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RPG Dragon Riders Series 3


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[b]The Story So Far..[/b]

[I]The world has been saved twice before by the adventures of the Dragon Riders...But their race is now exinct and the wild magic they used to control avoids all contact with other creatures. The world now resides in something far from harmony, but unlike war...things work, but it is far from perfect. Day in, day out, people get on with their normal lives, unaware of what is REALLY happening before them.

Underground is the spawn of something more terrible than anything the world has yet witnessed in it's 6 millions years of existance. Crashlanding to earth while the planet was still in its infantcey, a type of egg sack attatched to a meteor has lain dormant, but now something has changed in the universe, and it has finally become aware of its own existance. Slowly it has built up an underground kingdom, using lesser beings as its drones. Three days ago it hatched..and the first thing its cold dead eyes saw was a world rich with life and forgotten magics which it would rellish in destorying.

Several days ago, a group of teenage humanoids were tresspassing on what their ansestors called 'unholy ground'. Here nothing that grew was fresh, pleasant smelling or colourful. It was as if everything yerned to be dead..and yet kept on living. During their wanderings the kids became very hungry and thirtsy. Searching for edable plant life prooved fruitless, however they descovered a small stream which glistened strangely..and yet it was more full of life than anything thay had ever seen. Of course..they deemd it safe and drank....[/i]

[b]And Now....[/b]
[i]The stream had been full of old magics and other waste materials that the evil entity did not need in his workings. The 5 teenagers awoke with no memories of their lives...and were now no longer human, but human hybrids with the creatures of ages.

The world, although no haven, needs to be saved!

You can be one of the hybrids, who has no designated side to fight on...a humanoid, either a deluded civilan or a wiser hermit of some kind....or you can be a goblin creture and work for the evil.[/i]

[SIZE=1](You may choose your cross-breed from any mythological creature you want)[/SIZE]

Velvet Paws: Dragon-Human

Me: Dragon-Human

[B]Normal Human Being:[/B]

(No normals yet)

[B]Goblin Creature :[/B]

(No Creatures yet)
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[edit]Okay... Let me try this again....
Name: Thorn

Age: 20

Race: half-vampire/half-human (she'd be classified under Human, not Hybrid, though... She wasn't recently turned vampire, she was born that way... Father was human, mother was a vampire.... Therefore resulting in her being half-vampire)

Description: Long light blonde hair, pale blue eyes, black tanktop, a thin, chain breastplate, short, darkblue shorts, silver cross necklace

Weapon: Long sword

Bio: (I'll think of something quick and edit later)

Okay, if I need to make any more changes, just tell me, please. :)
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Well, if you WERE going to make a DR3, I hope you were going to ask me and Velvet Paws for permission first! ;) :flaming:

*Reads her post* What? I don't think you've fully understood the post. It isn't like DR1 & 2, it's a completely new theme! Sorry, but I'm going to have to ask you to edit your post or delete it. As I said before, it's a completely new storyline..like it says the dragon riders have long been extinct and that covers all their kin. You'll have to keep your "Thorn" characater for a different RPG. Sorry.

Side-note: The plan was that if your character was a human than you [B]could[/B] ride one of the Hybrids, so thats why me and Velvet Paws decided to keep the name "Dragon Riders"
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Okay kool guys this is looking good. Dragonballzman has decided that you can post any extra stats (age...breif apperance...start location..background unless your a Hybrid coz then you cant remember anything and we've now decided to include a weapon or specail attack for self defence and stuff...but don't go too OTT :D) This information will all also be copied into the start of [b]Dragon Riders Series 3 [/b] once it's up and running so that it's easy to double check the other players as well as yourself.

That's all the hybrids taken now so we need Goblin Creatures to work for the evil and civilans or hermits. A civilan can know martial arts or be an expert with a weapon...the same goes for a hermit..but the idea is a hermit is more aware of the world than a normal civilan and maybe has [U]very[/U] weak magic.

(There will come a point in the plot when we all get more powerfulmagic wise but for now we're all relative sissies :laugh: :p )
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Hybrid : Human/Dragon

Name: Noxi

Age: 17

Power: creates fire (sterio-typically :rolleyes: )

Description : perfect blue and white mountian dragon..but retains human logic (thinking) and human heart. Has also retained a scar along her arm which she inflicted on herself one day out of depression and heartbreak....and her 'soft' blue/gery human eyes which look somewhat mysterious compared to the strong, agressive looking body. Has no memories from past human life but can regonise people she's met before..can't put names to faces..can't put faces to names kinda thing...this does [u]not[/u] mean she will be friendly though.

Location : Unknown (Wakes up several yards from the stream but is severly dis-orinantated and stubbles off to the west)
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Name: Warlock

Age: 26

Bio: Not long after DR2, Warlock decided to explore the uncharted territory of the earth with his dragon, Predator. He gave his goodbyes to his friends, without knowing it would be the last time he saw them, or any normal human for that matter. After a few months in the uncharted territory, Warlock arrived at a large mountain range, with mysterious temples and statues. He journeyed into one of the temples with Predator, when he found a large diamond. As he reached out to touch it, he instantly felt strange, and the moment he touched the diamond, everything became a blur. His dragon watched as he was sucked into the diamond, and dissapeared. Eons later, a powerful mage travelled through the same area, and came upon the temple. He unearthed the diamond from under some rubble, and felt the dark magic eminating from it. Realising the diamond was dangerous, he instantly used some of his own magic to destroy it. Warlock was somehow thrown from the diamond mili-seconds before it exploded, and then again saw black. When he woke up, and the temple around him was almost in complete ruins. The mage was gone, and so was the diamond. Warlock then set out to look for civalization, and to figure out what had happened...
(Now Dbzman, I realise this bio has much to do with DR1 and DR2. If you don't want me to use it, I understand completely. It's just that everytime there's a sequel for something I was once in, I just have a large urge to be the same character. And the Warlock in DR1 was my second character ever. So, I'll await your decision...)

Description: Black hair, 5'11", black leather trousers, black leather boots, a shirt under black armour. Also has a scar across left eye, the only thing he has left of the fight with (Insert-the-name of the evil guy in DR1. I completely forgot his name).

Weapon: Two large silver swords.

Location: Below the ancient mountains, heading in direction of the 'unholy ground'.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Gold_Angewomon [/i]
[B][edit]Okay... Let me try this again....
Name: Thorn

Age: 18

Race: half-vampire

beat me to it nutz. .ah well always wanted to be:

Name: Zorro! j/k er. .Arathon
Age: 20
Race: High elf
Weapon: White Sword+ Bow
Bio: Arathon is relatively young compared to his thousand year old relatives, but many have long since died out or have been converted to the dark cause.
Description: deep blue eyes, light brown hair. Wears green travelling clothes and bronze plate armour underneath.
I hope i'm not too late
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Name:Zack Mansfield
Weapon:long sword
Bio:is a young traveling swordsman, preferes the wildneress to the citys and villages.
Description:Dark brown hair in a ponytail, grey-blue eyes. Scar on his left cheek from a battle, wears traveling clothes, green that are reinforced with leather.
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Name: Antonia
Age: 17
Race: Human/Pegasus
Weapons: Long Bow, sword
Bio: A nice girl who likes to help those in need. (I can't hink of anything else. I'll build as I go along)
Description: long white hair, silver eyes, always wears all white jacket, shirt and pants, has big white wings on her back.

I hope I set this up right....
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[color=crimson]How bout a Demon Human...

Name: Ken Oriono
Age: 25
Race: [hybrid] Demon-Human
Weapon: Appocalypse Darkness- Sword is 6 feet in length, double bladed, and is blood red. It is half a foot in length and resembles a Ninja's sword.
Bio: Is an outcast for being partially demon. Found out he was a demon 5 years ago, when he hit the age of 20 the demon inside him came forth and transformed him into a Demon-Human. The demon erased all memory of who he was except for his Name. He now travels wearing a black robe with a hood. He traveled many days and nights trying to find out his past.... He heard of a place called 'The Unholy Lands' and decided his past might be found there in the midst of the wastelands.
Appearance: Has a large black holdster on his back for his sword. He extremely tall, 7 feet or so. His hair is silver, and long. He has many tatoos along his red skin, and has blood red eyes. His muscles are extremely big, and he has wings that he can hide beneath the skin. [/color]
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Britty and I were going to start the new season, but... it's all good I guess. O.o

Name: Daskar Fathring

Age: 20

Race: Fox/human

Description: A coat as if it was gold. A fierce warrior, but as gentle as a lamb if he needs to be.

Weapon: Ragnarok

Bio: Human most of the time, but if he needs to, he has the ability to become a fox creature. No one has seen him or known that he can do this and he'd like to keep it that way. This ability changes his strengths and weaknesses greatly so if it was misused, it could be fatal.

He is liked where he is from, the world he is in is timersome, so, to gather some adventures, he sets off not knowing what he may find. What he will is an adventure of a lifetime...

[edit] added Bio! [Edit]
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