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Curse of the Bloodlines


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[size="3"] [font="Arial"][size="2"][font="Trebuchet MS"]The Big Bang Theory...a complex wonder of science, religious miracle and imaginations, but for countless centuries; modern day scientists ans skeptics have wondered that very question. Which one caused the Big bang? They can argue that it was the work of a high powered being that is both merciful and vengeful. The computations of particles and gases fusing together to create a new astronomical wonder; or even the ideals and hopes of life outside of the norms creating new universe. They were close, but far from obtaining the actual truth in it all. During the explosion of the big bang, something else produced itself from the ashes of life....an actual spirit. Inside of this single floating orb lies the power of destruction and creation all in one, how it was able to manifest itself during the birth of a universe is still unknown, but even at its creation it has remained docile and observant of life as it went by. This singular spirit has been on the planet earth during the passing of time. Exploring the birth of man and his many wonders of consciousness and thought, kingdoms and nobility serve a higher power or calling, plagues and disease spread though out countries, the formation of religious houses and the wars over which one was justified as the true savior. This single spirit has also adapted to human emotions and normal day of life, during the Egyptian era, it infused its core body into the life of a human child. Experiencing all the wonders of growing and aging, and lessons learned by elders and life experiences. When it was time to move onto the offspring, the spirit would simply slip into the new host of the same family, reliving those experiences again and again, but never letting the human host hone into its hidden and raw power the spirit held within, for disaster and chaos would ensue for the race of man. During the lifespan of this particular bloodline, the spirit has lived to see the world shape itself for both good and bad, but never losing the experience of mankind's limitless imagination. It was during the years of the Roman influence that sparked a warning of the spirits presence. A group called "Maldito", full of brilliant scientists of the time, rich family members and thieves alike came across interesting information about their worlds creation, a singular energy trail was left behind, and their group could find and locate the source of great power. Luckily for them, they had the power of magic on their side to locate the spirit. With much effort and scheming, the Maldito family found the current host and tortured him for information on his power. Unknowing the the host at the time, the spirit never made itself known or even knew when he was infused with a being of great power. The spirit stayed in the host until his body died, finally showing itself to the Maldito family, but escaped soon after to go to the next generation's body to hide.

So the chase began, the spirit jumping from one body to the next of the same blood line as the years passed, always hiding from the Maldito family that grew in number and wealth over the years. More members joined to have a chance at capturing and harnessing the spirits natural raw power. It wasn't until the time of King Henry VIII that a noble night saw the murder of a host, and saw the spirit rise from its corpse around several Maldito family members. Acting on valor and courage, the knight fought off and killed each family member until the spirit was left alone with the brave night. As a token of gratitude, the spirit summoned enough energy and "synced" its knowledge of its life and the Maldito family, the information was a lot for the knight, but he knelt and drove his sword into the ground, pledging to always protect the spirit and whatever host it may reside in at the time. This was the birth of the Crimson Guard Family. Warriors, magicians and average humans guarding the secret of the spirit and protecting the host while the Maldito Family continued their hunt for ultimate power. As time passed, members on both families have also, but there are some who still hold a high place, gaining immortality through means of magic or sacrifices to continue their secret war of destroying or protecting the spirit with powers unmeasurable by science or man. The Maldito family and Crimson Guard continue to battle their war in the shadows, not all the time are the Crimson Guard successful in protecting the spirit. The same with the Maldito family, still unable to capture the spirit with great power before it flees or their members are attacked by the Crimson Guard, now that times have changed and positions have shifted, it has become more of a dangerous battle with science and technology advancing to their peek.

The time is current, the spirit's new host is an orphaned boy who attends school and lives his life out normally, but the poor boy is now in the crossfires of an ancient battle for the being inside of his body. He is the last of the original family bloodline since Egyptian times, and for only being a child, he is the last place the spirit can remain dormant. For if he dies, the spirit cannot jump to another host to hide inside, and will be reviled in plain sight and the powers of the original Big Bang shall be released if used for dark purposes. The years have passed and even members of the Crimson Guard are wavering from their original mission, but the elder members remember the promise they made, and they plan of keeping it to save their world from utter destruction.


Alright, my first RPG with the help of some awesome members, lets make this a lasting and exciting one. The current time for this RPG is now, our time, 2011. So any means of technology can be used by any member, the location will be given when we start this as well. As a side note, NO FAMILY MEMBER KNOWS THE IDENTITY OF THE OTHER. To further explain, each family member has a seal on their body, a tattoo of their seal, it will alert them when the spirit or another member of the opposite family is near. The symbols for each family member will be on the first post when this makes it to the Theater section, I'm positive members will like their personal family symbols. I would like to get at least 5 dedicated posters (including myself) for this, a fair amount on both families and then the Carrier. Since its set in current times, I'd like the family members to be hidden in regular job roles (cops, teachers, students, business executives, etc), but still faithful to their duties. You can be a rich tyrant, superstar singer, or ever a commoner going about their lives. So be creative :D

Name: (Self Explanitory)
Age: (Since some members are immortal, give a general age or timeline when you were welcomed into the family)
Family: (Which do you belong to? The Maldito Family or Crimson Guard?)
Occupation: (Current job to hide yourself from the other family member and carrier. Teacher? Construction worker? Stock Broker? Student? anything goes)

Bio: (Share a little bit about your character, their past history with the Crimson Guard or Maldito family, if they've lived for centuries or even this decade or the next, let us know)
Abilities/Powers:[/b] (Let's not be too X-Men, anime gun ho. Have a general idea but remember you are limited. Are you a psychic that can only levitate or read peoples minds? A super strength fighter with the inability to swim? Or even a magic user that has physical limits, your character is your own creation, but lets be level with one another.)
Weakness: (As stated above: Can't swim? Afraid of heights? Not a social butterfly? Clostrophobic? We love em all !!)
Weapons: (If you choose to have one, always optional)

[color="#008000"]I will be playing the role for the current Carrier of the Spirit, the last of the bloodline. I already have two spots reserved for Crimson Guard Members, but if we get a lot of posters then hey add on or join the other family. Hope to see some enthused posters for this one :D Happy Postings![/color]
[/font][/size][/font] [/size] Edited by Mage17
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[font="Comic Sans MS"][color="#000080"]Name: Ashen Hawke
Age: 28 (She has been a Crimson Guard for nearly 6 centuries)
Appearance: In uniform http://www.tektek.org/avatar/43455610
When not in uniform: http://www.tektek.org/avatar/43430342
Personality: Ashen is not overly open, only one person can stake claim to seeing her in anything other than a serious mood. Sarcastic and somewhat dark she can come across as very unemotional, the only one to know other wise is the only person she truly talks to her, Iron Bars. Her blindness no longer a hindrance on her life, only her self, she is still very much bitter about her black world. She only finds comfort during her work and personal time, she has a regal and proud aura around her and at times she can turn very violent and frightening, but only rarely.
Occupation: Ashen normally stays in the Crimson Guard mansion, her blindness hindering her yet again. She mostly sits in the foyer while she 'read' and listens to the mansions police radios for any trouble.
Family: Crimson Guard
Weapon: Ashen has no real weapon to fall back on, her blindness not truly enabling her to use much, although sh is quite adept as close combat, hand to hand and knife skill are what she specializes in, she has been practicing with a bow and arrow, not trusting her self to use a gun, the sound being to loud to hear over and she fears hitting a comrade or worse, the carrier.
Power: Being blind has it's upsides, Ahsen's senses are extremely sharp and sensitive, her hearing, smell and touch are all advanced. It's even gone as far as improving her strength and speed allowing her to act quickly and move more effectively during combat.
Weakness: Being blind is an effective weakness. It has made her particularly bitter and somewhat of a hermit only speaking to certain people. But it hinders her fighting as well, when you can only hear what you fighting there's no telling exactly where it's coming from.
Bio: Having been born and raised in an era of the old days she was proper woman, being courted by a gentleman and looking forward to the prospect of marriage and a family. That all ended when an outing turned for the worst and she was caught in an accident that cost her her sight. Having lived for years in the dark, unable to see her family's faces, having to lose her courtier due to his shallowness of having a blind wife she felt as if her world meant nothing. It was during this time that she came in contact with the carrier of her time, being chased by the Maldito at the time she fended them off as best as could, the carrier promising her a reward. When found by the Crimson Guard she followed with no hesitation hoping for the miracle of regaining her eye sight, but after her vow, after her senses grew she was still left in the dark. She became bitter and kept to herself from than on til a single man befriended her, the only person she truly talks to who doesn't seem to see her blindness but only her instead. Although she has this one friend, she still does not look forward to spending the rest of her immortal life in the dark and that thought alone continues to make her bitter and cynical.[/color][/font] Edited by Knuckles' Girl
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[size="1"][b]Name:[/b] Geralt â??Iron Barsâ?? Boles
Age: [/b]35 (Joined in the 16th Century)
Sex:[/b] Male
Family:[/b] Crimson Guard
Appearance:[/b] Geralt stands at a height of 6â??2â?, he has deep burnt red hair, a red beard that he tries to keep trimmed. He looks fairly youthful and has only a single scar on the left side of his face only about four inches long. He has deep blue eyes and is fairly well built considering his profession requires he stays in particular shape. When in his regular clothes he likes to wear something red, usually a motorcycle jacket that has his family emblem on the back. Any t-shirt he can find and dark jeans.

His Guard uniform consists of a red leather jacket with white trim for the Guards colors, black pants and boots. He typically wears a button down shirt that he keeps tucked in.
Personality:[/b] Geralt has a very flamboyant personality, his voice is loud and his attitude could be considered immature with the way he acts around others, especially his brothers. He treats everything almost like a joke, never holding back his own thoughts from anyone around. He loves to tell stories; almost all of them consist of him and his brothers getting into some sort of trouble that usually starts with them getting drunk and then ends with them in some sort of trouble. He also had been described as needy and tends to annoy many people with the almost constant attention he needs. Only one person has ever has sat with and listen to his stories regularly, and that has affected him subtlety
Bio:[/b] Geralt is one of 10 boys, he is the oldest of the lot. Never having to set the example for them since every Boles brother developed their own personality. Geralt simply leads the pack, and they follow rather care freely, always raring for a fight and a good drink. Geralt was the first to take the vow, his marriage having fallen apart and his parents had been killed by unknown assailants. His father and given him his blade years before, passing it down to him so that he could become the head of the family. He had initially been content with his life, having given up the Boles traditional life of do what you want when you want to settle down with his wife and potential family on his mind.

His wife left him shortly after their first years of marriage, being swooned away by another man. His parents dying shortly afterward had made him crave answers for that incident. He found them shortly after accidently stumbling upon the carrier, being pursued by a member of the other family Geralt had managed to knock him out in one clean hit. The spirit spoke to him about his family, telling him of something he had done to his particular bloodline centuries ago. Geralt taking an interest then, finding the Guards shortly after and making his vow, his brother followed shortly afterwards.
Abilities/Powers:[/b] Geralt has the power over metal;able to manipulate its shape and more specifically he has the control of the molecules in metal that allows him to adjust the metals state. Whether it means changing it from a solid to a liquid, rapidly aging it into rust or making it as if it is brand new. The limit comes from his temper, the more angered he becomes the harder it becomes to actually use his power.
Weakness:[/b] Geralt suffers from a serious anger management problem. His temper can get the better of him and when it does he loses focus and becomes like an animal. Functioning on instinct only, which usually makes him easy to take advantage of.
Weapons:[/b] Geralt carries a double edge broadsword, the metal inlaid with a rare meteorite material that made the blade itself red. A gold plated support is through the middle of the blade, giving Geralt something else to manipulate.
Profession:[/b] Geralt is both a famous MMA fighter and an underground bare knuckles boxer. Since he is prone to violence he has proven to be very successful in his endevours, known for his on hit K.O.'s and his ability to endure any punishment in any fight.[/size] Edited by Dassem Ultor
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[b]Name[/b]: Alexander Sunyak
[b]Age[/b]: 13 Years of Age
[b]Sex[/b]: Male
[b]Family[/b]: Carrier

[b]Personality[/b]: For a growing boy, Alexander is still new to the world and always learning more about people around him and the culture he's been brought into. Somewhat of a technology prodigy, Alexander can be very useful with a computer and other electronical objects. Already learning from friends both in person and on the net about hacking and accessing personal information. Though years of staying inside has left Alexander somewhat sheltered, keeping to himself and not using his social skills to their maximum, the boy is shy and hesitates a lot when confronted and asked about himself. Alexander would like to be more active and hang out with his friends at school, but he's seen as somewhat of an oddball when he talk about computer topics instead of sports or the latest news, so he's not invited to a lot of events with his school friends.

[b]Bio[/b]: During the last change of carriers, the spirit went to the father of Alexander, but his life was lived short after his son was born. The Maldito family traced him within months of Alexander being born and was murdered one night during a bar fight with one of its members, the spirit fled hours before and hosted itself within the baby form of Alexander. At the age of two, Alexanders mother was killed, the Maldito family thinking she was the next in line for the spirit to flee to, but she was not of the original bloodline, that's when Alexander was placed in foster care and given a different last name thanks to the state. The hunt to find the baby boy seemed futile, and the spirit would not show its location, even to its protectors while it laid hidden as the child grew. The last of the original bloodline carrier now grows with a different last name attached to his body, the spirit taking the change to heal and rest before calling the Crimson Guards for assistance.

Alexander is an only child, that he knows of, and is an ward of the state, having no living parents since he was born. The boy has lived from one foster home to the next, always staying to himself, releasing the thought of living a normal life with a normal family, that was until his foster care taker gave the boy a laptop for his 8th birthday, then things changed for the better. Alexander was able to learn about backdoor gateways and hacking through some friends on the internet, enough so he was able to access personal bank accounts from people and the government, able to put it into a personal account of his own. Within time, the boy was able to purchase his own house downtown, and give a little money back to his foster care taker for the shelter and upbringing. Now that Alexander is 13 years old, he's mastered a lot of his computer skills while maintaining the illusion that he lives in a town home with parents who, as he claims, are always away for work.

Lately during his life, Alexander has wondered why he has trouble sleeping at night, images of past and foreign places to the boy seem to pop up at random, keeping the child from having a good nights rest. The images haunt the boy so much, scenes of death and running from one location to another, as if something were chasing him as well, or he was seeing the eyes of the ones being chased. Not every one of his dreams end badly, sometimes there are people who protect the running figure from harms way, Alexander sleeps well when he has one of those dreams. Lately though, when they boy is walking home from school, or sitting in class, or even getting undressed for sleep, he feels something eerie watching him. Almost as if they know what he's going to do before he can even finish his task at hand, Alexander has been locking the doors and windows of his home, and setting the security alarms every night for the past month as the feelings grew stronger and stronger.

[b]Abilities/Powers[/b]: Alexander is quite agile and flexible for his age, able to flip around without a worry and craw through tight spots in alleyways or air vents. He is also a speedy runner as well. Besides physical abilities, the boy is a master hacker on the computer, and carries around a lock picking set with him in his pocket, he likes to practice the first form of hacking little by little (lock picking) as a hobby. The power of the spirit is still hidden inside the boys body, as past carriers before him have yet to harness its internal power, the spirit is now fearful of those who hunt him, for this boys body is the last of the bloodline.

[b]Weapons[/b]: Alexander carries no weapon on his person.

[b]Profession[/b]: Alexander is a student in middle school, a B average student, but can advance grades above his own if he put more time into studying rather than playing on his computer.
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[b]Name: [/b][font="Courier New"][size="3"]Joshua Rodriguez [/size][/font]

[b] Age: [/b][font="Courier New"]26[/font] ( entered the family just this year.)

[b] Sex: [/b][font="Courier New"]M[/font]ale

[b] Family:[/b] [b]Maldito Family[/b]

[b] Appearance: [attachment=15155:xxx.png]

Personality: [/b][font="Courier New"]He is a very opinionated and defiant individual. He considers himself to be more than capable of doing anything by himself, and is angered when others help him when he thinks it is unessential. He is fairly intelligent, hard headed, and prideful to the point of narcissism. [/font]

[b] Occupation: [/b][font="Courier New"]Full time college student, former marine holding the rank or Corporal. He also works at a local shooting range during the mornings. [/font]
Bio: [/b][font="Courier New"]Joshua was a typical problem child. He was loved by his entire family and was a pleasure to be around... until he turned eleven. What his parents called "peer pressure" shaped his behavior during those years, leading to drug use, bad grades and even promiscuity with classmates of both genders. He was sent off to boot camp to correct his "evil" ways, then eventually joined a real enlistment service since it offered him freedom from his family. The Military was not more accepting in general, but at least he could live on his own.

The cost of this freedom was a trip overseas to Iraq where he was fought several armed insurrections. Bonding through the fear of death, as well as the heat of battle Joshua and a PVC: Matthiew Harper started seeing each other romantically, and eventually became very intimate.
[/font][font="Courier New"]
Several months later, Joshua was scheduled to take a task force into a suspicious house. He was forced to watch it for hours, waiting on the people inside to leave. After watching the door for four hours he began to see shadows running along the doors surface, as if portions of the wood had a slight grade of transparency. this continued for the next fifteen minutes. At that time the shadows were focused into shapes, then faces. He could eventually see the entire contents of the house when he stared at certain sections long enough. when he squinted his eyes, instead of losing vision he seemed to see a smaller portion of the world expanded, like in a telescope. only a low-opacity shell of a house hindered his vision of the situation. The entire place was full of suicide bombers, and the garage was packed with cars full of explosive equipment. He reported this to his superior officer, but was scalded for trying to encourage an assault without evidence. He did everything to con he could to convince him but never made any progress. fifteen minutes later two cars emerged. Joshua leapt into action sending rounds into the cars. He set off a chain reaction of explosions lighting up the sky and sending shrapnel everywhere including directly at him.

He suffered minor injuries to most of his body, but lost his left arm. He was no longer fit from the service and retired at 25, receiving a few metals as well as a good scholarship to any school he is accepted in. Currently he is attending the university of Phoenix, and taking advantage of online courses. He had never thought of returning home, but when his parents died in a mysterious "accident" He Was contacted about his family heritage. In his parents will, details about the Maldito family, as well as an invitation fell into his hands. Having little better to do, he decided to find out about the ancient family history, and eventually became drawn into it himself.

[/font][b]Abilities/Powers:[/b] [font="Courier New"]He has the ability to see exceptionally well, comparable to a telescopes range. He also has the ability to see light that is being obscured by solid objects, as well as immunity to bright lights. this means he can see through a wall if the lights are on on the other side, but not if they are off. He is also a fantastic shot, but because of his handicap he only can use low caliber pistols effectively. He is fantastic shape, and is intelligent enough to plan decent attack strategies, using military knowledge as well as natural talent.[/font]

[b]Weaknesses: [/b][font="Courier New"]after the incident in Iraq, he has held contempt for any figure of authority. He can be hostile to anyone issuing him orders. His arm is a handicap that is hard to overcome. if forced into combat, he would be useless against any trained physical fighter, unless he was able to shoot them. [/font]
Also as stated above, his eyes need light in order to see through objects, and if a wall is too thick (about half a meter) he won't be able to do it at all. Also he can only wield single handed weapons, and guns must have very low caliber in order to be accurate.

[b]Weapons[/b]: [font="Courier New"]Has a licensed concealable Glock 17C with extended magazines. This extremely low recoil gun is perfect for someone who cannot use another hand for balance. He also carries a Military grade 50 x 50 pair of binoculars, since they exponentially increase his vision, and his power eyesight doesn't increase when he uses digital Zoom (he can only see pixels with those)

[/font] Edited by SiCk CaNz
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[b]Let me know too please if anything needs to be changed.[/b]

[b]Name:[/b] Miss Anstice 'Anstey' Vadim
[b]True Name
for Magic Use:[/b] Valdis Ã?thelu Maldito

[b]Age:[/b] 25 (Living since the 13th Century)

[b]Sex:[/b] Female

[b]Family:[/b] The Maldito Family

[b]Appearance:[/b] [url="http://i53.tinypic.com/n48g1g.jpg"]Valdis summoning a new spirit[/url]
When dressed as a teacher, she looks the part of one. Constantly smiling, her blue eyes shining behind her long blonde hair.
Outside of her teacher's appearance, she usually loses her smile and some of her immortality shows through, revealing to the other family members the many centuries she has lived through. In times of battle, she also wears her Maldito robes although she has a modified pair that allows for quicker movement.

[b]Personality:[/b] To her students, Anstice or 'Anstey' as she asks them to call her, is the average art teacher. She always seems to see things differently from others and has a great imagination and love of art and teaching. She's always quick to smile and to encourage her students in the arts.

In her private life however, Valdis acts hardened and jaded. She's experienced many things in her long life and not much surprises her anymore. She mistrusts most people, including most of the Maldito family. She tends to use them sometimes though to gain information for her own ends. She keeps her own goals to herself and any information she finds out about the spirit. The only exception to this is Joshua. He is the only family member that she can confide in recently, despite his youth.

However, there are things that she keeps secret even from him. There are times also, when her 'Anstey' personality seems to shine through. But that is either an act to get other family members to get their guard down or her remembering her time with her husband.

[b]Occupation:[/b] Art Teacher

[b]Bio:[/b] Valdis was born into the Maldito family during 13th century England. She had no interest in her family's affairs, even at the age of 16. This was when she met her lover, a knight and not a noble, but she didn't care so she accepted his proposal and they were soon wed. Wanting to be with him forever, Valdis looked into magic. She spent many years, learning what she could in secret. Soon, at 25 she learned an immortality spell that could only be used once and never reversed. She didn't care however, since this one would grant both her and her lover eternal life as well as eternal youth.

Valdis later completed the ritual in secret, not telling her husband about her plans. Just as she finished the ritual, however, the castle came under attack. Her husband, who should have had eternal life, was cut down before her eyes. Taking her dagger with her, Valdis prepared to take her own life. There was no time however, so she just jumped from the tower. Her other family members leaving the castle and taking the research that she had studied with them.

Days later, she awoke unharmed and with no evidence of her fall. After days of wandering and wondering what had happened, Valdis finally found another family member. The elder member explained that any immortality spell would only work on the Maldito's family bloodline and not on those who were not a part of the family. Before her elder could ask her to duplicate the spell, she took his life in her rage, gathering up what she could find about the Maldito family and running off.

Valdis has spent many years hunting for any information about the spirit and any Maldito knowledge. Outside of this, she has only shown an interest in art. She has even modeled for some of the great masters over the years and now she has even seen them become turtles in a children's show.

She has now had another family member forge the information that she needs and is living as Anstice Vadim, an art teacher at a local middle school. Her hunt is still ongoing for the spirit that she needs for her final spell.

[b]Abilities/Powers:[/b] Maldito magic. This varies and dips into both Eastern and Western magics since the Maldito family traveled all over the world and Valdis has added new spells over the centuries. Besides an emergency spell which she uses by an incantation, she can only cast any spell if she paints it. However once the portrait is painted she can summon the dead from her paintings and give them a form to fight for her. Depending on the spirit, she also gains one attack spell to replace her emergency spell, still being able to use an incantation to use it instead of a paintbrush.

[b]Weakness:[/b] Base metals are Valdis' primary weakness, although destroying her canvas will dispel the spell as well. Also, if she uses too much magic she must eat more before she loses her abilities completely. Because of this, she has hunted many of her own family to gather up magic energy. In times of emergencies, she must prepare a 'food' spell that will allow her to keep some magic energy.

Besides this, she can be a shy person, but her newest identity as an art teacher is helping her overcome that. She almost wishes she could forget about everything and just stay as Anstice, but she has to fight against those thoughts and remind herself that obtaining the spirit would lead to an even better life.

[b]Weapons:[/b] Anstice chooses to rely on her magic as a weapon. She keeps one dagger, but only for rituals and mostly as a keepsake since it was a gift from her late husband. Edited by Lilt
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Awesome auditions guys, looks like we're set to start this. If anyone else wishes to join, please feel free to do so, the more the merrier! I'll be starting this later this evening/early in the morning after work tonight. Glad to see this brought such attention, can't wait to start!
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[quote name='Knuckles' Girl' timestamp='1308872458' post='708107']
[font="Comic Sans MS"][color="#000080"]Drittz! OMG Been a long time! Good to see you back and in action my friend! Good to have you back![/color][/font]

Its great to finally have a real chance to be back KG, I'm looking forward to getting back to the swing of things.

Name: Soranno Milkens

Age: 26 (Joined the crimson guard 8 years ago)

Appearance: [media]http://http://i294.photobucket.com/albums/mm93/CrazyDreamerGirl/AnimeSwordsman.jpg[/media]

Sex: Male

Family: Crimson Guard

Personality: Soranno chooses to live life as he does for the same reason he choose to seek out the crimson guard, the sheer beauty of the world. He embraces the world, even the negatives, with a type of optimism and innocence a child possesses. He's typically found lost in his thoughts, examining the smallest details and taking in the beauty. He believes strongly in the preservation of the spirits life and secret and fights relentlessly to protect it, the only things he fights for in life are his allies and the spirit.

Occupation: Though a career as a clown would likely suit him better, Sorrano choose to work as a computer programmer. He now works on software for the various gadgets and gizmos the crimison guard use in their daily funcitions.

Powers: Sorrano has the ability to manipulate the energy flow within his body. He can take life energy from his arms and pump it into his legs giving him a sudden burst of inhuman speed, consequently the rest of his body cannot react to these bursts so he is unable to alter his course or adjust his sword blow making him incredibly vunerable to the slightest deterance in his course. In reverse he can take the energy from his legs into his arms for a stronger faster, single, sword swing.

Weakness: Besides the action reaction downside to his powers, they take a moment to prepare and as a result they are almost useless in constant close quarters combat. Sorrano's biggest weakness is his carefree nature, he tends to project an aire that he does not care or take anything seriously. This nature has caused him trust over the years with people he's loved not taking him seriously.

Weapons: Taking advantage of his power, Sorrano does not use any firearms. His power has always, since he discovered it on his 16th birthday, given him the option of closing gaps quickly in combat or giving him an out when needed, so he choose to train in the use of the katana. He is working on a technique in which pumping energy into one arm allows him to whirl a weighted throwing knife at amazing speeds.

Bio: Orphaned at a young age, Sorrano went through his adolescent years bouncing from foster home to foster home. It was during those years he began noticing the true beauty of the world around him. That awareness kept him from slipping in an endless depression that threatened to consume him.

At the age of 16 a bully at a new school targeted Sorrano due to his happy go lucky and carefree attitude. During a particularly brutal confrontation Sorrano choose to fight back, his first punch didn't budge the bully and he was met with a kick to the stomach that threatened to bring his lunch back. The blow also cleared his mind and focused all his thoughts on landing a devestating blow of his own. The kids that watched on talked for weeks about how it seemed his arm grew as he thrust his fist at the bully, the principal that expelled him swore the doctors said the blow would have killed the boy if Sorrano's legs didn't buckle as if he'd never stood on them.

The next two years found Sorrano alone on the streets since no foster parents wouuld agree to take him. He began to learn how to harness his powers, and some control was gained.

A few weeks before his 18th birthday Sorrano watched on a scuffle as two groups of people, who were way to skilled to be just normal street gangs, turned deadly. The ones who survived celebrated, and he heard something about the name Maldito. Searching the name on the internet brought him a history, more of a fictional story, of greed power and corruption. Intrigued he searched farther, finding stories of a great fued between the Maldito's and an unnamed group.

He was amazed to only see a few sites with information about the family, as the librarian called for everyone using the public computers to log off since the day was almost over, Sorrano caught a glimpse of a picture. It was a painting of a woman supposedly battling the group, he left the library thinking he was crazy but he swore one of the fighters was the same woman in that painting, dated 1815.

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