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[color=crimson][i]On the border of Star's Hope, at the beginning of the wasteland Ken stood silent. His Silver Hair blew in the wind and his sword was drawn. He glanced out into the wasteland, looking for any sign of the rise of undead or the screams of demons.[/i]

Ken: For one year... Everything Has Gotten Quiet Since the Demons Built their unholy city.... I dont like it... I never did....

[i]He took a few steps foreward. The wasteland's dead soil was spread out as far in as he could see. He walked foreward a tad bit more and continued peering off into the distance.

It was a great day, with not a cloud at all in the sky. It was kinda breezey tho, and slightly chilly. The breeze kicked up the wasteland soil, sometimes causing Ken to become suspicious to wheather it was undead or the breeze. He heard the sound of hammering, and various other sounds from the village. Turning around, Ken walked into the tall grassy area around the village. His sword disappeared in a small flash, and he calmly headed for the village.

He heard the sound of electricity from behind, and stepped to the left. A orb of electricity hit the ground, frying it. Ken turned around and raised his hand. An orb of pure white flew out. Neil stepped to the right calmly, and they both moved faster than the eye could see. Ken flew up, followed by Neil. Ken fired several orbs. The orbs flew at Neil at high speed, but Neil remained calm. He raised his hands and fired orbs of pure electricity, colliding with the other orbs and causing small explosions. Ken grinned slighlty.[/i]

Ken: How's it goin bro...

[i]Ken descended and started walking twards the village, followed by Neil..[/i][/color]
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Craig stood at the entrance to the town. He stared out into the wilderness..... his trenchcoat blowing violently in the wind. He stood perfectly motionlessely......... not moving a millimetre. HIs left eye was red....... glowing, and shifting somehow. He stood threr for almost an hour, not moving, blinking, anything. An old woman approached him eventually.

Woman: Excuse me young man....... what are you doing?

Craig slowly turned his head and faced the woman.

Craig: I was just thinking......... excuse me.

Craig started heading back into the town....... and extremely peeved look on his face. He knew something was going down..... somewhere.
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[I]Marth turned back twords Star's Hope, and smiled[/I]

Marth:Odd how the UnDead and Mutants have left us alone scence the building of the UnHoly City.....Strange indeed....

[I]Marth walked down the hill back tword the village, and entered his house. Marth hung up his belt and sword, and glanced at a picture of his family. His eyes lingered on a younger him, then suddenly, he flung the picture away, and it landed with a smash on the opposite side of the room. Marth sat down on a chair, nad fell asleep[/I]
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siren speeds up the tree and ventures out on one of the branches

siren: why do i get to pick the fruit?

still grumbleing she loads the fruit into a basket then jumps...diving some 100 feet she sets the basket down and rolls

siren: treme? we really need to get a ladder... this is getting annoying...

treme: hah! but until then you're stuck picking..

siren: :rolleyes: funny.... ok but if i have to pick it you have to go on a walk with me...
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[color=darkred][I'm going to try to get the village scene right. Don't bite my head off if I don't get it right.
[i]Neil followed Ken, an occasional spark shooting off of his body. The both swaggered into the quiet town, seeing the now-cheery townspeople. Neil had long-awaited this day. The day in which he would see people smiling again. Not since the day of the nuclear wars was he ever seeing a real smile. The warm sunshine embraced his sizzling body, making him experience nothing but pure bliss. He extended his arms, then twirled around in a circle, once, twice, three times, before stopping to grin straight up at the noon sun, eyes closed. Ken watched with a smirk, all of this.[/i]

Ken: Woah.......You're happy. What's up?
Neil: I....don't know. This whole time, I've been fighting mutant, undead, so-on, down in Louisiana, and not once have I been happy. But, seeing these people, it makes me........ Happy. For the first time in a dark abyess, light shone through...

[i]Ken was about to say something, but he was silenced, by a shrieking, unhuman cry...[/i]
Heh. Were is SH located? Like, what state?
LMFAO! That quote in Stormwing's siggy is sooooooooooo damned funny! The one about Gohan! :laugh: :cross: :drool: :haha: :rotflmao: :hippy: :alcohol:[/color]
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[color=crimson][i]Ken's wings flapped and he ascended...[/i]

Ken: That would be trouble...

[i]Ken flew up and scanned the horizon...[/i]

Ken: What was that scream?

[i]Ken saw a cloud begin to rise and a black streak flying twards him.[/i]

Ken: Crap..... what is that?

[i]Ken looked down at Neil...[/i]

Ken: Bro, do you recognize that scream?

Neil: It aint no Skeleton call... not an undead call at all...

Ken: ..... Let's check it out....[/color]
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[I]Samantha had been enjoying life at Star's Hope. She was with friends, people she cared for, it was home to her. She was in the kitchen preparing today's lunch.[/I]

Samantha-(thinks) *sigh* It's so peaceful here. A full year has passed, and there's been no problems. I wish this peace could last, but something doesn't feel right.

[I]She finished preparing lunch, and went outside to get everyone. She first went to the orchard to get Siren and Treme.[/I]

Samantha-Lunch is ready.

Treme-alright. We'll be there in a minute. Thanks.

Siren-*falls as a branch broke* ouch! Treme, we need a ladder! I'm tired of falling. I'm still bruised from last week!

Treme-alright. Hey Samantha. Do you think you can still build like you used to, or have you fully resigned from builder to cook?

Samantha-I'm still good with a hammer and nail. I'll start building it as soon as lunch is over. See ya! *goes off to get everyone else*
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Guest QuickSilver
seifer was wondering around no mans land when he cam across a town

seifer: woh a town i best check it out

seifer then walked slowly into the town looking around for people. seifer dropped his head for a second and he accedently bumped into a strange looking guy with a red eye

???: watch where you are going

seifer: i am so sorry, may i ask what your name is

???: craig
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[color=crimson][i]Ken flew up and looked out. A cloud of dust rose and a large Dragon flew out of the dust. It was rotting, black, and had red glowing eyes.[/i]

Ken & Neil: DracoZombie...

[i]Ken flew up and put his hands together and formed an orb. It flew out, headed straight at the dragon. The Dragon Reared back and a black beam flew out striking Ken and the orb.[/i]

Ken: CRAPPPPPPPP- *flies off into the distance...*

[i]Neil stared back and blinked[/i]

Neil: Strong Dragon We Have Here...
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[color=firebrick]Neil: Well, poo-doggie. Time to play, eh you piece of pie?
DracoZombie: *rooooooooaaaaaaar* :demon:x7955959549
Neil: Right then...... Let's see how you like a little electricty...

[i]Neil slowly raised his hand, as a tiny black orb began to gather in the dragon's mouth. With greater speed, the dragon fired the beam. But, Neil was not to be defeated so quickly. With a burst of negitive energy, Neil fired a pale blue lightning bolt, but it was more like a beam, shaped of electrons compacted.

The bolt easily ripped the beam open, straight through the middle, not slowing. It impacted with the dragon, right in the throat. With a firey explosion, the dragon was down....for the moment.

Neil breathed a sigh of relife, but that was soon replaced with a gasp of fear. The monster....had stood. Neil whispered a curse upon it, as he brought his hands up. A Storm of Electrcity erupted from his fingertips, about 25 beams on a single finger. Whilst this was happening, thunderious clouds collected overhead, Neil rising higher, above the dragon, controlling electrons, making him fly.

Lightning poured upon the Devil Dragon, from Neil, as well as the clouds above. But, a more spectacular advent occered at that time.

With a white flash, Neil sprouted a pair of devilish, dark red wings, a span of 7 feet(*). A long, blood-red, whip-like tail enlongated from Neil's spine, 4 feet long, in constant motion. Neil's black hair flashed and sustained a icy blue color, as it spiked out even more. His eyes flashed pure white, from black, to the pale blue of lightning, as his body instantly buldged out.

Two lightning bolts struck down from the heavens, one, then the other a fourth of a second later, the same instant as Neil's wings flared out(**). The electrcity flowing from this Beast's hands grew more frenzied, snapping back and forth.

The Demon had arrisen. Medra now flew with his freshly-born wings. The Dracotic Demon below writhed in agony as Medra's endless assult charred his body. It couldn't get up.

With a mighty ruffle of feathers, Orion was high above the dueling Demons. Orion sighed, seeing Neil's Electric Demon form.[/i]

Orion: Damn Neil..... You always do things the flashy way...
Medra: Damn straight... Now, mind finishing this thing off so I can get some grub?[/color]


[color=iceblue]*- Think Diablo from FFVIII when he does DarkMessanger

**- Like when Diablo speard hiswings when he comes out of the blob ball to get the crap off of his wings.[/color]
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[color=crimson]Orion: Sure......

[i]Orion raised both of his arms and the clouds began to swirl around him. He lowered his hands and a white orb formed over his head.[/i]

Orion: Angelic Jus-

[i]Orion was cut off by the sound of rifle fire from the village. The Dragon Reared back and fired a beam, hitting Medra and sending him to the ground briefly. Orion lost his concentration and looked down for a moment. Before he knew it a beam flew upward shattering the orb. Orion looked up and muttered something to himself.[/i]

Orion: *looks down* Neil? You aight Bro?

[i]Medra got up dazed, and looked at the dragon. His eyes locked on the back of the neck. And Orion shook his head...[/i]

Orion: Oh boy...

[i]A orb of pure electricity flew at the neck, and exploded in a giant electric flash. The dragon's head flew over the village and landed just outside of the village.... Orion turned into Ken and Ken blinked.[/i]

Ken: Well. Guess that's over with... [/color]
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[I]At the Hope's Guard HQ...[/I]

Marth:Alright, we have reports of a new enemy brewing in the outskirts of our land....Do we know what that means?

Soldier:Um...We have to go see what it is?

Marth:Thats right....I want you all ready in an hour...You, take a message to Treme that we are leaving.


Marth:The rest of you...One hour to get ready!

[I]One hour later...........[/I]

Marth:Move out!

[I]The Hope's Guard move out....[/I]
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[color=darkblue][i]By the time the guards were mobileized, Orion had regressed to Ken, and Neil had gone back to his normal self. The only thing different was that his hair went back to it's orginal shape, but stayed icy blue.

The two walked through SH, making their way to the Mess Hall. On their way, something happens. Neil grews literally trampled over by a young girl: Samantha. Neil angrily stood, electcity bouncing off of his body. Rising his hands above his head, cupped, charging lightning. But, with a sudden right hook from Ken, Neil calmed down. He sighed, walking forward.[/i]

Neil: Hi. Sorry for the ummmmmm......rude...introduction. I'm Neil...
Samantha: Right...... Samantha..... Tottles!

[i]After a bit of staring in shock, Neil and Ken went in the mess hall.....when Neil smelled Cajin-style Seafood Gumbo[/i]

Neil: Ken, remind me to thank you when I'm done eating.....GUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

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[color=crimson][i]Ken ate a piece of pizza, as Neil enjoyed his gumbo. It was kinda noisy in the mess hall, even if the Angel and Demon were in there. Demons and Angels werent usually seen toghether, and werent usually hanging out together. Most of the people took no notice. There was a mix of people in the room, both adults, children and teenagers.

but only one demon and one angel....[/i]

Ken: Hows the gumbo bro?

Neil: Damn this is good.

Ken: Heh. Yea. i'm gonna go get some water.

[i]Ken walked over and got a glass of water, and walked back and drank it.[/i]

Ken: Damn I miss sodas....

Neil: Heh... which was better... Coke or Pepsi.

Ken: Coke all the way.

Neil: I hear dat... *continues eating*

Ken: Guess we gotta make due with what'cha got *shrugs and continues eating pizza*

[i]Meanwhile outside the town the Demon City was growing by leaps and bounds. The surviving humans were forced into slave labor, and some were sacrificed. Ken didnt know about this yet, be he knew a city had been built because God told him in a dream about the city and even showed it to him.....[/i]

Neil: Hey... I didnt see no cows. Where they get the cheese for dat?

Ken: The farms and such are south of here. Didnt you notice? Also the Tree provides every fruit ever on earth that was edible.

Neil: Ah... cool..

[i]Neil and Ken continued to talk...[/i][/color]
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OOC:I think we said it was located in CA...can't member though...plus due to the nukings the world is different..o.O[/I]

[I]Treme smiled as he helped Siren carry the fruits to the village when the messanger came upon them[/I]

Messanger:Sir [I]The messenger salutes Treme[/I]


Messanger:Marth and the hope's guard departed today...about the recent disturbance..

[I]Treme nods[/I]

Treme:set up a constant relay...I want reports coming and going at all times, and I want to know exactly whats going on..

Messanger:yes Sir

[I]The messanger turned and set off for Akira to deliver the message[/I]

Siren:I hope this dosn't ruin things...

Treme:it shouldn't...we have been able to keep all recent disturbances from effecting day to day life...lets hope this isn't any different...

[I]Treme smiles at Siren and gives her a kiss, he then hears the people gathering for the ussual lunch...a giant mess hall was located close to the center of town...and a tradition had started up where at lunch everyone in the town would gather for lunch...he smiled at Siren, she smiles back[/I]

Treme: lunch is ready...how about we take that walk afterwards?

Siren:sure...but no more picking fruits!

Treme: ok ok...

[I]The two dropped the fruits into the storage, then turned and walked off to the gathering place for lunch[/I]
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[i]Axel notices the large grouping while eating his meal.[/i]

Axel:Ahhh, yes. I have heard much of you. I think it was a year ago. (He stands up.) My name is Axel, and I wish to join your entorage.

Treme: Well, welcome to the team. Any useful abilities?

Axel: Yes, these.

[i]Suddenly, Axel's shirt shreds along the back as beutiful dragon's wings spread from behind him.[/i]

Treme: Woah...:eek: (Shakes Axel's hand) Welcome to the team!

Axel: Thank you.

[i]His wings fold as Axel gets a new shirt out of his backpack.[/i]
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Marth:Scout...Any reports from up ahead?

Scout(via radio):[B]Yes sir...There seems to be a disturbance in the electromagnetic pusle readings....Shall I check it out?[/B]

Marth:Yeah...but wait for me and my squad.

Scout:[B]Right sir[I]fzzts![/I] I will wait.[/B]

Marth:You, you and you...Come with me. The rest of you come with me.

[I]At the field where the Scout is...[/I]

Scout:The reading are very heavy right below us...

Marth:Rocket launcher, here now.

Soldier:Right...Stand back, everyone.

[I]The soldier aim his rocket at the exact spto, and lets it fly. After the dust settles, a huge hole is found, leading down into a secret lab[/I]

Marth:*looks down*We go in.*gets rifle ready*Be careful.
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[color=crimson]Neil: Hey... there's some kinda of electromagnetic stuff building somewhere on the edge of the grasslands...

Ken: Eh?! Is that good or bad?

Neil: **** man, I dont know.

Ken: Should we check it out?

Neil: If it involves killing ****, sure.

Ken: Heh... come on...

[i]Ken and Neil rushed out and Ken glanced around[/i]

Ken: Where was that buildup?

Neil: *points* That way.

Ken: Thats near the lake... hm... well let's go check it out...

[i]Ken began running in the direction Neil pointed...[/i][/color]
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Soldier:Damn, it's dark down here...

Marth:Quiet...Were coming twords a light......

[I]The group steps in and sees...Marth. In a test tube. With out the dragon wings spikes and eyes one him[/I]

Marth:Thats me...........

[I]Suddenly, an fell voice begins to whisper........Incantation words....The dragon Marth falls to the ground.......With a whoosing and a whirring noise, the Marth in the test tube steps out[/I]

Marth:*snifs*Woo...clean air.....Luetenant Jhonson, hand me my clothes off the floor...

Lt. Jhonson:Um...yessir.

Marth:*puts on clothes* Well, I suggest we continue looking, eh?

Soldier:Sir...You dragon traits are...

Marth:Gone? Well, comon, we haven't all day....And Major Mike, get some one to fill this hole up...
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[I] Treme nods to Axel, who nods back[/I]

Treme:After lunch I will need to talk to you and assign you your position, current orders...and any extra jobs...when troops arn't on duty they are expected to help with other things...


[I]Treme walks along the tables, and sees Ken and a demon leave..."when did Ken hang out with Demons?...oh well..."...a few others had approached him about mundane problems, and he offered what advice he could and for the more complex ones set up appointments...finnally arrive at the table of the seven he sat down...two of the seats were empty...Siren sat down next to him, Bryan was on his left, amber on Bryans left and Kool on Amber's. Thhe table was seperated from the others...showing respect and giving them someplace to talk in private slightly...but besides that it was slightly lower then the others...Treme had had it made that way so they would remember humility...[/I]

Treme:hey everyone...

Bryan:hey Treme



Bryan:where is Akira?...Ken just left...he had a new friend with him...

Treme:catch the new guys name?

Amber:I think he said...Neil...

Siren:yeah...hasn't he been around on the outskirts helping Neil lately?

Kool:yes...I have taken a few meals out to him recently

Treme:Akira left...another disturbance...

Bryan:and the fruit picking?

Siren:he made me get the fruits again

Treme:last time...I promise!...Kool said she would make a ladder...how about 4 or 5...we can get more and faster if we make a workforce out of it...


Bryan:I will help!...

Kool:thanks! ^^

Treme:anything new?

Bryan, Kool, Siren, Amber: NO!...

Kool:do any of you guys feel anything...weird?...


Siren:yeah...ever since that unholy city...

Treme:Siren...I know when that city arrived...you lost a lot of people...thats why I think you should go on search...


Amber:what do you mean?

Treme:well me and Siren have been talking...I am suggesting that...well that Siren and you conduct a search of all people between the ages of 13 and 30...for possible paladins...with all the demons we need more...

Kool:but so young?

Treme:we have been expierncing an unuasul quiet for the last year...my gut says it won't last much longer...and with that demon town just 50 miles to the Ne...in the same spot as Porre...we will need more paladins...it's your troop and your choice...but if something does start we will need more paladins...

Siren:I will think about it...

[I]Treme nods and eats quietly..."Bryan I know you can hear my thoughts...we need to talk after lunch"....Bryan slightly nods[/I]
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Marth:Tisk tisk...Forgot i changed my name did we?

Treme:Ak...I mean, marth? Where?

Marth:Up here.

[I]the group looks up, and sees Marth leaning over the window sill into the mess hall[/I]

Treme:What about the disturbance...And where's your dragon stuff...?!

Marth:Question 1...*jumps down, and lands on the mess hall table very lightly* The UnDead and Mutants are gathering...My scouts have informed me so. We expect and attack on Star's Hope any day know...Varities of human/rock hybrids have been spotted in the crowd...Hope's Guard will be ready to fight....Question 2.....Long story..mabey you'll hear it some day.
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[color=darkblue]Neil: Right....... This would be much faster if...
Ken: Got ya.

[i]With multiple, brillient flashes, Medra and Orion now ran along the ground. Reaching the city limits, they took to the air.

Far away, Marth had just stepped out of the tube...

Meanwhile, a extremely vicious lightning storm entwined Orion, even Medra.[/i]

Orion: ****! Are you doing this?!
Medra: No way! This is beyond my control! This is...........something else! Neither holy nor demon!
Orion: No! No, it's something. It's not con---

[i]A lightning suddenly struck Orion square in the face, sending him hurling. By the time he landed on the ground, making a huge crater, he had regrased to Ken. Medra screamed out Ken's name, hoping to get a responce, but nothing came.

Was Ken alive, or merely unconscenious? Medra turned around, staring at fear at Ken. He was about to fly down to his fallen comrade, when the lightning bolt struck him in the spine, sending him spinning. He hammered into the ground, head first. The impact itself was enough to shatter steel, but it was merely a strong slam to the Beyond Pair. But as Neil now lay upon the ground, Marth and his men didn't notice a thing...[/i][/color]
What happened? Find out in Ken's post![/color]
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Treme:....lunch is over...

[I]Treme stands up...Lunch ussually last a few hours later and when the people looked at him he nodded..meaning everything was ok then turned to the others[/I]

Treme:all 5 of you to my office now...

[I]The other stood up and followed him to the office[/I]

Treme:Bryan...I want an immediate update on supplys asap...


[I]Bryan walked to his office and began putting things together[/I]

Treme:Marsh...Hopes Guard is going on stand by...I believe your report but want to send more scouts...take defense of the walls and outlaying farms...but make it look like nothing big is going on...I don't want a panic...

Marsh:Yes Sir

Treme:Kool, I want your scouts preped and ready to depart by night fall...Siren, Amber...Paladins full stadby...all your members prepared to fight in 3 hours...after that your going on search...

Siren:...Yes Sir

Amber:but kids so young?

Siren:Treme is right...it may be our only hope...plus you all are only around that age...

Amber:yeah...but do we have to make kids go through what we did?..

Treme:....they can only accept the paladin powers if it is there choice right?...so if they choose so...then yes...everyone is dismissed...I will be sending runners with more reports as I get my stuff together...MOVE

[I]The others move out of the room as Bryan returns[/I]
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