure she wasn't hurt. Marcus spoke up than causeing both people to look at him.
"Which way did she go?"
Touch shook her head telling them she didn't know. Demetri allowed her to lean on the wall before he looked down at Marcus.
"I'll take the West and South wings, you take the North and East. We'll meet back here once we're done."
Marcus nodded once and they ran off in the directions given to them, half an hour later they both came back empty handed, Demetri took a deep breath and shook his hed.
"Where else could she have gone?"
Marcus closed his eyes, trying his hardest to find her with nothing he shook his head.
"I can't feel anything...at all. It's like she doesn't exsist."
"Don't say that!"
"You saw the look in her eyes! What else is there to use to describe that?"
Demetri put his hand over his face and huffed a deep breath.
"We have to do something..."
Marcus nodded and frowned, holding out his hand to the larger man.
"I call a truce, we need to find her and figure out what's wrong right now."
Demetri eyed his hand for a moment before taking it and shaking it roughtly.
"You cover the back grounds, I'll take the front."
Again they set off in different directions, both ending up by the large willow tree that Jason was teathered to, he growled low in his throat as the two men approached, his voice deep and dangerous.
"Haven't you two cause enough damage for one night?"
Demetri frowned, not in the mood for the wolf's games.
"If she's here Jason let us see her."
The wolf shook his head and pointed a claw towards the forest surrounding the base.
"She went that way. I don't know what you two did to her, but I think it's safe to say that neither of you care to tell me what the hell happened to my siter?"
They didn't answer him but took off running in the direction Jason had pointed out. They ran for almost an hour before slumping forward and breathing heavily. Marcus gasping as he looked over at Demetri.
"W-why is it...that I forget how fast she is every damn time?"
Demetri shook his head with a chuckle.
"Try sparring her. She's a snake with the way she moves. I've never seen anyone that fast. The only reason I win against her is my sheer size, she can't knock me down that well."
Marcus nodded as the continued to walk through the woods til they reached the small lake on the grounds, they both inhaled sharply as they caught sight of Ali there. Her hair had come loose and was billowing around her gently in the wind, her head tilted up so she could look into the moon, it's light making her look more pale but no less beautiful and both men reacted instantly on seeing her, emotions erupting inside of them as their own thoughts ran wild. She spun around seeing them her eyes grew wide and she gripped her hair as a scream ripped through her throat.
Demetri and Marcus were both shocked as she twisted her body this way and that as if in pain when she suddenly fell to the ground cunvulsing, her eyes rolling into the back of her head as she twitched on the ground startlying the men from their shock as they rushed to her side, they felt the same, heart breaking, sinking feeling as they could see her start to bleed from her nose, suddenly Marcus stooped forward pressing his mouth to her's Demetri pulled him back roughly.
"What happened to a truce?"
"Do you want her biting her tongue off?"
Demetri shook his head again and watched painfully as Marcus dipped his head down again and pressed his lips to her's, his own tongue pushing her's down in her mouth to keep her teeth from catching it and biting it in half during her convulsion. Marcus moved as Demetri lifted her in his arms keeping her low enough so he could continue to keep her tongue down. It took time to get to the medical ward but neither were surprised as Patch stood waiting for them. He hooked up her to a heart monitor and a brain wave monitor to watche her reactions. Demetri looked at his watch and cursed as he looked down at his wife, her skin pale and her breathing shallow, he looked at Marcus.
"Watch her. This is an order. Do NOT leave her side til I come back here. I want to know the moment she shows signs of coming around."
Marcus nodded silently as Demetri walked out to go back to his and Ali's room to take care of their kids. Marcus looked down at Ali and took her hand in his, her heart monitor showing a small spike in it's steady rythem.
"Ali, can you hear me?"
Her brain wave monitor spiked as well this time and Marcus continued to talk to her seeing hope in the spikes, sending Demetri a small text to let him know but telling him not to bother with coming down. He at least wanted her to himself for a breif period of time.

[i]Ali looked around the area she was in, it was light, but swirled with darkness and she knew it instantly, hearing the giggle behind her she spun around looking at Shadowthrone.
"What am I doing here?"
"You son, he is very smart. To smart some would say. He sensed your distress and sent you here to protect you. Or at least your soul."
"Neos sent me here?"
"Correct. I'm surprised that boy isn't here as well. Usually where ever you would go, he would follow."
"Neos was never that clingy."
Shadowthrone chuckled and shook his head.
"Not THAT boy, I meant your dear Mr. Demos."
Ali felt her heart flip, it showed on the monitor in the med room as well, she looked at the old man and scowled.
"I think I can tell why Marcus gets frustrated with you sometimes, and he's not MINE. He's just Marcus."
"Is he not yours? I don't believe I've seen him with any onther woman but you my dear. Ever since you came into his life your on his mind constatly. Trust me, I should know."
She frowned before walking with the old man as he shuffled away, his cane making no noise as it touched the light colored bottom of the realm.
"What do you mean?"
Shadowthrone waved his hand, a small mirror placed in her hands, it began to shimmer befor playing scenes back to her, scenes of her and Marcus, or of just her. Some made her cheeks flush brightly and Shadowthrone chuckled as he peered over her shoulder at one in particular.
"Yes...he never told me how he was able to bend that way. Remarkable really."
"I want out of here."
He shook his head slowly.
"I'm sorry my dear. Right now, your powers are to unstable, if you were to go back now your soul would be shattered and there would be nothing left of you. Your son has sent you here for your protection and he has not enabled you to go back lest it is safe."
Ali sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose.
"Why is it that when you talk to Marcus, your all riddles, with me you just tell me what the hell I want to know?"
"Well for one, he's fun to get a rouse out of and for two, I'm a leacher my dear. I'm a puppy dog for a lovely face and supple figure."
She scoffed and looked back into the small mirror to see Demetri walk in, Marcus stood up and walked away from her, but not before running his fingers over the back of her hand, Demetri allowed this knowing that he wasn't the only one hurting right now for his wife. Ali put her fingers to the mirror and sighed.
"Oh Marcus...What are we going to do?"
Whether he heard her or not she didn't know but she simply watched as Demetri now sat by her body as she lay in the bed unconsious. [/i]
Marcus left the med room and sighed running his had over his face, turning the corner he blinked as he spotted Neos, a bright warmth surrounding his heart as he could now see similarities of himself in the boy, but what stunned him was the sheer determination on his face and the way Neos stood.
"Neos, what's wrong? Are you looking for your Daddy?"
He squealshed the thought of it being him for the time being.
"Mommy needs you. Your the only one who can help her right now...I thought I could save her but-but...she got stuck!"
Tears began to gather in his eyes and Marcus did his best to comfort the boy as he thought of Neos' words to him. [/color][/font]
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[size=2]Marcus held on to the boy as he wept, his words still in his head as Neos cried, his animated fox cuddling up to the boy as he wrapped his small hands around his neck. Marcus stood up, cradling the boy in his arms as he tried to get him to look at him.

[b]"Neos, what did you mean mommy is stuck? Mommy is in the other room right now."[/b] Neos rubbed his face before shaking his head.

[b]"That's only some of mommy, the rest is stuck in that dark place."[/b] Marcus face looked at him questioning.

[b]"What dark place Neos? Did you do something to mommy?"[/b] He nodded as the tears started to roll down his face again.

[b]"Mommy is with the man."

"What man?"

"The man with the cane. He tried to give me candy, I kicked him in the shin."[/b] Marcus would have laughed if the realization didn't hit him as hard as it did. His eyes lit up as he understood what Neos had been trying to say, his powers were more powerful then he had anticipated. He took a single step forward before he stopped, remembering clearly what he had said to Demetri about a truce, he need to let him know he might have a lead, it was the least he could do. He turned toward the room, stepping into the room with Neos still in his arm, Demetri turning his head to look at him.

[b]"I thought you were gone by now."[/b] Marcus shook his head.

[b]"I might have a lead on a way to heal Ali."[/b] He could see Demetri start to rise but he gestured for him to stop, settling back into his seat Marcus continued.

[b]"It's not full proof, I might be wrong, I need to look into it first before we get our hopes up. Give me time." [/b]Demetri showed his skepticism before nodding his head, Marcus turned away with, Neos still in his arms as he headed to his quarters. He was feeling life surge through his limbs again, Neos nuzzling into him, he looked down to him and remembered he was covered in blood fro carrying Ali. He didn't have time to clean up, where he was going it didn't matter either, and he was gonna need Neos to help. Suddenly the boy looked up at him, a small smile on his face.

[b]"Daddy's gonna save mommy."[/b] Marcus felt his heart beat rapidly, unsure if he was talking about him or Demetri.

[b]"I'm going to try to save your mom ok?"[/b] He nodded fast.

[b]"Daddy is gonna save mommy!"[/b] The boy was talking about him now, he didn't know how to feel about that. He tried to keep his mind calm as he spoke to Neos.

"Can you take me to mommy?" Neos lowered his head and shook it as he heard him sniffle.

[b]"No, I can't get to mommy. But, I knew daddy could, my other daddy could."[/b] It was gonna take a long time for him to get use to being called that. He quickened his pace, reaching his quarters he set Neos down and he instantly ran over to where Marcus usually sat. Just standing there as Marcus made his way to him and sitting down, Neos taking a seat in his lap after he had crossed his legs, Sly scampering over and cuddling up in Neos' lap. Marcus sighed before he let his hands go slack, closing his eyes he readied himself for the trip, he spoke quietly to Neos.

[b]"Here we go, son."[/b] He whispered the last words as they were suddenly launched into the shadow realm. Feeling the pull Marcus eyes opened savagely, his breathing ragged as he found himself in the shadows again. Neos was already standing, with a gleeful look on his face. Marcus stagger until he was finally standing tall, catching his breath he looked around and saw nothing, just the shadow of everything. He looked around, not finding her anywhere. His breathing evened out and he started to relax. He looked down at the little boy.

[b]"Neos, is this where you put mommy?"[/b] He nodded with a huge grin on his face as Sly ran around his legs. Marcus held out his hand and Neos gripped it as they started walking, another figure appearing and started walking beside them. Marcus looked over to see the gaunt form.

[b]"Haven't seen you for awhile Rope, thought you left."[/b] Cotillion remained silent as they kept walking.

[b]"Do you know why were here?"[/b] Marcus asked, Cotillion silent for several seconds.

[b]"You're looking for her. I'm taking you there now, you usually get the location spot on Marcus. How did you batch this one up?"[/b] Marcus looked to Neos briefly before looking forward again.

[b]"My son helped, too much power between us as we came here. Didn't anticipate it." [/b]Cotillion didn't even bother to look at the small boy.

[b]"Son huh? Never took you for one to settle down."

"I'm only a third of his parent actually. He inherited my families powers, still a bit of a shocker to me honestly."[/b] Cotillion nodded as he finally looked to the boy, briefly taking in his looks from under his hood.

[b]"I see what you mean. Cute kid, too bad he has some of your features, could of been adorable."[/b] Marcus shook his head with a smile on his face and a small chuckle. They walked for what seemed like hours, time running differently here, he was sure it had only been seconds maybe even minutes for the rest of the world. Marcus sighed as he finally looked to Cotillion.

[b]"Why are we walking all the way to her Cotillion? Just take us there."[/b] Cotillion shrugged at him.

[b]"I was just waiting to see how long before you would ask, honestly it would take us days by foot."[/b] Marcus stopped and pinched the bridge of his nose.

[b]"I hate you so much sometimes, you know that right?"[/b] Cotillion shrugged again, the shadow enveloping them and then suddenly they were standing else where. Marcus looked forward and could see her now, the old man standing beside her as they watched the mirrors. Marcus picked up Neos and started running, a smile on his face as saw her long brown hair.

[b]"ALI!"[/b] He yelled at the top of his lungs, the woman turning around to see who it was, he was close enough to see her eyes suddenly brighten up. His heart swelled at seeing that look again, getting to her as fast as possible before he stopped a few feet from her. His breathing heavy as the smile never left this face, seeing that glitter in her eyes was all he needed, setting down Neos and walked closer to her gently taking her hands into his.

[b]"Ali, do you remember me? Please say you do."[/b] She showed him, throwing her arms around his neck and locking her lips with his. His arms thrown around her as well and holding her close as they held the kiss, feelings her emotions running through him again. Feeling the white hot of her passion as he held onto her, pulling away they touched their foreheads together.

[b]"I didn't know what happened to you, Neos told me he put you here."[/b] Ali nodded as he held on to his hands now.

[b]"What happened Ali? How can we fix this?"[/b] She shook her head at him.

[b]"I heard the voices from everyone around me, You and Demetri flooded me with your feelings, your thoughts and anything else going on in your heads. It was too much, especially when you two fought so much." [/b]Marcus face turned to a frown then.

[b]"It was our fault, we did this too you."[/b] She didn't say anything as he just held her, Neos holding on to Sly now as he looked at his mom and his other dad.

[b]"What can we do Ali? I don't think I can take you from him, but I can't let go. What are we going to do?"[/b] He hoped whatever she said would spur a thought in his mind, giving him a solution to this problem. He gave her a another kiss, letting his lips match hers, holding her close when the kiss ended, his mind still searching for an answer. [/size] Edited by Nergil Pendelton
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[font="Comic Sans MS"][color="#000080"]Ali pulled away slowly, her face set into a frown as she shook her head.
"Marcus... I'm here because of my own uncertainty, because I can't make the right choice. Because of that, you two fought and now I'm here. I have things I have to think about."
"What do you mean Ali?"
She looked over his shoulder and nodded to Neos who looked at her sadly before pulling himself as well as Marcus from the shadowrealm, Ali could feel tears gather in her eyes as Marcus tried to reach out to her, she shook her head again and turned away from him before walking back to Shadowthrone.
"Before he showed up, you were trying to show me something...what was it?"
He smiled and nodded to her, holding out the mirror he allowed her to sit and watch as images began flooding the small portal. Ali looked down at it intensly and gasped as she saw a memory, one that made her smile and made her heart sore.

Demetri lay in bed next to her, his face peaceful as he slept with a small, content smile on his face. Ali traced his lips with her finger lightly as she watched him sleep. He turned towards her touch tucking his cheek into her palm making her smile more.
"I love you Demetri. With all my heart."
She could see the light coming in from the window, hear the water rush onto the shore as she lay there, her ear against his chest and listening to his heart beat. She was content and happy. The memory of his touches and him whispering her name making her blush but she was overjoyed to hear the desperate need in his voice. The beach was a peaceful visit this time, just Ali and the kids. She tucked into him more and sighed as his warm arm wrapped around her and she felt her self drift to sleep, Marcus not haunting her dreams this night.

Ali looked up at Shadowthrone with a frown.
"I don't understand. What was that supposed to signafy?"
He pointed down to the mirror again and she sighed, looking down she felt pain wrap around her heart as another memory swam into the mirror.

The passion was intense, so much so that Ali thought she was about to burn alive, Demetri's gentle, yet rough hands running along her body. Arching against him she felt him smile against her skin as he concentrated on her neck, she moaned his name as he skimmed his hand up her side feeling her soft skin and smiling triumphantly knowing tha he was the one to make her react in such a way. It was he who made her call out and gasp in pleasure. He raised himself on his hands and gazed down at her, his eyes holding so much love and warmth they made tears gather in the corners of her eyes.
"I love you Alex. Nothing will ever change that."
She nodded and wrapped her arms around him as he pressed his body flush against her's hearing his name fall from her lips as she moved together with him driving them both over the edge.

She could feel the tears start to fall as she watched the memories play, more and more they consisted of mostly her and Demetri, til she finally watched one of her and Marcus, the memory was sweet and it made her smile, but she felt differently this time around. The warmth didn't spread through her like it did when she watched the memories of her and Demetri, she didn't feel her heart swell each time she heard the words 'I love you.' She gasped as a memory flooded the mirror, making her actually cry this time. Demetri sat on the small hospital bed with her, his large arm wrapped around her shoulders and pulling the sweat soaked bangs from her face, her breathing having finally settled and the IVs still pumping a mild pain killer into her system. The sun glared brightly outside and she looked up at her husband with a large, tired smile.
"He's handsome, just like you."
Demetri shook his head as he laid a gentle hand on the baby boy's cheek in her arms, his eyes shimmering with unshed tears as he looked at her.
"He's beautiful. Like you."
She blushed slightly and put her head on his shoulder looking down at the miracle child that never should have been and gasped as he opened his eyes and looked at the both of them, his intellegent eyes roaming over both of their faces before his pulmp cheeks curled in and he gave them both a large, toothless grin making Demetri's tears actually fall, as well as Ali's.
"What should we name him?"
Demetri looked down at the boy in his wife's arms and smiled softly as he put his hand on her head and kissed her temple.
"Neos. Neos Sotiris Talon."
Ali shook her head and looked down at the infant than back to Demetri.
"Athens. Neos Sotiris Athens. He's your son and will have your name."
He smiled largely and hugged her as his parents walked in, both sets more than happy about the new life brought into this world.
Ali looked up at Shadowthrone.
"I don't understand, why are you showing me all this?"
"What have you learned?"
"That most of my memories are of Demetri and me...that no matter where I stray I always go back to him...that I love him."
"And what about Marcus?"
She shook her head.
"I love him as well, but...my heart belongs to Demetri...always has and always will."
Shadowthrone nodded slowly, sad for his friend but happy that he could help, he inclinded his head to her and almost instantly she woke up slowling in the medical warn, her small hand in a large grip, one full of warmth and comfort, she squeezed it weakly, but her eyes remained closed. [/color][/font]
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"Commandant, there are still files you need to review for the latest mission Fox squad went on with the swamp monsters in Texas. They are of the upmost importance..."

"The upmost importance for me right now is my wife, who happens to be unconscious and possibly fighting for her life. Colonel Marcus is assisting in what way he can, but while he does his duties to help her..." Demitri stopped walking as his mind raced with bad thoughts, knowing Ali could still be tempted by his team mate, but if Marcus was the honorable man that Demitri respected him for, he would honor the truce they agreed to. "...I will do mine here, next to her and at her side. Collect all the reports you can and send them to the med ward when you're finished. You can contact me on my personal line in need be, is that understood Circuit?" Demitri looked over his shoulder and down at his assistant, her disappointment with the idea was not one to be hidden so well by the young woman, but she had been a faithful aid to Demitri ever since he was a commander. She was even courteous enough to send flowers and gifts to Demitri and Ali when Neos was born, Ali did warm up to her little by little, but she still kept it on a profession level with Circuit. The young girl saluted, accepting her orders as she about faced and began to power walk down the hall to get the last bits of information. demitri sighed as he continued his way towards the Med Ward to see his wife, the thought of the two returning over and over again made the man chuckle in his mind, he was also thankful for the insurance their organization paid for the soldiers who worked there. The doors opened quickly, it was fairly slow in the med ward, some soldiers going in for their check-up's while others rested due to exhaustion or healing wounds that havent been tended to yet by Patch or Madam touch, or any of the other doctors on shift. Patch looked over and smiled as Demitri walked up to the man, Demitri returned the gesture as Patch lead the commandant to a private room, the one that Ali rested in.

"I'm glad you came, we were able to heal her wounds the best we can, but the cuts on her wrist are still visible. Not by a lot, but still in plain sight if you look closely" The doctor stated as they both entered teh room, Demitri grabbed a fold out chair and placed it next to Ali's cot, looking down at his wife as he frowned. She seemed lifeless, still and unresponsive to anything, not even air itself.

"What can you tell me about her condition?"

"We can report nothing, everything is normal on our end. All the blood work and scans show normal functions, even brain wave patters, its like she's just not here when she, in fact, is" Demitri nodded before taking a seat, he knew now that Marcus was the only man around that could bring Ali back to normal, if nothing was wrong medically with his wife, then it had to be something more than conventional means of healing. Marcus was a magic user, the similarities were uncanny to their son Neos, he would be a perfect teacher. Demitri couldn't deny that, but he hopped the mystic would be able to fix the problem with his wife soon. Demitri grabbed onto Ali's frail hand and squeezed tightly, holding onto her left hand and looking down at the wedding ring he gave her years ago, it still shinned and sparkled in the light. Patch heard some commotion coming from out of the room, soldiers from the latest mission came in one by one, others aided with some help by the med team who were on the field at the time.

"If you'll excuse me Commandant, I must attend to these men and women" Demitri nodded as patch left the room, Demitri's phone rang about the same time. Looking through his pockets, the giant found his phone as he flipped it opened and answered the call.

"This is Athens"

"Dad!" Tank and Lily spoke simultaneously, Demitri was a bit worried at their tone until he looked at the clock inside the room and sighed to himself, turning his voice from worried to fatherly stern.

"It's almost 11:30, what are you two still doing up? Especially you Lily..." Demitri smiled at the thought, he had to step things up while Ali was out of commission, there was somewrestling through the kids end before anyone spoke. Tanks deeps voice filtered through the other end.

"Dad, Uncle Marcus came and now he and Neos are gone! Have you seen them?" Demitri thought quickly in his mind, Marcus was a mystic and there's a possibility he needed Neos for someting important, especially to help out Ali. The giant smiled to himself and gave a small huff before speaking.

"You uncle is watching him tonight, don't be worried. But thank you for calling. Tank, make sure Lily has her clothes ready for school in the morning, and you still need to get some sleep my boy. Is that understood?"

"Yes Dad, goodnight and we'll see you later" The line went dead, Demiri closed his phone and tossed it to the table at the end of the room, watching it land on the counter top a little roughly before staying stationary. The door to their room busted open as Circuit rushed in with a stack of papers, Demitri groaned and shook his head.

"I'm guessing those are the files from the mission?"

"Yes sir, every report by all the team members and operatives, everyone gave a report of different accounts of what happened" The girl set the stack of papers on counter top, moving the commandants phone beofore she set down the papers.

"Different accounts? All reports are suppose to be made by the team leader or the highest ranking member beyond him or her. Why am I getting reports form every single team member, even from the new recruits?" Demitri raised an eyebrow as he reached over and grabbed a single manilla folder and began to read the documents.

"All that the team leader said in his last transmission was their sightings and intell was...how did he put it....fishy. it was the last we heard from him, that's why everyone gave their own report." Demitri didn't like the answer given to him as he closed the folder and looked over at Circuit.

"Where is Captain Razor and Captain Diamond of fox squad??" Demitri raised his voice a little, still holding his hand on Ali's, squeezing a little tighter as he spoke. Circute remained silent for a moment as she stood at attention, saluting in the air, Demitri raised an eyebrow as he looked over at the door to see Patch standing, a sad expression crossed his face as he looked down at the commandant. "Patch?...."

"Captain Razor was decapitated sir, a clean cut through and through." Demitri gasped at the information, Captain Razor was one of the most tactile operatives they've had in years, ever since his promotion after Commander Anthony was detailed for his betrayal to HDF 4 years ago. But there was something missing.

"Where...where is Captain Diamond?" Patch have a heavy sigh as he began to answer.

"She's hanging on for life right now sir, her armor was cut just like Captain Razor, one swipe through, it went through her body's diamond armor like it was water. I can't explain it. She's missing her left arm and we're treating her for puncture wounds to her chest sir. I...I don't have any high expectations she'll live through the night" Demitr's eyes widened to their maximum as Patch left the room, the commandant snapped his head towards his assistant who gazed down at him instantly.

"Assemble all the members of Alpha Squad immediately. Go to my quarters and wake my son Tank, I feel like he's ready for a mission by now. Contact Jeff and Pocket, grab Sasa from the Southern base as well. She should be done installing their new computer monitors by now. Oh...and untie Jason from the tree in the courtyard. We can use the mutt's strength for this one." Demitri laughed in his mind, his mother was pretty awesome at times, especially when Demitri himself wasn't in trouble. Circuit nodded and left the room in a rush, closing the door behind herself as she left, the commandant looked back down at his wife and smiled. "Come back to me love, I miss you, and I want you home" Demitri smiled as he squeezed tight on her frail hand, moments later, he felt her hand move slightly as her fingers curled slightly to give a weak squeeze back.
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[font="Comic Sans MS"][color="#000080"]Ali's head pounded as she squeezed her hand tighter around the one that covered her's, she knew who it was just by the scent that floated through the room relaxing her and making her want nothing more than to go back to sleep.
She cracked open her eyes and groaned as her arms lanced with pain, she froze as emotions of hope and shock filled her mind, as well as a gentle love that made her smile slowly.
"Ali, love are you awake?"
She nodded slowly and opened her eyes slowly, carefully to see her husband gazing down at her, she reached up and cupped his cheek lovingly.
"I'm glad your here. Marcus and Neos came to find me...but I couldn't come back with them, I had to figure things out for my self, I needed some time to think."
"About what Ali?"
"Things...things between you and me, and Marcus."
Demetri's face fell and she pressed her palm to his cheek more firmly.
"Just hear me out love..."
He nodded, although the hurt was still plain in his face and posture; she could also feel it flowing from him to her and it made her want nothing more than to cry.
"I came to a couple of choices, things I should have done a long tim ago."
Demetri looked down at their hands, she could tell he was dreading the words she was about to speak, she gave nothing away as she linked their fingers together, her pale skin seeming to glow slightly against his tan skin.
"I do love Marcus, probably more than I should-"
Demetri's eyes shifted from her's and he tried to pull his hand away but she held onto it tighter not letting his hand out of her own.
"But, I have my heart to someone long before I met him, and he never gave it back to me. Not that I'm complaining. Not in the least. I was confused about how I felt for the longest time but, the time I was out of it helped clear my mind. Demetri, I love you. With all my heart, I gave myself to you wanting only you. I can't fully explain the reasons for why I did what I did but we're stronger now. We're stronger together. And I don't ever want to have you doubt me again."
"Ali I-"
"I don't want to think about it anymore. I married you and you are the only one I want to be with. My husband and my partner in all I do."
He nodded, and kissed the top of her hand making her heart flutter happily. Sitting up she stretched and looked down at him, she could feel his worry and looked down at him.
"Is everything alright?"
He nodded before looking at the door, she heard his thoughts without even trying and frowned.
"That's not possible...How could that happen to the two of them? They were two of the best Leads in the system..."
Demetri looked shocked for a moment before nodding, he leaned back as she slipped from the bed and stretched.
"Come on, lets get our minds off of things for a bit, what do you say?"
He raised an eye brow at her and she blushed as his thoughts filtered into her mind.
"I wasn't thinking about that..."
She saw a small flush flood his cheeks and she shook her head and walked out, he followed her and was more than a little surprised as she led him to the training room, entering it she walked to her locker, took out her training gear and changed, looking over her shoulder at him as he watched her reveal bit by bit of her creamy skin only to cover it back up as she dressed in her sports bra and shorts, slipping on her gloves she spun and charged at her husband who took a step back, planting his left foot and used his height and weight to keep himself upright, though the blow she delivered stung his arm. He looked down at her and smirked as she let a smile fall into place on her lips. Shifting back she threw her foot forward, waiting for him to grab her ankle, which he did, jumping up from her planted foot she shocked him with her quick movements as her foot struck his shoulder breaking his stance and shifting him backwards a few inches. She chuckled and pulled her foot from his grasp and dropped back to her feet and Demetri slowly took his jacket off before dropping into his fighting stance, watching as she charged at him yet again. A half an hour later, sweat dripping from their bodies she swung out with her right leg and yelped as he grabbed it and pulled her down pinning her underneath his large frame, he stared down at her and smiled as she cupped his cheek.
"I love you Demetri, and I wanted to tell you that I'm changing my name. I'm getting rid of my maiden name and I'm taking on your name. Fully."
She watched as shock registered on his face.
"I thought you wanted to keep your name hyphenated."
She shook her head and brought him down for a sweet kiss.
"Not anymore. Never again, I want you and only you for the rest of our lives."
She let down every barrier she had and allowed her feelings to flow into him as he looked down at her.
"I still have paperwork-"
"Please...we can get back to that in a little bit, right now I just want to be with you...just with you."
She tucked her head down into his chest and inhaled his scent letting her lips graze his collar bone slightly.[/color][/font]
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Pocket was still in Traumerei when she was contacted by someone. Her cell didn't work in this strange place and she wasn't surprised. But thanks to some help from Marcus, three years ago, she was able to set up a system that let her know if anyone was trying to contact her while she was away. She quickly opened up a way back into her quarters and answered her phone. It was Circuit. She wasn't clear on the details, but it seemed like she needed Pocket right away.
"Alright, I'll tell him."[/b] Pocket nodded before hanging up the phone.

She dialed a number and reached Jeff. She was one of the only people besides a higher ranking member of HDF that he would answer his phone for. He gave her the usual one worded replies as she gave him the message that Circuit had asked Pocket to relay. She said her goodbyes again and hung up, leaving her quarters.

Outside of her quarters, she surprisingly saw Neos walking around without Demetri or Ali. What surprised her even more though, was who's hand Neos was holding.

[b]"Marcus?"[/b] Pocket asked in disbelief.

He turned around and now she was sure it was him. Not that there were any doubts with his back to her, since his tattoos made him pretty unique, back or front. But now she could believe her eyes. She knew he was there for sure when she ran up and hugged him.
"It's really you! What are you doing back at the base? And why are you with Neos?"[/b]

Pocket stopped and listened as Marcus gave her what she believed was the whole story. He might have left a couple of things out, but it didn't sound like it since some of the words didn't come out too easily. Pocket listened quietly until he was done.

[b]"It sounds like you've been through a lot already. I had no idea you were even back though. I missed you so much. We all did."[/b] She said as she hugged him once more.

[b]"I need to hurry though. Circuit just contacted me and asked me to get Jeff. Demetri wants the Alpha Team assembled."[/b] Pocket frowned.

Pocket kneeled down. [b]"Come on, I'll hold your hand too, Neos."[/b] She said, smiling.

Neos grabbed her hand and Pocket walked side by side with Neos and Marcus to go see what was going on.

[b]OOC: I hope you don't mind if Pocket asks Marcus to tag along, Dassem. If he has other places to be first though or wants to be with Neos alone a bit more, let Pocket know and she'll go find Jeff and meet up with Demitri.[/b]
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