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OB Relaunch: Fistful of Credits


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OB Relaunch: Fistful of Credits
Proudly Presented by Darren, DeLarge, Orcus and P.J. McKrafty
For the right price, ain't no job in the Big Black won't be done, one way or another. No matter if it's a two-bit gun-runner or a war criminal bathed in the blood of galaxies, you get the word out to the right band of scoundrels and ne'er-do-wells, you'll find your target trussed up like a turkey waiting for you in no time. Hell, you cough up enough credits, you'll get the head of your bounty delivered right to your door, no questions asked.
All you gotta do is place a notice on the Bounty Board.
Welcome to Fistful of Credits, a brand new universe-spanning RP proudly presented as part of the OB Relaunch!
In the spirit of making some changes in the Theater, this RP is going to work a lot differently to those RPs that have come before, so make sure you read up on the new systems we're introducing before you jump on board!
In this RP, we will all be playing the parts of intergalactic Bounty Hunters, scrambling and fighting for every credit we can in a big, wide universe of strange planets, weird alien races and even weirder criminals. And, true to the kinds of characters we'll be RPing as, we all have to volunteer for the bounties we want to hunt, and the potential rewards they offer.
You will be the kind of hardened, battle-scarred Bounty Hunters that can get any job done for the right price, and those characters will progress throughout every step of the RP. But in order to get to that stage, first you must apply for Bounties on the Bounty Board, posted at first by a select group of RPers.
These Bounties are notorious intergalactic Outlaws, vicious and cunning with a vast range of deadly abilities. They will take all your skill, guile and, in most cases, teamwork to track down and overcome, and even then success is not a certainty: even with an entire team of Bounty Hunters, one wrong move could mean your target getting away and you being forced to go home without a single credit to show for all your work.
So, do you have what it takes to become the greatest Bounty Hunter who ever traversed the Big Black?
Then waste no more time, and bring your Bounty Hunter to life!
New Features
As previously mentioned, this RP will be significantly different to those that have come before it in the Theater, and as such there are some new features you'll need to know about in order to play effectively. Take a look at them, absorb them and work within them and everything should go smoothly!
- Players will control a single character throughout multiple threads - this character will be an intergalactic Bounty Hunter tracking down and capturing dangerous Outlaws for the reward money.
- Each Outlaw will have his/her/its own thread in which a pre-selected team of Bounty Hunters attempt to track them down. These Outlaws will be player-controlled, by the creators of the RP at first, but further down the line there will be the chance for you to create your own Outlaws for the other players to hunt down.
- Hunters will apply for each assignment in 'The Bounty Board', a separate thread which will be posted shortly; and will team up with other Hunters to track down the Outlaws.
- Each Hunter can only have one active assignment at a time: however, as soon as your current Outlaw has been captured you can move on and apply for another Bounty advertised in the Bounty Board thread.
- The outcome of each assignment is dependent on a number of factors, including but not limited to the teamwork and writing skill of the Hunter-players, and their ability to overcome obstacles set for them by the Outlaw-player.
- When it comes to the assignments, players should be aware that actions have consequences, and while players are encouraged to think creatively and tackle pursuing their bounty in unorthodox manners, it's always important to keep in mind that bypassing certain methods of investigation could lead to your hunter accidentally missing pivotal information and allowing his/her bounty to escape.
- The reward money from capturing each Outlaw will accumulate over time, and your ultimate goal should be to become the greatest and most notorious Bounty Hunter in the universe by completing Bounties successfully and earning more reward money than the other players.
- Your individual reward money will be updated by the RP creators and displayed in the discussion thread, so you can keep an eye on how much you've earned in total.
- You can write about what their characters do between assignments in the 'leisure-thread', titled 'The Big Black' which will be posted once the RP begins. You are encouraged to both post in this thread and read other players' posts to workshop and develop your characters, create rivalries, and generally have fun with your outlandish characters!
- It's a big wide universe out there - so you can feel free to create planets, systems, areas and groups to your hearts' content, and the only limit is your own imaginations!
- However, individual creations and additions to the universe should not fundamentally change any that were made by other players previously, unless you have that player's permission to do so.
Bounty Hunters
As you will all be playing the parts of Bounty Hunters, you'll probably need to know how to build your characters! Follow this sign-up, create the biggest, baddest Bounty Hunter you can think of and you'll be ready to start rounding up some Outlaws!
Species: (give the name of the Species your character is a part of, along with a brief description of their defining characteristics)
Appearance: (picture or brief description is great, both is fantastic)
Home Planet: (give the name and a brief description of the planet your character came from)
Equipment: (use your imagination and give some details of the gear your character uses to bring in Outlaws)
Special Skills: (what makes your character a good Bounty Hunter? Are they a tracker, a fighter, a tactician?)
Vehicle: (again, use your imagination and create a kickass space vehicle for your character to get from Bounty to Bounty)
Known Allies: (who does your character rely on in a pinch? Fences, former partners, family members all go here)
Reputation: (how is your Hunter perceived by those around them? Are they a charming rogue, a treacherous backstabber, a fearsome psychopath?)
That should be all you need for now, if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions then PM one of the creators or post in the discussion thread (as soon as it's up!) and we'll get back to you as quickly as we can!
Until then, happy creating!
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Name: Corâ??tak â??Metalloâ?


Age:  Undetermined


Height: 1.91 m (6â??3â?)


Weight: 136 kg (300 lbs)


Gender: Male


Species: Necrocytes: One of the oldest races in the known universe, they are a species of cold metal and barely living flesh hanging on mechanical bones. Very few are seen at any one time, but when they roam the stars it is typically seen as a sign of great peril. Necrocytes, also known as Necros, typically have a metal body made of any material they can fine; they are seemingly able to build themselves from almost nothing. Additionally, they all produce an eerie green glow from their bodies. It is rumored that they weren't always a race of metal, but an organic one that lived rather peacefully until they discovered something on their homeworld. But to many, these are just stories spread around to humanize the machines that march tirelessly through the galaxy, and leave behind barren planets in their wake.


Appearance: Cor' Tak: While most current Necrocytes are 'healthy' mix of organic and mechanical, there are some Necros that predate many of the younger models. These are classified as Generation one, two, and three, and these Necros has far outlived the skin they were once born into. Cor'tak is classified as a Generation one by Necrocytes standards, his skin has completely decayed, leaving only the metal body behind and a few internal organs within. While most of his organs are no longer in use, they remain as energy to burn in desperate times if he is required to rebuild himself rapidly. The only organ that still remains fully intact is his brain, and that is locked behind some of the most dense material that could be found.


Cor'tak is easy to identify as a G1 because of the unique etching that is hidden around the back of his skull, the words N.E.C.R.O.S. carved into the metal with precision and care of an original. While on 'downtime' with E, he doesn't carry around the Ion Cloak, which doesn't have the crown, and stashes both his staff and his cloak in his Vul, though mostly he finds he only needs the items when intimidating bounties or other hunters able to rely on his only strength instead of his weapons.


Home Planet: Ark World 147: Like many Ark world of the Necrocytes, it is a seemingly barren world where life is almost inhospitable save for the most hardy of creatures. Most of the surface is covered in jagged rock formations, empty plains and lava pools. But, on this Ark world, many of the landscapes are littered with ancient, derelict ships and scars from scenes of battle. Below the surface, few dare to venture, but for the ones that have and returned to tell the stories, find it to be honey-combed with tunnels and caverns that contain massive structures that withstand the test of time and remain pristine, if rather cold and distant from organic sensibilities and aesthetic tastes.




  • N.E.C.R.O.S.- New Ectoplasy Replicating Organic Substance, this material is the source of the ominous green glow that courses through the body of all Necrocytes. This substance was discovered long ago, and is the greatest tool for the mechanical race. As long as a single drops remains, it can create more of the N.E.C.R.O.S. material and reconstitute the original host shape and personality(if there is one)with any other material around. N.E.C.R.O.S is also surprisingly energetic; when it comes in contact with old and new machines, it can give them power or boost performance in already operating ones. It also seems to have the ability to recreate organic matter in small doses, large doses actually dissolves organic matter in an effort to create more energy.


  • Ka Ik Tar- A staff that stands 1.96 meters tall and .13 meters wide, it has a set of blades on each side and on both ends of the shaft, the middle glows the same green glow as the N.E.C.R.O.S. On one end of the staff is an opening from which a Gauss weapons resides. With mental commands, the weapon can be activated and uses to blast away any who get in the way, disintegrating anything not adequately protected and sending a nasty impact into those who are. The weapons itself has no limit on the times it can be fire, but has a rather slow rate of fire-- only being able to let off a single blast every 3 seconds. The concussive force of this weapon makes it unwieldy for most humanoids, and the lack of physical controls makes it difficult to use.


  • Ion Cloak- This piece of equipment is carried by higher ranks of the Necrocyte forces, the Vanguards being the most prominent carriers. The cloak moves and functions as a piece of clothing would, but it made of segments of nanometal that flexes and moves easily and also acts as a solar panel. Gathering energy from any source, if not using N.E.C.R.O.S. on it, and building it up until the weare releases is into a massive energy burst. The greater the energy source, the faster the build up. The burst is both blinding and hazardous to any in close proximity; beings 12-15 meters away can be momentarily dazed by the pure light released while those in a 6-10 meter radius can be blinded for up to 45 seconds. Creatures 1-5 meters away can severely burned by the heat produced and some can even be incinerated.


Special Skills: The Necrocytes gave up their individuality to become a more effective force, and because of that Corâ??tak can use their â??hive mindâ? to pull information on anything that have been learned by the Necros. The more complicated the information the longer it takes to transmit to him, as well as the older the information is the longer it takes to find. Through several millennia of being exposed to N.E.C.R.O.S., Corâ??tak has developed and innate ability to understand other machines through close proximity. Mechanical objects and beings can be as far as 15 meters away with Corâ??tak able to fully identify the machine, able to break down its operations and schematics of the machine before storing the information away.


Vehicle: Vul : Corâ??tak has but a single vessel to his ownership, but as is common with the Necro race, it serves multiple functions. The vessel is shaped like a large coffin, this ones is adorned with deep lines and ancient symbols that glow with the same green color, powered by N.E.C.R.O.S. The Vessel functions as a drop pod on to planets, to create maximum destruction while still protecting anyone inside, able to hold two Necrocytes of Corâ??taks size. When the pod is dropped and Corâ??tak exists, it can convert into a hover platform, using anti-gravity to push it off the ground and propel it in any direction. In this mode, Corâ??tak forgoes his legs by locking them in place. When using this mode, he gains agility and speed in any direction but leaves his upper body exposed.


When his Vul isn't in use as either a drop pod, or a hover platform, it acts as a stasis pod. Even though it is an ancient technology, the stasis is perfect in how it works by imprinting the current occupants neural pathways and sealing the hosts body away from anything thrown at it, even the minute particles of radiation canâ??t breach the Vul once it is sealed for stasis.


Known Allies:  E, though he typically refers to her as Synd or Organic when she tests his patience, and usually finds himself more annoyed with her then not.


Reputation: Corâ??tak doesn't maintain a personal reputation, the few races old enough to remember Necrocytes associate him with that terror. While younger, and bolder races associate him as a merciless bodyguard/muscle for E.

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Good to have you on board, Vectis - I look forward to working alongside the creepy robot dude in the future!




Name: Garrick Flynt
Age: 31
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 217 lbs
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Appearance: Garrick is a ruggedly handsome man, battle-scarred from years as a Bounty Hunter but retaining some of the boyish good looks of his younger years. His eyes are an odd shade of light purple, and he keeps his hair short and his beard trimmed at all times. He has a number of scars over his face, notably one through his left eyebrow and another across his right cheekbone, but he wears them not only well, but also with pride.
He sports a number of tattoos across his body: particularly of note are the Roman numerals for the number 13 (XIII) on his right shoulder and a solid black geometric pattern made up of several rectangles on his inner left wrist. He generally doesn't divulge the origins of these tattoos to anyone, for reasons known only to himself.
As for his attire, he generally wears a similar combination of a short-sleeved black t-shirt covered by a well-worn dark blue leather jacket with a large kevlar chest plate on the front. He completes the look with black combat trousers and charcoal-grey boots, with holsters for his pistols at his hips and a sling for his rifle on his back. When flying or hunting (which constitutes most of his time), he wears fingerless black gloves which hide a plain tungsten ring on his right index finger.
Home Planet: Flynt was born on Earth, but he grew up and spent his formative years on Whitefall, a relatively wealthy central planet. However, since turning 17 he has renounced the idea of a 'home planet' and spent his life hopping from world to world in search of adventure.
Equipment: Garrick carries a large number of different items on him at almost all times, particularly his personalised weapons. These include a short-range semi-automatic pulse rifle, which can be switched from single-fire to burst-fire and works well over both short and mid-range, just like his plasma pistols which he wears at his hips - Garrick tends to believe that people who fight at long range are dishonourable cowards and prefers the up-close and personal approach. Both the rifle and the pistols can be used to stun or kill depending on the nature of the bounty, and even have a few specialist settings which he doesn't like to advertise for fear of taking away the element of surprise.
For really close-range, Garrick also carries a telescopic 'stun-baton', which delivers a short, powerful electric shock from the tip and folds away for easy carrying. Much like the projectile weapons he carries, the stun-baton can work on multiple settings depending on the species and strength of the Outlaw he is hunting.
Besides these, he carries a few grenades and small explosives for 'shock and awe' tactics, as well as a small, single-use 'bubble shield' which can extend around him and protect him and one or two others from most small arms and physical traumas. However, this will not last long and will need several hours of recharging before a second use is possible, as the technology is not quite perfected yet.
He also carries a number of other single-use items about his person, but he prefers to keep these secret so his targets can't be too prepared.
Special Skills: Flynt is a highly skilled mid and short range combatant, proficient with a number of different weapon types and is strangely intuitive about alien weapon types, allowing him to use previously unfamiliar weapons after a short period of use. But his greatest strength in combat is his versatility, able to switch quickly between different combat styles to confuse and wrong-foot his opponents, as well as using a wide variety of different gadgets and tech to his own advantage. He is also a decent pilot, and has no problem using charm to get where he needs to go, or to acquire information.
However, his main asset in Bounty Hunting is a simple one: he appears to be essentially fearless. He will throw himself into dangerous situations most Hunters would hesitate to enter into, and take unbelievable risks in order to get the job done. He seems to have no fear of death or personal injury, and often laughs off the latter when it would otherwise force a human being into a state of shock. The reasons for this are unknown, and the one thing he does truly seem to be nervous about is someone discovering the reason for his fearlessness.
Vehicle: 'Felicity' - a sleek, well-designed and built starship, with room enough for four occupants in separate, if somewhat cramped quarters. Felicity, presumably named for someone from Garrick's past, is also well-equipped with impressive firepower and a long-range warp drive which works by actually folding space around the ship and allowing the whole vehicle and all its occupants to shift from one area of space to another within a very short period of time, usually less than a minute. However, this method of travel expends a vast amount of energy, and Garrick generally doesn't like to over-use it for fear of burning Felicity out and leaving her useless.
Felicity is also equipped with an in-built Artificial Intelligence, which Garrick has a friendly relationship with and affectionately refers to as 'Flick'. The AI version usually consists of a seemingly disembodied voice speaking to Garrick, but occasionally appears as a small hologram of a young lady on the dash of the ship. A side effect of this is that visitors often think Garrick is talking directly to his ship which often makes them think he's gone completely space-crazy, but he generally responds by not giving a damn what anybody thinks.
The most unusual thing about Felicity is her size: while not hugely oversized, from the outside one would presume that she would be able to carry more than four passengers at a time. To the casual observer, it would seem as though Felicity has room enough for an extra five or six passengers, but Garrick insists that four is the limit. On the inside, there appears to be an entire section of the ship which is entirely unused, but there also doesn't appear to be any kind of entrance to the blocked-off part of the ship, something which has caused a great deal of confusion for many passengers to fly on Felicity.
Known Allies: Allax Orfenia - As a former (and since then, occasional) lover of Garrick's, Allax has almost every reason to hate the Bounty Hunter, and yet they continue to maintain a professional and personal relationship. She is the best ship mechanic in the Outer Rim, and as long as he can pay for her services, she will always work on Felicity as a priority over all her other customers, and knows well enough not to ask Garrick about the inaccessible part of his ship.
'The Phantom' - An enigmatic figure, the Phantom is the only person in the universe other than Garrick to possess the override codes for all of Felicity's systems. Essentially, while their relationship is hardly cordial, if the Phantom asks Garrick to do something for him, he will drop everything and go to his aid. He won't be happy about it, and he will definitely complain about it, but he will still go to the Phantom.
Reputation: Garrick has a slight tendency to rub other Hunters up the wrong way, his cocky attitude and penchant for bestowing sarcastic or straight-up insulting nicknames on them being the main causes. However, ask any of his peers to give a straight answer, and they will undoubtedly tell you that they respect Garrick, if only because of his complete fearlessness.
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Name: Project: Alpha, "Arin" to others.
Age: 20
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 120
Gender: Male
Species: Genetically Designed. Arin was genetically cloned from ancient DNA found on a scrap of untraceable metal that fell into the wrong hands.
Appearance: Arin was, and is, a genetic experiment, giving him no known species. He looks highly similar to humans however. He sports ice blue hair and eyes, softly tanned skin, and a massive IQ. He prefers to dress in comfortably, and his usual outfit shows it. He wears semi-loose fitting black pants that lace up the sides made from a material that is highly tear resistant, black shin-high combat boots, and a deep purple sleeveless shirt. his hands are left bare and he has several thin leather bracelets he keeps on his right wrist.
Home Planet: Unknown.
Equipment: Arin was trained to fight as soon as he was able to walk and hold a gun. He has skills with any known weapons. He prefers to use his "hidden power", nanogenes, which are tiny robots that glow with a soft yellow light when in use. He can use them to repair himself and others with a single thought. These robots also let him use his thoughts to form any weapon he has come in contact with. His preferred weapons, however, are an elegant, but powerful, bow and twin swords. Since they are formed by his thoughts he can seamlessly switch between them. He hides these robots by using martial arts to take on may of his foes. It should also be noted that he has an unlimited supply of these guys since several of his bones in his spine and various other limbs were replaced by metal ones that produce the nanogenes. It does take a while to produce them and a massive amount of energy, so he doesn't do this unless he anticipates trouble.
Special Skills: Arin is a master hacker/programmer and tactician, able to plan out attacks by just looking briefly at the layout of his surroundings. He is also a decent pilot, hiding his skills by playing jokes on his allies or captured Marks.
Vehicle: The Unlucky Rose [attachment=15443:Rose Fighter.jpg] This is a ship of Arin's own design. It can fit up two twelve people, not including him, although he is the only one currently on it. It consists  of four decks: the crew deck, holding all the decently sized rooms and galley; the Cargo hold, where he stores all his supplies, weapons and gadgets; the "Prison Corridor" as he calls it. This is where he stores all his marks in cryostasis pods until he is ready to turn them in; and finally, the Bridge and captain's cabin. "The Shell" as he calls his room is where he keeps all his important info and where he does most of his hacking from. The ship can be piloted by people, but he prefers to let his AI, Nora, take care of the ship while he goes on missions or outings. The entire ship is of Frigate class, but is powered by the power core of a small battleship. This provides the extra power needed to broadcast the jamming signals, shields, and weapons. The most notable of his ship mounted artillery is the Contax RR, or Rotary Rail-gun. This is an highly experimental weapon that uses three "Small" rail-guns in a triangle pattern to power and fire the "main gun". This is basically the three rail-guns spinning in a circle to fire a larger sized piece of sharpened metal while the smaller ones are firing normal sized ones. He only uses the main gun to take out fleeing ships or bombard planet side bases from orbit.
Known Allies: Professor Clayton, a bio-engineer and professor of questionable standards in women. He was the one who helped Arin escape from his creators and helps him keep his body and machines in top shape. He is the only one outside of the criminals that Arin takes down who have seen him in person.
Reputation: He prefers to deal with others through electronic means only, the only people who know who he really is are his marks. Because of this, most see him as a mystery and a very dangerous one at that.
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Name: Spec. Faustina Omani "Brutus" LaMarche
Age: 27
Height: 5'11'
Weight: 160 lbs
Gender: Female


Species: 3/4 Human, 1/4 Machari, a sentient cat like species of the ancient planet Sparasso. Most members of the society have increased agility, increased focus, and night vision. Depending on the strength of the genetic makeup, some even possess triangulated ears and razor teeth. Their society is based in the tenets of agriculture, mercantilism, religion, and they have enjoyed a peace agreement with the human settlements.

Appearance: [attachment=15457:Metal_Gear_Solid_1_The_Twin_Snakes_Meryl_Silverburgh_1.jpg] meets 


Faustina's body maintains the trimmed and tone nature she earned during her time in the military. Her hair is a rich color that the old lady at the salon down the street describes as "bistre", combined with red hair dye she bought at the drugstore. All this is presented in a ear length pixie cut. Her face is human, with a slim nose. Her eyes are normal save for their color, a cobalt blue that indicates her Machari lineage. These eyes turn a fiery yellow during night or in short bursts of focus. Her left ear is a adorned with a solid steel ear cuff, which she bought to celebrate her time in the Space Forces. Her clothing choice can change with the location, but she prefers some combination of her old fatigues and graphic tees.


Home Planet: Faustina was born in the city of Pardu, on the planet Sparasso. She was born to Yuri LaMarche, an intergalactic travel mogul from Sakhalin Oblast, Russia, and Kahari LaMarche née Olina, the Machari heiress to The Raega Corp. Though Machari tradition dictates all children must be born on he home planet, the family soon moved to Hovus, one of the technological capitals of the Central Cluster. After joining the military, Faustina traveled the Big Black as a member of the United Central Ground Forces and Space Forces. Upon her retirement four years ago, she continued working in Central Cluster as a mercenary, taking jobs from the oasis of the human mind Whitefall to the eternal and agonizing dunes of Lagato. Eventually, she settled in the city of Chiba II, located on the planet Nico in the Southern Quadrant of the Central Cluster.


Equipment: Her close combat has served her well, but Faustina would be nowhere without a few tricks of trade. When dealing with close quarters, she uses the Naga, a taser-like weapon that also unravels in a rope for fleeing criminals. For firearms she possesses the L3 Flechette pistol, a needle gun with optional explosive rounds, and the Mikado Rifle, a audio based weapon that uses collected air and compounded noise to produce weaponized sound waves. For reconnaissance, she relies on two drones, Jamieson and Blaustein, that she built herself using various kits. In a pinch, she often peruses the wares of black market weaponry, depending on the job. However, the pièce de résistance is the Harrison-Levin Tech sniper rifle, the model she used to become one of the best specialists in the United Central Ground Forces.




Special Skills: (what makes your character a good Bounty Hunter? Are they a tracker, a fighter, a tactician?)

Vehicle: The Sabre Chikara, Yacht Class "Winsor Spectrum"

Known Allies: (who does your character rely on in a pinch? Fences, former partners, family members all go here)

Reputation: (how is your Hunter perceived by those around them? Are they a charming rogue, a treacherous backstabber, a fearsome psychopath?)



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Name: â??Eâ?. Known alternately as Strix, Dionysus, Unluck-E
Age: 25
Height: 1.73 m
Weight: 70.76 kg

Species: Human (Tartarus)- Physically identical to Humans from Earth and other space colonies, the Humans born on Tartarus have the added benefit of being born on a world with harsher gravity than most other planets, granting them enhanced mobility on planets with lower gravitational pull. Additionally, due to the much colder temperatures of Tartarus, these humans often run much hotter and have been known to emit a warm aura, which at the very least is uncomfortable for surrounding creatures.

Appearance: [E]
E lived a relatively violent life even prior to becoming a bounty hunter, and thus developed a very toned, albeit scarred, body at a young age. Her most striking features are her crystalline amber eyes, a trait shared by her family line. She also bears a tattoo of a harpy on her back, the wings of which can be seen over her shoulderblades when she wears tank tops, a mark of her previous membership in â??The Harpies.â?

Home Planet: Tartarus
One of the first Earth-like planets discovered by astronomers as early as the 21st century. The planet is a rocky one, like Earth, but is further away from its star. It was one of the first colonized planets due to its similarities in atmosphere, composition, and landscape, but two major â??flawsâ? made the first hundred colonies the only colonies established-- the cold and gravity. The planet consistently stayed between -9 to -19OC and the gravity was twice as heavy as that of Earthâ??s. However the planet was rich with valuable stones and minerals and proved exceedingly responsive to terraforming, allowing the communities established to be self-sufficient long after they were abandoned by the rest of humanity.


  • Legato-Vyper M13 Armour- Her armour is fashioned from Lernean metamaterials, an â??unstableâ? material designed to change itâ??s properties when exposed to electrical currents. The suit has three settings: battle, where the material hardens into bulletproof and partially laserproof armour; camouflage, where the material can change its physical appearance into preset costumes or camouflage with its surroundings; and space, which converts the suit into an airtight unit capable of withstanding the vacuum of space.
  • "Sparky"- The Raiden 7S handgun developed by the Interstellar Weapons Industries which fires shockrounds in lieu of standard ammunition, and is Eâ??s primary tool for subduing bounties. The shockrounds are a veritable assault on the senses; contact with the target causes the rounds to erupt instantaneously, creating a deafening boom, a blinding flash of light and an electric jolt that surges through the body.
  • â??Honeyâ?- The EP230, nicknamed the â??Honey Badgerâ? by outlaws who have seen the Aeggripa Armoury manufactured pistol in action. An energy weapon which is only limited by the need to be â??cooledâ?? after a series of shots, this pistol is Eâ??s â??blast your way out of a cornerâ? weapon, and hasnâ??t seen an enemy it couldnâ??t take down. The weapon does have a stun setting, however, for marks who are either too resilient to be affected by her shockrounds or too susceptible to them.
  • â??Xiuâ?- The M94 sniper rifle. A one-of-a-kind, semi-automatic rifle whose design is known only to WroughtIron, the personal arms manufacturer of the crime family she escaped from. The weapon is capable of firing up to a mile away, and utilizes two types of self guided ammunition--armour piercing and high explosive incendiary. The self guided bullets work via two methods: the bullets home in on a marker placed on the target or they follow the laser sight of the sniper, which guides the bullet to the target.
  • "Talons"- Two straight blade trench knives E uses primarily for escape and for when situations get...dicey. These knives possess an energy pack within the blades, which allows the weapon to either emit an electrical current or superheat instantaneously.
  • Hecate Neural Implant- A chip developed by the Human Intergalactic Republicâ??s â??Colonial Rangerâ? division. These implants were designed to allow a member of the Colonial Rangers, whose primary responsibility is the protection of and maintenance of human colonies, unmitigated access to the tech of whichever colony she or he was assigned to guard. Eâ??s implant was never tethered to a specific area, which grants her the benefit of freely syncing her neural system to any electronic device she scans. She has limited this connection to a small number of devices, including her ship, her battle armour and her partner Corâ??Tak, and she has also modified it substantially so that normal EMP and other jamming or hacking weapons will not be able to locate or affect her implant.
  • â??Feathersâ?- The signature equipment of the all-female, galaxy hopping, universally wanted, bandit organization known as â??The Harpies.â? Normally appearing as a metal â??backpack,â? when activated large wing-like extremities emerge. Eâ??s feathers are linked to her neural implant, so she has finer control over her aerial maneuvers.
  • Legato-Vyper PMCU-13 Dionysus- A legendary battlesuit forged by the Lernean arms manufacturer Legato-Vyper. Modelled after significantly larger MCUs-- Mobile Combat Units, mechanical behemoths utilized in interstellar warfare to circumvent ship vs. ship engagements-- Dionysus is a personalized armour which once adorned the trophy room of Eâ??s criminal family. The unit provides heavy durability, thrusters to navigate in space, various wrist, chest and shoulder mounted weapon compartments and has been patterned to Eâ??s neurochip, which allows her to summon the mobilesuit from afar and operate it remotely.

Special Skills: E was born into a criminal empire, and the attitude necessary to survive in that environment has imbued her with a number of skills. She can charm or intimidate her way out of any situation, she is well-versed in the art of torture and generally maintains a ruthless mindset when engaging an opponent, and she can control her heart rate, which she mostly utilizes for deception. Additionally, E is familiar with a number of classical â??thieveryâ? abilities--learned both from her criminal family and from her time gallivanting around the galaxy with the organization known as "The Harpies"-- such as: slight of hand, confidence tricks, and has many of the intergalactic laws memorized so that she can weasel her way through their various loopholes.

A life of crime was only half of what defined Eâ??s childhood; the other half was filled with gymnastics. As such, E is a lithe, flexible, extraordinarily difficult to hit target. Years of training has endowed her with an uncanny ability to harmonize with her surroundings, allowing her to creatively use the terrain to her advantage.

Notable Vehicles:
Legato-Vyper PCV-13 Strix- A black and gold prototype starship with red accents belonging to the fabled Legato-Viper â??Unlucky XIIIâ? line. Fashioned from Lernean starsteel and reinforced with a thick layer of unstable metamaterial, the ship is a marriage of stealth and cargo transport sensibilities. The ship is large enough to house five people in comfortable quarters and has a modest dining/food storage area. The bulk of the ship is the cargo bay, which is large enough to house a standard sized fighter ship or multiple crates. The starsteel absorbs roughly 70% of the heat expelled from the shipâ??s systems and the metamaterials actively releases the remainder of the heat in a haphazard pattern, which makes the ship extremely difficult to pick up on radars. The ship possesses some combat capabilities, although they are almost entirely designed to facilitate escape not assault-- namely a series of multi-purpose bombs stored in the shipâ??s belly, as well as a single laser turret and a disruptor cannon, which fires frag/chaff projectiles. Said projectiles cause superficial damage upon impact and then releases a large cloud of metallized glass fibre which heavily disrupts enemy radars. Noticeably, the Strix also possesses a synchronized warp drive, allowing it to safely navigate through hyperspace to return to destinations mapped in its internal network or planets who actively broadcast sync signals.

Known Allies:
Corâ??tak-A Necrocyte bounty hunter who has been bound to E through unfortunate means, who she â??affectionatelyâ? refers to as Metallo. Corâ??tak was instrumental in Eâ??s escape from her family, but despite the debt he feels owed to him, he is the one who travels the stars as Eâ??s personal bodyguard. Their relationship is mildly antagonistic, despite the two trusting each other implicitly. She has stated multiple times that she would never release Metallo from her employ, although if he truly desired to depart on his own she would very sympathetically deny him his request, such is the depth of their partnership.

Klara Oâ??Phel- A former partner of Eâ??s during her time with â??The Harpies,â? Klara was assigned to hunt down and dispose of E after E went AWOL from the group. When Klara finally found E the two engaged in a highly publicized gunfight on the planet Hadrius, which resulted in the destruction of the building and supposedly the loss of their lives. This was, however, an elaborate ruse concocted between the two of them to ensure their mutual escape from the Harpies, who were becoming an increasingly violent and antagonistic force. Since then the two have gone their separate ways and pursued very different lives: E, that of a bounty hunter and Klara, that of an intergalactic detective. Despite this, they have been known to meet frequently for drinks and to have operated closely on a number of Eâ??s bounties and Klaraâ??s cases.

Elenore â??Strongarmâ? Armstrong- A WroughtIron experimental soldier who was assigned to act as a hired hand for Eâ??s family. She was tasked with watching over and protect E in her younger years. When E escaped from her familyâ??s facility Strongarm pursued her adamantly; this changed, however, when she witnessed members of the family firing upon E instead of attempting to reclaim her. She immediately â??tendered her resignationâ? by murdering Eâ??s assailants and stealing one of their fighter ships. Since then she has shadowed E across the galaxy through means still unknown to E, acting as the womanâ??s silent guardian. On a number of occasions E expressed her discontent with Strongarmâ??s choice to follow her; if the family ever discovered Elenoreâ??s whereabouts they would undoubtedly hunt her down and brutalize her for her "crimes against the family." Strongarm cares little for hypothetical situations, however and continues to guard E with her life.

Reputation: The reputation of her criminal family is known throughout the galaxies, and her time spent as a member of the Harpies is a well known fact. Even though she has abandoned her family and previous allies and dedicated her life to hunting down degenerates like them, the bounty hunting community largely ostracizes her and views her as little more than a criminal looking to off her competition. However, the few hunters who were either too desperate or too curious to turn away an alliance with her found her to be extremely reliable and a woman of her word.

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Name: Zarya Ashra


Age: 238 (comparable to a 25 year-old human)


Height: 5â??11â?


Weight: 172 lbs.


Gender: Female


Species: Lysâ??czarian Variant


Appearance: Lysâ??czarians are bipedal, carbon-based creatures that are humanoid in build and physique, yet their genetic makeup suggests an ancestry closely related to what Earthlings might call Reptiles. Lysâ??czarians possess a dense bone structure and are typically taller and faster than most two-legged species in the â??Verse. Female Lysâ??czarians average about 5â??10â? while the men come in around 6â??4â?.


Dark black scales make up their skin to absorb and retain heat on dark worlds like their home planet. They also have multi-colored tendrils atop their heads and gorgeous, luminescent eyes grant them powerful night-vision, moderate telescopic abilities, and heat detection. Lysâ??czarians have both lungs and gills for adaptability to land or ocean environments; and bioluminescent birth markings: These usually glow bright green, but other rare colors exist, like Zaryaâ??s purple markings, which denote unique and potentially-beneficial genetic mutationsâ??in Zaryaâ??s case, a rare condition that allows her to synthesize a paralyzing neuro-toxin within her body, and then excrete in crystalline form the poison from her knuckles, elbows, shoulders, etc.


The Lysâ??czarian people are well-known for their fashion. All Lysâ??czarian cloth was made from the fur and hide of the now-extinct Willâ??arâ??a bovine-like species with a thick silk/wool coat, native to Lysâ??czar and its neighboring moon of Nair. The fact that the garment industry has long disappeared from the culture makes Lysâ??czarian clothing worth quite a few credits. With gold and other rare elements sewn into the cloth and leather, each familyâ??s clothing was handmade with a secret pattern composed of elements only known to the head of the household. Womenâ??s clothes are often long, trailing gowns that drape loosely about the shoulders and head. They may come in one or two pieces with hide supporting material. The menâ??s clothes are usually composed of a simple hide vest and loosely-draped trousers.


Home Community: Estrok-et Alorin Touma Cöl (Lit: â??Colony 13 on the Ring that Encircles Estrokâ?)


The Lysâ??czarian people hail from the planet of Lysâ??czar, although their home is now mostly uninhabitable. Lysâ??czar orbited around a red giant called Estrok within a dual solar system. The red giantâ??s sister star is approximately 1.5 light years away and is a much smaller, albeit hotter, bright blue star. Because of the nature of this dual solar system, Lysâ??czarâ??s orbit is rather extreme, seeing the planet far off from both stars in its bitter winter months and very uncomfortably hot in its summer apex between the two suns.


However, nearly three million years ago, the red giant Estrok collapsed into itself, leaving only a dim brown dwarf in its place. Because of the decrease in heat and light, Lysâ??czar became habitable only two months out of the planetâ??s 26-month yearâ??when itâ??s closest to the hot blue sun.


Rather than flee their solar system, the ancient species had developed a technology that provided them with a solution: A powerful anti-gravity ring was built around the brown dwarf, just beyond the threshold for the dwarf star to crush the system under its gravity. 26 small colonies were established along the ring, like little bubble communities. They are close enough to the dwarf star that they receive enough light and heat for a sustainable artificial environment, while also converting that energy into the power that keeps life-support and other vital systems from malfunctioning.


Equipment: Zarya is proficient in numerous martial arts. The natural enhancement to her eyes, quick reflexes, speed, and bone density make her adept to fighting bare-handed. And the hidden neurotoxin crystals in her knuckles make her perfect for hunting down slippery bounties.


Beyond this and her own wit, Zarya has found that she has little use for other tools beyond the essentials. In the short time sheâ??s been hunting, Zarya has collected the following:

  • BASTION Dampener Bauble (Artemis Class): Dampeners were invented on Ancient Lysâ??czar to help the species cope with the cold, dark winters. These little floating spheres absorb and store various forms of energy from their surrounding environment until they are activated, whereupon they provide light and warmth. The Artemis Class Dampener, however, comes with a few upgradesâ??The ability to emit short-ranged EMP waves, and an advanced targeting interface that ensures Zarya never loses sight of a bounty.


  • Two sets of Andeluvian Shackles: Powerful plasma cuffs, perfect for detaining bounties. They are adjustable, and can even be used as rope. Zarya often uses these as a makeshift lasso to tie up her targets and stun them while they are distracted.


  • Uncle Leeroyâ??s Every-Make Toolbot Kit: This is an old gem from the early days of Human intergalactic space exploration. The kit looks like an oversized wristwatch. The wearer selects from an array of programs (these programs came in the form of flash drives), Initiates the Toolbot Kit, and it deploys millions of nanobots from its system. Based on the tool program selected, the nanobots will build the required part almost instantly. Uncle Leeroyâ??s is one of the oldest manufacturers of multi-purpose nanobot kits, and while thousands of newer, vastly improved models exist, Zarya finds the old device appealing, and sheâ??s created a few custom hack programs for other tools the original model doesnâ??t carry.


Special Skills: Besides her close-combat expertise, Zarya is a whiz with machines. Even without the Toolbots, she is a competent and resourceful engineer. Sheâ??s been the sole pilot and captain of a ship for several years, and she has a natural understanding of computers, proving herself to have a bit of a skill with hacking.


Vehicle: â??Dark Starâ? (BASTION Halo-Cruiser Mark XII-2) The Halo-Cruiser was invented for quick and easy transportation between the 26 Lysâ??czarian colonies that encircle Estrok. The levitating vehicles sport next-gen antigravity propulsion systems and nuclear engines. The Mark XII-2 was specifically designed to accommodate deep-space travel. For this, the XII-2 is slightly larger than previous models (appearing no larger than a large Human automobile and enough room for two medium-sized humanoid beings), with a stasis chamber and storage unit. Based on dampener technology, the Halo-Cruiser absorbs numerous forms of energy to fuel the spacecraft, as well as renew its life support systems. Lastly, XII-2 is fitted with a jump drive to make most trips across the galaxy seem short. Dark Star is black and silver with a detail portrait of the Lysâ??czarian Goddess of Balance depicted on its hood.


Known Allies or Contacts:

  • The Lysâ??czarian Conglomerate: These 26 individuals constitute all of the Estrok Ringâ??s governing body. They are elected leaders and diplomats of the Lysâ??czarian people. Because of the Variant-status held by Zarya (due to her purple markings), she was raised as royalty in her colony. While the Conglomerate certainly doesnâ??t agree with her gallivanting across the â??Verse in search of thrills and credits (at least not until she bares children), they will quickly come to her aid if sheâ??s ever in any sticky situations.


  • Xylphion Andeross: Well-known playboy of the Alger Cluster, future heir to the Andeross Estate, renowned intergalactic arms dealer, and Zaryaâ??s on-again/off-again romantic partner. Xylphion is a Sylvarâ??a bipedal alien species that resembles the Human mythic creatures known as Griffins. Sylvarsâ?? bodies are a mix of lion-esque features and feathers along the arms and legs.


Reputation: Zarya is relatively new to the whole bounty hunting thing, and she has yet to really build any kind of reputation among the hunting community. The only recognition she garners at the moment are from those who are familiar with the Lysâ??czarian people. While Lysâ??czarians are an ancient species, they are notoriously reclusive, so itâ??s not uncommon for others to not know about her culture, let along her royal status. In some cases, however, Zaryaâ??s diplomatic status has come in handy when negotiation with planets.



OOC: Happy to see some new players here. Welcome. I hope you enjoy the RP. Expect the bounty board to be posted very soon.

Edited by Darren
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Welcome to all new players! We're looking forward to seeing your Bounty Hunters in action - Darren will be posting the Bounty Board thread shortly, but until then you can all go ahead and post some introductions to your characters in the leisure thread, also known as 'The Big Black' found here!


As always, any questions or comments can be directed to myself, Darren, Orcus or P.J. McKrafty, and we're all excited to see how this goes!


Sign ups are still open and will remain that way for the duration of the RP, so if you haven't signed up yet then don't worry, you've still got plenty of time.

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Sorry for the delay folks, but The Bounty Board is officially posted. You can find it here.


Just a note for everyone, The Bounty Board is marked as RPG, meaning only posts in-character are allowed on that thread. The Bounty Board thread is mostly for searching out a team, accepting bounties, or cashing in on captured outlaws. Of course, it's an open world, free for you to develop as you want.


A separate Discuss thread will be created soon. In the meantime, please direct all questions to this thread, or you can send a PM to any of the the hosts of this RP.

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Name: Xionis Vasimo Zulas


Age: 329 though looks 32


Height: 1.905 meters or 6' 3"


Weight: 116kg or 255lbs


Gender: Male


Species: Advent is a highly advanced civilization that relies heavily on technology, religion, music and fine arts. The first Advent were the children on human colonists that got lost in space after being pulled into a class E wormhole and sent to what is now labeled as the Angel Quadrant crash landing on the planet Jindra. They are the result of breeding between the humans and the now extinct Jindrans a race that had mastered nanos, cybernetics and  many other types of tech and combined it into one calling it psi tech.


The Advent keep to themselves but have no problem delivering swift justice inside and to whoever threatens their massive empire. They freely experiment on themselves, augmenting and enhancing their body how ever they see fit. It is not unusual to see even children with neural implants. This free society has caused many races to stay away from them or their massive fleet and devastating weapons helped.


Besides the augmentations they look just like normal humans but with one solid glowing eye color. due to their mixed background their muscles also contain almost three times as many tendon fibers as a human and their bones are twice as dense. They also bleed blue instead of red. Every Advent's voice is melodic as song is a very huge part in their culture. Everything they make is sleek and beautiful with curves and proportionate to everything as they strive for perfection.


Due to their excessive use and the integration of themselves with their technology they have formed something similar to a hive mind though everyone is still a complete individual. they can share thoughts and feelings down to a personal level believing its strengthens their unity as a race. This bond can span across the entire empire. It also has increased their age limit. An unenhanced Advent can live up to three hundred years while one that is can push a millenia.


But due to this bond hardly do any Advent leave the empire as they become so deeply immersed in the Unity of the Advent. The only exception being the Advent PsiOps, the Advent's most well trained black ops. The ones chosen for this are trained at a young age and have no choice what augmentations they receive and are the only Advent not linked to their unified conscious


Appearance: 1 and 2. As with Advent  his eyes glow one solid color, his being a dark poison green. He wears a black leather trenchcoat over over his psytech combat vest that covers the only skin he has.


Home Planet: Gravithen. A planet devoted entirely to the Advent military used for extreme training due to its low oxygen atmosphere, extreme gravity and its harsh variety of weather and geographical conditions and environments. They keep families here to breed warriors already suited to this harsh planet for their PsiOps all the way to their lowest peon. and begin training the moment they can walk to make sure their Unity is safe. This is also where the Advent military are involuntary augmented and enhanced, the PsiOps being so far augmented that some no longer even look human. 


This planet also serves as a graveyard for members of the Advent military who have finished their 200 year contract. They are given two choices. Either devote their bodies for research or they can take a ship and leave. Most devote their bodies for science as being a part of the Unity is everything to an Advent and its the one thing the Advent military are not allowed to do as the Advent Hierarchy do not want their thoughts infected the Unity. In the eons that the Advent have been around the number of Advent that have left has not even reached 50


The planet is constantly experiencing some type of storm or natural disaster at all times and is heavily guarded by a vast array of orbiting weapon platforms that maintain a zero tolerance no fly zone around the area.


Equipment: Due to his time in the Advent PsiOps his body has been heavily augmented to give him the upper hand on the battlefield and he still carries the weapons he used while a member of the PsiOps. 


He carries a six piece Advent Psitech weapon system that he keeps attached to his combat vest. The pieces can operate individually as a pulse pistol or can be added together to create to different weapons.


1 piece- Arc Pistol

2 pieces- Plasma SMG

3 pieces- Plasma Shotgun

4 pieces- Pulse Rifle

5 pieces- Photon Sniper Rifle

6 pieces- Particle Cannon


True to Advent culture Xionis' body is mostly augmented and machinery. While it is not clear what all he is capable of, bounty hunters have recorded some of the ones he contains


Tactical Informational Warfare augmentation which allows him to hack, download, and wage all out cyber war, and control systems while remaining undetected by the systems defenses and firewalls.


Wayfinder stealth Radar augmentation which allows him a limited range radar to pick up threats whether by ambient sound or line of sight and display them on his hud and keep them even after line of sight has been lost and display them until they are 25m away.


Infolink telecommunications augmentation allows him to communicate with fellow team members and link with Advent Archives while on a job without the need of a ear piece or microphone


Computer Assisted Social Interaction Enhancer is a augmentation that gives him the ability to tell when someone is lying, their emotions, and release pheromones to influence behavior after extended interaction.


Smart Vision is an eye implant that displays his ammo, current physical condition, enemies, visual transmissions, digital information and friendlies onto his retina. Its is capable of infrared, night, and several other modes of vision.


Flash Suppressant is an augmentation that slides a dark lense over his eyes like to reduce the effects of flashbangs.


Psitech Cybernetic Nano arms and legs allow him to exceed his normal boundaries by making his aim better, reduce the recoil from his weapons, and make him faster stronger, more agile, increased balance and increased reflexes all while being  completely silent


Sarif Blades are two foot blades made up of a Advent alloy that are mounted to his forearms. they are capable of extending forewords over the wrist or backwards over his elbow. He also has a three inch blade that extends from the toe and heel of each boot and from the tops of his knee giving him a lethal close quarters option.


Sentinel Survival Nano System allows him to track his medical condition, release nanos to repair damaged areas, restart his heart, convert food and his own movement to charge the four micro fusion cells that power his body as extended use of various systems will drain his stored power. At max output he has four hours of use while standard is three days. It also supercharges his nervous system increasing reaction time and reflexes.


Implanted Rebreather helps him to breathe in harmful gases and pull more oxygen from low air situations allowing him to enter areas that most cant


Emf Landing System is implanted in his spine to allow him to survive what would be certain death falls though after landing he is unable to move for a duration of the time. The longer the fall the longer the standby.


Multifunction Dermal implant causes his skin to either become solid to decrease any type of trauma to his body though enough force will still penetrate. It also can bend the light around him making him near invisible though it quickly drains his fusion cells.


Psi Suit- a nano tech suit that forms to his body to allow him access to zero air and/or extremely hazardous areas that would kill him


Special Skills: While Xionis was made to be a one man soldier his special skills is his hand to hand prowess and his tactically way of thinking. Due to all of his neural augmentations and enhancements Xionis can study copy and master fighting styles with ease even going as far as downloading videos and information about them to further his ability. This combined with his augmented reflexes arms and legs makes him a deadly person to be up close and personal with. 


Because of the limited amount of power he has become very adept at stealth getting in to the target and out as fast as possible with no alarm as to not have a prolonged fight and be stuck in a bad situation.


Vehicle: Ter' Rasth is a derelict heavy corvette class that Xionis came across during his time in the PsiOps and fitted it with Advent Technology. Equipped with 10 living quarters, a captain's quarters, holodeck, mess hall, stasis pods, prison cells, cargo bay and a bridge across three decks as most of the ship is taken up by weapons, engines, stealth and counter measures. This is due mostly to Xionis wanting to scare off any bounty hunters or pirates looking at him as prey or trying to take his captured target. Since it is normally just himself on the ship he has two AI to help him run it. Kishal who is in charge of his weapons, counter measures and stealth systems and Mishal who is in charge of his navigations, logistics and everything else.


Shrikea weaponless hovbike for faster means of travel under the radar on the ground.


Known Allies or Contacts: Mishal and Kishal. His two female AI that retrieve any information he asks from the Advant Archives as well as pilot the ship to give him fire support or a quick pick up. Or just aggravate him.


Aleoma Fricwie is Xionis handler at the Advent Archives making sure he gets what he needs and keeping his mental link only there and not reaching out to the Unity of the Advent.


Reputation: Though Xionis is a loner by heart he has never let a team down always assessing them to see what role needs to be filled. among the bounty hunters he has worked with it is nothing but praise along with rumors about what he is capable of.

Edited by Darth Vader
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DeLarge and Darth Vader have officially accepted the first bounty of the game. I've already changed the status to the <<Body Snatcher>> mission to Accepted. However, because this is a 2-3 person mission, you are welcome to wait until you get another bounty hunter to join, or you may go ahead and start. (Decide among yourselves what you'd like to do and figure out your first course of action).


If you start the hunt with just the two of you, a third bounty hunter CAN NOT be added to the RP later without a plausible explanation, and permission from the Bounty's creator. The whole point of Fistful of Credits is so players can opt out of missions or go on hiatus for awhile without worrying about the story progressing without their character. Because each bounty is intended to be a miniature RP in its own thread, however, you must start the hunt at the beginning with your group.


EDIT: The Discuss thread is officially posted. All questions pertaining to Fistful of Credits should go there an the RP-creators will answer with haste.

Edited by Darren
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Name: Khaleesi Ovaren Sora Trovinma


Age: 131


Height: 5' 11"


Weight: 148lbs


Species: Vul'orcha. An all female species that are mostly humanoid in structure. Horns similar to that of an Earthen ram adorn the sides of their heads growing thicker and curling more over time. The horns are used to determine their position in society a sort of pecking order. Naturally extremely agile and fast they are renowned throughout the galaxy for their amazing acrobats and stunts. Their teeth are almost identical to a human's save that the canines and the two teeth behind it are elongated making a bite from them extremely dangerous. They also have a long leathery tail with a spade on it, this tail helps them with their balance letting them preform maneuvers other species cannot.


Due to every member being female, the Vul'orcha can reproduce among each other and are the only species that can mate with any other race They also can choose the race and even gender of the child. They are able to find a mate easily by giving of pheromones in such minute traces that the person affected has no clue. After prolonged exposure they no longer think of anything else but mating.


This in turn along with the Vul'orcha's natural beauty has caused many hardships for them. Slavers constantly tried to raid the planet only to be mercilessly killed.  Then came the Romarie, a insect like species on the verge of extinction due to a plague causing most of the females to become infertile. While the Romarie were driven back the cost was too high and Slavers quickly took over the planet forcing them to work circuses, brothels, and other degrading jobs. It is a rare sight  to see a Vul'orcha without a slave collar.


Another unique trait is that a Vul'orcha's skeleton is completely double jointed. This allows them to bend farther and escaped tighter situations.


Appearance: Khaleesi just minus the wings. Outfit

She is covered in tattoos similar to the one on her face, all of them tied into each other with only several bare patches of skin showing her and there with he skin being a slightly darker gray.


Her horns classify her in the adolescent stage for a Vul'orcha or the working class though in her head she feels that she has gone beyond that due to her past


Home Planet: Vul'orcha. Once a beautiful planet covered in lush jungles and sprawling oceans, it is now rubble and smog thanks to the war with the Romarie and the slavers. Slave camps sprawl for miles causing the planet to become their base of operations. Cries of pain, rapes, and death are so common that it has become normal. 


Even from satellite view, lines of different races can be seen being hoarded back and forth between the camps, the elderly and weak being savagely beat along the way. In the northern hemisphere lies a massive maze like coliseum where death matches are constantly being held for sport and gambling.


Equipment: Khaleesi carries rail accelerator rifle that can be set to different penetrating levels though the rate of fire drops as the power level increases with an underslung grenade launcher. She carries a variety of grenades for multiple purposes, anywhere between non lethal gas to incendiary to variable timed shrapnel not too mention several different times of timed explosives for destroying key structures 


One each hip is a sleek energy pistol with stun and lethal options and a vibranium knife resides in the utility pouches strapped to her thighs. In the small of her back she has a silenced smg with several extended mags.


Her boots and gloves are capable or extending spikes to allow her to climb non metal surfaces or cause massive injuries to her opponents. For metal surfaces an  electromagnetic field activates allowing her to climb quickly and silently.


Her head piece allows her to be  immune to flashbangs and still see what going on with detailed readouts of the environment around her as well as play incoming video transmissions. 


She also has on her person various tools for picking and hacking as well as setting and disarming explosives.


Special Skills: Despite being a well versed user of various types of kicking martial and defense styles as she rarely uses her hands for hitting which was taught to her by the man who saved her, and capable of amazing agile feats, Khaleesi's main special skill is using her own looks to lower other's guards and making her job almost ten times easier by using the pheromones secreted in her body.


Vehicle: SY-23 Lancer is an upgraded Thrashian fighter with enough weaponry to hold its own and capable of long range warp. It was given to her by a Thrashian of the Royal Defense Fleet named Ricnum as Thrashian's, a species that patrols its borders very aggressively and has a severe dislike in slavery and are very birdlike in their features. 


Though it is a fighter at heart it has been retrofitted to fit three comfortably and bears a small galley and workout room off of the small cargo bay which carries to prison issue cryopods. While it is not lacking in terms of firepower its true ability is its speed and maneuverability, capable of pulling turns that would normally cause most pilots to pass out and cause hull stress on other ships.


Known Allies: Ricum. A Thrashian that looks like a black and white eagle who is the now a Commander in the Royal Defense Fleet. He saved Khaleesi after almost seventy five years of being a slave and has taken her under his wing. Teaching her how to fend for herself, fight, use firearms, and pilot her own spacecraft. Since she was separated from her mother at the age of seven he has been a parental figure to her to the point that she calls him father. She constantly asks his advice on matters and tactics.


Jacqueline Henson- bartender at the Blazing Comet at ICARUS and infobroker. A sweet Terran that is known to hustle anyone and everyone but grew a soft spot for Khaleesi when she first arrived the two soon becoming best friends. She supplies Khaleesi with any additional data on her targets that wasn't already released by ICARUS,


Reputation-Among the fellow hunters she has been labeled a hustler, a charmer, and ruthless. She goes to no end to achieve her mission and has no problem using someone to complete her goal.

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Good to have you all on board! Don't forget, even though there is a Bounty currently running involving myself and Darth Vader, you can still apply for the other open Bounties listed on The Bounty Board! As we still have a relatively small cast and two of us are preoccupied with catching a different Outlaw, it is highly recommended that you start with the second Outlaw on the list, Ferrus 'The Jumper' Korven, although if you feel like you can rally a larger team around at this early stage then you can try for one of the others on the list - but watch out, as going into a tougher Bounty unprepared could have disastrous results...


But you should all go out into the big wide 'Verse and start making money, otherwise me and Vader will grab it all before you get a chance!

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