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The Atlantis Series Book 1: Stars Reborn


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Jason stood in the middle of the his office watching the news as they covered the all the troubles and problems that happened in the other districts during last night's celebration when he heard his office door slid open. "Nathaniel..."


"Morning sir" He paused when he noticed a silver metal box on Warren's desk. "So it came."


Jason nodded. "Arrived a couple hours ago. Have it sent specifically to Dr. Magnus."


Nathaniel nodded before walking across the always perfect kept black carpet and grabbing the box. He made his way to a small cube shaped opening in the dark polished brown oak wall. "So he is the one to get them?"


"His psych profile will hopefully allow seamless transition for him."


Nathaniel tapped a few buttons then stepped back as the backside of the opening he had placed the metal box opened and the package disappeared into the tower's inner delivery system that would take it all the way to the ground then to the research labs. "So that makes one down. Four more."


"Actually three more my friend."


Nathaniel turned, his cold straight face taking on a scowl when he saw the flawlessly made purple amethyst headband in his right hand. "We don't need her"


It was now Jason's turn to frown. "You and me don't as of right now but the others might. In the end we will need her most of all. Just don't kill this one like you did the last one."


Nathaniel remained silent as he stared at the headband.


"Nathaniel...." Jason's voice carried a clear tone of warning that brought Nathaniel's eyes back to his


"Yes sir." 


"Good" Immediately Jason's body posture was back to normal in perfect manner. "Have this sent to the Liberty Clinic down in the residential sector to a Dr. Lisa Binnent"


Nathaniel repeated the same process almost smiling when the headband vanished before turning around. "Update from the stakeout detail. so far nothing unusual has been seen at the Trevant household. Both him and his girlfriend are so far clean."


Jason nodded as he walked over to the opposite wall and touched it causing the walls to slid and a fully stocked bar to present itself. "Good but not good. The other three need to show themselves, either by someone finding them or the digs turning them up." He poured himself a drink, swirling it several times in the glass before taking a drink then making one for Nathaniel and holding it in his left hand out beside him where Nathaniel was suddenly standing.


"If only the other had not fallen we wouldn't be dealing with this."


"Yes that is most unfortunate but we will make do. We will have to train the others." He turned to find Nathaniel across the room in one of the large expensive chairs with his feet propped up on the small coffee table in front of him sipping his drink. "When that does happen...do please try not to kill them like you have with others?"


Nathaniel grunted in his drink turning his eyes to the giant screen. "Not all of them died by my hands and you wanted me to remove some of them."


"It was necessary at that point in time...."He paused for a second. "...and the others got out of line. I had to make examples." He turned and moved across the room to sit behind his desk. "I only pray that we will be ready for the upcoming events otherwise everyone will be damned" 


They sat in silent watching the news making small jokes at the people interviewed by the reporters until a segment came on about the new mech off the assembly line by Maverick. The Baldur type they called it was top of the line and highly outdid its main front line mech named the Hel type in the firepower department but not in maneuverability. Apparently it was going to be taking a role in fire support.


"Seems to be a growing trend with Maverick in naming their mechs. Hell Kiason just launched their Apollo class clones and Ark brought out their Bast carrier soldier."


"And Hazard has their Hyperion grav tank. Its funny how things work."

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Julian sat up in his four poster bed, and looked over at his alarm clock. He still had another fifteen minutes before he had to get up. Stretching, he yawn and rolled out of bed.

He opened his closet door, and rifled through his wardrobe, looking for what he'd wear today. He picked a rather ornately gold trimmed suit, and smiled slightly. He'd be well dressed, that was for sure. Laying the suit across his bed, he then made his way over to his bathroom and began removing his clothing. "Set water tempertature to usual. Shower on." He said, and the bathroom bgan to fill with steam. He stepped inside, and began bathing himself. He had extra time today, so he took extra long in the shower, relishing the time in the hot water. His morning shower, sadly, was usually the highlight of his day.

Once finished, Julian began to brush his teeth and then ready himself for the day. After putting on his clothing and slicking back his hair, he grabbed a set of keys from his dresser and headed for the garage. His family would be coming downstairs any time, and he didn't wish to make any waves this morning.

Julian pressed a button on his terminal, and then a button on his keychain. The large black Insignia limousine revved to life, waiting for him to get behind the wheel. Looking down at his mobile device, he saw the time to get the car around to the front of the house was approaching. He had another five minutes. He eyed the terminal screens, and saw none of his freinds were online. Turning the terminal off, he made his way over to the car and got in. He pulled on a pair of gloves and gripped the steering wheel.

He pulled the car around, and his escort mechs arrived just as he did to the front of the estate. His eyebrow twitched when he saw his brother was already waiting for him. "You're supposed to have the car here before I'm outside."

"Anything for you, asshole." Julian replied. "Now, where's Father?"

"Coming. And you're a bitch boy assistant. Now shut up or else."

Julian snorted. "Make me, dick. I do half your job for you anyway."

At that moment, Julian's father came out of the house, signaling it was time for the brothers to behave. Julian pressed the accelerator, and off they went.

Julian drove like he usually did, fast. Listening to his father praise his brother for doing next to nothing while Julian always busted his behind to get nothing was very, very grating today for some reason. Julian was quite relieved to reach the offices. He pulled into the parking garage and his father barked an order. "Get coffee for ten people, boy. Then get to the conference room."

"The board meeting is today regarding the new mech, yes? As you wish, Father."

After his father and brother had left the vehicle, Julian parked the limousine and proceeded to make his way to the coffee room. Being such a large building, they had a single room dedicated to the stuff.

On entering, Julian spotted one of his freinds, an intern by the name of Greg.

"Hey, what's up? He called, and Julian sighed. "Coffee is demanded by the royal pains in my backside."

"Well, how about this to cheer you up?" Greg produced a pair of saphire earrings, carved into the shapes of small hoops.

"These had to have set you back a small fortune! I can't take these..." Julian exclaimed. Greg shook his head. "Don't worry about it, it's fine. Besides, they will totally compliment your eyes. Maybe you can dye your hair to match?"

Julian hesitantly accepted the earrings, and began putting them on after he had started brewing coffee. Greg said his goodbyes and made hus way to his station. Glancing at his reflection in the coffeemaker, Julian smiled. The earrings were indeed very nice.

After brewing several pots, Julian scooped them all up and placed them on a cart. He grabbed mugs and off he went. The conference room was a long elevator flight away, but any time away from his family was a blessing.

Stepping onto.the elevator, Julian shook his jead, a mild pain was developing just behind his eyes. By the time Julian had arrived to.the floor he needed to go to, he was feeling slightly nauseous too.

He walked swiftly to the confrence room, knocking before he entered. "My apologies for the wait, ladies and gentlemen. I have regular coffee, decaf, cream, and sugar for those who would like some." There were nods all around, so Julian went about placing the mugs in front of the board members.

Suddenly, Julian's head swam, and he stumbled forward in his dizziness. The mug in his hands dropped to the floor and shattered. Holding his head, he apologized for his clumsiness. He stood up slowly, and grabbed another mug. He took a deep breath, and saw his brother and father glaring at him. Julian began pouring people coffee, adding what they wanted. As Julian began to wheel the cart away, he became dizzy once more and fell. "Boy, you better straighten up!" His father barked. Julian held his hwad, it was throbbing now. "My apologies, I think I may be coming down with something. I felt fine ten minutes ago."

"No excuses!" His brother retorted. "You're all but useless anyway!"

Julian looked up, and saw his father bearing down on him. "I'm sorry..."

"Get up. You're trying my patience with you already today. Get up and get back to work, boy."

Julian slowly stood. "I'm going home. I'm not feeling well, and don't want to get anyone else sick."

Julian's father grabbed him by the lining of his jacket. "No, you're getting back to work as I ordered you to. Suck it up."

Julian had had it. Feeling his stomach lurch, he tried to pull away, but his Father wouldn't let go. "Understand me-" Julian let go with a vomit blast right at his father. "Can I go home now, Father?" Julian asked, swaying on his feet, once he finished. "I told you I was unwell. Now do you believe me?" Julian's father stared in disbelief.

"Mister Maverick, sir, please, it would be in your son's best interest if he went home. He is obviously ill." One of the board members spoke. "Fine. I was unaware of how ill. Julian you are dismissed for the day. I expect you to rest and be ready for your tasks tomorrow. Now leave, and I will clean myself up." Without another word, Julian left to go home. Edited by Inuyasha Fandom
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Warren was about to take another drink when suddenly the giant screen switched to show a view of the massive continent of Pangaea. Circles began slowly narrowing in on the northern section, what had once been Russia before the Great Shift. "Seems we have finally found one."


Nathaniel was up in an instant downing his drink in one gulp. "Shall I get ready?"


Warren nodded turning his attention back to the screen as Nathaniel disappeared. "Where are you..." He watched as the view zoomed in displaying the Maverick Industries' District. More circles appeared around another section then the screen moved in again this time bringing up the city of Milson, Maverick's base of operations.


By this time Nathaniel had returned decked out in his gear and standing next to Jason's desk. "Right in the heartland."


Jason steepled his fingers as the circles appeared again then zoomed in on Maverick Industries Tower. "Literally right at the heart" Silence ensued as the circles became smaller on a specific point moving through the building tracking their target. Suddenly a window popped up with an image of a teen that made them both chuckle. "Well I be damned. If it isn't Maverick's own son"


"So how do we do this?"


"Standard retrieval....I will have the extraction team that we have on standby there ready to get you from the building to the byway. then you can take the byway back here."


Nathaniel opened a wall panel revealing rows of guns. "Force parameters?'


Jason leaned back in his chair turning back to the window. "Non lethal. We don't want to rise any suspicions about why there are dead bodies all over the place." Suddenly an soft alarm sounding from the screen. Both turned to see the circles rapidly moving towards the room where the board members for Maverick met. "He changed."


Nathaniel nodded. "And he is after someone. Seems he might do our job for us."


Jason frowned. "Possibly but I doubt it" Nathaniel closed the wall panel having no need of the weapons. "I want you to get in and get out Nathaniel with him. I want the two of you unseen, No powers so the Synthetic Star does not see you as a threat."


"Aye sir" Nathaniel began walking towards the door.


"Oh and one more thing"


Nathaniel stopped turning around in time to catch a bottle of water flying through the air. He looked at it giving the faintest of smiles before slipping it into a holder. "And here I thought  you were giving me something to drink out of kindness"


Jason smiled as the doors shut behind Nathaniel. "So it finally begins" He watched in interest as suddenly one of the walls burst outward leaving a large hole looking into the conference room of the Maverick Tower and giving him the slightest glimpse of something silver rush by the opening. "Seems Maverick's son is really ticked off at someone. At least the chaos will give Nathaniel cover when he gets there."


He pushed a button on the holopad of the built in desk phone. "Yes put me in touch with Extraction Team Milson." There was a brief pause.


"Ssgt Hueler here" 


"Yes Ssgt, this is Jason Warren. I need your team ready to extract Nathaniel and his package from Maverick Tower unnoticed and escort them to the byway. Please provide him with a vehicle to enter the byway and bring the package to me"


"Roger sir. Hueler out"


Jason looked back at the screen in time to see a body fly out of the opening. "I can't wait to see the news coverage for this"

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Julian was making his way to the parking garage, holding his head. The throbbing was even worse now. A beeping signaled Julian someone had sent Julian a message on his mobile. Pulling it from his pocket, he sighed. It was a message from his father. He tapped the screen, and began reading.

"You insolent, disgusting wretch of a human being. How dare you make an ass of me and vomit on me in front of the members of the board. You will be punished, ill or not when I get home. I should have had your mother abort you when I had the chance so I wouldn't have had such a problem in my life, your brother is so much better than you, and more worthy of my attention than you ever will be. I expect you to be ready for your punishment."

Julian shook, his anger getting the better of him. His hand tightened on his mobile device, and it began to crack. The screen went on the fritz, displaying red tinged static, something it was never designed to do, or should have been capable of. With a deft motion, Julian completely shattered the device, with just his grip alone. All along the hallway, electronic posters displaying various information began displaying the same red static. "I'll show them... I'll show all of them!"

Turning immediately around, Julian proceeded back to the board room, his hands balled into fists. As he walked along the corridors, more and more posters went berserk. Julian was on a mission, fueled by an anger the likes of which he'd never felt before. His skin grew silver in color, taking on a metallic sheen. He grew in height, and his finely tailored suit began to rip at the seams. His eyes began to glow with the same menacing red as the posters.

Julian came to a wall, then only thing blocking him from his oppressors on the otherside. "Destroy... I must destroy..." Julian swung his fist at the wall, bringing it down in a cloud of dust. He growled, stepping from the debris and into the board room. He screamed, his rage taking him completely. He rushed into the room, and grabbed a man by the throat. As he picked the man up, the board members seemed paralyzed with fear. Julian squeezed, breaking every vertibre in his neck before tossing the corpse like a rag doll over his shoulder. The board members began screaming, rissing from their seats to get away from the monster attacking them.

Julian looked around, and saw his father pulling an energy pistol from under the table. Julian raised his leg up, and brought it down as hard as he could, breaking the table and sending it into the air. He grabbed the nearest still airborne table piece, and threw it across the room to land on another board member, crushing them. He grabbed yet another board member, and held the man in front of him as his father began shooting. Julian only advanced, and his father shot the man full of holes. A sudden movement to his right brought his attention to his brother. Julian dropped the corpse, and his mouth turned up into a malicious smile. His brother stared, wide eyed, at Julian approaching him and tried backing away. Julian grabbed him from the floor, seized his arm, and relished both the sound of oi t breaking and his brother's agonized scream. Holding his own arm up, Julian felt a blade shift and ready itself. He tossed his brother into the air, and laughed when his brother fell onto it, severing his spinal column. He dropped the blade, and his brother slid to the floor. Finished with his brother, Julian turned onto his Father. "And now you die, old man." Julian raced at the terrified man. Julian stopped mere inches from him, his mouth turned into a smile.

"Abort this." Julian grabbed his father's head, and snapped his neck, the man's eyes wide with the realization of the monster's identity. Julian screamed again, not content with his father's death. His brother moaned, still not dead. "Maverick will fall like a house of cards!" Julian exclaimed, before advancing on his brother. Julian stood over him, gripping his ribs and looked into his brother's panic filled eyes. "You and Father brought this upon yourselves. Now you will watch as I destroy Maverick Tower, you fucking bastard." Julian twitched his fingers, breaking several ribs before turning to continue his rage fueled rampage. Edited by Inuyasha Fandom
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Cain's eyes slowly opened, yet he realized something was odd about his vision. Even more so, he didn't recognize the ceiling he woke up to. He blinked and winced a bit as he felt a small pinch in his forearm. He could see the IV catheters hooked up to his arm and could see he was hooked up to several machines. He pulled himself up to a sitting position, trying to get a grip on his equilibrium. He could see he was in a room by himself and that it was night time, but his vision was blurry. "What am I doing in a hospital...? And what-" he winced as he reached up to the eye he couldn't see out of, "Agh!! What...happened to me?" Cain asked no one. He glanced over at the sound of a door opening to see a nurse walk in with a light smile on her face.


"Welcome back, Mr. McDougal. How are you feeling today?" she asked, walking up and going over all of his equipment and the like.


"Uhm...very...drugged...? Can you tell me what I'm doing here, ma'am?" he asked with a tone of embarrassment. "I have no recollection of how I got here or what happened to my eye."


The nurse seemed to approve of the results on the equipment. "Well, first of all, you're stable now just so you know. Secondly, the police report said that you were found unconscious with a large gash across your left eye. They weren't sure of the circumstances but it happened on New Year's Eve. The most they can surmise is that it may have been a mugging. Your belongings were pretty scattered. It doesn't seem like they took much of anything unless you had any currency on you," she said, walking his belongings' bag over to him from one of the drawers. "You're welcome to look through everything," she said as she began taking his pulse and temperature.


Cain sighed and nodded, seeing his shirt was pretty bloodied. His face paled a bit when he saw his tablet was smashed. The screen was pretty badly damaged and it looks like he might have tried using it to shield whatever was used to cut his eye. He sighed softly, putting it down. At least I back it up everytime I use it... Cain found his wallet was practically untouched. Probably got a witness or two if not the authorities on the scene before he got to it. I guess that's good but... "Will I be able to see out of my eye once it heals...?" he asked after she finished taking his pulse and temp.


"Unfortunately, there's no real telling. Dr. Mason doesn't seem to think you will in her honest opinion..." the nurse replied after finishing taking her notes. "I'm sorry, Mr. McDougal... Is there anything I can do for you for now?"


"A pen and paper please? As soon as you can, that is."


"Certainly," she replied with an inquisitive glance. She turned out of the room and came back with a notepad and a pen. "Here you are, sir. Do you need anything else?"


"Your name please?" he asked with a smile, taking the pen and pad as he started writing notes on it immediately.


"Carolynn," she replied with a smile. "If you need anything, feel free to page. I'm here until the morning," she said and waved as she stepped out of the room, giving him his privacy.


He nodded a thanks and had already filled out 3 pages before he put the pad away. "Lovely...so I'm looking at being half-blind too?" he said to himself with a sigh. "Hopefully someone contacts me about what happened...and also I guess it's a good thing I paid for full coverage on my tablet's warranty... Just never expected to need it...for that at least." He scratched the back of his head. "Oh well..." he said, looking to some of his charts. "I've been out for a couple days...just hope my class has been handling their assignments," Cain thought out loud, smiling. He was looking forward to getting back to work, just not looking forward to being unable to see. At least one was working, but that wasn't going to do his depth perception any favors.




Cain looked over the paperwork on his desk from the week he spent out of work. He still has his eye dressed until it was healed enough for him to either leave it uncovered or wear something over it more to his choosing. Gods, it's nice to be back. Even nicer to see my students have been keeping up on their work, he thought with a smile. The students hadn't arrived yet, being that classes hadn't started yet. He turned on his tablet, connecting it to the mount he had placed into the top of his desk. His fingers moved along the screen as he brought his notes up, looking them over before moving to a blank page. By that time his students started filing in. He blinked as he was about bumrushed by his students, even being hugged by some of them. "H-hello to you all too," he smiled looking to them all. "Did you miss me that much or was the sub just that bad?" Cain chuckled.


"We just missed you, Mr. McDougal. The sub was alright," said one of his male students with a chuckle.


"Yeah, we were worried you wouldn't make it back or something!"


"So you know, we all had a safe holiday, but you've gotta set a better example, Teach," came from another student followed by a bit of laughter.


"Yes, yes I know. Unfortunately, I don't even know what happened that night. I was apparently mugged and rushed to the hos-"


"What happened to your eye...?"


"I'm really not sure...I guess it happened in the mugging..." Cain sighed.


"Will you be able to see out of it?"


"Not likely, but I'll manage," Cain said with a smile.

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Jason was staring out the window at the city laying before as the sun glinted off the windows of the buildings below when suddenly a screen pooped up on the window before him showing an incoming audio call. "Answer...Hello?"


"Mr. Warren, This is watch Detail Captain Nuvero. Michael Trevant's house was robbed just last night. We caught the ones responsible and found nothing on them. How shall we proceed?"


"Incarcirate the ones responsible. As for the tenants leave them be but continue watching them. Michael should be arriving home any second. If something starts happening I want the girl alive."


"Understood. And Michael?"


"Well if he has it which we are not completely sure he does, but if he does have it and gives it to her he will be dead before we even know that it happened."


"Yes sir. Out"


Jason had just hung up when another call came in. "Answer....go ahead"


"Mr. Warren this is recon team 3 in Kiason. We just laid eyes on one of the artifacts." 


"Which one is it and what form is it in?" He leaned back in his high backed chair taking a sip of his drink.


"The topaz, sir. And it has taken the form of an eyepatch"


He spun his chair around to his desk turning on the screen and bringing up the holopad. His hands flew across the keys as pages came up on the holographic screen in front of him. "Hmmm a Mr.Cain McDougal was mugged and lost an eye last night." He did a brief search to see other people with missing eyes. "Tell me did the person look like a student?"


"Yes sir...the girl currently attends Kiason Academy"


"Excellent. Wait until she gives it to Mr. McDougal. When that happens he should start acting ill then comes more advanced symptoms. When that happens I want him tranq. When he is asleep bring him here."


"Yes sir'


"And one more thing. "Be sure to make it triple that for a normal person. Your going to need it"


"Yes sir. Out"


He hung up right when another call came in. "What.....Answer...Hello?"


A female voice responded "Sir a Dr. Lisa Binnent is here to see you"


He grimaced. "Send her up" A few minutes later a slender blonde came in her heels clicking on the tile right outside the elevator before being muffled when she reached the carpet. He could see the tension in her face and the tight line of her lips and knew this was going to be quite a conversation. Thankfully Nathaniel wasn't here so things would go smoother then normal. "Welcome doctor I..."


She cut him off with an ice cold tone. "Don't give me that. What the hell did you do to me?!"


"I did absolutely nothing doctor. Your the one who signed the paper to be medical professional in our new program"


"It didn't say anything like this"


He held up a hand maintaining the top dog businessman visage. "It didn't need to. You signed the contract so now you belong to me.  Besides I would think your new gifts would be more wanted in your line of work."


She paused for a second. "Well yes but..."


His voice grew more cold and threatening with every word. "But nothing. You signed. Your here. Your mine. That is the way it is"


"What exactly am I going to be taken care of."


"My new team of covert agents."


"I am strictly against fighting"


He stood up looming over her even though he was slightly bent over with his hands on his desk. "Did i say that you would be fighting? No I didn't now sit!"


Impulsively she sat down in the chair shocked at what just happened. "How did you make me do that?"


"That is none of your concern doctor. You will do as I say or I will make you do it." He turned around staring out the window with his hands clasped behind him. "Your office and new place of residence is located four floors under this one. You have the entire floor to yourself. Half of floor 1336 is your new home fully equipped with everything. The other half is your work space. You also have a mobile vehicle unit and an air unit equipped with pilots and drivers as well as armed personal to escort you. Any questions?"


She was silent for a few seconds. "Can you tell me about this?' She pointed to the flawless amethyst headband in the hair.


"As of right now your speed strength and other things are slightly amplified while you are in human form as well possessing the ability to diagnose what exactly is wrong with someone just by touching them. you possess with is known as the Angel's Star, an ancient relic of unknown origin. With this relic you can not die from old age and you will never age but you also cant remove it. Now change for me"


She stood up and took several steps back closing her eyes and taking a deep breath. A soft pure white glow surrounded her covering her completely then faded leaving behind a beautiful woman with long flowing blonde hair clad in expensive looking white cloth with gold accents and jewelry. 


"I see you figured out you must be perfectly calm in order to change. Not everyone is like that as other must be in different states of emotion. This form is know as the second stage. In time you will advance but for now this will be it for awhile. In this state your physical abilities are enhanced further and you are also able to heal physical injuries by maintaining contact with them.Things such as poison are still beyond your powers for now." He took a seat sipping his drink. "You also possess the ability to calm and pacify anyone close to you, roughly about ten feet around you. Your abilities do not work on some of the others say for instance the Devil's Star. I would advise you to remain away from him, direct contact while both of your are changed will instantly kill both of you. That and he will want to kill you if he has his way. Normally he is level headed but your very presence will break that unless I intervene. So you are to remain in your quarters until needed, understood?" His tone immediately went cold on the last word.


"Yes it is" The white light covered her as she changed back to human form. "I expect a few of your servants will make sure I am properly put in my room." With that she turned away back towards the door that led to the hallway that housed two of the eight building elevators as only two had the key card access to reach the upper floors. 


"Sure thing." He watched her walk out. "Damn bitch"

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Nathaniel cursed as his fist slammed down onto his car steering wheel, speeding to his destination with great haste as he could already feel the powerful presence of the new star's user spike as he got closer to his extraction point.  Already police sirens and hover crafts were booming their alarms throughout the block as they too tried to advance to the same spot.  The soldier calculated in his head the ways to deal with them if the time came, but for now he was under pressure to make it there first, turning a tight corner and zooming past civilians, the soldier managed to spot his building.  Revving his engines, the soldier sped up to 150 mph in his car as it approached the glass entrance, the car inclining on the stone staircase before launching into the air and colliding with the glass walls of the main hallways, screams echoed as the car flipped on itself several times before smashing into a concrete wall, landing upside down.  Nathaniel coughed and groaned as he kicked his driver door open, bruised and scrapped from the brilliant idea that went sour, more of the buildings staff came through the hallway, but running not from the accident, but from something else inside that cause a fire alarm to ring.  The soldier finally stood on his own two feet and vanished into the crowd, reappearing  on an empty floor just above the hallway, changing into his black ops outfit, which looked more like a ninja soldier ready for war.  


(Step one, cause a scene...check)  Nathaniel rolled his shoulders, feeling the stings of his accident beginning to settle in, but his mission was of the up most importance.  Reaching to his earpiece, Nathaniel made the call to his superior.  




"Warren, it's Nathaniel.  At the location, seems like his powers peaked before I could arrive"  There was a pause as Nathaniel jogged to where the power source was coming the strongest in the building, already sensing that blood has been spilled already.  "There are casualties...heavy so far"


"Don't worry about them, get to the target and get out, those are you orders soldier"  Warren said with great haste, Nathaniel nodded as he turned a corner, only to return back to the first floor, running closer to his prime directive.  


"Understood sir"  Nathaniel could hear more screaming and crashing sounds from the door he came upon, a man screaming in pain echoed from the other side, Nathaniel made quick haste as he kicked down the door to see a metallic like monster crushing the bones of the eldest Maverick son.  The monster seemed to pay little attention to the soldier, his rage and fury were too far gone focusing on the man underneath the monsters body.  Nathaniel once again reached to his earpiece, the monster then turning its head sharply towards his direction, the two stare down one another, neither one flinching from each others death glare.  "Sir..."


"Nathaniel, what is it?"  Warren questioned, but silence was all he got.  The next moments were the most memorable, but Warren only heard wrestling and large grunts from both Nathaniel and the creature, gunfire and screams from what little board members were still present to witness the fight.  "Nathaniel?...NATHANIEL?!"  Warren screamed, standing up from his desk as he paces his office, the speakers of the call only catch fighting and gunfire.  Mavericks youngest, now fully transformed into a stage of his stars power was not something to take lightly.  There was silence once more over the line, Nathaniel's voice could be heard huffing and puffing, it seems as if his earpiece came off during the scrap, but the sounds of his ally became louder as he huffed more.


"Sir...target acquired"  Nathaniel brushed his mouth with his free hand, smearing his own blood off as he looked down at the naked body of Mavericks youngest son back to his human form, grunting as he dealt a swift kick to the boys side for his struggle.  "Little punk" the soldier spat as he knelt down and picked the boy up, placing his body over his own shoulder, hearing the police sirens come closer.  "We're leaving now sir, gonna be tricky, but I'll see you back at base soon"


"Understood, hurry up, I have news to share with you when you return.  Also, good work Nathaniel"

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Ashlee snapped awake as she heard the door open, her muscles tense til she heard the familiar sigh. Frowning slightly she sat up from her sleeping position of the couch, stuffing the pack of cigarettes in her jacket, and dumping the ashes into an empty pepsi can quickly, she shoved the ash tray under the cushion and stood as Michael limped into the living room.

"What happened? I didn't think you were going to be back for another- Your ankle!"

She moved swiftly to his side putting her shoulder under his arm and helping him to the couch.

"What happened Michael?"
"I fell into a sink hole, broke my ankle."
"Are you alright?"
"Yeah I'm fine."

She frowned more as she saw his veins through is skin, the side effects of one of his drugs, they were off color and she sighed heavily as she pulled away a little harsher then she meant."
"Did they at least give you the money for working as long as you did."

"Yeah, I put it into the investment I keep telling you about."


She pinched the bridge of her nose as she moved to the fridge and opened it, scrunching her nose as the smell of sour foods and drinks filled her nostrils. She hadn't even noticed the power had gotten turned off. She'd have to pay that shortly, and then it hit her...her frustration at everything, and slammed the door shut with a loud bang.

"Lee, everything alright in there? What's with all the slamming?"
She stalked into the living room, furious.

"I'll tell you what it's about, it's about the fact that I'm busting my ass day in and day out to pay for rent, and all the bills while we never see a dime of what you make and-"
"I told you I'm investing it Ashlee. What more do you want from me?"
"To be honest with me dammit! I know where it's actually going! I'm not that stupid. I'm a Secretary Michael which means I know how to handle numbers. And with what your supposed to make, and what you say you invest we should be living in a much better place then this! I know where it's been going this whole time, and I haven't said anything to you about it, I was hoping that you would stop, hoping that if I gave you as much as I could you would stop and give just as much back but I was wrong and I'm tired of it!"
"What are you talking about Ash?!"
"The drugs Michael! The goddamn drugs!"
Michael blinked for a few seconds, having never seen this part of her, and it shocked him to learn that the entire year they had been together, she had known everything.

"Why didn't you leave then?"
"Because I love you dammit. More then I should, and more then you deserve. I've never gotten anything but heartbreak and trouble from you. And I can't take it any more Michael. I can't keep living like this...paycheck to paycheck...working day and night, sleeping only 3 hours and then doing it all over again...We're so poor and so trashy right now that people who break in won't even steal anything from us..."
"What does that mean?"
"The flat got broken into last night, nothing is missing... That's what I mean...it's so bad that even the low lifes take pity on us."

She shook her head and picked up her jacket.

"Where are you going?"
"Away. I'm told you. I'm done."
"Wait, Ash! Please...I'll- I'll change I swear it! Just...don't go...please...I even got you a late anniversary gift..."

Ashlee paused, something told her not to believe or trust him, but her love for him blinded her once again as she huffed out another sigh and turned to look at him. The small ring he had in his hand made her gasp. 

"Michael, how did you afford this...you didn't steal it did you?"
She narrowed her eyes at him.

"Ash...I'm a druggie...not a thief..."

She picked it up gently and looked at it before she smiled.

"It's beautiful."
Lifting her shirt she removed the present navel ring she wore, a simple silver ring with a wolf charm in it, slipping the ruby one Michael had given her into the hole she looked at it for a moment.

"It looks good Ash. Do you like it?"
"I love it, now, lets get you in bed so you can rest."

He nodded and leaned on her as she helped him to his feet and moved him towards the bedroom. Getting him settled into the bed she stood and moved towards her side of the bed frowning as her head swam, the slight dizziness throwing her off for a moment.

"You alright Ash?"
"Yeah just got dizzy for a sec, that's all."

He nodded as she slipped from her clothes, still in her white tank top and a pair of bikini cut underwear, helping him out of his clothes she lay next to him, her fingers tracing small patterns on his chest; she smirked at the boxers he wore, a gift from her; purple. She took a deep breath and felt her stomach lurch slightly.

"You alright? You just got really pale."

"Uh, yeah...just feeling a little funny I guess."
"Okay. I missed you while I was gone."
"I missed you too."
She smiled as he tilted her chin upwards and slid his lips across her's, she pushed up towards him applying more pressure, making him sigh as he swiped his tongue across her bottom lip. Moaning softly she kissed him back, rolling towards him she straddled him but instantly regretted it as her head swam and her stomach twisted again.

"Ash, are you alright? Ash?"
His words her muffled, quiet as though she were wearing ear muffs. Opening her eyes she felt her throat tighten as everything seemed to be covered in a red sheen, she could hear her heart beat in her ears, her breathing getting heavy as she bent over him, holding her head.

"Ashlee! What's wrong! Ash?! Ash please tal-"


It felt as though she had blacked out, opening her eyes she blinked slowly, her vision still blinded by red, the smell was horrible as well, metallic and thick as she coughed on it.

"Michael...I really don't feel well can we take a rain check on the whole making out thing til later?"

No answer...

She looked around, there was red every where, only it was moving, trickling, dripping, running down the wall in rivets. That's when the smell registered...blood. She had smelt it so many times in the fighting ring, when someone killed their opponets, or when she broke a nose here or there...but she'd never smelt it this strong.

"Michael! Answer me!"

She moved to roll off the bed when her leg caught something underneath her, looking down she felt the scream bubbling forth, starting in her chest, before catching in her throat, getting trapped and coming out as a whine, before she began to hyperventilate  Michael was there, under her where she remembered him being, only his eyes were trapped open, wide and frightened. His mouth frozen open in a scream of terror. But what made terrified her, what made her finally allow the scream to escape her was the sight of him. His throat and chest were gaping open as if he had been mauled by a wild animal, she could clearly see his ribs, his heart, his spine. His blood was covering everything in sight, and then it hit her...it was even covering her. Her hands were completely covered making it impossible to see her skin tone and she could block out the metallic taste in her mouth. Looking up she caught sight of her self in the mirror and screamed harder.

She was covered in his blood, it ran down her chin and chest, her shirt stained, but so was her hair...which was impossible because her hair was black...only it wasn't...it was blonde, almost white in color, and her eyes glinted with a red tint. Grabbing a handful of her hair she felt her screaming getting worse, only to feel something pinch the back of her neck, after that her world went black and she knew no more. 


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It had been a good first day back overall. Cain was just happy that his new handicap wouldn't impede on his work at the school or out of it. He was more or less getting used to adjusting for his depth perception by now-mostly accepting he was going to misjudge a lot of things. His second day back started much like the first.
His class was filing in and greeting their teacher as they came in with "Hey, Teach," "Morning, Mr. McDougal," "How're ya feelin', Mr. McD?" and the like. Cain greeted them as they came in, blinking as one of his female students approached him with a smile. "Good morning, Kaitlin. Is everything alright?" Cain asked, smiling back.

Kaitlin nodded, smiling shyly. "Of course...uhm... I got you something is all," she said, reaching into her bag.

"Is it a get well card or something? I got plenty of those from you all while I was in recovery," Cain chuckled.

"No, nothing like that, Mr. McDougal. You said you might not get your vision back, so we found you this," Kaitlin said as she pulled an eyepatch from her bag. It was a white eyepatch with a silver trim along the outside and a diamond-shaped topaz which almost shaped Cain's eye if he were to wear it. "We figure if you have the chance of not being able to see from that eye, you should at least have an eyepatch that doesn't look so boring," she said with a giggle.

Cain was at a loss for words, staring at the gift presented to him. With a smile, Cain accepted the eyepatch. "Thank you, Kaitlin, class. I'll start wearing it today to break it in," he said, glancing to the class. "Well, now that I'm in such a good mood," he laughed softly, "let's get cracking where we left off." Kaitlin and the other students got in their seats, getting their notes ready and their tablets and laptops out.

"So since you're in such a good mood, teach, can we call it a day already?" one of the boys asked.

"But, I love biology. Why would I want to not teach it and ruin my mood?" Cain smirked. "Nice try, Dennis." He said, typing into his personal tablet before putting his new eyepatch on, slipping the old one out from under it and stowing it in his desk.

The girls in the class gave some catcalls and whistles while the rest of the class laughed. "Settle down, the lot of you. Hardly appropriate behavior. We are studying biology, not acting like the animals we're reading about," Cain said, shaking his head.

The class settled down and Cain typed in his tablet as he went over the lesson for the day. "As you can tell by the way the Canis lupus is built, it is very capa-" Cain stopped in the middle of his sentence, clutching his chest.

The class immediately froze. "Teach, you okay?"

"Ye-yeah... No worries," Cain said, trying to regain his composure. "Now, where was I...?"

"We're on wolves, professor," one of the boys replied, though the class still seemed worried. "You really don't look so good though... I think we should call the nu-Professor!" he exclaimed as Cain just about collapsed on his desk, clutching his chest again and starting to sweat. Kaitlin rushed to the phone while the boy and the other students rushed to Cain.

As the words of the students trying to communicate with their became nothing but a slur to him, his eyes popped open as the sounds of footsteps hurried down the hall. He lifted his head slowly and muttered a single word: "Atlantica..." The topaz over his eye emitted a brown light that turned almost grey as it filled the room with a strange luster. As it cleared, the students screamed in a panic, moving away from where Cain was resting. In his place stood a black wolf, except his body was covered in what seemed like a metalline coat of fur. And this wolf stood at about 60 inches. He looked around to his students with a violet eye, turning his head and seeing them with a scarred, topaz colored eye from his left. He sniffed the air, ears twitching as he got to his fours. He quickly tore out the door, seeing there were a group of armored men running down the hall. He turned immediately away from them, charging to find an exit...to find Atlantica. He felt something glance off of his side as he took a step to his left. He could see something stuck in the wall afterwords but kept on moving. He thought nothing of it, because he didn't think at all. The only thing guiding him was instinct now.

As the wolf made his escape from the school, he found his escape route was already secured as men waited outside, armed to the teeth. With no time to react, he ran straight for then and the soldiers opened fire. The wolf howled in pain as the impact of the rounds slammed against his hide, but he didn't slow up, jumping clear over the wall of men and landing behind them only to take off again.

"Sir, we've got the target," was heard from behind Cain. Just as it was heard, he was hit with severe tunnel vision and within steps he collided with the ground, whining before he lost consciousness...

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Jason smiled after listening to the reports from the three
teams all saying they were returning with cargo in hand. It had only been one
day and he had four of them in his hands. He paused to get another drink before
heading out his office door into the slightly dim black tiled and gray walled
with red oak trim and accented hallway where the elevators were housed.

Only two elevators reached up past the 1300 by means of a

keycard, eye, palm, and voice scanner. Though the floors 1300 to 1310 were
completely empty he had sealed all access to them and installed security
measures on there to be safe. He went through the locking measures for the
gloss black elevator doors to open and stepped inside the white oak with gold
trim elevator. â??I guess my taste as gotten a little expensive over the yearsâ?

He took another sip before clearing his throat and taking a

small black bad out of his pocket. â??Floor 1311â? The elevator moved and within
seconds the doors opened back up after dropping almost thirty stories in no
time. He tapped a few spots on the screen as he stepped into a plain white
tiled floor hallway with white walls and a white tiled ceiling with glowing
lights. On each side of the hallway was a black metal door with the words menâ??s
lockers on the right and womenâ??s lockers on the left. At the end was a double
black metal door which opened on its own as he neared leading into a massive
chamber that actually took up the floor he was on and all the way up to floor

The chamber was solid white with thin silver lines crossing

each other making the walls and floor look like they were tiled white with
silver edging. Along the back wall was a long window running from wall to wall,
which was about six stories from the floor that could be accessed by the locker
rooms. Suddenly the light came on and the doctorâ??s icy voice filled the

â??I am here like you orderedâ?¦â?

Jason just shook his head. â??Bitchâ? He mumbled under his

breath. He hit a few buttons causing an exact replica of his chair in his office
to appear along with two small tables right next to it. â??Do you have want I
requested� He was answered by a section of the wall sliding away revealing a
wheeled silver metal surgical table. On it was an old school car battery with
jumper cables, a blue lunchbox looking with a label saying A+ on both sides,
and what looked to be about eight pieces of rebar welded together and a bottle
of liquor and four extra crystal glasses.

â??Perfectâ? He whistled to himself as he began wheeling the

table back out to the chair he had manifested. This chamber was his pride and
joy, something it called the holoroom, a device capable of creating almost
anything and everything. As he finally reached the chair the metal doors swung
open revealing Nathaniel pulling three more similar tables that had been linked
together. On top of each was a mound that was obscured by a white sheet.

â??You wanted dead bodies?â? The doctorâ??s voice flooded the

chamber again as Nathaniel got closer which made him immediately stop and stare
at the viewing room his eyes becoming cold and filled with hate.

â??Nathanielâ?¦â?Jasonâ??s voice was back in the same tone he had

used on the doctor the day prior. â??â?¦.you will not harm or kill the doctor or
the Angel Star until I give you the order in this exact tone. If you do manage
to cross paths down the road you will not make eye contact and shadow jump to
another area of the building. If she dies I will have your head�

Nathaniel blinked a few times before pulling his gaze to

Jason. â??Thanks.â?

Jason nodded. â??Not to worry old friend. I know you canâ??t

help that your Star causes you to do that. This one is not as near as bad as
the last one though�

â??I heard thatâ?

â??But she is still a pain?â?

Jason smiled nodding his head as he began pulling back the

first sheet, revealing an eighteen-year old boy. He hit a few buttons on the
black pad. â??Doctor?â?

â??Julian Maverickâ?¦.18â?¦.great physical conditionâ?¦.judging from

what you explained to me earlier I would say he has a seventy eight percent
sync with the Star�

Jason looked over to Nathaniel who nodded. â??I would agree,

he defiantly will become stronger then the previous owner done the road�� He
slightly went silent and Jason folded the sheet.

â??I know the last one was your friend. He was a valuable

comrade. Julian has big shoes to fill�.at least you dressed him�

â??I didnâ??tâ? He smirked as Jason looked at him. â??I made the

new recruit on the extraction team do it�

Jason chuckled as he pulled back the second sheet coming

face to face with a girl with raven black hair. â??Defiantly a lookerâ?

The doctorâ??s voice came over. â??Ashlee Fomasâ?¦..25. Judging

from her condition I would say she has been in quite a few fights��

Nathaniel nodded as he chimed in, his small smirk saying he

was happy to cut her off. â??Detail team says she visited a small fight club for
spare cash.�

Jason ran a finger under her chin tilting her head upwards

as he pulled back her right eyelid. â??Is that soâ?¦this is the first blue eyed one
its chosen�.what happened to the boyfriend?�

Nathaniel tossed a picture on the sheet where it rested on

her stomach. â??This was the after math.â?

Jason let out a whistle as he looked at it. â??Seems we might

have a problem with��

â??She is about sixty seven percent in sync with her Starâ?

Both men looked up at the viewing room looking at the doctor

even though they couldnâ??t see her. â??Can I kill her now?â?

Jason walked around to the largest mound and ripped off the

sheet letting it fall on the floor revealing a massive black wolf with a scar
over its left eye. â??I am debating that right nowâ? He pulled back the eye to
find a topaz one staring back at him. â??Nathaniel look at thisâ?

â??I looked at it before I came up. Interesting to see how

that Star has changed itself�

â??Doctor?â? Jason ran a hand through its black metalline fur

smiling at its soft touch. â??Nathaniel knifeâ?

â??I am a doctor not a vet you assâ? Her voice was filled with

venom as Jason caught the foot long blade tossed is direction.

â??I said knife not daggerâ? Quick as lighting he plunged the

blade downward, laughing as it hit the skin then shattered. â??I never get tired
of that but I would have to see the other forms to know how in sync he isâ?¦.it
is a he right?â? He lifted up the back leg. â??Yep it is a he.â? He stoop down and
picked up one of the slivers from the shattered knife. â??Letâ??s wake themâ?? He waited
till Nathaniel wheeled over the table with the various items on it closer and
grabbed the jumper cables hitting the two ends together causing a spark as
Jason pricked his finger bringing a drop of blood to the surface. He bent over
into the massive wolfâ??s ear. â??Get upâ? His voice took its cold commanding tone
and the wolf was up instantly although a little too fast causing the table to
roll out from underneath it sending the wolf crashing to the floor.

Its slowly rolled over and brought its eyes on Jason, its

tail going extremely fast when it did. It started to whine and dance a little
bit until Jason petted it. â??Changeâ? In seconds a man standing at his own height
was before him stark naked. â??You can use the sheet to cover yourselfâ??

The manâ??s face went red as he realized he had nothing on and

immediately covered himself using the sheet as a toga. â??Umm thank you I donâ??t
really�.my students!�

Jason held up a hand. â??They are safe. I will explain

everything to you in a second.â? He held his pricked finger under Ashleeâ??s nose
who suddenly bent straight up her mouth open with vampiric like fangs extended
heading straight for his wrist. â??Stopâ? Instantly she froze in place blinking
and looking around confused.

â??Whereâ?¦.â? It was right then when Nathaniel hit Julian with

the cables causing his body to arch then Julian sprang up, then same thing
happening to him as what happened to the wolf.

â??What the hellâ?¦â?

â??Alright you three stop and listenâ? the tone was back as he

turned around and walked the three steps back to his chair and grabbing his
drink. â??Good now that I have your attention we can proceed. I am Jason Warren
and this is Nath�.� He frowned as he was instantly cut off by Julian.

â??Waitâ?¦the Jason Warren, head of Atlantis Corporation?â?

â??Yes and I would advised you to never interrupt me again. As

I was saying this is Nathaniel Athens, my closest friend, advisor and
bodyguard. You three are here due to what you have become.� He pointed to Cain.
â??You Mr. Cain Mcdougal, according to reports were testing on yourself trying to
turn into an animal and your experiments worked and you disappeared without a
trace. You didnâ??t hurt anyone and right now all of Kiason Association is
looking for you.â? His finger moved to Ashlee. â??You Ashlee Fomas completely
mauled your boyfriend Michael Trevant during a little love making session. I
covered it by setting your house on fire so you and him both died in it.� His
finger then moved from the now teary eyed woman to Julian. He paused for a
second chuckling to himself. â??You Julian Maverick left quite a few chalk lines
behind you as well as butting your brother in critical care. As of right now
Maverick Industries is building him a new body. They are saying you built and
released the mech cause you were jealous of him and they are looking for you
with full force. A bounty has been issued for your capture, dead or alive.�

â??They deserved every bit of what they gotâ?

Nathaniel huffed as he crossed his arms. â??Kid donâ??t play

tough. You got blood on your hands and even though you may have been angry at
them, you did kill innocent people. And trust me I know it bothers you. That
never goes away and now for the rest of your life its going to haunt you.�

Julian narrowed his eyes. â??You donâ??t know shit about meâ?

Jason noticed Julianâ??s muscles tensing. â??The kid is still in

shock. Seems anger is his way of dealing with that. Fine since it seems you
need to blow off steam I will get you up to speed first so listen closely you
three cause you all need to hear this. What you three possess is called the
Stars. Nathaniel here also has one and the good doctor up stairs, Dr. Lisa
Binnet does as well. These Stars were made by a very advanced and long dead
civilization and they contain great powers that you can use. First I will give
you the class they fall into. You twoâ?¦â? He pointed to Ashlee and Julian. â??â?¦have
a Covert class Star, same as Nathaniel here meaning your core abilities and
more subtle and better at being behind the scenes. Next is the Soldier class.
Mr. McDougal you fall in there along with the Titan and the Elemental Star,
this is due to your more destructive powers. The Angel Star fall in the Support
class with her abilities.� He paused to fill each glass with liquor holding his
hand out handing each one out, taking note of their emotions. Cain was
calmer after hearing his students were fine. Ashlee on the other hand was a wreck
and Julian was pretty much foaming at the mouth. â??Next we have Typesâ?

â??Types classify how the Star changes. The Angel, Devil,

Synthetic, and Witch are all Permanent Types. This means once you hit the next
stage you immediately change into it every time. The Elemental and Beast Star
are Freeform Types meaning they can choose any one of their forms though each
Star has a particular way you have to go about it. The Titan Star is a
Progression Star, this is because it always has to start at 1 at work its way
upâ?¦.any questions?â??

Cain sipped his drink. â??I am going to take a wild guess

here. But I believe I have the Beast Star with Mr. Maverick has the Synthetic I
would guess because your advisor here hit him with the jumper cables and Miss
Fomas would have the Witch cause thatâ??s the only one I think can go along with

Nathaniel grunted. â??Well look who gets an a+â?

Jason smirked at the comment. â??Yes you are correct Mr.

McDougalâ?¦letâ??s skip formalitiesâ?¦.Cainâ?¦much easier to say. Anyway where was Iâ?¦â?
He paused. â??Oh yes.â? He stood up walking to Julian. â??You hold the Synthetic
Star and just like all the others it is powerful in its own way even more so
when you reach the higher forms but that will take lots of practice. It is
called the Synthetic due to its electronic capabilities. For all of you when
your in human form for strength speed, pretty much only your physical abilities
are slightly enhanced not your senses. He tapped a few buttons on his pad and
suddenly a safe appeared making all of them gasp in surprise.

â??Oh yes I forgot about the room. This room is able to

manifest almost anything you want, it was built by the previous one who held
your Star Julian. He also designed the Atlantis system specifically to keep
everyone out. Including yourself but he only reached the third stage so if you
stay alive long enough to hit the fourth you might be able to hack the only
unhackable system created. Now this safe ways about two hundred pounds which as
Nathaniel will demonstrate�� He paused as Nathaniel only slightly strained in
picking it up. â??â?¦..you can pick up. Be careful as your new strength and speed
will take a little getting used to and after practice you will be able to hold
yourself back and move like a normal person. As far as speed you could easily
run a twenty mile marathon at a track star pace.â? He motioned to Julian. â??You
have a very special gift, one that is very beneficial to Nathanielâ??s line of
work. Touch the safe and open it� Julian walked forward and pressed his hand to
the top of the safe and closed his eyes. In a mater of ten seconds the safe
popped open causing his to stare at his hand as Jason rubbed his hands

â??Very good. You can hack almost any system using your hands

as an access point. The more the advanced the system is the longer contact will
need to be made. Now in order to change you do not need to be in any certain
emotional state, only think it and with time you will learn to make your clothes
change along with you saving your wardrobe. Now change�

Julian glared at him. â??I am not some dog to be ordered


Nathaniel took a step back as Jasonâ??s eyes narrowed. â??Shit

Warren donâ??t kill the kidâ?

Jasonâ??s mouth curved into a sinister smile. â??I wonâ??t just

someone needs to be put in their place before he blows off a little steam and
realizes someone is trying to help him stay alive.� He stood in front of
Julian. â??Alright I will make a deal with you. If you can best me then you can
walk right out those doors.�

Julian was silent for a second. â??Fineâ? Instantly he changed

his skin becoming metal as blades extended from his elbows and back with two
antenna coming from his head. His eyes were a glowing red and the metal mouth
was half open. â??Letâ??s do thisâ? His voice had a electronic ring to it as he
sprang forward at Jason.

Jason smiled as Julianâ??s punch came straight for his face

then stopped it with just a finger.

â??Whatâ?¦â? Was the only word Julian got out before Jason delivered a kick

that sent him flying all the way across into the far wall. He staggared up and
came rushing again. â??You have a Star too.â? The blades on the elbows began
sparking as a powerful current ran through them.

Jason caught the blade with his bare hand. â??Yes I do and I

will tell you something about my Star.� He watched Julian struggle trying to
move but was held firmly in place. â??I hold the Titan Star, its called that
because I can command any Star holder to do my bidding and nothing you do can
hurt me unless I order you to which is way I am not being fried by the
current.â? He easily picked him up and slammed him into the ground. â??Now
normally I would not be able to do this but the Titan controls the most
titanic forces in the world. You normally wouldnâ??t think them to be but when used to
certain way they can be completely devastating.�

Cain watched as Julian was slammed again. â??Wait. Your have


Jason nodded. â??Again you are correct. I dare say you made a

wonderful teacher.â? He slammed Julian again who now just lay on the ground. â??As
you see I am not cut by your blade your hurt by the current. I can even let you
punch me and it would do nothing. Now that you know what I can do and the fact
that right now you are completely metal how well do you think you will fare.�

â??Alright, you made your pointâ?

Jason hefted him back to his feet. â??You were right

Nathaniel, he is a lot stronger. Now Julian there are things you need to know.
You are faster and stronger then your human form, you canâ??t through cars right
yet or leap buildings in a single bound, more think four to five wall jumps but
flipping a car on its side is now problem. Your skin has become like armor and
your pain nerves are gone but if something itâ??s down good and deep were your
still flesh it is going to hurt like hell.� Suddenly a gunshot rang followed by
a ping as the bullet bounced off Julianâ??s head causing everyone to look at


Jason shook his head chuckling before turning back to Julian

and grabbing the two antenna. â??These right here are now your access points. You
can only hit one system at a time and can extend these to double their length
but they are frail so be careful with them. Your voice box is now electronic as
you found out and your hearing has been replaced with radar, which will take some
getting used to. In farther stages your eyes will be replaced too. Your sense
of smell and taste are gone. Another thing your capable of is kind of like auto
learning in a sense. It does not really work on humans as much since their
movements are always different but lets say you were fighting a mech after a
couple of its attacks your cyber half of your brain will be able to predict any
move it makes there after no matter if the user tries to fake you will see it
coming. You already know about the blades and ohâ?¦.stay away from water. Even
the smallest drop will make you shut down. Not change back but shut down until
after a certain amount of time. Luckily I control the weather boxes so you wont
have to worry about rain, but sprinkler systems or even a glass of water can
put you out of the fight so be carefulâ? He placed both hands on Julianâ??s
shoulders. â??Your mom would be proud to see you use these powers for goodâ?

Julian was frozen in place. â??You knew her?â?

Jason nodded. â??She worked here before she married your dad

before he became a chalk outline. Now Nathaniel he is all yours to train donâ??t
forget to teach him how to recharge himself without damaging everything.
Luckily this system has a safe guard built in to route the power he is drawing
from the backups� He tapped a few buttons again and suddenly they were standing
in an urban environment. He waited for the threeâ??s shock to go away before
turning to Ashlee and Cain. He heard Julianâ??s voice behind him.

â??So what are we going to learn first?â?



Jason winced as the sounds of something crashing through a
building were heard. â??That one sounded painful. â??Alright you two.â?


OOC: alright sorry about the long post had to cover a lot of
stuff. Once Shwa or Inu or both post I will get Kg and Kayin in the next one.
Shwa I need a picture of your changed form unless you want to see what I used
and you two can already tell whats going on with your characters.

Donâ??t forget to check the backstage thread after each
time I post as changes to the artifacts and dossiers will be made with each
significant event.

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"You understand you are all idiots right? Everything about this is wrong!" Croix screamed as he was pacing around the lab in a constant state of frustration and tapping away at the tablet in his hand and making his way to desks and hitting keys as quickly a she could. The faces of his team was a mixture of stunned for the new ones, annoyance from the more seasoned employees and finally the veterans who had stayed with Dr. Magnus the longest simply ignored his words and moved out of his way when he pounded on the keyboards before returning to work.


"I know I know, it's just amazing that any of them get out of bed let alone get anything done. You wouldn't believe the complex theory we are working on today, you see...." Croix drowned on from there, speaking as if he was to someone else entirely as he went into full details about his entire work of the past month and quickly started to break further and further down into talking about other projects that had long since been completed and how they connected to this current one. Their current theory was the, newly formed, Theory of Manifestation, the idea of other forms or energy types rapidly and purposely giving themselves life through whatever means they decided. Whether it was through a physical object on their material plane, and idea created to implant it's thoughts and feelings into a mechanical or organic being or simply willing themselves into existence. The idea was hard to prove, and by hard others saw it as impossible idea to prove, but Croix didn't let that control his path, his mind was in a thousand different places and each would give him a new piece of the puzzle.


"Bloody hell, this whole equation is flawed. We need to start again, no mistakes, this party is getting in the way."


"I'm sorry Dr. Magnus, but we need to take a break. This is a monumental task you are asking of us, we need time. You can't just start screaming and pounding away at out desks because we-" He was cut off as Croix swiftly moved across the room, his full attention on the young man who had spoken up. The tablet having fallen to his side as he looked at the scientist and tried to understand what he was really trying to do, or what was going on in his mind. Anger was not something he experienced, he was simply in a state of curiosity at all times and frustration followed with minimal break through. His tablet came back into view, tapping and sliding his fingers across the screen he brought up a new section of notes. Forgoing the name he typed up a hasty description, getting details in so he could identify the person later. He heard him try to speak up once more, a finger swiftly raised from Croix's hand as he went back into his tablet and began his quick notes. Looking up at the the man before going back down and jotting something else down and finally looking back to the young scientist.


"Continue...." He trailed off, gesturing for him to produce a name.




"Yes, Tyler. Please, continue." He suddenly became wide eyed and looked like a deer in headlights, all of his courage having seemingly faded away with the forced pause. He struggled to find the words as Dr. Magnus simply stared at him, his eyes revealed nothing of what his mind was saying. Only that he was watching every move he made, his fingers tapping on the tablet without his eyes leaving the face before him at any time.


"I uh, was simply saying, we uh, perhaps just need sometime away from this place. That's what the party is really for, a chance for everyone to let off some steam and relax." Croix nodded subtly as he added more notes, his fingers dancing away as his eyes quickly darted to different faces before they found their way back to Tyler.


"I see, interesting. Very well, everyone is dismissed until tomorrow. Leave me to my work." Without another word, he turned his back on all of them, ignoring everyone around him as he transferred all of his notes and information to a large screen and began to work on that. He didn't even notice when everyone had filed out to attend to the things they wanted to attend to, and he failed to notice time go by as well. It was all irrelevant to him, all that mattered was getting the work done and he was failing to keep track of his own bodily needs. Time flying by and his eyes growing tired and his frustration building as his current avenue of work wasn't producing anything worth while he rubbed his eyes before reaching up and tossing his glasses off in the distance. His hand moving to his temple as he moved to his desk, tossing the tablet on the desk as it made an unusual clatter causing his attention to change to the box he had received early in the day, or was it yesterday, he wasn't sure and didn't really care as he picked up the box and opened it. His eyes scanned over the object within, his hand reaching in and lifting up the new pair of glasses, looking at the details and observing how they used crystal to create the detail in the frames. He would have said he saw them as just another random thing, something that was probably delivered incorrectly to him, but something about them caused him to feel a slight sense of awe. Unfolding the arms of the frames he looked over the detail of them, having set down the packaging and using both hands to handle the glasses that seemed to delicate in his grasp.


"These are, fascinating. I would like to know how these were made to precisely, it's as if the crystal was grown into the frames. Seamless and perfectly crafted, I must say I shall en devour to find its creator." He felt compelled to put them on, and he complied without thinking about it a she slid the frames on to his face and marveled at how they had gotten his prescription perfectly. After a few minutes of wearing them, he felt a slight pressure build up in his skull, but it passed quickly enough and he was alone with his work once more.


"Alright, I have to to just get over this formula and move on, I will find it!"


"Of course you will, it can't be that difficult of a task for a mind like this." Croix didn't bother to look around as he continued to work.


"Why of course it isn't, that's why I sent you all away as you are a distraction. Now, please leave me to my work."


"But of course I would if I could, but that is something not within my power and I do hope you don't detest me for intruding so." Croix turned around then, ready to address the person within in his lab, only to find it empty and void of all life but his own. His eyes search swiftly for anyone, the voice had been clear and powerful, feeling old, possibly ancient.


"Hello? Did you just walk away without saying anything?"


"I certainly did not, that would be rude and I am far from it." The voice rang clear in his mind, whirling around trying to find the source but he couldn't see anyone.


"Alright, this is very bloody funny but where are you?" He heard a laugh then, one that was very mannered and seemed practiced.


"Why I am in here with you my dear boy, it is quite roomy in here, but I feel I need to stretch my legs for a bit if you don't mind." Croix felt his heart thump then, hard and heavy as he started to stumble and fall to the floor. Grasping on to the table nearest to him as best he could, his felt his body start to hurt, his skin was starting to losing feeling and feel rough as his body started to grow.


"What is happening? This is... amazing! Please keep notes, computer..... automated....camera activate!" He said as quickly as he could before pain racked his body, his entire structure changing right down to the molecular level. His mind raced with the fascination of the whole thing, but the pain made it impossible to do anything more then struggle as he became covered in a hard material, a rocky surface taking over his skin and replacing his entire being with stone. His roars of pain echoed clearly as he slammed a massive hand into the table he had been holding and his body rising as he stood taller then ever before with new eyes looking out a the world around him.

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"First off...." Jason paused for a second before pulling back out the black pad and holding it up to his mouth, his voice taking the cold tone again. "Dr. Croix Magnus change back to human and please come to the Pillar of Atlantis floor 1311. Key card is waiting for you at the front desk" With that he turned to Ashlee. "You girl need blood" He opened the lunch box pulling out a bag of blood stopping when he noticed that say was running her hands along her teeth.


"Oh yes your fangs. They are not always out. Until you learn to deploy them at will then will only slide out when you smell blood. Here watch but dont' change" His voice took the cold tone again as he cut a small slit in the bag and held it up to her nose smiling as he face grew surprised as her canines elongated longer and handed her the bag. "Drink up....no no not like that" He took the bag away as she tried to pour it down her throat. "Open your mouth" When she did he popped the bag onto her fangs. Within seconds the bag was completely drained.


She took it off staring at the bag. "That's handy cause the stuff tastes disgusting"


Jason nodded. "Your fangs are hollow so while in human form your daily blood drinks should be quite clean. Unfortunately your other side tends to be more....messy. In order to switch forms you must be around a lot of blood or in a state of excitement, lust, or extreme pain so you need to be careful to make sure you don't change with anyone around. Thankfully your change isn't as dramatic as others so a restroom or closest will work if you feel the change coming forward. Now your human form is like everyone else's but with different powers. You need blood twice a day..." He held up two fingers in front of her face. "...twice a day. I don't want to find members of my staff dead. I am not worried about the other Star holders cause you tend to instinctively refrain from biting them but as for my other more mortal members I don't need them dead. I do have a company to run. Now your bite will kill a person within a few seconds so you need to remember that and when you kiss a person on the lips, kissing them on the cheek doesn't seem to do anything, you will but them under a sort of charm. With each consectutive kiss the spell will become stronger and stronger, pretty much getting them to do whatever you want." 


She made a face at the last statement. "Makes me sound like a whore"


Jason smiled as he took another sip of his drink. "Espionage work is not easy. Now your changed form has an advantage over the others. you are the only one that be changed out in the public and no one will be the wiser. In that form of course your stronger and what not but you can now charm a person by touch. The longer skin contact is made the deeper under your control they are. The kiss gets stronger too. You just need to remember that if you go too long before touching them again the will come out of your spell and might catch onto what you are doing. Another thing you have is your sense of touch is amplified letting you feel things that people wouldn't be able to see. Like for instance somebody wrote something on a piece of paper and tore it out you would be able to feel the indents left behind by the writing on the paper underneath, or what numbers are hit the most on a keypad lock. But with this your pain sensors are enhanced quite a bit more as well, but your other side tends to enjoy that being the masochist she is."


"So me and when I change are two different people?"


"No you are the same person your personalities is altered but you are the same person. When your changed form does something that will be because of you and down the road your personality you have now will blend with that one. Now last are your nails" He grabbed her hand holding it up." These will grow in length becoming razor sharp and able to cut through most armor they have out now." He turned around to Cain. "Now Mr. McDougal let me talk to you for a bit. Like the others your human abilities are slightly stronger but that is it for your human side. As far as changing you have five forms, the wolf, the cheetah, the eagle, the bear, and the megalodon. Each one has its advantages. The wolf is cunning, agility and the form with the best sense of smell, the cheetah is your speed and stealth with hearing, the eagle is your flight and your vision, the bear is raw power and strength. The megalodon is your water based from with both power and speed in the water. When you change all you really need to do is think the form and there you go. While your changed your instincts take over and you will switch between forms as you need them, unfortunately switching back to human is a little hard for you. Another Star bearer needs to tell you to change back if no one is around you will be stuck changed until one of us can get to you." He stopped when he noticed the doors open and Dr. Magnus come walking in with a trolley full of equipment behind him. 


Jason rubbed his temples. "I forgot how specific I have to be with the Elemental...Dr. Croix...." He stopped as Croix shoved a microphone in front of his face.


"Speak. I want to know how your voice can cause me to obey in such a way and make me put science on hold." 


Jason moved the microphone away slowly. "Answers will come in time. I am sure you would like to get to work on your other project of figuring out what you can do,"


Croix clapped his hands together. "Oh yes yes. Is there somewhere I can set up my things....This room is quite amazing....Will I have to deal with others..." 


Jason held up his hands to shush him. "Patience...Nathaniel, Julian come over here." The moment they walked over from behind a building they were both in human form, Julian worse for wear. "Now i will go over lodging the the facilities you have at your disposal. Floor 1328 is a fully stocked and equipped gym with a sparring ring. 1329 is a rec room complete with a bar, pool tables, swimming pool and hot tub. 1330 is a nice quiet library for you to use. 1331 and 1332 are combined together to make a personal lab with you science types to make use of. 1333 Is your room Dr. Magnus right above the lab...." 


"Perfect. I am off then" 


Jason watched him leave. "i am glad all of these floors have been specially made to withstand whatever ya'll can throw at them." He cupped his hands together to yell after the researcher. "Nine a.m. be back in this room" He watched as Croix waved over his shoulder to show that he understood as he wheeled his equipment out. "Each of your rooms has a a large closet, personal hot tub, standing shower, large bathroom with enough drawers and cabinets to house your essentals. Small  fully equipped kitchen, fireplace, living room, the works pretty much. Floor 1334 belongs to you Julian. I have taken the liberty of adding quite a bit to your room which I am sure you will enjoy just make sure nothing gets traced back here please. Also I have come out with a charging station for you which I have placed inside your bedroom should you find yourself in need of a quick recharge after training. 1335 is Mr. McDougal, I do hope the personal library helps and I have established a personal link for an online college here in Atlantica. You can give lessons via video chat, I have implemented a program that changes your features so you won't be recognized and your name is Darren Withers."


He took another sip before continuing. "1336 belongs to Miss Lisa Binnet so feel free to stop by with any questions though she can be quite...cold. 1337 is yours Ashlee, hopefully the kicking bag and expansive vanity and secondary fridge stocked with blood help. 1338 is Nathaniel's floor. I would be careful going there as Nathaniel tends not to use his door or a lot of doors for that matter and has quite a setup of...obstacles in play to keep unwanted people out of his space so do please knock if you are going to see him for anything. 1339 is my floor and my personal space and is not accessed by the elevators so no one should be caught inside there. 1340 is my office so if you need me you can find me there. Now remember nine a.m. sharp be back here so go and get settled in cause tomorrow we are going to be busy."


He watched them leave before turning to Nathaniel. "Walk with me" He refilled his drink and Nathaniel's before they headed towards the elevator, Jason touching several buttons and the room shutting down causing everything to disappear. "So what do you think as far as training wise?"


Nathaniel held up his hand and extended fingers as he labeled things. "Julain will need hand to hand..."He paused for a second while Jason typed things into his pad. "...small arms, I am thinking a sub machine gun, energy type would be better due to his back ground. Ballistic pistol as well and knife training." 


Jason nodded as they reached the elevator and stepped in. "Floor 1340....Agreed silenced of course. Now Ashlee."


"Refine her combat skills. The street fighting background will help but these are highly trained military personal that she will be dealing with. Pistol and knife. Maybe hook her up with injection device of some sort since she will be close to targets so she will have a much better chance of giving a dose to knock them out or kill them."


His fingers flew over the pad as the doors opened and they stepped into his office. He set the pad on the desk as he sat down and his holographic screen and keyboard powered up displaying what he had already put in. "Cain?"


"Like you already know, people with only one eye can become far better shots due to not having anything distract them in the eye they are blind in so I say a sniper and hand to hand. Don't see the need to give him anything else cause the enemies are going to be too freaked out about having a giant wolf coming at them that their bullets seem to rebound off of."


Jason chuckled. "Croix will be with me. I don't see any need to get him up to speed on firearms. Did you know the man has four black belts."


Nathaniel coughed on his drink. "Really?"


"Mostly like achieved them in his quest to understand everything." He hit a few buttons and a light kicked on from the ceiling displaying a standard issue Maverick energy sub machine gun. The image rotated in the center of the room as Jason walked around and the two of them stood in front of it. "Standard issue pulse Kilo. Single to three round burst to full auto rates of fire. Capable of eating through one eighth inch armor. Up to three thousand projectiles a minute" He brought up his hands swiping them through the image adding a laser sight, silencer and a holographic sight as well as a folding stock. "This should do correct?'


Nathaniel nodded as Jason clapped his hands and a pistol replaced the Kilo. "Kiason ballistic Fox pistol. Twelve round mag, thirteen with one in the chamber. Single to three round burst. Can fire as fast as you pull the trigger. I say laser sight, extended thirty round mag and a silencer"


Jason assembled the components. "A standard issue Atlantis Core blade should do fine. The blade can heat up to cut through quite a bit....now Ashlee will have the same pistol" He clapped his hands again as a another pistol looking device appeared.


Nathaniel downed his glass. "She could turn an army against themselves if she really needed to" He paused for a second. "Now that would be interesting to watch"


Jason smirked. "Atlantis gas powered Vios surgical tool. We can switch a few things around." He moved his hands throw it changing things. "Give it a clip operated feeding mechanism. Eight syringes max. Amplify the pressure device to make it self recharging and increase it giving it a range of fifteen yards. Increase accuracy by adding a barrel. Put holes in the barrel to reduce noise from the gas...laser sight....there" He stepped back to admire it. "The development team is going to have a fit with this one." He clapped his hands as a long rifle appeared. "Kiason Surgeon ballistic rifle. Range up to a mile. Single shot. Ten round clip and can punch through quarter inch thick plating....but Cain doesn't seem like the sniper rifle type person." 


Nathaniel refilled his glass. "What you got in mind cause I need a sniper?"


Jason rubbed his fingers across his chin before clapping his hands making a crossbow appear over the sniper rifle. He joined the two together moving things around until he stepped back. "There. Mid to long range automated scope to give him wind and everything else he needs all he has to do is flip the switch to bring it to a mid range acog. Barrel with built in silencer can be removed switching it to the crossbow. Hook him up with all the fancy arrows. Exploding, acid, stun, incinderary, and standard. I will have the developer team work on a nanite quiver so all the has to do is drop in a few rocks or dirt and it can break them down and produce the arrows he needs."


"You think they will be ready?'


"I know we have at least a couple months before things start going south. Unfortunately that is not enough time for them to get a hold of their new forms to get anything more then the basics of what they have to work with so most of what they will learn will be from being out in the field on missions."

He hit a few buttons sending the designs off when suddenly a small red triangle appeared in the top part of his screen. He hit a button. "Julian please do not try to access the mainframe any more. I already told you that you don't have the skills to do it yet." There was a slight second of silence. "Sorry"


Jason smiled. "At least your enjoying your new toys" With that he hung up. "I think I am going to see how everyone is settling in."


Nathaniel stood up killing his drink. "Well I am going to hit the gym. See you tomorrow" 


Jason watched him disappear into thin air before standing up and getting into the elevator. "I guess Ashlee is the first one. Floor 1337"


OOC: As you can see Jason is visiting each person. Post about your new room your thoughts talking to him going to the other facilities. Jason will also be giving everyone a tablet to use the holoroom during this time so include that as well. Meet the others ect. have fun cause once everyone posts I am moving this forward to the good part.


I know some of you had posts you wanted to put in and I am sorry for having to skip over that. Didn't want to be stuck in the oreintation phase forever so please forgive me

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Ashlee paced in the room, nervous and not sure what was going on, she was still confused and she could feel her breathing shorten as her door slid open and Jason entered.

"You seem stressed."
"You think? I wonder why."
"You'll get used to it."
"No. See that's where your wrong, I don't think I'll ever get used to this. Whatever THIS is! What have you done to us?"
"I did nothing, the ring in your navel changed you."
"In that case I'll get rid of the damn thing!"
As she reached for it Jason spoke, his voice cold and almost hollow sounding.

She looked up at him, confused on why she was listening to him.

"Did you not hear my explanation?"
"I was a little sidetracked about the fact that I'm here!"
"Calm down."
"I will not calm down! Everytime some one says that to me I just get more upset and break shit!"
"I will not tell you again, you can not allow your self to get so worked up."
"Your not one to tell to me what to do!"
She frowned as she felt her skin begin to get hot, her breathing heavy as her vision went red, she looked up at Jason, her anger at him rising the longer she looked at him. As she stood there looked at him, her fangs elongated, her hair melted into a white blonde, her eyes took on an angry glint as she looked up at Jason. Standing straight she placed her hand on her hip and gave him a sultry smile.

"Well well...Mr. Master. How good to see you."

Jason sighed heavily.

"Are you not happy to see me Mr. Master? I thought I was your favorite."
She chuckled low in her throat, giving him a light wink.

"You'll behave your self."
"But I'm known for misbehaving Mr. Master."
She laughed again as she circled him, her finger running across his arm and chest, knowing she had no effect, but it was always fun to mess with the Titan.

"So...what are we called for this time?"
He didn't answer her, but motioned for her to sit, sitting in the chair in front of him she crossed her legs and began to twist a strand of her long hair around her finger slowly.

"Well Mr. Master?"
"That's not something of your concern."
"You see, it is when your using my certain expertise on a daily basis. I thought we had this conversation the last time we were awakened."

He rolled his eyes slightly, only enough for some one who was looking for it to see.

"As a matter of fact, Mr. Master, I believe we have this conversation every time we're awakened."

She crossed her arms over her chest and smiled sweetly at him.

"Mind giving me some insight this time?"
He remained silent and she held up her hands in defeat as she shook her head.

"Alright keep your secrets."

Her attention snapped to the door as it opened, a young man stepping through.

"Sir, I have that paperwork-"

In the blink of an eye Ashlee was behind him, running her finger along his neck, inhaling his scent, meeting Jason's eyes she opened her mouth to bite into his neck when Jason held up his hand.

His voice was commanding and she smiled at him.

"Oh, forgive me Mr. Master, I missed my lunch."
She licked the young man's neck before pushing him away she deftly caught the blood bag Jason tossed to her before puncturing it with her fangs and taking a large drink before looking back up at him, licking her teeth clean and smiling.

"Not as good, I prefer mine at 98 degrees. And fresh."

She laughed as he said nothing only simply left her room, she laughed lightly as her door slid shut.

"It's so enjoyable rubbing him the wrong way. He makes it to easy."
She giggled before draining the blood bag and laying on her bed looking at the ceiling as she played with a strand of her hair. 

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Julian made his way to his designated living quarters, unsure exactly of what to expect. As he walked through the entryway, he was met with a splendor he had known at his previous home, though this was making his previous home look like cheap income housing. Julian treaded across the lush black carpeting, looking around. There were surprisingly few walls, and the entire floor was lined with floor to ceiling widows. Julian found himself drawn to a terminal, and had to whistle at the amount of electronic equipment that had been installed. Top of the line, and even making his previous terminal look like a child's toy. Julian pressed to on switch, and the various components hummed to life. He sat down at it, and began typing, instantly trying out trying to get into Atlantis' system. Unfortunately, he was caught. Warren's voice rang through, and Julian sighed once Warren pointed out his lack of skill and inability to hack the system.' Sorry...' he said, and that was that. Julian moved from the terminal, exploring more of his new living quarters. He looked into the bedroom set, and he smiled slightly looking at the bed, it was a canopied four poster with cherry wood trim. He pushed down on it, and found it was spongy in texture, and decked out in silk sheets and a matching comforter. Not far from the bed, Julian saw his charging station. It hummed to life with his approach, and Julian could sense the energy coarsing through it. It resembled a metal chair, but Julian was hesitant to sit in it while in his human form. Julian didn't know what would happen if he did. He walked away, now drawn to the windows. 'Clear panes.' He said, and the windows instantly went from opaque to clear. 'Lights off.'

In the darkness, Julian looked across the city, taking in the sight of the night skyline. Pressing his hand on the glass, he felt nostalgic. Maverick tower had such a view.

'Maverick...' he said, and his thoughts turned to the home he'd lost. 'Mother... I feel so lost right now...'

Julian didn't bother turning around when he heard the elevator open. He heard someone moving, though he paid them no heed. They stopped mere feet from him, and Julian heard Warren's voice. 'Enjoying the view?'

Julian nodded. 'Yes, it is nice. May I ask what it is you want?'

Warren placed a flat object onto a table. 'This is yours. It'a tablet and access control for the room you were in earlier.'

'Thank you.'

Julian heard Warren move up beside him. Warren looked at him. 'Angelica loved this view. You look so like her. I was saddened to learn of her passing. She was a wonderful woman.'

Julian closed his eyes. 'Yes, she was. I miss her very much. But now...' Julian sighed. 'Now I am unable to even have a picture of her. I can't visit her grave, either. More than likely, it's been staked out watch for me to appear there.'

Warren smiled. 'A picture, hm? I think you missed something in your new abode. Look.' Warren pointed to a small table, where a small hollogram base sat. Julian walked ober, and placed his hand over it, activating it. A beautiful woman appeared, dressed in a stunning crimson ballgown. It spun like a music box. Julian smiled. 'You found this for me?'

'I thought you might like something to remeber her, considering the current ciucumstances of recent events. But, if you will excuse me, I have others to visit to give tablets to. Goodnight, Julian.'

'Goodnight, Jason.' Edited by Inuyasha Fandom
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Ooc:  We'll since people can't read post, guess I'll just adapt and go from Inu's last posting.  


Nathaniel looked over personnel files for their new recruits, all novices besides the female in forms of combat and survival for the most part, but the others had at least some skills and traits to make them useful, even if only for a little while.  The youngest song of Maverik was nothing but weak and feeble, the school teacher was intelligent and social, something to be put to good use in case of crowd control or interrogations if the need arose for such talents like his.  Flipping the papers more, he could see their personal driving records, criminal history if they had one at all, transcripts from schools, even credit reports.  Nathaniel merely grunted at all the paperwork before he would get to actually enjoy his portion of training the new recruits, starting with Julian.  Rage seemed to rule his Star like it had previously, but the boy was not easy to be pushed, weak minded and willed to obey, weakness in all as the soldier contemplated on ways to bring that burning rage out from within and make him into a decent fighting organism.  


"Fuck, just another round to go before the Star's kill off their host or they kill themselves off for being too civilian.  These rookies wont last a single day out in the field if they went out with me.  Warren seems assured in the new hosts, let's see if he's right on the money....this time"  Nathaniel reached for his phone by his computer, flipping it open and dialing a number on speed dial set for "2", only several rings before the line was picked up by his subordinate.


"Sir!  Sargent Linden here, how can I help you today sir?"  The middle aged officer was quick and ready for his assignment, just as Nathaniel trained him.


"Linden, I have personnel files for you to overlook, document and chart their progress for training purposes and analysis.  I want to be kept informed daily on their progress, even when they're not training me.  We need full detailed profiling on these carriers, let's not miss a single thing this time around."  Nathaniel could faintly make out scribbling on the other end, his worker diligent in taking notes when needed and always remembering.


"Yes sir, I will have recon keep their distance while they undergo their training.  Monitors are scheduled to be installed within their quarters within the hour and taps on their communication devices as well.  We will not miss a single message they say or send otherwise."


"Understood, execute the plan then.  Nathaniel out".  The soldier closed his phone as he stood from his chair and made himself comfortable for the evening, sporting his sweat pants and a hoodie as the soldier left his room to roam about the halls in his usual manner, making sure the security detail around the facility were finished with their shift change and documented their reports on time.  The soldiers saluted him as usual when he came around the corner, making sure to break their stance when Nathaniel was no longer in their sights like true military workers, the man gave the slightest of nods as he walked past them with little to none attention at their gesture.  Turning another corner, Nathaniel happened to cross paths with Warren who finished talking to Julian not too long ago, both men smirked as they came close to one another.


"Doing your rounds like usual?"   Warren asked as he crossed his arms.


"Of course, can never be too careful now that the new star carriers are in the same building, I've added more surveillance to their living quarters, they should be up and running within the hour if not later Sir."  The soldier looked outside the building window, seeing the city light up as if it never slept a day in its life, such like Nathaniel after obtaining his abilities and powers thanks to his star.  "How's the wannabe vamp and egghead?"  


"She put up some fight, but checked herself when my commands were given.  We have a wild child in that one, no doubt.  But, nothing we can't handle on our own, that's for sure.  When will Julian's training begin?"


"When the sun rises sir, better to get started as quickly as possible, especially after the murder of his father that he  did himself, there's still lots of rage deep within.  Good thing for us thought that Maverik is out of the picture."  Nathaniel grinned at the thought of their competition being, literally, killed on the scene.


"True, our stocks will rise more from the outburst, but we must still be cautious of the eldest son.  He's too weak and injured to make any moves on his own for now, so the board members will have to make the tough choices until he can step up.  Good thing for us we have a mole in their top ranks to sway their decisions to our liking, if not leak information to us in advance."  Warren continued on his way to his own chambers for the evening, feeling the need to rest his mind after a somewhat exciting encounter today.  


"I'll awake you when the time comes."  Nathaniel spoke, Warren stopped for a moment, not looking back as he peered down at his own phone, the screen lighting the dim hallway as he noticed the time.  


"6 a.m, if you wouldn't mind my friend, I'm going to sleep in a little as a form of celebrating.  Insomnia once again Nathaniel?"  Warren finally looked back at his friend, stuck in the trance of looking out at the city, knowing full well sleep is a luxury he will never have while alive.  

"Heh, you can say something like that.  I'll make my rounds in another hour before hitting the gym, and find something to do until then.  You enjoy your rest Warren, we got a lot accomplished in such a short amount of time this day."  Warren nodded before continuing on his way, leaving the firm soldier to himself as Nathaniel too left his spot to be on his own path or touring the facility. 

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Warren stopped in the hallway. "Oh yes I forgot you have papers." He turned to the worker that had walked into Ashlee's room. The man nodded and held them out when Warren caught his head and snapped his neck. "I do remember putting in the memo absolutely no one is allowed up here." He fished in the man's lab coat and found Dr. Croix's key card. "Must have left it in the slot." He stuck it in his pocket realizing he hadn't made it to him or Cain yet to give them their holopads. He pulled it out and activated a button causing his voice to echo through the intercom system. "Let me remind everyone that anyone caught on the floors I deemed off limits to any unauthorized personal which is everyone save for seven will be terminated from duty. No exceptions for anyone."


He stuck his holopad back into his pocket and made his way to Croix's floor. "Dr. Croix you forgot this" He walked int he door finding him bent over some piece of equipment mumbling to himself.  "And this is yours too, he held out the holopad as the scientist turned to him.


"Oh thank you. One question will I have to share this space with anyone cause others just can never seem to get it right?"


"No you won't. It is all yours so have a good night" With that he turned and made his way to the teacher's room and walked straight in to find Cain staring out the window into the city. "Enjoying the view?"


Cain turned around with a lost look on his face. "It just seems like a dream." He looked at his hands opening and closing them as if to make sure it was real. "Its weird knowing what is inside me." 


Jason nodded. "It takes some getting used too but in time it will be normal." He held the black holopad. "This is yours. Feel free to use the room we were in earlier as much as you want. but for now I must take my leave. I got a few things to document on how things went today."


"See you tomorrow Mr. Warren"


Jason slightly nodded his head before leaving and heading to his own room, which was simple and plain compared to his office. Most of it was bare with the black carpet and silver metal walls. He had his bathroom and the kitchen area both stocked but the rest was empty save for a bed in the center . No fancy sheets or anything just plain brown ones. There were no pillows to go along with it as well just one brown sheet. He changed clothes into a pair of shorts and climbed into the bed and sat cross legged in the dead center, closing his eyes as he rested his wrists on his knees. After taking one deep breath he fell into a meditiative state.


He opened his eyes at five forty five that morning and was dressed back into his suit before Nathaniel's voice came through the intercom into his room. "Good morning sir"


"Good morning Nathaniel. I have a few things to do before we get started. Is the room set for today's lesson."


"Yes sir everything is set for hand to hand. And I set your chair up too"


"Thank you Nathaniel." He was at the door when the click sounded that the intercom was off. He pulled out the holopad and hit a button. "Notes...So far so good with everything normal. The only difference is it seems that the Beast Star has evolved slightly now becoming the animals eye instead of staying as a eye patch though he still can't see out of it. Second is it seems the Witch Star remember's who I am though I am not sure how much she remembers but that can further complicate things and in the end might have to remove her and find a new Witch. Julian seems to have interfaced well with the first form but we will see how later stages affect him. Croix was a flawless transition due to his mental stability or instability which ever it should be called." 


He clicked off the recording as he entered the chamber finding Nathaniel standing among an obstacle of pads and bags in the middle of an urban setting. In the back was several groups of holograms that he had also made. One was a group of Kiason clones. The others were Ark carriers, Maverick mechs, and Atlantis soldiers. In the center of it all was a raised platform with his chair. "So thoughtful." With a small hop he easily hopped up the ten foot raised platform and sat down in the chair leaning back smiling. He looked over to his right to see a table slightly off to the side with a glass and a bottle of liquor. "Very thoughtful" He poured himself a glass as Nathaniel appeared behind the platform and the rest entered the door. "Well what do you know everyone was on time how wonderful. Now down to business. Julian and Ashlee will be working with Nathaniel on hand to hand starting with the pads then moving on to the soldiers he materilized for training. After that you two will change and fight him. This will be the constant schedule until I get your new toys in then you can begin with them." He watched as Nathaniel motioned for them to come to him.


"Now Croix if you will go off over that way you can experiment with your form. Cain..." His voice went cold. "Every hour you will come back here so I can change back human and you can practice another form" 


Cain stood silent for a second then blinked as control was transferred back to him. "But if the animal takes over then whats the point of training?"


"Yes the animal takes over but you will have full memory of everything so this is a chance for you to see what each forms pros and cons are compared to each other. Be sure to go off the opposite way  of Croix so no fights happen." He clapped his hands together. "Let's begin people"

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"I thought we had come to a decision to stick with Cain, Mr. Warren? Most of my students preferred to shorten my last name, so I know it can be a mouthful," he said to Jason with a smile.


"Yeah...while I'm sure you have an interesting family history, it's a bit much," Jason shrugged. "Either way, go ahead and get started."


"Alright...but why would...guessing they don't like each other much..." Cain said, scratching the back of his head. Just hope I can remember everything...or will that command compel me to come back automatically? he thought to himself, scratching his head. As he took his time separating himself from the others, he tried to ignore his thoughts on the matter. He also tried to remind himself that this wasn't a dream. He wasn't going to be waking up from this and he'd still remember bits and pieces of all of it. On the plus side, I won't have to worry quite as much about remembering this since I will have instinct guiding me and not memory, he thought with a smile, trying to think of any positive way to look at it. Once he made enough room from the others, he stopped and took a breath. "I'd prefer to not ruin my clothes again," he said, shaking his head. He glanced behind him, making sure the others were focused on their tasks and then undressed himself with his backs to them and left them folded on the floor until he stood there in nothing but his eye patch.


Cain looked at the palms of his hands, lifting his head and closing his eyes. He envisioned the wolf that he became the day before and then his train of thought was gone. He stood with his head lower than it did a moment ago and he stood as the massive black wolf once again. His nose lifted to the air before he lowered himself to stretch his muscles out. The sense of strength he felt as the wolf was a rush in itself. Although it sucked only being able to see with one eye, as a wolf, it wasn't too much of a blind side, especially given his keen hearing and scent. He sniffed about the ground and his ears perked up momentarily as his head raised. His gaze shifted around a bit before he took off at whatever he detected. He rushed toward whatever it was and he could feel his hackles raise on his neck down to his back as several Maverick mechs aimed to open fire on Cain on sight. His gaze shifted as quick as his body side-stepped a volley of rounds, focused on him from the mechs. As they adjusted their fire, they advanced on the wolf, but the beast was able to take full advantage of his agility to close the gap without a round landing his armored hide. His fangs bared as he lunged for the left-most mech on his approach, removing his blind spot as he tore into the mech's arm when it tried to defend with his jaws. As his jaws clamped down, his claws cut clear through the mech's torso with his momentum. He tore himself quickly loose as the other mechs opened fire on him again, only finding Cain's first target. He clawed his way through it again with a lunge at its legs, grabbing the mech and tossing it toward the others to distract them. As they opened fire and destroyed the first target, they lost sight of the wolf in the smoke.


As the smoke was about to clear, a black mass came bursting through the remaining cloud. The two opened fire again, letting loose heavier rounds and finding nothing but the ground. With a snarl and a growl, he ran into the next mech head-on sending it back into the further mech's line of fire. It fell forward and Cain's eyes glaring at the last mech. It seemed to shift its stance, as if it were preparing for close range combat, drawing a heated axe from its back. Cain lowered his stance, circling the mech slowly and waiting for it to strike at him with his fangs still bare. The mech struck first, bringing the axe straight down and then sideways, both ending with a sidestep. As it started to wind up for another blow, Cain slammed a massive paw down on the flat of the axe, taking the mech off balance. With a final lunge, Cain tore the mech clean in half with his claws, landing behind where it once stood.


He looked over his shoulder at the remains of his opponents, panting lightly before his ears twitched. It was too late... He found himself knocked clear on his side by whatever blasted him. He shook his head, trying to regain his bearings and figure out what just ran him over. He got hit by the second mech he fought with, causing him to huff through his nose when he realized it. Apparently the blast from the last one didn't take it out, because it was on its feet again. Cain snapped his teeth toward the mech, getting back into his stance. He lowered himself again, hesitating a moment. The mech closed some of the distance between the two, taking shots at Cain with its proverbial shotgun. The wolf avoided them again but one of them managed to catch him at close enough range to drop him on his side. He lay motionless after he landed, breathing slowed. As the mech approached the predator one last time, ready take one last shot to finish the wolf off, Cain sprang up and slammed the mech onto its back with a pounce. The machine bounced off of the ground from the impact only to find itself rended to scrap.


Cain caught walked away from the pile of recyclables, looking over his shoulder to see if they were going to move again. His hackles lowered as he relaxed and sat down, scratching the spot where he was shot with his hind leg. He stood up on all fours again before returning to find the Titan as he was commanded.

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