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The Aurors: Rise of The Heretics

P.J. McKrafty

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I donâ??t know exactly what happened that night. No one really does. We moved back and forth between triumph and utter destruction, like a wicked pendulum. The last thing anyone can recall, that has any true merit to it is this â?? Voldemort marched on Hogwarts with the â??Boy who Livedâ?? in tow, except this time he didnâ??t escape with only a scar. No, this time he was dead, sprawled in Hagridâ??s arms like a doll.

But then it happened, fast and chaotic, spells flying everywhere, green intermingled with red, a sword flashed, a snake hissed its last breath, and the â??Boy who Livedâ?? disappeared. Some would say later that he leapt from Hagridâ??s arms and then disappeared with only a cursory glint of silver from what was rumored to be an invisibility cloak.

The battle continued, Death Eaters versus students and the foolish few who had come to defend the hallowed grounds of Hogwarts. It seemed like the tide was slowing turning, like the battle might be won by the students. As I made my way into the Great Hall, into the epicenter of the fight, I saw it. Voldemort was fighting Harry, one on one, their two wands flashing brilliantly as they struggled for their lives. Harry suddenly made a feint, and then physically launched himself towards the Dark Lord. Latching onto his robes, Voldemort screech as the two figures melded into one and spun in on themselves, apparating from the spot.

Death Eaters and students fell eerily quit as their figureheads disappeared. They was a tense moment of silence, then the foundations of the school themselves shook. There was bloodcurdling scream and a wave of green light. Students and Death Eaters alike began falling, the life in their eyes going out.

No one remembers much of anything after that. Screams. Flashes. Pure horror. As far as I know, no one escaped â?? no one but me. And now Iâ??m hidden, away from you, away from him, away from the world. I alone know how he has become what he is today, but there is no way for me to tell. If I do he will find me, find me and kill me. Iâ??m risking everything just sending this. Hopefully you find me before he does.


-Neville Longbottom, July 5th, 2005


He turned to face us, his red close cropped hair flaring in the dim lighting. His left hand subconsciously checked right sleeve of his robe which was pinned against his side, hiding his lost right arm, before coming to a rest on the table.

[b]â??We received this message two days ago,â?[/b] he sighed, his long years weighing heavily on him. Despite his age of a mere 29, he looked more around 40. The obvious toll of his life did make him a commanding presence, however, and everyone in the room sat up a little straighter as he turned.

[b]â??Until that day, I had thought I was the only one who survived that battle,â?[/b] the commander continued. [b]â??Apparently I was wrong. Longbottom survived, and knows something that we can use.â?[/b]

[b]â??Mr. Weasley, are you sure thereâ??s a chance that Longbottom is still alive? This isnâ??t a trap?â?[/b] someone in the back chimed. There was a moment of silence as everyone waited for the commander to respond.

[b]â??There is,â?[/b] Weasley started slowly, [b]â??but thatâ??s a chance we have to take. Any information that we can use at this point is our only bet. Otherwise, we might as well just wait for Him to come kill us, because God knows weâ??re losing this war. And weâ??re losing badly.â?[/b] There was another moment of silence as the commander let the reality of his words sunk in.

[b]â??Iâ??m sending in a team of international Aurors to investigate this. Those of you going have already been informed. You are the best from your respective countries and now itâ??s time to prove it. You will start at the source, the Hogwarts ruins, and continue from there, hopefully following the trail of Longbottom.

â??I am the sole remaining member of my family line,â?[/b] Percy Weasley said, his tone turning somber, [b]â??but I do not wish to be the last. What you Aurors do on this mission might well determine the fate of all those who oppose him. Our hopes go with you.â?[/b]


This story is an AU where the Battle of Hogwarts did not end well. There are no survivors of the battle (save for Percy and Neville) and Voldemort has not been seen publically since. However, his influence has been felt â?? he now controls the British Isles save for a few pockets of resistance and his influence in rapidly spreading over the globe. The International Magic Union, a loosely formed coalition of Aurors and rebels from around the world based out of Iceland, is the last remaining opposition to total take over.

You are one of the members of the squad tasked to find Longbottom. The fate of the Wizarding World, if not the whole world entirely, rests upon you.


[b]Age:[/b] I want people to be established Aurors. At an extreme I would go twenty-three, but I am looking for a more mature and skilled group.
[b]Nationality:[/b] Anywhere but Britain
[b]Physical Description:[/b] Realistic picture (meaning no anime or sprites) or a detailed description. Keep in mind that we are an underground group so our clothes would be more Muggle than wizard.
[b]Wand Description:[/b] Wood, Core, length, and all around appearance.
[b]Skills:[/b] Tell us what skills make you an asset to the team.
[b]Writing Sample:[/b] Demonstrate your writing skills, just give us a glimpse of your character as a person and a bit of their past.

My sign-up will follow after I see some interest. I will post a backstage soon, with a timeline of events and where you can ask all the questions your hearts desire. And a special Thanks to Makurayami for co-producing this with me and setting up the back story. Edited by P.J. McKrafty
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Reserving a spot here for my character bio, I'll probably have it up tomorrow.

Nice to see you gave me credit for the intro :sly: [i][b]EDIT:[/b] Haha, I was kidding bro, but thanks anyways.[/i]

I'll start dumping info into the backstage too so that we are all on the same page.


[b]Name:[/b] عÙ?Ù?Ù? Ù?Ø­Ù?د بÙ?ر (Akil Mohamed Bakr)
[b]Age:[/b] 30
[b]Nationality:[/b] Saudi-Arabian
[b]Physical Description: [/b]
Akil keeps his hair and beard short. His complexion is moderately dark and his hair borderlines on black and brown. His eyes are a deep chocolate brown. He stands about 5'10" and is moderately built, enough so he has a fair bit of muscle, but not to the point of being called bulky. Akil likes to dress nicer, but when in the field he understands the need to discreetness. Typical wear for him in the field usually includes jeans and a collared polo. However, his blazer jacket is always over the polo. He also wears a pair of non-discreet, plain black dress shoes.
[b]Personality:[/b] Akil places high value on all that is in his life, especially his friends. He is well educated and speaks well, his voice carrying a rich melody to it tinted with his slight accent. Many find themselves gravitating to Akil when he speaks. Akil will always try reason first when faced with most problems excepted when being when faced with physical threat. When this occurs, Akil will reaction instinctively and with full force.

[b]Wand Description:[/b] Common Spike-thorn shaft, Roc feather core, 11 1/2 inches, sturdy.
[b]Skills:[/b] Akil is a strong communicator, so much so that he was at one time employed as a hostage negotiator. Akil tends to carry a small supply of magical items (such as Peruvian Instant Darkness Powder and a Sneakoscope) in a pocket of his blazer that has been treated with a slight Undetectable Extension Charm.

[b]Writing Sample:[/b]
Eleven-year-old Akil squirmed slightly in his blazer jacket as his father prepared the Floo Powder. Even after six years, the high quality clothing that his parents clothes clothes him in caused him some discomfort. Ghanim Haydar Mohamed Bakr turned to his son and the family's fireplace with a bowl of the silver powder and smiled as he caught him squirming.

"Akil, one day you will appreciate the clothing me and your mother put you in," he boomed in his typical commanding presence. Ghanim wasn't trying to be stern, but as a successful businessman he was unable to adjust his voice to any other level.

"Well I wish that day would come soon, insha'Allah," Akil replied, a coy smile crossing his lips. Ghanim's eyes twinkled and he ruffled Akil's hair. Six years ago Ghanim would of thought that moments like this would be impossible - his wife had received the unfortunate news that she was barren. As they had traveled home, taking the time to travel through the Muggle part of the city as opposed to the instantaneous apparition, they had come upon a small boy huddle in a box. His eyes were sunk and his body carried the marks of malnutrition and slight starvation. Overcome with pity, the family immediately took the boy home. They came to find that he called himself Akil. Years passed and Akil became a part of Ghanim's and his wife's life as if he really were his biological son.

"Well," Ghanim asked, "are you ready? Big day, the day you get your wand!" Akil's eyes lit up and he nodded rapidly. Ghanim smiled and tossed a handful of Floo Powder into the fireplace.

--YEARS LATER ~sometime in the year 2000

Akil squinted through the light as the desert sun beat down on him. He adjusted his sunglasses and turned to face Sam, his American partner on this mission. A group of American Muggles had been taken captive by an extremist group in this particularly barren region of Afghanistan. Typically, this would be a situation for the Muggle authorities, but there was a problem preventing that - the extremist group in question was a group of wizards. The American wizards back in the states were running interference to give Akil enough time to find the hostages without the threat of exposing the wizarding world. Akil had been volunteered by the Saudi-Arabian wizarding government to help due to his reputation as a skilled auror and hostage negotiator.

"****, we there yet?" Sam swore as he walked a few step. The duo had been apparating through the desert, searching the area then apparating again and repeating the process. Usually extremist hid in the mountains of the country, but the wizarding kind had access to magic that enabled them to fair better in the scorching desert then their Muggle brethren.

"Should be soon," Akil replied. "I think this is the last region we have yet to fully-" Akil stopped suddenly as his took a step forward the the world in front of him shifted. Suddenly his view changed from the desert to a small gathering of four crudely constructed huts. Akil had just enough time to register the badly done concealment charm before the end of a wand was in his face.

".Ø´Ù?ا Ú?Ù? کساÙ?Û? Ù?ستÙ?دØ? Ù?اÙ? Ø´Ù?ا Ú?Ù? استØ? دÙ?Ù?ت Ù?دف Ø®Ù?د را Ù? Û?ا Ù?رد کافر"

"What the heck does all that Arabic mean?" Sam whispered as a wand was pointed in his direction by another extremest coming out of the hut.

"It's Farsi," Akil corrected him with a chuckle, "though I do speak Arabic to. He basically wants to know why we're here." Akil faced the extremist and held his hands up to show he was unarmed. "Ù?ا [i]aurors[/i]. Ø´Ù?ا باÛ?د درست دÙ? دÙ?Û?Ù?Ù? Ù?بÙ? از استفادÙ? از زÙ?ر براÛ? تسÙ?Û?Ù? Ù?Ø´Ù?Ú¯."

"Did you tell him two minutes?" Sam whispered, grinning a little.

"Yes, just as we planned. Get ready for it," Akil murmured. Talking the the extremist again, Akil began talking, his rich voice carrying over the terrorist. "در حاÙ? حاضر Ú¯Ù?Ø´ دادÙ? Ø? Ø´Ù?ا Ù?Ù?Û? Ø®Ù?اÙ?Û?د بÙ? اÙ?جاÙ? Ù?ر Ú?Û?زÛ? شدÛ?د. Ù?ا Ù?Û? تÙ?اÙ?Û?Ù? از اÛ?Ù? Ù?ساÙ?Ù?ت Ø¢Ù?Û?ز Ø­Ù? Ù? فصÙ?. درست کردÙ? Ù?ضع [i]wands[/i] Ø®Ù?د Ù? اجازÙ? دÙ?Û?د Ù?ا را ترک با Ù?Ø´Ù?Ú¯. سادگÛ? است." The extremist processed the sentence for a moment, then turned slightly to consult his cohorts. That slight movement was all the opening Akil needed. He turned on the spot and instantly apparated, reappearing only a few feet from his former position in the center of the huts. Sam performed the same maneuver, expect when he reappeared he began firing stun spells. Akil's eyes raked the small openings of the huts before seeing a slight flicker in the second one. He turned on the spot again and apparated into the interior of the hut.

Appearing inside in a small opening he saw, Akil snapped his arm downward as he reappeared, moving his wand into his hand. "Protego! Protego!" Shields erupted around Akil and a small group of six Muggles that he had spotted through the opening previously. The lone sentry that he knew would be there had raised his wand and was casting a spell as the shields formed.

"Incendio!" he yelled. If the sentry had been a second faster, he might of lit off the spell before Akil cast the shields. Now, the sentry had only enough time to register his fatal mistake. Flames leapt from the extremist's wand and engulfed the small room. Akil watched as his shields rebounded the fire and flew at the extremist, charing him to a pile of smolder bone. The Muggles watched in horror as the fire killed their captor, but did nothing to them. Akil sighed thinking of the memory charms he would have to produce later. They would have to be pretty powerful.

"Clear!" came Sam's shout as Akil waved his wand and disengaged the Shield Charms. He dusted himself off slightly, then walked out of the hut, leading the terrified Muggles inside. Outside, the ground was littered with four bodies of the religious zealots that had comprised the group. Akil shook his head.

"Well, that's that I suppose. Let's get ready to go. You can mark this place for the clean-up crew to come find." Akil reached into his enchanted blazer pocket and pulled out a long piece of rope that had eightl loops tied into it. He placed it on the ground and looked at the Muggles who were only now starting to make their way out of the hut. Sam pointed his wand at the ground, showering a small area with blue sparks that disappeared after twinkling for a few seconds.

"I know this is very confusing, but please bear with us," Akil said, smiling as he spoke. "I need each of you to take a hold of this rope. A..um, helicopter is on its way and will pick you up by this rope." The Muggles looked skeptical, but one by one gripped a loop, probably figuring that anywhere was better then their current position. Akil smiled reassuringly and nodded to Sam, who also took hold of one of the loops. Akil grabbed the final loop and the rope began to glow faintly. One of the Muggles cried out in shock, but before any of them had time to react the Port Key activated and took all six of the Muggles and the two wizards away from the dead extremists' base. Edited by Makurayami
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[font="Book Antiqua"][size="2"][b]Name:[/b]Anselmo Cidolfus "Cid" Lucientes
[b]Age:[/b] 30
[b]Nationality:[/b] Spanish
[b]Physical Description:[/b] Cid has a tall, slender figure, standing at 6'3''. His skin is a light brown color, and he has friendly, albeit narrow and fox-like features. His shaggy brown hair sometimes falls over his heterochromatic eyes, which are mostly auburn with golden rings around the pupil. He sports a rough and short beard with a matching mustache that never seems to get any longer. Although his body is thoroughly scarred from years of abuse from his father and battles against Death Eaters, the only visible scars are on his knuckles, where he was rapped on as a child for 'misbehaving'.

Dress-wise, Cid usually wears an outfit comprised of a white button up dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up, a dark grey sweater vest pulled over it, black slacks and black dress shoes.
Personality: [/b]Cid is a calm, well spoken man with a good-natured disposition. After years of rigidness and contempt from his father, Cid dedicated himself to being the antithesis of everything his father stood for. Since his father was cruel, self serving, arrogant and cold, Cid became friendly, loyal, trusting and nurturing, often attempting to take care of the Aurors whenever possible. He's also developed quite a humorous personality over the years as a defense against hardship, so he often comes across as being somewhat aloof due to the way he attempts to smile away his troubles.
Wand Description:[/b] Elder, Phoenix, 12 inches, and very rigid. This wand is unique, one of the few made from elder wood and that possess phoenix feathers. As such, the wand is an heirloom, passed down along the Lucientes family line when a member of the family proved him or herself worthy. The wand had recently belonged to his father, Ignacio, who had a falling out with his son when Cid refused to join the death eaters, but the wand rejected Ignacio in a duel between the two of them, and is now in Cid's possession. The wand has a lacquered, plain, six inched hilt, and the rest of the wand is simple as well, narrowing slightly as it goes toward the tip. The wand is particularly powerful when it comes to defending against spells, as well as counter charms and counter curses.
Skills:[/b] Cid is a skilled dueler, having been challenged many times by his father once he was of age. However, Cid's personal talent lies in healing others through crafting potions, as well as having a mastery of counter-charms, curses and hexes. He is also a Parselmouth, as is everyone in his family. His patronus takes the shape of an Iberian Lynx.

[b]Writing Sample:[/b]

[i]5 Years Ago...[/i]

[b]"Accio bezoar!" [/b]Cid cried, and with a flick of his wrist the bezoar came rocketing out of his jacket pocket and into his hand. Allowing his hands to enter into autopilot and prepare the potion on their own, he took a moment to appreciate the veritable panacea. Bezoars alone could cure basically every form of poison, but combined with mandrake and mixed into the brew he was preparing its effects would be enhanced dramatically. [i]Esperamos que...esto sera suficiente, [/i]he thought mournfully as he looked down at his patient, a young twenty-something year old witch who had made herself a target by openly insulting the Death Eaters. From the convulsions he could tell they had, repeatedly, cast the cruciatus curse on her. Although at first glance it appeared as if she had been driven insane by the assault, Cid had discovered that she had most likely been confunded, as she was expressing coherent thoughts, simply in a jumbled manner, and she continuously was forced to grab the table she was on for balance.

[b]"Please, wait only a moment longer," [/b]he pleaded softly, despite knowing that there was a chance that this potion would only momentarily alleviate her ailments. Even worse, she had not been alone. Strapped to the other pieces of furniture in his newly appointed 'office' were the woman's comrades, who were all suffering from their own problems. On the nearest table to his right was a man who had, judging by his wounds, been forced to sit still, no doubt from an imperius curse, as the Death Eaters cast incendio on him. On one chair on the opposite side of the room was a young girl who had been forced to apparate until she splinched a number of times and a young man who had been forced to join the Death Eaters and cast curses on his friends.

[b]"I'm so sorry... Please God, I'm so sorry... Please..." [/b]was all he repeated time and time again. Cid had been forced to bind the young man to that chair to keep him from hysterically trying to grab his friends and hold them in his arms. Cid quickly mixed his potion and served it to his 'patients', save for the hysterical young man, who Cid simply put to sleep now that he had the free time and clarity of thought. He looked at the man for one long second, and then aimed his wand at him.

[b]"Obliviate," [/b]he muttered under his breath, before turning on the others and casting the spell as well. He altered their memories to believe that the young man had saved them from the Death Eaters, as well as tricking the young man in specific into believing he was good with potions, so that when he awoke he would be able to use the supplies Cid left behind to continue tending to his allies. Feeling he had done all he could for them, Cid prepared to apparate away when he heard the faintest of creaks from the hallway outside of the door. Although Cid had cast a protection charm on the door, he had done so hastily, and a powerful enough spell would be able to easily overcome his charm. Unwilling to give what was likely an assailant the chance to hurt his patients any further, he raised he wand toward the door.

[b]"Confringo!" [/b]He cried as he forcefully flicked his wrist at the door, causing it to explode violently. Without missing a beat he rushed for the now gaping exit and fired off another blasting spell down the hallway, which narrowly missed his opponent as they fled from the stairway. Cid chased after, stopping at the bottom of the stairs before a green wave launched through the doorway to the right and collided with the wall. The door of the house slammed shut shortly afterward. Fearing the Death Eater would relay information about the house to his allies Cid apparated outside, and managed to skillfully raise his wand in defense as another spell was directed to the spot he reappeared in. A familiar voice taunted Cid from within his black cloak.

[b]"[/b][b]Veo que mi hijo todavía malgasta su vida cuidando de [/b][b]otros,"[/b] came the sneering voice of a man Cid had vowed to kill since childhood. Cid gripped his wand tighter as he responded.

[b]"[/b][b]Y yo veo un hombre que ha malgastado toda su vida para nada, y que ahora se malgastar[/b][color="#2F2F2F"][b]á[/b][/color][b] [/b][b]a sí mismo,"[/b] he replied with contempt as he readied his wand at his father. Ignacio lowered his hood and smiled at his son. He was much bigger than his son, standing at 6'6'' and weighing easily a hundred pounds more than him. His jaw was set and stubborn, and his eyes blazed with insurmountable ego. Indeed, his ego seemed to reek from every inch of his figure-- his broad chest, his haughty stance and even his wand, stylized to appear as a miniature rapier screamed of a man who believed himself the next incarnation of the conquistadors. And it was precisely this aura of arrogance that caused Cid to seethe with hatred.

[b]"Non sono venuto a combattere," [/b]Ignacio said calmly, switching from Spanish to Italian. Ignacio had barely finished his sentence when, like lightning, Cid had drawn his his wand and cast the cruciatus curse at his father, who deflected the spell with a powerful wave. Cid shook violently as his anger escalated.

[b]"[/b][b]Cómo te[/b][b] [/b][b]atreves hablar[/b][b] [/b][b]italiano[/b][b] a[/b][b] mí!" [/b]He roared at his father. Italian was his mother's language. Ignacio had no right. No right. Ignacio smirked and shrugged his shoulders.

[b]"If you're going to be such a child about it, perhaps I should simply speak to you en Ingles, Anselmo," [/b]Ignacio said with a condescending wink. Cid ignored him, too busy scolding himself for giving in to his anger and using an Unforgivable Curse.

[b]"Whatever suits your purposes. If you are not here to fight, then why are you here?" [/b]Cid spat through clenched teeth. Ignacio's smile widened as he produced a wand from his pocket. He took a moment to look over it before tossing it at Cid's feet. He then repeated the action, this time drawing three wands which he casually cast aside.

[b]"You have been busy, my son. Killing four Death Eaters in one day is no easy feat. I am truly proud of you," [/b]Ignacio boasted, opening his arms wide as if to embrace his son. Cid took a deep breath and aimed his wand at his father again.

[b]"How... sweet. But I assure you, that was not my intention. Reducto," [/b]he growled, deftly arching his arm up and then bringing it down right as a bright flash emanated from the end of his wand, reducing the pile of wands to a pile of ash. He shoved the ball of his heel into the remains and ground them around.

[b]"Ahora digame que tu quieres, o voy a matarte," [/b]Cid said coldly assuming a dueling position. Ignacio nodded, flashing a full, proud smile.

[b]"Then allow me to cut to the chase. I want you by my side, and so does the Dark Lord. You have done the Dark Lord a great service by eliminating those who are unworthy of acting as the Dark Lord's conquerors. And you have proven yourself more than capable. You would make a Death Eater whose name would strike fear into all the wizarding world," [/b]he boomed, finishing his sentence with a grand sweeping motion. [b]

"But," [/b]he continued, turning to face the building containing the recovering wizards and witches, [b]"you will have to man up. To be a Death Eater is to be a warrior, not a nurse. Fiendfyre!" "Stupefy!" [/b]Cid's spell came a second to late, and although it successfully connected and knocked Ignacio unconscious, the fiendfyre spell found its mark and began ravaging the house. Cid ran past his father and frantically swung his wand at the house.

[b]"Aguamenti! Finite incantatem! Recanto!" [/b]Despite his best efforts, the fire continued to consume the house. Cid could hear the screams from the people inside, and his blood boiled again. He spun towards his still stunned father and thrust his wand toward him.

[b]"Rennervate!" [/b]Ignacio sprung out of his stupor and jumped back to his feet. Cid kept his wand aimed at his father's chest and pointed to the house with the other hand.

[b]"Paralo ahora!" [/b]He demanded. His father straightened himself out and pointed his weapon at his son.

[b]"Esto es lo que necesitas hijo. Crucio!" [/b]Cid deflected the spell and countered with his own.

[b]"Imperio!" [/b]He cried with a flick, but his father managed to block it as well, though not before taunting him.

[b]"Ah! A clever plan my son! If I will not do as you say, force me to, ey? Incendio!"
[b]"Protego! Relashio!"
[b]"Sectum sempra!" [/b]Cid was forced to roll out of the direct path of that spell, being unfamiliar with it and thus unable to provide a counter spell. He made a quick mental note of the spell name as it was fired past him again, this time catching his arm right as he dove behind a wall.

[b]"Mierda!" [/b]Cid screamed, grabbing his now gashed and bleeding arm. He fought past the pain and rummaged through his enchanted pocket for a dittany. As soon as he had it he went to work on his am.

[b]"Vulnera sanentur... vulnera sanentur... vulnera sanentur... mierda!" [/b]He screamed again as he poured the dittany on his wound to finish healing it. His father's voice echoed from around the corner.

[b]"Pain is good for a man, hijo! You will be fine!" [/b]He punctuated the sentence with a hearty laugh. Cid scrambled to his feet and rounded the corner to face his father again.

[b]"Que te jodan! I will be fine once you are dead. And not a minute sooner. Puedes pudrirse en el infierno! Expelliarmus!" [/b]The spell surprised Ignacio, who was unable to prevent his wand from rocketing away. Cid smiled and slowly approached his father.

[b]"Any last words?" [/b]He stated confidently. Ignacio looked back at his wand for one long moment before reaching into his robe.

[b]"Yes. Voy a matarte para que nadie más lo hará." [/b]With that final sentiment, he drew another wand, this one having a plain and simple design, but resonating with power. Cid swallowed nervously. That wand was his family heirloom, a powerful and rare weapon with amazing magical power. Ignacio had murdered his father for it, and only unsheathed the wand when he wanted to demoralize or torture his opponents. Undoubtedly, his father was aiming for both now.

[b]"Dios mio..." [/b]Cid muttered. Father and son assumed dueling positions again, a heavy tension set between them. His father's arrogance had been replaced entirely with malice and embittered disappointment. Ignacio spit on the ground and exhaled heavily.

[b]"Uno... dos... tres! Avada Kedavra!" "Expulso!" [/b]The spells connected in midair as a collision of green and white swirls before dispersing into the air.

[b]"Avada Kedavra!" "Avada Kedavra!" [/b]The effect was even more magnificent this time. Two plumes of green flames wrapped around one another and chaotically clashed, raining sparks onto the ground before erupting like fireworks. Cid sighed sharply. He was lucky to have survived two killing curses in a row, but having used one himself made him sick. Cid only used the spell when necessary, and even then it was normally fairly weak, as he was unable to summon the rage needed to power the spell. For once in his life he had felt the anger needed to fuel the magic and it left him feeling disgusted with himself. It had, however, delighted his father.

[b]"Ah ha, sabía que lo tenía--" "Petrificus totalus!" [/b]Cid screamed, taking advantage of his father's ceasefire. His father's arms and legs snapped against his sides and he plummeted to the ground. Cid had no time to celebrate his victory though; the fiendfyre had entirely ravaged not only the original house but several others, creating a ring of insurmountable flame around the two of them. But now that Ignacio was petrified, the fire was raging out of control and was burning dangerously close to the pair. Cid pocketed his wand and ran over to the family heirloom. As he picked it up he was temporarily taken aback at how natural it felt in his hand, as if it was made for him. He shook away the feeling and ran back over to his father.

[b]"Imperio." [/b]He stated deliberately, hoping in this case focused intent could replace malintent. Luckily, the spell worked, because Ignacio's eyes immediately clouded over. Cid released Ignacio from his petrification and coldly gave his father his commands.

[b]"Coge tu [/b][b]varita mágica y contener el fuego. Deje que el fuego se queme hasta que un 'ashwinder' aparece... y entonces permitas que te consume. Oh, and... requiescat in pace." [/b]And without another look at his father he apparated away, leaving him to his fate.[/size][/font] Edited by Vongola
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Count me in for this one, sounds like an interesting Au game!

[b]Name:[/b] James Anthony Heartwell

[b]Age:[/b] 31 Years of Age

[b]Nationality:[/b] Southern Texan, United States

[b]Physical Description:[/b] [url="http://i194.photobucket.com/albums/z154/ookami06/stump__fighter_v2_0_by_nmrosario-d3epvxl.jpg"]James[/url] Standing at a solid 5 foot 9 at 230 pounds of solid muscle, the man is very active in his survival and magical training. Brown hair to compliment his grey eye sheen, his bulky physique is matched only by his sharp mental thinking. With Irish blood mixed with his Southern upbringing, its no wonder his physical appearance is bulky and hairy, just like his father and his father's father before him.

When out in the muggel world, he usually wears a black fleece hoodie with his gym shorts, his hood draping over his head to add to the shadow over his facial features. There will be days the man wears a pair of dark blue denim jeans when going out, always having his wallet and mobile on his persons as well. But, he always keeps his wand tucked away in his right sleeve in case of immediate action against a random death eater that might be in the area.

[b]Personality:[/b] Hard and to the point. It's the best way to describe James in a phrase, for his years of experience and former teaching technique in countering the Dark Arts, James has seen his fair share of curse usage with enemies and friends alike. A team player with others, but usually likes to work on his own to figure out his own problems. But, a helping hand here and there troubles the man not. Many believe James is mean natured at heart, but with his years of fighting Death eaters and keeping dark forces at bay with his friends and colleagues, its not much of a surprise he would show his cold shoulder to everyone who hasn't experienced the battles he has.

[b]Wand Description:[/b] [url="http://i194.photobucket.com/albums/z154/ookami06/3004.jpg"]James' Wand[/url]
Wood: Chattered Blackwood
Core: Unicorn Tail Hair
Length: 10 inch.
Handle: [font="Verdana"][size="2"][color="#282828"]Spiral Carved Blackwood[/color][/size][/font]

[b]Skills:[/b] James is an offensive combatants, strong willed and very maneuverable with his casting against a strong enemy. His most resourceful spells are those that pushes and sends his enemies flying many feet away, to those that can cause bodily harm such as elemental fire and lightning spells. His quick speed for countering surprises his enemies with the mass of his build, expecting the man to be slower than the other wizards who were much lighter, how such thinking became their downfall.

James is quick to work on his feet as well, feeling the need to keep a solitary stance would leave him wide opened to be countered and taken down by his enemy. He was a former teacher and overseer of those who practiced Defense against the Dark arts at the Salem Witches Institute in Salem, Massachusetts. His numerous battles against Death eaters has made a name for the man around the states. The American Magical Governmnet knows of his uses of the Unfogivable curses to destroy their enemies, but for their mission of keeping their own kind along with the muggle society safe, he is permitted as an Auror to use the Unforgivable curse when needed.

[b]Writing Sample:[/b]

The nightlife in Dallas was lively to say the least, the weekend had come for many long awaiting citizens of the city to enjoy their time off from working the day away and now they had the change to relax. In the heart of Dallas, two lovers walked with their arms laced together, finishing with their hands as they waited patiently at the edge of the sidewalk to cross to the other side towards their destination.

"Becky, would you like to grab something to eat?" The young man asked as he peered down at the lovely brunette haired girl. She blushed slightly at the thought, but was more enticed with being with her crush at the moment, so close together.

"I'm ready to eat whenever you ar-AHHH" She screamed before the sentence could be completed, a tall, dark cloaked figure ran past the two lovers, pushing them aside as they hit the ground. He continued to run as spectators looked at the young couple on the floor collecting themselves. The figure turned his head slightly as he ran, the shine of his silver mask glistened quickly before he turned to face forward. The young man scooted closer to the girl who sat on her bottom.

"Becky!!! Are you alright?? Here, let me hel..." Another quick bodied figure interrupted the boy, but instead of colliding with the two again, he merely flipped over them and continued his pace to chase after his target. Only being a couple of inches shorter and more bulky, the man was on a mission and was hunting for human life that night, or to be more clerical, wizard life. The Death Eater known as Fran took his wand into his hand and aimed forward at a brick wall, feeling his predator coming closer and closer no matter how much of a head start he had gained before.

"[i][b]Deprimo[/b][/i]" He shouted with great haste, almost in one blur as a white light flashed with the sound of crashing, the wall before him now had a hole entrance into a packed restaurant. The Death Eater glanced at the confused and scared patron inside as he slowly made his way into the light of the restaurant, showing is full figure with his mask shining the most. His wand stretched at the very end of his arm as he held it tight, seemingly to seek out a new victim to add to his collection. The echoing sound of bare feet against stone grew louder as James turned the corner, seeing the death eater in the full light as innocent bystanders of the muggle world glared in horror. James stayed in the shadows of the night as the death Eater turned around to face the alleyway once again. He began to laugh.

"Come and retrieve me...if you dare. But you know I'll kill one by one every step you take to get closer!!" He shouted, everyone gasped and shook in their place as the mysterious man, some of the men stood angrily as they glared, but unknowing to them, he was not bluffing. The clouds above the sky grew darker as thunder clasped in the atmosphere, a downpour began, soaking James and his clothing as he huffed for air after his long chase. Slowly raising his wand in the air, he steadied his hand and took a deep breath before whispering.

"[i]Stupify.[/i].." James spoke in a deep baritone voice, blast coming from the tip of his wand quickly made it inside, but was easily deflected by the Death Eater, but his enemy shuffled back for a moment at the impact. That was James' time to strike, apparating from his spot in a blur, he suddenly appeared behind the Death eater, choke holding the man as the both struggled. The dark wizard dropped his wand as James grasped his wrists tightly and twisted it. "You're coming with me you monster, and we're gonna have some fun" With that statement, James apparated the two once more, disappearing from the middle of the restaurant. Far in the barren farm lands of Galveston, Texas, the body of the fleeing Death Eater continued to burn into the morning light of the new day, James standing next to the bonfire as he peered down at the pit that concealed his work. The sound of a owl's cry came from above, but the man didn't need to look up as the owl landed on his shoulder, skillfully and with haste, carrying a small note in its beak. "Another message from the AMG?..." James plucked the noted from his owl's mouth and read its contents slowly, his tired eyes needed rest after a long chase, but the note was of great importance, and needed to be handled with up most secrecy.

"So, the rumors are true then....finally, we'll get some answers on what happened so long ago" James crushed the note and tossed it into the burning pit, as the paper touched the flame, James and his owl were gone from sight. Edited by Mage17
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[b]Name:[/b] Alexis LeCrosse
[b]Age:[/b] 29
[b]Nationality:[/b] French
[b]Physical Description:[/b] LeCrosse is a tall, well-built man of around 6 feet tall and 165lbs. His hair is dark brown and relatively short, although it tends to stick up no matter what he does with it, and his eyes are a shocking crystal blue. He has a scruffy beard and a long, thin scar running from his hairline, through his right eyebrow and across his right eye, and down to his cheekbone. This scar was from a Death Eater who attacked him with a cursed knife, causing an injury no charm could heal.

In terms of dress, LeCrosse tends to wear a black t-shirt with a grey hoodie over it and a black jacket over that. He has a pair of fingerless gloves which he very rarely removes, for reasons unknown to anyone but him. Usually, he wears a pair of dark blue jeans and a scuffed pair of black boots.

The only concession he makes to his magical past in terms of dress is a silver pendant of a hawk in a silver circle, which he wears on a thin black leather thong around his neck. This serves no magical purpose other than to remind him of the people he has lost; his beloved sister gave him the pendant a few days before she was murdered by Death Eaters. In practical terms he keeps his wand in an inside pocket of his jacket, with the handle poking out so he can grab it at a moment's notice.

[b]Personality:[/b] LeCrosse has seen a lot of death in his life - he has been in many battles, he has witnessed the aftermath of others, he has even taken lives himself. In a way, he has become desensitized to it, and as such he has developed a dark sense of humour. He also finds he talks far too much, whether it is to his brothers-in-arms or even to his enemies, usually just vocalising his inner monologue. Another side effect of his prolonged exposure to death and violence is that he has become ruthless and merciless towards the Death Eaters, having no qualms injuring or even killing them in combat. He knows that this side of him has no place in a world free of darkness, and realises that there is no place for a man like him once the war is over.

[b]Wand Description:[/b] Birch, 12 inches, dragon heartstring, fairly rigid. Made from fairly dark birchwood, LeCrosse's wand has an intricately-carved handle for better grip, complete with a smaller version of the circled hawk of his pendant set into the base. He was told when it selected him that it was especially good for Charms work, although it would work almost as well for duelling.

[b]Skills:[/b] LeCrosse is, essentially, the Auror equivalent of a forensics expert. He tends to use Charms to inspect scenes of magical crimes and battles and pick up evidence that others have missed. He combines Charm work with a keen eye for detail to make himself invaluable in this sense. While this is his forte, he is also a skilled dueller and an asset in a combat situation.

[b]Writing Sample:

"You gave me a good run for my money,"[/b] the Frenchman said, crouching amongst the dirt and dead leaves of the forest floor, [b]"Better than most Death Eaters, that's for sure."[/b] He faced a black-cloaked man, his hood down, revealing his bloodied and bruised face, lashed to a tree with golden rope of some kind. His robes were torn and scorched, and his wand lay on the floor a few feet from him, now just a useless piece of wood.

[b]"I've seen a lot of destruction at the hands of your people,"[/b] he continued, [b]"A lot of death. I've been to the sites of great battles - the Ministry of Magic, Edinburgh, and countless IMU strongholds that you've attacked, and there is something about death. Even before you begin to pick apart the spells and curses used to kill people, before you even get a glimpse of the magic that was used at one of those battles, you can sense the death. You can smell it, there is an unmistakable stench that death carries with it. But then, you'd know all about that, of course."[/b]

He stood up, took a few steps towards the Death Eater, stooped and picked up his wand.

[b]"What have we got here? Elm, unicorn tail hair core, 11 inches? Good wand for curses,"[/b] he drew his own wand, a slightly longer, thinner affair, and held the two end to end, looking the Death Eater in the eye as he spoke his enchantment.

[b]"[i]Prior incantato![/i]"[/b] he boomed, and a smoky image appeared above the point where the two wands met, a tall man in a hooded cloak with a smaller, weaker man kneeling before him, a thrust of the cloaked man's wand and a burst of green light. The kneeling man slumped to the floor, and the image dissipated.

[b]"The Killing Curse,"[/b] murmured the Frenchman, [b]"On an innocent Muggle, no less. You have no honour."[/b] He dropped the wand, took a few steps back, aimed his wand at the one lying on the floor and shouted:


A beam of light shot out of his wand, and smashed the Death Eater's into splinters as it struck, leaving a small, smoking crater on the ground where it had previously lain. The Death Eater stared at the crater, his chest heaving and his eyes blazing with rage, but he was unable to talk.

[b]"No honour at all,"[/b] the Frenchman said, [b]"But it is unfortunate for you..."[/b]

He walked up to the tree and looked directly into the Death Eater's eyes, their faces close now.

[b]"...that I don't either."[/b]

He turned and began to walk away. The Death Eater began to struggle, his bonds now straining to hold him, his rage providing him with extra strength. The Frenchman stopped, a few feet in front of his captive, then turned and yelled:

[b]"[i]Petrificus Totalus![/i]"[/b]

The curse struck the Death Eater, and his limbs snapped together, and the Frenchman aimed his wand once more, for one final charm.

[b]"[i]Evanesco![/i]"[/b] he said coldly, and the Death Eater began to disappear from sight. Not completely, his form could still be seen as a ripple in mid-air when he moved, but he was reasonably well-hidden. Plus, in this dense woodland, it was unlikely that anyone would ever find the lone warrior.

[b]"Hope you're not too hungry,"[/b] muttered the Frenchman as he walked into the undergrowth.

([i]Evanesco[/i] is the Invisibility Charm - it is used in the books but an incantation is never given, so I used the Latin translator to find an equivalent. Hope this is ok!) Edited by DeLarge
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[b]Name:[/b] Ewan Finlay

[b]Age:[/b] 36

[u][b]Nationality:[/b][/u] Scottish

[u][b]Physical Description:[/b][/u] Ewan is a stark figure. He stands at a fraction over six feet and weighs roughly 180 pounds. His dark eyes are often mistaken for black and blend well with his short black hair, that is just starting to accumulate streaks of grey. He tries to keep himself clean shaven, never having more than a five-o-clock shadow. His left arm carries a burn scar down his forearm and hand from a Death Eaterâ??s Incindeo spell.

He often dresses professionally, wearing slacks, a collared shirt and an overcoat, but he prefers to not wear a tie. He keeps his wand in a custom made shoulder rig under his left arm. Though his wardrobe constantly shuffles, he always wears his belt that sports a silver buckle with a Hare, his family's emblem, etched into it. The one thing he covets most of all is his necklace. Off of a silver chain hangs his scorched and slagged golden wedding band that was melted when he suffered his scarring injury.

[u][b]Personality:[/b][/u] Ewan has changed greatly in the past years due to the death of his Muggle wife. Easily provoked, Ewan jumps to anger at the tip of a hat, leading most to give him a wide berth. Ewan defines cliched Scotsman, as he is quite surly, takes to the bottle with ease, and curses like a sailor. He has been known to use excessive force, and has had to be restrained before using cruelty against dark wizards. Those he was once close to have seen him become more introverted. The only thing he takes any pleasure in anymore is whiskey, and his work. He started as an Auror to protect others from dark wizards and witches, but since the battle of Edinburgh, Ewan has laid aside his noble intentions and made it quite well known that his only aim is to hunt down as many of those responsible for destroying his home. After the battle of Edinburgh he was placed into observation by his superior, fearing that the events may have made driven him to insanity. He was released when he was found to be of sound mind.

[u][b]Wand Description:[/b][/u] Aspen, dragon heartstring, eleven inches, and rather pliable. A thick, rather plain wand. The handle resembles that of an early musket in the way it contours to his hand, and the only other feature that stands out would be the bronze pommel.

[u][b]Skills:[/b][/u] Ewan is an extremely skilled Animagus. He chose his form to be that of a Barn Owl. With owls still in heavy use for making deliveries among witches and wizards, it makes Ewan almost invisible. He has used it to spy on movements of The Dark Lordâ??s forces and act as a sentry for the IMU.

[u][b]Writing Sample:[/b][/u]

Edinburgh burned. The [i]Athens of the North[/i] was now host to the biggest battle the magical world has ever seen. The sky blazed as the Dark Mark hung over Scotlandâ??s capital. Stone crumbled, and screams permeated the air. There was no winning this battle. Word was passed between the last defenders via runners, the city was to be abandoned to the invading hordes.

The alleyway echoed with the crack as Ewan apparated. He hit the cobblestoned ground with a dull thud and took in a sharp hiss in pain. He scrambled to his feet brandishing his wand at either end of the alleyway, keeping his left arm tucked into his coat. He was alone. After standing vigil for a moment he decided he was safe enough for the moment. He took shelter behind a dumpster to check himself over.

He withdrew his arm from his coat to reveal the sleeve was little more than a few dangling stands of fabric. His skin was charred and blistered and his fingers curled unnaturally into the palm of his hand. His wedding band was charred to his left hand and resembled a melted candle. Ewan sheathed his wand and ran his fingers over the ring, it was still hot to the touch. He twisted his face to hold back tears and grabbed hold of the ring, ripping it off his charred finger. Pain shot up his arm like lightning and he couldnâ??t help but scream, withdrawing his arm back into his coat.

[b]â??FINLAY!â?[/b] Cried a voice near the opening of the alley. Ewan tensed and pushed himself against the dumpster. [b]â??COME OUT FINLAY!â?[/b] The voiced called again. Ewan knew the voice. It was Gregor. A former Auror, he worked with Ewan on a few jobs back before The Dark lord took over. When the **** hit the fan he took up under The Dark Lordâ??s rule and started rounding up half-bloods and muggle-borns with the other sadists. He was always a thick twit but has become incredibly twisted in past years.

[b]â??She called your name, Finlay.â?[/b] Gregor called trying to goad Ewan out of hiding. He knew Ewan was in the alley. [b]â??When I stood over her, the cowering skag begged for her life and called fo-â?[/b] Gregor didnâ??t finish his taunt. Ewan roared in anger as he rolled out from behind the dumpster and red lightning screamed from the tip of his wand. Gregor flicked his wand and the crackling energy arched into the air.

[b]â??You will shut yer dirty ******* mouth Gregor!â?[/b] Ewan growled his wand aflame with red magic.

Gregor was a solid wall of a man, and stood a good head over Ewan. His ugly piggish features were marred with fresh boils and dried blood. His long greasy brown hair clung to his face and his black robes were torn from an earlier scuffle with Ewan.

[b]â??I see I got your arm good.â?[/b] Gregor chuckled gesturing with his wand to Ewanâ??s injured arm.

[b]â??And I got your ugly ******* mug.â?[/b] Ewan replied gesturing to Gregorâ??s face.

Gregorâ??s face distorted in anger as he spat on the ground. [b]â??Put down yer wand and I will make it quick as I did fer her.â?[/b]

Ewanâ??s eyes flashed with anger. He swept his arm up and brought it down in a sharp motion. [b][i]â??Flipendo!â?[/i][/b] Blue energy lashed out towards the dumpster, launching it through the air at Gregor. It tumbled like a stone crashing against the walls of the alley. Gregor went sprawling, barely dodging the dumpster as it careened into the street beyond. He rolled and aimed his wand to retaliate.

He didnâ??t get the chance. [b][i]â??Expelliarmus!â?[/i][/b] Ewan cried sending Gregorâ??s wand end over end through the air. Gregor tried to scramble to his feet. [i][b]â??Petrificus Totalus!â?[/b][/i] Ewan spat as a flash of light slammed Gregor petrifying him.

Gregor lay on his back, his elbows propped him up and a terrified expression plastered on his face. Ewan limped his way down the alleyway towards Gregor. He paused, sheathing his wand and picking up a large stone bigger than his fist that the dumpster knocked loose. He crouched over the frozen man and steadied himself with his burnt hand, making him grimace in pain.

[b]â??Youâ??re a mad dog Gregor,â?[/b] Ewan said callously to Gregor, he held the stone up to Gregorâ??s face so the man could see it. [b]â??And I am going to be the one to put you down.â?[/b] The coldness in Ewanâ??s voice even took Ewan himself by surprise. Barring his teeth Ewan raised the stone over his head and brought it down on Gregor.

[b]â??YOU! KILLED! HER! YOU! ANIMAL!â?[/b] He yelled punctuating each note with a brutal blow of the stone. Blood peppered his face. Ewan continued to swing the stone down on the man. He didnâ??t see the other Aurors apparate behind him, or hear them as they tried to calm him down. He struggled against them as they dragged him off of the now dead Gregor. He kept yelling at Gregorsâ??s body kicking his legs until the Aurors disapparated with him in tow. Edited by P.J. McKrafty
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[b]Name: [/b]Gavin Reed

[b]Age:[/b] 26

[b]Nationality:[/b] Canada

[b]Physical Description: [/b]Gavin stands at 6'2 and weighs a solid 220lbs. He keeps his dark brown hair very short, in a military style haircut. His eyes are an ice blue and stand out more due to his dark five o'clock shadow that he wears at all times.[b]

Personality: [/b]Gavin is very protective by nature, losing everything to the dark lord twice has made him weary and afraid to get to close to people. He combats this by giving it his all to make sure those around him are kept safe.

[b]Wand Description:[/b] Oak, Shaving from a Basilisk tooth, 9.5" in length: Gavin's wand is built like the wood it's made from, solid and strong. The wand itself is thicker, at the base, than most providing a handle that is perfect for a strong, tight, grip. The handle is engraved with a rune that makes it near impossible to be magically knocked from Gavin's hand.

[b]Skills:[/b] Gavin's childhood has caused him to seek out the protective arts. His defense spells and charms, for himself and others, are quite powerful. He is not a skilled dueler, though he is invaluable in a fight since he is very skilled in protecting his allies.

[b]Writing Sample: [/b][b]"Run Gavin"[/b] The urgency in his mother's voice had Gavin running for the door even before the first words of the killing curse were spoken by the snatcher.

It was hard for him to focus on everything that was going around him. He vaugley recalled seeing the back door, the knob of which being a port key that connected to an imu safe house, splinter into bits that stung his face as he flew back against the wall behind him.

Raising to his feet Gavin drew his wand, [b]"Expelliarmus,"[/b] the man in black beat Gavin to the punch.

His hand at his side Gavin quickly drew up, wand still in hand, [b]"Stupefy!" [/b]The magic hitting home sent the man back through the doorway in which he came.

Turning quickly Gavin saw his mother dueling another man, this one dressed in black as well, but appeared to be better dressed than the snatcher who came in through the back.

Seeing Gavin the man directed his next attack at Gavin in an attempt to take out the 'weaker' link. The man wasted no time in flicking his wand towards Gavin.

[b]"Protego!"[/b] Gavin heard his mother's voice, the shimmering light from her wand reached Gavin within seconds of the man's spell. I

Gavin marveled at the crack in the 'curtain of light' as the spell rebounded and struck its target, dropping the man where he stood.

[b]"Bloody half-blood, the dark lord will find you...Incendio!" [/b]Flames immediately swept the room, and in moments it was filled with black caustic smoke. Moving towards the direction his mother was in Gavin could feel the pitch of ths house even before the roof quickly collapsed. The last thing Gavin saw of his mother was the light from her wand, and the words [b]"Accio knob."

[/b]The room seemed silent as Gavin ran to the edge of the attic and looked down into the smoldering rubble desperate to see some movement. He sat there for a moment until something bumped into his foot. Gavin reached down and picked up the knob, muttered a few words and opened the port key.

As the port key brought him back to his parents safehouse Gavin showered and went to his room. He fought the urge to go look into his parents room to see if they were napping...in two days he lost them both.

The tears welled in his face as he starred at a picture on his dresser, a picture of the time before the dark lord rose and the death eaters returned. A time before this, "Harry Potter" who allowed 'He who shall not be named' to come back and begin reaking havoc. Despite what the papers printed, Gavin and his family knew it was true, and they knew it was only a matter of time before the Death Eaters showed themselves, it was the same 12 years ago, and it would only get worse.

Gavin dropped his wand and grabbed his photo, holding it to his chest as he lay back in bed, [b]"I won't let anybody else die mom. I will make you proud dad."[/b] With a sob he didn't attempt to hold back, Gavin feel into a troubled sleep... Edited by Drizzt
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[size="2"][font="Century Gothic"][b]Name: [/b]Mai Lee

[b]Age:[/b] 30

[b]Nationality:[/b] Australia

[b]Physical Description:[/b] Mai is of Asian descent, standing at 5â??7â? with a slim figure. She has light, olive-colored skin and dark brown eyes. She looks rather young for her age with soft features that opponents often mistake for inexperience in duels. Her long, dark brown hair usually hangs stylishly about her shoulders, but she often wears it in a ponytail when sheâ??s on a mission for the IMU.

Adopted by a muggle family, Mai is quite adept at disguising herself in various muggle outfits. Sheâ??s most comfortable in blue jeans, a t-shirt, and a jacket, but owns a variety of muggle and witch attire for nearly any occasion.

[b]Personality: [/b]An astrologer once told Mai that no one really knows who she is, because all they see is her emotions. Her eight years of experience as an auror has certainly taught her to be level headed and calm when necessary, but her usual disposition is very overbearing; requesting a lot from her friends and comrades, but fully prepared to return the sentiment.

Mai Lee is a hard worker and avid learner. She was already well on her way to making a big name of herself as an auror when Voldemortâ??s influence reached Australia. Since she has engaged in the war, Mai has seen more death than she ever imagined. (Even considering her career)

Her temper and mood changes are, in part, associated with personal mourning process. She wears her heart on her sleeve and just as when you can tell sheâ??s upset, you will also know when you cross her. But a larger reason for Maiâ??s feeling of displacementâ??unknown to herâ??is her need of finding a place to belong; she was raised in three distinct cultures and basically feels excommunicated from her community.

[b]*Background:[/b] Maiâ??s biological grandparents were muggle-born wizards from Asia who immigrated to Canada during war in the 1960s. Her biological parents were not so lucky and died while attempting to flee the country to Thailand. She was subsequently adopted by a white, muggle family from Australia and grew up never knowing her familyâ??s heritage or her status as a witch. When she turned 11, she was invited to attend wizard school in North America. (Because her relatives used the school as a means to reconnect with their granddaughter)

After becoming an Auror only a few months before rumors spread of Voldemort return, Mai gave as much support to the war effort as possible, putting a target on her family. Death Eaters killed her biological grandparents in 2003 and her parents only evade detection thanks to a powerful protection charm the IMU helped cast. For their safety, she hasnâ??t spoken to her parents in several years.

[b]Wand Description:[/b] Medlar, Demiguise Hair, 9 3/4 inches, quite flexible. The handle of Maiâ??s wand looks like a tree root, with the shaft spiraling to a fine point. The demiguise hair often gives the wand a silvery sheen that allows her to cast spells against her opponents before they realize she has even raised her wand. The demiguise hair and medlar wood gives her slight power when casting concealment charms or medial magic

[b]Skills: [/b] While by no means particularly skilled in any specific school of magic, Mai possesses a curious mind and thus, has focused her talents in various arts. Her true focus in magic is somewhat as a scholar, hoping to find various connections between magical practices and how theyâ??re used.

Mai has also experienced a handful of premonitions in her life and, as a result, has studied a bit of divination. While she dabbles in the use of some divination practices such as cartomancy and palmistry, she hardly takes any stock in their predictions. However she is respected as a skilled astrologer and dream interpreter.

Maiâ??s most notable contribution to the wizarding world is her technique that combines legilimency with dream interpretation. The IMU keeps this spell a secret, but Mai discovered a way in which wizards can read a targetâ??s mind while he is unconscious (and thus, most vulnerable to legilimency) and interpret his dreams as a more successful means of mind reading.

Perhaps more of an asset than a skill, Mai possesses a kneazle from her time at wizard school. The kneazle, named Mogul, is a cat-like creature capable of detecting unsavory and suspicious people and he hasnâ??t left Maiâ??s side since she purchased him before her first year of school.

[b]Writing Sample:[/b]
[font="Lucida Console"][center]September, 2004: The Great Victoria Desert Massacre[/center][/font]

[b]â??Mai, youâ??re needed at headquarters.â?[/b] The ball of light had appeared in the Australian IMU safe house only moments ago, slowly molding into a lioness patronus. It belonged to her superior, Macey Billings, who was currently stationed in the regionâ??s largest IMU stronghold.

[b]â??We have a death eater for you to interrogate.â?[/b]

With that it disappeared and Mai was instantly on her feet, using her wand to summon the items she would need and dropping them into her handbag. She had cast an undetectable extension charm on the bag to make traveling easier. Mogul, her pet Kneazle nudged her leg expectantly and Mai reached down to stroke the catâ??s spine.

[b]â??Yes, you can come with me.â?[/b]

She checked outside the window to make sure no death eaters were aware of the safe houseâ??s location. There didnâ??t seem to be any sign of either wizard or muggle and Mai hesitantly turned the doorknob and stepped outside.

She always walked away from the safe house a bit so as not to seem to appear out of nowhere. But Mogulâ??s low hissing and tense posture indicated something was wrong. She looked around suspiciously, zipping up her jacket and tucking her handbag inside. She had her wand attached to a device that muggles invented to conceal blades in their sleeve. At a momentâ??s notice she could grip her wand and fire off a spell.

She noticed a shadow in the corner of her eye, but it quickly faded into the alleyway. But then she saw another, and another, that wasnâ??t so quick to jump away. It was a group of black cats and instantly, she knew they were animagi.

But it seemed the transfigured death eaters also realized she was onto them, because they changed in the blink of an eye to dark robed figuresâ??all six of themâ??surrounding her and training their wands at her chest. Just as her wand reached Maiâ??s wrist, they all fired off spells. Flashes of red and greenâ??to stun or kill.

[i][b]â??Confringo.â?[/b][/i] Mai shouted, her wand sending a powerful force into the ground below her. Chunks of asphalt shot up all around, accompanied by a cloud of dust. Most of the curses crashed into the debris or missed completely. Mai knew she couldnâ??t take on six wizards by herself and she took the opportunity to disapparate while she still had the chance. Mogul jumped onto her shoulders, sensing his companionâ??s intent.

Suddenly, they were alone in the dark desert. Mai looked for the signal landmark, which was more difficult at night, but at least it was easier to remain hidden. She walked a few paces, paying careful attention to the ground. It was an oddly shaped rock, no bigger than a balled fist and a slightly different shade than the color of the ground.

The rock was part of a magical combination lock and only wizards possessing the password could see the stone. Finally, Mai spotted the rock and quickly flipped it over to find a small keyhole in its back.

[i][b]â??Alohamora,â?[/b][/i] she pointed her wand at the lock and the spell activated.

A wave, of what looked like a clear liquid, emerged from the tiny stone spreading all around the area. As the wave spread, outlines of buildings and tents appeared all around her, but the were still out of clear vision, bathed in the same liquid-like substance, just out of reach.

[i][b]â??Expecto Patronum,â?[/b][/i] she shouted and a small silver crow shot out of her wand.

It was dim compared to many patronuses; Mai had never been particularly good at the spell. But itâ??s light was enough to unlock the last bit of the headquartersâ?? concealment spell.

As the crow flew around the vicinity, itâ??s light melted away the flowing mirage until the tents and small structures came into clear view. She was suddenly bathed in the light of many wand lights and magically summoned fires. Her fellow aurors also appeared in sight, traversing the various distances between different structures, each working in their own war front. An aide was there to greet Mai.

[b]â??Billings is waiting for you in the holding room.â?[/b]

They walked into one of the small, shabby-looking metal structures. It had an extension charm inside it and she found herself among the hustle and bustle of the Australian IMU initiative. She was led along a series of corridors towards the interrogation room, but Mai already knew where she was going.

As they reached the magically reinforced door, Mai waved her wand and pushed aside the barrier where she was face to face with a young death eater sprawled out, unconscious, on the table in front of her. Macey Billings, who sat in a chair studying the unconscious man, realized Mai was there and turned to address her.

[b]â??Intelâ??s never seen this one before.â?[/b] Billings shook Maiâ??s hand firmly.

[b]â??Any idea what his name is?â?[/b]

[b]â??No,â? [/b]She sighed, rubbing the back of her neck. [b]â??We figure heâ??s fresh out of school. S***, they keep getting younger, donâ??t they?â?[/b]

Mai nodded, and placed a hand on Maceyâ??s shoulder.

[b]â??We brought him unconscious so the process could begin immediately.â?[/b]

[b]â??Thank you.â?[/b] Mai said. She opened her handbag to lay her supplies on the table. [b]â??Thereâ??s something else though.â?[/b]

Billings shifted her position, expectantly.

[b]â??The Sydney safe house has been compromised. We canâ??t go back.â?[/b]

Macey nodded to one of the other wizards in the room who immediately left at a quick pace.

[b]â??Weâ??ll send a message to all of our nearby members. I donâ??t know how they keep finding us.â?[/b]

Mai began preparing the spell. She produced all the potion ingredients she would need to receive the best effects. The potion itself induced vivid dreaming for the drinker, without allowing them to wake up. Dream interpreters used a mild form of it for personal fortune telling, but Mai combined the concoction with ingredients often used in truth potions like Veritaserum.

She used a cutting spell she learned from her studies in medical magic and created a small slit in her wrist. Mai directed exactly three drops of her blood into the potion--to allow the death eater's mind to ignore her presence in his dreams--and poured the liquid down his throat.

She took a seat at the table, preparing herself for the spell. She cleared her mind, cracked all of her knuckles, and pointed her wand at the man.


The spell took effect immediately, flooding Maiâ??s mind with images and emotions. She saw the young man in his dream world, standing on a grassy cliff, the bottom of which he couldnâ??t see. But as the man looked over the edge, he felt exhilarated. This cliff, to him was not a barrier to be crossed, but an abyss that he embraced. He stepped over the edge and thousands of slithering white snakes erupted from its depths.

The dreamscape changed and Mai saw the man standing among a group of shadows, each threatened to kill him. The man was doubtful and scared, but he felt a reassuring hand on his shoulder. Flash! Mai saw an image of Voldemort and she knew the man felt at peace with the dark lordâ??s command. The dark lord raised his wand and cast a green killing curse that took the form of thousands of slithering snakes, swarming the abyss and attacking the shadows that threatened the man. As they hit, the shadows morphed into the bodies of dead wizards and witches. Looking down at the people he killed, Mai saw that they were in fact real IMU wizards, among them was Macey Billings.

The dreamscape changed once more to show the Earth, covered in green dark mark curses on nearly every continent.

Mai was shocked back to reality, almost falling out of her chair. She panted to catch her breath and Billings knew something was wrong.

[b]â??Theyâ??re coming!â?[/b]

[b]â??Where?â?[/b] Billings replied, her voice suddenly as panicked as Maiâ??s. [b]â??Here?â?[/b]

[b]â??Everywhere! I donâ??t know how, but they know where all of our strongholds are!â?[/b] She was already writing down as much information she could remember from the dream, but she was certain of the dream's meaning. [b]"We have to warn the other strong holds and safe houses,"[/b]

[b]â??How long do we have?â?[/b]

Maceyâ??s question was met with a loud explosion, followed by several screams. The floor shook with the force of deflected spells and a caterwauling charm activated sending the entire base into chaos.

Billings promptly cast a killing curse at the death eater and left the interrogation room to join the fight. Mai packed up her supplies quickly and followed after, with her pet kneazle in tow.

[b]â??Stay close,â?[/b] she whispered to the cat, as they approached the exit of their building. It seemed to understand.

It was surprising how much damage the base had received in such a short time. All of the tents were on fire and as many of her comrades fled, engulfed in flames and screaming in agony, the death eaters struck them down one by one.

Curses flew all around her, and Mai cast several protection charms, successfully deflecting a few stunning curses. Suddenly, a ball of fire appeared in the sky, hurdling straight toward her.

Mai knew that her protection spells couldnâ??t handle an impact that strong and the only thing she could think of was to run. But the fireball tilted and turned, as if locked on her position.

â??[i][b]Duro!â?[/b][/i] a voice shouted and Mai saw Billings standing nearby.

She turned the fireball to stone and directed it back toward the wizard who apparently cast the spell. The stone smashed into the desert surface, killing several death eaters and leaving a scar in the land.

[b]â??We need to retreat. Get as many as you can to the portkeys.â? [/b]She shouted to Mai.


[b]â??Just do it,â?[/b] Billings replied sternly. She was about to say something else, when a green flash struck her from behind and the life was extinguished from her eyes.

Mai took cover behind one of the buildings and sent the retreat signal, a blue flare, into to sky. She deflected a few curses before turning and running toward the portkeys. They were situated against one of the areaâ??s only trees, each disguised as various objects: A tire, a birdcage, a tube sock, etc. She was the first to arrive; none of the portkeys had been used yet. When she turned back to look for the other IMU wizards, she saw only a few.

Many were struck down by killing curses as they ran, but Mai wanted to stay and help for as long as she could. She cast more protection charms in hopes that her comrades would make it to the tree, but then she saw the fiendfyre.

The magical fire exploded from the far side of the base in a gigantic tidal wave, quickly covering her entire line of sight. She saw many IMU members fall to the bestial wave as she stood firmly by the portkeys casting protection charms. Her spells only seemed to blow back the flames temporarily, but it was enough to allow some witches and wizards to grasp the portkeys and escape without detection. But as the wave of fiendfyre got closer, Mai could no longer stay without risking her own safety.

She grabbed the kneazle with one arm and the portkey with her other, landing with a thud in an undisclosed location. She was in a field, likely countries away from the base. The IMU escape portkeys were random in their destination, to prevent death eaters from following.

Again, she and Mogul were alone and she wasnâ??t sure how many Australian IMU members had survived, but she was certain it was a massacre. Mai remained out of sight for the following few weeks as news reached her of the destruction of nearly every IMU stronghold throughout the world.

[i]OOC:[/i] I hope you don't mind, but I took some liberties with the spell creatin'. I tried to give the impression that Mai is more about theory than actual practice. If you would like me to change anything, I would be happy to oblige.

I feel I went a little overboard, but I suppose it's because I really don't want to give up Harry Potter just yet.

* = A part of the sign-up you didn't ask for, but it was jumping around in my head, so I felt I should elaborate on my character. :)

[b]NOTE:[/b] [i]Legilisomnia[/i] is just a combination of the latin words for "to read" ([i]Legere[/i]) and "dreams."[/font][/size] Edited by Darren
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Well at that, I am going to place a cap on the sign-ups. I will give Drizzt and Delta time to finish but tomorrow Makurayami and I will be making the decisions and kicking this bad boy off.

We are going for a somewhat smaller cast, so sadly there will be cuts. Just keep in mind it was nothing personal, we just want this story to have the best contributors possible. Those who will be chosen will hear from either Makurayami or I through PM before we start the theater thread.

Thanks again for your interest. Edited by P.J. McKrafty
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