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RPG Final Fantasy: Online Another World (Sign Up)


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[size=1]I had a different Final Fantasy-style RPG here previously, but I decided to remove it because I wasn't able to post in it enough -- it was kinda falling behind. So I thought I'd try to start another FF style RPG. This RPG is similar in concept to Final Fantasy XI, in the sense that it contains a medieval style and utilizes various races, each with their own kingdom/home.

Only those who sign up here may post in the actual RPG, to avoid getting people joining in mid-story etc etc.[/size][i]

The world, Terraforma, was created in one year. It was born many millennia ago -- long before there were creatures in the sea, land or air. Four Goddesses came forth from the depths of the universe, when time was still young.

The four Goddesses, Physar, Metreon, Ephra and Solhara created the world and all its creatures. And each one marked the world with her own special mark; a noble race of living beings. Each race was given their own unique qualities -- and each race were left to create their own nations within the world of Terraforma.

For several thousand years, each group of beings lived peacefully alongside one another. But the world has begun to change -- deserts are expanding, rivers are dissappearing and the once blue sky is darkening slowly as each day passes.

Nobody knows what's going on, or why the world is changing the way it is. It will take the efforts of young explorers from all over Terraforma to solve the mystery...[/i]

There are four races/nations in Terraforma. Here is a brief description of each race and nation.


[b]Windhyte:[/b] The Windytes closely resemble humans, if not for the large wings on their backs. Windhytes live in the Kingdom of Physar, named after the winged goddess which created it. Their buildings are mostly medieval, but are more technically advanced than either the Falyore or Quart races.

Windhytes use an equal combination of magic and traditional weaponry. Their swords are the finest in the world and are often laced with magical powers of some kind.

Windhytes are noble creatures. Their entire society is based on the pursuit of truth and knowledge. Windhytes are inherently peaceful -- if you're ever in trouble, you can count on a Windhyte to help you out.

[b]Falyore:[/b] The Falyore are a race of powerful warriors. They live in the Metreon Caves, some fifty miles north of the Kingdom of Physar. The Falyore are very tall -- taller than even the tallest human man. Their network of underground caves is both primitive, yet highly impressive.

The Falyore do not use magic, but rather, use traditional medieval style weaponry. The Falyore are hunter-gatherers who hunt in packs for food. While not as intelligent or friendly as the Windhytes, the Falyore are nevertheless, kind at heart.

[b]Quart:[/b] The Quart are small, elf-like creatures. They live in the Great Tree of Ephra, which is surrounded by lush, temperate forest. The Quart do not have much contact with the other races of Terraforma, due to their geographical isolation.

The Great Tree of Ephra can be seen from many miles away, and is visible from space. Among its thousands of broad branches (which are used as highways by the Quart villagers), millions of tiny little huts and workshops can be seen.

The Quart are heavily involved in magic -- it is their only form of defence and attack. They do not use physical weaponry at all. Quart villagers tend to be very timid of outsiders -- they are scared of their own shadows, but should not be underestimated -- you don't want to corner a Quart; it might turn you into a two-headed warthog if you're not careful.

[b]Metropod:[/b] The Metropods are the most technologically advanced race in the world of Terraforma.

Metropods can be found in Solhara City, a gigantic city filled with glass skyscrapers. Metropods look exactly like humans, but they are often equipped with bionic implants which allow them to run faster, jump higher or see objects from very far away.

The Metropods do not use magic at all -- they are totally reliant on modern technology. Rather than using swords or magic charms, the Metropods defend themselves with powerful missles, laser cannons and electromagnetic shields.

Metropods are the dominant race in Terraforma -- but their technological powers are matched by the various capabilities of the other races on the planet. Metropods tend to be fair-minded, but can sometimes be slightly arrogant and disrespectful of other races.

[size=1]Okay, so there you have it.

All you need to do is fill out the following fields to join:

Character Name:
Primary Ability:
Secondary Ability:
Personality Details:

That's all there is to it. I hope we can make another cool RPG here -- but there's no pressure...feel free to be as creative as you like, providing that you do not give your character powers which are way too far beyond other characters.

I'll add my character last I think, after everyone has signed up.[/size]
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[color=crimson]Name: Ken
Species: Metropod
Weapon: Grenade Launcher, Small Laser Pistol, Laser Sniper Rifle...
Armor: ElectroMahShield
Primary Ability: Throwing Grenades
Secondary Ability: Charged Blast (From Sniper Rifle)
Personailty: Cheerful, and kind of young, Ken enjoys creating new weapons and other mechanical things. He has been practicing with a Sniper Rifle for... well, since he can remember...[/color]
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Name: Durumir
Species: Falyore
Weapon: Long Sword, Scimitar, Long Bow
Primary ability: Double sword combat
Secondary ability: Able to increase speed.
Personal: Durumir is one of the more intelligent of his race. He is a great admirer of his surroundings, and a ranger by heart. He very rarely can be found in the Faylore caves, but instead likes to wander about the lands. He looks exactly like Boromir from the LOTR film.
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[COLOR=royalblue]Okies...I've never played a FF game...but might as well give it a shot...

Character Name: Moonstar

Species: Windhyte

Weapon: Living Sword...

Primary Ability: Sky Attack....attack from the sky...self explanitory

Secondary Ability: Sword Combat......

Personality Details: Calm and serious, Moonstar is one of the more violent Windhytes and is a loner by nature. She doesn't like to mix with other species or even those of her own species......why....we...don't know....[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=red]Hmmm, a decent RPG... i'm joining

Character Name: Cloud (It actually fits for once too!)
Species: Windhyte
Weapon: Long magical bow (infinit ammount of arrows. it perduced(sp?) magical ones by it's self)
Primary Ability: Double target (shoots 2 Arrows)
Secondary Ability: Basic magic...(fire, ice, earth, wind)
Personality Details: Cloud spends most of his time learning all the arts of the bow. He's kind at heart and may never be able to kill a living being.He has deadly accuracy with his bow, but is he able to hurt anyone? [/COLOR]
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Earth and Water swords
thunder attack (combine both swords to make thunder sword)
Double magic attack
Nick grew on the fine line of poor and rich for his dad loved to gamble. But what his parents didn't know was that he stole two swords from a sword shop and hid them unti he day the sky clouded over. He also has a secret crush on Moonstar keeps hush hush.
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Name: Flash

Species: Falyore

Weapons: Soldier's Axe of the Giants, Hunter's bow of the stars,
Broad sword of the Titans.

Armour: Plate Mail of Strength

Primary Ability: Enhanced Swordsmanship

Secondary Ability: Enhanced Agility (Speed, Jumping, etc.)

Personality Details: Being of the Falyore race, Flash is both a
powerful warrior, and a skilled Miner. All his weapons and Armour were crafted by him, in the Master forge of Metreon. Also a brilliant Hunter, Flash uses all his weapons to their full potential.
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OOC: I have never played and FF rpg... Maybe this will be cool

Character Name: Myth

Species: Windhyte

Weapon: Bozendo Sword

Primary Ability: Sword Combat

Secondary Ability: Night Dive - The Windhyte goes into the sky and sorta eclipses the sun, and then folds its wings back, and dives straight at the enemy, and it can be controlled, and sometimes the speed breaks the sound barrier

Personality Details: Myth is one of the more aggresive fighters of the Windhyte. He is a very smart and stragtigetic in battles, he keeps a calm head under pressure.
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Name: Warlock

Species: Windhyte

Weapons: Gold Sword: A sword, made completely of gold, which has several magical abilities... Silver Sword: The Gold Sword's twin. It gives the user the ability to heal himself, and it is a mightly sword like it's brother.

Primary Ability: First Class Swordsmenship.

Secondary Ability: Agility

Personality Details: Warlock is an extremely friendly person, and helps everyone who has a good heart. He is one of the top knights of the Windhyte's, and is always striving to better himself.
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Character Name: siren kojia
Species: Windhyte
Weapon: long sword
Primary Ability: wing blade-a flying sword attack
Secondary Ability: bloodwrath- goes into a state of unfeeling eyes turn red(thus the name) unaffected by wounds for a short time... feels full hurt once out of the state
Personality Details: a wry and paticular humor. is a agressive fighter has a very high sense in honor and loyality. trys to see the best in ppl. don't get on her bad side. she likes to pull prankish actions
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Cloud [/i]
[B][COLOR=red]We need a few people to signup as those magic elf ones; the quart [/COLOR] [/B][/QUOTE]

Yea, we do, too many Windhytes...LoL, i like it, its the best.....
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Name: Treble

Species: Metropod

Weapons: Two Missle Launcher each attached to Treble's arm it was target built in to help Treble aim better,along with the electromagnetic shield which absorbs any electric substance.

Primary Ablity: Firing powerful missles with his Launcher.

Secondary Ability: Treble fires multiple bigger missles aiming at all targets.

Personality: Brave and willing to do anything to saves other including himself,usally aggresive when things just doesn't seem the way he wants it to be.Other than that Treble enjoys practicing with his Missle Launcher to learn new different combinations of skills.
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This is cool. Name:Silo Species:Windhyte Weapon:Broadsword Primary ability:Slash -the ability to attack skillfully. Secondary ability:Elemental slash-the ability to control elements. Personality: Silo constantly trains to improve his skills. He senses that something terrible is going to happen. He fights for his family and friends and helps everyone he can.
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Character Name: Blank(Was there any doubt? Ok, just take this twenty and say no.)

Species: Metropods

Weapon: Fists and legs, lasers in eyes, and ability to manipulate Ki-like lasers into balls(DBZ ppl know what I'm talking about. Oh, and JAMES SAID I COULD. I thank him again. And they won't be all powerful), electromagnetic sheild which can block out weak magic attacks for a short time.

Primary Ability: Death Orb (green laser/ki forms a small ball, which is fired. It shoots out quickly, and explodes on impact.)

Secondary Ability: Physical attacks.

Personality Details: Powerful, bionic, and a heckova attitude. Arrogant to unchecked levels, would never leave a fight, due to his pride.
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[COLOR=darkblue]Lemme join...please?...I'll be...

Name: Chole

Species: Metropod

Weapon: MAG-Rifle

Prime Ability: Mug

Secondary Ability: Desperation (Uses pent up rage to attack enemies with complete recklessness and desregard for a focus target).

Descrip: With the complete armament of a regular Metropod, Chole equips himself with his prized magnetic arm grafted rifle which attaches to his arm like a bracelet. His armament includes a Sensory helmet, complete CyberKinetic lightweight vest, and his personal SharpBlade inline skates. In addition to Chole's gun...he can engage in hand-to-hand combat.[/COLOR]
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Name: Harper
Species: Quart/ Metropod (Made with Magic) has both races best features
Weapon: Wrist Blaster, psynergy blades (extented from lower wrist), Mini-rockets on armor
Armor: Exo-Skeleton (Resist to physical and magical damage)
Primary Ability: Techno-Magic and Necromancy
Secondary Ability: Great Intelligence and Combat style
Personality: Harper is dark and quiet, always on the watch for new tricks
Bio: Created by another necromancer Harper rebelled against him in so killing him then learned the dark art as well while a necromancer he still cares for all his fellow creatures. He continues to study this dark art to better combat it other wise he hates it with a passion. Harper recently has been searching for the cuase of the world changing around him.

<<< if all this is okay >>>
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Character Name: Andrew

Species: Metropod

Weapon: His entire body is covered with a great armour and an exoskeliton much like that of Gray Fox on MGS.

Primary Ability: He has a hell of alot of guns in his body and can be drawn at will. He has superhuman strength, speed and agility.

Secondary Ability: Thick large blade can extent from his knuckles. and he's a great hand to hand fighter.

Personality Details: The baddest attitude around. Not many people have messed with him and survived.

Description: Gray Fox's suit
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Character Name: Karu
Species: Quart
Weapon: Ancient Talisman

Primary Abillity: Levitate -- Karu's primary ability, Levitate, allows him to use his magic powers to lift any object at all -- no matter how large. This ability requires a large amount of concentration from Karu though, and once he has performed levitation on a particularly large object, he needs to regain his strength for a few hours after.

Secondary Ability: Sacred Heal -- Karu's secondary ability allows him to heal both himself and others, but it also acts as an anti-evil power, allowing him to reflect evil magic.

Description: Karu was not born in the Great Tree of Ephra, like the rest of his family. He was adopted by a Windhyte family at birth, and has never even seen his home world. Karu has taken it upon himself to find his home world at any cost -- and track down his biological family.
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Character Name: Rahto

Species: Falyore

Weapon: Dragon's Fang Blade (A long, two handed blade, crafted in ancient times, made of almost unbreakable material)

Primary Ability: Ancient strength - An ability learned that allows Rahto to increase his strength significantly

Secondary Ability: Blood lust - Not pretty, and not a good idea when with a large group of friends. Blood lust drastically hightens aggression, with the setback that Rahto will kill anything, and everything

Personality Details: One of a long line of warriors from the Jhillora clan of the Falyore. All through his childhood he was taught the Ancient strength and Blood lust techniques. On the day that he recieved the dragon's fang blade, and officialy an adult in the eyes of his clan, he was sent on a mission to find out why the world is changing.
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[b]Character Name: AJ
Species: Falyore-Windhyte
Offence Weapon: None at the beginning
Defence Weapon: (Saiyan look-alike) armour
Primary Ability: Speed
Secondary Ability: Intelligience

Personality Details:
Having received most of his looks from his mother's side, he is Windhyte size, and not very strong. He looks like a human.

But from his father's side, he has received great knowledge, regarding weaponry, a hidden taste for battle, and lack of wings.

The thing about AJ is his lack of sense, and his speed, which though nothing to some, is very fast for Falyores and Windhytes[/b]

Sorry, didn't know there were sign ups..posted before I signed up
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Character Name: Sephiroth

Species: Falyore

Weapon: Masamune

Primary Ability: Meteor Strike-a swipe with the sword which damages all enemies

Secondary Ability: Chakra-restores energy and magic power to a character

Personality Details: dark and brooding, *looks like sephiroth, duh!*, known to be a loner, doesn't talk much
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[SIZE=1]Is it too late to sign up?

Character Name: Rasanak

Speices: Metropod

Weapon: Mecha-Sword (A sword with a gun barrel and an electric generator attached)

Primary Ability: [b]Lighting Sword:[/b]
Rasanak charges the sword with the generator and slices through the opponent, shocking/electricuting them as well as cutting them.

Secondary Ability: [b]Gunshot:[/b]
Rasanak machine guns the enemy

Personality Details: A tall man with long blue hair, covering one eye. He wears a black cloack with yellow lining on the edges, has metal implanted into his left arm for a sheild. He is sometimes bossy and disliked because of his bossiness.[/SIZE]
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