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[i]Karu lay back in the long grass. He could feel it tickling his long, pointed ears as it swayed in the soft breeze.

He was chewing on a stalk of grass and staring lazily into the sky. The sky was so blue -- with white, fluffy clouds lining the horizon. He saw a flock of white gulls flying overhead in perfect formation. They would change direction every couple of minutes, but always retain the same triangular formation.

The grass tasted sweet in Karu's mouth. He was so happy, he didn't have a single care in the world. Despite being different from his Windhyte foster parents (and for that matter, all his Windhyte friends), Karu felt happy with his life. But despite this, there was still something missing -- a small feeling in the back of his mind. A feeling that tugged on his conscience every now and then...not so much a bad feeling, just a different feeling.

Karu never thought much about this feeling. He was only ten years old -- he didn't consider anything beyond the Kingdom of Physar. He had never ventured beyond its enormous stone walls. Even now, he was sitting in the field behind his house and in the distance, he could see the large stone walls running for miles all around.

He didn't want to know what was out there. He had heard stories of strange demons and monsters who live in caves -- he was scared of moving too far from home. And yet, sometimes he felt that he didn't quite belong in his own home. He felt alien.

Karu didn't know how long he'd been there in that field. But it was starting to get dark -- the clouds were bearing down on the horizon and the sky was moving from light blue to dark, navy blue.

Karu stood up and dusted himself off. He was ready to head inside to get to sleep, when he felt a hand grab his shoulder.

He spun around and lifted his arm up, ready to strike -- but nobody was there. It was dead silent, except for the distant croaking of frogs by the creek in the valley just south of his house.

Just as Karu began to walk toward his house, he heard a sound in the distance, coming from the creek. It sounded like crying...


Karu (thinks): I wonder what that sound is...

Karu decided to go and explore the strange noise. He walked all the way down to the end of the field and climbed down several metres of rocks -- he was a good climber, despite his size.

Finally, he reached the bottom of the valley. On the other side of the creek, he could see a young Windhyte woman sitting on a log, with her face in her hands.

He walked toward the edge of the creek and pushed a log into the water. Carefully (and somewhat awkwardly), Karu managed to get from one bank to the other.

He approached the woman and sat next to her.[/i]

Karu: Excuse me...ma'am?

[i]The woman stopped crying and looked up at him, her large eyes filled with tears.[/i]

Woman: W-what do you want?

Karu: I heard you crying...I wanted to know what's wrong.

Woman: It's my son...he's gone.

Karu: Gone?

Woman: Taken from me. Kidnapped. I let him play here by the creek...I know I shouldn't have...but I did. And now he's gone...

[i]The woman brushed her long, dark fringe back from her face and stared out over the creek.[/i]

Woman: *sigh* My husband told me that it wasn't safe down here. But I thought he'd be okay...I've told him about the dangers of the valley.

Karu: What dangers?

Woman: You don't know? Your parents must not have told you yet...

[i]The woman took out a handkerchief and wiped away the tears on her cheeks as she continued talking...[/i]

Woman: There are so many dangers down here. We've been able to destroy the monsters in the main areas of the Kingdom...but the valley is still home to some of the nastiest monsters in Terraforma. My son could have been kidnapped by anything.

Karu: Oh...why do you think he's been kidnapped?

Woman: Well, just look at these...

[i]The woman pointed to a small set of footprints on the ground, which lead towards the creek.[/i]

Woman: These are the footprints of a Kalhir. Kalhirs love to kidnap children -- it's all they ever do.

Karu: What do they do with the children once they've kidnapped them?

Woman: Ohh, who knows. Maybe they eat them...maybe they force them to become slaves...nobody knows. But I only know one thing -- nobody's ever found their child once a Kalhir has done its kidnapping.

[i]Karu eyed the woman for a moment and felt his heart sink. He felt so sorry for her loss.

He wanted to do something -- but what?

He decided that he would try to find her missing child. Surely he could track down the Kalhir.[/i]

Karu: I'd like to help find your child...

Woman: But you're only a child yourself!

Karu: It's okay...I want to do something. Please let me help you!

Woman: No...I can't ask you to do that. You should get home before you encounter a monster down here. I'll see you later...please tell me if you see my son anywhere. He's only four years old...his wings are still buds.[i]

The woman buried her face in her hands again and began sobbing. Karu decided it best to leave her for now -- but that didn't stop him wanting to track down that Kalhir. He was tired now though and decided it best to begin the search tomorrow morning.

Karu said goodbye to the mysterious woman and climbed over the log again, and crawled up the rocks to the field behind his house.

As he lay in bed that night, he looked out his window at the stars. He muttered to himself as he started to fall asleep "I'll find her boy...it can't be that hard to track down a Kalhir..."

And with that, he fell asleep.[/i]

[size=1]Karu's House.[/size]
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[COLOR=indigo][i]Cloud was sitting down in a field near the eastern wall of Physar, he was looking up at the dark blue sky pictuing shapes forming from the stars that were peeking out from behind clouds.

he felt weary from a hard day of training. As his eyes started to close, he heard a howl, like that of a savage beast! His eye's snapped open as he looked westward to see if he could pin point the noise.

He silently rose and blended in with the walls shadows. He Crept silently westward with his ever watchful eyes scanning all around him.

He heard the howl again! This time much closer than before.

Nhulek! A Wolf type animal with fangs like razors and claws like it too. But the noise didn't sound like a normal shriek from a Nhulek, it sounded, almost painful.

Cloud rushed close, only to see an older male hacking at a Nhulek with a sword.[/i]

Cloud: What are you doing? (Cloud yells as he draws back his bowstring and fires an arrow off hitting the males sword)

Nhulek: *yelp* (it runs off)

Older Male: bahh, What are you doing? I almost rid this place of another demon!

[i]Cloud turns and starts walking away[/i]

Cloud: There's a reason for everything, friend!

Older Male: Heed your own advice

[i]The older male walks off in the oppsite direction

Cloud walks of towards his own house ready to sleep...[/i][/COLOR]
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[i]Karu woke early, while it was still dark. He crept out of bed and put on his cloak -- it was very thick, perfect for Kalhir hunting on a cold morning.

He carefully crept out of his room and down the hallway, making sure not to wake his parents on the way past.

When he reached the kitchen, he carefully opened one of the drawers and pulled out a large, metal spatula. It wasn't a sword, but it'd have to do for now.

Karu sat the spatula in his pocket; it stuck out awkwardly. He then opened another drawer and pulled out a small, kerosine lantern. He lit the lantern and held it out infront of him. Now he was ready.

He closed the front door behind him and crept over the small bridge infront of his house. South Field, the large, uninhabited space south of the main Kingdom was only a short distance from Karu's house. He looked around to make sure that nobody was watching, and headed for the clump of trees at the edge of his backyard.

As he pushed his way past the branches, he could feel the scratching at his face and at times, he nearly dropped his lantern due to the thick leaves.

Eventually, after what seemed like an eternity, the branches became thinner and Karu stepped out onto a large rock, which overlooked the Great Valley -- he was only slightly north of where he'd met the mysterious woman the night before.

Karu carefully climbed down over the rocks to the creek at the bottom of the valley.

He lifted his lantern in the early morning darkness and saw the Kalhir's footprints; they seemed to be going further south.

Karu summoned his courage and began to follow the footprints into the gloomy darkness of the valley beyond.[/i]
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AJ tossed and turned in his bed. He was still awake, but trying his best not to be. He lived in the Central-East area of Physar, and when he would wake, his birthday party would take place.
He was going to be 14, and he was expecting beats from all the Windhytes. Of course, they would hit him harder than Windhytes, as Falyores tend to be tough. AJ was an exception, unfortunately for him. But that would be compensated for by the presents they would give.

He closed his eyes thinking of what he would get.
He had already sneaked a peek at what his Dad was going to give him already: an armour suit.
Not really for fighting or anything. He was really into weapons, and the sort, and his dad was, afterall, a blacksmith.

He tried again, to force his eyes shut. [/i]

[b]AJ: Why, oh why doesn't tomorrow ever come when you want it to?[/b]

[i]And with that, he slowly dozed into a gentle sleep,..a smile upon his face[/i]
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[COLOR=indigo][i]Cloud awoke late that night, he had fallen of his bad and he was sweating badley. He felt uneasy as he walked out into his hallway.

Clouds house was a little bit away from the other groupes of houses that clustered around the kingdom. He was further out into the wilderness inside the gates.

He walked up to a large window which was in his room. HE looked outside. There were footprints in the mud outside of the window... fairly fresh prints at that.

Cloud through on a cloak, shouldered his bow and some arrows and left his house, making sure to lock the door.

He walked over to the footprints and stared at them for a moment until his eyes adjusted to the darkness.

Kalhirs footprints! Could only mean one thing. Someone or something had recently been kidnapped... He knew of a den of Kalhirs just inside a forest southeast of his house.

He started walking towards the southeast....[/i]
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Durumir's cloak blew in the harsh winds of the storm that presently attacked the area South of the Metreon caves. He held his tattered brown cloak over his face, gripping it around his neck. The rain beat against his already soaked attire. The wind blew his hood back, his hair fluttering in the wind.

Durumir: This storm is not usual in these lands....... I must make haste..... I cannot afford to be here when night falls.

Durumir yanked his hood back over his face, and continued on. His boots sank into the muddy grass land with each step...... mud now covered his boots upto the ankles. His clothes and cloak pressed against his body from the drenching. He helf the cloak firmly around him, although the heavy wind even made it difficult for a Falyore of his stature. He beckoned over a glade, and witnessed another two fields....... maybe 3 leagus or more each, as far as he could see.

Durumir: That is what I must make before nightfall......... in these conditions. I must press on.

Some hours later, night has fallen. Durumir has passed the fields he witnessed..... and has come upon some stone land. He slippes as he climbed up onto a large rock, and he looked on over the plain before him. A large bare area of rock land.... no animals or plants..... and after some way towards the North West he saw them, rising suddenly from the Earth. The Metreon mountains, in which the caves of his people lay. A smile came over his drenched face and soaked goatee. He threw back the hood of his mouldy cloak..... it was of no use to him anymore. He looks about him...... as the Metreon mountains started enclosing about him. He pressed on, taking great strides as he did so. All of a sudden he saw something in the distance.... what he thought at first glance were horses.

Durumir: It seems the Metreon's are aware of my presence. About time too!

Within no time at all..... three men, Falyore guards, were upon him.

Theoden: Well, it seems the ranger has returned..... decided to finally embrace the caves as your home?

Durumir: My heart does not belong in those caves........ but indeed my weary body does. Will you not take in a fellow Faylore who is weary?

Theoden: I would never turn a Faylore away........ especially not an old friend.

Theoden dismounts his horse, and embraces Durumir in a hug.

Theoden: Why can you not stay?

Durumir: I belong....... no..... belonged in the country, exploring. However, it seems now you shal get your wish, as I have had all I care to see of the outside world for a great time. I will be staying in Metreon...... perhaps until the end of my days.

Theoden: It is good to hear it! Come my friend.... let us return to the city, and you will tell me many a tale of your journey.

Theden put his leg in the stirrup of his horse, and he mounted his horse. He held out his hand....... and Durumir embraced it, clutching his cloak with the other hand. Theoden pulled Durumir up behind him, and his horse sped off, followed by the other two horsemen. The galloped over the stony ground........ which, as they got nearer the mountains, started to spurt plants and trees. Like s forest slowly over coming a harsh desert........ the trees of the Falyore grew mightily, and their roots grew deep into the rich soil.

Theoden: You are but half the size you were when you left my friend, you need a good meal.

Durumir: Half my size is a bit exaggerated....... but I would welcome a Faylore meal......... indeed it is the only meal that can fill a Falyore.

Theoden: Well............ you will get a banquet fit for 10 Falyores. The Kind is even interested to hear some of your tales.

Durumir: What did I do to deserve such a thing?

Theoden: Follow your heart my friend. It has earned you much reverity among our people.

The horses were now riding on a thing stony path, with lush thick grassland on either side. The mountains drew upon them. They were confronted by a stable. The horses were locked up securely in the stables, and then the party had to take the rest of the trail on foot. Led by Theoden, the party of 4 followed a winding track that led up the mountains, but then swerved around to the side of the mountain, before dropping down in towards another mountain. It then swerved Northwards again, and went upwards, over a small creek. The path followed the creek for some way, and suddenly dropped down into a chasm. Soon the company was confronted by a huge door, leading into the mountain. They were surrounded by several sentry towers. A guard approached, saw who they were, and opened the huge wooden doors. Durumir removed his cloak, revealing his black and red attire (think Boromir, he looks EXACTLY like him, clothes and everything). The party stepped into a well lit lobby, several Falyore waltzing about the place, there is also a small weaponry and pantry. A smile broke over Durumir's face. Theoden handed him a towel. He tried his hair with a quick rubbing motion of the towel.

Theoden: You still know where your house is?

Durumir: Ofcourse.

Theoden: Then I shall see you at the banquet my old friend.

Durumir: Yes, I will see you there.

Durumir looked about for a short time, then suddenly nodded, as if the correct routs just popped back into his memory. He took off down a path to the left, his boots squelching and splurting out water as he went along.
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[i]Over in Solhara,Treble travels through the shiny glass skyscrapers city where everything was beautifully glassed along with Treble's favorite Gun Shop.Treble got to his favorite training area where he gets to practice with his Missle's Launcher at Solhara's Gun Shop.As he got inside the Training Area,there was a sign that read "Beware of Kalhirs that roams thorugh Terraforma once they kidnapped a child it will take a miracle to get them back".[/i]

Treble: Hmmm,Kalhirs eh? Bah if I ever see any of those nasty creatures I'll blast them to pieces with my Missle Launcher.

Manager of the Gun Shop: Ha! Don't get to cocky now Treble,Kalhirs are incredible dangerous creature you'll rarely get to see them.

Treble: Dangerous you say,if their that dangerous why would they only like to kidnapp childrens and wherever there are lots of childrens are at then thats where the Kalhirs should be at.

Manager: You got a point there Trebby,always got something to say whenever things just doesn't seem right to you don't you?

Treble: Yeah I guess you could say that,ah...enough with all this chit-chat just turn on the darn machine so I can get a little practice.

[i]The Gun Shop Manager turns on the Traning area machines everything was activated.[/i]

Manager: Alright chill,ok it's ready load your guns and fire!

[i]Treble loads both of his Missle Launcher and practiced for numerous hours as sweat dripped down his face exahausted.[/i]

Treble: Whew, well thats it for today,ah.... good work out it was I'll come back and train again someday, till then take care.

Manager: Okay Back at ya,come back again someday and remember this is the bestest place to train when it comes to Guns,Rifles,etc.(Trying to advertise his little Gun Shop):therock: lol

[i]As Treble went out the Gun Shop he heard a noise from far away,he took a look with his good eye sight and saw a Kalhir running with away with a child on his back.Treble stood there and thought to himself.[/i]

Treble: Dang, Looks like trouble there's always seem to be trouble in Terraforma these days makes me wonder...hmmm wait a minute a weird-looking creature running away with a child on his back thats a Kilhir!!!I better do something and fast.

[i]Treble took off traveling far away to stop that Kilhir.[/i]
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[color=crimson][i]In Solhara, an explosion was heard. Inside his shop Ken stood, smoke coming from his body. He stood next to a blown up machine and was blinking.[/i]

Ken: Um. Well. Didnt work too well. *Scratches head*

[i]Ken heard a distance cry of a child and shrugged it off, he walked around the machine and grabbed a part and a screwdriver like object and started to install it. A few minutes the later the cry was louder and closer. Ken glanced off and shook his head. He got a small torch and slid under the large machine and started welding it. Yet another few minutes later the child's cry was heard, but farther away.[/i]

Ken: What is that?

[i]Ken slid out from under his shop and walked out the door, and saw his friend Treble run by. Ken opened his mouth, but Treble ran pass. Ken closed his mouth and blinked and grabbed his grenades and sniper rifle. Ken ran out and ran after Treble, catching up to him. He turned to Treble...[/i]

Treble: You after the kid?

Ken: Uh... I guess now I am...

[i]Treble grinned and they continues running after the Kilhir...[/i][/color]
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[COLOR=darkblue][i]Chole stands on top of a building overlooking the great and magnificent techological city of Solhara...he sits, holding his rifle in one hand and his shoes in another. It's been a long night of pillaging and stealing. He was a theif...no doubt about that. Only preying on unsupecting rich men and women.[/i]

Chole: Time to go home...

[i]Chole puts on his shoes and concentrates for a little while. He puts on his helmet set down beside him and activates his body suit. 4 inline wheels materialize at the base of his shoes and take full form. He breathes in and skates down the slope of the building. He jumps and turns sideways, slowing him down just enough to safetly land on the city streets. He conceals his rifle via a cloaking device and blades back home near the center of Solhara...[/i][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=royalblue][i]Moonstar had spread her wings, and was hovering above Ken.......she swopped down and flew next to him, marking his speed easily.[/i]

Ken: Who are you?

Moonstar: Moonstar, but call me Moon. What are you two up to?

Ken: Tracking a kidnapper.

Moon: I'm coming then.......

Ken: It'll be dangerous.

Moon: :demon: Perfect.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=darkblue][i]Chole weaves through the crowds of people and the high city lights...he looks behind him at a waving woman...he looks forward and just barely gets a glimpse of a two men and a woman with wings before crashing into them.[/i]

Chole: *falls to the ground* OW! Ugh...

Ken: Hey watch it...

Chole: I'm sorry...*deactivates body suit, blades, and takes off his helmet.

Moon: Hey, beat it kid...we're conducting important buisness...

Chole: *gets up* I'm sorry...

Treble: Out of the way...the Kilhir's getting away!

[i]Treble pushes Chole out of the way...Moon and Ken follow.[/i]

Chole: *sniff* What a great way to end the night...[/COLOR]
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[color=crimson][i]Ken looked back at the kid[/i]

Ken: We could use his help. What all are we gonna run into following this thing?

Moon: ..... Uh.... Whatever...

Treble: Go for it...

[i]Ken skidded to a halt and ran back to Chole and skidded to another halt next to him[/i]

Ken: Hey, Kid. Uh, would you like to go hunt that thing

[i]Ken pointed in the direction Moon and Treble has gone...[/i][/color]
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[COLOR=darkblue]Chole: Some kinda monster?

Ken: Sorta...

Chole: Umm...okay, I guess...I have all the time in the world...*Puts on helmet and activates his body suit*

Ken: Nice suit...

Chole: Thanks...

Ken: Let's go! *Makes a mad dash back to Moon and Treble*

Chole: Speed...:D *Activates his blades and charges after them, weaving carefully this time through the large groups of people.*

[i]Deeper and deeper they go into the center of Solhara...Ken and Chole finally catch up with Moon and Treble.[/i]

Ken: Man you guys are fast...

Moon: Well...yeah...

Chole: Who are we after anyway...

Treble: A kidnapper...we can't let him get away...

Chole: It's a big city, no doubt that there'll be terrible things like this going around.

Ken: Which is why we aim to stop it...

Moon: He's gonna turn...

[i]The Kilhir makes a sharp turn into the alleyway.[/i]

Moon: Didn't I tell you...

Treble: Whatever...good job though...

Moon: :rolleyes:

Chole: I wonder why though...[/COLOR]
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[i]Karu contined to follow the creek in the valley. As he followed it, he made sure to hold his lantern up high -- there were thick trees overhead which were blocking out the weak morning sunlight.

Eventually, Karu came across a large cave near the bank of the creek. The cave was hidden among foliage, and Karu had to take out his pocket knife to cut through the various vines and tree roots.

The interior of the cave was pitch black and the air felt moist on Karu's skin. His long Quart ears twitched nervously, straining to hear any sound which might indicate danger.

As Karu walked deeper into the depths of the cave, he saw large catacombs everywhere, some of which had pieces of rotting flesh impaled on them -- this was definitely the Kalhir's hideout.

Karu had walked for at least an hour inside the cave and had seen nothing at all. He sat down on a flat rock by the side of the wall and rubbed the dust out of his hair.[/i]

Karu: What am I going to do? *sigh* I'll never find the Kalhir.

[i]But just as he mumbled this to himself, he heard a cracking noise coming from his right. He spun around and held up his lantern, which illuminated the nearby walls in a soft, yellow light.

Karu noticed that the path, as it continued to move deeper into the cave, began to slant upwards slightly. Karu decided to continue following the path, which became more and more narrow as he walked.

At the end of the path, Karu saw a very small hole, with a beam of pure white light shining through it. This seemed to be a dead end.[/i]

Karu: Oh...there's nothing here. Now I'll have to walk for [i]another[/i] hour back the other way...damn...[i]

He leaned against the wall, and just as he did so, the entire wall began to crumble and fall away.

Karu quickly stood up and regained his balance. He was amazed at what he saw; beyond the new opening, he could see a beautiful city full of tall, glass structures. Nearly everyone in the city was wearing all-white clothes...but they weren't Windhytes, they had no wings. Karu had heard of these creatures before; they were Metropods.

He had stumbled upon a secret route from Solhara City to the Kingdom of Physar.

No wonder the Kalhir had managed to kidnap a boy in the Kingdom of Physar and escape without a trace -- he'd gone into Solhara for cover!

Karu pushed past the small entrance and stepped out onto the alleyway above. But just as he did this, he saw a giant black creature running toward him -- it had a small boy under its arm.

It was the Kalhir! And it was MUCH bigger than Karu had expected. Despite its tiny feet, it had long, spider like legs and a fairly small body. Its long legs had feet with sharp claws on the end, and its arms, which were just as long, had hands with very long, dirty nails. The creature's head looked like a strange mix betweeen a crocodile and a wolf -- a hairy crocodile. It was very strange. But nevertheless, it looked scary.

Karu hid behind a dumpster and waited. The huge creature walked past him and them stopped, sniffed at the air for a moment and spun around to face him. The boy under its arm was bawling and crying out for help between yelps.

The Kalhir's nostrils flared and it's huge fangs glistened in the morning light.

It slowly began to creep toward him, with one of its arms out...trying to reach for him.

Karu was terrified. He couldn't move -- he couldn't do anything. He just sat there and stared at the Kalhir coming towards him...

Just as the Kalhir came close, it suddenly rheeled back in agony -- a large rocked had exploded to its right, causing it to howl in pain.

Karu heard footsteps and peered around from the back of the dumpster -- he saw a group of Windhytes and Metropods coming towards him. One of them had a large Rocket Launcher strapped on his back, one was on rollerskates and one was flying above them. The others were running close behind.

The man with the Rocket Launcher took out another small rocket and fired it at the Kalhir. This time, it struck the Kalhir's leg and the huge beast howled in pain -- and dropped the boy.

The little boy was still crying and was far too scared to move. Karu summoned his courage and ran towards the little boy. He grabbed the boy by the hand.

Karu (yells): Come on! Get in this dumpster with me! Quick![i]

The boy wiped his tears away on his shirt and nodded. He ran alongside Karu and they both jumped into the dumpster.

The Kalhir was enraged by this and it lunged at the dumpster, causing it to smash against the wall of a nearby building.

Karu and the little boy held each other tightly and closed their eyes, hoping the danger would go away.

The man with the bow stood next to the dumpster and Karu could hear him yelling to his companions "Stay here and protect these kids for me!".

The huge Kalhir glared at Treble and began to advance on him. Treble held up his Rocket Launcher and fired another rocket at the Kalhir -- and this time, it hit its mark. The huge rocket flew through the air and buried itself deeply inside the Kalhir's chest.
The huge Kalhir cried out in pain and took one last lunge at Treble, barely missing him. The rocket had a row of small, red lights on its rear -- it was a timed rocket. The lights slowly faded out and just as the last light dissappeared, the rocket exploded, causing pieces of the Kalhir to spray out all over the sidewalk. Luckily, Treble and the others had stood behind the dumpster to shield themselves.

Treble peered inside the dumpster and held out his hand.

[/i]Treble: It's okay now...you're safe.
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Durumir continued down a long path, well lit by lanterns and torches. It went down a slope somewhat for a while. There were no houses here...... they were further in. These many tunnels near the entrance, that stretched for about 5 miles, were simply for protection, to confuse enemies. Durumir took a right turn up a straight set of stairs. For ages he seemed to climb. When he finally reached the top of the stairs, he took his immediate left turn. This path again led uphill, going through a series of turns. His clothes, which were now moderately dry, gleamed in the light of the torches and lanterns. The sheath's of his Scimitar and Long Sword sparkled proudly. He passed a few Falyore children, obviously exploring. They approached him excitedly.

Child: Excuse me sir........ are you the famous ranger Durumir?

Durumir: Well, I am a ranger by the name of Durumir....... but my popularity is not great to my knowledge.

Child2: I can't believe it........ it's really Durumir.... look at his swords!

Child: Can I hold your funny lookin' sword please Mr Durumir?

Durumir: Sorry child......... but I think my Scimitar is a bit too big for you. Now come on, I'll take you back to the village. It's far too dangerous for a group of children to be wandering about like this.

Child3: Wow....... we're gonna walk with Mr Durumir.

Durumir took two of the children by the hands, and led them all down a pathway which led downhill and to the East. Although the children probably knew the way better than Durumir.... they never questioned his route, or corrected him when he took a wrond turn. Eventually they came to a three way fork in the road. Durumir knew that one led to another fork......... but the other two led to dead ends........... or worse.

Durumir: Do any of you little ones know the right way?

He looked about them. Every one of them pointed down the left path, which led down hill. Durumir smiled, and then led the children down the left path. They walked a short way, and then came across a set of spiral stairs that led downwards. Durumir led all the children down first, and then he walked at the rear. They cescended for a good while, the air becoming hot and stuffy the further they descended. At the bottom of the staircase.... they came directly upon another fork, this one a two way fork. One led to a village, the other to the shops and places of trading and business.

Child1: We know our way fine from here Mr Durumir...... besides, we have to go to the market....... and your probably going to your house.

Durumir: Indeed....... well, farewell to you little ones. But be warned, to not be caught by a guard wandering that far outside of the village....... they are not as kindly as I.

With that, the children bed farewell to Durumir, and then scurried off down the path to the market. Durumir flashed a quick smile, then took off down the road to the village, and his house.
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Flash: If there's one thing I hate, it's Windhytes.

[I]Flash raised the mug of ale to his mouth again, then slammed it down on the bartop, wiping the foam away from his mouth with his left arm... He was clearly getting drunk, and when Flash got drunk, things got ugly. Last time, he had struck down 4 men for just insulting his sword...[/I]

Flash: ...Thinking they're so much better than the rest of us...

[I]The other bar patrons were going about their business on the busy night, at around 8:00pm... Flash didn't have much of an audience, just two half-drunken men, and the barkeeper, Odgen (Diablo, anyone?). He continued giving everyone his opinion of the Windhytes... Of course, he wasn't really giving it to them, he was more or less forcing it down their throats..[/I]

Flash: ...With their fancy-pancy Magic, and their little pretty swords... La dee da dee da! Well I don't care, damn it! By Kelszar*, I swear I could just kill them all!

Odgen: Flash, I think ye'r a wee bit squiffy. Wind'ytes aren' arrogant like ye said.

[I]Flash raised one eyebrow at Odgen, but Odgen continued in his usual, scottish-sounding accent, and informative tone...[/I]

Odgen: It's treu. If anyone's arrogant, it's those damned Metropods, I'm telling ye. They mostly despise our kind, up there. In their massive towers of glass, and with their magical steel... Well, maybe not all of 'em, but most.

Flash: ...Well, that's the way it is. And I LIKE IT like that... Living off what [I]we[/I] hunt, living off of what [I]we[/I] mine. Those Metropod.... By Kelszar, I should...

Odgen: First Wind'yte, an' now Metropod? Flash, at this rate, there won't be anyone for ye te hate!

Flash: I'll [I]tell[/I] you when I've had enough!

Odgen: ...Right... Anyway Flash, I think it'd be best for now if you just went home..

[I]Flash stumbles to his feet...[/I]

Flash: Ah, I'm going to have to sleep this off... Until later, Odgen.

Odgen: G'night, Flash.

[I]Flash, semi-awake/semi-sleeping walked out of the door of the bar, and down the main street in the Falyore village, towards his house...[/I]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by James [/i]
[B][i]The man with the bow stood next to the dumpster and Karu could hear him yelling to his companions "Stay here and protect these kids for me!".

The huge Kalhir glared at Treble and began to advance on him. Treble held up his bow and fired another arrow at the Kalhir -- and this time, it hit its mark. The huge arrow flew through the air and buried itself deeply inside the Kalhir's chest.

The huge Kalhir cried out in pain and took one last lunge at Treble, barely missing him. It collapsed on the ground, its blue blood streaming over the once clean sidewalk.

Treble peered inside the dumpster and held out his hand.

[/i]Treble: It's okay now...you're safe. [/B][/QUOTE]

[COLOR=indigo](Actually James i'm the one with a bow, treble has a Missle Launcher!) [/COLOR]
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Durumir continues down the path, and comes upon a set of stairs. He walks down them, the arch around him windening and heightening as he progressed further down. Eventually he reached the bottom of the stairs, and appeared in a huge dome in the mountain. Many houses were built up from the ground, while some were built into the wall of the dome. There were various staircases leading up higher..... to several more levels in the dome, where more houses lay, suspended by a sheet of tough Iron alloy, several metres thick. There were several of these levels..... the first three levels were all of the same equity, but the top two were for the more wealthy of the village.

Durumir: Welcome home Durumir.....

Two guards stood at the base of the staircase....... and at the base of everyother staircase. There were also Falyore authorites patrolling........ even though these caves were probably the safest place in the world. Durumir walked on down a street...... and saw another Falyore approaching him.

Durumir: Is that man drunk?

The Falyore approached Durumir, and slowched as he put his hand on Durumir's shoulder.

???: Let me.... *hiccup* ask you something friend... *hiccup* do you like the Windhyte scum???

Durumir: Indeed I do..... they are the friendliest folk I have ever encountered.

???: Why you!!! *hiccup*

The drunken Falyore (Flash, if you haven't guessed) took a slothful swing at Durumir. Durumir just stepped aside, and Flash fell to the floor......... asleep. Durumir shook his head, and continued down the street. After some time Durumir arrived at the far wall of the dome, and then he made a left turn. Soon he came upon a house built into the wall........... "The house of Durumir the Free" was carved elegantly into the door. Durumir opened the door slowly....... and saw it was much the same as he had left it....... except all dusty and stale.

Durumir: Home sweet home.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Cloud [/i]

[COLOR=indigo](Actually James i'm the one with a bow, treble has a Missle Launcher!) [/COLOR] [/B][/QUOTE]

Lol you're right,I was laughing my butt off after reading James's post.Anyways what should we do change the story around a little bit like [i]Cloud came flying in and shotted a arrow at the Kalhir as it got hurt,Treble loaded his Missle Launcher and blasted the Kalhir[/i] or something else?
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[COLOR=royalblue][i]Moon smiled slightly, then spread her wings to their fullest extent.......she waved goodbye to the others and took off......[/i]

Moon: I need a drink......

[i]She landed outside a bar........[incidentally, the one with Flash] and carefully folded her wings. She pulled on her cloak and threw the hood over her head, hiding her thick green hair. Walking in slowly, she looked around, then sat a the counter, and pushed back her hood.[/i]

Ogden: Evening miss.

Moon: Hello.

Ogden: Could I get'cha somethin?

Moon: Water.

Ogden: That's it?

Moon: Yeah, I need to stay sober tonight.

Ogden: *shrug* Suit ye'self. By the way, you wouldn't happen to be in leauge with the Windhyte people......

Moon: [i]Well well well.....It seems we aren't so terribly loved here......[/i] If I am........it's my buisness.[/COLOR]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Treble [/i]

Lol you're right,I was laughing my butt off after reading James's post.Anyways what should we do change the story around a little bit like [i]Cloud came flying in and shotted a arrow at the Kalhir as it got hurt,Treble loaded his Missle Launcher and blasted the Kalhir[/i] or something else? [/B][/QUOTE]

[size=1]Okay, okay! I'll go and fix it...man..it's only a small bit lol.

I tried to fix it before, but my Internet stufed up.I'll go fix it now.[/size]
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[at the Metreon Caves, some fifty miles north of the Kingdom of Physar, where the falyore's reside, it was late night, and the bar was as busy as usual, many of these huge creatures were crowded around tables, exchanging stories with each other, this was quite common as falyore's were known to always be in packs, but there was one mysterious falyore who was sitting at a table by himself in the corner, he had a long black hooded cloak on, the hood rested on his head, his face was expressionless, he just continued to gaze at the floor, whils't taking sips from his drink from time to time, no one disturbed him, they all fully well knew who he was, and knew he never wants to be disturbed, he is the only different one to them all, they all see him as an outcast, always never in a pack like the rest of them, yet he did not care, no one was going to argue with him, not if he has that huge sword in his hand, or sheathed at his side, and they all knew perfectly well what would happen if they engaged in a sword fight with him, so they all thought better of it, the bartender hesitantly made his way towards him to pick up the money on his tab]

bartender: erm...excuse me, mr sephiroth?

[sephiroth raised his head and looked at the bartender through piercing eyes, the bartender turned white on the spot]

bartender: gulp....err....sorry to disturb you sir, but its time for you to pay your tab

[sephiroth calmly puts his hand in his pocket, and takes out 30 gil, he had only had a few drinks, and it was a very gracious tip, he handed it to the bartender]

bartender: why thank you sir, how generous of you

[sephiroth just nodded his head at the bartender, who made his way back to the counter, sephiroth got up and started to make his way home, when he neared his house, he noticed a falyore, fast asleep on the floor (flash), he had obviously had too much to drink, yet, sephiroth could not just leave him there, he decided to wake him up, he starts to shake the sleeping falyore, trying to wake him up]

to be continued....
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[I]Flash forces his eyes open, and looks around... He's still in the bar, face buried in the dust and dirt of the pub floor... A tall man is crouching over him, staring at him with cold eyes... He seems to smile with his eyes, then gets up, and leaves... Flash is slightly confused..[/I]

Flash: (Eh? Was that Sephiroth? Musta been... He's the only man I know with eyes like that... Strange...)

[I]Flash rolls his head to the side, and sees Moon at the bar, slowly sipping a glass of water... And he thinks her the most beautiful sight he'd ever seen... Obviously no longer feeling the same way about Windhytes he did no less that 5 minutes ago, Flash quickly gets to his feet, and brushes his clothes down, getting rid of most of the dust and dirt from his cloak... He walks over to the bar, and speaks to her...[/I]

Flash: Is that an angel I see before me?

Moon: I assure you, I'm no angel.

Flash: Then my eyes decieve me, for surely someone with your timeless beauty must be from the heavens...

[I]Moon raises an eyebrow slightly... She didn't expect someone who had been lying face-first on the ground in a drunken heap only minutes before to be such a good talker... Flash smiles back at her...[/I]

Flash: Yet wlitig ge yet swa getriewe... 'Aye, nænig dw'r bwrw eira, cau drifan me fæt incer ochr, am byth, fi yma...

[I]Moon is intrigued...[/I]

Moon: Ancient Falyore?

Flash: Indeed it is. A language no longer spoken in this part of the world.. It is an old tongue...

Moon: Yes, it is..

[I]The two stand there at the bar, as Flash continues making conversation...[/I]
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Just one question...... how can Raiha fly outside a bar that's 200 feet below a huge mountain.... the only way into which is a heavily guarded iron door?
Durumir looked about his house.......... it was quite big considering...... he was rarely there. He unsheathed his Scimitar and Long Sword, and threw them on the nearby table. He walked into the next room......... a few comfy chairs and a fireplace were in there... and a rug...... the skin of a bear. He flopped into the biggest chair near the fir place....... and dust was thrown into the air...... surrounding Durumir. He jumped up, waving his hand infront of him and coughing.

Durumir: I should have seen that coming.......

Durumir took off his attire.... which was still pretty damp. He kindled the fire for a bit....... and then lay his clothes out near it. He went to his wardrobe, and got out another tunic....... exactly the same as his last one. He put his tunic on......... and decided to go out for a bit. He grabbed his weapons...... and left. He didn't plan to leave the village...... but he still wanted to have a good look around, as he had spent very little time here. He walked down a street........ and saw a Falyore..... as tall as Durumir was, with a cloak that shadowed his face (Sephiroth). The rumours and tales of this man Durumir was not familiar with. Strangely enough...... Durumir did not find him intimidating...... he had seen much worse things then an equal sized Falyore in his time. He did however decide that this man was a loner........ much like Durumir. Never the less....... he made up his mind to make conversation with the man. He approached, and the man was about to brush past him, when Durumir spoke.

Durumir: Hello my good man....... can you direct me to the nearest tavern?

Sephiroth glanced angrily at Durumir...... then continued walking. Durumir's face now became harsh........ and he grabbed Sephiroth by the shoulder, and spun him round.

Durumir: Can you not speak........ or are you just so ignorant that you didn't hear me. Where is the nearest tavern?

Sephiroth smiled........ he knew now that this man didn't know of him. He brushed Durumir's hand off his shoulder, and continued walking. Durumir put his hands on his hips....... and looked at the ground...... he smirked. He then strided at great pace, grippping his Scimitar as he did so. He clamped his hand onto Sephiroth's shoulder, and in one swift motion, spun him round...... and drew out his Scimitar at the same time. Sephiroth had not expected to be threatened....... but he also drew his sword....... as he was about to issue a threat of his own. Their swords skipped past each other........ and were placed at the throat of the other Falyore. Durumir was extremely angered...... but Sephiroth's look was somewhat calmer...... although there was definately anger in his eyes.

Sephiroth: You have guts my friend....... but I suggest you walk away now....... while you can.

Durumir: No no..... not until you answer my question. I do not know what fear you have struck into these people.......... but I do not share their fear...... I have fought things much worse than you my friend.

Sephiroth drew his sword closer to Durumir's neck, as if challenged........ but Durumir didn't move..... or alter his expression. They stared directly at each other........ eye to eye. Several Falyore had been distracted by this show...... and a small crowd was gathering around them........ but no one dared to intervene.

Durumir: Now....... are you going to risk loosing your life...... just because you wouldn't answer my question?

Sephiroth: Indeed I am prepared to fight........ but I will not loose my life....... I promise you.

Durumir had been challenged........ he knew that........ and Sephiroth knew now that the following event would depend on Durumir's response. Durumir turned his head to the side.......and puffed. His head shot back like lightning to meet Sephiroth's. Theu continued to stare at each other.......... they both knew what was going to happen now........ but Sephiroth was surprised by it.... he was expecting Durumir to back away.......... just like the others....... but then again........ he hadn't heared of Sephiroth's skill. Although....... Sephiroth hadn't heared of Durumir's skill either. In a flash they bth stepped back, their swords clashing and sparking against each other. They both stared at each other.... they were now a few feet apart. Women looked on terrified....... and moved their excited children from the crowd... Durumir flicked his sword around in one elegant movement. Suddenly several guards burst through the crowd....... and restrained the two. There were several guards holding each of them back...... and neither of them fought to broke free....... they knew the fight was pointless...... they were just fighting out of pride. Never the less...... the continued to stare at each other as they were being pulled in opposite directions. They knew that they were both spending a night in a cell......... but Durumir certainly didn't care. Well actually he did....... he only wanted to get a drink. As he was hancuffed and led away...... he could hear the crows sayinf things like "Looks like someone finally had the balls to stand up to Sephiroth........... what a fool!" A woman responded to this by saying "Well...... it seems like there's a new rivalry on the block......... thats all we need." another man said "Who is that new guy anyways......... he looks pretty strong" and another said "I hear he's a ranger....... never about, always up in Physar and such". Durumir cared not about these comments...... and continued to be led to his cell........ which was to be his bed for the night......... Sephiroth would suffer similar treatment.

Sorry if this character doesn't match yours Seph........ thats just the impression I got of what your character would look like........ and it made for a pretty good post.
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