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Writing How'd you get those names??

Wormmon's Tamer

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My names are always related in some way to something around me...unless of course you're playing an RPG or writing a story where the characters are already made up for you ;)


Noxi :::::: was my pet rat
Katherine ::::::::: the name of a girl I really fancy
Artaius :::::::: I was looking through a book of celtic fairy tales
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Raiha [/i]
[B][COLOR=royalblue]My names come from my head.......Raiha, Sabirsing, Xaida....so on, and so forth.[/COLOR] [/B][/QUOTE]

Well then, you make up very good names. Raiha is a very cool name. I had no clue you made it up.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Raiha [/i]
[B][COLOR=royalblue]My names come from my head.......Raiha, Sabirsing, Xaida....so on, and so forth.[/COLOR] [/B][/QUOTE]

[COLOR=indigo]what about Setsuna? That was your old name.....[/COLOR]
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Errrrrrmmmm.....Dbzman doesn't take too much imagination...:D

As for my others, I'll explain in order of which ones I did first to last:

1. Max - I dont have a clue...It just popped into my head.

2. Rex- Same as above, although I only used this one for Dragon Riders.

3. Ryu - I had just seen the Street Fighter 2 Anime Movie :D

4. Hajime - A character off Legend of The Four Kings

5. Omaru - Look up

6. Suzuku (current addiction) - Look up AGAIN
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Cloud [/i]

[COLOR=indigo]what about Setsuna? That was your old name.....[/COLOR] [/B][/QUOTE][COLOR=royalblue]It wasn't original. Setsuna is the name of Sailor Pluto, from Sailor Moon. Of course, that was ages ago, old school style.......yeah.........so here is a compressed list of every name I've ever used. Yes, they are mostly original, Iris is just a name I happen to adore.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=seagreen]Xaida Skyfuree,
Sabirsing Sevenstar,
Astralyas [Aster] Wallflower,
Lady Peregrine Thirif,
Valeigh Estunanda
Leigh Rineback
Tris Sevenstar
Rena Gerclaw,

And that's all I can remember. :D[/COLOR]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Dragonballzman [/i]
[B]You have a lot of names...:wow: [/B][/QUOTE][COLOR=royalblue]Well I just remembered a few more...:D


T.Kay Adelle.

and.....Cinoris....Darinkina....and that's all for now....[/COLOR]
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1-- Neil(My name. He's the funny one.)
2-- Blank(He was abandoned, and grew up with no name. Thus, Blank. Or, in other storylines, it's his Saiyan name. He's the insane one.)
3-- Drake(It's not too terribly common, and he's the weirder, heartless one.)
4-- Wild(He's the evil version of Blank)
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well most of the names I use in a story come from a forign language, most of the time I use latin words but when they don't work I use japanese words.
here's a list of names:
Anima-spirit or wind
Malus-Bad or evil
Ubicaprius-conqueror of cities
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Boba Fett [/i]
[B]i use Boba fett in star wars rpg's and Abob Teff(boba fett backwards) in all others. [/B][/QUOTE]

[COLOR=indigo]wouldn't it be abob ttef?

mine i use are all made up, i add words together...

Gale Doubledge
Storm Lightblade
Zade ( I like z's ;))
and there are countless others.....

i'll just look at a few words and make a name up![/COLOR]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Boba Fett [/i]
[B]i use Boba fett in star wars rpg's and Abob Teff(boba fett backwards) in all others. [/B][/QUOTE]
Ooooooh, you have now answered the question I keep asking myself when you do all of your RP's, I swear to god I sat here evert day and said to myself, "where did he get the name Abob!"
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[color=deeppink]Well...the names I use in stories I invent myself. There's only three I believe:

Sethi Ta'lan
Dria Longstar
Anahli "Ana" Gem

Those are also the names I use in stories or while roleplaying or whatever. Each of those women have totally different personalities, so I use the name that best suits the character I want to invent ;)[/color]
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AJ - Fairly talkative and social child
Ajenia - Chainsaw/sweet
Yulaw Star - Hmm. Think Vegeta (Taken from Outlaw Star, and The One)
Sylkis Green - A young elven mage, very quite and thoughtful and cold hearted (Taken from a vegetable in FFVII)
Bebbieroth - A big headed and very egotistical teen[b]

They're the ones I've used in online RPGs. I have a few I haven't used yet, and some of them, Tasis helped come up with. They were all originally based on OB people. They're just extras for later use, right now. Anyway:[/b]

Zayle Lightwing; Gael Crosscut; Jen Longstar; Jira; Flash Verdigris; Sprite Bluestorm; Samu Yan; Vipe Renegade; Pyro; Raz; and the generals Chaos Bloodwrath, Leo, and Tsin.

Rai... what about Chiri? lol[/b][/size]
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I don't have a particular list of names I use in stories.

I try to incorporate symbolism into whatever I pick. And, of course, it has to fit into the context of the story.

Usually, I try not to pick anything too exotic in stories or RPGs. But, at the same time I prefer that the names I pick are unique. Finding names that appease me on both fronts is very difficult.
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[COLOR=deeppink]Lets see: Pheonix (I just happen to like it)
Panda(don't laugh I like it)
Rayne(not that original)
Hunter(same as above)
Madison(not that original)

You guys are laughing at my names aren't you..aren't you. I see you. I know you are laughing...Inside your head. I know it.

I'll stop now, since all of you think I'm weird.

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Ginny: Hmm, wonder who you got Keio from... ;)

Okay, since I've been fantasy-freak for about six years now, I've used hordes of names in my POTENTIAL stories, ie. stories/worlds/characters I've planned, but which have never got any further.

I'm definately NOT going to list them here... well, except the all-time favorites, that for some reason linger on and on:

A legend is Keenan - one of my first male heroes that adventured in the land called Behlheim with his princess-wife Chelda (this was my Eddings-period)

Some newer ones are:
Lucan Drett - male hero in several story-ideas, in most of them he's a red-head thief
Neyra Brayne - heroine that's always either a redhead or blonde, a knight or a princess
Marco/Iron Straffe - mysterious gunner in several of my science-fantasy-storyideas (term that mixes sci-fi and fantasy ;) )
Cyracis Cygne - or "Black Swan", a bad sorceress that resembles A LOT of Edea in Final Fantasy 8

Then even newer ones:
I planned an RPG called Ominous (Quest) to be started for this very boards, but it wasn't THAT good an idea... Anyhow, it included three rival treasure hunter-groups that chased the 13 legendary artifacts. The leaders are/were:
Akee Seabreeze of Starbuccaneers
Jeth Claymore of Arcana Magii, and
Seraphia Vesta of Visionnaires
(BTW, if anybody is interested to work this idea more further, I'd be glad to hear from you ;) )
Few sidecharacters in the would have been:
Serious Sid (mad clown-dude ;) )
Ajax Claymore (Jeth's father)
Millenia Vesta (Seraphia's mother)
Baba Mesmera (fortune-teller)
Vicent Lucai (some undetermined guy in the story :rolleyes: )

Trust me; this isn't even a 0,5 percent of all the names I've come up with! And there's plenty to come in the future, since there are infinite number of ways to combine letters. ;)
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[color=skyblue]Some of the names I use in stories I make up, some of them I see in baby naming books, and some in stories.

Here are some examples:

Rhys Mayiessen (Rhys from a book and Mayiessen I made up)
Kari (digimon:rolleyes: )
Elëgaith- prononced "L-a-gay-th" (I made up)
Dralegar (I made up)
Shayleigh (I got from a book I read)
Alâric -prnonced "Al-e-ric"(kind of made up)

And there are some more that I don't really feel like naming right now.[/color]
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[color=skyblue]Britty - Blame Gavin for this one. It just sorta stuck.

Althea Trieann - A baby name site, a day of boredom, and a lot of imagination. ;) (Pronunciation: Al-thee-ah Try-ann

Leilandran "Leila" Nesotrea (Pronunciation: Lay-lee-ahn-dren "Lay-la" Nes-Oh-tree-ah) - She's my evil side, and she came from a sadistic mood, and a baby name site. XD; Leila means Dark Beauty. I.. uh, elaborated on the name a bit, then used Ken's infamous word "Nesotros," before modifying it, too. ^_^;

Aleron (Pronunciation: Al-er-on) - He's an elven character I RP as sometimes. I just love the name, so turned it into a char. ^_^ (Yes, I do occasionaly RP as a guy character. O_o Hey, it gets boring always being the perfect princess or the evil biatch. Gotta throw in a bit of difference in there with the mysterious yet funny elven swordsman, and his cuddly pink dragon, Bubblez. Yes, I know, unoriginal. But hey, Fluffy (Ken) named her. O_o; )

Leona Mikono - A character from a long time ago. Leona is a name I've always liked, and Mikono is basically just kimono spelled differently.

Lil B - My 9 year old form. Don't ask.

Keitin Winterwind (Pronunciation: Kay-ten. NOT kitten. its [b]Kay-ten![/b] *nods* Thank you.)- My main character from EverQuest. Everyone calls me Kitty or Kitten, so I just changed the name a bit. Keitin. ^_^;

Kubaria - Another EQ character.

Lenare - The Raven is my favorite poem, but Lenore is just too... I dunno, it doesn't sound right with the personality I made up for that character. O_o; Also, the name was taken. Lol. So we have Lenare. ^_^; Oh, by the way, she's another EQ character.

There's a few more, but I can't really remember them at the moment. O.o; So, there we have it. A dive into my weird messed up little brain.

*Nods wisely, gives everyone a lollypop and a brownie, then skips off into the cotton-candy horizon*

[Yes, I am weird. ^_~] [/color]
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